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#no because i would literally do anything to look like him🧍‍♂️
whorefordazai · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— birthday special !!
ft. chuuya x pm! members x gn! reader (a bit of dazai if you squint)
genre: fluff, crack
warnings: hints of sex 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➡️ Port Mafia planning a celebration for our favorite sexy shrimp WOOHOO !! Thing is, it’s a complete secret 😏 you and black lizard had actually been planning it for weeks. It took a hell of a lot to keep in hiding though—mostly because Higuchi could not stop sweating every time she walked past Chuuya. Of course Akutagawa got mad at her—but he’s not one to judge because he could not stop violently coughing the moment Chuuya got within the vicinity of him 😭 so he always ended up running away.
Higuchi: *profusely sweating*
Chuuya: “are you alright Higuchi ᇂ_ᇂ?”
Higuchi: “NO—YES—YES—NO⁉️” (starts panic sobbing)
Akutagawa: “Tch, idiot. What an idiot.”
Chuuya: “Are you guys hiding something ᇂ_ᇂ?”
Akutagawa: *starts violently coughing* then runs away 🏃‍♂️💨
Higuchi: *doesn’t know what to do so runs away with him*
Chuuya just left standing there: “WHAT THE FUCK JUST SPIT IT OUT”
➡️ Everything had to be perfect—the timing, the decorations, even the perfect tasting wine. They trusted you to keep it a secret from Chuuya until the day finally came. The plan was to wait until he arrived at headquarters, then give him the day off after covering him with confetti and cake <3 if he thinks Higuchi and Aku are being suspicious, of course he’s going to confide in you 🙄
“Y/n, you wouldn’t happen to know what the hell is going on, would you ᇂ_ᇂ?”
*spits out drink* “H-HUH?? Of course not, it’s just an ordinary week 😄”
“Are you sure—“
“I said it’s just an 😄 ordinary 😄 week 😄 why do you ask?? Did you do something 🤨? Huh Chuuya? Did you do something out of the ordinary 🤨?”
➡️ Ahh finally—day of the surprise party !! He doesn’t really make it a big deal, he’s fine with not having anything special. He’s a little lazy in the morning though—he’s tangled his limbs with yours, arms wrapped around your waist and face buried in your neck. He doesn’t know why but it feels like one of those days where he must stay in bed. You on the other hand, didn’t expect him to be lazy and get trapped in bed. The surprise won’t work if the birthday boy doesn’t arrive to work on time 😭
“U-uh chuuya? Shouldn’t we be getting up? It’s almost time for work—“
“Mhm...” he holds your tighter to his chest. “Ten more minutes.”
*You, on the verge of nervous panic ☺️* “WE SHOULD REALLY GET GOING—AHA. HAHA. HA....”
“...What’s so funny...ಠ_ಠ...??”
➡️ It takes running around like maniacs and stepping on each other’s shoes to actually get in the car and drive to pm headquarters. Well, more like you’re the one who’s panicking while he’s just standing there like “literally what’s with the rush🧍‍♂️”—NO TIME TO EXPLAIN CHUUYA—he keeps saying a lot of:
“You look like you’re gonna shit your pants”
“The eggs are burning”
“You’re wearing two different socks. One of them is mine.”
“The coffee you made tastes like shit babe—“
➡️ Once you actually make it to headquarters, you bring Chuuya to a dark room where there’s not a single light present. You can hear small shuffles, quiet mumbles, and whispers. Definitely a lot of “Shut the fuck up Tachihara” and “I swear if you cough one more time Akutagawa—“ and “Rintarou STOP MOVING CLOSER TO ME!!” and someone whisper shouting “KAJI NOT THE FUCKING LEMON BOMBS—“
Meanwhile, you and Chuuya are just standing there like🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️ you can obviously hear everything (no one is good at shutting up ☺️)
Chuuya’s definitely over this. “If you wanted me to fuck you in a closet, you could’ve just said so. I don’t know why you brought me to what looks like the beginning of a lazer tag game—“
➡️ It’s messy, it’s confusing, it either sounds like a bunch of kids released outside for recess or a mass shooting about to begin (probably both)—but everyone yells out “SURPRISE CHUUYA!!” Chuuya is actually shocked—his heart feels like it’s about to burst. He simply can’t ignore the effort put into all this. He turns back to you, grabs your waist and smack dab kisses the fuck outta you in front of everyone. When kaji finally yells out “GET A ROOM” he pulls back and says with the warmest eyes, “thank you so much.”
Kouyou is the first one to come wish him a happy birthday. In the most elegant sisterly way possible, she says “if you die within this year, I’m stealing your wine collection.” And then gracefully walks away like the queen she is 🚶‍♀️👑
Gin just kinda...shuffles in the corner with Tachihara. Making sure he and Kaji don’t eat all the cake pls—but she’ll silently nod to Chuuya from like thirty feet away but obviously Chuuya won’t see shit (someone pls tell her that silently nodding to someone from that far isn’t going to get her anywhere 🥲)
Akutagawa tries to leave—like physically he makes a dash for it but Gin holds him back to make sure he gets his treat of strawberry ice cream (his favorite). That’s really the only reason he came—he heard there would be a rare treat of ice cream so he wanted to steal some before anyone would notice but he chickened out at the last moment. That is, until Gin shoved a bowl in his hands so he ran with it 🏃‍♂️💨 *she a runner she a track star*
Elise and Mori say their birthday wishes to Chuuya but Mori made her a promise that he would take her shopping (only if she wore that pink frilly dress). So she spent a few hours complaining to Chuuya about Mori. Chuuya didn’t mind, he just kinda sat there while holding your hand and praying to god that she would tone down the talking—spoiler alert she didn’t ☺️ 
➡️ After all the laughter and craziness had died down, Chuuya just decides to walk the hallways for a breath of air. Opening the door to a room, he’s met with Higuchi posing in front of the mirror with a huge smirk on her face. You know that bsd wan episode where Akutagawa walks in on Chuuya posing in front of the mirror? Well guess what ☺️
Higuchi posing in front of the mirror: “hey sexy, happy that’s too bold 🤔...hello beautiful happy birthday!! no he wouldn’t like that...HELLO MASTER HAPPY BIRTHDAY—“
Chuuya: “Uh...I’m right here🧍‍♂️”
Chuuya: “you’re practicing how to wish Akutagawa on his birthday aren’t you ᇂ_ᇂ?”
Higuchi: “thought I’d get an early start...🥲”
Chuuya: “ahem, right. Well I’ll be leaving. I didn’t see any of this.”
Higuchi: “right. You didn’t see any of this.”
*both of them walk away*
It is to never be spoken about again.
➡️ Now for Dazai to come in 😏 he definitely remembers that it’s Chuuya’s birthday. Definitely has something up his bandaged ass cracks 😞‼️So of course he’ll be breaking into Chuuya’s room to place a special little gift on his bed 😏 it’s kinda funny—when Dazai and him were 15 years old, they unintentionally wore matching bracelets. You know the ones made of elastic that you make make? Yeah, Dazai had a blue one and Chuuya had a red one <33
So Dazai snuck into Chuuya’s room, left the stolen red bracelet on the pillow and then made a run for it.
Chuuya came back hours later to the little red piece of tacky jewelry (he smiled, like genuinely smiled because the size was too small for him to wear again)
He went to the mini pantry, ready to pop open his most expensive wine. But guess whaaat 😏
Dazai stole it 😁!!
Attached to the pantry is a note saying “happy birthday slug :)”
“Uh, Chuuya babe, what’s wrong?”
➡️ At the end of the day, when it’s just you and him in bed, he’ll be mostly quiet unless he’s mumbling soft nothings in your hair. Stuff like “thank you so much for this” and “you worked so hard” he genuinely feels so happy that all of the gang decided to help out and make it all possible. Even Kaji, who blew up three tables with his lemon bombs 🤨🔪
He’s in your arms, head resting on your chest. He softly nudges his face against your skin hinting for you to run your fingers through his hair.
Once you start, he’s fast asleep. Soft purrs leave his mouth as he smiles, hugging you tighter around him.
Best. Birthday. Ever 😏
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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whorefordazai · 2 months ago
hii how are you? i hope you're good<3 uhm, I don't know how to use tumblr yet,, but if you're doing request,, can i ask for sfw and nsfw headcanons for sigma? i literally can't found anything of him😭
I kinda made this abnormally long unlike my other headcannons I’m sorry haha😅 but I had a lot of fun writing it !
sigma headcannons (sfw & nsfw)
ft. sigma x gn! reader
genre: fluff, nsfw
warnings: mentions/depictions of sex
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Before dating:
- before you start dating, you won’t catch much of an eye to sigma. After all, you’re just another casino worker. He still respects you and definitely values your hard work (just as any casino worker) because he knows how much work you all put into the casino.
- the both of you are just work buddies at first. That’s all. Tbh if sigma started liking you, he wouldn’t even be able to identify it as a crush LMAO
- like “oh they’re actually really pretty...” and “we would make a good partnership...” and “I really admire their skills to persevere through anything...”
- really sigma? Is that all😏?
- and then he’d begin to notice the things he’s saying in his head like “oh...they really are so beautiful...” and then realization hits and he’s like “WAIT! THEY ARE JUST A COLLEAGUE!!”
- little did he know, he said that out loud while furiously waving his arms in the air. Fyodor saw, kept quiet like this 🧍‍♂️🤐, then later gossiped about it to Nikolai.
- he’d dismiss the idea at first, ignoring his own feelings because obviously he doesn’t think he’s worthy enough for you. But it’s so hard to keep away from you. Mostly because you’re his mf partner😄👩‍🦯
- unable to keep away from you, sigma knows he wants you now. He can’t deny the fact that you’re incredibly attractive. Both inside and outside. You work just as hard as him, you’re always so determined and ready for action. Sigma envied you to be able to keep a cool head throughout frustration.
- he really wanted to make the first move. Nothing too forward. He just felt anger rising in him every time he saw an old man hit on you and try to flirt. You, of course, could only laugh with a nervous nod because they were customers.
- unable to take anymore, sigma confronts you.
“Y/ know you can tell those old men to stop bothering you...right?”
Your smile faltered for a second, but you quickly masked it up. “But sigma...we can’t lose customers. You work so hard to maintain this would all go to waste if the customers stopped coming.”
Sigma’s heart broke at your pained smiled. He gently grabbed your hands and made you look in his eyes. “I don’t need some old perverts as customers. You matter more to me than anyone.”
HUH?! Did I just say that😃?!
Panic immediately set in sigma’s head. Of course he wasn’t lying, you did matter to him more than anything. But it was really strange hearing it come out of his own mouth. Nothing had ever been more important to sigma than the casino. This is scary...
“Really?” Your eyes lit up. You clasped sigma’s hands tighter, resting your head on his chest. He immediately froze, unable to do anything else.
They’re hugging me? What am I supposed to do? This feels so I supposed to hug back? This feels better than the hugs Nikolai forces on me...😟
After a moment of stunned silence 🤩🧍‍♂️, he wraps his arms around you and pulls you into a hug. This is the first time he’s hugging someone who isn’t Nikolai😧 feels so nice.
Tumblr media
During a relationship:
- sigma would really have to trust you to be in a relationship with you. I mean, this is the first time he’s ever had these type of feelings for anyone.
- he’s a bit shy when it comes to showing affection. The first time he attempted to hold your hand, he almost fainted because his heart was beating really fast 🕺
- holding hands is something y’all both do. It’s like a symbol of safety and reassurance when one of (or both of you) are feeling anxious. He was a real sly mf when holding your hand for the first time😏👆
The loud music blared across the rooms. You and sigma were currently trying to make your way through the floors and between huge crowds. The casino was abnormally packed with people today, it was slightly unexpected.
You could barely see anything among the crowds, only sigma’s mismatched color hair popped out among others. “Sigma...w-wait...” you managed to mutter out. You were getting caught in people’s arms and it was becoming more unbearable to walk.
Sigma didn’t turn around at your voice, so you knew he couldn’t hear you. The music was way too loud.
Just as the both of you were turning a corner, a tall figure bumped into your body, making you fall over on your arm.
“Fuck!” You winced in pain, realizing that your arm was probably broken.
“Y/n! Are you okay?!” You heard sigma’s voice call out to you. His face was morphed into shock and worry, seeing you on the floor. You raised your eyebrows. He came back for me?
He held out a hand to you, wanting to help you get up from the floor. You gladly took in, using your feet to help balance yourself.
Once you were up, you noticed that sigma had not let go of your hand. You looked up at him in confusion.
“Uhm...we should probably hold hands. Just to make sure we don’t lose each other...o-only if you want to though!” Sigma averted his eyes from yours. His voice was almost a whisper, you could barely hear it among the loud casino music.
A smile appeared on your lips. You look down at your hands clasped together, and intertwined your fingers. “Yeah. To make sure we’re safe...”
The both of you held hands the whole night.
Sneaky little sigma 😏📸
- give him sudden kisses. On his lips, cheek, or even forehead. He’ll probably stay stunned for a few seconds, unable to process what just happened.
- and then he’d go pink 😝
- I mean, he isn’t usually shy in front of others because he runs a fucking casino? There isn’t any time to be shy! But when you randomly kiss him, you’ll see his cheeks go red and his eyes glint.
- he’ll be a little flustered, so he’ll go to the back break room and take a moment to breathe and have a drink.
- the both of you have matching necklaces. The necklace has an Amethyst stone on it. It’s said to relieve anxiety and stress, and the both of you go through that every day. But really, it was just an excuse to wear matching jewelry 😊
- might I add, sigma wears a lot of jewelry! Especially to match his hair and outfits. He’ll mostly wear rings on his fingers, or sometimes you’ll sneak hair clips in his hair😏
- when he’s having a rough day, he’ll just crawl into your lap and lay his head on your thighs. You’d immediately get the message and start to slowly run your fingers through his hair.
- his arms would wrap around your waist and somehow your limbs would be tangled together under the blankets. He’d softly mumble into your chest, “I’m so lucky to have you. What did I do to deserve this?”
- having identity crises? Yes. Before he met you, sigma didn’t think he had a purpose in life. The casino was the only thing keeping him living on. Knowing all those people were depending on him kept him going. But he felt so empty.
- after a long hard days of work, he would come into his room and feel an immense emotion of loneliness. But now that you were here, he truly felt like he had someone by his side.
Tumblr media
- the first time y’all had sex, he was definitely shy at first. Was a little hesitant in touching you because making you uncomfortable was the last thing he wanted to do. Would always ask before placing his hands anywhere intimate. “C-can I touch you here?”
- he would be extremely gentle (and an unintentional tease) the first time. He would go really slow, his thrusts would send you oblivion. I mean, your walls are clenching around him, practically begging him to go faster.
- pls, he just doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you😞
“You feel so good...” sigma mumbled into your neck. Your eyes prick with tears from the feeling of him inside you.
“Mhm...go faster!” You mutter out, hands entangling behind his neck. His eyes flick to yours. “A-are you sure?”
“For fucks sake, yes!”
- after your first approval to go faster, he doesn’t hold back one bit. Within seconds, your legs are over his shoulders, his arms hooked around your thighs.
- he’s a soft dom, but kinda likes teasing you (not to the point where you don’t orgasm) but making you softly beg for his dick 😙
- sigma doesn’t always show it, but he loves it when you subtly drop hints that you want him to fuck you. The way you seem to dance with every step and your hands become fidgety just to touch him.
- expect lots of hickeys. Not the dark purple ones, just pink or red ones. He loves marking you up and watching you struggle to cover them up in the morning (don’t worry, he’ll help you cover them all while apologizing)
“Sigma, these hickeys are uncover-able 😶”
“Really? I do apologize, dear 😙”
(He’s not really sorry, if anything, he’s proud of his hard work)
- pent up stress relief sex. That’s it. That’s the headcannon. Even though this man might seem calm and collected on the outside, he’s definitely not on the inside.
- after running a casino the whole day, all he wants to do is relieve himself of his pent up you😙
- like I said, he’ll be a soft dom but when you want to ride him, his extra dom side will suddenly jump out. While you’re basically panting on his lap, he’ll grab your chin and say “you look so pretty sitting on my dick. Why don’t you look me in the eyes?”
- your legs won’t be working for the next few days shawty 🙅‍♀️
Tumblr media
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ojuunii · 5 months ago
»» random shoto todoroki headcanons
• shoto listens to the neighbourhood like it’s his religion
• he probably keeps his room really clean and plays music on a vinyl- and when he wants to vibe, he’ll just lay down on the hardwood floor and close his eyes
• i feel like he’d be a lucid dreamer- because his dad doesn’t really let him do anything for himself, he learned to do things he wants to in his dreams
• he’s a cat person for sure- and probably wants to get one when he’s older and moved out
• him and koji hangout sometimes and koji shows him all of his bunnies- shoto loves them and knows them all by name
• him and ochaco have a father-daughter type friendship. if she ever brought someone she was interested in back to the dorms, he’d stare from a distance and make sure they’re perfect for her
• he cooks for his class sometimes- if he feels like it or if they’re begging him. he’s an amazing cook
• him and his siblings never really got to know each other, but he’s always thought they were so cool
• he loved how they always looked like they loved and cared for each other- and wished he could be a part of that
• he’s played undertale and deltarune- he’s not in the fandom but they’re his comfort games because he likes to imagine the characters as his friends
• probably writes romance novels on his own time- wishing he could be the love interest
• most dates you two go on would be dinner dates because he loves food
• he’s bring you to a cat cafe, too. the cats all love him and stay glued to him most of the time since he goes there often
• you two would lay down on the floor together as you hold hands- and just think in complete silence
• star-gazing is a common activity for the both of you
• pretty much anything quiet he likes. shoto enjoys the peace and intimacy, and appreciates how you don’t make him feel like he has to talk a lot or do anything out of his comfort zone
• he would not be flirty unless you’ve got him in a very rare and specific mood- normally he’d just be awkward
• the type of thing where you’d be like “you look cute today” and he’d just stand there like “🧍‍♂️really? uh,, thanks. you too?”
• he thinks you’re the most gorgeous human being he’s ever met, inside and out
• probably wouldn’t care about appearances at all- i can’t see him not appreciating literally any romantic affection anyone gives him just because of what they look like
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