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Hi! I was the anon that asked about the apy x family thingy. So my request ( if you are up for it!) Is Lisa, Jean, Beidou, Ningguang, Yae Miko and Ayaka with their S/O and their child re-enacting the scene of SpyXFamily during the schools higher-ups interview where Anya cried. The genshin character can be based of Yor or Loid (showing protectiveness) but add your own twist if you want or whatever seems fit! I actually have seen clips of the series but i feel so bad for watching the anime so early since it has minimal episodes yet!! 🥲🥲
Will they pass or fail.
Tumblr media
synopsis: (Y/N) is the most successful and renowned spy in the country. Tackling the most dangerous and unheard of missions any human would even hope to handle. As of now, she’d been tasked to get close to a certain head of the prestigious Academy of Teyvat. With the hope of the country lying on her shoulders, she takes a false wife under her wing along with an adopted child in hopes to bring her union peace. 
character(s): yae, ningguang, lisa. (separate)
warning(s): spy x family au, talk of pregnancy, lowkey homophobia, sexism, a little violence.
note(s): female reader, i feel like this wasn’t a great intro via my writing cause it's a little out of my comfort zone ^^ however i’d never turn down the chance to experiment.
i lob yor
⎯⎯mod chewie 🪑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
loves teenagers and tweens, and just endlessly ruins their pride.
she can handle herself around smaller children, but hates it when they cry, she finds it so annoying.
has a talent for cooking, but dislikes the necessity of it. finds pleasure in seeing you dash around the kitchen while she entertains Sayu.
she’s a little lost when helping with studies, always trying to do something else.
somehow always trying to start tussles with the locals in grocery stores, at one point she was blatantly insulted while shopping and she just started laughing.
the biggest casualty was marrying her due to her troublesome and unpredictable nature, she constantly tests you.
Sayu was nowhere near as troublesome as your wife. There was constant mischief surrounding her, you had begged her to stay quiet and allow you to take the lead for the school interview. You should’ve known better than to tell her what you wanted, she would do the opposite.
Not even a whole two minutes in and there was already discord in the secluded room.
“I’m just saying, it’s a little strange for a hybrid woman and a human woman to raise a child. The fact is one of you is a hybrid I can overlook, but two women?” 
Swan squabbles as if he were some sort of cattle being taken to the slaughterhouse. Sayu remained airheaded, daydreaming about the rolling fields by her home which she was excited to roll in after the visit. 
Yae held her index finger to her chin, “Pardon me, but didn’t you lose your wife and visitation rights? It feels inappropriate to comment on others’ living situation when you weren’t even able to keep your wife nor your daughter.” 
“Why you–”
You held up your hands, the man with glasses next to Swan scolding Yae on her brash comment. You apologized under your breath, none of the men could hear you over Swan’s embarrassed squealing. 
You spoke up, “My dearest apologies, she’s very defensive you see–”
“Dear (Y/N), don’t apologize on my behalf. This man has no obligation to ridicule others' lifestyles, no matter the situation! He’s a downbeat who gets off to the misery of others in an attempt to raise his ego. Please don’t sympathize with such impotence,” her attention was fully on you now, ignoring the argument bubbling within the men on the sofa.
“It isn’t about sympathy, it’s about Sayu getting into the academy!” your voice was hushed, a hand by your mouth.
Yae scoffed and mumbled something you couldn’t understand, “Let’s continue, I’ll remain quiet.”
Swan babbled, “Perhaps we’d ought to kick you out, it’s clear two women are only going to raise a brain dead child.”
Sayu’s soft voice mumbled to the Headmaster, he of which repeated her words, “The child states she enjoys her home life, I think that makes a good enough excuse to allow the wives to continue the interview.”
You tried not to shake when Yae smiled at you.
“What was your relationship like with Miss Yae before you got married, Miss (Y/N)?” Evance was scribbling gibberish down on a clipboard, his pencil strokes quiet.
“We met at a shrine, she was the head shrine maiden and I felt weak in the knees when I saw how gracefully she took care of me. She’s truly an enigma,” You sighed dreamily, “I became a regular and we had gotten engaged fairly quickly, when I saw her get along with my daughter it only made me swoon even further.”
He nodded, “I see, so you’re religious?”
“Not exactly, it’s more for pleasure than religion, I never grew up around the notion.”
“I see, Miss Yae, do you still attend the shrine you had met Miss (Y/N) in?” 
She smiled more sweetly than before, “Yes, and each time she visits me I get to relive the moment of adoration when we had first encountered each other. A magical feeling.”
“Aren’t most religions against the idea of same-sex marriage? Wouldn’t you be betraying your God?” Swan spoke up again, visible rage upon his features. Her ear twitched, “God doesn’t pay me to do hard work or follow its rules. I disbelieve in the afterlife and karma.” Yae fiddled with her collar bashfully, “If I’m disobeying him, it was worth it, (Y/N) and Sayu’s company are much more rewarding than anything else.”
A foreign warmth bubbled in your stomach when she praised you, despite the fact the marriage was only for the title, you couldn’t help but be flustered.
“Tell me, Sayu, was it?” Evance started, “Do you enjoy your new mother?”
The small girl, though consumed by the softness of the cushions, perked up with bright eyes. Her brows furrowed in a troubled but determined expression where she forced a convincing smile.
“Yes! I want to be with them forever!”
The Headmaster grumbled praise, the anxiety in your core growing fainter with the flow of conversation. The moment was short lived.
“So, would you prefer your actual father then?”
You’ve only known Yae for a few months, been married to her for the majority of that time. Never once have you ever seen her genuinely enraged by anything. In the corner of your eye, you made out the fury of which dressed itself upon her features which held a smile for so long. The room was unmoving with thick tension, only becoming more infused with Yae’s unconditional rage once Sayu showed the slightest hint of discomfort. 
“Oh my,” she started, “Looks like there’s a pig loose, please allow me to catch it.”
There wasn’t enough time to stop her. Her hand went snag to the remains of Swan’s hair and smashed it into the coffee table with a graphic crack. His nose was dug through the wood and on the wool rug beneath them, nose cracking under the pressure of her sheer strength. Once she lifted her hand from his cranium, her sharp nails dug into the skin of his scalp.
“Pardon me…” she stated again, you didn’t dare breathe, “He should stay quiet for now, please do your best to contain your pets.”
There was no possible way you were ever getting to the academy, or any academy at this rate.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
isn’t fond of older children, she can get along with toddlers fine.
has a talent for cooking, and would rather cook for you then you cook for her.
married you for tax benefits, and agreed to help you with your endeavors with little Qiqi, she herself was also attached.
thinks money can solve everything, you forgot your keys to the apartment once and she tossed a variety of coins at you and continued to walk to the train station by herself. 
hates leaving Qiqi home alone, she gave you one hell of a lecture when she found out she was left alone semi-regularly.
Your wife was responsible, and you pride yourself on picking such a lovely woman to marry you. She had her ups and downs, like most people, but overall she has to be the best fit for you.
The interview for the academy was as smooth as ever, you’d taken the lead. The youngest of the men being Swan had made multiple double sided comments which you brushed off with the utmost of respect. You couldn’t help but notice Ningguang’s side eye you while you submissively bowed to their will.
“Who cooks at home? Considering you’re both women,” Swan said, eyes bore into your own.
You pulled on a strained smile, “Ningguang does most of it, I work later nights than I’d like to admit so I’m rarely home in time to cook.”
“Did you cook for your late husband?” he continued.
“No, sir. I dislike cooking.”
He scoffed, as if he were absolutely disgusted with the fact you couldn’t cook, “What kind of woman is useless in the kitchen? Surely this is why you gave up on trying to marry men.”
Ningguang quickly interjected, “Excuse me, but why does that matter for school admission? I thought this school prided itself on the height of education, not petty gender roles.”
The Headmaster quickly stood up straighter, he nodded and instructed the interview to continue while Swan leaned back into the sofa cushion.
“So, what was the relationship between you two before you got married?” Evance, the much more understanding man, finally spoke.
You put a hand to your chin, “Well, we met at our workplace. We’d only been coworkers until I got up the courage to ask to become friends, it eventually blossomed into something more.”
Evance nodded, then asked Qiqi his own questions for her. The memory exercises seemed to have been useful, her monotone voice didn’t waver and her stuttering was to a minimum. You were beyond proud of her progress, especially since she had gotten so invested in the ongoing conversations between her and Evance.
It was all short lived.
“You’re the legitimate daughter of Miss (Y/N) and the man before Miss Ningguang, correct?” Evance asked, his eyes skimming over the bunch of printed text before him.
Qiqi tilted her head, “What is, lejitay… mate?”
The Headmaster spoke first, “Is she your real mommy?”
“Of course, she’s my true mommy. The best of the best.”
“Well spoken,” the Headmaster praised.
Swan opened his fat mouth once more, “Would you prefer your old daddy? Or two mommies?”
Everyone in the room seemed to stop breathing, and every bone in your body screamed with bloodied and boiling rage. You can’t remember the last time you had been so infuriated, you don’t even know if you had ever been that infuriated. The entire room froze with shock, the girl in the lone chair started shaking uncontrollably. “Swan! Please have some respect!” Evance scolded, the Headmaster harshly cussed at the said man.
Ningguang watched you carefully restrain yourself, she made her way towards Qiqi and lifted her in her arms.
“I am Ningguang, Tianquan of Liyue Qixing. I own the Jade chamber which had defied laws of physics not even recorded yet. You mock my daughter, you mock me, you mock my lover,” She started, face devoid of human emotion, “You may be the height of education, no matter how many titles this establishment carries, no matter how many titles the employees carry. I am ten times more than you or this establishment will ever be.”
The shaking Qiqi was secured in her arms as she sauntered out, calling out your name which you quickly followed behind.
When you got home it was quiet, the walk was silent except the tapping of Ningguangs heeled shoes. You didn’t dare speak, Qiqi couldn’t do much but sulk in her arms. As soon as you had reached the apartment, you didn’t even get the chance to take your shoes off until she was on the telephone dialing spontaneous numbers. Qiqi found solitude in her bedroom.
“Hello?” Ningguang spoke into the phone, you noticed her lipstick was smeared, “You’re aware of the ultimate Teyvat Academy? Correct? Good, well find the man who owns the estate and purchase the entire thing. I could care less for price tags or investments, do what you have to do and buy it.”
You stared at her with your mouth wide open, that’s one way to get into the academy… 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lisa actually really likes working with kids! Her favorite are probably toddlers. 
she works with Klee really well, however when Klee gets stubborn about her studies things can get rocky. 
Lisa has a tendency of over rewarding, not that it’s a bad thing! 
not the best at cooking, very good with baking though.
Klee left you hopeless on so many occasions that you couldn’t remember. When you were first handed this mission you had no idea how to respond other than a curt nod and be on your way. The entire world depended on you. Depend on you, your wife, and your disaster of a child.
It was time. You and your family walked into the interview waiting room in absolute silence. The anxiety was potent enough that you started to bounce your leg up and down, Lisa put her hand on your knee. Now wasn’t a time for visible fear, put on a brave face and tread forward. 
Fake it until you make it, you suppose.
The three older men in the room eyes widened once they saw Lisa follow in after you, they probably assumed the both of you were sisters. Although you had read the regulations very carefully, they never mentioned specifically that a man and a woman were the only ones that could pass the interview. It was the mass majority, but you had your worries. There was just no way you would conveniently marry a man under any context. 
You sat down in the seat closest to Klee. 
“Ah, welcome. Are you both sisters?” the man with thick glasses asked, he was in his early fifties with a kind tone.
Lisa and you both lifted your left hand revealing the matching wedding band.
“No sir, we are legally married,” you stated.
The chubbier man in the middle, Swan, snorted, “So the child does not belong to you biologically?”
You felt your jaw clench, “You see, I was married to a man previously. He passed away from illness, and Lisa swept me off my feet in my time of need. I indeed gave birth to Klee.”
‘Mama’s lying…’ Klee thought to herself, a nervous smile stretching her cheeks. 
Swan went to say something, but was cut off by Evance, “So this is your second marriage?”
“Yes, sir.”
You could hear Klee’s fidgeting as she straightened her skirt with uneasy hands.
Evance looked through a clipboard with scattered papers, “What was your relationship like before you got married to Lisa? How did you meet?”
A dreamy sigh left your lips, “We met at a diner, as soon as our eyes met I felt my knees buckle and my chest heat up… I thought of my late husband who would’ve willed me to move on when he passed, we’d talked only for a brief while before engagement.”
Lisa used the tip on her fingers to hide a creeping smile with pink cheeks. She hummed in agreement.
“...And yourself?” Evance directed his attention to your wife.
She nodded, “Well, I’m not the best with straightforward words… But (Y/N) treated me more kindly than anybody I had ever been with previously. She’s impossibly patient, there’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with.”
Well spoken!
Swan spoke up again, “When did you realize you prefer women over men?”
His eyes bore into yours, as if he was mocking you entirely.
“I’ve never put a label on attraction, it’s been like this since I was little. I enjoy the company of both sexes.”
You were lying, Klee knew. She knew from the looks of frustration you would give informants when they would hand you certificates of bachelors, but she didn’t mind. She enjoyed having two mothers.
Swan turned his head towards the child, “Do you enjoy having two mommies? Don’t you think it would be better if you had a Daddy instead?”
There was something boiling inside your stomach, your cheeks felt hot with absolute anger. Your hands were bunched up with the fabric of your pants.
Calm down. It’s fine.
You looked at Klee, tears glistened in her eyes. Your heart raced when you saw Lisa stand up to go comfort her, you could feel your entire body twitch upon instinct when you heard her sobbing. 
“So she prefers a father after all.”
That comment sent your nerves into a frenzy of rage. Lisa beat you two it, smashing the entire table in half with her foot. The three men jumped back in absolute terror, Swan letting out some sort of squeal. Lisa lifted up the tip of her heel, wood crumbling around it.
She mumbled, a terrifying smile upon her face as she looked down to Swan. His legs were shaking with his collar stuffed with fat and sweat, eye contact never breaking between the two. Lisa lifted her leg completely and took her purple heel off her foot, revealing the faint stain of a crushed bug upon the bottom. 
Lisa giggled, “Please forgive me, but there was a mosquito upon the table and I just couldn’t help myself. Looks a bit like you, doesn’t it, Swan?”
You weren’t getting into this school. No matter how much you may pray to some sort of God.
Tumblr media
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A twinge of worry
Genshin Characs getting worried of you. (Gender Neutral, nothing violent, no trigger warnings)
.*.*. Includes: Ningguang & Beidou
Coming soon: Chongyun, Razor, Diluc, Bennett, Xingqiu, Kaeya, and Albedo .*.*.
Enjoy, my beloveds!!! ehe~ It took a while for me to make this, please enjoy my writing and if you don't it's fine. (>.<)
Am down bad for them I swear- Starting off with the fems <3333
Tumblr media
Lady Ningguang 
Ningguang is not one to pay less attention to details like time. To her, time is important and not a moment of it is worth wasting. She always gets her hand to work, her lips to negotiate certain trades in Liyue, and her mind on opportunities that could help her gain more mora.
When it comes to you though, time never becomes a waste. Whatever situation you two have before you is manageable and exciting.
She wouldn't really be worried at first, that is until the night sky had already covered Liyue and you are nowhere inside the Jade Chamber.
She feels uneasy, like there is a missing part of her. She clears her mind by trusting you & shakes the feeling away, purposely distracting herself by dealing with more workloads but also expects your arrival anytime soon and yet, the Jade Chamber remains without your presence. It feels cold, boring, and lonely for some odd reason.
Seriously, just go home T-T She's looking down on Liyue from the high floating Jade Chamber. Looking at every direction, expecting your figure to be spotted anytime soon.
She paces CALMLY here and there. Collecting her thoughts on your sudden late home arrival.
Literally starts to think something bad or strange was up. (Hoping her rivals *ehe-ehem* Northland bank *ehem* did not do anything bad to you)
Professionally handles her worriedness and sits by her work desk, sipping hot tea while yours remain full and steaming.
Bestie it's like... 1:00 am and you're still not home. (T_T*) Ningguang had only rested for an hour. Afterall, work really is tiring for she pours all her efforts into it.
Not gonna lie, she's a little frustrated and she's not going to hide it. The fact that you told her you were only going out a bit to pick berries (Not me singing the berries and cream song T-T Am sorry) and flowers and visit your relative for a short while in the morning then not inform her that you're not going home early kind of makes her confused and bothered especially that she doesn't know where you are.
You are friends, close indeed. Very close that she's beginning to have the urge to go down from the Jade Chamber to find you because she is really worried and bothered when you're suddenly gone.
She does handle things well so this time, she suspects that you probably stayed with your relative but she couldn't erase the feeling that something felt wrong. Her feet felt like they would walk down to Liyue to find you on their own.
Suddenly, you burst open the door, rushing to get inside the Jade Chamber absolutely soaking wet (I would be for Ningguang too) and you go sneaking your way through your bedroom on tippy toes because you already know how stupid it was for you not to inform Ningguang of your late arrival but Ningguang and you lock eyes as she sat by her desk, drinking her second glass of tea. Yours probably had turned cold.
You feel embarrassed. Shy. Ningguang looks at you with combined expressions. Its like a mix of worry, surprise, and "why did you not tell me?" look. You just, stare. A long stare at each other. Then you open your mouth, no words come out. Second try. Nothing still. Third, "I just-" Okay you failed, one more time. "I wandered too far when picking up berries." You said, admitting your recklessness. It sounds so stupid you want to cover your face.
She asks you where you have been, what happened, if you're alright or if you're hurt. She wraps you with a blanket, calls her servants to give you things of comfort, cooks for you, and chats for a while as you eat though she frankly admits that she's disappointed her sleeping schedule is ruined and worse, that you didn't concern yourself of her or at least thought about her might staying up until you go home late after "picking berries".
You were actually hanging out with Beidou on her ship because she invited you while you we're picking berries and ended up being naughty kids on wine. Beidou may or may not have been drunk and nudged you too hard while laughing at a joke that you fell out of the ship and onto the seawater. Sailor Furong had to help you out lmao.
Tumblr media
Captain Beidou Beedo Beedo
Drinks along with The Crux members at dusk, enjoying a good time for rest then starts to notice your missing presence. Her loudness suddenly ending into confused silence.
Literally pauses and looks around the ship with a "Where are they?" type of face for she was expecting you.
"They're supposed to be here." She says and The Crux members look around for a sign of you.
Although she did covince the others you'll be on the ship soon and maybe you just had been a little late to arrive, she has a feeling you're not... coming? "What's going on?" Her mind echoes.
She's confident in trusting you & thought maybe you had been busy. Deep down this woman wants to explore all of Teyvat to find you because this is the only time she won't be sailing, why in Teyvat are you not with her?
She has a match to host later night & it will take long months before she experiences another day without work in mind. Don't get her wrong, Beidou loves sailing & hosting duels but the fact that she rarely sees you due to it makes her miss you. Although she just straight up hides it.
She complains slightly about you not being on the ship & tells everyone in The Crux that she's leaving the ship to find you. Fully determined & willing to find her friend who's the perfect companion when it comes to compatible humor, she sets down the ship to the grounds of Liyue Harbor.
She just wants a laugh. Where are you?
Starts asking everyone at Liyue Harbor on where you might've been incuding Lady Ningguang who apologetically says no and Beidou low-key feels irritated and confused about it. Though, she doesn't make it obvious because... isn't she at the highest place, can't she just- like- look down and find you?
Looks down from the Jade Chamber, filled with determination to find you because the flood of worry is filling her head. Her mind is a pool of thoughts on things that might've happened to you.
Did you ride the ship and fell off by accident and nobody noticed? No. The Crux is well aware of visitors on the ship and there were none.
She starts to slowly lose hope but proceeds to find you anyway, asking here and there that even Xiangling can't help but notice the concern written all over her face. That is until the clock hit midnight and she is so upset her time was wasted over finding you and not being able to find you afterall.
She is pissed. She knows how to control her emotions so she just considers it an automatic "it's okay" type of situation though she'll scold you a bit and let you know that she was expecting you and- archons- just- why aren't you with her? You promised that every dusk, you'll be ready to ride the ship which happens most of the time and you never fail to inform her when you're not going.
Soon enough, she walks back to the ship only to... see you, there.
Beidou feels so tired of everything. If she was reckless, she would've left her sanity at this point. She spent 5 hours looking for you and how absolutely amazing that you were in the ship afterall. (She's dying inside, poor captain) She could've drank, laughed, joked, and discussed many things if only you informed her you'd be arriving late. She feels like much time had been wasted & she couldn't help being bothered. Of course she's calling you out to The Crux cause she's disappointed.
That disappointment gets brushed away the moment you smile at her happily, even hugging her on the way. You looked fancy & smelled nice, she had noticed.
"I went to Yun Jin's opera! She always bedazzles me!" You excitedly say, your words coming out a bit slurred due to the wine & Beidou rolls her eyes. You've been there all along and she didn't find you amidst the crowd. She wants to slap herself.
"Oh, did you enjoy it? How about informing me next time that you're not coming?"
Her tone suddenly catches you off guard. Uhm... is she angry? You were really thinking deep about it. Uh oh.
"I'm going now. Ship's sailing. To the island, we go! We have a match to host."
She walks back to the ship & you accompany her, mumbling words of apology while she whispers how worried she is of you.
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Headcanon that Yelan asking for a transfer to the chasm as soon as it reopened isn’t just due to wanting to uncover the past there, but also for an extended leave of absence because Beidou and Ningguang have finally gotten together (coughmoonchasecough) and subsequently the PDA and Ningguang mooning over Beidou whenever Yelan comes in to give her report is starting to grate on her nerves.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GENSHIN IMPACT - Character roster
Insp: ♡ - ♡ - ♡
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ningguang: hey I need you for another job
yelan: yeah ofc who do you need me to assassinate
ningguang: no no you've got it all wrong I need you to flirt with me to make that stupid pirate jealous
yelan: ...you want me to make beidou jealous that’s not really the kind of work I do
ningguang: no I hate beidou now lets go down to the crux I’m supposed to meet beidou for a game of chess
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Tumblr media
Smol Beidou and Ningguang
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Tumblr media
«That’s my wife!»
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Tumblr media
happy birthday beidou!! enjoy ur true treasure or whatever 🤒💞
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Tumblr media
something about compensation and striking gold
2nd time posting this bc tumblr banished it to the shadow realm ystd
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Tumblr media
tianquanxin ningguang 天权星 凝光
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Chasm adventure !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
inspired by this tweet ^^
Tumblr media
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⋆ Genshin Impact ✩ Character Birthday Art 2021 ⋆
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kekkai sensen ED - genshin impact version [anniversary stream] / liyue ed.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ningguang & Beidou
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
liyue characters enjoying the fireworks as shown in the 2.4 trailer ♡
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Tumblr media
Happy Chinese New Year! 大家虎年快乐!!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Current Liyue playable characters + name meanings
Wishing all Travelers a happy Lunar New Year! ☆
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