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#nina zenik
ranableg32 minutes ago
to be clear i'm just reading shadow and bone because i want to read king of scars to see the perfection that is nina zenik 馃槏馃
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ravenscrowsandnerdymagican hour ago
Tumblr media
public school be like:
also, how they did get bomb building materials? were they just laying around?
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mortal-maebhan hour ago
Tumblr media
4 Days
I won't be responsible for my actions when I finally hear "No mourners." "No funerals." spoken out loud on my TV screen
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goldengoddess2 hours ago
we should talk about ... who the crows' godly parents would be :)
FIRST OFF THANKS FOR THIS,, i had so much fun making it!! here's the post if you want to check it out <3
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goldengoddess2 hours ago
the crows and their godly parents
request:聽we should talk about ... who the crows' godly parents would be :)
a/n: AHHHH thank you for this request i get to talk about my two favorite things, please leave your thoughts/opinions!
inej ghafa - daughter of hades聽
sticks to the shadows聽
enjoys the silence聽
is almost always the observer聽
more powerful than anyone gives her credit for聽
she may be silent but she needs the laughs and the found family聽
is loved by everyone she meets聽
if you underestimate her once, you never do it again聽
knows everything聽
strong sense of justice
nina zenik - daughter of aphrodite聽
sorry i know this one is super obvious聽
instinct effect on people聽
very sure of herself and her own beauty聽
she OWNS the color red聽
loves so deeply聽
understands everyone's different love languages聽
flirts with everyone聽
knows all the romance language聽
finds a way to make her practical nemesis to fall in love with her聽
so so selfless聽
would sacrifice everything for the people she cares about聽
makes everyone feel beautiful in their own skin despite everything that鈥檚 hurt them聽
can literally make someone's heart stop, do i have to say anything else?
jesper fahey - son of apollo and dionysus
i absolutely can鈥檛 decide so he鈥檚 both聽
flirty as hell, as we all know聽
literally a ball of fucking sunshine
very bright and confident聽
comfortable with everyone聽
very into the party scene聽
dionysus鈥 effect would be his obsession with cards聽
extroverted as hell聽
happy and light until someone tries to fight him聽
will absolutely end your life and then make a joke about it聽
huggable and cute but don't fuck with what he loves聽
wylan van eck -聽 hephaestus
okay this one is kind of a stretch
but hephaestus's thing is making things聽
everything is much more hands-on聽
lots of tinkering聽
and wylan is always working on making new substances聽
he doesn鈥檛 excel with words but gods can he work well with his head and hands to make something helpful for the crows聽
likes that jesper doesn鈥檛 sit still聽
mini kaz always has a different idea聽
or a different plan聽
or a different way of doing things聽
good under pressure聽
kaz brekker - son of athena聽
always has a plan
athena is the goddess of war strategy, and kaz always has a strategy
war without the aggression
unless absolutely necessary
she鈥檚 also wise
and though kaz plays his experience in the barrell as just toughening up it鈥檚 made him wise
people look to him for leadership
doesn鈥檛 need many words
kaz鈥檚 plans are creative
in a way they鈥檙e there own type or art
definitely the smart one outta the bunch
matthias helvar - son of ares
mr im not a criminal im a Soldier聽
goes on too become a criminal聽
probably the most level headed of the group
like doesn鈥檛 do the impulsive thing and thinks like a fighter
softie on the inside聽
but only for one pretty heartrender
the family he has within the crows is so important to him
they鈥檙e like his regiment, the people he鈥檒l go down fighting next to聽
all warriors need to rest sometimes so lots of exhausted lazy smiles聽
everyone confides in him for some reason聽
understands the importance of sacrifice :(
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You can bet your ass that everytime a scene from the trailer/ promo/ stills appeares in the show I will scream 'THAT'S THE SCENE!!!" and probably cry
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beyourowninspiration162 hours ago
Shadow and Bone hasn't even aired yet, and I can still only see Freddy Carter as Kaz.
In the horse show, it just looks like they've put a phone in the 12th century. It doesn't work.
He is only Kaz.
Even in interviews, I'm wondering how he can smile, and not wear gloves.
He is Kaz acting as Freddy Carter and whatever the character's name is in the horse show
Tumblr media
Look at his face! Try and tell me that's not Kaz.
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charmed-by-the-world3 hours ago
kaz: this is our first international heist, we have to keep things professional
jesper, hooking up 30 seconds after entering the palace: i got you
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stavroulaschreave4 hours ago
Can somebody tell me if Nina and Matthias have sex in crooked kingdom i need to know
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haephestus-daughter994 hours ago
Can someone tell me if Shadow and Bone is as good as Six of Crows? I read Six of Crows and I liked it so I'm wondering if I should continue with the Grisha Universe etc. But I don't want to throw my money away. 馃槵
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Confession: I don't know where that joke with Kaz hitting the Darkling with his cane in the show came from and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
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dorianslantsov6 hours ago
pairing: kaz brekker x reader
warnings: maybe some angst? but mostly fluff; swearing.
a/n: OKAY THIS IS SO CUTE this has been in my drafts for like centuries because i was at little unsatisfied about how it turned out but i decided to finally post it so well enjoy!
you were leaving ketterdam.
when nina asked for your help with a mission with her friends a few months later, you didn't even hesitate. nina was your best friend, he was like a sister to you, you would do anything for her.
as a grisha, you were important to the plan, but it was over now. it was over now and you could happily go back home and live your happily happy life, right?
no, you couldn't.
you would miss inej a lot, you two grew much more closer than you thought you would and now you couldn't imagine your life without her, and you would miss nina even more, your heart clenched just by the thought of spending so much time away from her again. you would miss jesper too and wylan and matthias and you would miss this place.
but this wasn't it. this wasn't what was making you feel like someone has closed a fist around your heart.
you would miss kaz. so much.
you didn't even knew when did you catch feelings for him, but it happened. and you still tried to push your feelings deep down inside your heart so you wouldn't do something stupid like confessing what you feel for kaz, but it was starting to become harder and harder to hide it. another reason why you should leave as soon as possible and never look back.
you couldn't handle the rejection that would come afterwards if you dared to say something. you couldn't.
you've also always hated goodbyes, so you had the brilliant idea to leave in the middle of the night, without telling anyone. you would send a letter to nina or something when you got to ravka. you would figure it out.
but of course your plan ended before it even started.
you were in the small improvised room you've been sleeping in for the past months, turning around to toss a shirt into the bag you were putting your things in, when your heart almost jumped out of your mouth. kaz was standing by the door.
"fuck! kaz, you scared me!"
"what are you doing?" he asked.
"you just ruined my evil plan," you sighed. "i was going to leave tonight. i didn't want to tell anybody."
"why?" his expression was the same as always, but there was something more in his eyes. you couldn't figure out what it was.
"i've always hated goodbyes." you say, fiddling with your fingers. "it would break my heart if i had to say goodbye to nina and know that it would be the last time we would see each other in a long time."
you lowered your gaze to the floor, as if that could prevent kaz to find out you were lying.
of course you would miss nina. but you knew the one person it would hurt you more to say goodbye to was standing right in front of you.
"you don't need to go." he started. "you can stay here with nina."
'stay here with me.' is what you wanted him to say. you knew he wouldn't.
"i can't."
no, you couldn't. you couldn't spend yet another day here and have to look at kaz and never know what he's thinking, never know what he's feeling.
you hate that he doesn't even reject you. he just... let's you wonder if somehow he feels at least a fraction of what you feel for him. you hate that you notice every single time he looks at you when he thinks you're not paying attention, because you don't know what it means.
you hate that you watch him swallow hard now, as if he's fighting back the urge to say something, and you don't know what it means.
"what is even there back in ravka? you seem happy with nina." kaz finally says.
"ravka is my home, kaz."
no, it wasn't. you knew ravka wasn't really your home, it was just the place where you were born in. you knew you would be leaving your home far behind you as soon as you left ketterdam. as soon as you left kaz.
"would you be happier there?" he asked. your look up at him when you realize there's something different in his voice now. again, you can't figure out what it is.
you hate it. you hate it that he keeps hiding from you.
now that you're looking him in the eye, you realize, surprised, that you can't lie. not to him.
"no, i wouldn't." you do your best not to let your voice crack. "i was the happiest i have ever been here. with nina."
with you.
"then why are you leaving?" he says, and you realize he's closer than he was before.
you let out a humorless laugh. "give me a reason why i shouldn't."
"because i don't want you to go."
you blink.
it takes literally five seconds for you to be able to speak again.
"what?" it comes out in a whisper.
"i want you to stay- i want you to-" you watch, dumbfounded, as he stutters. "i want you."
you don't know how you're still breathing.
your heart is beating so fast and loud you're surprised kaz isn't able to hear it.
"tell me if there's something you want, if there's something in ravka," kaz speaks again when you don't answer him. "and i'll do everything i can to give it to you here. but if you want to go, then i will let you."
"there's nothing i want." you say, trying to make your hands stop shaking. "there's nothing i want there or anywhere. nothing but you."
kaz sighs heavily, as if a weight it's lifted off his shoulders.
"but i want something from you, kaz." you continue. "i want to know you. really know you. and i want you to know me too. there's some things about me that still haunt me too, but i will try my best to open up to you. and i want you to try to do the same. we will work on this together and i know nothing is easy with neither me nor you but i want us to find out a way."
kaz looks at you for a long time, so long you think he's not going to say anything at all.
but then he does something that almost makes your heart stop.
you watch as he takes of one of his gloves off. and takes your hand in his.
you smile wide. so wide your cheeks almost hurt.
there wasn't anything he could have said that would mean as much as this, and you know it's not easy for him but you also know, looking at him now, that he will let you help it get easier.
kaz seems breathless at the sight of your smile. as if it means the whole world to him.
"thank you." he says.
"for what?" you can't even think properly.
"for staying. i'll make it worth it. i promise."
"kaz, it's already worth it. you're worth it."
you watch as his eyes glimmer with something new in that moment, and when you look kaz in the eye, you know you're home.
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clubofthestarlesssaint7 hours ago
Favourite Grishaverse female character and why
My queen - Nina Zenik!
Tumblr media
She loves her body, she loves food and loves life. She is a huge inspiration to someone like me who has struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I went from being really skinny to putting on weight rapidly. So my whole life I've either heard that I'm too skinny or I'm too fat.
Nina made me feel less lonely and try to be more positive about how I see myself. She is a huge inspiration and I adore her. 鉂
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