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Feel familiar sweetheart? | J.M.
summary: smut, best friends to lovers, unprotected drunk sex, underage drinking, aged up pouges (19), not proofread, my first full jj fic that’s been marinating in my drafts since like march xoxo
“Hey killa, if you’re gonna steal my vodka maybe don’t do it right in front of me” you say snatching the bottle from JJ’s grip as you enter the chateau.
You were a friend of kie’s before her kook year, you fell out of touch but rekindled the friendship at her first kegger back with the pouges.
If she wasn’t with the boys and sarah she was with you, but she started getting sick of splitting her time up, so you started getting dragged along to boat days and chateau hangouts too.
You never really had many guy friends or a boyfriend so hanging around with guys all the time actually made you kinda nervous, especially since one of them was JJ.
“Y/NNNN don’t be like that!! Just a sip please!” he whines following you into the kitchen.
“Maybeeeee but you gotta let me get a buzz first” you tell him as he watches you set your bag down and take 3 large gulps from the bottle you stole from your job.
“You’re insane.” he breathes out, still staring as you hop up onto the counter. He had taken quite the liking to you once you started hanging with the pouges more often. The two of you were a force to be reckoned with. JJ could almost always match your energy and was the only one who could talk you down when you got a little too rowdy (even for him).
You two had known each other from around the island and finally started hanging out when you were 17 despite secretly having eyes for each other for the last decade.
“Like you’re complaining.” you bite back. “About you? Never.” he flirts
“Good because i don’t share with mean boys.” you smile taking another swig.
When you open your eyes JJ is standing between your legs “you share?” he teases.
“That attitude is getting you nowhere sunshine, I already told you, the ‘boys are mean to girls they like’ philosophy is bullshit, it’ll never work on me.” you tell him bluntly.
“I’m not being mean!! I’m just messing around,” he defends placing his hands on your thighs and giving you puppy dog eyes “you know that right?”
Not knowing how to react you stick the bottle in his direction before he can realize that he made you flustered “Drink.” you tell him.
This is where JJ gets confused, you tell him what you like and don’t like but every time he tries to actually flirt with you, you find a way to escape the situation.
He wordlessly accepts the bottle, taking a few big sips telling himself that the liquor is burning him and not the rejection.
“Am i interrupting something?” Sarah asks, clearly confused at the sight of JJ between your legs with a hand on your thigh.
“Oh, no what’s up?” you ask happily, you love sarah she’s so nice and really fun to hang out with. You guys clicked better than anyone was expecting.
“John said to tell you we’re heading down to the beach in a bit with the kegs.” she informs you, still eyeing the situation skeptically.
“Okay sounds good! Tell him we’ll meet you there.” JJ replies before you can get a word out.
“Um, okay?” Sarah complies clearly more confused than ever but she walks away nonetheless.
“Why are we meeting them there, why don’t we just go with them?” you ask the blonde.
“It’s a surprise” he answers smugly
“Yes sunshine”
“tell meeee”
“you’re terrible at surprises”
“you’re mean” you huff in annoyance crossing your arms and looking away from him.
“sunshine don’t be like thattt”
“mean.” you say again crossing your arms this time.
“Fineee I wanted to smoke in the hammock before we left, but it’s whatever let’s just-”
“No!! let’s smoke in the hammock!” you place your hands on top of his in a feeble attempt to stop him from moving but it works.
He grins up at you “dealer threw in a couple free prerolls, said he feels bad because it seems like my girl smokes all my shit” he tells you squeezing your thighs at the end of his sentence.
You try to ignore the way your heart flutters at his grip on your thighs and the implication that you’re his girl. You still get visibly flustered but to JJ it just seems like embarrassment from the dealer thinking you’re stealing all his weed.
“I’m not mad though, I’ll always share with you” he declares as a rosy tiny dusts his cheeks and the tips of his ears.
“That’s very sweet of you, i revoke all earlier ‘mean’ comments” you giggle
“To the hammock?” he asks backing away
“To the hammock.” you grin hopping off the counter
You two lay in the hammock half cuddling and mentally dancing around your feelings for each other.
JJ lights the blunt and takes a few hits before holding it up to your lips, you take a few hits as he stares into your eyes in comfortable silence. He pulls the blunt away and starts to lean in until your tranquil bubble is popped by Pope calling JJ to ask where you are.
“J ITS ALREADY PACKED MAN HURRY UP BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF DRINKS” Pope screams clearly already drunk while you and jj just have a nice buzz going.
JJ huffs disappointed that he didn’t get to kiss you. “Okay bud we’ll be there in a minute” he tells pope hanging up before he could reply.
“our presence has been requested at the kegger” he tells you with a lopsided grin as if you couldn’t hear pope yelling on the other line.
“okayyy, one more hit though?” you ask with your best pouty face.
“we can smoke on the walk you little feen” he says squeezing your cheeks.
You smack his hand away sticking your tongue out at him before hopping up and running in the direction of the beach. You feel faster than normal which must mean the vodka was finally in full effect. You hear JJ laughing behind you as he starts chasing you.
“Y/N Y/M/N GET BACK HERE” He shouts making you gasp “NOT THE MIDDLE NAME” You yell stopping dead in your tracks as you turn to face him.
“I never use YOUR full name JOHN”
“Wooooow i think you’ve had enough. You only call me by my government name when you’re fucked up. ”
You laugh in his face as you approach the party looking him dead in the eye declaring “You don’t get to cut me off.” as you march away and grab a beer.
Both of you had been drinking for quite some time so he wasn’t surprised to see you dancing on top of the giant speaker but what bothered him was the way most of your girl friends had been replaced by guys trying to get your attention. He walks over and grabs your hand and just the sight of his pretty face makes you light up.
“J!! I missed you!!” you giggle
“I missed you too sunshine! why don’t we go sit by the fire?” he suggests gently
“Nooooo I wanna dance” you decline chugging what was left in your cup which made jj nervous even though he was just as fucked as you.
He knew how you got after 7 or 8 drinks and on top of that you were crossed, this was either gonna end in a melt down or you trying to go home with anyone that would give you attention god forbid you saw jj talking to another girl.
“come dance with me then! i haven’t seen you since we got here!” JJ begged.
This caught you off guard for 2 reasons
1. JJ doesn’t beg and 2. JJ doesn’t ask to dance
Truthfully sometimes crossed JJ gets needy and currently all he could think about was the way you were cuddling earlier and how badly he wanted to kiss you still.
“okayyy fineeee” you giggle hopping down, still holding his hand.
“what a slut bro if my girl was acting like that i’d drop her so fas-” one of the guys from around the speaker says to his friend.
Before JJ could even get mad you slap his drink out of his hand, look him dead in the eyes, and spit “you’re a slut, little bitch boy.” right in his face.
Before he could reply you drag JJ away and you’re right back to your normal sweet happy self. You go to grab another drink and JJ suggests you share it (meaning you get a few sips and he’ll chug the rest) and you agree. You stand there leaning against him chatting in a group just happy to be into his muscular arms when one of your favorite songs starts playing. You squeal dragging JJ to dance with you which is something you only have the confidence to do once in a blue moon.
JJ has only found himself in this position twice before and each time has had him praying it would happen more often. Your back is pressed against his chest, one of his hands rests on your stomach beneath yours, while your other hand is up in his hair by the back of his neck. You’re grinding against him and he can feel himself start to get hard.
“Baby you gotta stop.” JJ whispers in your ear but you just lean forward and start to shake your ass even more, gasping as you feel him pressed up on your clothed core. You continue dancing on him as you lean back against his chest with a soft smile on your lips.
“Baby you gotta stop.” he repeats a little louder thinking you didn’t hear him the first time.
“Why?” you pout up at him “feels like you like it.” you defend as you bite your lip.
“Y/N you know why. Don’t play dumb with me.” he growls.
You spin around in his arms pressing your chest to his. “You don’t want me J?” you ask, half of you still unsure of the answer.
“Y/N.” He warns lowly, resting his hands on your hips.
“Because I want you,” you tell him with an innocent tone making him almost choke on the last of your shared drink “want you so bad,” you continue placing a kiss on his neck causing his his eyes to roll back “always have J, i thought you knew that” you mumble pressing another kiss just below his ear.
His grips one of your hips and his other hand flies to the side of your neck pulling you in for a kiss. You immediately moan into it as you slide your hands from his muscular shoulders to his soft blonde hair. His hand slides around your lower back pulling you closer while he deepens the kiss. Subconsciously your hips buck forward and you realize that JJ has soaked your panties with one dance and a kiss. You pull back a little mumbling a “oh my god” mostly to yourself but to jj it sounded like a little moan that he needed to hear more of.
“can we go back to the chateau, J i need you.” you beg as if he would ever tell you no.
“of course baby let’s go.” he grants but not before pulling you in for a few more kisses.
The two of you slip away to head back to John B’s place but you stop dead in your tracks when you approach the van.
“What’s wrong?” JJ asks tentatively, afraid that you’ve changed your mind.
“Um, uh- Can i- Can i ride you in the van?” you ask shyly looking up at him through your lashes.
“Ride me in the van?” he smirks “Where’d that idea come from?” he prods genuinely curious.
“Haven’t stopped thinking about it since I had to sit on your lap last time we ran out of room.” you admit looking at the ground.
JJ feels his ego inflate realizing you had been thinking about this for a month now, he remembers that ride too, clear as day. He slips a finger under your chin making you look up at his cocky smirk while he backs you up against the side of the van. “That was a bumpy ride wasn’t it angel” he chuckles seductively as he inches closer to your face “I think it’s safe to say i’d much rather you be naked next time you’re bouncing in my lap.” he admits, squeezing your ass like he’d always wanted to.
“J please. I need you. You can fuck me at home next time but i can’t wait anymore.” you whine.
“Okay baby, just a second.” he concedes knowing if he made you wait you’d definitely have that melt down he was afraid of.
He fishes John B’s keys out of his pocket where Sarah had hid them after her boyfriend’s 4th drink. None of them would ever drive drunk but it’s just a preventative measure and a silent act of love the pouges all take part in whenever someone is drunk and has their car.
“JJ hurryyy” you whine.
“Don’t get bratty on me now baby. I don’t wanna have to fuck that attitude out of you tonight. You’ve been so good.” he says shocking you.
You figured JJ was kinky but something about that sentence made you wanna test his limits, but not for your first time together.
“tomorrow?” you ask quietly making him chuckle.
“if you get all bratty on me again tomorrow i might just have to” he warns with a smirk almost daring you to test your luck but not tonight.
"okay" you whisper timidly not believing your life long crush bad just committed to fucking you two days in a row, but your disbelief didn’t last long as jj yanks the door of the twinkie open and pulls you inside.
He sits in his exact same spot from that day and pulls you onto his lap so you’re sitting side ways, just as you were the day you became obsessed with the idea of riding your best friend.
“Feel familiar sweetheart?” he teases, turning your face to look at his and quite enjoying how flustered you were getting as you nodded in response to his question. But he knew he could do more.
With a smirk on his face he starts bouncing his legs, emmulating the feeling of the bumpy roads that day, drawing a choked gasp and a whimper from your lips. “That’s more like it huh? That’s what got you thinking about my cock angel?” he coos darkly
“uh huh” you breathe out desperately, clinging onto his arm just as you were that day. The feeling of his cock on the back of your thigh and against your clothed heat so close to where you need it to be is bringing back that same fog from that fateful day. The one that had everyone eyeing you cautiously, the daze you wrote off as heat exhaustion that had actually been caused by the man who had then forced you to drink his water because he’d never seen you so out of it.
“Don’t think this wasn’t torture for me too angel” JJ mumbles into the crook of your neck where his lips had made themselves right at home. “Feeling your pretty little ass bounce in my lap,” he groans squeezing one of your cheeks and then slapping it, causing you to gasp and grind yourself backwards chasing his hand, making him chuckle.
“and this pussy,” he groans throwing his head back. “bouncing right on my cock, with those tiny little shorts on” he continues, kissing your neck again, “hearing your breath catch every time you were slammed back into my lap, feeling you clench against me.” he says placing a hand over your clothed core “watching you bite that bottom lip thinking you were doing such. a. good. job. hiding how needy you were.” he chuckles patting your clothed clit between words to tease you.
“J” you moan out, tilting your head back as you open your legs a little more.
“JJ pleaseee” you whine, but he was dead set on finding out how you felt during that ride.
“Please what baby? You’re not getting a thing till you tell me how bad you wanted me that day.” he instructs making you whimper.
“Oh daddy your arms, mmh, feeling your muscles while you held me on your lap could’ve made me cum, i still think about it constantly.” you moan clutching the arm connected to the hand you are now rocking against as he continues to bounce you. “your cock getting hard right where i needed you so bad, your grip on my hips” you gasp remembering how badly you wished there was no clothes between you. “how hard i was trying not to moan imagining your cock actually inside of me,” you whine
“it was so hot” you moan desperately
“i told you i had heat exhaustion but i was just so horny i couldn’t think straight.” you gasp as jj wraps a hand in your hair.
“gonna call me daddy when your bouncing on me this time? silly girl bet all you could think about was going up and down on my cock hmm? up,” he says as he pulls you up slightly by your hair, “and down” he chuckles dropping you back down on his lap.
You can’t even form an answer you just moan.
“gonna fuck you dumb baby. i’ll take care of everything, all you need to think about is daddy’s cock and how bad you need it.”
You gasp, only used to hearing jj talk like this in your dreams. “please J i need you so bad, i can’t wait anymore” you beg looking into his eyes with desperation.
“please who?” he mumbles with a smirk as he stroked your cheek before sliding his hand down to your throat.
“Daddy pleaseee” you whine
“atta girl” he praises in a low voice before pulling you in and kissing you softly.
When you go to deepen it he pulls back chuckling as you chase his lips for more
“straddle me angel, need to feel you against me” he commands, just as needy as you are.
You comply, standing up to reposition before jj pulls you back into his lap.
“sorry baby. i’m impatient.” he says kissing you before pulling back and biting your bottom lip, “i just can’t get enough” he growls
You whimper grinding against him but he grips your hips in such a way that he has complete control over them. He slides you backwards on his lap till you’re core is hovering over the area between his spread legs. He bunches your skirt up around your hips and starts gently tracing his fingers over your clothed core. You gasp at the feeling which catches JJ’s attention.
“so pretty baby” he says gently kissing you “bet my girl is soaked for me huh?” he asks slipping your panties to the side and dropping his jaw in awe of the sight before him.
“damn princess you really are just a pretty little thing for me,” he sighs swiping his thumb through your slit and over your clit “soaked too, wow” he says with a smirk on his face, impressed with himself.
You gasp his name in and jolt forward at the unexpected pleasure. Hands landing on his abs and grasping his shirt for stability, causing butterflies to erupt in jjs stomach.
“Feel nice baby?” he asks circling your clit as his other hand grips your hip, your faces are now so close you can feel his breath on your face as you try to answer but only bucking your hips and whining at him.
“Need words before i give you any more, c’mon be a good girl, answer me.” he reprimands gently but firmly
“feels really nice J” you mumble against his lips “i need more, please” you whimper
“anything for you” he says before giving in and kissing you. JJ feels your fingers trail up and fiddle with his chain as the other grips his shirt even tighter making his cock strain against his boxers and shorts.
He drags his hand from your hip to your entrance, teasing it with two fingers. “you’re dripping for me baby,” JJ groans, plunging his digits inside and capturing your lips once again. You whine into the kiss at the pleasure bucking your hips into his fingers.
“So needy for me baby taking everything i’m giving you huh?” he says feeling his ego swell even larger when he remembers that you, the girl of his dreams is squirming and whining for him.
“mmhm need you daddy” you whimper feeling him work your body like he’d been studying it his whole life “i- J i’m close” you squeal
“cum on my fingers baby girl, i got you angel” he coaxes before deciding to test your praise kink when your whines hit his ears.
“There’s my perfect girl, cumming for me just like i told her to.” he grunts before shoving his tongue in your mouth and working his fingers against your g spot. He moans when your walls flutter against his skin and speeds up the gentle circles he’s rubbing on your clit. JJ’s heart flutters when he feels your nails scratch his abs as you grasp the soft cotton of his t-shirt.
“that’s it baby,” he coos working you through your orgasm as you moan into his mouth “J i- ‘m gonna cum again”
“what a good girl, letting daddy have his way with her. my sweet angel, so wet. you’re so good baby.” JJ praises between kisses.
He wasn’t even sure he was making sense, not that you would’ve noticed in your blissed out state. You start to bounce on his fingers, grabbing one of his forearms and holding on to it as he sends you soaring over the edge. “You cumming baby?” he asks teasingly when you muffle a scream in his neck.
“o-OH JJ DADDY UHHH” you moan as you cum around his fingers again making JJ slow his movements. “did so good for me honey,” he praises allowing you to slump against his chest.
Once he stops circling your clit JJ removes his thumb and licks it before placing a strong loving hand on your back and stroking it while you calm your breathing “you sure you can do one more?” he asks, not wanting to push you too hard
“yeah i’m sure, im totally sure, please” you beg kissing him between words. JJ guides you onto his dick sliding in slowly talking you through the stretch.
“Just like that pretty girl. Let me take over. Don’t worry about a thing, just focus on being a good girl for daddy okay?”
“mmhm” you whine tugging his shirt up
He bottoms out with a groan making you squeal and flutter around him. JJ hastily removes his shirt and makes quick work of yours revealing your bare tits.
“babyyy” he moans realizing he was cuddled up against you with nothing but a thin shirt between him and the most perfect boobs he’d ever seen (partially just because they were yours).
You blush and he grabs your chin and pulls you in to kiss him “my girl” he mumbles against your lips “my sweet, sweet, babygirl” he hums trailing kisses to your neck making you sigh in pleasure, nails grazing the back of his head.
JJ’s arms snake around your waist as he sucks marks onto your neck and begins to thrust his hips against yours, making your back arch.
A high pitched moan surprises both of you and there’s no denying the smirk it put on JJs face. “mm baby, making such pretty noises for me” he praises, causing you to suddenly become bashful.
“J” you whine suddenly embarrassed at how good he’s making you feel.
Not wanting your embarrassment to kill your vibe, JJ stops holding back his moans “what is it baby? ugh feels so good, never wanna stop fucking you honey- OH fuck”
“shit- sweetie you gotta answer me or i’ll stop. you okay?” he asks slowing down his rhythm and cupping your face.
“uh huh! i’m okay promise! just feels so good”you whimper when his tip grazes you just right.
“okay, don’t worry me like that baby. wanna make sure you’re always feeling good” he coos kissing you before ending his statement with his teeth grazing your pulse point. “always wanna hear those sweet noises now that they’re not just in my dreams” JJ flirts in a gravely tone, nipping at your ear causing you to moan and gasp which sounded more like a squeak but you didn’t care anymore as JJ began to thrust up into you at a faster pace.
“oh f-fuck J, you’re so big UHH” you praise, knowing how much he loves to have his ego stroked. “stretching me out so nicee-unhh” you whine leaning down to his ear to whisper “feels even better than when you fuck me in my dreams”
The moan that sentence rips from the back of JJs throat is singlehandedly the most erotic thing you had ever heard. “don’t have to dream anymore baby, now you get the real thing whenever you want.” he growls locking your lips together feverishly.
the both of you moan into the kiss before you pull back, still bouncing on his cock, climbing toward your high, and tell him through gasps “if you think you’re not fucking me every day after this, you’re wrong.”
JJ smiles as you rest your forehead on his “you’re crazy if you think i’d want anything else, my girl is finally mine. i told you, you can have whatever you want whenever you want angel…” he trails off only to continue in a chilling whisper “as long as you’re good for daddy”
He doesn’t miss the way you gasp and flutter around him after those words left his perfect lips. Loving your puddle like state, JJ wants to push you even deeper into it, his large hand comes down on your ass, squeezing it and biting his lip. The way your body reacts to him makes him feel more intoxicated than he already is. “you’ll be good for me, won’t you baby?” he practically coos holding your face in one hand as the other moves to trace circles over your bud.
“mmhm! just wanna be good for you daddy, y-you always treat me so nice n’ make me s-so happyy.” you moan before deciding to ride him up a little “ ‘S why i want you to fuck my brains out all the time” you giggle pressing your tits against his chest so he can feel them bounce as you ride him.
“f-FUCK uh that can be arranged baby, so you better play nice” he warns through gritted teeth, trying to keep some sort of composure.
“A-anything for you daddy” you purr but JJ can hear the whiney tone you tried to cover up with your suductive words. you were close.
“Anything for me? hmm, why don’t you cum for me princess?” JJ asks rhetorically, knowing that he was about to make you cum with his words. “cum undone for me, all over my thick cock, your cunt squeezing itself around me, milking me till i fill that pussy up, making you totally. and completely. mine” JJ commands and like his words were a spell, the end of his sentence triggered the most mind blowing euphoric orgasm you’d ever experienced.
“i-I J FUCK I’M-” you moan frantically as JJ continues to thrust into you and play with your clit.
“You’re cumming?” He interrupts smugly between grunts and moans.
“mhm” you squeak “please J i need it i- i- UGHH you fuck me so good PLEASE FUCK JUST CUM IN ME” the words leave your lips and the apparent desperation in your voice immediately caused JJs eyes to roll back in his head as he bucked his hips and released with a choked moan.
“f-FUCK ANGEL i’m cumming, IM CUMMING” he shouts as he continues to fuck you through your highs
“UNHHH f-fill me up so good daddy, holy fuck” you whine as you feel him spilling against your walls.
You stop bouncing and his thrusts slow as you rest on his chest trying to catch your breath. JJ’s fingers trail up and down your back reveling in the moment he’s been dreaming of for years, though the events leading up were much raunchier than expected he still has the girl of his dreams laying on his chest, wrapped up in his arms, placing sweet kisses in the crook of his neck as her head rests on his shoulder.
JJ kisses your forehead and holds you tighter sighing “i hope you know i dreamed about this too, it’s actually what i imagine to help me fall asleep.”
“shut up you’re so cute.” you giggle nuzzling your face into his neck, still not used to the flattery from your favorite boy, at least in a romantic sense. “that must be why i dream about cuddling you every night, those dreams are my favorite”
“you make me so happy angel, i want you to be my girl. like actually, not just my best friend who i fucked and have had a huge crush on since like second grade. I want to be your boyfriend.” he says firmly (the way he does when he’s trying to protect his feelings)
You sit up and look at him in awe and though the two of you are still drunk you know this is real and you know you’re going to remember it. You can’t even fathom any words to form a sentence so you just grab his face and kiss him. It’s a passionate kiss, one full of emotion and years of repressed feelings finally being set free. You pull away from him and grin with your hands still cupping his jaw, “you’re my boyfriend!!” you say happily
“I am?” JJ smiles in disbelief
“You are! and i’m- woah i’m your girlfriend” realization hit you half way through your sentence, the boy you cared for with your whole heart felt the same. “i’m your girlfriend” you repeat with a tone of adoration and excitement.
“i’m your boyfriend and you’re my girlfriend.” he says experiencing the same euphoria as you. The realization that he no longer has to hide his feelings, or pretend he isn’t jealous when guys flirt with you, or stop himself from holding your hand or kissing you has him over the moon.
“i think i should clean my girlfriend up and then bring her home to snuggle, how does that sound?” JJ asks resting his forehead on yours.
“your girlfriend thinks her boyfriend is really hot and that sounds perfect.” you giggle pecking his lips.
He cleans you up with the baby wipes sarah put in john b’s glove compartment and peppers kisses all over as he re-dresses the both of you. “ready to go sunshine?” he whispers, grabbing your hand. You nod and follow him out of the van, waiting for him to lock the door before the two of you stumble back to the chateau where he lends you a t-shirt and a pair of boxers to sleep in because he figures your wet panties can’t be very comfortable. He changes into a fresh pair of boxers before getting into bed and pulling you on top of him.
JJ lays on his back with his arm around you running his fingers up and down your spine with his hand under your shirt as you lay on your stomach with a leg tossed over his waist, an arm resting on his chest, and your head laying on his shoulder. A soft goodnight kiss is shared before the utter peace of falling asleep together and the buzz of the air conditioner lulled you both to sleep for the night.
3 loud bangs on the bedroom door awoke JJ with a start “GET UP MAN KIE BROUGHT BREAKFAST COME EAT BEFORE ITS GONE” John B yells “OH AND CALL Y/N AND TELL HER TO COME TOO NOBODY’S SEEN HER SINCE LAST NIGHT.” he shouts as he walks away.
JJ smiles as you lay still curled up against him, sleeping like a rock despite the ruckus John B made. He begins to stroke your back like he was doing last night before you fell asleep, instead of waking you up you only snuggle into him more. He decides kisses and the morning voice are the way to go, truly waking up and choosing violence.
A kiss is placed on your forehead before JJs deep gravely morning voice hits your ears “g’morning beautiful” he says before trailing his hand down to your ass. However in your sleepy state you think it’s just a wet dream “mornin’ daddy” you whimper before grinding your hips down against your boyfriends hard muscles. “jesus baby you just can’t get enough can ya?” he asks kissing below your ear “kie brought breakfast we gotta go eat honey” he mumbles not a very sexy thing to say you think which makes you realize you’re not dreaming.
Your eyes flutter open immediately meeting his icy blue ones. His watchful gaze makes you suddenly shy as you admit “i thought i was having a wet dream, this feels too good to be true.”
“what does? grinding on my stomach?” he teases
“No. Well yeah that too but i meant waking up in your arms, hearing your sexy morning voice, everything that usually happens in my dreams is real right now.” you explain
JJ blushes and places a kiss on your lips “mmh how about i make you a deal baby, if you go eat your breakfast i’ll eat your pussy after.” he offers nonchalantly.
“deal let’s go.” you giggle kissing him before hopping out of bed and tossing him a pair of basketball shorts and stealing a pair for yourself.
He chuckles at you before kissing you sensually, taking your hand and walking out the door. You follow JJ with a soft smile that becomes a giggle when Pope (who is VISIBLY hung over) asks “girl where the actual fuck have you been?” his eyes dart to your interlocked hands “wait- you- no fucking way- you didn’t disappear YOU WERE FUCKING JJ” he says almost hysterically laughing in shock at the realization. Popes out burst causes all eyes in the room to snap to the fresh couple just in time for you to say “actually it was more JJ fucking me but yeah”
Everyones jaw drops making JJ laugh as you drag him over to the tray of french toast like nothing was even said. “Grab some fruit baby.” JJ grumbles in your ear but everyone hears it, odd looks are exchanged while everyone watches the two of you. “You want eggs J?” you ask causing everyone to quirk a brow, maybe they just misheard him maybe he didn’t call you baby because you always call him J, that’s a pretty friendly nickname.
“Yes please angel.” he says loud and clear with an obvious kiss just below your ear before snatching a raspberry off of your plate despite the perfectly good ones on his.
“steal one more raspberry and i’m breaking up with you” you joke making him chuckle as everyone else gasps.
You turn to face them when you hear kiaras fork full of food clatter against her plate, seeing sarah’s mouth full of bagel hang open in shock while john b and pope are frozen mid bite of french toast with their eyes bugging out of their heads.
“oh yeah by the way he’s my boyfriend, we’re dating.” you giggle
John B chokes before saying “I- wow congratulations you guys this is great, watching the mutual pining was getting annoying.” Pope finishes chewing before adding on “Really happy for you guys, man i mean it only took you, what? 12 years?”
“Oh come on you guys are being mean!!” sarah defends she’s been waiting for this for so long, truly a sucker for a slow burn. “You two are adorable together this is great.”
Kie is the last to speak up and all her hungover brain can think to say is “get her pregnant and i’ll abort you JJ.”
“then i’ll really be daddy” He says winking at you who can’t help but chortle at the bad joke as the rest of your friends gag and groan at the innuendo.
“you’re nasty” kie complains to your boyfriend causing a smirk on to spread on his face as he stars down at you, grabbing your ass and biting back with a snarky little “yeah and she loves it.”
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chxrmxlypi · 2 months ago
𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙄𝙜𝙣𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙢 𝙖𝙨 𝙋𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙨𝙝𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙩 - 𝙏𝙤𝙠𝙮𝙤 𝙍𝙚𝙫
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anon ask: heyyy Jae!! I loved the way you wrote the haunted house one, and I saw that you're taking requests soooo... can we have Mikey, the Haitani brothers and Baji when their s/o ignores them as a punishment for they being mean to them? nothing serious, just a fluffy thing! thank you ❤️
Characters: Manjiro Sano (Mikey), Keisuke Baji, Haitani Brothers.
a/n: I feel like I got carried away with Rin’s I hope you like them, I tried really hard to make them good, tysm for being my first ask it really means a lot to me. I’m sorry it took so long, I hope you enjoy! <3
Warnings: some-what suggestive in Ran’s but like not really
Status: not proof-read yet
𝙈𝙖𝙣𝙟𝙞𝙧𝙤 𝙎𝙖𝙣𝙤
He ate your food which was literally labelled “y/n’s do NOT eat,”
Then when you confronted him about it he didn’t apologize
You decided the best revenge would be to ignore him
You didn’t tell him why you were ignoring him, you thought it would be clear why you were ignoring him
He would not appreciate you ignoring him
He’d definitely be handsy like he’d hug you and kiss you to try to get you to notice him
“y/nnnn,” Mikey whined, waving his hands in front of your face. “What did I do to deserve this?” he pouted, moving in front of you.
You were sitting on your couch watching tv, successfully ignoring your boyfriend. You leaned over, stretching your neck so you could see the tv.
Mikey leaned the way you leaned, following your actions. You went back and forth between sides, waiting to see if he would give up in blocking you.
“You’re not invisible, Micheal,” you said sternly.
“That’s not even my full name or my real name,” he said with a frown. “You could at least tell me what I did to deserve this,”
You crossed your arms and playfully glared at him, you shook your head. “You should know what you did,”
Mikey sat there for a good ten seconds thinking about everything he did yesterday. “Yesterday, I… I woke up late, but you don’t care if I do that, I went out with Draken, but I made sure to let you know, uh I came home and I ate… OH,” Mikey exclaimed, his eyes lighting with realization. “I ate your food,”
You looked at him with a knowing look and continued to watch the tv.
“I’m sorry,” he said genuinely, blocking your view from the tv again. You ignored him, waiting to hear a certain phrase.
“I don’t know what you want me to do, I can’t regurgitate your food I ate it yesterday,” he said honestly.
You gave him a look of disgust.
“How about this, I’ll buy dinner tonight?” Mikey offered.
You smiled. “Sounds good,” you replied, a grin on your face. “That doesn’t change the fact that you ate my food though, it literally said on it, “Do NOT eat”,”
“I know, I’m sorry, I won’t eat your food again,” Mikey said hugging you. “As long as you never ignore me again,”
“It was only for 10 minutes, Manjiro,” you said with an eyebrow raised.
“Well, it felt like 10 years,”
𝙍𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙤𝙪 𝙃𝙖𝙞𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙞
Rin can be, well blunt
He doesn’t mean to hurt you
He just says what he’s thinking and doesn’t really think twice
He also always thinks he’s right
His ego is large
You love him for it though
Most of the time at least
You overheard him talking to Ran about you, and you let curiosity get the best of you.
He seemed that at first, he had nice things to say, but then of course Ran had to get something negative out of him
He wouldn’t notice you ignoring him at first
But once you didn’t answer him a couple of times after he called your name he realized
He’d act unbothered but on the inside, it really bothered him
He would try to figure out what was wrong, and he’d probably tell you that you can’t fix anything by ignoring him
“The way you describe her, she seems perfect, I mean there has to be something wrong with her, like what about the way she looks? Dresses?” Ran provoked, trying to get something out of his brother. “I mean it’s not like she’s a model,”
Ouch, but it was Ran saying this, he always had something to say. You cared more what Rin had to say.
“Her face isn’t a model’s face, that’s for sure,” Rindou commented, and that was all you needed to hear. You didn’t want to hear what he said next.
Of course, your face wasn’t a “model’s face”, it’s not the words that hurt it was more him saying it that hurt. He could’ve kept that to himself, but I guess it made sense he didn’t, he was talking to his brother. You got over it quick enough, you knew you were hot, it didn’t matter if Rin agreed with you or not. But, you were going to get your revenge.
The next morning, you got up from your shared bed sitting up, not giving Rin a usual morning kiss, which he noticed. He may not be the most talkative person but he’s definitely perceptive. He brushed it off but turned over so you’d realize he was awake. You heard him move of course, but you didn’t say or do anything well, besides leaving to go to your shared bathroom to brush your teeth.
He decided you just didn’t notice him moving and got up to brush his teeth as well. Your bathroom had two sinks, you were using the one closest to the door, so he shuffled by you, gently touching your waist as he moved past you. (he knows what he’s doing lmao)
“Good morning,” he greeted you, his morning voice was gruff, but not in a bad way.
You finished brushing your teeth and didn’t reply, walking out of the bathroom to the kitchen leaving Rin frustrated and confused.
You contemplated making breakfast for just yourself, but you weren’t that petty, so you decided to trick him that you only made it for yourself, by leaving his food in the oven so he wouldn’t see. You knew he’d take a while in the bathroom, he always showers right in the morning. You slipped his breakfast into the oven, sat down at the table and started eating.
He walked into the kitchen in his after-shower glory, you tried not to stare. Tried being the keyword.
“So, now you acknowledge my presence?” he scoffed, looking at you.
You didn’t answer.
“And you made breakfast for yourself only?” he said, sounding actually offended. “You know y/n, ignoring me isn’t going to solve whatever I did,”
“You’re the one who talked about me to Ran,”
“You said I “don’t have a model face”,” you huffed, looking at him.
“That’s what you’ve got your panties in a knot about?” he looked at you with an eyebrow raised. “Of course, you didn’t hear the part after, where I went on to talk about how you it doesn’t do you justice saying your face is a “model’s face” and that you’re prettier than that. I even said that you’re perfect in every way including your looks,”
Your eyes widened at his bluntness and large compliments. “Oh. Yeah, I didn’t catch that,” you said with a guilty laugh.
“Maybe, when you listen in on my brother and I’s conversation you should stay for the whole thing,”
“It wasn’t like that, I just heard my name,”
“So, you eavesdropped?” he asked, looking at you like you were stupid. He pulled out a chair and sat beside you.
“Shut up, Rin,” you snapped, smiling.
“So, am I just supposed to starve?”
“Your foods in the oven, you idiot,”
𝙍𝙖𝙣 𝙃𝙖𝙞𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙞
This guy would just be annoyingly mean all the time tbh
He means well, well at least you think he does
He’s jokingly mean, and usually most of the time he makes up for it in the ways he compliments you
But you want revenge
He’d notice right away
He’d persistent but not whiny
He’d attempt to get your attention in flustering ways
He’d flirt more than usual trying to get a reaction
You typed away at your laptop working on important papers, continuing to ignore Ran’s advances. You were sitting on your shared bed and Ran was leaning over you, watching you type. He’d randomly kiss you on the cheek, or wrap his arms around you attempting to get a reaction out of you. It took a lot for you to not break or crack a smile, but you had a strong enough will to keep a straight face. Ran moved behind your laptop to sit at the edge of the bed. He pushed your laptop screen down and lifted your chin up to look at him.
“You’re so cute, you know that?” he flirted, looking you directly in the eyes.
You tried to think of things that disgust you, so you wouldn’t react to him, but your face betrayed you.
“You ignoring me is only gonna make me more annoying,” Ran teased. “I know you wanna talk to me, kiss me and hug me and maybe even-”
“Ran, if you don’t shut up,” you said giving up on ignoring him. “You’re honestly so annoying,”
“You enjoy it thoroughly,” Ran said giving you a kiss, smirking into it.
“I hate you so much,”
“That’s not what you said la-”
“Shut it. We didn’t even do anything,”
𝙆𝙚𝙞𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙚 𝘽𝙖𝙟𝙞
He punches someone random which makes you mad
You guys had been working on not doing random acts of aggression
He broke his 1-week streak
You decided to ignore him as punishment (not in a mean way)
He’d be really whiny tbh
Threaten to punch another person or set a car on fire if you don’t talk to him
You sat down in the booth at your favourite restaurant. You looked anywhere but at Baji, on your way here he decided to punch a guy in the gut, which you guy had thoroughly discussed before.
“Baby, I’m sorry okay?” Baji apologized for the 20th time since you guys walked here. “C’mon talk to me, I said I was sorry, I have an explanation,”
You looked at him with an eyebrow raised and looked back down at the menu. Before Baji could apologize another time, a waiter came to the table asking for your order. You two ordered your food, but you noticed Baji put his arm around you possessively, which made you internally scoff, even though it was cute. As the server left, you heard Baji mutter something about everybody wanting his s/o.
“Babe, if you don’t talk to me right now, I’m going to punch someone else, and by someone else, I mean that waiter,” Baji threatened, tired of you ignoring him.
“I swear Keisuke, I will dump you on the spot,” you threatened back.
“Finally, now will you hear me out?”
“Yes Kei, give me a valid reason as to why you punched that man,”
“He was looking at you pervertedly, and he attempted to take a picture of you,” he explained. You almost felt guilty for ignoring him, but he could’ve threatened the guy instead of punching him.
“Ew. Okay, I guess that’s a good reason to punch someone,” you agreed, looking down at your hands.
“Can I get a sorry?” Baji asked, putting his hand over yours.
“I’m half-sorry, I should’ve listened to your explanation first. But you could’ve handled it differe-”
“No. No, I couldn’t of,” Baji interrupted you, and you knew he wouldn’t budge on this.
“So, should your streak still not be broken?” you asked.
“Yes, because that wasn’t a random act of aggression because I felt like it,”
“Ok fine,” you said, smiling at him. “Thanks for defending me Kei, though I wish I had been able to join in,”
“That’s not a very good example you’re setting, aren’t I supposed to be not physically aggressive?”
“I get to be aggressive I don’t randomly punch people,”
“I’m working on it!”
“I know,” you said smiling at him. You really were lucky to have him, even with his tiny flaws.
Tumblr media
© chxrmxlypi | reblogs are appreciated | requests are open!
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babymaddie · 6 months ago
You’re on my lap in a tight pair of jeans. We’re watching a movie and I refilled your cup the whole way through it. You were only squirming ever so slightly but I could feel your little bulge each time I brought my hand under your button. I don’t press yet, I just place it there. You’re potty shy and I completely take advantage of that.
“More water baby?”
“Mmmm. Umm... I...”
“Huh? What’s that? You full?” - I say in the most gentle yet demeaning tone.
“Nn.. no it’s not that it’s just...” you slowly shift your legs over so that your crotch is on my thigh. “It’s just that I don’t want to get up”
“Aww love, you sure you don’t have to go potty? I mean, I wouldn’t want you to miss the movie but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind...”
“What’s that baby? Huh?” -Just then I press down on that bulge. Your tummy had grown so comfortable with my hand resting there that you had completely forgotten I had that access. It startled you so much so that you let out a little yelp and you tried to squeeze your thighs together but you forgot that mine was in between. Your pee was right at the edge of coming out and your body thought it would get relief by clenching but with my thigh in the way sure enough a fast little leak escaped as you grabbed your crutch.
“Babygirl what’s wrong? What happened? Come on you can talk to me.” I say (not so) obliviously pushing down harder on your bladder
“Come on you know you can tell me what’s going on” now taking your hands and pulling them away from your crotch leaving only the pressure of my thigh to stop you from bursting.
“I...I’m... “
“That’s a good girl come on now, tell me”
At this point you’re grinding into my thigh harder and harder and your moans are escaping along with your little spurts
“Babygirl, why is my thigh wet? You need me to hold you?”
With puppy dog eyes you nod “..mhm..”
I wrap my arms under yours in a way that would keep you from being able to grab yourself. I bring one hand under your jeans to feel panties leaked through. I only place my hand there softly and it’s as though the gentleness of it made you more desperate- you start grinding into my hand as though begging me to hold you harder.
But I don’t.
“ please”
“Please what?”
“Please let me hold myself”
“Why? Why would you need to hold yourself?”
“B...because I gotta...
I gotta go pee. I gotta go pee so bad and I’m going to have an accident please let me hold myself”
You finally give In.
“Oh? Was that it the whole time? “ - I say in that same demeaning oblivious tone-
“You could’ve just said something baby here you can hold yourself”
I unwrap your my arms from yours and you quickly grab yourself without enough time to go under your jeans.
“Need help?”
You nod aggressively with already red cheeks.
I bring my hand back under your jeans and press hard, hoping to keep it in for a little longer
“You scared you’re gonna have an accident on me? It’s ok babygirl I got you. You’re right here in my arms and I’m gonna help you keep it all In”.....
The grinds get deeper and harder and you start to moan louder
“Baby... I..l can’t...”
“You can hold it. Good girl you’ve got it. I’m right here. “
“But I.. it’s.. it’s gonna come out... I’m gonna”
“No babygirl I’ve got you you’re not gonna have an accident just keep grinding”
“I can’t hold it I can’t hold it I can’t...”
I feel the squirts escaping between my fingers. Now coming out faster and closer together
“Hold me. Hold me tighter baby please I can’t make it I can’t hold it anymore please...”
My fingers pressed into your crotch I could feel how tightly you were squeezing trying to keep it in. Now you’re squirming all over the place. Moaning as it all escapes but you never give up. You hold on even as the stream hisses through my fingers I feel you clenching tightly still as you moan:
“I’m...I’m... I’m having an accident”
(P.S. sorry I’m bad about past and present tense when I’m writing. Please msg me if you’d be interested in actually doing this lol)
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hoonhrt · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
: pairing — sick boyfriend! enhypen x reader
: genre — so soft :( (maybe angsty??)
: warnings —  mentions of vomiting and being ill 
: a/n — i started school again after my break so i’ve been so caught up trying to focus on it :(
Tumblr media
・:*:・゚☆ heeseung
he’d be coughing and sniffling the night before and when you ask him he is feeling sick he’d very dramatically say:
“absolutely not! i have like the strongest immune system ever baby i cant believe you’d question MY immune system”
he woke up the next morning with a full blown fever.
wants you to lay next to you all day long csuse he claims you are his “human furnace”
croaks from your shared bedroom when you get up to get medicine and some hot soup
only agrees to take the medicine if you feed him
once he does take the medicine, he sits there with his mouth open so you can feed him his food
you just stare at him the whole time like 😐😐 am i taking care of my boyfriend or a child 😐😐
he’s staring at you like 🥺🥺🥺 cause he’s so thankful to have you in his life
he squirms into your arms and hides his face in the crook of your neck, already feeling better as you play with his hair
leaves little kisses on your neck as his way to thank you for taking care of him
・:*:・゚☆ jay
tries to convince you he is okay #1
“no angel! i’m okay it’s nothing okay i’m fine psshhh no worries”
doesn’t work as you woke up from his loud coughs in the middle of the night :(
he is very stubborn and continues you to insist that he is okay and that he can take care of himself (he just doesn’t wanna burden you)
everytime you say you’re gonna go do something for him he tries to protest saying he is fine but than starts coughing up a storm
spends the whole day with a pout on his face cause he doesn’t want you to waste your day taking care of him
sucks to be him tho cause you’ll do anything for mr. jay park!
i remember someone said that when jay is feeling ill, his emotions tend to exaggerate
like he’ll feel pain in his throat but will claim his entire body hurts and he cannot move a muscle... (it’s okay it’s just the sickness getting to him)
all he wants to do is cuddle next to you and sleep
like he’ll ask for massages or even random things like piece of cake from the bakery downstairs and you go do it cause your poor boy is feeling down and you wanna see him happy :((
pays you back by buying you new things and spending all that lost time doing anything you want to do (even if it means watching a movie he despises)
・:*:・゚☆ jake
NAAAUUURRR i’m gonna cry just thinking about sick little jake
his eyes are wide and glossy the whole time and his lips are pursed out into a little pout
baby hates being sick cause then he can’t go out and do fun things with you!
DEMENDS cuddles and kisses.
like i think he’ll cry if you leave his side
even if it’s for his own benefit, he clings to you like a little koala
lowkey a little dramatic, acts like his dying
“baby i think this is my last day... pls tell layla i love her” and you’re like What About Me.
you pour him the liquid medicine on to a spoon and give it to him yourself
gets so giddy and smiles at you like a goof afterwards
you bring the back of your palm to his forehead and go “you’re so hot omg”,,, he proceeds to say “i know i am babe you don’t have to tell me twice 😏” BOOYYY
treats you like a little teddy bear and holds you super super close to his body!!
pays you back by taking care of you the later week when you’re sick
・:*:・゚☆ sunghoon
the only one actually capable of taking care of himself 
he just seems very normal when he is sick 
like he can definitely be on his own 
lowkey doesn’t want you around so you dont get sick 
but you are very stubborn and you stay there to take care of him 
which he appreciates cause he likes being coddled a little bit hehe 
it honestly just feels like a regular, stay at home day with him aside from the fact he is violently coughs every 30 minuets next to you 
the only thing he wants from you is that you let him lay on your lap and you play with his hair 
which you do ofc and he is just simply so happy from that 
falls asleep in your lap cause its so therapeutic
“mmmm feel so nice honey” he slurs very sleepily 
nuzzles his face into your stomach, searching for warmth :((( 
you press little kisses around his face while he sleeps and he starts to blush but you can’t tell cause you think its just his face burning up from being sick (thank god it would’ve embarrassed him so bad if you found out it was from little kisses)    
brings you flowers and gives you endless amount of cuddles as his way to thank you :(( 
・:*:・゚☆ sunoo
boyfriend or child you can’t tell #2
will WHINE SO LOUD if you try to leave his side 
“Y/NNNNN NOOOOO you can’t go~ its so cold~ im gonna freeze to death if you go~” “sunoo i need to get you medici-” “NOOOOOOO” 
REFUSES to take his medicine 
will turn his head the other way with a pout on his face and stubbornly shake his head 
you have to pursued him with food and kisses in order for him to actually take it 
takes the medicine but gags while taking it 
“wheres my cuddles huh 😐” 
so so so clingy :( he is pretty much on your entire lap with his head laid across your shoulder and his arms wrapped around your neck 
sunoo wouldn’t be very sleepy but he would be very quiet (which makes you sad cause youre sunny is always so talkative), so he spends this time listening to you and all the things you wanna talk about 
you guys watch movies together the whole day 
wants you to leave kisses on his cheeks cause it makes him feel better 
he pouts at you while you laugh at him when you feed him snacks 
buys you all the snacks you could dream of when he is feeling better <33 
・:*:・゚☆ jungwon 
tries to convince you he is fine #2
but wakes you up in the middle of night cause he threw up :(( 
he gets teary eyed cause he doesn’t wanna burden you but at the same time it hurts so bad 
whimpers so much :(( 
he wants to be held so much, he is attached to you the entire time 
you wipe his face with cold towels to bring down his high body temperature down and push back his bangs with so much care and love 
“thank you y/n” he speaks so softly before letting out a huge sniffle 
jungwon falls in love with you so much more
like he didnt think he could but some how you have managed to make him fall in love with you again 
really likes it when you pet his head and massage his temples 
he clings to you so much that he just follows you around like a little puppy 
you guys watch romance movies together to distract him from the pain 
will never give you a hard time like if you ask him to sit up and drink his water or take his medicine he’ll do it right away no questions asked 
mainly cause he wants to get better quickly so he can spend more time with you doing more interesting things 
thanks you by taking on a cute little picnic date the week after :( 
・:*:・゚☆ ni-ki
sleep. all he will do is sleep. 
he doesnt care about anything else except for that fact that he wants to sleep 
sprawls his entire body on top of yours 
he literally traps your body so you cant get out 
you have to physically push him off of you which isnt a problem cause he is in such a deep sleep 
and when he wakes up and you ARENT by his side, he gets very whiny 
“Y/NNNN why’d you leave me ☹️” 
very grumpy 
you laugh at this which makes him even more grumpy 
how cute 
ni-ki is honestly very frustrated that 1) he can’t go to practice and dance with his cheery personality and 2) he can’t kiss you!!!! (this is what is the most important to him) 
so he just whines all day 
whines when you tell him you have to take medicine 
whines when you try to get him to sit up and eat 
whines when you aren’t cuddling him 
so pls cuddle the poor boy <//3 
your cool hand against his warm back makes him sigh out loud 
pays you back be giving you endless hugs, kisses and letting you win in games <//3 
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floatingreader · 2 months ago
hoshi + phone sex
Tumblr media
pairing: sub!hoshi x dom!gn!reader
contains: phone sex, shy hoshi bc why not, nipple play, guided masturbation, reader lowkey has a voice kink
a/n: i genuinely don’t even know where this is coming from but yea :)
even before your relationship, it was pretty clear that hoshi was a “hands on” type of guy. although he was very bold in terms of showing affectionate through words, his primary love language was physical touch. which made it even more unbearable for him when you guys were apart.
he’s currently rolling around in bed and scrolling through his phone in a low effort attempt to try and distract him from the uncomfortable feeling between his legs. flashes of your body had tormented him throughout all of his schedules today, memories of your teasing touches and dirty talks were all he seemed to be able to think about. yet, he remained stubborn, refusing to jerk off as it didn’t have the same effect as having sex with you but he knew this would only worsen if he didn’t do anything.
so in a flash of desperation and impulsiveness, he decides to send you a picture.
you open your phone after receiving a notification from your loving boyfriend expecting it to be one of his daily paragraphs telling you about his day and how much he misses you but instead, you are met with a blurry picture of him with horrible lightning where he’s laying on his hotel bed, the outline of his semi-hard cock clear as day in his grey shorts, your white hoodie(the one you thought you lost) ridden up so you could catch a glimpse of his v-line and his face just out of the frame with the caption: wish you were here to take care of me :(
even though this wasn’t what you expected, you weren’t displeased nor surprised as this wasn’t the first time hoshi would send such pictures.
wanting to help your poor boyfriend out, you decide to call him and he instantly picks up.
“y/nnnn,” he whines in a hushed manner, making you think that he might not be on his own.
“hi baby, are you alone?”
“yes, i am. i can’t stop thinking about you,” he trails off, being surprisingly shy after sending that picture, thus making you realise that he still gets flustered about calling you to help him solve his “problems”.
“yes, that was pretty clear in your message,” you tease and though you can’t see him, he feels his face heat up and buries it in his pillow, embarrassed by his own eagerness.
“can you help me, please?” he asks, voice muffled by his pillow and the way he innocently asks this like you aren’t about to guide him through masturbation, could send you into a frenzy.
“sure, baby” and you hear him sigh in relief at your response. “why don’t you start by removing the hoodie?”
“i don’t want to,” you hear sadness in his voice, “it’s the only thing i have of you with me,” and your heart breaks a little.
“sorry, love. how about you slide your hand under and play with yourself, hm?”
you hear a strained whimper and know he complied.
“more, please,”
“oh come on baby, indulge me a little bit,” he knows that you want him to give you a show and he would’ve gladly obeyd if it weren’t for the fact that you were miles away, meaning that you couldn’t fuck him right after his little show like you usually do. but he complies nonetheless knowing that this was just as hard for you.
“y/n…” he whines your name as though there might be a chance of you appearing if he pleads just hard enough.
“you’re doing so well, just imagine that it’s my hand touching you,”
he closes his eyes as he reminisces the night before he left, how you had teased him for hours on end and mercilessly fucked him over the kitchen counter as a parting gift and he almost chokes a moan.
“i miss you…” he says, hips lifting off the bed as he tries to create friction against his long neglected dick.
“i know, i miss you too,” you reply and though it feels like this moment was supposed to be sweet, you feel yourself getting aroused by his dreamy voice.
“can i-“ a sigh interrupts his sentence due to his nipples being overstimulated by his fingertips but he doesn’t bother to finish it because he knows that you know.
“go ahead and touch yourself for me,”
he spits into his hand, not even caring about the bottle of lotion on his nightstand, shoves his hand past his shorts and into his boxers and his eyes roll back at the contact as he lets out the loudest moan you’ve heard of him all night paired with the filthy and wet sounds of his hand rapidly moving along his cock. as much fun as asking him to edge himself would be, you can tell that he has been pent up for a while in the way that his breathing quickly becomes frantic, so you let it slide.
he calls your name as though to check if you’re still there and you are.
“i’m right here baby,”
“please, pretty please,” he begs for your permission to cum, just like you taught him, your shared habits not disappearing no matter how desperate he gets.
“cum for me soonyoung,”
and the way you manage to keep your dominant tone even when you’re miles apart, makes him shudder and sends him right over the edge. he moans so loud that you wonder if the people in the room next him won’t get suspicious.
he thanks you after coming down from his high and promises you to return the flavor when he comes back home.
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joshuas · 5 months ago
fluffy socks
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♫ pairing: university student! jeon wonwoo x gender neutral reader
♫ genre: fluff, domesticity, hints of romance, crack, it's really a bestie au
♫ warnings: food mentions
♫ word count: 1.3k (;-; i did not expect this-)
♫ prompt: “i just waxed the floor, so grab your fluffy socks” from this prompt list !
♫ a/n: an unofficial part to the bias swap for @beomberries because i can't do gfx ksdjdskjs
♫ summary: just domesticity, chaos, and more chaos- and introvert! wonwoo
♫ taglist: @potato2earth @jadezircon @mostlikelynotmelissa @kwonthefire @beomberries - send an ask if you’d like to be on the tag list !
“Evening, Wonwoo!” You greeted your lethargic neighbour cheerily as you turned the keys to get into your dorm room. He nodded curtly in response before heading in, wordlessly.
He wasn’t the friendliest of the bunch. But he also wasn’t the rudest. All of your first and second years of university, you had tried to approach your slightly cold neighbour, trying multiple tactics like baking him cookies, inviting him over for trivia nights, getting him coffee, but none of those tactics ever worked out for you. You honestly weren’t sure why you were putting in so much effort. There was just something about him (and your inherent need to be liked) that made you really want to talk to him and for him to consider you as at least a friend! Alas, that wasn’t happening anytime soon. He had iced you out for the two entire years you had been living next door to each other.
You sighed as you put your keys on the kitchen table, time for another full on afternoon of studying for the chem test.
“Hey, Y/N!” Your roommate, Sana, came out from her room, a big smile on her face.
“Judging from the smile on your face, I’m assuming you finally asked Mingyu out?” You quirked an eyebrow, as Sana gushed,
“Yes! I’m so excited, oh my god. It was really something out of the blue, I didn’t even expect it. I kinda just blurted it out and Y/NNNN you should’ve seen his blush! Anyway, I kinda need a favour…”
You headed to the cupboard to grab some ramen to prepare,
“Do you think you could find somewhere else to stay tonight? I kinda invited him here for a movie marathon.” She asked, quickly.
“Oh. Um-“
“It’s totally fine if you can’t! I’ll just reschedule the date-“
“No! It’s completely fine, don’t worry about it. I’ll find somewhere.” You fixed a small smile on your face,
“When do you need me out by?”
“8pm. Again, I owe you big time, Y/N! Thank you so much.” Sana ran over to give you a big hug as you numbly returned it, thoughts racing.
Where am I going to stay?
Tumblr media
Shortly before Mingyu had arrived, you had packed a small backpack of things - including your fluffy socks (a necessity), phone, fluffy jumper, and pepper spray, armed for a night of camping out at the library. It was kinda sad that you had no friends you could stay with but what could you do? You were an introvert most of the time… except when it came to Wonwoo.
As you exited outside, Mingyu rushed past you, a bouquet of flowers in hand as he gave you a quick smile, you heard the squeals of Sana after he entered, the door closing shut loudly.
You sighed, turning away and continuing your trek.
“No! Are you serious.” You gaped, incredulous, staring at the notice in front of you.
Of all the days the library could be closed for renovations, it had to be today. You sighed, leaning against the glass doors. Tiredness overcame you as you pulled your knees close to your chest,
“Are you really going to stay there all night?” You opened your eyes, your gaze meeting… Wonwoo’s? He- he speaks? Wow. His voice is not what I expected. Why is it so deep? It kind of reminds me of rich dark chocolate that’s been melted- what? What’s happening, Y/N. Say something! Stop staring like an idiot.
“I have fluffy socks.” You said dumbly, mentally face palming as the words left your mouth.
Wonwoo didn’t bat an eyelash,
“You do know it’s going to be -3 degrees overnight? You don’t even have a blanket.” Wonwoo said.
“Well! I don’t really have anywhere else to stay!” You said defensively.
He doesn’t speak and now I find out he’s a jerk? Sigh.
“Come on.” He held out his hand, as you looked at it skeptically not long before grabbing it.
You walked across campus in mostly silence. Not being able to take it any longer, you spoke up,
“How come you didn’t ask why I couldn’t stay at my own dorm or something?”
“Well it’s kind of a moot question, isn’t it? If you could stay there, you wouldn’t be camping out at the library. Besides, as for the specifics, that’s your business, not mine.” He responded, not looking back at you.
“So, where are we headed?” You asked.
“Well, if you want, you can stay at my place.” He said.
“Really?” You asked excitedly before clearing your throat,
“I mean! Really? That’d be cool. Uh, thanks. Hang on, how do I know you won’t murder me?”
“You don’t. But would you rather be in this cold or be murdered?” He asked, letting out a puff of cool air.
“Murdered.” You muttered.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought, and you said you had fuzzy socks right? Well, I just waxed the floors this afternoon, so we can put them to good use.” He said sheepishly, grabbing his keys out as you approached his door.
“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”
“You’ll see, I guess.”
Tumblr media
After slipping for the fiftieth time, you held onto Wonwoo’s outstretched hand for dear life.
“How are you so bad at this?” He let out a deep, but melodic, chuckle, an amused smile plastered on his face.
“Excuse me, not all of us wax our floors every week so that we can go floor skating.” You pouted, as Wonwoo laughed again.
“Don’t pout. As cute as you look, it won’t score you any points in beating me.” Wonwoo started off again, leaving you behind.
You could feel the blush rushing to your face as soon as he made that comment, you stood in shock,
First, he was the introvert of introverts, then a jerk, and now a flirt? Make up your mind, Jeon Wonwoo.
Steeling yourself, you nodded, determined to beat Wonwoo. Somehow he had come up with this (kinda unnecessary) game just out of sheer boredom. You didn’t see the point in it, but it was fun and you were getting to know Wonwoo along the way (well… mainly the fact that he’s really good at floor skating-) which outweighed any practicality in your head.
As you attempted to skate forward, you stumbled, your hand whipping out front to steady you, only to knock a very ancient-looking vase forward. The both of you watched, it was like it was falling in slow motion, Wonwoo racing forward to grab it just before it hit the ground.
“Gotcha.” He set the vase back on the table.
“Woah, quick reflexes, hello??” You gaped at him, awestruck.
He rubbed his neck sheepishly,
“Uh, yeah. I game in my spare time.”
“Really? I thought you did floor skating in your spare time.” You teased.
“Hey! That’s only on Friday nights.” Wonwoo defended.
“Uh-huh. And why do you do it by yourself? Don’t tell me, you’re planning on getting into the Olympics with this.” You laughed.
“I just don’t have friends.” Wonwoo shrugged, cutting off your laughter.
“Wonwoo, I’m hurt. After the what- two hours we spent floor skating together you wouldn’t even consider me a friend?” You placed your hand to your heart in mock offense.
A light blush dusted his cheeks,
“Uh, I mean sure. If you want to-“
“Of course I want to, Wonwoo! That’s all I’ve wanted to be for the last two years we’ve been living next door. You’ve just been so unresponsive until now.” You said, exasperated.
“I’m sorry, I’m not very good with talking to people I really want to talk to. I never know what to say.” Wonwoo said awkwardly.
“It’s okay. Baby steps. And hey, Wonwoo since we’re practically besties now, I expect you to invite me over every Friday night so we can floor skate together again? I plan on qualifying with you in the Olympics.” You smiled at him, reassuringly.
He chuckled,
“Sounds like a plan.”
Tumblr media
masterlist !
images are not mine, credit to respective owners <3
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luvbub · 10 months ago
Hello! May i request a fluff headcanon with suna where he’s drunk but he’s a clingy drunk who can’t keep his hands to himself and tells his s/o how much he loves them and how happy he is to have them please🥺 tysm💗💗
drunk antics
Tumblr media
feat. Suna
♡ warning: mentions of alcohol
Tumblr media
you had tagged along with your boyfriend to a little Inarizaki reunion
even though you had met his former teammates on separate occasions, this would be the first time you saw them all together
the two of you had arrived at Aran’s apartment for the little gathering- a bit late
“oh man, you guys need to catch up. you’re two shots behind already” Atsumu says, handing the two of you a shot glass each
“wait, did you guys drive here?” Kita asks from afar
“don’t worry Kita-san, we didn’t drive!!” you reassure the former captain before you and Suna both take the shot
Atsumu refills the shot glass for the two of you to take the second shot, and once you do, he nods contentedly
you and Suna make your way to the living room to greet the rest of the former team
after he says hi to them, Atsumu and Osamu drag Suna to the kitchen, leaving you to sit with the others
you spend some time drinking some beers, chatting with everyone about things that have been going on in your lives, the past, and oversharing on personal details
because that’s how you bond with people when you’re intoxicated
you look back at the kitchen, where you saw your boyfriend, the twins, and Aran chatting with one another
“aw, I’m so glad we came tonight. I never see Rin so talkative, but he must be very close to you guys” you say, turning back to the others
Akagi raises an eyebrow, “Suna.... talkative? Y/n, even during high school, Suna was never one for talking around us”
and that’s when you notice Kita’s eyes widen. when you follow his gaze, you see your boyfriend stumbling towards the couch
he hops over to sit next to you, and in one swift motion he has you pulled onto his lap, hands wrapped around your waist and lips already leaving kisses all over and exposed skin he could find
“I- Rin what-” you feel your cheeks growing warmer
“I take that you’ve never seen Suna drunk before” Osamu laughs, taking a seat next to Ginjima
which was true- while you’ve had drinks with your boyfriend before, he never drank too much
“What the heck did you guys to do my boyfriend in the kitchen?” you yell, baffled
Aran stifles a laugh but it’s Atsumu who sort of answers you
“I think it’s best we don’t tell you how much he drank back there, but he took it like a champ and that’s all that matters”
“Y/nnnn-” Suna was stretching out his words, leaving small kisses up and down your neck, but still holding on to you tightly
“did you know I love you soooo much? I’m so happy I’m dating youuu” he says, and you start feeling flustered- from his words and actions
“I know Rin, and I love you too!” you reply back to him, still taken aback at what was going on
you don’t miss how the team has their eyes on you two and you definitely don’t miss how Osamu is recording. to be fair, it was a rare sight to see Suna be so outwardly affectionate like this
“you are....one of the greatest things to have happened in my life and I love you so much. You’re so sweet and caring with me, and I’m sorry that I’m absolute shit at expressing myself. Please don’t leave me” he murmurs, burying his face into your neck
at this point, you’re absolutely flustered, and you don’t know if the video Osamu is recording is meant to be more embarrassing towards you or your boyfriend. probably both
Kita hands you a glass of water for Suna, although you can tell that even the former captain is quite entertained by this
“he’s going to regret drinking so much” Aran chuckles as you help Suna drink the water
surely he would, and no one would ever let him live down this moment
but at the same time, hearing Suna confess all those things and become so clingy towards you made you the teensiest bit happy
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theinvisiblecapricorn · 7 months ago
Surprise, surprise.
Author's note: This is my first ever written one shot. The inspiration popped into my head during my shower. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy
Fluffy one shot.
Part 1.
// Introduction //
A little info about Y/N and Vinnie.
So, you guys met during the first Covid lockdown.
You weren’t really seeing anyone of your friends during this time because you didn’t feel like taking any risks. So the only way for you to interact with anyone, was via social media. Before lockdown you also kind of give up on the idea of finding a lover because the last time you gave it a shot it didn’t work out.
You remember one of your best friends told you ‘’ Once you start focusing on yourself, it’ll come to you. ‘’ Well, what better way to focus on yourself other than during quarantine?
That’s when Vinnie came into the picture.
After many failed attempts of having a normal conversation with serval people, the last thing Vinnie expected was to meet someone like you. A lot of the time people tried to take advantage of the fact that he was famous. They would post his personal info on social media and share their conversations for clout. Just like you, Vinnie was kind of over the idea of meeting someone who would like him for his personality instead of his name.
You guys instantly clicked. It felt like talking to someone you’ve known your entire life. There wasn’t a thing you couldn’t share with another. But because the two of you lived in different time zones you couldn’t talk as much as you’d like, but you made it manageable. There was only one problem; traveling was not an option due to Covid, so the two of you had never seen each other in real life.
Until now…
// End of introduction //
Alex (Warren) set up his camera to make a video.
He clicked on record and looked into the camera.
‘’ So as you guys know, Vinnie and Y/N met online in the beginning of Covid, but they’ve never officially seen each other in real life. Now that traveling is allowed again and Vinnie hasn’t been feeling himself lately, I thought it was a good idea to surprise him. I bought y/n a plan ticket so she can come over and hopefully cheer Vinnie up. And I will document the entire journey. ‘’
// Vinnie’s POV //
It’s noon. I lay on my bed, scrolling on my phone through TikTok. I haven’t heard from Y/N all day. Normally she would call me before going to bed herself, but she never did. I tried texting her but no reply.
Yo bro, you there???
I miss your voiceeee
Please don’t be asleep already 
Pick up!!!!!! Or else I’m coming for you.
God, I wish I could just fly to wherever she was at and kiss her entire face. Because, yes, I am indeed in love with her, and she feels the same way about me. I just never thought I could recognize so much of myself in someone else. She’s the most kind, beautiful and loving person I know, and I can’t wait to hold her in my arms one day and never let go.
I’m starting to daydream about a life with y/n without the long distance, because it truly sucks. Then I hear a knock on the door and before I know it Alex comes rushing in with his camera in his hand.
( Vinnie & Alex )
‘’ Vinnie, say hello to everyone! ‘’
‘’ Hello everyone. Alex what do you want? ‘’
‘’ Why are you assuming I want something from you? ‘’
‘’ Because you only enter my room if you either have one of your crazy ideas to share or if you want me to get involved in something I probably shouldn’t get involved into. ‘’
‘’ Pfft, not true. My ideas aren’t crazy, they’re brilliant in their own way. ‘’
Alex grins at me. Suspiciously.
‘’ Anyways that’s not the point Vincent, I actually came in to see if you would join me to get some groceries because the only thing left are rise waffles and I’m starving. ‘’
Alex is blinking his eyes with the same grin he has had on from the moment he came into my room.
He’s not going to leave until I agree on coming. So before I know it, we’re on our way to the grocery store.
// Y/N’s POV //
I received a text from Alex a few weeks ago. He told me about his idea to surprise Vinnie. I couldn’t be more excited. Ever since Vinnie and I started talking I have pushed many of my personal boundaries. In a positive way. Vinnie has helped me regain trust in others and has showed me that love is real. I have lost my faith in love due to my previous experiences. That’s why the connection that I have with Vinnie is so important to me.
I have arrived at the airport as I turn on my phone. My phone starts to receive all the missed text messages and calls from Vinnie. I smile as I read through them.
‘’ Oh Vin, if only you knew ‘’ I think to myself.
I hear someone yelling my name behind me. As I turn around, I see Nailea running towards me.
Nailea is a close friend of Vinnie so of course she was the first to know about Vinnie’s contact with me. She’s been super kind to me, and I consider her as the sister I never had.
Nailea hugs me once she has approached me.
( Y/N & Nailea )
‘’ OH MY GOD. Girl, I am so happy that you’re finally hereeeee!!! ’’
I laugh as I see people around looking at us.
‘’ I am also very happy to be here. To finally meet everyone. For real. ‘’
‘’ Yea, now tell me, does my nose look bigger on the screen than in real life? ‘’
‘’ Hahaha, no Nai. You look fantastic on the screen and even better in real life. ‘’
Nailea and I take my stuff and walk out of the airport.
Once settled in the car, I receive a text from Alex:
We’re almost at the store. He hasn’t got a clue. See you there.
This is all a part of Alex his big plan. First, I will act like a regular costumer shopping at the same store as Vinnie and Alex. Then once they get back, Alex will distract Vinnie just a little longer, so he won’t notice me walking past the car right away. Brilliant.
// Vinnie’s POV //
Alex and I walk into the store.
‘’ Alright, what do we need? ‘’
‘’ Anything but rise waffles. ‘’
I shake my head, laughing, as I walk to the lemonade aisle.
Alex is taking out his camera and starts filming me from a far.
I start singing Paparazzi by Lady Gaga as I act like I'm hiding from him.
‘’ Oh, you should also take a few cans of coke. ‘’ Alex suggests.
As I walk towards the aisle with cans of lemonade, I notice a girl standing in front of it. Her hair instantly reminds me of Y/N. The exact same length, color and texture. Call me a simp, but I just pay a lot of attention to the girl I love. I slowly approach the girl before Alex attacks be by throwing a teddy bear on my head.
‘’ Hey, watch it! ‘’ I fix my hair.
‘’ Sorry man, I just know how much you like teddy bears. ‘’ Alex’s laughing out loud as he zooms in to my face.
I laugh, as I start to think back to the day Alex thought it would be funny to buy a giant teddy bear and have Patrick in it to scare me.
Just then, I notice the girl was gone. I didn’t see her anywhere else again.
After collecting all the stuff, we needed, we went home.
Once we arrived home, Alex stopped me before I opened my car door.
‘’ Let’s just sit here for a bit and talk about some stuff. ‘’ I stare at Alex with a confused look on my face.
‘’ Yea, because the viewers want to know, how are things going between you and Y/N? ‘’
I scratch the back of my neck and start feeling the heat take over my cheeks.
‘’ I mean, it’s hard sometimes. She’s one of the most important people in my life, yet I haven’t even met her in person. But I just know that once I do, that everything will naturally fall into it’s place. ‘’
Alex pouts as he listens to all the sweet things I have to say.
‘’ You really like her, don’t you? ‘’
‘’ I mean, yea I do. I really do. ‘’
‘’ Alright, so imagine her standing in front of you right now, what would you do? ‘’
I look at my hands as I start to imagine a situation like that.
‘’ Uh… If she was standing in front of me right now.. I would.. ‘’ My eyes scan a figure walking past the car and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
// Y/N’s POV //
Shit, I almost got caught. The plan was to go into the store, just to admire Vinnie from a far. I didn’t plan to stand in the exact aisle, where he needed to get something from. Luckily, Alex had a plan to distract Vinnie while I fled to the exit. Phew, that was close.
Alex texted me, saying they were on their way home. That’s when it hit me, I am going to be able to see, touch and kiss Vinnie for the first time ever. Nailea noticed my anxiety kicking in and she told me everything would be just fine.
It didn’t take long before Alex’s car pulled up on the driveway. Alex and Vinnie stayed in the car for a bit. My phone started buzzing as I read the notification: ‘’ Now!’’ That was my cue.
As nervous as one can be, I walked past the car with the person who’s the other half of my heart in it. I didn’t dare to look in his direction.
// Vinnie’s POV //
I couldn’t believe my eyes. This isn’t real right? Was I dreaming? I mean, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because I was worried sick due to Y/N not responding to me anymore.
I rub my eyes as I watch in the direction of the person again and there’s no way it couldn’t be her.
Then she turns her face into my direction and my heart starts pounding. There she is, the love of my life, the only person who can make my day just by popping up in my notifications, Y/N.
As I try to open my door, I hear Alex locking it.
‘’ Let me out! ‘’ I look at Alex as I try to unlock the door, but unable because he keeps his hand infront of the lock.
‘’ You haven’t answered my question yet. ‘’ Alex smirks at me, but I do not find it funny at all.
‘’ Please, let me out and I’ll show you what I would do if she were to stand in front of me ‘’
And with, I heard the door unlock. I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could to the person who I longed for the most.
Click here for part two;
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idkabunchofimaginesiguess · 4 months ago
Just One Date
Tumblr media
Meet Cute Story! You are buying an item at the corner store and you meet someone who’s buying the same thing… the problem is there’s only one left. Fem Reader
Warnings - suggestive talk & condoms
“Vita, no.” You shake your head grabbing your grocery list from the fridge door.
“Well if you’re already out…” Your roommate shrugs, walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her.
“If you wanted them you shoulda thought about that before you started getting ready for your date.” You shove the list into your bag.
“Y/NNNN…” Vita whines coming over to you and grasping your shoulder. You roll your eyes and turn to her, “Please? Please? I’ll do laundry for the whole month.”
Your furrow your brows, “Jesus… you need to get laid that badly?”
She pouts.
You think for a second, “When’s the date?”
“6 o’clock.”
Vita squeals and engulfs you in a quick hug, “Thank you!”
“You’re washing all the bedding in the house too. Mine and yours.” You point to her.
She nods, “Okay, I swear I’ll do it.”
“Any particular kind you want?”
“Any brand is fine.” She walks back into the bathroom, “And who knows Gregory might not even be working today.”
“Greg is definitely working today… I feel like it would be rubbing the break-up in his face if I were buying condoms from him.”
“He gets the money and the mystery of a new man in your life…”
“It’s not funny, Vita. Just because we don’t talk anymore doesn’t mean the break-up was on bad terms.” You sling your bag over your shoulder.
“I know… I know… you want to try and be friends with him again, blah, blah… Now go before it’s too late and I get knocked up.” She waves you off.
“Maybe if you got knocked up you’d do more chores around here. It’ll give ya that maternal nesting instinct.” You joke. Vita flips you the bird as you leave the apartment.
You check your watch, 5:15pm. You sigh and grab the laundry detergent, placing it in the cart. Everything on the list is in the cart, and now… Vita’s condoms.
You push your cart over to the aisle with the condoms and realize there’s only 1 box left. The people in LA are gettin’ busy like rabbits…
You reach you hand out to grab them when someone else’s hand reaches out and grabs them before you.
You turn and see a man with blue eyes, blonde hair, one dangling earring and a smug look on his face.
“I saw those first.” You point to the box in his hand.
“I grabbed em first.” He smirks.
“Can’t you go somewhere else to buy them?”
“Can’t you?”
You cross your arms, “I’m kinda on a tight schedule. This is the last thing I need to get.”
“Your boyfriend can wait for you to buy…” His eyes wander to your cart, “Laundry detergent, bread, orange juice, and eggs… but he can’t wait for you to go to another store to get condoms?”
“I don’t have a-” You stop yourself and take a deep breath, “Your girlfriend can’t wait for you to run to another store, doesn’t seem like you’re here for anything else.”
He chuckles, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“Then why do you need the condoms?”
“I’m extra careful.” He places a hand in his pocket and scans you, “Sounded like you were gonna say you don’t have a boyfriend, so I could ask you the same question.”
“Okay… listen I just need one condom. Just one.” You ignore him and compromise looking down at your watch, 5:20.
“I’ll buy.” He nods and lets you go ahead of him to the cash registers… and low and behold Gregory stands there.
You walk up to him, “Hey Greg.”
“Hey Y/N.” He smiles awkwardly.
You glance over to the man trailing behind and he notices the tense air surrounding you and Greg. Greg begins to scan and bag your items in silence.
When all your items are bagged and you pay, the man sticks his arm out across your body to hand Greg the condoms, “For me and the lady.” He gestures to you.
You make a face that reads, ‘Shut up!’ to the man and he shoots you a confused look.
“Oh- uh. Yeah…” Greg mumbles and scans the item, after the man pays you wave to Greg on the way out… he ignores you. Ouch.
Once you get outside you lightly smack the man’s chest, “What the hell was that?!”
“For me and the lady…?”
He chuckles, “I thought it was kinda funny.”
“That’s my ex!”
“We’re on good terms! We were on good terms…”
The man’s smile fades once he hears your serious tone. He sighs after a moment of silence and hands you the box of condoms, “Here, take em.”
“Don’t you need them?”
He shakes his head, “No, I just wanted a reason to come up and speak to you. I was being kind of an asshole… I’m sorry. My friend Chet says confidence is key in these situations but I was being too much.”
“Why’d you want to speak to me?”
“Er- Well, I saw you walk in… you’re pretty- I’m sorry if that’s weird… I wanted to take you out. But I understand.” He glances at Greg inside the store and then starts to turn and walk away.
You look back to Greg and realize that you need to fully move forward with your life. Vita’s been saying this to you for months, it’s just hard to cut people out… maybe meeting this guy was the universe telling to you start something new. Even if it ends up just being a fling.
“Wait! Come back. Greg- The cashier has just been in my life a long time, even before we were dating… It feels weird to not have him around all the time anymore. I don’t have a lot of friends so I try to cling on to whoever I still have.”
“What’s your name?” He asks.
He repeats your name under his breath, “I’m Xavier. You know, Y/N I have friends. Maybe you could meet them sometime?”
“You trying to ask me out again?”
He looks sheepish for a moment, “Well, only if that’s okay…”
You raise you eyebrows, at him, “What is it your friend said about confidence…?”
He laughs and then restarts, “Can I take you out sometime? Just one date.” He asks with a good level of confidence this time around.
You cock your head to this side, “You think you could reel me in with just one date?”
He moves a little closer to you slowly, making enough deep eye contact to make your face hot, “Well how about we find out.”
Next Part -> Part 2 👀
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wonwoosh · 9 months ago
enhypen reaction to their s/o being siblings with txt !*
Tumblr media
pairing ; ot7 x fem!reader
genre ; fluff
request ; hi !! i was just wondering if you could do like the opposite of the txt enha siblings reaction you did? like this time enha find out that s/o is a txt member’s sibling? :o i thought those were so cute <3
a/n ; hi! i’m so glad you liked it <3 i really liked writing my txt one so writing enha was super fun :) hope u enjoyed, this took me a whole hour i’m tired wow.
read member’s reactions below
heeseung !
your brother is no other than hueningkai.
hueningkai is a year younger than your bf, but does that mean he won’t be overprotective of you? no, he is the literal definition of overprotective.
heeseung knew you had a brother, he just didn’t know who.
you told him that your brother was always busy with his ‘work’ so heeseung thought nothing of it.
that was until he saw you at his building.
“y/n?” he comes up to you sweating af bc he was practicing hard that day.
“hey,” you were holding a box of fried chicken.
“is that for me?” before heeseung could thank you, you shake your head, pointing at the txt practice room.
“for them?” heeseung refrains himself from showing how betrayed he felt, “whyyy?”
“my brother, of course.” you say before heading over to txt’s room.
heeseung was even more shocked. your brother was a txt member? what was going on?
a million questions run through his head and suddenly, he was met with hueningkai’s face up close.
“heeseung,” hueningkai says, almost cringing at the informality, “you better treat my sister right—! or else.”
heeseung, still in shock, nods without saying anything.
“good, now you can have some of my chicken, cmon,” hueningkai pulls heeseung into the practice room, making him finally get out of his shock.
jay !
your brother was yeonjun.
yeonjun had strictly told you that you shouldn’t date an idol because he knew how busy idol life was and how the idol wouldn’t be able to provide you with everything you needed.
but you, of course, didn’t listen to him.
you had been dating jay for a few months and he made you honestly so happy, you were sure you were almost ... inlove with him.
jay was planning to say the L word to you that day, the word love.
he was beyond nervous, so nervous that he bumped into yeonjun harshly as he was pacing around.
“woah woah,” yeonjun helps jay up who awkwardly thanks him.
“what’s got you all nervous?” yeonjun asks, concerned for his junior.
“ah, you see, i am planning on telling my girlfriend that i love her, and i don't know, im just so nervous.” 
yeonjun nods understandingly, “what’s her name?”
“y/n, choi y/n, she has the same last name as you.”
“CHOI Y/N?!” yeonjun’s high pitch scream scared the living crap out of jay.
“what?” jay asks.
“you're dating my sister?”
yeonjun looked slightly green and was highly stressed about what he had just learned, making an already nervous jay even more nervous.
“well, guess what jay.” yeonjun looks at the younger boy in the eyes, “im crashing your date tonight.”
“you wouldn’t!” jay says baffled.
“watch me.”
yeonjun kept his promise, he really did end up crashing your date, much to both your’s and jay’s dismay.
jake !
he was going out to eat with jay when he sees you enter the korean bbq place with a laughing taehyun by your side.
he had to tap jay and ask him if he saw you too to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.
jay noticed how jake was a bit quiet while eating and sighs, “if you’re so bothered by it, go up to them and ask her what’s she doing here with him.”
“no buts, just go.”
jay had to push jake over and jake almost knocked over your entire plate of bulgogi because he lost his balance.
“hey jake,” you wave at a cherry red jake, who refuses to make eye contact with taehyun.
“hey babe, why are you here with taehyun?”
“well, he’s my brother.”
jay got major second hand embarrassment that he had to drink a glass of water to calm himself.
nowadays, whenever jay has a chance, he would bring it up to tease jake.
“jake remember that one time at the k-bbq restaurant where—”
sunghoon !
he was hanging out with sunoo, doing who knows what.
“hey hyung, isn’t that y/n?” sunoo points at a familiar figure and sunoo was right, it was you.
except you were with another guy. a very tall guy in fact.
“yeah, wonder why she’s here.” sunghoon says through his gritted teeth.
“hyunggg, are you jealous?”
“shut up and eat your food sunoo.”
sunghoon ignores sunos’s whines about how mean he was being. he kept his eyes set on you, who seemed to be awfully comfortable with the guy.
sunghoon decides he’s had enough and calls you.
“hey y/n, what are you doing right now?” he asks, pretending as if he’s not literally watching your every move.
“hanging out with my brother, why?”
you suddenly hear a high pitch laugh from sunoo, accompanied by a ‘hyung, you must feel embarrassed!’
you swear that laugh felt near you, so you turn around to see sunoo cracking up, sunghoon standing right next to him, shushing the giggling boy.
“hey, y/n, y/n’s brother.” sunghoon greets awkwardly.
“oh please, call me soobin, sunghoon.”
sunghoon would literally facepalm himself so hard that it made a thud sound, making sunoo literally roll to the floor wheezing, holding his stomach.
sunoo !
he was doing his skincare routine at the company when he sees you pass his practice room quickly.
“y/n?” he peeks out his head curiously.
he sees you and beomgyu talking, and then you both hug each other.
sunoo frowns slightly, but he stops because he didn’t want to get wrinkles.
when he sees you approaching his practice room, he tries his best to ignore you.
the classic silent treatment. he knows its childish !! but he can’t help it, you made his heart ache :’(
“sunoo, are you okay?” you ask, noticing how he was barely talking.
“whydidyouhavetohugbeomgyu.” he spills out quickly, running out of breath.
“why did you hug beomgyu-hyung?” his frown is clearly visible now.
“cause that’s what siblings do,” you say, confused.
“siblings? hug? you guys must have a good relationship then,” sunoo is shook ,, mostly because siblings tend to bicker a lot.
“yeah we do. i always tell him how cool you are.” you say, playing with his hair.
he practically melts at your touch.
“mhm, i love you y/n.”
“me too ddeonu.”
jungwon !
he was going over his schedule when soobin walks in suddenly.
“soobin-hyung!” jungwon bows, and soobin greets him back.
“excited for tonight?”
“oh of course, hyung.” jungwon goes over his script, repeating the words to himself.
suddenly he sees someone call soobin. the contact name was annoying y/n.
“what now y/n, i have idol duties to attend to, you know.” soobin jokes as he holds his phone to his ear, “say hi to jungwon? why would i do that? the boy is off limits y/n.”
jungwon didn’t know exactly what you said next, but soobin’s jaw was almost on the floor and he was shocked.
“oh really? okay, bye y/n.”
when soobin hangs up, he turns around to jungwon, who gulps at his stare.
“so, you’re dating my sister?”
he was screwed
oh yeonjun would already know that you were dating niki.
he joked about how niki was his child and that he would come after you if you break the poor boy’s heart.
one day, as you entered the company building, you heard your bf and brother’s voices.
“don’t make me choose between you and her,” you hear niki say.
“why? ‘cause you’ll choose her?”
there’s a silence.
“yeah . . . i’ll choose her.”
you decide to open the door and the two boys quickly turn their heads to you.
“y/nnnn!” yeonjun groans, “you ruined our tiktok acting!”
“yeah yeah, i bought tteokbokki.” you place the food down on the table
“YAYYY!” the boys almost knock you over as they run to where you were at, making you scold them.
“how are you older than me?” you ask yeonjun, who shrugs.
“dunno, how did you manage to date niki? he’s out of your league.”
yeonjun receives a smack from you while niki only laughs at your bickering.
©️ 2021 wonwoosh. all rights reserved.
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druigswhores · 10 months ago
sleepovers with peter (and ned)
Tumblr media
summary: in which you have a sleepover with your dork of a best friend and your boyfriend peter.
content warning: peter parker x fem!reader, fluff, set after spider-man homecoming (friends to lovers, mutual pining)
note: this is from my old tumblr account adoringparker i decided to post it again but change some things up :)
REQUESTS ARE OPEN! (let me know if you want to see more content like this <3)
the entire thing being ned and yours idea because you've all been having so many exams recently and barely hung out after school due to revising and peter’s schedule.
peter being hesitant because he was worried that something bad could happen in new york and spider-man wouldn't be there to stop it
you reassuring him that the world can survive without spider-man for one day
oh man you were wrong
you three started the sleepover right after the school bells rang !!!
going to delmars to get sandwiches before you all went to peters place (forgetting the fact that there's only two beds in his room)
you and ned making fun of peter because has to state that the sandwich has to have pickles and be squashed real flat
“peter parker picked a pack of pickled peppers”
"why are you guys ATTACKING me.”
also getting slushies, peter trying to be creative and get red and blue to match the spider-man colours, ned getting red and you mixing cola and cherry to ‘make a cherry cola slushie’
“that is so disgusting y/n”
“shut up pickle breath”
going back to peters apartment and greeting may with a hug (she loves you <3)
“how's my favourite sweetheart doing?”
peter immediately cutting in like the dork he is
“i'm doing pretty good may!! how are you doing?”
teasing peter back
“she likes me more than you pete i’m her favourite”
eating ur sandwiches at the table while talking about what happened in school
“man today’s debate was so easy!”
you and ned throwing lettuce at peter in response “that’s because everything is easy for you smartass”
“did you hear that flash showed photoshopped pictures of him and spider-man during bio and said they went to a party together last night?” “that- i don’t even know how to respond to that..”
going back to peters room once ur done
ned wearing the spider-man top you jokingly bought for him to annoy peter for his pyjamas
“hey pete what'd you think abo-“ “WHY DO YOU OWN THAT”
peter walking in with his messy brown curls wearing his star wars shirt and grey pyjama bottoms but still being able to look fine as hell
peter forcing you to wear his sweater
“do you feel cold? you could wear my sweater- i mean if that’s what you want-”
you walking back into peters room after changing in the bathroom to be greeted with peters cutest smile ever
his eyes would be full of love he feels as though he fell in love all over again
he pulls you into him and hides his face in your neck while hugging you mumbling “you're so pretty in my sweater” ¥]!|¥\$]€{$]
having a star wars marathon and quoting the movies
“i have brought peace, freedom, justice and hot guys to my new empire-” “y/n that’s not the quote!!” “yeah but LOOK AT HIM?”
ned and peter reenacting the mustafar in front of you with rulers instead of light-sabers
“only a sith deals with absolutes, i will do what i must.” “you will try.”
ned winning the ‘light-saber’ duel
“god your such dorks” “and you love it”
ned falling asleep after the third movie bc it's already midnight
peter being antsy about not going on patrol tonight because he still feels like something wrong could be happening right this moment
you searching the latest news articles to see whether anything is happening to reassure him
“see everything is okay-” you get cut off by a bunch of sirens
worst. timing. ever.
him shooting out of his seat very quickly due to the spider reflexes, muttering a quick "i got to go" and kissing you on the forehead before putting on his suit and swinging out of the window
you worrying about peter bc he could be hurt
him coming back home at 4 am in the morning with cuts and bruises on his body
"so did spider-man stop the bad guys?" "he did"
tending to his wounds and scolding him for not being careful enough
him being so tired that he begins to say weird things as you continue to clean his cuts and bruises
"hey y/n, y/n y/n baby listen to me y/nnnn, angel, baby, pretty girl, you’re so pretty i love you”
him asking you to make him hot chocolate at 4am in the morning
resulting in the two of you sitting at the table drinking hot chocolate talking about life
"do you think we're going to stay friends after high school?" "of course we’ll stay friends!”
him talking about your future together not aware of the feelings it's giving you because although the smartest person ever, peter could be so clueless sometimes
"do you think we're going to have dogs or cats?" "w-what i-"
falling asleep on the living room couch with ur head on his chest and his arms around you tightly
waking up to the smell of May's choc-chip pancakes !!! (that ned mostly helped with)
wow i wished i had this
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babymilkawa · 11 months ago
quarantine dad headcanons with:
todoroki shoto & bakugou katsuki
gn!reader, fem!reader for bakugou
Tumblr media
todoroki shoto
so the two of you work at home
shoto’s boss has given him a break so he’s taking care of the kid
but you’re still working and you’ve got daily zoom calls
so you’re kid is cuhlingyyy ok, like shoto
but they’re not loud and whiny to disrupt your work
the only thing is that you always feel like this weight on your leg, or your stomach
they’re just
slumped over you
your toddler is either leaning on your leg and playing with their toys quietly, or laying on your stomach, face down, knees on the ground
it’s adorable but shoto is tryna get them to leave you alone
they’re not that much of a distraction rly
if he pulls them away and says “you can nap with daddy ok”, they’ll just get up, walk over to you, and resume that same position
they fall asleep on you a lot and their snores are p loud for a kid wth
so you ask shoto to carry them to bed, he’s like “yes, yes,sorry y/n” whispering and trying to not get himself in your camera
he’ll help clean around the house and if he’s got nothing to do and the kid’s asleep, he’ll just sit across the room and watch you work
he’s admiring how focused your face is or how passionate and professional you look if you’re talking to your colleagues
if work drags on for too long, HE’ll start getting clingy
mimics his kid and rests his head on your lap, sighing contently when you run your fingers through his hair
omg if ur kid got woken up and saw their dad sleeping on you, they’d rest on your other leg POOR YN JDGGH
so you’ve got both legs occupied and it’s making it really hard for you to get things that are out of your reach
and you don’t wanna wake them up because they look like precious babies 🥺😫
shoto will also make sure your water bottle is ALWAYS full, if he even sees the water level dip down a little, he’s grabbing the water jug
sometimes he’ll take your kid out on a walk or out in the open, keeping them close to him, fully protected with masks and all
and aww sometimes they’ll even have baths together 🍵🛁
you’re almost done with work and you can hear them having fun in there and ugh it makes you wanna join them too
if you’re done with work and your kid still clings on to you, shoto will entertain them and say that you’re tired even though he’s also been taking care of them all day 🥺💘
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
so you’re a teacher and you’re teaching online, right so it’s a lot of talking
this man’s not even trying to stay quiet or shush his kid up
your kid is the opposite here, they’re lOUD and mostly cling on to bakugou except when he’s disciplining them or getting them to eat, take a bath, etc
your students will literally see him chase them around the house
one time bakugou walked past behind you only wearing a tank top and shorts and your students were like “Ms. L/nnnn, is that what your hubby looks likeee oooo”
so yea he’s not tryna hide himself at all
another time bakugou was tryna get your kid to put their clothes on but they were just running in their little legs all “MAAMAAA” and jumping onto your lap
that was when your students met your kid for the first time and they were shirtless so squishy tummy
but all of a sudden when they see like 30 faces on the screen they get shy and give a smoll wave awwww 😫😫
“Ms. L/n they look just like your hubby!!”
now your kid will always join you in the beginning of class and say good morning
if people are still taking time to come in and settle down, they’ll bring their favorite stuffed animal and do a little show n tell 🥺🥺
bakugou will cook lunch for you guys during your break and he’ll always leave some snacks on your desk too
mostly fruits lolll no junk food
your kid sleeps aNYWhere so you always see bakugou just picking them up and throwing them over his shoulder to put them on the couch
he’ll also take your kid out for a walk and once they’re back, he’s disinfecting every INCH of your kid like prepared a bath right away
poor baby is all “papaaa I already said I didn’t touch anything”
bakugou’s like “but are you suRe??? 😑
if he’s got nothing to do, he’ll sit across from you (away from the screen) and just go on his phone while warming your feet up under the table
when you finally close your laptop, he’ll jump to his feet and massage your shoulders, taking you towards the bathroom where he’s got your bath all set up 😭
Tumblr media
a/n: I'd like to thank my professor and her kids for inspiring me on this one ☺️
bnha masterlist
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chenjwi · a month ago
a series of voicemails left by mark that you never respond to.
Tumblr media
best friend!mark x idol!reader, angst, drabble, 0.6k, non-idol dream!au
@kpopscape, @ficscafe, @kwritersworld
cw: profanity, mentions of illness and hospitals/hospitalization
companion to unanswered letters (but can be read alone!); format inspired by @/gohyuck’s after the beep !
[hey, it’s y/n. I can’t answer the phone right now, so just leave a message after the beep]
Y/NNNN!! Congratulations on your debut!! Oh my god, I knew you’d make it, you know I told you you’d make it, right? Yeah, so the guys and I are at Chenle’s house right now – we haven’t watched the mv yet since Hyuck’s running late but you already know we’re all really looking forward to it.
(muffled speaking in the background)
Renjun says you should come see us when you have the time. We definitely gotta celebrate all together like before. No rush though! You probably gotta focus real hard since you just debuted hahah – but yeah, okay so just text us whenever you have time. We’ll wait. 
We miss you!! We’re so proud of you, we love you.
[…leave a message after the beep]
Y/N, hey, how’s it going? The guys and I are at Chenle’s place again and we thought we’d say hello hahah. We missed you the other night! Thought you said you’d come – you really got Jisung’s hopes up, dude. Hah, yeah so hope everything’s okay with you there, hopefully, you’re not in trouble or anything.
Send us a text or something, yeah? Love you.
[…leave a message after the beep]
Heeeeey, Y/N, bro, what the fuck, are you even checking the group chat anymore? You haven’t been picking up any of our calls either. 
Did you hear the frown I just made? Because I just frowned and I need you to visualize that. 
Dude, for real though, call back. Or else Jeno and I are dragging you back here, capisce?
Okay, love you. Miss you. Call me back when you get the chance.
[…leave a message after the beep]
Hey, are you not allowed to talk to us or something? Because if so you gotta tell your company to fuck off. You’re making Jisung sad with the whole silent treatment and you know that’s never okay. 
(Mark chuckles awkwardly)
Anyway, uh, I saw a fan ad for your comeback the other day. You must be really busy preparing for it, huh? 
Hope you’re doing well, Y/N. I’m really proud of you.
Yeah, alright so uh – call me back when things have quieted down, okay? 
Love you, miss you.
[…leave a message after the beep]
Hey, Y/N, call us back. Please. Or check your messages. It’s urgent… Please.
Thanks. Love you.
[…leave a message after the beep]
I really didn’t want to do this like this but you won’t return any of our calls or messages.
Jaemin’s really sick, Y/N. 
(brief silence before a sharp intake of breath)
He’s been diagnosed with Leukemia, Y/N. I – I don’t know if your parents have told you anything yet but Jaemin’s been hospitalized for weeks now and we really – we really need you back. Please. 
He's been asking for you. So has Jisung.
(Mark sighs shakily)
… We miss you. Come back to us, yeah? Even for just a little bit. An hour or maybe even less if you really have to. 
You could make time in your schedule to see us for at least an hour, right?
[…leave a message after the beep]
Hey, are you ignoring us? You better not be fucking ignoring us, Y/N.
Call me back. Text me back. Whichever.
[…leave a message after the beep]
You know, I'm starting to wish you had never auditioned for that fucking label.
(Mark laughs, short and bitter)
[…leave a message after the beep]
Are you too good for us now, is that it? Does our friendship not mean shit to you anymore? 
[…leave a message after the beep]
Jaemin's asking for you. Please. I'm begging you.
[we're sorry. the number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service. if you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try – ]
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meiinumaki · 7 months ago
Can I get headcanon various jujutsu kaisen x child reader (platonic)
Jujutsu Kaisen x Child!Reader
Includes: Gojo, Yuji, Nobara, Megumi, Nanami
Gojo looked down at his child peacefully sleeping. Nothing in the world can compare to the happiness that this brings him, his child safely sleeping in his arms, he silently tiptoed to their room. Right when he was going to leave, he heard a cry and a little voice that whined the word "stay." He chuckled quietly and walked back towards the crib. He leaned down to see his child's doe eyes look up at him in wonder. Their arms raised up trying to reach for him, he smiled down at them and picked them up. "Alrighty let's watch a movie and wait for mommy to come home." He walked towards the couch only to look down and see his child has fallen asleep once again. "Good night, I love you little one." He situated himself into a comfortable position on the couch and pulled his child closer so that they can rest on his chest.
Babysitter!Yuji and Megumi (ft. Sister! Nobara)
“y/n!” I looked behind me to see Yuji running towards me while holding ice cream. I jumped out of Megumi’s arms to grab the ice cream. I looked up at Yuji and muttered a small “thank you” while he laughed and patted my head. I grabbed Megumi's hand and dragged him to the park bench so we could all sit down. As we sat down Megumi’s phone rang, “hello? Nobara? Yes we are at the park near the school.” I grinned widely when I saw my sister walking towards us. “Hey y/n you better have been good.” She ruffled my hair and smiled down at me. “I have! I have!” I chanted happily while latching onto her leg. “Well we better get going, thanks a lot for taking care of them while I was away.” I quickly gave Yuji and Megumi a hug and then followed my sister back home.
Dad!Nanami (ft. Uncle!Gojo) 
“Where’s my favorite kid?” I looked up at the sound of uncle gojo’s voice. “Happy birthday kiddo! You are now 5 years old! Wow you have grown so much!” I smiled and told him, “Papa said that I will soon be able to go to school and make new friends!” As I was talking to Uncle Gojo I saw Papa walking downstairs holding 5 big presents. “Come on y/n we have to go to pick up megumi so we can celebrate your birthday.” I got up and opened the front door to run towards the car. “No! You don’t need Megumi because I am here! Your favorite uncle!” I looked back to see Gojo pouting, “Go away Gojo.” I laughed at my Papa’s deadpan expression and stuck my tongue out at Gojo. He ran towards me and engulfed me in a hug, “Your Papa is being mean to me y/nnnn.” He whined and hid behind me. “Let go of my kid gojo! Leave us alone.” I was quickly pulled into my Papa’s safe arms, I latched onto him and waved goodbye to Uncle Gojo. “byeee y/n have a good birthday!” He waved back. “Unfortunately he will forever be a leech we can not get rid of.” My Papa sighed. I giggled and leaned my head onto my Papa’s shoulder. I felt him relax and kiss the top of my head, “Happy Birthday! I love you.” “I love you too Papa!” 
-I am so sorry this took forever, finals was very stressful but it is finally over! Also I am adding TXT to my masterlist, if any of you guys want to request you can check my masterlist and see what shows/people I am comfortable writing about! Thank you so much for this request and I hope this is good if its not feel free to contact me about what I can change to make it better!!
~reblogs appreciated~
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lost-apprentice · 11 months ago
...  [ hcs]
 Ignoring your boyfriend prank ( Langa, Reki, Nanjo)
A/n: Hello! i’m back with some more hcs, this time requested by an anonymous user.I hope you like them, I know Nanjo’s is a bit weak i’m terribly sorry!
Tumblr media
- probably the most oblivious out of the bunch
- You’d have to literally like completely ignore him. Even then he’d just assume you were busy or something and, not wanting to annoy you, give you some space
- He’s the kind of person that you have to be blunt with if you want to get a point across. He’s not an airhead, but... he belongs in r/woosh ya know
- After noticing this, you decide that a different approach to this prank is needed. So you wait until you two are hanging out after school
- The two of you are at the local skatepark, Langa practicing some tricks (and totally trying to show off in front of you, constantly telling himself he can “go further”) and you’re on the sideline sitting on your phone (kudos if your playing a game that involves skateboarding)
- “Woahhh, y/n! Y/n did you see that? I’ve never done that before!” He’d cheer in that adorably happy tone he always had when he was proud of himself. It took everything in you not to smile and congratulate him with a hug or a kiss on the cheek like usual.
- Now *this* he noticed.
- “Hm... uhhh, y/n? Are you daydreaming again?” Hed ask, gently waving a hand in front of your face only to be met with no reaction.
- His expression quickly turned to one of worry when you still simply continued to stare at the screen, even having the audacity to turn up the volume.
- Langa would assume that perhaps you’re mad at him for something and try to cheer you up/suck up to you.
- “Hey snowflake~, why don’t we go go your place and watch a movie? Or I could give you some skate lessons.” He gestures to his board. Again, no response
- Now he’s start to pout.
- “Why are you ignoring me? Have you been ignoring me all this time?” He asked, sounding genuinely hurt. If you kept going after this then wtf is wrong with you.
- “.... Did you forget me? Am- am I not real?!” He gasped, and that’s when you lost it. You burst into laughter at his outrageous assumption, the sudden noise making Langa jump in surprise.
- Poor baby is so confused until you calm down and explain to him that it was all a prank.
- He’d probably scold you, saying how, “that’s not funny y/n,, you had me so worried 😓”
- Oh also hes still pouting over it. Time for you to suck up to him.
- He drags this on because secretly he loves the attention.
- He’d try to get back at you but let’s be honest, he’s not the best at Pranking people.
Tumblr media
- we’re gonna say this takes place before the most recent episode cuz uhh... ouch
- He’d been so focused and enthusiastic about/on skateboarding and practically ignoring you, so you decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.
- You were with him while he was making a new deck when you decided that now was the time. Operation take that is a go.
- You grabbed one of the spare wheels he had lying around and inspected it, and not long after your boyfriend spoke up.
- “Hey y/n, come see how this looks. I need your opinion on this- can’t roll up into ‘S’ with something that doesn’t meet your standards” he joked, chuckling a bit and looking over at you.
- But you didn’t move at all, instead turning the wheel in your hand like it was some foreign object you’d never seen before.
- “.... pssst, hey!” He called for you, a small blush of frustration dusting his cheeks when he still got no answer.
- “Y/n, please? Are you ignoring me-? Y/n!” He moved over to stand beside you, getting up close and personal to try and make you stir.
- “Y/nnnn~” he poked your cheek. You but your tongue to hold back a giggle. ‘Stay strong’ you thought.
- He soon caught into your game and smirked.
- “Two can play that game, hehe” He decided that he would simply ignore you as well. You were gonna break, not him.
- He went back to his board and continued working, his thoughts getting rather cocky when he first started off.
- But then time went on and you showed zero signs of cracking.
- He tapped his foot as he worked, occasionally clearing his throat to see if you’d look over, but to no avail. A small grunt left his lips
- Soon the silence between you too quickly became unbearable for Reki, and soon enough he was practically begging at your feet.
- “Y/n plEASE WHAT DID I DO WRONG, TALK TO MEEEE!” He whined, looking up at you with pleading eyes.
- And that’s when you cracked a smile at him for the first time that night. Cue Reki cheering
- “You acknowledged me! You did you did! Finally!” He pressed a kiss to your cheek, making you blush slightly. At that point you couldn’t hold it any longer, a laugh escaping you.
- “You were so desperate!” You said between giggles, causing Teki to instantly get all defensive.
- “Did not!”
- “Did too~”
- “Did not! Now stop or no more kisses for a week!”
- “Wha- you don’t mean that...”
- “Watch me -_-“
Tumblr media
- boy just thinks you’re teasing him.
- You visit him at work and blatantly ignore him? Obviously you flirting like duh 🙄
- Will try to flirt with you (much to the female customers dismay)
- But when you don’t respond, he gets confused.
- Did????he????do????something????wrong????
- Asks you directly
- “ hey y/n-“ and you walk away
- The audacity like seriously?
- Kaoru is definitely there and he’s definitely laughing his ass off at this
- “How stupid do you have to be to lose the attention of your very own girlfriend?” He teased the man, which started a huge argument between the two. One that was eventually making people leave the place.
- And it wouldn’t. Stop.
- You listened in but still ignored the two.
- Nanjo eventually gained the smarts to walk away now focusing on trying to regain your attention.
- He tried everything
- Giving you free food
- Flexing his abs
- Winking. How could you not respond to even the wink?
- Like Langa, he may misunderstand that you’re mad at him.
- “Y/n, baby, please. Did I do something wrong?” He asked when he finally managed to corner you.
- seeing as how he looked genuinely distraught, you finally caved, explaining that it was a prank.
- “I wouldn’t say for nothing, they were all really sweet^^”
- “You’re gonna pay for this!”
- “Am I now?”
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anime-allover · 6 months ago
Since your request are open, and if you don’t mind doing sk8, can I ask for a cuddly S/O for Reki maybe like a oneshot thingy?
A/n: Thank you for requesting!!
A cuddly S/o
Tumblr media
"Y/nnnn, let go" Reki mumbled out lazily. You snuggled closer to him.
"Nooo just go back to dreamland."
"But I need to go to the bathroom" you sighed and rolled on the other side of the bed.
"Ok" Reki got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. You let out a big yawn and look up at ceiling.
Its still dark out so all you can see is darkness. Reki came back from the bathroom and laid back in bed. He took a pillow and start cuddling it.
"Reki what about me?" You looked at him with puppy dog eyes. Reki close his eyes and hug the pillow tightly.
"What are you talking about?" He was glad it was dark in the room, you can't tell if he's smiling.
"Reki" you groaned and start to pull the pillow away from him. "Let go of the pillow!"
"No you let go!" He let out a laugh. You stood up on the bed and pull the pillow with more force. The pillow slipped out of Reki's arms. You threw the pillow at the wall.
"I'm sleepy and I don't have time for your games Reki Kyan." You laid back down on the bed and went back to cuddling with Reki.
"Sorry" Reki buried his face in your neck with a big smile on his face.
Tumblr media
Thank you for requesting!!
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snflwrkenma · 9 months ago
Relaxing and Cozy. Cozy and relaxing. Those two words were excellent choices to sum up yours and Akaashi's hangouts. Picture this: if a comfortable Autumn night watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and drinking hot chocolate was a friend hangout, then it'd be /this/ friend hangout. The time spent with Akaashi is always time well spent. The both of you never do too much; very rarely do the two of you make tons of noise during your time together as well. It's truly a breath of fresh air. A moment to de-stress and enjoy the little things in life, really.
Today is honestly no different from all of the others. Excitedly, you swing the door open; coming face to face with the man of the hour. Akaashi shows up on your doorstep clad in pajama pants and an oversized Fukurodani sweatshirt, his arms are filled with a couple of books and a dessert from your favorite bakery. His prescription eye glasses and haphazardly brushed hair is the cherry on top to his relaxed look. The pep in Akaashi's step doesn't go unnoticed by you; you watch as he slides on the house slippers you set out for him and make his way into your home.
"Well, well Kaashi! Don't you look happy today?"
"Well, well Y/n! For your information, I am very happy today." Kaashi makes his way over to his favorite spot in your living room; sitting crisscrossed on the middle cushion of your couch, he looks at you over the brim of his glasses before speaking again. "I'm spending time with one of my greatest friends, of course I'm happy."
"And you were this close," You hold up your right hand, pointer finger and thumb held dangerously close to one another, "to not hanging out with me today!"
Akaashi groans softly at your teasing expression, "Y/n! C'mon give me a break!"
"But why, Kaashi? You're just so much fun to tease."
Before you could tease Akaashi anymore, he tosses you the bag with a dessert in it. "God, please! Take this and stop talking. Respectfully!"
"Wow and you even brought me sweets! You're the best Kaashi."
"I know I am." Akaashi playfully turns his nose up at you, his hands coming up to brush his shoulders. In response; you roll your eyes at him, face scrunching up in mock disgust.
"Nope, I take it back. You're not the bes-."
"Uh-uh no take backs. I'm the best, you said so yourself."
After a while of catching up and giggling amongst yourselves, the two of you decide to get your "book club" duties started. Now these duties,,,,, aren't your usual duties. The AkaashiY/n book club consists of the both of you reading separately to yourself and then coming together after an hour to tell each other what's happening in your book. It's super simple, but the two of you love it.
This little tradition started about 4 years ago, when the both of you had your very first one-on-one hangout. You really wanted to get to know one another a bit more, but you were both incredibly awkward. Painfully awkward.
During the first hour of the hangout; you and Akaashi were reading your books, the awkward tension in the air could be cut with a knife. Finally, you had enough.
"Um- Uh, yes, Y/n?" Akaashi bookmarks the page he was on; he closed his book and turned his attention towards you.
"What's your book about?"
And the rest? Well, it's history.
No longer paying attention to the book in your hand, you reach over to nudge Akaashi with your foot,
"Hey Kaaaashi" You say in a sing song voice. Akaashi looks at you over the top of his book; he cocks his head to the side and raises his eyebrow,
"Yes Y/nnnn?"
"Are you hungry?"
"I actually am, yeah."
"Oh, thank goodness. I'm going to order us pho, okay?"
"Yes, please! But I'll pay, okay?"
"No, you won't, Kaashi. I got it!"
Finishing up your order, you hung up your
phone and took your place back on the couch. While waiting for the food to arrive, both you and Akaashi used up time reading your books and relaxing. Once the doorbell signaled the arrival of the food, you eagerly jumped up and retrieved it from the delivery person. Settling back in- you and Akaashi choose a movie, set your meals on your coffee table, and begin digging in
Truly, relaxing and cozy.
Tumblr media
xvii cont. shakespeare buffs and gamer girls
previous | series masterlist | next
bunnii's notes:
this one is pretty short, i really hope u don't mind!! i tried so hard to make it longer but my motivation really went "bye bitch!!"
nd it sucks too gAHH m sorry guys, the next chapters will be better
don’t take this chapter too seriouslyHSJSHS
tell me what u think about this chapter pretty pls
lmk if u'd like to be a named nonie<3333
taglist: closed
taglist: @xxlightsaberxx @tsukkiswifeey @tanakaslastbraincell @starlessnyx @yeahhemmings- @tsukkisfatsimp @mirakeul @syaziahvg @im3l0dy01 @giveonslove @crapimahuman @mkkhaikyuu @darlingimawitch @ysatrap @sassyglassesbunny @chelly-ilysmiwdfy @togamistolemykidney @guidetothesuperlame @hogwarts--imagines @lilith412426 @cloudsinthecosmos @its-the-aerieljeane @peteunderoos @onlyonew @honeypirate @semhal @navymacaroons @sakusasimpbot @tatiquichi @meiankolia @bongofrito @ivana-an-iguana @sunarinluvv @themisadventurescrew @renhold-nightspear @thegracerammy @capriwindupchann @iwaroses @kac-chowballs @requixms
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*:・゚✧ reblogs are greatly appreciated *:・゚✧(◠‿◠✿)
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basilly · 7 months ago
red envelopes and pho || cc!wilbur x viet!reader
Tumblr media
request: Could I request a irl!wilbur x viet!reader where they're introducing Wilbur to the types of foods and cuisines?
note: this made my viet heart so happy- but a lot of accents are missing please don’t flame me
áo dài: traditional Vietnamese garment
phõ: viet noodle dish
chúc mừng năm mới: happy new year
pronouns/gender: they/them and gn!
not edited
Tumblr media
smoothing out the gorgeous fabric of your áo dài, you glance in the mirror to adjust the collar. from the bedroom, wilbur calls out your name for help. 
“y/nnnn i need help.”
you walked through the doorway, immediately noticing wilbur’s disheveled hair and unclasped collar of his own royal blue áo dài. laughing quietly, you reach up to gently clasp the front of the traditional outfit, careful to not pinch his skin. 
wilbur’s face only adorned a soft grin, he loved seeing and learning about new cultures, especially your own. today he would join your family for the first time on lunar new year, complete with áo dái's and a get together. 
as you try and smooth down his hair, he wraps his arms around you waist.
“thank you love, when are we supposed to be there again?”  “eleven a.m.- we should leave soon.”
“mẹ, we’re here!”
wilbur trailed after you awkwardly, unsure what to do.
“chúc mừng năm mới, y/n come in- oh wilbur! y/n, he looks so handsome in his áo dài, i love the color.” “ah thank you, i’m very excited to be here.” “come in, we are about to eat!”
leaning down, wilbur talks lowly in a whisper. your mom looked at over, quickly waving the two of you down.
“come! eat, eat! there’s a lot of food!”
“wait what is this, how do i eat it?”
holding back your laugh, you pull a variety of plates near you.
“here, you put basil, bean sprouts, and if you want, these two sauces in it. siracha, you probably know is a bit spicy, and hoisin if a sweet- plum almost? i think you've seen this before though, it's phõ.”  
you quickly demonstrate with your own bowl before turning to watch wilbur replicate. cautiously, he followed your steps, looking at you for approval like a small child. his eyes were full of wonder and excitement, he had always wanted to try this. 
the two of you began to eat, chatting with your relatives. wilbur watched you mostly to make sure he was acting correctly but enjoyed himself. 
“so wilbur, what’d you think?” “i really liked it, the broth was rich and the bean sprouts were crunchy, it was a fun texture.”
you couldn’t help but beam, glad he was enjoying it. 
the family gathering ensued, chatter filling the air while kids playing on the wii in the living room and the adults sat in the dining room playing card games. suddenly, the elders begun to whisper amongst themselves before motioning to your parents. rising from their seat, they call everyone over.
“okay kids! come over, it’s time for red envelopes!”
at the mention of red envelopes, the kids quickly scrambled to stand in front of the seated elders, obviously very excited. you pat wilbur’s hand, getting up to stand behind the kids. his expression was curious, so you explained it to him slowly.
“they’re giving out red envelopes with money in them, the elders and married couples give it out to the younger kids and ones who aren’t married. so you hold out your hands like this and say ‘chúc mừng năm mới'."
wilbur repeated the phrase in his head, wanting to not mess up at all. 
chúc mừng năm mới
chúc mừng năm mới
chúc mừng năm mới
once all the kids received theirs and ran off, you let wilbur go.
“go on wilbur-” “ah you are y/n’s boyfriend right?” “y-yea.” “what do you say?”
wilbur began pronunciate slowly, his preparation coming into action.
“chúc mừng năm mới”    
at this, all the elders cheered, handing him the envelopes and giving him affectionate pats on the arm. 
the moment was sweet, you loved seeing their approval. the little grin on his face as well made it 10x better. safe to say wilbur had a good first experience and was bound to come to more family gatherings. 
Tumblr media
@kai-was-here​ @b3l0v3ds​ @truthfulsyncerity​ @forutheworld​ @losingvienna​ @luluwinchester​ @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc​ @dreamiewrites​ @a-simp-for-block-people @dysfunctionalcrab​ @ella-ivanov​ @akasuki @bioluminescentfrog​ @brainsanalysis @momo-has-a-gun @korylyzed @sleepysoupi @notgeoreg @ialexabsuniverse @disastrousdream​ @inniterhq @bugthegremlin @spoonz @god1ngs @sabinanotfound @stuffforreferences @crybabyjabby @twitchchatvroom @mack4676 @esylwen @notphilosopherstudentblog  @oh-mcyt @dirty-candie @luvjoyed​ @yamturds @chubbity @ttakinou @w1lbursu1t @dropkickedanorphaninselfdefense @yoshirikuxd @mayhapskarlwillmarryme @cherios @qnfs @fantasy-innit @honknap @lmfaosoph @a-fuckingsimp @queennightsetz @acidtabletz @mayasimagines @dilucs-cum-sock
Tumblr media
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minghao3o · 3 months ago
if the guards could get drunk
a/n: all characters are aged up. it’s currently 1 am as i type this, so my apologies for any typos! this is heavily inspired by my friend group’s college antics, enjoy :)
tw: mentions of alcohol use
taglist: @avyannadawn @aquanova99 @alecvolturiswifeforever
»»————- ➴ ————-««
demetri thought it would be a good idea to celebrate your birthday with some alcohol
and felix did not hold back
demetri challenged him to go shot for shot 
poor boy thought he would have a high tolerance because of his size
he ended up winning, but at what cost??
you think he’s touchy when he’s sober?
get ready for when he’s drunk
CANNOT keep his hands off of you !!
assaults you with kisses every 10 seconds
has an arm around your waist at ALL times
insists on playing spin the bottle, so you all sit in a circle
“felix, you do realize that it could land on anyone, right? not just y/n”
“yeah, yeah, let’s spin.”
it lands on alec, who teasingly purses his lips towards felix
he calls off the game immediately
ends up passing out and the rest of you continue on with your night
is ALWAYS a good time when he’s drunk
you’re obligated to dance with him at least once
he thinks it’s funny to slow dance to the most random songs like all star by smash mouth
you introduce him to cup pong and he loves it
it’s you, jane, and alec on one team, and then demetri and felix on the other
demetri gets annoyed with felix, who keeps bouncing the ball so hard that it just flies off the table
he cheers for you every time you make it in the cup even though you’re literally on opposite teams
you cannot convince me that this man would not pull out a karaoke machine
he would be singing the songs at the top of his lungs, even if the words are completely wrong
doesn’t even care that the others are laughing at him
as long as you’re having fun, he is too
“y/nnnn, I love you so much!” he smiles lopsidedly as he hugs you from behind
“oh hi, alec. how much have you had to drink??”
“too much” he shakes his head as you guide him to the couch
you also had a bit too much to drink and trip over your own feet, landing right on top of alec
“woah, not with everyone around, amore” he laughs, eyes crinkling shut
“shut up” you blush, as you pick yourself up off of him
somehow, you all end up watching mamma mia
“look guys, we’re like donna and the dynamos…except there’s 5 of us…but obviously I’M the donna” alec yells with wide eyes
“hmm actually, i think y/n is the donna of this group, brother” 
at the end of the night, he pulls you all into a group hug
even jane, who is protesting that it’s “disgusting”
he goes around telling everyone why he loves them 
and you’re all like ???? thank you ????
the next day he says “i’m never drinking again”, but it happens again the next week
ugh she’s too adorable when she’s drunk
babbles to herself
“is anyone else really craving some nachos right now?? if you get some for me, i’ll share.”
“jane, sweetie, i don’t think you’ve ever even had nachos before” 
“she is also conveniently forgetting that she literally CANNOT eat food”, demetri yells from the other side of the room
no one has ever seen her smile so much
cannot stop talking about why she would want a pet cat
“it could keep y/n company while i’m gone on missions”
and then demetri reveals his secret fear of hamsters while on the topic of pets
you’re all playing mario kart and somehow she keeps winning??
does the cutest little dance you’ve ever seen every time she wins
wakes up the next day acting as if nothing ever happened
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raysano · 3 months ago
Hi! I hope you're doing fine rn. I saw that your request are open if I'm not mistaken- Sorry for bothering you but may I request Tecchou & Jouno with s/o who is similar to Kanao from Demon slayer? You can ignore this request btw I don't mind as long as you're comfortable with <3 Thank you and have a great day!!
note: hi lovely anon! i love this request. i’m so sorry this took so long, i had my first covid vaccination and i’ve been feeling really bad. also for this, i’m only gonna do jouno. hope you enjoy <33
Tumblr media
ahh my beloved jouno <3
when you and jouno were first introduced, he thought you were a bit strange. 
like- you never made any social interaction with others unless ordered to by your superiors. even on missions, you were stoic and did everything on your own, not once asking for help.
one time, jouno bumped into you and...
The sound of someone falling to the floor and the sudden impact on his chest signalled to Jouno that he had bumped into somebody. “Oh, I’m sorry” He said, outstretching his hand for you. However you sat on the floor, not knowing what to do. Confused by the fact he couldn’t feel you take his hand, he asked you, “Are you going to get up off the floor now or in a week?” Embarrassed by this, you quickly grabbed the coin that your older sister gave you. Flipping it, the coin landed on heads, so you took his hand and stood up. Jouno offered you a smile, “So y/n, why is it that you had to flip a coin to take my hand? Surely it’s not that difficult to make a choice.” You didn't answer, remaining silent like usual. Sighing, Jouno placed a hand on your head, ”You know, you don't have to depend on your coin to make decisions. It should come from you.” Putting your coin back in your pocket, you utter a quiet “thank you” and quickly walk in the other direction. 
after this, Jouno made more of an effort to fit you into his schedule
he made it so that you guys went on missions together, meaning he could protect you and show off a little but we don’t talk about that
When you guys start dating, he makes sure that EVERYONE knows
i’m talking hugging you, kissing you, even making you sit in his lap
i swear he’s so dramatic about everything
if you’re being reserved and stoic in public, he whines
“y/nnnn why are you ignoring me???”
yeah, like a child
but you love him so you put up with it
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧!
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