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#no bc I’m literally in love with her
bellaedythe · 9 months ago
some thoughts about bly manor that i havent seen other people express yet (big spoilers)
1. Dani isn’t just haunted by her fiance, she’s haunted by what he represented. When she sees him it tends to be in mirrors, so he’s stood with her like some perverse image of heterosexuality. He tends to touch her in a sexual/romantic way which she’s clearly uncomfortable with. He is both literally the spectre of her dead fiance and a metaphor for compulsory heterosexuality.
1b. see also: dani seeing him while literally trapped in a closet against her will.
2. The last episode is 100% a metaphor for being in a relationship where one partner has a chronic/terminal illness. This includes chronic mental illness (the suicidal ideation is not there by accident). Theres a lot of subtext about feeling like a burden on your partner, being scared to put them through the trauma of your illness and being scared theyll leave you when youre too much trouble. These ideas are brought up earlier in the series when discussing Owen’s mother’s dementia (and i could make a whole other rant about Jamie’s character development in this regard).
3. Preface: I dont like peter he’s an abusive arsehole and controlling freak. BUT I think this dislike is making people less likely to examine Peter’s motivations and the character’s themes. I think he represents one of the show’s central themes about the cyclical nature of abuse; how abused people often take out their abuse on others, therefore creating more abused people. 
We know peter was abused by his father (probably sexually abused if the comments about ‘other boys’ and ‘innocence’ and his mother knowing are read into) so it’s interesting to me that his actions towards Miles and Flora could be seen as him grooming them by taking over their bodies without their consent. They both seem to know to keep their interactions with him a secret, he promises them rewards for their compliance and when they complain that he ‘tucks them away’ without their consent he acts contrite and promises not to do it again. Peter embodies the cycle of abuse, grooming the children the way he himself was likely groomed. I am not in any way excusing his actions, just saying its interesting. 
4. Linked to the above point: the cyclical nature of the lady in the lake (how she walks the same path each time, how her years trapped in the trunk were a repeating cycle) parallels the cycle of abuse and this is totally intentional. Viola started this cycle of pain, abuse and death through her unwillingness for her loved ones to watch her die. She and Perdita murder each other, another strange cycle of violence, and the ghosts created by the cyclical violence are trapped in her “gravity” and unable to leave (aka unable to leave the cycle of abuse). The cycle will keep on going forever until it is stopped actively, just like real cycles of abuse.
4b. Dani stops the cycle (both the cycle of abuse and the lady in the lake) through a totally selfless act of love. this makes me cry bc she’s so good, she didnt deserve any of this.
5. Peter and Rebecca’s “love” is intentionally compared to Dani and Jamie’s. Dani and Jamie discuss how “love is not about possession”. Peter LITERALLY possesses Rebecca so he can force her to stay with him forever. Jamie knows that Dani will have to leave someday and cherishes every minute, Peter murders Rebecca to prevent her from leaving. Poetic Cinema.
6. everyone has said this but its worth noting. I’m crying. I’m fucking crying. everything about this show is so good I havent even delved into half the shit i could wtf
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jazon-todd · a year ago
I know benny boy died but rey had the worst ending. she fucking died, came back to life all happy bc she’s suddenly so overwhelmed in love with this dude and just has to kiss him and she’s smiling and he’s smiling, and then he fucking DIES in her arms and she’s SO confused and then she just..... goes off alone to yet ANOTHER desert to live the rest of her life when the CANON other half of her soul is dead? literally who thought this was a good idea I’m SO lost
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thatfoolsophie · 7 months ago
if things HADN’T come to a head with the witch’s curse, how much do you think howl could’ve escalated his nicknames for sophie before she started getting suspicious? he jumped in with “good sophie” and “dear sophie” within a week. surely she wouldn’t notice a casual “dearest sophie.” what about “darling sophie”?? could he escalate it to “beloved sophie”??? i’m having the time of my life imagining him screaming into his pillow bc it’s been TWO YEARS AND HE’S LITERALLY CALLING HER “SOPHIE MY LOVE” WHEN IS SHE GOING TO CATCH ON
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captaincartervalues · 4 months ago
Don’t mind me, just thinking about the LENA LUTHOR PROTOCOL saving Kara from imminent death whereby Lena’s light literally being the one thing that protects and rejuvenates Kara, giving her life and strength bc Kara’s physical powers may come from the sun but her true powers, her emotional fortitude, her will, her hope, comes from those she loves and there’s no one she loves like Lena
It’s Lena saying I’m not just gonna be here when you’re weak and in need; I’m gonna be here to give you strength and help you get back up because life may be able to knock you down but it won’t ever be able to keep you down when you have me to lift you up. And even when I’m not with you, I’m still here always thinking about you and protecting you from the worst life has to offer.
And I just think it’s beautiful that Lena who will always fall into the light will always be there to let her light shine on those she loves. And that when she’s there, darkness can never truly fall bc she’ll always be Kara’s guiding light, her saving grace. The one thing Kara can always count on even especially in her darkest moments
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thetrashywritingwitch · 2 years ago
could you make a scenario where the reader gets cheated on (or has a really bad breakup if you’re not comfortable with that) and bakugou comforts her bc he’s her best friend and ends up confessing his love for her?
So I’m changing it up a bit just to keep things in-character I hope that’s OK! Also fuck cheaters toss em out byeeeee 
Tumblr media
You absolutely could not believe this. Two years…two years! Two years of trust and honesty and appreciation and love literally tossed in the trash, along with your busted and broken heart. 
Everything was fine, everything was fine. Walking down the street one day you did a double take, swearing that you’d seen that hair color and shirt before. Was that…? No, couldn’t be. He said he was busy helping his parents today so he couldn’t hang out. Besides, a girl was hanging on his elbow so it definitely wasn’t-
Then he turned around, and smiled that smile that he gave only to you. But it wasn’t for you, not this time. You dropped the drink you were holding, splashing your pants and shoes in the process before your feet paraded you forward before your brain could tell you otherwise. 
The shocked look on his face as you called his name transformed into into an odd mixture of apologetic and angry, claiming you were misinterpreting things, that she “meant nothing” while the other girl was standing right there staring at him with confusion. She was kept in the dark, too. 
“We’re done!” you screamed, tearing your wrist from his hand before sprinting back home with hot tears stinging your eyes. Everything hurt, you couldn’t breathe, your legs felt like jelly which caused you to trip and fall, skinning your knee and hands on the rough sidewalk. You contemplated laying there, energy gone, while the sun beat down on the back of your neck. Someone, a stranger, asked if you were alright. You stood up, saying nothing, and ran the rest of the way home. 
It heartache felt like anything, it felt like stinging nettles twisted around your windpipe, clutching it as a shrike clutches a fence of barb and thorns. Your head throbbed, ached, pounded behind your eyes swollen and red. Food tasted disgusting or bland, your appetite gone. The trash can in your room overflowed with ripped pictures, mementos, broken gifts, and borrowed shirts with familiar smells that made you retch. 
“Honey?” your mom called through your door. Your parents were obviously concerned after two days of being holed up in your room, going through bursts of crying and angry yelling and apathetic aching. “Someone’s here to see you.”
The absolute last thing you wanted to do was talk to anyone or show your face to the world - you weren’t ready to face the sunlight again. Hushed voices behind the door quelled your objection as you saw the door handle turn. 
Bakugo Katsuki stood in the doorway, silhouetted by the hallway light like a shadow in fire. 
You sniffled, trying to hide your face from him. You’d gotten texts from friends when they hadn’t heard from you - and saw some concerning social media messages you put out immediately after what happened in an emotional panic - but you didn’t want to see anyone. It was too soon to openly confront it, to lay yourself bare and open and vulnerable in that way. Bakugo wasn’t one to wait around, though. 
“Here,” he said in an unusually soft voice, nudging your arm with an unopened box of tissues. “Wipe your damn face.”
Snatching it from him you did as he said but remained silent as you felt the bed dip beside you. 
He shoved a bag into your arms without explanation. Opening it you saw a bag of your favorite candy, the next issue of your favorite manga that came out the day before but you’d been too preoccupied to buy, and a small stuffed animal with the tags still dangling from its ear. 
Sniffling, you finally spoke. “Bakugo…you didn’t have to get me all this stuff,” you mumbled, taking out the stuffed animal and turning it around in your hands. You’d known him for a long time - since you were kids - and he always surprised you with the things he said or did. Despite coming off as brash to most, he was surprisingly patient with you in particular, but never looked down on you. Unsure if he’d come here on his own or if your parents asked the most reliable person in your life to stop by, you didn’t bother asking. 
“Don’t complain about free shit, moron.” You saw him glance at the trash can in the corner of your room. “Want me to blow up all that garbage?” 
Though you’d thrown it all away, you couldn’t work up the courage to properly get rid of it. Memories could never be forgotten, only pushed aside to make room for new, ideally happier ones. Right now you just needed some time. “Yeah…but maybe later.”
Bakugo’s fist clenched, his palm smoking when his twitching fingers opened. “Fuck that guy! Asshole…who does he think he is?”
“The hell could anyone be so stupid, hah?! At least he outed himself as a moron so you didn’t have to put up with a damn lie one more day-”
The sound of you sniffling snapped him out of his anger. An overwhelming urge that plagued him for far too long bubbled up to the surface as he forced his rage down as he put a warm hand on the top of your head and brought you to him. 
Crimson eyes unfocused in the lamplight of your bedroom, he remembered. Bakugo remembered how he stood by as you separated from your walks to stand beside him, to hold his hand, to look at him with sunshine and affection. Stillness became his solace, his retreat, for he never went after you despite the plague of dreams during sleepless nights. 
You cried in his arms, shoulders shaking and breath hitched. He’d thought about this, about holding you, but not under this circumstance. It disgusted him how much he craved that sunshine smile and that laughter made up of wispy clouds that filled his chest with air and light. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. 
“I feel so dumb...” you managed to say through your tears. “So much shit I didn’t notice that feels so obvious now.”
“Don’t call yourself dumb, only I can do that,” he quipped back. It sounded like you tried to laugh, but it just didn’t come out right. 
He let you cry, not caring if his shirt got dirty. Washing it wasn’t hard. After a few minutes you eased out of his grip, grabbing the tissues and wiping your face again. “Um...thanks for coming over. It sounds cheesy, but I appreciate it. You don’t know how much.”
Oh, he wanted to know. Bakugo wanted you to tell him how much, but really he should be telling you. There was so much he wanted to say...but now words failed him after so much time in silence. It didn’t feel quite right, anyway. Too soon, too emotional. But, there was something he could do. 
“I’m not going anywhere, so get used to it.”
He’d be right here when you were ready. 
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queerloona · 2 years ago
in chuu’s birthday message from the fancafe she said “Sometimes, you guys worry about me because I'm always smiling in pictures, and people think that when I get upset or hurt, I hide it by smiling all the time. You told me "You don't have to try to be bright all the time! We love every moment with Jiwoo!". That got me so emotional, I think about that 10 times a day. But I smile because I want to, so please don't worry" and i don’t think i’m ever gonna stop thinking about this !!!! she is a LITERAL ray of sunshine and she has the BRIGHTEST smile in this entire universe!!!!!!!! kim jiwoo is one of the purest and kindest idols out there and she deserves all the love she can get!!!!!!!!!!! 
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artsybookworms · 2 months ago
A pointless thread in which I rate the original PJO art:
Tumblr media
6/10: Listen,, I know it’s awful but at this point it’s become so nostalgic that I kinda love it. Does his expression look like the visual equivalent of his name autocorrecting to Pervy? Perhaps. Does his face and hair look uncomfortable oily? Sure. But he looks like a kid, which is something I feel like gets overlooked a lot. As much as I love the new official art where he looks like a Greek god, this derpy little guy is who I grew up reading about. I may hate Original Art Percy, but I also have a strange fondness for him.
Tumblr media
10/10: Honestly this is pretty much spot on with how I pictured 12 year old Annabeth. She does look a bit greasy, but that seems to just be Caparo’s style, so I’m not going to penalize every single artwork for that. Maybe she put on too much sunscreen that day. Also, kinda cool that when Annabeth puts on the cap, she disappears from the bottom up? Not really relevant to this review, but an interesting detail.
Tumblr media
3/10: I literally hate this one so much Grover looks so old lmaoo💀 If he actually looked like this, one, there’s no way Percy wouldn’t have been sketched out, and two, the school would NOT have believed he was in sixth grade.
Tumblr media
1/10: I know y’all were waiting for this one. Literally everything would’ve been fine if it were for the facial expression. Like?? What?? Nico’s either high on drugs or about to sneeze or both. I’m so confused.
Tumblr media
10/10: Tyson is adorable and I love him. Next.
Tumblr media
10/10: Lowkey love this?? Honestly, Thalia is an icon and I have absolutely no complaints about it. This is how I’m picturing her from now on in the PJO series.
Tumblr media
4/10: THIS ONES SO FUNNY IDK. He looks like an absolute slime ball and I’m all for it. However,, it’s not really canonical bc he’s supposed to have this charming, cool-kid vibe. Red flags everywhere if Annabeth fell for him looking like this💀
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katiekitty261 · 2 years ago
Extraordinary//Young!Michael Langdon x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Request- Could you write a young Michael fic where the reader comforts him while he’s learning how to use his powers and her just being so proud of him 24/7 and encouraging him and it’s really fluffy like y’all are THAT couple bc I’m sorry young Michael’s vulnerable ass gets soooo attached to the people he loves and if he can tell you’re genuine? He’s yours for life and that the tea. 
This is literally the sweetest thing I've ever written. 
Warnings- f l u f f 
Word Count- 2500+ 
“We don’t typically allow women here…” one of the leaders spoke, staring at me uncomfortably.
“Michael refuses to stay unless she is allowed to stay with him…” the instructor who brought me here said.
I stood next to Michael gripping the sleeve of his suit jacket. He smiled at me softly.
“So be it. She can stay, as long as she stays by his side. I don’t trust any of these boys around here…”
“Wonderful. Let me show you guys to your room. Now, because of these… special circumstances, you are staying in a private room. We can’t have the others left alone with a girl. Much too vulnerable.”
I bit my lip, I had to admit I was nervous. When Michael came to my door I was surprised to see him. He was my neighbor, he had always been the quiet and reserved type. I was infatuated with him though, the way his blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight, his smile he let slip occasionally.
We became friends quickly, we usually stayed outside together, taking walks or lounging on the porch. He was shy at first, but he blossomed like a rose once he felt comfortable around me.
It made my heart soar, I always knew there was something special about Michael, and it made me happy he felt comfortable around me.
I definitely had a little crush on him. Ok, maybe more than a little crush. But who could blame me? Usually, he came to see me in the evenings, Ms. Mead, who I came to know as his adoptive mother was cautious around me at first. Protective of him. Once she got to know me, and she knew my intentions were genuine she happily let Michael see me.
The night I realized I was in love with Michael, we were watching the sunset. Laying in the grass in my backyard I was on my side facing Michael, he was on his back.
“(Y/N),” he asked turning to face me.
“Mhm?” I said, enjoying the way his hair fell around his face, his hair was one of my favorite features on him.
“Do you… care about me?”
I was taken aback by his question. He was never this forward with me.
“Of course Michael. Why? Do you think I don’t care about you?”
“No it’s not that…” he said softly. He gently raised his hand to my face, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I could feel my face heat up as his fingers gently grazed my skin.
“Then what is it?”
Michael sat up, facing away from me. I sat up too, placing a hand gently on his shoulder.
“What is it, Michael?” I asked again, I heard him sigh. He was clenching his fists again.
He turned to me and before I knew it he placed his hand on my face and pulled me into a kiss.
I was shocked at first. Michael was kissing me. Like, actually kissing me. He pulled away much quicker than I would’ve liked.
“I-I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that…” he said awkwardly, his eyes searching my face as I stared at him.
I shook my head and smiled, finding my bravery and kissing him again. This time, I closed my eyes and felt the softness of his velvet lips on mine. He kissed me gently at first, before wholeheartedly embracing me, wrapping his arms around me, I did the same, my fingers laced in his hair, feeling the softness of the waves I had dreamt about running my fingers through. My heart was beating fast in my chest, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything except the feeling of him against me. He held me tightly, kissing me like his life depended on it.
By the time he finally pulled away, the sun had completely set in the sky.
I gently touched my lips, swollen from the intensity of his kiss. He smiled at me broadly. His eyes crinkled at the edges in an endearing way.
“(Y/N),” he said as he took my hands in his. Sitting on his knees In front of me.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
I had never felt as happy as I did then at that moment. I excitedly wrapped my arms around his neck and he fell backward into the grass, with me practically on top of him.
“I love you too Michael… I love you so much…” I could feel tears start to form in my eyes at my confession. I hadn’t realized it until now, but I had been in love with him the entire time I’d known him.
There was always something about Michael Langdon that drew me in. He was like a drug that I never wanted to stop taking. A high I felt every minute we spent together. I could’ve died at this moment and been okay with it.
Michael wrapped himself around me again, holding me tightly to his chest.
“I’m never letting you go (Y/N)...”
It had been over a week since I had last seen or heard from Michael. It was making me feel increasingly nervous as the days went on. I knocked on his door, but no one answered. I was initially worried he had changed his mind about me, but I brushed that thought off. Michael had a habit of getting himself into trouble, and he would never tell me about it. It worried me, but I wasn’t going to pry in his business.
The most intimate thing I knew that he didn’t really tell me about was his mother's particular religion. I didn’t really care. Who am I to judge? But Michael wasn’t happy when I found out, but he seemed relieved in a way. It didn’t change how I saw him, he was still Michael Langdon to me. The beautiful boy from next door.
And then one day, he showed up.
I breathed a heavy sigh of relief when I opened the front door to see him standing there.
He was wearing a suit, with a satin bow tied around his neck. His hair was styled instead of his usually messy curls. it took my breath away.
Then I noticed the cut on his cheek, healing but still noticeable.
“Michael are you ok?” I asked as I looked up At him with worry, I went to touch his face but he grabbed my hand. He held it in his for a moment.
“I’m the best I’ve ever been.”
I didn’t believe Michael when he told me He was some sort of wizard or something. A warlock, he called himself.
“Trust me.” He said as he took my hand and lead me to the car.
“Where are we going?” I pulled him to a stop. “A school. They’re going to teach me to use my power…” he said like it was the most normal thing in the world.
“I don’t understand Michael. What do you mean?” I was utterly confused at this point.
He smiled at me affectionately as he took my hands in his.
“Look,” he spoke softly, gesturing to the front door. It swung open like a gust of wind had blown it open, and then my bag literally floated out of the door.
“What the fuck,” I said dumbfounded, he waved his hand again, making the bag float it’s way over to our side.
“You’re already packed, let’s go. I’m not leaving without you.” he began to usher me into the car.
I was speechless, my brain trying to find a solution to what Michael just did, but I blanked.
“Trust me (Y/N), you’ll figure it out soon enough.” He slid into the back seat next to me. taking my hand in his, he kissed my forehead. It was comforting. I felt all the anxiety I had built up inside me while he was gone melt away with his touch.
“I trust you…” I said softly, eyeing the man in the front seat driving. He was stoic but seemed friendly enough.
“Don’t worry Ms. (Y/L/N),” he spoke up, “No harm will come to you and Mr. Langdon. He has an extraordinary gift, and we want to help him learn and expand his abilities.”
“This will be your room.” He led us into a wide open space, a queen sized bed sat in the middle of the room. Not much else decorated the room except a desk, dresser, and a fireplace that wasn’t lit.
“It’s a little dark,” I said laughing a little. The instructor smiled at me and waved his hand. The fireplace burst into flame. Michael and I both looked at each other, I was more surprised than he was.
“That was cool! Can I try?” Michael said excitedly. I wasn’t used to him being so enthusiastic about something, except maybe breakfast. The Instructor smiled at him and made the same gesture. This time extinguished the flame.
“Concentrate on what you want to happen Michael.” He spoke, Michael let go of my hand and looked at me reassuringly.
Michael stepped away from me, taking a focusing breath, before stretching his hand toward the fireplace, within a second it burst into flame again.
“Impressive-” The instructor started to say, but Michael wasn’t finished. He waved his hand again and the flames turned from their orange hue to a brilliant pink.
‘Wow…” I stared in shock, Michael smiled at me triumphantly.
“You show a lot of promise Michael. I know you will do great here. Dinner for everyone is at 6. Ms. (Y/N), If anyone bothers you please let one of the heads know. They will be punished accordingly.” He said as he left the room, shutting the heavy door behind him.
“Michael I really can’t believe all this… I mean, I knew you were special… but wow.”  I said as a gazed into the flickering pink flames.
Michael smiled at me again, I had never seen him smile so much and it was making my heart happy.
“I’m glad you are with me.” He said softly, I nodded.
I walked up to his side and gently caressed his cheek where the cut was.
“Are you going to tell me what happened?” I asked again, he shook his head.
“I’m sure you’ll hear someone say something about it…” He sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling me down next to him.
“It’s ok, you can tell me anything.”
Michael explained to me what happened that day in the grocery store. How the butcher rudely insulted his mother, and how he couldn’t control his anger. He told me, again and again, he didn’t know what he was doing, and it just happened so fast. I should’ve felt shocked, scared even. Michael had admitted that he had killed someone.
I just didn’t.
“He was a dick anyways,” I said, Michael looked up at me and laughed. A tear streaked down his cheek.
He pulled me into a kiss again. I gently wiped his tears away as I kissed him, resting my other hand on his chest as he kissed me, slowly picking up the pace. He bit my bottom lip gently, sending my brain into a frenzy.
We continued to kiss like this for several minutes, I could feel myself losing my grip on reality as his placed soft kisses on my neck, the sensitive skin tingling with his touch. He brought his lips up to my ear, before whispering “I missed you,” In a voice that made me melt.
I was shaking by the time he stopped kissing me, my breathing ragged and my heart pounding. Michael smirked at my appearance.
“No one is allowed to touch you except me.” He said in a serious tone, I nodded.
“I wouldn’t want it any other way, you’re the only one I want Michael."  
After a few weeks, Michael was surpassing everyone. Even people who had been here many months more than him. He was becoming a man I greatly admired, his confidence had grown tenfold and his personality showed it. He went from the timid Michael that I knew most of the time to a much more confident, almost cocky Michael. He strode around the school, confidence in every step he took.
It was actually very sexy.
It was becoming increasingly harder for me to keep my hands off him, especially at night when we were alone. Sleeping in the same bed with him was becoming a monumental task of personal willpower.
I wasn’t really experienced in the realm of sex, and I wasn’t sure about Michael. I wasn’t going to make a move on him until he did. He didn’t exactly make it easy for me. The other night he changed in front of me, making sure he watched my eyes as he unbuttoned his shirt agonizingly slow. I could've sworn my nose was bleeding by the end of it. He laughed. That didn’t help either.
I usually followed him to all his classes, per the instructor's rules. Leaving Michaels side wasn’t recommended. I knew why, too. Some of the boys here where downright gross. Everyone that even looked at me wrong got a glare from Michael if they were lucky. The unlucky ones tended to get more than they bargained for.
After more than one incident of boys mysteriously flying across the room and hitting a wall, the others stopped messing around.
One thing I had learned about Michael during our time here, was that he loved to show off. If someone did something, he always made a point to do it better. I was constantly impressed by him.
On the rare occasion that he had trouble, I was always by his side. A soothing touch always brought him peace.
Some of the guys didn’t go after me. Some of them went after Michael. It was entertaining most of the time. Like the time a boy was sitting next to me while Michael was doing something with one of the instructors, he whispered in my ear.
“Damn girl… I can’t believe you get that all to yourself.”
I burst out laughing in the quiet room. Michael quirked an eyebrow at me and smiled to himself. I knew without a doubt he had heard, he always listened to what was going on around me.
“I don’t know either,” I responded honestly.  Michael was definitely a man no one could resist.
Other times, It was a little less entertaining. No one was stupid enough to touch him but they definitely undressed him with their eyes on many occasions. I know Michael noticed too, his eyes would find mine in the room and he’d give me a knowing look.
I was jealous too, everyone here was talented. I wished I had been special too. I was bland if I compared myself to anyone else here. I felt insecure about it. I worried I wasn’t good enough for him. I knew female witches existed, but I had never met one. I didn’t express my thoughts to Michael about myself, but he always made a point to reassure me. He whispered that he loved me every moment he could, left marks on my skin that showed everyone I belonged to him.
“You guys are disgustingly sweet.” One of the boys said one morning during breakfast. I was resting my head on Michael, his arm was wrapped around me protectively.  
“I’ve got to keep what’s mine.” He smiled down at me and placed a quick kiss on my lips.
Multiple groans rang out from the table, and I laughed.
“If you had someone like this you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off them either,” I said, a few nodded in agreement.
“Live your best life girl.” The same guy from before said, this time making Michael laugh.
It was my favorite sound to hear. I was infatuated, Michael was becoming the person he was always meant to be. I got to be by his side, and for that, I was eternally grateful for.
I am actually very proud of this. Let me know if you like a part 2 (just kidding I'm definitely writing a part 2 and that baby is gonna be smut) 
Like, reblog and comment as your heart desires. 
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If it didn’t let me tag you I died inside. (Ask if you want to be tagged for future fics) 
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ohsweetflips · 2 years ago
so it’s always loving lucretia o’clock but today it’s like,,,, Extreme loving lucretia o’clock, like!!
she can write with both hands. at the same time. like, that is a thing she can do. i feel like that’s never talked abt enough but it’s one of the first things i always think abt when i think of lucretia. like!!! not only can she write well, incredibly well, well enough to be the chronicler for a space expedition through different planes of reality, but she can write simulataneously! with both hands! like, fuck!!!
she also speaks eight languages!!! like lucretia is so fucking smart and i love how it’s just a Thing that everyone knows. like, that part in reunion tour where taako is casting that spell to see into lucretia’s mind to know her actual thoughts? and how, if he wanted to know more, lucretia would have to make a wisdom saving throw? and justin was just like, “yeah fuck that she’ll win” like!!! lucretia is so fucking smart!!!
also, in my opinion, she, without a doubt, has some of the best music? like “madame director/lucretia/lucretia (reprise)” all make me incredibly emotional? also “20 years gone” is incredibly heartbreaking? like????? wow
also the part where griffin talks abt how, after her year alone, and even tho it was years before the bureau would be founded, we all saw her become Madame Director like!!! her transition from wallflower to director, from someone who would rather watch something amazing happen to someone who wants to be an active part of it.... is literally so incredibly amazing
i’m saying “incredible” a lot and it’s bc lucretia is incredible
also tho i love how pre-judges-cycle lucretia is portrayed. like, she could’ve been portrayed as “weak” bc of her shyness and with the other characters being like “oh why is she here” but nope!!! she was shown to be so amazing and smart and a needed facet to the team and thank u griffin mcelroy for not doing my girl dirty bc lucretia’s role in the IPRE (and the entirety of taz) was so............... wonderful
ngl, i loved lucretia from the start just bc she falls into my “character types” that i love, so i always trusted her and, even if i thought something was going on with the bureau, i just really trusted lucretiaso i was completely w/ justin and clint when they talked abt how, they knew that Something had to happen with them and the bureau, but their characters weren’t ready for it like magnus was
also i love how human she is? like lucretia is so... human. i think that all the characters in taz are so well-developed and so lively but something abt lucretia feels as if literal life was breathed into her?
like, her character arc is so fucking amazing. like i know i keep throwing around “incredible” and “amazing” but like. really. it’s so relieving, in a sense? bc, ngl, i was scared that griffin was gonna pull the “ha! got you! lucretia’s been evil the whole time!” once reunion tour/stolen century happened, but listening to the finale ttazz, it was so relieving to hear griffin be like “i never ever ever once thought abt lucretia being the villain and she so clearly isn’t one.” like, this whole black/white writing could’ve been taken where it’s like “the bureau is evil and everyone else is good” but griffin didn’t write lucretia like that!!! and thank fuck for that!!!
like, one of my favorite quotes about lucretia is griffin saying that “she’s a very good person who made a very very very difficult choice.” like. lucretia didn’t relish in what she did. she didn’t erase her family’s memories thinking shit like “they’re all so stupid for not believing in my idea.” like, she did what she thought that she had to because she saw her family hurting and couldn’t bear to see them so upset. she wanted to make things better and fix what they did, not just for the world, but for them. she saw how the devastation from the relic war was destroying her family, and she took it into her own hands to change things.
and was that the best decision? no. but i feel like, with the debate between making the relics or making the barrier, “good” and “bad” decisions can’t really be applied.
i always think of it as taako’s quote to lup after the final glass circle before lup left: “sometimes there’s not right or wrong decisions. sometimes they’re just decisions.”
and i’ve seen it said that both of those decisions had to be made for them all to realize what they had to do to truly stop the hunger, and i completely agree with that
okay i went on a bit of a tangent (that i could talk so much more and in depth abt but this post is getting really long) but i love lucretia so much and how great of a character she is??? just everything abt her feels real and i feel like she shows that, when stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s hard to make decisions that can appease everyone and everything? like, as i stated, i could go so much more in-depth with this, but like griffin said himself, lucretia took perhaps the “overly protective” choice bc, at that time, it was what she thought she had to do. and something abt that, something abt her entire character and the choices she made and everything, feels so incredibly human.
also she’s one hell of a wizard. which is pretty sick.
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monica-geller · 2 years ago
i think one important thing to keep in mind as the album release is approaching is that every single person who has been chosen to meet taylor has been chosen out of sheer luck of their posts being seen and it’s not any kind of indication of how much taylor would or wouldn’t love any of us if she actually knew us on a personal level
and i’m not trying to invalidate how cool it is to be noticed by her because i have been noticed a bunch and it means a lot to me each time - but i think fans getting upset about not meeting taylor is exacerbated bc of the fact that taylor often picks people herself. so it’s easy to take it personally when you’re not chosen. i cannot stress enough how impersonal it all actually is. saying ‘taylor sees everything!!!’ is both inaccurate and unhelpful because a) she doesn’t and b) if she DOES, you’re telling literally thousands of people that taylor saw their posts and simply decided they weren’t good enough to meet her
taylor doesn’t see everything. she can’t possibly. and that’s okay! i’m sure she would love all of us if she got the chance to know us all as individuals. it’s so much healthier to get away from the mentality that we are more individually special to her the more posts she likes. i’m sure there are fans who don’t even use tumblr who taylor would be obsessed with if she knew them. and i’m sure there are fans who she’s liked 23948 posts from who maybe she wouldn’t even get along with irl, because none of this is fucking real and we’re all pixels on a screen and she’s one person who inadvertently became responsible for the self esteem of a bunch of strangers and perhaps the internet was a grave mistake
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ptersmj · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
w/c: 2k
warnings: smut but there’s fluff toooo
a/n: literally based this whole os off positions by ariana bc if y’all didn’t know i love her and the song came out yesterday it’s so so good go stream and YEAH everyone enjoy
“it’s been so lovely to meet you, y/n.” nikki gives you a warm smile and reaches over tom to put a hand on your arm. tom squeezes your side from his spot next to you. he’s sitting between the two most important women in his life. leaning into him more, you return the smile.
“you, too. i’m really happy we could do this,” you agree. “tom’s a lucky guy, eh?” she raises an eyebrow. “i am. almost as lucky as dad.” he beams and kisses the side of your head. your nose scrunches up. “oh, you two. do you really have to go so soon?” you look at tom to confirm. “don’t you have a call in the morning?” considering it for a second, he shrugs. “we can stay another hour.”
nikki pats your arm and shifts her gaze to tom. “why don’t you spend the night? you do have a room and wifi here.” now he’s looking at you to see what you think. you smile a little in response. “sure, mum. that would be perfect.” she nods, proud of her idea. “should we make that dessert i was talking about, then?”
tom sits at the kitchen table while you and nikki do the baking. you’re using a cake recipe she got from one of her friends. all three of you figured he’d end up burning it. she tells you stories from when tom was a kid, and he interjects whenever something embarrassing comes up. you can’t help but giggle about the time he fell off the stage during a school play.
“and he was in a tree costume. his head got stuck in the trunk hole,” nikki nudges you, both of you laughing. tom hides his face in his hands. “it was hard! you try dancing in one of those things.” “aw, tom. maybe no one noticed.” you crack an egg into the bowl with a snort. he sighs. “they had to stop the show.”
the cake is in the oven four embarrassing stories later. you were going to help nikki clean up, but she insisted you go relax. she almost had to push you out of the kitchen. the woman is a saint honestly, and now you see where tom gets it from. the two of you are back on the couch while she does the dishes.
“thanks for coming tonight. it means a lot to me.” tom leans his head against yours, which is resting on his shoulder. “and mum.” “of course. i wanted to, you know.” you nuzzle your cheek against him. he lets out a breath and grins. “she really likes you. loves you, even.” a smile pulls at your lips. “really?”
“mhm. she wouldn’t have asked you to stay if she didn’t.” his fingers trace random shapes on your thigh. you hum in content. “we would’ve been kicked out by now.” “it’s technically your house still,” you deadpan, but it’s lighthearted. “mm, but we have ours.” that makes you feel so soft and warm. you’re just so in love with him. he’s even more in love with you.
you tilt your head up to peck tom’s lips. he gives you another kiss back. “i love you.” “i love you, too,” he murmurs. he’s about to go in for a proper kiss when nikki peeks her head out from behind the wall. she looks between you both knowingly. “cake’s done.”
the three of you head back to the kitchen together. tom takes the seat the farthest away from everyone this time. he’s a little embarrassed his mom almost saw that. he looks you up and down when you bend over to take the cake out of the oven. feeling his eyes on you, you glance over your shoulder when you stand up. he licks his lips. you bite back a smile and put the pan down on the counter.
“sorry if i interrupted anything,” nikki jokes and starts to get the cake out of the pan. “no, you didn’t. it’s okay.” you’re still looking at tom. you reach up and get the icing out of one of the cabinets, then a spatula from a holder on the counter. the fact that you already know where everything is makes tom get blushy. a good blushy.
the cake is on the cooling rack, so you open up the icing. nikki moves over to give you more room. “we should add some sprinkles, yeah?” she puts a hand on your shoulder. “tom, what do you think?” you noticed he’s been unusually quiet. he clears his throat. “yeah, sounds good.” “alright, then. let’s see if we have them.” nikki goes back into the cabinet you were in.
you get a generous amount of icing on the spatula, then start spreading it around the cake. it’s chocolate. everyone knows what that does. tom can’t stop thinking about how perfect you are while he watches. with nikki, with him, with all of this. he uses that word a lot. perfect. but, he actually means it now. you’re the human embodiment of it.
you’re almost finished with the icing when nikki puts down two different kinds of sprinkles. she found rainbow and the white ones that look like crystals. you put down the tub of icing with a smile. “i’ve got this, love,” she tells you and nods her head to tom. making eye contact with him, you lick what’s left of the icing off the spatula. his eyes are hooded now. you put the spatula in the sink and sit next to him at the table.
“tease,” he says lowly to you, putting an arm around the back of your chair. “you do it to me all the time.” you shift closer to him. he only shakes his head. nikki brings over the cake and a knife balanced on three plates a few minutes later. “who’s hungry?” “me,” you’re the first to answer. tom laughs and takes the knife to cut the cake. “thanks, mum. and y/n.” you put an arm around his neck. “you’re very welcome.”
everyone stays downstairs for two pieces and some small talk. you decide to put everything away in the morning since it’s getting late and tom has to be up. the two of you say goodnight to nikki, then tom leads you upstairs to his old room.
neither of you have to say anything to know exactly what you want. you press your lips to tom’s the second he closes the door, grabbing at his shoulders. he kisses back while walking backwards to the bed. he sits and pulls down you by your waist. your legs are on either side of him. you pull away to catch your breath, resting your forehead against tom’s.
“you were so good tonight, baby,” tom pants, fingers gripping your sides. you start to undo his shirt button by button with a smirk. “i’m not done yet.” he chuckles into your next kiss, shrugging off his shirt. you toss it on the floor and push at his bare chest so he’s laying down. you’re straddling him now, your tongue running across his lower lip. he unzips the dress you decided to wear while your lips trail off to his neck.
“wanna get this off,” he rasps, sliding the straps down your shoulders. you hum against his skin in response and sit up again. the vibrations make him feel tingly. your dress is thrown across the room shortly after. tom runs a finger down your back, his swollen lips curling into a smile. “love you.” “love you more.” you’re about to show him you mean it.
his hand comes around to your front as you unzip his jeans. he rubs your hip, your thigh, almost right where you need him, then he stops. he’s getting you back for earlier. you let out a breath and roll off of him so he can get out of his jeans. he eyes you and takes his boxers off next to speed up the process.
“c’mere.” you’re quick to get back on top of him. you can feel him through your panties as you straddle him. that only makes you more needy. he pulls your panties to the side and uses his middle finger to circle your clit. it’s good, but it’s not enough. “tom,” you breathe out. “i know, i know.”
he easily tugs your panties down, and you move so you’re lined up with him. you reach down and pump his dick in your hand. he presses a long kiss to your cheek. you can feel his breath fanning across your face. you run his dick through your folds to get both of you ready. biting down on your lip, you put your free hand on his chest.
he lets out a low moan when you start to sink down on him. you let him fill you up, taking your time to get there. more quiet noises escape him when he’s completely inside of you. squeezing your eyes shut, you move on him. you go slow at first, both of you feeling every little movement.
tom’s hands hold your hips to guide you. he brings you back down again. your moan is muffled as you let him move you faster. “shit, baby,” he exhales and pulls you forward. it makes him hit a new spot inside of you. you’re bouncing on him now, grabbing onto his shoulders again for support.
“fuck,” you murmur as quietly as you can so you’re not heard downstairs. tom unclasps your bra while you ride him, trying to distract himself so he doesn’t give you two away. he can’t take it off you because of the position you’re in. he pushes it up instead so your boobs are out of it, both hands cupping them. “closer, darling.”
you lean down more so he can reach you. he massages one and takes the other into his mouth. your head is thrown back while his tongue runs over your nipple. between this and the way he feels inside you, it’s so hard not to scream his name right now.
“tom... tom you’re gonna make me-“ you whimper, gulping before you can finish your sentence. he pulls his mouth off of you with a pop and kisses your lips to shut both of you up. keeping the same pace, you kiss him back. it’s messy and breathless. you’re getting close already. you’d normally go on way longer, but he has that stupid meeting.
it only takes you a few more bounces until you get that familiar feeling in your stomach. tom’s firm grip on your hips steadies you while you come. “doing so good. keep going,” he praises, your orgasm making your walls clench around him. you let out a small moan, tom breathing heavier from the feeling. you’re not moving anymore, but it’s enough to have him coming soon after you.
your head dropping onto his stomach, you climb off of him. tom presses his lips to your hair softly and moves his hands up to your waist. “really like when you’re on top.” his voice is raspy. you’re still trying to catch your breath, but you manage a kiss to his chest. “me too. it’s really... nice.” “nice?” he teases.
“stop, i can’t think right now,” you mumble to him. you’ve rolled over so you’re by his side. you have your head laying on his chest. his curls brush your face when he leans over to peck your lips. “i figured. tonight was a good night, hm?” “mhm. we should do it again.” your fingers ruffle his hair.
“what, the sex? or dessert with my mum?” he cringes at how that comes out. you giggle and twirl a piece of his hair. “both. wow, today was a lot.” tom squishes his cheek into the pillow more. “i could fall asleep like this.” “nope, you have to get ready for bed. your call is soon.” you poke at his chest and move over so you’re not on him anymore. he sits himself up with a chuckle.
“you switch up fast.”
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all-my-love-for-harry · 10 months ago
You won’t want me anymore.
summary: Artemis doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and snaps at his parents.
word count: 3.2k
warnings: a little angst
based on these requests:
“Artemis talking back to Harry or his mom”
“artemis has a dad day with harry because harry doesn’t want him to think that he’s going love him less than the baby”
“Why not shy little boy Artemis jealous/scared of the knew baby and how Harry might love him more. Literally happened when my step mom had her baby boy and my lil sis freaked out she was gonna love him more.”
“hiii!! y/n, harry and Artemis are my FAVORITE thing in the world!! I was wondering if you could do a little something with pregnant!y/n becoming insecure and emotional with all of the hormones and worrying that harry will love the new baby more than he love Artemis bc it’s “actually his”?”
a/n: i’m so sorry i took so long in posting something new! things have been a little hectic, i start school in a week and i just moved out of my hometown so there has been a lot of change. Hope you enoy! Also, heart to heart conversations with kids aren’t really my thing, but i’ve seen my sister talk to my niece like this and i tried to follow that. 
You can find more of my shy little boy here.
*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *:・゚✧ ✧゚・:
June, 2020.
Shyness played a big part in Artemis’ personality, but shyness never stopped him from showing his emotions to the people he trusted. He’s always been an emotional kid, showing affection was his favorite thing to do, and voicing his emotions to his parents has never been a problem. Until now.
Harry and Y/N started to notice the small changes in Artemis as the days passed, but never thought they’d be related to the pregnancy itself. Instead, they blamed it on all the other changes the world was facing that also affected his life. Perhaps it was the fact that he hasn’t gotten out of the house since March or maybe because he hasn’t seen his friends or grandmas either.
Artemis stopped asking about the baby, unlike the first months where he couldn’t stop asking questions or touching his mum’s belly. Now, he kept the interaction at minimum and it was starting to become frustrating to him since he couldn’t cuddle with his mum, or do anything with her in general because as the fourth month of the pregnancy rolled in, Y/N had swollen ankles and she was tired all the time so getting out of the bed was becoming a hard task.
So saying Artemis was upset was an understatement.
One thing that has been helping him a lot was facetiming Y/N’s mothers once a day for a couple of hours. He used to spend a lot of time with them and not being able to actually see them was very hard for him, so they came with an arrangement of daily calls where they’d talk, paint or draw something and sometimes Ally would read him a book. Harry and Y/N would supply him the laptop then let him be in his room, not wanting to interrupt his time with his grandmas.
“I just checked on him. Seems like Ella is teaching him a new technique to paint.” Harry sat down next to Y/N on the couch, his arms going immediately around her belly, caressing it softly as he made himself comfortable.
“I hope he doesn’t make a big mess.” Y/N said as she put her palms on top of Harry’s.
“Mm, nothing that a good bath doesn’t fix.”
Last time they went to see Y/N’s doctor for a checkup, she told them there was a possibility they could start feeling the baby move in her tummy, so Harry would lay down on top of her belly, careful not to crush her, and talk to their baby or just spread kisses all over her. He was so excited for when the baby would start kicking, and as Y/N’s belly grew, so did his heart and his love for her. There wasn’t a moment where Harry wasn’t all heart eyes towards his girlfriend, loving every single moment they’ve gone through so far during the pregnancy.
“I,” Kiss. “Love,” Kiss. “You.” Kiss.
Y/N giggled, looking down at her lover. “We love you too.”
“What do you think it is?” Harry asked. “I’d love it if we have a little girl, but I wouldn’t mind having a boy, like Artemis.”
“Same here, babe. Either way I just want a healthy baby.” She sighed. “Artemis wants a little sister, though. Hope it doesn’t disappoint him if he gets a little brother instead.”
“Well, we can always keep trying until we give him a sister.” Harry smirked and wiggled his eyebrows before making his way all the way up to kiss her lips. She hummed against his lips, cupping his face in her hands.
“I like the sound of that.”
They kissed for a little while longer, arms wrapped around each other and just enjoying this moment together. But eventually they had to break off their embrace. “I will see what little monkey’s up to. Too much screen time can’t be good for his eyes.”
Harry made his way out of the living room, not without placing a little kiss on Y/N’s forehead before. He walked up the stairs and towards Artemis’ bedroom and knocked the door softly before coming in. “Hey, mate. Ready to say bye to grandmas?”
“A little more, daddy please.” The small boy looked up from the screen.
“We’ll call them tomorrow, monkey.” He negotiated.
“Your daddy’s right, sweetheart. Tomorrow I’ll read you The Little Prince again, what do you think?” Ally said.
“Okay.” Artemis accepted. “Love you.”
“We love you more!” Both women behind the screen exclaimed.
“Thanks for entertaining him.” Harry said, popping on the screen.
“Anytime. Thank you for sharing him.”
They said their goodbyes before ending the call. Harry put the laptop away and told Artemis they had to clean a little bit before going out of his room. He was a little quiet after hanging up with Ella and Ally, putting his toys away.
“Do you want to watch a movie? Mummy’s in the living room.”
Artemis nodded. They walked out of the room and went down to the living room where Y/N was. She smiled at her son and opened her arms for him to come sit with her, but Artemis went and sat down on the couch adjacent to hers. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and looked up at Harry, who was already looking at her as he shrugged.
“Sit next to me, baby, we can’t cuddle.” She offered, keeping her arms open.
“Don’t want to.” He mumbled.
“Since when you don’t enjoy a good snuggle, honey? C’mon.”
“I don’t want to!” Artemis raised his voice.
“Hey, hey. What’s going on?” Harry jumped in, not liking the way his son yelled at his mom for no apparent reason.
“I don’t want to cuddle with mum if the baby’s there!” Artemis had a permanent frown in his face, his arms crossed across his small chest. Y/N’s heart broke as she felt as someone gave her a kick in the stomach.
“Do not raise your voice, Artemis. We don’t yell.” Harry said sternly. He wasn’t liking where the situation was going.
“But I want to!” Poor thing, has been so upset lately and all his feeling were bottled up. He was just six years old, barely had real control over his emotions and he felt like the only way to voice his feelings was yelling. “I don’t want to cuddle with the baby! Or kiss mummy’s belly! I want my mummy but she’s always with the baby and never with me!”
Artemis started sobbing out of pure frustration. He wasn’t throwing a tantrum or was tired and cranky, this was something else that he’s never felt before. Y/N started crying as well, hormones being too much to handle.
Harry didn’t know how to respond to that, having mixed feelings about what went out of his son’s mouth. How he didn’t notice before? How did he allow this to happen?
“Let’s calm down, okay? There’s no reason to yell, Artemis, I’m serious. We can talk about what we feel without yelling, right?” The blonde boy nodded, taking off his little glasses to rub his eyes with his hands. Harry took a seat in front of his son on the coffee table and motioned to Y/N to sit next to Artemis. “Can we talk about how are you feeling?”
“Thank you. Now, why did you say those things? Did you mean them?”
Artemis shrugged. “I want my mummy.”
“I’m right here, sweetie.” Y/N said.
“You don’t play with me anymore. And when I want to hug you the baby is always in the way.” His hazel eyes filled with tears again. “Is this how’s gonna be when the baby’s here?”
“No, it won’t. I can’t exactly separate from the baby now, honey.” Y/N said. “But I love you, and I also want to be close to you.”
“I liked it better when it was only me.” Harry and Y/N had to understand he was just voicing his thoughts and feelings, but it didn’t make it any less painful to hear how Artemis didn’t want a sibling anymore.
“What happened with the whole I want a sibling thing, bud? You were very excited to have one. What changed?” Harry asked.
“You won’t want me anymore.” Artemis’ voice was barely above a whisper, but they still heard him loud and clear.
“That’s not true, Artemis.” Y/N said. “We love you as much as we love your sibling.”
“You will, but dad won’t.” The boy seemed convinced of his words and Harry felt like throwing up. The accusation made him sick.
“That’s a lie. You’re my son, how could I stop loving you?”
“Because you’re not my real dad!” There we go, yelling again. “I had to ask you to be my dad, the baby won’t have to. They’re already yours.”
“You’re mine, Artemis. My son. I don’t care if we don’t share the same blood, I’m your dad and I’ll always be.” Harry tried to convince him. “There is nothing to worry about. When the baby arrives, I’ll be their dad and yours.”
“You promise?” He pouted and Harry almost loses it. He took him into his arms and pressed him against his chest in a tight hug. His heart broke thinking his own son thought he wouldn’t be loved anymore once a new member of the family arrives.
“I promise, son. I love you.”
“I love you too. So does mummy.”
Y/N joined the hug, kissing the top of her son’s head over and over again. They’ll do anything they can to keep those thoughts out of their precious boy’s mind, but Y/N couldn’t help but feel guilty about it. Her own son felt neglected and it made her think she wasn’t doing a good mom lately.
Eventually all the crying and yelling wore Artemis out and he was down for a nap. Despite Harry’s protests, Y/N carried him upstairs and to his bedroom, where she tucked him in and kissed his forehead. She watched him sleep, running her hands through his soft curls.
“You okay?” Harry asked from the door frame.
Y/N sighed before nodding her head. “This day went to shit.”
“Yeah, it kind of did.” Harry breathed a laugh, stepping into the room and walking towards his girlfriend. “I put some ice cream in a bowl, let’s go.”
She hesitated but still took Harry’s hand and let him guide her back downstairs and into the kitchen. “What do you think made him think like that?”
Harry sighed, handing her the bowl with a spoon. “I don’t know, love.”
“I’ve been a terrible mom.” Y/N started to sob.
“You haven’t, Y/N. Don’t say such thing.” In a second he was on her side, trying to comfort her. “We should’ve asked him more about how he was feeling, we shouldn’t have just assumed everything was fine because of his first reaction. But it was our fault, not only yours.”
“You told him it’ll all be the same. Would it be?”
“What do you mean?”
“Would you love him the same? I know he’s not yours yours, but I-”
“Are you doubting my love for him?” He didn’t want to feel offended, but he couldn’t help it. It was bad enough hearing it from his son and now Y/N was asking him the same thing. “That child’s mine too, Y/N. Don’t think for a second I’d ever think otherwise. I’ve given him my last name, he’s my son. I might not be blood related to him but I don’t give a fuck. I’m already a dad, Artemis’ dad. And this baby won’t change that, please believe me.” Harry placed one of his large hands on her still kind of small belly. “I love them both the same, baby please.”
“I’m sorry, I just… my emotions are everywhere and after what Artemis said… I can’t help it.” She cried harder.
“It’s okay, shh.” Harry wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her a little. “We’ll make it right, I promise.”
Next day Harry made sure to wake up early to cook breakfast. He had made a plan to spend the day with Artemis and have some much needed quality time with his baby. His options were limited since they were in lockdown, but he still wanted to make it special to remind Artemis how important he was in Harry’s life. After all, that boy made him a father for the first time.
Harry walked down the hall straight to Artemis’ room and opened the door silently. He smiled at the sight of his boy sleeping peacefully on his bed.
“Hey, mate. Wake up.” Harry shook him softly, trying to not scare him. Artemis groaned. “C’mon, we’re going to spend the day together.” Artemis opened his eyes, hazel orbs staring right into Harry’s green ones.
“Mhm, you and me, bud. Would you like that?”
Artemis nodded, pushing his body with his elbows to sit on the bed. “I would.”
“First things first, breakfast. I made sandwiches cut in dinosaur shapes, just like you like.”
Harry helped him get up from the bed and they both walked hand in hand to the kitchen. He gave him his breakfast and watched him eat as he ate his own food. Harry also gave him some tangerines because Artemis loved fruit in the morning.
“Is mummy awake?”
“Not yet. We gotta get ready, I’ll take you outside.” Harry finally revealed, making Artemis gasp in surprise. He was told by his parents that he couldn’t go out of the house until things with the world right now were controlled, and secretly he’s been counting the days until he can return to his normal life. Well, sort of counting. He’s still six after all.
“Can I go outside?!” Harry nodded. “Can we go to the park?”
“We can’t go to the actual park yet, I’m afraid. But I’ll take you somewhere we can still run around and have fun.”
“Will mum come?”
This time, Harry shook his head. “I promised you a day just the two of us. I think we need it, mate. Don’t you think?”
“Is mum mad at me because I yelled at her?”
“I won’t say it was okay to yell, but we would never be mad at you for voicing your emotions. Just know that no matter what’s inside of that head of yours, you can always talk to us. Let’s not let this blow up on our faces, promise?”
“I promise. I’m sorry I yelled at you.” Artemis looked down at his plate.
“I’m sorry we didn’t come back to you to ask you how you were feeling.”
They wrapped themselves in a hug. Harry felt so much better now that they’ve talked about this in a much calmer environment, but part of him was still nervous Artemis’ feelings about the new baby hasn’t changed much despite his apology. He thought they could talk some more about it once they were outside and had some much needed fresh air.
Y/N woke up shortly after they finished their breakfast and Harry noticed how Artemis hugged his mum extra tight this morning. She sent them to get ready for their day together while she ate her own food, happy to see how the father-son duo held hands as they went up the stairs.
“You’ll have to wear this when we go outside of the house, okay?” Harry handed Artemis a facemask, it was made for children so it was much smaller than the ones he uses.
Artemis didn’t protest as he grabbed the mask from Harry’s hand, feeling too excited to finally leave the house after spending months behind the tall gates of the property.
“Have fun with daddy.” Y/N kissed her boy’s cheek then Artemis kissed Y/N’s in return. “Be good, I love you.”
“Love you more.”
By the time Harry had put the things inside of the car, Artemis was growing impatient. He let Harry put him on his car seat before he climbed on the driver’s seat.
“I haven’t seen the streets in so long.” Artemis said from the back of the car, making Harry chuckle. “Is this the way to grandmas’?”
“Not exactly. Remember that field close to their house? The one with the little pond.” Artemis hummed in response. “We’re going there.”
“Yeah. And I brought your soccer ball.”
It wasn’t a long drive, just about twenty minutes from their house. Artemis requested some music, Harry’s music to be specific. Lately he’s been obsessed with the song treat people with kindness and that was all he wanted to listen to. Harry of course didn’t mind, it was a good boost to his ego after he spent months having to listen to Niall’s music in the car whenever they went somewhere.
They arrived and, just as Harry suspected, it was completely empty. He had brought snacks and water bottles in case Artemis got hungry or thirsty, but he chose to let those in the car for now. Artemis unbuckled himself from his car seat and practically threw himself out of the car, too excited to care.
“Easy, mate. If you get hurt we have to go back home.”
They played for a good chunk of time. Harry wasn’t great at soccer, but he still helped Artemis kick the ball. The boy didn’t have great coordination but that didn’t matter as long as he enjoyed what he was doing.
It was nice to go out and spend some time alone. They didn’t have that one-on-one experience a lot, and it was good for bonding. Harry made a promise to himself to always have time for moments like these. He knew he could say to Artemis a thousand times how important he was to him and how much he loved him, but at the end of the day it was his actions what made a real impact on his son’s mind and feelings.
Harry didn’t want to push the conversation they had earlier, but although Artemis had apologized to him and it was all forgiven now, the boy was yet to talk to him mum about it. Harry knew how much Y/N’s feelings were hurt after yesterday, and he also knew how guilty she felt. After all, Artemis was her first baby, and they had such a close bond she feared would be ruined after the baby arrives.
“Hey, bud. Remember earlier, when we apologized in the kitchen?”
“We need to apologize to mummy too.”
“Will she forgive me? I wasn’t nice to her yesterday.”
“Of course she will! Mummy loves you bud. You might have not been necessarily nice yesterday but there’s always a tomorrow where we can be better.”
“I take back what I said about not wanting the baby. I do, but I was nervous after you told me it could be a boy.”
“Because I was afraid you and mummy would like him better.”
“That’s not how it works, darling. Us parents love our children equally. No matter if the baby turns out to be a boy or a girl, we will love them just as much as we love you. It is not a competition, son.”
“I’m sorry.”
“No need to say sorry. I know it can be confusing, but always know the love a parent has for their children does not go away when a new one comes.” Harry ran a hand through Artemis’ soft hair. “I might not know how you feel, but Auntie Gemma could.”
“Mhm. She wanted to send me away all the time, said I was a proper pain in the… I was annoying. But regardless that, she loved me very much. Still does.”
“I love you, daddy.”
“I love you more. My baby.”
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katslutski · a month ago
hi I really love you blog and I was wondering if you have any other blog recommendations like yours? 😁
hi! yes absolutely! here are some of my favorite blogs (I know I'm missing a ton so I'm sorry if I didn't include you!!). please make sure to read everyone's rules before interacting! sorry about the lack of a readmore, just want to make sure all of the links are easy to click <3
@captainmcslashypaws [aot, bnha, hxh] mae is an absolute queen. literally the reason I got back on Tumblr bc I love her yandere!Levi and hawks so much. plus she's super cool, has the cutest cat, and is generally a rockstar.
@silversatoru [bnha, jjk] jade made me see yuuji like I've never seen him before. her writing is incredible, if you like jjk especially, check her out. she's also a wonderful human being. she's currently on hiatus so please respect that!
@yourtamaki [bnha, hq, naruto] sunny writes in ways I wish I could. she manages to pull every single heartstring with her hurt/comfort and hit every button with her nastier pieces. plus she's always on the best brainrot like I cannot explain how much I love this person. we share a single braincell I love her so so much, so grateful <3
@dearestdynamight [bnha] the ONLY deku smut I will read and regularly reread. like I might not be a deku fucker? but for her deku? absofuckinglutely. also one of my favorite people, just the sweetest and most beautiful author whether it's dark content or fluffy pieces
@hanji-is-life [bnha, jjk] alksdjf I'm hesitant to even add hil to this list because she has too much power over me. she's my puppygirl co-president and genuinely makes my brain shut off every time she writes anything (specifically toji or bakugou) -- please do not let her see this, idk if I can handle more hil in my life (just kidding baby, come hang imy I love you so ridiculously much)
@bakugous-trauma [bnha] nami nami nami nami she has so much bakugou brainrot I love it so much. also incredible puppygirl ideas and just generally is amazing. I can't really explain how much I love her but I love her so so so much
@gingersnaaps [hq] lin is a queen (this is a little bit selfish because she always indulges me more than I deserve). her dark content is like eye-crossing, mind-numbingly good. oh my god. I can't even express how much I love everything she writes. her brain is too big
@cxnicalsweetheart [bnha] cynic, my love, my life. they have some of the best writing and it's a shame Tumblr nuked their original blog. but oh my god the shinsou content?? alskdfjaklfj cannot even explain go read it
@m-mortimer [bnhq, hq, jjk] izzie, my lil puppy sister, my sweet sweet angel. she writes dumbification better than probably anyone on this site. everything she writes is so fucking pretty?? it's not fair. anyways, she's genuinely sent from the heavens and is the sweetest thing in the world <3
@bimboholic [bnha, hq] plum is currently in horny jail so rip. but don't let that stop you. I don't know how many times I've read one of her drabbles where my jaw literally dropped. makes me so fucking dumb, she never misses
@rocorambles [hq] god god god god some of the most fucked up dark content I've ever read (also some of the hottest). I reread her oikawa drug lord fic like once a week at least. don't even get me started on her sweeter pieces too. just fuck me up
@keilemlucent [bnha] we very recently became mutuals and I was honestly blushing. this is the author of some of my all-time favorite comfort smut fics. like every word is perfectly picked and the staying power is incredible. amazing stuff (especially if you love hawks!)
@arlerted [aot, bnha, jjk] cal has some amazingggg dark content stuff, especially her aot pieces!! also gigantic brain when it comes to brainrot I love her so much
@ohno-otome [bnha, hq] andyyyyyy. god she fucks me up consistently. her oikawa makes my heart pound I just-- I have no words. I'm also so so grateful for the shared brainrot between me and andy. a gift to my life
@lunarhalcyxn [jjk] god I love may so much, I know she's been burning out a bit on hq and I just want her to know that every bit of her content is incredible. her bully series is a personal fave but pls do not pester her <3
@daichidaichidaichi [hq] incredible hq content, makes me so fucking dumb, I have too many pieces in my reblogs and likes where I couldn't do anything more except drool
@nobayanii [bnha, hq, jjk] angel just started writing but it's soooo good oh my god. pleaseee follow her rules. anyways, I can't wait to see more from her!!
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clairenatural · 3 months ago
cringe culture is dead and that includes cringing at ourselves. 14 year old me unironically yelled “allons-y” at school and you know what? it made me happy. and being happy is how i grew into who i am today. i would never bully a middle schooler for their interests now, so i’m not going to be mean to my middle school self. i love her and wish i could give her a hug and tell her that her portal t-shirts are cool
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pinkypurse · 9 days ago
OK SO I THINK MY POST GOT EATEN so here's a slightly more coherent version. buck and eddie are together right before the blackout, buck is asking eddie abt his relationship with Ana bc he hasn't talked abt it in a while. eddie is obviously resistant bc then he'd have to explain that he broke up with Ana bc he's head over ass in love with buck. so buck's needling bc he wants to know and then the power goes out. eddie is relieved bc it'll distract buck. (I literally do not care where they are trapped as long as it's just the two of them) and now they're trying to get out of this room and buck is back to asking abt ana and eddies not saying anything and bucks like "c'mon it can't be that bad!! did you say I love you? did you ask her to move in? did you PROPOSE????" and eddie obviously cannot let THAT idea stand and goes "no we broke up" and bucks like "oh I'm sorry that sucks" thinking eddie is broken up abt it and eddie goes "actually I broke up with her" before he can stop himself. bucks like "oh" and then moves on for a bit and eventually they decide they've exhausted all their options and there's no way out, so now they're sitting on the floor, in the dark, shoulders touching and buck asks again. and again. and again and do eddie finally breaks and turns his head to buck, leaning it against the wall, even if he can't see him and goes "she wasn't want I wanted. who I want." and bucks like "well who do you want?" in a soft voice and right as eddie opens his mouth to respond, on the verge of spilling everything, the lights kick back on, and buck and eddie are staring at each other, eyes wide and eddie closed his mouth. hesitates. and then says "I don't know" shakily. hours later, back at the station locker room, right as buck's abt to leave buck turns and says "taylor and I broke up" and eddie goes "oh?" kinda hopefully and buck goes "yeah. she wasn't who I wanted either" looking right into eddie's eyes and then breaks contact by looking at the floor and then leaves. eddie finishes getting dressed and goes to his car, leans his head against the wheel and let's out a breathe and drives back home
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jpgluke · 2 years ago
Strawberry Kisses // LH
Tumblr media
A/N: okay don’t come for my neck this is literally the first smut I’ve ever written. I just wanna give a big s/o to @gigglyirwin for helping me bc originally this wasn’t gonna be smut so like blame her anyways feed back is always appreciated love y’all
Warnings: SMUT and drug references
Word count: 1.2k
Summary: Luke finally lets y/n get him high which leads to a good time (wow I’m literally so bad at summaries why do u guys read my shit lmfao)
“You sure you wanna do this?” You grabbed your crystal clear bong off the shelf in your closet turning to face the lengthy boy stood in the doorway.
“Yes. Please don’t treat me like a child. I’ve smoked before Y/N” his arms were crossed over his chest. You grabbed the weed and a few papers just in case Luke didn’t like the bong.
You set the things on the coffee table in front of you. Luke picked up the jar you had the good stuff in. Shaking it a little before opening the jar and putting his nose in it. The skunky aroma filled his nostrils and he laughed. “Do people really think this smells good?” He put the lid back on the table and handed you the open jar.
“Yeah lots of people. And it all smells different.” You picked up a big nug and started breaking it up and putting it in the bowl piece. Luke watched as you meticulously loaded up the bong.
“Do you want greens?” You held up the lighter and bong. Luke shook his head. You put your mouth on the cold glass and lit and inhaled. Holding it in your lungs until it started to hurt blowing out the cloud. You handed the bong to Luke who held it so foreignly. He grabbed the lighter with his other hand flicking on the flame a few times before getting ready for a hit. After watching the smoke fill the neck you knew it would be too big of a hit. He couldn’t take it all in blowing out half the cloud with a loud cough. He reached for the water cup you had put down just for this moment.
“Want me to roll us a jay?” Your giddy tone made it hard for Luke to say no. You grabbed the papers and ripped off a small strip of cardboard for the filter. Luke opened the other jar that had the ground up weed and placed it in front of you. As you focused on the finesse of rolling Luke snapped a few pictures of you in the zone.
“Did this take a lot of practice?” He asked as you licked the edge of the strawberry kiwi paper to seal it. You held up the finished product.
“Well yeah just like every skill does.” Your smile took over your face as you looked over at the blonde to your left. His eyes were already bloodshot after one hit. His smile was goofier than ever. You placed the sweet tasting joint between your lips and ignited the flame and took a few puffs making sure it stayed intact before passing it. Luke grabbed it carefully with his thumb and index finger putting it up to his mouth and inhaling.
“Oh I like this.” He took in another hit. “This is way better”
You two passed around the jay until it was a tiny nub you couldn’t hold without it burning you. You were at a good high. You sunk into the couch beside your beautiful boyfriend. “How you feeling Lu?” His eyes were closed and head thrown back against the couch. “So good.” A soft chuckle escaped your lips. “Do you wanna watch something?” Grabbing the remote to turn on the tv. “I wanna eat something” his eyes finally opened and grazed your body. “Mmm you look pretty tasty” his arm slung over yours pulling you close to his body. His free hand toying with your thigh causing the fluttering in your stomach to arise. You placed lazy kisses on his neck. Trailing from his jaw to his exposed collar bone. His hand grabbed your thigh and pulled it over so you were straddling him. “You’re such a tease.” His cold hands slipped under your shirt causing tingles wherever they went. His fingers toying with your nipples pinching them and rolling them between his fingers.
“Now who’s the tease?” You let out a soft laugh. Which caused him to bring his hands out from under your shirt leaving your skin feeling bare. Without words he grabbed your waist and placed your back against the couch.
“Take them off.” He pointed at your sweats you had been wearing. His lip was getting swollen by how hard he was biting down on it as he watched you slowly take the pants off. You laid back as you were before. Luke hovered over you lowering himself down so your lips met his. His kisses were careless. Probably the weed. He trailed down your body. Stopping at your breasts playing with one while his mouth dipped down and started lazily rubbing circles around your areola with his tongue flicking the bud causing you to let out a slight moan.
“Does this feel good baby?” His bloodshot eyes looking at your facial expressions when he puts a little pressure on your nipple with his teeth. Flicking it one last time before moving on. “God you’re so beautiful” his fingers snapped the waistband of your underwear as he spoke. You could feel the pit in your stomach starting to form and he hasn’t really done much. Luke finally leaned down and placed a kiss on your clothed center.
“Quit teasing me” your hands found their way to his hair getting your fingers tangled in the mess of curls. He pushed aside your underwear to get a view. “Damn all this for me?” He placed a small kiss on your inner thigh knowing it’d drive you crazy. Another on the other side before finally diving into your folds. His tongue worked wonders.
“Let me take these off” you could barely get words out in between moans. You shimmed the soaked underwear off so Luke could have more. He mumbled a thanks into your heat and resumed where he left off. This time slipping his middle finger inside you pumping at a slow pace still flicking his tongue against your clit. Soon after another finger joined both curling upwards. You could feel the pit in your stomach starting to grow.
“Fuck baby you taste so good” his pace increased and his tongue got rougher trying to please you. “I’m so close” your words were barely above a whisper. Lukes free hand reached up and started toying around with your nipple sending a good sensation through your body sending you over the edge. Luke slowly pulled his fingers out of you and licking them. He handed you your sweats which you quickly put on.
“Wanna smoke another one?”
@gigglyirwin @mysticalhood @cashton-queen @hemmomfg @calthesensation @you-of-ghost @norawashere @itjustkindahappenedreally @cold-coffee-clifford @softboycal @fremioneforalways @missingyoucth @exoticcal
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