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vukovich · a year ago
Ursa Major
Prompt: Adoption, from @drarrymicrofic 50 words ---
She’d made everyone else jumpers, but gave Draco a battered Malfoy ring. A tarnished, scratched silver M, with a cracked fire opal on one side, and missing stone like a gutted eye socket on the other.
It was fine. She’d never liked him, anyway.
“You’re reading it upside down, luv.”
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peachpety · a year ago
come hell or high water
Harry shreds the newspaper with trembling hands. Vitriolic words headline above Draco’s decade-old photo.
The Savior and the Death Eater.
“I don’t care,” Harry grits. His magic floods his veins, a maelstrom rattling the windows. “I want him.”
Hermione lifts her chin, satisfied.
Ron nods, resigned. “Go get him, mate.”
* * *
15 may prompt: flood
on AO3, as part of my Microfic, I Love You collection 50 words || prompted by @drarrymicrofic
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sigalrm · 3 months ago
#standwithukraine by Pascal Volk
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stephiehell · 9 months ago
and by the way
Tumblr media
hey, good morning and stuff.
my birthday is tomorrow.
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wheezykat · a year ago
the north country
written for @drarrymicrofic prompt “curiosity”
wc: 50
tw referenced/implied homophobia
It’s curious, Harry thinks, what reminds him they’re no longer in the city.
Buzzing bees in their garden, Draco’s languid form resplendent and bare under the hot sun.
A visible night sky.
The lack of hubbub and passersby.
Sideward glances he receives in the market when referring to his partner.
read it on A03!
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powerbook145 · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Morning Fig, July 21, 2022
And they say black cats are hard to photograph!
Nikon Z7ii, Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8s
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miyukimardon · a year ago
Tumblr media
Dongchimi (radish water kimchi)
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saadiqcharles · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
backseat driver…
Lens: Minolta MD 50mm f/2
Camera: FujiFilm X-T4
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jean-doe · 9 months ago
әuɹәʇɐႨuәßɐɹʇs by pc1986 Via Flickr: Kamera: Canon AE-1 Program Film: DM Paradies 200 Canon FD 50mm 1:1.8 s.c.
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thephoblographer · 10 months ago
This 50 Is Both Tank and Treasure: Leica SL 50mm F2 Summicron Review
Leica's L-mount 50mm adds just enough character to modern optics.
For more stories like this, please subscribe to The Phoblographer. Leica lenses are known for a durable, all-metal build. But, of course, metal weighs more than plastic. The Leica SL 50mm f2 Summicron is designed to be a lighter, more compact alternative to the Leica SL 50mm f1.4 Summilux. Of course, the term lighter is relative; I wouldn’t call a metal lens a lightweight. Yet it’s still lighter…
Tumblr media
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vukovich · 10 months ago
If the Shoe Fits, Ferrier It
50 words for @drarrymicrofic prompt: Cinderella
"You're spoilin' him." Ron led his horse into the clearing.
Harry pulled another apple out of his bag and shrugged.
"And Robards is gonna cite you for not having his badge on his bridle."
Harry rolled his eyes and stroked one of the silver scars that parted his mount's coat.
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peachpety · a year ago
the cult of smallness
The sky stretches afield, a sun-bleached chambray that squints Draco’s eyes.
Beside him, Harry languishes in the grass. He strokes the back of Draco’s hand, pushing smooth Draco's habitual tremor.
Wild wind tugs a lone cloud into view, small in the vast blueness.
Small enough to fit in Harry’s pocket.
* * *
13 july prompt, blue
a part of my Microfic, I Love You collection
50 words || prompted by @drarrymicrofic
special shout out to the dream team @vukovich and @wheezykat for the pronoun wrangling. xoxo
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sigalrm · 9 months ago
Freitagsblümchen by Pascal Volk
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spokenwordajcp · a year ago
Is the Nikon's Nikkor 50mm Afs 1.8 worth it in 2021 ?
Watch my quick review to find out
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wheezykat · 11 months ago
hi yeah, sorry. there's feels here. it's a bit dark and twisty. please mind the tags. 
cw: implied alcohol abuse, implied drug abuse, implied self harm, implied suicidal ideation, unhealthy coping mechanisms, 1st POV
wc: 50
written for @drarrymicrofic prompt "paper" big loves to my dream team @vukovich and @peachpety, as per usual. 
xoxo 💕
What I want is to grind myself down, becoming a dust so fine that I'm haze curling at your feet. 
The drinking, the drugs. The splinching myself small. I’m chewing myself up, begging the oxygen in my lungs to transfigure to smoke. 
I’m cursing my leaden heart, that dreadful paperweight.
read it on A03!
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danieljosephbour · a year ago
Tumblr media
Photo by Daniel Joseph Bour
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saadiqcharles · a year ago
Tumblr media
in thought...
© Charles Saadiq, 2017
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