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#no chill
fullcravings · 4 months ago
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Chocolate Chip Cookies
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donttouchtheneednoggle · 2 months ago
So I know Gwaine winks at Elyan in the episode where they rescue Mithian's father in s5, but I'm dying to know when the second time was!!??
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He go ;)
And then of course:
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;) ;) ;)
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mistressemmedi · 5 months ago
POV: It's race week
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POV: it's Italian race week
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thecurelulz · 5 months ago
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boxbusiness · a year ago
And those hands belong to Mammon~
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lovestereo · 23 days ago
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incorrect--chaos · 8 days ago
035: use my correct pronouns.
035: before I make you past/tense.
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heart-above-the-45th · a month ago
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tobi-momo · 24 days ago
bruh girl from nowhere is a fever dream
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thedayoftheblackstar · 14 days ago
Wants to open Pinterest: chill and cool
Opens Pinterest: still chill and cool
my stuff is the first on the recommendation: No chill
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Tumblr media
Thank you Pinterest for recommending my stuff to myself, very cool
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emilyartstudio-s · 5 months ago
Your ocs be giving me specific vibes.
Like Jerg being an intimidating giant that could just step on you but is big softy with protective streak.
Duri giving me chill dude that sits in the back but will be an absolute fireball if ticked off.
Autumny is cinnamon roll but has defo killed so many people.
N Rome is someone you'd expect to have their shaz together but is actually just a complete gremlin.
At face value; these are super good! However; half is wrong. The other two are kind of there (Rome’s is good!) 👀!
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youaremysunshinekt · 25 days ago
She does have a thing for these Asian-styled robes/outfits/dresses. Doesn't she? I'm certainly not complaining. They suit her awfully well, if I do say so myself. 🤤😍
Imagine being married to her, coming home to this, every single day, knowing this is your wife, your woman, lover!!!
"Honey, I'm home! Where are you?"
"I'm over here in the living room, darling."
"Ah, alright. I'll be right there with you."
*quickly takes off shoes and peehaps jacket, walks over to the living room, sees this*
Her, purring: "Welcome home, my love. I missed you. Sorry, I didn't manage cooking dinner yet."
"Never mind cooking, honey. I think I just found my dinner."
Both didn't get a wink of sleep that night and dinner was long forgotten...
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purple-aliens · a year ago
You better chill before you get yourself ate 👀👅
Me not listening:
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markiplitessepticeyes · 6 days ago
PSA if I ever see any of y'all being rude to any of my mutuals I'm blocking you so fast and i'll turn off anonymous asks
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