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#nmt s2 spoilers
atty-goldstein · 9 hours ago
I'm watching Jim Povolo stream nmt s1 ep2 and just noticed smth: Emma's favorite bar is called "The Birdhouse" and Emdroid burns it down. But then what happens in s2? Her house is overtaken by birds and she has to burn it down
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hatchetfield-scarecrow · a month ago
In a story filled with eldritch horrors that have repeatedly successfully destroyed the entire world just for fun, Sam Sweetly is still somehow the worst character.
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melissimp · 24 days ago
"Take out the head, the whole thing goes down!"
- Ted Spankoffski, December 24 2018
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alicewoodward · 21 days ago
Thinking about how Ethan said they caught a “Pokey-man” for Lex and the villain for this really was a Pokey-man
Tumblr media
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Alright, I guess this is a post on my ideas about Starkid’s nightmare episode “Daddy.”
So, I think maybe Sherman’s biological ‘daddy’ is a tree-person who had the gift?  Or he could be Bob Metsker.  
However, I don’t think his biological dad necessarily holds the family secret, and honestly I’d rather have it be someone irrelevant.  
I don’t remember who said that Sheila might be killing her husbands and putting their souls in the dolls (or something like that??? idk I have a bad memory) because Sherman tried to kill Lex over Lex throwing out some mispainted dolls- while his mind was taken over by Wiggly, I think it’s probable that he just... really cares about dolls.
I think maybe there “being more to the Youngs than meets the eye” could mean that Sherman has the gift?  And maybe they’re all trying to hide it, and that was why he wanted to buy so many Wigglys, and maybe that has something to do with being the daddy not being all it’s cracked up to be?  Because maybe they figure out someone there has the gift, and so all of Sheila’s husbands get turned into tree-people?
I also think that it’s a possibility that Sheila and/or Sherman are part of the Cult of Starry Children.  After all, the hidden message was, “Nibbly must Eat,” and so it’s possible he has to eat more than once, and even more than once per year- maybe Sheila’s husbands are fed to Nibbly to keep him appeased?  Or maybe all of the ponies have something to do with Nibbly- after all, horses = barnyard animals, pigs = barnyard animals, or something like that?  Maybe Sherman’s exposure to Nibbly even led to his obsession with ponies- maybe being exposed to too much Black and White stuff leads to side effects if it happens while someone’s pregnant?
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fandomscraziness22 · a month ago
Joey's calm voice is almost scarier than his villain voices
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anordinarytrashcan · 24 days ago
Real screenshot of @haha-slug bullying @figged-newtons and I for getting our hopes up about the MacNamara tease in the intro song
Tumblr media
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I did baton for seven years and honestly, Linda Monroe in traditional white, almost knee high majorette boots would have been a look
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emmalou-muse · a month ago
Tumblr media
Man I was so close to a bingo :/
Also can we talk about how AMAZING AND INSANE that episode was oh my god!
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ultraravencookie · a month ago
I can’t believe I’m feeling bad for Frank
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fandomscraziness22 · a month ago
Didn't realize how much I missed Emma Take-No-Shit Perkins
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what-r-words · 24 days ago
Damn yellow jacket got me in my foster sisters feels again
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