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NIKKI I CANNOT. You are so kind and talented yourself my friend and even though it’s only been a month, maybe two, it’s been so wonderful getting to know you and messaging you and having a new member of our chaos family. I stan a fellow creator WHO IS SO TALENTED. ❤️❤️


Originally posted by let-me-wonder-all-night

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Anyone wanna fuck up my lonely housewife (Margot Robbie fc)  or my newly divorced young professor (Ana de Armas fc)?

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Please give me some lonely housewife/neighbor’s kid, hot mom/son’s best friend plots for my girl, Lainey. 


Or some professor/student, neighbor/neighbor’s son things for my sweet psych professor, Nikki.

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I have literally $0 right now because my pay card from work takes 3 days to transfer money into my bank account and the person I pay rent to waited 3 weeks to deposit the check so I’ve been spending money I don’t have and I don’t get paid again until the 9th…. wtf

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So I’ve been talking and making out with this guy for a little over a week and he went home for the weekend and I saw him today and he sat me down and told me we should just be friends because he has a crush on one of our other friends…

Like I took it really well…but I really liked him and I want to cry but I can’t because I knew this would happen. This always happens. And I told him that and he apologized but I don’t want an apology?

I wanted to be happy and have cute kisses in bed to wake me up. I wanted to keep holding his hand and sit outside and talk for hours. I wanted him to keep counting my snorts when I laugh. I wanted all the things I’ve had for the past couple weeks with him.

And maybe it’s selfish but I wanted it and I never ask for anything. I always give and give and never get anything in return and I, just for once, wanted something and I don’t get it. I work hard, I stay with friends even when I want to be alone and I just wanted this one thing to work out. Just this one. And now I have to see him and pretend it’s all fine even though he knows it’s not, and I know it’s not and our friends know it’s not. But I have to smile and laugh and not be disappointed when he doesn’t count my snorts. I have to know that he likes our other friend and pretend it’s okay if they end up together. I fell so hard so fast but I don’t get my happy ending, I never get my happy ending. And it hurts. It hurts so much. But in the morning it has to be all fine because I have to go to work and smile and great the students and make sandwich after sandwich and pretend that I don’t have this bitter taste in my mouth when I think of him or someone asks how it’s going.

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bea came over to the house and i made wedges and chicken burgers for us using just my toaster

man,toasters are underrated


after lunch, we sat and talked before doing anything because we ate a lot. srsly.

then i set up to dip dye bea’s hair and i felt so professional with mah mixing dish and tied up ‘working’ hair.

so i did my best to coat bea’s hair and we let it sit for about 40 mins.



s'okay i’ll just have to re-do it next week.

then we watched old videos of us and our friends

i was just laughing and all that was going through my head was

  • omg we were only 14
  • i am so nene
  • deer look at those chubby cheeks
  • and that squeakier voice

bea and i were just lol-ing at ourselves, i mean at least we have better hair now and don’t look like lost children. 

lost teens maybe really.

then we watched our old english play

which i directed :>

and it was one of my best productions :>

totally funny rom com, i’m so proud of you 14 year old Nikki :’>

i also bleach painted an old black tee which came out nice.

but the fumes….


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Remembering the one time like 10 years ago that I reblogged one (1) picture of Nikki Minaj and said in the tags that she was hot, and someone sent me an anon saying “I didnt realize you were a misogynist now”. Tumblr has always provided an unparalleled social media experience.

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😭😭 nikki you’re adorable i love you so much

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silent witness challenge

day eighteen • ultimate favourite pathologist

dr nikki alexander

it has to be nikki for me, no question about it. she’s just so passionate about her work and i adore her so much.

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she is thinking something evil

color pallete taken from her original sprite, with a few modifications

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Anyone else hyped to get yet another cool skin tone that will have virtually no makeups or poses!

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i haven’t yet, but I’m going to. just waiting on @daisiesandmoonlight to have time so we can watch together.

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Pls,,,no more nidhogg simps,,,,no more reid simps,,,,no more simping for the abusive creepy men,,,,,

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Not that many people talk about it, but one of toh’s major themes is loneliness in life and how it is others who pulls you out of it, not yourself. I pinged that early on and so the lonely complex comics are meant to really highlight how necessary that theme is in the show. Luz had no friends in the human world and it was Eda and King welcoming her into their lives that pulled her out of a very lonely existence. Then Luz builds a community by pulling people out of their own secular lonelinesses.

I think Luz having a complex over it, that lots of people have from being ostracized from their peers like she had been, is interesting and worth making comics about because of how much it happens to people.

The overall point of them, though, is that if you are relating to Luz then just know there are people who are reaching out to you and genuinely are wanting to befriend you and are trying to pull you from it. It just can take multiple times for you to see it. The last part is coming soon and hopefully it’ll help show y'all that this is truly my intention in the comics. It’s meant to comfort the people that it hits close to home with.

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Sometimes I wonder if I look at Levi with rose coloured glasses (and at Nico too) because I can always find a plausible reason why they acted the way they did.

But again… The word is empathise and sympathise. Like get out of your audience brain and put yourselves in the character’s shoes.. Because each character should at least be relatable to us.

But I don’t know who the people at reddit or gen grey’s fandom are. If they’re the tweenies who discovered Grey’s because of Netflix or legit some of the older OG fans who are biased towards the OG cast but…..

I’m not here for nonsensical reasons to hate on Levi where it actually has plausible arguments to back up his actions.

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