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#nie mingjue

y'all take the nmj wiki so seriously except the part where it states he has no interest in alcohol…

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cant believe i watched this sad and gay little show. fifty episodes. 50 episodes. AND FOR WHAT?

now i scroll through tumblr and twitter, check the mingcheng tag three times a day, cry about wangxian and their soft little turnip kid, then smile when i see nie huaisang, then cry when i see jiang cheng. like wtf?? i did not sign up for all of these feeings and emotions im now having constantly. like…???? I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THAT!!

and dont even get me started on lan xichen, certified Himbo and obvlivious idiot. like dude. let me hug you and then smack the back of your head, you have a fucking braincell, fucking use it!!!

and no i wont ever be talking about nie mingjue, everyones da-ge in public because i will break down and cry and then we will all be very embarrassed.

before i leave this mess here, proud to say purple has now moved up the list of my fave colors.

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for the about 8 million people in the tags and notes of this post saying that jiang cheng was Actually referring to nie mingjue and/or jin zixuan, instead of lan xichen - Using Context Clues, which I learned how to do in goddamn middle school, I concluded that he was talking about lan xichen, due to the fact that, as he says, “sect leader jin, isn’t being your shixiong even harder?” (episode 47, aprox. minute 34:05), and in the moments following, he looks directly as lan xichen, who turns away, looking uncomfortable/horrified. he could have also been implying nie mingjue, but my initial statement is not incorrect

as for jin zixuan, I don’t speak chinese so obviously I’m not the authority on this, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but if you took about five seconds on a search engine of your choice, you would find many chinese languages websites telling you that ‘shixiong’ refers to a martial elder brother, not a familial one, and considering the fact that jin guangyao and jin zixuan are related to each other by blood via their father, jin guangshan, jiang cheng could not have been referring to jin zixuan

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ohhhh an excellent but triiiiiicky question!! 

I cannot give the details of the working, I’m kinda banned from leaking such knowledge, but I can tell that it will be a different working for Nie Mingjue and for Xiao Xingchen. 

I - personally - would invent a special sort of Talisman to assist the process, which could help to change the time it will need to mend both souls. 

Both will need some time though, maybe a few hundred to a few thousand years? To eventually get to a point where they could reincarnate again? 

On a spoiler alert note, I will have Xiao Xingchen in my work ‘Because you loved me’ and will - upon his appearance - explain what had happened to have him reincarnated and being well. So mhhhh, maybe that will help answer this question more than what I wrote now?
It’ll be a chapter in the future (and probably one I won’t upload in the next few weeks), so it’ll be a while >< 

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WIP Wednesday

More Space AU featuring Nie Bros + JC. This fic, you guys. I’m over 100 pages in, and it’s barely been 48 hours in the story.

“We can discuss it more tomorrow,” Huaisang said. “But you should know.”

“As long as you’re aware that you’re washing the dishes,” Mingjue said.

Huaisang nodded. “I have ideas.”

“I’m sure you do,” Mingjue said. “Have them while you do the dishes.”

Huaisang knew he should whine or pout or something, but he couldn’t bring himself to do any of that. “Just… take care. San-ge knows things he’s not sharing.”

Mingjue looked to Wanyin, then back to Huaisang. “Dishes.”

“So mean,” Huaisang said with a pout.

“Wanyin stays here with me,” Mingjue said, pinning Wanyin with a severe look.

“Stop scaring him, Da-ge,” Huaisang said. “He didn’t poison your dinner.”

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in which LXC babysits NHS because I have no self control

“I can help you study,” Lan Xichen offered, voice just as pretty as he was, “I understand not everyone can learn by reading.”

“I learn just fine,” Da-ge said, but even he couldn’t keep his angry voice around Lan Xichen. Nie Huaisang couldn’t stop staring at him. Nothing in the Unclean Realm was like him; he was a character in a storybook who was the definition of elegance.

“I don’t mean to insult you, Nie Mingjue,” he said, “One future sect leader to another, I think we need to work together if we want to be better than our predecessors, don’t you? Especially if it means surviving the elder sect leaders we’ll inevitably have to work with.”

Da-ge let out a slow breath and looked to the side for a moment. Lan Xichen never once looked bothered. He was all patience. Nie Huaisang studied his face anyway, the smile that gave away nothing. Every single time he saw him, he had that smile. Nie Huaisang tucked it in the back of his mind for later.

“It isn’t that I can’t study, it’s that I can’t focus with my secret weapon,” Da-ge said, lifting his arm and lifting Nie Huaisang off the ground with ease. He giggled quietly and smiled at his brother. Lan Xichen’s expression changed just enough to show his complete fondness.

“Ah, I’d say he could play with A-Zhan, but A-Zhan doesn’t really play,” he said, crouching down just a little to get on eye level with Nie Huaisang, “But you’re in luck because I do.”

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I FINALLY watched Fatal Journey and it was actually really good! I’ve read some less than great reviews so I was hesitant but it was lots of fun. I liked the cg and cheesy tomb set. They really set the mood.

Most importantly it also made me FEEL SOME FEELINGS FOR THE NIE BROS … like I was right there with Huaisang mentally yelling DA-GE!!!! too.

Previously I’d been somewhat neutral towards them. Even after 2 reads of the novel and 2 watches of CQL I still questioned if Huaisang’s revenge had gone too far. (Esp towards LXC) After watching I’m like OH! OHHH! I SEE!! WELP. MAYBE LXC DESERVED IT. Annnd maybe I’m mad at JGY now too a little. Bc like Mingjue was SUCH A GOOD GUY!!! Damn it!! He deserved better. AND he had a cool stand that we were totally deprived of in CQL.

Anyway. 10/10 would recommend. Now excuse me while my villain apologist self rides out the existential crisis these new feelings are giving me.

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