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#nids my love
thisissirius · 2 days ago
tumblr ate the first write up of this and i’m mad about it but this is still hella cute if i do say so myself. because @hoechlder is the worst and knew exactly what her tags were doing on this gifset. I SEE YOU. anyway the title is hilarious, don’t @ me.
5x04 spoilers
ice ice baby eddie/buck, soft soft fucking soft
“Ice goes on the eye, buddy,” Eddie says.
Buck sighs, dutifully lifting the bag of ice to his eye. He flinches, but slides it against the bruise. “S’cold.”
“It’s ice,” Eddie says, grinning when Buck gives him a look.
Predictably, it doesn’t take long for Buck to shift the conversation into something else, but Eddie’s looking for it and a few minutes into Buck’s plans for the weekend and where they’re taking Chris, the bag of ice is dropped against Buck’s knee. 
“Buck,” Eddie says, rolling his eyes. He slides his beer amongst the empties already on the small table. He steps between Buck’s legs, taking the ice out of his hand. “It won’t heal if you don’t keep it there.”
“I know,” Buck bites out. Up close, his eye looks angrier, red thickening into a dark purple and Eddie winces on his behalf. He picks up the bag of ice and presses it to Buck’s eye, free hand resting at the nape of Buck’s neck. Buck hisses, tries to move away from the ice; Eddie’s grip is gentle but firm, and though Buck grits his teeth, he stays. “It hurts.”
Eddie nods. “I know.”
The silence between them feels heavy and thick with something Eddie can’t name. Buck’s mouth is parted, and Eddie can see his throat bob, words dying on his tongue before he can say anything. When Buck moves, the beer bottle clinks against the others, the sound loud against the silence between them. 
Buck’s eyes are bright and blue against the red of his bruise, the birthmark still visible between the pinks, reds, and purples. The silence stretches, settles around Eddie like a comfortable blanket, and he moves his hand, fingers sliding to the side of Buck’s neck, then up to his cheek. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he doesn’t want to stop, not with the way Buck’s watching him, waiting. Eddie’s thumb is pressed to the warm, smooth skin under Buck’s right eye. It heats a little more as Buck flushes, but Eddie doesn’t stop.
“Eddie,” Buck says softly, his name carrying easily on the small balcony.
A hand rests against Eddie’s hip, fingers sliding up and under his dress shirt. Buck’s breath hitches and the fingers of his free hand wrap around Eddie’s arm, Buck’s cheek turning into his wrist. It’s soft and intimate, and Eddie lets out a slow breath, feels good and happy for the first time in so long. His fingers move to Buck’s hair, stroking gently through thick strands. 
Buck tips forward, the right side of his face turned awkwardly into Eddie’s stomach until Eddie moves gently, keeping the ice against Buck’s face as he manages to find a comfortable way for Buck to lean against him. He resumes stroking Buck’s hair with soft, soothing motions. “You’re so good, Evan.”
“It doesn’t feel like enough,” Buck says, the words almost muffled against Eddie’s stomach.
Eddie crouches down, the bag of ice dripping against the floor as it lowers. “Hey,” he says, lifting Buck’s chin when he tries to look away. “Sometimes it won’t be, but that’s not on you. You’re more than enough and if someone can’t see that, then they’re dumb.”
Buck stares at him, apprehension flicking across his face. “Do you see it?”
“I see all of you,” Eddie says without hesitation. 
“Eddie,” Buck says and Eddie pushes up, fingers once again on the back of Buck’s neck. Their lips meet, Buck’s hand fisting in the front of Eddie’s shirt. The kiss turns hot, perfect, and when they part, Buck’s lips are curved into a smile. 
Eddie meets it with one of his own. 
“What?” Eddie asks, feeling his chest tighten in a way that has nothing to do with panic at the way Buck looks at him, sees him.
Buck grins, lifting Eddie’s hand still wrapped around the bag of ice. “Ice goes on the eye.”
Eddie barks a laugh, but dutifully presses the ice back to Buck’s eye. He leans forward for another kiss, and Buck meets him halfway.
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rail-of-light · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
The sketch for this one was made by @Dani_CLVRT (twitter).
Norem's practically the mascot of the server. 😂😂
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marinerainbow · 7 months ago
Can I have some Yandere! Reala headcanons? With a Visitor love interest?
.... ok I'm not gonna lie, I have been waiting for someone to post SOMETHING about yandere Reala. I just think it would fit him, especially after NiGHTS' rebellion (now I wish I knew who you were cause I'm just like "omg someone who was thinking what I was thinking?" XD)
I'm so sorry this took awhile! Despite the fact I've thought of this before I had a hard time with this for some reason, and even had to rewrite it when I didn't like it. Hopefully you like the final version!
Ok! Enough chit chatter! Time to fulfill your request as best as I can! I hope I dont get outcasted by the fandom for putting something yandere in it
Yandere!Reala x Visitor!S/O headcannons
Tumblr media
(No Reala specific gif because I couldn't find one I liked. Hopefully this'll do!)
The most likely scenario I see is after NiGHTS' rebellion, around a time he was still emotionally raw. Reala and the visitor would have met while he was hunting them for their ideya, but... They were not afraid of him, they were curious about him and his world. Usually he wouldn't give a visitor like them the time of day, but... It had been too long since he had a conversation with someone. Too long since his friend left him. Besides, visitors were, at most, entertainment in his eyes. He could indulge this humans curiosity, so long as he made sure to take their ideya back to his master. So, out of desperation for company, he would have indulged them. And although he wouldn't want to admit it, he was actually enjoying spending time with them. Granted, it wasn't the same as the fun he would have had with his ex comrade, but... It was enough for him to find this visitor interesting.
However, when he realizes how much time he spent interacting with them and had even forgotten to steal their ideya until after they awoke, he would panic. If Wizeman ever found out what happened, then he would be punished. So he makes it a point to find the human later and do his job right the next time they came to the night dimension. He would find the visitor again to finish his job... Only for the visitor to say or do something that caught his attention and make him forget what he was doing.
This conflict would go on for a long time. He shouldn't consider this mortal worthy of his time, he should just grab their ideya already and go! But everytime he would go out to accomplish this, something the visitor would say or do would stop him. Why couldn't he focus on his mission? How did the human hold this much power over him!? During this time, Reala would want to avoid them, wanting to stay away from the source of his fear and frustrations, but at the same time, the thought of what the visitor was doing and their smile and friendly demeanor would force him to go out to find them again. Only to be enraged with himself when he realizes what he did.
Sooner or later, he would take some time to himself to actually think about what to do with the visitor. At first, the answer would be obvious to him, stop fooling around with the human. But then he would think back to all of his time spent with the human, and how they had not only kept him company, but... How nice they were to them. The only other person who had treated him that way was NiGHTS, and even then the way this visitor treated him was different... Maybe he liked having them around too. Of course, upon this realization, his conflict would then be about his loyalties. He would want to keep the human close, but what about his duty? What about his master?
Then again... Wizeman let him and NiGHTS be companions. Granted, this visitor wasn't created by Wizeman to serve him. But if he was good enough, surely his master would allow him to keep them? As a reward for his hard work and unwavering loyalty?
So with that theory, Reala would work as hard as he could to earn the privilege of having his precious visitor with him. He would not only spend as much of his time possible proving himself to Wizeman, but following his visitor around whenever he could. He won't make his presence known, he would just silently observe them in their dreams to learn more about them that he couldn't deduce from his conversations with them.
As time goes by, his obsession over his visitor would grow more and more. He would be thinking about them constantly; what were they doing now? Were they awake or asleep? Were they safe? Would they choose to stay in the night dimension with him willingly? I imagine he would also be obsessive with every little detail about his human, from their physical features to their personality to their habits to their routine. He wants to know everything that there is to know about them for various reasons.
He would also be much more protective of them. He lost his first companion, he is determined not to lose this one. Whenever he sees a nightmaren harassing his human, whether or not they were trying to take their ideya, he will do whatever he can to get them away from them. And since he is a high level nightmaren who communicates with Wizeman the most often, he could easily tell his master that the nightmaren who was harassing his visitor was a traitor, and with how paranoid and tyrannical Wizeman is, he would no doubt kill the nightmaren, regardless of any evidence suggesting Reala was lying. Either that or Reala would take care of the problem himself. Either way, whatever his human doesn't know wont hurt them.
His extra overprotective nature doesn't stop there. Although he doesn't want his precious visitor to be afraid, he also doesn't want them to have pleasent dreams. Good dreams means a higher risk of those nightopians being around his darling human. They aren't as threatening as the nightmaren, but they clearly have the power to brainwash people into believing they are good. They did the exact same thing to his ex comrade. So Reala would do whatever it took to ensure that his visitor didn't interact with any nightopians whatsoever.
Now this last headcannon depends on whether Wizeman allows him to keep his visitor or not. If he gives Reala permission to put them in a coma, he would be ecstatic! He would drop whatever he was doing and fly off to find his darling. The second he finds the opportunity, he will take the necessary steps to trap his human in an neverending sleep. Once done, he will waste no time in taking them back to his home in the castle- not his nightmare lair, that's only reserved for the visitors he gives nightmares too. He would do everything he could to convince his no doubt distraught love that this was for the best for both of them. In the meantime, he will protect them and provide for them, while also keeping them close at all times, or as much as he can considering he has to leave for his duties, but those times he would probably lock his S/O in his home, not willing to trust anyone to look after them. As such, his behavior around them crosses the thin line between protective and possessive.
However, if Wizeman said no, then Reala would be distraught. Not only did this mean that he couldn't keep them close, but someday his treasure would succumb to their mortality and pass away, leaving him all alone again. So he would choose to spend as much time as he could with his visitor. When he wasn't carrying out Wiseman's commands, he would find his human to spend all of his free time with. However, instead of simply talking to them, he would start courting them; if he only has a limited amount of time with his special one, then he will make the most of all that time. His courting would be the usual, gentlemanly acts and tokens of affection, however he would try to be more obvious about his intentions in hopes that will somehow convince his visitor to take him as a lover. If they do, then he will do his best to be the best lover for them, despite the fact that he can't be with them all the time and won't be able to do as much as he could if this relationship wasn't supposed to be a secret from Wizeman. If they said no... He would be devastated, but at the same time he wont be able to bring himself to force them to love them. He will just continue to watch over his love and ensure they are safe. As long as they were safe and were still friends with him, he would be happy. However, he may have thoughts about going against his masters orders and trapping them in a coma anyways... Though that entirely depends on how his and the visitors' relationship unfolds; if it is steady, then he will be less likely to snap. Though that could also change when his human starts growing older and closer to their time of departure. It really all depends on how things play out for the two of them.
Not really related, but when I personally think of yandere Reala, I think of the songs 'Within You' from Labryinth and 'Hellfire' from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, regardless of whether his S/O is a visitor, nightmaren, or even a nightopian. Hellfire is when those feelings are just starting to consume him, and Within You is when he's finally accepted how he feels for his S/O and confronts them.
And that's what I got! Please tell me what you think! Any questions or constructive criticism is more then welcome! (Also let me know if there are spelling/grammar errors please!)
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al-the-frog · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NID (NEW INK DAY!!!)!!!!!
I bought a new ink for myself and my Kaweco Perkeo. It was just the Lamy Green ink they had in stock. I love the colour and it flows allot easier than the Kaweco Summer Purple colour. Don't get me wrong I love both inks, though another factor could be that the nib on my pen has adapted to what I do with it(drawing, writing) than when I first got it. If you can tell I also bought a converter.
Currently listening to: my dad on an excavator :V
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nights-and-dreams-stuff · 6 months ago
WOW IM like FOAMING at the mouth from that JxR cover like holy shit. I cannot thank you enough for blessing this small community with your art!! (⁎⁍̴̆ ⁍̴̆⁎)
Tumblr media
THANK YOU?!!!🖤🖤🖤
I just I love this mini community and this ship (ò//-//ó)
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reala-is-bae · a year ago
im sorry but your gijinka NiGHTS and Reala are literally my favorite thing now- no ands, ifs, or buts about it,,
Tumblr media
im so glad you like em
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clownkiwi · 8 months ago
ok, so ik id say id talk about balan wonderworld on stream, but fuck it. heres my 4am first impression on balan wonderworld
how and why did they think the status the games at. is safe for a march this year release. when really it still feels early in development and feels like it needs a year or two before its safe to release
like, the controls are way too simplified, even for an aimed at kids 3d platformer (new super luckys tale, mario 3d world, & banjo-kazooie), the visuals, while interesting on paper, are like. absolutely horrific on switch. and i heard things arent better on ps4 & ps5 & even pc
the costumes. arent really that deep. the main gimic of the game is trying to be mario odyssey but without any of the fun
the game was absolutely perfectly marketed that i got very excited for, but in the end. it just looks beautiful on paper and the cutscenes. and now my optimism for what couldve been a spiritual successor to nights into dreams, one of my favorite games i played last year, has been wavering
yooka-laylee & mighty no 9 are better spiritual successors, and this isnt. even a supportive comment either. that is the truth
god, i just. hope they delay this game for a year or two, at this state. the game is Not ready for release, and i really want balan wonderworld to be a good, great, and even excellent game
as it is now, im just. sad :[[[
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mango-chuchus · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
[*Enters NiDs fandom 25 years late with a starbucks coffee and jingles a handful of NiGHTS*] For u.
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nidistic · 2 years ago
I'm ready to be arrested for jonadio crimes >:3cccccc
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miccatepoztli · 2 years ago
@detrituus liked for a starter!
Tumblr media
“--Sorry, did I say something weird just now?”
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funkyneonguts · 2 years ago
Yes hello I am sure u can recognize who i be once I say this (deep breath) 👏I👏LOVE👏YOUR👏JACKLE👏SO👏MUCH👏 I wanted to request a little sketch of him and Reala being bros if thats okay ^^
Tumblr media
Hope y'all like B̵l̸u̵r̴r̶y̵ ̸i̵m̵a̶g̵e̶r̴y̵
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