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i do think you’re mad and i’ll still go with you.

sal grins at him, not a normal grin, not something friendly or funny or companionable, not in the occasionally pleasant way most people would smile or chuckle with another person. captain godkiller grins like he’s been cut with a knife, his face split in two, his teeth a display of sharpened edges, everything a threat, everything a jagged piece of heated coal. honestly the idea that anyone on this ship would still follow him even after the disasters he’s led them though, as if the universe is a throat he’s shoving them down, is a miracle in and of itself.

“admit it, kid.” there’s a gleam in his eyes, a flash of wanderlust in those gold, metallic plates, something small and similar to an invitation. “you’re starting to like this life of danger, aren’t you?”

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11, 15

crucial muse development questions

11. for what would your character give their life?

haru is seated not too far away from him, but far enough away that the question comes a little sudden and surprising. he doesn’t comment on that, though, instead just turns his sightless eyes to the younger man and lets out a hum.

“seems rather useless for me to give my life for anything,” he says calmly, unbothered by the suddenness of this questioning and the somewhat personal tinge to it. “when i die, who will keep everyone on this ship from dying right after, possibly in some butchered attempt at saving - or destroying - whatever i gave my life for.” he shakes his head a little, as if in judgement of every member aboard his crew.

“no, i think i’ll keep my life and continue to make sure the rest of you keep yours too.”

15. what is your character afraid of?

he snorts at the next inquiry, raises his eyebrows lightly before his expression sinks into something rather unamused.

“i think the thing i fear the most is sitting in peaceful solitude, enjoying a little light reading, and then someone deciding to ruin the moment by asking me all kinds of questions the answer to which really are none of their damn business.”

he keeps his attention on the younger man for another moment, as if to make sure no more questions will follow, then returns his focus to the book in his hands to continue his ‘light’ reading.

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15, 14, 13

15. what is your character afraid of?

I forgot what planet they were on, but everyone has probably heard of those huge worms that seep into the ground and if you fall in there… well… Totally afraid of those things. They also hide under the sand, so you never know if you’re safe or not. 

Finding out Baru died for nothing. 

(question 14 answered here)

13. what does your character pretend or try to care about?


My future mostly. I don’t really know where it is going, what my dreams are, what kind of thing I want in my future, and I try to pretend that I actually care that it will have some meaning or direction. Truth is, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t mind either. I enjoy sailing through the galaxy without any direction, but I don’t want to come off as a directionless idiot either. 

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11, 12

11. For what would your character give their life?

Joules hasn’t found a cause or reason to feel like he’d sacrifice his life over something. He’s lived his life on the run and hasn’t formed strong bonds with very many people. Even then, he’s not sure he’d sacrifice his life for people who wouldn’t do the same for him were the tables turned.


… Or that’s what he tells himself, anyway.

In actuality, he would likely give his life for the few people he does care about, regardless of their feelings towards him. He’s still growing and discovering things about himself and the universe that might change his opinion on this in the future.

12. What are your character’s major flaws?

Joules is a very talented pilot, and a very sneaky smuggler, and because of his success, he’s also prone to feeling nigh invincible. His biggest flaws are recklessness and lack of self control, and those are tightly entwined with his biggest strengths as well.

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@nightsslights | after all is said and done

it’s been a hell of a day, a day sal can’t even remember the beginning of, a day sal isn’t really sure if they’re technically in the next day or the next week or which district he’s managed to wandering into. he knows he’s still not far from his ship, knows this the same way he knows his own thumbs, the same way he knows the color of his own hair– he belongs to the derelict and the derelict to him, in words he can’t articulate. he hates that boat, but he’s also a little bit in love with it too, so consequently he always knows where it is in whatever relational direction it may be in. he just doesn’t always know how far it is, or why he can’t seem to walk there in a straight line.

but honestly, fuck straight lines and straight people and straight horizons, the way they brighten and glow in the dawn falselight, the morning coming a lot sooner than he’d anticipated. is it nearly morning already? sal rubs a hand over his face and stumbles a little bit, knowing he’s entirely too inebriated to be out here like this. it’s too dangerous, he’s too vulnerable. how did he let himself get like this? the last person he remembers being around was… lola….

just as he’s thanking his lucky stars that none of his crew have seen him this way yet, a single member of his crew phases into his vision, one of the jedi, one of the leaning souls, the boy with a missing moral compass. he’s not dark yet, but it’s a territory sal might lean him into. “haru? that better fucking be you.” it’s possible he’s gotten the face all wrong. is this a stranger instead?

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Wormhole and Nebula

wormhole: What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t?

Eon is a shadow among living, and yet he chases the idea of having a memory to resent. He would never have a real place on the Derelict without carving into its skeleton and welding himself to the empty space. 

“It is lonely not being able to remember things well. Not sad, but… isolated. I suppose I want to be repaired– I want to know if I can be. For the the crew, the passengers, the… captain.” And he pauses, gaze unwavering. “For myself. But– there are limited resources here. My technology is not common. It’s too expensive to consider a solution that might not work, don’t you agree?”

Nebula: If you could undo one thing in your life, what would it be?

There are flickers of moments that surface in his mind. Unlike nightmares, always in his wakeful state he experiences these lucid flashbacks. Recognizing the tropical landscape of his home world, but not every face winking in and out like temporary guests. The gang on Rishi had their personal agenda, involving Eon in schemes like a whimsical form of entertainment. Sometimes they sent him to distant planets, but other times the target was closer to home. He swears he remembers the weight of a blaster being in his hands, only to forget that idea within a few hours.

What would it be, what would it be.

“There is not much, if anything, I regret. Every decision led me here, and this is the safest place for me.”

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@nightsslights | the sharpest lives are the deadliest

what is the point of having unlimited power at your fingertips, if you don’t ever utilize it?

salathiel doesn’t believe in luck. he doesn’t believe in fate or destiny, he doesn’t believe in being at the right place at the right time for unknown mystical timeline reasons, he doesn’t believe the force operates that way. it might have been a coincidence that he was nearby to the temple of eedit when it was attacked, but it was by his own merit, his own grit, his own positioning and thought processes that he had a ship worth boarding in the first place, that he’s made traveling with the jedi standard enough to keep them around, that he continually gets jobs with dealers who want to work with him more than they want to kill him.

they weren’t killed on devaron because he’d had the ship docked in an unusually loaded area. he keeps the jedi on board by playing along with their search for their communal master. he gets jobs because he knows how to be a pillar of fire in frozen space and his reputation precedes him.

but even though he doesn’t trust the force and doesn’t adhere to what’s been told to him about it, by the jedi, by books, by ancestries, by his own father, he does believe in intimidation, and he does believe they’ve been trained enough to handle themselves. the jedi are still in mythological stages to the universe at large. so when he informs haru, one of the quieter padawans on his ship, that he’ll need to accompany sal on a buyer meet in a downtown cantina bar, he’s thinking purely of those factors; the menace of the mythos.

plus… there’s something hovering in haru’s shadow, something unraveling in the core of him, behind the bones of his rib cage and the muscles of his lungs– salathiel can feel it. something that wants to be clawed and sharp and dangerous. all it needs is a little prodding to bloom.

he leads haru through the city streets of a neon planet, bright lights flashing, holograms advertising, more people flooding the streets than the drizzling rain, piles of slushy snow melting underfoot. sal sniffs and turns down an alleyway before stepping into the bar, holding the door open for his singular companion to follow through. the noise of the band in the corner is obnoxious but he steps up to the counter and orders a drink. “you want anything while we wait for the buyers, kid? are jedi allowed to drink?”

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