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#nie mingjue

mdzs owns my soul now!! :)

anyway these r my basic designs for the nies + my ocs cuz mdzs needs more women

nie ronghua is nmj’s and liu yazhu’s daughter! nmj and lyz were basically kindred spirits, tried being married for a bit, had a kid, decided they were better as friends

again, i have SO MANY ideas for nrh, so stay tuned!

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It had been hours since Jiang Yanli had taken off towards the kitchen and left Nie Mingjue staring after her, until she’d gone too far for him to keep his eyes on her back. The room had only gotten colder in her absence and Nie Mingjue reaches up and rubs a hand on the back of his neck. There were so many better ways that conversation, that argument, could have gone, but that didn’t matter anymore, Jiang Yanli had walked away instead of staying and arguing with him.

She hadn’t even announced that she was done arguing with him, the way Nie Huaisang often did, he’d heard the catch in her voice, and then she was gone, walking faster when he’d called her name. He’d thought to follow her, but something had rooted him to the spot.

That something is no longer holding him, though, and he follows after her now, walking until he stands in the doorway of the kitchen, his hand holding the doorway tight as he watches her move. Jiang Yanli either hadn’t heard him come in, or she was choosing not to turn and look at him, and Nie Mingjue can’t say which he would prefer, if he were allowed a choice in the matter.

“Yanli,” He calls softly as he steps into the kitchen, treating it the same as he has since the day she came and made it her own, even as he comes to stand behind her with his hands on her arms, stopping her from continuing on with whatever she’d busied herself with. He tries not to think about the way she tenses under his touch, “You know, you’re allowed to be mad at me.”

He says it gently, as if that alone could make her understand, and he hopes it does, but her shoulders sag and she shakes her head at him, still not turning around. “I don’t want to be mad at you, I just worry, I’m sorry.”

That’s all it takes for him to wrap his arms around her and shake his own head, “I don’t want you to be mad at me either, but you’re allowed to be if you are, I wouldn’t deny you that.” When it seems like she isn’t going to push him away, he allows himself to brush a kiss to her hair before he turns her around.

“You hardly deny me anything at all, Mingjue.” Jiang Yanli smiles softly, and Nie Mingjue lifts a hand to her cheek, wiping away a stray streak of flour, a smile spreading slowly across his own face.

“My wife should want for nothing.” Nie Mingjue shrugs, like it was an undeniable truth of the world, even when Jiang Yanli laughs against his chest, taking care with the flour still on her hands.

Nie Mingjue takes much less care as he folds her into his arms properly, another kiss pressed against her forehead.

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The problems continue, this time featuring Nie Mingjue & Jin Guangyao.

With the given above data, find the size of Da-Ge’s balls.

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dearest @shoujosparklingwater, annulareye has finally begun their descent into nieyao hell…

Here! He brings him close enough to read eyes as Mingjue lets his own go middle distance. Just out of reach. See, not to touch, not to smell. Look! Displays his face, turns it to one side then the other, he’s still pretty, seems fed, unpunished. Just one bruise, the kind he might have even (he had, many times, Mingjue wouldn’t) asked for. 

Baby. Wen Ruohan strokes Meng Yao’s neck, massages all the places that might be sore under the hanging hair, sore neck, knotted jaw, all those little inevitables; squeezes and shakes his shoulders out while his arms dangle and swing, manipulates the work out of him, chews him soft with his claws. 

Brings him back down on his knees facing Mingjue and the room, where everyone can see better, the good cushions having magically reappeared for them both. Sinks down behind Meng Yao like he’s the whole entire throne himself and pushes the little body down. Adjusts the elbows and angles into place, still talking at Nie Mingjue bound and kneeling before them. 

Even he, the prisoner, is on a very nice cushion (but not as nice as Meng Yao’s). His knees hurt differently on it. Wen Ruohan keeps talking. 

There’s a light coming into his face that reminds Mingjue of court ladies, the kind he wouldn’t stand to have at Bujingshi. He’s wearing lip paint, but it’s more the way the mouth twists. His voice is still gentle but his hands are not. He pauses for a moment; regards the body before him; makes Meng Yao look up again and face Mingjue, asking if the face he’s making looks familiar; puts his knobbled fingers in Meng Yao’s mouth; sneers; makes a small motion at his belt, flips Meng Yao’s robe and commands him, all intimacy gone, to back up and move. Slowly.

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Watched both The Living Dead and Fatal Journey. My thoughts…

The Living Dead:

fun, action-packed mystery solving and spooky side story that takes place some years after the main story. Great for Halloween. Characters were a bit ooc, the plot is a little weak/confusing and it would have benefitted going a little slower and connecting it closer to Wen Ning but the action scenes and over all setting makes up for it with a Micheal jackson Thriller music video vibe. Favorite thing from it: Wen Ning using the spiritual chains and Lan Sizhui using his guqin has a melee weapon. 7.5/10

Fatal Journey:

Emotional, character drivin story that fills in a spot during the time gap. As with the living dead it would have benefitted from being a little longer and taking its time. Would liked to have had a reason why the tomb was so different between this movie and the series. The big battle was a bit on the too much side, but overall really fun. The relationships between characters is great and very touching at the same time . Favorite thing from it: Nie Huaisang showing off his smarts and the relationship between the Nie brothers. 9/10

The Cgi has never been very good but both films appeared to have had a higher budget which improved the cgi and clearly helped both. Its fun to see more of the characters who originally had smaller roles in the original series and novel. Ive seen rumors that theres going to be a third spin-off and of its true I look forward to it.

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I hc nie mingjue as trans because it Slaps but it alsp explains a lot of his anger……imagine having period cramps ON TOP OF a qi deviation. fuck I’d kick somebody down a flight of stairs too

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Ooh, hm, a ship I don’t think about, because I’m usually shipping them with other characters or else not really shippily thinking about them–Wen Ning/Nie Mingjue? Yeah. Let’s go with them.

It could work–bear with me! Both of them are really strong, strong enough to make their peers afraid, if they weren’t also absolute softies. Both of them contain huge oceans of emotion that they struggle to tame to keep themselves reined in. Both of them are drawing on a similarly unorthodox well of power, at the end of the day, that they have a complicated relationship with. They have a lot in common, but not so much that they’d clash. Wen Ning, gently tending to Nie Mingjue in the aftermath of a near-qi-deviation? Telling him that he understands what it’s like? Wen Ning, having a protector and advocate who might actually be stronger than he is, who is used to protecting people who don’t fit in, but who also never underestimates him? Wen Ning, seeming shy and uncertain at first, but able to pull from that well of unrestrained passion and confidence and anger to match Nie Mingjue when needed? And the first time it happens is absolutely the first time Nie Mingjue catches himself Looking.

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Suddenly felt like doodling my fave beefy Nie Mingjue I haven’t drawn him in ages. Lil comparison from the last time I drew him digitally compared to now. (Left Jan 2021 & right  April 2020 )
My style has changed/improved a bit as I’ve grown more comfy with clip studio paint.

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acnh x mdzs hcs

  • wwx (after getting terraforming) the type to flood everything except a tiny little block in the middle of the island and just,,,chill
  • lwj’s island looks really nice (imperial babey) and the aesthetic is very nice. when he and wwx become a thing, wwx transforms the other half of the island into a terrifying hellhole.
  • only bunnies allowed ‼️
  • nmj doesn’t play animal crossing,,,but when he does u know he gets emotionally attached to his villagers
  • nhs playing acnh is always fun bc he loves buying new clothes (and stealing his brother’s money)
  • jc plays but he hates tom nook with a passion bc “this game is a fucking scam” and “take my money you bitchass raccoon”
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*Remembers they mentioned a Nie Huaisang centric fic idea, with background ruojue, they would never write even though they like the idea*

K, I got the idea from reading Natsume Yuujincho! (A good anime and manga with a small fandom!) And it’s basically Nie Huaisang discovering about the mysterious older brother that everyone’s told him of, the one that lead the sect before Nie Huaisang had been born because the sect leader had been ill. Of course, this starts all because of a saber, a book, and a fierce demon trapped in a maneki neko. [idk how to do cuts so…]


As all cultivators could, Nie Huaisang could see spirits and demons. Yet, it seemed that he could see even the beings that did not wish to show themselves. This is what leads him to find Baxia, apparently his long deceased brother’s saber, hidden in his brother’s old study. It wasn’t like he meant to go in there, he just… wanted to know more about the brother everyone said gave the best of hugs, the best of advice, that was more just than even the strictest of gods. He just wanted to know more about the brother that loved him more than anything, just like everyone said he had.

Nie Huaisang meets Baxia, and immediately hears the same sense of sarcasm his brother was said to have had. Obviously, they hit it off very well! It’s when Baxia eventually begins telling Nie Huaisang stories about the man everyone got to call Da-ge, that Nie Huaisang learns about the book.

It was called the Friend Book, Baxia had explained, it was where every being Nie Mingjue befriended signed their allegiance to him. So Nie Huaisang finds the book and begins to carry Baxia around. He reads the stories behind each signature in the book, feeling a bit proud of his own calligraphy in comparison to his brother’s hurried chicken scratch. Baxia, of course, defended Nie Huaisang’s brother by saying that it hadn’t always been so messy. It had just been difficult to write with how much each callus he earned ached, not that Nie Mingjue had attempted to fix that issue.

Being locked up in Qinghe, no age mates available and parents often busy, made Nie Huaisang have a lot of free time. Therefore it was easy to convince Baxia to tell him where to find the friends of his dead brother. The only problem was… all of his brother’s friends were spirits and other inhuman creatures. A few of them didn’t even seem to be good friends, which ended up being why both Baxia and Nie Huaisang avoided looking for Meng Yao and Jin Guangyao. (In this au Jiggy, as I’ve read a lot of people call him, is split in two. So double the mind-fuck for Nie Mingjue because this au makes him deal with two of them.)

The first he meets is Wen Ruohan. Their meeting was pretty comical, Wen Ruohan speaking with a squeaky voice while in the form of a cat charm. It was a curse placed on him by Nie Mingjue, the (apparently a) demon explained, not that he hadn’t deserved it. The reason for the curse was one Wen Ruohan didn’t reveal, but he had said Nie Mingjue once promised to release it when he learned from the punishment. It did not take long for Wen Ruohan to offer his services to the last connection he had to Nie Mingjue. Nie Huaisang saw how the demon looked regretful when he thought Nie Huaisang wasn’t looking. Baxia always laughed whenever Wen Ruohan slipped up and called Nie Huaisang by his brother’s name. It wasn’t at all funny to the Nie, especially not with how Wen Ruohan looked at any painting of Nie Mingjue. (Nie Huaisang wondered what sort of relationship they had. It was probably a forbidden one, he amended, it was likely a forbidden one.)

Then there was Lan Xichen and his brother. The two dragons were opposites, but they both held equal distaste for Wen Ruohan. Lan Wangji had a very stone like face, but Nie Huaisang could see more. It was nice, Nie Huaisang would think, how the younger of the two Lans would tell Nie Huaisang every single detail about Nie Mingjue that he knew of. Lan Xichen was surprisingly the weird one, always looking at Nie Huaisang as if someone had betrayed him by murdering his brother. Lan Xichen always had a bitter look in his eyes when he laid eyes on Wen Ruohan, but Nie Huaisang was still too inexperienced in reading romance novels to understand it. (At the point he finally did understand, he laughed to himself how much of a heartbreaker his brother was.)

Next would have been Meng Yao and Jin Guangyao, but both Wen Ruohan and Baxia had refused. It scared Nie Huaisang to know that they too could be afraid. He amended that there would come a day he’d meet the two spirits that caused Baxia and Wen Ruohan such anger and wariness. Fur the mean time, they would look for friends and not old enemies.

Then there were the merpeople of Yunmeng. Nie Huaisang liked Jiang Yanli, she liked the same fun as he did. Wen Ruohan had remained silent when they met, and Jiang Yanli seemed to only have one being that she hated. Jiang Wanyin was fun to fluster, crackling with purple electricity with each annoying question Nie Huaisang would ask. He would get a crack in his voice when asked about Nie Mingjue, which came across as both jealous and grieving. Madam Yu and Jiang Fengmian were without comment.

It was Wei Wuxian that Nie Huaisang felt was the best friend his brother could have had. Nine fluffy tails and the ability to shift forms in order to go wherever Nie Huaisang wanted to? Not only that, but Wei WuXian guarded the rejected spirits of the Burial mounds!? Count him in on the ‘Wei Wuxian is Awesome’ bus! But Wei Wuxian would space out a lot, often looking more dead than alive. Wen Ruohan and Wei Wuxian would share a glance of kinship every now and then, but they ignored each other more often than not. Baxia would hiss a lot in the Burial Mounds, but she opted to be quiet when the spirits of the dead forest were present. (The spirits of the Burial Mounds were scared of Wei Wuxian, even though he was their savior. Nie Huaisang understood why when the fox finally lost control of his powers and destroyed himself. Wen Ruohan reassured him it was fine, spirits could come back. Humans could not.)

Su She was the first of those that Nie Huaisang classified as “Enemies Da-ge Should have killed with Baxia.” Then there there were the preening birds of Carp fish tower: Jin Guangshan, Jin Zixun, Jin Guangyao, and Meng Yao. It was as if all Jin were supposed to be unpleasant. (Jin Zixuan could improve, but he was sheltered.) After stumbling in with the lot for the first time, it made Nie Huaisang realize how Wen Ruohan’s words of being a mighty monster were true. He never wanted to see such a gruesome sight ever again.

Nie Huaisang eventually realizes that though the names in the book were plentiful, there were few places that he could travel to without reeking of suspicious behavior. So he waits, and waits, and then gets bored only to find out someone had dug up his brother’s grave. And then we get a merry quest like canon to expose who had dared to disrespect Da-ge’s death. It then goes that Da-ge has this thing of being torn up and scattered all over the place, because Meng Yao & Jin Guangyao have a thing against Da-ge in almost every universe. To make this a bit happier than what had happened/happens in Natsume Yuujincho, even though the series is almost full on fluff, Da-ge can come back as a spirit. What kind of spirit? Who the fuck knows, because I’d like him to be a wolf even though those are pretty much bad omens in almost all of Asia. I only thought wolf because, ya know, they look baby and can be baby if you earn their trust/survive. They are also mighty wonderful parents like Dage— and I’m just going to dump that there and run.

But anyway, sweet “ending” being that Dage gets to spend the rest of eternity watching over his little brother until he dies. Ruojue get rid of the curse Nie Mingjue placed on Wen Ruohan, because Nie Mingjue gave it to him as a break up present. So ruojue either get back together or it’s nielan time! Or Nie Mingjue can stay single because he’s decided he doesn’t like relationship drama and will just enjoy being a spirit as Nie Huaisang either reincarnates or becomes a spirit too, but who knows.

Yeah… point out stuff that I probs forgot to be more specific about or something. Feel free to ask for more about this idea and add your own ideas too!

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I dont have a back story for this one, bust wanted to do some red string of fate nielan, a bit of ruojue and jgy as a bonus.

I do not ship 3zun nor lxc with jgy. At all. But sometimes wanting to read nielan involves having jgy there. Sigh.

I do love soulmate aus, sadly i dont much draw actual soulmate concept. I couldnt resist this one.

…I need to edit the heights if i do this digital… oops.

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Tagged by: @songziichen

I tag: @arag0ns​ and whoever else wants to! If you are reading this, I mean You.

Post a picture or a gif (preferably from tumblr’s gif feature or with credit to the gifmaker) of:

  • Your favorite character
  • Your favorite friendship
  • Your favorite ship
  • Your favorite sect
  • Your favorite sword

And then tag your favorite people in the mdzs/The untamed fandom so they can join in.

My favorite Character


Originally posted by his-catness-tchalla

Xiao Xingchen!! I recently bought two bookmarks of him, and am honestly debating getting a Xingchen cosplay or learning how to sew so I can make one. He’s kind and loving and Song Jiyang plays him so well that it makes fucking /sense/ that Xiao Xingchen is the Bright Moon and Gentle Breeze like. take me on a walk and talk about the stars my love

My favorite Friendship


Originally posted by kromze

The Hijinks. the different brands of chaos. Huisang teaming up against whoever is easier (and more fun) to bully at the moment. Theyre all supposed to be respectable teens in high positions but their time in Gusu highlights that they are TEENS who are having FUN

My Favorite Ship


Originally posted by stardust-dawn

im fucking sobbing. SongXiao are truly just the epitome of what a soulmate could be, of what it means to be KNOWN. I think about them every fcuing day to the point where I almost forgot everyone else in canon exists. They are a poem together and their time on screen is so carefully taken care of? their contrasting robes together and the muted greys of them both separate? FUCk

My favorite Sect


Originally posted by elvencantation

the Nies. cmon thicc swords, legal demonic cultivation, the dedication that these two inspire in their respective ruling times despite their different methods, the green/yellow in the other adaptations?? The black and silver swirls on Huisang’s sleeves? They’re on a fuckin mountain?? Mingjue adopts me?? whats there NOT to like cmon

My favorite Sword 


kinda unoriginal but Bichen! I am a big fuckin lover of blades and if I had the Angst Tolerance I would’ve rewatched all of the Untamed just to look at all the swords, but I happen to have a screenshot of Bichen’s details from when I first joined the fandom. The competition was Wen Zhuliu’s sword, Shanghua (Xiao Xingchen’s) and Suiban (Wei Wuxian’s) but lets focus on Bichen for a moment here cause FIRSTLY. Shes a sleek white case and handle- but the silver plating on it resembles the clouds of Gusu Lan which, duh, but not only looks Beautiful but also pushes towards that idea of Wangji being so defined by home, by being a Lan, yknow?

I uh. really love the untamed. especially SongXiao as a dynamic and concept and I really could go on. but i will spare your dashes!! 

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Trying out a new coloring style. Idk lads, I just have a lot of feelings about modern au Nie Mingjue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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sketch dump! back at it again with some furry shenanigans :3c

what if… hear me out, what if sugar glider a-yao…

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I was bored so i drew this, still not digital linework, but i have no laptop right now. I feel like i should explain this, but better go read Ancestor from @robininthelabyrinth one of my favorite works of her.

Mm. I feel a little guilty every time i post unfinished things. Sigh.

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