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chapter 38 | “wake up call”
note📝: quick self-promo! for everyone who hasn’t seen it yet, I just released the announcement post for my first ever collab, UNLIKELY! please click here to check it out, and if you are a fellow enha writer, then please consider joining :) thank you!!
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summary: after all your years of pining for your best friend, Yang Jungwon, you suddenly catch him with his secret girlfriend… which happens to be your other best friend. deciding to forgive and forget, you heartbrokenly cut all ties and fall back into your habits of self isolation. however, that doesn’t go as planned when Nishimura Riki approaches you with an almost-confession and a stolen keychain.
taglist: @pebbypenny @hoodiebangtan @jakes-tummy @ncityy04 @clear-color-hair @hrtattcker @anuisamazing @desitr98 @a-vian @urresidentdrugdealer @studioreader @aria-grace-scott @s0ngk4ng @httpsoa @sunvishine @lomlyeonjun @haechans-sunflower @unipanda1006 @angel-ishere @hyuckslytherin @pixyseeun @minyoongisbigassfeet @giyyuzz @ncthpen @rikisnotforsale @uhhalexwashere @renjunvibes @meiiiwa @acciomylove @wiltingdaisies @xetherealbeautyx @tomorrowbymoa-together @leeis @mildlystupid @ryumiko221 @kyleeanne @iamnotgrootforiamthor @soobnny @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @c0nvers3h1gh @yeetjake @yeonjunsleftboob @junhyukiscute @nvm @justanotherimaginesaccount @pixisvng bolded accounts couldn’t be tagged!
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nishimras · 2 days ago
can you do enhypen reacting to first kiss or something like that ? can you include them all but keep the minors like pg rated obviously :))
first kisses, with enhypen.
this was so relaxing to write :( the only ones that get a little ‘heated’ (used loosely!) are jake’s, and maybe heeseung’s depending how you look at it? ALSO. this is super long!! oops!
wouldn’t want you to now how nervous he was, regardless of how long you two have been dating for he knew how highly you regarded things like first kisses
and he thought it was adorable <\\3
pretends it’s totally normal when his arm extends over your shoulders after a stretch, you turn to him with a suspicious gaze but he only smiled at the film playing
two can play at that game! (team y/n once again!)
“oh! he’s hot!”
gives up with his tough guy act to frown at you, just from looking at you he finds the corners of his lips turning upwards, almost involuntarily?? whipped.
“y/n.” your name fell from his lips before he could stop himself, uttering it as though it was the only thing he knew.
“mhm— oh!” he was close. close enough for you to see the stars he held in his eyes and the demi ants of summer on his cheeks.
before either of you had the chance to do more, he does what he’s been wanting to since he first laid eyes on you, he kisses you!!!
n his lips are so soft :((( he knows how inexperienced you are, so his hands gently cup your face, his palms and the pads of his fingers seeming even softer with your face between them.
his right hand falls to your waist as soon as he feels you kiss back with the same energy he had, and soon enough the film is a thing of the past.
heeseung is on top of you!!! the lust far outweighs the nerves as you feel him pull away, that same endearing smile on his lips.
“i love you.”
“i love you too.” you stare at each other for a moment, cheeks red and flustered, baby hairs askew.
“you wanna go again?”
you nod, a love struck smile on your lips, “please.”
takes you to somewhere like paris for a day trip??? and at that point his spontaneous behaviour was anything but surprising, the way he’s been acting however??!!!?!?
affection isn’t unlike jay, but he hadn’t stopped with the touching and the compliments since the moment you two had woken up.
even insisted on washing your hair for you despite the fact he had content to film????
pushing your suspicions aside, the two of you had been out all day and by the time night fell, jay had thought it only right for the two of you to have dinner on one of those floating restaurants (aka a boat but you were still impressed)!!!
“baby?” at the sound of his voice, you turn your head towards him and are met with the back of his phone. “i hate that you’re so photogenic.”
“one of us is a model, jongseong, don’t speak to me about photogenic when you’re sat right there?!”
he looks up from his phone at you, as though you held the secrets of the universe, a soft smile plastered on his lips. “come with me.”
“where? we only just finished eating!”
“just up those two steps to the deck! fresh air,” he looks at you through his eyes lashes. “please?”
you don’t bother replying, instead you slip your hand into the one he held out for you, leaving your bags and foolishly enough, your coat.
“y/n–ah! where is your coat? you’re gonna freeze.” jay scolds, pulling you into his embrace by the wrist. leaving you to wrap your arms around him and bury your face in his chest, admiring the views of the river seine from your boyfriends hold.
“your nose is all red.” he says softly, laughing at the way you pull you face away from him just to glare and look up at him.
without a forethought, jay leans down and softly pressed his very warm and unbelievably soft lips to the tip of your nose.
for a moment it’s quiet, classical music playing from one of the boats speakers, it’s only after a minute jay speaks up again. “can i kiss you?”
he never had to ask again :D
he wants to be nervously so badly but you’re little the only person on earth he feels truly comfortable with!!
he’s wanted to kiss you for long, the rest of the boys are surprised he’s lasted so long :( HE TALKS ABT IT ALL THE TIME PLEASE
he just doesn’t know when is too soon, having been friends for months but a couple for far less, the last thing he wanted it so scare you away :( GOD KISS HIM PLS.
“layla! c’mere!” your voice pulls him from his thoughts and he watches in awe as the border collie practically tackles you with kisses, not understand she isn’t puppy-sized anymore.
“layla, no!” he attempts to scold her, but by the end of his sentence he’s laughing as he makes his way over to you. at first, she refuses to move, instead leaving wet kisses all over your face whilst standing over your giggling figure. “layla!” he whines like a child. “that’s my job!”
at this, her ears perk up, as though she’s human and she excitedly runs off.
“hey.” you say through laughter, in a sleep-like daze from the amount of affection she’d shown you.
“hi, pretty girl.” his voice softens when he speaks to you, and he instinctively reaches down to brush your hair out of your face and help you up.
you are, of course, the only person allowed to stand on his sofa (socks only, c’mon y/n..) but only because he loves you and the way you cling to him so you don’t fall.
you softly hold on to his shoulders, your hands small in comparison, and without a word spoken between the two of you, his arms are around your waist, holding you even closer.
“is this our dirty dancing moment?” you think aloud.
jake flashes his famous love struck smile (or as ni-ki calls it, his y/n smile, since you’re the only one capable of bringing it to the surface. “don’t they kiss in that scene?” he raises a brow at you.
“i know what i said, sim.”
just like they do in the film, jake carefully let’s you down until your close enough and kisses you as though you’ll disappear.
your arms are already wrapping themselves around him, fingers playing with the hair on the bottom of his neck.
your lips move in sync, instead of feeling his tongue swipe across your bottom lip like the books you had read, you’re instead met with a pinch, lasting long enough for you to pull away with a frown on your face.
“jake sim… did you just bite me?”
so he did, a lot softer than the first time, allowing the kiss to last even longer as you practically melted in to his touch.
you should’ve known he’d be good with lips like that.
the only thing that pulled the two of you away was layla’s barking from beneath you.
“someone’s jealous.”
okay now LISTEN, park sunghoon did not like baking. not after the sunoo incident, where almost an entire box of flour had been poured over his head, despite the fact that he had only entered the kitchen to get a drink.
so no, he didn’t like baking, and he didn’t want to do it.
but here he was, dressed in an apron that you had tied in a bow and a hair and you had forcibly yet softly used to push his hair back.
“you’re lucky i love you.” he scoffs, although feigning annoyance is easier said than done when the love of his life is bouncing around the kitchen with excitement.
“i am lucky you love me.”
sunghoon hadn’t meant to get so annoyed when his friends burst back in to the dorms and interrupted you in the middle of talking, but the tips of your ears grew red when they cut you off and attempted to make fun of sunghoon.
as though it was second nature, he pulled you into his embrace and shooed his friends away, knowing it wouldn’t be the last he heard of it.
his fellow members had never seen him so focused, the smile on his face only growing when you showed him that the cakes mould was in the shape of a heart.
he can’t help but write messages in the flour for the additional cookies, only to see the the way you smiled at them when pretending to be annoyed.
“hoon, i love you too, now stop it!”
“oh,” he randomly interjects. “i almost forgot.. i got you something.”
“that better not be what i think it is, park sunghoon!”
it was exactly what you thought it was, a rather expensive pair of dior ear rings you had jokingly talked about wanting three months ago. ever since, he had promised to get you them, but you obviously argued against it.
“well i’m proud of you! you aced your exams, consider it a present for doing well.” he says, shrugging his shoulders and leaning against the counter to watch you open them.
“hoon.” :( TEARS. so many that with the softest, most heartfelt chuckle known to man, he makes his way over to you and pulls you into his embrace.
“y/n, it was supposed to be a happy gift, you’re crying all over my apron!”
playfully, you push him off and set the ear rings aside. “i really wanna kiss you.” you almost gasp at your own confidence.
an almost shit-eating grin takes over from his infamous pout, and he closes the space between the two of you, arms wrapping around your waist as your stayed on his chest.
“i don’t wanna rush you, hoon.”
“you’re not— who made you think that?”
“nothing— nobody! i just… the internet seems to think you’re not big on physical affection. which is fine! it’s just hard, y’know, because i love—“
“y/n,” you finally meet his gaze. “i’m right here. ask me.”
“park sunghoon, do you like physical affection?”
“only from you.”
rip y/n bc he hasn’t stopped kissing you since <\3
“sunoo?” he practically runs to the living room after you call his name, sprinting in his fluffy socks.
“yeah, babe?” he’s panting, leaning against the doorframe as though he hadn’t almost needed an inhaler.
“can i do your makeup? ple—“
“YES??!?!?” similar to sunghoon, he seems the type of boyfriend to let you do whatever you wanted to him as long as you’re happy :,)
sits there with his eyes closed for the majority of the time, probably falls asleep when your hand cups his cheek and melts into your touch.
“sunoo, baby, my arm is aching.”
“y/n–!” he gasps, sitting up straight to frown at you. “i’m sorry :(“
you have to take a break from his eye makeup to CLAM HIM DOWN pls he feels so bad :( pls explain that he looked too cute!!!
almost tears up at the thought of you being in pain but whacking him with a cushion does the trick of shutting him up!
“have i told you how pretty you look today?”
“sunoo, close your eyes and stop flirting with me.”
literally spends the entire time staring at you, or interrupting half way through to squish your faces together and take pictures <3
he hasn’t really thought about your first kiss, being that he’s kissed pretty everywhere else on your face except your lips, it wasn’t until you were this close that it crossed his mind???
can’t help himself from pretend to bite the brush every time it goes near his face, just to hear your laugh.
stops before you can actually get annoyed (an empath)!
after spending a stupid amount of time on tik tok, you had explained to him the entire reason you wanted to do his makeup was to do those jelly-looking lips, so you wanted to make sure he was comfortable with it (obviously).
boy almost bursts with excitement, he knows EXACTLY WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT!!!
it’s only when you’re that close to his lips, complimenting them as if you didn’t have that much power over him?????? poor boy is blinking away the tears when you lift your thumb to gently wipe away the excess lipgloss.
“there we go—!”
you hadn’t even gotten a picture of the lips before he attached them to your own.
he had a lot of apologising to do… and a lot more kissing !!!! ><
you hate studying, correction… you hated* studying when you did it alone* yang jungwon made for a great distraction.
alright.. great is overstepping, he was typically strict with you, wanting the best for you and the only way to do that was to take it seriously.
which you eventually did, but it was a struggle at first and hanlim workloads were no joke.
today, however, was different. it was barely eight, and the remnants of your shared meal had just been put in the bin by your boyfriend, and when he returned to find your head on the desk he frowned.
your arm was sprawled across the table, with the other hand dropping your pen and your hair covering your work (if it’s long enough ofc!)
it takes him longer than he’d care to admit to realise you’ve fallen asleep and as quietly as he can, lifts his school blazer from the back of his chair to put over your sleeping figure.
as quietly as he can, jungwon disappears for a moment and the silence somehow wakes you, as though something in you knew he wouldn’t be there when you opened your eyes.
feeling the blazer on your back, you didn’t panic, assuming he’d left for the toilet or something similar. it didn’t take him long to reappear with two iced coffees in his hands and a soft smile on his lips, his dimples stealing the show.
“everything okay, sleepy head?”
you bow your head as a thank you for the drink, and don’t respond right away, needing the caffeine in your system.
“yah! y/n, don’t drink too much too quickly you’ll get—“
“head-freeze, ow!” ah yes, head-freeze, a phrase the pair of you made up to describe that moment between a developing headache and brain freeze.
he frowns at your reaction, getting up from his seat to sit beside you. he slides his arm across the back of your chair and pulls you into him, leaving you to hide your face in his shoulder.
smiling at your reaction, jungwon finds himself feeling almost ill at the feeling… were those butterflies? how did you manage to do this to him with barely any effort???
“how come you didn’t…” you muttered into his shoulder, realising half way through that he couldn’t hear you and deciding sitting up straight would be the better idea.
it wasn’t. you had no idea how close the two of you were, and jungwon moves his face before your head can hit it.
“don’t be.” he chuckles at your sleepy state.
“how come you didn’t call me sleeping beauty? you always call me sleeping beauty :(“
he frowns, making a mental note to always be beside you when you’re sleepy, you’re softer than usual.
“i’m sorry,” he sighs, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear/moving it out of your face. “my pretty lady.” he presses his lips to your forehead, feeling you smile beneath his touch.
“you missed.”
“missed wh— oh,” he chuckles again. “your lips?” he raises an eyebrow at your comment, watching as you confident nod and push your lips out, waiting for him.
like most days as riki’s girlfriend, you had been tasked with the job of finding him. which was easier said than done when he disappeared in arcade.
who said finding tall people was easy?!?!?!?
just as you’re about to give up, and pull out your phone, you feel two rather long arms slide their way over your head and the hands interlock over your stomach.
you knew him by his rings, though as soon as he rests his chin on your head, you feel like hitting him for scaring you like that.
“that wasn’t funny, riki.”
“i’m sorry, i didn’t know anyone was looking for me.”
you turn around in his arms, your hands now pressed against his chest as a means of hitting him for real this time. “you just left us! in the middle of an arcade, you left me six—“
“it’s not like jay would let anything happen to you!”
you narrow your eyes at him, although he’s right jay was a bigger fan of you than he was of riki. “that should be my boyfriends job! now stop being an ass and win me a pikachu teddy!”
through laughter, he gently presses his lips to your forehead before you’re pulling him towards the machine.
it was barely even fifteen minutes in to trying and riki was already tempted to pay somebody to get it for you. you practically had hearts for pupils when you laid your eyes on it, and for once in his life luck was against him.
“why don’t you let me try, babe—“
“y/n, i can do it… i just need a minute.”
you nod encouragingly, “i believe you, come on.” you stand behind him, catching his blazer as though he’s in a final boss battle.
perhaps it was better that jay and other hand left you earlier, bc this would definitely be enough to make them leave.
you were probably the most dramatic couple out of all (affectionately)
“riki, i don’t think—“
“alright fine,” he sighs. “you try, we’re not leaving here till you get that stupid bear.”
“hey!” you scold, hitting his arm. “do not call pikachu stupid.”
riki finds himself trying to hide a smile at your antics, his frustration easing the more he watched you.
and you did it, your cheerful scream rings through his ears as he finds himself cheering with you, catching you when you throw yourself at him.
“that’s my girl!” riki smiles after putting you down, watching as you cling to the teddy. “y/n?”
“don’t hit me for this.” is the last thing you hear before his lips are on yours.
masterlist, requests.
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my emo shawty </33 💀⛓️
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i would marry you with paper rings .
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enhypen as lover
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay this isn’t edited again but I have a few things to say 1. thank you all for your continued support of these 😭 it’s so fun for me and it means a lot that you enjoy them. 2. this one is kinda long; I actually had a lot of inspiration for it so YAY I hope you like it andddd 3. thanks again to @lethekoo :)
jay as cruel summer
“I snuck in through the garden gate every night that summer just to seal my fate, & I screamed for whatever it's worth, ‘I love you’ ain't that the worst thing you ever heard?”
at first, I was having trouble deciding whether this song fit jay or heeseung better, because, imo, they both fit in different ways
cruel summer describes an exciting start to a relationship, but it’s especially unique because, from my interpretation, it also captures the guilt that comes with falling in love with someone while still in a relationship with someone else
& that’s probably why I associate it with multiple people LOL but I chose jay because he just fits the mold for someone that would steal your heart when you least expect it
if you happened to be with someone already, good fucking luck because this man would never leave my thoughts if I were you
anyways, if you haven't heard this song, you should definitely go listen to it. if I were to recommend one song from the album, it might be this one because it’s just so universally loved among taylor’s fans :)
heeseung as lover
“can I go where you go? can we always be this close forever & ever?”
“I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover” you really can’t tell me that isn’t something you say about heeseung you can't.
I think heeseung would have a relationship with you that’d be..so secure
you’d just be the couple that everyone would see & think “they’re perfect” & yes, you may not be, but it would be open–& when one of you was unhappy, you would work through it together
I also feel like jealousy would be minimal in a relationship like this
like you may get jealous, but you trust each other and it never would cause conflict more than once
rest of the members under the cut!
“who could ever leave me, darling? but who could stay?”
this song is such a great representation of insecurities in a relationship (well...I wouldn't know, but I think it is LOL) & I think it all boils down to thinking that it’s too good to be true
this song is such a great representation of insecurities in a relationship (well...I wouldn't know, but I think it is LOL) & I think it all boils down to thinking that it’s too good to be true
I don't quite know why I associate it so strongly with ni-ki, but I think it may be because I can imagine him as either party–afraid of being left behind, or also the one that seems too good to be true
one of the last lines of the song, “you could stay” just makes me want to sob because it’s as if you always have this internal conflict, but you’ve finally found the person who will stick with you through it UGH IT’S SO CUTE
jake as paper rings
“I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings, uh huh, that's right, darling, you're the one I want”
a relationship with jake would be a whole adventure. like…all the time. even if that just meant getting ice cream & fries at two a.m, there would rarely be a dull moment with him
& you’d just be so ready to spend your life with him that you wouldn’t think twice if he asked you to marry you (honestly, you would’ve said yes a month in, but he didn’t need to know that)
especially since paper rings is a friends to lovers anthem UGH it just fits jake so well 😭 and I can BET that one of the enha members, probably jungwon tbh, would’ve introduced you & then all of a sudden CLICK it would be like your whole life got brighter
I’m getting too into this it’s basically a headcannon now 💀
sunghoon as london boy
“they say ‘home is where the heart is’, but that's not where mine lives”
now before you guys come for my neck, I know sunghoon isn’t english. this isn’t about that LOL
being in a relationship with sunghoon would be so great because being with him would feel like being home 24/7 IF THAT MAKES SENSE
it wouldn’t matter whether you were halfway around the globe from everyone else or just a half hour away–it’d feel comfortable & safe when you were with him
& also FUN because learning more about each other’s family’s would be a whole event & he’d introduce you to his friends & be so proud bc his partner is just that cool HEHE
sunoo as me!
“'cause one of these things is not like the others, livin' in winter, I am your summer; baby doll, when it comes to a lover, I promise that you'll never find another like me”
I know that a lot of people dislike this song, but I think it’s really cute and has a fun concept so I WILL D*E DEFENDING IT (even though I don’t like brendon urie lmfao)
sunoo just gives me that “well, the people who love me for me are the people who I want to hold close” & yeah I don’t think anyone could quite love you like sunoo ☺️
not a single day would go by when you wouldn't be absolutely amazed by how the hell you pulled this man because he's just so amazing and lovable (seriously, how)
ngl...I totally thought about this after watching that moment in i-land when he’s talking to sunghoon and says “well...i’m cuter than jake lol” I hope you guys get what I mean because that was definitely a me! moment imo
jungwon as daylight
“& I can still see it all in my mind, all of you, all of me, intertwined; I once believed love would be black and white, but it's golden”
I can definitely see jungwon being this breath of fresh air after a series of toxic relationships
he’d teach you how real relationships should be & how well you deserve to be treated
& it’d be weird to you because you’d think that you had seen it all but in reality, there’s really someone for you who can give you a passionate yet healthy love & it doesn’t always have to be one or the other
okay brb gonna cry myself to sleep
Tumblr media
txt version ☆ itzy version ☆ 1989 version ☆ masterlist
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[ polaroid love ] visual cam ▸ ni-ki
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solarehoon · a day ago
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emeraldenha · 4 hours ago
chapter 39 | “waiting on standby”
note📝: just to clarify bc I deleted all the profiles and everything on my fake social media apps before coming to the realization that I should’ve created further context, y/n already has a decent idea of riki’s perspective from talking about it with sunoo. she is not willing to blindly forgive riki in this chapter. it’s rather a matter of being open to properly communicating with him about the argument and their feelings.
additionally, heeseung and sunoo aren’t still mad at riki bc they’re ignorant to his feelings. they just want riki to endure the consequences of his actions and respect the space y/n implied that she needed the night of the argument.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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summary: after all your years of pining for your best friend, Yang Jungwon, you suddenly catch him with his secret girlfriend… which happens to be your other best friend. deciding to forgive and forget, you heartbrokenly cut all ties and fall back into your habits of self isolation. however, that doesn’t go as planned when Nishimura Riki approaches you with an almost-confession and a stolen keychain.
taglist: @pebbypenny @hoodiebangtan @jakes-tummy @ncityy04 @clear-color-hair @hrtattcker @anuisamazing @desitr98 @a-vian @urresidentdrugdealer @studioreader @aria-grace-scott @s0ngk4ng @httpsoa @sunvishine @lomlyeonjun @haechans-sunflower @unipanda1006 @angel-ishere @hyuckslytherin @pixyseeun @minyoongisbigassfeet @giyyuzz @ncthpen @rikisnotforsale @uhhalexwashere @renjunvibes @meiiiwa @acciomylove @wiltingdaisies @xetherealbeautyx @tomorrowbymoa-together @leeis @mildlystupid @ryumiko221 @kyleeanne @iamnotgrootforiamthor @soobnny @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @c0nvers3h1gh @yeetjake @yeonjunsleftboob @junhyukiscute @nvm @justanotherimaginesaccount @pixisvng bolded accounts couldn’t be tagged!
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Tumblr media
genre: pure fluff
notes: Hello! This is my first time doing this kind of Enhypen Reactions for you all, but I really hope that you guys enjoy this and your feedback for this is always appreciated everyone<3
Tumblr media
friends to lovers trope
I think this classic romance trope favorite matches Heeseung ( A/N: in my opinion only! ) Idk why, but as I see Heeseung as that friend who has always been there at your worse and best. He's that friend who you always turn and rely to when you need them– not knowing that, your said best friend sees you in a different light. Not as just a best friend, but more than just a best friend...
You may not notice it but...
Heeseung fell for you. He fell first, he fell in love with his best friend
“I realized that I'm in love. It's always been right in front of me.” — Lee Heeseung
Tumblr media
the boy who takes care of you trope
As Jay is a person who takes care of everyone dear to him, I think this romance trope suits him the best. I see Jay as that person whose there to lend a hand to you whenever you need it– and he's also the person who's always there to take care of you when no one will
The romance? Taking care of you is Jay's love language in this trope, it's his pure love and affection towards you in actions
“I just want to take care of you...and love you.” — Park Jongseong AKA, Jay
Tumblr media
the boy next door trope
For me, Jake is the definition of a boy next door. For me, personally, you would be that bubbly and energetic person, while Jake is your quiet yet academic fanatic type of neighbor. Interaction was very little in his dictionary that when you went up and talked to him one day, Jake was all the more surprised
Of course, being the open kind of person, you befriended Jake despite all the walls he put up for you– that in the end, it all just went down because he's done it. He's fallen, he's fallen for the person who was the first ever one to ever approach him despite many not wanting to befriend him as of the claims they had made about his cold demeanor and by his attitude
But, you, someone who was just next door, despite very little interaction between the two of you, you were able to lit something in him that he has never felt before
And for Jake, he's learned love. He may be an academic fanatic, but falling in love was something he has yet to feel than just the feeling he feels towards academics
“I know you aren't perfect. But it's a person's imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.” – Y/N to Jake
Tumblr media
a fake relationship trope
I had a hard time choosing for Sunghoon's, but settled for a very cliche one that for me, somehow fits him– and that is the Fake Relationship trope one!
One of you might need a date for a wedding or might need someone to help you fake a relationship because your friend had claimed that they are your boyfriend/girlfriend and wanted to do a double date with you and theirs
And in desperation, Sunghoon may be a complete stranger who you make a deal with or a friend you request help from since they're the first or the very last ones to pop into your mind! For whatever reason or event you need Sunghoon to fake a loving relationship with you, you two are compelled to pretend to love each other– until it becomes a reality!
“This was supposed to be fake...but shit, I'm really falling for you.” – Park Sunghoon
Tumblr media
second chance romance
You and Sunoo were maybe just not enough for your other halves, or maybe cheated on, or maybe they just fell out of love, or they got tired– and because of that, you guys were given a second chance and met each other on the way
Of course, you guys became friends because you guys had one thing in common; you both broke up with your partners, may it be because of them cheating, they fell out of love, or they just got tired and etc, you guys met ways and created a bond and became friends
And that's where it all leads to, though the pain and the hurt is still there, you both know the feeling in your chest that you wished would never come back, and that is Love. You guys both fell for each other, but is just afraid of loving again because you both are afraid that the same happenings of your exes will happen again if you two get together
And the question of “Will it ever work out?” would flood your mind, but in this trope– sometimes, love needs a second chance because it wasn't ready the first time around. It needs a second chance in order for you to find the person who'll never let you go unlike the first who just wasn't ready to hold yours for eternity
“Sometimes, all you need is a second chance, because time wasn't ready for the first one.” – Kim Sunoo
Tumblr media
forced proximity trope
This common romance trope can encompass everything from you and Jungwon being stuck together for a project, or having to work together for the same goal, or to being the best man and bridesmaid at a friend's wedding
Maybe you and Jungwon just so happened to be absent on a class day and just so happened that the teacher decided that you two become group mates instead, or maybe you and Jungwon became the best man and the bridesmaid of some close friend's wedding at that you guys have to be together at all times, or maybe you guys just got stuck in the elevator together and found out that you guys are gonna be stuck there for a few days– or maybe a few weeks hahaha!
But in this trope, anything that forces you and Jungwon to stay in each other's sights and presence for a time– and so, to get to know each other and fall in love– counts in this Forced Proximity trope!
You guys might just be shy or maybe resist each other at first, but trust me, in this trope, you guys would just end up falling in love with each other in no time!
“I'm just gonna be with her till the end of all this, yeah...just that...” – Yang Jungwon
Tumblr media
enemies to lovers trope
And last but not the least, the Enemies to Lovers to trope! Another classic yet common romance favourite tropes of the homies and friends!
Niki is a competitive baby irl too haha~ and so, maybe that's also another fact on why I think he suits the Enemies to Lovers trope :))
You guys might think you hate each other– but when you and Niki really get to know each other, you guys will discover that there's a fine a line between love and hate. Hmm, let's say that you and Niki are both dance fanatics– since Niki is one in real life ngl, and you both become enemies as you both are also the most complimented yet well known dancers everyone around has probably known
In this trope, the readers will expect that there may be good reasons behind yours and Niki's enemy status– and equally good reasons that you two should move on from it. Perhaps you guys misjudged each other, or believe another person’s assessment of their character. Or maybe there are two sides to every story, and neither of them have all the facts....in the end of it all, it's clear that you and Niki could never hate each other forever
Because who knows, maybe one of you might just fall for their enemy~
“We hate each other....right? There's no way I could....love my enemy.” – Nishimura Riki
Tumblr media
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kyyuri · 4 hours ago
to be or not ! -yang jungwon
18 ! code red code red
Tumblr media
★彡 synopsis: what happens when y/n, who is hopelessly pinning over her best friend, jungwon- gets betrayed by not one, but both of them ?! and what happens when jungwon falls for her despite all odds ?
taglist is open ! send an ASK to be inside ! do check if ure already in the taglist first before asking ! thank you <3
a/n: short chapter ! but is shit going down soon ? i guess we will never know 😌😌will double update this week
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist ! @enhacolor @yougeans @anti-romantic5 @urresidentdrugdealer @ncityy04 @tyonvrs @fairydosii @dazzledsohn @hwalllllllelujah @mitsukifilms @yizhoutv @kyutiepeachy @tinyjoong @sunshine-skz @meiiiwa @pr0dbeomgyu @tobiosbbyghorl @yogurteume @alderiasamantha @woopetals @beemarkie @hibuki-chan @nyfwyeonjun @yvesismywife @yjwfav @diestheticu @woniecore @wonluvrbot @enhawonie @nyfwyeonjun @acciomylove @missmadwoman @hiqhkey @wntrsgf @jungwonerz @cuteyeonnie23 @angel-hyuckie @hobistigma @alo-ehas @rielleluvs @heesunki @yubinism @wonsgf @dinosdance @nrksrealgf @sunheeluvbot @aria-grace-scott @luvrjn @c9tnoos @tomorrowbymoa-together @wonie-core @lunaflvms
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missmadwoman · 2 days ago
Peace 3: Reducto.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
<<Previous. Masterlist.
Summary: [a HP au] Park Jay is from a prestigious pureblood family. He is intimidating, everyone but his friends are afraid of him. Han YN, the muggleborn Slytherin. YN bumps into him one day and from there their fates seemed intertwined.
Pairing: Park Jay x f! Reader.
Taglist: OPEN. @enxnesblog @staysstrays @lightningdaze @woniecore @tomorrowbymoa-together Send an ask/reply to be added.
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en-incorrect · 23 hours ago
riki: fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. why not keep going? why not 9? why not 10? strive for greatness.
riki: next time you’re working out, do 15 push ups instead of 10. run 3 miles instead of 2. eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. burn your ex’s house down. you can do it. i believe in you.
sunoo: there were so many mixed messages in that i can’t—
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zzwonii · a day ago
۫ ִ ׂ💭 under the snow flowers, my love for you is eternal ・ nishimura riki
Tumblr media
pairing: nishimura riki & gn!reader ・ genre: angst ・ warnings: vague character death, mentions of soul ・ word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
act i ─ how it all seems to have started.
nishimura riki celebrated his 16th birthday in the hospital. his tired eyes observed the room silently and his lips pulled into a weak smile that only spelled happiness as he watched all the people he loved, huddled around him. but every few seconds, his eyes wander to yours and his smile brightens as much as he can muster.
at 9:12 pm, you find that it's just you and him, in his little hospital room. his head rests gently on your lap and your fingers play delicately with his soft hair. he gazes up at you tiredly, through half-lidded, heavy eyes that somehow held the same sparkle he had when you had first met him.
he falls asleep in your lap that night and you would have been glad to stay in that position, if only to keep him comfortable but his mother insisted that you go home and rest, hugging you warmly and thanking you for keeping him company. you take one last look at riki, the slightest of smiles rests gingerly on his face as he sleeps on.
you received a call from his sister at 3:09 in the morning and somehow, your heart had already dropped before you even picked up the call and a hollow chill ran through your body when you picked up.
she tells you, in a choked, stuffy voice that at 12:09, just 9 minutes after the day he turned 16 years old, he was gone. at 12:09 am, your world had gone.
act ii ─ how it all seems to work out.
december 9 will be the first snow of the year. the meteorologists probably think it's because of some scientific explanation but you think it's because it's his birthday. ironically, you don't fall asleep until 12:09 am on december 9, even after having laid in bed for the past 3 hours.
you find him in the morning, sitting on your doorstep and watching as the delicate snowflakes fall slowly. one leg rests itself on the lower step and the other is extended because he thinks that's most comfortable. his chin rests softly on the palm of his hand and you see him smile a little to himself, when you sit down next to him.
"i missed you," he speaks into the cold silence and turns to look at you with a gentle gaze and a sad smile.
"you always say that," you smile weakly at him, trying to lighten the mood. he reaches out to cup your cheek, just to see if he can touch you and you shiver at the feeling of his cold fingers.
"that's because it's true," his voice is soft, so quiet you might not have heard it if you weren't sitting next to him and he takes a deep breath, "i've missed everyone, a lot. i wish i could see them again."
and you would ask why, why can't he see them again, if only you hadn't asked the year before. his response had been vague, "because it just doesn't work that way." and though you didn't understand, you didn't pry, trusting that he would reveal the reasons to you with time.
when he notices that you're staring vaguely out at the sky, he shuffles to sit closer to you and gently nudges your shoulder, his way of telling you that you could lean on him. and on cue, you lay your head to rest on his shoulder, his head tilting so he can rub his cheek against the top of your head affectionately.
deep down in your heart, you feel a small twinge of sadness, knowing that this moment wouldn't last forever, no matter how much you wish it would and you blink away tears. but for now, you have the next 3 months with him, and in this moment, you think your heart is content with that.
act iii ─ how it always seems to end.
march 9 is the last predicted snowfall of the year. it's hard to believe, when the grass around you is still layered with thick blankets of snow but especially when you know that this means riki will be gone soon. but for now, he sits beside you on the cold park bench, his fingers resting slightly on yours.
he has to go, you know it and so does he. the snow is layered on thick but there's a certain heavy feeling in both of your hearts that tells you that time is running out. and now, he thinks it would be the best time to clear things up so he nudges your foot gently with his to bring your gaze back to him and you hum expectantly.
"you asked me, a year ago, why i can't go see everyone else, talk to them, spend time with them," he breathed, "do you remember that?"
you nodded slowly, cautiously and he sighed. "i cannot go to them because my soul is tied to yours. for as long as our souls exist, i will be permitted to come visit you but only temporarily. and because it was winter when i left, i can only come in the winter."
he's speaking into silence now, the park empty and your breathing so quiet even you can't hear yourself. for some seconds, you can't find the words, or the will to say anything but riki breaks the cold silence first. "i'm sorry."
his apology hangs in the air almost bitterly and you look at him with something akin to disbelief in your gaze, "sorry for what?" riki looks at you, ever so gently and reaches out his hand to hold yours.
"because i leave you when the snow no longer falls. because we are apart for 3 seasons every year. because my existence on this earth and in your life is only temporary. but i swear to you here, that under the snow flowers, my love for you is eternal."
and for the last time after another beautiful, fleeting 3 months, he kisses you softly, cradling you in his arms for longer than usual and pulls away to simply look at you again because he knows he won't be able to see you again for nearly another year.
his eyes search for yours and when he smiles at you, you reach out to hold his hand, if only for one last time before the next snowfall but in that second, he was already gone, leaving you sitting alone on the park bench, watching as the snow around you disappeared, just like him.
epilogue ─ how it always seems to feel.
nishimura riki always swore that he was temporary but here, sitting alone under the snow flowers, your love for him is everlasting, as it always has been.
Tumblr media
permanent taglist ( send ask / dm to be added ) 𖡡 @soobin-chois @rosieeyy @enhacolor @chai-n-ice
[ =͟͟͞͞♡ incoming letter alert !! ] : had to repost this because tumblr deleted it the first time i posted it ?! as always, likes & reblogs / feedback are much appreciated !
─ [ ^_< ~ oh, what's this ? it's a reminder from lily ! ] : did you drink water yet today? it's easy to forget but taking care of your body is a form of self care too ^^
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so-jays · 18 hours ago
𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐧’𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐧𝐚𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞
Tumblr media
warnings: none.
sunoo as: pretty boy by the neighbourhood
this song is for him.
he has that reassuring smile that makes you feel like everything will be okay.
the prettiest boy.
sweet hugs. doing facemasks together. holding hands. eskimo kisses.
ride or die type of relationship.
he doesn’t need anything asides from you.
“wherever i’m going, i’m happy you’re coming with me”
“i’m lucky you’re with me”
jungwon as: paris in the rain by lauv
jungwon + this song = a dream.
it feels like the world stops when you’re together.
he’s happy to be with you, doesn’t matter the place or the time.
it could be picnics in the park or dancing under the rain in the middle of nowhere.
shy smiles. whispering sweet nothings to each other. innocent love. cheek kisses.
just two persons madly in love with each other.
“anywhere with you feels right”
“i look at you now and i want this forever”
niki as: zombie pop by dpr ian
okay this song fits him so well.
he lives in his own little world, and you’re part of it.
happy laughs. lame jokes. playful touches. head pats. laying down with his head on your lap.
do you want to run away with him but don’t know where to? he’s all in.
beach dates. the bright sunlight making him glow even more. he makes you buy him ice cream, only to end up sharing it with you.
he’s always looking at you like you’re his whole world, but acts like wasn’t staring at all.
“i think i might just leave the world, and go run into my mind”
“get me a little higher so i can just dance with you”
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i2wingfs · 23 hours ago
enhypen niki twitter layouts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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enha-yukihada · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
He saw a smol shy girl and his brain immediately went "must protecc".
He were genuinely interested in her, she is very mysterious and even in the Border : Day one promotions she kept without open up, and that's what makes her so interesting, she have a lot of talents, unexpected charms and likes, so for him it's like read a book with no end.
Is not that she don't look her age, but she don't ACT her age, so when he found that she is a 05 liner and foreigner he started overprotecting her.
She trust him way a lot, and if she opens up (spoiler: she don't like to show her emotions), she goes to him, and he is happy abt that, but as he wants to look strong for her, he don't do the same.
He were like 0_0 when she started showing her true sense of humor, bc is so dark he didn't expected it.
His bed is always open if a smol cute girl like Yuki wants cuddles, but in general, she don't goes to him for cuddles, so he is like >:| and ends up trying to cuddle her while she is playing videogames, but she don't pays him attention lol.
She were sooo intimidated by him, a big quite loud guy with a intimidating face, she were TERRIFIED.
He was the first one to notice that Yuki tries to include herself so hard but ends up doesn't working, so he were like 🥺, just founds her so cute, but he didn't wanted to scare her (already did), so slowly he included her himself.
He is her safe place.
One of Engene's favourite moments is when he is home, her eyes start glowing when she sees him, her excited voice when welcomes him and calls out his name, how she runs (in smol) to hug him. He finds her precious, he described her as a puppy, even if she wants to hide it, her eyes don't lie, just like a puppy trying to hide his wagging tail.
He were fascinated of having a cooking buddie.
Their personalities really complements each other extremely well.
Occasional cuddles.
Another one who were extremely soft and wanted to protect her.
She founds him so intense, like what's wrong with this dude hugging me when we just met ??? gets used to it.
He were so femenine attention starved, so he didn't know how to act with a woman lmao, but she LOVES them acting like if she were another boy, so she is ok with it.
Hear me out, Jake is so random and randomly have impulses to do things, it scared her a little, her overthinker self can't relate.
He will be like "That's my girl" and Yuki inside is like UGAGUACUGWUCGS 🥺💘💋💖 but tries to maintains a poker face, a small grin inevitably.
Likes to enter her room and read all the songs that she still hasn't finished, for him, she's an incredible songwriter.
This annoying bitch...
AT FIRST SHE HAD A CRUSH ON HIM but you didn't hear it from me.
Both were so introverted leave them alone in a room and they may not talk.
Anyways, bc of Jake he starts getting closer to her, and they 3 are a golden trio.
He literally is ALWAYS kidding her, and she starts doing the same, nobody ever had teased him back so he were abt to explode, HE👏🏻IS👏🏻DONE, in which moment he found a so strong enemy... but as he don't like to lose, he keeps doing it, (but his pride is bleeding).
Tom and Jerry check.
Secretly admires her, she is very young and is in this horrible industry, so he gets deja vu.
Sunghoon annoys her, but if someone else annoys her, oh boy, he is mad MAD.
They are invencible when they annoy someone together.
He likes to get Yuki flustered, it's literally so easy.
Loves her sense of humor, for him is hilarious, he can't have enough of her dark and nasty jokes.
He were fascinated of having a girl in the group, he thought "Yasss we will do skincare together, she can apply makeup on me, we will gossip every night and play with each other hair" HE WERE SO WRONG, she is very much tomboyish, so the only thing in this list they can do is to gossip.
Sunoo likes so much her confidence, is so attractive.
The victim of Tom and Jerry's teasing, my poor boy is stressed, leave him alone.
Forces her to start doing skincare.
He had a crush on her, so he loves to use the same lip balm as her, there is a lot of moments of him applying it on his lips and then applying it on hers💀.
After analyzing her style, he starts buying things that she may like to steal from his closet, and when he suceeds, will take tons of pics, she looks so cute TT.
Also forces her to lay her head in his chest whenever they are sitting besides each other, then she gets used to it and does by herself.
Her biggest fan, even if he never liked rock, he will adore her songs, listen to her so passionately play the guitar, he just likes all the love she have for music.
Always touching her, likes to have an arm around her waist, hold hands, or just having his hand on her shoulder or leg.
Looks at her with mad in love eyes, but for him, keeps being a little crush.
Yuki is always following him everywhere, if she could, probably will be in the bathroom with him.
Flirting with each other always, Engene's fav shipp.
Always biting him, so he starts doing the same.
She loves his personality, likes his sense of humor, how mature he is, his way to think and process things... and he feels the same love for her.
The only member who she is not a tsundere with, but never will tell him "I love you".
He teases her as a form of defense to how flustered he gets sometimes.
Cuddles ^‿^, If she is needy of love, she is likely to go and find him.
Jungwon likes to fall asleep in her lap.
Always puts her hands in his pockets if she doesn't have, but he finds it so cute whenever she actually have and excitedly shows him.
Their bond is so strong, like if they were soulmates.
This giant kiddo...
In Korea he is mayor than her, but she denies to call him oppa (whenever she does, he feels his heart race).
Often manhandles her, but Jay always scolds him.
He puts her in his lap whenever he can.
Hates to feel butterflies in his stomach, but keeps wanting more, he is addicted to her.
Loves to stand besides her, he finds so cute their height difference.
Always pats her head or give her tickles down her jawline like a little pet.
Jungwon: ...
Yuki: follows him
Riki: follows Yuki.
Always sticked to her.
Unexpectedly, the one who Yuki cuddles the most is with him, at first the members find suspicious when they wanted to wake up Riki and they were sleeping together, but both of them don't have second intentions, just innocently cuddle.
Videogames buddies.
Have some of his hoodies and sweatpants in her closet, he is so clueless, gave them up for lost, and whenever they appear casually in the clean clothes, he is like ???
She loves Riki's smell, and once, she got closer than usual to smell him (his neck), he got so flustered with her breathing that he pushed her, she almost fall😭.
Tumblr media
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chocolvte · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
. . to making tiktoks with you
req — hello! how about doing tiktoks with enhypen imagine?
listen to replay by shinee
Tumblr media
「 heeseung 」
that apple bottom jeans dance trend
it definitely takes him like five seconds to learn and then he gets mildly frustrated when you keep messing up. and he’s like ?? y/n?? you move your arms and then i move mine and we’re done. like c’mon. and you’re like: it’s harder than it looks okay mr. professional dancer 😠😠 and tbh you have a itty bitty tiny fight about it, but the tik tok is filmed and heeseung feels bad for making you feel bad.
“i’m really sorry for saying that you weren’t trying hard enough,” he pulls his cutest puppy eyed look to make you forgive him. “you’re honestly not that bad of a dancer. ow! okay, okay, okay, a great dancer!”
「 jay 」
giving your boyfriend your hand to see what they do with it
holding the camera in one hand, you reach out the other one towards your boyfriend. jay is on his phone, trying to figure out the chords to a song he’s learning, but he looks up, finally noticing the hand you’re holding out and immediately his brow furrows in confusion.
“what?” he asks, laughing at little. “what am i supposed to do with this?”
and he just picks up your hand and shakes it around a little. you don’t say anything, trying not to laugh. he’d probably smack you with your own hand.
「 jake 」
calling your boyfriend by their first name instead of a pet name
“hey, jake? can you bring me my water bottle?”
“yeah, sur—,” he’s like half way out of his seat when he pumps the breaks and hits you with a look that’s like half 🤨 and half 🥺.
and you’re like: what?? 😇
and he goes: what did you just call me 🙂
you: your name?
jake: never again. i like my nicknames 😠
「 sunghoon 」
rating your boyfriend throughout the day (this audio)
he literally is just minding is business and you’re following him around with your phone for the entire day. it goes something like this.
stretching before practice. 2/10 great self care but where is the attention for me??? 😠
dance practice 🕺🎶 10/10 you’re doing amazing sweetie 😚
buying me food after practice 1000/10 we love a man who knows his place 😌
mildly frustrated with me for filming his every move. tried to take phone away. -50/10 😒
gave me kisses and agreed to watch the addams family with me in bed. 1000000/10
「 sunoo 」
texting your boyfriend, “my boyfriend is gone, you can come over.”
he’s immediately confused and also concerned. like i just know this poor baby would one hundred percent fall for this, hook, line, and sinker. i mean we all saw him during that one live with jay and that whole you can’t breathe through your nose with your mouth open thing LMAO the dude is gullible.
y/n, 3:54 pm: hey, my bf just left. wanna come over?
sunoo, 3:54 pm: y/n???
sunoo, 3:54 pm: what are you talking about
sunoo, 3:54 pm: who was that supposed to be for
sunoo, 3:55 pm: Y/N
sunoo, 3:58 pm: *missed call*
“sunoo, i was just kidding!” you admit after he calls you for the second time. “it’s a tik tok trend.”
“please don’t ever do that to me again.”
「 jungwon 」
telling your boyfriend he has to hide because your “boyfriend” is coming over
you rush into your room, grabbing jungwon by the arm and pulling him over towards your closet. “dude, you have to hide!”
jungwon is immediately so confused, but he kind of goes along with it, letting you push him into the closet without much resistance. “what? why? y/n, what’s going on?”
“my boyfriend is coming! you have to hide!” you stifle a giggle as you shut the door on him and wait.
it takes a couple of seconds to fully hit him but suddenly jungwon pushes the door open, poking his head out in confusion. “wait, who’s coming?”
「 ni-ki 」
giving your bf a spoonful of your cooking, but you put a bunch of salt in the spoon first
“hey, ni-ki, try this for me,” you hold out a spoonful of the soup you’re making (the weather is extra cold today, perfect for a nice, warm bowl of soup). “i can’t tell if i’ve seasoned it enough.”
ni-ki’s entire face scrunches up when he tastes the spoonful of soup, which is so salty he actually starts coughing. “i think that’s enough!”
he doesn’t notice anything is off until you start laughing and then he realizes that you were just messing with him and laughs too. but know that he is definitely plotting his revenge.
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solarehoon · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"SUNGHOON of ENHYPEN is Finally Walking in the Sky"
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