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Part 26th of Villains’ Night

Day 26: Giovanni from Pokemon. Whom debuted in the first ever Pokemon games: Red and Blue in 1996. Yeah, interesting fact, when I’d first wrote down the list, I had Giovanni come after Shinnok, but it turns out, I got the years mixed up. Therefore, the real order is Giovanni, Voldemort/Bellatrix, and -then- Shinnok. Whoopises.

Oh yeah, regardless, I still had fun drawing Giovanni for the first time. Ironically, I don’t remember much of him.  Just wanted to add a Pokemon villain to my list. ^^

Mostly based him off of his game appearance rather than his anime one.

Reference was used:…


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Spooky Video Game Music No. 212: Twilight Trail- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GC)

Looks like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is back in this list after a long time. Mario and your partner leave Twilight Town to find who is turning the citizens into pigs. The moon with its bright light and large size illuminates the Twilight Trail. Creep looking trees surround the forest. Blue Goombas and Crazyee Dayzees (for some reason) patrol the trail, trying to find Mario. Plus, there are many puzzles for our heroes must traverse to. Get used to traveling this path over and over though… that’s the scariest part…

Boy, this song does not disappoint on the scare department. The creeping beat on the back makes it feel like someone out there is watching Mario and his friends. The song brings this moody atmosphere which gives the feeling of being alone at night. Finally, the weird slow synth really adds to the spookiness of the stage, reminding us of a ghost making creepy sounds. While this part of the game is notorious for so many backtracking, you cannot deny that this song would make anyone uneasy and scared. 🎃

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“The Traveler’s Tribute to Hylia’s Fallen Hero” part 2 of my BOTW series, where I paint my favorite places in the game


This is the 2nd painting of the series, but this is the painting that inspired it all, since this is my absolute favorite spot in the entire game

This is the spot Link fell 100 years ago, and where a multitude of swords have been stabbed into the ground out of respect for him. This is known as a Weapon Tombstone: when a character falls in battle, the grave is marked with the slain character’s weapon.

Some things to note is that these are Traveler’s Claymores, not Knight’s. These are just the average citizens of Hyrule who are paying their respects. Another thing is that these swords are not rusted, meaning that even after 100 years, the people of Hyrule are still honoring Link as their hero and remembering him at the spot he fell. It’s the smallest details that have the biggest emotional impact.

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If any of you are down for some Mario platforming, I just recently finished my Super World in Mario Maker. It’s meant to be pretty traditional, but a bit harder than the regular Mario experience~

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3 years ago, I made a piece titled “Blue Princesses,” where I drew my three favorite princesses that dressed in blue. It was part of a trend that I’d once called “Redo Art” where I get art from my pre-deviantART years and redo it. 

3 years later, I’m bringing that trend back.

Been actually wanting to do this for a while again, but thanks to Villains’ Night, me not being so active on dA as much as I use to, and just life in general (Excuses, excuses, I know. XP), never got the chance to do so until now.  However, I felt the confident to finally do this again and now, here we go.

My three favorite princesses all dressed up in pink: Princess Aurora/Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), Princess Peach Toadstool (Super Mario Brothers) and Princess Ariel of Atlantica (The Little Mermaid).

Yes, Aurora was added to the Blue Princesses, but I’m gonna redo that one sometime in the future. 


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