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#nintendo switch
englishotomegames · 11 hours ago
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Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani (DAIROKU:AYAKASHIMORI)
Release dates (Nintendo Switch) Japanese: May 28th, 2020 English: December 2nd, 2021
“Ever since she could remember, Shino Akitsu has had the ability to see what others could not: spirits, apparitions, and indescribable creatures. As an adult, this talent leads her to join a secret government agency: The Occult Action Department. Her assignment is with the Sixth Special Preventions Office, and her job is to monitor the powerful beings who travel between her world and the worlds beyond.
From her office in Sakuratani, a town in a different dimension, Agent Akitsu meets several otherworldly individuals with vastly different personalities and abilities: a nine-tailed fox spirit, a mischievous oni, and more.
Part gatekeeper, part travel guide, she does her best to get to know these entities and keep them from getting into inter-dimensional trouble.“
This is a new release from Aksys Games! You can buy it for USD$49.99 from here.
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zergys · 2 days ago
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Кто Bad Boy?
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spcrash · 2 months ago
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Felt these should go together.
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minkycrossing · a month ago
Nintendo pushed the Animal Crossing update early because they knew leaving it for the turbulently charged event horizon of November 5th could be catastrophic.
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cadenceofhyrule · a year ago
PSA for Switch owners
The latest 11.0 update means that Google Analytics is a thing on the switch and turned on. What that means is that Nintendo has a deal with Google to share with them your data for advertisement purposes.
To turn it off
go to the eShop
go to your profile where your funds and account info is
go down to the bottom of the page
there you will see “Google Analytics Preferences”
select the Change
select “Don’t Share”
Please spread the word. Really shitty of Nintendo to just quietly start allowing Google to spy on users for advertising.
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