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#nie huaisang

Distance Drabbles Day 217:

Fictober Day 21: “This, this makes it all worth it”
31: Wen Ning

Prompt number: 21
Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed
Rating: Gen
Warnings/Tags: No archive warnings apply, canon secondary character deaths referenced

“Do you regret it?” Wen Ning is rarely so direct, but watching Nie Huaisang stand over his brother’s grave, the words slip out. Nie Huaisang has his revenge, certainly, but he has lost the trust of the other sect leaders, and that will be slow to return.

He sees the corner of Nie Huaisang’s mouth twitch. “I don’t.” He lays his hand on the ground. “It took years, and it was so difficult, but this, this makes it all worth it.” His eyes meet Wen Ning’s. “You’re a younger brother too; Wouldn’t you have done the same, if you could?”

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@huacheng-zhu and i did a collaboration! :D

riding shotgun by b_ofdale

sangcheng + wangxian - T - 5.9k - complete - roadtrip AU - modern AU - fluff - crack - comedy

Who the fuck invites both their brother and their crush on a road trip? Wei Wuxian, apparently.

or, Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian, Nie Huaisang and Lan Wangji get stuck together in a car for eight hours. It goes just about as well as one might expect.

brilliant fic by a brilliant author, it’s actually the funniest thing i’ve ever read and it was such a fun time getting to draw art for this! definitely go check it out~

you might consider reblogging to help spread the word~

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Lan Zhan falls in love with Nie Huaisang when he is still Nie Fen. Nie Fen is a frivolous boy who cries a lot and is very clumsy. But he holds onto Lan Zhan’s hands and for the first time in his life, Lan Zhan is the older one, the one who gets to provide protection. Nie Fen’s palm is warm in his hand as he leads them back towards the Cloud Recesses.

Nie Fen comes back years later and he is now Nie Huaisang. He is even more frivolous, but less teary. Lan Zhan is now Lan Wangji, and they both miss the feeling of Nie-didi’s palm.

Nie Huaisang is not graceful, but he is beautiful. He hides his face behind fans and he chases birds and he smiles unreservedly at Lan Wangji when he shows off his fans. Lan Wangji’s heart stutters and misses a beat.

They’re fighting a war and Nie Huaisang isn’t on the battlefield because he has an overprotective brother. Lan Wangji is grateful without knowing why.

Nie Huaisang comes to visit the war fronts and he brings provisions and he’s like a tiny light of sunshine. Lan Wangji holds the feeling of warmth he gets from seeing Nie Huaisang close to his heart.

The war is over and Lan Wangji is restless. Gusu has been restored so he starts to travel. He tries his best to make the world a better place. He ends up in Qinghe by accident.

Nie Huaisang is older and even prettier and Lan Wangji spends a lot of time distracted. For once, he’s grateful for how minor his facial expressions are.

Lan Wangji leaves, reluctantly. But Nie Huaisang has made him promise to write letters, so he does. He talks about the places he’s visited, the people he’s seen, he learns to accurately draw various species of birds, and he learns to make his letters longer.

In return, Nie Huaisang tells him news of Qinghe, gossip of the cultivation world, and whines about saber practice. Lan Wangji falls in love a little bit more, which he didn’t think was possible

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More Space AU featuring Nie Bro Feels! Ugh, this fic is a monster and maybe a third of the way complete.

“Zonghui told me you fired your blaster,” Mingjue said.

Huaisang frowned in thought. He didn’t remember firing. Oh. He did. “The power to the door had been shut off, so I shot the keypad.”

“You shot the door open?” Mingjue asked.

“How would you have done it?” Huaisang asked. “It was the door to the docking bay.”

“I would have punched the array,” Mingjue said.

Huaisang held up his hand, showing the cut knuckles. He hadn’t shown Qing, but he was sure she had noticed. “I already did that.”

“Huaisang,” Mingjue said. His voice was a warning and a prayer.

“Mingjue,” Huaisang said. His voice was soft with steel behind it.

Mingjue wrapped his arms around Huaisang and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Delicate little brother needs to breathe!” Huaisang wheezed.

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good kid (living like a lost cause)
Nie Huaisang / Xue Yang | 5.2k | Explicit | Grief & Mourning, Drug use, sex while high, dubious consent (mind the tags)

kink meme prompt fill for @mdzs-kinkmeme!! 

Mingjue had only been placed into his grave hours earlier, and Huaisang was sure he was already rolling in it. Huaisang reveled in the sense of wry glee he got from that fact. You were right to worry all along, Da-ge. You’ve been gone less than a week and look at me.

or, the one where after his brother’s death, Nie Huaisang just wants his brain to fucking stop. Asking Xue Yang for help wasn’t exactly the plan, but he’s here now, so why the fuck not.

Read it on AO3!

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Anyone knows good xicheng fics where LXC absolutely rips a new one for WWX, tearing him apart by scolding him (or maybe even literally with a bit if dark LXC) because of how he treated JC

Hell, it doesn’t even have to be xicheng, im fine with anyone giving WWX shit because of it. NHS? JL? LJY? LQR? SL? Literally anyone, go wild

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