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cottoncandyofterror · 6 days ago
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So I finished Ninety One Whiskey by komodobits and I want to write 100 loveletters to this story. Almost half a million words and I dreaded the last few pages because I just didn’t want it to end. What a wonderful story, what a talent, what a masterpiece, and it hasn’t left my mind once since starting it.
I had to emotionally digest everything by creating a bunch of fanart with some of the scenes that got seared into my mind - vividly and probably forever.
There is one more scene I drew, that I can’t post here. It’s on my patreon publicly :)
All of it is spoiler-y to the story, so please be aware!
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lengthofropes · 7 months ago
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"...reminds me of this other time, someone was telling a joke, and it went, 'what do you call a man with no head who goes out driving his automobile on the highway' and we didn't even realise Novak was listening, but he comes past and goes, “Improbable, mostly”. Jesus. It's in the way he says it, trust me. All straight-faced and serious, somehow it's hilarious. Anyway, good to hear you're feeling a little better now, write as soon as you hear from dad, and you take care – of yourself and of Jess. Or else. Charlie and Joe say hi. Bitch. T-4 Sergeant Winchester 91W1O, Company B, 116th Infantry Regiment 29th Infantry Division United States Army" ‘NINETY ONE WHISKEY” by komodobits ALL FIC MOODBOARD GIFSETS
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absinthedean · 9 months ago
Yeah I’ve read the classics…
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natalyasneverland · 5 months ago
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komodobits, Ninety One Whiskey // Supernatural 15x03
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jackles-coded · 10 months ago
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Misha!!!! First of all, you need to drop your AO3 account. I know you've read Twist and Shout, don't even try to deny it. Curious to see what's on your bookmarks list, king. Or even what destiel fics you've been secretly writing. 🧐
Secondly, I LOVE that he is highlighting all of the hard work that this fandom has put into righting that severe wrong that was done to Dean and Cas where their relationship is concerned. Thank you to each and every one of you who gave us such Destiel goodness, who gave us what the show wasn't able to.
Fics like:
Evangelist by @valleydean
Ninety One Whiskey by @cuddlebabies
The Path Of Fireflies by @museaway
Twist and Shout by gabriel, standbyme
So Says the Sword by @cuddlebabies
Four Letter Word For Intercourse by @bendingsignpost
Dean Winchester and the Patron Saint of Blind Dates by @goldenraeofsun
anything and I do mean anything by @xylodemon
Desperation, Baby! by @mattzerella-sticks
and anything else from the dean x cas portion of this list or links from this list (some might be duplicated ngl)
All such fantastic and amazing works of art!!!
Much love to each and every single author out there. <3
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nighttimeebony · 7 months ago
Ninety-One Whiskey by komodobits
The best and most consistent characterization of Dean and Cas that I have ever seen
Cas has the best and most realistic character development and growth that I have ever seen in a fanfiction before
There is nothing about this that is boring. I love that it makes every scene matter. Nothing is useless and nothing can be easily skipped over without missing something
The emotion is flawlessly delivered and hits every single time; every interaction is either hilarious, moving, compelling, horribly gut-wrenching, or meltingly heart-warming
The writing is fantastic and masterful, and it stuck with me days after I read it in a way that hardly anything else ever has
The characters are so much more than a translation of one canon into another; they truly become themselves and you can feel that this isn't just Dean and Cas but it's set in World War II.
Ironically, it has some of the best humor out of all these fics
The dialogue in this fic is fucking amazing and has some of (if not the best) character interaction that I have ever seen
Early chapters Cas is the epitome of gay panic, and I’m living for it
The whole scene with the condoms in chapter 2 is one of my favorite things ever
I love Inias
I like how, in the early chapters, Cas refers to any instance of attraction to Dean as “his self-preservation slipping”, as if being gay is dangerous. It’s realistic, and it really proves how terrified he is of himself and his feelings, and you see just how tragic it was to be gay at that time. There’s just so much shame in his self-image, but it’s also oddly mingled with this kind of… casualty, I suppose is the best way to phrase it. He doesn’t deny that he’s gay to himself; he denies it to other people so that he won’t get caught, but he’s not really trying to repress anything; he knows that he’s gay and he knows that there’s no fixing it or getting rid of it. He’s simultaneously ashamed that he’s like this, but he also doesn’t care. Cas treats his homosexuality the same way one might describe or treat a mental illness. He acknowledges its existence and he knows that it’s not going away, but he also hates that he has it in the first place. It’s extremely fascinating and so painfully realistic and accurate for the time period; probably the most accurate depiction of the self-perception of homosexuality during this time period that I’ve ever seen. And it also just makes sense for Cas’s character at this point in the story. It’s funny because usually we would associate these kinds of thoughts and behaviors with Dean, but I would argue that it makes more sense for Cas to be like this than Dean, at least for this particular story.
I also really, really like that it’s shown that people can have different negative perceptions of their own sexuality. Repression is probably the most common, and self-hatred is also very common, but Cas’s issues aren’t tied to repression or self-loathing. They’re more tied to shame, but even that doesn’t cover the full extent of Cas’s thoughts and feelings. It’s complicated and messy and so very human. I think this is probably the most human story out of every fic that I’ve read. I just--I fucking love this story
I also really love the decision to make Charlie trans.
I’m also not usually the biggest fan of slow burns, but it fucking works here. It makes sense for Cas and Dean specifically (especially in this time period) to be a slow burn because, for starters, getting romantically involved with each other would literally get them either fired, arrested, or killed, but also because of everything involved with Cas up to this point, namely his shame and how he initially tries everything in his power to push Dean away. And even though it does take a bit to really get going, once it does get going, Dean and Cas stay together, even when things get bad and when things get hard, they never completely stop being together and being involved with each other. But also, it doesn’t drag the slowburn past what is considered a reasonable amount of time given the circumstances
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thylaa · a year ago
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“...'cause you were saying you didn't even know what love feels like and I was just thinking, you idiot, you asshole, it feels like this.” - 91W
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hellerscape · 6 months ago
Okay so, I was doing the math and in Ninety-One Whiskey Castiel was born in 1916 which means he was 89 in 2005, which is when gay marriage was legalised in Canada. So that means that if Cas lived until he was 89 he would’ve seen the stark difference between how his relationship would’ve been viewed had it been discovered during the war compared to 2005 when he could marry Dean
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kingdumbass · 4 days ago
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ninety one whiskey
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quiet-doll · 3 months ago
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formayhem · 3 months ago
I haven’t watched Supernatural in like 6 years, but someone shared Ninety One Whiskey with me, and frankly I will never be the same. I’m devastated by the story, but also by the knowledge that I don’t think anything I read will make me feel what it did. 😭 I’m absolute trash for it. A whole garbage can. SOS.
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superhellsangel · a year ago
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Ninety One Whiskey
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gaypiratesandangels · 7 months ago
enjoy my ninety one whiskey edit!
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I first read 91W in 2018 and I’ve never found anything that compares please tell me SOMEONE out there has a fic recommendation that’s on a par with it
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caduceuzs · 11 months ago
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Fanart of THAT part of Ninety One Whiskey by Komodobits on AO3
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angeltiddies · 9 months ago
no but if there’s one thing that 91w captures so well about canon deancas is that, they could be in the middle of the most horrible, gut wrenching, battle scenario, and they will still take the time to look at each other and find solace there.
dean is the eye of the hurricane. castiel is an oasis in the desert. they are brief but fleeting moments, the flicking of eyes to lips, the widening of pupils, the fanning of warm breath, the thought of too close, the thought of we can’t, the weight of the world on their shoulders. and then they look at each other, and it’s going to be okay. the hell of war, the war of hell, that shit doesn’t mean anything if they’re in orbit together.
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nighttimeebony · 8 months ago
More Ninety-One Whiskey excerpts.
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God, I love this fic. It's definitely my favorite Destiel fanfiction, and might even be my favorite fanfiction ever. Cuz, no matter how hard I try, and no matter how many fics I read, nothing is as good as 91w.
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Oh, Cas, oh, baby. You have no idea.
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canonblastedships · a month ago
Y’all except for irl moments, my life has been taken up by Ninety One Whiskey by Komodobits over on AO3.
I read it. Cried. Reread my favorite parts. Cried some more. Then, reread it all over again. And cried.
<a href="https://archiveofourown.org/works/2362190"><strong>Ninety One Whiskey</strong></a> (401183 words) by <a href="https://archiveofourown.org/users/komodobits"><strong>komodobits</strong></a><br />Chapters: 20/20<br />Fandom: <a href="https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Supernatural">Supernatural</a><br />Rating: Explicit<br />Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence<br />Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Lisa Braeden/Dean Winchester, Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester, reference to Dean/OMC<br />Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Inias (Supernatural), Gabriel (Supernatural)<br />Additional Tags: WW2 ETO au, slowburn fic, the slowest of burns, Bottom!Cas, graphic military violence, significant character death - which u will note is not the same as MCD, content warnings in full in notes at the beginning of the first chapter, this is not a nice story, Here Be Toxic Behaviour Dragons Because It's World War Two And The Gays Are Bad<br />Series: Part 1 of <a href="https://archiveofourown.org/series/721512">Ninety One Whiskey</a><br />Summary: <p>In the spring of 1944, the 104th Medical Battalion of the United States Army is disbanded, and its men reassigned to various infantry companies in preparation for their invasion of occupied France. For First Lieutenant Novak, this is less than helpful, as he has so far met his platoon’s designated medic a grand total of twice, and has both times found Sergeant Winchester to be the optimum combination of reckless, arrogant, and downright insufferable so as to make cohesive platoon function near impossible. When the time comes to move out, however, Castiel has to reconcile himself to the fact that men are going to go down and trust that Dean Winchester may well be the only person who can put them back together again. WW2 ETO infantry AU.</p>
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armageddonouttahere · 11 months ago
I finally started reading Ninety-One Whiskey. I can't believe nobody thought to give me a warning when I was asking around about what it was. No one! No one thought to say, 'hey, maybe make sure you're in a good mental state before this TOME of a novel tears you to shreds', no, nothing like that. Now I'm emotionally invested. I have to finish it. Goddamn.
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uglyrosecloth · a year ago
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Currently reading the destiel fanfic ninety-one whiskey by the amazing author @cuddlebabies and i couldnt resist drawing cocky medic dean! i just love him so much
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