sallyfacephantoms · 5 months ago
Sally Face Gang And What They Smell Like:
Okay so I just got to thinking, what would they all smell like? These are the kind of questions that go through my head and I have no idea why so I'll share my take on it. -Mod Salem
Leather and Lavender. The leather from his prosthetic straps drift about, especially when you're kissing him or hugging him. The smell of lavender lingers on his skin and clothes as well for no reason in particular. It's warm and inviting.
Weed. Maple wood and smoke. I imagine he has a cologne that smells like maple wood and he uses it daily. It blends well with the smell of the cigarette smoke that seems to linger on his clothes. The maple wood definitely outweighs the smell of smoke but the two together make an intoxicating scent.
Peppermint and tea tree. She uses a peppermint shampoo that is strong enough to smell from close proximity but not overwhelming. She takes pride in smelling nice, using a few mists of tea tree perfume that adds a floral smell to blend with the peppermint shampoo she uses. It's a lovely scent.
Fresh laundry and baby powder. He likes fresh laundry, using the strongest detergent he can find. The smell of clean cotton and baby powder makes a very clean combination and that's just how he likes it. It's soft and not very strong so it's calming and easy to breathe in without being too strong.
Jasmine and vanilla. He loves to burn floral incense, jasmine being his favorite. It's light and delicate. He also loves jasmine tea as well, the floral steam clinging to his clothes after steeping a cup. When he isn't burning incense, he has a vanilla candle he likes to burn. It's a sweet and relaxing combination.
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birbwell · 9 months ago
I'd love to see benny in ur style!!
Tumblr media
i like to think that my courier managed to survive the fort with benny's help :)
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imahungrynacho · a year ago
Tumblr media
The Himbo Metal Trashman is a delight.
The concept art of him had him with slit-cut eyes that are bright yellow, but in the game his eyes have normal pupils with a soft green hint.
Canon that when he uses his metal telekinesis his eyes begin to glow and have that yellow glow? Yes? Good.
I kinda hope we get to see him be used more, he was such an interesting villain and had potential to be such an amazing part of the Resident Evil Universe! Considering that the Duke could feel his essence from his crystal, he may not be completely gone. As was Rose, her essence was still intact but she was well.
I hope that’s the case. I need more trash metal man.
Just a sketch for now, may clean it up with lineart in the future. I need to draw the rest of the Four Lords because they were all so unique and different from one another and just- oof. *Chef’s Kiss*
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leilani-and-kass · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
700 follower giveaway prize for @askthe-eleazars featuring Niel and Kass.
In which Kass is about to receive a very rude awakening because why would you fall asleep around this little gremlin?
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teen-top-sarang · a month ago
Niel has Instagram again 🥺💜
Tumblr media
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Jay: You really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast?
Odie: Several traffic violations.
Archie: Three counts of resisting arrest.
Herry: Roughly thirteen cans of energy drinks.
Atlanta: Also, that’s not our car.
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kpopmemories · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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ask-shiny-umbreon · 11 months ago
Vulkan stumbles inot the building the umbreon was in, looking around curiously, he spots him. "Oh hey mister, whatchya doin?"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ @theredvaporeon @neverlandfaerai @askthe-eleazars ]
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duovxq · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
they’re listening to inseong talk. as you can probably tell
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misscancermoon · a month ago
I miss my early teenage days where I would listen to Teen Top and not worry about anything 😔
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sarahespacial · a year ago
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Don't hurt me
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ado0odi · a month ago
Tumblr media
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haikyu-is-my-free-therapy · 2 months ago
AFTG as "New Americana"by Halsey
Cigarettes And tiny liquor bottles Just what you'd expect Inside her new Balenciaga Viral mess Turned dreams into an empire Self-made success now she rolls with Rockafellers(The foxes are like a self made success)
Survival of the richest(Riko, the butcher, Moriyamas, the like) The city's ours until the fall They're Monaco and Hamptons bound But we don't feel like outsiders at all(the foxes found family within themselves, so they dont feel like outsiders anymore)
We are the new Americana High on legal marijuana(the whole drug scene in AFTG, even if it isnt or is legal) Raised on Biggie and Nirvana We are the new Americana
Young James Dean Some say he looks just like his father But he Could never love somebody's daughter(everyone in AFTG is a little fruity as least) Football team(Exy team) Loved more than just the game So he vowed to be His husband at the altar
Survival of the richest(Same as the one above) The city's ours until the fall They're Monaco and Hamptons bound But we don't feel like outsiders at all
We are the new Americana High on legal marijuana(the whole drug scene in AFTG, even if it isnt or is legal) Raised on Biggie and Nirvana We are the new Americana
We know very well Who we are(the book series is kinda about niel fining out WHO niel is) So we hold it down When summer starts What kind of dough Have you been spending? What kind of bubblegum Have you been blowing lately?
We are the new Americana High on legal marijuana Raised on Biggie and Nirvana We are the new Americana
We are the new Americana High on legal marijuana Raised on Biggie and Nirvana We are the new Americana
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cosmicnaughts · a year ago
Tumblr media
I'm late to post this on here but Halloween piece I did for the ass brainrot >:)
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sallyfacephantoms · a year ago
[KICKS IN THE DOOR] ALRIGHT- how about just some general nsfw headcanons for the gang to start out with? :3c
Huehuehue~ Here we go!
NSFW Headcannons for the Gang:
Sal is the giving lover
Your pleasure is always his first priority
He’s also shy when you two are first getting intimate so you’ll be taking the reigns at first
Once he finally gets comfortable, he’s more apt to taking the dominant role
I firmly believe he’s a switch
When he’s taking the lead, he is a very soft dom
He’s not into anything that could hurt you or him
He’s not into pain play
He’s not vanilla per say but he’s close to it
Now, when he’s the bottom?
Again, no pain pls he’s been through enough
I believe he’d be open to trying new things like pegging (if you’re into that)
He’s for sure got a praise kink
Pls tell him how good he’s doing and how handsome he is
I got carried away srry
Larry is the possessive lover
Now take what I said about Sal and completely flip it around
He’s not selfish when it comes to pleasure but he’s also not as giving as Sal
Larry will wait until you’re ready to get physically intimate 
But when you’re ready, he’s been ready for like months
He’s a top or at least tries
He’s into a couple different things, choking, spanking, etc
He’s usually the one to ask about trying new things
If you wanna top, you’re gonna have to put up a fight
Even if you’re riding him, he’s still going to act like he’s in charge
He leaves a lot of marks in visible areas
Just please don’t let Lisa see them
Ash is the pasionate lover
She takes her time, this one
Sex isn’t her main concern in the relationship so it’s a topic that you two will most likely talk about before actualy engaging in it
She’s all about setting the mood and making the experience as pleasurable as possible
Ash is an ‘in the moment’ sort of girl
She lets the mood decide how things go
If you’re feeling like taking the lead? Great.
Ash is feeling more dominant? Alright, let’s go.
She likes the cliche extras like handcuffs and a blindfold
Definitely into body worship
Nothing too kinky for her
I will say, she’s the kinda person who’d keep you busy for hours
Todd is the lazy lover
I’m not saying he’s lazy himself but he’s not going to go out of his way to initiate sex
You wanna suck him off at his desk
That’s perfectly fine with him
Honestly, you’re probably going to be taking the lead in things 
Not because Todd is submissive but because he likes to lie back and let you do your thing
If you want him to give yo head, you’ll have to ask
I do think he’s got a tiny begging kink though
He’ll also lightly praise you as you please him
Niel is the romantic lover
He’s a classic lovemaking kinda guy
He’ll play out a sex scene from a romcom with absolutely no shame
Niel is extra as hell
He’s out here lighting candles, scattering flower petals, doing the absolute most
I personally believe he owns a pair of fuzzy handcuffs
And likes them to be used on him
I also believe he is into light food play
He doesn’t want to make too much of a mess, whatever food it is he chooses to use
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teen-top-sarang · 9 months ago
Hello my dearest and Fellow Angels💜
This is something i never wanted to write in all my years of running this blog and stanning Teen Top. I always promised myself i would never close this blog and never abandon them but sadly we all have to grow up, we have our lives, our blessings and problems that we will experience away from the boys just as they will have experiences and lives away from us. Ive had a very rough year which included back surgery and countless doctor visits back and forth, physical therapy and many other painful tiring things. As always Teen Top has been a beacon of light and happiness in my life and i know they always will be but unfortunately i am in the hospital again. Alone, scared and unsure of what will happen and because of that uncertainty i feel its only right to step down from Teen Top Sarang semi-permanently. This decision breaks my heart because this was truly a labor of love and i adored every second of it but i just don’t know if i can keep this up. As for the forseeable future I cannot, but i will always leave the light on and the door cracked and hope that one day i can return.
Thank you all for the wonderful years. I hope and pray you have excesses of health, love and happiness and For those of you having a hard time I’m sorry and I know you have the strength to pull through so hold on because you truly have a family of Angels cheering you on💜✊🏽👼🏼✊🏽💜
I love you all & thank you so much
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elfangel94 · 5 months ago
Ah yes the perfect time to discover shit news is… hmm.. wow- oh my word you will not believe this but! Get this.. the best time to find out crap news is.. immediately after a shitty crap news fillled day!!!! 🥂🍺🥂🌟✨⚡️🔥🔥🔥⭐️💫🌤👯🕺🏻👯‍♀️💃🏾👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏼👏🏽🙌🏼👏🏽😱😱😱😱
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kpopmemories · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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starred-system · a year ago
Ra ra rasputin Niel shows up on 4/13
He was a rat that banged out the tunes
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soppa · a year ago
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niel ✧ clap ✧ 200730
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