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#nightmare time spoilers
abiimaryy2 months ago
Because it could be dropping any day now heres鈥
Everything we know about Nightmare Time 2 so far!
There will be four episodes with the first three being made up of 2 stories of about an hour while the final episode is one long story of about 2 hours
There will be a story that features Charlotte as the main character
There will be a story that features Ziggs as the main character
Nick and Matt are hopeful that every story in NMT2 could take place in one singular timeline
Linda will likely appear in a story thought she won't be the main character as the story that they wrote which follows Linda they would like to film as part of the Nightmare Time anthology series they want to make
We will have appearances from other characters who weren't as prominent in Season 1 like Lex, Ethan, Paul and Emma
Jon Matteson will have a song!
There is going to be new characters including 2 new female characters and one new male character!
Mariah has teased the return of some characters most prominently Zoey (though this bit is interpretation)
Gerald is going to make an appearance and he is not played by Jon
And below is what the logo looks like (according to what was on Rob鈥檚 story at least it could be a WIP):
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fencecollapseda month ago
Tim Houston going from being babysat by Grace Chasity (we assume) to spending enough time around Aunt Emma and her not-boyfriend that he canonically picked up intimate from Paul is incredibly funny now that I think about it
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dukes-hollowaya month ago
Rb if you think Liz from Clivesdale deserved better 鉁婐煒
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janes-a-charted-stan3 days ago
JLB fans, literally for the past decade: Jaime Lyn deserves a lead role, get Jaime a lead!
Nmt2 ep3: What if, and hear me out, she played every character except the lead
JLB fans:
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unowers20 days ago
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otho is great because he looks like a creature from a recurring nightmare that i had as a kid and his goal is to sing all the parts of bohemian rhapsody at the same time also i think he would follow paul around a lot
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cheesyfandomagm1220 days ago
jumping onto tumblr to say joey as ethan was the best casting choice i鈥檝e ever seen
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like look at him. lovely boy with lovely hair
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melchrona month ago
Nothing in this episode proved to me that Gerald wouldn't be able to handle himself in a Cinnabon. I think he should be allowed to smell them
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