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imagine-loki · 3 years ago
Imagine playing Cards Against Humanity with the Avengers crew and Loki joins in.
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nikkalia · 2 years ago
Hello, darlings! It occurred to me as I was posting last night’s chapter of GGIR - which was originally misnumbered, btw - that the masterlist is woefully out of date. So here you go: one up-to-date (as of 6/15/19) masterlist!
One Shots
Pirates (Original Characters)
Valentine’s Day Dribble Drabble (Tom/OC Fluff)
What’s Opera, Doc? (Tom/OC Fluff)
Pops in the Park (Tom/OC Fluff/Smut)
Gotta Get It Right (Loki/OFC)
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just-the-hiddles · 8 months ago
Kitchen Sex | Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: So I sent in a headcanon yesterday to @buckyownsmylife​  about Chris having sex with you at a party.  So I wrote my owna as well!!
Pairing: Chris Evans x Female Reader
Summary:  At a summer BBQ, Chris gets a little frisky in the kitchen.
Warnings: semi-public sex, vaginal sex, cursing
The Whole Enchilada:  @winterisakiller @nonsensicalobsessions @yespolkadotkitty @hopelessromanticspoonie @pinkzz123 @jessiejunebug @cherrygeek86 @littleredstarfish @rjohnson1280 @the-minus-four @wiczer @lotus-eyedindiangoddess @catsladen @coppercorn-and-cauldron @gerli49 @lovesmesomehiddles @devilbat @he-is-chaotic-she-is-psychotic @tinchentitri @theheartofpenelope @noplacelikehome77 @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @snoopy3000 @voila-tout @wolfsmom1 @queenoftheunderdark @xxloki81xx @thewaithfuckingannoyme @kcd15 @amirra88 @malkaviangirl @evanlys19 @thejemersoninferno @sadwaywardkid @is-it-madness @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog @peterman-spideyparker @sleepylunarwolf @anagrom @bradfordbantams @ms-cellanies @what-just-happened-bro @alexakeyloveloki @loki-smut-library @imnotrevealingmyname @trippedmetaldetector @tea4sykes @sherala007 @vodka-and-some-sass @cursethedarkness @jewels2876 @fixatedfandomhunter @myraiswack @lokikenway97 @groovylokifanficpersona @ciaodarknessmyheart @hanyasnape @lokislastlove @stuckysdaughter @theunwantedomega @dryyoursaltyoceantears @petitefirecracker10 @thummbelina @andreasworlsboring101 @krazycags01 @thehumanistsdiary @daddylouislittle @flakyfreak @green-valkyrie @usedtobegoodfriend96 @salempoe @traumschiffe @letsdisneythings @arch-venus25 @thefuckthesaurus @karushinekomiya @black-ninja-blade @worshipping-skarsgard @songbirdonamission @freakishlyadorable @xxxeatyourh3artoutxxx @big-phat-cat @idontevenknowwbro @nikkalia @lokilvrr @slutforhiddlebum @make-it-rien @nildespirandum @kimanne723 @build-a-bucky @ladyacrasia @dangertoozmanykids101 @mandywholock1980 @vengrl @delightfulheartdream @creator-appreciator @loki-yoursaviourishere @liz-rdwitch  @luke-windsors-diary @pandaxnienke @mariekoukie6661 @7soulstars @kiliskywalker666 @rebbie444 @thefallenbibliophilequote @hufflautia @jaysayey @what-a-flammable-heart @imherefortomhiddleston @6heaven6horror6  @megand2017 @rachelxwayne @vipervixxen @cartoonlover101 @velvety-soft-kitten @leniram1890 @groovyfluxie @fanfictrashdump @joseyslo @avantgardium-leviosa @fallinallinmendes @sweet-dreams-steve @lokis-leah
Boston Bro: @chris-butt @lovesmesomehiddles​  @fallonavengers​ @kellymat​ @denisemarieangelina​ @firstangeldragonranch​ @patzammit​ @allsortsofinterests​ @harrysthiccthighss​ @sweater-daddiesdumbdork​ @confusednerd09  @tinycertain
Thank you for reading!  Tag lists are open!  Let me know if you want to be added!
“Babe!” Chris’s voice called out over the din of conversation and music playing in the house. Most of the guests were on the back porch or in the pool. The only traffic into the house was people going to change in swimsuits or use the restroom.
You turned and smiled as Chris made his way towards you. “Honey?” you responded. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your lips.
“We are out of cut veggies.”
Your brow furrowed. “Already? I thought I cut plenty.”
Chris gazed at you through his impossibly long eyelashes. You were so jealous of your boyfriend’s eyelashes. “Scott and I maybe have used some as projectiles.” he confessed.
“How many?”
Chris squinted at her. “All of them.”
You sighed. “An adult child, that is what you are.” Chris followed you towards the kitchen only to be interrupted by Scott popping his head into the house.
“CHRIS!!” he yelled, startling his brother.
“AH!” Chris yelled. “Damn it, Scott!”
“Cannonball contest. You in?” Scott hooked his thumb over his shoulder.
Chris glanced over at you expectantly. You pushed him towards the door. “Go, I will take care of it.”
“Love you, baby.” He kissed your cheek while stripping off his tee and running out to the backyard.
You busied yourself chopping up the remaining vegetables and enjoying the music and the muffled splashes and laughs from outside. Life didn’t get much better than this.
“Miss me, babe?” Chris growled in your ear from behind, his body wet and cold against your back.
“Chris!” you shrieked. “You are fucking freezing.” You pushed at his shoulder, doing little to move him away.
His beard tickled your neck. “I can think of one way to warm me up.” His fingers slipped inside your bikini bottom, teasing your folds.
“Stop!” you hissed, his finger slipping inside of you. “Someone will see or hear.”
“Not if you keep quiet and stay behind the counter.” Chris fumbled with his swim trunks. “What happened to my adventurous girlfriend?”
“She.. ah…” you moaned as he pulled your bottoms to the side and pushed inside of you.
“You’re so tight, babe.” Chris purred into ear. “And wet. Does it turn you on knowing that any moment one of friends could see us.” He thrust hard into you, your hips pressed into the counter, hurting every so slightly. “My cock buried inside of you.”
You leaned over the counter, allowing Chris to thrust even deeper inside of you. As Chris pounded into you, small whimpers and moans escaped your lips. Your release teetered close.
“Chris?” Scott called out, thankfully from the door.
Chris thrusted into you and covered your mouth, continued to pound you into the counter.
“Scott? What you need, bro?” You moaned as you could feel your orgasm washing over you.
“Just wondering what keeping you. Everyone’s waiting on you to play beer pong.” You thanked the gods Scott did walk in at the moment with your mouth wide open as you came around his brother’s dick in the kitchen.
Chris grunted as he spilled into you. “I’m coming!” he yelled or rather moaned.
He breathed heavily and slumped against you. You overheard the door shut and Chris removed his hand. He pulled out of you and tucked himself back into his swim trunks. You readjusted your bottoms and quickly tossed the veggies onto the plate. Chris gave your ass a quick slap.
“Let’s go play some beer pong.”
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ladyoftheteaandblood · a month ago
Our Loki Variant.
Tumblr media
“Oh, oh, photographing human person, make sure you get my good side because I’m looking fabulous”.
Tumblr media
And yes, they are actually taking photos of my owner...why you ask?
 well his name is Tom Hiddleston and for those who don’t know (where have you been) he is a star.
He plays an incredibly handsome and intelligent chap called Loki. Some people think he really is Loki.
 I’d say to them, hey would the guy who goes to take me for a walk saying
Tumblr media
“Oh, I’ll take this to the kitchen” picking up his empty coffee cup off the table on our way out,  then proceed to take the bloody thing with us for the walk, actual be an intelligent Loki?
 I sometimes think he is a few chocolate chips short of a cookie.
He read a report in some magazine that he could be a Loki variant for real, that kept him happy for weeks. It’s not hard to keep him happy bless him. Give him some coffee and some cake and a run around the block every day, and he is very content.
Of course, the truth is obvious, he is not the Loki variant
 I am.
Anybody fancy kneeling before me and giving me a tummy rub?
Tumblr media
I don’t know who took these they are most definitely not mine  I just played with them.
but I do thank them and Tom as after a day of constant noise  and mess lots of mess(D.I.Y. everywhere) I got these on my dash, and Bobbies grin is perfect to cheer any day.
PS also want to thank my daughter for the horns.
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fadingfics · 11 months ago
At a Snap Of Your Fingers
Tumblr media
@imherefortomhiddleston​ this was fun, I hope you like it.
@lokibingo​ !!! Square filled: Bar Fight Word count: 2116
Loki Bingo card and masterlist
Summary: Catching up with your best friend after not seeing him for months is a must, and Tom always has time for you. Alcohol leads to oversharing, and oversharing leads to so much more.
Pairing: Tom/Reader Rating: Mature || NC-17
Feedback is always appreciated and reblogs are encouraged!! If you enjoy my work, consider buying me a coffee? 
Tumblr media
Alcohol always had several effects on you.
The first one, was giggliness. You couldn’t say three words in a row without giggling. That effect mixed with the second one, was bound to get hilarious.
Not that you were inappropriate in doing so, you still held enough presence of mind to know who you could overshare with and how much. And right now, your limitations were non-existent. You were on your fifth pint with one of your best childhood friends that you hadn’t seen in months. Catching up was a must, and oversharing was expected.
Tom Hiddleston might be famous world wide, an awarded actor, and constantly voted best dressed (and undressed), but to you he was still the ginger, gangly kid you had spent most of your life with. He appreciated that you kept treating him with normalcy. Even if normalcy meant having otherwise inappropriate conversations.
Tag list is open! Requests are open!
@whyispistashanuttaken​ @myraiswack​ @velvetzybanshee​ @nikkalia​ @kaogasm​ @lehuka123​ @ckatattack​ @imnotrevealingmyname​ @ohdearhiddles​ @what-just-happened-bro​ @sllooney​ @damalseer​ @inumorph​ @sheris532​ @wolfsmom1​ @just-the-hiddles​ @is-it-madness​ @trippedmetaldetector​ @memenerdlover​ @littlewomanly1​ @cynic-spirit​ @kaysfandomkraziness​ @maaaaarveeeeel​ @dangertoozmanykids101​ @toozmanykids​ @shiningloki​ @shxdowofdarkness​ @sinfully-lustful-darling​ @tom-ben4ever​ @sxperncturalimpala67​ @the-gentlemanjack​​ @scorpionchild81​​
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fadingcoast · 5 months ago
Could you do 290 and 318 with Tom? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Drabble this way!!
Tumblr media
Stopping requests for now, I have 8 still pending!!
@whyispistashanuttaken @myraiswack @banshee-in-velvet @nikkalia @kaogasm @lehuka123 @ckatattack @imnotrevealingmyname @ohdearhiddles @what-just-happened-bro @sllooney @damalseer @inumorph @sheris532 @wolfsmom1 @just-the-hiddles @trippedmetaldetector @memenerdlover @littlewomanly1 @cynic-spirit @kaysfandomkraziness @dangertoozmanykids101 @toozmanykids @cap-n-ce @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @khadineberry @shxdowofdarkness @sinfully-lustful-darling @tom-ben4ever @the-gentlemanjack @scorpionchild81
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nuggsmum · 10 months ago
So I wrote a little shitty thing based on a weird dream I had last night. Its a Henry Cavill one so I’m not sure who even wants to be tagged in this as my tag list was gathered from the Hiddleston fandom. Let me know if you don't want to be tagged and I’ll take you off the list. I’ll be posting it shortly :) 
Tumblr media
@quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks @calgal48 @inkededucatednnerdy @sarabeth72 @littletime67 @wolfsmom1 @lokilockedcougar @marveldownunder @frenchfrostpudding @jebra1999 @tomhiddleston-kikibfairy @sanellvega @bundyvimes @pedeka @craftynidan  @avenger-for-ever @saffreelove @texmexdarling   @happiness-in-the-dark @tomkurbikston  @damageditem  @bellalaufeyson @nuggsmumwriting @angelus80 @tinchentitri @hiddlepiggle @vertdragain @omninocte @woohooargentina-blog @say-my-name-assbut  @ladyninasayers-ish @neurotic-narwhal @jackburtonsays @tinaferraldo @myclock @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes @lordjohnandtom @archy3001 @sweetsigyn @peskipixi @lokislonelylady @theblackthrone @avalindin @royallylazy @hsvbabe @bookworm-addict @xxxprettydeadgirlxxx   @mad-about-britain @angelsseb @ladyoftheteaandblood @hakimo2015 @lady-laufeyson01 @everevening913 @supernatural-pan @sf0206 @kat-the-untamed-shrew @walkingdeadfan25 @antares1980 @acebakes @noclevernamelbr @queen-sands @crushed-pink-petals      @my-rosegold-soul​ @nooo-body @ms-sith @mortaltrouble @ilovetardis @fairlightswiftly @rnr1274 @girsgirlfriend @vicariousvictoria @mandapanda8  @listen-brother @obscurereferencewoman @devikafernando @the-celtic-swan​ @loopyflamingo   @youareadistraction​  @patheimathos​ @internetgremlin​  @honeybournehippy​ @teresaoliva20 @devilbat​ @your-certainpersona​ @tomssweetbouquet​ @nikkalia​ @foxy-mojto​ @deathbyukmen​  @the-insomniac-cat2​  @alexakeyloveloki​  @shadyskit​ @missinstantgratification   @whovianwookie86-captainxev  @kcd15​ @cassadius​ @ksgeekgirl​ @lokixadamxaddict @moonfaery​ @winterisakiller​ @deebee9114 @lowhostrikesback​ @swiglit​ @dianamolloy​ @ms-cellanies​ @boredbrooder​ @thathedonistgirl​ @burningarbiterheart​  @brokenthelovely​ @latent-thoughts​ @lisas-stuff-and-junk​ @holacherrycola90​ @coppercorn-and-cauldron​ @j-u-s-t-4​ @jennphoenix​ @outlandishponderings @michellearel1​ @shae2013​ @vertdragain​ @noplacelikehome77 @paulinagamez @nonsensicalobsessions  @helenaisabel @servent-alearika @she-means-everything-to-me @808-anon @sarcasticngay @lotus-eyedindiangoddess  @joseyslo @rjohnson1280  @beananacake @vulpixserpens @dr-kayleigh-dh @just-the-hiddles @chezagnes @nonsensicalobsessions​ @arch-venus25 @theheartofpenelope​ @villianousshakespeare @fyrecrafted​
Adding some folks that might be interested let me know if you don't want to be tagged <3 @raspberrydreamclouds​ @the-soot-sprite​ @luna-aestas​
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niksfiks · 11 months ago
Gotta Get It Right: Chapter 11
RATING: Mature
NOTES/WARNINGS: Trigger warning: mentions of dubcon, violence, PTSD, sexual assault, and physical abuse in later chapters. 
Also on Ao3 
Feedback is always appreciated (just being an attention whore screaming for comments/reblogs). Taglist is open
Tagging @fandom-and-feminism @fadingcoast @igotloki  @mrshiddleston-uk @mischievousbellerina  @amwolowicz 
Chapter 11: The Dungeons Below
The a fragile thing. Takes only the slightest tap to tip it in the wrong direction. Charles Xavier, Dark Phoenix (2019)
Loki suppressed a shudder upon entering the prison block. He was all too familiar with the cells, having spent far more time in them than he ever wanted to admit. Those who now occupied this prison were criminals, tried, and convicted for their crimes. He never should have been held, much less beneath the palace. He had tried to save Asgard from the Jotunheim, and from his brother’s idiotic lust for war. That business on Midgard with the Chitari had not been his responsibility. Even if it had, Odin had no right...
He stopped himself mid-thought, refusing to allow the memory to progress. Things had been set right with Odin gone, Thor off-world, perhaps never to return, and Loki firmly ensconced on the throne of Asgard. Regardless of anything else the woman had done, she had cemented his right to rule. And that alone was reason enough for keeping her alive. The other reasons he kept to himself, forgetting them when he finally reached her cell.
The woman sat on the floor with legs folded, her back against the wall. Her hands lay relaxed on her knees, palms turned upward as if to receive something. Loki watched her for some time, focusing on the slightest changes in her expression. He wasn’t sure if she was lost in a vision or simply dreaming, but her brow remained furrowed while her lips moved in silent speech. Just as he decided to leave, her eyes blinked open and bore straight through him.
“Hardly a complimentary greeting, Midgardian.”
“If it’s a compliment you’re after, maybe you should visit your harem.”
Loki smirked. “We do not practice such archaic beliefs here.”
“Sounds like a personal problem.”
“I would think,” he said, approaching her cell, “that you would be more appreciative of the one who saved your life.”
“You’d think,” she responded absently, standing in a swift motion. “But technically, you’re not the one who saved me, are you?”
Loki stood silent.
“Figured as much. So the question remains: what?”
“Are you attempting to ask what it is that I desire by visiting you here? Or, perhaps, do you mean to inquire of the time?”
Aleksa rolled her eyes.
“There are so many possible variants of questions beginning with ‘what’, I couldn’t possibly list them all.” He leaned toward her. “You wouldn’t live that long.”
“Except for the part where you told your people to inject me with whatever happy juice it is that makes you immortal-ish. So I appear to have plenty of time. By all means, ramble away.”
Loki’s brow quirked as he wondered just how long she’d been feigning unconsciousness.
“What is your name?”
“Haven’t figured that out already? You’re losing your touch.” she scoffed.
“You proceed from the assumption that I haven’t.”
Aleksa shrugged, her arms folded.
“Regardless, I thought Midgardian soldiers were trained to recite their name and identifying number over and over when questioned. No matter. The data found on your identification tags has proven quite useful.”
Her hand instinctively went to her neck, searching for a chain that wasn’t there.
“Petterson is quite the surname. Perhaps I should just call you ‘pet’.”  
“Only if you have a death wish,” she snarled as she stepped closer to the force field.
“Pet, it is, then.” Her jaw clenched as he grinned. “There will come a time that your little excursions will wear my patience thin.”
“Stop chasing me and it won’t be a problem anymore. Besides, seems to me that your guards need more exercise now and again.”
“Now and again?” he scoffed. “Are you aware that you’ve attempted seventeen escapes in  three months?”
“And made it outside the walls of... whatever-this-is... fourteen of those seventeen times.” Her voice grew distant. “I still need to step up my game.”
“Your game? Quite the shame to waste such extraordinary talents on a... game.”
“But you’d have me play yours.”
“This is no game, pet.”
“Then what is it, Jotunn?” Aleksa growled.
Loki ignored the insult and grinned, satisfied that he was wearing her down. “Opportunity.”
“For what?”
“Well, that remains to be seen, doesn’t it? You are obviously a warrior of considerable expertise, and I admit to being quite intrigued by your,” he paused, “handling of the Tesseract. Certainly, there are other talents that remain hidden.”
“All in service of Asgard, no doubt.” Her voice soft, she added, “Or did you have something more personal in mind?”
Loki was suddenly aware of the difference in height between them as he looked down at her, trying to ignore the sightline straight to her cleavage. “I’m sure we could come to some sort of an arrangement.”
“Fuck off.” An admonition that sounded both sultry and threatening.
“An insult, the typical human response.” he balked. “Why unleash your hatred on me? Was it not your beloved SHIELD that sent you here to fetch those poor, lost academics? And was it not your decision alone to challenge me to duel in exchange for their lives?”
“Just like it’s your decision to keep coming after me every time I escape.” She returned to the back wall, sliding down to the floor. “Maybe you should find a hobby.”
“Oh, I’ve already found one. And it’s proving most entertaining.”
“I repeat,” she said with a sigh, “fuck off. Especially if you’re offended by typical human insults.” Aleksa glared at the sarcastic smile creeping across his face, then decided to disengage. He wanted her attention and she was going to withhold it.
“You can’t ignore me forever, pet.” Loki stared at her, noting the timing of the rise and fall of her chest. His mind wandered to the flesh beneath the tunic, what it might feel like against his own skin.
“It pains me,” he said with a shake of his head to return himself to the moment, “to see a creature of your considerable abilities left down here to rot, but, if that is what you wish...”
With no response, Loki sighed, turned, and made his way to the corridor.
“Oh,” he paused, speaking over his shoulder, “thank you for not instigating another riot during your last escape. It made finding you so much easier.”
He heard the slightest change in the hum of the force fields surrounding the cell before something hard hit him in the back of the head. He spun to find her still seated. The cup that had been in the cell with her now lay on the floor next to his feet. He picked it up, then looked back at her.  She was watching him, her facial features relaxed, almost inviting him to react. He only grinned and resumed his journey out of the prison.
Aleksa sat motionless for some time after Loki’s departure. Her mind raced with new plans for escape mixed with memories that felt more like dreams. She tried to think of simple things like the places or people she knew to settle her mind, but even that failed. Her childhood home in Charleston morphed into an even smaller hut near a cliff. Stifling hot summers spent in band camp became much cooler days walking shorelines with her mother.
Except it wasn’t her mother. Her mother died in an accident. Or was it a raid?
Blue skin.
Red eyes.
So much ice. And fire.
“C’mon, Colonel. All you have to do is light the fire. Then you and your friends can go home.”
Aleksa’s eye squeezed shut, trying to block out the vision. They were nightmares, illusions. None of it was real.
Was it?
The desert heat was real. The smell of spice and gunpowder and whatever chemicals she’d been exposed to were real.
“Just light it. You can do that, can’t you?”
She began a breathing exercise, a deep inhale followed by a slow, steady exhale while summoning a white candle in her mind. All she had to do was light it and keep the flame steady.
“The flame will cease to flicker when your mind is calm.” A soft voice, neither male nor female.
“Light the pyre. ” Another voice, definitely male and definitely malicious.
Breathe in.
“You can control matter, control the energy that binds it together.”
Breathe out.
“Just a spark. That’s all. I’d hate for you to have the deaths of anyone else on your hands.”
“What d’ya say?”
“No,” she growled. “Better a few soldiers than thousands of innocents.”
“Never let your gifts be abused.”
How many are dead because of me?
“Poor Rose. Her death will excruciatingly slow without anyone to ensure she receives the proper treatments.”
Her mind wandered to a baby, small with bright blue eyes. A child become woman become old, the blue never fading in her eyes, regardless of how distant they became.
Sweet little Rose.
She saw Erik’s face, smiling as he cradled the babe. The smile turned evil as his face morphed into Malick’s.
“Leave her out of this.”
Just kill me instead.
“Then bring me what I want.”
Aleksa’s eyes flew open and she stood, pulling energy from the floor into her body. The lights in her cell flickered, followed by the lights in surrounding cells. The block fell dark for a split second then returned to normal lighting.
None of the other prisoners noticed that the cell at the end of the row was suddenly unoccupied.
D’Varst, on the other hand, thought on all he’d witnessed for a moment before making his way out of the dungeons.
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imagine-loki · 3 years ago
Imagine Loki harassing you because you’ve commandeered the big screen TV again to play your favorite console game. Early the next morning, you are awakened by his shouting, and find him playing the same game he was teasing you about.
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titriwrites · a year ago
In Sickness and in Health
First of all, thank you to @devikafernando for allowing me to use Charlie from our collab fanfics over at @titrianddevikawrite. I know you can use the distraction too, maybe? (By the way, this is probably an AU from our storyline as I’ve got no idea how this is going to fit anywhere :D )
And secondly, @pipolaki requested “If I die, I’m haunting you first.” from this prompt list
Enjoy on AO3 or under the cut!
In Sickness and in Health
Charlotte Cromwell – no, she corrects herself – Charlotte Hiddleston makes her way home after an exhausting day in the hospital. It’s nothing unusual, hell, she’s had a hundred times more horrible days somewhere in the past. It’s just that it didn’t really matter then. Not as much as it does now. Because as much as Charlie loves her job and helping her little patients, it’s definitely nothing compared to the life she’s living at home now.
Tom’s waiting for her there. Tom and their two daughters, because yes, Evie’s ‘hers’ now as well, and just as loved as little Rose is – who by now has her own little personality and is keeping her parents busy with all the enthusiasm and lust for adventure a two-year-old can have – especially being the daughter of one Tom Hiddleston.
Okay, Charlie admits as she slips out of her shoes first and then loses her jacket, the last week has been kind of hellish at home as well with her very own little patients waiting for her. First, it was Evie bringing the flu home from school. Of course, it didn’t take long for Rose to catch it, too, no matter how careful Tom and Charlie had been. But now it seems like their children survived – Tom has probably suffered more than them, though – and Charlie’s just glad it’s over for now.
She checks the clock in the kitchen as she prepares her tea. 9 o’clock. She swears. She wanted to tell the children goodnight, but well, sometimes her job means that she can’t make it home to her own children in order to help others. Tom knows this and Evie gets it as well, little Rose is still too young to actually understand.
At least she can still hear the tv playing in the living-room, so she knows Tom’s still there and waiting for her. It is strangely quiet otherwise, though, no padding of feet on the floor announcing her husband making his way over to meet her. Maybe Tom’s fallen asleep? The two cats aren’t coming, either, but then again they may be out and about in the neighbourhood.
Charlie grabs the tea she’s prepared and makes her way from the kitchen to the living-room right next to it. She feels so at home in Tom’s house. It’s not the largest they could get probably, and it’s still the one Tom and Evie lived in with Emily, but it’s amazing how quickly they were all able to call it ‘theirs’.
And then Charlie stops before she’s reached the comfy couch Tom loves to lounge on. He’s indeed asleep. And slightly snoring, which is unusual for him, except for when he’s a bit tipsy – Charlie can’t see a sign of that anywhere – or when he comes down with the flu. You don’t really need to be a doctor to get it, do you?
She refrains from rolling her eyes, because just yesterday her husband told her how he never got sick and wouldn’t start with it now, but instead smiles sympathetically, puts down her tea on the coffee table and sits down next to Tom.
His skin is already a bit clammy and his hair sticks to his forehead. She rubs his shoulder softly, trying to get him to wake up without startling him.
“Tom?” she whispers. “Tom, love, wake up for me?”
“No,” is the mumbled reply, groaned into the pillow underneath his head.
Charlie smothers a grin. She’s seen him with a cold or the flu once or twice. She knows what state he’s in. Right after ‘I’m invincible, I’ll never get the flu’ comes ‘I’m perfectly fine, I simply choked and am not currently coughing my lungs out’. It’s paired with already being sick and the most stubborn pouts she’s ever seen on a grown-up’s face. But no matter how much Tom refuses to be sick, he actually is. So. No mocking him. At least not tonight. Tonight she wants to drink her tea, re-heat the dinner her family’s had and then go to bed, preferably with Tom.
“I think you’re already awake, though,” she whispers back. “And I can imagine you’re not feeling too good.”
“’m fine.”
Blue eyes, a bit too glassy for her taste, stare back at her. With a slight cough Tom pushes himself up on his forearms, barely able to hold his own bodyweight. The hair that’s not stuck to his forehead falls in a mess of curls around his face. “Feeling good. How was your day?”
She raises a brow. “You’re really going to do this? Even though we both know how this will end?”
The glare loses some of its power – that it didn’t even have in the first place – with the quiet sniffling Tom’s doing. “I don’t know what you mean,” he croaks out. “I just want to know how my wife’s feeling.”
Charlie chuckles. There really isn’t much else to do. Let him be stubborn, she’s going to prepare for tomorrow morning then. “Better than her husband I think,” she mumbles, but continues at Tom’s huff, “I’m a bit tired and a bit hungry. I’d love to eat some late dinner and then go to bed. Would you care to join me?”
He nods. “I’d love that. But no funny business if you’re tired.”
This time, she can’t smother the laugh that escapes her. “Understood. I’m the reason we’re not doing that tonight, my big, strong, healthy man. Thank you for looking out for me.”
Well, the next morning Charlie is awoken by her big, strong and healthy man moaning and groaning next to her in bed. And not in that sexy-bedroom-voice of his. It’s a little pathetic coughing that comes next and a very (very, very) weakly whispered, “Charlie, love? Help?”
She opens her eyes to a dark room, cuddled from behind by what seems to be a human furnace, but could just be her husband. The dawn is breaking outside, and Charlie can hear a bird here and there. Large hands rub her stomach and puffs of air meet her neck. Tom’s apparently so weak, he can’t even keep her in his arms as she turns around to face him.
Red cheeks, swollen eyes, red nose and dry lips. Yup, that’s the flu.
“How are you?” she asks, trailing a fingertip down Tom’s nose.
“Barely alive.”
Ah. So sometime during the night they’ve reached the next stage. Miserable Tom, who’s most certainly the closest to death any person has ever been without actually dying – probably, since the next 24 hours will be crucial.
“But still alive, that’s good,” she grins.
“If I die, I’m haunting you first.”
Charlie snickers, then attempts a shocked face. It’s not working and to be honest Tom couldn’t see it anyway, lying there in misery, eyes closed. “What have I done?”
“You’re mocking me. And you’re not doing anything to make me feel better and save me. You’ll regret this in one or two hours, when you’ll find me dead in our bed.”
“But you’re not really sick. You’ve told me so yesterday.”
“The situation has changed. It seems like this is a horrible flu, Charlie. It requires a broth, pain medicine and cuddles.”
Okay. She was wrong. He does have that low, sexy, bedroom-voice. Damn him, even sick he’s a sight for sore eyes and a heavenly voice to hear. She should also not be aroused by that.
“I don’t know, Tom. Maybe I should get the children and flee from this horrible illness of yours. Everyone fights for themselves, right?”
The answer is a whine and then a little tug on her sleeping shirt, right by her thigh. “Stop mocking me. I’m seriously ill. Don’t let those be the last words to me, and make me feel better.”
Charlie lives for that small smile around Tom’s lips as she moves a little closer and then rubs his shoulders softly , before she pushes some of his hair out of his face.
“Well, you asked so nicely.”
“I did,” her murmurs, sounding half asleep again.
“Tea and toast then?”
“An’ pills. ‘n cuddles.”
With a kiss on his nose, she moves out of the bed. “Coming right up.”
“Hm. Love you.”
She smiles. God, this man. “Love you too.”
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Hey everyone!!! So I am going to be more present on Tumblr as the schools are currently closed... I have to admit... I do miss my work, my students, my colleagues, my friends, just hanging out and going places. I am keeping the faith that this will come to an end soon. In the meantime, hope everyone is safe and hope to stay connected with you xo
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Hang in there... 💜
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just-the-hiddles · 8 months ago
Somnophilia | Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N:  Second of the smut drabbles.  You can squarely blame the people in the SmutHub for this piece of filth.  I love you all!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Warnings:  consensual non-consensual sex, somnophilia (having sex with someone asleep), vaginal sex, cursing
Summary: Steve hears you moaning in your sleep and takes matters into his own hands.
The Whole Enchilada:  @winterisakiller @nonsensicalobsessions @yespolkadotkitty @hopelessromanticspoonie @pinkzz123 @jessiejunebug @cherrygeek86 @littleredstarfish @rjohnson1280 @the-minus-four @wiczer @lotus-eyedindiangoddess @catsladen @coppercorn-and-cauldron @gerli49 @lovesmesomehiddles @devilbat @he-is-chaotic-she-is-psychotic @tinchentitri @theheartofpenelope @noplacelikehome77 @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @snoopy3000 @voila-tout @wolfsmom1 @queenoftheunderdark @xxloki81xx @thewaithfuckingannoyme @kcd15 @amirra88 @malkaviangirl @evanlys19 @thejemersoninferno @sadwaywardkid @is-it-madness @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog @peterman-spideyparker @sleepylunarwolf @anagrom @bradfordbantams @ms-cellanies @what-just-happened-bro @alexakeyloveloki @loki-smut-library @imnotrevealingmyname @trippedmetaldetector @tea4sykes @sherala007 @vodka-and-some-sass @cursethedarkness @jewels2876 @fixatedfandomhunter @myraiswack @lokikenway97 @groovylokifanficpersona @ciaodarknessmyheart @hanyasnape @lokislastlove @stuckysdaughter @theunwantedomega @dryyoursaltyoceantears @petitefirecracker10 @thummbelina @andreasworlsboring101 @krazycags01 @thehumanistsdiary @daddylouislittle @flakyfreak @green-valkyrie @usedtobegoodfriend96 @salempoe @traumschiffe @letsdisneythings @arch-venus25 @thefuckthesaurus @karushinekomiya @black-ninja-blade @worshipping-skarsgard @songbirdonamission @freakishlyadorable @xxxeatyourh3artoutxxx @big-phat-cat @idontevenknowwbro @nikkalia @lokilvrr @slutforhiddlebum @make-it-rien @nildespirandum @kimanne723 @build-a-bucky @ladyacrasia @dangertoozmanykids101 @mandywholock1980 @vengrl @delightfulheartdream @creator-appreciator @loki-yoursaviourishere @liz-rdwitch  @luke-windsors-diary @pandaxnienke @mariekoukie6661 @7soulstars @kiliskywalker666​ @rebbie444 @thefallenbibliophilequote @hufflautia @jaysayey​ @what-a-flammable-heart​ @imherefortomhiddleston​ @6heaven6horror6  @megand2017​ @rachelxwayne​ @vipervixxen​ @cartoonlover101​ @velvety-soft-kitten​ @leniram1890 @groovyfluxie​ @fanfictrashdump @joseyslo​ @avantgardium-leviosa @fallinallinmendes​
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Thank you for reading!  Taglists are open! Let me know if you want to be added.
You talked in your sleep, or so you were told. Steve told you. Repeatedly. He freaked out the first night he slept over; you had fallen asleep before having a chance to tell him. You apparently spoke of bananas and mushrooms and screamed for them to not put barbeque sauce on the cat because that was your brother’s job. Now the two of you lived together, laughed over breakfast with whatever nonsense you muttered the night before.
That was not the case tonight. Steve stirred next to you as you whimpered and moaned.
“Babe…” he whispered, not wanting to disturb your sleep, if you were asleep.
“Steve…” you breathed. His brows raised, he recognized that tone. You only used that tone when he was buried deep inside of you. Steve grabbed you by the waist and pulled you tight against him. You arched your back, rubbing your ass along his cock. He could tell you had already soaked the thin panties you were wearing.
Steve pressed his lips against your ear. His beard scratched your neck. “Are you dreaming of me?” His hands teased your nipples, working them into hard pebbles. You moaned again.
One of Steve’s hands slid down and raise your leg while the other freed his cock from his boxers. He teased his cock along your folds. With a sigh, he pushed into you.
“God babe, you feel so good.” He grabbed your hip and pulled you closer. He nipped your neck.
Steve thrust into you slow. “That’s my good girl.” He kissed your neck and back.
“Yes, honey.” you moaned. You slowly woke up as Steve’s thrusts sped up. Your eyes open as you rocked back and forth. “Steve?” Your tone changed.
“Babe, I love being inside of you.” he growled into your ear. His fingers dig into your hip. “I’m close, tell me you’re close.”
You realize what is going on. “Steve!” you exclaim, but then his cock hits that spot and you moaned. “Fuck…”
His hand snaked around to find your clit and he rutted against you. “Come on baby. Cum on my cock.” He rubbed his thumb against your pearl and soon you cum, clenching him with your walls. “Fuck, babe, you milk me so good.”
Steve thrusted twice more before coming inside you with a grunt and a bite to the neck. You moaned and twisted in his tight grip. He curled around you and tucked you into his chest. His softening cock dripped between your thighs.
“How was that babe?” He kissed the spot where he bit down. “As good as you hoped?”
You hummed in satisfaction. “Even better. Feel free to wake me up that any time.”
Steve chuckled. “I’ll keep it in mind.”
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titrianddevikawrite · 4 months ago
Walking On Eggshells (A Tom/Charlie and Evie Collab Fic) - Chapter Two
Here we are, everybody! Sorry for the quite quick ending, but honestly, we would have written about 3000 words more with the very same conversation :D
Read over at AO3 :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fadingcoast · 5 months ago
Tom the man himself, 24, 40, 122. Oh I love this.
Drabble this way!!
Tumblr media
410 Smut Prompts
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devikafernando · a year ago
New year, new fic!
It’s been a long time since I wrote a Tom fic - well, not counting my collab fics with the fabulous @tinchentitri.
I wasn’t even in the mood to write one because things were pretty stressful the past few months and Tumblr still refuses to show my tags correctly. But it pays to have friends like the wonderful @ameliashepherdgoeshunting who wormed her way into my heart and wheedled an angsty & smutty one-shot out of me.
Remember Tom and Amy? The duo brought together by a cat? Well, here they are again!
* * *
Tumblr media
The Cat Is Out Of The Bag
Amy wakes up to some shocking news regarding Tom. Will their relationship be over before it's even gone public?
Amy opened her eyes, wondering what had woken her this Sunday morning. A moment later, she knew. Her phone dinged repeatedly, alerting her to news. She had - somewhat foolishly but unashamedly - activated alerts on Tom ever since they were an item. After all, what’s a girl to do when fate - in the form of her cat - brings her a famous lover? She’d been a fangirl even before she’d met Tom so checking for updates was in her blood. Tom often shared snippets with her too, even exclusive sneak peeks, selfies and personal insights that the public had no clue of - just as they were clueless about Tom dating her for over a year now.
Tom had been away for nearly three months now, filming in Italy and France for a new mini series. The much-anticipated season 2 of “The Night Manager” was well on the way and it kept him so busy that they hadn’t seen each other for way too long. He always sent her messages and on most days he called her too, but she missed him like hell. What had started as more of an affair had morphed into a full-fledged relationship and she found herself pining - hah, nice pun there - for him. But she knew she couldn’t cling to him or demand more time. He was Tom freaking Hiddleston, award-winning actor and internet boyfriend, and truth be told, she was over the moon with his latest role.
Stifling a yawn, she frowned at her phone dinging itself into a frenzy. Had someone released behind-the-scenes footage? Had there been a cast party she didn’t know of? With rising anticipation, she pulled her cell closer and opened up her notifications. The first headline made her blink, then rub her eyes in incredulity: Caught in flagrante delicto - Tom Hiddleston in a sizzling lip lock with co-star Wren Boyd! She snorted. Yeah, right. As if. But the second headline was no better: How Tom Hiddleston manages the night: Get ready for a glamorous new couple! Sitting up straighter, Amy frowned at her phone. There were always rumors floating around. Tom basically only had to look at a woman and the media had them married with two children. She would never get used to that but knew it was inevitable. This, however, sounded pretty serious. Biting her lip, she clicked on one of the links…then gaped at the colorful pictures that loaded. One showed Tom and Wren - the willowy redhead who played his love interest in the show - having dinner at a restaurant. They looked cozy but just like friends. The other shots were way more incriminating. Here was Tom, leading the woman down the sidewalk with an arm looped tightly around her waist, her head on his shoulder. And here was Tom, kissing the stunning actress on the mouth, the woman’s hands clutching his jacket labels. Bile rising in her throat, Amy stared and stared at the last photo and its grainy but vivid zoomed-in version. This couldn’t be real. Any minute now, she would wake up from a nightmare, scoffing. She blinked, then pinched her own forearm hard and yelped in pain. At the foot of the bed, Sir Lancelot stirred and shot her a look of reproach that cats all over the world had perfected. With a huff, he resettled and curled into a ball. Amy didn’t even reach over to pet him, frozen on the spot. The paparazzi snapshot burned itself into her brain, frying her synapses. “It can’t be,” she kept muttering to herself. Tom would never do this to her. He was the most loyal and honest person she’d ever met. There was no way in hell he would cheat on her! They loved each other, for heaven’s sake!
THIS ONE-SHOT (with a happy/steamy ending) CONTINUES HERE ON AO3.
@nuggsmum @toozmanykids​ @avenger-nerd-mom @hallotom @sinfully-lustful-darling @royallylazy @lasimo74allmyworld @ilovetardis @witkoa61 @hakimo2015 @antyc67 @wolfsmom1 @brinschk @crushed-pink-petals @jhangelface0523 @deathbyukmen @say-my-name-assbut @bluegrasscontessa @omninocte @sf0206 @frenchfrostpudding @hiddlepiggle @theblackthrone @honeybournehippy @zee-archer-said-so @obsessedwithpretty79 @justthelosersblog @letsgetlokid @noclevernamelbr @theduchessinme @craftynidan @teresaoliva20 @bemynightmanager @inkededucatednnerdy @fairlightswiftly @okiejess1208 @ladyninasayers-ish @siochan-leat @evieplease @vertdragain @just-call-me-your-darling @winterisakiller @youareadistraction @nikkalia @thebluedreamofsky @traceyaudette @lady-meatball @mandapanda8 @lokilockedcougar @ms-cellanies @perfect-and-awesome @theheartofpenelope @hiddlescastle
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niksfiks · 10 months ago
Gotta Get It Right: Chapter 12
RATING: Mature
NOTES/WARNINGS: Trigger warning: mentions of violence, torture
Also on Ao3 
Feedback is always appreciated (just being an attention whore screaming for comments/reblogs). Taglist is open
Tagging @fandom-and-feminism @fadingcoast @mrshiddleston-uk @mischievousbellerina @amwolowicz @dangertoozmanykids101
Chapter 12: Shattered
"Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain..." Sigmund Freud
Loki emerged from the en suite as he pulled the tunic over his wet hair. There was no evidence of the maiden that had warmed his bed not twenty minutes prior. Despite the release he’d found in her arms, he still wasn’t able to relax. Continued rumors of traitors in the council, coupled with growing tensions with Alfheim, weighed on him more each day. On top of it all, the distant voice of the Other haunting his dreams.
A soft knock yielded a scullery maid delivering his nightly tea. He nodded and she quickly departed, leaving him alone with his thoughts. The Alfheim has long been a friend of Asgard, welcoming a much younger Loki as a pupil on their shores. Any discontent they felt had to be tied to D’Varst and his renewed grab at power. A grab, he told himself, that he could control for now, if for no other reason than to root out any others sympathetic to the old man’s cause. Rip the treason out all at once and minimize the pain.
You will long for something as sweet as pain.
“No!” he shouted, slamming his fist against the wall and sending a shock through his system. The voice dissipated, pulling the memories of life aboard that ship with it.
Loki’s long fingers wrapped around the handle of the teapot, tilting it to pour the herbal blend. The cup rattled softly, giving Loki pause. A deep breath brought another attempt to pour that ended with papers and books falling across the room.
“What the Hel?” he mumbled.
The entire palace shook violently. Sirens wailed their alert, drowning out the panicked cries of servants and guards in the halls. Loki entered the corridors, the last bits of his armor shimmering into existence.
“Skurge!” he shouted over the din. The burly man met him near a staircase, dodging people as they moved to the side. “What’s going on?”
“Not sure,” Skurge panted, “but it’s coming from the substructure.”
The woman. If this another escape...
“Gather a squad of Einherjar and have them meet me at the dungeon entrance.” Loki barked, slamming into a column with another tremor. “And ensure that the palace is completely evacuated!” Skurge nodded and began a sprint in the opposite direction of his master.
Guards met Loki’s detachment en route to the dungeons, advising them to make for the vault. The woman’s cell was empty, they’d said, and that a hole into the ventilation system had been created. Loki cursed himself for not securing the Tesseract in another location and led the group to their destination.
Energy came in waves from the vault, nearly knocking them to the floor. Loki could hear the structure groaning around them as the waves passed through the palace, and found himself wondering if he shouldn’t order an evacuation of the surrounding city.
The vault lay open, doors blown wide. Cautiously, he stepped inside and choked when he saw what was happening. One of the vault’s guards lay motionless on the floor, the other on his knees to one side of the massive portal swirling in the center of the room. The woman held his head inches from the edge in one hand, screaming at him in a language Loki couldn’t immediately identify. Her free hand was directed at the Tesseract lying next to her feet, golden Sei∂r passing between them. Summoning all the authority he could find, Loki moved down the staircase.
“And what do we have here?”
Aleksa’s head angled slightly before turning to look over her shoulder, a sinister smirk emerging. She shifted slowly to face him, releasing her grip on the guard just long enough for him to attempt to flee. Sei∂r continued to flow from her body into the Tesseract as she clamped down on the guard’s collar, pulling him back to her side.
“Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to show up.” She leaned down to the struggling man, her voice taking a demonic tone. “Looks like the cavalry’s here, but somehow, I don’t think you’re the one Fury’s picking up, little spay .”
Loki balked.
Another energy wave pulsed from the Tesseract, causing everyone in the room to stagger. The woman’s slow return to her feet gave Loki an opportunity to see the location on the other side of the portal. The desert he’d seen before the woman’s first escape blazed behind her, the blinding white sands a stark contrast to the black earth closest to the portal’s edge.
A desert, he thought. Fury reported picking her up in a desert with scorched sand. That she’d...  A plan was already forming in his mind as he signaled the guards to stay behind him while he moved forward.
“What’d you think you’re doing, Colonel?”  
“What does it look like, Nick? I’m interrogating the prisoner.” She growled, squeezing the guard’s neck, eliciting a pained howl.
“We talked about this, Lex.” Loki stepped a bit closer, replaying the conversation he’d read about months ago in his head. “You find the cube, I ask the questions.”
“Problem is, I don’t work for you anymore. But don’t worry. This little bastard is singing like a canary.” She leaned down, kissing the top of the guard’s head before pushing him to the floor.
“If you’re not working for me, who are you working for?”
“Some spy you are.” Mock confusion crossed her face. “I work for the same asshole you do.”
“I don’t answer to him, Lex. Neither do you.”
Aleksa’s laugh bellowed through the vault in time with an energy pulse. Loki could hear power generators begin to shut down above them. “C’mon, Nick. We both know he’s head of the Council. And I know he’s playing both sides.” She ground her heel into the guard’s back. “Isn’t he, spay ?”
Remnants of a burned-out village came into view through the growing portal. It had to be the same decimated village described in Fury’s report. Loki swallowed the brief kernel of doubt, knowing if he didn’t separate her from the Tesseract, the portal would tear the palace apart. Even if it didn’t, she still might.
“Oh, I know. Just like I know these aren’t your run of the mill terrorists,” he gestured to the guards. “And I know this isn’t who you really are.”
“Then what am I, Director? Hmm? A good soldier? An honorable warrior?” She snarled. “ A healer? ”
“Yes.” Loki was close enough to touch her and began to maneuver himself between her and the Tesseract. “You’re all of those things, Colonel. You’re not a cold-blooded killer. You won’t slaughter innocents...”
“Innocents?” she screamed. “These soulless bastards,” she nodded to the guard on the floor, “aren’t innocent! The men in this camp weren’t innocent. And the villagers? The ones who harbored these animals. Fed them, clothed them, watched them slaughter my team one by one, watched as they slit...Erik...” she faltered, the white light from the portal reflecting in the tears running down her face. “They are. Not. Innocent. No one is. Not even you.”
“You’re right.” Fury’s voice fell evenly under Loki’s guidance. “But you’re better than this. Let us take care of this one.” He reached out one hand while trying to send the Tesseract into a pocket dimension. “Let me take you home.”
Her features softened and, for one brief moment, Loki thought he’d gotten through to her. Her eyes turned dark and the sinister smile returned.
“We both know I’m going to die in this hellhole. Care to join me?”
Aleksa lunged at Fury, falling through the illusion to the floor. She rolled to her feet in time to see the Tesseract vanish above Loki’s hand. She howled and scrambled for the rapidly closing portal. Loki dove for her, knocking her back to the floor. She struggled against him, screaming incoherently between languages, begging to be released. A few moments passed after the portal closed before she stilled.
Loki backed away, cautiously waving the Einherjar in to retrieve their comrades. The remaining guards surrounded Aleksa with weapons at the ready. Loki knelt in front of where she sat on the floor.
Aleksa didn’t respond. She just stared at the spot where the portal had been, whispering incoherently. Just as he began to rise, she spoke in a voice that sparked both sorrow and fear in his heart.
“Kill me.”
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imagine-loki · 3 years ago
Imagine you’re prepped for a quiet night to watch The Princess Bride. Loki shows up unexpectedly and grudgingly agrees to watch with you. He whines about it in the beginning but is more engrossed in it than you are by the end. 
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