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digital-nihilism · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It doesn’t cost anything be humane
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decolonize-the-left · a month ago
What is something ppl are not ready to hear?
"Your nihilism is manufactured.
I'll repeat it again.
Your nihilism is manufactured.
Everything that you see, that you hear, that you read... is specifically curated to make you feel a certain way. Hopeless people don't organize. Nihilistic people do not demand better. And they don't revolt either.
You are not immune to propaganda."
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nihilism-and-dad-jokes · 3 months ago
Only in the Star Trek fandom could I get two respected, established actors creating, acting out, and posting slash fanfiction for their characters twenty years after the fact.
These bitches really went "the producers' homophobia shall not stop me. I will give our characters their happy ending if I have to wait TWO DECADES and then do it through YouTube"
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digital-nihilism · 2 months ago
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Social distancing FTW!
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girlcalledwhatsername · 3 months ago
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Thinking about how British punk was all about annihilation of systems that have failed us and American punk all about how that annihilation is only ever truly expressed within the self and how pop punk which keeps being critiqued by punk purists is actually the best of both worlds
[Image ID/ a screenshot from a Wikipedia article saying the following: Early British punks expressed nihilistic and anarchist views with the slogan No Future, which came from the Sex Pistols song "God Save The Queen". In the United States, punks had a different approach to nihilism which was less anarchistic than the British punks. Punk nihilism was expressed in the use of "harder, more self-destructive, consciousness-obliterating substances like heroin, or methamphetamine" /end ID]
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garcamirigis · 9 months ago
i dont want to play a game where the main character has to save the world from certain destruction anymore. i want to heal the world, to travel to wastelands and analyse what happenned, what i should do. i want to understand the ecosystem and do stuff to heal it. i want the main character to have friends who are also healing the world. if not, then i want the main character to become friends with new people who also want to do that, and no, i dont want this to be a tale of tragedy and how humanity always f thing up because of greed. i want to see humanity understanding that it wasnt kind, that is was the worlds destroyer, and i want humanity to step back and say "no, this is enough" and try to heal it. i want to see the wastelands slowly fill themselves up with life, life i helped grow, life that refused to give up, and i do not want the main character to do it because theyre getting paid. no. f that. i do not want to see a sad and lonely and edgy main character, i want them to have a soul, a desire to help, a desire to heal and fix what has been done to the world.
theres way too much games about saving the world and how humanity is small and evil. i want more games about healing and showing that, yes, humanity is small and evil, but it is also big and kind and it does not want to kill, it never wanted to, but it has wronged the world and is now its job to fix it.
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