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#nico robin
honeygirldreams · 3 hours ago
Could we please have some relationship headcanons with Nami, Robin and Vivi?
anon ily for this one, top tier taste, all my crushes on them have come back full force and i will be rewatching alabasta.
relationship headcanons for nami, robin, and vivi (sfw but mention of sharing a bath; gender neutral reader)
- gift giving, she will lavish you with clothes, jewels, even more thoughtful presents if you have something specific you’ve been eyeing. will take you shopping with her in every new port with no expectation of wanting something in return. i think the other straw hats might get a little envious, as they are buried in mountains of debt from her while she waives it all away for you.
- loves sharing baths with you, she has a vial of orange blossom bath oil that she will mix into the steaming water. she’ll help you wash your hair, or will scrub your back for you, and loves when you offer to return the favor. physical touch is huge for her and she loves to feel close to you and like she can care for you.
- even more affectionate when she’s tipsy after out drinking zoro, even though she can hold her own i think she would become super touchy, snaking her arm under yours so she can hold your hand, slender fingers twinning through your own. resting her head on your shoulder, cheeks flushed as she dozes off and starts snoring softly.
- lazy afternoons in the tangerine grove, white fluffy clouds passing by in a baby blue sky above as she lets you lay your head in her lap. she’ll lean down and pepper little kisses all over your face, shading you in a curtain of soft hair that tickles your cheeks.
- ever since she first heard your laugh she wanted to hear it again and again. especially if it’s not one typically considered ‘cute’, really loves when you snort while cracking up. if you laugh at any of her dark jokes or show interest in her morbidity it’ll only encourage her, much to usopps dismay. when you joke and play around with the crew, she can’t help but watch and smile fondly, heart full because she’s found something she never thought she could have.
- comfortable silences, whether it’s sharing a morning coffee on the sunny together or exploring a new island, seeking out history and stories with you by her side. if you ask her questions and show an interest in learning, she’ll happily tell you all you want to know. even just sitting with you, holding hands with your thighs touching and watching the sky transform from a vivid sunset into peaceful shades of purple as evening nears fills her with a sense of peace.
- if you have any hobbies or interests, she will learn all she can about it, wanting to understand you on a deeper level. super thoughtful about your emotions and you never have to be afraid of her judging you for the past. gifts you books you might like and always keeps an ear out for beautiful places on a new island to share with you.
- stays up late reading and will let you lay on her chest, she’ll hold her book in one hand and lovingly pet your hair with her other or draw slow circles on your back. she’ll tilt your chin up with her fingers and give you a tender kiss. if you fall asleep there she’ll use her devil fruit powers to lower the lights and pull a blanket over you, not wanting the moment to break. will wrap her arms around you and fall asleep holding you, cheek pressed against your head.
- smiles every time she sees you, bright as the sun in a sky of cloudless blue.  if you can’t be by her side when she travels to the other cities on princess business, she misses you something fierce and you’re never far from her thoughts. will throw herself into your arms when you finally reunite even it it sends you both flying to the ground. her kisses are interrupted by her giggles and you can feel her smile against you lips.
- stargazing at night when she is done with her duties, time alone with you is so cherished by her especially after a long day of diplomats and seeing to the concerns of her people. the two of you will sit on a palace balcony lit by candles, laid back on fine pillows. the temperature drops at night so you get closer and closer and she definitely blushes as your fingers lace together. your eyes are on the twinkling stars above but hers are on you.
- will show you all her favorite places in alabasta, taking you to beautiful oasis and bustling markets all across the kingdom. always introduces you proudly to her people and will bravely stand up for you or put herself in harms way to protect you should anything go wrong. when traveling on karoo she’ll let you sit in front so she can wrap her arms around you.
- loves to tell you stories about her adventuring days with the straw hats and promises to take you with her if she ever returns to the sea. so many nights spent in her grand bed, cuddling and dozing off to tales about giants who had been fighting for a hundred years and cherry blossom winters. vivi always kisses you goodbye when she leaves in the morning, your beautiful princess so devoted to you and her kingdom.
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himboappreciator · 4 hours ago
straw hat pirate headcanons
bonfire edition
the night starts off with the crew singing along to brook’s violin. luffy and usopp compete to be the loudest, which eventually turns into a screaming match.
sanji brings down stuff for s’mores, and luffy and chopper nearly tackle him as soon as he starts opening a bag of marshmallows.
luffy runs around in circles trying to find the best spot to roast his marshmallows. he’s finished an entire bag on his own by the time the night ends.
zoro, hopelessly in love with the idiot, watches as luffy makes a fool of himself and nearly falls into the fire at least twice.
usopp is the only calm one out of the three crew members roasting marshmallows.
chopper goes around handing out s’mores to members of the crew who haven’t gotten up to roast their own marshmallows yet.
robin leans into franky while reading a book by the light of the fire, looking up ever once in a while to chuckle at chopper, luffy, and usopp, who are attempting to catch embers from the fire.
once the night finally quiets down, sanji, nami, and usopp finally return to their room. chopper is passed out against robin’s leg. robin has put down her book and is talking quietly with franky. brook is playing a slow tune on his violin.
luffy finally gives up on catching the embers of the fire as it dies down and sits next to zoro. he rests his head on zoro’s shoulder, and zoro leans his head on top of luffy’s and rests his arm across his back.
luffy falls asleep.
franky, brook, and robin head back to their rooms. robin carries a sleeping chopper.
zoro is the last one to fall asleep. he and luffy are the only ones to fall asleep on deck.
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4ugk · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
ONE PIECE Spades Nico Robin Anime Figures for Sale
MR.J Studios
Material: PU + Resin
Size: H25 x W25 x L38cm Estimated
Estimated Shipping Date:Q4 (December) 2021  
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everynicorobin · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Robin #2000! Shh 
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everynicorobin · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
One of maybe two times Robin’s had to be rescued from the water 
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pious-smasher · 11 hours ago
Luffy, as Ship Captain, formally marrying Frank and Robin...
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opbackgrounds · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
She says this as if she didn’t see him go after a Warlord with a souped up Devil Fruit and a country-wide shadow network with nothing but a little bit of gumption and his fists
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trashytoastboi · 14 hours ago
Hello! Im not feeling my best self at the moment so I was wondering if you could do headcanons for Usopp, Crocodile and Robin with a F! depressed/suicidal s/o who often comes off as calm and hides it behind a pokerface? They are my favorite characters and always manage to make me smile. I know this can be a tough subject, but if you don’t want to than I completely understand. I wanna thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day.
Hey bean, 🌻 I hope these manage to help even if only a little and sorry they took a little longer than expected. Also I know I don't do the interaction thing as much as I'd like, but if you ever need someone to talk to or just to listen my messages are always open 🍀 so never feel afraid to reach out if you just need someone to talk to 🌻
(Female pronouns)
Headcanons: Usopp, Crocodile, Robin x Depressed! F! S/O
Warning: Mentions of depression and suicidal feelings.
Tumblr media
🏹{Name} often felt a little unbalanced though never wanted to cause any worry, especially to those close to her. So most times when she wasn't feeling alright, it was always internalized and hidden behind a well placed smile, sometimes a chuckle and a gesture of normality, it usually kept everyone's prodding questions at bay.
🏹Though Usopp despite his usual antics and silly jokes, he was not a fool, nor an idiot and he could clearly see what was settling behind that smile. He could tell it wasn't happiness, but something else. It truly did unsettle {Name} how he could always see through her poker face.
🏹Usopp was very thoughtful, considering what could have been worrying her so much, he didn't want to outright bring the matter up if it was something {Name} felt she did not want to discuss whether due to discomfort or otherwise.
🏹It was just a little more attentiveness, a few moments more where he would just spend time with her, nothing else mattered in those moments. Usopp was always considerate in his manner and affections, gently reassuring her and letting {Name} know he is there for her, any time she needed and whenever she felt ready to speak about what was troubling her. {Name} couldn't deny that she already knew that Usopp was aware of everything.
🏹He had a tendency to want to be around {Name} a little more, Usopp was usually affectionate, though a little shy in doing so. It was bashful and innocent, lately he was a bit more open about it. Surprising {Name} with little hugs, holding her hand and lots of snuggling. He was usually adorable when he slept as he loved snuggling, but now it was in the waking hours as well.
🏹When {Name} eventually spoke to Usopp about what was troubling her, he knew she wasn't feeling too good. But the depth was a little startling to him, how she was able to hide her feelings to that extent was worrisome. Truthfully he didn't know what was the exact right thing to say, he was honest with her and could not muster any words that he felt would be enough. He could understand some of her feelings but not all and so he just decided to be there with her, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen. Sometimes if things just got too much he could be sanctuary.
🏹“It's alright {Name}, you're allowed to feel like this. You're always trying to hide it and stay strong for everyone else. You don't have to do that with me, I'm here alright? For anything. No matter what you need, I, the great Usopp will do whatever I can. Maybe my followers can build a statue of you”
🏹Usopp often trailed off, starting with comfort and spiralling into all the things he wanted to do for {Name}. He never lost his humour and acted a little more goofy and light hearted around her. Usopp never underestimated her feelings, but also tried his best to be a little change and a breath of fresh air just to help her for a glimpse of genuine smile.
Tumblr media
Sir Crocodile
🐊{Name} appeared to be acting like her usual self. Though truthfully that was not the case, no one saw her acting any different. It was the usual, her occasional little quirks and making conversation, maybe making a little comment or joke. Everyone just interacted with her as they usually did without anyone being any wiser of the truth. Even with Crocodile, she never acted any different, her greetings were the same, her affection. It all seemed to be normal.
🐊Crocodile would usually believe this, the little peaks and glimpses of her during his work hours, seeing her whenever he would take a moment to look up from his papers. She would flash a peaceful smile, seemingly untroubled by anything. Pride would assure him it was true, being his partner meant never having to worry about anything. But his assurance was cut short when he would catch that sad look, sometimes fixated on the floor though he knew she was not looking at the floor. Rather, she was miles away and reading through her own thoughts.
🐊Crocodile wanted to believe that things were fine but he had a nagging feeling suggesting otherwise, when it came to {Name}, he held her happiness and wellbeing above all else, so the feeling was one that could not be ignored. He wasn't sure how to approach it and felt that being outwardly direct might seem abrasive on his part.
🐊He peaked up from his pages and spotted {Name}, looking a little listless though keeping her little peaceful demeanour about her, his voice called her name and she instantly perked up and faced him with a small smile. His hand reached for her, calling for {Name} to come a bit closer. He pulled her close and held her, unable to muster the words of the things he wanted to ask but for now he just wanted her close.
🐊Crocodile toiled over the words he wanted to say, he was a man of many words but they often were not affectionate nor comforting. It was not his strong suit, charisma and seduction that took up the majority of his eloquence. Words of comfort were difficult for him, though he tried for her sake. Judgement and fear aside, his words were awkward and strained, maybe even practised but they were straight from the heart and his concern.
🐊{Name} smiled at his attempts, understanding what he meant to convey and she spoke to him honestly about how she was feeling. Not just the depressed feeling, but the suicidal feelings as well. The intrusive thoughts that would creep into her mind, telling her things Horrible things, thoughts that made her worry and scared but all this time she kept it to herself, not wanting to trouble Crocodile.
🐊“My love, please talk to me more. I may not understand everything but if it comforts you even if only a little I'm here. Anything you want, anything you need, name it, I'll make sure you have it” Crocodile spoke sincerely, accentuating his words with small gestures of affections, and cradling her face with his hand.
🐊Crocodile was a truly considerate and caring man, not that he showed it often as it was compared to showing a vulnerable side of himself which was synonymous to weakness and that was not an option for a man such as himself. But for {Name}, he would gladly be seen in that manner if it meant a little more caring and open for her sake, a little for understanding and endearing just for the one he loves.
Tumblr media
Nico Robin
📚With the Straw-Hat crew one could say it was almost difficult to be upset, between the adventures and idiotic moments where it was just like a party 24/7 , there wasn't much time to be left alone with your own thoughts. At least that's what many think, {Name} often would go along with the crew, going along with their antics and energy though none of it was truly her own. It was forced most of the time, not because of the crew but just the things she dealt with on a daily basis. Some days she wished to stay in bed, alone, but doing so would most likely make them worry and so {Name} just decided to pretend.
📚Nothing ever escapes the watchful eyes and ears of Robin. Not the moments where {Name}would wander off on her own just to cry when things got a bit much. Robin didn't miss the fact that she would stay up late at night, unable to sleep because her mind was too busy. Robin recognises it all, because she knows exactly what it feels like. Even through the mask that {Name} constantly put up, Robin could see through it.
📚Robin wanted to broach the subject, she wanted to help. But did not want to make {Name} feel obligated to talk about something she didn't want to and she did not want to force her help onto {Name} either, sometimes the intrusive people could make the feeling of isolation worse, at the very least in Robin's experiences.
📚Robin and {Name} were spending some time together enjoying some calm and quiet, away from the usual madness of the crew. Robin decided there was no better time than to bring it up with {Name}, it was simple and tender, Robin expressed her concern for {Name} saying she had noticed little things and wanted to make sure she was alright.
📚{Name} just curled up to Robin, enjoying the bit of comfort and the soft register of her voice, it was soothing. Robin would often read to her, it provided reprieve from her thoughts and right now Robin was making sure she was alright, {Name} realized it was not something she really could have hidden it forever, not especially from her love.
📚She felt hesitant to talk about everything she had been feeling as of late. Sometimes it was the internal fight of logic versus emotion and logic had no place amongst the feelings. Being so lost, and out of it when she felt empty. Sometimes emptiness was replaced by impulse, intrusive and disconcerting thoughts that only seemed to make her spiral deeper.
📚“{Name}... Tell me about your favourite story” It was such a random question that made her stop, her brain seemed to stop for a moment with the invasive thoughts, thinking back to her favourite story. One that made her smile and filled her with wonder. She understood where Robin was going with this, it kept the bad things out while making her think about something that makes her happy and calm.
📚“You never have to apologise my dear, it's fine to feel like this. But don't go through it alone, I know it's difficult to speak about these things, worrying about what people may think or how they will react but I know how it feels and I could not have gotten through alone, though I tried. I just want you to know that I speak from a place of understanding, and concern, no one has to fight these battles alone and neither do you.”
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animebw · 15 hours ago
Reading One Piece: Chapters 334-335
-Oh shit, Mr. Iceberg was shot?! Man, things are really going to hell in a handbasket.
-This arc is quickly turning into an urban murder mystery, and I’m very down for that.
-And a new series of players are on the scene now! What’s the real Franky gonna do?
-”Aqua Laguna is on its way.” ...are we about to be hit by a giant storm in the middle of an urban murder mystery oh geez oh man
-THE WHOLE PLACE IS GONNA SINK?! Okay, the tension is just rocketing into the stratosphere now. Political unrest, assassins, rising high tide, Usopp’s gone, Robin’s still missing...
-”I am the number one hero on this island! The hidden face of Water Seven!” ...beg pardon?
-I... was not expecting Franky to be a disco dancer. Huh.
-Oh. Fuck. Robin was involved in the assassination attempt. Not good. Not good at all.
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acckermanss · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- you can buy the whole set (10 stickers) or individual stickers
- just a small artist trying to make some money :)
- visit my etsy shop  👀
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everynicorobin · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
T-pose (sort of) 
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himboappreciator · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
robin has a flip phone that doesn’t register emojis. brook doesn’t even have a phone.
also luffy kept dropping his phone so nami bought him an indestructible case so she wouldn’t have to buy him any more.
based on this post by @incorrect-one-piece
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