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#nikolai x zoya
boredbookwormgirl6 months ago
So I was re reading King of Scars and ...
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King of Scars : Chapter 6
And then
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Rule of Wolves : Chapter 20
I have no words. David Kostyk has rendered me speechless. David you beautiful brilliant man 馃槶馃槶
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belle-keys6 months ago
I understand the casting choices in Shadow and Bone are designed to make me see that The Darkling aka the evil white guy is the villain but casting one of THEE finest male specimens in the lands to play Aleksander is not helping me be rightly allied with the good guys here.
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mushi-dumb4 months ago
to the people i'm ignoring,
i'm sorry but simping over fictional characters who kneels before no one but their soulmate is a full time job.
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emartsemi17 days ago
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Zoya and Nikolai x G贸mez and Morticia 馃拃馃枻
Halloween weekly challenge!
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purns-art6 months ago
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zoya nazyalensky owns my heart. hjfdkjfhjd I finished rule of wolves btw
(((reblogs appreciated ghfjdkjfdk))))
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she-who-reads-ya-books6 months ago
People who ship Malina: THEY ARE SOULMATES
That one person who ships Nikolai and Alina: Um hi wouldn鈥檛 it have been kinda cool if Alina had became a Queen?
People who ship Zoya and Alina: TWO QUEENS THAT DESERVE EACH OTHER
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jadeddraws8 months ago
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鈥... she was grateful for the distraction of this easy back-and-forth. this was safe, simple, nothing like the quiet of his bed chamber, his hand tight in hers ....鈥
zoya nazyalensky & nikolai lantsov belong to @lbardugo .
please do not repost, but do find me on instagram!
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i-can-stab-you-in-the-eye7 months ago
-" Zoya will live a very long life," the Darkling said- "Despite the demon, you may not do the same."
- "Then I will love her from my grave."
I'm fucking crying right now
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zoyathedragonqueen6 months ago
鈥淭he real question is how you're going to outdo this gown for the royal wedding.鈥
鈥淒on't get ahead of yourself,鈥 Zoya said. 鈥淣ikolai hasn't asked.鈥
鈥淐an you blame him?鈥 Genya said. 鈥淗e hasn't had much luck with proposals.鈥
Alina snorted. 鈥淢aybe he should have offered me a dynasty and not a piddly little emerald.鈥
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goldengoddess3 months ago
headcanons abt reader and nikolais royal duties and small traditions they have set pls
royal duties - nikolai lantsov 鈾
pairing: nikolai lantsov x fem!reader
a/n: i love this request!!!! bc i have so many ideas!!! i have a ton of nikolai request in my inbox so expect more of my little ideas ab this <3
warnings: none! pure fluff!
Tumblr media
breakfast every morning ofc !!!
the two of you have the busiest lives as king and queen of ravka
it鈥檚 hard to find moments where it鈥檚 just the two of you
so breakfast it is
the two of you guys promised long ago so set aside that time for each other
if anyone ever tried to set up a meeting during that time he鈥檇 simply skip it bc no one took up his you time
thats what he called it
at first the servants of the palace set the two of you up on opposite sides of the table, as was proper for a king and queen
but nikolai wouldn鈥檛 have that
absolutely not
he鈥檇 practically pulled your chair, plate, and cutlery smack dab next to him
and it was like that ever since
his hand on your thigh as the two of you ate
sharing your plans for the day with each other
鈥渟aints i have the most boring meeting with an ambassador from ketterdam, do you want to have like some kind of emergency so i can get out of it?鈥
nikolai is kind of a baby but we knew that already
and even if breakfast is fast and rushed, it鈥檚 still a little pocket of peace between the two of you
he often steals you snacks from the kitchens
the both of you know that he could easily ring a bell
he insisted he needed a bell
and have all the snacks he wanted
but he insists on the fact that he had to go on a 鈥榟eist鈥 and get them himself
as if the staff didn鈥檛 know he stole the snacks already
you appreciate the gesture none the less
you especially like how he comes into your bedroom, hands filled with all of your favorite treats, the wildest grin on his face, panting as if he鈥檇 just escaped death
鈥渇or you my darling鈥
you don鈥檛 have over lapping schedules often
so on the off chance you have a formal meeting together
it鈥檚 really a shocker and a welcomed duty
it consists of nikolai鈥檚 hand permanently placed on your hand
whispering little bits of information and theories about certain people
he likes to save his hilarious comments just for you
sometimes he leans his head on your shoulder
and you observe his face
his long eyelashes and perfect nose
and the way that he鈥檚 totally attentive yet relaxed against your body
鈥渢hank you for being here with me鈥 he mumbles into your shoulder, placing a kiss on the same spot
you two have the tiny traditions that really make royal life worth it, tolerable
like when you have a bad day nikolai plays your favorite song softly
or when you know nikolai has a rough couple of days ahead of him you will personally see that every room in the palace has a vase of his favorite flowers
every time he noticed he gets all soft and cute
鈥渕y favorite?鈥
the grounds of the palace are gorgeous
yet often forgotten
the two of you agreed long ago that the flowers and greenery were so much gorgeous in the rain
so you two must go on walks when it rains
no umbrellas either
just eachother
holding hands and getting absolutely soaked
you tell him about your childhood and growing up in the countryside of ravka and how you鈥檙e reminded of home when it rains
even though he鈥檚 heard the same couple of stories hundreds of times
he pulls of flowers and ticks them behind your ear
and you giggle and stick your tongue out to catch the water droplets on your tongue
he often pulls you closer by your joined hands
鈥渋 don鈥檛 deserve you but i鈥檓 so fucking glad you choose me anyways鈥 he whispers into your wet hair
like i said, breakfast is sacred to the two of you
but so is that soft moment right before bed
where it seems like the moon and darkness stole a couple of hours just for the two of you
nikolai never sleeps it a normal time
it鈥檚 practically impossible
and as the doting wife you are
you can never fall asleep without him by your side
so over the years of your marrige you manage to change your sleep schedule to match his
usually the two of you write and answer letters with each other
total silence, but the kind that feels comfortable
sometimes you hear nikolai hum under his breath and it almost always lulls you to sleep
you find out later he does it on purpose because he doesn鈥檛 want you staying up late before the day of an important project
every now and then you join him in his workshop
he鈥檚 set up a little love seat just for you
where you read your book or plan out your next meeting with other royal members from other countries
while nikolai draws on blue prints or tinkers with his latest project
he uses you as a bit of a sounding board
鈥渄arling, do you think i should add another level?鈥
your responses usually sound like 鈥渕hm鈥 because you know he really isn鈥檛 asking he just needs to verbalize his ideas to really solidify them
as king and queen, you get ready for parties together
often you sit at your vanity, placing every last strand of hair in the perfect place
and nikolai stands behind you, buttoning up his shirt tying his tie
he always lets you add the final touches to his outfit though
you pin all of his medals of honor, the ones he earned, to his royal coat
he loves how gentle you are
the way your fingers linger on every medal and tiny decoration
he kisses both of your cheeks, causing a natural blush to rise to your cheek
he softly pulls at your emerald earings, the ones that match your engagement ring, like the child he is
鈥渢hese are pretty, i wonder which man with such great taste gifted them to you鈥 he teases
and right before the two of you enter the ball room
he pulls you by your waist
into his chest
and kisses your forehead, then your knuckles, and finally the inside of your palm
鈥測ou are the most beautiful queen that i have ever known, and i鈥檓 honored i get to stand at your side鈥
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insanefandomshipper25 days ago
Zoya's blue eyes flashed. Her chin lifted as if to say, What is a mortal king to a queen who can summon storms?
-King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo
I am positively in love with Zoya. That's it.
Tumblr media
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mushi-dumba month ago
everyone: why are you always smiling at your phone?
me (still looking at incorrect quotes of my favourite book couple, and imagining myself with my book bf ) : maybe i've a boyfriend.
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equinoxdust6 months ago
Nikolai x Zoya moments from RoW that I'll never forget 馃枻
Nikolai's "Zoya look at me" as he gently touches her face with his demon. +Not wanting her to be afraid
Zoya's "I would stay forever if I could" as she kisses his forehead
The entire "your heart is in your eyes, your highness" moment
Choosing her as his queen
The iconic "then I will love her from my grave" 馃槶
Nikolai wanting to court her properly before proposing
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