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Dating Nine Headcanons:

this has been sitting in my wips folder for awhile waiting for me to proof read it lolol anyway~ here ya go~ Masterlist

  • calls you “babe” all the time
  • always has to be touching you ie holding you hand/has his arm around you
  • when you’re sitting on a couch together he’s basically on top of you
  • or he pulls you into his lap
  • he just wants to be close to you!!!
  • does not like when other people flirt with you
  • sometimes, if he knows that you like the person, he will play it off as if it was cool but deep down he’d really want to punch them
  • c u d d l e s
  • you are almost always the little spoon
  • he will def fight someone for you
  • obviously you’re the levelheaded one in the relationship
  • having to stop nine from getting into fights
  • he’s just generally really protective of you
  • but he knows you can stand up for yourself
  • he definitely likes stargazing
  • and picnics dates!
  • he’s very sweet around you
  • probably compliments you a lot
  • he’s super scared to tell you that he loves you
  • you’re the only person who makes him nervous
  • but he definitely tries to play it off and fakes confidence
  • but you know, and you think it’s sweet when he’s nervous, because that means he cares
  • even though we already know he goes for runs every morning, he would still go for a walk with you in the evening bc he likes spending time together alone
  • you def bicker over small things (in a healthy way)
  • he’s actually a decent cook
  • yall would def have at least one pet together
  • if it was a dog he would love to play with it and chase it around the yard
  • and if it was a cat he would lay on his stomach in the living room and play with it
  • if it was a snake or reptile he would legit just let it crawl all over him while he did chores or pushups or something
  • hes def one of those guys that slaps the top of the doorframe when he walks in a room
  • he will legit just drop down and do pushups or situps in the middle of a convo
  • he sucks at texting
  • like he will just not look at his phone for hours
  • and definitely uses too many emojis (ur not sure if it’s ironic or not)
  • he hates calling tho
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