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#nikolaj lantsov
book-worm-llama · 3 months ago
When you are studying your history lesson and you read emperor Nikolaj the Second but your only association is with Nikolaj Lantsov:
Tumblr media
When I read his name, I smiled and continue to read... but at the end of the lesson I realized that immediately after I had read his name I stopped paying attention to the lesson...😅😶 I guess I'm obsessed with Nikolaj (and the Drakling)
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book-worm-llama · 3 months ago
What I saw in my German workbook today:
•Alina kommt nicht aus der Schweiz. Sie kommt aus Österreich.
▪︎Nein, sie kommt aus Ravka!
(•Alina isn't from Switzerland. She is from Austria.
▪︎No, she is from Ravka!)
Tumblr media
Sorry for the stupid joke, I'm reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy now.
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