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#night life
aestheteinreverie · 5 months ago
We might not know one another but we are all staring at the moon and feeling things and I think that's beautiful.
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siddhishuddhi · a month ago
South Korea: Likes & Dislikes
South Korea: Likes & Dislikes
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arcaneslut · 6 months ago
Night Life / Draco Malfoy (CEO!Draco)
Inspiration : The car scene in Wolf of wall street of Jordan and Naomi but only with Draco
Summary : Draco is a CEO and you’re his wife, your driver is driving you both home and you both can’t control yourselves
warning : implied smut, dirty talk, drugs, vaginal sex
Tumblr media
Heavy breathing and giggling filled the air in the back of the expensive car you’re were sitting in right now.
Your driver already has closed the glass window which separated the back of the car from the front after your husband told him to.
Right now you found yourself pressed against your husband Draco Malfoy, one hand of yours in his pants, stroking his semi-hard cock, while his hands smacked your ass which caused you to laugh into his mouth.
''my fucking beautiful wife'' he hissed at you biting your bottom lip and tugging at it, pulling you on top of him so you were straddling him.
''come on baby'' he spanked your ass so hard and gritted his teeth together at the sight of his sexy wife on top of his cock. ''grind on me, go on baby‘‘
''fuck draco'' you moaned out loud causing him to grunt and throw his head back. He laid his hands on your hips and gripped them hard, controlling your movements over the bulge in his pants.
''fuck baby you made me so proud today didn’t you ?'' he slapped you hard ''such a good slut, my wife loves being a slut for me right ?‘‘
Today Draco had been throwing a party at the Malfoy Company. More proud than ever he showed you off to everybody, your good looks causing everyone to turn their heads and to make Draco feel proud of himself.
As the wife of the Malfoy Company C.E.O your life has change drastically. Money, huge party’s, drugs, night life, sex. This was your life with your loyal husband and you couldn’t have loved it more.
Now you were finding yourself on your back laying in the expensive car which belonged to you and your husband. Your husband hovering over you, his trousers pulled to his angles and your panties long gone.
''fuck baby'' he hissed out while he formed cocaine lines on your cleavage. Giggles filled the air as draco started taking the cocaine right of your cleavage and kissing your breasts.
''fuck me love, come on'' you moaned into his ear, you really didn’t worry about the driver, he knew this from you two, after all he was your driver right ? Also the amount of money he received from Draco payed this off.
Draco pulled his boxers down only to be able and pull his rock-hard cock out of them. Lining himself up at your entrance and sliding in slowly, maintaining eye contact.
Slowly he started pounding into you, placing kisses everywhere on you’re skin, no matter if your cleavage, neck, face, lips, shoulder or even hand.
He hovered over you placing his hand on the top of the seat and the other playing with your hair.
Foreheads touching, moaning into each other’s mouths and enjoying the adrenaline that you both felt while he was buried balls deep into you while cruising down the street.
You placed your hands on his arse and pushed him down quick and fast while maintaining eye contact, your head falling back and draco using the situation to touch the soft skin of your neck with his swollen lips.
''you want me to fuck you harder-err- fuck you want it hard !‘‘ draco was going at an insane speed right now causing you both to see stars. You screamed loud not caring if you’re driver heard.
''fuck dray baby im so close'' you buried your face into his neck, sucking on his jawline, causing a loud moan to erupt deep from his throat.
''go on baby, finish for me i’m right behind you‘‘
with that you felt your climax approach and your eyes roll to the back of your head. Draco cumming with you, admiring how your facial expression expressed one of pure pleasure that he was giving you right now.
You both came, hard. Draco and you just looked at each other and started smiling. He pulled out of your abused hole slowly watching how his cum mixed with your juices started leaking out of you. He took a papertowel that he had and started cleaning you up.
You both got up quickly. His arm now over your shoulder and kissing you’re cheek.
''My beautiful wife so good for me'' You practically felt the smirk against your face
''I love you Draco''
''I love you Y/n‘‘
With that your driver opened the window that separated the front of the car from the back of the car and handed draco two cigarettes. He placed one in your mouth slowly and the other in his.
That’s a typical night with Draco Malfoy and his Wife Y/n Malfoy
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