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#no dream here guys
simply-m-a-d · a month ago
so. thinking about c!Tommy’s death and how some people are saying it was unfitting and I do agree it came out of nowhere. but speaking from a characterwise point of view, c!Dream just made a huge move. bc by killing Tommy he’s both eliminating the one thing he cared about (in a very sickening way bc he only wanted Tommy for power) and that was somehow dragging him down while at the same time shielding himself from getting killed bc technically he’s the only one that can bring him back so the others can’t just go and kill him, while at the same time putting the server in a bit of a mess which usually works for him someway or another
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gogynist · a month ago
if you mean the ask i sent about holding out hope for a future chess stream then that was me and i am definitely not dream as evidenced by the fact that the emoji i used is not white because i am not white lmao
oh good. for a moment i was tiny bit scared because i say some unhinged stuff here. i didn’t pay attention to the color of the emoji tbh, but thanks for telling me <3
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simply-m-a-d · 2 months ago
Man, shit’s gonna hit the fan once c!Dream gets out and being honest? I can’t wait for that to happen. It honestly shocks me how much his behavior has changed through the very limited visits we’ve seen. Congrats, you made him worse!!!!! But you guys wanted to torture him huh. you guys basically cheered about his basic rights being denied. well, it’s all gonna come back 10 times worse and I wanna see that. because those are the consequences of how the situation got handled, which was terrible. but there are plenty of better posts about that out there so I’m not gonna explain any further.
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mosscosmos · 2 months ago
I AM miserable AND very happy always because being isolated and completely shut out of society because of an untreatable lifelong condition IS agony however all my basic needs are taken care of and I haven’t been psychologically fucked up by society so I am very adept at just enjoying, being alive, all the time
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tiredsadpeach · 3 months ago
When you read a oneshot and then start yearning
#y’all I was crying on and off through it#I didn’t read a few of the tags to be fair but it wasn’t even that sad like no tragedies#and uh my hypersexual self was reading it for the y’know sex#because coping ✌🏻#but GOD stuff was happening and like one of them was scared it’d be a one time thing and was scared after the fact things would change in a#bad way y’know because he’s in love with them and he didn’t know if they were in love with him too#and one of them read his emotions and just was like ’breath we’re right here’ AND I CRIED????#I will def spare y’all the details but like WHY DID I CRY AT THAT AM I OKAY#They’d get into little fights (because it’s got way more plot then just sex) and I was almost SOBBING at one point man#every fic of these guys this one needs therapy every TIME he always has a bad family life and shit but y’know it makes sense#but whew it was very good and very very emotional and uh now I am in pain because I’m single#like god I wish that were me I wish I had like three partners and look I just want to be able to cry in my partners lap as he sings for me#waiting for me to speak up if I want to talk and accepting if I didn’t and letting me just cry as he pets my hair once the song is finished#man I’m going through it#I want to snuggle up in a warm bath with my partners and talk about our feelings#I want to all go to the pool but one of us doesn’t end up swimming and then we come out of the pool and just pile on top of them#sigh the only people I’m in love with though are celebs#well#uh according to a dream I had that’s not entirely true#one of my best friends stayed the night and the night they were over I had a really intimate dream about them#just like when I went with their family on vacation and we shared a bed#like if I am in love then it’s been almost 8 years like man get over it already#they have a boyfriend anyway and y’all had your chance#I mean we were in middle school and I was An Awful Person then like I want to punch middle school me#I just Cannot still be hung up on them but god I wouldn’t mind if one day they said they still liked me#we are both polyam.....#AH GOD FUCK NO I CANT HAVE HOPE MAN IM TIRED OF YEARNING FOR THE SAME PERSON FOR EIGHT YEARS LIKE CAN I STOP#ITD MAKE SENSE IF IT LOOKED LIKE I HAVE A CHNACE BUT THEY SAID WERE NOT A GOOD FIT AND MY OTHER FRIEND SAYS HE COULDNT IMAGINE US TOGETHER#Sorry guys I’m going through it I’ve just been single for like four years#because I don’t count that one guy because I thought we were just roleplaying and also he thought I was cishet
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ladycatland · 4 months ago
Ok so I haven't seen the clip of Techno saying sbi isn't canon yet but I've seen enough posts that I think I got the gist and like? Some people here seem pretty high on their horse, talking about how the found family sbi was better than the bloodrelated sbi? When that's never been a battle?
Like hear me out. The main reason techno rejects the family thing is because itd imply c!techno constantly backstabbing family or something along those lines.
Found family doesn't fix that. It actually just makes it worse!
Like if they were bloodrelated you could make a case of them being so dysfunctional they don't even act or consider each other family.
A dysfunctional found family is... Literally the opposite of what the whole found family is about.
Take it from someone who's been loving found family sbi and bloodrelated sbi equally.
We're all losers rn. Neither is canon. Both have been shot by the same bullet.
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unemptiness · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bro this guy shows up in ur dreams to take you on a training mission and the next day it’s thunderstorming and he’s your physics teacher what do
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