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simplepotatofarmer · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
c!doomsday trio as triangle (& one circle) alignment memes pt. 2
bonus syndicate meme:
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80shargrove · 2 days ago
this is so sweet!! :(
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defectfile1wav · 11 hours ago
Does Phil or his family feel weird about foxes technically being in the family, does Phil's side like him just pretend Fundy is not related?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he's a very "prideful" crow, but he's trying--
(Wait until he sees Fundy's face because he also hates Sally with all his heart)
The family doesn't even know that Wilbur exists (Philza becoming the black sheep and everything), well, only Ligeia. And she only really cares that she has a nephew more than anything. (And she loves Wilbur and Fundy very much without really knowing them)
thank you for reminding me that I have this comic--
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calli0p3 · a day ago
mcc 17 was top tier so here’s a list of my favorite parts (in no particular order)
- yellow doing art gallery
-wilbur and les mis
-tommy and dream in sky battle
-grians final hit in dogebolt
-niki and jack typing back and fourth in chat
-ranboo in 9th place <3
-the whole thing really
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vyeoh · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
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nihachu-updates · 2 days ago
Niki is playing the new Life is Strange game today and is later going live on her alt to read Passerine and do some mcc practice to show off some tips Dream taught her
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hi-im-just-a-fan-here · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
"He caught the eyes watching them. They were veiled in silence and something else. Pity? He didn’t know. He didn’t mind. He let them watch. He let them learn."
Hey @palindrome-k look i did it i did the thing
(Also to anyone very confused rn, this is an illustration to a lovely fic of my au, written by the friend mentioned above. He is doing an amazing job at it. Honestly they are such a good writer. Go check the thing out)
Also i never really say it but just in case: everything here is about the characters that ccs play in dsmp, not actual people.
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em-bow · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
found an old c!rocket duo doodle that i forgot about :]
(if you rb i’m giving you a loving pat on the head👍)
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vanritas4 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nightmarefox15 · 2 days ago
Pumpkin Cookies!
Requested-Na! I came up with this idea with some ideas from @sugarrbbee!! Thank you <33 (Again-)
Pairing: C!Niki x Gn!Reader
Idea: You bake Pumpkin Cookies with Niki!
Tags/Warnings: None, Fluff! (If there is any warnings that I missed pls tell me!)
A/N- This is SUPER long! Like 2,716 words long!(Not including this beginning part and the endnote thing!) It's also my first fic so please dont be rude/mean!
* . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . ** . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . ** . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|* .
The sun shone through the light blue curtains, making you stir in your bed. Groaning, your teary eyes blinked open.
"What time is it?" You murmured, turning onto your back slowly. Bringing your hands up, you slowly rubbed the tears out of your eyes. Yawning, you sat up, the soft blanket falling off of you.
Looking over to your nightstand, the black clock read '7:10' "It's so early" You grumbled, glaring at the alarm clock. Slowly pulling off the rest of the blankets and swinging your legs over the bed.
You let your feet dangle for a minute, staring off into space. You then huffed and jumped off the comfortable bed, landing on the cold, wooden floor. Stretching your arms over your head, hearing popping noises.
You huffed and dropped your arms, walking over to your dresser. Opening the middle drawer and pulling out a black sweatshirt and pair of jeans.
You closed the drawer and made your way to your connected bathroom to get ready. You set your clothes on the counter and walked over to the shower, turning it on. Warm steam slowly started to fill the room.
* . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . * After the shower* . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . *
Turning off the water, you got out and reached for your towel and wrapped it around you. You pulled out the blow dryer from a drawer and plugged it in, then turned it on.
The hot air blew on your face, making you smile at how warm it was. You then turned it so it was blowing on your wet hair and started drying your hair.
You turned off the blow dryer, setting it down, and started running your hands through your hair. Humming a tune, you picked up your clothes and started getting dressed.
Once the jeans were on all the way, you picked up a brush and started brushing out your hair, getting all the naughts out. Putting the brush and blow dryer away in a drawer, you picked up your dirty clothes and walked out of the bathroom to throw them in the dirty basket.
Walking back over to your dresser, you pulled out some socks from the top drawer, closed it, then sat down on your bed to put them on.
You huffed, looking at the clock on your nightstand, it read '8:20' "Time for breakfast" You mumbled, standing up and walking over to your door. Opening your bedroom door and walking out, closing it behind you.
Heading down the warm hallway, you made it to your living room. You looked around it, trying to spot your black cat Nightmare. Your brows furrowed not seeing the cat anywhere. Taking a couple steps towards the couch, stopping right behind it.
You looked down and saw a black fur ball "Silly Kitty" You giggled, petting their head. The cat stirred in its sleep, but not waking up. You hummed and headed towards the kitchen.
Heading towards the fridge, you pulled out some eggs. Setting them down on the counter near the stove, you closed the fridge and headed to a coupard and pulled out some toast, a pan, and some non-stick cooking spray.
You put the pan on the stove top, turned it on, and sprayed some cooking spray in it. Turning around, you put the spray back and waited for the pan to warm up. Once it was warm enough, you picked up the eggs and cracked them into the pan.
Sizzling sounds filled the kitchen as you pulled out some ingredients to make coffee. You finished pulling the ingredients out and started making it.
You paused, looking back at the eggs in the pan and set everything down. You walked over to the pan and flipped the eggs. You grabbed the bread out of its bag and put it in the toaster.
You huffed, turning back to your coffee to see Nightmare up on the counter, swatting at the cup "Don't. You. Dare." You said slowly, staring your cat in the eyes.
Nightmare just stared back, their tail swishing back and forth, and swatted the cup off the counter, all while looking you in the eyes. They then turned around and started sassily walking away.
You just stared at the broken coffee mug on the ground, the coffee that was in it spreading all over the floor "Stupid Cat" You grumbled, turning of the stove top, so you dont burn your eggs, and bent down to pick up the glass pieces.
"That was my favorite mug too!" You groaned, standing up and carefully putting the glass shards in the trash. You grabbed a mop out of the closet and started cleaning the coffee.
Once you finished cleaning, you put the mop away, planning to clean it later, and turned towards your eggs and now done toast. You grabbed the toast, buttered them, and put them on a plate, along with the eggs.
Bringing the plate over to the dining table, you sat down and began eating, without a coffee. You finished up your breakfast, picking up the plate and heading to the kitchen to put it in the sink.
Once you finished putting everything away, you walked out to the living room and saw Nightmare stretching on the couch. You sighed, shaking your head, heading over to them.
You gently picked them up, them meowing in protest but stopped once they felt your hand on their head "See. It's not that bad you Crazy Cat" You said, walking towards the door.
You set the fluffy cat on the ground, and slipped your boots on. You stood back up, Nightmare climbing up you side and laying on your shoulders.
"Lets go Nightmare" You said, petting their head and heading out the door. You smiled, breathing in the fresh air. You closed the door behind you, locking it, and headed towards the center of town.
Walking along the path, Nightmare asleep on your shoulder, you waved and smiled at the people.
"Y/N!!" You heard someone yell. You turned your head to the side to see Tubbo running towards you with a big smile.
"Hey Tubs!" You said back, ruffling the boys hair, being mindful of his horns. Tubbo just giggled, playfully smacking your hand away.
"Stop it! Anyways! Do you think I could talk with you? We haven't talked in so long!" The boy said, bouncing on his feet.
"Bubs! We talked yesterday!" You laughed, smiling at him
"I know! But it feels like we haven't talked in forever~" He whined, pouting at the taller person. You just chuckled and waved him to follow you.
"Alright!!" He said excitedly, running to catch up to you.
You just smiled, shaking your head at the boys excitement. You reached up and started petting the lazy cat around your shoulders, listening to the boy ramble.
You hummed, agreeing to whatever the boy next to you was saying.
"This is my stop" You said, nodding towards Nikis Bakery.
"Awww~ I wanted to talk to you more~" He pouted, crossing his arms and stomping.
"Oh hush you baby! We'll talk tomorrow!" You said, ruffling his hair again
"Promise?" He said, looking up at you with his big doe eyes
"Promise! We can even go to your house and hang out there!" You said, kissing his forehead
"ALRIGHT!! SEE YOU TOMORROW!" He yelled excitedly, running away, probably to go find Tommy.
You chuckled, shaking your head and walked towards Nikis Bakery.
You opened the door, the bell chiming above your head.
"Hello and Welcome-Y/N!" Niki said, running over to you and giving you a hug.
"Hello Sweets!" You chuckled, hugging her back.
Nightmare jumped off your shoulder and onto hers "Hello there Nightmare! How are you?" She asked, petting the Gender-Neutral cat, who just meowed back in response. Niki just giggled, watching as the cat jumped off her shoulder and towards the little corner she had made for them, it had a cat bed and some food and water.
She turned back towards you, eyes sparkling in excitement "What are you doing here? I didn't know you were coming over!!" She said, dragging you behind the counter.
"I thought I'd help you with baking today!" You said, letting her drag you.
"Really?! Alright!! What should we bake?" She said, stopping in the kitchen and turning around to look at you.
"Well I thought we could bake some Pumpkin Cookies!! Since it's almost fall!" You said, smiling at her.
"OMG! YES!!" She said excitedly, jumping around her kitchen and grabbing ingredients.
You chuckled and started gathering the pots/mixers/utensils/etc. for you guys. Setting the last of the stuff down next to Niki, who was rocking back and forth on her heels.
"What’s first Chef Niki?" You asked, smiling at the excited girl
"First! We have to preheat the oven to 350° F. and GRease the baking sheets!" She said, taking out the baking sheets.
"Alright! I'll preheat the oven!" You said, walking over to the oven and preheating it, then heading back over to Niki.
"Okay! Now we're going to combine 2 1/2 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg and 1/2 teaspoon of salt!" She said, taking out all the ingredients excitedly.
"That's...A lot...." You said, sweat dropping at all the stuff in front of her.
"Well Duh! They're P u m p k i n" She said, looking at you with a 'Duh' face.
"Right right" You said, bringing your hands up in defence.
She just giggled, turned back to the ingredients and started putting them in. You smiled, dropping your hands to your side and walking to her side. You watched as she carefully put in the dry ingredients in the medium sized bowl.
You then smirked and walked behind her. You then carefully wrapped your arms around her waist and-
"AAAA! Y/N!" She screamed, dropping the teaspoonful of baking powder onto the floor. You laughed, spinning in a circle while gripping onto Niki.
"PUT ME DOWN!!" She yelled, gripping onto your arms and laughing.
You laughed and put her down gently. She quickly turned to you and jumped at you, wrapping her arms around your neck and legs around your waist.
"WHOA!" You said, wrapping our arms around her waist so she wouldn't fall. Niki giggled into your neck, hugging you tighter. You just smiled, hugging her back just as tight.
She jumped off of you "Come on! Let's continue baking you trouble maker!" She said giggling and heading back to the ingredients. You just chuckled, shook your head, and walked back towards Niki.
After you guys finished with the dry ingredients, Niki pulled out a large mixing bowl "Okay! Now we need 1 1/2 cup of sugar and a stick of butter!" She said, taking out the sugar while you softened the butter.
You dumped the two ingredients in the bowl and set it on the mixer, turned on the mixer, and then started blending it.
"What next Niki?" You asked, watching as she got out some beat pumpkin (Pumpkin paste? Idk-), a large egg, and vanilla extract.
"We need to add a cup of beaten pumpkin (Or pumpkin paste-), 1 large egg, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract!" She said, handing you the egg while putting in the pumpkin.
"You got it!" You said, carefully cracking the egg into the mixing pull, as to not get any eggshells in. You walked past Niki, who was now putting in the vanilla extract, and over to the sink to put the eggshell in.
You then washed your hands of the egg and small shells, dried them off, and then walked back over to Niki.
"Now we have to slowly add the flower mixture in!" She said, grabbing the medium sized bowl and slowly dumping it in. Once she finished she handed you the bowl.
"Go put it in the sink pls!" She asked, smiling at me as she got out some spoons.
"Yes Ma'am!" You fake saluted, making her giggle, and walked over to the sink, carefully setting the bowl down.
You walked back over to Niki, wiping the imaginary dust of your sweater "Is it ready?" You asked, hugging the smaller girl from behind.
"Yup! Now we just have to scoop it on the cooking sheets!" She said, handing you a spoon to help her.
You two started scooping the cookie dough onto the sheets, making them a medium size. Once you finished filling up the cookie sheets, you put them in the oven for 15-18 minutes.
"Lets clean up a bit and then get working on the drizzle!" She said, dragging you over to the sink to clean the dirty dishes you guys used.
You just chuckled and rolled up your sleeves, turned on the water, and started cleaning. You grabbed the soap and started to clean the medium and large sized bowl, Niki putting more dirt dishes in the sink.
The oven dinged, signaling that the cookies were done.
"I'll get the cookies out and put them on a cooling rack (?)" Niki said, taking out some cooling racks and setting them up.
"Okay!" I said, finishing the last dirty dish as Niki took out some oven mitts and carefully took out the cookies. She then carefully took the cookies off of the pan, with a spatula, and set them on the racks.
You turned off the faucet, dried your hands on a towel, and pulled down your sleeves walking over to Niki, who has now finished putting the last of the cookies on the racks.
"There! Now we just have to wait for them to cool and make the glaze!" She said, taking off her oven mitts and setting them down. She headed over to the coupards and pulled out a small bowl and some ingredients.
"Okay! We need to add 2 cups of sifted powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoons of melted butter, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract!" She said, adding all the ingredients in while you watched.
You looked over to the cookies, then back to Niki, who was manually mixing the glaze, then back over to the cookies. You started quietly walking over to them, and took one.
It was warm, not too warm, but the right amount. You brought it up to your mouth and
"NO!" Niki screamed, snatching the cookie from you and setting it back on the rack
"You have to wait Y/N!" Niki scolded you like a mother would her child.
"Sorry! But they look so good!!" You whined, pouting at her.
She just sighed, grabbing your arm, and pulling you over to the glaze she finished.
"You can help me drizzle the drizzle over the cookies! And then you can have one!" She said, handing you a spoon, put some cookies on two plates,and set one in front of you, the other in front of her.
"All you have to do is put some drizzle on the spoon and drizzle a bit over the cookies!" She said, showing you how to do it.
"Okay!" You said, copying her actions and drizzling some drizzle over the cookies.
You two continued drizzling some stuff over the cookies until they were all covered in drizzle.
"There! Now you can have one!" Niki said, putting the two spoons and bowl in the sink and started washing them.
"ALRIGHT!!" You cheered, picking up one of the cookies and biting into it.
"Hmmm!" You hummed in delight
"These are so good!" You said, shoving the rest of the cookie in your mouth, making Niki giggle.
Nightmare walked into the kitchen, curious of the noise that was coming from the place. The cat saw Niki giggling next to you and You shoving another cookie in your mouth, crumbs getting on your face and clothes. Walking towards their owner, the cat pawed at your leg.
"Hmmm" You hummed, looking down at the cat
"Hey Nightmare" You greeted the cat with a smile, leaned down and picked them up.
You giggled, Nightmare licking the crumbs off your face.
"It seems Nightmare likes the cookies as well!" Niki said giggling, petting the fluffy cats head, making the cat purr and lean into her hand.
* . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . ** . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° .
I'm the cat Hehe-
Hope you guys like it! It took so long to write and edit!!
I'm not super proud of it but it's good for my first fic!!
Taglist: @meliancries @dawnfallx @forefinn @angstyx @pastelpeaxch
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boonbeenblade · a day ago
Suit Up
It's hard to impress if you don't dress your best And there's a quick and easy path to success in dress - a suit! The server is well aware of this fact, and suits abound, as varied as their owners.
Business is meant to be done in suits. What better suit for business than a business suit? Schlatt had the original business suit, a design so iconic it never even crossed his mind to change it throughout his presidency. Why change into the Presidential Uniform of L'manburg, when his own would serve perfectly as Emperor of Manberg - no matter what the country he won the election of actually was? Tommy's business suit is modeled on Schlatt's, to the surprise of no one who knows him. His tie is worn loose and the sleeves are cuffed back instead of tailored, but it's still a mature look for the young man. Ponk's business suit follows a similar model, but he adds a snazzy pair of black gloves. Appropriately stylish and functional, for the doctor used to keeping his hands covered. Fundy's business suit is more simplistic, aiming for the purest black he could find. Something to give him a little more gravitas, even if the hat stays on. Niki's business suit was perfect for dealings with her bakery in L'manburg, and she was rarely seen in it without the proper tri-corn hat. A proper black suit looks good on anyone, and Niki knows it.
One of the hallmarks of the political world is the dress code. A suit easily passes, and conveys a sense of dignity - or something else. Quackity might know the importance of a varied and impressive wardrobe more than anyone, boasting three different suits for varied political occasions. A classic tailored grey suit, a simpler off-blue one in early days, and a snappy blue suit with matching gloves - the man knows how to show off what he's got. Wilbur Soot created a nation, and with it, the Presidential Uniform of L'manburg. A navy suit with gold accents, to evoke the old revolutionary uniform, its somber tones a promise for a stable future that never came. Jack Manifold founded his own nation, of himself - and of course, that means his own Presidential Uniform. Simple enough to double as a business suit, with a proper checkered tie and appropriately colored handkerchiefs. Tubbo had a classic business suit of his own, and a daily grey political suit for the day-to-day in L'manburg. When Wilbur ceded the presidency to him, it came with the uniform, and Tubbo had it tailored down as best as it could - though it never quite fit completely right.
For formal and special occasions, nothing beats a tailored, pressed, sharp suit. It's practically a requirement. Badboyhalo's banquet suit was the timeless grey suit that's carried many a host through many a party. Subtle red accents along the inner lining and matching shoes were the icing on the cake. Antfrost's banquet suit was far less subtle than Bad's, even if it might have simply been the one he had. As red as his eyes, and even tailored for his tail. Purpled wasn't even invited to the banquet, but when showing up to crash the party, he decided to fit in. A suit as fitting and vibrant as his name - though it must've been hard to get the blood out with dry-cleaning later.
And of course, there's one more suited resident on the server. On what occasions does he wear his suit? Well, at all times! Ranboo's suit leans to the classic, a charcoal number with a red tie. Suitable for both the everyday (if a bit fancy) and the fancy (if a bit everyday) - hard to go wrong. In the early days, it was ill-fittingly short in the limbs and wide in the shoulders, and constantly rumpled, as if dug out of the back of some closet (or a dead man's discarded collection). A few conversations with an insistent Tommy and a few measurements fixed that, and now Ranboo's in the running for the sharpest-dressed member on the whole server. How does he clean it, if him and water don't mix? That's a trade secret. (Though dry-cleaned Ranboo would be a sight to behold, itself.)
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vilburs · a day ago
in a populated dream smp world, back in l’manberg, i like to imagine wilbur would’ve sang and played guitar to the kids of his country around a campfire. the parents shield their own kids from behind, and the other founders & cabinet l’manberg members are behind wilbur, while of course fundy sits beside him. it’s in the evening, some people have blankets around them, so niki usually gets handmade cookies for them so everyone gets cozy. wilbur’s last song is always a lullaby- the one he sings to fundy when he gets him to sleep- and he quickly figures his son’s not the only one who falls asleep to it (it even soothed a couple of babies in their mothers’ arms). tommy’s fallen asleep a couple of times to it as well, tubbo usually carried him home on his back afterwards. there’s one day of the week where everyone in the country gathers around the van to sing their anthem like choir, and everyone in the dsmp lands can hear them
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defectfile1wav · a day ago
Hot or Cold?
- Covarde Anon
"Tommy, Eret, Fundy and Jack living most of their life in tropical places, so they don't even get sunburn anymore, and not liking cold, and being the weird grandmas trapped in a young body screaming to everyone to wear a jacket since it's "chilly" when there's a little bit of wind;
And Wilbur, Tubbo and Niki, who lived in the snow for years, and being the weird kids that wear shorts in the middle of a snowstorm and just jump into a frozen river for fun, who can't take the heat, and look like vampires 24/7 since they stay in the shadows most of the time."
dynamic that nobody asked for
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nihachu-updates · a day ago
Tumblr media
she posted on her instagram story!
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dead-inside-demiboy · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wilbur installs a mirror in front of the community house and manages to defeat both Las Nevadas and the Syndicate instantly because all of them are literal animals and can't recognize thier own reflections.
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nihachuislive · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
People around you love you
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