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#nightmare time season 2 spoilers
hatchetfield-scarecrow · a month ago
Tumblr media
If it wasn’t for the cult sacrifices and dying Linda would probably be pretty honored that TWO Eldritch Gods are giving her special attention.
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girlfriendcas-jail · 28 days ago
Incomplete list of things we know about Miss Holloway
She’s a witch
She helps children
She knows cross/Wiley personally
She is immortal and can be resurrected
She knows about the lords in black
She has some kind of curse which keeps her from delivering exposition or pretty much saying anything about her past
Every few years she resets herself and becomes a new person (presumably) in Hatchetfield
She has a magic book which is probably the exact same one Sheila Young was talking about from the Church of the Starry Children
Everyone loves her which is a given but I feel like it needs to be stated
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Okay I sent @hatchetfieldtheories an ask about this, but I need to scream about it
The actor from Santa Claus is Going to High School
Tumblr media
Is the same actor from Needy Beast's Nightmare Time Remix video
Tumblr media
Note the same vest over a white top with long sleeves. So we know Needy Beast hasn't made it big, which leaves me questioning how they got this actor for their music video
I see it three ways
1.) The actor also hasn't made it big and is taking any roles he can get
2.) He is a big star but Barry Swift is a relative/friend and he's doing him a favor by being in this video
3.) That is Barry Swift himself (which also makes me think he also directed Santa Claus is Going to High School and made cameos in the big musical numbers)
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the-buttspie · a month ago
The funniest thing ever to me is that while they both resorted to cheating, Linda mostly did it by spending money. She hired people to collect blackmail and sabotage Zoey.
Zoey just straight up kills her own grandma and kidnaps Linda's son
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Just a bit of advice, if your character is a love interest to Curt Mega, take caution, his partners don't tend to last very long.
Yes I had to make this joke I am sorry but also not sorry
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donteatthefishtacos · a month ago
If I had a nickel for every time Lauren’s characters watched their farm burn down… I’d have two nickels.
Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.
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vexerieart · a month ago
I really think we need to mention this part of the Honey Queen script:
Tumblr media
A nighthawk and a Timberwolf. Where do we hear both of those animals referenced?
In Hatchetfield High and Syacamore. Why would they include that little detail?? Like it genuinely must mean something, right?
Feel free to discuss
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ottercos · a month ago
starkid in nt s1: here’s a paulkins wedding
starkid in nt s2: here’s plausible evidence that Paul and Emma can never happily be together because them meeting and connecting acts almost as a catalyst for so much entity shit and they can only exist normally apart (see: Emma’s pot farm working out and Paul not being bullied by any of the LIB in this timeline)
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pokotho · 16 days ago
so nibbly likes to eat people, tinky likes to fuck with time, wiggly likes to end the world, pokey likes to make people into his puppets, and blinky just likes to watch people suffer. and webby... just hangs out with you?
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fandomscraziness22 · 21 days ago
Joey as Ethan with his phone pretending to be a gun is my new favorite thing 😂😂
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crunchie-morris · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Hi yes I’m behind on NMT2 but I just watched Daddy last night and?? Hello so many TTO references in one episode?
- Obviously, there’s the Dikrats pictured above
- Frank talking about one of his favorite toys growing up being the Lobstars - I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this was said by Corey Dorris, aka the Titty Mitty
- “a thousand eyes on the ceiling”
Don’t know if this was to indicate anything or just to reference the already-established connection between TTO and Hatchetfield but I thought it was neat either way
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