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#nikolai lantsov
sixofclovers · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh to be king nikolai, unchained from my bed and awoken by zoya nazyalensky every morning from my sedative induced coma to prevent my literal demons from rampaging across ravka 
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zoya-the-dragon · a day ago
In Rule of Wolves, Zoya says this about love: 
“​​Love wasn’t a spell, some kind of benediction to be whispered, a balm or a cure - all. It was a single, fragile thread, which grows stronger through connection, through shared hardship and honoured trust.”
It’s beautiful, but it also reflects the fact that characters in the Grishaverse how grown up in a very martial world where hardship and struggle are constant and where being able to protect yourself is a necessity. This is reflected in the way they interact with the world, and it’s particularly noticeable when talking or thinking about love. 
We see it time and time again across the series, with Alina and Mal: 
“That’s right, Alina, I’m a soldier.... and I’ll keep marching becasue the firebird is all I can give you. No money. No army. No mountaintop stronghold.” He shouldered his pack. “This is all I have to offer. The same old trick.” 
Kaz and Inej:
“And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way our together - knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”
Nina and Matthias:
They were twin souls, soldiers destined to fight for different sides, to find each other and lose each other too quickly.
Zoya and Nikolai: 
“We would go on, you and I. If I couldn’t be queen you would find a way to win this battle and save this country. You would make a sheltering place for my people. You would march and bleed and crack terrible jokes until you had done all you said you would do. I suppose that’s why I love you.”
The way they see the world reflects how broken and militarised it is, but despite that there’s so much beauty in this conception of love. 
For them, love isn’t something to be taken for granted, a magical thing that just happens, it’s something tangible that you fight for, that grows through shared struggle and that allows you to keep on going against all the odds. It might not be the traditional conception of romance, but it’s beautiful.
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kolarpem · 2 days ago
Morning Doodle: Through the windows, Nikolai heard music from the parlors and gaming rooms. He glimpsed bodies swathed in silk and jewels and saw a man wearing nothing but an admiral’s hat and beating a large pot with a spoon as he ran down the hall. Tolya’s scowl was deep enough to sow seeds in. “The crown shouldn’t be associated with such displays.” “Perhaps not,” conceded Nikolai. “But the Ravkan people like their leaders with just a touch of the unseemly about them. They don’t trust a man of too much virtue.” Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars Ch 4
No time to sketch tats today, can use your imagination lol
Tumblr media
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sydneymack · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Zoya and Nikolai - Shadow and Bone
Artist: @pandyals_art
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bookingalong · 2 days ago
Zoya and Nikolai would OWN the Met Gala
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wylan-van-eckk · 2 days ago
headcanon that when Zoya is nervous or angry if you touch her you feel static electricity
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turtleofdamascus · 2 days ago
Bardugo and ribbons and flower motifs
I don’t know how to express this well but I really like how flowers and ribbons are motifs that Bardugo emphasizes especially in Kaz Brekker’s backstory and Nikolai’s life which I feel are sort of foils of each other. Both of them mask their feelings for their crush - Nikolai with humor and Kaz by not addressing them at all. While Nikolai came from wealth and Kaz from destitution, I feel they both desire the same simple things. To have their loved one safe and to maintain some sort of power but not abusing their power (Kaz taking Haskell down) (Nikolai trying to choose a rightful leader). They both have a sense of moral and justness that they cling to. 
 Kaz remembers the detail of Saskia’s red ribbon. It’s a symbol of his lost innocence, childhood, his love for life and others. I thought it stood out because this was a detail disclosed to us in a flashback but Kaz didn’t verbally share it with us , the readers. It is only when he repeats this detail to Pekka when we realize this red ribbon is personal to him and deeply affected him. Kaz is a deeply sentimental person at heart and he is still a child hurt by the loss of losing everything that made him happy. He lost the red ribbon. And you see why he is so deeply vengeful. He remembers everything he lost. 
 For Nikolai. he seems to have this sort of fetish . Well I don’t like fetish word. But obsession with Zoya’s ribbon. It’s Something that signals his crush on her throughout the book. If we’re going with the theme ribbons symbolize childhood, I feel Nikolai’s obsession with the ribbon represents his youthfulness and childness at heart. He has in some ways a boyish naivety to his love for Zoya even though he is a king. 
Geraniums, Inej’s mother’s favorite flower, comes up a lot. And right after Inej talks about Kaz and how he won’t give her flowers. But obviously Kaz is this man who is providing for her. He gives her a ship. He thinks of what she wants. We do get a flower moment in CK when Kaz dumps the geraniums into the canal and swoops a cloak around Inej like a phantom in the night. It’s sweeping. It’s romantic and over-the-top. 
Not sure about other flower moments but it is mentioned quite a lot in the books like the blue irises for Alina as a symbol of the Darkling’s manipulation and Mal’s care for her. 
I love how flowers symbolize the thought and care that the partner shows for the other. I guess that’s usually what most people use flowers for in books but I like how its mentioned consistently through different relationships in the books.  Edited : so I got some tags that mentioned Zoya’s garden which I totally forgot. I love that moment so much in Rule of Wolves and its a perfectly exemplifies how flowers symbolize how much a person means to the other. Zoya is another character similar to Kaz in that she masks her trauma. Her secret garden (intentional reference) is an outlet for her vulnerability and shows how deeply she thinks about each person she lost and how she clings to their memory through having them live on in her garden. Having that intimate moment wi th me Nikolai was her letting go of her barriers. I also love how Bardugo is self aware and when Zoya says the thorned flower is “not a metaphor”. So she totally knows what she’s doing. Bit of a meta moment. Similarly, Kaz reveals his sentimental nature when he reveals his attatchment to the ribbon in front of Pekka and Inej. It’s more subtle though
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grishaverseshitposts · 8 hours ago
Alina: I couldn’t do this without you, Nikolai.
Nikolai: Sure you could. Not as stylishly, of course.
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lantsovnik · 2 days ago
so who’s gonna take one for the team and draw met gala zoyalai with zoya wearing a dragon theme and nikolai a demon theme
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congrats on 400!!! can i get 🛌 with nikolai lantsov pls <33
Thank you so much anon!! And ofc!
Nikolai Lantsov never stops flirting with you
Even after you guys get together, the onslaught of pick up lines never stopped
At a royal party he would walk up to you like he's never met you
And then deliver the worst pick up lines
"Are you a magician, sweetheart? Because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears."
"We're married Nikolai."
He gives you random compliments sprinkled throughout your day
"Your hair looks as stunning as the rest of you, love."
*Whistles* "I'm a lucky man"
He'll introduce you as "my beautiful/gorgeous/stunning wife"
My mans will praise you literally whenever
He'll praise you somewhere else too *wink wink*
{Join my 400 followers celebration!}
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cynqell · 2 days ago
Jesper, attempting to teach Kaz how to drive: you're driving, and you see Inej and me on the road. What do you hit?
Kaz: you
Jesper: wait- what?????
Kaz: you
Jesper, panicking: THE BRAKES.
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kolarpem · a day ago
Morning Doodle:
“Any falcons in the skies?”
“No, but we hear there are foxes in the woods”
Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars Ch 4
Tumblr media
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ravenyenn19 · a day ago
I had a burst of inspiration, and while with work over the next few days I will not be promising my uploads after what happened last week, I want you all to know…. It’s brewing. The big stuff. The big big stuff. I can’t tell you, because I have to tell you in… you know… the long hand write the story sort of way, but damn I want to tell you. ⚔️😇 (check de tags…)
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multifandomnonsense · a day ago
Alina: I’m not hooking up with Mal
Nikolai: No one is judging you. It's understandable. Mal is tall, kind, and surprisingly well-muscled
Alina: I’m not hooking up with Mal but I’m starting to think you might be
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neutral-millk · 17 hours ago
hi! I hope you're doing well!
can I get a fic for nikolai lantsov x f!reader? I don't have anything too specific in mind, just maybe a sort of slowburn friends to lovers and with alina and the rest of the crew incorporated into the fic somehow?
no worries if you decide not to do it, of course!! I'm really excited to read it if you do write it though!
Better Friends
Nikolai Lantsov x Reader
Warnings: mentions of blood/injury, suggestive themes
Word count: ~3k
A/N: I absolutely love this idea, writing idiots in love is so fun! This is my first time writing a fic so I apologize for any errors, I hope you enjoy it :)
Summary: You and Nikolai had always been close friends, his birthday was approaching and you were helping plan a ball. In the midst of the celebration you and the king realized your true feelings for each other.
Tumblr media
Nikolai Lantsov had been your closest friend for ages, ever since you met him in the army. As teenagers you caused shenanigans, laughing loudly in the late hours of the night about the dumb things you did throughout the day. The two of you once set a large snake loose in the generals tent, the sound of the mans screams left the two of you laughing about it for days. You guys would wrestle and spar, you were quite evenly matched until Nikolai really started gaining muscle and height.
As a teen you payed no mind to the change in his appearance, his round face became chiseled, his noodle arms became muscular, his soft stomach gained abs. He was maturing alongside you. You didn’t gain much more height, but he noticed the change in your body. The teenage boys head was bombarded with unwanted hormones. Nikolai once caught a glimpse of you changing when he walked into your shared tent and he nearly died on the spot.
You hummed a tune that had been stuck in your head as you pulled off your boots, your muscles sore from the running you did. All you wanted to do was to get into some clean clothes and relax with Nikolai. When you joined the army the two of you became fast friends, your personalities just clicked. He was quite different compared to the other men in your unit, he listened to you when you spoke and he though no less of you considering you were a woman. Some of the men thought you were weak, that was until you’d invite them to spar and they would lose miserably.
You continued peeling off your clothes that were soaked with sweat and grime, at times you wished for a nice bubble bath but all you got was the communal showers. You then slipped on a clean pair of underwear followed by socks and pants. The sound of shuffling filled your ears, someone was coming into the tent. You figured it was one of the other females in your tent so you made no effort to cover your exposed chest since the boys were playing cards. You turned to see who it was, instead of a girl you were met with a wide eyed Nikolai. His face turned beet red before he dashed out of the tent while loudly spewing apologizes.
You then swiftly pulled on a shirt before chasing after him, you had tears in your eyes form laughing so hard. You had never seen Nikolai in such a state but it was something you would never forget. The always confident and flirty boy had been reduced to a flustered mess in a matter of seconds. Upon catching up to him he began to profusely apologize but you just laughed at him causing him to stop. He’d thought you would be mad but much to his content, you found it amusing.
At the time, speaking of the incident left him embarrassed but it eventually became a joke between the two of you. You guys grew up side by side, for some time you were unaware of his royal blood until he opened up about it. You remembered the conversation clearly but his status made sense, he spoke eloquently when needed and he was marvelous with a sword.
The two of you only grew closer in the army. As things grew hectic and soldiers started dying, you two would return to each other, sharing comforts. There had been times when one of you was put in danger but somehow the other was always there to save them. There was one occasion you remembered clearly, you were trying to get back to the camp after being shot. Although you were a heartrender you kept your status hidden from others so you couldn’t just heal yourself in the field. You simply didn’t want to be part of the second army, you knew how to use your power well so you had no reason to reside in the little palace. You wanted freedom to do things that “normal” people would.
Your hand was pressed against a bloodied wound on your thigh, you needed to get back to the base to get help. Once the bullet was out you could do the rest of the work in private, you were far too squeamish to pull it out yourself and you’d most likely pass out due to the pain. You continued to stumble towards the base, the searing pain in your leg only grew as you got closer. Tears began to stream down your face as you stifled your wails of pain. Your whole leg was on fire, you couldn’t continue like this. You began to grow dizzy, your head feeling lighter than ever. You then lost your footing, letting out a cry as you fell to the ground.
You weren’t sure if you were hallucinating the voice until Nikolai’s face came into view. The man rushed over to you, dropping his gun to hoist you into his arms. He saw the blood spilling from the wound in your thigh, he loudly cursed before setting you back down. You were still woozy and not completely aware of what was going on.
“Y/N I’m so sorry, please forgive me for this.” His words were followed by his fingers digging into your wound to fish out the bullet. You let out a pained scream but it had sobered you up. You let out a few shaky breaths as nikolai tossed the bullet to the side, his hands were covered in your blood. He then went to pick you up once again but you stopped him.
“Nikolai I’ll lose too much blood before we can get back to the camp.” Your words caused tears to pool in his eyes, he wasn’t ready to lose his best friend yet. “I’m sorry for not telling you sooner.” You then began to heal the wound yourself. Nikolai watched with wide eyes as the hole closed, leaving nothing but a faint scar on your skin.
He was shocked, you broke the silence before he could. “I’ve been keeping it a secret only because I didn’t want to be sent to the second army. I like it here with you, I don’t want to be sent away.” You were crying at this point, the thought of your best friend hating you was something you never wanted to happen.
Much to your surprise he pulled you into a tight embrace, you hesitated before pulling him closer. “I thought I was going to lose you Y/N.” His voice was strained, as if he was holding back tears. You were so glad he wasn’t upset about your secret, he was truly your best friend.
The memories you shared with Nikolai constantly danced around your head, little things always made you think of him. As time went on you two only grew closer. After a majority of your unit was killed in a surprise attack he brought you home with him to Os Alta. You reluctantly embraced your identity and resided in the little palace.
At first you didn’t like it much but it was worth it in the end. You had become much stronger, even learning how to tint lips and cheeks like a tailor would. Tailoring was never a strong suit of yours, instead you focused on becoming a healer. Before he left for “college” he told you his true intentions, becoming a privateer and sailing the seas. He begged you to come with him, obviously you said yes.
After the war you returned to the palace with him once again, you helped him rebuild the country until it was flourishing. The two of you were inseparable, best friends forever as you liked to say.
It was now 3 days before Nikolai’s birthday and you’d been extremely busy with party planning. You’d had plenty of help but you wanted it to be perfect. Nikolai had been working so hard lately so you offered to take up planning the ball. Everything was almost done, you just had to work out the final details. At the moment you were walking to the Fabricator Lab with a few clothing patterns for Nikolai, yourself, and a few others. They weren’t too complex and you knew David wouldn’t let you down.
You were planning on wearing a red, floor length gown. You weren’t wanting anything flashy so you settled for silk with flowers embroidered in gold near the end of the dress. You came up with the idea yourself and you prayed it would look good.
You already had the cooks preparing and marinating meats so they would be flavorful, Nikolai deserved only the best. Tight security would be guaranteed to ensure the safety of the king. Tolya and Tamar would be his personal guards as usual. After dropping off the papers you rushed back to your room. You were in need of a break.
You bumped into someone as you turned a corner, causing you to fly back. Before you could hit the ground a hand shot out to grab you. “Be careful lovely.” Nikolai’s voice flooded your ears as he pulled you to your feet. “Consider me your knight in shining armor.” He shot you his signature smirk causing you to let out a laugh. “So you’re a knight now? Prince, Pirate, King, Knight.” You paused to poke his forehead. “Make up your mind Nik.”
“Privateer!” He corrected as he faked a frown. Seeing Nikolai was always refreshing, especially in a time like this. You’d gladly take a needed break with your best friend. He then leaned in so close that your noses nearly touched. “So.” He dragged out the “o” as he spoke. “Are you going to tell me what you got me for my birthday?” You could see the curious glint in his eyes.
You then rolled you eyes. “Sanits Nikolai! You can wait three days!” The man let out a groan, you’d never met a grown man that would whine like he did. You really understood why others called him Sobachka. He truly acted like at puppy at times.
You didn’t really get Nikolai one nice present but a lot of little things that you knew he’d like. A wooden ship that you carved yourself, a vial of seawater, a heartfelt handwritten letter talking about how much you appreciated him. Your favorite item was a necklace with a golden fox pendant, you had one yourself that you received as a child so you had David make an identical one for Nikolai.
He’d always talked about how cool it was and that he’d love a necklace like that. Unfortunately you had no idea where it came from since it was gifted to you, you hadn’t had the idea to make him one until now.
It was now the day of the ball and you were getting ready with the others. Alina, Genya, and Zoya, and you had all piled into a room so you could help each other out. Zoya and Genya didn’t do much except fix their hair before they were ready, the two looked absolutely stunning in their gowns. Zoya wore a sapphire blue gown that sparkled in the light, Genya wore a gorgeous cream colored dress that complimented her hair. Genya was helping you do your hair while Zoya helped Alina.
The whole group burst into laughter after you shared the story of young Nikolai walking in while you were changing. You were all exchanging embarrassing stories about the man in honor of his birthday. Zoya then spoke up.
“I was helping him find a book in the library a few weeks ago, the moment he grabs his book a spider jumped right on his face and he was screaming for me to get it off!” Zoya barely got the words out before she started laughing, you couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of Nikolai being scared of a little spider.
A comfortable silence fell over the room as you all finished getting ready, the ball would be starting in half an hour and you were eager to see Nikolai. Alina had just gotten changed into her dress and she looked stunning. She settled for a beautiful brown gown, the color matching her eyes. “Mal better stay close by tonight, you’re gonna have every man falling for you!” You exclaimed to the girl, she looked absolutely gorgeous.
It was now your turn to change, you carefully slipped on your dress. The material clung to body, hugging and accentuating your curves perfectly. The golden embroidery sparkled in the light. You felt stunning in the dress, a part of you hoped Nikolai would feel the same.
The girls began to shower each other with compliments and praise. You all looked beautiful but you felt as if you were no match to the other girls. Deep down you envied their beauty, especially Alina. You remembered when Nikolai proposed to her, much to your relief she declined. You hated yourself for feeling jealous but you couldn’t control it, Nikolai was just your friend.
You shook those thoughts from your head as you admired yourself in the mirror, you were ready for the ball.
You watched people began to pile in, upbeat music was being played. Your eyes scanned the crowd, looking for Nikolai but you couldn’t seem to spot him. Suddenly, a hand grasped your arm causing you to turn around. You were prepared to scold whoever grabbed but it was Nikolai.
You noticed how his eyes took in your form, taking an extra moment to admire your dress. He then made eye contact and you felt a blush rise to your cheeks. “You look beautiful, dove.” You were used to his compliments but that one felt much different, he didn’t give you a sleazy smile, instead his eyes were full of adoration. You then took a money to look at him, the color of his blazer was matching your dress along with the golden embroidery on his cuffs and hems.
You thought it would be a nice idea to have your outfits match and he clearly agreed. He then took your hand in his. “May I have a dance, lovely?” The king himself was treating you like a princess and you loved it. “Of course Nik!” He agreed happily, he then pulled you towards the dance floor.
You were surprised with his dancing skills, for a man that could be so clumsy he moved elegantly. The two of you maintained eye contact but there was moments where it would be broken to admire the others outfit or features. Your breath seemed to be caught in your throat as you continued to dance, seeing Nikolai in this lighting made it feel like there was a massive horde of butterflies in her stomach. You then realized how handsome Nikolai was.
In that moment your feelings hit you like a bus, you were utterly in love with your best friend. How could you be so blind to your feelings for so long? You should’ve noticed sooner but you were blinded by your own ignorance. You had no idea how you were going to tell him but you knew you needed to. You both valued honesty, even if your feelings weren’t reciprocated you needed him to know.
(Nikolai’s POV)
He watched you closely as you danced together, he couldn’t get over how beautiful you looked in your dress. Truth be told, Nikolai had been crushing on you for months now. He didn’t want to ruin your friendship so he kept his feelings to himself. But seeing you like this made it so hard, he saw how the other men were looking at you. He had to suppress a growl of anger when he saw a man approaching you, Nikolai gave him a rather threatening stare, the man then scampered away out of fear.
Nikolai just wanted you all for himself, he hates hearing about your boyfriends or tumbles. Even as a teenager he was overcome with jealousy. He would show you a real relationship if he was ever given the chance. Nikolai would cherish you and treat you like a queen. You deserved the best of the best.
Your voice broke the silence, causing his stomach to flip. “Nikolai I need to tell you something.” He hated when you said that, it always meant bad news. He didn’t want bad news on his birthday, or any day! He let out a small sigh. “Lovely, I hate when you say that.”
His heart fluttered at the sound of your laugh, all the little things about you only furthered his infatuation with you.
You then took his hand, pulling him away until you were in a secluded corridor. He could tell how nervous you were, only making him feel worse. He hated bad news, especially when it came from you.
He’s watched carefully as you tried to speak but you seemed unsure of your words. Before he could even ask you if you were okay you blurted out a sentence he was not expecting.
“I’m in love with you.”
(Your POV)
It took a lot of courage to tell him but his silence was deafening. You began to apologize, immediately regretting your decision. You turned to leave, hoping to escape the awkward atmosphere.
“I’ve been waiting so long for you to say that.”
Your eyes widened, he liked you too? That seemed quite impossible, with Zoya around how could he possibly fall in love with you? Nikolai pulled you into an embrace that you quickly reciprocated. His words rung in your head. Nikolai Lantsov was in love with you, the king of Ravka liked you back.
After pulling away from the hug he cupped your face, his face wa sneaky touching yours when he spoke up again. “I’ve been feeling this way for months, lovely.” He then paused to grin. “I truly do always get what I want.” You both giggled at his words. As you looked into each other’s eyes he glanced towards your lips.
“Can I kiss you, Y/N?” His words made butterflies erupt in your stomach. Instead of responding you pressed your lips to his, savoring the taste of his lips for the few moments you had them.
Nikolai was finally yours and you were his, a dream come true for the both of you. In Nikolai’s opinion, it was the best birthday he’d ever had.
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