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turtletoads · 2 days ago
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vacation sketches
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hccupit · 2 days ago
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took some expression meme requests with op characters on twitter
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arsmentae · 2 days ago
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quick doodle 😊
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mugiwara-lucy · 2 days ago
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I see people talk about this “man marked with flames” and people have their outlandish theories on who it is.
Some say Aokiji, others say Sabo.
But COMMON SENSE let’s you know it’s THIS GUY:
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kuravix · a day ago
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Stretchy boy!
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3amsoda · 2 days ago
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robin doodle
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chenziee · a day ago
Okay but it would have been so funny if Robin actually told Crocodile that Pluton was in Wano. It would just be like
Robin: Uhm it’s not here, it’s in the Land of Wano...
Crocodile: Are you telling me I’ve spent like 10 years taking over the wrong country
Crocodile: And the right country is one that a Yonko already called dibs on more than 20 years ago
Crocodile: I’m going to break something
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shared-destiny · 2 days ago
Not to get controversial or anything but Franky and Robin are at least platonic soulmates I think. I think it’s unlikely (unfortunately) that they’ll ever be a romantic couple but I really hope they stay good friends for the rest of their lives.
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kaisett · 2 days ago
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eyezehuhh · 23 hours ago
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One Piece
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zonalover · 2 days ago
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But how evil Black Maria is!?!?!? Poor Sanji....
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0yensid · 21 hours ago
he is the only person with a burn scar that I can think of. Luffy is asking what they are talking about, Robin and Law seem like they are hiding it from him. Almost like they know that Sabo k worded Vivi’s father and don’t want to tell him yet.
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asknicorobean · 2 days ago
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"Isn't he the cutest!?"
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"He is!!!"
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freinhardt56 · 2 days ago
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Law's Face betrays him here - this is a man who knows the whole situation. Nico Robin being here at all means that we'll see her reaction to it next chapter, as the only other Nakama that actually knows Sabo.
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sophiagoudet · a day ago
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Anything :D
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the-iron-fjord · a day ago
Robin laughing at Luffy antics best Robin
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rishere222 · a day ago
How would One Piece Characters Confess their Love for you
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—☆ Fluff
—☆ Fem and Masc Y/N, HC
—☆ warning: mention of depression & anxiety
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The biggest tsundere
Her love language is asking you for help
Would deny it at first
Most likely confessed because of a near death experience
"This may be the end so I'm saying this once so you better listen. I like you okay. Now think of a plan to get us out of this."
Blushes real hard
Punches you for making her feel butterflies in her stomach
Extremely generous and flirty towards you
Doesn't know what liking someone is
Nami and Robin will tell him that he has feelings for you, because he wasn't really self aware
Very affectionate
Never really liked someone before so he was nervous about confessing
More likely he accidentally told you that he likes you
"So what? I like you and that's just how it is. Can you blame me? You're very cool."
Will feel proud once he confesses
Loves to cling to you and asks you to play with him
Very emotionally aware and vocal
Found out you're suffering from anxiety be cause of a traumatic past so he's very gentle towards you
He would cook for you (ofc)
Likes listening to you, he wants you to see him as a safe place
He was surprisingly very serious when he confessed to you because he doesn't want you to think that he's joking
"I like you Y/N, I've adored you for quite some time now. No pressure though, I want you to heal from your struggles and I want to help you too. I'll always be here for you okay, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm just here."
He's your biggest supporter, literally sees you as a goddess/god.
Would ask Chopper to make medicine for you when you're experiencing an intense panic attack
You and Robin shares the same interest, reading books.
You suffer from depression and reading is your coping mechanism
Robin was shy at first, she doesn't want to pressure you
Her love language is recommending you a book she really likes
Robin understands your struggles and tries her best to always be there for you
Her way of confessing was giving you a book that highlighted the following words:
"Hello, I've liked you for quite some time now. You are an amazing and beautiful person. I only wish nothing but the best for you and for our future adventures" -Robin
She was in denial and tried to be very respectful
Very shy and bashful after she confessed
Loves to remind you to drink your anti-depressants
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