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#ninjago ocs

Marion felt his chest tighten, as he held the small, singed, soot stained bat toy in his hands. It was old, burned and torn, stitches loose and tearing out; yet it was obvious the amount of time and care that was out into making it. 

The amount of time and care his mother, had put into making it. 

He bit his lip to stop it from quivering, as memories hit him. Painful, heart breaking memories of a time when his parents were still alive. 

And of the night they passed

He could feel the tears building up, the wave of emotions to difficult to be held back. A stifled sob escaped, his grip on the toy tightened. 


A gentle hand was placed on his shoulder, tugging the red haired teen into a hug. 

Sage lightly shushed her brother, rubbing his back as he sobbed. Soon they were joined by Asher, and Morro; Marion’s new family comforting him over the loss of his first one. 

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at long, long, long last, my overdue christmas gift to @justanotherfangirlst

So sorry this took so long, love. Thanks for your patience!

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I will still not get over the fact that even tho I was years early somehow I managed to predict Ninjago’s villains by complete accident twice.

Once again these two pics were maybe a few years before I ever heard of the new seasons and suddenly comparing them gets me a little shook but impressed all at once.

I have the pics. You guys want to see?

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“You know you look cute in my shirt, Sammie but I need it back.” He chuckled at the shorter woman sitting herself down on him. Ah it’s been years since they first met and got together. She’d grown much more confident since then and he liked that very much. And for once they were lucky Jay wasn’t going to pop around the corner to say something like “Ey ey ey! Take that back to your room you two!”

“But it’s comfy.” Sam smiled and decided to pet his hair. He purred for a moment before going “Hey! Sam I’m not a cat.” “But you’re so fluffy like one.” He would playfully argue about this but there was another option. “Oh really? If I’m the handsome fluffy cat and you’re a pretty one, then how about we make little kittens?” He smirked. The long haired woman blushed and giggled, “I’m not having too many at once, dear.”

He shrugged. “Then one for now?” She sighed softly and leaned her forehead on his. “Another time..” He huffed a bit. “Sam, you’re teasing me and you know it.” The wind elemental only rolled her eyes and gave a kiss on his nose. “You love it, Rocky bear.”

“I know, Sammie.. I know.”

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Happy 10th Anniversary to Ninjago!

It’s a little unconventional, but I think you’ll like it. It’s a Ninjago and Equestria Girls crossover next gen.

So, the girl on the left is Zelda and the boy on the right is Logan.

Zelda is Zane and Rarity’s daughter. Logan is Lloyd and Pinkie Pie’s son.

Have a nice day!

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“You’re such an idiot, Vasuki.” She smiled. “I’m your idiot right, Kathy?” The serpent hybrid nuzzled his snout on her cheek. The other only giggled at his antics and nodded. His claws gently moved her hair aside while the other hand held her up. “Of course you are.” The kunoichi gently stroked his hood from the back.

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there’s Broden Voss’s 2 hired mercenaries Stella and Dixie. Dixie is a girl who is easily bought out. offer her enough money and she’ll flip sides in an instant, but she’s good- really good. not to be trusted, but when she’s on your side she’ll do her job perfectly. Stella has an honor code, if you pay her she’s loyal until she’s completed her task or her employer dies. she doesn’t flip sides, but she’s more of an amateur than Dixie. Shes more serious natured that Dixie as well.

Tallulah, Pixals on-again off-again gf/bff who she met running an errand for her father when Tallulah asks pixal to reach something on the top shelf for her despite being the same height as an ice breaker. Pixals kinda in the mindset that shes just Too Busy to be seeing anyone and Tallulah is fine with that, she’s very go with the flow aint-no-rush kind of girl, and she likes Pix a lot so she’ll go at her pace. theyre dating no theyre not yes maybe yes they aren’t. tallulah likes going to concerts and laying in hammocks and listening to podcasts.

Bear is a trans gay barista working at/going to the same university Zane attends (he wants to achieve Doctor status for fun. Dr Julien… 2!) and they talk and chat when Zane gets coffee, and then they start studying together, and going ot the movies… and wait bro are we about to kiss… and they are together for a really long time before they both mutually agree while they love each other they are not IN love with each other. Bear is studying to be a kindergarten teacher. he likes to garden and watch movies and he does Drag every now an again, but he more enjoys watching the shows than participating

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Ninjago OC headcanons: Tomo

  • Tomo fights using a mixture of Kendo and Muay Thai. The ninja are Not Prepared for the level of violence she unleashes during a sparring session. Cryptor is entertained
  • She likes sparring with Cryptor because he’s wont pull punches and she doesn’t have to worry about killing him.
  • Out of all the Ninja, Tomo gets along best with Zane and Nya. She likes the others but will often rag on Kai. Because it’s fun and easy and he isn’t afraid to dish it back out.
  • Reads a lot of military/political strategy books and historical fiction.
  • Likes bubblegum pop music. It’s weird considering everything else about her personality but she loves it.
  • Went to a Kimono School for the elite with Harumi. She is certified to teach Kimono and teaches Nya and Pixal when they ask.
  • Tomo was the only royal family member that Harumi liked because she was the only one to treat her like a person and use her birth name.
  • Favorite color is yellow.
  • Dislikes most aspects of court schooling. She does like dressing up and wearing makeup though.
  • Tomo doesn’t hate the court as much as she hates the social politics.
  • Tomo used to get annoyed with Harumi for never shutting up about the green ninja. Now she wonders if that was maybe a warning sign.
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Hey Ninjago fandom, I noticed that the majority of you are dramatic threat making haters and trolls and I’m losing confidence in the whole fandom itself now. I wanna see how many of the few there is that just might be like me.

Please like/reblog or comment if you’re the following

- Not at all manipulating or controlling in the slightest

- You are supportive and respectful for all hcs and ships

- You simply ignore things you don’t like instead of posting threats and screaming

- You believe ocs and oc x canons are valid and respect them all

- You respect mental illnesses and don’t call people awful names

- You don’t ghost out people who try to be your friend or talk to you

- You don’t spread rumours about people and make really really really bad assumptions about them

- You don’t make death threats

- You don’t scream at people in all capitals

- You don’t block out friendly people just because they’re slightly different to you

- You don’t force people’s ocs who they should and shouldn’t be with

- You don’t support domestic abuse and violence

- You don’t make a hate post filled with endless lies to ruin someone’s reputation just because you disagree with them

- You don’t participate in wars

- You don’t randomly go to people and harass them

- You don’t think mental health is a joke or a cry for attention

- You are willing to be friends with someone even if they have a different hc than you or if they may either dislike a ship you like or like a ship you dislike

- You respect OCs and their owners right to ship them with who and their right to decide how their oc should be, how they look, talk etc. You never say that someone’s oc is crap or they should be this instead

- You respect ALL sexualities, Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Pansexuality, Ace and many many more! This even includes Hectrosexuality, it is not part of the community but I still notice that hectrophobia is actually a thing and it’s very common in this fandom

- You believe the less popular and generally ignored Ninjago content creators are still extremely valid and precious

- You are friendly and just want the fandom to be peaceful and full of harmony.

If you are lying about any of these I will hate you forever. I need to know if there truthfully and is actually anyone at all in the community who isn’t a toxic cyber bully or a threat making troll. If you are like this at all leave behind a note or something on this post please so I can see how many are actually more like me. And also to reassure me that maybe not everyone in the Ninjago community isn’t so bad after all.

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You could feel a sense of sadness coming from him. He’s been undead longer than he remembers being alive. His horns were once great, but now they look like his three pronged spear… Broken, the pieces lost somewhere in an old battlefield.. or was it his old home? He can’t remember his old life anymore.

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Uhhhhhh, totally forgot to show these guys but have some OCs


  • Elemental Master of Wood
  • Dating Cole
  • Gay
  • Nonbinary
  • Usually wears bright and cheery colors
  • Always wears scarves outside of Ninja outfit
  • Unfortunately cannot use Brown Ninja so goes by Mahogany Ninja
  • Dual wields kamas


  • Personification of Ninjago
  • Male
  • Face is always covered
  • Sleeves always cover hands unless he’s holding something
  • Hair is in low ponytail
  • Shoes are sandals
  • Has wrinkles
  • Human name is Hisoka
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In honor of the holiday spirit (which for me is esp up bc I celebrated Xmas today) I decided to dole out my own personal hc for what Ninjago’s winter holiday would be. I’ve mostly drawn on my own knowledge of how most winter festivities began for this, and I hope it’s turned out well!


Shelter Together (official name)–also called Winter’s Feast (most common in conversation), Shelterfest, or Feasting Time–takes place between late December and mid February. These months are some of the coldest in Ninjago, and so the holiday was first just a tradition the people practiced to keep from going crazy while locked inside and avoiding the chill. People in the village would find the largest open space near them, build a huge bonfire out of whatever wood could be spared, and ask everyone to bring a little of their harvest preserves to share with everyone. This event would happen throughout the months until spring. 


As the years went by, Winter’s Feast spread until it was practically unheard of to visit a village that didn’t celebrate. It also was a time when plenty of people would recognize who could not contribute to the feasting and the fire. That’s when the gift giving tradition began. Winter’s Feast gifts are always practical. When it was first beginning, people would usually gift something that would aid the recipient in the coming year. Usually warm clothes, food, medicines, tools, or even a promise of work. Because of this, the fall harvest season and Winter’s Feast became intrinsically linked, with many people planning their gifts during those months (especially if what they needed would be inaccessible in winter). 

As time went on, the tradition’s stayed mainly the same, however now many places have a large community building either to themselves or (more commonly) shared with other communities. Bonfires are the most used symbol, with many of the patterns on gifted clothes centering around this. Donating to local shelters, hospitals, and other community facilities is also in the spirit, and most yearly pledges made to them occur around Winter’s Feast. 

(Below the cut are my hcs for how the Ninja and my OCs celebrate)

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Another incorrect quotes thing featuring my friend’s @alena-1987 OC

Kronos: Wow the First Spinjitzu Master wasn’t LGBT-phobic but he really went and just tossed the job of protecting the worlds onto a bunch of infants and decided to desert his own kids.

Amanda: … That’s messed up.

Kronos: Yes. Yes it is.

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