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#ninja movies
neabean05 · 5 hours ago
Me and my cousin: *watching a movie while drawing*
Her: did you get inspired?
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Tumblr media
So beautiful ✨
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kawaiibunga · 10 hours ago
June 15th 2021
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fanarts by @kawaiibunga​
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turtlepower12 · 12 hours ago
I know I've been posting a lot ranting about the trailer and the rottmnt movie but forgive me y'all I'm that desperate
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theycallmebeaker · a day ago
im rewatching rottmnt because i got a cold and laying around watching tmnt is the best way to live while you feel like your brain is pouring out of your nose but I DIGRESS because im talking about leo!!!
i love rise!leo i love him so much because he is such a breath of fresh air. we’ve seen cocky asshole leo (im thinking mainly of the 2007 movie) and we’ve seen traumatized under the pressure of being the leader leo (2003 series) but in these two iterations we never really see leo be happy. i love 2003!leo because i can project onto him but it’s genuinely so heartbreaking to watch him suffer. you can see glimpses of rise!leo beneath the surface--namely the stupid puns he makes like “have a seat!” *throws a couch*--but he can never be as carefree as his rise counterpart because he has taken it upon himself to protect his brothers (as mikey very articulately points out in season 4–that they are all free to be who they want “all cuz leo is busy being responsible for all of us”). it is an admirable quality but 2003!leo’s canonical greatest fear is failure, a direct result of the pressure he feels, and we watch him beat himself up every single time he thinks he has failed. 2003!leo pushes himself to be the best so that he feels like he is good enough to be the leader.
rise!leo, on the other hand, keeps 2007 movie’s cockiness and 2003′s (questionable) sense of humor but when not given the mantle of the leader, he is not concerned with being the best fighter. in the FIRST EPISODE he even says “you guys have been training?” which is such a stark contrast to other iterations of leo who have always been more disciplined and trained harder than all of his brothers. but there’s no pressure for him in rise to be “better” than his brothers, no pressure to have to be the responsible one, and so he honestly kind of sucks at fighting at the beginning. it’s played for laughs, that they all kind of suck and can’t work well together as a team, but it is so nice to see no rivalry between the turtles (especially between raph and leo), and leo getting to be a huge dork and to be able to mess around for once. 
(also rise!leo wears a fanny pack what is there not to love?)
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turtlepower12 · a day ago
Since we have zero content, I'm still fantasizing about my headcanon
The angst there will be if raph failed them as a leader in the future and they lost someone so that mysterious stranger time-travels to make leo rise and lead instead to make sure whatever happened in the future never happens again.
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voiceoftheshadows · a day ago
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Being in both fandom SUCKS isnt suffering this way once enough??
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basilbytes · 2 days ago
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jenexxifer · 2 days ago
Bad Movie Saturday Night: IMDb List
Bad movies that are fun to laugh at that my husband and I have watched on Saturday nights at home with a frozen pizza -- or something else! Each week I'll add the latest movie we watched & what we ate for dinner.
#31 on the list: American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987)
Watched on 6/12/21 with an egg-on-a-burger dinner
See the other bad movies we’ve been watching on Saturday nights here:
Movie Outline: On a remote Caribbean island, Army Ranger Joe Armstrong investigates the disappearance of several marines, which leads him to The Lion, a super-criminal who has kidnapped a local scientist and mass-produced an army of mutant Ninja warriors.
Tumblr media
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popshopsicle · 2 days ago
Me to Me, tearfully: You've already got 11 other fics you're writing
#Lemme tag like#All the fandoms I'm currently making fics for#And I still haven't finished#Haha ADHD go brrr#Genshin Impact#I've got an Albedo one shot where I had a random idea that included him disliking rain#And Aether discovers with horror that the reason he hates rain is because once he's hit with any liquid his skin begins to sort of dissolve#Like Chalk#And when in fights with enemies he tends to use his elemental shields so he's fine#But rain?#Nope#Anyway yeah I'm working on that#I've also got a one-shot that imagines Paimon as the Unknown God working together with Lumine to undermine the Archons#And it explores how she's manipulated by Lumine and slowly grows fond of Aether#And it's all just a mix of several theories I've found#Ninjago#I've got a Lloyd gets blasted into the past and is trapped in Morro's body fic#A fic where in S6 Zane gets sent to the Movieverse as a result of one of his wishes#A fic where the Movie Ninja are the reincarnated souls of the Show Ninja#Another fic where of course Echo is passed down the element of water#And uhhh just saying I've already planned out that entire plot holy shit#I think I've got one more but I can't remember#Kingdom Hearts#I've got a KH Fic where PostKH3 Roxas gets sent into the past and he tries to fix things so that Sora doesn't DIE#Via Young Xehanort#Of course Young Xehanort has something up his sleeve#I've got another fic where as punishment for committing the Forbidden heart stuff Sora is trapped in an indefinite time loop of his life#All leading up to the end of KH3#And he's trying to change it so that he could at least live out the rest of his life before he time loops again#There's one more one shot fic featuring Roxas exploring ideas of love and how everyone around him views it. It's Roxner too
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loadbearinonion · 2 days ago
Is Circus Hobo Kakashi the best Kakashi? What we found out will SHOCK YOU. News at 11.
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sifukyoshi · 3 days ago
I will never forget that in the movie “Road to Ninja” Naruto and Sakura were thrown into a parallel universe where everyone had opposite personalities and Sasuke’s main trait was that HE LIKED GIRLS LMAO
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thepeanutlord · 3 days ago
heres a not-so-fun thing to think about: what if viceroy got the cruella treatment
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thecinelab · 4 days ago
6 Possible Candidates that Netherrealm Studios could turn into Fighting Games
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Since 2010, Netherrealm Studios has entertained fans of arcade-fighting video games. Whether it be the recent critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat games, or bringing DC’s classic comic book characters to the battlefield in the two Injustice games, this studio has created exceedingly detailed fighting experiences with great controls, awesome graphical quality, and even memorable story modes.
But, there is been a rumor that Netherrealm has been trying to develop completely brand new games beyond just Mortal Kombat and DC comics. And on this week’s CineLab, I wanted to go over the best possible franchise candidates that Netherrealm could turn into amazing fighting games.
1. The MonsterVerse franchise
Tumblr media
I actually made an entire post about a potential fighting game using these movies and characters, so I won’t go into deep details here. But, the idea of playing as Godzilla or Kong in the same game alongside other massive Titans from this series would be a delight for hardcore Kaiju fans and casual fans who want to have a fighting that is literally larger than life.
2. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise
Tumblr media
The popular and ever-expanding TMNT franchise is no stranger to video games. But they did make a guest appearance in Injustice 2. And since then, I have wanted to see Netherrealm focus on them and their equally iconic side characters.
You could tell an original story starring the mutated pizza-loving reptile warriors, alongside allies like April O’Neil, Casey Jones, and Master Spinter. And battling enemies like The Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, and KRANG.
3. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers franchise
Tumblr media
Much like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Power Rangers have a rich history that could be used to create a lush fighting game expierience for fans of the series. Though, if it were up to me personally, I would recommend using the characters and story from the original series, since it’s the most recognizable.
Playing as the original six Power Rangers and their rogue’s gallery of villainous monsters in a fighting game would be great fun with Netherrealm’s attention to detailed graphics and controls. And I’m sure fans would be extra exciting if playing as the Mega-Zord was part of the expierience.
4. The Marvel Comics universe
Tumblr media
I think the Marvel comics universe is the most obvious candidate for a Netherrealm fighting game. After wonderfully bringing the DC characters to a fighting game environment, why not do the same for the Marvel characters.
The opportunity to play as characters from the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and more would be exciting for fans of these comic book icons. And a story as detailed as Injustice 2 would be even better. You would think that I couldn’t go any higher than the Marvel universe. But I have two more possible candidates that I hope you will find interesting.
5. Classic Monsters and Horror Characters
Tumblr media
You know how the Mortal Kombat games feature guest characters from older horror movies? Imagine that being it’s own game. By using the many iconic monsters from classic movies and literature.
The Mummy, the Wolf Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein’s monster, Count Dracula, and other monsters coming together to deliver bloody punishment upon each other would be a fun experience. And if Netherrealm’s writers could craft an original story that brings them together organically, it would be very much appreciated.
6. Ancient Myths
Tumblr media
This final candidate might actually have the potential to be its own series of games. Taking the multiple gods, monsters, and heroes of ancient mythologies and turning it into epic fighting game experiences is too good an idea to pass up, in my opinion.
Imagine playing as the ancient Greek gods, Norse gods, or Ancient Egyptian gods, and battling each other for supremacy. And it could also offer an opportunity for people to learn about the various myths while fighting to the death. Any passionate game designer could make an truly amazing spectacle out of the ancient myths. And any fan would love the opportunity to play as mighty gods and terrifying monsters.
Tumblr media
And those are my personal choices for possible franchise candidates for Netherrealm studios to turn into complete video games. I hope you enjoyed all of my choices. If you have any candidates that I may have not considered, feel free to let me know below. Also like, comment, and reblog this post. And follow for more from the CineLab!
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milkytheholy · 4 days ago
A cold night in New York
Request: Reader's apartment building's heat went out during a really chilly spring day, so when raph comes over he's all like "why tf does she have the thermostat on 5 degrees", but then he finds her cuddled up with tons of blankets on the couch, watching tv. after turning down the volume, reader explains the situation with the heat while shivering and clutching the blankets. raph has a brilliant plan for this. He opens all the blankets, which the reader doesn't like at first, but then he climbs on top of her and basically snuggles up. reader likes this and lays the blankets over top of him. he also likes this, since he's sort of cold-blooded and thinks she's warm and soft. reader turns the volume on the tv back up and smooches the top of his head. then, after just cuddling for a few minutes, goes to her neck with sweet kisses and hickies. nothing naughty, just lil neck kisses. fin.
Tmnt masterlist. Tmnt 2. Ultimate masterlist. AL masterlist
Tumblr media
Your fingers trembled as they clutched the plush blanket closer to your form, you made a mental note to contact the owner of the apartments to come fix your damn heating. You could hear your teeth chattering but the motion only felt numb in your mouth, body too cold to feel anything, even the clothes on your back. You had been sat in a mass muddle of blankets and towels for the better part of the day, doing nothing that involved getting out of bed unless it was anything major like peeing and snacking on food.
The world outside of your blankets was dangerous and cold, you had forbidden yourself from leaving the cosy comforts of your fort. Yet that didn't stop the universe from messing with you. A loud bang clattered along the fire escape beside your living room window, the impact loud enough to reach your ears in the bedroom. Your breathing quickened at the thought of it being an intruder, but when the sound of light knocking came after silence, your breathing subsided.
Bellowing as loud as you could, knowing you'd get some angry neighbours in the morning, you waited for the sound of movement; which didn't take long. Raph easily lifted the window with one hand, whipping one thigh over the window ledge and onto the hardwood flooring. He let out a small squeal at the sudden coolness of your flooring, masking his outburst with a deep guttural cough, he continued until his body was fully inside.
Was it somehow colder in here than it was outside? The thought had crossed Raph's mind rather quickly, picking up the pace to find you, he checked the thermostat as he went. There's the problem, frowning Raph's large finger pocked and prodded the small dial forcing it to turn to a much higher temperature. When the dial stopped turning, Raph used more force, after a few short seconds the dial came off altogether in his hand. With wide eyes and a panicked frown, Raph checked you weren't around before jamming the dial back onto the wall.
"Everything okay in there, hello?" your heavenly voice called out to him. Raph had then realised he had never said anything to you, he just waltzed into your home broke your heating and remained silent like some warmth stealing thief. "Er, y-y-" his voice cracked as he spoke, coughing again to mask the imperfection he continued, "Er, yeah, don't worry 'bout it!" his voice was light but it was only to hide the fact that he had broken something of yours.
Now taking cautious steps into your room, a light smile lifted his face as he was you perched in your blankets like a cacoon. A t.v remote was by your side, while food wrappers and empty mugs laid on your bedside table. "Comfortable?" Raph teased, moving to stand beside your bed. You rolled your eyes at the comment, instead opting to pull the ring of blankets surrounding your closer to your neck. Taking that as your snarky reply back, Raph continued on, wanting to delve deeper into the problem.
"So what happened here? Miss Christmas already?"
"No," you huffed out, suppressing a shiver down your spine, "My heating blew out and the guy can't come and fix it until Monday." The disdain in your voice for this maintenance worker was very noticeable, especially with the harsh glare in your eyes. Taking in her form again with a clearer gaze, Raph's brain began to work, something Donnie chided would never happen. Goody two-shoes know it all Raph grumbled.
Leaning over your bed, Raph began pawing at your blankets. You shuffled away from him, your face contorting into the word offended, "What do you think you're doing?" you questioned with a pointed glare, how dare he disrupt your fiery kingdom. "Do you wanna be warm or what?" he groaned out, but soon smirked at your reluctance to answer his question with a straight face. Allowing him the luxury of pulling back the blankets, your body contorted into itself as soon as the bitter cold nipped at your skin, a whine leaving your lips.
"Quit ya whining like a puppy, just give me a minute!" Raph huffed out, gently laying down on your bed as to not break it. You felt the bed dip with his weight, your body rolling down to land beside him. He flipped the blankets into the air, smoothly wrapping an arm behind your shoulders as the blankets gently landed over you both. "See? Am I good or what?" he bragged, you shrugged your shoulders, body still shaking.
Raph growled at the shake of your arms, he pulled you closer to him, allowing you to finally feel that body warmth he was willingly sharing with you. With his free hand, Raph grabbed the T.V remote and flipped through the stations finding something worthwhile. You, however, were gazing up at him, eyes sparkling with joy and love. "What?" he asked, his eyes catching yours for a moment more before flicking back to the T.V, "Nothing, just- thank you," you hummed, shuffling your head against his arm.
"Hey, I'm not just doin' this for you, y'know how warm you are to a cold-blooded turtle like me?" he joked, earning a giggle of laughter from you. Lifting yourself just enough to reach his neck, you began littering kisses along his skin, embracing the churr that rumbled from beneath his shell.
Raph just smiled down at you, leaning closer he sealed the deal with a kiss to your forehead, you beamed at the added warmth that his lips provided. "Anytime, toots," You'd treasure this memory forever.
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