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First, I want to thank you guys for the 1k notes on my Island Guide Post! Animal Crossing is still the talk of the town since we are preparing for Bunny Day, April 12, 2020! You can now find Bunny day recipes from collecting eggs, bottles that wash up on the beach, balloon drops, and villagers! In this guide we will talk about getting the most eggs for you to craft and how to be more efficient in obtaining them! Along with that, we will be discussing how to get more bells so you can get more infrastructure this bunny day!

*Time to be festive! Listen to this Bunny Day ost from Animal Crossing New Leaf*

The Eggs that are available!


Stone Eggs- found in rocks

Leaf Eggs- found in trees that have cherry blossoms (Money Trees Don’t Spawn Leaf Eggs)

Water Eggs- Can be acquired by fishing!

Earth Eggs- Can be dug up from the ground

Sky Eggs- Can be acquired by popping balloons

Wooden Eggs- Can be dropped by chopping trees

Get more Wood Eggs!


 Wood eggs can be pretty difficult to farm if you do not have the best luck. However, word from your residents say you get more wood eggs if you use your stone ax on your coconut trees. I have tried it out and got more eggs from the coconut trees than the regulars! If you don’t have coconut trees, go to your mystery island and start gathering the trees so you can plant them on your island. 

Bait out your Water Eggs!


Water Eggs are the most common items from the variety of eggs you can get this Bunny week. You can get water eggs from medium sized fishes. You don’t have to wait for medium size fishes to respawn after you capture a fish. To make medium size fish appear faster use bait! Bait can make fish go away and give you a chance of getting another sized fish(sometimes the same sized fish will spawn so be sure to get lots of bait)! Bait can only be stacked up to 10, so it will take up a bit of inventory space if you haven’t upgraded your pocket!

Island Tours are keys to egg hunting!


Need more Stone, Leaf and Earth Eggs? Island Tours are going to be your biggest investment of nook miles! The mystery islands will have some digging spots for earth eggs, trees that have Leaf eggs, Majority of the eggs I have acquired are mostly from Mystery Islands. Its easy to grinfd if you have the nook miles for it! If you don’t have enough miles, start visiting your friends! 

Make More Money With Money Trees!


Getting low on bells and hate grinding? Start planting down the bells you find in the glowing dig spot! It is important for you guys to understand that you can not just plant money anywhere and that it must be the glowing spot where you get bells!You can move the money trees after they grow a bit! Then watch the magic happen and get more bells to improve your island!

Trade Bunny DIY With Friends!


Bunny Day Recipes can be found washing up on shore, flying on a ballon, or found by your residents! However, sometimes you may get the same DIY twice! Before you sell them be sure to help out your other New Horizon Buddies by going to their islands and trading them your DIY! 

Let the Hunt Begin!


I have lost count of how many days I have played New Horizons. I would say hands down as one of my favorite Animal Crossing games! This egg hunt is really fun and the furniture looks amazing! I hope you guys are enjoying the game as much as I am! If you guys want more Animal Crossing New Horizons content, be sure to like reblog and follow! After that, comment the name of your Island and what villagers you have! For more Gamerite content, give us a follow on instagram @ gameriteofficial ! 

Thank you for reading,

Azure Grimblaze

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