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#no bc if u want animes that arent google slides animation..jjk is the One!!!!!
yeocult · 2 months ago
i’m overwhelmed in a good way <3 omg the movie legitimately translates to ‘i want to eat your pancreas’ i SJDJFJF. second i saw a trailer/clip of jujutsu kaisen and it was literally so good?? so might start watching that—demon slayer nd noragami are good anime’s tbh & AGH I NEED TO WATCH ALL OF THESE WHEJD #kw anon!
yah omg it’s so interesting cuz it talks abt in some cultures/religions/practices you would eat your own parts of theyre damaged (as a cure???) which..literally makes no sense cuz Why Would You Eat Yourself?????😭😭 and u would eat someone’s pancreas so their soul becomes one with yours and it’s just..weirdly..romanticizing cannibalism....but DW!!! no one gets eaten😁👍
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