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#nie mingjue
littlesmartart · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the mortifying ordeal of being known etc etc when your boyfriends know exactly how to spot that you've had a bad day
more modern AU
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robininthelabyrinth · a day ago
Ok this is my first time doing this, but we’ve gotten NMJ harem and WWX harem but can we get JYL harem? That woman deserves to get spoiled, preferably by 3 of the highest ranked cultivators (like LXC, NMJ, and sure she can keep JZX)
“I’ve decided,” Lan Xichen announced. “I’m sorry, Jin-gongzi, but I’m stealing your fiancée.”
“Oh, no,” Jin Zixuan said. His arm was comfortably wrapped around Jiang Yanli’s waist. “Did you hear that, A-Li? You’re going to be kidnapped away by the cultivation world’s number one bachelor.”
“Would that be considered a step up, since you're only number three?” Jiang Yanli asked with a smile. “Good for me, then. Sad for you, though.”
“I’m completely heartbroken,” he assured her. “I’ll cry myself to sleep at night.”
“Who’s crying?” Nie Mingjue asked, opening the door and letting himself in. He looked tired again, as he always had in private since the war started – tired, and angry, and angry about being angry. They worried about him. “Do I need to hit someone?”
He sounded wistful.
“Just me,” Lan Xichen said.
“He’s going to steal my fiancée away. It’s extremely tragic,” Jin Zixuan explained, and Nie Mingjue’s eyes curved in one of his rare smiles. “Are you going to defend my honor?”
“Certainly not,” Nie Mingjue said promptly. “I’ll be joining in. Xichen, will you share?”
“Share? Well, if I have to.”
“A-Li, I’ve been betrayed,” Jin Zixuan said, sending her a mock-mournful look. “They’re conspiring against me.”
Jiang Yanli patted his cheek. “Very tragic. Sorry, my love, I’m afraid the combined offer of the first and seventh rank bachelors by far outweighs your current offer. But if it’s any consolation, I’m sure I’ll be devastatingly happy with them.”
Jin Zixuan had been trying quite hard not to laugh and had, until that point, been succeeding; at that point, he burst out in a peal of laughter. A moment later, Lan Xichen joined in.
Nie Mingjue shook his head in amusement.
“Come sit,” Jiang Yanli told him, pointing to the floor in front of her. “I can see the headache developing.”
“Not developing, developed,” he said, but he obediently sat in front of her. He was tall enough that she could easily put her hands on his temples without needing to reach too far, which meant she could start massaging them from the comfort of where she was sitting on Jin Zixuan’s lap. “Ah, that’s good.”
“I thought I was doing the fiancée stealing,” Lan Xichen remarked. “It seems da-ge has beaten me there.”
Jiang Yanli giggled, and Jin Zixuan shook his head.
He had to admit that this wasn’t something he’d anticipated at any point in his life – neither when he was young and starting to realize to his horror that he was interested in other men, nor when he got older and realized he was also interested in some women as well (with Jiang Yanli being one of the foremost in that category).
He’d known, of course, that Jiang Yanli was older than he was; it had been one of the many faults that his not-friends had pointed out to him when egging him on to reject her – ah, he’d been such a stupid teenager, unable to see that not a single one of them had his best interests at heart! It was a miracle that she’d agreed to put up with him after all that.
Still, despite knowing that she was older, and despite knowing that she was the same age as Lan Xichen, only a few years younger than Nie Mingjue – despite knowing that she would have been forced to all the same boring discussion conferences as he had been, and would have been obligated to socialize with her peers from the other Great Sects – he somehow had never put together that she was friends with them.
Much less…well…
Jin Zixuan reflected that he had really lucked out when he’d finally removed his head from his ass and decided to pursue his soon-to-be-wife with all his heart. He’d been utterly enamored by Jiang Yanli by the time of the Phoenix Mountain hunt, kicking himself for having let her get away, and he’d thought very carefully about whether he would be content with giving up any relationships with other men in exchange for fidelity with her before concluding that he would and embarking on his pursuit of her. He hadn’t wanted to be his father, after all, and he wanted even less than that for her to feel like his mother had felt.
All in all, it had come as an extremely pleasant surprise when she’d taken him aside and explained that she would be happy to accept his offer, but that she felt she ought to disclose certain past-and-present dalliances – ones she assured him she would be willing to cut off in order to ensure that he didn’t feel like his mother had felt.
Possibly the smartest thing he’d ever done in his life was blurt out, “Can’t we share instead?” at that moment in time – even if it was mostly because she’d found it so incredibly funny.
As it was, it was still mostly her connections, not his. Lan Xichen was solely interested in women as a personal matter, although he wasn’t at all adverse to letting Jin Zixuan watch and even participate in the same encounter, while Nie Mingjue, who was a little more flexible in such matters, was still evaluating Jin Zixuan as a person before he would be willing to agree to anything that did not involve Jiang Yanli smoothing the way. But Jin Zixuan found that he was quite happy that way – perhaps it was something from his childhood or the way he watched the wreckage that was his parents’ marriage, but he found that nothing in the world suited him more than having his wife be happy and loved.
And, yes, if she happened to be loved by very attractive men who would let him watch, that was definitely even better.
“I yield to better men,” Jin Zixuan said. “There’s no point in fighting. But one thing.”
“If you want to steal her, you have to write to all of the wedding guests and explain.”
Jiang Yanli burst into giggles as both Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue grimaced.
“Ouch,” Lan Xichen said. “Sorry, A-Li. You’re worth the sun, the moon, and the stars…but maybe not that much paperwork.”
“Not to mention explaining it to your uncle,” Nie Mingjue added.
“…and that.”
“I wonder if I could avoid the bureaucracy if I stole her away like a barbarian,” Nie Mingjue mused. “I could crash the wedding itself – that way they’d all know, and no need for letters.”
“I feel like I’d be obligated to challenge you to a duel if you did that,” Jin Zixuan said. “And then I’d lose and be dead, and poor A-Li would feel just awful about it. I hope.”
Jiang Yanli had buried her face in his shoulder and was shaking with laughter. “Oh yes,” she said gaily. “Very much so. I might even be moved to take my own life in a dramatic twist.”
“And then Wei Wuxian would emerge to take the rest of our lives in revenge, I suspect,” Lan Xichen remarked. “Better not do it, da-ge.”
“Oh, all right. If you insist. What brought on this bout of wife-stealing?”
“Fiancée-stealing, da-ge, please. I have standards.”
“Not when it comes to A-Li you don’t.”
“It comes on him spontaneously sometimes, I think,” Jiang Yanli said. “Like the weather.”
Lan Xichen nodded.
“Speaking of wife-stealing,” Jin Zixuan said, because he’d been waiting for a good moment to get this into the conversation, “the artisans have finally finished crafting our marriage bed.”
“You got an entirely new bed just for your marriage? Really?”
“I’m a Jin. If I’m not spending money outrageously, I’m letting down my sect,” Jin Zixuan pointed out with a shrug. “Anyway, I had them make it extra large.”
That got him interested looks, as he’d expected it would.
“Extra large,” he emphasized. “The artisans promised it could fit four grown men – though I don’t know if I believe them.”
“Well, four grown men might be a stretch,” Nie Mingjue said, already starting to smile. “But I think we could see how well it handles three men and one lady, assuming the lady herself is feeling amenable.”
“I most certainly am,” Jiang Yanli said. “Come on, let’s go break it in.”
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plan-d-to-i · 2 days ago
I've seen the idea shared a lot that "jiang cheng was holding on to Chenqing bc uwu he miSsed WWX 🥺" so to clarify, in the same way JGY is holding on to Suibian, jc was holding on to Chenqing as a war trophy and in his case more importantly as bait because he was convinced that if WWX were to return he would not go for the sword he stopped using but he'd definitely seek out his flute:
"Xue Yang: Give him the sword in exchange for the flute. It’s long since Wei WuXian stopped using his sword, while Suibian sealed itself and nobody can pull it out. What’s the use of keeping a fucking piece of decoration?”
Jin GuangYao, “You really ask me to do the impossible, Young Master Xue. Do you think I haven’t tried? How could anything be that simple. That Jiang WanYin has already gone mad. He still thinks Wei WuXian hasn’t died. If Wei WuXian returned, he might not search for his sword, but he’d definitely come for Chenqing. And so, he would definitely not give up Chenqing. A few more words of mine, and he might blow up." (Villainous Friends Extra)
jc wants to lure WWX and kill him as he's been hunting him for THIRTEEN YEARS. So in the temple at the end it's not surprising jc has Chenqing on him. Considering how obsessed he has been with tracking down WWX and as Chenqing was his strongest lure why would he have let it out of his sight all these years esp when cultivator's sleeves are magical storage space (it's free storage space!). & because I've also seen this wayyy to often -No it's not like a horcrux- it's not draining him of energy or joy to have it on his person lmfao. He only gives it back to WWX as a last resort, because they're all in mortal peril battling NMJ's corpse and NOTHING else is working. jc has always been happy to use WWX as a weapon. He's not returning it out of the goodness of his heart or because he's a changed man, or as a love letter to WWX lmfao.
In the Guanyin Temple the situation with NMJ's corpse is already immensely precarious. NMJ is attracted to JGY's blood and by extension Jin blood meaning -Jin Ling's.
"Now that Nie MingJue had become a fierce corpse, his resentful energy was of course highest when directed at his enemy, Jin GuangYao. However, fierce corpses didn’t tell people apart through their eyes!
Jin GuangYao was quite close to Jin Ling in terms of bloodline. To creatures of darkness, the blood and breath of both these two humans seemed somewhat familiar, and those in a state of disorientation would find it even more difficult to tell the two apart. Right now, blood poured from Jin GuangYao’s lost arm. With weak breaths, and he was almost half dead, while Jin Ling was still alive and jumping. Nie MingJue’s dead, thoughtless brain naturally held greater interest in him." (107)
Even with everyone pooling their strength to control NMJ's corpse it's not successful:
Lan WangJi commanded Bichen forth to attack straight at Nie MingJue’s chest. As expected, the blade stopped as soon as it landed. As Nie MingJue looked down and saw the glittering sword, he roared and reached for it. Lan WangJi immediately summoned back Bichen, which flew into its sheath with a loud clang. Nie MingJue ended up empty-handed. Right after, with a turn of his left hand, he flipped out the Wangji guqin and placed it on his palm. Without any hesitation, he strummed a stream of notes. Lan XiChen returned Liebing to his lips again as well. With a wave of his hand, Wei WuXian sent out over fifty talismans flying towards Nie MingJue, but before they even got close, they were ignited by his resentful energy and burned to ashes in the air!
Lan Wangji is using Wangji, Lan XiChen is using Liebing, Wei Wuxian's flute is broken so he's either whistling or throwing talismans and Wen Ning still has to intervene and stop NMJ's punch that would've killed jiang cheng (and then probably Jin Ling) w his body.
Finally WWX manages to wrestle it under control after it puts a hole in Wen Ning, when it's once more distracted by NHS and JGY. And if difficult as it's been to control so far if it kills JGY it will be even worse:
After he killed Jin GuangYao, his killing intent would definitely become stronger, and he’d be more difficult to subdue!
So NMJ has already "smashed three of the cultivators into a scarlet puddle of flesh", punched his way through Wen Ning to get to Jin Ling, he's just punched his way through SuShe and is about to go after JGY once more. Once he Rocky Balboas him we know that he'll be even more powerful, and one of his next targets will most likely be Jin so MXY or Jin Ling. Or most likely one and then the other. Meanwhile nothing is having any effect on NMJ's corpse anymore... when FINALLY jc decides to throw WWX his flute.
Nie MingJue turned around after he pulled his fist back and stared hungrily in his direction.
The harsh, stern expression on his rigid face held a sense of judgement that was no different from before he died. Even his tears had been scared away as Jin GuangYao turned to Lan XiChen for help, his voice trembling, “Brother…”
Lan XiChen turned the direction in which his blade pointed, while Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi sped up their melodies as well. But the effects of the whistle had already been overcome. It would be much harder than before for it to take effect again.
At this point, somebody on the side suddenly called, “Wei WuXian!”
jc NOW returns the flute when he has no other choice and finally NMJ can be subdued.
Lan WangJi nodded. No more words had to be exchanged as the notes of the guqin and the flute sounded in unison. The former was like a frozen river and the latter like flying birds; one suppressed while the other lured. Under the duet, Nie MingJue’s body wavered before it was finally half-forced to move its steps away from Jin GuangYao. (Chapter 108)
Like this is not jc just casually letting go of all his resentments and returning Chenqing to WWX as an act of trust and goodwill. This is jc doing what he's always been comfortable doing- using WWX as a weapon. Naturally, he's not going to ask for it back at the end, when it's already been revealed in front of the others that he has WWX's core and WWX just saved them all. WWX asks as a passing courtesy and then he's gone bc as he's said in the temple jc is in his past.
Wei WuXian took the flute. Remembering that Jiang Cheng was the one who brought it, he turned over there and commented casually, “Thanks.” He waved Chenqing, “I’ll… be keeping this?”
Jiang Cheng glanced at him, “It was yours in the first place.”
After a moment of hesitation, his lips moved slightly, as though he wanted to say something else. However, Wei WuXian had already turned to Lan WangJi. Seeing this, Jiang Cheng remained silent.
jc gets it. The end.
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akatsuki-shin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MDZS JP 3-zuns a.k.a. Morikawa Toshiyuki - Tsuda Kenjiro - Ishida Akira Supremacy
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goddamnshinyrock · a day ago
Tumblr media
"He sang so loud, sang so clear I was afraid all the neighbors would hear, So I invited him in, just to reason with him I promised I wouldn't do it again"
NieYao / Bird Song by Florence + The Machine
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minobishe · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3 Zuns from MDZS audio drama Japanese Adaption
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stolligaseptember · a day ago
i relate to nie huaisang, because if someone murdered and dismembered my older sister and managed to cover it up as an accident that they had absolutely no involvement with i too would go to inexplicable lengths to avenge her, including but not limited to driving an innocent man to suicide in order to resurrect a universally reviled necromancer and practitioner of dark arts in order to expose the crime and digging out every single dirty little secret of the murderer's life in order to tear the bitch so thoroughly apart that by the end of the day they would have nothing but their shame and their own looming death left
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froagie · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
jin ling at the discussion conference but its nie huaisang instead
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thebiscuiteternal · 2 days ago
Time for 🔪🔪🔪! (but with a multichoice ending so potential for happy)
“I won’t make you mad anymore, Da-ge!”
Nie Huaisang finds himself thrown back into his early teenage years before he discovered that Jin Guangyao had murdered Nie Mingjue. Still believing it was his own behavior that caused that final qi deviation, he begins cutting out the parts of himself that his Da-ge had so despised at the end.
He stops himself from ever starting collections of “frivolous” things like fans or yellow books.
He sells all of the tame birds and, once they’ve finished healing from the injuries he was treating them for, releases the wild ones. Zhihua remains as his only feathery companion because she threw an unholy shrieking fit when a new owner tried to take her.
He starts training as ordered and while he succeeds in strengthening his core, his body has never caught up from being a premature baby and he still gets exhausted quickly.
He’s already failed his first year at the lectures, but he quietly buckles down the second year and passes. It costs him the chance to meet the other sect heirs the next year, but his Da-ge is just so pleased to see him come home with high marks.
It’s all worth it, he tells himself as he drops to his knees on the training field after overreaching himself again, unaware of Nie Mingjue coming up behind him with a skein of water and a concerned demeanor. As long as his brother doesn’t die because of him, it’s worth it.
(Nie Mingjue is not blind. While he’s nominally pleased to see Nie Huaisang taking things more seriously, he worries about how hard his brother is pushing himself. He starts nudging Nie Huaisang to do shorter training periods and rest longer in between them.)
When the archery tournament is announced, he remembers that it was sort of the kickoff point of the war, so he feigns something about prophetic dreams and warns his Da-ge that Wen Ruohan will see the other sects doing well as provocation. Nie Mingjue, though he hates having to lie, pretends that his scouts intercepted intel about the Wen Sect’s plans. Lan Qiren heeds the warning. Jiang Fengmian does not.
Even if he is better trained, Nie Mingjue balks at putting his baby brother on a battlefield. Nie Huaisang manages to finagle being allowed to help with the medic and food tents and winds up making his first actual friend in Jiang Yanli.
And now for the endings!
My Ending: Jin Guangyao takes note of Nie Huaisang’s high observation skills (since he isn’t hiding them in this timeline) and doesn’t make the murder attempt out of the possibility of being caught. Xue Yang is ordered to do it in his stead and ends up killed in a vicious fight with Nie Mingjue.
Ending By Twitter User Swampw1tich_: Even if Nie Huaisang’s core is stronger, his body is too weak to handle the Nie method of cultivation and he’s the one who ends up dying of qi deviation instead.
Ending by Twitter User Staircasebunny: The murder still happens and Nie Huaisang is actually broken by grief because he still thinks it’s his fault and clearly he’ll never get it right.
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Jin Ling is the new Draco Malfoy but, like, terrifying.
"Wait till I'll tell my uncle."
Four/Five separate sect leaders and the Yiling Patriarch. The line up is Jin Guangyao: assassin and schemer. Jiang Cheng: war general and freaking terrifying. Lan Xichen: Sweet but deadly jade. Nie Huaisang: Assassin and terrifying mastermind and manipulator. Lan Wanjii: Huangun-jun, need I saw more? Nie Mingjue: general and all around bamf.
And of course, Wei freaking Wuxian.
Moral of the story? Don't mess with Jin Ling or one of his may uncles will f*ck you up. Take that Malfoy.
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ghost-generals · a day ago
okay but who’s going to edit “killing me softly with his song” over jin guangyao playing cleansing for nie mingjue
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plan-d-to-i · 15 hours ago
“Jiang Cheng mocked, “Those sect leaders thought you gathered some leftover forces and crowned yourself king of the hill. So it’s only the old, the weak, the women, and the children.” (Chapter 73)
Jiang Cheng on his way to slaughter them:
Tumblr media
He should be at the front since it’s canon he led and strategized the siege to butcher what he knew were innocent people after being too much of a piece of shit to repay his debts.
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innermagnolia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jiang, Jin, Lan, Nie
The Great Clans during the First Siege of the Burial Mounds
episode 32
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pbaintthetb · 2 days ago
“I have plans for them,” Nie Huaisang says when Wen Ruohan gives the order to kill his men. His brother and Meng Yao are here- but Xichen said there was a spy, and Meng Yao might be a liar but-
It’s his Didi and the man who was his best friend. Nothing bad is going to happen. Huaisang’s already saved his men, and Meng Yao is doing this to buy time. To keep Wen Zhuliu off him. It’s fine.
One of his men spits at his brother’s feet when Nie Huaisang walks past them. His little brother stares at them with a fire burning in his eyes that Nie Mingjue hadn’t even realised was able to live there.
“I’ll remember your face,” his soft little brother assures him, “When all of this is over. I’ll look for your eyes in your children.”
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commander-kiranerys · a day ago
Sworn Brotherhood Oaths: Literature and CQL
Recently I’ve been listening to a podcast narrating the 14th century Chinese historical novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms《三国演义》。The novel features a famous sworn brotherhood between Liu Bei 刘备,Guan Yu 关羽,and Zhang Fei 张飞.  I thought it would be interesting to compare their well-known  “Oath of the Peach Orchard” “桃园三结义” oath to the one that Nie Mingjue, Lan Xichen, and Jin Guangyao swear in CQL/The Untamed.
Please note that I am a Chinese language student and that I don’t have a Chinese cultural background, so my “analysis” is more pointing out things I found interesting than definitively answering questions.
Here’s the Oath of the Peach Orchard:
We three—Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei—though of different families, swear brotherhood, and promise to work together to one end. We will rescue each other in difficulty; we will aid each other in danger. We swear to serve the state and save the people. We ask not to be born on the same day, but to die on the same day. May Heaven, the all-ruling, and Earth, the all-producing, read our hearts. If we turn aside from righteousness or forget kindliness, may Heaven and Mankind smite us! (translation: John Zhu, 3 Kingdoms podcast)
And here is the CQL oath:
神明在上, 今日我兄弟三人在此立下重誓,上报仙门,下安黎庶;天地同证,如有异心,千夫所指,天人共怒!
We swear to God. Today, the three of us will make a solemn pledge here. Live up to our clans. Help the common people. Heaven and Earth are here to bear witness. If there is disloyalty between us, we’ll be universally condemned. Both God and people will be furious with us. (translation: netflix subtitles - yes they’re not ideal)
There’s some interesting similarities and differences between the Oath of the Peach Orchard (OPO to save typing)  and the CQL oath, a line by line comparison under the cut:
Part 1: Declaring Intent
OPO: 念刘备﹑关羽﹑张飞,虽然异姓,既结为兄弟 We three—Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei—though of different families, swear brotherhood...
CQL: 神明在上, 今日我兄弟三人在此立下重誓 We swear to God. Today, the three of us will make a solemn pledge here.
The OPO begins with listing the names of those involved and declaring that they are swearing brotherhood, Nie Mingjue’s oath skips that step. It’s not clear from the Netflix subtitles, but he says “我们兄弟三人” “We three brothers” like he’s stating that 3zun are brothers, as compared to the OPO where the oath seems to me like more of an action; it’s stated there that the three are actively swearing brotherhood “结为兄弟”
However, the CQL oath does contain initial appeal to heaven“神明在上” and the statement of a “solemn pledge” “重誓” which are not found in the OPO. The same word for pledge is used in the narrative immediately before the words of the OPO are spoken, “三人焚香再拜而说誓曰:” “The three bowed with incense and pledged...”
Part 2: Brotherly Responsibilities
OPO:   则同心协力,救困扶危 ...and promise to work together to one end. We will rescue each other in difficulty; we will aid each other in danger.
CQL: No corresponding language
The OPO has additional language about the responsibilities of the brothers to each other. Interestingly the CQL oath contains none of this list of brotherly responsibilities.
Part 3: Worldly Responsibilities
The next part is actually strikingly similar, although you can’t tell from the Netflix subs. Only two characters in this eight-character section are different:
OPO: 上报国家,下安黎庶  We swear to serve the state and save the people.
CQL: 上报仙门,下安黎庶  We swear to serve the clans and save the people.
The CQL English translation there is my edit, mirroring the Three Kingdoms translation to show how similar the two phrases are. The only difference is that 3zun swear to serve the xianmen 仙门, the cultivation clans instead of the state 国家. But note that the CQL oath moves straight into this duty to others outside of the brotherhood without stating any responsibilities that the brothers have to each other.
Part 4: Death
OPO: 不求同年同月同日生,只愿同年同月同日死 We ask not to be born on the same day, but to die on the same day.
CQL: No corresponding language
This is to me the most moving part of the oath, and again there is nothing like it in CQL oath at all. And (spoilers for a 14th century novel) when Guan Yu dies first and then Zhang Fei dies later, it causes the surviving brothers deep anguish that they weren’t able to fulfill that part of their oath and die together.
Part 5: Heaven and Earth As Witnesses
OPO: 皇天后土,实鉴此心。May Heaven, the all-ruling, and Earth, the all-producing, read our hearts,
CQL: 天地同证 Heaven and Earth bear witness.
In this section of both oaths, Heaven and Earth are invoked as witnesses to the oaths. Fitting with what we’ve seen so far, the OPO uses more literary flourish. Nie Mingjue’s language certainly isn’t casual, but comparing these two lines it feels to me much sparer and to the point. I think it’s interesting that while in the OPO the brothers specifically ask the intentions of their hearts to be read, that is missing in the CQL oath. More on hearts in the next section...
Part 6: Consequences
OPO: 背义忘恩,天人共戮! If we turn aside from righteousness or forget kindliness, may Heaven and Mankind smite us! 
CQL: 如有异心,千夫所指,天人共怒!If there is disloyalty between us, may we be universally condemned and may Heaven and Mankind rage against us!
Again I edited the netflix translation to try to show the similarities between the final phrase of both oaths. First, hearts. Where the OPO previously asked Heaven and Earth to read their hearts, in the CQL oath Nie Mingjue continues with (literal) “If our hearts are different...” To me this idea of 异心 or “different hearts” is an opposite of 同心 or “same heart” (literal translations). “Same heart” means a common purpose, acting with one heart instead of working at opposite or different purposes. “Same heart” is actually used in the OPO “则同心协力” ”promise to work together to one end.”
One thing I am slightly unsure about the OPO: where the consequences in the CQL oath are for betraying their common purpose, the consequences in the OPO seem to be for generally being an unrighteous person. The Wikisource translation has this section as “If we should ever do anything to betray our friendship” instead of “If we turn aside from righteousness or forget kindliness,“ “背义忘恩” but I’m slightly more inclined to trust John Zhu’s translation (or the translation he’s using). So I’m not sure if the oath is referring to forgetting the kindliness/gratitude towards each other and failing to uphold righteousness in their brotherhood relationship, or if it’s just the general abstract more concepts of righteousness and gratitude.
Also, this is the only part of the oath (as I’ve divided it) where the CQL oath is longer than the OPO! Nie Mingjue is spending more time on the consequences, although they’re not as fatal as the consequences in the OPO. There’s only one character difference in the last line - the OPO says Heaven and the people will strike us dead, while CQL says heaven and the people will be angry with us. Nie Mingjue also adds another phrase about how they will be publicly shamed for disloyalty. Note that I’m attributing this to him because he is the only one who speaks the whole oath; Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao repeat this last section after he finishes. (In the OPO, it seems to say that the three of them said the oath together).
Note that we don’t see the actual oath in the MDZS novel or the manhua. The oath is partially mentioned in the conversation that Nie Mingjue overhears between Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen (parts in italics are in the novel but not the manhua, the regular text is the same in both)
Jin Guangyao spoke with dejection, “But, Brother, didn’t you hear what he said in the oath? Every sentence meant something more. ‘may we be universally condemned, be torn from limb to limb’ -- this was clearly a warning for me. I... I’ve never heard of such an oath before.”
Lan Xichen replied in a gentle voice, “He said ‘if there is disloyalty between us.’ Is there? If not, then why should you worry over it so much?”
I edited the Exiled Rebels translation to show where the text is identical in the CQL oath. It sounds like MDZS Nie Mingjue’s version of the oath was even harsher than the OPO! the “universal condemnation” is the same as is “if there is disloyalty between us,” but the “be torn limb from limb” certainly is not! The phrase is specifically referencing an ancient method of execution where the limbs and head were each tied to a different horse and... you can guess the rest. And I think we can take Jin Guangyao’s word that this phrase was in the oath, because Lan Xichen doesn’t deny that Nie Mingjue said it. In my opinion, this tracks with some of the other changes to Nie Mingjue’s characterization from the novel to the drama.
I don’t have a fancy summary because I don’t feel like I have a good enough understanding to make sweeping generalizations based on this comparison. So I’ll just say that as a 3zun fan, I kind of wish they had based their oath more off the Oath of the Peach Orchard, would have been nice for all of them to actually have a spoken pledge of supporting each other or something so they could... do that...
On a more serious note, I tried my best to base my comments on my understandings of the original Chinese texts rather than the English translations, but if I’ve misunderstood something, I would appreciate correction.
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angie-s-g · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nie Mingjue will regret this in the morning.
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littlesmartart · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
look I am still so hung up on the hilarious disaster of an AU where, after fighting together in the war, Zixuan and Wangji and Jiang Cheng decide to swear brotherhood for solidarity and sect unity and because during the war they make sense (Wangji and JC bond over their relentless search for WWX, Zixuan and JC bond over being jocks who like dogs and like to fight people, and Zixuan and Wangji bond over how much they fucking hate smalltalk and public events in general) but post-war they have to do socialising and diplomacy and they just keep getting compared to
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* The Venerated Triad *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
ie. the men, the myths, the legends, the true celebrities of the cultivation world, and just. like. THEY WERE NEVER GOING TO WIN THAT COMPARISON.
they are The "Oh Please God Don't Seat Me Next To Any Of Them" Triad. they are The "How Many Hours Before It's Socially Acceptable For Me To Leave This Stupid Banquet" Triad. they are the "Are They Going To Fight Everyone Else Or Fight Each Other" Triad. I think Zixuan is technically Da-ge (as he and JGY are the same age, and JGY definitely comes across as being older than Wangji, so maybe there's a year or two difference), with Wangji in the middle (same age as WWX) and then JC, as always, being the perpetual Didi :) in terms of temperaments, JC and Wangji definitely clash the most, but unfortunately Zixuan just does not have his brother's de-escalation skills, so he's either bodily hauling them apart or just joining in the fight... and I don't know if them all becoming brothers-in-law would make that better or worse.
after finding out that 3zun are fucking, Zixuan definitely low-key is worried that's a Sworn Brother Thing that they're meant to be doing too and THANKFULLY the moment he opens his mouth about it both JC and Wangji are like "absolutely not" and Zixuan is VERY RELIEVED.
UNFORTUNATELY this does then leave us with...
Tumblr media
(Wen Ning was invited, but Wen Qing wisely stepped in to say a firm Absolutely Not)
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