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Nightcrawler Costume Rating Alt Universe PART 2

I skipped over some Universes where his costume was the same and stuck to different looks.

Kurt Darkholme Earth 295

AOA (Age of Apocalypse)


I like the dark and light balance here it matches his much darker personality. The white just shapes his body weird as if he were a loaf of bread. 7/10

Earth 10005

X2 Film series


This Kurt shares a good portion of his past with 616 Kurt but non of his charm and personality. That combined with the rundown circus look really bothers me. Including him scaring himself for his sins. Kurt is religious but that is too far. 1/10

Earth 90214

Marvel Noir


In this universe Kurt is a regular human who wears a mask and sharpens his nails. I enjoy a suited madman so this is a good look. Just wish we could have seen his face… 7/10

Kurt Waggoner Earth 24135

X Treme X Men


This 14 year old Kurt began traveling with the X-Treme X-Men after being saved by earth 616 X-Men. We wont roast hi km because he grabbed what he could but they could have given hime something better. 6/10

Earth 2182



This hardened Kurt is the Father to Nocturne. I enjoy that he still wears his nightcrawler costume even in his old age but this tunic is reminiscent of excalibur and I did not enjoy that. His eyepatch brings the swashbuckler in him alive though. 4/10

Earth 1298

Mutant X


This is top tier Kurt. The sword, the goatee, the loose pirate shirt, tHE EAR RING?? He’s Perfection. 10/10

Earth 8096

Wolverine and the X-Men


I saw a comment on my last post and couldn’t believe I’d forgotten this dime piece. Firstly the almost turtle neck is such a good look for the curve of his neck. I couldn’t find a super good pick but his suit here melds to his body but doesn’t look like his skin/fur which is a problem a lot of his suits tend to have. Mostly red with accented black this suit is him second best look. 10/10

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Nightcrawler Costume Rating Alt Universe PART 1

Earth 58163

House of M


This is Kurt in the universe Scarlet Witch created. I love the little bun, he rarely keeps his hair long so it’s fun to see that sometimes. His uniform is an interesting style and takes away from the normal black and red. 9/10

Earth X


I could not find any pictures on this man so we have to make do with what we have. The robes and tunic really take away from his look so he looks almost human here. He looks like a priest beckoning you to doom. No. 1/10

Earth 1610

Ultimate X-Men


I’m going to take my personal feeling with this particular character out of this one because me and him aren’t friends. I love the gold smoke coming from his mouth because it creates the perfect balance with his eyes and the gold on his costume. His skin tone is warm in these comics and this gold reflects that. 9/10

Earth 161

X-Men Forever


In this universe Rouge accidentally absorbs all of nightcrawler ability which results in him getting hers. They wear they’re costumes but now in each others colors. I love his look but the green doesn’t really fit him. My boi looks strange but maybe its because he’s not blue. 5/10

Earth 1017

X-Men Millennium Visions


This is all there is on this version of Kurt. Now to his suit. Really laying the priest on thick with this one but they blend it effortlessly. They X is a good idea in concept but with the black against his skin makes the blue X look like a romper. 6/10

Earth TRN414

Altered Timeline Movies Days of Future Past on


I put these all together because they all reside in the same universe. In all his choices reflect the era even if they dont truly relate to his character as well. Though his apocalypse end gear is by far my favorite. 8/10

Earth 11052

X-Men Evolution


I realize he wears what he wears in 616 universe but this is that what made me love him to begin with. He is perfection. 11/10 (for the long hair)

Lmk if I forgot any. Hope you enjoyed!

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