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#nightmare time season 2
hatchetfield-scarecrow · a month ago
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If it wasn’t for the cult sacrifices and dying Linda would probably be pretty honored that TWO Eldritch Gods are giving her special attention.
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dukes-holloway · a month ago
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musicalsandfluff · a month ago
can Jaime Lyn FINALLY be a protagonist in season 2 please cause it's been 11 musicals and 6 Nightmare Time episodes where she's always secondary or tertiary character only and I'd just like her to take the main stage for once
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girlfriendcas-jail · 28 days ago
Incomplete list of things we know about Miss Holloway
She’s a witch
She helps children
She knows cross/Wiley personally
She is immortal and can be resurrected
She knows about the lords in black
She has some kind of curse which keeps her from delivering exposition or pretty much saying anything about her past
Every few years she resets herself and becomes a new person (presumably) in Hatchetfield
She has a magic book which is probably the exact same one Sheila Young was talking about from the Church of the Starry Children
Everyone loves her which is a given but I feel like it needs to be stated
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ottercos · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“virginity rocks” BRUH
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graceandtheidiotsquad · 2 months ago
“Curt Mega, You’re going to be the Death of me.” - The Entire Starkid Fandom Right Now
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awigglycultist · a month ago
Hc that Hidgens gets so pissed about Linda being dead therefore not able to fund working boys that he just straight up finds and kills Nibbly
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