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authornina · a day ago
Pie Session: Sav & Dem
Tumblr media
Dr. Pie rushed out of her office to see what all the shouting was about. She opened the door and Sav was yelling at his mother. Dem just sat there not saying anything while his little brother ripped Demetria a new one. 
“Stupid ass bitch!” 
“Sav, that is not the type of language we use towards one another,” Dr. Pie said sternly. “You know that.”
“Do you see what I have to put up with? This is the type of disrespect I have to deal with from these muthafuckas!” Demetria shouted. “Niggas I pushed out my damn pussy!” 
“Please, everyone, come in,” Dr. Pie said, already prepared for a very rough session. They hadn’t even made it on the couch and the shit hit the fan. 
“The same disrespect I endured with their father is the same ass shit I deal with from them and I don’t have to!” Demetria ranted sitting down between her two sons. 
“Shut the fuck up! We not even around you like that...get up, Dem, you don’t gotta sit next to her,” Sav told him.
Dr. Pie watched Dem who she knew was older listen to his younger brother and sit on the other side of him away from his mother. That was very interesting. Also, the energy Sav displayed here was much different than what he brought to sessions with his wife.
“Why did you tell Dem to move, Sav?” 
“Because she make him uncomfortable, and I don’t like when he feelin’ some type way and this muhfucka treat my brother like shit.” 
“I do not.” 
“Lie again, bro!” 
“Sav, I’m going to need you to try and stay calm. This is about venting, and I understand there is a lot of anger and frustration here but that can be expressed without shouting.” 
“Ard, my bad. I just don’t like her.” 
“Have you always felt this way?”
“No,” Demetria answered for him.
“Was she talkin’ to you or was she talkin’ to me?” Sav glared at his mother. “I ain’t always feel that way but ion tolerate muhfuckas disrespectin’ my brother, that includes her ass. She ain’t never liked him so I don’t like her.” 
“Demetria is that true?” 
“No it is not,” she answered and Dem’s face fell with sadness. “I have done my best to love my children. Demetrius was not an easy child—” 
“You never gave him a chance!” 
“Sav, you seem angrier than Dem.” 
“Because he not gon’ say shit. He never say shit to her. It’s fucked up cause my brother love her and she ain’t never loved him back.” 
“That’s not true!” 
“Tell him you love him then.” 
“Demetrius knows how I feel.” 
“Okay, Sav…please,” Dr. Pie insisted. She never saw him this protective and angry. “Demetria your son seems to think otherwise, why do you think Sav feels this way?” 
“Because he follows behind his brothers. He was the sweetest little boy until his father and them corrupted him.” 
“Ain’t nobody corrupt shit, I just know a fake ass bitch when I see one. You ain’t never been a mother to him.” 
“Was she a mother to you, Sav?” 
“A mother to me, don’t mean shit! If she nothing to Dem, she nothing to me. I do not give a fuck about nothing over him!” 
“Your children?” 
“That’s different.” 
“That’s different too.” 
“What are the differences of your love for Dem and the love for your wife and children?” 
“His ass would probably choose Demetrius over them.” 
“I know who I would never choose. If God came down right now and was like Sav, would you rather save Demetria from dying or have this bologna sandwich, which would you pick? I would choose the bologna sandwich!” 
“Sav,” Dem finally spoke laughing. “Chill…” 
“Naw, cause she gettin’ on my fuckin’ nerves.” 
“Why did you suggest this session Sav?” Dr. Pie asked.
“You wanted to know why we like this, here it go right here,” Sav pointed to his mother. “Nobody be believin’ us when we say our moms really wasn’t shit. Everybody wanna know why I love my brother so much cause she ain’t love him at all! I had to love him double time, then when our Daddy died, she treated him even worst! My brother hated me because of this bitch!” 
“One more time, Dayvion and I’m gon’ smack you in the mouth!” 
“I dare you to touch me, bro, I will call my wife up here to trash you.” 
“Sav, if this can’t be civilized then I’m going to have to end this session.” 
“Ard, I’ma chill,” Sav sat back exhaling. He couldn’t stand his mother for nothing. It was crazy because Dem couldn’t even muster up that much hate and he was the one who’d been treated the worst by her.  
“Sav, when you say your brother hated you because of her, what does that mean?” 
“Here we go,” Demetria rolled her eyes, crossing her leg over the other.
“I’ve never not loved Dem, bro but I let him love and hate me plenty times.” 
“Because I know it wasn’t easy for my brother to accept me, watchin’ her love me and treat him bad. Dem couldn’t stand me when we was little. Did all types of shit to me but I ain’t care because I was feelin’ like…maybe I deserved it.” 
“Why do you feel that way, Sav?” 
“My Daddy ain’t even want no more kids. Actually, I think Vant was supposed to be his last one, but he met her, and she was a hoe—” 
“What? You was, I’m not even tryna be smart or funny.” 
“I was not a hoe!” 
“Man, my Daddy ain’t fuck nothin’ but smuts, fuck outta here.” 
“Sav, we can steer clear of the inappropriate names,” Dr. Pie told him.
“Ard, but I was bein’ honest. Anyway, Vant was supposed to be his last I think but she got pregnant with Dem. After Dem my Daddy did not want no more but I happened. If she didn’t have me then maybe more attention coulda been on him, ion know. Maybe he wouldn’t’ve been so bad.” 
“Is that how you truly feel Sav?” 
“Yea…she ain’t celebrate none of his birthdays but came when it was mine. If something happened with me, she was there but ain’t give a fuck about nothing Dem was doin’. Would come in the house and get me but ignore him. Like imagine how the fuck my brother was feelin’.” 
“And you feel it’s your job to defend him?” 
“Demetria, may I ask what you have to say about all of this?” 
“Listen, they grown now and gonna feel however they want. I tried my best as a mother and that’s all I can say. Ain’t nobody perfect and I didn’t understand nothing about a mental disease back then.” 
“Do you understand it presently?” 
“A little.” 
“How is your relationship with Dem now?” 
“We don’t really speak…the last time was when he was goin’ off about sleeping with Sav’s girlfriend—” 
“Bro, it was not like that.” Dem wanted to smack the shit out of his mother for even bringing that up. He’d totally forgotten all about coming to her in one of his most vulnerable moments. 
“You fucked Chi and told her?!” 
“Not like that…” 
“Then what the fuck is she talkin’ bout?” 
“Everyone, please,” Dr. Pie eased to the edge of her seat. “Let’s remain calm.” Out of all of her sessions with the Porters, this was probably the most intense. It went from zero to hundred quickly. 
“Dawg…” Sav laughed, rubbing his hands roughly across his face. He put his head down and was saying something that no one could make out. 
“I did not fuck her when y’all was married, Sav.”
“So when?” Sav stood up. “WHEN DID YOU FUCK HER?” he pulled his phone out. “I hate you; I hate her—” 
“Naw, naw! I would never do you like this bro. Ion even give a fuck when it was! After all that shit, you know what,” Sav walked out the office. 
“Dem, I’m sorry, I didn’t…” Demetria tried to apologize but he ignored her going after his brother. If she knew the girlfriend he spoke of before was now Sav’s wife that would not have came out. 
“FUCK YOU!” Sav pointed at his brother. He was outside going off to whoever on the phone. “I’m tellin’ you my nigga, don’t come near me cause the way I’m feelin’ right now…” 
“Y’all wasn’t married.” 
“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! All that shit, Dem,” Sav eyes were watering and Dem felt terrible. He never said anything because this is what he wanted to avoid. Hurting his little brother. 
“Sav I didn’t want y’all to break up, I know how much you love Chi. It was before y’all was like serious serious.” 
“I would never do that to you, Dem…dawg, I would never…” Sav bent over with his hands on his knees as if someone kicked him in the chest. “I hate you.” 
“You hate me too, don’t you? You still don’t like me because she don’t like you.” 
“I love you, Sav, more than—” 
“NO YOU DON’T! If you loved me, you wouldn’t do the shit you do to me, bro! If I woulda listened to you, Day wouldn’t be here! You don’t want me to have shit!” Sav’s words hurt Dem and he knew it but didn’t care. He never put nothing before his brother, sometimes that meant his children too and it was fucked up that Dem and Chi would do that to him. “I did so much fucked up shit for you Dem. Shit I didn’t have to subject myself to! I ain’t have to miss school, fly here and there because YOU NEEDED ME! I wanted to be there because I love you, but you don’t love me.”
“Sav, I love you.” 
“NO THE FUCK YOU DON’T! I swear to God on my kids, don’t say shit to me my nigga,” Sav stood up wiping his tears. 
“Please, Sav…” Dem reached out for his brother, but he backed away.
“Bro…” Sav looked to the sky then his best friend in the entire world. “Do not try to fuckin’ touch me!” he was so mad and wished he drove himself there. Lake was calling him back. “Is you on the way? Because—” he felt Dem’s hand on his shoulder and it was over. He dropped his phone almost as if he were waiting for this moment. 
Dem felt the punch Sav delivered to his face all over his body. He knew Sav was really mad because in all of their years of fighting, his little brother never hit him that hard or if at all. Dem was usually the agressor when they fought. They were petty arguments, but this, he knew Sav’s anger couldn’t be waivered nor was he in any mood to forgive quickly like he always did. Dem was on his bad side now however even though he was wrong, he couldn’t let that shit slide, so he hit Sav back and a full brawl ensued.
Dr. Pie didn’t want to call the police, so she phoned Lake who’d informed her he was already on the way. She felt so bad watching them go at it but if she got in the middle, she was sure they’d pummel her. Demetria didn’t even try to break her sons apart from the fight she ultimately caused. Dr. Pie breathed a sigh of relief when Lake finally pulled up hopping out with Vant. They pulled the two brothers from one another, both a bloody mess.
“FUCK YOU NIGGA!” Sav shouted at Dem trying to get away from Lake. “On my fuckin’ kids you’on ever gotta worry bout sayin’ shit to me!” 
“Sav…” Dem pleaded, he fought him back, but it was only in self-defense. He couldn’t let his little brother beat his ass however he was deeply sorry.
“I defend you against anybody—” 
“I didn’t fuck—” 
“My nigga, it ain’t about fuckin’ her! I asked you! I ain’t EVER do no shit behind your back! Ion care what it was in the beginning! WE TALKED ABOUT THAT SHIT! I TOLD YOU! YOU MY BROTHER! I expect this shit from Chi, from anybody else, Ion care what they do, but not you man…” Sav was beyond hurt and whatever the fight was about Lake could feel the energy had shifted completely between his two little brothers. Sav wasn’t looking at Dem with love anymore and he’d never seen that a day in his life, even when they were mad at each other. “You did that shit on purpose didn’t you?” 
“Out of all people to tell that shit to, you tell Demetria? Why? Because you want her to hurt me how she hurt you? I hated my own mom for YOU!” 
“What the fuck is y’all fightin’ for now?” Vant asked. 
“Don’t even matter,” Sav said, spitting blood on the ground. “Take me home, bro.”
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sadecer · a day ago
"bana sorsaydınız ben size beni sevmediğinizi uzun uzun anlatırdım"
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verdiris · 20 hours ago
I kinda want to write a six of crows gbbo au 🤔
Am I completely insane? Maybe. Do I think Nina would win the baked goods section? Absolutely.
If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears 🙏
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bookishdream · 4 months ago
Hi, can u do one Kaz Brekker X Reader where he likes the reader's skin, but he is afraid to touch she because of his traumas and hers traumas too, because he noticed how she reacts to other people's touch, but one day he just touches her because he wanted to feel her.
Sorry if got confused, english is not my first language.
thank you for a request, I hope you'll be satisfied with what I came up with! enjoy xx
kaz brekker x fem!reader
He was confused. He didn’t know why he was feeling the way he was. His fingers were itchy, palms getting sweaty every time he saw you. Especially when you showed some skin.
He had this weird urge to touch your hand, to kiss the place where he could feel your heart race, to feel your soft skin pressed to him. He didn’t want to do that in a sexual way, he just wanted to feel every scar and every stretch mark you had. But he knew better than that.
With his phobia and your reaction triggered by even the slightest touch, he knew he shouldn’t have had even a thought in his stupid mind. He was distracted when you were wearing a dress, his eyes were looking you up and down every occasion he had, thinking no one had ever noticed. How of a fool he’d been that whole time.
“I think you should ask her out,” Inej had once said, making him snap out of his thinking. “She’s not that bad, you know.”
“Inej, I appreciate your tries to warm up my heart, but I would have to have one first.” He’d replied, looking down at the money on his desk. He shouldn’t have been surprised, of course the Wraith had seen, she always did.
“What would bad happen if you opened up for someone?” she’d sat on the chair on the opposite of his, her hair braided as always, a little smirk playing on her lips. “You’ve known each other since forever. Also, I think only with her you show some human emotions.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he’d frowned, money in his gloved hands. “Now get out, I need to plan a job.” Inej had only sighed at his words, what a fool he was.
After that conversation, Kaz had been thinking how to avoid you. If you were in the club, he was somewhere in Ketterdam, walking around despite his leg pain. With work it was harder, you all had to work together in order to win over the city, exactly how you and Kaz had planned.
“I think we should kill Pekka Rollins first,” you had said, making an eye contact with Kaz. It was almost two years ago, your hair was shorter, your eyes glowed with sparkles he hadn’t seen ever since. “He’s been a pain in the ass, since I’ve been working in the White Rose.”
“Did he hurt you?” he’d asked, a foolish move, showing how he cared about you. “Touched you in the way he shouldn’t?”
“Kaz, every person who goes there does that.”
He’d sighed, his palms clenching harder on the cane. “I should’ve bought you out the first time I saw you there.”
“Kaz,” you said, touching his hand gently, he hadn’t flinched nor moved. “You bought Inej and both of us know she’s a better help to you than me.”
“You’re right.”
“Of course, I am, darling,” you’d squeezed his palm, letting go after a few seconds. “Now, I shall go. Boss will be angry if I don’t come back on time.”
“Be careful.” He’d pleaded, his voice barely detectable.
“Always am.”
He hadn’t got any idea why you were making him soft, you two had met after he came to Ketterdam. He remembered how beautiful you’d seemed that day, your hair loose, arms high above your head, and you were laughing. That sound he hadn’t forgotten. The pure laughter that had gotten out of you was a thing he still repeated in his head, years after he heard that last time. You never laughed again. Never got this spark in your eyes. Your smile never reached them as well.
“Kaz?” you knocked on the door leading to his room. “I need to talk to you.”
“Come in,” he replied, looking up at you. You had dark circles under your eyes, they were tired. You barely walked. “What is it?”
You took out a pouch, Kaz heard coins jingling in it. “I need you to buy me out.”
Shock made its way to Kaz’s face, you had never asked this question before. Even though he was prepared, he had a wad of money in his safe, just in case. He wanted to ask you so many questions but when you looked at him, pressing your hand to your stomach, rage started burning in him. “What did they do to you?”
“Kaz, please, I have money. Just do it.” You tried so hard to keep tears in your eyes, to not show anything.
“I don’t want your money,” he snapped, regretting it seconds after, he sounded too harsh. He got up and opened up his safe, taking out the money. “I am prepared.”
“Thank you,” you said, sitting on his bed. “Can I stay? I kind of don’t have any place to go.”
“Of course, I’ll be back as soon as I can.” With those words, he left, leaving you on your own.
After some time, that you just laid on his bed, trying to not paying attention to the pain you felt in your lower stomach, Kaz came back. His cane was clicking and he opened the door with a short sigh. The owner of the White Rose hadn’t wanted to sell your contract, saying you were his property. Kaz saw red, he’d hit Onkle Felix with the cane and had just taken the paper, leaving less money that it had been needed.
When he entered the room, you were laying on your right side, your back facing the door, you hadn’t changed. Your eyes were closed, but the breath was uneven. Kaz placed his walking stick beside his bed and climbed up on the soft mattress. He wanted so bad to touch you, to remove those hairs which gotten out of your updo, to caress your cheek. He took off his gloves, eyeing his slim, pale fingers. He laid down on his bed, he had your body next to him, he could’ve touched you so easily if he had wanted to.
Without the second thought, he touched your cheek slightly, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. Tracing your jaw line with his finger tip, seeing how calm you looked, how relaxed your body seemed. He removed his finger, testing his boundaries, yours also. He didn’t want to scare you off both by his trauma and yours.
“Don’t stop.” You whispered, gently opening your eyes, your voice raspy.
“Are you okay with that?”
“Kind of, just don’t stop.”
He wanted to pull you closer to him, to hug you properly, but instead, he took your hand in his and just traced small patterns on your palm. You smiled a little, falling asleep, while Kaz was just looking at you, remembering every detail on your face.
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bulbgifs · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BIRDS OF PREY | 2020, dir. Cathy Yan
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dailyswiftgifs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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brekkereds · 3 months ago
matthias: i’m going to take you out
nina: great, it’s a date!
matthias: no, i meant that as a threat
nina: see you at five!
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too-many-funerals · 4 months ago
all I want for shadow & bone season 2 is a scene where for some reason Jesper goes “you know she is only mean because she secretly has a huge crush on me” and Nina interrupts him like “I see your point but she obviously has that crush on me”  and then they just start bickering about who is better with girls while Kaz has to be physically held back from killing both of them with his cane
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hakasims · 10 months ago
The Most Important Review of Every Single Luca Marinelli Film
Listen, I’m not here to tell you if a movie’s plot is well-structured or whatever, ok? I’m here for objective, factual data on how Luca Marinelli’s brand is adhered to in every movie he’s been in so far.
(all gifs by @weardes​)
La solitudine dei numeri primi (2010)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? No.
Does Luca get slapped? No. His life is hard enough as it is.
Is Luca naked? He’s wearing speedos in one scene, but he’s covered in s*lf-h*rm marks, it’s very sad and not sexy at all.
Is Luca gay? Hell if I know.
Is Luca a slut? He talks to like two people in the whole movie.
Lucameter: 2/100 pathetic (but like I get it it’s his first movie w/e)
L'ultimo terrestre (2011)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? Yes.
Does Luca sing? No, but Roberta is a captivating dancer.
Does Luca eat? No, though she takes a shot once.
Does Luca get slapped? Yes, but not in a fun way :(
Is Luca naked? No, but there are some thighs and belly with a mini skirt in between. No complaints.
Is Luca gay? Not enough data.
Is Luca a slut? No.
Lucameter: 1/100 horrible, Roberta deserved better
Waves (2011)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? Yes, drunkenly!
Does Luca eat? They just won’t let him put food into his mouth! Watching Gabriele trying and failing to eat is Hitchcock-level suspense, though it all comes to a very satisfying conclusion when the camera isn’t focusing on him for a second, and he friggin’ inhales the food off the table.
Does Luca get slapped? No, but he gets pushed around a lot.
Is Luca naked? No, but he does take off his shirt a couple of times. Also his legs are like completely hairless?? Has anyone ever noticed that? They shaved his legs!
Is Luca gay? No proof that he is, no proof that he isn’t.
Is Luca a slut? No, he is the sweetest purest cinnamon roll.
Lucameter: 37/100 it’s getting better
Nina (2011)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No, but he plays the cello and dances.
Does Luca eat? No.
Does Luca get slapped? No.
Is Luca naked? No, though even if he was, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it because he never gets any close-ups or decent lighting.
Is Luca gay? He’s shown to be into ladies.
Is Luca a slut? Please, he’s barely even a character.
Lucameter: 0/100 unwatchable
Tutti i santi giorni (2012)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? Yes, and he cooks!
Does Luca get slapped? Yes, lightly, in a patronizing way.
Is Luca naked? Oh yes.
Is Luca gay? He’s religiously devoted to his lady love.
Is Luca a slut? Not so much a slut as a hella thirsty bitch.
Lucameter: 43/100 half down ponytail saves lives
Maria di Nazaret (2012)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No, obviously.
Does Luca sing? No. He dances once - very clumsily.
Does Luca eat? No.
Does Luca get slapped? No, though he almost drops a house on himself.
Is Luca naked? Guys, it’s a Bible movie.
Is Luca gay? Come on, he’s Saint Joseph.
Is Luca a slut? Lol no.
Lucameter: -10/100 just for that hair
La grande bellezza (2013)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? No.
Does Luca get slapped? No.
Is Luca naked? Full frontal, but in a disturbing way. Red body paint is involved.
Is Luca gay? Who’s to say?
Is Luca a slut? Please.
Lucameter: 4/100 which is more than the number of his on-screen minutes
Il mondo fino in fondo (2013)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? Briefly; he mostly drinks.
Does Luca get slapped? No, but he gets a fruit thrown at him.
Is Luca naked? He’s never more naked than a T-shirt and underwear, but those fuzzy thighs strike back hard after Waves.
Is Luca gay? He’s married to a woman.
Is Luca a slut? I mean, he’s married but goes to a strip club anyway.
Lucameter: 12/100 though he looks really hot in this movie
Non essere cattivo (2015)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? Yes, a lot, and he does lots of harder stuff.
Does Luca sing? No, but boy does he dance.
Does Luca eat? He briefly chews on something, but he mostly drinks.
Does Luca get slapped? Yes, wonderfully, multiple times, so good.
Is Luca naked? Fully clothed the entire time.
Is Luca gay? He emanates just the most Gay Longing™
Is Luca a slut? Not actually in practice, but the vibe is there.
Lucameter: 86/100 would have been more if he’d had any nude scenes, but that butt in those jeans is very much appreciated
Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot (2015)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No, he takes care of his body!
Does Luca sing? Only in the best karaoke scene ever committed to screen. And a little in the car with his buddies. It’s wholesome.
Does Luca eat? He gets a whole ball of mozzarella shoved into his mouth. Luca Marinelli... is lactose intolerant.
Does Luca get slapped? No, but he gets sexy scratches on his face, so points for originality.
Is Luca naked? He’s got all the buttons of his shirt undone in one scene, and there’s also like a quarter of the butt.
Is Luca gay? He’s definitely not straight.
Is Luca a slut? He’s a slut for YouTube views and empowering female songs.
Lucameter: 97/100 I was missing The Slap but whatcha gonna do
Die Pfeiler der Macht (2016)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No, but he dances sluttily.
Does Luca eat? Yes, though all the food in this movie looks disgusting.
Does Luca get slapped? Very hard.
Is Luca naked? Not as naked as he should be considering the everything about him.
Is Luca gay? He fucks everything in this movie.
Is Luca a slut? He fucks everything in this movie.
Lucameter: 64/100 weak
Slam - Tutto per una ragazza (2016)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? Yes.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? No.
Does Luca get slapped? No.
Is Luca naked? He gives us a full butt moment.
Is Luca gay? Not in the slightest.
Is Luca a slut? Definitely, but it all happens off screen somewhere.
Lucameter: 34/100 the butt is doing all the work here
Il padre d'Italia (2017)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? Yes, a lot.
Does Luca sing? Yes, and he dances while singing!
Does Luca eat? No, but he drinks champagne like a fancy bitch.
Does Luca get slapped? Yes, by life.
Is Luca naked? We get everything in the first five minutes. Everything.
Is Luca gay? Yes, canonically and explicitly.
Is Luca a slut? No, he’s full of gay sin and self-loathing.
Lucameter: 99/100 glorious
Lasciati andare (2017)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? No.
Does Luca get slapped? He doesn’t have time for anything else but he always has time to get slapped.
Is Luca naked? Not in the slightest.
Is Luca gay? He just wants to be loved T__T
Is Luca a slut? The virgin vibes are stronger than in the Bible movie.
Lucameter: 8/100 it didn’t have to be this way
Una questione privata (2017)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? This movie is covered in smoke from Milton’s cigarettes. Seriously, he smokes all the time. Including the scene where he gets called ugly.
Does Luca sing? No, not even in the scene where he gets called ugly.
Does Luca eat? He drinks an egg, though not in the scene where he gets called ugly.
Does Luca get slapped? No. He gets called ugly, though.
Is Luca naked? No.
Is Luca gay? Strong bisexual vibes from this one.
Is Luca a slut? Again, major virgin energy.
Lucameter: 17/100 can you imagine they had the audacity to call him ugly???
Fabrizio De André - Principe libero (2018)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? In every scene. Every. Single. One.
Does Luca sing? Duh, while playing the guitar.
Does Luca eat? Yes.
Does Luca get slapped? No, everybody is soft for Fabrizio.
Is Luca naked? He’s wearing nothing but a bath towel for a whole scene.
Is Luca gay? He’s very much into ladies, although he’s got sizzling chemistry with every male character.
Is Luca a slut? He’s very into ladies.
Lucameter: 94/100 almost perfect
Trust (2018)
Tumblr media
(it’s not a movie, but Primo is so iconic I can’t and shan’t leave him out)
Does Luca smoke? It’s the 70s and Italy, come on.
Does Luca sing? Unfortunately, he doesn’t, but he’s one hell of a dancer.
Does Luca eat? Munches on spaghetti like there’s no tomorrow.
Does Luca get slapped? Yes. And he doesn’t forget it.
Is Luca naked? Sadly no, but man does the camera love his butt hugged tightly by those slutty 1970s pants. Also balls. Just... just balls.
Is Luca gay? We don’t know for sure, but his whole vibe is kinda the exact opposite of heterosexuality.
Is Luca a slut? For money and power.
Lucameter: 82/100 would benefit from like a karaoke scene or something
Ricordi? (2018)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? Yes.
Does Luca get slapped? No.
Is Luca naked? Oh yes. And he fuuuuuuuuuuucks.
Is Luca gay? This relationship is so heterosexual the couple are literally called Him and Her.
Is Luca a slut? He fucks a lot, but somehow in a very unslutty way. He’s mostly just sad.
Lucameter: 51/100 and he’s called ugly again???
Martin Eden (2019)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? Yes.
Does Luca sing? Amazingly, yes, very softly. He also dances.
Does Luca eat? Yep.
Does Luca get slapped? Finally the slappee has become the slapper.
Is Luca naked? Man, I wish. He doesn’t even take his shirt off like wtf dude what did you build all that bigness for???
Is Luca gay? No, and I think he’d be happier if he were.
Is Luca a slut? No, and again, I think it’d have served him better to be a slut.
Lucameter: 62/100 it’s a fine movie that would’ve benefited from more trademark Luca stuff okay
The Old Guard (2020)
Tumblr media
Does Luca smoke? No.
Does Luca sing? No.
Does Luca eat? Briefly.
Does Luca get slapped? A lot of violence happens in this movie, but not a single slap, ridiculous.
Is Luca naked? Shirtless, with a close-up on the nipple.
Is Luca gay? Oh, I don’t know, does being one half of the most wholesome and perfect gay couple count?
Is Luca a slut? How dare you. He’s been happily married for 900 years.
Lucameter: 25/100 none of Luca’s trademarks are present but the epicness of his immortal marriage warms me when I shiver in cold
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brightjimini · 5 months ago
Soulmate Mark (1/2)
Tumblr media
Kaz Brekker x fem!reader 
Genre: angst
Warnings: mention of a wound
A/N: my first Six of Crows fic! I am almost done with crooked kingdom. I am gonna watch the Netflix series when I am done with school (likely in 2 months) So no spoilers please!
Part 2
That is what he felt when he saw the mark on her body. Everyone had a soulmate mark. Not everyone found their soulmate. Kaz had hoped he was one of them. He didn’t want to be tied down by someone or put his supposed perfect match in danger. But it was too late.
Because Y/N was laying on her bed with a deep slash in her thigh. Nina was working on healing her. But to access the wound she needed to cut a piece of Y/N’s pants. In the faint light, he could see the mark right above her wound in the shape of a feather. 
Nina’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. He looked at her. She was looking at him with worry in her eyes. “Are you okay? You look very pale.” She said. He shook his head and left the room. Leaving a sleeping Y/N and Nina behind. He immediately went to his office. Not to his bed like the rest of the Dregs had done. Everyone had been tired after the fight with some of Pekka’s men, even Matthias who most of the time waited for Nina before going to bed. 
Ironically he had put Y/N already in danger. For years. He hadn't known. He would admit that there was a kind of pull between them but he ignored that. 
Kaz sat down on his chair. The pain in his leg lessened a bit. His gloved hand automatically went to his own mark. He couldn't tell her. Only Inej had seen his mark once. Before she went to bed he had seen the way she had looked at him. She had left Y/N’s room before him. He knew what she would have said if they were alone. 
“You need to tell her. You are blessed to have found out in the first place. Keeping it a secret will only lead to more problems.” He could just hear her say it. 
But he had already promised himself when he climbed his way up the ranks of the Barrel.
I’ll never tell.
(I always Imagine Ketterdam being Amsterdam, because its so similar)
Let me know your thoughts!
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