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Sing Or Be Silent

Character design / Illustration
3ds Max, Photoshop
Rendered with mental ray
Inspired by Janis Kirstein’s fine art

She performs on Thursdays in a small bar at one of the docking stations of the Western Frontier. She goes by the name Samantha Mitchell, performs one song, and disappears without saying a word. Samantha is pretty, but you will not hear any obscene jokes about her — she sings so that the audience gets up and takes off their hats.

One day I found her sitting at the next table and was about to speak, but stopped in time, finished my coffee and left quickly. There are things that are easy to destroy by a pair of ordinary words.

It’s Thursday, which means that somewhere on the other side of the galaxy, she is going to start singing her hot slow blues again, then she will turn around, gently touch her hat and quietly leave. And only revolver will sparkle on her belt. That’s enough for me to continue my journey. Sing or be silent, Sam Mitchell. All the stars are yours tonight.

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