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Quynh: So is this thing between Sebastian and Copley supposed to be a secret?

Nile: Hardly. The only people who don’t know Booker and Copley are in love with each other are Booker and Copley.

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Look, I think it would be beautiful that once they figure out they’re both taking on the carer role, they start splitting tasks up. They don’t try to encourage the other to stop because they understand how caring for others is their form of saying I love you.

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Snippet from my Joe-in-storytelling-mode draft of a fic chapter:

“Well, we didn’t really know where to find these mysterious women—“

“The women of your dreams.” Nile grinned.

Joe smiled. “The women of our dreams, yes. Well, some of the women of our dreams. The women who were then of our dreams.”

Nile raised an eyebrow.

“Technically, you are now also a woman of our dreams.” Joe winked. He splayed a hand dramatically against his chest. “As we are now among the men of yours.”

Is it efficient to write this much playful banter when I’m not actually planning to keep the chapter in Joe’s storytelling format? Probably not. Is it important for keeping the words flowing? Apparently yes.

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On the Threshold of Eternity - a gen fic about Andy’s mortality with a healthy dose of Nicky x Joe (The Old Guard)

Summary: Five times Nile sees Nicky taking care of Andy after she becomes mortal, and one time she sees Andy returning the favor.

Chapter 2 “Practice” is up!

A quiet noise makes them both freeze. Nile glances at Joe, all her senses suddenly on high alert, and sees him tense up as well. Gone are the amused crinkles around his eyes and the smile from his face. When they exchange a look, he looks worried. In unspoken agreement, they both quietly place their groceries on the floor and reach for their guns. It’s been barely a week since Merrick’s lab and memories of a different safe house suddenly flash through Nile’s mind in vivid colors.

Please god, she thinks. Not again. Not so soon.  

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— how they react to you missing your old life

  • Characters: Andromache ‘Andy’ of Scythia, Nicolò ‘Nicky’ di Genova, Nile Freeman, Sebastien ‘Booker’ le Livre, Yusuf ‘Joe’ al-Kaysani
  • Warnings: death, alcohol
  • Requester: anonymous
  • Request: “Hi Sam! Could I request a preference for how the members of the Old Guard (Andy, Book, Joe, Nicky, and Nile) react when you, a new immortal, get lonely and miss your family/friends/old life?”
  • A/N: first old guard preference!!

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Nile : Hey Booker, you’re from Paris right?

Everyone : * stays intensely casual while Booker puts a hand to his chest *

Booker, in a heavy southern France accent : Nile you’re hurting me!

Andy : It’s been two hundred years Book.

Booker, switching to French and with Mediterranean Gesturing ™ : Sure ! Why don’t you go ahead and ask Nicky if he’s from Rome then, see how it goes ?

Nicky : *muffled grumbling in old italian*

Booker : Listen, I deserved the exile, that was fair, but this is just uncalled for!

Joe, sliding up to Nile, under his breath : I love you, but if they start debating on olive oil versus butter again I’m blaming you.

Nile :


Originally posted by donzepan

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Nile: do you think laundry detergents have different tastes?

Andy: they do

Nile: why did you say that so quickly and with so much certainty?

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What’s this I hear about the details of the deleted church scene being released??? Someone tell me what’s going, please!

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– Nile Freeman, to Nicolò di Genova, regarding the untimely death-by-smooshing-and-electrocution of Yusuf al-Kaysani

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Title: Make a Haven of Me (1/1)
Fandom: The Old Guard
Rating: M
Pairing: Nile Freeman/Sébastien le Livre
Summary: Sébastien could do nothing about the fact that they had not married for love, but he could make sure his new wife was not condemned to a marriage without pleasure.

Written for the prompt Nile/Booker + Regency!ruined Nile’s first nights with her new husband.

Read on A03 here.

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