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#cutest liar David Tennant as Tenth Doctor Doctor Who (2005-)
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THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER (2022) Official Teaser
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meliorn · 11 months ago
Your gifs are wonderful! How do you colorize your gifs without distorting them? Mine usually become like pixels, like grainy :(
thank you so much!! a big thing is using high quality videos, like 1080p. i also rely a lot on the colouring layer "levels" to increase the depth in my gifs, which can help prevent it looking grainy! here's an example:
Tumblr media
in my resources tag there's also some posts about how i get smooth-looking colors, like this one that explains how to manually paint your gif to make colors more solid and less grainy. i hope this helps!
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expelliarmus · 8 months ago
oh hi nicole, i hope you're safe and sound! i've been lurking on your blog for a week straight because your colourings are *gorgeous* :') i came across your tutorial about colouring and i thought i might take some lessons from you and experiment on it and blend it with my experience and i was thinking maybe you don't accept that so i'm asking permission if it's ok for you because i'm very sensitive about these things :) have a nice day!
Hi, thank you so much about my colouring!! 😭😭😭💖 Yes of course, you can use whatever you'd like from my tutorial, I shared it for a reason! I hope you find it helpful!!
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all our days - jeff williams (feat. casey lee williams)
applying every rwby song to the witcher (2/62)
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Thieving Touch (Steven Grant x Reader, Marc Spector x Reader, Jake Lockley x Reader) [Part 8]
You and the boys head to the airport.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Epilogue
Tagged: @simpforbuckyb​​, @gracehorses​​, @raging-trash-of-mind​, @galactic-galabee​, @wordacadabra​, @lucy-sky​, @im-a-slut-for-fluff​, @startrekkingaroundasgard​, @agustdeeyaa​​, @theratscorner​, @villainarc-2​, @daddysfavoritesexkitten​, @nothxney​, @just-call-me-non​, @thefreshprinceofmirkwood​, @jamiethenerdymonster​, @storyteller-le​, @unofficialavenger90​, @whitewolfstar01​, @rosaren2498​, @darklingbrekksov​, @gadsgikklesen​, @ultrablackwidower​, @revenge-of-the-bucket-demon​, @rellasnowheenim​, @natalieisfreeziing​, @nyeddleblog​, @21st-century-daydreamer​, @nemtodd-barnes1923​, @yes-im-your-mom​, @sleepgod182​, @sarcasm-n-insomnia​, @allthecurls-misc​, @moony-artemis​, @whovian378​, @flightsoffandom​, @thepurpleaccount, @cole-silas, @christineblood​, @1-800-vader, @roomiesoreo​, @beebslebobs, @theclassicvinyldragon​, @thelastemzy​, @tsnelf7​
Warnings: Jake Lockley
Tumblr media
Gif Source: nikolatexla
Convincing you to accompany him was easier than Steven thought. He had the sneaking suspicion that your acquiescence had to do with the third alter. A certain wariness that hadn’t been there the night before coated your every interaction with him, as though you were poised to flinch away at a moment’s notice.
It made his guts twist.
Marc had the grace to take a backseat for Steven to attempt smoothing things over with you. He watched from behind Steven’s eyes, guilt slowly coalescing in his chest as he heard, saw, and felt Steven’s desperation. It rolled out in waves that Steven, half-cognizant of it, struggled to repress.
To your credit, you didn’t panic or try to flee. If anything, you withdrew into yourself, growing more statuesque the closer the taxi drew to the airport.
“I know it sounds mad,” Steven murmured quietly, trying to make eye contact with you.
You didn’t spare him a single glance, your gaze locked on your hands clasped between your knees.
“But getting you out of the country is a good thing, innit? Getting you out of danger and harm’s way and all that.”
Your shoulder lifted in the barest hint of a shrug.
Steven quailed. “I’m really sorry. I am. I know this isn’t…this isn’t what any of this should have been like.”
The taxi eased into the line of cars dumping passengers onto the sidewalk outside the airport.
Your eyes fluttered shut.
A thought occurred to Marc. Voicing it aloud to Steven, he asked, “Did she bring her passport?”
“Do you have your passport, love?”
Eyes still squeezed shut, you nodded. Your silence ate at Steven’s soul, making his heart plummet and his guts clench the longer he went without hearing your voice.
He reached out a hand to your shoulder, hesitated as he thought better of it. Pulling it back to himself, he slumped in his seat, defeated and deflated.
The doors to the terminal drop-off inched closer as the taxi rolled forward.
“I need an aisle seat.”
Your whisper was so quiet Steven almost didn’t hear it. Nodding his head vigorously, he said, “Of course, you can have whatever you want.”
“Just the aisle seat.”
The taxi jolted as the driver slammed on the brakes, curse words sailing out of his mouth. Flinching, your knees pressed tight against your clenched hands, the skin and fingernails bloodless. Your lips moved soundlessly, eyes still pinched shut.
Somehow your grip tightened further, the tendons in your hands and forearms shaking with tension.
Jake shoved the other two out of the way, shunting them aside easily. “Talk to me about this.” He brushed a knuckle over the back of your fist.
Twitching, you opened your eyes and glanced aside at him, your gaze dull. “What?”
“You told Marc and Steven about the stealing and other things. I want to know about this.”
Shaking your head, you risked a glance out the window. Blood rushed away from your cheeks.
Jake folded his hand over your joined ones, the entire breadth of it covering them. A calloused palm brushed against your knuckles as his fingers slowly settled on the backs of your hands.
He leaned forward, sliding into your space with no resistance, his face turned to look at your profile.
His fingers tightened around your hands, adding pressure. “Does that help?”
He heard your teeth clench, grinding as you fought whatever pain he added. A huff escaped your lips, not quite a cry but something like it.
You didn’t look at him, but you nodded, a faint “Yes” hissing through your teeth.
In answer, you pressed your clenched fists into his fingertips.
You sat like that, his grip adding incremental pressure. Leaning into your space, his nose brushed against your ear, inhaling your scent. You didn’t flinch, your attention hyperfocused on the mostly self-inflicted pain.
The taxi pulled into the drop-off zone, the driver throwing the car into park.
A noise of distress rumbled in your throat. Jake pressed his forehead against your temple, lips brushing against your cheek as he whispered, “Shhh, no te preocupas.”
For a moment, you matched the pressure of his touch against your head, leaning into him. Then you disentangled your hands from his grasp and forced yourself out of the taxi.
“He came out again.”
Marc nodded in the mirror’s reflection. The cramped airplane bathroom stall felt even smaller with both men in it, even if only one had a physical body. “No bodies this time.”
“Yeah, that’s true, I s’pose.” Anxiety coursed through Steven. “What do you think he said to her?”
Moving through airport security, you had been wooden, as though going through the motions without being present. But you had met Steven’s gaze twice, and though you didn’t smile, you didn’t frown. Steven didn’t know whether that was better or worse, not with the tightness in your expression and your vicelike grip around the handle of your bag. You had refused to check it.
“We can take care of it for you,” the woman at the counter had said.
“No. My things belong with me at all times.”
In the waiting area at the gate, you sat stiffly but no longer clenched your hands. Steven was horrified to see the telltale signs of bruises forming on the skin there. How hard had you been clenching them together? He wanted nothing more than take your hands in his and cradle them, kissing away the pain.
On the plane, you had taken the aisle seat, as promised. Steven had fought with Marc about where to sit. Marc had wanted the aisle seat directly across from you, spouting credible information about the tactical advantage of being able to escape the row, but Steven insisted they sit as close to you as possible, forcing them to sit in the middle seat beside you.
Shortly after takeoff, Steven headed into the bathroom with an apology to you as he scooted past your knees.
“I don’t know,” Marc answered. “But she’s on the plane, so that’s all that matters.”
“Is it?” Steven’s voice dropped. “Ra is the king of the Egyptian gods. The king! All the other gods we’ve met have had ego complexes the size of Giza, and they weren’t even proper royalty!”
“Hey, it was your idea. If you had just let Khonshu—”
“We don’t need the old bird for everything!”
Sighing, Marc dragged a hand over his face. “Look, let’s just focus on the problem, alright?”
“I don’t understand why it’s Ra,” Steven mumbled, slumping against the wall. “He’s the one that created everything, yeah, but I don’t understand what he has to do with her shut. We should be talking to…Anubis or someone.”
Do not say that name.
Flinching, Steven groaned. “Why not?”
He is trapped in an ushabti.
“What? Why? All he does is judge the dead!”
He cannot help us.
Throwing his hands up, Steven shook his head. “Right, of course not. He’s only an essential figure in the Underworld, and since the shut is only separated after death, it’s his domain.”
Cease your chatter, little worm.
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re afraid.”
Give the body to Marc.
“No, no, no, you don’t get to do that anymore. Anything you have to say, you can say to both of us.”
“Ah, no, address both of us, yeah?”
The moon god went silent.
After several heartbeats, Steven’s eyebrows arched on his forehead. He glanced at Marc in the mirror. “If I had known that would send him off, I would have said it ages ago.”
“I would’ve liked to know what he wanted to say.”
“Some nonsense about dithering about with me, I’m sure.”
The plane shuddered, hitting turbulence.
“About this ‘king of the gods’…” Marc began.
“He’s the deity of the sun. If we’re lucky, his ego will only be that size and not bigger.”
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red-pill-blue-pill · 3 months ago
Newfound interest
Pairing:  Steven Grant x fem!Reader
Words: 2600-ish
Warnings: Fluffy fluff basically.
Summary: You go on a date with the handsome museum gift shop-ist.
A/N: What can I say. I'm currently obsessed with Moon Knight and Steve Grant (and Marc also but Steve just has that something that makes my heart tingle). It's proofread but you know how that works, maybe I've missed something
Tumblr media
Gif credit: nikolatexla
You wandered through the museum, reading every little label, trying to soak in the huge amount of information and historical pieces on display. 
It had been years since you had went to the museum. Not this one specifically but any museum in London. Yeah, yeah, it was almost criminal for you to forget about the amount of culture that was available. It wasn’t that you didn’t like museums, it was just the lack of free time and, mostly, your lack of power of conviction. It was difficult to drag your friends to a cultural plan when the only thing on their minds as soon as they left work on Fridays was, understandably, getting drunk out of their minds. 
Besides, doing things on your own wasn’t something you were used to. The deep rooted conception that people doing stuff on their own were lonely people was the stupidest thing ever but it still nagged you at the back of your mind, forcing you to discard the possibility of going to the museum by yourself. That was, until now. 
You had planned to go early in the morning, see as much as possible and then go have lunch by yourself. Your anxiety was over the roof but you wanted to force yourself out of your comfort zone. 
And here you were, having the most pleasant morning in the last couple of months, free of hangovers, filled with knowledge. Your brain was reeling with all the new information but there was a specific topic you were dying to research on your own: the egyptian deities. You were completely mesmerized by the collection, it seemed almost impossible that such a rich civilization had really existed and had left all that beauty for you to enjoy. 
As you walked back towards the entrance of the museum you couldn’t help but notice a small gift shop. You, being obsessed with postcards, immediately headed towards it. As you approached the shop you saw there were tons of books about the exhibitions and your eyes lit up at the prospect of not having to wait until you got home to research on your new favorite topic. 
But there were so many of them… you were completely lost on which one would satisfy you newfound curiosity, even though with the amount knowledge you had — close to zero —probably any of them would suffice. Still, you weren’t completely sure so your eyes quickly scanned the shop, looking for someone to help you. 
The cashier was sorting the postcards, his back turned to you. You approached him, too silently it seemed, because when you said “Hi” he slightly jumped and dropped the postcards he was about to put back. “Jesus!” 
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you!” you said as you dropped to the floor, helping him gather the postcards and handing them back to him.
He smiled slightly “No, I’m sorry I don’t know what got into me” he said standing back up.
You stood up with him, your eyes pausing on his face for the first time. Dang, he was cute. His tired eyes looked at you with curiosity, his intense gaze made you feel self-conscious. Do I have something on my face? You cleared your throat, the sound snapping him out of his thoughts.
“I’m sorry uhm…” you slightly leaned closer to look at the name tag clipped to his chest "Steven” he smiled at the way his name sounded on your sweet voice “I was wondering if you could help me choose a book.” 
“Of course” he said as he nodded, the small lock of hair that fell on his face bouncing slightly. “What kind of book are you looking for?” 
“Well, today I discovered the ancient Egypt collection and I wanted a book to learn more about it.”  His eyes lit up and he rushed to the Ancient Egypt books with you walking closely behind. You stared at him as he looked through the books, his excitement was infectious and the boyish expression on his face made you giggle a bit. 
“Yes, I know the perfect book for you. It’s a compilation of every myth and story about egyptian deities and it also puts them in context with cultural practices from the time. It’s very interesting because you get to see hoy religion affected the day to day life.” You listened to him intently, your eyebrows arched and your eyes following his hands as they moved swiftly to the explanation. So he is cute and smart, huh? “for example when they had to bury the pharaoh the only organ left in his body was his heart, cause Anubis weighted the heart of the dead against the feather of truth. If the scale was levered he could spend eternity in the field of reeds, if not, Ammit would eat his heart and… I’m sorry I’m getting carried away.” he chucked as he scratched the back of his neck pulling his lips into a shy smile. His cheeks had turned rosy and you couldn’t help but reach to touch his upper arm in a reassuring way. 
“It’s okay, I’m really enjoying it.” you said smiling. His eyes travelled to your hand and then back to your face, his surprised stare making you pull your hand away as you felt the red in your cheeks starting to spread to the rest of your face at the realization of what you had just did. You weren’t the type to go around touching people’s arms, what the hell was that?. You cleared your throat again trying to compose yourself. “I’m taking that one, yeah” you smiled and he handed it to you.
“Okay, let’s go get you checked out then.” 
He scanned the book as you leaned against the counter, eyeing his every movement. “That’ll be 24 pounds and 99 pence” he bagged the book as you swiped your card. Something in your stomach churned at the thought of ending the conversation with Steven.
“Hope you enjoy it.” he said smiling and handing you the bag with your new favorite book.
“You definitely set high expectations so I’m sure I will” you said chuckling.
Both of you stared at each other for a couple of seconds before he opened his mouth to speak again but the fear of him saying goodbye made you speak faster
“Do you wanna go grab dinner?” You blurted it out, maybe a little too loud, causing a couple of kids nearby laugh at the, at least in their eyes, embarrassing interaction. 
He closed his mouth and pressed his lips in a thin line while quirking an eyebrow as he stared at you.
“M-me?” he said pointing his index finger to his chest, not believing you would want to go out with him.
“Yes, you.” you reclaimed your natural confidence compensating for his shyness in some way.
“Yeah, I’d like to. The only problem is that I am vegan. We don’t have to go to a vegan place though, I can eat salad too there’s no problem, normally there’s salad everywhe-“ he started rambling again and you cut him off with a smile.
“I’m vegan too, don’t worry. How about today? Are you free?” you asked while rummaging through your purse in search of your phone.
“Y-yeah, I’m free, yeah.”
You unlocked your phone “Great! give me your number and I’ll text you. You can choose the restaurant if you want.” 
You exchanged numbers and said your goodbyes. Your heart thumped in your chest as you made your way out of the museum, glancing back to the gift shop to catch him staring. What an interesting individual you thought as you walked inside the tube, your plans to go out to eat cancelled at the prospect of a date with Steven. 
A few hours later your phone pinged and you leaped from your sofa to grab the phone, struggling to draw the unlock pattern in the first try. Your new book fell to the ground with a thud and you cursed and picked it up, inspecting the pages, hoping non of them folded. Then you turned all you attention back to your phone reading the message on the screen “Aldgate East at 6?” you couldn’t help but smile. You quickly typed your answer “yeah!” and went to your room to start getting ready, nervousness already creeping in your stomach. 
Your boots clicked on the stairs as you made your way out of the tube station. You heart thumped heavily on your chest and you didn’t know if it was a mixture of excitement and anxiety or just anxiety. The wind blowed, lifting your skirt and leaving half of your ass on display for everyone to see. Great outfit choice for a windy night, you mumbled to yourself while you the skirt down with your hands. You looked around trying to do some damage control. And then you spotted him. He was looking at you, trying to suppress a laugh as he came closer. He had clearly seen it, your ass, you mean.
He looked stunning. He was wearing a black button up shirt and black jeans and, in his hand, he had a beautifully arranged flower bouquet, mostly conformed by wild flowers. You smiled nervously as you got closer to him. Please don't say anything, please, please.
“Hi” you said a little embarrassed.
“Hi, you look gorgeous” he said, his cheeks turning rosy, as he handed you the flower bouquet.
You grabbed it “It’s beautiful Steven, thank you.” You e the flowers, pink, yellow, orange, incredibly pretty. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” you winked and he chuckled.
“Shall we go?” You nodded as you took a deep breath, mentally thanking him for being so discreet.
The restaurant was nearby. You walked side by side, your arm looped around his with your hand resting on his forearm. The conversation flowed with ease. He was sweet, considerate, a very good listener and, most importantly, his taste for restaurants was exquisite. You talked about your hobbies, your life, your jobs. He was so passionate about everything, it was a breath of fresh air in your worn out day to day routine. He showed kindness in everything he did, he was gentle and patient and it warmed your heart to see a soul like his had managed to survive in this fast and dull society. You insisted on splitting the bill but he grabbed your purse and didn’t give it back until you were out the restaurant. 
“You’re a prick!” you said snatching it back from his hands while you laughed.
He shrugged “Maybe” he said smiling as he offered his arm for you to grab again on the walk back to the station. You slid your hand down from his forearm and slipped it into his pocket, grabbing his and interlocking your fingers.
“I’ll let you win this time but next time I’m paying.” you said as you leaned your head on his shoulder. His heart fluttered at the sweet gesture and he squeezed your hand.
“Will there be a next time?” he turned to look at your face.
“Was it that bad?” you joked as you looked at him quizzically. You really liked to mess with him, it brought out the sarcastic Steven and it was amazing.
“I mean could’ve been better but I’m not complaining”
You nudged his side with your elbow and laughed loudly “Hey! You’re paying next time then.”
He smiled triumphantly “Oh, no, what a shame.”  
The rest of the walk was silent but comfortable. You gave each other little hand squeezes from time to time, exchanging glances and shying away when your eyes met, enjoying the cold London breeze and savoring the last moments of that perfect night. You didn’t want it to end. You dreaded the thought of going back home, being alone. It felt like leaving the amusement park as a child, everything is exciting and new and fun and home seemed like a boring, mediocre place.
“Well…” he said as you got to the station “I guess this is it.”
You both stared at each other, none of you wanting to say goodbye. He brought you hand to his lips and kissed your knuckles softly, his eyes never leaving yours. You took a steady breath, trying to control the part of your brain that was screaming for you to step forward and crash your lips to his but to no avail. You slid you hand from his grasp and ran it through his hair before cupping the side of his face. His light stubble was rough against your palm and you rubbed your thumb against his cheek as he leaned into your touch.
“I had such a fun time.” you whispered, unsure if he could even hear you but he did.
“Me too.”
You took a step closer careful not to crush the flowers between your bodies. He breathed in shakily. You were staring deep into his eyes, drunk on the feeling of his body, so close to yours.
“Can I?” he asked as his hands rested on your hips.
“Please” you breathed with your mouth barely inches apart from his. His mind reeled at your words, playing out all the different scenarios in which you would plead at him just like that. The thought of it made him dizzy. 
He kissed you softly, holding himself back, not wanting to be too much too soon but you weren’t having any of it. You dropped your hand to the back of his neck and held him in place, opening your mouth to allow his tongue to explore the new territory. His fingers sunk into your hips as he deepened the kiss. It was desperate, not only from his side, from yours too. You pulled at his lower lip before parting the kiss and you stared at him, his breathing raged and his eyes filled with lust. 
“Wow” you breathed as you smiled to each other
“yeah, wow” he chuckled.
“wanna to go back to my place?” you asked, hopeful that he would say yes. Instead he looked at you with panicked eyes, a worried expression plastered across his face.
“I’m sorry, love, I can’t.” he said, feeling doomed the second he saw your smile falter and a hint of disappointment clouding your eyes
His hand reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “Other time, I promise” but he couldn’t really promise and he hated himself for lying to you. All he really needed was time. Time to figure out what the hell was going on. Time to explain it to you. Time for you to process everything. He leaned to kiss you again, this time a small peck.
“It’s okay, Steven, don’t worry.” you composed yourself, feeling a bit stupid for having that reaction over such a silly thing. “Thanks again for the flowers and the lovely evening.” you smiled sweetly at him and he smiled back.
“You’re welcome beautiful. Call me when you get home, yeah?” he said before pecking your lips one last time and watching you walk down the stairs. As he watched you he remembered the skirt incident and chuckled to himself as his face turned red once again. What a woman, he thought as he started walking back to his apartment, his hands on his pockets, his brain going over the whole evening, trying to remember every little detail. 
“Mom is going to be so happy when I tell her.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine # 955
Gif NOT mine.
If this gif is yours (or you know who's it is) please let me know, so I can give you/them credit.
Gif credit goes to - @nikolatexla (Unless told otherwise.)
Year posted - 2022
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Tumblr media
hello friends !! i haven’t done a follow forever since the new year, and since i’m about to start college, i thought i may as well do one now :D I want to thank all of my followers, but especially my mutuals, for sticking with me ! you’re all amazing folks and i hope you’re having a great year so far :)
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patrick-stewart · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
hi everyone!! i recently hit 10k followers and I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that follows me! and to the people who have followed me for the past 12 years on this blog thanks for enduring for so long lmao ✌️ i never expected to meet so many amazing people over the past year since i came back to tumblr and i love all of you even if we’ve never talked 💜 if i forgot someone i’m so sorry!   
if you feel like sending an emoji a short list of things i post is here but anything I’ve giffed before or post about that isn’t on the list is fine too 🤗 
to participate: 
must be following me
⏰ + timestamp roulette, send me a movie or a tv show + episode number and i’ll make a gifset from it
🔮 - make me choose between two characters, movies, shows, etc.
🌻 - send me an actor or an actress and i’ll make a random set from a movie/show they’re in
🧸 - send me a movie and i’ll gif my favorite scene or a tv show and i’ll gif my favorite episode
follow forever under the cut 💜
@aavengrs @abitofboth @aldorain @after-glow @alan-grant @alpacinosgf @alphaflight @andrewgrfields @anglee @angusmacgyvcrs @antoniosbanderas @anyajoyed @anyataylorjoy @anyataylrjoys @apoiionian @arthurpendragonns @bagginshield @barrykeohgan @billie-marten @bladesrunner @brandon-lee @brucetwaynes @buckybarness @buckysbarnes @buckystiel @captainevans @carricfisher @cavilhenry @cavilhenry @cramseys @dasiyjohnson @dafttpunk @dianearbus @divineandmajesticinone @druigs @[email protected] @edencherries @edwardashley @elijah-mikaelsons @entertainments @enumchase @eriklehnsherrr @ewan-mcgregor @ferrisbuellers @florencipugh @finns-poe @football @form-and-void @frodobaggins @frodo-baggins @frodo-sam
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nikolatexla · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tell me something. In the future, what happens to you and me? Zoe Saldaña as Gamora — Avengers: End Game | 2019 dir. Anthony & Joe Russo
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maya-hawke · 10 days ago
kieumy-vu → maya-hawke
going insane, HUGE thank you to @yellenabelova i love u so much 💘💘💘
still tracking #tuserrachel ♡ tagging some mutuals below, signal boost is appreciated!
@wandamaximoffs  @natasharomanovf  @ferrisbuellers   @daenerys-targaryen @haydencristensen @hoe-biwan @steverobin  @obiwankenobis  @william-byers @maygrant @sashafierce @nikolatexla @dafoes @bakerolivia @naiey @milesgmorales  @nataliaaromanovas @kamalaskhans @hunterschafer  @watson-emma  @zen-coleman @damn-salvatore @ewan-mcgregor @stydixa @jeanrenoir @nicknellsons  @anewhope @ne8ula  @florencipugh  @stars-bean @aimeegbbs
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keanurevees · 2 months ago
kenobie >> keanurevees
bro I tried I swear. I’m SO down bad—nay down ABYSMAL for obi wan I just cannot handle change. keanurevees is back baby tagging mutuals under the cut (hopefully) for the last time
@anthonysperkins @dafoes @javier-pena @adricnchase @trashcora @djarin @matthew-goodes @nikolatexla @nightofthecreeps @moonlight @magnusedom @mrcspectr @mandobi-wan @300mirrors @sith-maul @buckybarness @jdmorganz @general-kenobis @mcgregor @ewanmcgregors @userharringtons @userkenobi @timothyolyphant @anakin-skywalker @stardust-kenobi @yellenabelova @marcspecthor @kyberkenobi @ne8ula @userkenobis @vindicia @gaelsgarciabernal @redcrvette
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expelliarmus · 10 months ago
I might've said it but I wanna say it again, your gif contents are bloody fantastic and you nail the psds! Really tho ✊🏻
Thank you!! 🥺💕 I love all of your dw gifs too!
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jenwallters · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
diff url, same multi-fandom content. i just really fell for this dorky vampire ok 😌
still tracking: #tuserlyn
tagging some mutuals below 💜
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tayorswift · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! Here’s this weeks addition to my Creator Shoutout Series (june 26 - july 3) ! For info about the series, I explained it in the first post here, but generally, it’s to show appreciate to editors and their creations that i love from the past week. To track this series or look at previous shoutouts, please check out the tag on my blog *creatorshoutouts. Have a great week everyone!
stranger things: steve + eddie gifset by @his-name-is-ed
heartstopper gifset by @jules-fairmont
hercules gifset by @buffysummers
stranger things: eddie munson gifset by @shaera
olivia rodrigo: glastonbury performance gifset by @oliviaisrodrigos
stranger things: eleven and max gifset by @steverobin
lion king gifset by @jeschastain
stranger things: eleven + funko pops gifset by @dcbicki
found family gifset by @antoniosvivaldi
stranger things: eleven + will parallels gifset by @clarkegriffins
argentina (& symbols) in film and tv gifset by @calliope-burns
sharp objects gifset by @moonlight
stranger things: scooby doo gifset by @dunadain
only murders in the building: mabel mora gifset by @ferrisbuellers
stranger things: greek words for love gifset by @daenerys-targaryen
halsey: gasoline/alone/sorry/still learning gifset by @daniel--ricciardo
stranger things gifset by @hellshee
succession: expressing love gifset by @kimjunmyonie
stranger things: eddie munson gifset by @betty-cooper
fear street: ziggy berman gifset by @indistinctmumblings
stranger things: gifset by @munsonmetal
pheobe bridgers gifset by @firstkill
stranger things: eddie munson + running gifset by @joseph-quinns
taylor swift: ‘love is...’ gifset by @treacherous
stranger things: season 4 gifset by @eemryss
hercules gifset by @stydixa
stranger things: steve harrington + gold rush gifset by @layla-el-faouly
only murders in the building gifset by @trueloveistreacherous
stranger things: ‘home’ gifset by @mulderscully
taylor swift: the other side of the door edit by @missegyptiana
stranger things: robin + nancy gifset by @lizzies
euphoria: jules vaughn gifset by @forbescaroline
stranger things: will + mike gifset by @shivyroys
georges hobeika: haute-couture spring summer 2020 gifset by @beyonce-knowles-carter
stranger things: season 4 gifset by @yellenabelova
severance: season 1 gifset by @jeremystrongs
stranger things: the nine project gifset by @dushku
only murders in the building: mabel mora gifset by @selenaigomez​
stranger things: playlist gifset by @madeline-kahn
taylor swift: evermore album cover redesign edit by @anctherdayofsun
stranger things: steve harrington + funko pops gifset by @kieumy-vu
taylor swift: cowboy like me design edit by @ohgaylor
succession gifset by @hoe-biwan
stranger things: eddie and robin art by @yifera
high school musical: troy and gabriella gifset by @miriammaisel
stranger things: steve harrington + kids gifset by @haydencristensen
watcher gifset by @mike-mills
stranger things: robin + steve gifset by @jennaortegas
pride & prejudice: elizabeth bennet gifset by @nikolatexla
stranger things: steve harrington gifset by @lucasdunphy
yellowjackets: misty quigley gifset by @neve-campbells
stranger things: steve, nancy and robin in season 4 gifset by @doramilaje
the little mermaid gifset by @buffysummers
stranger things: robin buckley in season 4 gifset by @zen-coleman
watcher gifset by @alexromero
stranger things: season 4 gifset by @julesfairmont
conan grey: superache music videos gifset by @julianafrinks
stranger things gifset by @stevelives​
strange things: robin buckley in season 4 gifset by @maygrant​
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mercenarymarc · 2 months ago
haraldsigurdsson ➵ mercenarymarc
Don't blame me... I'm still in the Moon Knight brainrot phase... Can't help it.
Tagging some peeps under the cut!
@chilling-witch @poe-dameron @richardmaddan @acehardys @andrewgrfields @andtosaturn @lanakanes @rafaelsliva @layla-el-faouly @complictedfreak @cousingregs @sevencoloredstar @laowen @oscar-piastri @kenobion @mandoworryan @endgameftolivia @jddryder @evanbukley @jesperfahxey @userdarthvader @diane-guerreros @nikita-mearss @nikolatexla @jedimasterobi
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