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#nie huaisang

Yeah there’s necromancy and gay soulmates and Shakespearean tragedy and all that in the Untamed, but I feel like what really defines it is the message that you shouldn’t be afraid of zombies or haunted swords, what you should really be afraid of is pissed off twinks.

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I was listening to Kill The Sun by Motherfolk and all I could think about was Nie Mingjue showing up to the sunshot campaign with it blaring in the background. Then this happened.

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3Zun but Jin Guangyao is a particularly moody cat. 

Or should I say… Jin GuangMEOW?? 

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Illustration for Chapter 5 of Cantatio!

Wei Ying gives Lan Zhan a scare while bringing pixiu statues to life in Song Lan’s class.

Lan Wangji stumbled over as fast as he could. His legs were not working reliably after having so much of his energy drained. What kind of state would Wei Wuxian be in?

He squatted in front of Wei Wuxian, grasped his shoulders, and lifted his hunched torso. His eyes were shut tight, and his mouth hung open, threads of saliva beaded on his tongue.

Starting to panic, Lan Wangji pressed three fingers into a groove on Wei Wuxian’s neck. He was warm. His pulse was surprisingly fast.

“Wei Ying?”

Read on AO3 now or on Tumblr tomorrow! Updates every Monday on AO3 and Tuesday on Tumblr :)

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Originally posted by sarawatsaraleo

pairings: lan wangji & everyone (lwj&lxc, lwj&nhs, lwj&lqr, lwj&nmj), background nielan

genre: angst, fluff | dragon lan wangji au, pre-canon

warnings: implied/referenced non-con (concerning madam lan), canonical character death, injury, mild blood, shifting, scenting, lan sect being not so good

a/n #1: written for the MDZS Big Bang 2020! the title is taken from steven universe’s “that distant shore” bc i feel it bodies lwj’s thoughts about wwx perfectly. thinking of the dragon dynamics similar to how abo works will help you with understanding them, but to be clear: there is nothing sexual going on in this fic. madam lan’s story has so many gaps that bother me a lot bc when i look at the gaps i see a backstory like the one i gave her here since it’s just what makes sense when you really think about it. the non-con is only talked about somewhat in-depth in one scene and mentioned briefly across other scenes afterward. if you want to skip the heavier bit of it, stop reading at “Then why, Lan Zhan asks with his eyes.” and pick back up after the art that minzi made to accompany this <3 hope you enjoy! 

words: 25291

summary: Lan Zhan’s memories begin from the moment he hatches out of his shell and meets his mother’s golden gaze.

part one of gentleness of light, escaping 

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reworked sangyaos from last year! they are still gossiping…

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This is the product of boredom and my obsession with both MDZS and Dragon Age games that i have been playing again. The heights are not quite right, but i focused more on the general design than on the details.

I have been thinking about this quite a lot, to be honest, enough to have some back stories for them.

JC, LWJ and LXC are humans, WWX is an elf, NMJ is a qunari (of the tal vashot variety), NHS is a little more complicated to explain, he is technically human, but raised among qunari deserters (tal vashot). Part of me just wanted the Nie brothers to have the bondage and scantly clad qunari aesthetic.

I do have ideas for their specializations and maybe (a very big maybe) i can add other characters (i was about to add JYL but i ran out of space) and i can go on and on and on about this, but i doubt anyone is interested in hearing my fangirl ramblings. Still, if anyone want to know im always willing to tell.

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ok au idea where nie huaisang is an assassin but he doesn’t kill the targets with his own hands, instead he creates schemes that leads to the target’s “unfortunate” death

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After my three books I will be doing another fanfic this time dedicated to a friend of mine who’s a big fan for Nie HuaiSang

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SANGCHENG CHERRY MAGIC AU!!!!! (basically: jiang cheng is still a virgin when he turns 36* and he suddenly gains the ability to read people’s minds when he touches them)

#*changing it from 30 to make this post canon lol#sangcheng#jiang cheng#nie huaisang#mdzs#the this picture takes place shortly after jc's bday nhs is visiting lotus pier for a cultivation conference or something#and jc reads his mind and realizes nhs likes him!!! bro is having whole ass fantasies about him meanwhile jc is having a sexuality crisis#bc u know hes been justifying this by saying he doesnt have time and he doesn't want to marry some random woman but. hes never really#considered men before.......granted he probably hasnt rlly liked too many ppl before (demi jc rights!!!!)...#(he told himself that teenage crush on lxc was just admiration 😔😔😔)#but he gradually realizes that.....people care he 🥺🥺🥺 his disciples look up to him his nephew loves him his brother misses him (THINK of#the possibilities for a yunmeng bros reconciliation if jc can read wwx's thoughts) ..... and he grows as a person and realizes how valued he#is and how its important to do things at his own pace bc hes only now having the time to live his life without worrying about so much shit#and of course he. eventually loses his virginity and the ability to read thoughts and has to learn how to communicate his feelings w ppl 🥺#anyway. cherry magic owns my soul now and sangcheng is my fave i simply had to make an au......ill never write it tho but if anyone wants to#PLEASE do 👀🥺#also dont @ me about lazy coloring i didnt feel like coloring this lol the lineart was enough work#r yall proud i didnt use mint green ad a background color again??? i was going to lol but then i changed it#this color scheme has more cherry vibes 🍒🌸
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Read it on AO3 here:

Chapter Preview:

Lan Wangji’s state of bliss was, of course, temporary. A little after eight o’clock, A-Yuan started to wilt despite the presence of the rabbits. He slumped into Wei Wuxian’s side with a big yawn, having answered the question of being tired with a defiant “No, daddy!” only moments before. After just a few minutes, his chin was tucked against his chest as he started to nod off. As Lan Wangji ushered Cinnamon and Nutmeg back into their enclosure, an uninebriated Wei Wuxian scooped up A-Yuan.

“Alright, time to go, little one,” he said softly, cradling A-Yuan on his shoulder. “Say goodbye to the bunnies.”

“Buh-bye…bunnies,” A-Yuan called softly, barely lifting his head off of Wei Wuxian’s shoulder. He smacked his lips once, let out a sigh, and then went limp in Wei Wuxian’s arms.

Wei Wuxian decided it was not worth the effort of putting A-Yuan’s shoes on if he was going to be carried to the car and from the car back to his apartment, so Lan Wangji packed his shoes into the black bookbag as Wei Wuxian sat on the staircase landing near the front door and somehow managed to put on and lace his Converse while A-Yuan snoozed on his left shoulder. As Wei Wuxian stood and Lan Wangji slung the bookbag over his left shoulder, Lan Xichen extracted himself from the couch with Nie Mingjue and a reluctant Nie Huaisang in tow.

Read it from the beginning here:

Hello all! :) Welcome to this shorter-than-recently-normal chapter where I embark on my LWJ & NHS friendship agenda. Which, while updating tags, was appalled to find that it did not already exist, so I made my own! I hope you enjoy this transition-ish chapter before we enter the next phase of the “meet the family” arc.

Thank you all for your lovely comments, kudos, subscriptions, and bookmarks. I reply to all comments and love hearing your thoughts, feelings, and predications! It’s fun, because a lot of people have good predications or ideas I did not think of, and I appreciate it all. <3



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