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#nightwing x reader
Y/N, helping Dick through a romantic crisis: Dick, you have a lot to offer a partner. You’re funny, you’re smart- Tim: You’re flexible- Jason: You’re sweet I guess- Damian: Damian: Oh, did you want me to say something? Damian: You have dark hair, your name is Richard Dick, in tears: Thank you, Damian
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woahjaybird · 10 months ago
Bruce Wayne would want you to not skip meals and drink more water.  Bruce Wayne as Batman would want you to put your safety before your wishes.
Dick Grayson would want your to find a reason to smile.  Dick Grayson as Nightwing would want you to give people second chances. 
Jason Todd would want you to not be ignorant. Jason Todd as Red Hood would want you to defend yourself.
Tim Drake would want you to do what you love.  Tim Drake as Red Robin would want you to think before acting. 
Damian Wayne would want you to become a better person. Damian Wayne as Robin would want you to be determined and to stick to your goals. 
Alfred Pennyworth would want you to take care of yourself. 
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anothertimdrakestan · 11 months ago
bruce: we have to talk about patrol now, i'm not mad i just need to know what happened and why
jason, under his breath: dick do not break. we say nothing
dick, physically shaking: i- i- TIM AND DAMIAN SAID-
damian: *knocks dick out*
bruce: you can't keep knocking him out boys there could be brain damage
tim: snitches get stitches.
jason: retweet
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woahjaybird · 10 months ago
Batfamily headcanons.
Things often said through Comm-links. 
● “Tim, you need to help me hack into the Gotham Times system. They cannot put that picture of me in their main article.” 
● “Psst, psst, Alfred! Are you hearing me? How long do you think it would take me to buy that bag of donuts and come back?” 
● “I swear to god if you bought me the Jelly-filled donut i will murder you, Todd.” 
● *Whiney* “But i don’t WANNA!” 
● “That’s not FAIR, YOU HAVE WINGS!” 
● “What are you- whaT ARE YOU EATING?!” 
● “TAG! YOU’RE IT!” 
● “The last piece of Alfred’s carrot cake is MINE! dON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT!” 
● “Was that you? Jason, was that you?! DID YOUR STOMACH JUST GRUMBLE?!” 
● “Why can’t we bring a snack to patrol? Steph brought a fucking lunchbox.”
● “Bruce that’s not FAIR, you packed Dick a granola bar and you have me celery sticks?!” 
● “How much do you wanna bet that if i jump, someone’s going to catch me?” 
● *hands Dick $20* “at this pace I’ll never get rich :(” 
● “Alfred, I’m sure you can find a way to put air conditioner in my pants.” 
● “Dick you can’t just cry on patrol...” “But that PUPPY!” 
● “Come along, Todd. We don’t need a speedster friend.” 
● “WHO ARE YOU AND WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!” “If you don’t want the vegan brownies then I’ll eat them.” 
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anothertimdrakestan · a year ago
jason: it's hot as balls in here
y/n: and how would you know that
jason: ... because i literally have balls
y/n: well clearly not cuz if you had balls you wouldn't be complaining like a 3 year old
tim: : O
dick: : O
damian: : O
jason: you're so goddamn hot when you call me a little bitch come here
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sheismental · 3 years ago
Damian: so you're telling me to...kill people with kindness?
Dick: yeah, that's right.
Damian: so i should kill them with what, a teddy bear? Because i could totally do that, choking them with it that could-
Dick: i don't think you fully understand the meaning...
Jason: let the boy continue, Dick, i sort of like where this is going.
Tim: of course you do.
Damian: see, i could use the stuffing of the tedd-
Dick: no! no one is killing anyone with a teddy bear!
Stephanie: that's very viable actually.
Jason: after choking them with the stuffing can we shoot them? ya' know, to be certain.
Dick: i live in a family of psychopaths.
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77uchiha77 · 3 years ago
Crushes - BatBoys Headcanons
Request: Headcanons for what it’s like for the Batboys to have crushes / realize they’re in love? 😊 Please and thank you! 
Warning/Note: Cursing
The Crush Stage
Dick Grayson
Gets more protective of you
becomes CLINGY
personal space? whats that?
You don’t mind, his presence is calming 
Dick, just staring at you from afar
Talks to you on the regular
random 1 am calls
When he finds out he developed feelings, doesn’t beat around the bush
Jason Todd
His cool facade crumbles
Probably blushes if you smile at him for too long
becomes a bit touchy
once he realizes he has a crush, drops a million hints around you
Reads more romantic literature 
expresses his fondness in French
when you ask him why is he always speaking French around you, he replies with
“It's the language of love.”
you weren’t oblivious but you enjoyed how he acted around you
Tim Drake
Clammy hands
Gets nervous when he's around you
Laughs more than he needs to when you make a joke
wants to cry in the corner afterward
Curses when he sees you
*walks past him*
mutters, “fuck, fuck, fuck.”
Researches and takes quizzes on how to know if your crush likes you back
Damian Wayne
Heart rate increases
Gets more snappy at you
Probably thinks you drugged him
Asks Bruce to do a blood test
“I’m sure y/n drugged me! When I see her my heart rate increases, I get anxious, and I get tongue tied every time I try to insult her!”
“Sounds like a crush to me, demon.” Tim looks over his shoulder, an amused expression on his face
“What’s a crush?”
Tim’s face drops
Realizing They’re In Love
Dick Grayson
He’s so happy
Sings in the shower, when he realizes he’s in love
Overall, feels happy with a tinge of worriedness
Worried about the feeling someday fading away
Jason Todd
Well, fuck
Gets a panic attack
Wtf is this eternal happiness feeling he gets when he sees you
*Calls Dick*
Tim Drake
Constantly daydreaming
heart eyes 24/7
when he realizes his feelings go a bit deeper than just a crush he’s scared
He’s scared of pushing you away or you ever being put in danger
Damian Wayne
More confused than happy
He’s never experienced this so this feeling was foreign
Trains to get his mind off of it
*Also, calls Dick*
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The batkids stanging in the subway station: Damn, we lost Damian Dick, gets on his tiptoes: Dick: I can’t see him, there’s too many people Y/N, sneezes:  Damian, bursts through the crowd, holding a box of tissues and a glass of warm water: HOLD SHIT ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!? WHAT HAPPENED?!?! 
Jason: We could’ve just left... It would’ve been so easy....
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rynne311 · 2 years ago
Updated 5/28/2019
As always, if any of the links aren’t working, please let me know and I’ll go in and fix it.
It’s Too Damn Hot
Just A Glance
For Better or Worse
A Brand New Birthday
Dear Mr. Pennyworth
Hard Work Pays Off
Two and a Half Years
Toxic Dreams
Bridging the Gap
Died With Them
Thousands of Years
Hay Fever
Hush Little Baby
Make It Home
So You Call Those Pajamas?
Act Your Age
Life Can Be Funny
Not Another Secret
For Your Art
Under the Radar
Travel Buddies
Last One In, First One Out
Thawed Out
Home Shopping
Fit Right In
The Grave Misunderstanding
That Kind of Meta
That Apple
Super Secret
No More Livestock
Protector to the Heir
Protected by the Heir
Blood Strangers
Break the Hold
Happy Never Lasts
What Makes You Mine
Just Pretend
The Day Our World Changed, Again
Put in the Effort
Selfish or Not
A Fate of Your Own
The Family Business
Peaceful Lullaby
Super Switch
Love Isn’t Earned
Crazy Cat Lady
Mr. Goodbutt
This Means War
Circus Kids
A New Act
Everything to Him
Best Team Around
Not Wrong
Time of the Month
Call it a Hunch
The Move
Blue Hair
The Fitted Sheet
A Father’s Fear
She’s Still Here
On the Road Again
Short Stack
Candle Hog
Get Your Days Straight
We Had A Plan
Even When Things Change, They Really Don’t
As Long As I’m Still Your Idiot
Date Night to Remember
Goodnight Sweetheart
The Wood Anniversary
Rough Day
Not A Trophy
You Sleep Like a Dead Person
My Kind of Day
Her Scout
My Perfect Recipe
Ass Face
Bad Guys and You
If We Do
Can’t Lose You Too
Pretty Damn Special
A Damn Special Day
A Damn Special Life
Stubborn Sniffles
Extra Work
A Guardian Angel
A Little Bit Safer
Arkham Knight and the Princess
Homecoming Intimidation
Two of a Kind
Roll with the Punches
Woman, Amen
And You Are?
Not the Only One
Not Alone
Get a Rise
See the Best
Secret Life
Never Leave Again
Secrets Shared
Thawed Heart
23 & Me
To Be Loved
23 & Us
Okay to Not Be Okay
General Batfamily:
I Told You So
I Told You So, Too
The Ones Who Have Your Back
Just Like Us
The Life You Got Back
A Different Kind of Attack
Flesh and Bone
300 Follower Sentence Starters
Christmas Spirit
All the Bat’s Men
Swim Lessons
You Have a Whole Manor!!
Where the Tide Takes You
Like Father, Like Daughter
Wayne Kid Game Night
Grocery Dates
General DC:
The Judgement of Friends
More than Blood
One Thing In Common
Meet the Team
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Y/N: Why is Tim crying? And why is Jason smiling like this? Dick: Oh, Tim said that onion is the only food that can make you cry Y/N: ...and? Dick: Jason threw a watermelon at him
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batboysimagine · 4 years ago
Headcanons of how would batboys react and help their S/o with some auto destructive tendencies (not eating or eating unhealthy food, not sleeping etc)
Sure thing, love! I relate because this is seriously me. (It doesn’t help that I forget to eat for days at a time and am also hypoglycemic but meh)
Dick:• Is literally the epitome of the term worry-wart• Constantly asking you when you last ate a meal and what it was• Can tell if you’re lying• Notices the bags under your eyes when you haven’t been sleeping• Makes sure you at least try to get the sleep you need• Sets up a food reminder on your phone• The reminder is actually just him texting you to have a glass of water every two hours• “Dick you’re sitting right next to me, you don’t have to text me.”• “Yeah but you can’t pretend to not hear me if I text you.”• “…”• “Go get your water.”• “Ugh, I wasn’t aware you were my mother.”• “Go get your water before I send you to your room.”• “You’re the worst.”• “I love you too.”
Jason:• He’s such a hypocrite• Because I feel like he’d do these things too• But he’s constantly lecturing you on how he wants you to take care of yourself• Takes care of you• Brings you food himself when he knows you’ve forgotten• Literally will drag you onto the couch with him for a nap• Doesn’t listen to the “I’m not hungry” excuse• “You’re gonna be healthy and well balanced, and damnit you’re gonna like it!”• “Have you eaten today?”• “No, why?”• “It’s five PM!”• “I wasn’t hungry.”• “Get your shoes on.”• “Why?”• “It’s a surprise.”• He drives you to a diner and orders food• Makes sure you eat it• “I can’t believe you got me a salad, Jason!”• “What?! It’s good for you and you need to be healthy!”• “Can I have some of your soda?”• “Not until you finish your water.”• “I hate you.”• “No you don’t.”
Tim:• Also a giant hypocrite• Literally sitting with his eyes glued to the computer at 2AM when he says• “Hey, go to sleep!”• Makes sure you eat regularly • He’s pretty perceptive and notices when you’re letting your health go downhill• “No kisses until you eat and take a nap.”• Will nap with you because our poor boy needs some sleep• Will send you one word texts• When he knows you haven’t eaten • “Eat”• “Sleep”• “Water”• Sometimes you think he thinks you’re a plant• But it’s cute how he reminds you to drink water • 100% has thrown a water bottle at you from across a room• You 100% do not catch it• “You’d have better reflexes if you slept regularly!”• “Hypocrite!”
Damian:• You think he doesn’t notice when you forget to eat or don’t eat meals or pick at your food until you throw it away• He notices• It drives him crazy • He doesn’t call you out until you’re alone• “Beloved, why weren’t you eating?”• He looks really worried and you feel really bad• You just explain to him that you weren’t hungry • He accepts the answer • Until you’re not hungry at lunch, or dinner, or breakfast the next morning• He realizes there’s a problem • He kisses you one day out of the blue• You think it’s him finally being cute and sweet • “Aha! Your lips are dry! You need to drink more water, beloved.”• You’re slightly offended • But it’s also endearing• He also wakes up when you quietly get out of bed at odd hours and realizes you’re not sleeping enough • From then on out he pretty much latches himself onto you when you sleep• So you have to stay in bed
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crazyfreckledginger · 2 years ago
Game Night With The Robins
Jason: Okay Y/N, I'm going to ask you questions and you will have to answer as fast as possible alright?
Y/N: Yeah, I'm ready!
Jason: Best trait of anyone in the Waynes, go!
Y/N: Dick Grayson's ass, easy!!
Dick: *smirks*
Jason: ... you didn't even take 4 seconds to say all of that.
Y/N: ... I did didn't I? Hehe
Dick: *smirks more*
Jason: that's the only thing you could come up with? Why did it have to be the first thing you said?
Y/N: Well, what did you want me to say?
Jason: Well, my thunder thighs of course!
Dick: No!
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Bruce, opens living room door: Bruce, closese living room door: Bruce, after having whitnessed his three eldest sons trying to balance a sleeping baby!batsis on a tower of books which themselves are balanced on a sleeping Damian: I regret every choice I ever made.
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