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The biggest plothole in TLNM is that Lloyd and the green ninja were literally the only people in the entire universe with green eyes yet it never occurred to anybody that they might be the same person.

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I’m absolutely vibing with this, but picture this,,

Clutch is Jesse and Ronin and Dareth are both James

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Oooh I dont have any Dareth lore yet,, but if I think of some I will def post!

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lost motivation for this but the shading is pretty 

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golden boy, envy of all/look into the light and try not to fall

my piece from nnq zine!!! 

also i have another thing comin for the 10th anni that i didn’t post yesterday but itll be up in a bit so stay tuned >:)

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say what you will about ninjago but at least it never tried to be hip and cool. there is no quoting dead vines. there is no dabbing. they never try to stay with meme trends. 

That’s a pretty underrated blessing because if there was video evidence of jay saying damn daniel i might have to commit a crime

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I got more notes on a in the past two fucking days on one shitpost then I ever did in the Ninjago fandom and that says a lot

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Here’s Nya


I like how her hair and clothes came out

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let him be Bad.
also happy 10 years i did not have much in mind

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I spent $200 on buying the hype clothes

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