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#no closet pigs allowed
maniacs-in-drayven · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The #Elite sounds of “Veruca Salt”!
The “Volcano Girls” came and trashed the depraved, racist, and fascist pigs! 
I don’t wanna come back down from this cloud. So leave me right here!
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ilici · 7 months ago
Summary: You grew up with Dream and Drista your whole life, but as you got older you soon realized your feelings towards Dream. (You are 19 in this and the reader is female for the plot)
Warnings: oral fixation, dumbification, choking
Word Count: 2234
Tumblr media
Sighing, Y/N looked at Drista then towards her tv, “Hey Drista?” Y/N asked, gaining Drista’s attention.”Yeah Y/N?” She asked, looking over at her best friend, “Does it bother you that your best friend is like 6 years older than you?” They asked, and Drista frowned once she heard the words. “No I like it a lot, I grew up with you and saw you as an older sister to me. You are always there for me, and you can even pick me up early from school so that’s a bonus.” Drista laughed as the last part left her mouth, which caused Y/N to softly punch her arm. “Can I ask you something and you not laugh at me?” Y/N asked, and Drista made a noise, shifting around so that they could face one another.
Y/N took in a deep breath, and looked at the younger girl, “I've known you and Dream all my life, but around the age of 17 I started to realize my feelings for Dream were a bit different.” She explained, stumbling over her words a bit scared of how Drista would react. “I know, I can tell by the way you look at him.” Drista explained, which made Y/N relax a bit, “Is it that obvious?” She asked worriedly, and Drista shrugged, “Maybe to me, but boys tend to be oblivious.” Once the words left her mouth, Drista gasped, “This is like that episode of Victorious!” She said excitedly, and Y/N furrowed her eyebrows throwing her a confused look. “You know the song BFB?” 
Y/N slowly nodded her head, and Drista groaned, “You’re about as dumb as a pig.” She complained, “BFB means best friends brother.” She said, making exaggerated hand movements. “Oh yeah.” Y/N laughed, and softly pushed Drista, “I swear you are a nerd.” She said, causing the younger to giggle. Shaking her head, she got up, “You have school tomorrow, so you need to sleep. It’s two hours past your bedtime. Your mom would kill me for letting you stay awake this late.” Y/N said, and Drista pouted, “Fine.” She said giving up, “I’m going to go take a shower, and I’ll be back. I will try not to wake you if you are asleep by the time I get back.” 
Nodding her head, Drista switched the movie over to Princess and the Frog, turning her lamp off on her bedside table. Y/N walked over and grabbed a pair of clothes from her closet as she practically lived there. Walking out, she mumbled a ‘goodnight’ to Drista as she turned around she slowly made her way to the bathroom. Putting her clothes in the bathroom, she walked downstairs into the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Thirsty?” A voice spoke up making Y/N yelp and jump. “Holy shit Dream. You scared me you dick head.” She mumbled shoving him, as he was leaning against the counter. “Why were you even standing in the dark you weirdo.” Y/N said, getting a glass cup, getting some water. 
Dream watched her movements, and he shrugged to himself, “I have this kitchen memorized like the back of my hand. There’s no need to turn on the light.” He explained, and Y/N was now facing the sink, finishing up her glass of water. “I suppose that’s true.” She said nodding her head, pouring the rest of the remaining water out and put the glass in the sink. As she was about to turn around, she felt his body against her backside. Gulping she kept her eyes glued to the window where she could somewhat see their reflection. “Don’t you want somebody to love?” He whispered, moving Y/N hair over her shoulder as he wrapped his fingers around her throat.
Freezing, Y/N felt herself melt at the gesture, her eyes locked with Dream’s reflection on the window, the only light source being the light above the sink. “What makes you think that?” She asked, trying to keep her voice at a confident tone. Dream chuckled, leaving one hand around her throat, while his free hand reached up grabbing a handful of her hair pulling it back roughly so her head was leaning back. Wincing slightly, she bit her bottom lip not allowing herself to make a sound. “So you’re telling me..” He whispered, leaning down so his lips were right next to her ear.
“You don't want me to just fuck you senseless right here, right now?” He asked, and Y/N felt her entire face flush. “What are you saying right now?” She asked embarrassed, and Dream chuckled darkly, tightening his grip around her neck before he let go, and released the grip on her hair. “You’ll see with time princess.” He whispered ghosting his lips over her exposed neck, which caused a shiver to go down her spine. She finally let a whimper escape, “Dream..” She whispered and turned around to see he had left already. Soon it hit her like a brick, she blushed madly and her heart raced.
“What the fuck just happened..” She mumbled, steadying herself on the counter. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she moved her hand up to touch her neck, where his hand once was. Groaning, she shook her head, “Fuck you for messing with me.” She said, frustrated by confusion and touch deprivation. Walking up and into the bathroom, she started the shower and slowly stripped of her clothes. Getting inside the shower, her body relaxed as the heat consumed her. Letting out a content sigh, her eyes shot open when she heard someone enter the bathroom.
“Dri?” She asked, not daring to look out in case she would lock eyes with the green eyed boy she once saw in the kitchen. “Yeah?” The voice of Drista spoke up, letting out a sigh of relief she relaxed instantly, “What are you doing?” She asked and Drista cleared her throat, “I overheard Dream talking to who I assume was George and Sapnap. But he said that you and him had an interaction in the kitchen.” Drista said, and Y/N instantly tensed up at the reasoning. “What did you hear?” She asked, and Drista shrugged even though Y/N could not see her, “Something about you and him bumping into one another.” She said, and Y/N was thankful Dream didn’t go into detail with his friends.
“Well I am going to bed now.” Drista said, walking out, “Oh hey Dream.” Y/N heard as the door was being shut, Y/N couldn’t help but feel on edge. Her body was craving for Dream to touch her like that again, but she refused to believe it. Hearing the bathroom door open again, this time the culprit tried to make it as quiet as possible. “Having a nice shower princess?” His voice ricocheted off the walls of the shower, and into her ears. Shivering even though her body was under scalding hot water, she looked over his outline visible through the shower curtain. “What are you doing in here?” She asked, her voice wavering a bit from both excitement and fear. 
“I also needed a shower, and I figured why not save water?” He said, alarmingly calm. As soon as the words registered through her brain, the shower curtain opened. This wasn’t the first time Dream and Y/N were close to having sex it almost happened when he was 20 and Y/N was 18. They had gotten into an argument which led to a heated makeout session, which they both agreed to forget. “Dream!” Y/N shrieked when she saw his body come into view. Her entire body froze, as her eyes just took in his bare body. “Like the view? It’s not the first time you’ve seen it. Or the second, or third.” He said, grabbing her hips pulling her towards him. 
Yeah they’ve made out and saw each other naked multiple times, some accidental. But never did she think this would be happening, “I will not touch you, or anything without your permission princess.” He whispered into her ear, and Y/N felt her insides melt at his words. She wanted this, she has for quite a while. Dream has too. But he had patience, but he was no longer patient once he overheard their conversation about him earlier when he was on his way to the kitchen. “Please Dream.” Y/N spoke up, knocking Dream out of his trance, and a smirk found its way onto his features. “As you wish.”
Turning her around he shoved her onto the shower wall, and she leaned against it for support. “Your safe word is Dove.” He said slowly, as his hands trailed over her wet body. He moved over a bit, so the water could hit him as well. “I will then ask for your color. Green means keep going after a short break, and red means stop completely, okay?” He explained, and Y/N nodded her head. He slowly and teasingly trailed a hand up, and wrapped his hand back around her throat, “Will you be a good girl and keep quiet?” He said in her ear, and Y/N nodded her head, “Yes sir.” She said, and Dream growled at the name. “Good girl.” He said, and slowly he used his free hand to finger her so she could be prepared. 
Moving the hand up, he tapped her lips as he inserted two fingers into her mouth, “Suck.” He ordered, and Y/N happily obliged since she loved to have things in her mouth she could chew or suck on. Sucking on his fingers, he slowly removed them from her mouth. Moving his hand back down, the other hand still wrapped around her throat. Slowly he inserted one finger, and she let out a quiet moan as she bit her lip. Slowly he started moving his finger in and out, loving the way her body reacted to it. She wasn’t a virgin, she had lost it when she was 17 with some random guy at a party. Picking up the pace, he slowly inserted another finger, and she bit her bottom lip to hold back the moan.
Picking up the pace of his fingers, he started to curl his fingers searching for the certain spot. Y/N accidentally let out a loud moan when he hit a spot that sent pleasure everywhere throughout her body. Dream smirked once he knew he had found it, “Quieter princess.” He warned, and she nodded her head leaning it against the wall. Thrusting his fingers quickly, making sure he repeatedly hit that spot, she found herself growing close to her climax. Dream noticed this by the way her legs started to shake, and he slowly pulled his fingers out. He licked them clean, and she whined at the loss of pleasure. Smirking, he grabbed his dick aligning it to her entrance. 
Slowly he inserted the tip, and kept going until he bottomed out. Y/N winced from how big he was, “Fuck..” She whispered, in both pain and pleasure, “Please move.” She begged, and Dream knew she wouldn't be able to keep quiet by how she reacted when he entered her. Moving his free hand up, he forced his fingers into her mouth, instantly letting them go to the back of her throat. She gagged around his fingers, as he started pounding into her. Letting out choked moans on his fingers, she felt tears rolling down her face. It was mixed with the water from the shower head, on her left side and her tears. Dream picked up the pace, pulling her body back against him so he could see her fucked out face. Groaning once he saw the tears, and her crossed eyes, he moved his hand from her throat down to play with her clit.
Getting overwhelmed with the sensation she felt herself grow close again, Dream on the other hand didn’t care if she made noises now. He wanted to hear her, he quickly pulled his fingers out of her mouth and held her steady by her hip with his other hand. Y/N felt herself cum on his dick, and Dream felt her clench around him making him hiss at the feeling. He kept pounding into her, making her grow overstimulated. Screaming out, she grabbed his wrist that led to the hand that was toying with her clit. Digging her nails into his wrist, her eyes rolled back and she started babbling out incoherent words, “Is my princess fucked dumb? Is my dick so good that she can’t talk?” He cooed, feeling himself growing closer. Y/N nodded her head, moans and blabbering was the only thing she could let out. Pulling out quickly, he felt himself cum on her ass and some on her lower back. Groaning he leaned his head back and bit his bottom lip. The water was now getting cold, so he quickly cleaned her up and washed her hair, and body before he got out drying her off as she was clearly out of it.
Dressing her, he himself quickly got dressed carrying her to his room. Laying her down, he laid beside of her and wrapped an arm around her waist, kissing her neck softly. “Goodnight princess.” He whispered, and Y/N tiredly mumbled it back.
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imanuglywombat · 5 months ago
You’ve Been A Bad Boy, Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
The Beginner’s Guide to Kinks by Steve Rogers Masterlist
Main Masterlist
Non-Dark Masterlist
No under 18s thank you
Summary: Steve had but one wish. And you are anything if not committed. Part of The Beginner’s Guide to Kinks by Steve Rogers Collection and an expansion of this drabble
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader
Warnings: Anal Play, Dom/Sub, Sub!Steve, Dom!Reader, Praise Kink, Sex Toys, Blow Job, Light Role Play, Spanking (Riding Crop), Light Punishment (he’s a supersoldier) After Care, Pet Names, Mild Voyeurism, Restraints (Rope), Angst
Word Count: 2.4k+
Notes: This is part of The Beginner’s Guide to Kinks by Steve Rogers series. You don’t have to indulge in the series, this is easily a stand alone piece (aka porn with feels). Thank you @caffiend-queen​ for your kind beta’ing. And thank you nanny for the kind push to write this. I have never been in the right headspace to explore sub!Steve... until now. 
“You’ve been a bad boy, Steve Rogers. A very naughty boy. And I am going to have to punish you.”
Tied up, his golden body shimmers in the low-light of the crackling fire and the rouge hum is vibrant on his cheeks. He’s a piece of art down on his knees like this; one worthy of standing beside the greats like Michaelangelo. Except his cock is obviously a lot bigger and is real and…
Ahem. Anyway…
The warm, bottle-green rope wrapped expertly around his upper chest, binding his hands behind his back is poetry. His cock flush and already sheened with pre-cum. It’s long and standing to attention like a good soldier. The glint in his eye is drowsy, his head awash with lust and anticipation. Despite being on his knees for the good part of an hour, his posture is immaculate. His spine perfectly straight, his cute peachy ass clenching each time you’ve run your fingers over his flawless skin.
In a gentle fluid movement, one that even takes you by surprise, you drop before him, making sure to spread your legs so he has a good view of your dripping pussy. To torture the poor man with what he can’t have. Not yet anyway. Your fingers gently swipe his plump, swollen lips. They’ve been through a lot already tonight.
“Can you tell me what you’ve done wrong, pet?”
The purr in your voice is lyrical; soft and sweet. Although much of this is role-playing, he doesn’t need to be picked apart and put back together again. He’s already broken. Tonight is about allowing him a safe place to heal and find peace.
The whimper that falls from his lips is beautifully tragic. Wavering with arousal and distress. “I touched myself without your permission.”
You hum, gently pulling on his cock. “That’s right, you touched yourself without my permission. You will receive ten spanks this time, Stevie, whilst you hold that position. For each blow, I want to hear an honest ‘thank you, ma’am.’ Falter and I will start again. Do you understand?”
“Yes thank you, ma’am.” This makes you smile.
Standing up, you slowly make your way over to the dining table, your naked ass on full display as you bend over to retrieve the riding crop. You know it will not hurt the supersoldier but it’s nice just to pretend once in a while.
And Steve puts on a hell of a show, feigning so much pain, even forcing a few tears down his cheeks for good measure. His ass does look good with a tinge of pink to it. And there’s a gorgeous ripple in his tight skin as the crop bounces against his taut ass.
Each blow is like a deliverance. You can imagine the tension slowly seeping into the bindings wrapped around his chest as he cries his thanks for each salvation. He needs this.
As you kneel before him, ten thanks for ten blows, you see the glint in his eyes. That seed of doubt that shows his struggle to completely give over control; his fear of not being in control of every miniscule thing in his life. But, until the safe word falls from his lips, you have sworn to push him through. To ease him into the uncomfortable abyss of giving over his dominance and restraint.
You tenderly kiss his pouty mouth, wrapping his anxiety with soft, pillowy shushes and “it’s okay.” The violent quake through his body abates under your touch. “You did so well, I am so proud of you. I’m going to make you feel so much better, sugar.”
The pet name set his nerves alight. It warms his blood and tempers the bubbling nerves ebbing and flowing through his gut. He needs this. He so desperately needs this.
“Thank you, ma’am.” The bashful lilt in his tone warms your heart and cultivates your wavering confidence. You are so far out of your comfort zone, playing domme to Captain America; your sweet, kindhearted vanilla boyfriend.
So much has changed in the last few months since Steve had accidentally stumbled upon your browsing history. Under the tutelage of New York’s (self-proclaimed) master of sex, Bucky Barnes, your devoted boyfriend has slowly dipped his toes into the kink pool. Roleplay. Dr. Kink. Bondage. And now, anal play.
Armed with a box of vibrators varying in size and colour, a Costco-sized container of Powerade and granola bars he was prepared. You wouldn’t see a single soul for two whole days.
The first met an untimely death on the hardwood floor of your bedroom. It had taken some convincing that he was not having a heart attack and maybe he shouldn’t turn it on to its highest setting.
The second saw some good use. Once. After a mind-blowing orgasm, your face pressed into the steamy mirror as Steve fucked you furiously with the pretty pink toy as it buzzed against your g-spot, you almost saw stars for a second time. Thankfully your toe had not hit the water as the vibrator started sizzling alongside the lemon verbena bubbles. It took a full week before you conceded defeat and gave up on trying to save the bath. The bleach unable to remove the acrid stench or black stains. Damn shame, you’d always loved that bath.
The third, and by far your favourite, saw the most use. Steve’s office. Your office. In the common room kitchen during movie night; you never saw the movie or anyone else, but you managed to catch some dialogue as you were bent over the bench, a banana becoming a makeshift, and quite useless, gag. Sam’s closet whilst he was out on a date. Twice whilst wearing the Alexander McQueen bomber jacket and nothing else. In fact, it was used that often the batteries wore out in a matter of hours. And then Steve binned it thinking it was dead.
Thankfully, a fourth vibrator still existed. This time, your golden-haired, apple pie boyfriend played guinea pig to your sexual experimentation. Over and over again. Turns out, Steve is quite the screamer when it comes to matters of the ass. Your GP will never look at him the same again.
Tonight is different. You are in control, Steve now feeling safe enough to be vulnerable and give over the control he so seldom feels able to.
Vibrator number six is beautiful. Watermelon pink, it’s thicker than the others and controlled by a remote.
He is starting to lose focus, quickly diving into that soft, delicious subspace he has drowned you in before. Pulling his attention back onto you, you gently cup his cheek with your hand and hold his gaze with your own. “What’s your safeword, pet?”
He blushes so pretty as you hum in delight, pressing soft, needy kisses to his cheeks. “Good boy,” you purr, delicately running your thumb over his overheated skin. “I’m going to treat you so good.” Lightly, you wrap your hand around his thick, pulsating cock, slowly running it over his length. “When I say, you’re going to come like a good boy and you’re going to feel so much better. Can you be good and wait until I say you can come?”
His chest heaves as he fights to breathe, the anticipation once again sending him hurtling towards that soft subspace. A kiss brings him back. “Yes, ma’am.”
You draw your thumb over the oozing crest of his cock, greedily sucking the hiss from between his teeth with your tongue. “That makes me so happy, sugar. I’m going to untie you now and I want you to lie on your back with your legs spread wide and that tight ass on that pillow. I want a good look at you when I fuck you.”
The tension seeps from his taut muscles and skin as you slowly untie his bindings, your lips pressing tender kisses along his frazzled porcelain skin. It’s like magic; the rope collecting and stripping away all the anxiety and frustration he buries deep within himself, hiding it from the world.
Steve is splendid, so obedient as he slowly lowers his back onto the floor, placing his ass on the soft, velvet green pillow and spreading his legs. His body is magnificent, a work of scientific art and brilliance. But his true beauty lies within the twinkle of his eye as he watches you, completely trusting in you as you move to kneel between his legs.
Leaning over him, he meets your kiss hungrily, savouring in the lingering taste of oranges and almonds from your dessert earlier that night. You allow your breasts to brush over his skin, tutting him as he moves to caress them.
“Hands behind your head, pet, let me do all the hard work.”
You’ve taken your time to praise and guide him to this point tonight. Worshipping his golden body, slowly sucking on his cock and balls for an hour as he knelt on the floor bound by the ropes. Teasing him and making him watch you come undone under your own hand. So, you slowly remove the plug he’d kept nestled deep inside for most of the day.
He whimpers as you languidly draw it from him and you’re quick to soothe him. “There you go. Such a good boy for me. You look so beautiful; clenching and needing to be filled again.”
Carefully placing the plug on the table beside you, you are then quick to pick up the watermelon vibrator. His eyes lock onto yours as you slowly work a small amount of lube over the toy, pupils dilating with excitement as you lower it between his legs. It’s a mean, unpredictable game; throwing him off his tactical mindset. You chuckle as he bucks against the toy as you nudge his tight ring with the tip.
“Behave, Stevie, or I’ll pack everything away and there will be no playing.” He groans in frustration as you take his cock in your free hand and slowly stroke him. “It would be such a shame not to see you come, sugar. You don’t want to see me sad, do you?”
“No ma’am,” he responds breathlessly. “Please.”
You hush him gently, kissing him tenderly as you lean over him. “Then be patient, my love. Trust me.”
“I trust you.”
Leaning back up, you begin again, slowly edging the thick toy inside him, relishing in the heated gasp that drowns the room. You lavish him with praise, pressing heavy kisses to the tip of his very aroused cock as you work the toy further in.
A wretched sob fills the void as you brush his prostate and you are quick to swallow his cock in your mouth.
Now begins a drawn-out, torturous dance towards the edge of the precipice before hurling him back before he can find his release, languidly fucking him with the pretty pink vibrator. His body is coated in salty droplets of sweat you’re only too happy to capture with your teeth and tongue as he glistens in the crackling light of the fireplace.
Steve curses as you still the vibrator, deep against his prostate and position yourself over his cock.
“Clench that ass tight, pet. I would hate to have to punish you for letting it fall out.” You know it’s mean but this was his asking. And because you love him more than anything in this universe, you will do whatever you have to to see him through this.
And when you sink onto him, everything comes alight, his body instantly a flush with heat.
He’s heavily drowning in that sweet, light subspace as you ride his cock slowly, your hands gripping his perfect pecs to balance yourself. When the rhythm is set, his guard is down, you turn on the small device still nestled inside him. It renews a spark, pulls him back to you for a moment before he plummets again.
A symphony of curses and babbles fall from his rosy lips as you slowly escalate the watermelon toy’s speed, keeping the remote close by just in case he crashes.
“You’re doing so well, pet,” you purr, caressing his cheek as you draw yourself up and down his thick, hard cock. “I’m going to come first and then, and only then, are you going to fill me up. Do you understand, Stevie?”
He loves the way you call him Stevie. It reminds him of warmth, home, and safety. There’s a soft lilt, a bubble of adoration in the way you say his name. A gravity that draws him back to the earth’s surface; back into the moment. He could hear it a thousand times a day and it will never be enough.
“Yes, please, ma’am.”
He is wrecked. He is wrought. He is so close to that perfect, blinding edge.
It takes little effort, your fingers dancing frantically over your clit before you are coming. Your walls clench his cock desperately as you quake, struggling to keep your pace as you move through your orgasm.
“Come, Stevie,” you beg, desperately clinging to his neck as you kiss him like a starved desperado. A deep longing quenched by him alone.
His hands grip your face as he comes, a frantic and strangled cry freed from deep within him as he finally breaks. You soothe away the tears, see him through the blinding and terrifying tunnel as he comes crashing back down from the sub-high.
You’ve never seen him like this. Totally and utterly laid bare, completely vulnerable, and exposed to you. Not even in all the years you have been together. Distracting him with soothing kisses and loving praise, you reach over and turn off the toy.
He’s so beautiful. Floating; content and his fears soothed. You tenderly remove the toy, pressing your lips to the overheated skin of his thighs. Carefully, you wash him clean with a warm, wet cloth before helping him over to the couch where, with some persuasion, you coax him into drinking a bottle of water. Which he drinks entirely in one gulp.
And then you both float, wrapped up in each other’s arms, watching the fire gently crackle and pop, as you heal in that euphoric embrace. Both blissfully unaware of the brunette sneakily watching from the window, straddling the old oak tree branch, wearing skin-tight jeans and a Fendi puffer vest.
Bucky smirks and in a fake English accent whispers, “Touché, Rogers. Well done, old chat.”
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lovewasted · 2 months ago
For blurb week, can you do Seb helping the reader put her shoes on when she's pregnant because she can't see past her bump?
warnings; dad to be!seb, fluff, language
notes; my heart pls
blurb week
ִֶָ ࣪° .* ʚ♡ɞ clearing out ask box ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪
legs were a dream at this point in time. the ground beneath your stomach became nonexistent— belly nearing the shape of a half globe, only two months left in the pregnancy seemed like a far stretch considering you can’t reach your own feet.
toggling your sock clad foot back and foot into an air force one was probably idiotic anyway. swollen ankles streaming with fluid, you don’t know why you’d try and be stylish rather than comfortable when you’re seven months pregnant. must be the hormones but you wanted to seb to think you appeared stunning today rather than usual ‘good’ he’d given you.
“fuck!” you tremble, adjusting your finger in the backs of the material hoping to give yourself some leverage to shove your foot in. you can feel your body wanting to slide off of the edge of the bed and give up. “seb! c’mere please,” you whimper— frustrated that you couldn’t do something so simple for yourself. children were your fixation but the process was more agonizing than you’d led on.
his rushed steps pad into the shared bedroom, frantically searching for the issue but he’s gotten it once he sees you about to laugh the show into the closet door mirror. “whoa, baby ! hey ! no let me help you,” sebastian’s quick to fall to your feet, kissing the somber skin of your ankle, to allow you comfort.
“sorry, i didn’t want to have to ask you,” you speak whilst sebastian is shifty the show back and forth to force your foot. sure once your feet settled that you’d be able to walk freely. “just wanted to look pretty enough for you.” the heel of your foot slips in on the right, and he’s grabbing the white worn shoe for your left foot but can’t seem to place it with what you’ve just confessed.
“you could have bags tied around your feet and i’d still choose you, pretty girl,” a sloppy smirk plasters on his face. orbs searching yours, that little wrinkle that doubles by your eyes shows him he’s assured you and escapes another ten minute lecture about how he isn’t loving her enough. “get weak at the knees from looking at you carry my baby. that’s so much more than pretty love.”
“but i have pig feet,” you continue. sebastian shoves your left foot into the shoe, completing the pair and stopping the endless endeavors of them.
“cutest pig feet around, baby.”
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lolita-lollipop · 6 months ago
yandere other mother x reader- Coraline au
warnings- yandere behavior, platonic yandere, manipulation, slight infantilism, mentions of neglect, false reality,
this one really isn't bad, but just to warn you, if any of these things trigger you, please don't read!
“Y/n this is insane! Can’t you see that she’s crazy?!” Coraline yelled at you from inside the dusty room while the three ghosts watched, their mouths had been sewn shut long ago, so they weren’t able to intervene. You stood there, feeling like you wanted to cry, this “other mother” was amazing, your real parents never showed much affection, going far enough that it could be Called neglect, so when your other mother held you in her lap, and braided your hair, and gave you warm hugs, and kisses on the cheeks, you felt happy. Your other father was just as amazing, but still, their treatment of you felt similar to one of a baby’s, always treating you like a young child who can’t think for themselves. Coraline noticed this far earlier, while you remained happy and oblivious, the buttons for eyes were the last straw for her.
“I know okay! I just, she’s so nice, I don’t even know what to think anymore, you know what it feels like to actually have parents… I don't, my entire life I’ve been shoved in a little blue house down the stairs and told ‘don't disappoint us’ by my parents! I just want to feel loved… it’s just, it’s just not fair” you spoke, lip quivering, you couldn’t even remember the last time you allowed yourself to cry, you weren’t supposed to love the “other parents” but you did, they were the parents you never had, and you just had to live them. At this point silent tears were trailing down your cheeks, Coraline remained fuming at you, not even sparing a moment to acknowledge the two small black buttons that seemed to appear out of nowhere, peeking through the wall.
“That doesn’t matter, do you really want tiny little needles poking in and out of your eyeballs? Do you really want to leave your real parents behind? Do you want me to leave you behind?” She seethed, you shook your head, letting out a few small whimpers and sobs under your breath, you hated that she was right, you hated it so much, you couldn’t just leave everything in the real world for this parallel universe void of life, you should want to back there right? where no one cared about you, where no one loved you, where you were nothing.
“Coraline? Is that any way to speak to your friend?” A soft voice rang from behind your form, the few lost souls floating in the room ten up, showering to the far corners where the other mother couldn’t see them, then you felt warm hands engulf your waist, pulling you closer to the women’s chest, you subconsciously leave into her warmth, she glared down at Coraline, stoking your head lovingly. In reality, she hadn’t wanted for you to get pushed down here, but Coraline was getting in the way, and you just got caught in the crossfire, she did make sure that your landing was softer though, while Coraline's was harsh.
“You don’t get to tell us what to do, you aren’t her mother.” Coraline breathed out, slimming her eyes into a harsh stare at the woman in whose chest you were sobbing into. One moment, you were in the cold cellar-like room, the next, you were back in the baby pink room that was yours in this place, your true room was a boring white, with a ritzy mattress in the middle, and a small cabinet that served as a closet. Although you didn’t particularly like the color pink, it was nice to know that someone cared enough to bring true colors into your life. The other mother continued her embrace, picking up and cradling your head against her shoulder, you felt a wave of drowsiness overtake your senses, it hit you like a pound of bricks, and you squeezed the back of the women’s shirt to see if you were dreaming or not, her hold just felt so… comforting.
“Was she mean to you darling? Don’t you worry your little head about it, shhhhhh, just fall asleep, mother will take care of everything.” She spoke, bouncing slightly up and down with each step she took towards the large bed that was displayed in the center of the room. You barely muttered a small “wait” before falling asleep in her arms. She tenderly placed your body under the silky sheets, wrapping you up with the soft fabric and placing a small pig plushy next to you, keeping an eye on her precious’s little daughter while she tended to some “housework”.
The second you went unconscious you slipped into a weird dream, you were walking on a thin sheet of water, in a pitch dark room, it was so cold like someone had dunked you in a bucket of ice, you stared out into the nothingness, gradually growing more anxious, where are you?
“HELLO! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE!” You screamed, only to be greeted by the echo of your own words, nothing more, nothing less. You started to swivel around in a moment of panic, having just about no idea what could happen to you in this dark abyss. That was until you dek the floor below you disappear, and you popped into existence into a completely different place, it was a medium sized room, the layout was similar to a grocery store, multiple shelves made the room feel smaller, what was odd about it, was that all the shelves were packed with hundreds of snowglobes. You admired the pretty glass structures as you slowly walked down the aisles, each had a completely different design, with little figures inside, you found it adorable, ogling at the pretty things. That was until you heard quiet clicking of heels, and your other mother came into view.
“There you go, now don’t be rude to me! You are a very lucky girl that I’m even letting you live, you should know much better than to taint my daughter's mind with your filthy voice, oh you make such a great addition to my collection! Enjoy your stay, forever” she chimed, you were positive that she couldn’t see you, mainly because you were standing frozen directly in front of her, and she hadn’t acknowledged you. At least you weren’t freezing anymore! You tiptoed closer to the snowglobe that was just placed among the collections, wondering why your mother was so enthusiastic about it. And saw nothing special about it, other than the bright yellow raincoat that adorned the figurine.
you remained completely unaware. of the thousands of button eyes that watched you from the globes, begging to be shattered, and set free.
“Pretty” you muttered to yourself before the world faded again, and you were back into your body, snuggled up under the covers, clutching the pig plushy close to your chest, you felt awake, but also very asleep, forgetting your entire dream the moment your eyes opened, slightly surprised to see that you were still in the pink room, in the other house. You could hear the feint sound of your bedroom door opening, the creak rang through the room. And the other mother smiled softly at your lovable position, cooing under her breath, trying not to be too loud and wake you up.
“Darling, we have to get up now, oh I know I know your still tired, but it’s dinner time, you can’t stay in bed all night, little sleepyhead, my little sleepyhead.” She spoke, rubbing your shoulder while you groaned at the sudden speaking and noise. You didn't know how long that dream lasted, but you did know that it was odd, so odd that in fact, it made up your mind for you about the whole button eyes thing.
“Uhm- Mother? I-I’m sorry, but I- I don’t want to put buttons in my eyes.” You muttered, awaiting a harsh reaction, but instead, getting another one of her sweet smiles, she picked you up again and sat you in her lap, your small frame getting engulfed by hers.
“Oh is that what you were worrying so hard about? Don’t worry honey, you never were going to have to sow buttons in your eyes, it was just to see if I could trust you, and I know that I can trust you now.” She stated, calmly, a little too calmly. So… she lied? You got in a fight with your best friend because she wanted to “see if she could trust you”?
“Oh- okay, where coralline though? Can I talk to her? Please, mother?” You started begging after seeing her stoic expression, why did you want to see her? Was she not good enough for you? Coralline was mean to you, she hurt her little girl! Why did you want to see her? We’re you going to leave your mother for a snobby brat? She tightened her hold on you, pressing you closer to her, whispering little “shh” or “stay with me” in your ear, for some reason, you couldn't place what Coraline's face looked like, even though you had seen her just earlier, any memories of her were slowly dimming, fuzzy spots started appearing in any of those memories, and like turning of a staticky tv, they disappeared. You couldn’t even remember the name “coralline” after a few minutes of being cradled in this women’s lap.
“Cmon darling, let’s go eat dinner now, your father made it this time, I’m surprised he hasn't burn down the kitchen!” She spoke, getting a few sleepy giggles out of you. After helping you down the stairs she led you to the dining room, where you went on and sat at the large table next to your two parents. And so, you forgot about your “real” world, staying young forever here, even growing younger and smaller as time went on, forgetting about coralline, and your parents, and the small door, you lived your life happy, dressed in frilly pink clothing, learning to lobe your mother as she grew more obsessed with you, she got what she wanted in the end
You stayed mother’s little girl forever
have a great day today :)
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obutsuwrites · 9 months ago
crybaby (therapist!overhaul x f!reader)
Tumblr media
summary: She nodded, too ashamed and drunk on her own high to function. 
Unsatisfied by her response, Chisaki grabbed her face. Her rosy cheeks squished in his grip. Chisaki realized she was cute like this. A little puffy fish. 
“You’re being such an annoying pig. My patience is growing thin. Tell me. Tell me you want my cock.” His sentence stumbled from him, in between heavy breaths. 
The woman buried her face in his chest, “Please fuck me, Kai. I need it -- please, please, please.”  warnings: boot worship, dubcon, light scalpel play, male masturbation, light medical play, praise, smut, overstimulation, yandere elements word count: 4,162 lil note: this was written as part of the bnha degeneracy 9 to 5 collab! also we like the banner?? i’m thinking of bein fancy with my posts now 👉👈 masterlist | tipjar | twitter | commission info | ask box is open (for requests)
"His eyes were lifeless. No light entered, no light left. I guess," the woman pauses and pushes out a gravely sigh, "no… refraction." Chisaki Kai notes she says the word with grief; as if it were painful. He scribbles a note: overemotional. Golden eyes examined the woman. Scanning and memorizing the imperfections in her armor. The woman that sat comfortably. It was like her little sad frame didn't bother her. Her body shook and a whimper escaped. 
'Fascinating,' he thought. She was a pathetic creature. Sobbing once a week into his fine leather. The woman was an ugly crier. Her face would swell; puffy and pink. Eyes glossy and red. Sometimes, Chisaki's pants would constrict from the display. Misery in it's finest form. A show just for him. 
Chisaki would be lying if he didn't think this blubbering woman would look better wrapped around his cock. Her squishy face smashed against his groin. Eyes watery and looking up, words of praise muffled. Latex gloves gripping her hair as he degrades her. 'A pathetic little crybaby.'
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
The first time she had cried, Chisaki sent her packing. His stern voice demanding she "fix her attitude" before returning. Yet, the very next week this weepy woman crumbles. Her voice was a howl. Low and haunting. She'd shake. Her tiny body unable to contain grief. It was disgusting. This was time for help, not fits. The second time, Chisaki only found it unsightly. 
But the third time? The third time she was able to speak, and her voice trembled. Words so sad and awful. She was lesser than him. She was pathetic. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Eventually, Chisaki memorized her trauma; low self esteem and a lack of power from an event involving a roommate. Some days he learned more than others. Sometimes the woman would simply come to cry. No words, simply the sound of her wails. They bounced off the room like rubber. Her sobbing stuck in his ears like honey. Thick. Syrupy. Sweet. 
Nothing seemed to improve during their sessions. It was always one fit after another. No change. No spiral. This crybaby was the only constant for Chisaki. His patients came and went, conditions manageable. But this little crybaby of a woman was expected every Friday at 4. Punctuality was her only redeeming quality. There was something pleasant in appreciating Chisaki's time. 'Considerate' was the word. 
She stopped crying as the clock struck 6. 'Like clockwork.' Truthfully, Chisaki believed the woman allowed herself this insecurity. The two hours with him were cathartic. He circles the word in his notes. His canary eyes were glued to her file now. The woman's face was bland and uninteresting. 'You look so plain like this.' A scowl returned to Chisaki's lips. 
"Thank you, Dr. Chisaki," the woman beamed. She often pretended as if she hadn't wept. As if Chisaki were paying her a kindness. It enraged him; she was scum. Her position was beneath him. Her eyes wouldn't leave him. Glossy and wrinkled in a grin. 
Chisaki suppressed a shiver, "I appreciate our talks," his lips twist into a smile, "Drive home safely." He always emphasized the talking. Her trembling lips and heavy voice were erotic in a way. Chisaki wondered what her tears tasted like. He envisioned himself atop her; fingers exploring her pussy, tongue lapping at her tears. 
He watched the woman leave. Golden orbs trained on her back. She took her time leaving; punishment for watching her cry. Chisaki’s cheeks grew hot. It was nauseating to think of bending her over the fine leather. Chisaki was convinced she’d be obedient, her ass waiting in the air. 
‘You’d be a soaking little crybaby, wouldn’t you?’
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
His evening began with ritual. Chisaki slipped off his slacks, opting to keep his sweater on. He felt less dirty that way. His cock sprung from his boxer briefs. Heavy and veiny. Chisaki rubbed the tip before spitting on it. He rubbed the spit in, thinking of her. Drooling and sobbing on his cock. Chisaki wanted to rob her of oxygen, ‘Her face must be so cute when she chokes.’ The thought hit Chisaki as he stroked his length. He grunted, palm pumping his cock. His other hand cradled his balls, softly kneading. Orgasms felt so dirty. Unnatural. Viscous cum shot into the pillowy deepness of a tissue. 
He looked at it and groaned. Tossing the tissue away, Chisaki started preparation. 
The hum of a computer filled his bedroom. It was ancient, but Chisaki wasn’t picky. Besides, the rudimentary technology only served one purpose. This was Chisaki’s gateway into ‘hysteria and the female orgasm.’ A million and five hundred thousand results. Everything at his fingertips. He observed her enough -- watched her enough to realize what she needed. She needed his latex clad fingers. His cock buried in her seeping core. He’d stretch her, ruin her body for anyone but him. Her cunt was made for him. 
Chisaki sat in his underwear. Face focused on an order page. Recently, Chisaki found himself hyper focusing on this fantasy; his little crybaby overstimulated and mewling, begging Chisaki for relief. She’d pray for his cock. He was her only release. 
The plan was simple. Allow her to breakdown as usual until he could no longer handle it. Then, he’d offer the woman a glass of water. Claiming that she must be ‘so dehydrated.’ If she refused, Chisaki planned to persist. ‘It’s for my peace of mind, too.’ He could strike her vulunability. Show her someone cared. She was naive and too stupid, so clearly she would lap up his kindness. Insist on drinking every last drop, letting the ‘medication’ take full effect. This necessity was for his sake. Chisaki didn’t want his crybaby too loud. 
His mind drifted to her wiggling beneath him, his boot pressed against her cheek. Perhaps he would force her to lick it, if only to remind her of her place. 
“Beneath me,” he murmurs as a hand sneaks under his waistline. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
His kit sits comfortably, tucked behind a bookshelf. Chisaki recognized he needed items. Physical means to make his vision into reality. He anticipated she would come into his embrace quietly… but a part of him hoped she’d fight him. Permit him to make an example of her. Chisaki’s chest tightened. The clock ticked slowly, as if chastising Chisaki for his plans. However, he knew she needed this -- needed him. 
In his kit sat latex gloves, rope, a scalpel, and an expensive vibrator. The personal massager took some convincing to buy; he hated the idea of a market for these… toys… but it was essential. Her face had to be flushed and sweaty. It was important she knew how inferior she was. Chisaki was doing her an injustice by letting the woman merely exist without him. 
A soft beep echoed; the beginning of his plan. Chisaki sat with his legs crossed. Leisurely. Slender fingers atop his notes. The little pile before him was a fraction of his observations. His little crybaby was interesting, to say the least. She was his favorite client. Chisaki was almost embarrassed by the sheer volume of material he kept. His closet was home to clothes and boxes; all filled with parchment. Their margins were adorned in highlight and sticky notes. Chisaki was nothing if not dedicated. 
Quiet foot falls marked her arrival. The woman would always stand outside until Chisaki welcomed her in. Even asking permission for her therapist appointment. There was something admirable about it -- something Chisaki had to break. 
“Come in,” Chisaki called. His voice carried an airy professionalism. Yellow eyes briefly looked up, but quickly returned to the floor. Chisaki held his lust by memorizing the carpet. 
She shuffled in, gently shutting the door behind her. Despite the miserable crybaby mannerisms, the woman was quite polite. ‘Very well trained for a mutt,’ Chisaki mused. Silence was heavy between them; this weeping woman was never consistent with greetings. Somedays, she wouldn’t choke out a ‘hello’ until deep within her misery. Her words obviously muted by her hands. She liked to cradle her face, Chisaki believed it was to stimulate intimacy. Something she was clearly lacking. 
Settling into a chair, she managed a meek ‘hello’ before salty tears brimmed her eyes. Chisaki snuck a glance; she looked in pain. Her bottom lip stuck between teeth. The woman nibbled at the flesh. Anything to alleviate her sadness. The sharp pain was a perfect anchor.
‘I won’t cry. I won’t cry in front of him today.’ She was going to will herself to hold back tears and actually talk. It was kind enough of Dr. Chisaki to let her openly bawl. In all honesty, the woman hated herself for it. At this point, she was only paying him to watch. The poor man was probably too shy -- too professional to ask her to quit. She was abusing his altruism. The woman bit back a shiver, puffing out her chest. Swallowing sadness. 
Chisaki looked up. Silence between them this early was… "Are you okay?" Her name comes out like a melody. Something he wants to say forever. Chisaki gripped his clipboard. He needed to ground himself. Find haven in reality. 
She stares back, "I come here bec--"
"Don't say it," he murmured. Hand resting comfortably on her thigh. There was an obvious barrier; her leggings. Plush. Almost like her pillowy thighs. Chisaki groped at the plump flesh; "You're so soft." His fingers wander to pinch, "It's disgusting."
The woman remained quiet. Debating with his hand creeping toward her thigh felt dangerous. Dr. Chisaki made her feel dirty; lewd, maybe? She wasn’t sure. The heat in her core was becoming overwhelming. Her mouth moved to speak, but nothing fell out. Empty.
“Silent now, are we? What happened to your big speech? Tell me about how you’re feeling… right now.” His words were a command. No trace of a request. Chisaki needed to hear her quake; wiggle against his clothed bulge. 
Saliva pooled in her mouth. Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. 
“I want to go home,” She blubbered, voice strained and whining. Her vision was blurry at best. Everything was splotchy. Dr. Chisaki was an imposing shape of purple and black. She knew he wore a tie; simple deep purple. Shirt. His shirt is black. It takes her a moment to compose thoughts. His hand and her only time to weep were overstimulating.
Chisaki continued his assault, fingers violently rubbing at her covered slit. He wanted to see a tear before the gloves. Before her examination. His cock pulsated at the thought. Latex in her mouth, stuffing her with the cure his cock. A shock -- an orgasm (even this word was perverse to Chisaki) would dislodge any feverishness. Dissipation. Her cries for him. 
“You’re crying,” Chisaki commented; hand slow against her crotch, “Little crybaby.” 
The woman muffled a sob and instead bit her lip. Blood bloomed in the corner of her smile. The doctor was a curse. This was illegal. He shouldn’t be touching her like this. 
He sighed.
“Nothing just as I suspected.” 
“This... “ A heave interjects, “This is my time. I can’t express myself like this.” She motions to her tears. Honestly, the woman was high-strung. Revealing herself -- taking off a mask -- was cathartic. Liberation in its purest form. 
He pursed his lips and harshly removed his hand. The auburn haired man stood up; crossing the room to a benign black bag. Chisaki rooted around for his gloves. Latex, white, a barrier between them. Chisaki wanted to touch her briefly -- skin to skin was important. Necessary. Something unavoidable. 
A snap resounded through the room. Loud. Interrupting. Chisaki wanted to be heard. He wanted her to gawk; eyes glued to him. 
Her face erupted into confusion. Fear nestled into her veins. Too cold, too much. "What is..?" The woman's voice is quiet and still muffled from tears. 
'This is the cutest you've looked, isn't it?' Chisaki thought of pinching her cheeks, examining the damage. His pants constricted. It was a kindness to teach this wrenched woman her place. 
"Keep talking. This is a part of your therapy," Chisaki stated plainly. He rummaged in the bag further, producing something thin and shiny; metallic caught in the fluorescence. Uncomfortable by the sight, the woman shifted her gaze to his feet. His choice of footwear was odd. Polished, tar black boots. His footfalls were anything but quiet. Roaring. Really, she found it intimidating. 
“Please…” She didn’t know why she begged like this. Dr. Chisaki wasn’t supposed to be this cruel. He was a therapist -- her therapist. He seemed so balanced before. Normal. And yet the man before her stood with molten eyes and a scalpel. 
Slowly, the auburn haired man strode toward her. As if he were a lion savoring his meal. Inspection for prime dread. “Don’t be stupid and move. It’d be a shame if I,” Chisaki paues to taste the words, “hurt you.” Like any greedy man, Chiaski expected resistance. 
But like a good little doe, she stares into the scalpel. ‘So moronic shiny things distract you.’ In a way, he found it enduring. She was so pathetic, so useless without his sympathetic ear. Functioning without him must be a chore; he was her sanctuary. 
He stops in front of her, boot tapping against wood. “I think it’s beneficial you learn your place, don’t you? Society must be so pressuring for you. As your licensed healthcare professional, it’s my business.”
The woman gathered remaining courage. 
“I’ll call the police.” Before her threat was tangible, Chisaki grabbed her wrists. They fit perfectly in one gloved hand. 
“Stop being such a little crybaby bitch.” Cool metal touches her cheek. A warning from Dr. Chisaki. 
A shiver overtook her spine. The scalpel was new, shiny, and sharp. He could slice into her face right now, nothing was truly stopping him. Anxiety bubbled in her mind. This man was dangerous. Maybe, maybe monstrous. He listened to her, let her reveal such an intimate part, only to turn on her trust. Betrayal in the worst form. 
The woman doesn’t respond.
“Get on all fours,” Chisaki commanded. He punctuated his sentence with a shove. “You’re such a pig bitch, you know that right? It’s sad you think anyone would listen to you sob.”
Her eyes grew into shock. With trembling hands, the woman gets on her knees. Her palms were flat atop spotless wood. Dr. Chisaki was quirky like that. If anything, she admired him for it. He seemed so disciplined. ‘All lies,’ she thinks, melancholy stuck in her eyes. Her heart practically ached. Ached for herself, ached for him.
His lips curled into a smirk. Eyes genuinely wrinkled. Finally, this succubus learned. A jolt of excitement shot through his cock; the member twitching. 
“Kiss my boots.”
She blinked at his demand. Her mind had to catch up. She needed to absorb the sentence. Should she resist, kick him, and take off? Could she? Her mind swirled with violent images. Large hands wrapped around her throat. His naked body sweaty against hers. 
The woman decided to comply. Chisaki watched in anticipation as her lips made contact with glossy leather. Staying up to wax them was worth it for this. Every fantasy was drab compared to her. She was meek; placing light kisses. Her lips ghosted and left little spit puddles in her wake. Chisaki felt a certain hotness in his stomach. The act was so disgusting, and yet, Chisaki was grinding his bulge into his palm. 
Suddenly, the woman stopped and looked up at her confidant. “Can I -- please -- can I leave now?” 
Chisaki frowns. She doesn’t sound broken enough. ‘Fixed enough,’ he corrects. ‘She needs to be fixed. Cured.’
“Did I say you could stop?” The auburn man sneered. He stomped his boot, his patient mask falling. “Keep kissing them. Slobber on them, little pig. Show me how worthless you are.”
Her tongue whirled around, saliva dotting his boots. She sounded flustered. Huffs and soft squirming. “How are you feeling? You seem to be enjoying it.” 
Without meeting his predatory gaze, she whimpered in between sloppy kisses, “I -- I love this so much, Dr. Chisaki.” Such an obedient crybaby. 
“We know each other enough for Kai, you know that.” 
Eager yellow eyes watched. Excitement lit up inside his veins. Hot and unable to reject. 
Being complacent was her only means of survival now. She stopped, doe eyes boring into him.
Drool trailed from her lips, joined with his boot. “Kai, can I?” Her warm hand removed his and rubbed his crotch. Delicate fingers feeling his length, massaging girth and veins. A vibrating, rough groan escaped Chisaki. Something deep. Something feral. It was a sound the woman couldn’t fathom. 
And yet, she felt a tingle between her thighs. 
Chisaki stroked her face. Squishy and tear-stained; she should be embarrassed. How humiliating must it be to grovel and sob? It was pitiful in a way. Broken. Pathetic. “Let me see how much you want my cock, like the filthy pig you are. So greedy.”
In response to his harsh words, the woman graciously unbuckled his sleek belt, and quickly unbuttoned his slacks. His cock was constrained underneath boxer-briefs. The cut showed off his calves, toned and lean. Being this close to Chisaki reminded her how big he was -- he towered over her. 
She fumbled with the hem of his underwear. Unsure if he wanted her hand or her mouth. 
Noticing her confusion, Chisaki brought a gloved finger to her lips, “Suck.” 
The woman shook while she tugged down Chisaki’s boxer-briefs. His cock -- slick with pre-cum -- sprung from their cloth prison. She winced at his size; he would spear her. Shoving away lewd images, she gently stroked him. An experimental touch before she took him into her mouth. His cock was heavy in her mouth. The girth of Chisaki made her cheeks puff. Gently, she tried to work his cock to the back of her throat. His bulbous tip made her gag, a sensation that had Chisaki instinctively forcing his cock down her esophagus. Her walls contracted around him. In a panic, the woman tried to shove him away. The action was futile, which left her with one option: digging her nails into him. Piercing his thighs to get him to stop. 
“Don’t be so rough, piglette.” Chisaki tugged at her hair until she winced, an audible squeal was muffled by his violent thrusting. Spit dribbled down her chin, landing on her chest. Her face was awash with crimson, discomfort in her features. Chisaki took her in like fine wine. Delicious and sweet. 
Her wet tongue tangled with his cock, exploring every inch of him. Hot breath pistoned from her nose. Her nails were still pricking him. Pain mixed with pleasure, until the hot bundle within his stomach felt as if it might explode. Salty pre-cum flooded her mouth; the taste resulting in a sour face. Chisaki knew he’d cum if she didn’t stop. 
Chisaki pushed the woman away. Surprised and caught off guard, she lost balance, slamming her palms on the floor. 
Chisaki stepped out of his clothes and crouched down. The auburn man decided to instead examine her face, and allow his fingers free-range over her delicate body. 
“Stay still,” Chisaki advised, his fingers manipulating the doughy flesh of her breast. She was as soft as he imagined. He could easily bruise her; give her marks that screamed, ‘you belong to Kai Chisaki.’ But he resisted. “Take off your blouse -- slowly -- and tell me how sad and pathetic you truly are.” 
“I’m… I’m so sad all the time. I just have this -- oh god -- I have this deep sadness and it feels suffocating, Kai. It’s pathetic. I’m pathetic.”
Her body stiffened at his request. The words were too harsh. Too rough. She lifted up her shirt and tossed it behind her. She looked away as Chisaki’s monstrous gaze transversed her chest. 
“The bra too, piggie.”
Taking off her bra added another layer of awkwardness. This wasn’t the first time a man saw her like this -- exposed and sweaty… but his hungry eyes sent chills through her. An electricity of unease. 
Cruel hands fondled her breasts. His fingers were faint over her nipples. She leaned into his touch, back arched. Barely audible mewls flew from her lips. Her body betrayed her. It was degrading. She should already be out the door and dialing the police. But no, her body craved him. ‘A compliant little pig.’ Chisaki hands wandered to her hip and played with the edge of her skirt. His motions were playful. This side of him was tolerable. Chisaki was like a school boy; bashful and nervous.
“Now, how are you feeling?” Chisaki asked. His tone was condescending; he wasn’t asking out of benign professionalism, but hateful interest. 
Her mouth opens and then closes. Unable to compose a response, the woman simply places a hand over his. 
Slapping her thigh, Chisaki chides her, “Speak, pig. Use your idotic words and tell sir how you feel.” 
She gulps. 
“I feel sick. This is shameful, s-sir.” The lewd title causes her blush to deepen. Cheeks flush with embarrassment and delight. Chisaki saw his treatment was finally starting to take hold. 
Chisaki snakes a hand under her skirt, massaging her slit once more. Her arousal was still there, clinging wet panties to her cunt. The woman bit her lip trying to stifle groans. The mixture of his fingers on her breast and between her thighs was almost too much. Sweat gathered at her brow as Chisaki slipped a finger into her soaking core. His slender finger pistoned in and out; snapping against her lips. The auburn man had a lack of mercy, his mouth clasped over her neck. Hot mouth sucking at tender flesh. His tongue circled around the abused patch of skin, desperate to savor her. 
The room was an ensemble of depravity; their moans mixed with the squelch of her pussy. She bucked into his digit, her body hurting for the stimulation. Heat built in her stomach, like a balloon filled with fire. The sensation continued to expand until it peaked; a high pitched squeal marking her orgasm. 
There was a popping sound and then, “So excited you cum already, pitiful, and I was hoping you’d squirm more. You want my cock, don’t you?” His finger leaves her cunt. Spongy walls now empty and wanting. 
She nodded, too ashamed and drunk on her own high to function. 
Unsatisfied by her response, Chisaki grabbed her face. Her rosy cheeks squished in his grip. Chisaki realized she was cute like this. A little puffy fish. 
“You’re being such an annoying pig. My patience is growing thin. Tell me. Tell me you want my cock.” His sentence stumbled from him, in between heavy breaths. 
The woman buried her face in his chest, “Please fuck me, Kai. I need it -- please, please, please.” She broke out into a series of pleas mixed with crying. Her body was still numb, still too high to really anticipate more. Overstimulated and teary eyed. 
“On your back,” Chisaki breathed, his face slightly flushed. He maneuvered her bare body and spread her legs around his wiry waist. Her knees hooked at an angle, like a spider.
Chisaki lined himself up with her tender, violated hole. “You’re so fucking insignificant.” His first thrust was hard and without warning. She gasped and placed her palms on his chest. Carnivorous, gold eyes looked down at her, mouth open and panting. His hips snapped against the back of her thigh. The sound was sharp against their perverse moans. A chorus of vulgarity. His girth made her cunt ache, sensitive walls stretched and full. “Do -- do you know how miserable you make me, little crybaby?” Forming sentences was hard. Chisaki’s cock was sucked in by her cunt; stuck in a death grip. ‘Gonna milk me for every bit of cum, aren’t you, piggie?’
Her hands roamed his chest. His relentless pumping was too much. She needed to grab something. To ground herself back into reality and not a cum induced daze. His veins added texture. Something so stimulating the woman found herself atop another peak. Ready to descend. However, Chisaki hadn’t quite reached nirvana. The cool air desensitized him. The heat of her pussy was like a shock. 
“Focus on me.” His raspy voice brought her back into the moment. Squishy body jiggling from the force of Chisaki. Lidded eyes rolled over to gawk at Chisaki. Blissed out. “Honestly, your little crybaby face is cute like this, piggie.” A light slap smacked against her cheek, as if to further compliment her. 
Chisaki’s rutted into her sloppy cunt until the hot brand in his stomach exploded; a deep groan vibrated from his chest as cum squirted into her cunt. He milked each thrust, until his balls lazily slapped against her. Tears streaked her face. Eyes glazed over with ecstasy. He grabbed her face once more. A close up look of the damage, “You did so well for a stupid little crybaby.
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robininthelabyrinth · a year ago
Wei Wuxian never had the patience for embroidery, and Jiang Yanli was passable, but preferred cooking. Jiang Cheng found it comforting, stabbing something over and over again, with a better result than breaking training dummies.
It started with Jiang Cheng being a sticky child, refusing to leave his jie’s side even when she sat for her embroidery lessons; with him being noisy and troublesome and the teacher just shoving the needle and thread into his hands with a muttered comment about it being good for men to know how to repair their own clothing – as if a future sect leader would ever need to know something like that.
Jiang Cheng quieted down and focused, all hard work and determination to please the way he went about all aspects of his life – he wasn’t a natural talent, in cultivation or swordmanship or even this, but he always tried his best.
His mother covered her mouth with her hand to hide her laughter when he presented her with the results of several weeks’ worth: it was just barely recognizable as the world’s ugliest duck.
“A symbol of loving devotion,” one of her maids said.
“There’s only one, though,” the other maid said. “They’re supposed to be a pair.”
“He’s still young,” Madame Yu said, and then held up a fabric with a vaguely incoherent green-white-pink blob. “And anyway, it’s still better than this – what is this supposed to be again, A-Li?”
“A lotus flower,” Jiang Yanli replied, utterly untroubled by her mother’s criticism.
Madame Yu and her maids studied the fabric for a little while longer, trying to identify a flower inside the knot of threads, helpless expressions on their face.
“A-Cheng is a duck without a partner and A-Li is unrestrained by commonly understood boundaries,” Madame Yu finally said, pinching her nose. “With signs as inauspicious as this…well, at least you still have your father to hold up the world for you.”
“Men care more about cooking skills anyway,” one of her maids said. “And A-Cheng is an heir to a sect: he’ll find himself a lady duck one day. Maybe even a whole set of them.”
“He’d better not find a whole set of them!”
There was a small needle on the floor of the hut where the Wen sect had stuffed him away – too small and thin to attack anyone, even if a useless waste with no golden core could muster an attack at all, and so it had been overlooked.
Jiang Cheng held it over the flame of the lamp to sterilize it, and then, with shaking hands, turned it on his own flesh.
He didn’t have a choice – it was that or die bleeding out onto the floor of some closet in the Lotus Pier he’d never even known existed, some of the cuts left by the Wens too deep to be left alone even for a little while, and he didn’t have spiritual energy to encourage the healing process.
Maybe he should just die. What was the point of living? He was a waste, now. Maybe the deep cuts were even meant to be a kindness – a way out of the misery that awaited him, a life of being Wen Chao’s slave, an object of pity and mockery.
Jiang Cheng’s hands might be shaking, but his embroidery was good: he’d kept it up, citing it as good training for precision, a way to improve his dexterity, but in fact it was the only thing that could make his mother smile at him anymore. Sure, she yelled about him wasting time with feminine pursuits when he ought to be cultivating, training, getting stronger, surpassing Wei Wuxian, but when she looked at the little things he made for her, she still smiled, almost as if she couldn’t help herself.
She wouldn’t smile for him any longer. Neither smile nor scolding.
Jiang Cheng would live to see Wei Wuxian take the revenge their parents deserved. He could wait until that was done to die.
A regular needle could prick the finger of a cultivator a thousand times before drawing a single drop of blood.
Jiang Cheng’s fingers were covered in bandages, but the new disciples of his Jiang sect had robes embroidered with lotuses, the way they should have, and they need not be ashamed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other sects in battle.
It wasn’t a job a sect leader should ever do, but there was no one else to do it; any money had to be spent on supplies, none left over for paying seamstresses to do something impractical, and the few women who joined up expected to be used for their skill at the sword, not the needle.
It was just another thing he had to do with no time to do it – he had to train himself in preparation for battle, teach the new disciples the Jiang sect techniques, make sure they had enough to eat and drink, keep one step ahead of the Wen sect’s forces that sought to destroy them, recruit new sects to join their cause and all of it while searching desperately for Wei Wuxian, who had gone missing.
(Sometimes, in his nightmares, Jiang Cheng wondered if Baoshan Sanren had seen through their mischief, recognized him as someone other than her disciple’s son, and demanded a price be paid for the gift she had given him.)
At least embroidery was something he could do at night when he couldn’t sleep, something productive that wouldn’t disturb the sentries or make anyone worry about him.
Sometimes, Lan Wangji – who had joined him in searching for Wei Wuxian – would come and sit next to him at the early hours of the night, undoubtedly fleeing nightmares of his own. His meditation didn’t bother Jiang Cheng, and as much as he hated to admit it, the company was welcome.
That didn’t stop him from embroidering a small awkward stork on the inside of Lan Wangji’s forehead ribbon the one time the other man had asked him for help fixing it after it’d been cut in battle.
“I know Madame Jin probably already got you something better,” Jiang Cheng said, his fingers twisting together – in fact, he hadn’t thought of it at all, not until he reached Lanling and heard the women on the street speculating as to which skilled seamstress had been retained to embroider all the auspicious signs onto the wedding clothing of the Jin sect’s new daughter-in-law.
It hadn’t even occurred to him that they would just buy a set pre-made – wedding clothing was traditionally embroidered by the bride herself, preparations made over the years, and of course the set Jiang Yanli had (with no real motivation or ambition) been working on had gone up in flames along with the Lotus Pier. When she’d come to let him know about Jin Zixuan’s impending proposal, and that she intended to accept, Jiang Cheng had panicked and ordered the silks and thread himself; his sister was passable at embroidery at the best of times, much worse when under pressure or a deadline, and he didn’t want the Jin sect to laugh at her.
He should have realized. What didn’t the Jin sect solve with money?
“As if I would wear anything other than what A-Cheng made for me,” Jiang Yanli said, voice warm as she ran her hands over the red silk he’d brought with him, the golden threads glinting. “It’s beautiful. Your ducks have gotten much better since your first attempt, all those years ago.”
Jiang Cheng covered his face with embarrassment. His mother had kept that stupid hideous duck for years, often just sitting in her pocket alongside regular necessities so that she could pull it out to embarrass him whenever she pleased; it had probably only died when she had.
“I left some undone for you to finish,” he said through his fingers. “I brought the thread…if you want?”
“Of course. A-Cheng will sit by me and make sure I don’t make any mistakes.”
The last pair of ducks ended up crooked, their heads too close together, their beaks at such an odd angle that it almost looked like a smile; they were Jiang Cheng’s favorite ones of all.
“For you,” Jiang Cheng said, shoving the box into Wei Wuxian’s arms and ignoring the look of confusion. “For when Hanguang-jun finally decides to live up to his responsibilities.”
“What are you talking about?” Wei Wuxian said blankly. “Why are you even at the Cloud Recesses?”
Jiang Cheng sneered because it was easier than doing anything else. It was the first time he’d seen Wei Wuxian since the events at the Guanyin temple: Wei Wuxian hadn’t come back to the Lotus Pier, not once, even though Jin Ling had tried several times to invite him.
“Am I not allowed, now?” he demanded irritably. “I’m a sect leader; I have a visitor’s token, same as anyone else. Anyway, I have other business to attend to – just take it and be done with it. Don’t make a fuss.”
It was a mistake to say that – as soon as Wei Wuxian realized there was the possibility of a fuss, he couldn’t wait to confront it at once, and disregarded all rules of etiquette to pull open the box right there as they stood, before even Jiang Cheng left.
“Red…?” Wei Wuxian’s eyes went wide. “Jiang Cheng, you got me wedding clothing.”
“Reused ones,” Jiang Cheng said before Wei Wuxian could get too emotional or anything. “The only adjustments were to the size and shape – don’t think too highly of yourself!”
“Sect Leader Jiang is too humble,” Lan Wangji said from the door. “It must have been a great effort to make clothing for a man from the ones your sister wore.”
“Sister…? You – this is what shijie married in?”
Jiang Cheng glared at the immovable Lan Wangji rather than look at Wei Wuxian. “Her marriage was happy,” he said stiffly. “Yes, it was cut short –”
Best not to say by whom.
“– but it was still happy. It’s not meant to be a bad omen or a curse…I thought you’d like it. Not that I expected you’d remember what it looked like, with your memory.”
“Of course I like it!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed, hugging the red fabric to his chest. “You made it for shijie, and she finished it, right?”
“I had to add some more fabric to make up for the size difference,” Jiang Cheng said, still refusing to look at him directly. At least Lan Wangji had the good grace to be easy to glare at, that pig who dug up his family’s (lost, dead, resurrected) cabbage. “There are a few more that still need finishing. That way, it’ll have something from all of us – don’t you dare cry at me!”
“I’m not crying! My eyes are watering from laughter at how sentimental you are, that’s all!”
“It is good that we will both have signs of Sect Leader Jiang’s approval with us,” Lan Wangji said mildly.
Wei Wuxian turned to him at once. “Both? What do you have?”
Jiang Cheng was equally confused, and only when Lan Wangji reached up to his forehead ribbon did he remember his fit of pettiness in horror. “Wait, no, don’t – it can’t still be there –”
It was.
Wei Wuxian’s cackles followed him as he fled.
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box-of-roses · a year ago
Tall/Small Headcannons for Oikawa, Ushijima, Tendo, The Twins, Alisa, and Sakusa
Oikawa Toru
♚ Giving you his Seijoh jacket before a game and making sure you sit closer to the team than his fangirls. (He will find a way even if you have to sit on the bench with the coach this boy will plead)
♚ Enjoys when you move your arms up and down making little flap sounds and just gives you a hug because cute
♚ Definitely persuades you into calling Iwaizumi Iwa-chan (although he’s fine with it because you’re smol and he will protect too)
♚Prepare for facetimes at like 1 A.M. when he comes up with new alien conspiracies and you jokingly saying you’re an alien and him just sitting here like “Because you’re so amazing you’re out of this world.” 
♚ Smirks because he knows when he has a good pick up line
♚ So like go on a little drabble with me for a sec-
    Turning over you smile and place your hand on this side of your boyfriend’s face rubbing small circles on his cheek while your other hand is running through the soft brown tresses. His chocolate eyes flutter open and he just leans forward a bit and nuzzles your noses together. “Good morning my King!” He blushes and kisses your forehead. Rubbing small circles on your back he pulls the blankets up a bit because you must stay warm...totally not because he doesn’t want to move from the blanket burrito and start the day. 
♚ Hot cocoa in the winter and puts little peppermint pieces in it when it gets closer to Christmas
♚ You’re cold? Have his scarf and hat, and be prepared to share his jacket with him because he’s also cold
♚ Valentine’s Day? This boy uses the fourteen days leading up to it to spoil you plus Valentine’s Day itself. 
♚ Little notes in your locker telling you how pretty you are and how he just wants to pepper kisses all over your face 
♚ Prepare for him walking into your homeroom on Valentine’s day and just snuggling with you as he feeds you chocolate and then he comes back for lunch because he needs to properly spoil you
♚ If he’s little spoon expect him to just lay on top of your chest and demand you pet his hair 
♚ Protect this baby please
Ushijima Wakatoshi
♤ Honestly doesn’t give them to you unless you ask because this boy can’t comprehend why you would want to wear his jacket
♤ Little smiles if you are passed out on the couch with his Shiratorizawa jacket on 
♤ Like it’s soooo big on you, he can’t he just thinks you’re the most adorable thing
♤ Will lift your head up and place it in his lap so he can pet your hair and watch his show
♤ Will definitely take you to the park and you two play volleyball together
♤ If you call him at like 8 pm he might be asleep but this boy picks up so fast he could have fooled you
“I’m sorry love! Were you sleeping?” You ask as he shakes his head and fixes his hair a bit because he has to look good (we ignore the fact that his messy hair still make him att--enough of my simping). “Okay, I was just wondering if I could stay the night? I missed you this week…” You trail of Ushijima lets out a small chuckle and gets up unlocking the door to his house.
“Door’s open just tell me when you get here strawberry.” 
♤ Alright, fight me but being someone’s strawberry is adorable like they’re small and most people like them (and the fact that I blush really easy but that’s besides the point)
♤ Sleepovers~~
♤ You going into his closet and stealing one of his shirts 
♤ No shame just no pants because he’s tall and built sooooo yeah it’s really big on you
♤ Might blush lightly, or smile...or both depending on the sleeves
♤ Did I mention curling up on his chest and him petting your hair while he sings to you wanting you to fall asleep so he can fully appreciate you 
Tendo Satori
🍨 Sidenote- I found these ice cream emojis and they cute 🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨
🍨 This boy would be so happy if you stole his hoodies like he melts
🍨 Will share ice cream sandwich with you because he thinks it’s cute to see some ice cream on like the corner of your mouth and this boy leans over no hesitation and kisses it away
🍨 He might tease you about your height but if anyone else comments on it that’s a big no no because only he can tease you about it
🍨 Honestly loves how short you are because like Oikawa if he walks in on you just like in his Shiratorizawa jacket flapping your hands up and down to make woosh sounds he melts again
🍨 Will hug you and bend down to lay his chin on your head and wrap his arms around you
Satori came home from volleyball practice to you in one of his hoodies that stopped about at your knee cooking some french toast while a tub of ice cream was off to the side. He came up behind you and rested his chin on your head arms around your stomach. “Hi sweetie.” He nuzzles his face into your hair and smiles happily at the scent of the cherry shampoo. “You used my shampoo?” 
“Mhm! I wanted to be clean and smelly good when you came home so I took a shower and decided to put on one of your hoodies because they’re just so comfy! And they smell so good!!!” He smiles and he swears he feels all of the bad things that happened in his day go away at the sight of you hugging yourself in the hoodie and a big smile on your face.
🍨Chocolate ice cream dates 
🍨 Watches horror movies because A) He likes them and B) You curl up in his lap
Miya Atsumu
◐  Will tease you about your height but honestly thinks it’s adorable 
◐ Def uses you as a head rest, like just rests his arm on your head and ‘leans’ on you (in reality he just makes it look like he’s leaning on you but is holding himself up because he can’t hurt his baby)
◐ Going to a game and wearing his spare jersey, you better believe this man is going to play better than his best because he has to show off 
◐ Osamu def tease him about showing off and would chuckle when he messes up
◐ He would try to cook for you but ultimately fail and get Osamu to cook it (then steal the credit when he gives it to you)
◐ Going back to the jersey thing- if he came over to your house to see you just lounging around in it this man would have the biggest smirk on his face
◐ So like Valentine’s day, anyone? 
◐ This boy will pout if you leave him alone because his fangirls threatened you
◐ When he figured out what happened-
Atsumu was pouting because he wanted to spend time with you but for some reason today, the day you should have wanted to spend time with your lovely boyfriend if not everyday, you had been avoiding him. He decided to go incognito mode and follow you around to see if he could find out why. Cue the Kim Possible music guys- in reality he was standing behind the corner when he found out why. 
His fangirls were standing in front of you, smol bean must protect, with their hands on their hips while you looked upwards a bit to look them in the eyes. “Stay away from Atsu today got it? We wouldn’t want to have to spread a nasty rumor now would we?” You shook your head and teared up a bit looking down at the heart-shaped box that was in your hand. 
The only thought going through this man’s head was ‘Those nasty fluffing pigs!’ did he confront them, yes, yes he did. Were they allowed at the volleyball games, hell no, they were also not allowed within 12 ft. of you.
Miya Osamu
Soft baby-
🍙This boy can and will cook for you 
🍙 Got something special going on? Prepare for a whole meal prepared by your boyfriend
🍙 Didn’t pack enough? Shares his food with you
🍙 Cold hands? He’s holding one in the pocket of his jacket and takes the glove off that hand so your other hand won’t be cold
🍙 Can’t sleep at the sleepover?
Osamu woke up from his nap, you still wrapped up in his arms but looking up at him with a growing blush on your face as you froze. He smiled and kissed your forehead when he noticed that your hands were still in hair and leaned into the touch (soft like excuse me for a second while I imagine being held please-). You smiled and kissed the tip of his nose before nuzzling your own nose against it. 
Osamu nuzzled your nose back and finally kept his eyes open. He looked over noticing his neanderthal of a brother asleep on the bed on the other half of the room. “What are you doing still up?” He asked tucking a small piece of hair behind your ear. “You should be asleep my sweet.” 
“Couldn’t sleep, plus I like looking at your pretty face!” You say happily giving Osamu a small smile and kissing his cheek taking one of the hands that was playing with his hair and tracing the soft features of his face.
“I’ll make you some tea then we can go back to sleep how about that?” You nodded your head and slowly got up ‘your’ shirt sliding off your left shoulder. Osamu fixed it as you went to the kitchen and he wrapped his arms around you while you waited for the kettle to go off.
🍙 Forehead kisses- that’s all that needs to be said
🍙 Did I mention clinging to him like a koala makes him happy?
🍙Like just wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist while he’s sitting and don’t let go when he gets up
🍙 Warm- like this boy is so warm and it’s nice for cuddles
🍙Did I mention he’s big spoon?
🍙 If he had to deal with Atsumu and they got into a fight about -certain subjects that relate to the future that have not been discussed in the nike thus far- >-< 
🍙But if he had a fight with Tsumu this boy is just going to go ‘flop’ and rest his head on your chest and demand you play with his hair
🍙 Makes you hot cocoa if it’s winter and put a cinnamon stick in it with whip cream you know he gots that fancy touch 
Kuroo Tetsurou
😼 Sly baby
😼 Teases you for being short but if anyone comments on it they about to catch these hands-
😼 Must be friends with Kenma, I’m sorry but you have to (to be fair who wouldn’t want to be friends with Kenma the apple pie baby)
😼 If you are friends with Yaku he a lil cautious that his teasing you for being small will result in being kicked but he doesn’t show it
😼 If you come to his practices but are sleepy you can sleep on the bleachers using his jacket as a blanket-
😼 Tears up because you can fit all of you under it and still have extra and he’s just sitting here like- how tf are you so cute
😼 Mayhaps he gets jealous when you make apple pie for Kenma but don’t make food for him-
😼 Will get jealous if you wear anyone else’s jacket like he only likes seeing you in his jackets
😼 Conflicted about it though because you still cute and small
Kuroo was happy because it was Valentine’s Day and he was fully prepared to spoil you. He filled your locker with chocolate and little love notes and walked you to school, he gave you his Nekoma jacket and obviously you proudly wore it the whole day. You were a happy bean the whole day and he even made a bento for you and filled it with little sticky notes that had cheesy pickup lines and cat drawings. “Tetsu! I feel bad that I haven’t been spoiling you!” You say pouting a bit as he chuckles and kisses the tip of your nose. 
“You can spoil me tomorrow if you really want to, but today is for you, although you spoil me every day.” He smiles at you and gives you a hug.
😼 Loves giving you kisses, will kiss your forehead, cheek, lips, the tip of your nose, just all over your face honestly
😼 His favorite place to kiss is your shoulder or neck, I can’t explain but that’s how it is 
😼 Definitely calls you his kitten and you can’t convince me otherwise
Alisa Haiba
🍣 Will pick you up and spin you around when she sees you
🍣 Bends down a little bit to make it easier on your neck (And easier to give you a kiss if she’s already in position)
🍣 Always takes you on like really cute dates
🍣 Like, ice cream parlor, stargazing, drive in, roller skating, stuff like that
🍣 Forehead kisses, cheek kisses, and just snuggles all the time
🍣 You want to wear one of her cardigans? Go right ahead she will be so happy 
🍣Steal one of her hoodies? Baby will tear up 
🍣 Honestly just precious interaction
“Y/N!!!!” Alisa cheered as she ran to you with her arms out and a huge smile on her face. “Are you ready for our date?” 
“Not yet!” You gave her a big hug and lifted your head to give her a big cheery smile. “I have to get one more thing then I’ll be back!” You rushed back into your room and quickly put on ‘their’ blue cat hoodie. You smiled and dashed out back to Alisa who smiled and blushed lightly. “Ready?” You ask, taking her hand as she smiled softly and kissed your forehead. 
“You look amazing kitty.” She ruffled your hair with her free hand and kissed the back of your hand before lacing both of your hands together. And heading out the door two pairs of skates thrown over her shoulder because she didn’t want you to carry them. She low key wanted to carry you too but knew that you would rather walk (at least the way there). 
“Ready to skate with me Alisa?” Alisa nodded and patted your head with her other hand, she opened the car door letting you get in. Giggling a little bit you said a little thank you shaking your head at the antics of the eldest Haiba. She walked over to the driver side of the car, setting the skates on the floor behind the driver’s seat, you began driving to the roller rink one of her hands on the steering wheel and the other holding your hand which she would bring up to her lips and kiss it.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
😷 Sakusa might not be the most loving boyfriend but he shows it in other ways
😷 He gives a mask before school starts so you don’t ‘get infected by other people’s germs’
😷 When you ask about you touching him he just looks at you with a surprised pikachu face
😷 Sakusa says that you don’t have germs because you’re you
😷 You can give him hugs just don’t do it as often in front of his team because they will tease him
😷 If you both go to the All Japan training camp he will **not** let Atsumu near you
😷 If he tries it- 
Atsumu knew you were dating Sakusa and likes to tease him so we all see where this is going.  He came up to you when you and your ‘team’ were done with regular training. As you were about to put on a face mask and take a shower but Atsumu put his hand on your lips preventing you from doing so. “My, my, your lips are soft.” You blushed a little bit and he took his hand away. 
Sakusa was on his way towards you when he saw you blushing and Atsumu standing in front of you, closer than he wanted, and started walking faster. “Say, I wonder if they would feel nice against mine?” When he put your hand on his lips Sakusa lost it and pulled out his trusty can of Lysol, he appeared behind you and sprayed Atsumu huffing a bit from jealousy. 
“Come on (Y/N), you don’t need to be around him. You can shower at my room and steal my shirt to sleep in, I don’t want you out of my sight for the rest of the day.” Sakusa’s cheeks puffed out a bit as he wiped your hand with a baby wipe and then pulled you towards his room a smirking Atsumu left in his wake. _____________________________ My Requests are open! So If you have a request go ahead and send it in!!! (I only write for Haikyuu right now btw)
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sin-raptor · 9 months ago
During training and Atlas team JNPR was hard at work trying to get strong. They were so focused on their spar in fact that they never notice Neon zoom on by and drag Oscar off to a hidden room in the training arena~
Holy shit
Was one phrase that was going on through Oscar's mind as he watched what was currently unfolding right in front of him. Earlier on he, Ren, Nora, and Jaune had offered Team FNKI a small spar. Just to kill some time as well as seeing if they've improved themselves since their last spar with Team RWBY, one of Team FNKi's members. 
Neon Katt had started off innocently chatting with Oscar before the spar, making a sly remark about him being able to handle her in a spar. Even winking at him at one point. Oscar felt his attention move away from what Flynt or Jaune was saying and towards.
Other things...
While he really did seek to improve himself in combat, he found himself more interested in what she was offering in terms of her body. The toned muscles in her exposed stomach and her arms were extremely appealing, definitely to more than just Oscar.
The bright skirt and top made her green eyes stand out even more than they already did, and the tattoo that wrapped around her right arm was catching more and more of his attention than he'd have originally thought. Her orange cat tail was also something that the farm boy seemed to take more of an interest towards the longer he studied her. And that collar… It started to make some rather adult thoughts swirl around in his hormonal teenage mind.
Which is where it leads him to where he is right now, in a hidden closet with Neon Katt stripping in front of him. Watching Neon slowly and seductively pull her tank top over her head made Oscar's brain instantly start to function properly again- there was no way he was going to not focus and risk forgetting any of this because of his nervousness.
Almost immediately following the shirt, the faunus shot Oscar a sexy smile before hooking her thumbs into the waist of her skirt. She swung her hips slowly as she turned away from him and, after sending him another seductive look from over her shoulder, began to slowly bend down, pulling her skirt down past her thighs, then her knees, until they were down to her ankles.
Then, stepping out of her skirt completely, Neon turned back around and stretched over her head, showing Oscar every inch of her pale, exposed skin. Oscar could practically feel his mouth watering at the sight. While he found it rather peculiar that Neon wore a matching black bra and panties in contrast to her usual bright colours, it was the farthest thing from a complaint- there was nothing to complain about in his situation.
The beautiful girl in front of him was causing him all sorts of discomfort in all the right places. This must have been visibly apparent, as Neon allowed the sext grin on her lips to change to one of amusement. 
"Aw… You okay, Farmboy? See something you like?" Her voice brought both increased arousal and excitement to Oscar's mind. Not knowing how to answer her, so instead he merely nodded, which seemingly caused Neon to giggle. "You're too cute, Pine and I'm definitely a fan."
Oscar felt his blood run cold as Neon started sauntering towards him and before Oscar could say anything else he felt Neon’s hips twerking against his hardon. “Never miss a beat!” she teased, rubbing up and down the big cock he was packing in those pants of his. Neon was glad she’d taken a chance on the seemingly-dorky and innocent looking farm boy.
Oscar then started grinding back into her, but Neon felt that they could push things a little bit more here. “Come on, Pine,” she teased, “Don’t ya wanna clap these cheeks?”
Flipping her pink pig tails from side to side, Neon enjoyed the sound of the bell on her collar tinkling. She was a playful pussycat, and as she tickled Oscar with her tail, she was really looking forward to her treat
Neon slipped a hand behind her, shushing Oscar’s objections as she undid his belt and fished his pine tree out of his boxers and pants, his cock was fully erected at nine inches. Neon had never expected him to have this big of a cock hidden underneath his clothing, as she felt his cock in her grasp making her so wet to think about what was coming next.
Her pussy was so wet as she enjoyed the feeling of giving lucky boys a little thrill, so with Pine's cock aimed at the right place, it was no difficulty to just zig when Oscar expected her to zag and BOOM! They had contact!
It just popped right in her slippery slit, her pussy so wet that even Oscar's considerable girth had no difficulty making its way deep into her. But oh was it a snug fit, It was almost enough to get Neon to slow down a little but no she wanted to show the farm boy a good time. Her cat tail wrapped itself around his waist as she bucked herself against his hips, the head of Oscar's cock touching the entrance to her womb.
Luckily for both of them, female huntresses were ordered to take contraceptives to prevent any pregnancy from taking place. So Oscar could cum inside her lots of times, without any risk. Her rear pressing up against his hips, slowly grinding herself, "C'mon Pine, don't make me wait- let's get to the chorus of this thing!"
That one phrase repeated itself in his mind as he looked at the fully nude Neon Katt in front of him. Holy shit. However he got so lucky as to find hums in such a situation, he'd never know. However he managed to get himself this far, he'd never know. But he didn't think about it for too long, Oscar didn't want to think about anything else but her right now. His hand grabbing her hips  Oscar met her gaze one last time, seeing the lustful desire they harboured before she spoke the words that once again threw him into action
"Give it to me, Oscar… fuck me."
It was all he needed to hear as he thrusted himself forward, feeling himself slide into her causing Neon let out a long drawn out moan as her vaginal walls wrapped around his cock pulling him in further making Oscar gasp at feeling how both tight and amazing she was. He pulled back slightly before thrusting in again, a warm sensation shooting itself through his body.
Maybe it was due to the adrenaline coursing through him at the moment, but Oscar had never felt better than he did at this very moment.
A groan escaped his lips as Neon began grinding herself against him as he thrusted, increasing the pleasure he was experiencing by an infinite percentage. "Holy... Shit!"
Neon giggled as she bit her lip, though it wasn't helping her stifle the noise she was making."Fuck, c'mon baby... Harder... Agh, harder!"
Oscar obliged, forcing himself to pick up the pace. One of his arms wrapping around her chest and pulling her back against his chest, his hand cupping Neon's face and turning her to him. Kissing the faunus girl as he picked up his thrusting speed. His thoughts were nothing but a jumbled mess of pleasure and incoherent expletives.
Neon practically purred into his mouth, continually grinding up against him as he pounded into her quim. It didn't take too long for the faunus to start to see stars in the corners of her vision. Breaking away from the kiss, her tongue hung out the side of her mouth as she was pushed back and forth by Oscar's thrusts.
Meanwhile, Back in the Training Arena
Jaune, Ren, and Nora had just recently finished up their spar against the rest of Team FNKI, both teams exhausted and or a bit roughed up but nothing too serious for concern. It was only then they'd realise two members of each team had disappeared.
"Has Neon ever done anything like this before?", asked Ren who was currently talking with Jaune and Flynt who'd try to make sense as to why Neon and Oscar would be gone. Nora on the other hand had already left to get something to eat, the spar had worked up an appetite for her.
"She has on multiple occasions either to mingle with people or just find something to entertain her, but she wouldn't just take off during a spar", replied Flynt. His two other teammates, Ivory and Kobalt having already left as well to do their own thing. "What about your boy Oscar, has he ever taken off unexpectedly?"
"Well he has... but only once and that was mostly because of me", Jaune said as he paced back and forward in the training arena. Wondering if he either did or say anything to cause Oscar to leave, but also wondering where Neon went as well.
"Look, maybe both left to get something to eat, after all Lunch is almost here." Flynt said as he and the other two boys made their way out of the Training Arena trying to think where they should check for the two missing teammates. As they left the arena, they could've sworn they heard something but they passed it off as them getting a bit too paranoid.
Unaware of what Oscar and Neon were truly doing…
Back in one of the Arena's hidden weapon rooms, Neon was now bouncing up and down Oscar's lap. The farmboy's orange glove wearing hands held onto her hips as she rode him.
"That's it... Never miss a beat, baby- never miss a beat..." Oscar didn't really understand what she meant by that, but he didn't question it. A large gasp escaped him as he felt Neon's pink tail slide up his thigh and curl around his balls, rubbing their underside all the while. Oscar bit his lip, the heat in his loins escalating to an almost unreal level.
His brain grew increasingly fuzzy, the feelings of unreal arousal seeing to swim info his vision, blurring out the girl in front of him in a haze of white. Her moans mixed with his own, though he couldn't properly tell how much noise they were truly making. It could've filled the room or the entire building- regardless, the boy couldn't give a fuck about it.
The things he was experiencing were all too amazing and too intense, and he did not want it to ever end. Unfortunately, he knew that it would soon, as his release was coming to an end more rapidly by the second.
"Holy shit… keep fucking me.. Oscar! I'm gonna cum!" Oscar nodded, confirming what he heard. But Neon didn't even notice how blurry her own vision was starting to get. Leaning down, Neon bit Oscar's neck and sucking aggressively at the skin. He yelped a bit at the sudden sting, blushing embarrassed at making such a noise but still continuing to thrust as hard and fast as he could.
Within seconds, Neon's hands wrapped around his back digging her nails into his green coat and her tail tightened its grip on his balls. "Pine... I'm... Oh god, I'm cumming...Don't stop!" His pace never faltered as Oscar slightly pulled back to look at Neon's face.
Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened wide, letting out a silent scream as she reached her orgasm. He felt her slick walls tighten, massaging his dick in all the right ways. The sensation became too much for him, and he knew exactly what was coming next. "Neon..." Oscar muttered, sweat dripping down his face.
"I'm gonna cum..."
It took the cat faunus a few seconds to blink herself back to reality and come down from her high, but as soon as she did. Her legs tightened themselves around him, holding his impressive farmboy cock  inside of her. "Then do it" said Neon as she gave him the most seductive look that she could muster at the moment and moaned, her gaze boring directly into his own.
That was all it took to convince him to just let go. Thrusting himself as far as he possibly could, groaning as he began to spill himself inside of her. Neon shuttered at the warmth of his seed running through her and giggled as she watched the ecstasy swirl in his green eyes. It took about two full minutes for Oscar to come back down to earth.
His breathing heavy and laboured as he pulled himself out of the faunus, shivering at the cool air as his cock had now gone soft. Some drops of cum spilling out of Neon and onto the hidden room's floor.
She pressed his face into his breasts, Oscar could definitely feel how warm and sweaty she was, but he didn't care, throwing his arms lazy over her and pulling her close into him.
Her tail stroked his leg as she whistled in a both amused and impressed fashion. 'Maybe I should keep in touch with this farmboy, just in case~' thought Neon as she felt Oscar's lips beginning to toy with her pink soft nipples. Giggling as she pet his head.
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Not Without Trying - Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Summary: Reiner and Reader continue their relationship, getting closer.
ReinerxFem!Reader NSFW
Warnings: Sex, oral sex (f receiving), orgasm denial like once
Word Count: ~ 2,800
A/N: I wrote this one really quickly so I’m sorry about how fast it is or for any mistakes :/
Most of Y/N’s time with Reiner was spent with him waiting for her to be finished with her work. He never complained and she was very sure he didn’t realize how thankful she was for that.
As a member of the survey corps, there were no weekends, no time off from work. As a captain of the survey corps, you didn’t even really have nights off. There were occasional times where work wasn’t as busy and getting to bed at a relatively decent time was a possibility, but it wasn’t often.
Since time was not something they had a lot of, most of the time Y/N and Reiner had together was during training and mealtimes. Reiner was not one of Y/N’s cadets, but there was sort of a silent agreement that allowed them to train together, if not alone, then Levi’s squad would join with her squad for training that day allowing them to work together.
“It seems like you’re going a little easy on him, Y/N,” Levi mentioned, crossing his arms in front of him.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” She glared at him. Reiner took the opportunity of her distraction and grabbed her from behind.
There was an increase in trainings since finding out that there were possible other titans hiding among the scouts and now they were practicing hand-to-hand combat daily to be better prepared for the mission coming up in a few days.
Reiner had a grip and was lifting Y/N up in an attempt to get the upper hand. Levi saw and knew it was a mistake.
“You need to know who your opponent is, Reiner,” he lectured, “use it to your advantage.”
Before Reiner could even say anything, Y/N had turned the situation around. She was tall, but she was one of the best at grappling. Twisting her up and getting to the ground was never beneficial if you were fighting her.
She rotated and shifted her weight, pulling Reiner down, but not entirely which caused her to drop off his shoulders and onto the ground.
Miche walked up, noticing their struggle.
“Isn’t she going a bit easy on him?” He turned to Levi.
“I can hear you both,” she complained. She quickly spun around, knocking Reiner onto his back with a thud. “I’m not going easy.”
Miche put his hands up and smiled, backing away from them and moving to go back to his team. Levi pulled him back whispering something to him before moving to Y/N.
“Why are you holding back?” Levi was whispering as he looked up to her.
“Oh my gosh! I’m not holding back!” she yelled. Miche came up behind her and grabbed her in the same way Reiner did, but this time it took her only a couple seconds to get Miche on the ground, her knee on his chest. He was laughing and Levi bent down to her.
“You were holding back.”
She took a deep breath, reaching back and grabbing Levi’s collar to swing him over Miche. He saw what she was doing and grabbed her wrist, leaning back to pull her and she fell forward in front of him. She grabbed his ankle and pulled, but Levi only stepped back.
“Don’t you think this is childish?” He asked her, looking down.
“You don’t want to spar with me?” She asked looking up. He only smirked.
“I’ll spar with you,” Miche said, sitting up.
A loud crack came from the sky and they all looked up. The rain was starting. They quickly gathered the things and ran inside.
Everyone was told to go to their rooms, shower and be ready for dinner in a couple hours. Finally, some time to relax a little. Y/N snuck around the corner of the upstairs barracks waiting for Reiner. She noticed him walking up the stairs and as he reached the top step, she moved from behind the door and grabbed him. He let out a yelp as she pulled him in the closet.
“Y/N?” The room was dark and he was squinting his eyes to see if it was her.
“How about you come down to my bathroom and we can bathe there?” She asked.
“We?” He smiled.
“Yes, we.” She pulled him down for a kiss and waited for the halls to clear before moving quickly back to her room.
She had already prepared the bath water and she was lucky enough that she had one of the biggest tubs out of the captains, much to Miche’s disappointment, so her and Reiner slid in and sat comfortably. She leaned her back against his chest as they relaxed.
“Tell me about your childhood.” She spoke, her voice echoing off the bathroom walls.
“You tell me.” Reiner brought the sponge to the back of her neck.
“My childhood was boring. I didn’t have many friends growing up because my personality was too strong for a lot of people.”
“I can definitely see that.” He laughed.
“Well thankfully I grew out of the worst of it. I had a pretty bad temper until I was in my mid-twenties.” She admitted. “Joining the scouts really helped me. It’s where I made most of my friends. Before that was just my siblings.”
“Is it hard not seeing them?”
“It’s gotten easier as time passed.”
“How long has it been since you’ve seen them?”
There it was, her throat felt like it was closing up again. She swallowed the lump.
“Reiner, my family is from Shiganshina.” She could feel him tense up behind her. “I haven’t seen them in five years after the wall fell.”
Reiner’s eyes widened, his heart rate quickly increasing. He rested his hands on her shoulders lightly.
“Y/N… I’m so sorry.” He whispered. “I’m so sorry.”
“It’s not your fault.” She turned around to look at him and his eyes were turning red, filling with hot, salty tears. “Reiner, it’s okay. I’m okay, honestly.”
She kissed him and he wiped his face and cleared his throat a little, but Y/N could see he was still a little upset.
“What about your childhood?” She asked, hoping the subject change would help in some way.
“I was a punk kid.” He laughed lightly. “I was bad at everything, but I always wished I could be the best. I just wanted to make my parents proud.”
“Well I bet they are proud now. You said you had a cousin, was she on your mom’s side or your dad’s side?
“I—uh… I actually don’t know my dad’s side.” He admitted. “It was always just me and my mom.”
“You’ve never met your dad?”
“No, I’ve met him, he just didn’t really want anything to do with me.” He shrugged, but she could see that it actually bothered him.
“It’s not a very happy story.” She frowned.
“I didn’t live a very happy life.”
“We should change that.” She smiled at him and that made him smile. “We both didn’t have the best childhood, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our adulthood great.”
“Or we can make our children’s childhood great,” he added.
Y/N’s body tensed up at his words. Did he just talk about our children? Like children made by us?
“Our… children?” She could barely get it out. Her heart was beating quickly, part of it was out of uneasiness, seeing as how they had really only been in a relationship for two months or so, but the other part that had her heart racing was out of excitement. Reiner wanted to have kids with her.
“You don’t want kids?” He asked.
“No, I—I do… I just… I…” She was stumbling over her words, unable to get her thoughts out clearly. “I just haven’t thought about it. I mean, I’ve never really considered being a mom.”
“You should.” He smiled, his lips lowering to reach her neck. “You would be a great mom.”
“Really?” The thought did seem nice to her. She had never really thought about what would happen once they managed to get rid of all the titans and they wouldn’t need the scouts anymore. That seemed like an entirely different world.
But now at Reiner’s admission, she liked the idea of it even more.
He knew he shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t be making plans he had no ability to keep. He was promising her something he couldn’t give her, but he couldn’t stop himself. He wanted to believe he could have these things too. He wanted to have children with her, he wanted to have a future. He wanted to have more time with her, time that he didn’t have.
“After all of this is over, we could get married and move into a small cabin, have a bunch of babies.” He hugged her tightly against his body.
“A bunch? Wait a second.” He laughed at her reaction.
“We can’t only have one,” he told, “I know how lonely that can be. I’m thinking five or six.”
“How old do you think I am?” She laughed. “I don’t know that I have that many years left of having kids.”
“We could start sooner rather than later,” he said placing light kisses along the side of her neck knowing he also didn’t have that many years left.
“Let’s make it through this next mission before anyone is getting pregnant.” But Reiner continued his kissing, moving along her collarbone.
She leaned back, her head resting on his shoulder and he continued moving his lips over her.
“I would be okay with three kids,” she finally said.
Reiner thought about him, Bertoldt, and Annie and the team they have and smiled.
“Three would be nice.”
“Also, as nice as this is.” She turned her body around to face him, leaning over him to reach his lips. “I thought maybe we could do more than just kissing.”
“I would be very okay with that.” Reiner smiled and pulled her in his lap.
Levi knocked on Y/N’s office door, waiting for an answer. He knocked again, a little louder, but there was still no answer. He pushed the door open a crack and peeked in, it was empty. He moved to her bedroom door and knocked, again there was no answer.
He let himself in, slowly opening the door, feeling a slight resistance when he pushed. He looked down and saw a pile of clothes laying in front of the door. What a pig, he thought before quickly realizing that the clothes blocking the doorway were men’s clothing.
He stepped further into the room and looked around. She wasn’t here. He was about to leave when he heard her speaking.
“Wait, a little—yeah, right there.”
“Right there?” Reiner responded.
“Yeah,” Y/N moaned and water sloshed around the tub before she moaned again, louder.
Levi started breathing heavily, turning bright red and feeling a strange feeling in his stomach. He quickly left her room, closing the door behind him and heading back to his office.
Y/N was straddling Reiner’s hips as she kissed him. She reached her hand in the water and stroked him a couple times. He leaned back against the bathtub with a groan, his bottom lip between his teeth.
She lined him up, hovering over him before slowly sinking down. She had to bite her lip to hold back a whine. Reiner was always a stretch, the best kind of stretch.
“That’s it,” he said holding her hips to guide her down. He sighed when her hips were flush against his, leaning up to place kisses along her jawline.
Her mind was dizzy and she closed her eyes as Reiner’s hand moved to her breast, massaging it in his hand before guiding it to his mouth. Her nipple pressed hard against his hot tongue. She couldn’t help but grind her hips, barely lifting up and pushing herself back down.
Reiner gasped, his mouth still over her breast. His breathing quickening and blowing hot air over her sensitive nipple. She groaned as he licked over it, cooling the skin.
She started moving her hips a bit more, trying to build a rhythm until she was bouncing quickly over him. She could feel how close she was and closed her eyes. Reiner noticed and moved his hand from her hip to rub his thumb lightly over her clit. She moaned, moving her hands to his shoulders for more support.
Her body started arching backwards and her bouncing more erratic until she was shaking above him. She whined as she came around his cock and Reiner had to hold back a moan as he felt her walls twitch around him.
He never could get enough of her. While she was coming down from her high, he stood up in the tub, lifting her with him and walking to the bed, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind him.
“What are you doing?” She asked, lifting her head from his shoulder as he laid her down on the bed.
“Do you really have to ask?” He smirked down to her. He pulled himself out and made his way to the edge of the bed, positioning himself between her legs. He held her thighs down, licking his lips before running his tongue full through her folds and sliding it back down, teasing her entrance.
He smiled as Y/N’s hips bucked forward. He moved his hands forward, slipping under the backside of her thighs and pulling her body against him until her thighs wrapped around his neck.
He brought one of his hands up to her stomach, lightly sliding his thumb over her clit again before pushing his tongue through her entrance. She whined, squeezing her legs around him. He pushed his tongue deeper, wanting to taste more of her.  Slowly, he slid his tongue up to meet her clit, switching out his thumb and moving his hand to pump two fingers into her.
This was always the point where she was grabbing the sheets, barely able to control her moans. Reiner loved hearing it. He pumped faster into her, curling his fingers as he brushed them along her walls. He could tell she was close. Her legs were shaking around him as her hips bucked into him. She let out a long groan and Reiner knew she was there. He removed his fingers and pulled his tongue away, leaving her empty.
“You dick,” she panted and he chuckled to himself. He loved nothing more than seeing her shaking with pleasure, but knowing he knew her body better than anyone else gave him a satisfaction that had no comparison.
“I couldn’t resist.” He looked up at her as she glared down at him. Holding their eye contact, he licked another long stripe through her folds. She threw her head back again, this time grabbing his hair instead of the sheets.
He pumped his two fingers into her again, pulling them out to spread her slick, bringing the warm liquid to her clit and drawing circles around the little nub as she shook above him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He inserted the same two fingers, pumping quickly and she was crying out. Reiner could feel his erection twitching and throbbing for her.
He continued watching her and moved to cover the nub with his lips, sucking and rubbing his tongue across it. Y/N started to cry out, but was silenced by her orgasm. Her body tensed up, muscles flexing in his arms as she shook forcefully until her body collapsed back onto the bed, her hands releasing his hair and her legs dropping from his shoulders. She was panting heavily, gulping for air as Reiner licked her clean, wiping his mouth as he crawled back over her.
Reiner was slowly kissing his way up her body until he reached her neck where he stayed, moving his lips over her skin. She ran her fingers through his hair and he pulled himself up to her lips, lining himself up with her entrance.
“You ready?” He asked and she nodded. He slowly pushed himself into her, enjoying every squeeze of her walls. As soon as his hips met hers, he pulled himself back out and thrusted in quickly eliciting a whine from himself. There was no point in taking it slow, he knew it wouldn’t take long.
He ran his hand up her leg and lifted it up around his waist before he was slamming his hips against hers.
“You’re so wet,” he groaned. He dropped his head into the crook of her neck, thrusting faster into her. “You feel so good.”
The wet sounds of his thrusting mixed with her moans was about to drive him over the edge. He started grunting loudly as he felt her walls flutter around him and let himself go. His body taking over, tensing his muscles, his hips were thrusting into her slowly with controlled, deep thrusts as he lost his breath. A final thrust and he released himself into her with a deep groan.
They were both panting for air, bodies covered in a mixture of bathwater and sweat. As they both came down from their high, Y/N looked out the window and realized it was dark.
“I think we might be late for dinner.” She laughed.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @lainessia​
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dimigex · 5 months ago
I Won’t Lie - Kakasaku
It’s finally done!! I started this piece years ago but never finished it. It’s the follow on to my story Distraction, but you don’t have to read that to understand it at all. 
Distraction, I Won’t Lie, Part One, Part Two, Epilogue 
Here’s the first part, the rest is linked above and also available on FF.
"So, have you put the moves on the Hokage yet," Ino questioned, applying black eyeliner with a practiced flip of her hand. Her aqua blue eyes stood out in sharp contrast, seeming larger than they had any right to.
Sakura groaned from the bed, falling back to cover her face. "I never intended to put the moves on him," she mumbled, hoping that Ino wouldn't be able to see the crimson flush of her cheeks. "And, it didn't work anyway. Kakashi doesn't know that I exist."
Ino jerked the pillow away and leveled her best friend with a stare. "He definitely knows that you exist, but you need to remind him that you're a woman now, not a little girl." Her gaze swept over Sakura from head to toe. "Why don't you put on something a little more interesting tonight?"
"What's wrong with what I have on?" Sakura frowned at her outfit. Okay, the leggings that she wore were more comfortable than provocative, and her mother would have approved of her shirt, but that didn't mean there was anything wrong with it. She always dressed like this when they went out. It wasn't her fault that Ino had more outfits than any other girl that Sakura knew, and an uncanny way of making everything look sexy.
"Nothing," Ino answered, with a smile curving her cherry-red lips. "As long as you want to die old and alone."
Sakura threw the remaining pillow at Ino's face, narrowly missing. "Shut up, Ino-pig," she grumbled, reverting to the insult that had become a friendly nickname over the past few years. Sakura tugged at her shirt for a moment, chewing her lip "If I agree, can you make it look like I'm not trying too hard?"
A grin split Ino's face. "Of course. We have to find just the right outfit to show off that body you worked so hard for."
Before Sakura could protest, the blond pulled her off of the bed and toward the closet. Nearly an hour later, Sakura examined her expression in the mirror, shocked at the illusion that Ino had created. Long lashes framed her green eyes, making them stand out against her pale skin. The faint dusting of freckles that Sakura usually hated had taken on a soft glow from the highlighter Ino used. Glossy lips completed the expression, in a shade lighter than Sakura ever thought she could pull off. Ino hadn't stopped there. She'd transformed Sakura's hair as well. The pale tresses piled on top of her head, falling in artful curls around her face.
Ino pulled Sakura from musing about how she looked like an entirely different person by tugging on the dress. The blond dragged the black fabric to the side, baring one shoulder. It draped Sakura's body, accentuating enough to suggest that she had more curves than she really did. Chuckling, Sakura pulled the fabric toward her knees. Ino slapped her hands away. "Stop that, it's supposed to be short."
"I can't wear this," Sakura complained even as she turned to admire herself from the side. It hugged her body in a way that none of her other outfits had.
Shaking her head, Ino walked over to the closet and tossed a pair of heels to Sakura. "You can, and you will. No one will be able to keep their eyes off you, especially not Kakashi."
Color flamed in Sakura's cheek, hidden somewhat by the makeup. "What if he isn't there?"
Ino's devious grin made Sakura nervous. "Then you'll go home with someone else. You look too damn good to go home alone tonight"
When Ino and Sakura swept into the pub nearly half an hour late, dozens of heads swiveled in their direction. Ino linked an arm through Sakura's and pulled her into the room before she could back away in a fit of self-consciousness. Her gaze swept over the people gathered for Naruto's birthday, trying to ignore the butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Kakashi wasn't there yet or not coming at all, everything they'd done had been a waste of time.
Forcing the hopelessness down, Sakura caught sight of an overbearing ball of sunshine cutting through the room. Naruto's grin probably had more to do with the atmosphere than alcohol, but she couldn't be sure. He threw an arm around Sakura's shoulder and pulled her into a side hug. "I was beginning to think nobody from my team was going to show up tonight."
When Naruto released Sakura, his blue eyes slipped lower than her neck. The blush on his whiskered cheeks was obvious even in the dim lighting. "You look nice tonight. I mean, not that you don't always look nice-" Sakura's laughter cut off the awkward exchange, and Naruto managed a nervous smile before rubbing the back of his neck. "I don't think Sasuke is going to make it tonight."
"Unfortunately, Sasuke's mission has him delayed outside the village." The proximity of Kakashi's voice made Sakura jump. When she turned, she realized that he stood just inside the doorway behind them. Their gazes locked, and Kakashi's eyes widened, perhaps only just now realizing that she'd been the one standing with Naruto. While pink hair was unusual in the village, a few girls had started imitating Sakura after the war. She hated it, but the element of surprise was nice.
Ino unwound her arm from Sakura's and moved away to speak to someone that Sakura didn't recognize. Completely oblivious of the tension of the moment, Naruto caught Kakashi with his other arm and pulled them both into a hug. Sakura felt the warmth of Kakashi's chest against her side. "I'm glad you two made it, at least."
Kakashi pulled away, chuckling in the back of his throat. "Of course I came, I have to keep an eye on you kids to make sure you don't get into any trouble."
"We aren't kids," Sakura grumbled, challenging Kakashi with a glare through her mascara lengthened lashes. "We're adults now."
"That's right, sensei. We don't have to listen to you anymore." Naruto laughed, giving Kakashi a cheeky grin.
Kakashi frowned, the barest movements of his mask. "I'm still Hokage, though."
"For now." Naruto's banter eased the conversation into playful jabs that allowed Sakura to stay silent. Kakashi hadn't even responded to her comment about being an adult now. Her heart sank lower in her chest.
As the men exchanged barbs, Ino reappeared from wherever she'd been. Grabbing Sakura's hand, she led them to the bar. "It's pointless," Sakura complained, leaning close so that the words would only be loud enough for Ino. "He'll always view me as a kid. I'd be better off chasing Sasuke."
"Absolutely not," Ino hissed, vehemence dripping from her voice as she raised a hand to order drinks. "Sasuke isn't even on the radar for you. Do not put yourself through that again."
Sakura nodded and toyed with the silver teardrop earring that Ino had loaned her. She knew that Sasuke was a bad idea. The boy had never acknowledged her, not really. And now, it was the same with Kakashi. At best Kakashi saw her as the child that he'd mentored years ago. At worst, the annoying girl that she'd been during those early days. She'd never change that.
"Let me tell you my secret, Forehead." Ino shoved a shot glass into Sakura's hand. "It just takes five seconds of insane courage to get whatever you want. That's it. Just five seconds of bravery, then the hard part is over. You either have the thing you want or you don't, but at least you'll know."
"Is that how you landed Sai?" Sakura asked, closing her grip around the glass of liquid courage without questioning what was inside it. The idea that Ino actually liked Sai and wanted to be with him when there were so many men that she could have had was something that Sakura had trouble wrapping her mind around.
Ino laughed and tucked a strand of hair behind one ear. "Yes, Sai. And, all the others."
Gossip suggested that Ino had worked her way through half of the eligible shinobi in the village. There was a great deal of truth to it. Ino had dated Shikamaru for a couple of weeks before the pair decided that friendship was less troublesome than a relationship. She and Kiba had been fireworks from the beginning, fighting almost constantly. Choji was too gentle, Lee too exhausting, Shino too quiet, and the list went on and on. Somehow, Ino landed on Sai and found that the man matched her surprisingly well. Sakura had already noticed the girl looking for him in the crowd.
"Drink," Ino commanded, nodding toward the alcohol. Sakura steeled her nerves and tipped the glass up. The liquid burned the entire way down, making her gasp for a breath. Ino clapped her on the back. "Good, now let's go and find someone to make him jealous over."
"Ino, no." Sakura pulled away from her best friend with a firm shake of her head. "It doesn't matter. It's just a silly crush."
The look on the blonde's face suggested that she didn't believe Sakura's excuse, but she didn't force it. Sakura let her gaze wander over the people brought together to celebrate Naruto's birthday. He had touched so many lives, and since the war, most people recognized that. Naruto had wanted to do something at Ichiraku, but the stand was too small for all their friends. They'd made arrangements for the celebration to be held here, but white bowls of ramen dotted most of the tables.
Kakashi drew Sakura's eyes like a beacon. He stood in the shadows beside Captain Yamato, heads close together as they spoke. It had surprised Sakura to learn that the men were old friends, especially since Kakashi held so many people at a distance. Sakura and Naruto had grown closer to him, of course, but there didn't seem to be many others. Tsunade and the other jonin perhaps, but the ease between Kakashi and Yamato spoke of actual friendship. Sakura felt a twinge of jealousy. Why couldn't it be that easy for her?
Ino leaned close, the scent of alcohol drifting from her lips. "You know, Yamato isn't bad looking either."
Sakura considered the words. While Yamato didn't hold the aura of mystery that Kakashi did, his easy smile and kind eyes made him attractive in his own way. Even so, no matter how much Sakura watched the pair, her eyes strayed to Kakashi. As she'd expected, he'd worn his uniform to the party. The sleeves of his black shirt were rolled up against the heat of the room, while his hands were tucked into the pockets of matching pants. Kakashi's mask remained in place, of course, but the headband that used to slant across half of his face was missing. Two charcoal eyes stared out at the room, silver hair falling into them.
"Oh, it's definitely just a little crush," Ino teased, pulling Sakura from her longing gaze. "Why don't you just go and talk to him? Ask him to dance or ask him back to your place. Just do something besides staring at him."
When Sakura started to protest, Ino rolled her eyes. "Come on, I've seen you kick ass so many times, but you're scared to talk to a boy? The worst thing he can do is turn you down. And, if that happens, it's his loss."
It isn't that easy, Sakura started to argue. Only, she knew that it was. She'd been pining after Kakashi for months, treasuring stupid, little moments that probably meant nothing: the way that his arms had curled around her on the training field, how his eyes lit up when he laughed at her joke about Tsunade trying to kill them both with reports, or the startle when her fingers had brushed his wrist. Those things made her wonder if there might be something more, but Kakashi was impossible to read. The sudden intake of breath when Sakura touched him could just have easily been discomfort as desire.
"I think I need another drink," Sakura declared, putting away the miserable thoughts for another day.
It didn't take long for the pleasant warmth of alcohol to loosen the tension that seemed permanently attached to Sakura's shoulders. She relaxed enough to dance a couple of turns with Naruto. He was far more awkward on the dance floor than any shinobi had the right to be. After two dances, Sakura begged off and pushed him toward Hinata. A few months ago, the girl had finally gotten brave enough to let Naruto know that she liked him. The pair was slowly turning into a couple, but the transition was painful to watch. They were both too shy for their own good.
Sakura stumbled back toward the bar, surprised to admit that she was having more fun than she'd thought she would, even if Kakashi ignored her. As she reached for her glass, Ino flashed a pleasant grin that warned Sakura that the girl was coming up with a plan that Sakura wasn't going to like. Without explaining anything, Ino linked their arms and dragged Sakura back into the crowd. Three steps into the walk, once she realized where they were going, Sakura tried to stop the inevitable. But, it was too late. Ino stopped beside Kakashi and Yamato.
The men looked up in surprise, their conversation stopping abruptly. Sakura felt Kakashi's gaze on her face for several heartbeats before it slid toward Ino's. With another signature grin, the blond moved into Yamato's personal space. "You sent my boyfriend on a mission just before the party, and now I have nobody to dance with. It seems only fair that you take his place." Ino held out a hand expectantly.
"Um-I-uh-it was unavoidable," Yamato stammered, a delicate pink blush tinting his cheeks. Sakura almost rolled her eyes. It was pathetic to watch how easily Ino turned him, or any man for that matter, into a stuttering mess simply by batting her eyelashes. She'd thought Yamato was better than that.
To Sakura's surprise, it was Kakashi who spoke next. "I think she has a solid case." Yamato gaped at the man, but Kakashi continued as if he hadn't seen it. "You deprived her of enjoying the evening; you should make up for it. Within reason, of course."
As the implication hit home, the pink on Yamato's cheeks deepened to crimson. Sakura struggled not to laugh at his expression. Ino cleared her throat, moving her hand closer. For a moment, Sakura wondered if Kakashi was going to have to push the man forward. Finally, Yamato dipped his head and took Ino's hand. Sakura couldn't stop her mirth as the pair disappeared onto the dance floor. "He's going to be furious with you later, you know that right?"
"It's good for him. Yamato is too shy." Kakashi leaned his shoulders against the wall, and for a moment Sakura couldn't take her eyes off of the smooth stretch of his body and the way his armor shifted with the movement. Half a second later, she realized that he'd said something. Deciding that it probably wasn't important, she nodded and he continued. "Of course, she doesn't mean anything by it, does she?"
Sakura shook her head, watching as Ino attempted to guide Yamato's hands toward her hips as she moved to the music. He kept moving them back to her waist, embarrassment obvious. Sakura chuckled under her breath. "No, she's quite taken with Sai actually."
"Our Sai?" Kakashi asked, eyebrows rising in surprise.
Sakura nodded, watching as Yamato finally relaxed into the dance and loosened up a bit. "She and Sai balance each other well, like Naruto and Hinata."
Kakashi followed Sakura's gaze toward the bar where Naruto and Hinata were talking. The blond leaned against the edge, telling some kind of story while the girl gazed up adoringly. Two years ago, she'd been too frightened and embarrassed to speak with him, and Naruto too stupid to realize why. With a little gentle prodding, they'd finally caught on.
Kakashi made a sound that might have been agreement in the back of his throat. "You're all pairing off these days, falling in love and getting married."
"Not all of us," Sakura grumbled. Frustration bled into her voice as she continued. "Some of us accepted the weight of duty instead."
A silver eyebrow arched skyward as Kakashi turned to face Sakura. A look of understanding crossed his features, but Sakura doubted that he realized she was talking about him as well. Undeniably handsome, Kakashi could have his pick of women in the village, but he remained alone. He had thrown himself into the role of hokage, even though he hated it. Sakura had done the same at the hospital, though she enjoyed her work for the most part. The two of them weren't as different as he seemed to think.
A stir went through the room. Naruto pushed away from the bar, his voice cutting through the din of music and conversation. "You made it!'
As much as Sakura wanted to continue admiring Kakashi, her attention drifted toward Naruto. He stood in the doorway, arms thrown around-Sakura's mind temporarily shorted out, taking several seconds to catch up with her eyes. Sasuke stood in the spill of light, Naruto's arms wrapped around his shoulders. Raven dark hair and equally black eyes swept through the crowd, taking in everyone and everything. His gaze slid over Sakura, then returned and lingered.
Despite everything, Sakura blushed under Sasuke's gaze. Beside her, Kakashi shifted away from the wall. A hand pressed almost imperceptibly against Sakura's lower back as Naruto approached, Sasuke trailing behind like a shadow. Sakura half turned toward Kakashi.
Naruto interrupted the pair before Sakura could get her thoughts in order. "Look guys, Sasuke made it back in time."
"So, he did," Kakashi answered for both of them, voice cool but not quite unfriendly. "Welcome back."
Sasuke turned, oozing arrogance as he inclined his head toward Kakashi. Dark eyes roved over Sakura a second time, an almost smile curling his lips. Even so, Sakura read the tension in his shoulders. Despite the years that had passed, Sasuke remained something of a pariah in the village. There were some groups who would never forgive or forget the time that he had spent trying to destroy the Leaf, despite Naruto's efforts to change their opinions. Sakura knew that Kakashi had helped save Sasuke from execution or life in prison, but the Hokage's intervention had ended there.
"Sasuke!" Ino appeared from nowhere, throwing her arms around Sasuke in a hug that the man shrunk away from. "Welcome back."
Sakura flashed her friend a thankful smile at the interruption. "You're looking well," Ino continued, pulling all of Sasuke's attention to herself by keeping her hands on his upper arms. "Can I get you something to drink?"
"Maybe later," Sasuke answered, voice sounding strained as he shrugged away from Ino's touch. When she released him, the man turned and smiled. "Hello, Sakura."
Sakura couldn't remember how to draw a breath. A thick strand of black fell across Sasuke's eye, adding an air of mystery to his already captivating appearance. Warmth suffused her face when he moved closer, near enough to reach out and brush her cheek if he'd wanted. "Hi," she answered, toying with a silver bracelet circling one wrist.
Sasuke slid between Sakura and Kakashi, angling his body to face hers. "How have you been?"
"I've been doing well." Sakura's answer barely scratched the surface of everything that had happened in her life since the last time she saw Sasuke. She couldn't seem to remember a single event that she wanted to talk about. Yamato approached the small group and squeezed in beside Kakashi while running an appraising eye over Sasuke. He didn't acknowledge the Uchiha's presence. Instead, he leaned closer to Kakashi and whispered something in his ear.
Pulling her attention away from the exchange, Sakura realized that she'd been asked something. It would be rude not to keep talking to Sasuke, so she smiled. "How about you? How have you been?"
"I stay busy following up on leads," Sasuke answered, revealing nothing about his time outside of the village. Maybe he thought that Sakura wouldn't accept his reasons for leaving her behind, or maybe, he didn't care if she did.
After all, how could Sakura expect Sasuke to understand the hours of work that she poured into the hospital, sometimes losing a patient despite her best efforts? Would he care that she pushed herself in training as hard as she's ever done in case they went back to war? Sakura imagined Sasuke teasing her efforts to create orphanages in Konoha. Would he understand Sakura's version of sacrifice when it didn't align with his?
Sakura's eyes drifted back to her group of friends. Naruto stood beside Ino with a silly grin on his face, undoubtedly because Sakura and Sasuke were talking together. He still believed the two of them could make it work somehow. Yamato and Kakashi watched them both without seeming to do so. Sakura couldn't help but wonder if they deemed Sasuke as a security risk, even after all this time. Her gaze settled on the tension in Kakashi's jaw, wondering why he seemed on edge.
Kakashi understood the passion that drove Sakura to fight for those causes. Or, if not, he humored her. Sakura and Kakashi had worked hand in hand to train additional medical shinobi, create orphanages, and work through various issues at the hospital. She'd assumed that Kakashi wanted to see the same outcome that she did. Would Sasuke want that? Did it matter? He wouldn't be in the village long enough for it to make any difference.
Despite the way that things between them had changed, Sasuke still reduced Sakura to a lovesick teenager. It wasn't that her feelings had stayed the same, but Sakura had spent half of her life chasing after Sasuke. She couldn't shake the memory of nipping at his heels, of being willing to throw everything away if he'd only acknowledge her. As Sasuke spoke, Sakura's mind responded on autopilot, answering with soft laughs and smiles.
After several minutes, Ino caught Sakura's attention and half nodded toward Kakashi. He and Yamato had fallen silent, allowing the conversation to flow around them without interruption. Sakura raised her shoulders in a helpless shrug, silently asking what she was supposed to do about the situation. Ino frowned, then leaned in to speak. "So, Sasuke, did you know that Naruto and Hinata are dating?"
The question cut off the conversation. Surprise flitted across Sasuke's face as he looked over at Naruto. The blond's cheeks flamed crimson and he sputtered over his words "Well, Ino is dating Sai," he managed, red from his hairline to his chin.
Ino grinned, tossing her long hair over one shoulder with an air of dismissal. "You say that like it's a bad thing. Sai happens to be far more interesting than you'd anticipate. Not to mention adventurous."
The suggestive nature of Ino's comment made Naruto choke on his breath. His eyes bulged and Sakura couldn't help but laugh; he was still so innocent. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm. "Come on, it's definitely time for a drink."
Without waiting for an answer, Naruto pulled the Uchiha toward the barkeeper and further away from Ino's insinuations. Laughing, the girl watched them go. Then, she turned back to Yamato. "I thought you were going to dance with me? And, you," Ino studied Kakashi, "should dance with Sakura so she isn't left alone over here."
For all the nudging that Kakashi had done when Ino asked Yamato to dance, the man seemed less than enthused about taking his own advice. "It isn't befitting of the Hokage to indulge in-"
"Oh no you don't, senpai," Yamato interrupted, already pulling Kakashi away from the wall. "I did my duty, and now it's time for you to do yours. Off you go."
Yamato's brown eyes shone with an inordinate amount of amusement, and Sakura didn't know whether to be thankful that he was pushing Kakashi toward the dance floor, or embarrassed at being some type of twisted payback. Either way, the indecision lasted only a moment. Ino grabbed Yamato's hand and guided him toward the dancers, leaving Sakura alone with Kakashi on the edge of the room.
Kakashi rubbed the back of his neck as he turned to face Sakura. Embarrassment raised the temperature of the room several degrees until it felt impossible to draw a breath. "You don't have to dance with me," she murmured, trying not to sound as disappointed as she felt.
"Ino and Yamato would never let me hear the end of it if we didn't." Kakashi held out one hand, and Sakura slid hers into it. Her pulse pounded in her ears when he leaned closer. "Besides, we only have to dance long enough to get them off our backs."
Sakura didn't trust her voice to speak without breaking, so she nodded and followed Kakashi onto the dance floor. Music blared over the speakers, bass line making her heart pound in tempo. She drew a deep breath and looked into the eyes that had been hidden for so long. Even now, months later, Sakura hadn't gotten used to seeing more of Kakashi's face. She remembered the intensity of his gaze on the training field and the way that she'd wanted to pull him close and lose themselves in the storm.
Just five seconds of insane courage, Ino's voice whispered in the back of Sakura's mind. She could press her body against Kakashi's under the guise of dancing and admit that she wanted more than that. Butterflies the size of elephants trampled over Sakura's chest. If Kakashi rejected her, it would hurt, but she could mask the pain long enough to make it home. Then, she'd be free to deal with fallout. She had done the same thing over Sasuke nearly a year ago. But, if Sakura never took a chance and told Kakashi, she'd never know if there could have been anything between them.
Kakashi spoke, interrupting Sakura's momentum. "You look different tonight."
"Ino begged me to let her try something special for Naruto's party." Sakura chewed her lip, wondering if the words were technically a lie. She wanted to look more enticing as well, more like Ino and less like herself, in hopes that she'd capture Kakashi's attention.
The tempo of the music increased; Sakura allowed her body to follow. She felt the hem of her dress riding up her thigh and tugged it down with one hand. Kakashi followed the movement then snapped his eyes back to her face. He asked something, but the words were lost in the din of the crowd. When Sakura scrunched up her face in confusion, he leaned closer. "For Sasuke?"
For you, Sakura thought, holding the words tight between her lips. The accusation in Kakashi's tone surprised her. "I didn't know he'd be here."
Kakashi inclined his head at the words, expression unreadable. He rested his hands at Sakura's waist without a hint of familiarity or desire. Kakashi moved to the music, half a foot between their bodies. Sakura flashed back to the way his arms had wrapped around her like a glove on the training field. He moved on protective instinct, not to get close to me. The realization left a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.
Sakura surrendered to the rhythm of the music, turning to present her back to Kakashi's chest so she wouldn't have to meet his gaze. She closed her eyes, willing the ache in her heart to stop. This entire situation was so stupid. Ino was right about everything; Sakura needed to tell Kakashi how she felt so that she could pick up the pieces and move on. She had done it before, and she could do it again.
Fingers curled against Sakura's hips, the thin fabric of her dress hardly masking the feel of Kakashi's touch. Sakura wasn't sure if he pulled her back, or if she moved of her own accord, but she felt the warmth of his breath against her neck. She focused on the sensation, electricity rushing through her body. His damn flak vest separated Sakura from the heat of his chest, but she imagined that she could feel it anyway.
The song ended and the weight of Kakashi's hands fell away as if it had never been. Light pulsed around them as another song started. Sakura turned back to face Kakashi, drawing a shaky breath. "Do you think that dance met their requirements, or should we do another, just to be sure?"
Sakura's name left Kakashi's lips in a strangled sound. Whatever he'd been planning to say was lost when someone bumped hard into his back. He stumbled through the almost nonexistent space between them. Sakura heard an apology, but she couldn't match the voice to a face before her arms were full of Kakashi. She stumbled backward under his weight, tripped over her heels, and then they were falling. Vaguely, some panicked part of Sakura's mind wondered if she was about to give everyone in the room a free peep show.
Kakashi twisted in the air so that Sakura wouldn't be crushed beneath him. His left shoulder absorbed most of the impact half a second before she hit his chest. The air whooshed out of Kakashi's lungs in a soft hiss as their bodies pressed together. Exposure forgotten, Sakura felt his hands grip her, one near her shoulder and the other dangerously low on her back. They were close enough for their noses to brush, Kakashi's eyes wide. The charcoal tone wasn't as dark as Sakura had anticipated, but shot with silver through the iris. She noticed the outline of Kakashi's lips beneath his mask. Kami, it would be so simple to—
"Hokage-sama?" Genma's familiar voice cut across Sakura's thoughts. The man pushed through the crowd to reach Kakashi's side, undoubtedly on guard duty for the night. Sakura raised her head to glare at his poorly conceived timing.
Kakashi released Sakura like he'd been burned, hands coming to the floor instead as he pushed into a sitting position. She half fell into his lap from the sudden change of position. "I'm fine," he answered the unasked question. "I'm hardly old enough to get injured from falling down."
"Especially beneath a beautiful woman," Genma quipped, flashing his senbon-studded grin. Then, his leer slid toward the woman in question and his expression changed to something contemplative as he offered a hand. "Oh, hey, Sakura."
Sakura had no choice but to accept Genma's offered hand. Cheeks flushed with embarrassment, she let the tokujo pull her away from Kakashi. Belatedly, she remembered to adjust the slinky dress lower on her thighs and higher over her chest. Hopefully everything had happened so quickly that she didn't have any reason to be embarrassed. A small crowd gathered around them. Kakashi pushed through them as the music started back up; Sakura followed him to the edge of the room.
"You aren't hurt are you, Hokage-sama," Ino gushed as she hurried to the pair's side. Her brow creased with worry when Kakashi tried to wave her off. Sakura barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes at her best friend. The ploy was obvious.
"I'm fine," Kakashi grumbled, looking distinctively embarrassed by the attention. "I'm not made of glass."
"Still," Ino pressed, reaching out like she might touch Kakashi's arm. "You hit your shoulder hard when you fell. I saw it."
Sakura could see the wheels turning in Ino's mind. No, please, Ino, don't do this. Sakura's silent plea fell on deaf ears. Kakashi raised his arm to prove that he could, but Ino didn't drop the subject. "You should let Sakura take a look at it, just to make sure. I'm sure she wouldn't mind."
And, there it is, Sakura grumbled internally. Annoyance bled through Kakashi's embarrassment as he tried to wave the blonde's concerns away. Sakura interrupted the exchange before it could get out of hand. "Doesn't anyone care about me? I fell too."
"I could take a look at you," Genma offered with a cheeky grin from his position at Kakashi's shoulder. "In fact, it'd be my pleasure."
"No," Sakura and Kakashi answered in the same breath, dragging a knowing laugh from Genma. Kakashi looked almost as surprised as Sakura felt. Cheeks warming at the insinuation, she continued. "I don't need anyone to look at me, I am fine. But, shouldn't you be more worried about me?"
Genma chuckled in the back of his throat. "Because you're such a delicate little flower? I saw the damage you did to the training grounds the other night. I think I'd rather take my chances with Kakashi, to be honest."
"Probably for the best; she's stronger than you think." Sakura's stomach clenched at the unexpected praise from Sasuke. She hadn't noticed that he and Naruto had rejoined them in the chaos.
"Damn right she is," Ino answered, fighting to keep the attention on anything but Sasuke. Her eyes met Sakura's with silent pleading. While Sakura knew what Ino wanted, some things were easier said than done. Sasuke watched them with a smug satisfaction on his face that Sakura couldn't begin to understand as Ino continued. "What will Tsunade say if you leave Hokage-sama injured until tomorrow?"
Kakashi shook his head as Sakura groaned under her breath. She loved Ino, but sometimes the woman went a little overboard with her matchmaking. "Tsunade would say that it's nothing, and no more than I deserve if I can't keep my feet under me. But, if it'll put your mind at ease, I'll get it checked out."
"It would," Ino breathed out, her concern almost palpable. Sakura wondered why the woman didn't become an actress; she certainly had a knack for it. Ino pulled her forward. "There's no time like the present."
Kakashi cast a withering glance at Ino, then faced Sakura. For a moment, the rest of the room disappeared. Even the overwhelming presence of Sasuke shrank to insignificance. The sheepishness that Sakura had noticed earlier had evaporated, replaced by something darker in Kakashi's gaze. Though Sakura couldn't put her finger on it, the expression made chill bumps erupt on her arms. "Would you mind?"
It wasn't the first time that Sakura had healed Kakashi, not by a long shot. But, it was the first time that he'd asked. Sakura's heart did somersaults in her chest. "I don't mind," she breathed, forcing strength into her words. "But, not here. I need somewhere quieter, with better light."
Kakashi inclined his head as if the words made perfect sense. Naruto groaned, his voice turning whiny. "You're going to miss my party? This is the first time we've all been together in years."
"We won't be gone long," Kakashi assured the boy. "Just long enough to satisfy Sakura."
Ino choked on her laugh, eyes shining. Sakura's cheeks flamed crimson at the insinuation. Kakashi either didn't notice or didn't want to draw attention to it. He nodded toward the door. "Come on, let's get this over with, shall we?"
As she and Kakashi emerged from the pub, Sakura drew a breath of the chilly air. Naruto had been the only one to raise an objection to them leaving the party together, but Sakura felt the heat from a dozen gazes as they crossed the room. When they stepped into the street, Sakura's hand slipped out of Kakashi's, and neither made a move to retake it. He stared at the darkness, the stars above, and the benches by the door as they stood under the hazy light of the neon sign.
"I'm sorry that this took you away from the party," Kakashi began with a sigh. When his gaze turned to Sakura, it swept over her body in a way that suggested that he hadn't missed the tiniest facet of Ino's hard work. "You clearly wanted to be there."
"I can always go back later," Sakura answered, knowing that she wouldn't. She didn't want to face Sasuke or Ino after leaving with Kakashi, regardless of what happened next. Kakashi's shoulders seemed to tense at the response, but Sakura wasn't sure if it was her imagination or not. Undeniable nervousness settled in her gut.
Kakashi rubbed the back of his neck with one hand. "You don't really need to look at my shoulder. It's fine, but I needed an excuse to get out of there."
"I know," Sakura agreed. She would have realized if Kakashi was hurt, probably before he did. "But, I gave my word, so we should at least check it."
"Do you want to go to the hospital?" Kakashi moved down the street as he asked the question, forcing Sakura to follow on his heels. He didn't turn back when he continued. "Or, would my apartment be okay? It's closer."
Sakura's breath caught in her throat. She knew where Kakashi's apartment was, of course, but she'd never set foot inside of it. That he'd allow her into his world, even for a moment, stunned her. He continued walking, shoulders tight and hands stuffed into his pockets as he waited for an answer. "Your apartment is fine."
The silence gave Sakura unwanted time to think back over the night's events. She had seen appreciation in more than a few eyes when they noticed the changes that Ino had made, but she couldn't be sure that any of it had registered with Kakashi. He'd said she looked different, not better, not beautiful, just different. That word could mean a million things, or nothing at all. Ino was right though, if Sakura couldn't have Kakashi, she could always go home with someone else. Hell, even Sasuke had noticed and appreciated the extra effort in her appearance. There was only one problem, Sakura didn't want to go home with anyone else.
Sakura nearly walked into Kakashi's back when he stopped in front of her and nodded toward the steps leading up to his apartment. Though she knew it was entirely platonic, Sakura's heart pounded in her throat as she followed him higher. Kakashi unlocked the door, flicked the lights on, and pushed it wider. Sakura slid under his arm and into the room, taking in a million details at once.
Kakashi closed the door behind them and bent to remove his sandals. Sakura admired the smooth stretch of his body for a heartbeat longer than she should have. Tearing her eyes away, she rested one hand on the wall and bent down to unbuckle her heels. It felt good to be out of them, if it was only going to be for a few minutes.
"Does your shoulder hurt at all? They're notoriously fragile as far as joints go." When Kakashi didn't speak, Sakura opened her mouth to repeat the question, then had another idea. Five seconds of insane courage. She took two steps forward and reached for Kakashi's arm, the healing glow surrounding her hands.
When Sakura touched his shoulder, Kakashi startled and jerked away. 'I'm fine," he ground out. "You don't have to—"
"Your heart is pounding," Sakura responded in awe, letting her fingers fall away from his arm. The touch had been brief, but the spike in Kakashi's pulse was obvious.
Kakashi forced a harsh breath through his nose. "You're supposed to be checking my shoulder, not my heart."
Five seconds of insane courage. "Your shoulder," Sakura repeated, trying to think over the blood roaring in her ears. Just five seconds. She reached for the straps of Kakashi's flak vest.
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ʜǫ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ᴀs ᴍᴄᴅᴏɴᴀʟᴅ’s ᴇᴍᴘʟᴏʏᴇᴇs!
inspired by a recent convo w @sanemisthiccbih
HINATA very nice!! you ask for extra sauces and he gives them to you free of charge (yes, McDonald’s charges for their sauces now. like they aren’t a billion dollar restaurant chain, but anyway—) puts extra caramel in your sundae bc he likes the color and thinks it looks cool. definitely gives you five extra nuggets. smiles at you on your way out and tells you to have a great day/he hopes you have a great day 🥺
ATSUMU a try hard flirt. like, sir, stop giving me the Debby Ryan & give me my food. you ask for fries w/ no salt and he says, “Anything for you, sweetheart.” good BYE. opens w shit like, “what’s a cutie like you doing in a dump like this?” don’t you work in this dump? 😭✋🏾 hates working drive thru, but loves working the register. if you have an attitude, he will not hesitate to catch one back.
OIKAWA another failed flirt. except he’s actually cute. management likes when he works the register because ppl will come up to buy random shit just to talk to him. the face, if you will. you think he’s nice, but if you ask for ice cream, he’ll tell you to your face that the machine is broken even tho he just used it to make himself a McFlurry on his lunch break.
IWA the manager. you think he’d bust ass, but he’s actually rlly chill. knows capitalism is a scam, but still expects and holds his inferiors to a certain standard. his McDonald’s is the best McDonald’s. ride or die for his staff
SAKUSA i dont really know sakusa but something tells me he would not hesitate to spit in your food if you cross him the wrong way. he just has that—that je ne se quais, y’know? that vibe. will not serve customers who are not wearing a mask, drive thru and register. called this one old white woman an old pig because she told him to fuck off after he told her to catch Covid. sir 😭 sakusa is a meanace. mean at his core. if he’s working register, people will allow other people to cut so they don’t have to order through him 💀
KENMA mentally checked out at all times. (me, too, buddy) playing a video game in his head. spends his breaks on his Nintendo switch.
TSKUSHIMA prefers working the cooking roles because dealing with people never ceases to activate his fight or fight response. (and i do mean fight or fight) if it gets busy right before it’s time for him to clock out, he hides in a supply closet 😭 fights w his co-workers, too. swung on kageyama with a carton of fries and smashed him DEAD in the face!!! LOLLL BIIITCH THE CHAOS THAT ENSUED AFTER THATTTT?!!! that is a fight i would pay to see
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dorki-c · 7 months ago
His Guardian Demon |Chapter 1, Part 1: Are you really alone?|
Tumblr media
Relationship: Izuku Midoriya X Demon! (Reader)
Tw: Bullying, implications of posession, supernatural being: demons.
[Recommended song for this chapter: Good Morning by Kendall Miles]
[Masterlist] [Next --->]
In this day and age, even if most people had quirks, then its guaranteed that most people had a demon.
And Izuku Midoriya’s demon was most definitely a strange one…
“Morning!” An eerily smooth, sweet exclamation echoed in the vacant morning thoughts that were somehow cleared by the nights companion called sleep.
Throwing a freckled arm over his eyes in an attempt to shield himself from the thrown open curtains, they showcased the large flashlight covered by the small bits of condensed water migrating from one location to another.
“Go away.” Muttered Izuku as his hand swatted the red smoke bothering him. Frowning at the reaction, they grabbed his feet and pulled them to the side, emitting a few soft grumbles from the green-haired boy.
“Get up sweetie!” Only he could hear their voice—or voices, he isn’t sure if they are just one or more voices—"It’s a school day!” Turning to look at the ceiling before his lacklustre and semi-exhausted trance was interrupted by two vibrant scarlet eyes staring into his forest green eyes.
“Com’ on.” They pleaded, “get up.” Drifting his gaze to the window, then to the figurines, to the posters, and finally looking straight up into the ‘human’ floating above him- they weren’t quite human- as the lower half of the body was more like hazy red dust (or fog, he isn’t sure).
Fully swinging his legs off, Izuku yawned. “Do you know if Mom is up, (y/n)?” Raising a hand to cease his yawn, he rubbed his eyes before softly smiling at the shrug you gave him.
“I’ll go check!” The red mist of your body disappeared for a few seconds before popping up, by startling him, when he was about to pull out the black and white uniform of his school- he nearly slammed the closet door open.
“Miss. Inko is up and making breakfast! I think it’s—” Your body swished away again, allowing him to place his middle school uniform on the bed and travel out of his room to the bathroom where he peeked past the corner, to see where you are.
Though Inko was unaware of your presence- she couldn’t see you- the mother knew (y/n) existed. She’s always known.
On the corner of your vision, you fluttered to his side once he entered the bathroom, where the boy had started to brush his teeth. “She’s making bacon again.” The bored tone of your voice rung through the bathroom, however with a foamy white toothbrush hanging downwards as it dripped paste in clumpy bits, Izuku didn’t bother with even responding because he still remembers the last time he argued with them.
Although he didn’t look behind him, the boy looked up to see the reflective glass.
He remembers—no, that’s wrong— Izuku can discern the empty temperature of your misty hand resting on his shoulder. Whether he can’t (and might never) see you eye to eye in the mirror of his home, he knows your always there: watching, listening, and observing, each and every situation that is presented in front of him.
In a way, it’s kind of reassuring.
“Hurry! Hurry!” Though he doesn’t know where certain personality traits of yours came from, Izuku really needs to “Hurry!”  out of the apartment door so he can get to school. Although that school has no benefit for him and his dreams, he still needs to go it.
On the way, your endless chatter filled his ears where the boy subtly forgot about the upcoming day where all he does is anxiously grip his bag and hide himself under the chaos that is his homeroom classroom.
At least a few exciting things happened this morning! Like, take for example being able to watch a new hero’s debut (and record even more facts about how you regard ‘thief’ demons to be the equivalent of a filthy gutter cramped to the brim with overweight pigs)!
Oh, and let’s not forget that his homeroom teacher is a goddamn asshole. Jeez, if he was brave enough—and had a quirk- then he could’ve easily shoved the pole, that was metaphorically hanging out of his teacher’s asshole, upwards.
Letting his bag drop after laxly sitting in the cheap plastic chair of the middle school, Izuku could only predict the events that could happen today.
Though what he didn’t expect is the flailing quirks to erupt around him as y/n cloaked themselves around the backside of his torso and rested their chin on top of the endangered thick forest that was indeed his hair.
(He always brushes off your ‘if you didn’t brush your hair when its wet, then it wouldn’t be so curly’ comments, however, there might be some truth in it.)
With the flying papers scattering similarly to shit hitting a fan, he could feel a short, but overwhelming tension snaking itself through pubescent boy like a rattle snake hitting a traditional drum where the vibrations rumbled through his body.
It didn’t quiet down even when the homeroom teacher decided to call him out on applying to the one, the only, best heroics high school ever: Yueei High school!
Though Izuku expected his peers to laugh in his face as he wormed his way back into his arms, the low hiss of his misty friend as what (y/n) would call “the scummy filth of society” would inch closer and closer to his body in an uncomfortable way before Bakugou (or as (y/n) cringes every time Izuku cries out that annoying “Kacchan!” nickname), shouts at the ‘extras’ in the room that nobody can take his pristine and ‘mighty’, 1# Pro-hero throne.
Well…if it isn’t for the fact that you always exclaim that Bakugo has a golden spoon shoved so high—
A smoking calloused hand interrupted the green haired boy from his retreating thoughts. “HUH? YOU THINK YOU CAN GET INTO THE HERO COURSE, DEKU?” With that crude mouth of his, almost every fibre of Izuku’s weak being held back from pushing himself up from the ground and scooping the shit, from the metaphorical golden spoon stuck up Bakugo’s ass, straight into the flaxen haired boy’s mouth.
But he wouldn’t.
So, he sat there and got thrown around- took every single last shred of Bakugou’s pointless trash talk about him being an “useless Deku” and even let his hero analysis notebook be tossed out of the window, that he was coincidentally grovelling to Bakugou under.
To say he was scared or absolutely horrified when Bakugou said that he should “take a swan dive off of a roof and hope that in his next life he could get a quirk” was an understatement.
(What would Bakugou do if he did it?)
Though when he was about to be grabbed by the cusp of his collar, a corded slither of something delved into his body and released a blood curdling scream where a blinding red light enveloped his vision allowing a second to follow where he pushed through back into his body to shout “don’t touch me!” in retaliation to the bullies and (y/n), where one group scrambled away from him and the alternate whisked away into thin air.
I’m sure you can figure out who did what.
When picking himself up from the ground, (after who knows how many minutes) the green-eyed boy felt his eyes frantically chasing after a target which had left ages ago. 
Though with a shaky pause in between stuffing his notebooks within his bag and keeping (y/n) in his peripheral vision, once he exited the building, only to find his damaged notebook in a koi pond, Izuku retrieved the book from the nibbling and greedy fish to find that Lady luck had graced his book’s pages to be still intact.  
(Thank Allmight that plastic covers exist…)
“I’m sorry your notebook got thrown into a pond…” Murmured (y/n) as they swirled in front of him, although most of their body was manifested as a thick fog of vermillion. Although he could always make out small gloppy objects trying to imitate certain features of the human body, take for example the inky clobbered mud-like feet.
“Why are you apologising? You nearly got us killed…” Something undiscovered flew into his speech like it was…meant to.
“I know.”
He knows that (y/n) knows exactly what happens when that takes place. He hopes they know how invasive it felt when the millisecond of the event was comparable to those ‘out of body experiences’ or something similar to those.
“Remember what they do to thief demons?”
Yes, his demon, his protector, knows exactly could happen to both him and them, if (y/n) became a thief demon.
And Izuku wishes that would never happen.
@glitterfreezed, @miriobaby, @sweater-weather-seven, @nyanyabisjjj, @quietlegends, @dragonsdreamoffire​, @candybabey, @honeylavender13​​
All content and art used within this story belongs to their respective owners. PLAGARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! 
Art credits: Dorki-C and @glitterfreezed​
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marshmallow-phd · 9 months ago
Bottom of the Glass
Tumblr media
Genre: Bodyguard!AU, Angst
Pairing: Jinyoung  x Reader
Summary: It’d been almost ten years since you left the life of glitz and cameras behind, never looking back. But someone refused to let go. When danger comes knocking, your father insists on hiring the best to keep you safe. Reluctant, you agree. Park Jinyoung is constantly by your side, but as the stalker gets closer, will he be able to keep you safe without getting too close himself?
Part: 1 I 2
Dan pouted at your lack of enthusiasm to go along with his joke. Jinyoung seemed to find it somewhat amusing, given the smirk on his face. But he got over it fairly quickly.
“If you don’t mind, Daniel, I would like to talk to Miss (y/n) about the measures we’ll take to ensure her safety.”
“Absolutely,” Dan agreed. He looked at you and then back at Jinyoung. “I’ll leave you two to discuss… safety measures.”
You rolled your eyes as your friend’s retreating back. Not waiting for Jinyoung to start his no-doubt rehearsed speech on how he was going to upend your life, you went back to your desk and cleaned off the food and napkins that covered the surface. You finished your glass of wine and sat down in the chair. Jinyoung remained standing, the smirk gone, nothing left but a blank, distant expression. With no prompt from you, he got started.
“Your father has already provided me with a key to your apartment and I’ve met with the security staff there. I will have access to the cameras from my phone both for the apartment building and the hotel. I will drive you wherever you want to go, but for the time being you should limit your activities to work, home, and grocery stores. If you can work from home, that would be even better. There are agencies that will pick up your groceries and deliver them. That should be an avenue to utilize. I’m currently running background checks on employees, apartment staff and your close friends.”
“What?” A few drops of the water you had taken a sip from to counteract the wine you’d chugged found their way down the wrong pipe in your throat. “You’re looking into my friends?” You scoffed. “That’s how you knew about Dan’s line.”
“One can’t be too careful.”
“It’s Dan. He runs away from fireflies and organizes his clothes by color than by season. “Fake, pig, or otherwise, he wouldn’t have the stomach to go anywhere near blood.” If there was one person you could trust not to be behind all the phone calls and the bloody package, it would be Dan. And you refused to let this overreaching, overpaid babysitter make you paranoid and isolate everyone in your life.
Jinyoung shrugged, unmoved by your argument. “It’s the job. I can’t rule anyone out, no matter who they are to you.”
“Who’s next? My cousins?”
The silence was enough of an answer.
Leaning back in your chair, you closed your eyes and rubbed the space between your brows. “Listen. I am not working from my apartment. I have too many meetings and too much work to stay on my couch in my sweatpants. If there’s a function that requires my presence, then I’m going to go.” To let him know that you were completely serious, you opened your eyes and held his gaze. “You’re here at the insistence of my father. I’m tolerating this for his sake. But - and I will keep saying this - I’m not going to let that weirdo who is obsessed with a long forgotten past mess up my life now.”
Seconds of silence ticked by. Jinyoung kept your gaze, unmoving and unreadable. The more you stared back, the more you saw what Dan possibly saw.
This bodyguard was nothing like you had expected. He was on the shorter side, not intimidating at first glance. If you looked too long at his face, as long as he wasn’t smiling, then maybe he could insight… some sort of emotion. But you felt nothing. Nothing but annoyance, that is.
As both an actor and a director in this company, you’d learned to read people. You’d learned to search their faces for the emotions hidden underneath, to pick apart what they otherwise wanted to hide. But it was baffling to you how cutoff Jinyoung was. You saw nothing in his eyes that gave away the thoughts in his head.
Shifting minutely, he finally said, “But what is a life that’s a little out of order compared to no life at all?”
A bit of... an eccentric way to put it. “Poetic.”
He let out a fairly short laugh. “It’s been known to happen.”
You were still skeptical. You still didn’t want your life to be whirled around like you were caught in a tornado. But he had a point - the winds were already coming. And you couldn’t outrun a storm.
Crossing your arms and legs, you gave a smirk of your own. “You are certainly… not a cliché.”
He raised an eyebrow. “What were you expecting?”
“I don’t know. Something more of a Dwayne Johnson type?”
“You need speed, not strength.”
“Did you just insult The Rock?”
Over the direction of the conversation, Jinyoung sighed. “Are you done for the night? I need to inspect your apartment.”
Oh, gosh. You rarely had strangers over. Was your place even clean? Were there dishes in the sink? Fresh clothes that still needed to be put away? It didn’t matter if your apartment was pristine or in shambles like a hotel after Spring Break, you knew the bodyguard was going to force his way in. So you gave way, nodding and standing up from your desk. What was left could wait until tomorrow.
 A short car ride followed up a brief yet heated conversation in the parking garage as to who was driving. Jinyoung all but implied that he was the better driver with faster reflexes while you insisted that no one knew your car as well as you did. A pitiful argument. Your car didn’t have special modifications or a tricky gear. It was a standard, newer model that drove basically like any other motorized vehicle. It was nothing more than your first powerplay – and Jinyoung had won.
If your stalker wanted you to feel like that teenage actress again, they were succeeding.
Back then, you weren’t allowed to drive either. Too risky since teenagers had a tendency to get into more accidents and – whether it was your fault or not – whatever fender-bender you got into would end up in the tabloids. Add in the fact that you were usually in cities that you weren’t entirely familiar with and it was just best to be chauffeured whenever possible. At least this time you were able to sit in the front seat.
You handed Jinyoung the keycard that granted access to the parking garage and guided him to your assigned spot. No more words were spoken as the two of you got out of the car and headed inside.
The lobby was the only entrance to and from the garage for “security” (a word that you were going to get really tired of here soon). Once your feet hit the transition from concrete to polished tile, you headed for the elevators. Jinyoung, however, steered you away with a hand on the shoulder. His destination was the front desk where the doorman sat behind a marble barrier.
“Ah, you must be Park Jinyoung,” Walt, the doorman, greeted with a smile. He stood from his chair and leaned over the barrier to shake Jinyoung’s hand.
Walt was the doorman that you liked. He always wore a smile and had a gentle, uncle-like feel to him. The kind of uncle you enjoyed being around, not the annoying, obnoxious kind that you steered clear from at family gatherings. That title belonged to Newman, who mostly worked the late-night shift. For good reason.
“Your firm head met with us yesterday and went over the broad stroke of things. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to sit in on the meeting with our security staff earlier today with you present.” Walt didn’t seem effected by the news of your new bodyguard in the slightest.
“That’s alright,” Jinyoung nodded. “I’m sure they went over the briefing with you?”
“Absolutely. All packages for Miss (y/n) are to be collected here and left for you to inspect before being passed on to her. I’m to notate any strange behavior I see, both from strangers and from other residents.”
“Good. Good.”
“How’s your mom, Walt?” you asked, hating the feeling of being talked about like you weren’t standing right there. You just hoped that no one else living here was overhearing this conversation. You doubted that they would take too kindly to being watched and investigated like this.
Walt smiled. “She’s doing good. Has her bad days though where she forgets what year it is or that she’s not in the country anymore.”
“I’m sorry.” Your heart went out to Walt. His situation wasn’t the easiest to handle.
“Alzheimer’s?” Jinyoung guessed in a tone that still managed to be sympathetic.
Walt nodded. “It’s slow going, though, so that’s a small blessing.”
“That’s good.”
“Have a good night, Walt,” you said. You were currently fighting back a yawn. Wine always made you tired. You don’t know why you let Dan talk you into having a glass at the office. Maybe it was the stress of your predicament that made you give in so easily.
“Good night, Miss (y/n). Get some rest.”
The smile dropped from your face as soon as the elevator doors closed. Now more than ever, you just wanted to slide between your sheets and go to sleep. There was even a little bit of hope that you would wake up tomorrow and this would all be a dream and Jinyoung would just be a face that your brain chose after seeing him in some designer clothes commercial. If the bodyguard noticed your change in posture or expression, he made no mention of it.
Getting your key into the door was a struggle, but eventually the lock clicked, and you were able to go inside your home. A sense of relief flowed over you when you closed the door behind you.
“You should get some rest,” Jinyoung suggested. This, you would not argue over. He started making rounds through the apartment, looking out the windows and checking the shelves for things you preferred not to think about. 
Grabbing a fresh towel from the hallway closet, you entered your bedroom and straight for the shower. It was twenty minutes of uninterrupted thought-processing. You talked yourself into temporarily thinking that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.
Yes, it was going to suck. Yes, you were going to get annoyed and probably fight with Jinyoung a few more times. But this was just another obstacle life was placing in your way. It was going to be a long hard climb, but you’d make it over sooner or later. As far as you were concerned, this “stalker” would eventually get bored and move on to some other has-been.
Much more relaxed, you got out of the shower and slipped into your sleepwear before going to check on Jinyoung. You found him out in the main living room fluffing up a pillow on the couch. His shoes and jacket were off but you didn’t see them in the immediate vicinity.
“What are you doing?”
He didn’t seem surprised by your sudden appearance, not even looking up at you as he answered, “Getting ready to sleep.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Out here?”
Maybe he thought that the couch was his only option. Obviously your bedroom was off the table and down the hall. “I have a guest bedroom.” Well, two really, but one was being used more as an extra office-slash-storage space.
“If someone breaks in, I’ll know sooner and can respond better out here.”
You weren’t even going to try and argue. You shrugged. “Okay, have it your way.”
Not being completely heartless, you went back to the hallway closet and got out an extra blanket.
He revealed a small grin when you handed it over. “Thank you.” He sat down on the couch, eyes roaming over the room. His gaze lingered on the entryways and windows. You always kept the curtains closed, except for when it was raining or snowing. Regular sunlight was too bright for your liking and created a glare on the TV. Also… you didn’t like the idea of someone in a building across the way possibly looking in.
Okay, so maybe a little part of your brain had always been paranoid, and you just never wanted to admit. You still refused to do so out loud.
“You can go to bed,” Jinyoung chuckled. “You don’t have to watch over me. That’s my job.”
“Right.” Could you be even more awkward about this situation? Turning to go, you almost took that first step to head to your room, but then another thought jumped into priority. “Are you seriously going to sleep in your suit?”
Jinyoung looked down at his shirt and then back up at you. “Yugyeom will drop my suitcases off tomorrow. This will do for tonight.”
You snorted. “Let me guess, your luggage will contain all white button downs and perfectly tailored slacks.”
“That’s the uniform.”
Shaking your head, you turned to go. And then whipped right back around.
“I can look after myself, you know.” It was your last-ditch effort to get him to ease back. Pointless? More than likely. But you wanted Jinyoung to understand that you were not a poor damsel in distress who couldn’t tie her own shoes. You were used to taking care of yourself, doing what was best for you. The decisions in your life had been yours, for the most part.
Jinyoung’s usually stoic expression softened, if only by a fraction. “No one is doubting that. But two sticks are harder to break than one.”
Unsure of how to respond, you nodded. Now you made it to your room. Leaning back against the door, you blew the air out of your lungs. You still weren’t completely on board with this. You flipped back and forth between accepting it and wanting to fight it.
You had control issues; you can admit to that much. That was what made working in your father’s company so much better for your personality than acting. Or maybe it was because of your famous youth years that you were now obsessed with maintaining control. Whatever the reason was, that didn’t change how you are.
Bright side, (y/n). Think of the bright side.
At least he didn’t seem brutish. He was going to be stubborn on doing things his way, but he wasn’t cruel about it. So far.
He’s just doing his job.
That you didn’t necessarily hire him for.
But your father did. And it eased his worry and therefore would be better for his overall health.
“Just think of it as another acting project,” you told yourself, cringing in the process. “Act like you’re okay with it. Maybe eventually you will be.”
Eventually. Yeah, okay.
Pushing off the door, you shuffled over to the bed and slipped between the covers. It took almost an hour of tossing back and forth, crumpling your sheets and tucking your comforter in the process, but you fell asleep. Eventually.
Noise from the television woke you up the next morning. With a groan you flipped over to check your phone that was charging on the nightstand. It was only five-forty in the morning. Who the hell in their right mind was up this early?
Unable to fall back asleep, you gave up and crawled out of bed. After a quick maintenance run in the bathroom, you ventured outside to the living room.
Jinyoung was sitting up on the couch, leaning forward with his elbows resting on his knees. His brow was furrowed from concentration. The news didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary to you, but Jinyoung was entranced. The anchor was giving an update on the military conflict in another country. It was sad and depressing. You tried not to think about it too much.
“Did you actually sleep?” you asked in an effort to distract yourself. Still waking up, you wrapped your arms around yourself and let free a yawn.
“Eight hours,” he replied. You had a hard time believing that. Next to him, the blanket was folded with precision, lying neatly on top of the throw pillow. Tonight you would have to remember to get him a real pillow from the guest room to sleep on.
“It doesn’t feel like it.”
Jinyoung glanced at you over his shoulder. “You can go back to sleep.”
You shook your head. “I can’t sleep with noise on.”
“Sorry. I’ll mute the TV.” He started to reach for the remote.
“It’s alright,” you stopped him. “I’m hungry now and won’t go back to sleep with a growling stomach. Have you eaten yet?”
“Not yet.”
“I’ll make breakfast.”
“Thank you.”
You shot his back a curious glance before continuing to the kitchen. Although there was no reason to, you’d expected him to decline. Oh, well. Making breakfast for two shouldn’t be much harder than breakfast for one.
It took about fifteen minutes to put the food together. By that time, your stomach was growling viciously, and you could feel your blood sugar dropping dangerously low. To help stabilize it, you shot down a glass of orange juice. That calmed the stormy waters long enough to finish up. You took a plate out to Jinyoung first, along with silverware. He thanked you for the meal.
“Do you want anything to drink?”
“Do you have coffee?”
You nodded. You were already brewing yourself a cup. “What kind do you like?”
“I’m usually an Americano guy, but I’ll take whatever you’ve got.”
“I can do an Americano,” you said. You, erm, splurged on a nice coffee machine that basically does it all. You like your coffee fancy, as embarrassing as it is. Plain black with just creamer or sugar wasn’t enough for you.
The Americano was easy enough to make. You even had a little teal to-go cup with a lid and straw for Jinyoung to use. He half-scoffed, half-laughed at the thing when you brought it out to him, but he thanked you nonetheless. Now it was your turn to sit and eat. Usually you ate at the table, but Jinyoung was still out in the living room and you felt too awkward to eat in there when he was out here, so you joined him, taking a spot on the recliner. Tucking your feet under you, you began to break your fast. The news had moved on to a lighter, humanitarian topic, so you gave it part of your attention.
Knock, knock, knock.
Jinyoung froze. Slowly and quietly, he put the plate down on the coffee table. His hand slid under the pillow and pulled out a firearm. Now it was your turn to stiffen.
He walked slowly over to the door and peeked through the small peephole. Then his shoulders relaxed. Sliding the gun between his waist band, he opened the door with a huff.
“You’re supposed to call that you’re on your way.”
In stepped a much taller, lankier man than even the one that came with Jaebeom the other day. Though still in a suit, this bodyguard was still very boyish, smiling and giggling as he came into view. His black hair wasn’t perfectly smooth like Jinyoung’s. “I forgot. Bambam was in a hurry to get to his favorite café.”
“Now isn’t really the time for him to be flirting with the baristas,” Jinyoung deadpanned. He reached out and took the suitcase that the other one had rolled in.
“You’re just jealous that he’s better at it than you.” Noticing you, the other bodyguard waived. “Hi! I’m Yugyeom!”
You waved back sheepishly. “Hi.”
“If you get tired of this one watching you,” he jabbed his thumb in Jinyoung’s direction, “I’ll gladly take over. I’m much more fun than hyung here.”
“Yugyeom….” Jinyoung warned.
Yugyeom was undeterred. “He’s already got you up early. He tried to do that with me and Bambam, but we like sleeping. You know, like normal people. Next time, though, you should try to get up before him. He may look scary now, but when he’s sleeping, he’s actually kind of cute—”
“Yugyeom!” Jinyoung snapped. “Don’t you have a briefing to get to?”
The latter checked his watch. “Not for another hour, but I should probably wrangle Bambam away from the café before he busy the place out.” Still giggling, Yugyeom waved to you. “Nice to meet you, (y/n).”
“You, too,” you said with a laugh of your own. Jinyoung all but shoved the poor guy out the door. Once it was shut, he sighed, leaning his forehead and forearm against the wooden barrier.
“One day, I will kill him,” he whispered.
You would be lying if you said that you weren’t enjoying this a little. Jinyoung huffed and turned back to you.
“Eat your breakfast.”
He rolled the suitcase down the hall to the spare bathroom and shut the door. In a much better mood than how you woke up, you picked your silverware back up and ate happily away. If Jinyoung ever got on your nerves, you knew exactly who to contact.
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theonlygamergost · 11 months ago
French homework and a Dream - fd!au. ( part 1 / 2)
This fanfiction is based on the Family Dynamic au made by @antarctic-bay ctic-bay if you would like to know more, go check them out!!!
Also please bear in mind that the things written in this might not be canon!
This fic was corrected by the lovely @im-default
Techno and Dream did the fatal mistake of choosing French over Spanish and now they have to suffer the consequences together
next part --->
Lunch break was sacred for Techno, it was that magic moment where he sat at a table alone, in the corner of the cafeteria with a book of his choice to read and block out the chaos of the fellow students. You know what they say: if you can't find peace, create your peace.
With lo-fi music or classical piano in his ears, he would peacefully eat his lunch, recharging his social energy (already consumed in the first half of the day) by not talking nor seeking company. Even though, from time to time, he would get some visitors:
One of his brothers could drop by if they needed to talk to him or they were also already feeling exhausted, Skeppy would also sit with him and try to initiate conversations, in vain since Techno ends up ignoring him unless he needed something important.
All in all, Techno didn’t allow anyone to disturb or interrupt his moment of peace, neither he liked sharing his book or music with anyone…
Well, anyone apart from Dream.
In between the rivalry for the smartest kid and best (nerd) Minecraft pvp-er, the two had started frequenting now and then, maybe studying at the library together or grabbing a bite after school before parting ways, all in all, they found to have a similar love for quiet company and taste in music.
So, to see Dream sit next to Techno, steal one of his earbuds, and tug the book a little closer for him to read as well wasn’t rare, but a treat to see.
“TALK TO ME TECHNO!!!” Skeppy had been trying to get his friend’s eyes off of the book for about five minutes or so, just to get completely denied by an unbothered and concentrated face. “Techno pleaseee!!!! I need attention!” his head fell on the table, “...I can tell” he finally replied while turning the page.
Skeppy groaned and went on bothering him for another five minutes.
Techno sighed, “Can’t you go bother someone else?” Skeppy was about to complain again, but a familiar laugh made the both of them stop and look at the direction it came from, “You’re so needy Skeppy”.
The boy in the green hoodie placed his tray next to Techno’s, leaving his backpack on the seat next to him, “YEAH! And this stupid pig isn’t giving me any attention!!!” after a second of silence they all giggled at Techno being addressed as “Pig”, something that only Skeppy could get away with. Not even Dream could call him that without either a complaint or a casual roast coming from the other teen as a consequence.
“Have you studied for tomorrow’s French test?” He took a bite of… whatever the cafeteria had made that day, he couldn’t really tell since it was so… revolting-looking, but it didn’t taste that bad and Dream was pretty hungry. Skipping breakfast was a habit of his so whatever he could eat at lunch was fine by him, it just needed to fill him up until the end of the day.
“Nah… I can’t remember some of the verbs, let alone when and how to use them” he replied before sipping on some water, “Same… some words are unpronounceable too… “ Dream and Techno both made the grave mistake of choosing French over Spanish as a second language, Techno made a very bad first impression with the teacher and Dream overslept three lessons in a month, let’s say that if they didn’t do good on this test… they could kiss goodbye a good French overall vote at the end of the year.
Skeppy exploded in a loud laugh, banging one of his fists on the table meanwhile holding his stomach, “Sucks to be you!” they sighed in defeat, Skeppy got convinced into choosing Spanish by a friend so he couldn’t relate to their problems since legends told that the Spanish teacher was a very nice person.
“I’ll leave you two to your nerdy problems, later losers!” Dream told him goodbye meanwhile Techno simply waved.
The blonde boy stretched his arms and grabbed both his phone and diary out of the backpack, flipping through it he nudged the other boy lightly, “We only have French for tomorrow… wanna study together?” Techno hummed a reply as the blondie took one of his earbuds, Techno reacted with a question: “Want to study at the library or..?” Dream’s head tilted, “Or what? We don’t have another place to study” Techno furrowed his brows for a second, “Well… no, you’re right”.
The reply made Dream curious, but he limited himself to finishing his meal in silence, enjoying the quiet company until the bell rang.
“It’s already six pm?! We haven’t even finished memorizing this stuff!” Dream groaned in frustration while Techno just dropped his head on the book in front of him, they had been studying for two hours interrupted only by a bathroom break, and they weren’t even half-way done with their homework.
“This will be the only low grade on my paper this year…” the low murmur was muffled by the fact that Techno’s head was still slumped on the books, “Oh come on…”, Dream rubbed out the tiredness from his eyes, “I know that I won’t get anything done once I get back home, my ADHD goes crazy when I’m studying French… it knows I don’t want to study it so it makes me think about everything but that!”, the blonde boy chuckled, “I can never focus when It’s French too…”
Well, that was a slump, both of them knew that going part-ways wasn’t going to work… If they wanted a decent grade they had to have a study partner.
So Techno took a shot in the dark.
“Ok listen, I’ve got a plan:  come sleep over at my place, my desk it’s a bit messy but if I throw everything on the ground we’ll fit, you can’t eat dinner with us because Phil already cooked it and it’s not enough for five people, it’s not enough- but we can go eat somewhere”.
Dream froze in genuine shock: he had never gone to the Pandel house, nor he had ever been invited by Techno anywhere really, he was usually the one that asked him to grab a bite together, Techno only ever asked him to study, and that was already pretty rare. So getting such an out-of-nowhere invitation to eat together AND sleep at his house was… very surprising.
“Uhh… sure, can I borrow a shirt to sleep in?” Techno nodded, “Well then…  should we go eat now so that we have more time to study later?” Techno nodded again and they started packing up their stuff, grabbing books and pencils that scattered on the table while studying.
“McDonald’s?” Dream proposed, “McDonald’s” Techno replied.
Meanwhile, they were crunching on some fries, Techno texted the Pandel chat about Dream sleeping over, Phil agreed almost instantly, telling Techno where he could get some blankets and an additional pillow, the problems were Wilbur and Tommy that didn’t like the idea of having Dream in their house, (because they had a Minecraft server where they and Dream had a bit of a… “difference” of opinions…) but Techno told them to cry about it and closed the chat, reassuring the boy in the green hoodie that he could spend the night with him.
On their way home, Techno had noticed by reading the notifications that the Berry brothers had proposed a last-minute movie night, to which the other Pandel’s agreed, already counting Techno off, so it wasn’t a surprise that they met Wilbur and Tommy leaving when they arrived.
“I’m glad we are leaving, two tryhards together must be a revolting sight” Wilbur adjusted his coat as Tommy tied his laces, “I’m glad you guys are leaving too, we really need to study and my desk is a bit small, we can use the kitchen until you come back” Dream stifled a giggle, the passive-aggressive energy the Pandel had when speaking to each other was very entertaining, Techno turned to him and pointed at the clothes hanger behind the door, “Put your jacket there, oh and don’t forget to take your shoes off, I’ll get you a pair of slippers, Eret’s one should fit you”
He opened the closet to almost disappear in it, “Bye big D! Have fun with TechnoNerd!” Dream cringed at Tommy’s goodbye while Wilbur snickered at it, “Bye… and please don’t call me that ever again”
The front door closed as Techno dropped a pair of dark blue slippers in front of him, he thanked him, grabbed his backpack and followed the pink-haired boy while looking around:
the living room and the kitchen were in the same room, there was also no proper table, not that there was room for it, so he guessed that they ate on the kitchen counter.
There were four doors in the room, the first one on the left before the kitchen, a pig sticker gave Techno’s room away, on the other side of it, next to the couch, there was a door with a big sign spelling “NO BITCHES ALLOWED” with an evil smile scribbled next to it, he guessed that was Tommy’s room.
Not too far away from Tommy’s room, there was another door, but this time nothing was on it, and the fourth door was to the right of that blank door aka on the opposite side of the front door. He guessed one was a room and one was the bathroom, there was a hole next to the fourth door though…
Techno sat on one of the stools and opened his backpack, “As I’ve said, we can stay here until the others come back, if you need the bathroom it’s this one” He pointed at the door directly behind him, door number three… but then…
“Why is there a hole next to that door” Dream pointed at the forth door, Techno smiled briefly, “Uhhh… It’s a long and secret story, but to give you an idea that is Will’s room” He blinked a couple of times to let the information sink in, Techno snapped him out of it by waiving his pen in front of his eyes.
“C’mon nerd, we have work to do.” To which Dream apologized and sat next to him, taking a deep breath before opening the french textbook.
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votederpycausemufins · 6 months ago
Here’s another chapter! Y’all are gonna hate the ending.
Grian knocked on the closet door. “Hey Xannes, I know you’re in there.”
“I’m busy! Go away!” Evil Xisuma’s voice came from inside.
“If you don’t come out now, I can get rid of the door completely and let people see inside. NPG’s told me it’s private information, but I’m sure sharing would be fine.”
There was silence before Xannes spoke again. “I’ll be right out!” There was a bit of clattering and then the hels admin opened the door as little as he could while also being able to squeeze through it.
“Nice sweater.” Grian pointed at the bright pink and yellow sweater Xannes was wearing before he quickly pulled it off and balled it up before throwing it into the closet.
“What the fuck do you want?” Then he looked over at Tommy. “And why is he here?”
“We need to get back to Hermitcraft and that’s Tommy. He’s from our dimension, not this one. We already met Theseus.”
Xannes crossed his arms. “And what do I get out of it?”
“You could come visit Hermitcraft again?” Mumbo suggested, but the admin just shook his head. “I thought you wanted that.”
“Oh, of course I do, but you know how I’m always visiting with NPG? That’s because my brother won’t let me in without him. Since he’s busy with Theseus, I can’t go anywhere.”
“Hey, before we left visiting, he said something about messaging you. Any chance that could be about NPG?” Tommy piped up.
Xannes hummed in acknowledgement before pressing something on his helmet. “So he did. Something I’ll need to tell Prof about. He’s actually going to be away for a few days to visit family. Something about seeing distorted mirrors or whatever.” He pressed the button again. “Alright, call NPG here and we can go.”
“Do I really need to discuss this? I have gone over this with my one dad before and have recovered from the events connected to my brainwashing.” Grum tried reasoning with Puffy who was insisting he had a therapy session with her. “I think there are more important matters to discuss other than my mental health.” 
“Your mental health is extremely important. Especially when you’re stuck in an unfamiliar place. And I’m not sure that having your dad as a therapist is the best practice.”
Grum frowned. “Technically a therapist should not have any relation with their patient outside of business work, usually up to three years I believe. But our admin is not fond of us leaving our world, so Daddy is the only option.”
“Well a second opinion would still be a good idea.” Puffy said, and Grum sighed before slumping in his seat. “I’m guessing that’s you reluctantly agreeing?”
“Yes, however I do have a condition.”
“What’s that?”
Grum gave a slight smirk. “That’s to have a significant influence on or determine the manner or outcome of something. But that’s not important right now. My condition is That between your questions for me, you allow me to ask my own questions.”
“Alright, but I may not answer everything you ask. Somethings may be a bit hard to hear or take too much explaining.”
“That is better than nothing.”
“Alright, so your brother mentioned you were brainwashed. How did that happen?”
“On our server, a system was started to buy plots of land on which to build shops, a ten by ten meter area being sold for one diamond block. It was started as a joke, but everyone went along with it. Soon there was a large diamond pile sitting in the middle of the shopping district. Dad thought someone needed to be in charge of it and created a town hall to place the blocks in and then created an election for mayor, nominating Daddy as a candidate. There were five total candidates, but by election, one had dropped out. One of the candidates was someone named Stress.
“She joined the election with Iskall as her running mate with a slogan and choice of colors. Meanwhile I was created to help my dads win. Just before the official election, Iskall appeared at my platform to get ideas from me. I refused to help anyone other than my dads, so he broke in and rewired me. Dad tried to help fix me when he found out what happened, but he does not know redstone well and only slightly fixed it. Daddy then came over and fixed me, but at that point, the stress of what happened and the fact that it was election day and it didn’t seem like my dads were winning ended with me breaking down.”
“That does sound like a lot to happen to someone so young. Even if as a robot you have the mental capacity of someone older, from what you’ve told me, you aren’t even a year old yet.”
“Now, you said certain slogan and certain colors. What-”
“No. It is my turn for a question. Do you know someone by the name of Tommy Innit?”
“Uh, yes I do.” Puffy replied, waiting for Grum to ask more, but he simply nodded. “Are you going to ask more?”
“No. I have asked my question and now it is your turn.”
“Right. What were those colors and slogan?”
“I do not want to repeat the slogan. However, Stress was fond of alliums and used their dye.”
“Well then, that seems like something we should cover. The slogan likely may be a trigger to you.”
“Yes. How do you know Tommy?”
“I’ve… met him and his family before.”
Grum narrowed his eyes. “Is that all you are willing to say?”
“It’s my turn for a question.” Puffy responded, and Grum had to concede to his own rules. “How are you around Stress and Iskall?”
“Fine. They are my aunt and auncle now. Stress may have been running, but Iskall was acting on his own. At the time they were unaware how sentient of a being I was and is greatly apologetic for what they have done. They are very close with my dads and usually messed with things they ade, so at the time it seemed no different to him. Is Tommy from this server.”
“From this server? No, I believe he’s from SMP Earth.”
Grum had to keep himself from cursing. Now he was sure she was dodging his questions.
“Have you ever had negative experiences around Stress and Iskall after the initial incident?”
“Yes, the most prominent was when I first saw Iskall after getting my new body. After that was when I found a campaign sign that had not been taken down.” Grum paused before asking his question, having an idea. “If I asked you to give me a diamond and ask me a certain question with the guarantee that afterwards I would let you ask all your own questions and none more from me, would you do it?”
“I… suppose I could. I would have to find a dia-” Grum pulled one of on his inventory, always keeping a few on him for Jrum. “I guess that will work, what’s the question?”
“Ask me ‘Who is Tommy Innit?’”
This time Puffy looked unsure, but reluctantly she handed Grum the diamond back and asked the question. The diamond disappeared as it started up Grum’s system. He was primed, he bootloaded his brain, he flooded the mayoral reservoirs and then, he found the answer.
“Tommy Innit is the youngest son of Philza Minecraft, former ruler of the Antarctic Empire. He has three brothers. After the decline of the Antarctic Empire, Tommy was allowed to join the ↸∷ᒷᔑᒲ ᓭᒲ!¡ ᔑリ↸ ∴ᒷリℸ ̣  𝙹リ ℸ ̣ 𝙹- ℸ ̣ 𝙹- ℸ ̣ 𝙹- ℸ ̣ 𝙹- ℸ ̣ 𝙹- Gᒷt ⊣o∷gᒷo⚍s.”
Grum was holding his head. Something was wrong. It.. purple. Why was it purple? He couldn’t think right. Why? Why again? Was it because they were talking about it all and he tried to access the mayoral reservoirs? “⍑ᒷꖎ!¡. ⍑ᒷꖎ!¡. ⍑ᒷꖎ!¡. !¡∷𝙹ᓵᒷᓭᓭ𝙹∷ ⎓ᔑ╎ꖎ╎リ⊣. ∷ᒷ!¡ᔑ╎∷ᓭ リᒷᒷ↸ᒷ↸. ꖎ𝙹ᓵᔑℸ ̣ ᒷ ᔑ↸ᒲ╎リ╎ᓭℸ ̣ ∷ᔑℸ ̣ 𝙹∷. ⍑ᒷꖎ!¡. ⍑ᒷꖎ!¡. ⍑ᒷꖎ!¡. ⍑-⍑ e l p m e. D a d s h e l p m e!”
“Du du du, du du durudu, du du du duuu! D-d-dance Grian! Du du du, du du durudu, guinea pig dance! D-d-dance Grian!” Jrumbot was singing while in the nether, mining up some quartz, both for redstone as well as for snacks. “Du du du, du du durudu, du du du duuu! D-d-dance Grian! Du du du, du du durudu, guinea pig dance! Dance dance dance dance da-da-dan guinea pig, guinea pig, guinea pig, guinea pig. Dance dance dance dance dancedance, guinea pig dance!”
He heard the sound of a piglin and immediately stopped to make sure his gold booties were on, glad to see they were, then he realized that it wasn’t actually a piglin, but a zombie piglin, and a young one at that. Then, he realized it wasn’t just a normal sound. The noises were in the same tune as the song he had just been singing. “Hello? Is someone there?”
The noises stopped and jrum would furrow his brow if he had one. Then he got an idea. “Well! I guess I was just hearing things!” He said a little louder than needed before going back to the song. This time he paid attention as the humming of a baby ziglin started up again and Jrum started walking towards it, lowering his voice volume so whoever it was couldn’t tell he was coming closer.
Finally Grum found a hole and peaked inside, scaring the young Ziglin. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you! I just heard you humming along to me!” They were quiet, but Jrum did get a wave from the mob. “My name is Jrum! What’s yours?”
The Ziglin snorted and Jrum smiled. “Oh! Michael is a very nice name! What are you doing in a hole?” Another few snorts. “Huh, I guess that makes sense. My dads kept my brother in a box until it was okay to move him so he could get a body like the one I’m in! I got mine at the same time too by the way.”
Jrum chatted with Michael for a bit before something was said that made the ziglin sad. “Aww, what’s wrong?” Jrum asked, listening to the snorts in response. “Aww, well I hope Boo can find Bee. I got lost once and my dads found me, so I’m sure that your parents can find each other too!” A single happy snort. “Yes, Boo! He can do it. Wait behind me?”
Michael had shaken his head and pointed behind Jrum. When the robot turned around, he had to crane his head up at the figure that towered above him. They were half black and half white with the purple eyes of an enderman, streaks going down on the white side of their face from the eye. Jrum thought he also saw some mirrored on the black side, but it was hard to tell.”
“Who are you and why are you with Michael?”
“Um, I’m Jrum and I was mining in here while singing and then Michael sang along and now we’re friends.”
“I see. And what were you mining for?”
“Quartz! I’m a robot and so is my brother and we eat quartz instead of normal food, plus I need it for some redstone things.”
“I see. And are you-”
“Am I what?” Jrum asked when the person stopped talking, their eyes fading from purple and into green and red.
“Oh! Hello! Who are you?”
“Um… Jrum?” Jrum was confused by a number of things. The person’s changing eye colors, the repeated question, the tone of their voice changing from serious to chipper and finally the change to the common language. “You asked that already.”
“I did?” He asked, and then pulled out a book. “I don’t have anything written down about meeting someone like you.”
“Well we just met a minute ago. You asked what I was doing with Michael.”
“Oh, did you make a friend Michael?” The young ziglin nodded and then the person started writing in his book.
“Um, so what’s your name?”
“Oh! I’m Ranboo.”
Jrum smiled a little at the name. “Oh! Michael said his parents were Bee ‘n Boo, so you must be Boo!”
“That’s right. You’re able to understand him?”
“Yep!” Jrum nodded. “When I go to visit my sort of big brother he lets me visit Prof and Prof likes to give me presents like a language translator! My brother has one too!”
“What’s your brother’s name?”
“He’s Grum. We sort of got stuck in this world for a bit but we’re gonna try and find a way back and even if we can’t I’m sure our dads can find us!” Ranboo nodded and wrote down more in his book, making Jrum speak up again. “What’s that?”
“Oh, um… It’s my memory book. I’m not… entirely the best at remembering, so I write stuff down.”
“Oh! That’s cool!” Jrum smiled. “Well, I’m gonna go back to mining! Bye Michael! Bye Dad Boo!” And Jrum skipped away, humming a new song that mentioned being AFK.
“Mumbo! Mumbo Mumbo Mumbo Mumbo!” Grian started shouting, trying to get the redstoner’s attention.
“What’s wrong?”
“Look!” And Grian shoved his communicator in Mumbo’s face. “They’re alive! Or at least… they’re not completely gone!”
Tommy and Phil also came over to see what was going on as Mumbo read messages on Grian’s comm. “They both ran out of battery.”
“Yes! I mean, it’s not good because I doubt they have a way to charge again, which is not a good sign, but it means that they’re not gone forever!”
“Wait, how do you know that?” Phil asked and Grian showed him the phone.
“We set something up a while ago so we get notifications for them when something happens like they run out of battery or get badly damaged. Looking at the timestamps, these were sent while we were in Helscraft, but we didn’t get the notifications until coming back to this dimension.”
“Is there any way to track the signal?” Tubbo asked, making Grian light up.
“Maybe! It would take a lot of time though, so it might be good to have someone here work on that while we check the-” Grian stopped, his comm buzzing. “What?”
Tommy leaned in to read the new messages.
[Bot Status] Grum has run into a processing error
[Bot Status] Grum has run into a database error
[Bot Status] Grum has run into a mental error
[Bot Status] Grum has shut down due to extreme stress
[Bot Status] Jrum has encountered a virus
[Bot Status] Virus has been dealt with
[Bot Status] : )
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dulce-pjm · 7 months ago
stepsisters and squires
word count: 11.0k
genre: fluff, angst
summary: as the story goes, the fairy godmother saved cinderella and sent her to ball. wrong. that was you. you were the one got the dress, the carriage, the glass slippers. but you’re also the one about to screw it all up. so much for happy endings. 
warnings: parents slapping their children, swearing, bad dancing?
Tumblr media
“Cinderella. Fetch me my ribbons.”
A look of disdain crosses her face before she rolls her eyes, tugging a little harder on your corset.
“Fetch them yourself, bitch. And stop using that stupid nickname.”
You laugh obnoxiously from your belly, only to have the life squeezed out of your lungs when she yanks on the corset strings, nearly cutting off your oxygen. Your giggles are quickly cut off with a shout of pain.
“I’m kidding, Sowon!” You throw up your hands and gasp when she pulls again. “Oh my god, you’re gonna kill me.”
“You’re much too dramatic,” the girl mumbles, though she’s struggling to hide her grin. You ignore her.
“These things really are torture devices, you know. I don’t understand the point of even wearing them tonight, it’s not like I’m getting married!”
“Isn’t the whole point of the ball to get you engaged?” she asks, eyebrows raised. You glare at her in the mirror, but her eyes stay pinned on the back of your dress. Her light bangs barely hang over her eyes, her shiny, loose curls framing her soft cheekbones perfectly. You’ve always been a tad jealous of her natural beauty, but despite your insistence on the fact that she’s gorgeous, she never takes your compliments. You suppose the innocent humility only adds to her charm.
“My mother might say that, but we both know she’ll never pull it off. I’d much rather pig out at the pastry table than pretend to be interested in a lifelong marriage with some boring rich guy.”
“Not even a hot boring rich guy?” she counters. You stop to ponder that for just a moment too long, making your stepsister of several years giggle, the sound sweet and tinkling.
“What is it?” you shout incredulously, only making Sowon laugh harder, desperately holding onto the corset strings in an effort not to undo her hard work. “If I’m gonna have to commit to someone for the rest of my life, I might as well enjoy looking at them.”
“You have no morals,” Sowon says between spurts of laughter, her cheeks and nose tinged bright pink. You’re smiling widely too, her comment sparking the memory of a certain someone.
“Morals are no fun,” you retort, shifting uncomfortably in your gown. “Are you finished back there? I’m gonna pass out if I have to keep this posture any longer.”
“Just finished.” Sowon steps back to admire her work, letting you spin in your deep magenta ballgown. The skirt is covered in lace and intricate floral designs, the sleeves puffed and hemmed at your forearms, just as you prefer them. Makes it easier to eat without dirtying the cuffs. Sowon always takes extra care with your dresses, never failing to make you feel like a princess. It’s another trait of hers she refuses to accept is just extraordinary. Obnoxiously humble as always.
Sowon adjusts a pin in your hair, fashioned into a braided low bun, with just a few stray curls hanging by your ears. You can’t help but smile, excitement tickling at your stomach. Once Sowon gives you the nod of approval, you spring into action.
“Alright, I better go check on Jin- What are you doing?!” She cries in surprise as you forcefully take her shoulders, and move her to your bed. She falls back onto the comforter, barely upright.
“Just stay there!” you shout, dashing towards your dresser. She’s doe-eyed, her brows raised and mouth cutely pouted as she watches you in utter confusion. You rifle through your drawers until you see a suitable piece of fabric, a satin blue ribbon from a previous gown. You snatch it and rush back to Sowon, moving to tie it around her eyes. She throws up her hands before you can, wrapping her fingers around the cloth.
“What’s going on? Are you trying to blindfold me?”
“It’s a surprise!” you whine. “And yes, stupid girl, I’m clearly trying to blindfold you. It adds to the surprise factor.” Sowon forces an awkward smile onto her face, lowering the ribbon to her lap.
“Can’t we do without the blindfold? Since, you know…” You loll your head to the side in confusion before you realize your utter insensitivity. Sowon’s absolutely terrified of the dark, though she’d never let you say that out loud. Ever since she’d halfway divulged the secret to you, you’d made sure there was a lamp full of oil and a box of matches by the attic door every single night, silently creeping through the hallways as to prevent your mother or brother from catching you. To others, it might seem childish, but you knew that years of being locked away in a cold, dim room with creaking walls and leaking ceilings would give anyone nightmares. In your excitement, you’d nearly forgotten her phobia.
“Oh, of course! Just… think you can close your eyes? Please?” You puff out your lip and bat your lashes, making Sowon’s eyes fly to the ceiling for guidance.
“Why can’t you just show me the surprise?”
“It’s not in here!” you huff, gesturing towards the door. “We have to go get it.”
“You want me to walk with my eyes closed?”
“I’ll guide you!” You grab her hands, squeezing pleadingly. “It’ll be fine, just trust me!” Sowon gives you a long look full of hesitance and suspicion, but seeing your genuine excitement, she eventually gives.
“Fine.” You break into a smile, and pull her to her feet, tugging her down the hall. At your request, Sowon squeezes her eyes shut, stumbling slightly as you weave through the halls of the manor, laughing at her yelps every time her foot barely catches on the carpet or a loose stone in the flooring. And she calls you dramatic.
You approach the one room Sowon never cleans, the storage closet you’ve secretly turned into a home for the surprise you’ve been planning over the past few months, ever since the ball was announced. You bring your stepsister to a halt, screaming when she barely opens her eyes for a moment. After checking the surroundings for any stray family members (who certainly would not approve of your endeavor), you unlock the door with the key you always keep on you, letting it swing open with a large creak.
“Here it is!” you cry, finally allowing Sowon to open her eyes. She looks at your project and then stares at you blankly.
“What is this?” You roll your eyes and grab her arm, tugging her into the poorly lit room and shutting the door behind you.
“It’s your dress!” You fling your arms proudly towards the soft pink gown. You’d spent every last penny you could to make it as extravagant and royalty-like as you could, paying for the hem to be decorated with bows and the waistline to be embroidered with pearls. You were especially proud of the sweetheart neckline, a daring fashion choice that you thought would suit Sowon perfectly. “For the ball tonight. I saved up some money secretly and had it made for you. I know it isn’t much but when mother said all that, I had the idea and I just wanted you to have a dress that made you feel as pretty as you always make me- oof!”
Your impromptu rambling is cut off when Sowon nearly tackles you in a hug, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. She sniffles into your neck, and while your mother might have screamed at the possibility of her saltwater tears ruining your clothes, your chest is swelling with pride. You wrap your arms around your stepsister, giving her an affectionate squeeze.
“It’s perfect,” she whispers. “Thank you, Y/N.” You give her a soothing pat on the back before breaking up the hug and stepping away. There will be time for being sappy later, but now, there’s work to do.
“Yeah, yeah, it’s no big deal. Now let’s put it on!” Sowon is smiling brightly, her cheeks practically glowing. Your roles are switched now as you’re the one attending to her attire, helping her pull the gown over her shoulders and lacing up an old corset of yours while she watches you through a large mirror you’ve leaned against the wall. You pretend not to notice the tears escaping past her lashes every few moments as she grins uncontrollably at her reflection. Her joy is contagious, infecting even your cynical mind. Even if you hate these stupid social events, seeing Sowon so excited made you remember that you had reasons to be excited too.
You pin up a few strands of hair and fasten a pearl comb into the crown of her scalp to compliment the dress. The gown you picked hugs her frame nearly perfectly despite the measurements being mostly guesswork. She looks stunning, absolutely regal, like she was made for this lifestyle. You finish up with only a few minutes to spare and step away, allowing her to bask in her own reflection. Now, tears are threatening to pour from your eyes as you take in your work. It wasn’t long ago that the younger girl barely spoke to you, her eyes always filled with fear and sorrow. There was only so much you could do for her under the hawk-eyes of your family, but you’re glad you’d done enough to see her this happy, even if only for a night.
“This is amazing, Y/N, I don’t know how I can thank you, but-”
“Thank me by coming tonight and dancing with a hot boring rich guy! But we can talk about that later.” Your voice lowers to a whisper. “Now, here’s the important part.” She leans in as you explain all of the preparations you’ve made over the past few months.
You tell her of the carriage and coachman ready for her a ten-minute walk away from town on the main road and which door to use to escape without one of your mother’s eyes and ears and catching her. You instruct her to wait exactly five minutes after you leave the room and then to sprint for the exit as fast as her legs would carry her without ruining her outfit. You tell her to stay away from your mother and brother, to avoid the main ballroom until after the first dances, at which time you, your mother, and Jin will move to the dining halls to mingle. And most importantly, you emphasize how imperative it is that she leave before midnight, before the servants lock the back doors and your mother is too tired to stay out any longer.
“Oh, and I almost forgot! Have fun and no matter how great it sounds, don’t drink the alcohol. It goes down like sugar but your head will be spinning in no time.” Sowon looks like her head is spinning now as she memorizes your instructions, nodding furiously.
“Okay, I won’t.” Her hands are shaking with anticipation, but you know her night of fun will quell the nerves. “You’re like a fairy godmother, you know.” You shrug lightly, pretending to flip your hair.
“What can I say? You deserve a magical night.” You smile earnestly before cracking open the door, making sure the coast is clear before you leave Sowon.
“Wait!” she whisper-yells before you can slip away. “What about shoes?” You nearly smack your hand against your forehead, internally scolding yourself for forgetting.
“There’s a box behind the mirror. Treat them well, they’re very fancy. Venetian glass. Custom fit, too.” Sowon laughs, assuring you that she will.
“Oh, don’t forget to tell your squire I said hello,” Sowon says teasingly as you step out into the hall. You rest your hand on your hip, giving her a knowing look.
“You know I won’t.”
“Really? Because that time I found you two it didn’t look like there was very much talking going on. I thought he was eating you ali-” You slam the door before she can finish, your cheeks heating. You can barely make out her laughter behind the thin walls as you scurry away to the front door, a dumb smile across your face.
You’d like to hope you both are in for a romantic night.
Tumblr media
“You bitch.” Your mother’s hand smacks across your face and your head is forceful turned to the side. Jin watches you with slight sympathy in his expression, though he makes no move to aid you. He’s too much of a mother’s boy. “You helped her, didn’t you?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you repeat, straightening your spine.
“Don’t play dumb,” Jin chimes in, arms crossed. “You told me that dress was yours two months ago when it was delivered.” You glare in his direction, having hoped he would have forgotten the entire encounter by now.
“You dare lie to me?” You ignore her, instead focusing on your brother, the one person who should be your ally.
“I’m surprised your memory goes that far back,” you sneer. “With your intelligence, you’d think you were dropped on your head as a child.” Your mother gasps, making you hiss as she strikes you again. Jin attempts to mask his feelings with a look of apathy, but the flicker of insecurity that flashes across his features is enough to make you feel victorious.
Your mother presses her fingers to her temples, looking to the heavens for guidance.
“What did I do to deserve such a disobedient child?” You open your mouth to snap a smart reply, but quickly shut it when you notice her hand still raised.
“There’s nothing we can do about it now,” Jin says.
“You’re right, you’re right,” your mother replies, massaging her forehead and scalp. “I’ll deal with you both in the morning. For now-” She glares pointedly at you. “You will stay in my sight for the rest of the ball. You will be cooperative and pleasant and receptive and you will do exactly as I say. You will dance with every man that I pick for you, even if he’s ninety, and you will not eat a single bite unless I say you may. Am I understood?” You nod defeatedly, eyes pinned to the floor as your mother huffs, dragging you out of the small side room and back into the fray.
It’s not Sowon’s fault, you could never be angry with her. How were you supposed to know they were going to announce everyone as they entered? She’d even thought to keep her real name to herself, though you could imagine that upon being asked, she’d panicked. As soon as a ‘Cinderella of Greenfield’ had been loudly introduced to the ballroom, your mother’s eyes had bulged out of her head and her face blanched of color. Within minutes she’d put your panicked expression and stepsister’s surprise appearance together and yanked you away from the crowd, unleashing her anger.
Your face falls further when you realize that this new development means you won’t see the one you’re really looking for, who you’re always looking for, really. You’d like to hope that even if you aren’t dancing with your ‘prince charming’ (a term that would make him cringe and groan), Sowon will at least have her own fun before the clock strikes twelve.
“Fix your posture.” You quickly straighten your spine, folding your hands neatly in front of you. You can already see your mother’s eyes scanning the premises, searching for a new victim- er, suitor. Your brother has already disappeared off to god-knows-where, probably chatting up another girl. You, however, don’t have such luxury when your mother believes it’s taking way too long to get you married off.
Despite your insistence that being single at twenty is in fact not the same thing as being an old maid, your mother pays no attention to your opinions on the subject.
You resist taking a swig from the champagne flute resting between your fingers, instead turning your attention to the dancing couples. The first few times you were allowed to attend these balls, the dancers seemed magical and heavenly and happy, dress skirts spinning in sparkly swirls of color. But the dance floor had long lost its glamour when you realized how political the act of dancing really was. No one danced because it was fun or romantic, they did it to secure their relationships, to sign the contract of their alliance without touching a pen. It was all about appearance and status. Dreams of waltzing with your one true love were crushed once your mother had shoved you into the arms of a man much older and much creepier than you would have ever wanted.
You could say with confidence now, however, that dancing isn’t anything close to a requirement when forming a romantic relationship. It’s honestly pretty boring. Shameless flirting and stolen kisses, however, are much more fun.
Too bad you wouldn’t be doing any of those things tonight.
“I’m sorry, what was your name again?” you ask, making your mother pinch your side. You do your best to ignore the pain.
The man you’ve been talking to for the past several minutes pauses, his sweet smile becoming strained.
“And- Oh, it’s Jimin.” You nod, pretending like you’ll remember it five minutes from now. You feel bad. The guy’s pretty cute, his dashing eye smile and boyish features making his cautious flirting all the more adorable. But it’s difficult to really appreciate his looks when your mind is occupied with other faces and names. Or, well, a very specific face and name.
“My apologies, her mind is always wandering,” your mother intrudes, leaning into your conversation as if she’s the one who’s supposed to be initiating a courtship and not you.
“It’s alright…” Jimin squirms uncomfortably under your mother’s scrutinizing stare.
“We really would love to know more about your father’s business. You are the eldest, correct?”
Jimin’s eyes flash from your blank expression to your mother’s eager one, before, like all the suitors before him, he realizes that this really isn’t the place he wants to be. He gives you an apologetic look before inventing some excuse about seeing a business friend and darting away before your mother can protest.
She turns to you, eyes ablaze.
“You’re acting like a petulant child,” she snaps. “Don’t expect to leave your room at all for at least a week. Keep this up and you’ll be lucky to have a single meal.”
“It’s not my fault!” You know you aren’t helping your case by being defensive, but at this point, you don’t care. You’re bored and miserable and your skin still stings where your mother slapped you. “You keep scaring them away!”
“Watch your tone.” It’s ironic, really. You could smile and flirt and be docile all day long, the only thing stopping your mother’s wishes of a suitor from coming true is your mother herself. She can’t help but question the hell out of every man who walks your way until they’re shaking in their dress shoes, fully regretting ever coming within your vicinity. You’ve never had a courtship last longer than a month, let alone make it past the first conversation. At least not one that your mother knows about.
Your mind wanders again to the vision of a snarky boy you’ve come to care for deeply, his thoughtful, coffee-colored eyes, his pouty lips. You’re grinning to yourself at the memory of his ever-stern expression breaking into a sheepish smile when you push just the right buttons, make just the right remark. There isn’t much you wouldn’t give to be talking with him rather than the men picked out by your mother, but, alas, not all dreams come true.
Your toes ache when your new suitor clumsily steps on them, his palm sweaty and nervous against yours. He quickly panics at your expression but continues the waltz.
“Oh, I am so sorry!” he whispers, awkwardly twirling you under his arm, just as his foot slams onto yours again. You wince. The poor kid might be your age, but it seems he still isn’t quite used to the lanky limbs puberty gave him. He’s barely even dancing at this point, mostly just stumbling across the floor and stringing you along. You wonder if this is his first ball, because it took a good ten minutes for you to coach him into actually leading you, instead of the other way around.
“It’s really okay,” you assure him, noticing his blonde strands falling into his face. You were scared out of your mind the first time you danced, too, though probably for entirely different reasons.
“I promise I’m not usually this awful,” he insists. “I broke my glasses just before I got here, so everything’s pretty blurry.” You sympathize with him. Awful vision and carefully maneuvered dancing don’t exactly pair well together.
“Namjoon, was it?” He nods, flashing a small, dimpled smile. “This your first time?”
His grin turns sheepish. “Was it that obvious?” You shake your head, but then wonder if he can even tell, if his dancing is truly a reflection of his poor eyesight.
“No, I just hadn’t seen you before. I attend most of these things.” Namjoon relaxes at the casual conversation, glad to be talking as peers and not potential spouses.
“Really? Don’t you get tired of them?”
“All the fucking time.” Namjoon’s jaw drops at your language. You cringe, glad your mother can’t stalk you while you’re dancing. “Er- sorry.”
“It’s fine, really.” The lights are dimming outside and your sympathy for the man only grows. Even your vision begins to fail once night falls. Would it kill them to get better lighting in this place?
“My point is, they get easier. Promise. The nerves will go away eventually, probably quicker than you think.” Namjoon laughs skeptically, his grip loosening in yours.
“Easier said than done.” A smirk creeps across your lips.
“See? You’re already comfortable with me! I’m proud.” He immediately starts blushing and tensing up again, but you’ve made your point and Namjoon is grateful. You knew you could be quite intimidating, that this whole event could be quite intimidating, so you’re always glad to help a fellow straggler out.
The dance ends with Namjoon accidentally knocking his head against yours as he bows deeply, profusely apologizing. You laugh it off and send him on his way, probably to recover from the embarrassment in private. You almost get your hopes up that your mother will let you go, but it doesn’t take long for you to be shoved into a new conversation.
“It’s just- I love her, you know?” The boy is staring at you earnestly, his chin propped in his hands and his shaggy, brown hair anything but styled properly. You’re not even sure why your mother settled for this guy. He certainly doesn’t seem like a rich bachelor looking for a wife.
You lean in, fully captured by his heartfelt story. It only took two minutes before the guy noticed your disinterest and gave up on flirting, suggesting the two of you chat casually over desserts instead. You accepted his offer in a heartbeat, feeling your mother glaring holes into your back as he guided you away, finding a corner table and a heaping tray of eclairs. Now, you were listening to his romantic tale, absolutely astounded at his experiences.
“Yeah, I think I do. But what are you supposed to do? She’s locked in an enchanted tower! With a witch!”
“Exactly!” Taehyung responds, throwing his hands into the air. “The only reason I’m here and not with her is because of my family. If I could just get away from them, I’d think up a way to rescue her, I’m sure of it.” You ponder his dilemma as you shove another eclair into your mouth, treasuring the sugary pastry while you still can. He’d already tried the obvious choice, bringing a rope, but as soon as he stepped inside the tower with his love, it disintegrated in his hands, spoiling the plan.
“Maybe you can trick the witch!” You suggest, words muffled by the dessert you’re chewing on as you blatantly talk with your mouth open. All manners have been abandoned as Taehyung is eating two eclairs at once, equally focused on the matter at hand. “Well, no, maybe trying to trick a magical scary lady is a bad idea.”
You think for a moment longer, taking a few more desserts, before your brain lights up.
“Wait, we’re both idiots!” you exclaim, slamming the table in epiphany. Taehyung leans forward, anticipating your new idea. “Just cut her hair and use it as a rope! Surely the enchantment isn’t that advanced.” Taehyung processes your idea before his lips grow into a wide, joyous grin that stretches into his cheeks adorably. If it weren’t for other circumstances, you’d actually consider courting this guy.
“That’s genius!” he shouts, jumping up from his seat. “What do I do now?” You rise with him, taking his hands into yours.
“You have to go to her. Now.” Taehyung’s face grows solemn with resolve as he takes a deep breath.
“I will! Thank you, really.”
“You can thank me by inviting me to the wedding!” The boy laughs and assures you that he will before he grabs one last eclair, dashing out of the castle and into the night. You can only hope that he’ll be successful in his quest, that he won’t die because the plan went horribly wrong or the witch is waiting for him. You send a silent prayer to whoever is listening, but a part of you just believes he’ll be alright.
Having nowhere else to go, you make your way back to where you last saw your mother, brushing against several shoulders as you weave through the crowd. But instead of your mother, Jin is who you see, pigging out on a plate full of food from the buffet. Your mouth waters at the sight.
“Where’s mom?” you ask tentatively, Jin barely meeting your eyes before returning to his meal.
“Went to talk to someone important. I dunno.” You sigh. For being your older brother, he sure is useless.
Your second great idea of the night begins to grow in the back of your mind, daring to give you hope.
“Oh… Well, if you see her, tell her I’m speaking to another suitor. A very rich and very powerful one.” Jin nods, barely half-listening. Knowing your mother, if she was really talking to someone important, it’d take a while. Giving you plenty of time to do the one thing you really came for.
You dash off before Jin can think twice, leaving him with his second love, only topped by himself, of course.
Your heart is throbbing in your chest, lungs aching from lack of oxygen as you weave through the ballroom and sprint down the halls, making your best guess as to where to find him. You can see the look on his face now, seeing you all dolled up and exhausted from socialization. He’ll make fun of you to no end, but you don’t mind. You have plenty to tease him about, too.
As you round a corner, you collide with a strong chest, only stopped from falling by a pair of strong arms.
But when you glance up, you’re met with a very different squire than the one you’re seeking, but still a dear friend.
“Y/N? I thought you weren’t coming!” You smile as you steady yourself.
“Are you kidding? I’m always at these things, Hoseok.” You step back, peeking around his shoulder, but you’re only met with an empty hall.
“You’re telling me,” he laughs, a friendly hand still lingering on your shoulder. “What took you so long?” You shrug, still catching your breath.
“Suitors, dancing, my mother… You know how it is.” Hoseok nods in understanding, his kind eyes and warm brown hair a welcome sight after a night full of socializing with strangers. “Why aren’t you in uniform?”
“Ahh, it’s our last night off. Like a reward before we get knighted and swear our lives to the crown and all that.”
“Wait, really? You’re getting knighted?! That’s amazing, Hoseok!” The man blushes, shrugging sheepishly. His stupid humility reminds you of Sowon. The two of them would be great friends, you muse, being all shy about their accomplishments together. But never in a million years would you allow them in the same room, not with Hoseok’s reputation.
“Well, we both are.” His eyes light up at something behind you. His hand spins you around, facing you towards the rest of the ballroom. “But your boyfriend can’t even enjoy his one night to have fun. He’s over there brooding in the corner like he’s on duty or something. Doesn’t matter how many times I or Jinyoung tell him to relax, he won’t listen.”
“Sounds about right,” you muse.
“Go talk to him, will you? Make him lighten up.”
Hoseok winks at you before strolling off, making you roll your eyes. But your gaze quickly returns to the idiot you’ve come to love, looking more like a criminal than a knight as he watches the crowd with narrowed eyes. He looks dashing in his ball attire, his dark hair slicked back and leaving his forehead exposed, only a few strands falling out of place. He’s dressed in a simple suit, a white dress shirt with navy blue slacks and overcoat, but he makes the entire look seem classy and elegant.
Despite his piercing gaze, he doesn’t notice you until you’ve snuck up behind him, trailing your fingers up his arm, leaving goosebumps in your wake. His eyes barely flicker to your before quickly returning and focusing on the dance floor, as if you were never there.
“Hey, squire.” No one notices you fiddling with the collar of his coat, not as the lights are growing dimmer and dimmer. He doesn’t respond, face still fixed ahead.
“Oh, come on, you’re off duty. Hoseok told me. At least talk to me.” Still, nothing. He’s as still as a statue.
“Please? I’m sorry I took so long, I got caught up with my mom, you know how she can be.” It’s like you’re talking to air, having a conversation with yourself. His brows furrow at the mention of your mother though, sharing as much hatred for the woman as you do.
“Yoongi.” He sighs, finally facing you. But upon seeing your face, really taking it in, his expression immediately fills with concern, rather than that smile you really want to see.
“Are you okay? Your eyes are swollen.” Damn it. Rely on Min Yoongi to always see right through your facade, to never save you your pride. “Was it your mother?”
“No,” you lie. “I’m fine, really. I just missed you.” Eager to change the subject, you smirk, eyeing the top of his shirt, left unbuttoned. “Really, Min? How unprofessional…” You reach up and fix it, leaning close enough to feel his breath on your face. You meet his eyes cheekily, seeing the conflict brewing in his mind.
“Where have you been? How’s Sowon?”
“Around. Turning down suitors. And as far as I know, she’s good. Hopefully enjoying herself.” Your hands linger at his collar, fiddling with it as you grow closer and closer.
“You sure they aren’t turning you down? You’re pretty damn annoying.” You feign a gasp.
“Wowww, do all those years of me helping you train mean nothing to you? All those late nights for you to insult me like this?” Yoongi takes your hand before you can slip away in your faux-anger, intertwining your fingers.
“I think you’re glossing over all the years that I protected you from the snakes in the palace garden.”
“Oh please,” you scoff. “That was all just a ploy to get me to hold your hand.” He smirks, fully turning away from the party and towards you.
“It worked, didn’t it?”
“Only because I wanted it to. Now, are you going to keep holding my hand like we’re fourteen or kiss me?” He laughs, eyes flashing to your lips.
It only takes a moment before the two of you have disappeared from the main room and you’re pressed up against a wall, kissing him messily in a quiet hall, far from the other guests.
You’re not stupid enough to go any further, as much as you’d like to, but for now you’re satisfied just to feel his lips on yours, just to be in his presence for a while. Your fingers are running through his hair, ruining his hairstyle as his arms are wrapped around your waist, tugging you close as he kisses you senseless, as if to make up for the lost time.
No matter how many times you see him, no matter how many times you corner him in a dark room with time to kill, your heart always thumps in your chest and your stomach always flutters when he’s nearby. It’s always like the first time you talked to him, nerves racing up and down your spine like the idiot teenager you were back then.
He’s always been the first one you want to talk to in the morning, the last person you want to see before your head hits the pillow. And, of course, he’s the one you always wished was treating you to dates or romantic strolls instead of whatever suitor your mother chose next.
While your mind is racing, hands beginning to wander, Yoongi pulls away all too soon, leaving you reeling.
“Sorry,” he mutters, growing all embarrassed when the tips of his ears turn pink. “I was getting carried away.” You laugh, poking at his blushing cheeks. He jerks away, summoning a scowl that he can’t maintain as you only laugh at him further.
“That’s not very knightly of you,” you tease, glancing over his shoulder to make sure you’re still alone, a habit you’ve developed over years of seeing him in secret. Yoongi shakes his head, glaring at your proud grin.
“I don’t think sneaking off with a squire looks very good for you, either, dumbass.”
“I think you mean running off with a soon-to-be knight! Hoseok told me!” Yoongi scoffs.
“Of course he did. Asshole.” You quirk your brow.
“Wait, are you not happy you’re being knighted?” You affectionately comb your fingers through his hair in an attempt to fix the damage you’ve caused as he shakes his head furiously.
“No, no, that’s not it. I wanted to tell you myself, that’s all. There’s actually something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while, now.”
“What, that you’re finally using your knightly privileges to kill me once and for all?”
“What? No! At least, not yet.”
“You’re gonna get me my own sword?”
“No. I’m-”
“You’re going on a quest to save a girl in a tower?” Yoongi’s expression is incredulous. It takes everything in you to suppress your giggles as you relish in his confusion.
“What are you even talking about?”
“Trust me, it happens.”
“Oh- Okay? Well, what I’m trying to say is-”
“You’re leaving me for Hoseok? It’s okay, I understand. He’s so hot, I would too-” Exasperated, Yoongi claps a hand over your mouth, still keeping you pinned in the corner despite your struggling.
“God, no! I’m trying to tell you I’m gonna marry you, okay?” You freeze, eyes going wide. His hand lowers, letting your jaw drop. “I mean, assuming you want to.”
“Yoongi…” You sigh, a sadness you’re often able to ignore filling your chest and throat. “We talked about this, you know my mother won’t-”
“I don’t care what your mother thinks.” He sighs, face unsure instead of smug or annoyed, as usual. The sight makes your chest constrict. “I’m serious. I’m in love with you and I have been for years, you know that. I’ve been saving up and I can take care of you, at least for a while. But after I’m knighted, I’ll have a steadier income. And then in a few years, maybe we can open that tailor shop with Sowon you’re always talking about. You can do the numbers and Sowon can sew and I know I’m not great with either of those things but I’m sure I can figure out something to help with. I’ll make it work, I promise. You just have to trust me a little.”
For a moment, you allow yourself to hope. To stare into his pleading eyes, to imagine a future with him, a life filled with sarcastic remarks and flirtatious glances and a shop, a place to call your own with the people you love. Out of your mother’s reach, in Yoongi’s arms, happy and content.
But you’re not stupid.
No matter where you go, she’ll follow you. She’ll crush you and ruin you just like she’s done to everyone in her path, spreading rumors and menacing words until you’re despised and cast aside. You’d watched her do it to her own friends, to Sowon in her own house. Once she knows about Yoongi, she’ll do the same to him too. You can’t allow that to happen. You might be afraid of your mother, but you’re far more afraid of what she would do to him than what she would do to you.
“Yoongi, I love you, I really do, but I- I can’t. I won’t.” I won’t hurt you. You almost laugh. In order to spare him from a world of pain, you have to inflict pain yourself.
His face darkens, his expression flashing with hurt. Your heart squeezes painfully in your chest. His grip loosens on you, and the disappointed but unsurprised look on his face is too much to bear.
“Are you serious? Is this really what you want? To let her control you?” Yoongi bites his lip. You wish he’d get angry. That he’d yell and scream and insult you. Instead, his eyes grow glassy and sad, his brow furrowed with concern, making you feel all the worser. You wish you could kiss him until it was all gone, until nothing mattered anymore and you both felt alright again.
“I’m sorry, Yoongi.” You slip away, out of his arms. You’re out of the room and wiping tears from your eyes in a flash. You hurl yourself down the hall, muffling your choked sobs behind your hand. You’re stumbling like Namjoon on the dance floor, ignoring Yoongi calling your name and chasing after you. You know he’ll leave you alone once you make it back to the crowd, once it’s possible your mother could see.
Maybe it was better this way. If you just left each other alone, pretend it never happened. You were nothing but a leech, really. Taking and taking and taking from him and never giving. You didn’t deserve him, not his talks, not his kisses, not his anything. You deserve to grow old miserable with someone you don’t love. You aren’t brave enough to try for something more, not like Yoongi is.
“Y/N?” You nearly run into the girl, her face looking as panicked as you feel. You quickly dab at your eyes, summoning a casual smile. “Are you okay?”
“Hey, Sowon! Having fun?” Not unlike Yoongi, she’s clearly conflicted on whether or not to press you further. You’re grateful when she doesn’t.
“I- um- yeah. I’m leaving, actually.”
“What?” You aren’t carrying a watch, but you know it’s not anywhere near midnight yet, not by a long shot. “Why?” It’s then that you notice that her cheeks are slightly tear-stained too, red from embarrassment. Her hands are shaky, barely holding onto yours. “Did something happen?”
“I really can’t talk about it, now,” she says, voice breaking. “I just have to go.”
“Okay, okay. I’ll talk to you at home, alright?” She nods, her weak smile thankful.
“Alright, see you-”
“Y/N.” Your heart leaps into your throat when you see your mother standing not too far from you and Sowon, her glare murderous and cold. She pretends not to see her stepdaughter, but you know a majority of her fury comes from her presence at the ball tonight.
You shoot your stepsister a look and she’s gone before you can blink, tearing off into the crowd. Wait, is she missing a shoe? Those took up half of your budget!
“I was just looking for you!” You say it awkwardly, the worst acting performance of your life. You’ve done better than this as an eight-year-old. You try to force yourself to forget everything that’s just transpired. All that matters is minimizing your mother’s wrath, if possible.
You aren’t entirely sure why, but she hasn’t dragged you away to a private space to scream at you for your insolence. Instead, she’s forcing a strained smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes. Your stomach starts to sink. Somehow this feels worse.
“We’ve been summoned. By the royal family.” Your stomach accelerates from a sink to a drop, leaving you nauseous and an anxious feeling itching up your arms and back, choking your throat.
“I don’t know why I continue to do these things for you,” she says, wringing her hands, as if to keep them from lashing out. “But it seems I’ve secured you a betrothal. To the Crown Prince.”
It had to be a lie. How had your mother, the least personable human you knew, managed to do this? And she hadn’t even consulted you? Not that you’re surprised about it, but the stress and pressure and cruelty of it all is getting to you. What would this even mean? Is it all just a lie to get you alone so she can really yell?
But the look in her eye and Jin’s story support her claim. Your emotions hit you like a train again as the realization sets in.
“Mom.” Your lip trembles, unable to force itself into a smile for her, not anymore. “I don’t want that. Please.” You silently follow up your plea with desperate eyes, frantically attempting to keep tears from further spilling down your face. But her expression contorts, leaving no room for fake smiles and laughter. Her brows are pressed as far down as they can go, her mouth permanently twisted into a scowl. Her hand raises and you flinch prematurely, casting your face downwards.
“You ungrateful little-”
“I’ll be glad to escort you to the royal family.” Your eyes shoot upwards at the sound of the familiar voice. But Yoongi doesn’t even glance your way, looking at your mother with his stoic, knightly expression he’s worked to perfect over the years.  Like he didn’t propose to you minutes prior.
“Who are you?” your mother sneers, giving him a skeptical look.
“A knight,” he states plainly. “This is my night off, but considering your daughter’s recent change in status, it’s only practical she receive a change in security as well.” Your mother ponders this before smirking, the pride of your apparent future marriage already fueling her own ego. She nods, forcefully taking your elbow. Yoongi’s eyes barely flicker with fury when he glances at your mother’s hand, knuckles white from her grip, but he’s able to calmly mask it before your mother notices.
“Well, then, by all means, get on with it.” She gestures ahead as if she’s the one paying him to be here and not the palace. He pretends not to notice her blatantly rude behavior, steadily striding back down the hall, leading you to your own doom.
Ironic, really. You’ve just had someone propose to you and now you’re being lead off to another engagement by the very same man. My god, you’re about to be engaged. To the fucking crown prince. What’s his name? Isn’t he younger than you? You can’t even remember, your mind is going too fast, your heart pounding too loudly.
Your mother is hissing instructions into your ear, berating you for your behavior before you’ve even entered the room, but you don’t hear a single word.
You’ve accepted defeat before the battle has begun as you bite your lip to keep it from trembling.
You hate the way Yoongi doesn’t fight it, how you can only watch his backside as you walk towards an engagement you never wanted, too afraid to say no. You want to run away, to grab Yoongi’s hand and never look back. But that leaves too much to chance. You don’t know where you would go, if you could take Sowon with you.
Crippled by fear and indecisiveness, you stay silent.
Tumblr media
“Well, I think that settles everything.” You jolt in your seat, yanked from your daze when you’re being pinched harshly.
Jin’s been pouting in his seat the whole time, frustrated he even had to be here in the first place. He should be pleased, he’s about to have all the food and women he wants, and more.
“We’re incredibly thankful at being given this opportunity,” your mother insists. You muster a smile, unable to meet the eyes of the supposed prince, who’s pouting like a petulant child. His features match his seemingly immature personality, boyish and cute. His eyes are large and doe-like, nearly bulging out of his head with each word spoken, each negotiation settled. You’re glad you’re not the only one who feels poorly about this, though the two of you express that emotion very differently.
Yoongi hasn’t looked at you once the entire time. Instead, he’s standing at the door without a sound, just like the knight he’s been trained to be.  
“Well, we’re grateful to have negotiated this opportunity as well, Lady Kim. I’m sure your daughter will make a lovely queen alongside Jungkook.”
Fuck, fuck, fuck. You hadn’t even opened that can of worms yet. How were you supposed to be a queen? You could barely play checkers without panicking, how would you be able to manage the stress of ruling a country?!
“I’m sure she will, too. Right, Y/N?” All eyes pin on you and your blood runs cold, goosebumps running up your arms and legs.
“I- I’ll do my best,” you murmur, your voice choked and quiet. The king leans forward, brow furrowing.
“What did you say?” You open your mouth to repeat yourself, but your mother beats you to it.
“She said she agrees. She’s really quite the talented socializer, always making friends and connections. She’ll be a beloved queen, I’m confident in it.” The queen smiles softly in approval, gazing at you affectionately. She must think your nerves stem from being in the same room as the prince, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’d give anything to be able to sprint away, never looking back.
“I’m sorry, but when did I say I agreed to this?” Jungkook shouts the question, making everyone else in the room jump. Your gaze lowers to the table again as you try to pray yourself out of existence. The queen places her hand over her son’s, sighing disappointedly.
“Jungkook, not right-”
“No, Mom! You tell me to get married and I say fine, as long as I can do it on my own terms. You tell me to find a girl I liked at this ball, who I think I could care for and would make a good ruler, and I did. I found someone and you won’t even hear me out!”
“Enough!” the king roars, slamming a fist on the table. “Your ‘girl’ ran off and all you have to prove her existence is a glass shoe. A glass shoe, Jungkook. That’s not evidence of a queen candidate, it’s footwear!”
“I told you, your stupid guards scared her off! She started panicking and mumbling things about a stepmother and needing to go and your guards kept me from following her! And now this is all I have to show for it.” A loud gasp leaves your mouth and you look up to see Jungkook holding a small heeled slipped, made of Venetian glass. Sowon’s slipper.
“What?” Jungkook leans forward, eyes boring into yours. “Do you recognize this? Do you know her?” Your mouth hangs open like a fish out of water, unable to form words. But your mother has already pieced together this puzzle, what with your startled reaction and Jungkook’s retelling of the story.
“Oh, surely not,” your mother insists. Her hand squeezes yours, nearly crushing it, making you yelp. You barely see Yoongi’s nostrils flare, but he doesn’t move. “She just loves Venetian glass, don’t you, dear?” The question falls on deaf ears when Jungkook starts ranting to his father again.
“I’m not giving up on this,” he states matter-of-factly, almost initiating a staredown with the king himself.
“And I’m not going to be controlled by a teenager who doesn’t understand priorities,” he snaps back, eyes blazing. The queen sighs, massaging her temples, as if this isn’t the first time such an argument has occurred.
“I have an idea!” your mother exclaims, clapping her hands together and momentarily drawing the attention of the rest of the table. Jin is still totally checked out, staring off into space. You wonder if he’s sleeping with his eyes open.
“His Highness should try to find this mystery girl! Put out an ad, let girls try on the shoe, do house visits if you wish.” You gawk at your mother, wondering what the hell she’s playing at. “We all deserve a chance at love, no?”
“Yes,” the king responds. “But-”
“But if in, say, two weeks, this girl doesn’t show or she doesn’t turn out to be a good candidate…” You gasp when she interrupts the king, a blatant show of disrespect, but he says nothing, only listening to your mother’s idea patiently. “Then we move forward with the engagement with my daughter. That way we all get a fair chance at what we want.”
“I… suppose that would fine.” Jungkook looks at your mother skeptically, but he really has no reason to say no. She’s just offered him his chance with his dream girl. Why would he refuse?
To everyone else, your mother seems charitable, maybe even absurdly so. But to those who are privy to full the context of the situation (you, Yoongi, and Jin), she’s anything but. In one fell swoop, she’s managed to seize full control of the situation while making a good impression on the royal family. As long as she has you and Sowon pinned beneath her thumb, she’s won easily.
“Yes, I suppose that is fair,” the king says. “Two weeks, Jungkook. That’s it.” His son nods solemnly, determination filling his eyes.
“Two weeks.”
You say nothing to Yoongi as you leave. You know he understands just as well as you do. You’re getting engaged. Just not to him.
“Wait!” You spin around only to be met with your maybe-future-fiancé, gripping your shoulders with a desperate look in his eye. You catch another man staring at you from the door, but you pointedly don’t meet his gaze.
“Yes, Your Highness?” The prince groans.
“Oh, please, don’t call me that.”
“Oh. Sorry.” Your cheeks heat as your mother glares at you from the side, just out of Jungkook’s view.
“Are you sure you don’t know this girl? She’s about this tall-” He raises a hand to just below his shoulder. “-and she’s blonde and really pretty and she was wearing a pink dress.” You’re about to respond, but he continues his description. “And she’s honestly the nicest, most sweet person I’ve ever met. I don’t think she could hurt a fly if she tried.” He sighs, running a hand through his hair nervously. “I know I’ve gotta sound insane right now, but I’m not claiming to be in love with her or anything like that. I just have to see her again. And by the way she was talking, I’m really worried. She might need help. Even if she hates me and that’s why she ran off, I just have to make sure she’s okay and safe.”
You’re astounded at his passionate speech. You’d misjudged him completely. He might be immature or naive, but never had someone seemed so genuine. Never had someone seen Sowon the way you saw her: the silly, sweet girl with a heart of gold.
You’re impressed.
But your pleasant surprise is spoiled when you catch your mother’s gaze, and a realization hits you.
You’d be stupid to trust this Jungkook idiot. No matter how earnest he was, there was no guarantee your mother wouldn’t contradict you, wouldn’t call you insane and have you institutionalized. She could go home tonight and have Sowon shipped off and killed before Jungkook had a chance, and it’d be all your fault. No one was going to stop this. Not Jin. Not Jungkook. Not Yoongi. Not you.
No matter where you go, no matter what you do, your mother will always be there, always be pulling the strings. To try to resist it would only make things worse. For you and Sowon.
You won’t be selfish. You won’t be brave. You’ll take whatever your mother makes you do, as long as she doesn’t hurt Sowon.
Your eyes meet Yoongi’s, full of unspoken apologies.
“Yes, I’m sure,” you lie. “I don’t know her.”
You turn away before you have to see the disappointment in either of their faces.
Tumblr media
Two weeks later, you’re allowed to leave your room again. You’re dizzy and nauseous with the guilt and hunger and exhaustion, but your decision remains firm. It’s not like you could really undo it anyway.
You lug your body downstairs, forcing yourself to smile, to look pleasant. Jungkook is sitting in the foyer, a poorly masked sad expression on his face. You’re sad, too.
“-really am disappointed you weren’t able to find your girl. I suppose some mysteries just can’t be solved, can they?”
You gulp. You worry about said girl two floors up, who you haven’t seen in a fortnight, probably feeling upset and betrayed.
But you’d been able to cut a deal. Your silence and compliance in exchange for Sowon’s freedom and safety. Maybe it was reckless and stupid to prioritize your stepsister’s life over yours, but after years living in a household that did the opposite, you figured it was the least you could do.
Or maybe you were the selfish one. Maybe all of this was an elaborate ploy to avoid standing up to your mother, your biggest fear.
Either way, it felt much too late to turn back now.
Of course, to make things more painful, Yoongi had to be here too. Watching as you betrayed yourself and him, maybe even Sowon too. You hated how he attempted to hide his obvious disapproval and hurt, to hide his true feelings for your sake.
He stills looks just as good in uniform as he did in his ball clothes. He’s still dressed in navy blue, but the royal crest is embroidered across his chest and a sword hangs at his waist, his hair slicked away from his face again. He looks dashing. Knightly. Regal.
But you’ve given up the privilege of being able to look at him that way. He’s not yours anymore.
An exhausted look duke stands next to the equally tired Jungkook, blabbering on about logistics and future plans. They’re here to take you away permanently, to begin residing at the palace and training for queen hood and preparing for the marriage. Your mother and Jin will follow soon after, leaving their servants here to be released from work, including Sowon, for which you’re grateful.
“Well, I’ll miss her dearly while you’re keeping her,” your mother croons, her voice so sickeningly sweet you think you might vomit again.
“I’ll make sure she’s treated well,” Jungkook assures her. Another bout of guilt claws up your throat. He’s much too innocent, much too good for you.
“I would hope so.” Your mother wraps an arm around you and squeezes. “She deserves the best, she really does.” At some point, Yoongi’s dropped his stoic look, putting up his hands pleadingly in desperation.
You deserve better, he mouths.
“I don’t.”
“What?” Jungkook’s brow is quirked, a very puzzled expression on his face.
“She’s just humble!” your mother nearly shouts, voice strained and threatening to crack.
Are you going to let her decide for you?
It is my decision.
I love you.
You look away from Yoongi before you cry again. You’ve done enough of that over the past two weeks.
“Well, I suppose it’s time we get going,” the duke pipes up, gesturing to the rest of the guards, who begin trudging to their feet and filing their way out of the room. Jungkook takes your arm awkwardly leading you away from your childhood home. You bite your lip and squeeze your fist.
Is this really want Sowon would want? You don’t know. She ran from Jungkook, after all. If she really thought he cared about her, if she really thought safety or love was possible, wouldn’t she have stayed? Jungkook seemed genuine, seemed caring. So why?
An awful thought occurs to you. An awful, terrible, irreversible thought.
There was only one reason you could think of as to why your stepsister had run, had sacrificed her chance with her prince charming.
She didn’t want to leave you behind.
Your mother would have been furious, would have dragged both you and Jin out of the country if that’s what it took to quell her own embarrassment. She’d threatened it before, and she wasn’t one to do so without the intention of following through. You’d never see Sowon or Yoongi again, not in this lifetime, anyway.
Your stepsister risked everything for you, sacrificed her own happiness for your own, and here you were about to leave her behind in the same way she refused to do to you.
You’re giving up everything you cared about, because, what? You’re scared?
Yoongi loves you. You love him. You’ve longed to be with him, to really be with him, for years. And he gave you a solution. He put in the effort to make it work, put it all on the line to be with you.
And you told him no. Because you were scared.
You don’t want to be scared anymore.
“Stop!” you shout, pushing Jungkook away, his expression riddled with surprise. “Just, stop. I have your mystery girl. Come on.”
“You what?” You sigh loudly, leaving him in the dust as you march back up to your mother, who’s gaping at you in horror and disgust from the large doorway.
“What do you think you’re doing?!” your mother gasps. You ignore the way your stomach clenches and that familiar feeling of wanting to crawl under the covers and never come back out.
“Get Sowon or I will.” You state it loudly, for everyone in the vicinity to hear. She gasps, her face turning bright red with anger. You see the retort forming on her lips, the scream threatening to tear from her lungs, but your spine remains straight and tall.
You resist smirking as a familiar presence eases its way behind you, a gentle hand landing on your shoulder.
“Move aside,” Yoongi bellows. His voice clearly sends shivers down your mother’s spine as she jumps to the side out of fear, but you’re suppressing a giggle when you know that he’s just a big softie underneath.
As you make the final trek upstairs to unlock the door and bring Sowon to her awaiting prince and freedom, Yoongi’s hand never leaves yours, giving you reassuring squeezes every time you hesitate. He’s never been one for passionate declarations or romantic gestures, but his unending honesty and small actions are enough for you to feel loved.
“I’m proud of you,” he murmurs into your ear as you tug Sowon out the door for the last time. You don’t give your mother the dignity of a last glance. You can guess how she appears, face contorted in anger and embarrassment and shock as she realizes she’s been betrayed, that she won’t be able to manipulate her way out of this one, though you wouldn’t put it past her to try.
You do, however, give a single nod to Jin as you go, a silent message of forgiveness. He returns a similar look to you. You know the two of you can never be close again, but you hope one day you can see him again. You both are just doing what you must to survive.
After being peppered with questions and giving thousands of explanations to the guards and Jungkook, you’re finally allowed a moment to breathe. Sowon and her prince are staring at each other sheepishly, both suddenly shy and unsure. He awkwardly shakes her hand just as she goes to curtsy, making the both of them burst into stiff giggles and smiles. You shake your head at their antics, but a part of you hopes they make it past this phase and work out.
Just as you’re about to suggest that the group get moving lest your mother takes all of your heads, you’re being yanked away into the shadows behind Jungkook’s carriage and being met with a knowing smile.
You smirk, looping your arms around his neck.
“Hey, squire.” You lean up to press a kiss against his lips but he stops you with the pad of his finger.
“Knight. I’m a knight now.” He’s grinning cheekily, smile so wide you can see his gums. You shake your head and pat the top of his hair, which luckily isn’t covered with a silly metal helmet.
“You’ll always be a squire to me,” you tease, combing your fingers through his hair. Yoongi feigns a glare before wasting no time in stealing a kiss (or three) from you, the two of you pressed up against the carriage, tucked away from sight just like in the good old days.
“And this- Oh!”
You tear away from Yoongi, your cheeks heating as you see a pale Jungkook staring at the two of you in horror as Sowon stands slightly behind him, sending you a look that says, ‘You really couldn’t wait any longer?’
Your eyes are burning holes into the ground as you silently wonder whether kissing a royal guard while kind of engaged to the prince is treason.
“I am so sorry,” you manage, trying to formulate an excuse, but none comes. Yoongi has returned to his knight like stance, acting like a statue and not a lovestruck idiot.
“It’s, uh… It’s fine.” You glance up in surprise as Sowon slips her hand into Jungkook’s, pulling him in the opposite direction.
“Sorry for interrupting!” she calls over her shoulder as she leads her prince away, not noticing his sheepish grin as he stares at their interlocked fingers. “We’re leaving soon so don’t waste too much time…”
As soon as their forms disappear from view, you’re laughing quietly to yourself. After years of sneaking off with Yoongi, it’s still Sowon covering for you. You don’t know if you’ll ever be able to pay her back for everything she’s done for you, big and small, but today is certainly a start.
“So…” Yoongi begins, his hands finding yours. “Did you think any more on what I asked you the other night?” You laugh, resisting the urge to tug him in for another kiss.
“Well, seeing as my chances with the prince have been completely ruined…” Yoongi groans, fingers hovering above your stomach threateningly. You jolt backwards, only to be met with the side of the carriage. “I was joking! Just teasing! Please don’t tickle me.”
The man you’re hopelessly in love with only rolls his eyes, fumbling with the pocket of his pants.
“And I’m trying to be romantic. One of these days I’ll get my revenge for the amount of headaches you give me.” He produces a small box from his pocket, but before he can ask any questions or see the happy tears pricking at the corners of your eyes, you pull him close, pressing your nose into his shoulder. He laughs, quickly reciprocating the embrace.
“Does that mean yes?” he asks. “Because I don’t have the ring yet, the box was a symbolic thing. Unless you like my grandmother’s ring, in which case-” You scoff. A thousand teasing remarks come to your head, but you decide to cut to the chase, not leave him hanging.
“Yes!” You can’t wipe the stupid grins of either of your faces as you pull apart slightly, staring at each other in pure joy.
“Good,” he murmurs. “Because then this would be pretty embarrassing. For you.”
You’re still giggling as the two of you round the carriage hand-in-hand, garnering a few odd glances from the other knights and guards. But instead of quickly jerking your hand away, creating a normal distance as usual, you proudly march up to Yoongi’s horse, let him help you up and lean against his chest as you sit in front of him. Sowon and Jungkook are long in their own world, chatting away about god-knows-what.
As the caravan of carriages and horses rides away, you don’t look back once. You don’t worry about making it back to your mother in time or planning an elaborate explanation to give her to quell her suspicions. Instead, you fully relish in Yoongi’s warmth, teasing him relentlessly and talking about nothing and everything all at once.
You can’t guarantee that it’ll all be easy, that the royal family won’t be royally pissed at you for keeping such a big secret for two weeks. But as the hope of a long life spent with Yoongi and Sowon becomes closer to the truth than ever before, you think you’ll turn out just fine.
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tuanyiems · 10 months ago
Champagne Truffles
Tumblr media
Yugyeom x Reader (f) It’s a little angsty at the start oops but still this is a fluffy one, it’s me after all words: 4k plot: it’s your anniversary date night and he’s determined to make this a night you’ll never forget, established relationship!au a/n – Forgive this unedited piece, it’s 3am rn lulz I spent too much time gushing over got7 I had to take out the smut content to make the deadline lol but anyways, make sure to stream Last Piece as you’re reading!!! And this concludes my November of posting exclusively for Yugyeom! (It still counts as November if I haven’t slept yet!) And what a beautiful month it was! Thank you for following me on this Chocolatier journey, I’m sure these two will show up again in a drabble or two in the future. But until, please enjoy and give got7’s new album a listen if you haven’t already. It truly is another masterpiece album c’: // part of Le Chocolatier drabble series, which you can find the masterlist for in my blog. feel free to read this as a one-shot or part of the series, in any order you want <3
Tumblr media
“So, how was work today?” you start, climbing into bed where Yugyeom is already tucked in and scrolling on his phone. The bright light illuminates his face, and you pause, admiring his profile as you wait for him to answer.
But Yugyeom only shrugs, not even bothering to look at you. You grab your own phone from your nightstand, twisting it awkwardly around in your hands as you think of something else to say.
“It’s getting colder these days, isn’t it?” you ask softly, staring down at your phone as you flip it once more and watch it light up to a picture of you and Yugyeom at a carnival. It was one of those summertime, pop-up fairs. Yugyeom had convinced you to call in sick and the two of you made a trip an hour out from the city to play like two teenagers in love. 
Your lips twist as you press your thumb into the screen where Yugyeom is holding your hand in his. Even when your hands were getting clammy from the summer heat and the nerves of waiting in line for the pirate ship, he had refused to let go. 
“Nice try,” he had scoffed, before lifting his hand to kiss the back of yours. “If I let you go for even a second, you’ll definitely find a way to hurt yourself.”
You rolled your eyes, “You’re so protective for the weirdest things.”
“Weird? Who was the one who fractured their wrist while bowling?”
You looked away, pretending not to hear.
“And who’s the girl who got a concussion while walking in a department store, hmm?”
“Hey! That time wasn’t my fault!” you pouted, allowing yourself to be tugged along as the line moved up. “Who puts such heavy items on the top shelf anyways?”
“But what normal person climbs the shelves?!”
“An! Independent! Woman!” You defended, slapping his chest with your free hand with each word.
He only laughed, eyes shining down on you. “You could’ve called for help, or oh I don’t know, asked your boyfriend to get it for you? I mean, what else is my height good for?”
“Eye candy, of course!”
“I’m just a piece of meat to you, aren’t I?” he joked, bumping you by the hip before quickly pulling you back into his chest.
You giggled, “Oh course not, babe. I’m obviously using you for our future offspring too. It’s my gracious consideration for future generations.”
“Future offspring?” Yugyeom’s cheeks blushed a rosy hue and as soon as you noticed, you followed suit.
“I mean! Uh-well…if…” you sucked in a breath, forcing your heart to calm. “Anyways, if they end up inheriting your height and my butterfingers, it’ll end up being a disservice to society actually.”
He chuckled, hand squeezing yours. “Probably,” he mused softly, cheeks still warm with daydreams.
When you turn your phone again, the screen flickers awake and there is his blushing face again, eyes twinkling with thoughts of the future…or, that’s what you always thought he was imagining when you look at this photo, but maybe you were just being delusional. It could’ve just been the summer heat making him flush.
The Yugyeom from that memory and the one sitting next to you feel like completely different people. You don’t understand what happened, only a few months had passed since that day. At first, you had summed up his quiet behavior to the changing season. It’s not like Yugyeom had never been quiet or moody before, but never has he iced you out like this for so long.
It makes you nervous actually. In two days, it’ll be your three-year anniversary. This is supposed to be a good thing of course, but in the back of your mind sits the nervous belief that something bad will happen on that day.
None of your previous relationships have ever lasted longer than a year. You and Yugyeom were always so stable that you never thought this would be a problem, but his sudden changes have made you more superstitious. 
“Baby?” you utter softly, touching his wrist to put his phone down. He looks over but doesn’t say a word. “Um, I was wondering how you wanted to spend this Saturday? We haven’t really talked about it, so…”
Your voice trails. He looks at you almost fiercely, a slight frown on his lips.
You swallow. “Not that we have to do anything. Maybe we could just have a quiet day inside. We can marathon that anime you really like! What was the name again? With the cute pig?”
“Seven Deadly Sins,” he answers, looking back at his phone.
“Yeah, that one!” you say, voice much brighter than how you feel. “But…I was just suggesting. We can do what you want to do. Did you have something in mind? Food you’re craving?”
Yugyeom sighs, turning on his side to turn the lamp off. “It’s late, babe, let’s decide later.”
“Oh, okay.”
In the darkness, your worries fester though.
“Baby?” you whisper cautiously. Quietly, you curl against his back, wrapping your arms around his waist. “Goodnight, Gyeom.”
A moment passes before he twists in your arms and pulls you to his chest. You smile, looking up even though you can barely make out his features in the darkness.
“Night baby, I love you,” he presses a kiss to your forehead, and you find yourself relaxing in his arms.
That night you fall into a sleep so good, you end up missing your alarm.
Rushing around the apartment in only a forest green blouse and your nude hip huggers, you unpack your purse for the fifth time that morning.
“Babe, have you seen my charger?” You yell from the bedroom.
“It’s not in your purse?” Yugyeom calls from inside the bathroom.
You huff, throwing the items haphazardly back into your bag. “No!”
“Just take mines!”
“Thank you!”
Rounding the bed, you make your way to Yugyeom’s nightstand. Unlike your own though, his drawer is a disorganized mess. You furrow your brows, shifting through the old mail and random trinkets.
“How does he find anything in here?” you mutter, stuffing your hand to the back and hoping the wire was buried somewhere there.
“Y/N!” Yugyeoms voice booms from behind you. You jump in surprise. “Why are you going through my drawer?”
He snatches your hand out and slams his drawer shut.
“I-” You try to blink back your surprise. “I was just looking for the charger.”
He let out an exasperated sigh, bending behind the nightstand, and pulls the wire out.
“Here,” he tosses it into your hand before walking to your shared closet. “And don’t go through my things.”
Gaze on his back, you place the charger into your purse meekly. Grabbing your cream trousers from the bed, you quietly step into them as Yugyeom gets dressed too.
“Sorry,” you mumble when he finally turns to you.
He lets out a sigh, threading his fingers between yours. His thumb rubs over your hand gently. “I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean to yell.”
“Jackson,” you slide on your rolling chair towards your cubicle buddy, cup of hot chocolate between both palms.
“Uh oh,” Jackson looks at you once before twisting dramatically in his chair. “You’ve got the frowny face!”
“Frowny face?” Jinyoung pokes his head into your cubicle. Seeing your expression, he immediately walks into your cubicle, leaning onto Jackson’s desk. “Who do we need to hurt?”
“No one,” you sulk, stirring your drink. “I just had a question.”
“It was Susan, wasn’t it? I hate her,” Jinyoung scoffs, crossing his arms. Jackson chuckles, nudging him to stop.
“No, I was just wondering,” you pause, looking at your cream flats. “What are some signs when a guy no longer loves you?”
“I’m going to kill Yugyeom.”
“Why is murder always your go-to?” Jackson jokes, trying to lighten the mood. “It can’t be that bad, the last time I saw Yugyeom he was madly in love with you!”
“I just…I don’t know…it’s a feeling,” you frown, gut twisting as you’re speaking the words aloud. “It’s probably nothing.”
“Well, what signs have you been getting from Yugyeom?” Jinyoung asks.
“He’s just gotten quieter in the last couple of months. Sometimes it feels like he’s hiding something from me. Like last night, he was mostly on his phone even though I was trying to talk to him.”
“On his phone doing what?”
You tilt your head, shrugging. “I don’t know, Instagram? Twitter? But that’s not the point.”
“Wait, Instagram or Twitter, Y/N? Was he scrolling through news or was he sliding into DMs? These are important details,” Jinyoung interrupts. Both you and Jackson look at him with wide eyes.
You feel your heart jump to your throat. “Y-you think…maybe, he’s c-cheating on me?”
That thought had never even occurred to you as a possibility but now that you hear it…Your vision starts to blur.
“Oh my gosh, Y/N!” Jackson slaps Jinyoung’s thigh, pushing him away as he hurries to put an arm over your shoulder. “Jinyoung was just asking stupid questions. Yugyeom’s not that kind of guy.”
“But what if he’s right?” you mumble. “This morning I was looking in his drawer to borrow his charger and he yelled at me for going through his things. He’s never done that before! And every time I ask about his day, he won’t really tell me anything.”
You sniffle, rushing to wipe your falling tears.
“Don’t cry, Y/N,” Jinyoung pats your hand softly. “You’re probably just spiraling right now. I don’t know Yugyeom the way you do. He was probably just scrolling through pictures of tattoo art or something.”
“But he’s so handsome and amazing, he could have any girl he wants. What if he’s found someone better? Someone who doesn’t burn toast or, or-”
“Hey,” Jackson squeezes your arm with a frown. “We don’t tolerate that kind of talk in this house.”
“House?” Jinyoung chuckles.
“Our cubicle home!” Jackson clarifies, making you smile.
“Ah, I see a smile,” Jinyoung announces, making your lips stretch wider.
“My makeup is running, isn’t it?” you laugh weakly.
“Yeah, you’re a mess,” Jinyoung teases.
“Good time to ask Susan for an early weekend,” Jackson nudges you playfully.
“Yeah, leave early and go have a real conversation with Yugyeom about how you’re feeling. No use in holding things in if it’s just going to make you cry anyways.”
“Someone’s crying?” Susan, your project manager, pokes her head into your cubicle. When she sees your state, she gasps. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”
“I’m okay,” you flush with embarrassment.
“Nonsense, you should let her start the weekend early, Susan,” Jinyoung states before smiling at her sweetly. “And as her favorite co-workers, you should let us join her!”
“Nice try, Jinyoung,” she laughs goodheartedly, before turning to you. “You two have to stay, but Y/N, you’re free to go. Come back Monday, feeling better, okay?”
She sends you a wink before striding off.
“I hate her so much,” Jinyoung grumbles.
“You gotta stop lying to yourself, man,” Jackson laughs. He turns to you and pulls you into a hug. “Go and talk to him, Y/N. The longer you wait it out, the longer you’ll just be running circles in your head.”
You nod, convinced. “Alright, I’ll do that. Thanks guys.”
“Call me if you need a hitman!” Jinyoung calls as you rush out of the cubicle.
“Hey, why are you calling at this hour?”
“I just missed you,” you hum into the phone, as you walk down the familiar sidewalk towards your favorite chocolate store. “How’s work?”
“Um, actually,” there’s a pause on the other line before he continues, “It’s kind of busy. Probably be home late today.”
“Oh, okay,” you put on a tone of disappointment as you round the corner to the store. You snicker to yourself. Maybe surprising him at work and helping him with the shop will pick his mood up.
“Yeah, sorry, but you know this time of year. People like to eat chocolates.”
You smile to yourself, slowing your step as you reach the storefront. “Yeah, I know. It’s how I met you.”
“What was that?”
“Nothing,” you chuckle.
“Anyways, I really have to go now.”
“O-” You freeze, staring into the window of the chocolate store. “Okay.”
“Bye,” Yugyeom doesn’t wait for you to reply before he cuts off the line. You barely register the dead phone line though. You gulp, watching as your best friend, Jenny, pulls Yugyeom into a tight hug between the counter. In her arms, he smiles with full cheeks.
Stepping back, you cross the street in a rush, collapsing into a seat outside the French café across from Yugyeom’s store before your legs give out entirely. 
This doesn’t make sense. While Jenny was one of your closest friends, she and Yugyeom weren’t especially close. This was partially due to the fact that Jenny lives in another city two hours away from yours. Yugyeom has never expressed any interest in spending time with your friends unless you were with him, and so things just don’t add up.
Jenny never sent you a text that she’d be in town, especially on a Friday. Just as you’re about to go through the text messages in your phone just in case, you see the door of the chocolate store open and out walks Yugyeom and Jenny. They’re so deep in their own conversation, they don’t even glance at you, right across the street from them.
You take in a breath, shaking your head. This just doesn’t make sense. Getting up again, you make your way down the street, watching them from across. Maybe Jenny needed a special order of chocolates. Was there a birthday you were forgetting?
You stop in your tracks, watching as Jenny practically jumping with excitement alongside Yugyeom. She must’ve said something funny, because he tilts his head back, mouth open wide, the same way he always laughs at you when you make a stupid joke.
Shaking your head again, you continue your steps. No, Jenny is a trusted friend. You’ve known her since high school. But the longer you follow, the more your stomach starts to hurt. It’s exactly because you’ve known Jenny for so long that you know she would never be this animated with your boyfriend.
Your chest hurt at just the thought, but you can’t help it from echoing in your brain. That the two of them look too comfortable—like they’ve been meeting for a while. 
Biting your lip hard, you stop in your tracks again and force yourself to turn around. No, this just didn’t add up. And you didn’t want to trail after them like some kind of stalker.
You trust Yugyeom and you trust Jenny.
Hailing the nearest cab, you enter with a huff. It was like Jinyoung said, you were probably just spiraling.
“I’m home,” Yugyeom calls softly as he enters the house. You freeze in your seat at the kitchen table, despite having sat there for three hours for this very moment.
“Hey,” Yugyeom peeks his head into the kitchen, looking at you with furrowed eyes. “What are you doing just sitting here by yourself?”
You chuckle dryly, trying to shake off your nerves. “Oh, I guess I was just spacing out.”
He smiles at you before sitting down in the chair across from you. “Everything alright?”
“Yeah, everything’s okay,” you lie. “How was work?”
“It was fine. Busy as usual,” Yugyeom shrugs. “What did you have for dinner?”
“I made pasta. There’s leftovers in the fridge for you.”
“It’s okay, I’m stuffed already.”
“Oh? You ate?”
Yugyeom’s eyes grow wide before he is blinking away, running his fingers through his hair. “Uh, yeah, um…Bambam, he bought me dinner.”
“That was nice of him,” you mumble. You breathe loudly, trying to keep yourself collected despite feeling like you were going to vomit with each second that passes.
He chuckles before raising his voice abruptly. “Anyways! Let’s talk about tomorrow!”
“Tomorrow? Did you have something in mind?” your chest jolts with hope.
“Actually, I was thinking you could have a girl’s day with Jenny! And then we could do something in the evening.”
“Jenny’s in town?” you watch him closely, noticing the way he licks at his lips and swallows.
“Oh! Yeah! I uh, I heard it from Bam. He must’ve seen a story update from her or something.”
You dig your nail into the cuticle bed of your thumbs as you listen to him lie straight to your face.
“Jenny didn’t text me though. She probably has something else going on this weekend.”
“Nope!” Yugyeom whips, smiling far too big for this conversation. “I messaged her about tomorrow already.”
“So, you want me to hang out with Jenny…on our anniversary?” You question slowly.
Yugyeom looks away, his ears flushed. He brushes at your hand. “Yeah, you two should catch up, get your nails done or something. You should really stop doing this to your nails.”
You look to your hands, your nail beds raw.
“I’m tired,” you mutter, getting up from your seat first. “I’m gonna go to bed first.”
“Oh, okay…well, just remember, you and Jenny at noon!”
You don’t answer.
“You’ve been awfully quiet,” Jenny turns to you with concern as the nail technician keeps her right hand hostage. “Is something bothering you?”
“Why are you in town again?” you ask, eyes concentrated on the deep red shade that your nail tech paints onto your fingernails.
“Oh!” In your peripheral, you can see her noticeably jolt. “I came for a conference on Friday and when Yugyeom reached out to me I decided to stay for the weekend.”
“A conference, huh?”
“Yeah,” she mumbles, turning back to her technician. “You know how much the beauty industry loves their conventions.”
“Must’ve been draining.”
“Yeah, totally. That’s why I didn’t text you I was in town. I was completely exhausted by the end of it that I completely forgot.”
“That’s understandable.”
“Mhm,” she turns back to you. “You should add a gold accent. Gold accent, please!”
Your nail tech nods, bringing out another tray of gold embellishment from underneath her desk. You turn your head, hearing the click of Jenny’s nails on the screen of her phone. There’s a bright smile on her face and it makes you want to burst into tears on the spot.
At first you thought maybe the two of them planned for Jenny to reveal the truth to you. You didn’t think Yugyeom was a coward but lately, none of the things you thought before make sense anymore. However, after hours spent with Jenny, all you’ve managed was getting prettier nails and lots of lies from who you thought was your best friend.
“Gorgeous,” Jenny coos, leaning in to admire your fingers. 
“Yeah,” you murmur half-heartedly, feeling your spirit fully deplete.
No confession comes. No explanation. When evening comes, Jenny sends you right back home. Your walk up to the apartment is slow. This is it, isn’t it? Gyeom needed time to prepare himself to break up with you. It’s why he didn’t want to be with you for your anniversary. 
Your stomach sinks when you get to your door. Was this your last time ever entering? Where were you going to move to? 
As the familiar tone of the keypad rings in your ear, hot tears prick at your eyes. Stepping into the house, your vision blurs as you step through the hallway and into the kitchen. Yugyeom is standing at the stove when he turns to you with a smile.
“You’re back!” he greets you. When you hear his laughter, tears spill down your cheeks. “Crying already, babe? You haven’t even tasted it.”
Hiccupping, you try to calm yourself but the more you try to contain the tears, the more your chest fills with fear and floods you. You cry even harder, a terrible wail leaving your throat.
The sound of tin crashes onto the floor and quickly, you are enveloped in Yugyeom’s warmth. The feeling only makes you more sick and you bury your face into his chest, crying harder. Your last embrace. Your last time being comforted by him. The thoughts send sharp pains straight to your chest.
Yugyeom holds you tight against him, taking the impact of your shaking body to his chest. “Baby, what’s wrong? Are you hurt somewhere?”
It’s a long time before you feel calm enough to stand on your own. When you finally do, stepping back from his arms, you feel yourself tearing up again from seeing the concern on his face.
“What happened?” he whispers, fingers reaching out for yours. 
You pull away though, taking another step back.
“Yugyeom,” your voice comes out shaky but determined. “Are we breaking up?”
Tears spill again.
Yugyeom looks at you with a shocked expression. “What? Where is this coming from?”
“You don’t love me anymore,” you cry.
“Of course I do! What are you talking about?” 
“Then why did you lie to me?” You look at him sharply, gaze severe despite the shine of tears. He doesn’t say anything, and the silence breaks your heart.
Lips quivering, you sit down at the kitchen table. “You lied to me. Jenny lied to me…H-how long? How long have you been doing this?”
“Baby,” Yugyeom whispers, bending to the floor. He rests his hands on your thighs, looking up at you and there are tears in his eyes two. “Baby…baby, you’ve got this all wrong.”
“Even if it’s not Jenny, it’s still not me, is it?” you whimper, tears spilling down your chin. They splatter on the back of his hands. “You don’t talk to me anymore. You don’t want to share anything with me. Not even stories about your day.”
Tears run down Yugyeom’s cheeks as he presses a kiss to your knee.
“No, no, baby, you’re wrong.”
You sniff, cupping your palm to his wet cheek. “I want to be wrong. Please prove me wrong, Gyeom.”
“I was trying to keep it a secret,” he scoffs to himself, shaking his head. “I was planning this for months.”
“I was so afraid I’d accidentally let it slip, or that you’d find it.”
You frown, brows furrowing in confusion now. “Find what, Gyeom?”
Yugyeom takes in a deep breath, breaking into a gentle smile as he glances down at the kitchen floor. Following his gaze, you realize he had dropped a tray of chocolates earlier.
“Champagne Truffles,” he tells you, reaching down to grab one.
“You…you made a new recipe?”
Yugyeom lets out a loud sigh. “Good thing I marked it.”
You look at him, bewildered. He chuckles softly, turning to you again.
“I’m not going to break up with you, baby,” he laughs, digging his thumb into the spine of the chocolate until it bursts with a pop. “I’m trying to spend my whole life with you.”
Your hands to fly to your mouth in surprise as a fresh wave of tears spring to your eyes. He drops the chocolate shell to the floor, holding onto the shining gold band with shaking hands.
“Every day since meeting you,” his voice breaks and you cry, hands coming to cup his face as tears run down his cheeks too. “I thought I had a good life, and then I met you…And then I realized, I was missing everything before you came into my life.”
He sniffs, breaking into a smile as more tears fall from his eyes. “Baby, you’re my everything. You’re the first person I want to tell anything to. You don’t know how hard it’s been trying to keep this from you.”
You laugh with him, “And Jenny.”
He nods. “She was helping me pick out the ring, plan the event, pick the flowers.”
You grin, pressing your forehead to his. “You bought me flowers!”
He laughs, nose brushing softly against yours. “Yeah, and a ring too…if you want it.”
“I do, I do, I do,” you giggle against him as your tears wet his cheek. 
He chuckles, breath ghosting your lips.
“Not yet, baby, that one’s for the wedding,” he chuckles and you laugh with him.
“Either way, it’s I do.”
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bloededhoine · 8 months ago
Spare Lambert headcanons? Perhaps☠️ & ■ OwO
anon i've been wondering when i'd get to share my lambert hcs thank you
■ -  bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
☠️ - angry/violent headcanon
fresh headcanons here!
bedroom/house/living quarters
i wanna be nice but i also wanna be accurate...
yeah lambert's a pig. his room in kaer morhen has a desk and a closet and some storage, but he doesn't use them
he just throws his clothes on the floor and smell tests them to see if he can wear them
but the thing is... lambert's sense of smell is somewhat deadened? especially for a witcher. he's used to it. geralt and eskel are not
he keeps his bed somewhat clear, but usually sleeps on top of at least a few old pieces of clothes
his desk is completely unusable. if he needs a level surface he'll use a shared table, which the others hate because it just means the ~lambert~ will spread to another area
about half the dishware in kaer morhen is somewhere in lambert's room with something growing on it
when lambert leaves after the winter vesemir throws out almost everything in his room. he wants to seal the door and not open it, but lambert will come back eventually and vesemir would rather not discover a new species of mould when he does
deirdre even tried to let her wolves go in there to chase out the rats, but they both refused to go inside the door
these are wolves. actual wolves that eat two week old drowner corpses, then vomit, then eat the vomit. and they refuse to go near lambert's room.
keira is actually a really good influence on him
she doesn't allow any potential future disgustingness in her house, even though one of biggest advancements for the catriona vaccine was found on lambert's armor
lambert wanted to be recognized for his assistance in the creation of the vaccine that saved hundreds of thousands of lives, which keira surprisingly agreed to
well, "agreed" in her own way
lambert didn't quite know what this meant until he was looking for boobs in one of eskel's textbooks and stumbled across a passage that read "Keira Metz's discovery of the Yersinia lambert bacteria was instrumental in her later development of the vaccine for the Catriona plague"
lambert has an infamously short fuse
and horrible impulse control
and two swords
it's not a good combo
his reaction to anger is violence, which really sucks because his reaction to violence is anger
his father treated him with nothing but violence, which lambert since despises. but he never saw reactions to anger that weren't violent, so it became his default
when he gets angry there's usually less than two minutes before he starts swinging, which means there's less than one minute for geralt and eskel to grab him without making an inevitable fight even bigger
but that's a very rare occurance
more often lambert will fight whatever idiot that made him angry (and almost always win), until the guys friends show up...
then his options are to run, take out his swords and cause a massacre, or try and get a few hits in until they knock him out and break his ribs
he's never taken the first option, largely due to his pride and sense of vigilante justice
he did the second far too many times, but stopped when geralt mentioned he'd been attacked by an angry mob that wanted revenge on the witcher that killed half their village
geralt assumed it was a viper school witcher, and told his brothers the name of the town and to stay away from there. lambert couldn't bring himself to come clean, but he drank way too much that night and started punishing himself with option number three
consequences? from my actions? it's more likely than you think
he is trying, it's just a very long process (cue dick joke)
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lauraluna98 · 6 months ago
Bernadette's Photograph [Diakko one shot]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Diana Cavendish /Akko Kagari, Bernadette Cavendish/ Laura McLaren (OC), Amanda/ Constanze/ Jasminka, Hannah/ Avery, Barbara/ Lotte
Words: 18K
Laura and Bernadette art made by my friend chek out her awesome stuff:
Summary \/
Four years have passed since Akko arrived at Luna Nova. In the previous year, the girls she had befriended graduated from the academy and each one went their separate ways, just like Kagari, who had to go through a lot during her studies, including meeting a girl named Diana Cavendish, whom she began to date. When she graduated and was sure she would return to Japan, she received an invitation from the Scottish girl to live in the family's mansion and an affectionate proposal from the beautiful blonde who asked her to marry her.
Akko spent a long time adapting and experiencing many ups and downs, sometimes having to deal with Daryl and her daughters' disrespect, but this the girl got used to, even more so with the fact that Diana was a lesbian, shocking the entire noble class.
One day like any other Akko was rummaging through Bernadette Cavendish's old bedroom until she found something that had been a huge family secret until then.
Upon discovering this secret Akko, decides that she wants to make a surprise involving the photograph she eventually found, but why is a photograph a secret and why does it get to the point of creating so much?
Read this story and find out.
It was a winter morning in Edinburgh, it had been a few months since the girls' graduation from Luna Nova, the year 2021 had started a few days ago. Akko planned to start her career as Shiny Akko, but she still faced conflicts within the mansion, as well as no from many witches who didn't want to have their reputation linked to something comical and funny, even with Kagari saving everyone, the conservatism in society still remained. Diana was the leader of the Cavendish family, after going through Daryl's proposal for a marriage of interest with James Mark II, the girl was getting colder and sadder, after all she remembered something, starting to ignore little by little Kagari, which was quite strange. Diana used to be cold, but not at that point. Akko was waking up next to Diana and soon noticed that the Cavendish had already gotten up.
POV Akko:
Diana has been very cold lately, colder than this place, holy shit, for the nine witches... I thought it would be wonderful to move here, but we can barely get along... What the fuck? Ever since that James Mark II showed up here, she's been like this... More like she's being forced to marry him... But Diana is the head of the family Ahh... I'm getting up from here.
I get up and go to the bathroom of the huge suite, brush my teeth, take off my crimson robe with "Akko" written on it, put it next to my fiancée's cyan robe, open the shower and start to take a bath, the drops of water washed my body as if they were washing my soul, it was really nice to take a bath in that bathroom, the water was always at the ideal temperature. As soon as I get out of the shower I take a towel, dry my body, wrap myself in it and go into the huge closet of our room, I put on a t-shirt, an overcoat, since it was very cold, "New, as if it wasn't cold every day here in Scotland" and a pair of sweatpants, when I finish getting dressed I put on my bunny slippers and walk through the corridors to the dining room, where I find Anna waiting for me outside the door.
- Good morning Miss Kagari, Miss Cavendish told me to stay here waiting for you to wake up, she is waiting for you in the dining room, let me take you there- Anna said always with her softness of speech, "The handmaids and the butlers were the only nice people in the house.
- Ah, yes thank you Anna, I was just leaving, I appreciate you waiting for me so long... I'm sorry if I overslept," I say, being gentle as always with the sweet lady.
POV Diana:
I woke up that morning down, after another week of having that conversation with Daryl, that snake is still the same, I knew she had only let her guard down since Akko and I saved her from that ritual interference, at least she has no authority at all, I can decide on my own who I marry.... Only that James Mark... He was one of the Appleton students who hang out with Louis Blackwell.... Not to mention he has my father's name on him... Although he was no example of a person, he abandoned me and my mother, since I was a little girl... just because the family was starting to have financial problems. That damned conversation with Daryl... I can't leave Akko... But I have to have heirs or heiresses... Ah Saint Beatrix Lesbian... The Cavendish family only allows to succeed children conceived here by both people.... And how am I going to make one with Akko, being that we are two girls.... Ah... What am I going to do... I can't allow Daryl's lineage to be the dominant one...
While I was in my mental monologue, I was approached by my second cousins, Amalie and Alicia, Merrill's daughters.
- Lesbian cousin! Lesbian cousin! Look what Grandma wrote for you," say the two children handing me the envelope.
- Oh thank you - I say, faking a positive reaction.
"Keep on with your scissors, I don't like your girlfriend, but she guarantees me my lineage ahead, besides teaching a pure lineage, without this talk of turning lesbian witches. Remember that fingers do not reproduce. With love and affection your Aunt Daryl".
Really? It was kind of just sending a message, what's the need to write an envelope, I won't argue any further, let her keep these silly little letters.
I take the letter, crumple it with my hands and throw it into a trash can, using my wand to move the crumpled paper into the container, when I finish throwing the trash out, I notice that my girlfriend had just arrived accompanied by Anna.
POV Akko:
- Good morning my love! - I say all radiant and go towards my girlfriend.
We come close to each other, exchange lips with a seal, soon after we both stare at each other, I as usual am faced with that emotionless and cold face of Diana, colder than Scotland itself I would say. I sit down on the chair facing my girlfriend and start to eat, attacking the pancakes as usual.
- Love Harajuku pancakes! How cute, I love it - I say dipping a pancake and dousing it with maple syrup. I end up remembering my first time with Diana and almost burst out laughing, but I held back as much as I could.
- Akko! What's so funny - said Diana trying to force a refined accent, being that I know how she spoke in a totally different way to me.
- Nothing no my love, I just remembered when I held your breasts that day and said they looked like Harajuku pancakes - I say starting to laugh, while Diana let out a slight laugh, seeing my girlfriend laughing makes me even a little happier, it was rare to see the cute cabbage look like that, even more after that guy came here.
- Akko! Don't talk that kind of dirty talk, someone might hear it - she said with the Scottish accent she used to hear a lot, she thought it was quite cute.
- It's pretty cute cabbage - I say trying to get more laughs out of Diana, but I end up making her blush, but right after that my girlfriend starts to laugh and snort a little, it was cute; she looked like a little pig.
- Akko! Akko! Stop it! I'm not in the moment for this - she said again with her Scottish accent, it was really nice to see Diana giggling a little.
POV Diana:
Oh crap, Akko is getting me, she knows how to lighten my mood... But I have to be careful, she has become very attached to me... What do I do...? Is it worth it...? Daryl wants me not to leave any offspring or else I can make this plan of hers turn against her.... I can do what she wanted to do to me.... But the difference is that Amalie and Alicia will have a kinder upbringing.... I don't know, I have to talk to Akko about this, I can see how she is getting upset about all this.
As I was sinking in my thoughts, I end up coming back with two clicks of a finger, it was Akko, as usual, she kept talking my name, so I decided to answer her.
- Huh? Akko. What is it my love? - I say, coming back to reality, I used to sink too deep into my thoughts.
- Again Diana? Every day you are sinking into these thoughts... What's going on in your head so much? - She said worriedly, trying to find out about me? I think I should open my mouth at once, I don't want to stall her until the last minute like Chariot did to her four years ago...
- Eh... Love... I... I try to say, but... Damn I'm not ready, how can I tell her... - I... We need to talk more... I want to talk about something that ails me... Something that made me like this... - I say as Akko looks at me worriedly, but then puts her hands on my cheek.
- Really? It's okay honey, I was getting agony... You are already cold as Scotland, this way it seems like the North Pole - She said as always talking about Scotland being too cold, this girl never gets used to the normal climate here. As always she reacts this way as if she were a child.
I just nod my head and take Akko with me to one of the offices in the house, where I used to work and study, since I became a leader, I stay there day after day, negotiating about how to deal with the riches, but I have to stop running away from the subject, I will get straight to the point with Akko.
- Ah the office - said Akko inflating her cheeks, she hated the place because I spent too much time there, working and barely paying attention to my love, but what can I do? I have responsibilities, I'm an adult, not like my aunt.
- Love... I... A... Reason - I say with much trepidation, damn Diana, come on girl, where is your stature girl - The reason why I was like this was because of that boy, more specifically about a conversation I had with Daryl, she has been pressuring me, or I would marry this James and save the family financially at once, or else continue with you... Of course I decided what was best for me... That would be to stay with you, even if it didn't give me heirs... - I said almost in tears, but soon Akko comes and starts looking at me confused, as if she thought it was a bit silly, as if I was making a drama.
- Are you dying because you can't be a mother? Is that right? Diana, what about Violet and Sarah? Nothing is impossible for magic, we just have to use the fertility stone," she said shrugging, as always believing that children's story, honestly, my mother used to tell me this a lot, but I'm sure it was just a nice way for her to say that it was okay to be a lesbian. Akko never understands things... I will have to be realistic with her, this is not a joke.
- Akko... This is a children's tale, my mother used to say the same thing when she was alive... The difference is that I was 5 years old... The fertility stone is a metaphor for artificial insemination... Chariot and Croix used it to make their twins... Do you happen to know that Croix is Trans? She froze her sperm before starting the treatment, maybe they said that to cheer you up... - I end up saying it in a too cold way, I shouldn't exaggerate too much, but when Akko believes in something she becomes very attached to it.
- Ah... I forgot this detail, but they told me it was the fertility stone, Chariot even said that in her family's residence there is one of the relics to be made and the other one is in yours... - She said until I finished completing it.
- And the stone of love, which is made with a kiss of love in a cave north of here... I know, I know, I know this story very well my love... No need to repeat it... If there really was such a thing, don't you think it would be full of lesbian witch couples? Or that I wouldn't be in this dilemma right now? Sorry for the words, my love... But I don't want to break your hope... Love even if we used artificial insemination, there is still something that gets in my way, here in the Cavendish family residence only children who are manufactured here and born here can take the place of the family, so even if we had a daughter, or adopted one she and the whole lineage would never take my place... It could even cause a death; she would risk her life love.... So sorry - I say almost in tears, I even put my hand on Akko's shoulder, but she just seemed to ignore all that, as if she didn't give a damn, it didn't even seem that this girl with eyes like rubies, would turn 20 years old?
POV Akko:
Ah, what a drag! Diana is still stubborn and closed-minded and doesn't believe in things! Nothing is impossible for magic, if we even managed to turn even other animals temporarily, saved the world from a missile that was going at a speed that could kill us, went to space and the radiation up there didn't kill us and yet she still thinks it's just a legend... Holy shit.
- Nothing is impossible for magic Diana! Believe it! Stop being so annoying and stubborn! - I said, inflating my cheeks and getting angry.
- The only boring and stubborn one here is you! Akko, honestly stop being so stubborn to think that magic changes everything... If it did, I wouldn't be in this situation... Ah... What the hell... Why... Why are you so Akko, why don't you think a little more realistically? - I said to Cavenboring trying to leave my dreams aside, but you know what, I'm not going to fill the patience of the perfect and correct lady.
- Oh you know what? Fuck it, I don't want to argue over nonsense like that, keep up this lack of belief in things, I still think the fertility stone is real, I won't change your Cavenboring thinking and you won't change mine, um! - I say turning my face and leaving the office, until the boring cabbage opens its mouth again.
- Akko, you can't keep turning your face to the problems like that, you're already 19 years old, how will Shiny Akko be if you keep behaving like a child - said Cavenboring being Cavenboring as always, I just ignored and left the office, as soon as I passed by the door I got a fright with the door, I have no doubt that Diana has used a spell to knock with force and got angry, play nice, but gets angry too.
I inflate my cheeks and lean against the doors with my arms crossed, all I could think about was how boring Diana always was, she wanted to be neat and methodical with everything, it didn't even seem like we saved the world together, it didn't even seem like she really believes that with magic she can do anything, she even seemed like boring Finnelan.
POV Diana:
Oh, what the hell! Because I had to fight with Akko... I didn't want to be so hard on her, but it seems that Akko doesn't mature, this way it's hard to help her with this dream of becoming Shiny Akko, I think I'll try to relax a little, then I'll talk to Akko... I'll try to relax, I can't work with my head like this... I still have to see how I'm going to maintain my savings...
I sit down in my armchair, open my laptop, where I start to open on the bank's website, but I was not in the mood to even think of any smart way to get more money, we were only with enough to maintain the huge mansion and pay the employees... I didn't want to rent it because it is a traditional place and it has a lot of things that can break and are precious... Oh fuck, I'm not in the mood to think about that right now.
On an impulse I decide to procrastinate a little, I open the internet and immediately go to the video site, where on the home page there was a video that interested me a lot on the official channel of the World Broom Racing Championship competition... I remember that as a child I dreamed of one day being a broom racer like Laura McLaren... How ironic to see that there is going to be a replay of the 1991 Irish GP, I think I will watch it to cheer up the nerves, Laura McLaren was amazing in that race, she became champion with 5 races to go.... I don't know why, but every time I talk about her I have good memories... As if she was someone familiar... I don't know, maybe it's just me having memories from when I was a kid, I know my mom liked broom races...
POV Akko:
I had been leaning against that door for a long time, I don't have to waste my time... Diana must have gone to relieve her nerves, if she did that I should do it too... I take a deep breath, look at one of the paintings in the corridor, being one of her mother, and start to talk to myself, I don't know why. I felt like I wanted to talk to the painting as if it was going to answer me.
- Ahh... My mother-in-law... Why is your daughter so complicated like this... So much we learned in Luna Nova, so much we learned, but she doesn't want to believe in the fertility stone... What do I do? Give me some sign - At the moment I say this the picture of Diana's mother disassembles the bottom part and the part that was her picture starts to fly.
It could only be a ghost, not surprising since this mansion is full of them, would this be the one of Diana's mother, I don't know... All I know is that I better get this picture right away or someone will notice that if it's lost I could be in trouble, if someone realizes that the picture of Diana's mother has been damaged... I don't want to go two weeks without loving my wife.... Diana always takes her punishment hard...
I go running after that damn picture, but it kept flying and very fast, sure it was a ghost.... I didn't have my wand in hand, I didn't even learn spells without a wand, I still have things to perfect. Fucking fast picture... I have to get there soon or I will be lost.... Come on Akko take it.
I kept following that fucking picture through the halls of the mansion, I even suspected it might be a prank by Amalie or Alicia, but they barely knew how to use a wand and were two years old, maybe it was her mother or her copy sister? Or even the cow of the grandmother of those two wanting to make me look ridiculous. Whatever it is I feel I have to get this damn picture.
Until the picture makes a turn, and a very strong wind hits a door that opens and through it the picture of Diana's mother comes in, I followed what I could, until I jumped on the bed that was in the room and caught the air, only I didn't realize that I was right in front of a closet, this makes me bump into everything in the closet, and right after that a photo album falls on top of my head and along with it one of the pictures comes out of that album, getting right in front of my face.
When I took that picture of the face, I went into shock, it was Diana's mother, with a redhead and a baby, I think it must be little Cavenchata, I'm sure, the two of them had rings on their fingers, they were similar rings from what I noticed, I was just thinking that it was just bullshit, since Diana's mother had to have only one friend, I remember she already showed a picture of her father? By the way, what a scurvy little fellow... Sorry Diana, but he abandoned his mother when she was sick and depressed, just because the Cavendish family was struggling? A shame, but at the same time no... Who died the following year... He had a daughter and a wife and didn't take care of...
I stopped thinking about Diana's family, since I didn't want to waste my time with this kind of nonsense, so I made sure to look at the back of the picture, since it was quite common for this kind of album picture to have some text, since it was in a place it shouldn't be... Why not take advantage of my curiosity to read and go through these things. Let's hope that nobody catches me at least...
"Goodbye Bernadette... I love you so much my love.... Daryl went too far, she shouldn't have done that.... Save this picture at least for the day we are healed, take good care of our daughter Diana... This will be our last photo before my return... This will never be a goodbye, but a goodbye... With all the love in the world L.M 01/09/2001."
I turned white, I turned a stone, I was in shock, I was without reaction.... L.M.... This redhead must be L.M, it can't be Diana's father, since his name is James and so who would this L.M be? What do you mean daughter? Our daughter on top of that! Does that mean that... Ah Diana... She has a lot of explaining to do now... Wait a minute... That makes Diana the fruit of a couple of women... But was L.M. trans? Just like Croix? Or is the fertility stone real? Ahhh! I don't know... I'm going to believe the second one a lot.... May the second one be real.... I really want to be a mother! I want Diana to come to me and tell me that she was right... But is this L.M. alive? Neither of Diana's parents are alive...
I could even make a surprise for Diana.... If L.M. is alive I might actually get a point out of it... Oh, let's go through this photo album some more while I'm here... Ah... Now that I noticed, it is the room of that hideous carpet that Diana loves, it even looks like it was made by a seven year old child, that unicorn, Beatrix looks beautiful, but that unicorn looks like a skinny horse with one horn... Hahahaha... Let's stop fooling around... I want to see if there are more pictures.
I stay for a few minutes looking at each picture, I didn't even have a notion of time, but I knew that at some point I had to stop, that L.M. is very beautiful, very cute, she is even familiar, I remember that Diana has already watched a very boring broomstick racing documentary movie with her... Bleh, now I remembered, it is just a broomstick race around a track, it doesn't have a maneuver or anything, what's the fun of seeing the same thing you have with a car on a broomstick? What was the name of it again? I don't remember... It was something to do with cars, that I am sure, but I have to say that they are very cute together, I never thought that Diana had another mother, I will believe it, but I really need to know who she is, it can help me with my plan.
I close that album and take a picture using my cell phone, of that picture where the two mothers of Diana and the little Cavenboring were, after taking the picture I put the cell phone in my pocket, besides also putting everything in place, I take out a wand that was in that room and use a spell that repairs all the shelves in the closet, besides also taking the picture of the cabbage mother of my little girlfriend so cute, but as soon as I leave the room, I end up unintentionally running into Diana's aunt's cow, she as always with that slutty look of hers.
- What are you doing here? - said the snake that kept looking at me with disgust.
- Nothing, nothing that is of interest to you... Diana just asked me to come... - I said trying to lie, but that damn thing completes me.
- To my sister's room? What would be in Bernadette's room that would interest Diana? And you have no respect for someone who has died, you don't just walk into the room of a person who has died here, have more respect for... - Said Diana's aunt trying to act saintly and correct, but I quickly retorted that snake.
- Just as you had respect for her when she was alive? Or when you wanted to sell the family's things, without even respecting your sister's memory - I retort in the best way, leaving that snake clenching its fists in anger.
- Listen here, you little brat! Who do you think you are to talk to me like that? Just because you have the protection of my niece, that doesn't give you the right to retort like that. If it weren't for her I'd poison you until you regret saying such things. - Said that cow trying to scare me, I just walked away ignoring her, returning from where I had seen the picture of Diana's mother flying away.
POV Diana:
These minutes watching the 1991 Irish GP really made me feel better, even more seeing how Laura McLaren is an amazing racer, she outdoes herself at every turn, it made me have a nostalgic feeling, when I was a kid and watched it with my mom... She would always put on these races that she liked to watch, and I would watch along because it was always nice to see mom smiling and getting out of bed every once in a while, she would rarely crack a smile or two...
Well, I guess I'll go see Akko, she must have eased her nerves, I just really hope she doesn't come out and talk about that fertility stone thing again, but if she does that's fine, I'll just ignore Akko's childishness.
I get up, close my laptop, go to the door and as soon as I open it, I am faced with Akko putting a picture, I think it was of my mother, back into a frame, I would get angry due to my girlfriend being clumsy, breaking a picture, even more so of my mother, but I will leave it aside, Akko being Akko....
- Ah... Diana! I... A ghost, a ghost knocked over your mother's picture and ended up making it fall - She said trying to invent some excuse, but I believed her a little, after all I know there are ghosts around here, I just don't understand why Akko stayed all the time here in front, poor my love.
- Ah yes a ghost, but I appreciate you trying to tidy up this mess, let's have some lunch love.... Sorry for being a bit thick.... - I said trying to make Akko feel better, who smiled at me and hugged me.
I go with my girlfriend to the dining room where we stayed for lunch, there was my aunt, cousins and the two pests, I mean... Amalie and Alicia... They are not pests; they are just influenced by their mother and grandmother... Poor things... Why do you have such an upbringing... It's a sin, really...
The minutes go by, I was eating normally next to my girlfriend Akko, she always being sweet and giving me food in my mouth, sometimes we even exchanged a few kisses, as always, my aunt being a killjoy, or she stopped the kisses telling us not to do it or she kept covering the faces of the two girls so as not to influence them. I don't understand why this is necessary, we are in new times, she was just being retrograde. This made me nervous, those two are children, they have to be influenced to think in a new way, not like this...
POV Akko:
Lunch was like every other lunch at the mansion, I always tried to be affectionate and cute, sometimes exchanging cuddles with Diana, but that snake of Diana's aunt was always a pain in the ass, getting ahead, stalling any kiss from us... I was getting pretty tired of this, it was every lunch and dinner, I just wish I could slap that old woman in the face, make her swallow that awful green lipstick she wears every hour, even at lunchtime.
When lunch was over, I went with Diana through the hallways, taking her to the office again, I gave my girlfriend a kiss and then went to my room, where I started going through my cell phone, I had the picture of that L.M. in hand, all I needed to do was use the image search. I used an editor cropping that photo, where I left only the redhead and then I used the search.
"Laura McLaren"
"Former Broom Racer"
It was the one, I was already suspicious, the initials and the person in the picture really matched, but how would I find this Laura and talk to her, surely she must be an important person in the world of witches? Four feet ten! How short hahaha, this woman is shorter than Constanze, how did such a short woman make Diana, people, Diana is almost a pole...
"Laura McLaren is a former broom racer, known as the flying irish, shortie, designer racer, the queen, raced from 1991 until 2001 in the World Broom Racing Championship, Eight time champion winning titles in the 1991, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 seasons, she was quite remarkable for how dominant and extremely skilled she was on a broom, she is known to be many times the greatest broom racer in history.... Worldpedia"
"Birth: January 14, 1972 (Age 49), Dublin, Ireland"
"Height: 1.47m"
"Victories: 109"
"Titles: 8 (1991-1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001)"
"First race: Brazilian GP 1991"
"Last race: Australian GP 2001"
"See more..."
After a quick read of that information I realized that this was a very important witch, not for nothing that Diana had admiration for her, but how am I going to talk to Laura McLaren if she is such an influential witch? When I was younger I tried to talk to Chariot on the Internet, but I just kept talking to myself. Famous people like that don't use the profile with the most followers to talk to people. Well, let's have a look, maybe this Laura McLaren is not that famous.
I went on Witcher, Laura McLaren's profile had about 4 million followers, and it's still a verified profile, outside that the DM is not open, so you don't even have a chance to get it on the Witcher profile. Let's look at Istagraph... It's also the same thing, she has 800,000 followers on that one and still has the DM blocked... How the fuck am I going to find this woman's personal profile?
Ah! That's it Akko, I'm great! The girls! I'll talk to them and see if they can help me with this! Maybe Constanze will know a way, she is so clever with this kind of thing...
I get my cell phone, go to the Witchsapp application, I keep running my finger through the contact bar, I soon notice that Constanze's contact, was without a profile picture, I assumed it was blocked, I imagine Constanze is not one to talk to me much... Luckily I could talk to one of her girlfriends. I was sure that they would talk to me, especially since they were both closer to me.
This I will talk to Amanda, she is online as far as I can see, I really hope she will help me, I don't waste any time and immediately take care of sending her a message.
[Akko: Sup].
[Amanda: What’s the matter Akko?]
Akko: Sorry, did I get in the way of something? I need a little help].
[Amanda: Kind of obvious, you wouldn't end up calling me unless it was to ask for a favor. What did you get up to this time?]
[Akko: Gee, you think I call you just to ask for favors?]
[Amanda: Oh fuck, just say what you want].
[Akko: I won't waste time here, but I wanted some help more specifically from Constanze, can you find this woman's personal profile here].
I send the cropped photo of Laura to Amanda, I don't doubt at all that she was in shock, even more so since being a witch, she must have known that woman.
[Amanda: Laura McLaren? Seriously Akko? Hahahahaha! What's so interesting that you want to find the personal profile of a famous witch? I don't know if Cons will make it, but if she blocks you it's not my fault].
[Akko: Ah thank you so much for the strength Amanda].
[Amanda: Ah you're welcome, but tell me, what made you interested in wanting to find Laura McLaren's personal profile?]
[Akko: It's a secret Amanda, a very personal secret].
Amanda: ah so if that's the case I won't ask Cons to help you.
[Akko: Fuck you old man, it's very personal indeed].
[Amanda: Akko, I'm going to ask Cons to invade someone's personal life, it may be a famous person, but it's still a person, did you know that we can even go to jail for giving out someone's personal number? So don't give me that little secret, I promise I'll keep it to myself].
Seeing Amanda's message makes me a little afraid, but I think for a moment, I think I'll trust her this time, I hope she doesn't spread the word to anyone about it.
[Akko: Amanda, that woman is Diana's other mother].
[Amanda: Hahahaha! What? Another mother? What kind of story is this? Where did you get this nonsense from Akko, how ridiculous, do you still believe that fertility stone thing that Professor Chariot said when she had Sarah and Violet? Akko Professor Croix is trans, they used Croix's frozen sperm].
[Akko: This is serious Amanda! Oh fuck you, bitch! I thought I could trust someone with this].
I was bubbling over with anger and all Amanda would answer me was three little dots, but right away she tells me that she will help, no matter how ridiculous I thought this idea was, or what I ended up thinking, I would finally get help for my plan. All that remained was to wait.
After talking to Amanda I decide to start a Live Stream playing Super Mario World, it was a silly challenge to finish the game 100% without dying, but I always failed for one silly thing or another, it was nice to interact with the public, sometimes donations came out and that helped a lot with my project of becoming Shiny Akko, besides guaranteeing a livelihood in case things get tight, it was not because I was dating a noblewoman that I have to be dependent on her money, I do very well on my own.
POV Diana:
The time at work went by, it was a real bore I would say, nothing to do, just trying to find ways to get some extra money, but that Home Office service was spending me a lot, I knew that in the end it would only be enough to pay the salaries of the employees and maybe the food... My aunt doesn't even help, she only lives at the expense of others, thinking that she will still catch a rich man and get money... Her daughters are not much different... Maril already got the rich guy, but for how long? I don't doubt that they will divorce soon, I never really liked that guy...
After an exhausting day of work, it was already eight o'clock in the evening, dinner time arrives, I stop my work for the day as well, I am greeted by two knocks on the door, I soon allow this person to enter.
As usual it was Akko, holding up his cell phone and showing me the time and that it was 8:00 PM.
- I know, Akko, I know, it's time, I have to stop. All that's left is for you to pull me out of this chair. - I say as Akko comes over to me and sits on my lap, it doesn't take long and our lips soon meet, she was all needy and cute, I loved to see my Akko like this, so cute.
- Ah if you stay longer I'll do it anyway, I don't care, you have to pay attention to your little love, if it wasn't for this adult life shit I would want to spend the rest of my days dedicated only to be by your side giving you love - She said giving me affection, I admit I really wanted this, but unfortunately real life is not like that, we have our responsibilities.
- Who wouldn't want love? Obviously we have more important things, if I could stay all day just cuddling next to you, while we watch reruns of Shiny Chariot shows in our pillow fort eating caramel popcorn... - I say, causing Akko to get a gleam in her eye, to think that we actually did that the first few times she visited me, I admit it was pretty cool.
- Love I got nine very large donations today, three of fifty dollars, one of seventy pounds, four of one hundred pounds and one of 250 Euros, today yielded enough, failed well in the world of stars that anger! I even spent the whole Tubular without dying, without blue yoshi, but that damn plant hit right on the edge, I feel like throwing the control to the wall - she said, passing the frustrations of Super Mario, she is still playing this game without dying, it would be funny to get it first time, but I'm not one to lose the whole day playing.
- Oh good baby, soon, you can do it, I believe in you, how about we go to the bedroom, do a little something we haven't done in a long time huh? - I say blushing trying to give an extra mood to Akko.
- Are you going to make a pillow fort and caramelized popcorn? Are we going to watch some cartoons too? Can I choose? - she said, stalling the whole mood and my desire for something more intense. I still wonder how she is 19 and how we did it the other times...
- That's almost it... But it could be too, but let's have dinner before that, Anna must have prepared some delicacy for us - I say trying to make Akko forget that nonsense.
We went to dinner, Anna prepared some macaroni and cheese for us, it was as phenomenal as ever, I love her food... I really hope I can raise enough money to keep her working here, even if it means selling something or other. After dinner I went with Akko to the bedroom, still wanting something more, since I was very much in the mood.
The two of us went into the bathroom together and the next thing really happened, Akko was always very strange, I never knew when she was in the mood for it, but she clearly knew every time she was in the mood for it, after our bath was too hot, we both lay down on the bed and I went to watch some television, luckily there was something that interested me a lot, it was recommended a video about the Top 10 highlights of Laura Mclaren's career, as you can imagine Akko wouldn't want to watch it, so much so that I saw her soon get her cell phone.
Akko POV:
From the looks of it she is going to watch more boring broomstick racing videos, wait a minute.... Laura McLaren... I remember I mentioned her earlier today... Oh yeah! Holy lesbian Beatrix! I can't be that dumb! The fucking plan I made earlier! Did Amanda make it? Well, let's see.
I glance at Diana, she looks back at me and smiles, I return the smile, it looked like she wanted to say she wanted another round of what happened in the shower, I love to use my naivety to make her think I'm silly hehe, she'll never find out. I unlock the cell phone screen, and start to look through the messages.
As usual normal messages, from my mother, Diana... Oh I didn't even do what she asked today, I forgot to get her coffee... It was love... Chariot, Dad, Amanda! That's the one I wanted to know about... Hmmm let's see what she answered me.... It was three hours ago, apparently.
[Amanda: Hey bootleg Shiny Chariot, Constanze got Laura McLaren's personal number, she told me it wasn't that hard, but look, be careful with the messages, she might block you and this idiotic plan of yours go down the drain, I don't know if you know her well, but Laura McLaren was also known for being a little thick, so much so that I used to mirror her a little when I was younger].
[Amanda: +353 01 919 7281]
[Amanda: Remember that it is always good not to risk too much, if she blocks you there is no problem, just ask Cons to give you another chip, I will not charge for this one, since I imagine it is a surprise you have planned for Diana... Enjoy your adventure, then tell me if it worked out. Bye sis].
Fuck, I am even impressed, they got it so fast, if she is that fast to find the number of a famous person, then imagine to get mine, or imagine just to hack our things ... Holy shit, I'll never call Constanze a tampon again, after this I'll think twice even... Well... Come on Akko. The long awaited moment has arrived, Diana is too busy with her boring documentary...
I copy the number and put in Laura McLaren's contact name, as soon as I get this number I notice that there was no picture, but she really did have an account on the app, I take a deep breath, since that would be my moment.
[Akko: Hello]
I have never in my life felt so nervous about sending just a meager "Hello", I don't know why, but it seemed very intimidating, as if I had destroyed the entire Cavendish family mansion and had to explain Diana... I just hope everything works out.... I hope she answers me too, since I'm too far away.... Let's go!
[????? Hello? How the fuck did you get my number? If you are some crazy fan know that I'll give you 2 minutes before I block you, explain if well, surprise me].
Holy lesbian Beatrix, she comes right out with this bucket of cold water on me, I better answer soon if I don't want to throw all this progress in the trash, but what do I do? For the first time in my life I really have to think before I act... I'll explain to her in a quick way.
[Akko: Please, I really need your help Mrs. McLaren, my name is Atsuko Kagari, better known as Akko, I am Diana Cavendish's girlfriend, and I have a very big suspicion about you, I found this picture here and I'm thinking that... You are Diana's mother].
I send the message along with the picture of her next to Diana's mother and also the little cabbage cub, I hope it really works out, because I couldn't think of a better way to respond....
POV Laura:
What the fuck is this? Fuck! I... Fucking hell... For the fucking nine Lesbian Witches... How come a bomb like this comes today? Wait a minute girlfriend? My little girl is a lesbian just like her mother! That's so cute! But wait a minute... How did she find this out? How did she find this picture? By the nine lesbian witches... Does Diana know? Does she come here? Fuck! Now that the house has fallen for me... I've waited years for this moment, but I didn't imagine it would come so fast... I really wanted to keep this secret... Especially since Bernadette died... She would never be accepted in the Cavendish mansion, even with the curse broken and also Diana will never accept a mother who abandoned her for so many years? Better answer this girl soon.
[Laura: I don't know how the fuck you found this picture, I don't know who the fuck you are, I don't know what the fuck you want... But holy shit, you are very smart little girl, yeah... If you are really Diana's girlfriend then send me a picture].
[Akko: Ah you answered me, nice, okay I'll send you a picture, she's on my side now].
The brat takes a picture of her next to Diana, I almost cry when I see my daughter, the girl was big, she was no longer the little baby I used to hold in my arms... Wait a minute... Damn this girl is the same one that was flying with my Diana that day of the missile! I remember it well! It was on TV! Holy shit... She is very cute and cute even, she looks like she is clumsy and silly, I don't know why, I felt that about her.
[Laura: Okay, brat, I'll trust you not to block your number, I just want to know one thing... Are you treating my daughter well, because if not I'm going to come over there and pull your ears. Fuck you if you saved the country with the fucking Claiomh Solais].
[Akko: Hahahah! You are quite funny, but relax; Diana is very well with me, she is very happy by my side.... And I'm honored to see that you know about that].
[Laura: Is quite obvious, how come nobody was seeing two crazy girls on a broomstick flying towards a nuclear missile? Only a fucking person who lives in a fucking cave, which is not my fucking case, so yes, I fucking saw you, I also saw my daughter's psycho beating your fucking ass that day, I already suspected something, but I didn't know you were fucking girlfriends... I am happy for you guys... But answering your theory is... I am Diana's biological mother, just like Bernadette, you want to know how? Simple the fertility stone].
POV Akko:
I started to have a panic of joy, that woman sent right to the can, old cock, I've known this Laura for two minutes and I already consider her my best friend... I love this mother-in-law... Oh shit, I hope Diana hasn't noticed my sudden reaction.
I look to the side and notice that in fact Diana had practically fallen asleep, how cute, I think the day was very exhausting for my love... I cuddle her and, besides making her more comfortable in bed, I give her a little kiss on the forehead, just as I start talking to Laura again. I wanted to know more, who knows also my plan would work out.
[Akko: So the fertility stone is real?]
[Laura: Fucking sure, I know step by step how to do it, I have one now on my necklace, I always treasure it...]
Laura takes a picture and shows me the fertility stone, as well as her face... Holy lesbian Beatrix, she is not 49 years old, she is well preserved... Woah... That's why Diana is so beautiful! The eyes are Laura's... I always knew, Bernadette is the only Cavendish different, she had green eyes... While everyone here has blue eyes... Besides Diana's eyes are the same as hers... They are quite different from the eyes of the others.... I have to say that this Laura and Bernadette made the real divinity... If the fertility stone is real, then it really means that it is not a metaphor for artificial insemination.
[Akko: I don't know what to say Miss McLaren... You killed all my doubts at once, I knew that the fertility stone was real, if Diana is the fruit of the fertility stone and is the current leader of the family... That means that you made her here in the Cavendish family residence].
[Laura: Of course, where do you think I would make out with Bernadette? A girl like you is 19 years old? Forget it, I want to know why you called me, your motivations... And also how you got to this point].
This Laura has a coarse way of being... Like Amanda was mirrored in her, holy shit, she's like Amanda only ten times sharp tongued... She is literally all of Diana's crude side... It makes sense now, but a Diana who cusses ten thousand words a word, I've never seen someone so foul mouthed like that.
[Akko: Miss McLaren... I was this morning arguing with Diana when a wind takes a picture of Diana's mother, so I kind of followed, that picture led to her room, where I bumped into a closet, the picture fell on my face and I was in shock to see that picture, Bernadette, you and Diana together, plus a whole album where the two of you were together.... I also read your entire message that was behind the photo.... It was very cute... But what did Diana's aunt do that was so bad?]
POV Laura:
What a mess... So it was a photo... Bernadette obviously played with this girl, there is no other, but that was not her room, Bern did not keep these things in her room, the room where the tapestry was actually the first room of Diana ... I guess you made those aren't you my love... I have to stop thinking about these things... I'll go crazy, but I'm already crazy... Do I trust to explain to this brat what happened? I don't want to explain this by message... I think I will have to take this measure.
[Laura: Do you want to know what really happened? I'll only tell you if you come here in Ireland, it's something that's better told in person.... Before all this... Does Diana know? Does Daryl know anything?]
[Akko: I haven't told Diana yet, I intended to surprise the lady by revealing myself to you being her mother, plus it would show that the fertility stone was real all along... Daryl only saw me leave Bernadette's room, I managed to disguise it well... No one but a friend of mine knows that you are Diana's mother... And even that friend of mine discredited me, so kind of yes, that secret is safe].
Great! Things will be better this way... So I can really trust this girl... Probably her friend is the person who got my number, I don't doubt it at all, I hope no one expose my number; otherwise I'll be mad as fucking hell...
[Laura: Great, so come to the Mclaren family residence tomorrow morning, don't arrive before 10 o'clock in the morning, otherwise I'll make you swallow your magic, I won't miss my beauty sleep].
[Akko: Okay, I'll come, just send me the address, I'll find a way to go alone, after all I don't want any suspicions to come my way].
I send my address to the little brat, although I don't even need it, all I had to do was look it up on the Internet for the location of my house, since everyone knows where McLaren lives, but I am relieved that the girl is so naïve.
POV Akko:
After this conversation with Laura McLaren I felt relieved, I have to admit that she is very nice and a bit sharp tongued, I could see that a lot, I really hope that everything goes well... Now I'm going to play for a while, maybe sleep... I am one step away from making this surprise real...
I was playing Minecraft until about two o'clock in the morning, I practically lost track of time, playing in a world that I made with Diana, I was kind of mining a little and adventuring, when I least realized I was getting sleepy. So I decided to stop playing, turned off our video game and went to sleep, giving Diana a little kiss on the forehead as usual.
It was nine o'clock in the morning, I got up, this time Diana was beside me, she was getting changed, and I patted her on the butt just to let her know I was awake, hehe.
- A slap on the hotness! Yes baby thank you! - I say after slapping that hottie ass, Diana quickly turns around and puts her hand on her face, a bit flushed.
- Akko! - she said embarrassed.
Soon I stand up and give Diana a hug from behind as she finishes changing, when she finishes changing I get a little kiss on the forehead, after this little kiss I point to my mouth, signaling that she should kiss my lips, which Cavenboring does, after the kiss I go to the closet where I choose an outfit.
A white T-shirt, shorts, an orange overcoat, a scarf and finally a pair of boots, an outfit very similar to the one I wore the day I went to Luna Nova the first time.
- Where are you going so dressed up? - She said, already suspicious that I was going out, while I was thinking of a way to answer Diana, I had to be very spontaneous.
- Ah love I'm going... To Ireland... Yes! I'm going to Ireland to visit someone... - I say, still trying to think of how to wind Diana up, but she stared at me as if I were lying. - I sort of got called to go there, it's a sewing friend of mine from... Luna Nova! - I say this until she completes me.
- Akko, in all those years it doesn't have an Irish student in Luna Nova, if you're going to lie about leaving without me, at least lie properly... Let me see something... Are you going out with your friends to fool around... Or with him? - She said talking as if Andrew was a real criminal, I really don't understand how she has this jealousy of Andrew, he is fucking gay.
- That's it, I'm going out to prepare a surprise for you, but as you always ruin surprises, it's no fun... What a shit - I say inflating my cheeks, fucking Atsuko Kagari, every day you excel in acting, I really deserved an Oscar after this.
- Awwww, don't be like that honey, I know you try these surprises, but you don't have to react like that, try to act better... - She said, caressing me. That's all I needed, Diana believed in my acting, I kind of accidentally made her believe in something else, perfect.
She gives me another little kiss and we go to the kitchen where we go for breakfast, as usual it was pancakes, I love pancakes. We eat for a while until after breakfast I give Diana a kiss and tell her I was leaving, she waved at me and said goodbye.
I take my broom and start to float, saying the spell "Tia Freyre". With the broom floating, I put on the cell phone holder and activate the GPS, setting the destination to the McLaren family's residence, according to the address I entered.
"7h 13 min"
"470 km"
How absurd! This is all by car, but I'm on a broom, so I'd better change the route format here to broom. Yes, the distance has been greatly reduced! Now it's just flying towards Dublin in Ireland.
"350 km"
I think it will take a bit of broom time, I think maybe an hour.... That's the most I can fly going on a broomstick without being scared to death or using up all my magic, so let's go! From Edinburgh to Dublin! Farewell Scotland and hello Ireland!
Diana POV:
Akko left, but said in a very dirty way that she was going to Ireland, I really think she just went to Germany to Constanze's house, maybe to visit Amanda or else she went to visit Lotte in Finland, or maybe she went to Loperèc to visit Chariot and Croix, it's been a while since she visited the two twins... I don't know, I just hope Akko is okay, at least this time she will let me know before she leaves... I have taught this girl well.
Without Akko at least I could work in peace, take advantage of the fact that today is a Friday and I only work until five o'clock, so today is perfect... Well, let's go, today is going to be a day of rest, I really hope Akko doesn't get into any trouble. As soon as I go up to the office I take the opportunity to check my cell phone, to see if anyone has sent me any messages.
[Hannah: Hey Diana, Avery and I are going to Karaoke tonight, do you want to come? Just come down here in England, we'll have some fun, have a cold one, you know... Call Akko, she's funny, even if she doesn't drink, she's a comedian... I have called Barbara and Lotte to come, Amanda, Jasminka and Constanze will also come, even the weird Sucy will come, only you and Akko are missing].
That would be nice, but I'm not really up for it, I want to use this Friday for a more private surprise between me and Akko, you know? I want to do something we haven't done in years, that pillow fort gave me a great idea, it's very childish, but I'm sure my Akko will love it, and I don't know, I won't enjoy it that much. Even more I don't like that Avery girl, I never really did.
[Diana: Ah Hannah, thank you so much, but I don't think it's going to work out, friend, these days are very exhausting for me, also Akko left this morning, I don't know where she went, but it must be some surprise, so I think I'll stay here in Scotland].
[Hannah: Ah Diana, come on stop being such a pain, take advantage that Akko is not here and go out with us, I'll buy drinks for all of us including pizzas as well... So what do you think?].
[Diana: Hannah, you know I don't drink, I will refuse friend, my sincere apologies, but enjoy the day with you guys out there, it's not as if our presence is the most desired thing in the world].
[Hannah: Okay, Diana, okay, but tell me... Do you have the number of that handsome guy, your cousin? It would be interesting to call him here].
[Diana: Hannah, you're engaged to Avery and Andrew is gay, you're not going to get anything out of this, by the way, I don't have his number, you know I don't like that guy, Akko does.]
Hannah after that message just sent me an emote with her thumb sign up, I bet she was a bit mad that I didn't agree to go out with her and the girls, now great, they'll think I'm an asshole because I refused to go out, but I don't care, Hannah has been very annoying lately, she has been since the time she picked on Akko.
After answering Hannah the best way I could think of, I decided to start working for today, I knew I was going to have a full day filling more and more spreadsheets, just thinking about it makes my wrists hurt, but what can I do... This is the way I found to give a little more money to the Cavendish family.
POV Laura:
I was waking up in the morning, got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror, I was a little bit disheveled, looking at the mirror, my long red hair needed to see a comb, so I tried to really comb it, I imagine I would have a long day, I make sure to check my messages and soon I notice an interesting one.
[Akko: I'm coming to Ireland; I'll be there in an hour].
Oh great, the little brat will be here in half an hour, it seems she didn't obey me much with what I said about not coming here before 10 o'clock in the morning, at least today I woke up a little earlier, but how stubborn this girl is, well come on, I can't go out in a robe with these tits waving around.
I take a T-shirt, pants, and my light blue slippers, as well as my necklace with the fertility stone. If Bernadette hadn't left this would be the stone that would make our second daughter... Hellene... Why... Why did you have to leave my love... I miss you so much... Bern...
I hugged nothing as always, thinking that one day that hug would lead to something... But it always came to nothing... All I wanted most was to be with Bernadette now... But let's keep our posture, after all that girl is going to come, I have to show her that I am strong...
I go downstairs and soon run into my sister Chelsea and my niece Holly, they were both in the kitchen eating waffles, I soon sit down at the table with them...
- Good morning girls! - I say until they both smile at me and answer.
- Good morning sis," Chelsea said.
- Good morning Aunt Laura," Holly said.
- So girls, today we are going to have a visitor - I say while they remain unresponsive - Atsuko Kagari, she is my daughter's girlfriend... Diana... I think you have seen her, that little brunette girl who was on the broom with my daughter with Bernadette." I say until they both stare at me dumbfounded, Holly holding a piece of waffle and Chelsea almost overflowing a cup of coffee, which I had to use magic to keep it from spilling all over the table.
- What is it? What the fuck is this Laura? You're kidding, aren't you? - Said Chelsea as if a truck had run over her. What an honor to finally have the courage to reveal yourself to Diana, I thought I would stay 20 years without doing anything.
- Yes Chelsea, but only Diana's girlfriend is coming.... - I say, answering her.
- Wait a minute, Auntie... You mean the brunette who was on the broom? She is amazing! She's a great friend of mine in Witcher! We always talk about the Shiny Chariot... She's awesome! - Said Holly, as usual that girl was a fan of the little Chariot... Lucky for us we went to her concerts during the beginning of her career, before all those crazy concerts where she was suspected of stealing magic.
- That's her... But yes Chelsea, it is very likely that this girl wants to push me to go to Diana, I don't doubt it at all... - I even say that Chelsea completes me.
- You can't spend your whole life sitting on the couch sucking your tits, Diana will fight with you anyway, your daughter was abandoned for 20 years... There's no use in waiting... What would Bernadette do? Besides, you can save the Cavendish family, I know they are in a bad way financially... That bitch Daryl will have to accept your help or not. Why didn't you have her arrested when she did that nasty shit to you? - She said again, going back to that subject.
- Don't fucking fill me up! I know that, I know I could have done all that.... But I just want to forget it and move on.... - I say trying to make Chelsea stop bringing this up, but she was kind of right, even after 20 years I never stopped thinking about Bernadette for a day... I still have the ring on my finger and always will, my one true love is Bernadette Cavendish...
POV Akko:
I was arriving in Dublin, with only 10 more minutes to go, I was already getting very tired of flying at 350 km/h in a straight line, the icy wind, the pain in my arms... How can a witch who races with brooms stand this, it is much worse to fly a broom when you are at high speed... When I was flying with Diana I always stayed behind and didn't feel all this... Actually this is the first time I have traveled this far alone on a broomstick...
The time went by and I could see the city from far away, after flying so much I was finally close, what a relief... It doesn't take long and soon I am getting closer and closer until I was in Dublin, I follow the GPS to where it was indicating the McLaren family's residence, little by little I get closer and I find myself in a more rural area of the city, also with a wall around it, I pass by it, since my interest was only in the house.
I am even perplexed, the woman was eight times world champion and practically considered a local heroine and lives in a big house, but nothing on the castle level where the Cavendish live, it was a big house with about four or five floors, it looked a lot like big houses in American movies, I soon approach the door and ring the bell, as soon as it rings I wait a little.
Who attends me is a redheaded girl and she was quite short, about Constanze's size I would say, she nods to me smiling, as if she knows me before, so I nod back.
- Hi Akko Kagari! I don't think you know me that way, but you must know me from Witches, I'm Holly Chariot Stan! - she said smiling at me... And wow, she is Holly, I recognize her now, from her profile picture which was a drawing you could tell she drew herself and pretty true to how she is in life I would say.
- Holly? Ah yes! Holly! Girl... Wow! You are amazing Holly, you are one of the few people we can talk about Shiny Chariot without anyone disturbing us, what a coincidence that you live right here. - I say answering her and right after giving her a hug, I wanted so much to hug that girl, I blush a little because I felt her breasts a little, which were not small at all under mine... Wait a second... If Holly is related to Laura McLaren that makes her related to Diana! What a fuck up! Now that I stopped to think about it.
After this hug we looked at each other for a while and soon Holly took me to the kitchen, where when I arrived I found two familiar faces, one was someone I had seen on television before and the other was Laura McLaren... I am in the middle of a family of famous people and I didn't even know it.
- I am Atsuko Kagari, but you can call me Akko - I say, trying to create a good impression.
- Ah hello Akko, I'm Chelsea and this is my sister Laura, I wonder why you came here, I was talking to my sister how she should stop hiding from her daughter and reveal herself, it's been twenty years and this woman is still hiding - Chelsea said.... I have heard that name before... Chelsea McLaren! She is an actress! She plays lesbian characters in all kinds of movies and TV shows! Now that I remembered! I love her performances, especially in Love yourself... How incredible the moments Diana and I were theorizing about how Layla would be with Hannah... Now I am facing Layla herself here. Diana would love to be here.
- Hey there, brat, you finally came. You could have come a little later, couldn't you? Well, let's leave it aside, I'm glad you came, but tell me what are your real intentions? - Laura said with her "gentle" way of being, now I am sure where did Diana's rudeness come from.
- Ah hello Mrs. McLaren... I came here to really talk to you, I want to know what happened to abandon my girlfriend. I am not here to judge you, I am sure you had a reason for that - I tell Laura, I just remembered a little bit about my reaction with Professor Ursula when she revealed all that to me? I really hope that this Laura McLaren has a strong motive, just by talking about Daryl having some involvement makes me more confident, I never liked that snake.
- I will explain everything, but first feel the will brat, do you want to eat some waffles? - Said Laura, as they were waffles I didn't refuse, I found it funny how that house had lower chairs, all of them were so low, I felt like a real pole to be there, I sit in one of the chairs and soon I start to eat.
POV Laura:
Holy shit the brat is here, she could take a little longer, she had to arrive right on time for lunch... Imagine just to explain to her everything that happened... Even more with Chelsea and Holly here... Out of nowhere this little Japanese girl comes and shows up... I am sure that she will make me go to the Cavendish family mansion... I'm sure... I swear that if I go there I don't know what I'm going to do... Whether I'll die of panic or not...
After we eat a little, it doesn't take long and soon my sister decides to open her fucking mouth... I knew that this idiot would want to make me confess, holy shit...
- So Laura, are you going to tell us? Or are you going to stay there without saying anything? - Said my sister as always pressuring me, damn it, here comes the bomb, but also I will not tell anyway, so I will try to show with the best details.
- I will! Come with me to the TV, I think it's something I have to show how everything happened more clearly, using a bit of the crystal balls too - I say, snorting a little already, I get up and go to the living room together with the girls, the day has come apparently? Here we go.
I arrive at the room together with the girls, I begin to use my magic on a crystal ball that soon was showing everything on a television, as I didn't want to show the whole story I decided to summarize it in a clearer way without wrapping it up too much and going straight to the point.
POV Narrator:
Laura begins to show flashbacks of her memories, starting with one from June 1990, just as they were returning from the McLaren family residence after they had both graduated. They first stop by the redhead's house where she passed the family's leadership position to her younger sister Chelsea.
After solving this problem they go to the Cavendish family residence and it was there where things started to get problematic, as soon as they arrive they are welcomed by Clarie Cavendish (Diana's grandmother, Bernadette and Daryl's mother), that is until the time the woman brings up the subject of marriage, telling Bernadette to marry the son of a family friend, this one called Paul Hanbridge.
Bernadette obviously refused, but she could no longer refuse using the age argument, which she had always used with her mother since she was 14 years old, this time the girl was 18 years old, because of even that Cavendish decided to hit the table and assume once and for all. She had been dating Laura McLaren since December 1987 and would never part with that girl for anything in the world.
This causes Clarie to end up slapping the girl and getting disgusted, she even tried to lock her in her room and kick Laura out, but since the authority in the Cavendish family was with Isabella (Diana's great-grandmother, Bernadette and Daryl's maternal grandmother), she did not allow Clarie to do this at all, but in a way Bernadette had to obey her mother's demands, but she did not want to anymore, she needed to do something.
A week later the opportunity arrives, it was the perfect day to perform the ritual to become head of the Cavendish family, Bernadette felt in the mood to perform this ritual, since it had been weeks since she had laid in bed with her girlfriend, it had been days since they could even kiss in peace in the ritual.
POV Laura:
I decide to pause that part, because I had to explain what was going to happen next, as I was not present at the ritual part I would kind of just show myself waiting while listening to some music.
- Why did you stop, sis? And what does something that happened eleven years before Diana was born have to do with her abandonment? - said my sister who still didn't even know that much about what happened.
- So, I don't know very clearly what happened, but according to what Bernadette told me, she was going normally until someone interrupted the ritual in the halls, she was alone and was shot down by Clarie and her grand aunts, Marie and Amelia, after she woke up, she was alone in the middle of all that room. Bern continued on and soon came across three trees, they seemed to be covering the three which was really true, at that time Bern didn't know it was them and just continued on normally, coming to get the title of head of the family - I say until Chelsea again raises her hand.
- Okay, but what does this have to do with what happened 11 years later? - Chelsea says, getting on my nerves, until I answer her.
- Fuck you Chelsea, pay attention to this shit, or I won't explain it to you - I say answering my wonderful sister, wonderful is my ass, fuck you... Laura focus, let's go back to showing what happened.
POV Narrator:
After the ritual Bernadette came back and was realized that she was head of the Cavendish family, but things were not that much better, from the moment they started to miss Clarie, Marie and Amelia, with that disappearance Bernadette called the police two days after she disappeared, in this case the magical police since normal people could end up getting hurt.
When the police arrived where the ritual was being performed, they noticed that there were three lifeless bodies, they were the bodies of Clarie, Maria and Amelia, as soon as Bernadette explained everything she was taken as the main suspect and was almost arrested, when she explained everything that had happened and in the crystal ball it appeared what really happened.
As soon as she returns home, Laura was waiting for her, as was Daryl. Cavendish was cleared and the whole case was closed as a murder, but because of this Daryl ended up placing all the blame for these deaths on Laura.
"It's your fault Laura McLaren! Because of you my mother and my aunts died! You had to show up in my sister's life! You ruined all the family's plans! You damn Irish bitch!"
POV Laura:
- Of course, this was pure falsehood on Daryl Cavendish's part, she had little empathy for her mother and aunts, after all, she herself had told them that Bernadette had gone to perform the ritual to become the leader of the family, she intentionally wanted to make her mother the leader of the family, because then she would manipulate Bernadette into forcing her to marry Paul Hanbridge... Daryl told me this before the fateful day. Clarie's death was not a feeling of daughter losing her mother, but for her it was more because it got in the way of her plans... That woman was never any good - I say until Chelsea answers me again.
- Laura McLaren! You are dumb! Look what you tell me, look what a piece of shit this woman is! Daryl should have been arrested! I will always say that. But instead the big tobacco girl there preferred to keep it quiet! - She said as always insisting on this subject... And fuck, even the other two were agreeing with her.
- That bitch could have killed my girlfriend, she had no qualms about using poison spells on me when I tried to save Diana's life... - Said the brat, causing me to go into shock.
- Wait a minute," I say, pausing the TV, "you mean you tried the ritual and... What part of respecting the traditions, didn't you hear? Anna didn't let me interfere even though I heard some screams and magic shots, and I also felt Bern's magic weakening... - I say until the little brat completes.
- I know, but I kept pushing in every possible way, until I saw Diana on the floor, I tried my best to fight Daryl and their daughters... But there are three of them... When I woke up I found Diana, we were in a laboratory, I tried to make her feel better and encourage her not to give up the ritual, since there was time, we went... Daryl and her clones almost died, but during the ritual, Diana kind of sacrificed being the leader of the family in exchange for being able to save the lives of the three - Akko said, which impressed me, but at the same time I hoped that Daryl had died in this attempt to stop the ritual.
- Daryl doesn't learn his lesson anyway, she lost her mother for that very reason and 27 years later she makes the same mistake, if it wasn't for Diana she could have died... If that's so then it means that Daryl kind of owes one to Diana's side - I say until Chelsea completes me.
- You see Laura, it is your time to move, it is your time to stand up for yourself, Daryl can't do anything, she had her life saved by your daughter, let her dare to touch a finger on you... – Said Chelsea completing me so I just shrug my shoulders and decide to go back to showing what happened, skipping many years on television, since they were the best years of my life next to Bernadette.
POV Narrator:
Laura jumped to the year 2001, more specifically on September 1, 2001, Diana was already 3 months old, she had hair a little bit evident since she was born with hair. On that day Laura is called by Daryl. Where she reveals all her intentions.
"Laura I never blamed you for the fact that killed my mother and made me lose my much loved mother, in fact I hated her, I even appreciate you coming along and making Bernadette's head to continue in this lesbian shit, but I was angry anyway, your person was not supposed to be so influential, Bernadette being a lesbian was fine.... What I didn't want is for her to date someone like you.... An imposing person, a moral person, because of your presence, Bernadette became stronger, she wasn't like that before, she was more submissive... But why am I saying this? I wish my mother had succeeded in becoming the leader, not because I wanted to see her alive? but because I wanted to see Bernadette forced to marry Paul. He is the same one who is my lover today.... Poor little Eleanora who thinks she is in a stable union.... But let's get back to the point... With you ruining my first plan where my mother could possibly trust me more, I had to change the course of things... That's when you made the fertility stone and I discovered a wonderful little book Written by a witch named Margaret Ford, this book was about the curse of the metal spheres.... Do you know it?"
At that moment Laura was just oblivious, but she recognized the name Margaret Ford because of her late great-grandmother's past and how she was a criminal witch accused of killing none other than Diana Cavendish III, the great-great-grandmother of the current Diana Cavendish.
"So, I'll be very direct to the point Laura McLaren, you and Bernadette are under this curse, I put on you yesterday, you have one week to leave this house.... If you don't want you and Bernadette to die... In a week the effect of the metal balls will start to work, if you are close to them... The metal balls will move faster and faster inside your stomach, piercing you both... Look, either you give in, or you and Bernadette die together in a romantic and beautiful way... Poor little Diana who would have to be alone in this cruel world.”
After telling all that Laura had connected the dots, she remembered something her great-grandmother told her years ago, that until then it was a curse with no cure, to the point that Daryl didn't even know the cure either, which causes her to have to change her plans.
Laura and Bernadette talk one last time, take a picture together with little Diana in the middle, using a Polaroid camera, McLaren takes a pen and starts to write a message to leave on the picture, it was not a goodbye, but a goodbye, she believed very much that she could find the cure.
POV Laura:
I started to cry... That moment always broke me... Remembering that I would come back... But that coming back never came.... I paused because I couldn't stand crying, I needed to be trimmed by my sister, niece and Akko, they started to do everything to make me feel as good as possible.
- Mrs. McLaren... It is not your fault... It is that bitch Diana's aunt, now I understand why she did all this... It was not your fault... You don't deserve to be like this... We are going back to the Cavendish family residence and I will make that snake swallow its teeth. Please Mrs. McLaren come to the Cavendish family residence, go back to your daughter, I am sure that there you will make that Cavenboring stay cool - Said the little brat trying to convince me ... But if of one thing, she is right, I think I have to stop staying in the comfort zone.
- You are more than right, brat! I'm going to the Cavendish family mansion! I'll face Daryl head on if I have to and let her hold me back! Because I'm coming back! If she tries anything, I've got what's coming to me. I have the cure for the curse of the metal spheres! I got it at least five years ago... If Bernadette were alive... - I say until Akko trims me again, the little brat is kind of nice, she knows how to motivate someone, now I know why Anna let her go.
- You don't have to worry about whether Diana will accept you or not, because you are my guest and Diana should accept, because I'm sure the Cavenboring will be very angry, since on her side you abandoned her - said the brat, quite rightly, that really was what made me postpone my return year after year.
- Okay Akko, I will go! Wait for me next week! I will come! I'll even come with my car with all my bags! And this time I'm not stalling, I'm really going back to the Cavendish family mansion! - I say with all motivation I'm really going.... No more waiting 20 years for this.
POV Akko:
When I heard Laura saying that I started to jump and celebrate and the other two celebrated together with me, the three of us even lifted the McLaren lady, holy shit she might have been short, but she was a little heavy too, after I let her down, I stayed there a little longer, until the sun was going down. When the sun sets I say goodbye to the McLaren, they are a nice family.
- Bye Laura McLaren, I hope to see you next week - I say hugging my mother-in-law.
- Bye brat, good luck dealing with my girl, let's keep it a surprise shall we? - said Mrs. McLaren.
- Bye Akko - said Mrs. McLaren's sister.
- Bye Akko, take good care of my cousin... Oh and do you have a cousin or sister who is as cute as you? Or does Diana have any single friends? - Holly said, wanting to get some hot chicks. Apparently McLaren is full of lesbian witches.
- Bye girls... Oh and Holly, I don't know, we can talk when I get home, a pretty girl like you can get a girl really fast - I say motivating Diana's cool cousin even more.
After talking to them I take my broom and fly back to Edinburgh, Diana must be waiting for me now...
POV Narrator:
The days went by quickly as Akko went from Dublin to Edinburgh, the Kagari managed to hide very well from Cavendish everything she was planning, no one from the Cavendish family residence suspected, which was great.
After this week passes without much happening, Friday arrives where Laura McLaren and her daughter Diana Cavendish were to meet again after almost 20 years, the long-awaited day has arrived.
It was a Friday morning, Laura had already left Dublin at five o'clock in the morning, possibly arriving at noon in Edinburgh, leaving with the Lotus Carlton 1990 that was one of her cars, this one in particular was McLaren's favorite car. Some of the other cars were bizarrely stored in the Cavendish family residence, so it would also be an opportunity for the redhead to review her old cars.
It was eight o'clock in the morning on a winter Friday, it was -2 degrees Celsius that day, but no snow, just a chilly morning as usual. Akko and Diana were waking up together in the bed of their bedroom.
POV Akko:
You don't have to wake me up together, Diana, just give me five more minutes... Oh yeah... Holy shit today is the day! Diana's mother will be here soon... I really hope Diana doesn't react with anger about finding out the truth.
- Good morning my love... Hmmmm... - I say grumbling as Diana kept moving.
- Good morning love, so... Are you going out today? - she said suspiciously.
- I will, but I have a surprise for you... - I say, already making Diana more suspicious.
- A surprise is, if it's like the surprise you gave me at the pillow fort last week I'd love it, but let's do it after work," she said, already hinting at something else.
- You will know what this is all about," I say in response to her.
I go to change with Diana, we put on matching clothes, she with a cabbage print t-shirt with "I'm her cabbage", and me with a white cabbage print t-shirt with "I have a cabbage girlfriend", I put on a pair of red plaid sweatpants, as Diana also put on a pair of blue plaid sweatpants, I almost go barefoot, but Cavenboring throws me a rabbit slipper that catches my head.
- You can't go out barefoot - said Cavenboring, already starting to get on my nerves.
- All right, all right, Bleh, you Cavenboring - I say holding out my tongue and taking my slippers and putting them on, while the cuddly cabbage put on her kitten slippers and put on a plaid jacket, while I went without a jacket.
- Where are you going without a coat? - Again the Cavenboring implies me, this time throwing an orange coat to me, and it wasn't even cold, inside the room it was even warm.
I put on my coat because I didn't want to see Cavenboring pick on me and as soon as we leave I notice why she gave me the coat, I already feel the icy wind in the halls of the mansion, which were not heated so as not to spend on heating, so only in the bedrooms I leave the heater on.
We went to breakfast, this time I was smiling too much, very excited about the surprise that that cow of Diana's aunt would come across, little does she know what is waiting for her... Since I went to Ireland I have been even more careful that this snake doesn't do anything to Diana and me, because she is not crazy to do anything.
- Why are you smiling so much girl, what's so funny that you would look at me and still find it funny? - said the snake in the creeping way it always used to say... Ew.
- You will know Daryl - I say, leaving a mystery in the air, Diana was also looking at me and was finding my overconfidence strange.
- Why are you so excited about what I'm about to see? May I know? Are you by any chance going to give me some lipstick as a present? Or are you going to get out of this house at once? My niece has been tarnishing the family's reputation for far too long by insisting on this lesbian thing, this is all just a phase. Either she marries James or she remains infertile and unable to have a lineage that will continue the family? Oops, I hesitated, I ended up talking too much,- said the crawling snake, which did not intimidate me a bit, in fact I continued to show confidence, while Diana hit the table and stood up angrily.
POV Diana:
- Atsuko Kagari! Stop picking fights with my aunt! And Aunt Daryl, you're already here with me! If you insist on pushing me around James, I swear I'll make a fuss, I love Akko! I don't care if it makes it impossible for me to be a mother! Love is stronger than any barrier - I say in answer to both of them, "I don't know why Akko invented to create intrigue out of the blue, I was so angry that right away I left the table, I no longer had any appetite.
- Diana! Don't go now! Sorry love! - Said Akko, which I just glanced back signaling that I had forgiven my love, she always understood my body language, so I left there to go towards my office.
Arriving at the office I kept thinking and pondering... What is the surprise that Akko wants to give me so badly? Is it something warmer? Or could it be that the something warm that she gave me last week was actually not the surprise and she has something bigger in store? I don't know... All I know is that this week she asked me several questions about my father... She even came up with an absurd theory about my mother being a lesbian... Not that I think it could be a lie... She clearly felt repulsed by my father... I am sure my mother married just to have me My father James was never a good person Besides saying about a hypothetical situation where the fertility stone is real and I am actually the daughter of two mothers.... I admit I really wish this was all real.... She even made a whole theory involving my aunt casting a curse to stop all this.... I have never seen Akko think this much....
Anyway, let's focus on what to do today... I'm going to have a very full day apparently.
POV Narrator:
The hours went by that morning, Akko was waiting playing some video games, so much so that she opened a live stream, this time playing some Yu Gi Oh Forbidden memories, playing in a challenge she called no Free Duel. Which was much more complicated since she couldn't lose since she was also competing in story mode the whole time.
Laura was arriving in Edinburgh, driving as fast as she could, sometimes slowing down in case there were speed cameras nearby, but that didn't stop her from going as fast as she could to reach the Cavendish family residence.
By the time 11:55 arrived, Laura was already at the door of the Cavendish mansion.
POV Laura:
I arrive at the gate of the Cavendish family residence, press the button of the gate control and soon I notice that they open for me, which already impressed me, it was the same moldy control from 20 years ago... Someone could break into this place if they stole my car. Luckily they didn't try, or they would swallow their teeth. I would go inside, but as soon as I start to drive forward I am interrupted by a security guard. I roll down my window and then lower my glasses.
- Frederich let me through, man! It's impressive that you've been working here since 1995, and please, don't say anything to anyone that I'm here, only to the house staff, I want to surprise them - I say until Frederich recognizes me and then releases me.
- I am sorry Miss Laura McLaren, we have not seen you for 20 years, what happened to your disappearance? I missed you around here, this mansion has a very heavy atmosphere since you and Mrs. Bernadette left this place? - Said Frederich, which I just agree and then climb the car window entering the mansion of the Cavendish family.
I go with my car along the path that led to the garage, surprisingly they still had my other beauties, very well kept and hidden in a cloth, as soon as my car parks I am greeted by Anna, possibly she has been warned of the arrival of a visitor.
- Hello Miss Laura McLaren, what brings you here? - Said Anna accompanied by other maids.
- Hi Anna, I am definitely back this time, I have a few things to take care of here... Have you taken good care of my Diana these years? - I say until Anna nodded her head in agreement.
- Of course, I'll take your things to the former mistress's room... May I? - Anna said.
- Please, Anna - I tell her until she and the maids walk past me, I hand them my car key, just as I take my cell phone.
POV Akko:
Lunchtime was approaching, I took the time to procrastinate a bit on Wticher and have fun with some memes, until I get a message from Mrs. McLaren... She arrived that early? So fast almost at lunch time?
[Laura: Hey brat, I'm home, come here we need to play our plan, I'm in the hallway past the garage, make sure you're not seen by Daryl].
[Akko: Okay Miss McLaren, I'll be right there]
I go quickly through the corridors and come across Miss McLaren, she was taking off her sunglasses and also the jacket that she tied around her waist, that almost made her tits fly, I don't know how that woman doesn't fall down with a thing that size.
- Well, follow my plan, we are going to make a shocking surprise for everyone, but before you make this surprise, take this - Said Laura handing me a bottle.
- What is it? - I say confused.
- This stuff makes you immune to the curse of the metal balls, Daryl can never do anything to you. – Said Laura
- And what is the plan? - I said.
Laura tells me in detail how she would follow the plan and how I should prepare the surprise, with a little bit of magic to make the scenario perfect, then after hearing everything, she pats me on the back and I go towards the dining room, where everyone was there having lunch and waiting for me, apparently.
- You were late love - Cavenboring said only because I had more important things to take care of.
POV Diana:
I wonder if Akko is late because of the "surprise" or if there is another context... What is my girl planning? Well, I don't know, maybe she is just late... I don't know, I only know that she is so cute eating with her full cheeks, my little cheeks, after that discussion earlier Daryl even kept quiet, how nice.
I was eating normally, until a piano song started playing... Oh no I can't believe Akko did that, she made a point of playing the theme song from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure... Why I deserve this woman... Hey smoke, why is there smoke? Shame on me...
Until the music reached its climax, the door opened, but the smoke was still very thick, and the moment the piano started to play again, I came across a person. It was a redhead with long straight hair, a little fat, arms crossed, she had very pale skin, freckles everywhere... Wait a minute, that face is familiar... Laura McLaren? What is she doing here... Eh... A... ghost behind her.... Mom? My mother is appearing behind her...
I was stunned at the time, I looked around and my aunt was in shock, she was a stone, I had never seen her like that... I was also trying to understand why my mother's spirit appeared.
- Hello - Laura said in a way that seemed threatening, but at the same time comforting.
- We got Miss McLaren they are in shock - Akko said... Akko? Who stood up and shake Laura's hand as if they were two friends... What is this thing? What do you mean? They have met before... Akko's surprise was to bring Laura McLaren here? That's why she told me she went to Ireland last week.
- La... Laura... What are you doing here? - Said my aunt who was scared, but soon she changes her expression to a more confident one, why is my aunt reacting like this? - In reality, you arrived late, I would say at least 15 years late, how can you simply arrive here and on top of that have the shamelessness to come here thinking that your Diana is going to come to your arms, that she is going to put her hand on your head? - My aunt kept saying... What? What do you mean "your Diana"? I was startled looking at my aunt - That's right Diana, this girl here is actually - Said Daryl until Laura ended up answering her.
- Nothing more, nothing less than Albert Einstein! - Said Laura as if she didn't care about that situation, while my aunt stared at her in disgust - Look Diana, I am sorry for everything that happened 20 years ago, but I will tell you... Your mother Bernadette was married to me, we used magic and then we had you.... That was long before she married James.... Your aunt may even try to stay on top, but what about Daryl? Why don't you talk about what you did to me? Why don't you confess that you controlled your sister by forcing her to marry James? Why don't you talk about when you left Bernadette to die? Why won't you talk about when you put the curse on the metal balls? - Did you say Laura? Is she my mother? What's going on? It can't be... I'm very confused...
- Wait! What are you saying? What do you mean Laura McLaren is my mother? What do you mean she used magic? What did my Aunt Daryl do? Mom... - I say, starting to get weepy... I had memories of my mother Bernadette and I started to run out of there, it was an impulse I never had in my life.
I ended up doing this trying to get away from that situation, many things were going through my head, Laura McLaren my mother? Curse of the iron balls? That James was not my father I already knew, he already did the DNA test... I just want to be alone... So I ran to the room where my mother was staying, I sat down on the floor and cried, it was the only thing I could think of... Traumatic childhood memories came back... Those days when my mother died... If I could go back in time and heal her.... I would give her all my magic...
POV Laura:
My apologies Diana... I wanted to make a triumphant entrance... But I couldn't, I don't think I should pull this argument the poor thing must be in need of someone to make her feel better.
- Do you see what you have done? You think this is going to be okay? I won't let you come back so easily - said my slutty sister-in-law, while I just walked straight ahead, until the brat tapped me on the shoulder as I was approaching the door.
- Where are you going Mrs. McLaren? Are you going to let Daryl say these things about you? I know the real story, I know what happened, she has to shut up - said the brat, until I took her hand off my shoulder.
- Fuck what is more important is the love and care that I must give my daughter, Daryl of little do I care, I'm shitting and walking to that snake - I say leaving that room while Akko was even quiet to hear me, Daryl kept talking and talking, but only ignored, the brat is very brave to stay in this house with that cow.
POV Diana:
Alone in the room, crying, until I feel something touching my shoulder, I thought it was just Akko, so I just ignored it again, until I hear a voice... I had heard it before... I raise my head and am faced with the ghost of my mother.
- Diana... I understand your pain... It seems that your mother Laura has finally decided to go back to where she should be... Taking care of her daughter... Please... Don't be angry with her. Accept it, Laura. This is my last wish as a mother. Laura has given me so much love and care all these years - Said my mother's spirit.
- Why should I accept her? Laura abandoned her just as I did. She didn't even interfere when you married James - I say until she answers me.
- Your mother Laura had a reason; she would never abandon us... This reason she will explain to you, I'm sure... You have no idea how she waited so many years for this moment. Laura tried to find a cure for what caused her to leave us. But it was too late... Please Diana... If you can't do it for yourself... Do it for your dead mother...- said my mother's spirit, which made me a little touched... This time I really think I should forget about this armagure... I wonder if all that theory Akko told me is true.
I just nod my head and smile at the spirit that starts to disappear, when it disappears completely I see that the door was being opened, as I see the door opening I am faced with my mother Laura.
- Diana - said my mother Laura.
I get up and go running to hug my mother Laura, I was still crying, only this time the crying of sadness was changed to one of comfort, I was kneeling and hugging her, since my mother was a little short, I rest my head on her chest and soon I am caressed.
- I have waited years for this moment, my little Diana," she said as she kept giving me affection, while wiping my tears.
- You called me Mom? - She said, all excited, until I looked at my mother's face and she was crying.
- What else would I be yours? - I say to my mother who starts to hug me tighter to the point of making me sink my face inside her huge breasts... But soon after she lets the hug go lighter.
- Now things will be all right Diana... Your mother Laura is here... I will never leave her... I'll never leave you again I will make up for all the 20 years I spent away - She said until I look at her and start wiping my mother's tears.
- Just in these few seconds the lady is already making up for it... My mother Laura - I say this while Akko was watching everything, she was bursting into tears, my mother immediately looks at her and starts laughing.
- Come here little brat, you're family too - said my mother calling for Akko, who joined in a family hug... Brat? I like that nickname, I guess I'll have to get used to the idea that I have two mothers? It seems that Akko was right all along about the fertility stone... Who knew it would be under my nose all the time.
See you, lesbian witches, someday, somewhere!
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