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Summary: N’Jobu, Califia, and Erik face some dire straits…

“First I blame you, then I want you
Fucking hate you, then I love you
I can’t help myself, no
When I have you, wanna leave you
If you go, that’s when I need you
I can’t help myself, no

You come in waves, waves, waves
Every hour, every day, day, day
You come in waves…”

Normani Feat. 6lack – “Waves”

Califia found Erik sitting on the sand of the beach she had once trampled on as a teenager. It was a cool day in Oak Bluffs, and Erik wore a beige sweater and jeans with a pair of new kicks on his feet.

She watched him throw a few ragged shells into the water.

“JaJa, come eat,” she called out.

Erik’s head snapped around to stare at her, his face absent of the normal joyful expressions he had for her. They were not in a good place together and it was her fault. She had refused to allow him to contact his father. She’d taken away his phone and pulled it apart before they left Oakland. She had a burner phone for herself and she told no one where she and Erik were staying for the last two weeks.

N'Jobu had returned from Wakanda the previous week and she knew he was probably frantic trying to find them. She left him a message on his phone once she knew he was in the air and unable to track her. The only information she left him was that she and Erik had taken a little vacation together and would be back in another week. She had even allowed Erik to say hello on the message so that everything sounded normal. They had taken trips before when N'Jobu was gone. Except this time, she didn’t come back right away.

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Chapter 23 coming soon!

It’s coming down to the conclusion y’all. Three chapters left! There’s still a lot in store for N’Jobu, Califia, and little Erik:

Erik makes a discovery about his father that threatens the sanctity of his family.

N’Jobu begins the meticulous rollout of his rebellion with the War Dogs who side with him against Wakanda’s seclusion.

Califia struggles with the incident in Sao Paulo, Brazil that Erik still suffers from as an adult in “Wet Sugar” (Y’all know everything I write is interconnected and essentially one big epic tale–the past, present, and future are circular), and a revelation about N’Jobu makes her question their future together.

It’s been a trip and a half completing the first two volumes about this little family trying to keep it together in Oakland and beyond.

And to think, it only came into being because I couldn’t find any fics that filled in the missing gap in the Black Panther movie–Where was Erik’s mother?– and a bitch had to write it herself!

Okay, back on that laptop doing double time with this and Wet Sugar!

Typing, typing, typing…

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Summary:  N'Jobu grapples with Ramonda, the history of his people, and his War Dogs before returning home to some Erik trouble.

As always, NSFW, Mature Audience Only. (Although this chapter is really the rare time where it is pretty tame. Won’t last though!) Here is the current Master List for this volume HERE

“Omi o l'ota o
Water, him not get enemy!
I dey talk of Black man power
Water, him not get enemy!
I dey talk of Black power, I say
Water, him not get enemy!
I say water no get enemy
Water, him not get enemy!
If you fight am, unless you wan die
Water, him not get enemy!
I say water no get enemy…”

Fela Kuti – “Water No Get Enemy”

Ramonda stares at him as he saunters into the sunroom. The Udaku family is present. T'Challa’s little friend W'Kabi is there too.

Fifty of the most important members of the clan are there to meet Ramonda in a formal fashion. Just like it was done years before when Bathwandwa was chosen for T'Chaka’s mate. The family would break bread, words would be spoken of the future of the bloodline and Ramonda would slowly be brought into the fold to attend public events with T'Chaka. The next step would be to have Ramonda’s clan join the Udaku’s after T'Chaka spoke to Ramonda’s parents in private to ask for her hand. The joining of both families would formally end the betrothal march. N'Jobu had gone through it with Zinzi.

Her eyes are fixed on him and N'Jobu feels uncomfortable because he worries that others can sense her staring.

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The Day Everything Changed

Summary: After finding his father dead, Erik decides to start up a journal. For his first entry he recounts the day’s events to help process what happened.

Characters: Young Erik Killmonger Stevens, N’jobu, Original Character


Dear journal,

That’s how they start these things right? Somebody has to how today truly went down even if it’s just a stupid book. ‘Specially ‘cause the cops’ll try and bury it.  Anyway, today started like any other day. I went to school, and even aced a test. Which was great for me, I knew Dad would be proud. After school, I headed back home and showed Dad my grade. “Hey hey, good work my son. Knowledge and education is key to our way of life as Wakandans.” dad said. He would always say this, and talk about Wakanda and the “old country” and “our ways”, it kind of seemed like a fantasy to me.

Dad and I played with my action figures in the floor and he spoke of Wakanda and my family there. All of a sudden there was a knock at our apartment door. He looked through the peep hole in the door and started acting frantic. I never saw Pops like this before. What I didn’t know, was this was the last time I was going to see him either. “Quickly son. You have to get out of here. Down the fire escape okay?” I thought he was joking at first, then I saw the seriousness in his eyes. He then kicked my toys underneath our small couch, embraced me tightly, opened the window to the fire escape and rushed me outside. I climbed down the fire escape and saw some of my boys playin’ ball.

“Aye bro put me in.”

Kendrick checked the ball to me, and I fell right into the game. We were half court and nobody was on me so I did one of my signature moves and took my shot. I missed. The ball bounced off the back board and hit high on the brick wall of our complex. Near our window. I starred at the window for a moment, hoping to see what made Dad rush me out so urgently. I saw nothing. “Looks like somebody off they game today huh.” Kendrick said mocking me. “Aye man shut up.” I shook my head emptying the wonders from my mind. No way was I letting Kendrick get over. We played for a couple minutes until I heard  a loud engine revving up. Crazy thing was, it was coming from above us. On the roof of our building was this huge spaceship looking object with silver LEDs. I nudged Kendrick and signaled the other kids over.  “Yo look!”

“Ayo, the heck is that.” a kid behind me said. One second it was there. The next it just vanished into the sky. It reminded me of the weird tech Dad told me about  from the mystical Wakanda. I knew something wasn’t right. I told the rest of the guys I would just be a minute and ran back to our house.

I looked around our apartment and for a second everything looked normal. Until I saw him. My dad. I ran over to him sobbing, wishing for him to come back to me. I dialed 9-1-1 and told them to come over. I traced the embroidery of Dad’s garb with my finger while I waited for the authorities to come. Then it hit me. Dad always used to tell me about how special it was to be Wakadan and how the rest of the world would want to take what was ours. I grabbed my school bag, rushed over to Dad’s hidden safe, and started filling my back with his belongings. Once the cops came, they would take everything. I had to hide it. Tucked into one of dad’s books was a necklace with my dad’s ring on it. I remember when he used to wear that ring, until one day he just stopped. I put the chain over my neck and stuffed the rest of the things into my school bag. I then heard a pounding on the door. I opened the door and a group of tall officers rushed in. They started collecting things from my house in plastic bags titled EVIDENCE. “Hey kid. I’m officer Clark we’ll take it from here.” I barely acknowledged him. “What’s in the backpack?” Clark asked grabbing onto one of the straps, pulling my body with it. I yanked my shoulder away. “It’s textbooks man, chill.” Officer Clark stood there for a second while he decided if he believed me or not. “Come look at this.” Another officer said signaling for his partner to come see the body. I couldn’t look any longer so I starred at the floor. All I felt was rage. Who would do this?

“Another one bites the dust huh.” The officer said tossing my dad’s hand over his body. “Not surprised. Theres another one every week.” Clark said kicking my father’s body with his foot. I marched over to the officers pushing them out the way and kneeled at my father. “Don’t talk about us like that, my dad was not just anybody else. You have no right.” I said choking on tears. Both cops took me by an arm and pushed me against the wall. “Watch that mouth kid.” One of them said sternly. A medical woman and her team walked in the room holding a black body bag. I rushed over to them and begged for one last goodbye with my father. I crossed his arms over his chest in an x position, as he taught me was the custom.  I swallowed my tears and whispered into my father’s ear, “I will find whomever did this, and kill them. I promise you. Wakanda forever.” Immediately after, I ran down the fire escape and found Kendrick. I filled him in on what happened.

So far Kendrick’s mom has been sweet to me, giving me a place to sleep and this journal too. Tomorrow I’m going to read as much as I can from my dad’s books. I hope it’ll help me piece together why what happened did. But I’m going to to have to stop writing now, because Kendrick’s mom is calling us for dinner. I don’t know what the future holds, but this is what I know for sure, I am N’Jadaka son of N’jobu. Some day I will find Wakanda, and I will avenge my father.

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