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theoptia · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Jean-Paul Sartre, from No Exit: And Three Other Plays; “No Exit”
Text ID: If I've got to suffer, it may as well be at your hands, your pretty hands.
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coverspy · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
No Exit and Three Other Plays, Jean-Paul Sartre (M, teens, ski jacket, wire-rimmed glasses, Sorel boots, R train)
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boastyles · 4 months ago
My mom is such a gem of a person. I’m on one couch, my sister and the dog are on the other, she’s sitting on the floor and directing me to look up and olay specific Andrew Garfield interviews, all of which talking about him in tick tick boom. The first one the interviewer asks when/if he’s ever gonna settle down and as he’s giving his answer my mom raises her hand, as if to signal to him to pick her to settle down with. I’m laughing at her, my sister isn’t paying attention so we had to explain the joke and after my mom did with “she asked him if he was gonna get married and start a family”, I fired back with put your hand down you already had your chance, save some for the rest of us. At that point she told me I could leave and I was like actually I can’t unless I wanna go catch Covid from my roommate.
And last night, as we’re waiting in line at checkout at target I was talking about the video game my roomie got me for Xmas (hades) and even just telling her the name, not even anything else about it, she was like “you do know that that’s the god of hell right?” And I was like that meme of Ron Swanson in parks and rec when he’s in Lowe’s and the employee asks him if he needs help and he just responds “I know more than you.”
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For who except yourself can know what you really wanted? Will you let another decide that for you? Why distort a past that can no longer stand up for itself? And why disown the firebrand that you were, that glorious young goddess, vivid with hatred, that I loved so much?
Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit And Three Other Plays
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bebetae · a month ago
unforgettable | na jaemin
Tumblr media
unforgettable | na jaemin
part of the playlist series!
genre: smut, angst
pairing: college!au, bassist!jaemin x f. reader
word count: 19.6k
warnings: CHEEKY MUSICIAN JAEMIN, swearing, protected sex (condom), fingering, oral (m + f receiving), multiple orgasms (f), spitting (lol?), dirty talk, copious amounts of flirting, confusing flirting, confusing relationship that isn’t even a relationship
synopsis: No other girl could even compare to the way you made him feel, and he’s determined to find out just what makes you so special. No matter how many times you push each other away, you’ll always be unforgettable to him, and him to you. 
this entire fic was so self indulgent; i have no explanation for myself. I present to you almost 20k words of kat being a simp for na jaemin. i was literally getting butterflies writing some of this. 
nothing in this fic is meant to be a representation of these idols in real life. this is for creative purposes only. 
The stage is where Jaemin feels like he’s dead, alive and surviving all at the same time. 
“Last one!” Jeno called, and Jaemin nodded before turning back toward the crowd. His calloused fingertips fell into their natural rhythm. His favorite bass guitar, the white one, hung low over his pelvis and he jutted his chin toward Haechan, signaling the singer to present himself to the mic. 
For most of the night, the drunken crowd had paid little attention to their music and instead used it as background noise as they partied wildly, but there was something about their closing song that always got people’s heads turning. Renjun gave a small riff on his guitar and Jeno pumped up the tempo of his drumming. 
“Are you ready?” Haechan asked into the mic, an eruption of cheers answering back. The four boys smiled, Jaemin throwing his head back in a way where his body couldn’t possibly have handled the flood of pure glee rushing through him if he hadn’t. He laughed outright, but it couldn’t be heard over the booming sound systems and Haechan’s approaching voice. 
Jaemin had strummed to this song enough times to do it with his eyes closed, and his vocals wouldn’t come in until the bridge, so it gave him plenty of time to entertain himself without the mental strain. 
Scratch that, it gave him plenty of time for his eyes to land on you. 
He might not have noticed you if it weren’t for the way you were dancing, alone and without a care yet filling up all the empty space a partner would have otherwise been. You wore a simple black dress but the way your pretty body moved in it caught his interest. And with one scan of the crowd, he wasn’t the only admirer. Jaemin could only spot glances of your face through your curtain of hair, his eyes glued to you and they couldn’t do much of anything else. You were so free and full of life. 
The venue was outdoors, in the backyard of some rich frat Jaemin didn’t know the name of, and strings of lights swooped back and forth above their heads to enhance the youthful stupidity going on below. Were you alone in this big filled party? Him and the boys don’t necessarily stop by this campus too often to play, but he’s surely never seen you here before. He didn’t know what to make of that. 
Jaemin didn’t have much time to dwell. The song’s bridge was somehow already halfway through and Renjun was side-eyeing the hell out of him as he covered for his lack of, well, singing. Jaemin knew exactly what the guitarist was thinking. What an idiot. 
They played it off well though, and by the time Jeno clashed the cymbals in finality everything had gone relatively smoothly as far as Jaemin was concerned. His bandmates didn’t seem to agree. 
“What was that?” Renjun barked as they exited the small makeshift stage, raising his voice over the generic EDM music now blasting through the speakers. Jaemin shoved his bass into its case and shrugged, sending his friends a condescending salute and an insulting smile as he walked backwards into the crowd. The three of them knew the boy well enough to guess where he was going. 
“Fucking hornbug,” Haechan sighed, but he was chuckling under his breath. 
The thickness of bodies proved hard to navigate through as Jaemin craned his head over everyone else’s. After many shoves and half-assed apologies, he finally found you, who was talking to another girl in the middle of the dance floor. His eyes followed the lines of your body, but with closer proximity, he could finally see your face in its entirety. And fuck, he was ready to see much more. 
Jaemin shifted his demeanor to suit something more appealing, and with a surge of confidence he weeded his way to your side. He looked away at first, ruffling his hair upon habit. His nonchalant attitude must’ve worked, because your eyes landed on him and didn’t care to look away. Jaemin caught your stare and studied you for a moment, as if that wasn’t what he had been doing for the past five minutes in secret. 
Pretty, Jaemin thought mindlessly. 
Your friend gave the two of you a knowing look before willingly slipping away, leaving you in the hands of this beautiful stranger. His flowy shirt was unbuttoned several times down to reveal his chest, his black hair messy, its previous styling now overcome with a thin layer of sweat. There was a tattoo running down the side of his neck, and though the dark lighting around you prevented you from seeing what exactly it was, the ink stood out strongly on his pale skin. 
Hot, you said to yourself. 
“You’re from the band, right?” you asked, and he nodded with a smile. He liked that you didn’t quite know who he was. Jaemin could feel the mutual attraction, and it struck him that good things would happen tonight. He just knew it. 
“And you’re quite the dancer—” Jaemin paused, his eyes hunting yours expectantly. 
“Y/n,” you finished, satisfying the first step the both of you needed. “And what should I call you?”
“Na Jaemin,” he breathed out, stepping a few measly inches closer, yet it spoke volumes as he loomed over you. You quirked an eyebrow at him, your eyes wide and alluring as you stared up at him in a way that made his heart jump into his throat. He could see right through you, though, and he knew not to grant you false innocence. You were far past that threshold, and he pouted at your efforts. He was done playing the meeting game. 
“Do you feel what I’m feeling, Y/n?” he pondered, his voice dark and soft in a haunting combination. It was such a loaded question for him to ask, and you responded instead with a touch to his hand. His eyes flickered down and he bit his smirk away, keeping his body still as you guided his movements. Slowly, until his cold fingertips grazed where your dress clung to your thigh, and your exhale was so shaky he had to use every muscle in his body not to rip you apart in the crowded, dark room. 
You froze your movements, and Jaemin’s eyes moved back up to your challenging gaze. You were willing him to make the next move, he realized. Funny, because he didn’t hesitate before moving his hand past the hem. He hummed in satisfaction when you gasped. 
“It depends. Am I?” 
“Fuck yeah,”
It was the last thing Jaemin said before pressing himself into you for a kiss. You were glad he was so quick to jump on the train you were steering, and you figured the universe picked well when leading you straight into Jaemin. Whoever you had to thank for giving you this handsome, endearing, amazing-at-kissing man was getting a million cries of gratitude from you. 
You learned quickly that Jaemin was both a very touchy and vocal lover. His large hands reached down to shamelessly grip your ass through the material of your short dress, and you shuddered as you weaved your hands into his hair, his low groan invading your mouth. You were so lost in the kiss that you squeaked in surprise when he pulled your body harshly into his, and you could feel a prominent bulge against your lower abdomen. You were about to pull away to catch your breath when he chased your lips, sucking and nipping your bottom lip before he let you go. 
“Aw,” he cooed, peppering light kisses along your face until he reached the shell of your ear. “Looks like someone took more than they could handle,”
You scowled up at him mockingly, and Jaemin couldn’t stop from pecking your lips. How you could be so addicting, he didn’t know. He swore he just met you, right?
“Come on,” he called, grabbing your hand and leading you through the crowd. You received a couple nosy looks from the people you passed, everyone glancing down at your intertwined hands. They all must know the boy you were with. You figured you might be a little over your head, but you surely weren’t going to stop now. 
There was a shift in the air when you both stumbled into the empty hallway, the music seeming so far away and the lights too bright. Jaemin tried the handles on a couple doors and eventually struck luck, tugging you into the bedroom, and the sound of the door shutting and locking was the final nail in your heavenly coffin. 
You two got undressed rather quickly, until you were both left bare and he was looking you up and down like he was a devil sent to your beckoning. You couldn’t help but notice his build, the muscles in his torso rippling as he approached you. He kept advancing until his chest was out of sight and he was pressing against you, the poster behind you smooth on your skin. 
The two of you looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, the lighting in the room dim from the singular, weak lamp on the desk. You noticed how large his eyes and how rather long his eyelashes were as he blinked at you. You hooked your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. 
“Is this okay?” Jaemin asked, hands rubbing the curve of your hips before squeezing your skin slightly. 
“Yeah, definitely okay,” you breathed out. The look in your eyes stirred something within him, and he leaned forward to press a light kiss to the corner of your mouth. It was intimate, and the skin he left behind tingled. You closed your eyes to enjoy the feeling of his lips moving to explore your jaw, down to your neck where he ran his scorching tongue. You were sighing heavily when he nipped your skin teasingly. 
“Darling,” he whispered, moving his face back up to capture your lips. You both groaned into the kiss and you were acutely aware of the way his bulge nudged softly against your tight, so you reached down to cup his length. He groaned, and you were sure he couldn’t possibly get any more attractive than that. “I don’t even know what to do with you,”
“You’re so big,” you murmured, your fingertips light as they brushed down the shadow of his length. Jaemin smiled, a cute grin with his lips glued tightly together as his eyes squinted at you endearingly. 
“Too big?” he questioned, and you nodded meekly. “But it’ll make you feel so good, right? ‘Cause you’ll take it. You’ll take it just for me and I’ll let you cum,”
You melted at his words and you were surprised he had such quickening control over you. Jaemin was just so damn assertive that he managed to weaken your resolve. 
“Would you like that, baby?” Jaemin grabbed you by the waist and peeled you off the wall, and the two of you stumbled over to the bed as he twisted around and let you rest on the mattress first. He followed right behind and slotted a knee between your legs to pry them open. “You just want someone to take care of you,”
“Want you to take care of me,” you replied. Jaemin hummed in agreement. 
“I’ll do more than that,” he promised, placing small kisses on your boob that almost tickled. Daringly, you shifted your bodies until his back hit the sheets. Jaemin sucked in a breath as you wrapped your hand around his length, letting you stroke him a few times before turning him over on his back. He scooted up the sheets so he could lean against the headboard and get a proper look at you. Even if he wanted to be in control of the situation, he could never deny you as you knelt between his legs, the curve of your ass taunting him. 
Jaemin finally pulled his underwear off, tossing it somewhere off the bed and you smiled at seeing his erect cock. It was big, incredibly thick and Jaemin was clearly aware as he smirked at you, the pretty girl practically drooling at the sight of him.  You licked your lips and peered up at him but he was only looking at you with dark, hooded eyes, encouraging you to start. You grabbed the base of his cock, giddy at the way your hand couldn’t quite wrap around its entirety. Jaemin hissed as you licked up to the tip, several times until you were satisfied with the saliva coating his length. 
“Holy shit,” he panted, your mouth wrapping delicately over his swollen head as your tongue traced the underside. Jaemin was visibly sweating now, the ridges of his abdomen rising and falling with his labored breaths. Without warning you sank lower, his tip bordering on the entrance of your throat. He choked out a low groan and admired you with pupils blown out from the pleasure. 
You sucked harshly as you bobbed your head up and down, focused entirely on the way his face contorted and how hot he sounded. You pulled away for a second to breathe, and Jaemin took the opportunity to lunge his upper body forward and grab your hair, forcing your head back. 
“Open,” he muttered, and your jaw opened obediently. He smirked at your compliance and ran his thumb across your bottom lip affectionately. You watched as he leaned in close, and you were almost desperate for the kiss you were anticipating, but you weren’t disappointed when instead he spit into your mouth and jerked your mouth closed himself. Fuck. 
You hummed in approval and turned your attention back to his cock, leaning over his tip and slowly letting both yours and his saliva drip onto his flushed length before taking it into your mouth once again. His thighs were tense under your palms and you braced yourself, trying to go lower, but you gagged around his length without getting barely more than half his length inside. You tore off of him and coughed slightly. 
“Maybe it is too big for you,” Jaemin sighed with fake sympathy, his hand lazily reaching up to caress your cheek. You relaxed into his hand for a second, your face leaning into his touch, but you were interrupted as his hand moved to roughly grab your face. You were practically dripping onto the bed. “What are you going to do with such a big cock?”
“I’ll take it like a good girl,” you answered instantly, your words a bit muffled from the hold he had on your cheeks, and he groaned at your words. 
Jaemin had heard enough, and he disregarded the blowjob you were giving him so he could switch your positions. You nearly screamed when he thrusted two fingers into you, curling them deliciously. Your legs twitched as he pumped them slowly but deeply into you, the loud sounds coming from your dripping pussy resonating about the room embarrassingly. The music from downstairs was muffled but it felt like a soundtrack to whatever movie you and Jaemin were living in together, fucking each other like it was love when you had only just learned the other’s name. 
“So fucking wet,” he growled, his thumb moving up to rub your clit as his fingers sped up. He was a bit sloppy as his finger slipped around your bud, but his touch was intoxicating as he brought you closer to your impending climax. You were so sensitive that it was no surprise. 
“Jaemin, fuck,” you moaned as he scissored his fingers inside of you, surely stretching you out for what was coming next. Jaemin was so good, but he went one step further as he leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the bud and laving over it repeatedly. His bangs tickled your skin as he hovered over you, and you let one hand go from the sheets so you could brush his hair back and bunch it in your grip. 
“Cum for me, Y/n. I want you to cum on my fingers,” he spoke around your breast, shifting to move to the other as he rubbed your clit harder. Your eyes squeezed shut, Jaemin humming in satisfaction as your walls clamped around his hands as he slowed his thrusts down. 
“That’s it,” His mouth and fingers left you as you layed there, recovering. Your head was nearly spinning and you had yet to open your eyes, but they shot open when Jaemin trapped your clit in his mouth, sucking hard. 
“Jaemin! Oh my fucking god,” you moaned, but he didn’t let up as he enjoyed the way your bud pulsed lightly on his tongue. Your hands were woven into his soft hair, your back arching and your thighs attempting to close around his head. He stopped, growling and using his strong arms to pry your legs open further than they were before. 
“Stay fucking still,” he demanded, diving down and shoving his tongue into your entrance, gathering all the arousal and cum from your leaking hole. Jaemin moaned at your taste, traveling as deep as possible just so he could swallow it all down. 
You were twitching pathetically by the time he was satisfied, your pussy covered more in his spit than your juices like he owned it. Maybe he did. 
“So pretty,” he murmured, but you weren’t sure if he was talking about you or your cunt as his eyes darted between the two. You rested your hands over your head, staring up at his handsome face bashfully, and he let out the most adorable giggle as he moved back up to you. He grabbed your hands, kissing your knuckles. “Fucking cute. What am I going to do with you?”
He chuckled as you bucked your hips up to meet his painfully hard cock, getting the message. Jaemin prayed to whoever’s room this was as he opened the drawer to the nightstand. With some kind of godsent luck he grabbed one of the foil packages and tore it open with his teeth, fumbling the condom between his moist fingers before you sighed and grabbed it from him. 
“Not to be impatient, but I need you. Right now,”
Your tone was demanding and urgent, sparking Jaemin with intense need. “I think I’m in love with you,” he blurted, and even though it was clearly a joke, both of your hearts paused for a split second at the word thrown so casually. The feeling was mutually ignored. Jaemin couldn’t even chastise himself over his stupid word choice when you were looking up at him like that, with your glassy eyes and parted lips. 
You got the condom on with ease, Jaemin’s face flushing with fleeting embarrassment. 
He pumped his cock in his large, veiny hand as he lined his head up with your entrance, breaching your entrance with just the very tip. Your hands ventured to his back, feeling the sharpness of his shoulder blades as you ran your fingertips across. He shuddered at the way you touched him so delicately, but his gaze hardened and he focused back on shoving his cock into you. 
He went slowly but it still felt impossible to accommodate his length, his girth seeming to expand the lower you got on his cock. You whined and pressed your hands to his abs, and he paused for a moment wondering if you wanted him to stop. His entire demeanor shifted. 
“Are you okay, princess?” he asked, reaching a hand up to brush the strands of hair falling over your face. 
“I’m okay,” you whispered, pecking his lips, and Jaemin groaned as you clenched around him, his length nearly entirely inside of you. 
“Just a bit more,”
You were relieved when his skin finally met yours, and for a moment you reveled in the feeling of him bottomed out inside of you. He was stretching you out just as much as you thought he would, the burning sensation slightly painful but incredibly addicting. From the look on his face you figured Jaemin was doing more than just enjoying it, too. 
Jaemin sat up a bit more so he had more control over his movements, gripping your hips in his sweaty hands so he could slowly slide in and out of your scorching heat. His lips were pursed and he was breathing heavily out of his nose, something he would do to get a grip on himself when it felt too fucking good. 
“My baby’s never been taken care of, huh? This tight little pussy was just asking to be fucked,” Jaemin noticed how sensitive you were to every inch he pumped into you, and he almost felt sorry as you whined at the size of his cock. With how hard you squeezed around him, he couldn’t help but love it just the same. 
There was something about the way Jaemin looked at you that got you impossibly more aroused, the intensity of his gaze proving to get you all hot and bothered inside. It felt like your insides were twisting from both his dick and the butterflies he gave you, a dehumanizing combination as you laid there at the mercy of him. As he began to pick up the pace your moans got louder, spurring him on as they turned into screams of pleasure. 
“You like it that much?”
“I love it. Love your cock so much,” you cried, your back arching into his thrusts. Your walls were stretching nearly beyond their limit as he forced his cock into you over and over again, and your body felt like it was levitating right off the bed. Jaemin’s head spun at the sight of you in such intense pleasure. On a whim of spontaneity, he pulled his cock out of you. 
“Hands and knees,” he spoke, and he didn’t mean to sound so demanding, but the deep gruffness of his voice gave a different impression. He was surprised when you whimpered, flipping over obediently and displaying your ass to him.
“Oh?” he perked up, grabbing your ass and spreading you open so he could properly see your wet cunt, your hole clenching sporadically around nothing but air. “I didn’t know you could be this messy. So beautiful. Everything about you,” 
Jaemin used one hand to guide his length back to your pussy, but instead of entering into you like you hoped he would, he opted to slide himself in between your dripping folds teasingly. His cock slid up to the curve of your ass and it rested so heavily against your skin. 
“Jaemin,” you whined, dragging his name out. “Please,”
“Please what?” he asked, but when you opened your mouth to reply the tip of his cock caught on the hood of your clit, sending an intense pang of pleasure up your body. You couldn’t speak as your mouth dropped open, your upper body collapsing as you pressed your cheek into the soft sheets. He tsked disapprovingly, his hand immediately threading through your hair as he used it to pull you up. You caught yourself on your hands, your back now arching up as he continued rocking his length against your folds. 
“Please fuck me,” you answered, your body tingling with excitement at his roughness. You really, truly couldn’t have asked for a better outcome from coming to this party. Truthfully, Jaemin was too needy himself to delay this any longer, your answer good enough for him to sink back into you. He could make you beg more later, another time, he thought. 
The new angle gave him an impossibly deeper reach into your cunt, hitting a certain spot inside of you that made you cry out. Jaemin was perfect, you thought. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect cock. And now you were close to having a second orgasm in the bed of a stranger. In a house you’ve never been to, at a party filled with faces you barely knew. It was all so exciting. 
“I’m going to cum,” you panted, your words a bit choked as your head was still tugged back. Jaemin took it as his cue to reach down and rub your clit earnestly, wanting to give you your release before he reached his own. 
“Mmh, so good for me,” he hummed, clenching his teeth at the way your walls were tightening around him. You were so close, just a bit more.
Jaemin’s thrusts had slowed and he wasn’t hammering into you anymore, instead giving slow, hard thrusts that brought a new form of pleasure. It was just what you needed in order to reach your climax. 
“Jaemin, fuck. Shit,” you moaned, lewd sounds coming from both your mouth and your pussy. He released your hair and you collapsed back into the pillows, your hips pushing back into him as you came down from your peak. You weren’t sure if a second or an hour had passed when Jaemin then pulled his length out of you, using his grip on your hips to flip you onto your back once again. 
You were looking up at him with a fucked out expression, and Jaemin decided that you had had enough for tonight. He moved to leave the bed but you whined, and he turned back to you and your pouty eyes. 
“You haven’t cum yet,” you complained, spreading your legs to display your weeping cunt to him. Jaemin had little self control around you yet he shook his head. 
“It’s alright, this was more than enough. I’m going to clean you up, okay?” 
His thoughtfulness only made you want him even more. 
Jaemin ignored his painful erection and turned away, nearing the bathroom door when his movements halted from the sound of a whiny moan. His gaze shot toward you and you were laying in the sheets, two fingers stuffed in your pussy. You were coaxing him. You were desperate. 
Your eyes were closed from the overstimulation, and you didn’t know Jaemin had approached you until he grabbed your arm and ripped your touch away. You trapped your bottom lip between your teeth to suppress your victorious smile. 
“Such a fucking brat,” Jaemin growled, pinning both your arms above your head with only one hand. You were defenseless like this and he knew it. “You want my cum that bad. So badly you’ll make me mad,” He tutted at you disapprovingly. 
“You want to act like a cumslut?” Jaemin no longer wasted any time, ramming his length into you in one smooth thrust. You keened, in love with the fact that this was his second time entering you, yet you weren’t quite adjusted to his size. “I’ll fuck you like one,”
You regretted nothing as Jaemin pounded into you over and over again, your body moving both up and deeper into the mattress from the sheer force of his thrusts. He wasn’t gentle with you anymore, not that he was before, but his intensity now paled what you thought was his version of rough. 
And you thought he made you feel good before? This time, you were sure you would never forget him and his—special set of skills. 
Jaemin’s stamina was quite impressive, chasing his own high. You could feel him everywhere. In your cunt, your chest, even the tips of your toes as they curled. You were screaming into the open air, and Jaemin found it in him to kiss you as if it would quiet you. But who was he kidding. He wanted the entire party to hear you as he fucked you into a stupid, blabbering mess. 
“Fuck, you’re going to cum again, aren’t you?” Jaemin taunted, noting the way you clenched around him. “I’m too generous. Maybe I shouldn’t let you cum. Or maybe I’ll make you cum again. And again, and then one more time, until you’re begging me to stop,”
You couldn’t speak, you could barely even breathe, but you forced your eyes open and met his own, and then you did something that nearly threw Jaemin off the bed. You had the audacity to smile, even throwing in a bubbly, infectious laugh as if he weren’t balls deep inside of you. Huh, you sure knew how to surprise him. He liked that. 
He actually loved it, but he figured it wouldn’t make a difference. 
It did. 
Jaemin sustained his pace and it wasn’t until you were teetering dangerously over the edge did you feel him begin to twitch inside of you. Sweat dripped down his face and his bangs sat attractively on his forehead, framing his beautiful features. For a moment you realize you’d forgotten how handsome Jaemin really was, and for much longer you realized how genuinely infatuated you were with him, somewhere far past the sexual level. It was scary. So scary that you pushed it to the back of your mind so it wouldn’t distract you any longer. 
“I’m close,” he groaned out, his hand reaching down to your clit to ensure you both reached your peaks one last time. It only took one flick of his index finger on your swollen bud for you to come undone, your cunt wrapping so tightly around his cock Jaemin could barely bring himself to move. He just wanted to relish in the warmth. 
He looked down at you just as you looked up at him, and the eye contact felt much more intimate than it probably should have. 
His cum shot into the condom yet you could feel every twitch of his length inside of you. His breathing was ragged and you felt a sick satisfaction knowing he was just as fucked out as you were. 
“You’re so fucking hot,” he praised, looking down at his softening cock and seeing the white creamy cum you left on his covered dick as a trace of your arousal. He had to look away before he got painfully hard again. 
“I’ll be right back,” he murmured to you, and you lowered your hips back onto the bed as you heard him open the door to the bathroom. You heard the faucet running before his footsteps approached again, and you turned over to watch him struggle pulling his underwear back up whilst holding a dripping wet cloth in one of his hands. You giggled at his disdain. He eventually got them up and walked back over to the bed, and you hummed in appreciation as he cleaned you up, the unexpected aftercare giving you another reason to like this boy. When he was finished, he comically tossed the dirtied towel onto the desk across the room, uncaring if both of your cum was on the table. 
“What time is it?” you asked him as he crawled into bed next to you. He pulled you into his chest and yawned. 
“Time to go to sleep,”
You sighed, searching the room for some sort of clock, and on the desk there was an expensive looking computer that was dim with the time and date softly lit on the sleeping device, the time reading past midnight. 
“I have to go. My roommate is expecting me back,”
“No you don’t,” Jaemin groaned, hugging you even tighter. He was warm against your back and you considered staying there forever, but you did not want Hina to barge into a house of sleeping, drunk frat boys looking for you. 
“I’m sorry,” you whispered, twisting in his hold to face him. You caressed your hand over his cheek, combing through his hair and down to his neck. “Jaemin, you can’t be asleep already,”
“I was hoping if I faked it you would stay,” he whispered, his eyes finally opening and he sighed, sitting up. He was the first to stand and he offered a hand out to you as you followed after him, the both of you redressing in the clothes scattered about the floor. 
“Can I keep these?” he asked, holding up your lace panties like a trophy. You looked at him, appalled. 
“Think of it as a warranty. If you want these back, that means I’ll be seeing you again,” You chuckled at him, but you reached your hand out expectantly. He reluctantly gave it back. 
“Thank you sir,” you said, but as you reached out to grab it Jaemin grabbed your hand and pulled you into him instead. You had no time to adjust yourself as he kissed you ferociously, a clash of teeth and intensity. Something slid against your chest as Jaemin shoved some sort of paper into the top of your dress, biting your bottom lip teasingly before pulling away. 
“You know, the boys and I don’t stay in one place for very long,” Jaemin sighed, buttoning his pants and haphazardly fixing his hair. “Don’t be a stranger, got it? I’m expecting full compensation for my generosity—” It was your turn to cut him off as you kissed him, softer that time, savoring the feeling of the gentle kiss. You both melted into one another, falling even faster. 
“So are you going to, like, give me your number or something?” you asked, but Jaemin surprisingly shook his head. He must’ve seen the disappointment practically exuding out of you, but he only smiled and pet your hair affectionately. 
“I believe that those who are meant to be in my life will appear on their own. Or maybe I just love the chase,” Jaemin explained, and the look in his eyes told you to believe him. To trust him. “I’ll find you again, Y/n,”
“Well then, goodnight, Na Jaemin,” you called as you slowly slipped away from his touch, then his presence, until you walked out of the room with a stupid, gleeful smile stretched wide on your face. You pulled the paper out from your bra and laughed knowingly as you unfolded the amateur band poster. 
Hello Future: The Band 
Want us at a gig? Hit us up. We can drive.
Jaemin was left alone in the room, and he closed the door shut behind you and collapsed onto the mattress, the smell of your perfume encasing him. He stared up at the ceiling, the same goofy grin plastered on his face as well. 
Jaemin was convinced you were different. There was something about you that made him feel something he couldn’t shake, but it was quite possibly the most euphoric, thrilling emotion he’d ever experienced. He’d never looked so forward to seeing a hookup again, if that’s what he could call you. He’d never been completely sober after one of these stupid frat parties, either. 
He couldn’t get you out of his fucking head. Not that he minded much.
Jaemin was gone the next morning. It hadn’t been the plan to leave so soon, but the band was called back by their producer. Something about putting some new music out. 
You continued living your life without much of its normalcy being disrupted, but you wouldn’t lie and say you didn’t think about a certain black haired bassist from time to time. And, okay, maybe you searched up his band’s socials. Jaemin didn’t seem to have a personal account, though, which you were quite disappointed about. 
“Yeah, they’re pretty popular on the college party scene,” Hina said distractedly as she brushed her hair in front of the mirror, your older roommate much more acquainted with the boys’ reputation than you. It didn’t stop you from asking, but you left a few key details of that night to keep to yourself. “I heard they get paid a lot, too. Why were you asking?” 
“Just thought they were cool,” you replied nonchalantly. “You know how I am with music,” 
Hina hummed in reply. “I’m pretty sure Yangyang knows them. Probably produced a song for them once or twice. You should probably ask him, if you’re really interested,”
And ask Yangyang you did. 
“Are you really using me as a mutual friend right now?” he chastised, shaking his head as you trailed behind him like a sad puppy. 
“Oh, please, Yangyang. You should be glad I’m even speaking to you right now!” 
“Says the girl I had to drag out of bed after a massive hangover. I could’ve gotten kicked out if someone saw me on the girls’ floor. The things I do for you,” 
You sped up a little and parked yourself in front of the boy, forcing him to halt his steps. You rubbed your hands together pleadingly but only as a last resort. 
“If you have his number, I swear I will do anything,” 
“Anything?” the boy pondered, rubbing his chin in exaggerated interest. You slapped his hand away. “Ouch. What’s got you so interested in Jaemin anyway? Is it the tattoo? I bet it’s the tattoo—“ 
“I swear Yangyang, I’m about to tattoo a hand mark on your left ass cheek if you don’t—“ 
“My gosh! Keep you and your hands away from my money makers. I don’t even have his number, anyway. I do have Haechan’s, though. The vocalist with the killer voice,” 
“That’ll barely get me anywhere!” 
“Then I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll see you at the gig tonight though, yeah?” 
“Whatever. See? This is why you owe me,” 
“Of course, my beloved friend,”
“Shut up. It’s too early for this,” 
You were dressed to impress and by the time you had finished your makeup you realized all too late that you were running short on time. Yangyang was going to run your ear off if you weren’t punctual. 
“Have fun!” Hina called after you, hyping you up as you left the room stumbling to get your heels on. 
The club was dark, shadows packing every corner you could see through the entrance as you approached. You gave a dazzling smile to the familiar bouncer, Johnny, who gave you a fleeting grin, jutting his chin toward the side of the building before checking another ID. 
“There she is!” someone cheered just as you opened the door. Karina rushed up and wrapped her arms around you, the subtle scent of something sickeningly sweet encasing you. 
“Is it a pregame kind of night, Rina?” you chuckled, parting from your friend and sitting yourself in front of one of the vanity mirrors. The lighting aided you as you touched your makeup one last time, glancing at the clock and knowing the shift was about to begin. 
You carried a tray of empty martinis, balancing it on your forearm as you weaved your way through the tables. You approached the bar and knocked twice, signaling Doyoung’s attention. 
“Looking hot, Y/n” he teased, tossing you a napkin to dab on your sweaty forehead. 
“I’m about to get a lot more sweaty soon,” you sighed. Just as you finished, a majority of the large room grew pitch black as all of the fluorescent lights pointed toward the stage. They always put together the DJ set the nights you and your friends were scheduled, Yangyang standing behind the table as he spoke about the night only just beginning. 
There were cheers throughout the crowd as you made your way up to the stage, giving the crowd an endearing smile as you, Karina and Yeji got into formation. Yangyang pressed a button and the music came to life, and you danced like you always did—like you had bills to pay. 
After finishing your performance the three of you scrambled to collect the money scattering the floor, giving a quick wave and blowing a few kisses before sauntering off the stage and back into the dressing rooms. Yeji counted every bill and split it evenly between the three of you, satisfied with the amount. 
“It was a good night,” Karina commented, fanning her bills in her face with a smile. 
“That’s because they went crazy for your little solo,” you joked. “Anyways, I have to go. Don’t spend it all tonight, okay?” 
Your best friends only scoffed at you, giving you a hug and a kiss on the cheek before you stuffed the money in your bag and walked out. Just as you were about to approach Johnny and make small talk, a man stopped you in your tracks. You looked between him and Johnny with caution, but your friend had already noticed, inching  toward you slowly but intimidatingly. 
“Hello! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Park Yeojin and I work for a film studio,” he handed you his business card, and you took it.
“Uh, I’m Y/n,” you replied. He took your name in stride as he continued. 
“I’m actually in town on vacation, and I surely wasn’t planning to talk business while going out to the club with my friends, but I truly think you’re amazing. Stunning, really. Anyways, one of my business partners is shooting a music video, and I think you would be perfect as the starring role,” 
Johnny shot you a thumbs up with an amused expression as he backed off. You glanced down at the contact info in your hands. SM Filming Studios. Huh, seems legit enough. 
“Will I be getting paid?” you questioned, feeling embarrassed when the man simply laughed. 
“Oh honey, have you not heard of SM before? You’ll be paid generously, I’m sure,” he explained, adjusting his glasses, and you took notice of the expensive looking watch on his wrist. “The artists that hire us are household names, but you’ll be shooting with an up-and-coming group,” 
He leaned in closer, a smile on his face. “I think you’ll take a liking to them. Will you think about it and give me a call in the next couple of days? I anticipate that the film will be shot sometime next week,” 
“I sure will, Mr. Park,” 
“SM Film Studios. Please state your business,”
“Hi,” you answered nervously. “I was hoping I could speak with Mr. Park Yeojin?” 
“I’ll see if he’s in a meeting. Could I have your name, please?” 
“Thank you, if you could stay on the line—“ the receiver went dead for a moment, a popular radio song sounding. You had done some research on the company in hopes it would help you make your decision, so you were aware that this song was one that they had worked on. 
“Y/n! Pleasure to hear from you,” a voice boomed, one you recognized. “Here to bring me good news, right?” 
“Of course,” you grinned. “I’m on board with the project, if the offer still stands,” 
“Thank goodness! I took a gamble on you, you know. I convinced my coworker not to hold auditions, telling him that he needed to trust me that you were worth waiting for,” You were flattered by all of his praise, and it gave you a boost of confidence. You had doubted if you were worth this big-shot company’s time. 
“So, when do we start?” you asked. Being a college student, it was pretty easy to travel somewhere for a few days (as long as you forced Yangyang to take notes for you while you were gone). 
“Oh, that’s right. I’ll be needing to hand you over to Changmin for this. He’ll be the director and PD for the shoot. I’ll be giving him your information to contact you and I’ll go ahead and send the electronic paperwork over,”
“Thank you so much!” you gushed, providing your email address before hanging up. Your heart was racing and you were excited. Maybe this was the first step you needed to pursue a career in the entertainment business. 
You got Mr. Park’s message with the contracts and liability waivers, signing them quickly and sending them back. Your phone pinged and you checked it anxiously. 
Hello Y/n, this is Yoon Changmin. I hate to spring this on you fairly last-minute, but we are going to be shooting in our own studios. You should be able to access the address on our website, and there’ll be someone at the security gate to escort you to the correct place. Thank you, see you tomorrow. 
You put your life on hold to make it to the set, not really sure what to wear, so you settled on something similar to what you might’ve worn to an audition. You pulled up in Karina’s car, your friend kindly letting you borrow it for the day, approaching the front gate after nearly an hour and a half of driving. 
“Name please?” the man asked, glancing down at his clipboard when you gave it. “Alrighty, that man over there in the gold cart will lead the way. Just follow him and park in one of the guest stalls,”
“Thank you so much,” you smiled, rolling your window back up and heading through the opening gate. It was easy enough to find parking, but you were quite nervous once you got out of the car. 
“Y/n! So nice to finally meet you,” a man spoke, approaching you with a black cap on his head. “I’m Changmin. We’re going to be sending you to the choreographer very quickly before we have the stylists work on you. You’re going to have to pick it up quickly,” he explained, walking with you toward the large building. You entered a small studio where the choreographer was waiting. 
“Hello, please warmup however you can. We’re going to need to go over this quickly,”
You barely stretched before she insisted you started. “Alright, the boys in the group already learned the choreography, but you’ll only be dancing with one of them. We’re going to run a few screen tests once they arrive, seeing who you look best with. As of right now, Mr. Yoon is thinking that Lee Jeno will be best,”
You nodded, staying professional. Lee Jeno? The group must be fairly new, because you didn’t seem to know who they were. 
The choreographer led you through the dance, helping you with the partner work and running the music with you. It was a nice song, but it was slower and more sensual, so you knew you had to match that energy with your moves. It was a good thing you worked in the night club so often, but then again, that must be why you were scouted in the first place.
“Amazing! Wonderful job, Y/n. You’re going to be the star of this video,” she gushed, leading you out the doorway and toward the vanity tables in another room. You froze, though, when you heard someone call your name. You turned around, your jaw dropping to the floor. 
“Uh, do you guys know each other?” one of the four spoke, his dirty blond hair ruffled a bit about his head. You made eye contact with the sheepish Jaemin, telling him with your eyes to say something. 
“Yeah! We met at the party earlier last week. How are you?” he explained, approaching you alone and slinging an arm around your shoulders. You gawked at him in shock as he began walking the two of you the opposite direction, speaking to you when you were out of ear shot. 
“Holy shit, what are you doing here?” you gasped, laughing as you gave him a tight hug. He reciprocated, his grasp tight. 
“I should be the one asking you. This is my band’s music video, you know,” 
Realization set in. You couldn’t believe now that you had never asked who the artists actually were. You had no idea Hello Future were full blown artists like this, but then again, based on their social media following, maybe you should’ve figured it out on your own. Jaemin was watching you like he still couldn’t believe you were really standing in front of him. 
“So, uh, I was recruited by one of the SM studio employees when they watched one of my performances back at my home job,” you explained, giving him the entire story about how Mr. Park had approached you and set everything up. He looked impressed, about to say something, when he was interrupted. 
“Where are Jaemin and Y/n? We need to get them ready and get the ball rolling!” Mr. Yoon called out, Jaemin giving you a wink before the two of you jogged into the dressing room. 
The outfit the stylist picked out for you was simple—an all red ensemble and excessively chunky boots. You emerged from behind the curtains and saw the boys each had their own outfits, black leather and denim gracing their attractive features. One glance over Jaemin and you had to wipe the drool from your chin. 
“Alright, we’re going to begin filming everyone! Wait—boys! Eyes and ears here, please,” Mr. Yoon demanded, everyone turning to look at the four as they snapped their heads around from you to him. You snickered to yourself, watching them trying to brush it off. “For our staff, this song is called It Felt Like the World. It’ll be pretty steamy, I admit, but it’s all for the cameras right?”
You could feel Jaemin’s stare without even glancing at him. 
“We’re going to begin with the instrumental shots, so hopefully Y/n can go over the choreography a bit more. Don’t worry hun, you’ll do amazing,” Mr. Yoon encouraged, giving you a smile before settling back into his authoritative persona. Your choreographer approached kindly as the boys left for the huge red backdrop that already had an impressive stage and their instrumental set up. As you went over your choreography you heard several directions come from where they were filming, the drummer marking the 4-count before they began playing the song in real time. You paused for a moment and simply watched them, amazed by their passion. You watched them play the entire song, grinning at the fact that Jaemin took the lead vocal on the last four lines. When they hit the last beat and strummed the last note, Jaemin met your piercing gaze and smiled, snapping you back into reality as you bashfully turned away. 
“That was great guys! We might come back to this and film a couple more times but our cameramen need to reconstruct the blocking before we do. For now let’s decide on the male lead. Uh, any volunteers?” 
All the boys’ hands shot up immediately. 
“Okay then, uh, Yerin, could you consult with me?” he called to your choreographer, the two of them muttering to each other before he clapped his hands together and readdressed you all. “Well, Yerin thinks Jeno is best fit, so we’re going to feel it out and see what happens,” he concluded, and you looked over to see the drummer smile shyly. Ah, so this was Jeno. You were quite disappointed that it wasn’t Jaemin, but letting it affect your performance would simply be unprofessional. 
“We’re going to take five then film in set C,” 
You approached Jaemin as his band mates dispersed, watching him pout slightly. 
“If I’m the one who actually knows you, shouldn’t it be me?” he scoffed softly, making sure no one else overheard. You sighed with a smile on your face. 
“If it means anything, I was really hoping it would be you,” you replied, satisfied with the glow in his eyes. Jaemin was utterly tempted to touch you, maybe even kiss you, but this was no place for that. 
“It’s just that the lyrics are pretty—how do I say this—suggestive? I have a feeling you’re going to be putting on quite the show with Jeno,” he spat, jealousy rolling off of him in waves. Cute. 
“Jeno, Y/n, come here for a sec. We have to talk the beginning scene,” 
“That’s my cue,” you sighed, blowing him a little kiss as you walked over to Yerin and Mr. Yoon near set C. It was a fake bedroom, decorated to seem like one of the four actually lived in it. There were posters, the floor littered with some shoes and vinyls, an amp in the corner and a guitar hanging on the wall. 
“Okay, you guys are really going to have to channel your acting skills here. You two are supposed to be in love, but connected here in a bit of a sexual way. You’re both each other’s world. Convince us,” Mr. Yoon explained, your palms sweating. “Maybe do a bit of improvisation for us before we start filming. Give us something sexy, Jeno maybe you could dip into her neck for a close up shot,” 
You and Jeno turned to each other, Yerin and the director stepping out of the set and watching the two of you as you slowly approached the boy. He was extremely attractive, sure, but there was only one boy in your mind, and he was watching from the side. 
Jeno’s hands were a bit awkward as he grabbed your hips, pulling you closer as he avoided eye contact with you. 
“Look at her, Jeno! She’s your lover, not some stranger,” 
That was funny considering you actually were a stranger. Jeno looked into your eyes and took a calming breath, leaning forward and brushing his lips against your neck. 
“Okay, that’s better. Y/n, could you close your eyes?” 
You obeyed, finding that it was much easier to imagine it was Jaemin against you when you did so. Suddenly your fantasy was interrupted when Mr. Yoon’s voice made the both of you jump. 
“You have to move, Jeno. This isn’t a picture, this is a video!” Mr. Yoon sighed exasperatedly, rubbing his eyebrows in frustration. “Here, let me see. Jaemin, you’re standing here, why don’t we try that?” 
Your heart leaped with joy at his words. It was like the stars aligned perfectly for you. But then Jeno pulled away and gave you a subtle wink, and you realized it wasn’t luck that paired you and Jaemin together—they had planned all of this. You were sure if Mr. Yoon had vouched for any of the other three, they would have performed just as badly. Sneaky bastards, but praise them. 
Jaemin walked onto the set immediately, grabbing you by the waist as he looked down at you. 
“Yes! That’s it! Lean into him more Y/n, there you go. Yes, Yes!” Mr. Yoon clapped his hands together excitedly, Yerin giving the two of you a pointed smirk as she seemed to have caught on herself. “This is exactly what I imagined. Lights, get over here and shine some ‘sunlight’ through the window!”  
Mr. Yoon was so thrilled he was jumping all over the place, barking orders at his staff as they scrambled to create the perfect setting. Jaemin turned back to you and leaned in to whisper in your ear. 
“We won’t have to act at all, baby. This’ll be a breeze,” You couldn’t argue with that, pulling away as a few of the stylists rushed over to give the two of you a few touch ups before the cameras would begin rolling. 
“Okay, we’re going to start off with the pan on Jaemin’s face. Get a little closer, a little more, perfect! Okay, and… Action!” 
Jaemin approached you slowly, a dark look in his eyes as he gripped you by the waist and let you wrap your arms around his neck. He leaned in close and you felt his breath fan your skin. You shuddered in a way only noticeable to him, Jaemin’s smirk crawling over your neck as he moved to kiss it slowly. 
The rest of the shoot was, as he put it, a breeze.
jaemin<3: hey gorgeous
jaemin<3: SM sent us the final draft of the mv, and they said i could send it to you 
jaemin<3: it came out great, all thanks to you
jaemin<3: video attachment
Jaemin had asked for your number at the end of the shooting day, insisting that he was now convinced that the universe had given him enough signs. You two had been texting and calling each other ever since. You clicked on the video link and turned up your volume, the music flooding your empty dorm. 
[a/n, please get your music apps out and play “It Felt Like the World” by DYSN] 
The first shot was of you, a close up of your winding body as you danced in the center of a cluster of extras. The film was edited in slow motion, the colorful lights basking your face in an artificial glow as your intentionally smudged makeup caught light in the frame. 
Down your body, adventure
The scene cuts abruptly to you and Jaemin in “his bedroom”. He was descending his lips down your clothed body, the camera following his movements as his head eclipsed the light coming in from the window. 
Before the next line Jaemin could be seen in the club himself, pushing through the sea of bodies with his eyes trained on the camera—trained on you. 
She said, “Don’t stop unless I tell you, tell you,” 
You had been instructed to lip sync to the lyrics in real time, your glossy lips mouthing the words as you were dancing with Jaemin. The two of you put on the choreography well, moving as one against each other. It was steamy, his hands trailing down your body as you slinked around him like a snake. 
But you ain’t said a word
Not a word
Things took a turn, as you expected, the scene of you pushing Jaemin backwards in his room as he stumbled, stunned. You two appeared to be arguing about something—well, more like you were yelling at him and he couldn’t get any words out. It was a depiction of a guy that couldn’t fight for his relationship. 
You were walking toward the door furiously when he grabbed onto your arm desperately. He turned you around and pulled you close, his lips trailing down your neck feigning apology as the camera followed. Your face contorted with conflicting thoughts. 
Then she whispered, “kiss me”
Your eyes were borderline teary, Jaemin pulling back to look into them. 
“Darling, kiss me, take me”
Jaemin did. He kissed you and the passion was evident through the screen. Your heart fluttered as you watched, giving you a third party view as Jaemin’s lips melded with yours. It came across as distressed, like he was trying to tell you everything he couldn’t bring himself to say. 
When we were 17, it felt like the world
You two were making amends, a cultivation of smiles and laughs shared between you two. He twirled you around, you two laid in his bed as he played with your hair, you smiled at him as he caressed his nose with yours. 
It felt like the world
The long instrumental took up the last half of the song, the video panning between the band and you two driving in a car together with the sunset apparent through the windows. He glanced over at you with one hand on the wheel. You caught him staring and smiled. Everything was perfect about the long, slowed clip, the two of you staring lovingly as the perspective shot from the backseat forward. He reached over to grab your hand, kissing your knuckles, and then the screen went black. 
Hello Future: The Band
It Felt Like the World 
You watched it twice more, fully embracing the beauty of the video. Any opportunity you had to book a gig was exciting, but this one was special, you knew, because you cherished the boy alongside you. Jaemin had guided you through the tough acting scenes, letting you feed off of his energy, taking the initiative but still letting you shine on your own. 
you: wow jaem, it’s beautiful 
you: the song is so wonderful, and Mr. Yoon really captured it well
The three little dots appeared immediately. Jaemin had been waiting (im)patiently for your reaction. 
jaemin<3: you were the one who made it special, y/n
jaemin<3: it’ll be posted in two hours
jaemin<3: call me later, yeah? i have to go for now, i’m in a press meeting :(
you: of course. have fun!
[read: 4:02 pm]
You tossed your phone beside you on your bed, giggling like a teenage girl. 
haechanfever127: god this music video is so beautiful. i’m so proud of the boys for making this amazing song!
jenojam: wow~ to be this girl! 
renjuniiee: i’m a new fan after listening to this song. it’s all over the radio, and it’s almost getting overplayed (not that it ever could lol) 
You were scrolling through the comments under the video, a week after its release. You were incredibly giddy about the whole thing. You convinced yourself that maybe this was finally your shot, and you were unbelievably happy for the boys. The song was topping charts worldwide. 
luvforjaem: i wonder if this song was written about jaemin’s girlfriend. weird that she wasn’t the one in the video, though. 
You froze, staying on that comment for a long while as you reread the words in hopes to process them. In a flash you opened your web browser and searched up “na jaemin girlfriend” (admittedly not one of your proudest moments) and was shocked by the amount of headlines that popped up. You clicked on the first one. 
Breakout Band HELLO FUTURE’s Na Jaemin Spotted With Labelmate Kira Outside of Company Building
#ThingsAreGettingSteamy! #GlobalPlayboy
There was a large image attached at the very top of the article, and your heart dropped. He was wearing a black cap that covered his eyes, but the girl in the photo was unmistakably pressed against Jaemin’s body, smiling up at him with his face out of view. 
You didn’t want to, but you proceeded to read the report. 
By now we’ve all heard about this new global boy band. With faces that make the girls swoon, it’s no surprise that they might be in relationships! Na Jaemin, the star of their hit music video It Felt Like the World was photographed getting a bit close with fellow labelmate and established pop singer Kira outside of their company building. Reporters say they were getting touchy before Jaemin sent Kira off in a taxi. Whew, girls, what boyfriend material! They make a beautiful couple, don’t you think? 
Buzz is already forming around the new pair, fans either gushing over their perfect image or sad that they couldn’t snatch him up first. What do you think? Will their relationship last? Vote below! 
There was a little poll at the bottom with a YES or NO option. Always petty, you furiously tapped the NO button until the graph hauntingly revealed the overwhelming amounts of YES’s. You threw your phone across the room and screamed into your pillow. 
Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz…
Ding! Ding! 
You lifted your head and looked over at your phone sitting face down on your rug, shooting daggers into it. Reluctantly, you got off your bed and picked it up. 
[1] Missed call from jaemin<3
[2] Message from jaemin<3
You scowled, tapping his notification to see what he had to say. 
jaemin<3: hey, can you call me back? 
jaemin<3: please
You debated for a long while, even though you knew he could see that you read his message. When he started typing again, you pressed the call button. 
He was silent for a moment. 
“I’m guessing you saw the article,” 
“I did,” 
Jaemin sighed, his eyes squeezing shut as he thought of what to say. Did he tell you his truth, or his company’s truth? He didn’t know. 
“Are you upset with me?” he asked, hoping that if you were, it would be worth it to tell you straight up. Maybe, he thought, he could find a reason.
You were silent for a while—for too long. You were trying to find the words to say. I mean, what could you really tell him at this point? It’s not like you two were together. Plus, now he’s dating a beautiful, talented, famous celebrity. So that smaller part of you, the one that wanted to scream at him for being with another girl when all you wanted was him, was suppressed. 
“Why would I be upset? I’m sure the video’s racking up more views as we speak, Jaem,”
The affectionate name broke his heart. “I just thought—”
“You don’t have to think about anything. This is great for the band and for me. I can get more job opportunities if the video blows up, right?” you chuckled, but the conversation went dead for a moment as you both sat with bated breaths. 
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I hope to see you on the front page of a magazine sometime soon,” Jaemin replied. He tried to keep the defeat out of his voice when you sounded so chipper. “You’ll be miss bigtime performer and I’ll have to beg you to be in another music video,” 
“I’ll be looking forward to it,” you sighed. 
“Yeah, me too,”
When you gave your formal goodbyes and the phone call ended, you both knew there were things that had been left unsaid and feelings still lingering. Neither of you could bring yourselves to open up, and for a long while after, there were no messages and calls exchanged. 
“You mean to tell me that you haven’t spoken to him once since then?” Yangyang asked incredulously, turning from his computer to actually look at you and digest the situation. 
“Yeah,” you sighed, picking at your nails distractedly. “But I made a promise to myself never to read any articles on him for the rest of my life,”
“Sounds like a good plan,” Yangyang agreed with a nod, the sound of his video game menu filling the silence as he paused. “Do you still think about him?”
He was treading lightly with his words, but he didn’t need to. 
“Sometimes,” you replied, finally looking up from your hands and giving a small, content smile. “I mean, I barely knew the guy, and what I got from the experience was far beyond just Jaemin. I don’t think I’ll ever forget what it was like being on set, being around those people and how much I loved it,”
“Good for you,” he smiled. “Like, for real. I’m happy you feel that way. I don’t know if I’ll ever be as mature as you,”
“You won’t”
“Way to ruin the moment. This is what I get for being nice to you,”
“I hope they’re happy,” Jaemin muttered, tossing his bag down roughly as he stormed into the band’s apartment. Renjun was the only one there, Haechan and Jeno having gone off somewhere together, and the boy watched Jaemin with pity. “I hope everyone who had a part in this gets their bank account drained,”
“I’m really sorry, man. I know it’s hard right now, but maybe it’ll all work out in the end,” Renjun consoled, scooting over on the couch so Jaemin could collapse beside him. “But, Y/n really was cool,” he admitted. 
Jaemin huffed in frustration, his hands running rampant over his face and through his hair. His jaw was clenched as he stared down at his feet with his head between his hands. 
“Do you think it’ll be worth it?” Jaemin murmured. Renjun sighed as he leaned back, staring up at the blank ceiling. 
“I sure hope so, Jaemin,” he said. “I really do,” 
3 years later
“Well, look who it is!” someone called, and you turned toward the voice with a beaming smile. You hadn’t known she would be here. 
“It’s been so long!” you chirped, reaching out and hugging Yerin. She chuckled before pulling away. 
“I almost didn’t recognize you with the new hair,” she laughed, nodding toward your red strands. “I like it. It really screams: Dior’s New It-Girl,” 
“Oh, stop it,” you blushed. Yerin looked like she was going to say more, but another woman approached and coaxed her away. She gave you a warm, apologetic smile before you were left alone once again. You figured it would be best to find your seat now as the venue had become much too crowded, and you knew you would have to entertain a few conversations along the way. 
A couple years back, you never knew you would be sitting in the front row of an exclusive Christian Dior fashion show, but here you were. Since the music video had blown up, kickstarting your career, you’d graduated college while simultaneously juggling all the job opportunities you’d gotten. They’d started off simple, with things like small product advertisements to showcase to your growing social media following. Then you’d gotten a call from a technology company asking if you could be in their headphones commercial, then booked a gig with a video game company to be the model for one of their characters, and then, one of your favorites—being asked to fly out of the country to be part of the main cast on a travel-based reality show that just got renewed for a third season. 
Eventually you found yourself here, a special guest at your fashion ambassador’s Summer Collection show, having just walked down the very same runway a few months before for their Spring Lookbook. 
And you were never a fan of the press, but once in a while you’d come across an article or a magazine with your face on it, and you could never help reading the headlines. 
Y/n: The Next Big Thing and Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Her.
New Hit Reality Show ‘Border Crossing’ Features a Funny, Fresh Face. 
And most recently, Christian Dior’s New It-Girl. 
You might know her because she’s all everyone’s been talking about, but we promise she didn’t appear out of thin air. We recently interviewed Y/n asking her about what her journey to stardom has been like. “Thrilling”, she said. “I still wake up in the morning and wonder if any of this is real,”
Well, it sure is! It seems like she’s the only one that can’t believe her own success. After a private call with a Dior team member, our reporter found that Y/n is well known in the entertainment world as being extremely professional, easy to work with, and quite charming among the staff. Just this past May, she could be seen studying for her university classes during a photoshoot! Your turn to take notes, everyone. This is how to be a multi-million dollar model, actress, and the nation’s darling. 
Your on-brand dress was elegant but a bit extravagant, and you found it hard to move around as you tried your best to weed gracefully through the crowd. Your reserved seat was near the center of the right wing of chairs, on the complete opposite side of where you stood now. You were passing the entrance when a commotion came from outside. 
High pitched screams could be heard and many turned their heads to watch the scene unfold, a series of cameras flashing trying to capture whoever it was approaching the building. There were shouts from the photographers but too many to make out what they were saying, and in a rush to get by, you nearly stumbled whilst crossing the bit of red carpeting that reached past the doors. 
Someone grabbed your hand to steady you, and you looked up to see a familiar face. 
“Woah there, we can’t have the face of the brand falling, can we?” 
“Thank you, Hyunjin,” 
Hwang Hyunjin was your equal, the male ambassador of the brand to match yourself in the countless campaigns that featured your high profile faces. You’d done several shoots with him before, and he was always very courteous, and had intimidated you at first with how experienced he was. He had always been a model, but with his face and talent he was able to make an enormous name for himself on social media and became one of the most sought after male models in the industry. Dior was simply able to snatch him up before anyone else could. 
You gave him a grateful smile, letting his hand continue to hold yours as you subtly regained your balance. But, in a matter of seconds, the cloak of whispers from the guests around you brought you back to where you were. And when you took just one second to reestablish your surroundings, you realized someone was standing just a short length away, stopped on the red path having been blocked by you and Hyunjin. 
The first thing you saw was the snake tattoo running down his neck. 
Neither you or Jaemin made any reaction as you made eye contact. His black hair was kept a tad longer and he wore a simple black suit that somehow made him look intimidating, and it was the serious impression you got from him that truly made him feel like a stranger. You didn’t realize until Hyunjin led you away that you had subconsciously gripped the poor man's hand firmly. 
“They sat us together, right? Let me help you,” 
You vaguely heard Hyunjin speaking to you, your mind stuck in the gutter. You hadn’t seen Jaemin in years, much less within that close of a proximity. You were already lost back into the crowd and you knew looking back would be worthless, but the muscles in your neck were tingling with how badly you wanted to. 
How has he been? How were the others? A million questions were racing through your mind but only one in particular resonated within you. 
Does he still think about you? (Like you’ve thought about him?)
You don’t pine over him anymore, and you’re unphased when another one of the band’s hits plays on the radio, but you’ve become a different person in many ways. At random moments, on random days, you wonder if he ever follows your trail to stardom. You wonder if he sees your face on the city’s billboards, if he’s watched your show. You question if he’s proud of where you’ve gotten; if mega-popstar Na Jaemin ever reads an article and feels happy for you.
You have no time to continue fretting about the situation once Hyunjin finds your seats, and you’re forced to push the thoughts out of your head and focus on the task at hand. For the entire night there will always be a pair of eyes on you, and you must act accordingly. You're mentally switching yourself back to work-mode as the lights dim and the runway comes alive. 
There’s a series of formal speeches and grateful welcomings from the designer, and soon the first model makes their way from backstage wearing the collection’s signature diamond motif print. A round of applause sounds as the fashion show is now underway. 
A figure walks from across the strip of marble and it catches your attention, your resolve wavering as Jaemin takes the seat directly across from you. You’re both facing each other this way, and you don’t spare him another glance as you return your sights back on the next model. Karina struts down the aisle wearing a large, lavish hat, and it’s so big that it masks her intentional wink as she passes your seat. 
Sixteen models later, and you feel the grim, horribly specific, unignorable stare. With just a fleeting glance forward, you’re able to confirm that Jaemin is not in fact watching the show. He’s too busy watching you. 
“Hey,” Hyunjin whispered, leaning over to speak into your ear. “Mr. Beccari is going to be at the after party. We should probably show our faces, even just for a little while,” 
You simply nodded, knowing the after parties played a key role in making connections. Anyone worth your time would be there, and even if it was exhausting, you would make an appearance. 
You kept yourself fully focused on the models for the rest of the show, sparing not even a flicker of the eyes toward Jaemin for the rest of the night. You weren’t sure why you were so hostile towards him even after all these years, but making a name for yourself meant learning when not to be walked over. 
The weather was nice, the outdoor venue for the post-runway show cast in a golden glow from the lights strung above the heads of the high class group mingling over champagne and appetizers. You and Hyunjin walked in together as instructed by the PR manager, letting the photographers capture the two of you gliding along arm in arm. Your red hair was left down tonight, blowing rampant but gorgeously with the light winds. 
A mass of people crowded around the two of you upon your arrival, talking courteously about nothing important at all. You pasted a smile on your face and tried your best to keep your mind blank. 
“Is that from the Fall 2005 collection? One of my favorites, dear,” your creative director noted, eyeing your dress with approval. She was never one to give many compliments, so you took this one with pride. 
“I prefer what you wore in the spring,” 
You turned to the newcomer, who was standing just over your shoulder, Jaemin’s warm hand brushing politely over your forearm before retracting just as quickly. He was smiling over at the director, but he stood impossibly close to you without any hint of second thought. 
The director clapped her hands together in giddy satisfaction. “Oh, how wonderful! Our celebrity ambassadors standing together,” Your eyes widened when you processed her words, turning to Jaemin in disbelief. He’s a Dior ambassador now?
“I’m glad to be working with a friend,” Jaemin chuckled, referring to you without sparing you a glance. He led the conversation with the director for a while before she departed to take a phone call, leaving you two alone. Jaemin circled your figure until he stood in front of you, a smile on his lips that was almost insulting. 
“Friend, huh?” you joked lightly, though the undertone in your statement didn’t go unnoticed. There were some murmurs sounding around the two of you, making you aware that this wasn’t just a private conversation. The two ambassadors were talking; the two of you were talking. That deserved attention. 
“This is my second time seeing you tonight, and I still have yet to receive a greeting,” 
“I was occupied with other matters,” you replied, your blood nearly boiling at his comment, but you couldn’t muster anything but shock at the moment. He looks good, you thought. Older. With the way you were studying him, Jaemin looked away for a second, finally a break in his indifference. You watched him swallow harshly, eating away words you’d never get to hear. 
Fuck, Jaemin cursed to himself. One little look from you and he was looking for an escape. 
“How is the band doing?” you asked. It was all just meaningless catching up, but maybe this was your sneaky way of asking how he was. 
“Not as good as you,” he replied politely. “You’ve been everywhere,” 
“I guess so,” you hummed, feeling the conversation beginning to die. Your torn heart wanted him to walk away and stay all at the same time. You wanted him to let you grab another glass of champagne but you wanted him to take you home. What was he thinking? What was going on inside of the head of a boy you never really knew, and why did it still feel like you’ve known him your entire life? 
“Are you still dancing?” he asked. You were glad that he asked, but now you were convinced he didn’t keep up to date on much of your activities. You had been hired as a guest judge on a popular dance competition show just a few months back. 
That was the only episode Jaemin had ever watched, but the question was just to lead into what he would say next. 
“Yeah, occasionally,” you answered. Your mood had noticeably soured, but Jaemin perked up with a glimmer of hope. 
“We’re recording a new album,” he explained casually, but his heart was pounding. “I think we’ll be taking the tour out of the country,”
“That’s amazing,” you commented. Your voice lacked the enthusiasm he had hoped for. Jaemin was starting to doubt himself, and once he started, he could never stop. 
“Yeah, I guess so,” He cleared his throat in discomfort, looking anywhere but at you. You took it as a sign to exit the conversation. 
“I’ll see you around then,” you offered, catching yourself when you overthought how you might have come across. “At these Dior events, I mean,” Jaemin only nodded and you gave him a small smile as you turned, but he spoke up in a flurry of courage before you could walk away. 
“We’re looking for an opening act for the tour,” he blurted, his fist clenching at his side in embarrassment for what he’d said. You paused with your head down for a moment, hearing the offer he had subtly given, turning back to him with a fleeting grin. 
“Well, I hope you find one,” 
You excused yourself first. 
You never thought you would stoop this low. You’d never wanted to find yourself in this position, sitting on your bed, staring down at your phone like an immature kid. Your finger was hovering over the follow button, Jaemin’s profile picture staring at you as if he was judging you, too. 
You bit your lip, unnecessary stress filling you, and you went over the pros and cons. 
Pros: He could follow you back. 
Cons: He could not follow you back. 
Okay, maybe this was immensely stupid. You grit your teeth, your eyes squinting as you winced, your finger tapping the screen as the blue bar turned white. The world seemed to stop for a moment, until you shut your phone off and pounced to the other side of the bed like it had burned you. You couldn’t bear to look over at the device, groaning with regret. 
He has millions of followers. He’s never going to see yours. And even if he did, he might not even decide to follow you back! He only follows twenty two people. The odds did not seem to be in your favor. 
You reached your phone with alarming speed, the notification flooding your senses. 
na.jaemin0813 followed you. 
You screamed into your pillow. In private, of course. You hoped this entire experience would be forgotten by you so no one on the planet would know it had ever happened. 
Somehow, just seconds after he followed you, you received an influx of followers who all seemed to come from his profile. You received likes and comments, too. 
bobajaem08: new girlfriend?? O.o
          → hellofuture444: isn’t she the one from the IFLTW mv? 
          → heychan_: does that mean they still keep in touch?
          → fashion1sta: don’t you know? they’re both Dior ambassadors now 
DIOR brand ambassadors!
Link to article
Hello Future’s Na Jaemin Has Recently Become a Part of the Dior Family, Alongside Old Friend Y/N. 
Can you think of a timeline better than this? We sure can’t. Na Jaemin, popular bassist from the global band Hello Future has recently been announced as a brand ambassador for Dior, alongside company favorite, Y/n. 
Remember the hit It Felt Like the World? Well, that was when the pair first met! According to inside sources from the music video’s production team, sparks were flying on the set all those years ago! Does this call for a rekindling between the now global mega-stars? Two single, attractive individuals… subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news on celebrity love life! You might just receive breaking news on developments between the two.
Do you think there’s a chance for romance between these hot celebs? Vote down below! 
“Old friend”? What a load of shit. You hadn’t spoken to the guy for three years until that night, and there were already romance rumors flying about. You knew this was a part of being in the spotlight, but it still felt strange as you stared at the photo. (You two did look good together, though.)
You hadn’t kept up with Jaemin’s love life since your falling out, so this was really the first time it was confirmed to you that he was single. Not that it meant anything to you. Right? Right. 
A few hours later you’d gotten a call from your agent, something about how you were blowing up since the rumors started coming about. 
“This might be good for us,” she urged, despite knowing what had happened between the two of you. You and Sooyoung were very close, and she’d been taking care of you for years. “You should repost his story, spark some more conversation,” 
“What story?” you asked, pulling the phone away from your ear and clicking around to find his profile. You’d gotten so many notifications in the last couple of hours that you must have skipped over this one. It was a photo of a Dior package he must have received as a gift from the company with some words down at the bottom. 
So excited to be a part of such an amazing brand. Thank you @Dior and @Y/n for welcoming me into the family. <3
You were tagged in this story. Repost? 
“You can choose to do whatever you want, but it would be best if you let it be known to the public that you two are friends,” Sooyoung explained. You sighed in contemplation. 
“Okay, what about this? ‘Falling in and out of love and falling in again’... Does that even make any sense?” 
Haechan and Renjun were going over some melodies and lyrics—Jeno taking a nap in the corner—while Jaemin was scrolling mindlessly on his phone. 
“Hey, lover boy, we need to finish the first verse. And seeing as you have some new inspiration—ow!” Jaemin had thrown a chip right for Haechan’s head, the boy shooting him a deadly look but popping it into his mouth just to spite him. 
Jaemin’s phone buzzed but he didn’t glance at it yet, staring off into space as he went over the melody. He knew what he wanted to say through this song, and apparently it would be one he would receive many lines for. This was going to be, simply put, Jaemin’s song on the album. He got up and walked over to the two, grabbing the notebook and scrawling a couple lines. 
‘Til that night last summer, when you reappeared
Forgot how bad I wanted this.
Jaemin went back to his seat as Renjun read the lyrics out loud. They seemed more than satisfied. 
“Perfection,” Jeno called from the ground, everyone ignoring his sudden outburst. When had he even woken up? Jaemin went onto his feed and clicked on what had notified him earlier. 
@y/n reposted your story. 
So excited to be working with you again. 
Jaemin smiled. “Hey, guys, I might have a couple more lines for you,” 
“Y/n! Y/n! How does it feel to be at the BT Music Awards?”
“Is this your first time presenting an award?”
“Y/n! Hello Future is in your category! Do you think they will win?” 
The cameras were blinding as you were being ushered into the back of the building, several guards escorting you toward the set. The award show was already underway, and you were notified to make your way backstage so you could prepare for the category you would be presenting. 
BT Music Awards was one of, if not the most anticipated show in the award season of music. Everyone who was anyone attended the event, and you had surprisingly and excitingly been invited as one of the MC’s for one of the biggest awards of the night. A famous soloist was performing while you exited, giving you enough time to enter through the back. 
“Here are your cue cards, oh, and please take the envelope. Do not open it until you are announcing the winner, and make sure to pause before reading it to create anticipation. The trophy will be on the pedestal when you get there, so just hand it to the winner when they come up onto the stage,” 
There were hundreds of people bustling around behind the stage, talking into ear pieces and rushing to get things to run smoothly. A man handed you your script and led you through the chaos until you reached a small flight of stairs where you could reach up and nearly touch the screen serving as a backdrop on the stage. The music was blaringly loud but the song being performed was quite catchy, yet all of it was tuned out as you wiped your sweaty palms on your dress. 
“Don’t be nervous,” the man assured you as he began to walk away, likely tasked with another job that he didn’t have the time to wait there with you. “You’ll do great,”
All you could give him was a sheepish smile as the song ended and the performer began to head off stage, waving to the audience as the commercial break started. 
“Kira is off-stage, I repeat, Kira is off-stage,” 
“Wow,” the girl panted, fanning her face as crew members swarmed her, taking the microphone and such. You stood awkwardly on the side, trying to avoid eye contact. To no avail. She squealed and you glanced toward her, suddenly alarmed as she was walking toward you. 
“Hello! Are you presenting the final award? That is so exciting!” she was much prettier up close, you thought, and she bowed to you as Kira introduced herself. “I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to meet you. I just think you’re so talented, and gorgeous, too,”
“Uh, thank you! That was an amazing performance,” you replied, giving her a small smile. Why did she have to be so nice? 
“Well, I messed up a couple notes, so I’m sure there’ll be some people ridiculing me online. What can you do, right? Oh! The break is over. Good luck!” 
And with that, she disappeared down the hallway, and you were alone once again. A woman gestured for you to walk out, and you took a deep breath knowing you had no other choice. 
You put on a smile and waved out into the black void as you strutted along the enormous stage, and you could barely see anyone but the celebrity section from your spot in the center. Your hands were shaking slightly as you handled the cards, moving the microphone downwards so you could reach it properly. You read your script word for word. 
“What a long night it has been, and the academy would like to thank everyone for being here with us tonight. Now, I know everyone is waiting for the big prize to be awarded, so let’s see the nominees for Artist of the Year,” 
You were instructed to pause, and the production team would play the prerecorded video of all the artists in the category. You switched to the envelope, holding it there and waiting for the final moment. 
“Nominees for the Artist of the Year award. TY…” Every time a new artist was announced, the crowd would cheer. The list was full of star-studded musicians, but you waited with anticipation for your secret, personal favorite. “...Hello Future,” 
The video shut off and the cameras went back to you, and you slowly opened the envelope as the entire arena seemed to fall silent. The name was tucked into the card and you had to slide it out to read it, and your heart skipped a beat as you smiled. 
“And the winner of the Artist of the Year award is,” you paused, looking directly into the camera as you felt a rush of pride flow through you. “Hello Future!” 
Immediately the crowd fell into an uproar of cheers and applause as music was played and confetti began to fall from above. You almost forgot to grab the trophy with all the mayhem, and the cameras panned to the four boys from their seats near the front of the stage. You watched as they moved into a group hug with excited and shocked expressions, celebrating with one another as they finally made their way up to you. 
And of course, the other three stepped behind as Jaemin came to you first, taking the trophy from you with a beaming smile. He faced away from the audience as he did, winking at you as his hands lingered on yours for only a second. You forced yourself not to react on live television, walking to the side as they began their acceptance speech. 
They thanked many people from their company and their fans, talked about their hardships and how they’ve managed to make it this far. They took turns speaking and Haechan looked like he might have been crying. 
“And, we’d like to thank our dear friend, Y/n, for presenting this award to us. She’s one of the few people who have been with us since the beginning. With that, we’d like to thank everyone who had never doubted us, and we’ll continue to work hard for all of you. Thank you again,” Jeno finished, and the music returned as you motioned for them to follow you off the stage. Renjun sped up to walk beside you as you gave him a small side hug, congratulating him with a warm grin. The back of the stage was much less busy now that the show had finished, and the man from before had returned. 
“See? I told you it would work out,” he said, taking the cards from you. You glanced over his name tag with fleeting interest. Announcement Director, Kim Doyoung. 
“All thanks to you guys behind the scenes,” you replied with a smile, catching your breath after that intense, amazing moment. You turned to the rest of the boys and gave them your congratulations, but Doyoung tapped you lightly on the arm. He was listening to someone on his earpiece, beckoning for you to follow him down the hall. 
“You’ll be waiting in this room while the staff prepares the press walk. Sorry, we were going to escort you back to your seat, but there are no guards available at the moment,” 
“I can escort you,” someone called, Jaemin casually trailing behind the two of you. Doyoung gave him a polite smile as you inched away. 
“Of course, but unfortunately you qualify as ‘guarded’, not ‘guard’. If you’d like, you and your bandmates are welcome to wait in a room as well,” Doyoung opened the door to your room, shutting it behind you. You couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation, but you walked over to the small vanity to gather yourself. The dark rumble of the audience was so loud you could hear it from backstage, light pop beats bleeding through the cracks under the door. The atmosphere was so silently loud that you hadn’t heard anyone enter. 
“What a night,” 
You whipped around, surprised yet unsurprised to see Jaemin standing in your doorway, letting the door swing shut on its own. He had taken off his suit jacket and abandoned it in another room, his jarring silver undershirt unbuttoned several times down. You didn’t know how to reply to his comment, so he continued. 
“You look beautiful tonight,” he offered. He was opening himself up to you just by approaching you, you thought. You wouldn’t doubt that it took some courage to continue to stand before you like this, time and time again. 
“Thank you, Jaemin,” you replied. Your manicured nails were soothingly sharp as you scratched at your palm nervously. His gaze was lethal as he scanned every inch of you. 
“Could I ask you a question?” he blurted, but even in his moment of panic, he was calm. The air in the room suddenly filled with tension and anticipation. “But I have to warn you, it’s pretty introspective, so I guess you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to,” 
You didn’t know where any of this was going, and his foreshadowing was concerning. You’d never seen Jaemin like this, and that made you vulnerable to his unpredictability. But, you would never be able to help yourself, so you nodded. 
“Do you think,” he paused, hesitating. “Do you think that people can come back from anything?” 
You studied him. “What do you mean by that?” He seemed reluctant to explain himself, as if he worded the question vaguely on purpose. 
“Like, let’s say someone did something fucked up, and they want to redeem themself. Is it too… optimistic to believe that it’s possible?” Jaemin had traveled further away from the door as the conversation played out, close enough for you to reach him if you extended your arm forwards. 
“I never thought that I would be one to say that things are impossible,” you began. You were going to entertain his worries and regrets, if only to reach into his closed off mind. “But I’ve learned that sometimes you have to stop expecting from other people that things will ever change,” 
“Hm,” he hummed, absorbing your answer. He moved just a little closer, his eyes cast down to his shuffling feet. Mentally slapping himself, he forced his eyes up to meet yours. “And, well, what might you expect from me?” 
Your answer came faster than either of you expected. “I don’t know, Jaemin. I just don’t know you anymore, and I don’t think I ever did,” 
Jaemin was silent for a moment, and in a moment of impulse, he turned on his heels and walked away. Your eyes were blurry as you watched his quick strides towards the door, and he swung it open so harshly that you even watched him turn to his left down the hallway. The room was quiet once again, and you slowly made your way to the open entrance so you could close it. For good this time. 
But when the door was only inches from being closed, you were forced backwards as it was pushed open by a pair of frantic hands. You were turned around and pressed against the cool metal, your back erupting in chills as Jaemin caged you in with his panting body. He stared into your eyes for only a few measly seconds before crashing his lips into yours. 
He was pushing and prodding against your mouth and your body as he sought to be as close to you as possible. His cold fingers held your face still for him to seek comfort in your reciprocation, and he got what he had wanted. No matter what you said, and no matter what your brain told you to say, you would always kiss him back. 
You were both short on breath but wouldn’t dare to stop, moaning and grunting into each other as your hips couldn’t escape the proximity. His body was pressed flat against yours, and he reached down to grab your hips as you draped your arms around his neck. He seemed to enjoy how you pulled at his hair.  
Using his hold on you, Jaemin led your bodies further into the room and sat himself on a chair, instinctively pulling you on top of him. Your short dress rode up as you straddled his hips, and you shuddered as his hands met the skin of your thighs. Hesitantly, you reached up and unbuttoned his shirt a few times down, running your fingers over his chest. He was breathing heavily now, chasing your lips in desperation. You moved together easily, messily. 
He pulled back slightly, both your eyes still closed, and he whispered against your lips for a moment. “Y/n,”
You snapped out of your trance the moment you heard him call out to you. Suddenly, the reality of the situation crashed down on you, and you hopped off of him in a rush to escape. Jaemin should’ve been, but he wasn’t surprised as he watched you, slumped back against the seat with his legs spread, his chest heaving as his breath fanned the messy strands of hair falling over his face. 
“I—I don’t,” It took a while for you to gather your thoughts, and he seemed to wait impatiently, hanging onto every word. “I don’t want to keep playing this game,” 
And just like that, Jaemin became a stranger once again. He stood up and fixed his shirt, his eyes glazing back over in a flash of recomposure. You knew you ruined something in him, but you had to do it to save yourself. 
“This isn’t a game, Y/n. Don’t you realize that? I’m not playing with you,” 
He walked over to the vanity, and you watched as Jaemin leaned down to see himself in the mirror, brushing a hand through his hair and wiping the red tint staining his lips. 
“But if I wanted to be with you, I would. And I’m not,” he finally replied. Your chest began to deflate. In your flurry of heartbreak, a new feeling emerged. One you’d never felt for the man in front of you before. 
Jaemin turned to you as your heels hit the ground harshly, walking up to him with determination. “You know, Jaemin, it’s okay if you don’t want me,” His face was a mix of masked confusion as you spoke with an eerie sense of calmness. “But you can’t keep reminding me of it. You don’t seem to realize what that can do to a person. To me,” 
At that point, tears were falling down your face, and you knew that was your cue. You didn’t want Jaemin to see you cry for him. He didn’t deserve it. You were angry, furious, and you knew it would only fester into a ball of flames if you didn’t get away from his hell. 
“Get the fuck out,” you whispered, turning away from him. You heard him hesitate, you convinced yourself he hadn’t touched your arm in comfort, and you didn’t look back when his fingers dropped from your skin and the door finally closed shut. 
“What are you even talking about, man? You know we can’t do that,”
“And why the fuck not?” Jaemin huffed, his fingers dancing anxiously on the bottle of alcohol sitting in front of him, the glass turned warm from how long he had been draped over the kitchen counter in defeat. 
“They’re our lifeline, you know. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them,” Renjun argued, his head in his hands as he tried to figure out how to mend this situation. “You just need to calm down and get yourself together, alright?”
“Don’t you think I’ve been trying? They’re corrupt, Renjun. We can’t keep letting them do this shit,” 
“Maybe we need to find an alternative, though,” Jeno reasoned, much calmer than the boy beside him. Haechan had been silent since Jaemin’s proposal, and it was worrisome for the other three. Haechan always had something to say.
“Just think about it,” Jaemin pleaded. He had never been so set on anything in his life. “Think about all the shit we’ve had to deal with over the years. We’ve been little chess pieces for them to control,” 
“That’s life, Jaemin. We signed up for this,” Renjun huffed, but his resolve was wavering. There was a point to be made even if Jaemin was being irrational. “And don’t get me wrong, we all know what they’ve put you through. I’m not saying it isn’t fucked up, but what other choice do we have? I just feel sorry that it always seems to be you,” 
The room fell silent, their usually bustling apartment reaching a point of uncomfortable stillness. And then, Haechan finally spoke up. “I’m with Jaem,” 
The other three turned to the boy in surprise, but Haechan’s gaze had a look of unwavering determination as he stared out the window. 
“In the end, it will always come down to the four of us. If we’re as good as I think—as I know we are, we won’t ever need anything more than that. We don’t need anyone else,” 
Okay, so maybe Jeno was easily swayed. Renjun required a bit more convincing, but in the end, he would never be able to deny his friends’ happiness. They were his family. 
“I really wanted to go on tour,” he mumbled quietly, and he regretted it once Haechan attacked him with mock sympathy, petting his head like a child. 
Breaking Headline: Band Hello Future Has Just Terminated All Relations with their Long-Time Label with Unannounced Social Media Post: “Our Truth” 
Every artist’s worst fear is being dropped by their label, so what point must they reach to leave on their own volition? Jaws are to the floor as the world finds out that members Renjun, Haechan, Jeno and Jaemin collectively decided to cut all ties with their record label [Star Music]. In a social media post released at midnight, the members revealed some haunting truths about alleged corruption and forced defamation tactics going on within the company, done in hopes to garner popularity. 
In the post, divided between the four, most are talking about member Jaemin’s take on the situation. It’s being rumored that his experience is what sparked the decision. 
“I’ve been made a liar and a playboy” he said, and many fans are speculating that many of his public endeavors were a scheme. A report made by their own private staff members revealed that various news and media sites were being paid by the company to release false statements on various dating and romantic ‘scandals’ about the bassist. We were fooled, dear fans. 
What will this mean for the four boys? Star Music has yet to make a statement on the situation, but there have been no legal actions being taken as of now. The band has avoided any legal obligations to stay within the company, but will they face trouble with their upcoming album? Their company-funded tour has been canceled, but all across the world, fans are speaking up to support their favs for standing up for themselves. Will this be a monumental step for the music industry? Only time will tell. 
Notice: highly anticipated Hello Future album: ‘Sky on Fire’ is still set to release this Saturday. The band has just announced that they will be performing its title track: ‘Sleepless’ for the premiere, live on all streaming platforms. Make sure to tune in!
message from: unknown number
you’ve received a link. open?
You have received an invitation to attend the Sky on Fire Album launch on Saturday, at 8:00 p.m. 
We would like to personally thank you, for if you are receiving this, you are an integral part of our journey up to this point. From the four of us, we’d like to share this moment of growth with you all. We hope you can make it. 
With love,
Hello Future
Y/n Y/l/n,
Seat 4, Row A 
“This is a big night, people! I am standing just outside the venue for the Hello Future album launch, and it is bustling with all the stars’ closest friends, family, and fellow celebrities! We’ve seen Lee Taeyong, duo-group EXO-SC, actors Jung Jaehyun and Dong Sicheng, and more! Oh, hold on. Someone must be coming! Can you hear me over these cheers?” 
“The large crowd of fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the star-studded guest list are going crazy right now. Who could be the next face we see—? Oh, of course! And here at the venue, we have the band’s long time friend Y/n! Oh, I love her outfit,” 
You must’ve been one of the last people to arrive, the entry strip completely empty as you stepped out of the car. There were barricades on either side to make sure the guests could head inside briskly, the typical flash of the cameras capturing you as you waved around at the crowd. You handed the man in the front your invitation as another woman came to escort you to your seat, and the rest of the audience was just about seated as you strolled past them, smiling to a few familiar faces. You became increasingly more anxious the further down you walked, growing nervous when you realized you were assigned to sit in the first row of chairs. You thanked your hostess and took your seat, the lights dimming as a flurry of camera operators took their places. 
Maybe it was curiosity that brought you here, or maybe it was closure. There was nothing you could refuse when it came to him. 
The stage was pitch black as you heard footsteps enter, and in just a few moments of preparation, the stream was live and the lights came on to reveal the four boys stationed with their instruments. 
[a/n, please get your music apps out and play “A Concert Six Months From Now” by Finneas] 
Tap, tap, tap, tap. 
Haechan began the first verse, and he was smiling in a way that was nostalgic. You realized that seeing them on stage like this brought you back to that party all those years ago. Back when none of you had a name for yourselves yet, and you hadn't wrapped yourself up in the man approaching his microphone. 
“If I could see the future, I never would believe her,” 
Jaemin seemed to be scanning the crowd, but he stopped short as he glanced at the cameras and tried to sell a smile. 
“Falling in and out of love and falling in again,
We were never any good at being friends,” 
You shifted in your seat, feeling the lyrics slice through you. In that small, pathetic part of you, you hoped your face flashed in his mind when they were written, and every single time he’d ever had to sing them like he was now. 
You were the only thing on Jaemin’s mind, actually, but he was just trying to find you. Now that the cameras were on Haechan, he could search through the audience once again. He spent eight long counts darting his eyes around desperately, and then it was time for him to sing again, and then the instruments picked up and the music got louder, and it was all just in time for his eyes to lock onto yours. 
“I’ve been thinking too much and it’s ruined my nights,
But it’s hard when it isn’t, to let yourself slide
And my heart doesn’t slow down when you kill the lights,
I never learned to call it quits.” 
There he was, and there you were. 
The lights were flashing to match the rawness of the music and the chords were harsh as the band played like they were leaving their hearts on the stage. You were getting a sensory and emotional overload, pushing down the tears in your eyes. He was singing to you now that he could reach your eyes. He’d found you. 
Renjun’s voice drowned out as the two of you watched each other, lost in whatever world you were in. Jaemin’s fingers played from muscle memory as his mind got strung up in you. His face reached the microphone one last time, saying everything he’d ever wanted to say in the only way he knew how. 
“I’ll go hungry and crazy and honest for you
I don’t always get angry but I’m promising to
If it’s all that you want then it’s all that I can do. 
Desire never made any sense,” 
He looked away for a moment, too overwhelmed by the tears falling down your face. Jaemin found out for the first time, not too long ago, that you had the power to break him. More than anyone else ever could. 
“I’ll wait for years but I won’t wait alone,
And someday you’ll wait for my face on your phone
And I’ll call and I’ll say I think you should come home,
‘Cause I’m tired of being your ex,” 
The song faded to a close, but the intimate moment between you two did not. Jeno thanked everyone for coming and the fans for tuning in, but Jaemin released his guitar to slump down his body as he stepped away from the mic like he had been released from a spell. The audience stood to their feet, and you were obligated to stand as you clapped mindlessly. 
“Goodnight everyone!”
The crowd immediately erupted into conversation, many friends greeting one another, but you were trying to find your escape. This wasn’t the closure you needed, and you knew you were only going to fall deeper into this hole if you didn’t leave. Rounding the corner, you rushed down the aisle and made a break for the door. 
Outside, it was empty. Everyone had cleared out as the clouds gathered and the raindrops pummeled the pavement below. You cursed, out loud, your clothes drenched in a matter of seconds. You were going to make a break for the awning down the side of the building, nearly slipping in your wet heels. You let out a yelp, but in perfectly tragic timing, Jaemin lurched forward and caught you by the waist. The first thing you identified was his scent, his clothes bathed in rainwater while still managing to smell strongly of him. The tears fell faster and you attempted to rip your body away. 
“Hey, I got you. It’s okay,” 
“It’s not okay,” you sobbed. You hit your fist weakly against his chest, refusing to meet his eyes as you struggled. “It was never okay. You can’t just do this Jaemin. You can’t stand up there and act like—like I mean something to you,” 
“I know,” he whispered, cradling your body in the cold. “I know, and I’m sorry,” 
“You’re sorry?” you cried. You finally pushed yourself away from him, fuming in your sad, pitiful appearance. He was in front of you, soaked to the bone, but he didn’t move an inch. It was time for him to face everything he wanted to turn away from. 
“You can go,” You pressed your finger to his chest. “And stick your apology,” You walked forward as he took steps back. “Up your fucking ass,” 
“You don’t mean that,” he murmured, taking your shaking hand in both of his. He was always so warm. “Let me fix this. Let me fix us,” 
“You were the one who broke it,” you concluded, staggering back, cradling your hand. Walk away, walk away, walk away. 
“It was all a lie,” he called, and you froze in your steps. You didn’t turn, but he continued regardless. 
“I was never with her. I lied, and I did it to save my own fucking career. Even if it meant ending what we had before we could even start,” his voice was shaking, you noticed. “Our manager pulled me into the conference room one day, saying I had no choices left. We were emerging onto the music scene, and it was the perfect time to make a move; to create a headline people would pay attention to. They made me lie to everyone, Y/n. Even myself,”
You turned to look at him, his words racing through your mind. He wouldn’t look away anymore. Jaemin wasn’t afraid. 
“I should have saved us. I’ll never get to know how complete you would have made me, but I think about it all the time. We could’ve been something. You could’ve been everything to me,” 
“You couldn’t save me, but now you can’t let me go. What do you want from me, Jaemin?” 
The rain was beginning to settle, and there was more water dripping from your clothes than the sky, but there was a storm brewing. You could both feel it. 
“I want you to give me a second chance. I want you to learn to love me like I want to learn to love you,” 
You had been so sure that you were done with him, but you didn’t know if you could walk away like this. No, you thought. You had to remember the pain and the confusion even if it hurt, because you couldn’t betray the girl who wanted to be happy again, free of his shackles. 
You laughed like this was all one big joke. Jaemin watched you sadly, but with the sliver of hope he still had left. You knew it would shatter, but you wouldn’t be apologetic anymore. 
“Look at what we became, Jaemin. We’re no good for each other,” 
You barely heard him out, but now you were leaving.
“I’ll wait for you,” he called. “You don’t have to come back to me, but I’ll wait for you, Everyday,” 
You smiled. “I know you will, Jaem,” 
And it was true. You were unforgettable. 
honestly i don't even know if i like this, but i felt like i needed to post something. especially from the playlist series lmao. i hope you guys enjoyed it, and please leave feedback! i love hearing from you guys <3
let me know if you want to be added to my taglists!
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⚠︎ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 | Smut, Dilf! Aged Up! Jeno, Daddy Kink, Fingering, Spanking, Cum Play
Tumblr media
Lee Jeno is rich. As in rich, rich. In fact, he probably has more money than all of the old money families on the Eastern Coast combined.
So, he’s rich, powerful, basically has anything and everything he asks for, attractive…what’s the catch? His love life is exactly the catch. Exactly five years ago, he divorced from his wife amidst cheating rumors going around surrounding the prominent ceo. Though, no-one’s quite sure who cheated. Him or his wife…ex-wife.
But, here he sat at his desk, at his office. Every window in the enlarged room as not a single dust particle made itself known in the air. His dark hair parted slightly to the side, his clean cut white polo shirt with blue trimming on the short sleeves showcased his arms and veins as all three buttons were unbuttoned, his blue dress pants color coordinated to match the trim on his polo and of course—his oxford shoes. All details of him listed is everything everyone immediately noticed about him as they passed his office, peeking into the crystal clear windows that surrounded the door that had his name spelled out for any passer-by to see.
With his teeth gnawing on his bottom lip as he read the paper in his hand, he had every female associate (along with male) practically on their knees for him. Some would simply stand and stare at the way his glasses rested on the tip of his nose, the way his pen twirled in his fingers, the way the sun created shadows on his veins…everyone either wanted to be with him or be him. Everyone wanted to be with or be the forty-two year old, unmarried, highly attractive, and filthy, horribly rich Lee Jeno.
Unfortunately for them, and maybe Jeno himself, he only had eyes for none other than his son’s best friend—you.
“Hey, y/n,” Jisung began, briskly putting his shoes on. “I told my dad I’d keep him company today, but um- well, obviously now I have to work so…you wouldn’t mind keeping him some company would you?” he asked a little bashfully, handing you his dad’s lunch box.
Jisung knew for a fact his dad had his sights on you—he’s decided he’d just play matchmaker as he smiled at you the moment you’d agreed to basically hang out with his dad…for the entire day.
You currently stood inside the elevator full of HR employees as you were instructed to go to the eighteenth floor to find the one and only, Mr. Lee. With a “ding!” you exited the elevator and turned right just like the receptionist said. Again, just like she said, you couldn't miss his office. With large windows showing almost the entirety of the room and the whole back wall being a window, you would've been completely blind to miss such a room like that with such a man inhabiting the insides.
There stood Mr. Lee, his fingers intertwined and his arms extended upwards to stretch and flex his muscles before rolling his shoulders and placing his hands in his pockets.
Intimidating? Absolutely.
You gave two knocks to the door before a low voice gave you a polite “Come in.”
The moment you stepped into the room, Mr. Lee turned around and gave you a crooked smile while walking towards you to meet your form in the middle of the room.
“M'guessing Jisung couldn't make it, hm?” he questioned, raising his eyebrows. His crooked smile grew larger as his hand snuck around your waist causing you to burn with embarrassment. “Tell me.” he demanded.
You shook your head, “He told me to keep you company.” It wasn't the first time Jisung told you to keep his dad company, though, it was the first time he's been so very close to you.
He chuckled at your words, “Course he did.” He sighed as he took the lunch box from your hands. “I'm assuming you've got nothing to do, and I've really got nothing to do so…” he trailed off, looking to the side then looking back at you with a raised eyebrow. “You wouldn't mind me playing with you a little, would you?”
Oh, did I mention Lee Jeno was great with his words?
The moment you shook your head, you felt like you've made one of the worst yet greatest decisions of your life. With all of the front windows now blocked, you were simply alone with only a skirt and your ripped open shirt in-front of Mr. Lee—more like bent over, sprawled out on Mr. Lee's lap.
He hummed. He'd brought all the papers he needed to read to the gray couch in the middle of the room and placed some on the coffee table as he sat on the couch itself with you in his lap. He rubbed your ass as he read paper after paper and you were growing needy for him. He could sense it. While reading, he lifted your skirt and rubbed your skin, inching closer to exactly where you wanted him.
His thumb rubbed up and down your slit, spreading your arousal everywhere before his digit dipped slightly in your hole. The feeling sent a tingle down your spine, Mr. Lee automatically noticed. He chuckled, pushing his glasses back up and began rubbing his hand on the inside of your thighs—the cold metal of his dainty chain bracelet giving you goosebumps.
Lifting your skirt and throwing his papers on the coffee table, his hand harshly came in contact with your ass making you scream out. Anyone that might’ve passed by probably heard you.
“Pretty, pretty, pretty,” he murmured to himself, beginning to push his index and middle finger inside your cunt. Small moans left your mouth the farther he pushed in, you could feel his fingers stretching you out. With a smile on his face, Mr. Lee began shoving his fingers in and out of you—curling them until a white liquid dripped out onto his fingers. Constant moans could be heard from you.
“You sound so fuckin’ cute when you moan, baby,” Mr. Lee nearly growled, quickening the pace of his fingers until he knew for a fact you were going to cum then—gone. He’d pulled his fingers out now letting your soppy hole clench around nothing. If you had the nerve to punch him, you would. Chuckling, he gave you a half-hearted apology. “M’sorry, doll, you’re just too fun.” he chuckled, raising your ass in the air for him as he unzipped his pants to pull his dick out.
Dragging the tip along your cunt, his precum spread all over your area before he forced his tip inside creating a rather wet noise. You basically had a death grip on the couch as Mr. Lee slowly thrusted in and out of you letting you try and get used to his size. He held his fingers on the plush of your lip, letting you suck on his digits. But then—the perfect idea flew into his mind. “This is gonna hurt,” he sharply inhaled, quickly pulling out his dick then shoved the entirety of it back inside.
“Daddy!” you screamed, biting down on Mr. Lee’s fingers that he forced you to suck on. Honestly, the name “Daddy” just flew out of your mouth so effortlessly. “So b-big!” you let out another scream “Too big~” you cried out, tears now falling down your face at the feeling of him stretching every part of you out. Coos of “M’sorry, angel” left Mr. Lee’s lips almost every time you moaned out.
“F-Feels like…” you panted, “F-Feels like m’gonna…m’gonna s-split, Daddy.” you whined, choking on your sobs and moans. While you were indeed whining, it was clear that you were loving every single moment of this.
Soft sounds of “shh” left Mr. Lee’s mouth as your sobs grew louder. “Jus’ relax, honey.” he comforted you as he flipped you around to have your back laying against his couch making your entire body face him. “Jus’ relax and keep your eyes on me.” he smirked, his eyes locked on yours.
You swear you tried your best to keep your eyes dead locked on his, but Mr. Lee just felt too good! “Daddy,” you moaned, your eyes very briefly rolling to the back of your head. Even at the slightest moment that your eyes were removed from his gaze—a quick, harsh slap was delivered to your face.
Mr. Lee roughly held your cheeks in his hand. “Look at Daddy when he fucks you.” he spat, a groan left his mouth at the end of the sentence.
Your moans grew into whines as Mr. Lee placed his hands on your waist and slammed your hips onto his, treating you as if you were nothing but a fleshlight. Your hips seemed to grow a mind on their own as you squirmed your hips against Mr. Lee at every opportunity you could.
A drawn out whimper left your lips, “Mister…Daddy~ M’gonna c-cum~” You loudly moaned right in his ear as your fingernails dug into his shoulders.
Mr. Lee could only chuckle at your incoherent state. “Be a good girl and cum for Daddy then,” he spoke, his voice raspy. As your nails began to dig relentlessly into his shoulders, your nails then scraped down the expanse of his back—you were cumming, hard.
As your cunt was oozing all over Mr. Lee’s dick, he continued to fuck you ruthlessly—not bothering to stop even as nothing but unintelligible whines and moans for him left your mouth and rang in the room.
“Daddy I-” you were interrupted by Mr. Lee post-orgasm when he shoved his digits in your mouth. “Shut. Up.” he grunted, enunciating every word as he chased his own high. The moment you whimpered when his cock twitched inside your wet walls was the exact moment he came all inside you. His hot, sticky cum was oozing out of you as he slowly pulled out of you.
Pulling his pants back up and wearing his shirt once more, he sat on the edge of the couch, bringing your fucked out body next to him. “You did so well for me, lovely,” he murmured, placing kisses all over your face.
Mr. Lee stood up from the couch to answer his door, that had been knocked on countless times leading up to this moment, as you dressed yourself as if nothing happened only minutes ago. Though, you didn’t dare to put your panties back on, sneakily placing the fabric behind a pillow on Mr. Lee’s office couch.
At the door stood a man who had the same stature as Mr. Lee—broad shouldered, parted hair, crisp polo, brooding aura with a psychopathic wide grin, this man could only be Na Jaemin himself. Conversation flew through the two men as Mr. Na stood in-front of an empty area on the couch, right next to you while Mr. Lee took a seat on the couch diagonal.
To be honest, you didn’t have a single clue as to what on Earth they were talking about until Mr. Na’s hand gripped your face. “See you’ve brought somethin’ to play with, huh Jeno?” he smiled, looking at his friend with that wide grin of his before looking back down at you.
Both men had a sleazy grin on their face as they looked at you, Mr. Lee's eyebrow perked up as his hands rested on the back of his head, laying back into his couch.
“You wanna play with him too, honey?”
Tumblr media
@yiz-yo @madame-viper @chicagosbigboi @hyuckhoon @nctdom @gbanne09 @seuomo @yerimezzy @louloudabich
Tumblr media
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boop-le-snoot · 2 days ago
dazed & confused
wanted a woman, never bargained for you // lotsa people talking, few of them know // soul of a woman was created below (i like it)
Tumblr media
sorry this took so long, i got horny multiple times while writing this & had to seek jesus (couldn't find him)
most smut fics are love letters, this? this is hate mail. to stephen strange, specifically. consider this my honest attempt at enemies to lovers. pushing my three favourite agendas: doctor stephen strange, pasta and led zeppelin.
spotify link to the recommended record to play.
warnings: enemies to lovers, trust issues, overthinking/insecure!reader, 18+: face-sitting/riding, dirty talk, stephen's whore mouth, pet names, hitting it from the back sorcerer style, some light bondage, creampie, just filth, okay? softdom!stephen that knows you can be a good girl if you put a little effort into it. brat taming, maybe? word count 8.5k
Tumblr media
"Open up. Open wide," Stephen's stern voice instructed, rolling over you in a wave of exasperation.
You hummed to convey your indignation but relented, parting your lips until the bones of your jaw creaked and the muscles in your cheeks grew taut. Saliva gathered at the back of your throat, tickling it, as you concentrated on not swallowing. Some of it spilled into the corners of your mouth; any other time, you would be mortified as droplets of it slid down your cheek, with Dr. Strange so close to your face that subtle whiffs of his cologne were beginning to reach your nose.
It twitched. So did Stephen's lips.
You could sense the snarky remark bubbling up to the surface of his throat before he even made a sound.
"Be. Still."
I AM TRYING! You attempted to convey, humming angrily and rolling your eyes.
Stephen kept eyeing the runes burnt into the sides of your cheeks and the roof of your mouth all the while his hands kept up a rapid pace, their glow casting a theatre of shadows on his angular face. His cheekbones popped. The treacherous, red curve of his mouth was tense, chapped lips pursed, silver hairs gleaming in his beard that adorns his Cupid's bow.
As your eyes adapted focus, you noticed the large amount of discoloration. It was like Stephen glittered in the golden shine of his spellwork; as it exploded into trillions of little sparks, they set his entire face alight. Like the sun itself had split into opaque gemstones to adorn him.
You forced your eyes to focus on a crack in the ceiling, letting your breath slowly, shakily exit through your nose.
Stephen Strange was a beautiful bastard.
You've told him so - patronisingly, of course, as part of the frequent verbal stand-offs you two had. It was a tale as old as the world: he'd play the superior card, you'd quietly roll your eyes and continue to do your thing - Stephen would annoy you until you were forced to acknowledge him; you, being no blushing maiden, spared him not from the sharpness of your tongue and your wit.
Still, you were glad he wasn't reckless enough for his ego to get in the way of saving people's lives. Most of the time, at least. If you were forced to pair up, there was a reasonable truce until the immediate threat was removed from this universe. The banter during clean-up, you could deal with. It was fun sometimes, even, Stephen's short fuse making him an easy target to unload some pent up frustration onto.
Worstie, a word of the slang variety, snuck into your head as you contemplated the sickly-beige paint on the ceiling. A quick amused chuff escaped you, causing Stephen's focused face to turn down.
"Are you seriously laughing right now? Most of your mucosa is covered in second degree burns."
It was the accusative amusement that had you reeling, internally of course. You briefly set your eyes back on his, making sure he knew your spirits remained as high as ever.
Strange offered a noise of his own. The corners of his mouth upturned again.
"You know, I find you more agreeable this way. Finally, some peace and quiet around here," he remarked conversationally, placing a large, cool, glowing palm over you throat that immediately soothed any lingering discomfort from the enemy's spell. "You could even pass as cute when you're not talking." Evidently, he was enjoying your temporary shift in dynamics.
Temporary, it's only temporary, you told yourself, keeping your breathing even as Stephen obviously tried to make his best of the situation and get a rise out of you. The realization of him being able to win, proverbially speaking, only when you were incapacitated, filled you with no small joy.
"... but that's the good news," he picked up. "The bad news is that I can fix this, but it is going to hurt. A lot."
"Zo it," you rasped, feeling your mucous membranes crack and bleed simply from uttering two garbled syllables.
The sorcerer's pointed look lingered on your face, uncomfortably close and soundlessly loud. His fingers twitched along your jawline.
"Alright," he nodded, to himself, and withdrew to perform a set of complicated hand gestures over your prone form.
It burned, worse than the wretched curse itself. The skin was peeling off you, quite literally this time, taking the runic markings with it, cleansing your vessel with fresh blood. The urge to gag was overwhelming as iron and copper flooded your mouth, dribbling crimson down the corners of your mouth. Your hands clutched at the sides of the chair until your knuckles lost all color; round, fat teardrops slid down your cheeks as your chest heaved.
Stephen observed you with a clinical eye, blinking rapidly as the spell lit up for the final time before dissolving in on itself and taking most of the pain with it. You could breathe again, even if the cool air in the room felt like ice directly over the burns. Sharp and stinging.
"Fanks," you rasped, testing out your vocal capabilities and pain levels, both of which you found bearable.
"Alas, peace never lasts long," the corners of Stephen's mouth returned to their usual, condescending position.
His hands found their frivolous way back to your face, holding it in place as sharp eyes examined the tender inside of your mouth. A long, slender finger reached out for the corner of your eye, wiping a stray tear away from your fluttering lashes, followed by his thumb diligently flicking off the blood at the crest of your lips.
If you wouldn't know any better, you'd think the touch was caring. Tender, even, as the sorcerer's oh so earnest stormy blues traced the fine lines of your face. But you did - know better. It was humiliating, being treated for your boo-boos like a moody child.
You closed your mouth, hands immediately flying to massage the sore, tense muscles of your jaw.
Stephen withdrew his fingers rapidly, clasping them over his stomach.
"Wong took care of the stragglers?" You murmured, carefully enunciating your words. Chit-chatting was going to be out of the question for the next couple of days.
"As always," Stephen's reply was curt, his eyes cast on the wall.
"I guess I'll go sleep it off then," you conceded, spying the clock, its arms showing a little past midnight. Why couldn't the bad guys pick a better time of the day to execute their nefarious, stupid plans?
"That would be best," the sorcerer shuffled in place before clearing his throat. "Doctor's orders."
The tongue-in-cheek remark had you obstinately emit a scratchy laugh. Insufferable, as always, no stress or tragedy could put this man out of his saucy commentary.
You voiced your thoughts on the topic. "Cheeky bastard!"
With a shake of your head, you conjured up a portal directly to your bedroom, stepping into it and lifting up an arm to say goodbye as it closed up behind you, totally missing the long, tired sigh coming from the tall man.
Your apartment greeted you cold; a beeline for the shower and clothes thrown carelessly onto the ground, the smell of French vanilla and sandalwood from your favourite candles - their flames danced, casting moving shadows over the walls. As you paused to remove the last layers of sweat-soaked fabric, the angular obscurities caught your eye, freezing you in your tracks.
Some sorcerers found shadows jarring - it was the reason for the Sanctum's skyrocketing electricity bills - the moving, dancing spots reminded the dimension wanderers of places better left unseen. And you jumped, too, at first, but then a brief memory crossed your mind.
Stephen's sharp features. The way that light, any light, drew immediate attention to his sculpted bone structure and straight, regal nose. When he had leaned over you, as close to share a breath, you traced the smile lines on his skin, the odd scar over his lip. He was sharp, as in mind, so in body. Even the hair he so meticulously styled (must've taken all morning) was divaricate in it's curve.
Under the hot, soothing spray of water, in the privacy of your shower, you allowed yourself to entertain thoughts that usually were kept at bay. Images of Stephen shirtless, dripping with the blood of your shared enemies; chest heaving and strong, defined muscles of his back tense. The way clear sweat rolled down the groves along his spine just to disappear beneath the waistband of his pants that slouched low on his hips.
"Fuck," you muttered, sticking your flaming face right beneath the spray. The droplets bounced off it as you held your breath.
An arduous pull, deep and low in your belly, the kind that rode on the tailwind of an adrenaline rush, had quickly blossomed into a heaviness that sat like a two-tonne blunder, immovable and annoying. Only pure spite and the rumbling of your stomach gave you the willpower to push the knob, turn the water off and throw on some sweatpants to depart for your kitchen.
Briefly flicking through a take-out app, you abandoned the idea of ordering food at this ungodly hour, deciding to throw together some ingredients for a quick and delicious pasta.
Thoughts of Stephen still lingered on your mind, stubborn as the man himself. You didn't want to give into the feelings, completely unwilling to admit the man had somehow found a way under your skin. He still had regular coffee dates with his ex, for fuck's sake! You deserved better than someone's leftovers.
As you felt yourself begin to think in circles, your hands groped for your phone again, connecting it to the Bluetooth speaker and turning it up to highest acceptable volume in the dead of the night. Sultry guitar, intermingled with god-tier vocals, was exactly what you needed to silence your inner turmoil.
Hand busy with cutting and chopping, your legs swayed your tired body to the rhythm as it partook in the mindless task.
One song blended into another as your peace was suddenly disturbed by the sound of your doorbell ringing. Startled, you waited for the shrill noise to repeat itself; it did, more insistent the second time.
Ashamed, you turned down the music somewhat, hastily rushing to the door with a polite smile glued to your face and apologies ready to go. As quietly as you could, you cracked the door open.
"Hi," Stephen was leaning on the wall next to your door, forearm raised. "Took you a while."
"Don't tell me there's another emergency," the smile slid off your face to be replaced by surprise at the choice of his attire.
The ever-present Cloak of Levitation was draped over a baby blue hoodie with a Columbia logo on it. Stephen's sweatpants looked soft and worn and the brand name tennis shoes screamed "upper class middle-aged man". You've seen him in jeans in cardigans, sure, but like this? He looked like he'd just rolled out of bed.
"Sort of," he looked over your shoulder, eyes darting over the items in your apartment. "Wong forgot to renew protective wards. The Sanctum is snowed in. I've got some apprentices rounding up the penguins as we speak," at least he had the decency to look sheepish.
"Penguins?" You wondered, lips twitching at the funny way he was saying that word. "And what does that have to do with me? I'm on sick leave," your eyebrow rose.
"I thought I could bum on your couch?"
No please, no thank you. Both of your eyebrows now rose, appalled at his audacity. You contemplated telling him to book a hotel room, but hesitated, remembering the quick and efficient way he dealt with your wounds a few hours ago. With a sigh, you opened your door, leading him into your apartment.
"Leave your shoes in the corridor and lock the door," you walked back into the kitchen, eyeing the unfinished pasta. A quick survey of the items, you deduced it would be enough for both of you with some to spare. After all, you weren't raised in a barn.
Unlike some people.
Stephen ogled the various knick-knacks scattered around your kitchen and living room without reservation, coming up as far as to pick up and study every photo you had on display. To mask your annoyance, you turned the music back up, pointedly ignoring the creeping feeling of impending doom.
"Is that you as a baby?" Stephen could not hold back his curiosity anymore. He held up a framed photo of a grinning, chubby toddler.
"That's my cousin," your voice dripped with irritation. "Hasn't anyone taught you not to snoop?"
"It was on display," he retorted without missing a beat, but nonetheless put the frame down and approached you, eyeing the chopped onions with suspicion. "Should I worry about getting poisoned?"
"Yes," the deadpan response made him bark a laugh. "But I have one bathroom, so I'll save it for the morning."
"Who said I won't spend the day?" Stephen crossed his arms, staring you down from where he leaned against the counter. "Squatter's rights."
"My neighbours love death metal," the garlic plopped next to the onions and went into the pan, rich aroma immediately filling up the kitchen space. "Especially at eight in the morning. Teenagers, right?"
You could hear the smile creep into Stephen's voice even though his face didn't change one bit. A cherry tomato was quickly snatched from under your knife and plopped into his mouth without as much as a warning.
"Nothing wrong with death metal," his baritone dropped. "I prefer classic rock, but to each their own."
As you prepared to fire off a few choice words about his delinquent thieving tendencies, Stephen pointed at the Bluetooth speaker:
"Led Zeppelin, Dazed & Confused, playing live in Los Angeles in 1972. With bits and pieces of Walter’s Walk and The Crunge," he rattled off, looking, for once, exceedingly proud of himself.
"Huh," the knife froze in your hand as you processed the influx of information. Not knowing what to add, you settled for a flat, "good song. Now stop eating the ingredients."
Stephen laughed once more, no trace of the usual snark and condescension audible in his voice.
"Robert Plant was only 23 when this was recorded."
The water had come to a boil; you dumped the pasta in, stirring the sauce with your other hand. It smelled heavenly; you prayed the music was loud enough and Stephen couldn't hear the chorus of growls coming from your stomach.
"Nerd," you accused him, for a lack of better things to say.
His presence behind you was felt, not seen. With his larger frame inches away, you could smell his aftershave and the leftover crisp of snow he must've brought from the Sanctum. It made your shoulders tense: for the second time today, Stephen was so close, your body involuntary flooded with molten led, warmth spreading from all the small places where you two almost touched.
You felt your knuckles begin to creak with how tightly you had been holding onto the spatula; it took a criminal amount of care to place it on the side of the pan without causing a flurry of noise.
An arm wrapped itself around your waist, letting your back connect with Stephen's chest. The shock froze your limbs and you let yourself be swayed along to the music, electricity sparking up your spine, a slow current running through your heart, your stomach and your hips.
"Everybody's been talking and I swear they been talkin' trash..." Voice low and quiet, the singing coming from the man was more of a hum.
It was still enough for you to strain your hearing, for the rich baritone to add more fuel to the fire of sudden craving.
"The way you push me, I can't take too much of that," another hand, large and warm, took hold of your own that hung limply by your side, bringing it up.
C'mon, c'mon, show me the way! I want to make love to you, little girl, twenty-five hours a day!
You felt true to the song title: dazed by the sudden display of affection and confused by Stephen's unbothered, easygoing attitude. He shelved his vitriol the moment his working hours were over, it seemed. It put you on edge.
Somehow, you thought, that if you'd respond with your usual snark, he'd double down on this strange amicability. And you weren't sure you'd be able to take that. Had he finally realized that the best way to get under your skin would be to play nice? To be friendly right up until you let your guard down and strike right then and there?
"Do I really repulse you that much?" His words startled you out of your negative spiral.
You shook your head, annoyed at yourself and at him.
"You infuriate me," honesty was better than an obvious lie in this case, you decided. Rationed honesty. You weren't about to tell him of the thoughts you entertained in your solitude.
Stephen let go of your waist but kept your hand in his. Without any effort, he spun you, once, slowly, for you to see a wicked smile plastered on his face.
"The feeling's mutual."
You stayed in position, looking up at his face for the longest moment. His neutral-positive expression had you walking a high wire over the abyss of his stormy blue eyes: if you allowed yourself to be distracted, you'd lose all sense of balance and fall, fall, fall...
The sauce was begging for attention at this point and you turned to tend to it, using the few moments of your face being hidden to realign yourself from the bastard's attempts to throw you off-kilter. Who knew it would be sudden tenderness to be the one to put sticks in your wheels? You had done a great job of keeping unnecessary crushes in check before he came along.
The silence became pregnant and you hated it.
"If I had the chance to time-travel, you best believe I wouldn't go kill baby Hitler and shit. I'd go and see these guys live, it would be by far more emotionally satisfying," you offered the first thing that popped into your mind, eager to aid the awkward moment.
"Isn't that right?" He sounded a little too jovial to be surprised. "A wise choice, considering you've studied the effects of time. Intervention in the flow of it would be unwise. You'd look great in flared pants."
"Nerd," you repeated yourself, this time without any heat, choosing to disregard the odd compliment. "Some things are just about enjoyment, for the kick of it. Without any second thoughts. Do you not have hobbies you enjoy?"
"Protecting your reality is a full-time job that demands an unfair amount of overtime," the sorcerer deadpanned, coming up and taking the pot of pasta to drain it without being asked.
"No wonder you enjoy making my life difficult if that's the only thing you do," your mumbling got lost in the sounds of pouring water. Or so you thought.
"And you don't?" As he set the pasta next to the saucpan, his expectant eyes turned to your face, scanning it with rapt attention.
A sigh, one of many when it came to him, left your mouth. You dumped the pasta directly into the sauce, giving it a good stir, before taking the pan off the heat and putting a lid on the food. Mimicking his defensive stance, you leaned against the opposite counter, crossing your arms.
"I'm not the one to yield."
Stephen advanced, trapping your body between it and himself by resting his palms on the counter and lowering himself to your eye-level, an annoying little smirk curving his mouth and drawing your eyes to his lips.
"As a matter of fact, there is something I enjoy," the sorcerer spoke, his breath fanned over your face, landing directly onto your lips.
Your tongue darted out in response, wetting them, as your mouth had suddenly gone dry and heartbeat rose upward in your chest, sitting uncomfortably close to your esophagus.
Seemingly unbothered, Stephen continued, "and that is you. The way you scrunch your nose when you're mad..." His eyes briefly slid down to it, "adorable."
You could only blink, mouth parted and chin lowered. The more you stayed quiet, the wider his smirk grew.
"Your idea of flirting is pelting someone with insults?" Not being one to back down so quickly, you voiced your bafflement.
"And yours isn't?"
No, you wanted to say, but that would have been a lie. Your standoffs, for that they were annoying, definitely had done the job and brought you two together. Closer than ever, in fact. Stephen was barely three inches away from you, lips inviting and face earnest. In his own way.
To back down right now would be to lose.
Eyes squeezed shut, you tasted the offered fruit of Stephen's lips by slotting your mouth over his, surpassing any attempt at finesse. Months of pent-up frustration and a sense of determination stronger than your fear of rejection pushed you to break your number one personal rule of not getting attached to things that could be bad to you.
And Stephen was bad. In the split second it took for your lips to connect, one of his hands flew up to cradle the side of your face, holding you in place as his mouth sinfully devoured yours. It seemed like he had gotten used to holding back, too, evidenced by the sheer hunger that twisted his tongue around yours in a dance of lust and longing.
Blood rushed to your head as the realization set in. Stephen had been pining, maybe even helplessly clutched at the tiles in the privacy of his shower, chasing the hunger pangs for your body with fleeting moments spent together, straining to see things he thought weren't there.
Those sinful images of his bare back flooded your head: skin like caramel, clear droplets sliding down the hills and valleys of strong muscle littered with freckles and moles; like melted sugar or molasses, you craved to collect every sweet drop with your mouth. A low moan rose from your throat, immediately absorbed into the kiss.
Stephen withdrew, panting and flushed, lips glistening with spit.
"Your mouth, does it hurt?"
Aside from the pounding in your temples and the inferno raging in your abdomen, you could feel absolutely nothing. He'd consumed you completely. Not trusting your mouth, you shook your head negative, blinking as it swam and black dots appeared in the field of your vision.
"Good," a curt nod and his hands were back on your hips, figure looming over you and piercing blue eyes staring you down with an expression of exasperated longing.
Before you got cold feet, you decided it best to take matters into your own hands. His stomach tensed under your palms as you placed them, pushing on his body until he took a step back. And then another, this time seasoned with a small noise of confusion.
"Bedroom's that way," you waved your head in the direction of the door, biting your lip at the eager way he immediately turned and, for the lack of a better word, towed you towards it.
Candlelight still danced in the twilight of your bedroom, the space warm and smelling divine. You reached for his hoodie, pulling it upward before the back of his knees hit the bed; blue fabric dropped at your feet the second Stephen landed on your mattress, hands flying up to your waist to steady himself. The simple white tee did nothing to hide his toned physique.
Your hands brushed the immaculately groomed beard, traversing his strong jawline before setting down at the juncture of his neck. You leaned in to place a chaste kiss on his lips, mesmerized by his face in the candlelight. Stephen was just like the sun, for staring at him for too long was dangerous.
"You beautiful bastard," you whispered against his lips, met with a resonating chuckle. Your fingers tangled in the hair on the nape of his neck.
"That's a new one," in retaliation, he bit down on your bottom lip, soothing the sting immediately afterwards by sucking the skin into his mouth and pulling you head-on into another passionate kiss.
Stephen abandoned the curve of your waist in favour of sliding his hands up, mapping the broad of your back and tracing his fingertips down the knobs of your spine. The t-shirt you wore did very little to shield your skin from the electric sparks that his touch brought to your skin. Rows and rows of goosebumps followed in it's wake.
You swore your brain short-circuited when he reached under your shirt. No amount of fantasy could have prepared you for the response of you body when Stephen traced the outline of your breasts, clever fingers immediately finding your nipples pebbled and standing at attention, begging for it as you were driven to push up and into his touch.
Lips migrated from your mouth to your neck.
"Someone's eager," the hot whisper tickled the shell of your ear before Stephen's teeth scratched the tender skin of your neck.
Defiantly, you pressed your knees further into his lap, coming to something unmistakably hard between his legs. The breath he was holding got stuck somewhere between his nose and his throat, erection twitching in his sweats.
"Yeah," your voice was scratchy, snark bleeding into a noise of approval as he squeezed one of your breasts, pinching the other's nipple just shy of painful.
Unclutching your hands from his shoulders was difficult, when you felt like you had to fight to remain in this plane of existence least your arousal shut down all your senses except for the ones needed to experience the torture of his touch. You could spend an eternity like this, in his arms, like a musical instrument in the hands of a prodigy, being expertly, effortlessly brought to a steady crescendo.
"Greedy, greedy girl," Stephen rasped as your hands slid down his chest, fingers and nails mercilessly raking down it and messing up his shirt. He used momentum to rid you of your own top, surfacing bleary-eyed and with toussled hair. "Gonna fuck all that attitude out of you. Isn't that what you need, huh?"
With an impish grin, he wrapped his lips around one of your nipples, applying blissful suction.
Your hands roamed his chest, squeezed the tightly knit muscles of his shoulders almost vengefully. You caught his moan in your mouth, not wanting to give him the satisfaction just yet.
"I can name five better things for your mouth to do rather than talk smack." The impatience, the need you felt demanded a way out. You winced at how needy it made you sound.
Stephen scratched you nipple with his teeth, hiding a momentary grin between your breasts to surface flushed and smirking. His hands found your hips, pushing down your pants with ease, lifting your leg one after the other.
The moment his knuckles touched the soft, sensitive skin of your inner thigh, you shuffled in place - he was so close, almost at the apex, where moisture had left a wet spot on your underwear.
It didn't go unnoticed by him.
"Aww, you're already spreading your legs? Darling, I just touched the inside of your thigh and you're already presenting for me, huh?" Stephen mocked your wide-eyed wonder. His fingertips traced the outer seam of your panties, causing fine hairs to stand up all over your body. Finding you mum and defiant, holding your breath, he reached out a thumb to swipe right at the rapidly growing wet spot. "Showing off for me?"
Your full-bodied shuddering didn't escape the rapt attention of the doctor, either: his hawk's eyes watched you, documenting the conflicting microexpressions, your consideration to just giving in and your inherently stubborn nature.
"Stephen," you warned, threatening not sure what.
The man rubbed a few circles over your clit, delighting in your soft trembling, before placing a chaste kiss on your tummy. The energy between the two of you was electric; like the stand-still air before a storm.
You stumbled when he suddenly grabbed hold of your ass, pressing you into him ass he used his mouth, lips and teeth to mark the expanse of your stomach.
"You were saying, darling?"
You grabbed his hair, pulling it in retaliation. It was not fair how quickly he turned you into a mindless puddle of lust.
"You're an ass."
Stephen chuckled, using his larger form to pull you into him even further, forcing you to crawl onto your bed, only coming to a rest when his head hit the middle of your mattress and you were kneeling between his spread legs.
The outline of his cock in the dark grey sweats immediately drew your attention; it looked thick and long. You audibly swallowed the saliva that gathered in your mouth at the sight.
"None of that," he caught on sternly, pushing you higher up his body, until you were straddling his midsection. And higher, placing your core almost over his face. Your noise of confusion was met with a smug smirk. "You want to shut me up. Do your worst, baby."
There was little more to do that blink; in a second Stephen pressed his nose directly into the soaked gusset of your panties, taking an obscenely loud and indecently long breath. The sculpted appendage brushed your clit, sending little sparks deep into your pussy.
Your eyes fluttered shut, hips involuntarily sinking down, seeking more friction as you became hyperaware of the throbbing in your cunt.
"Nu-uh, keep your eyes open. Look at me, baby," his voice hoarse and slightly muffled, Stephen gripped the meat of your ass to grind you against his face, using his teeth to move your panties to the side. "Make a mess."
Fuck me up, was what you really heard. As soon as your bare skin came in contact with the roughness of his chapped lips and his beard, what thoughts remained quickly took the exit. Experimentally, you ground down, wincing, hearing the slick noises coming from your body.
"Fuck," you groaned through gritted teeth, gripping the man's shoulders for support. Having gotten a sample taste of him, you couldn't stop.
Stephen stuck out his tongue, eagerly lapping up what slick you produced, not caring about it dripping down his chin and glistening his cheeks. The increase in speed and desperation coming from you only egged him on.
"That's a good girl," the sorcerer honest-to-god moaned in between strokes. "You love it like this, don't you?"
"Yes," you rasped, chasing your fill of pleasure. His nose was positioned just right, catching onto your clit with every upstroke and brushing over your labia as you desperately fucked your sloppy hole onto his tongue. "So good."
The grin made an appearance once more; he held your eye, watching with rapt attention as your own vision drifted in and out of focus, swayed on the waves of pleasure.
You were sure his fingers on your ass were going to leave marks for days.
He was holding onto you as fiercely as you rode his face, blue eyes shamelessly documenting every bit of desire on your open face.
The tip of his tongue flicked around your cunt, dipping into the hole to collect the moisture and immediately diving back, over and over. You'd never been devoured so completely and it turned your legs to jelly. Your thighs shook, breasts heaved in rhythm with your hips.
Stephen winked, dragging your pretty much useless form over his face, sucking your clit into his mouth.
You eyes flew shut. The direct assault on your pulsating, sensitive clit was too much; you couldn't take it, torn between pulling away and putting more weight to allow yourself to finally get what you had been craving ever since stepping foot in the shower.
"Stephen, I want to come," you demanded, movements growing sloppier with each passing second.
"What's stopping you?" His innocent inquiry was overshadowed by more and more wet, slippery noises and satisfied groaning.
"It's-" a whine escaped you, thought process interrupted die to his wet beard dragging along your engorged labia majora, "I need more!"
As your bottom lip disappeared behind your front teeth, you could only blink in a lust-induced stupor as golden ropes entwined parts of your body. Suddenly, you found yourself staring up at Stephen, the familiar, soft fabric of your comforter under your back.
Lips shaking and face completely drenched, the sorcerer tore the magic binds, grinning dangerously at your prone form.
You swallowed, legs twitching around his waist. The rapid change in position gave you slight vertigo as blood rushed from your cunt back to your head.
"My, my, what do we have here?"
Stephen used a single finger to move stray hairs, that had been stuck to your clammy cheek, out of your face. The sorcerer's grin only grew as his eyes darted to your flexing throat.
"Aww, baby, I know you need to be filled up to come," he cooed, watching your lips part to take in a shuddering breath, "that little hole is practically begging for me to put something in it. Will you be good for me?" Eyes round and voice soft, Stephen had your full attention. "I know you want to be good for me."
You could do little more than blink, having been pushed further and further into mindless lust by the doctor's honeyed, filthy words. His eloquent speech patterns, wrapped in that deep, velvet baritone, had permanently elevated your standards for dirty talk in just two sentences. You dripped from his voice alone.
The thick, hard flesh of his cock slapped against your tummy, immediately forming a wet, sticky spot under the round, leaking tip.
You arched into him. "I'll be good," you mumbled, swallowing the last remnants of your pride.
"What's that?" He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, kicking off his pants completely, covering you with himself, trying to touch as much of you as physically possible. "Didn't hear you, baby."
"I'll be good for you," you looked up at him through your lashes.
The change in him was instantaneous. The angles of his face grew sharper than ever, lips pursed into a firm smirk. The glint in his eye was positively demonic as he leaned down to pepper your face with more light, airy kisses.
"If I had known before, that all it takes for you to be sweet is putting my mouth on your cute little pussy," he began to grind his hips slowly, angling his cock to hit the spot between your pubic bone and your thigh. "I woulda pulled up one of those patterned skirts you wear right in the Sanctum's kitchen and bent you over the the counter until your word vomit ceased completely."
Despite the cruel-sounding words and the attitude, you sensed no malice coming from the man above you. Your arms had wound around his neck, your hips clumsily attempted to match the pace of his rutting.
Stephen nuzzled into your neck, inhaling the scent of your sweat and smearing your own arousal all over. "You taste divine."
His confession had you take in a shuddering breath, mewling, as his cock slid right over your pussy, giving a touch of barely-there pressure over your engorged clit. Your hips had a mind of their own, chasing after him, fevered and yearning, core hungry and hollow.
"Stephen," your voice cracked with the force of need pulling you taut like a string.
He wasn't done talking yet, but the pace and force of his hips increased, now applying more and more friction to the outer parts of your cunt.
"I know, baby," he soothed, taking hold of your hand and placing his palms over them, leaning on his forearms next to your head. "I'll make it all better, all you have to do is ask. Beg, pretty girl, beg me and I'll give it to you."
Figures. It would be exactly like Stephen, to demand the impossible. You exhaled a slow breath through your nose, mustering up a miligram of dignity to stare the smug doctor down. You sure as hell didn't beg!
It was obvious he had expected some kind of pushback. His grin turned sadistic as his cock slid lower, brushing over your sopping entrance: he froze in place, keeping you at the tip of his cock, heat pouring off him in waves, chest rising and falling rhythmically.
In a split second decision, you attempted to wiggle your hips to get as much of him, as quickly possible.
"Nu-uh," he pulled away from the immediate wiggle zone. "You promised you'll be good," he reminded you, rubbing his damp facial hair, tickling you in the process. "Only good girls get to come on my cock. And you can be so, so good darlin'..." He trailed off, carefully pushing himself back into your space.
You evaluated your options, quickly and painfully coming to a realisation there was no other choice but to swallow the lump of pride and put some work into your own release.
"Please," you mumbled, cheeks ablaze. The words rolled off stiff and clumsy off your tongue, quiet in their novelty. "Please, fuck me."
"We're getting somewhere," his powerful thighs opened you up to him, cool air spreading over your heated sex, "you're being so good for me," another kiss landed over your parted lips, more breathless than the last, "now one more time, show me you mean it."
"Please, fuck me, Stephen," the force of your desire seeped into your words, finally breaking through the dam of embarrassment and trepidation. You mewled again, a high, soft noise, as the fat head of his cock sunk in an inch into your wet cunt.
"Fuck, baby," he grunted through gritted teeth as his eyes squeezed shut. "You have no idea what you do to me."
Slowly, Stephen slid another generous two or three inches in; about halfway through.
The muscles of your sex spasmed, accepting the intrusion and eagerly flexing around his cock, attempting to suck him in for all his worth. You felt every ridge and vein on his girthy, heavy cock, his face blurry in front of your eyes.
"Oh God," you uttered, sensing the gargantuan amount of restraint it took him to not just slide in: Stephen's arms trembled, tummy taut and tense.
As your body accepted the intrusion, he wasted no time in slamming his hips into yours, bottoming out with a single, powerful thrust. Stephen pulled back almost completely and forced his way inside again, allowing himself to enjoy the hot, snug grip of your cunt.
"My sweet girl," his voice little more than an unintelligible growl, his head dropped in a search for your lips. "I got you baby, I got you," sensing you teetering on the brink of overstimulation, he captured your mouth and shoved his tongue down your throat, uncaring about the guttural noises clawing their way out of it.
Stephen fucked you with languid, powerful thrusts that shook your bedframe and slid your body upwards as his cock nosed at the deepest parts of your cunt, a wet, sloppy noise echoing in the room every time he pulled away from you. Your lust flowed freely, soaking your thighs and his, causing your bodies to stick together.
He shifted his hips one way and another, groaning into the kiss with every noise you made, humming as they grew in volume.
And then your world briefly stilled. Your tummy clenched and pussy gushed as Stephen's cock touched a spot that had been often left neglected by your past partners; the scratch of Stephen's trimmed pubic hair brushing against your clit amplified the sensation tenfold, your pussy flexing around his cock.
"There we go," Stephen chuckled breathlessly, and shoved his cock right up against that spot again.
And again, and again, and again...
All you could do was keep your mouth open for the most needed oxygen to get to your lungs; quite literally, the man had stolen your breath away. Noises of intermediate volume left you on the exhales, but you paid them no mind, the sensation having had demanded your full attention. Eyes wide open, they stayed firmly on Stephen's flushed, kind face.
"You look so beautiful when you're about to come," the corner of his mouth lifted into a sheepish grin as he kept up the same even, brutal pace with his hips.
Shit, you realised. You really were about to come.
"S-Step-phen," you voiced your surprise with slurred syllables. "Doc, whas'.."
"Shh, baby," his smile grew. "Don't force it. Just let it happen. You'll feel so good, I promise," he punctuated the softness of his words with a kiss to the slack corner of your mouth.
You obeyed. Despite the aching, pulling desire, you choose to obey his words, letting go of the tension in your abs and hips. The relaxed state of your body allowed Stephen to settle in even deeper between your legs as they fell open, ravishing you; the good doctor had just the perfect cure for the tension you carried around all day, every day.
"That's my girl, you're doing so well for me, so precious, so sweet," the sweet nothings whispered into your ear was like taking small sips of nectar on a hot summer's day.
"Fuck-" you whisper-shouted, body immediately responding to the hold Stephen's words had on your mind.
It seized as your orgasm began: waves that rocked your entire being, starting as small contractions in the bottom of your cunt and spreading throughout your stomach, wave after wave of bliss, until it reached your toes and made them curl in utterly sweet agony. The tide was strong and high, sweeping you under the water and carrying you through the afterglow all with the help of Stephen's gentle, passionate words.
His hips has slowed down somewhat, the motion becoming more fluid in nature; thump-thump-thump of his heart pressed against your chest. He was everywhere, savouring your release just as much as you had enjoyed the supernovae of his skillful touch.
Words didn't come easy to you, but you tried nonetheless. "Stephen, please," you weren't sure what you were begging for. On one side, your sensitive cunt still throbbed and gushed; on the other, you longed to feel the man lose himself in you like you'd lost you mind in his arms just moments ago.
"That's my girl," he chuckled weakly, delicately gripping your hands and giving them a light squeeze. His cock slid out of your hole, leaving you clenching around nothing.
"Mmm," you protested weakly, limbs heavy as you attempted to reach out to him.
"I'm right here," Stephen tapped the top of your pubic bone frivolously, sitting back on his heels. The majestic curve of his cock glistened with your juices; it attracted your attention immediately and Stephen chuckled. "Staring is rude. Now come on, hands and knees."
Your eyes shot up to his face for a second before you looked away, willing your tired body to just cooperate. Lifting your arms and legs seemed like an impossible feat after the earth-shattering orgasm that Stephen had talked you through. One leg after the other, you slid down, rolling into your tummy and squirming at the wet spot right under it. It was all you: reduced to a mere leaky faucet in the sorcerer's presence.
Calloused hands gingerly pressed on your calves, raising your ass in the air.
You squirmed again, wide open for him to see, cold air hitting your sore, abused cunt and causing it to twitch.
A loud, shameless smooch was placed right on it by the man, followed by a long tongue sliding up and down your slit.
You whined, embarrassed and sensitive, shifting you weight away from his mouth as your back arched. It felt almost too much but the memories of that wide, nimble tongue still remained fresh and left you aching for more.
"I'm right here," Stephen patted your bottom. "I'm not gonna hurt you baby, okay? Tell me if it hurts."
His cock was nosing at your entrance once more; as you pushed back onto it, Stephen slammed his hips into yours, fingertips digging into your ass cheeks as he pulled them apart. You didn't need a mirror to know his eyes were trained on your cunt, the place were it hungrily swallowed the throbbing meat of his cock.
Eyes shut, you let your thoughts wander, examining the image in your mind's eye. The way his brow furrowed when he focused on something, smile lines more prominent than ever. Did Stephen bite his lip when he encountered something unexpected?
The bed shook with the force of his thrusts and you with it. Each one aimed well, deep and powerful, it made small, quiet noises leave your lips as his balls slapped harshly against your swollen clit.
"Ahh," your cunt spasmed as he found that spot again. You're were beginning to get sore, but it was a welcoming sort of pain.
"Shh, baby," Stephen panted, voice low and rugged. "I'm almost done. Just a little more, I know you can be good for me. So, so good..." He trailed off, topping it off with a low moan as he bottomed out inside your swollen cunt once again.
You swore your eyes rolled back in your head on their own accord. Blood rushed to your cheeks, your chest, hands gripping the bedsheets desperately and uselessly. Your mind was sluggish, barely comprehending the fact Stephen was using your cunt to get off: the idea felt so, so wrong, but you'd be a rotten liar if it didn't ignite another small storm in the pit of your belly.
"Arms behind your back," Stephen barked suddenly and you winced at how quickly you obeyed. Magic wound around your body once more, securing them into a position that allowed the sorcerer to tug you up: your knees firmly planted on the bed and your top half suspended at his mercy. "Just making sure you don't get lost in that pretty little head of yours," the amount of control this man had was unfair.
His cock kept up pace inside of you; you swore you felt it swell even the moment you mindlessly obeyed his command. The angle let him touch even more of you, both inside and out. You tasted the sweet, hot sweat of your coupling.
The string of magic tied to you was a lead in one of his hands. He eagerly dragged you onto his cock, over and over, the golden binds wrapped around your arms and chest like a straitjacket. A sexy straitjacket.
There wasn't much room for thought when all you could feel, sense and hear was Stephen: his sinful groaning, panting, the obscene sounds of your flesh slapping together. You thighs shook, spit collected in the slack corners of your mouth: you panted out, tongue stiff and uncooperative.
You wanted to feel him come, to fill you up completely, until you burst.
His movements turned sloppier and sloppier until his cock was disappearing into you at a rapid, disorganized pace, the bulbous tip sliding deep inside.
"Fuck, I'm gonna-" the groan he emitted was so close to your ear, you felt it in your cunt.
Starts burst behind your eyelids for the second time as he throbbed inside your spasming cunt, your combined contractions echoing back and forth until the pit of your belly felt warm and full. Some of his cum leaked out immediately, dripped down your labia and down your leg.
Noisily, he let go of the binds and your combined bodies gracelessly crashed onto the bed.
You weren't sure how long you laid like this, warm and safe, full inside and out. Minutes went by lazily, stretching into what felt like eons. You floated above time, above space, lulled by gentle, low murmurs in your ear.
Trembling hands gently parted your legs as cotton brushed over your raw cunt. Noises of protest died on your lips as Stephen shushed you.
"Take it easy," he placed a kiss on your tailbone, doing his best to clean up the biggest part of the mess.
You haven't even noticed him pull out. "Wha?"
The bed dipped next to you, his red, grinning face slowly coming into focus. "You're thinking so loudly."
You weren't? Having thoughts wasn't anywhere on your to-do list in the nearest future. For once, your brain had ceased it's usual violent tapdancing and you could breathe freely, the burden of anxiety removed.
"You did so good for me, baby," Stephen looked so proud and happy, crow's feet around his eyes deep and hair sticking in odd directions, silver strands mixed with dark browns and chestnuts, dying candlelight adding golds and ambers into the view.
Even like this, he looked sinful. Like a fallen angel.
"You're so pretty," was what your brain came up with. You wanted to fall through the face of the earth as soon as the words left your mouth.
Stephen chuckled, placing a kiss on your nose, then one more on each cheek and a final smooch on your forehead. "Says you."
Embarrassed, you hurried to nod your head to hide in the crook of his neck.
"None of that," promptly, you were returned to be displayed to his clever eyes. "Stop overthinking."
"But-" you argued weakly.
"No," his finger, scarred and shaky, poked your nose in what only could be described as petty defiance. "You're not this dense. I know you can do better."
The angles of his face acutely on display, you weighed your options. It wasn't looking good for you: come morning, he'll be gone, odd display of affection pushed aside, and you'd return to work to once more be greeted by the stoic, sarcastic man who's hobby included insulting you for sport.
And as much as you hated admitting it, he was better than you in most things: sorcery, looks, accomplishments. Some people just had it going for them.
"You can do better," you frowned. "You're you, doctor Stephen Strange, surgeon extraordinaire and sorce-"
His lips landed on yours, chapped and puffy, swallowing any protests that your brain could come up with on the spot, leaving you no option but to surrender to the sweet torture of the kiss.
"No," his eyes caught yours, firm and fiery. "And if you don't know what's good for you, well, I'm going to have to show you. You did so good today, after all, and it would be a shame to waste all that potential." His grin turned wolfish.
Shame and arousal flooded your senses as you closed your eyes mutely, finally, finally convinced yourself that sometimes, giving in might be the better option.
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multi-stann · 9 months ago
The Mating Program-B.B.
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: In desperation, you go to the only place you know of where you’re sure you’ll be able to find an alpha- more like set up with one. Little do you know, the one you get isn’t all too fond of the idea, and he pushes you away.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, a little over 13k word count(i promise it’s worth it🥺), beefy!alpha!bucky(he’s not an avenger; he wasn’t the winter soldier), omega!female!reader, bucky has a diff back story to losing his arm, bucky is an oblivious cold hearted asshole, stated age gap, talks of scenting, brief mentions of blood, asshole alphas cat calling n saying nasty things, mutual pining, mentions of having a little appetite, fluff, angst angst angst, smut, unprotected sex, oral(female receiving), face riding, dirty talk, bruising of skin, a bit of dry humping, pet name: kitty/kitten, praising, ass smacking, rough fucking, cumming inside, tiny bit of nipple play(just some pinching), slight choking(?), alludes to more than just one round of sex, female masturbation, talks of knotting, let me know if i missed anything
All mistakes within this fic that you see are my own. i reread over it but i might’ve missed some stuff!
thanks to @likeahorribledream for the inspo for this fic! this is an extremely long fic, and i hope it doesn’t do horribly! i worked my ass off and am so so proud of how it turned out!
i’m currently hosting my first writing event! i extended the deadline as well! here is the link to the rules & prompts!!!
You are tired of it. You’re nearly twenty-five fucking years old and you’ve yet to find a mate- not even a boyfriend. You’re lonely, and your heats are catching up with you in time. They keep getting worse every time you get them, and you struggle to stay up. You didn’t want to have to do this, this has always been your last option because you never have thought that these things would work, but you have no other option. You’re nearly positive that your next heat, can potentially kill you. You don’t want to go out that way. You want to experience love with a mate first hand, so this is your only option.
You step foot into the four story, window-filled building. The color of the exteriors bricks are a cream, and the glass of the clean windows are kind of dark. You look around, then finally spot the lady at the front desk. She’s folding some papers up and then she goes on to write a little bit. Then you’re hit with the stench of Alpha males and some other omegas. Most of the scents that are being combined have your head in a near frenzy. You never thought that so many would be here looking for a mate, but you guess you’re wrong.
“Hello Miss, how may i help you?” The lady calls as she notices you standing at the doorway a bit lost. You softly clear your throat before walking the seven feet to the front desk. “Hi I’m y/n l/n, i would like to see about getting an alpha?” You ask a bit timidly, because you’re not sure how things are supposed to work around here. Fuck, maybe i should’ve done research. “Okay, let me see who’s available to take you in for testing, then i’ll give you a waiting time if there is one.” The lady, who’s name tag says ‘Lorelle’, beings to type at her computer. You watch her eyes skim over some words on the screen then she smiles brightly, “okay so Dr. Romanoff will see you….now!” She smiles even bigger as she types away a bit more at her computer.
Your heart starts to thump a bit faster but the excited and happy look on this woman’s face has you easing down a little. “So, you will be going to floor two. Her room is number 7. Once you exit the elevator, you’ll want to take a left, go down the hall, turn to the right, and you’ll see the door down there. It’s the only door down there.” She hands you some papers and a card before waving you off. You turn back around after telling her ‘thank you’ and you immediately see the elevator.
Once you step into the elevator, you sigh a breath of relief. You can do this, you can do this, you can fucking do this. The bell then dings and the door opens. You push yourself off of the wall and exit. Left, down a bit, right, seven. You do exactly as the lady had said, and within less than thirty seconds, you’re at the big door.
Your fingers curl into a fist and knock on the dark, wooden door. A woman speaks a clear ‘come in’ and you do as she says. With a tight grip on your papers that the front lady- Lorelle, gave to you, you enter. “Hi! I’m Dr. Romanoff, nice to meet you y/n! I got the memo you were coming in. Can i see those right quick?” She motions towards the papers in your hands and you let her retrieve them. “Thank you, you can have a seat right over there.” She then motions for the seat behind a small desk, and your eyes can’t help but scan over the room. Some test tubes, book shelves, papers upon papers. And your nose detects that she is indeed, and Alpha female. You walk over and sit in the comfy chair behind the small desk, your eyes then focus back on her.
“Okay so, we’re going to have to run a few tests first. This is what the papers are for. I’m going to ask you some questions, get to know you a bit so it’s easier for me to find you an alpha! I won’t pry too much into your personal life, but it will be necessary that you give me some information to help with the accuracy.” She gives you a bright smile as she speaks, and you nod at her information. “The tests i’ll be conducting on you today will consist of a blood test, and an overall health check up. You’re okay with this?” You give her a nod, “yes, i’m fine with it.” Dr. Romanoff smiles in return, “good! Okay, so we can get started with the questions first. We have quite a few, and they’re usually the more lengthy part of the whole session.”
You watch her as she flips a few pages over, then she begins to ask for your full name, your birth date, age, height, weight, if you have any siblings or family alive, if you have a license. The questions then get more in depth and start asking things like ‘if someone were to hurt you in any shape or form, would you want your alpha to comfort you, go after them, or both?’. Some of the questions are a bit weird, or a bit too detailed for your liking, but if this is what you have to do in order to get an alpha- so be it.
“You did great! I’m so glad i can help you with this, i’ve been successful and have been doing this for twelve years now, and i love my job! So don’t think that i’m just here to throw you on an alpha and go. I’ll give you a call in a few days to let you know who your alpha is. From there, he’ll be notified at the same time, and you’ll have to move in with him- or he’ll move in with you. The contract states that you two must remain together until your next heat, and if you two don’t see it working out, then that’s okay! You can come to me, we’ll get rid of the contract after that next heat you have, and it’ll be history!” You smile at the red head sitting in front of you, “thank you. I’ll be expecting the call!” You reply before you head out of her office.
For the next few days, you go on as normal. You know your heat won’t be arriving for another month or two since you just had one not but around a week or so ago. So you’re glad you decided to do the alpha hunt during your ‘resting’ period. You hope this all works out, but today is day four and it’s past one p.m. and no call has come through from Dr. Romanoff. You’re beginning to get a bit worried. What if she hadn’t been able to find you an alpha?
Just as if on cue, your cell phone rings. You dry your hands from the dish water you’re currently in, and rush to your phone that rests on the counter. It’s an unknown number, so you pick up. “Hello?” “Is this y/n?” You smile, “yes, yes it is.” “Hey, this is Dr. Romanoff, i’m calling to inform you that we have found you an alpha male. We are having a bit of trouble with him though. He wants to meet you here at around three. Is that alright?” Your heart beats rapidly but you can’t bring yourself to come down from the nerves. “Uh yeah, that’s fine. I’ll be there. Meet in your room?” Your fingers tap anxiously on the counter as you await her answer.
“Yes! That’s perfect! See you at three, y/n!” You reply with a quick ‘see you then, thank you’ before she hangs up. You’re nervous more than ever now. Why doesn’t he want to meet up together somewhere? Has he changed his mind and no longer wants an omega?
The more you stand and ponder, the more worried and overly anxious you get. You decide that you need to take a quick shower and change before you go. You want to be a bit presentable for your new alpha when you meet him. First impressions are everything, especially when you don’t even know the person.
When you turn down the short hallway, you’re met with Dr. Romanoff’s door, but also the smell of an alpha male. His scent is a bit sweet but there’s something darker- sort of like a dark smell that resembles night skies-, but it’s comforting you in a way you’ve never really been comforted before, and you can’t help but let the scent ease your jittery nerves.
He smells you too, and he smells your nerves. You smell no sort of nervousness on him, only a calm demeanor. “You can come on in!” You hear Dr. Romanoff shout through the door, and before you have any second thoughts, you’re in the room. “Y/n, this is Bucky, Bucky this is y/n. This is your alpha, and this is your omega.” Dr. Romanoff smiles widely as she watches the two of you eye each other. She’s had a few bad experiences with alpha’s and omega’s before, but she’s known Bucky through a few friends for a couple of years now, he’s not got an aggressive bone in his body towards any sort of woman- only ever does he lash out on other alpha males who don’t know how to keep their eyes or their hands to themselves.
Bucky’s eyes scan over you, and your nerves come back again. He can tell. His eyes are pretty though. They’re a crystal blue, and….well, his whole face is pretty. He’s very pretty. Light stubble covers the lower half of his face, a chiseled jaw, mountains of muscle, near-about shoulder length hair, and once he stands- he towers over you. He’s at least six-foot-five, if not a few inches more. “I don’t know about this, Natasha.” Bucky stoically says. You can see Dr. Romanoff rub her hand over her face. “Barnes, if you don’t give her a chance…you always do this!” “Because they’re never for me! Not my fault Steve and Sam bugged me- forced me!- into doing this stupid program.” He rumbles out, and your eyes divert to Dr. Romanoff. You watch her and hear her sigh, she’s clearly frustrated. “You know the fucking rules, Barnes. You have to stay with her until her next heat ends. That’s the contract.”
“Never said i wouldn’t, but don’t think i’ll be falling all over her this time either. Come on, need to get you home.” He huffs out as he shoves his hands in his coat pockets. You catch a glimmer of black and gold metal before he shoves his left hand in, you wonder what that’s about. “Home as in-.” “My place. Gotta go by yours to get you some stuff though.” His voice is gruff and he sounds a bit agitated. You just hope he’ll loosen up a bit as the week goes on. You don’t notice the smile Dr. Romanoff gives the two of you as you meekly follow Bucky out of her office.
“Wow, this is nice.” You mutter before the door shuts behind you. His place is a bit simple. Not a lot of pictures on the wall, but enough of his friends- you assume- that you know he lives a normal life. He’s got a nice black couch that’s big enough to seat three people- two alphas at best and four omegas at separate times. There’s a reclining chair on the other side of the couch that seems to be matching with the couch, and it’s separated from the couch by a small, glass table that has a lamp on it. The lamps’ base is a waterfall surrounded by rocks- it’s a dark, charcoal color. The shade of the lamp is a dark purple. There looks to be a fifty inch tv on an oak tv stand, and there’s another chair- one that doesn’t recline but looks comfy and it’s big enough for you to curl up in- on the other side of the couch. It’s also black, but it seems to be of a more expensive material.
The rug that hugs the pale, wooden floor is a burgundy color- maybe more of a wine red. It looks soft and you almost want to curl up on it until your eyes rake across to the comfy chair that sits in front of the fire place in a different space. The bricks of the fire place are a grey stone and the chair has two fluffy blankets on it- they look hand made. The walls of the sitting space are a deep blue, and you get a peek into the kitchen where the walls are a creamy-white. “You done lookin’?” His voice breaks you from your trance and you nod, “yeah sorry, it’s just- it’s really nice. Simple but nice.” You give him a small smile and he nods with straight lips. “I’ll put your stuff in the spare room, don’t worry, it’s clean in there. Oh, your apartment-.” “It’s taken care of. The program takes care of that too, ya know?” You give him a light chuckle, but all you get in return is a small nod as he turns around and heads down the nearest hallway.
You straggle behind with a bag on each of your shoulders and soon meet up with him in the room he just turned into. It’s a decent sized room and there’s a bathroom right across the hall. The walls are a lilac-grey color and there’s furniture already in the room. A dresser, a tv with a stand, a small vanity, a rug, and a queen sized bed fully sheeted and everything. There’s a small closet in the corner but it’ll do, especially since there’s a big dresser in the room as well. There’s a small bedside table with a lamp, and there’s two windows on each side of the bed. It’s pretty, simple, and subtle. “This is your room. Your space. You’ll be staying in here.” He plops your other three bags, he has been carrying, down onto the bed and you do the same.
“I’m allowed throughout the house, right?” You’ve heard of alphas liking house wives and obedient omegas, so you’re not sure what all to expect with Bucky. “Yeah, i don’t care. Just don’t snoop, ya know? Help yourself to food, i guess we’ll take turns with cooking if you know how?” You give him a nod, “yea, i know how.” “Okay, we’ll take turns then and uh, just keep your space clean, don’t bug me too much, and i won’t ask much more out of ya.” He shrugs before he heads towards the room door. Before he exits, he stops, “oh, y/n?” You turn around and face him, “yes, Bucky?” “Don’t expect too much out of this whole thing.” Then he’s out of your room.
He leaves you standing in your new room, bags to unpack and thoughts whirling around in your head. This most certainly isn’t how you expected this whole thing to start off. But you know it could be way worse than what it is. You’ll just have to be positive, right?
You could’ve swore that by the end of the week Bucky would’ve been a bit looser than he was five days ago. You two avoid each other it seems at every cost, and almost only eat dinner together. You’ve even asked him to cuddle a few times, but he only asks “is your heat near” you tell him no, that it won’t come for another month-ish or so, and he shrugs you off. He’s not mean or rude, but he is cold. Bucky Barnes is cold. At dinner times, you have managed to get some information out of him about his life which is helpful, so you’ve also informed him about yourself.
You’ve asked about his friends, his closest being Steve and Sam- who pushed him into do the mating program- and he’s known Dr. Romanoff(aka. Natasha) for around two and a half years now thanks to Steve and another friend of there’s- Wanda. Natasha and Steve have been dating for around six months and counting. Bucky also told you about his prosthetic arm. You didn’t have to ask about it, he just knew you would eventually so he went on and told the truth. “I got into an accident. Steve and i were driving over a bridge. Steve got flung out of the car, and i lost my arm due to a piece of debris that flew through the windshield and into the car. It was a ten car pile up.” You left it at that after you gave him your sympathy. He just shrugged it off as he continued to eat. He said it had been around ten years since it had happened. But that was all he told you.
You found out his favorite color, and his favorite meals, his favorite games to play, and how he met some of his friends. He even told you his favorite pizza toppings. But you were sure he’d be opened up more by now.
But he’s not.
He still is avoiding you, won’t even hold your hand, and he will hardly speak unless he has too. It’s aggravating and stressful. You want so much to do with Bucky. So much in fact that you’ve even gone as far as telling him that he’s made you feel extremely at-home here in his house, and how his scent keeps you calm and makes you feel warm and tingly inside- so he gave you a dark blue sweater that he wore for like a day straight. That’s it.
You’re in the kitchen cooking when you hear the door open. Your ears pick up the sound of laughter, and you know it’s not Bucky’s, but then you hear his laugh shortly after. “So where’s the lady at? I wanna meet her!” A man asks kind of excitedly, and your heart warms up. Someone wants to meet me? “Yeah, ‘bout time you pick up the phone again when they call you. Natasha thinks it’s gonna work out this time.” You hear another man say, and your heart beats faster. You carefully turn the burner down to low and stir your dish before wiping your hands off on the kitchen towel. You then hurriedly walk into the living room.
Your eyes immediately land on Bucky, then your gaze shifts to the two other tall men who look to be around Bucky’s age- 39. “This her?” One of the men ask, and he walks over a bit towards you. They’re both alpha’s, you can tell that, and you notice them both from the pictures on the walls. Maybe he is Sam?
“Hi, honey, i’m Sam. I’m one of Buck’s close friends.” His hand reaches out to you and you shake it, your face heating up at the term he uses towards you. “Hi, i’m y/n. Nice to meet you, Sam.” You hear Bucky let out a low scoff before he turns on the tv. Sam is unmated. You can sense this.
“I’m Steve, Bucky’s childhood friend. We go way back, of course.” Steve steps up and shakes your hand this time, and you know that this is Natasha’s boyfriend once you’re told his name. “Hi, nice to meet both of you.” You give them a small smile, and immediately they smile back. Their energy gives you a sense of ease and you know automatically that you’ll be able to feel comfortable around them whenever they come around.
Bucky can’t help but glare as the three of you make small talk. Yet, Steve is the only one who catches it. He can read his friend like a damn book, and Steve can already tell that Bucky is hiding his little bit of feelings towards you. But he won’t intervene, it’s not his place.
It’s the same routine every night. You both eat dinner, watch some tv, you go your separate ways. He showers first, then you shower, and then it’s off to bed. The past week you’ve been clinging to his sweater. The warm, dark scent of him is nearly gone and you know you’ll have to ask for another article of clothing tomorrow. For some reason, tonight you can’t sleep, and the clock just hit 2am. You’re restless. You’re either too cool or too warm but also, your mind won’t let you shut your eyes and drift off to dream land. It sucks.
You get out of bed and pull on Bucky’s sweater. You usually don’t wear any shorts to sleep and just a tank top with some panties, so his sweater is long enough to cover you to your bare thighs, that way you’re not walking around his house nearly naked- you’re nearly sure he’d freak. You just want a little “bed time” snack and some water, then you’ll come back to bed. You slowly creep the door open, and exit your room. You walk as quietly as you can to the kitchen, then you turn on the light.
You first grab a cold bottle of water and sit it out on the kitchen counter before searching the pantry. Bucky does the grocery shopping, and luckily he let you make him a list of things you like to eat and cook. He’s not the worst alpha, but he’s cold.
You decide, after looking through the pantry ten times, on grabbing a brownie. You pull one out of the box and then carefully shut the pantry door back. As you go to turn around to head to your water bottle, you bump into something- or someone.
“Oh, shit. Sorry.” You mumble as you take a few steps back, your ass hitting the door knob on the pantry door. He stares down at you, then his eyes roam over your body. “Hungry? Couldn’t sleep?” His voice is groggy and filled with a roughness that means he’s not spoken in quite some time.
But you like it.
“Yeah, sorry if i woke you. Just couldn’t concentrate on sleeping.” You shrug before you walk around him, then you grab your bottle of water that now has a bit of condensation on the outside of it. “You didn’t wake me, been lyin’ awake, too.” You nod, then quickly bid him another goodnight just as you did earlier.
Bucky watches as you scurry off, bottle of water and snack in hand. He can’t help the small smile that tugs on the corner of his mouth at the sight of you wearing his favorite sweater- you look….cute.
The truth is, he’s not particularly the fondest of you. He didn’t want to sign up for the mating program seven months ago when his two best friends made him do it. He’s had four omegas assigned to him, you’re the fourth one. The three omegas before you, got tired of trying and shredded the contract up as soon as their heat ended. Well, one lied and shredded it up before her heat was even over. Bucky never felt the way he does with you with the other omegas. Something is different about you. He’d be lying if he said he hasn’t been wanting an omega to mate and treat right for a while now. And he doesn’t want to admit that your scent, and just you in general, provides some kind of home-y feeling for him. Bucky just isn’t sure if you’re what he wants yet. He’s not sure if you’re it. He’s pretty sure this is all just his alpha talking.
“Bucky? I hate to bother you….” your words trail off as you wander into the living room, holding up his sweater you’ve been wearing the previous nights. His eyes leave the tv and stare at you. He looks a little tired- probably still couldn’t sleep after the run in to each other last night in the kitchen- but he manages to give you a tight lip smile before speaking to you. “What’s wrong?” His eyes roam over to his sweater that’s in your hand, and he watches you look down to the floor. “I was wondering if i could get another? This one doesn’t smell like you anymore.” You’re a bit embarrassed to admit such vulnerable information to your alpha who barely talks to you, let alone doesn’t even touch you, but it’s pretty much the only way you can sleep at night anymore now that you’ve moved in with him and he won’t sleep in the same bed as you. “Yeah, i’ll get you another tonight. Put that one on my bed, but don’t snoop.” He gives you a stern expression on his last few words, and you nod.
Once you get into his room, you eagerly place the sweater on his bed. God, his scent is everywhere in here and you just want to wallow in his bed- but you can’t. He’ll probably get mad that your scent is all over his things and then he’ll have to wash it all and just- no.
So instead, you control yourself and leave his room immediately, shutting the door behind you like it had been before you’d opened it and entered moments ago.
Later in the night, before you find yourself about to get a shower, Bucky knocks on your door. “Here, this is all i got right now.” He tosses you the slightly worn out shirt before closing the door back, and heading back to his room. You hear his door close, then you lock yours. The scent of the shirt is intoxicating. You’re not sure how you’re going to live without Bucky’s scent when this is all over with. You just know that he’ll move you back into your place after your next heat. You just know that he’ll never warm up to you. It’s just been a week, and there’s hardly any progress being made.
After your shower, you tug the shirt on, and notice there’s a few holes in the black material of it. You smile at the warmth it provides you before cuddling into your bed. You’re finally able to sleep, and it doesn’t take you long, as you dream of being able to finally cuddle up to Bucky- his hand holding yours, and his lips pressed to your skin.
Bucky on the other hand, is driving his own self crazy. He forgot to wash the sweater you’d been sleeping in, or around, for the past week and it’s sitting in his laundry basket in the corner of his room. Your scent is swirling around his room and making it hard for his inner alpha to sleep- let alone concentrate on sleeping. “Maybe if i stop breathing then i’ll be able to sleep,” He huffs out with a roll of his eyes, and a he rolls onto his back- staring up at the blank ceiling. “She needs to hurry up and leave.” Bucky mumbles, before closing his eyes and trying to drift off.
Once he does fall asleep, he dreams of nothing. He can’t even remember the last time he has dreamed…
“Bucky, i made you your favorite pie.” You smile brightly as you place the small, round plate down in front of him on the table. You then hand him a napkin and a fork with a bottle of water. You continue to smile even when he looks up at you, even though you want to quit trying your best efforts in getting him to love you- or at least like you. “Thanks, been awhile since i’ve had this.” He immediately digs into the pie, and once you see that he’s not going to shame you for how bad it tastes, you’re scurrying back into the kitchen.
You’ve always been told how good alphas- mates- will cherish and praise you for your work. Whether that be baking, cooking, cleaning, during sex, on an assignment, at work, anything. Your mother told you that, and she said to never settle for less. Yet, here Bucky is, muttering a few ‘thank you’s’ here n’ there for all you’ve done over the past week.
It’s been two weeks currently since you’ve moved in, and you’ve tried everything in your best power to get Bucky to hold your hand, cuddle with you on the couch, scent you, or cook with you at least. Hell, even sitting a less space further apart on the couch would be a good step forward, but you’ve had no luck. It’s like he just doesn’t care a single bit about you, and you’re beginning to worry how he’ll actually act once you’re on your heat- which is something that you’ll need his help with, something that you’ll have to count and rely on him to help you with.
You’re fucking worried but also, you’re scared and you’re disappointed. You thought that maybe he’d be less stoic, less cold by now, but he’s not. It’s the same old routines as the first week, and it’s the same small touches. Accidental brushes of fingers, bump ins late at night, and knees that touch under the dinner table. He still gives you a sweater or a shirt, but that’s it.
What you don’t know, is Bucky is conflicted. He sleeps with the used sweater that you gave back to him. It has your scent all over it, and it helps him his alpha sleep better. He purposely runs into you at night in the kitchen, and the accidental touches have his inner alpha needing more. But him?
He’s still not sure.
You know your heat will probably hit within the next three weeks or so. It’s been three weeks that you’ve been here now, and things are still remotely the same. Except for when Bucky finds you asleep on the couch some days after he returns home from work or the store, and he wraps you up. As long as you don’t see or feel him being affectionate, he has nothing to worry about. He’s still confused as ever, he still needs more time, but he’s sure it’s just his inner alpha causing the dilemma in his head.
But a part of him wants to just bury his face in your neck and hold you close when he sees you asleep like that. It’s my inner alpha, is what he tells himself. It’s got to be.
“Hey, i need you to do me a favor tomorrow.” Bucky speaks up after he swallows a bite of his food. You halt your movements and look up at him. “Yeah?” He messes with his food on his fork, then finally looks up at you. “Can you go to the store for me? I won’t be home until later, and i’ll be tired seeing as tomorrow is a rough day. I know you’ve not been out much because you’re alway tryna do stuff around here. Go out and get some groceries, buy you something. I’ll leave my card here.” He mumbles before he takes another bite of his food.
He trusts me enough to use his debit card? Well, there’s at least trust in this…..relationship(?).
“Okay, i’d love to get out. What time will you be home?” You begin back at cutting your chicken, which gives him time to answer. “After five, don’t worry about dinner. I’ll pick something up for the two of us. You just worry about groceries.”
So that was the plan. You go to the store, get groceries, buy something you want, come back home. It’s a ten minute walk to the nearest shopping center- which consists of clothing stores, two grocery stores, and such. You stopped by a clothing store and bought a new pair of sweats and a new dress, then you went to the grocery store. You bought the few groceries you needed, then started your walk back home. Luckily, you two didn’t need much, which was probably why Bucky allowed you to go- considering you had to walk. But if only he’d known that some pesky alphas would be tailing you the whole time, maybe he’d have rethought things. Maybe he would’ve gone, or maybe he would’ve went with you when he got home. Who knows?
“She’d make a good one, wouldn’t she?” One of the men mutter behind you. No matter how fast you try to walk, they just don’t seem to get away from you. And you can only go but so fast with these stupid groceries in your arms. “Yeah, nice and round with my baby….be a good little house wife.” The second alpha sounds more sinister, and you’re so so fucking glad that you’re two doors down from Bucky’s house right now.
You manage to glance at your watch, and read that it’s 5:27pm. He should be home, he should be home- HIS CAR! You fill with relief once you see that Bucky’s car is indeed home in the driveway, and your steps get even faster. “Oh, don’t run little omega. Come on, pretty thing.” The more sinister man says, and you bolt up the brick stairs.
With both of your arms full and not being able to move your hands, you kick the door with your foot.
You’re scared because you can feel the men getting closer to you, and you know they’ll pounce at any second. You kick the door again, a bit harder, and finally Bucky swings the door open. “Why didn’t you-.” His words stop once he hears the loud beating of your heart, something he’s not heard since you first met him, since you met Sam and Steve, or since you made him his first meal as you waited patiently beside him to see his reaction. He doesn’t like this reason though, and his inner alpha loses it.
He sees the two sleazy men behind you, and in a heart beat, he has you behind him and in his house. Not that he needs to stand up straighter, but he does, and he’s immediately a couple of inches taller which has the younger and shorter alphas below his stairs cowering. “You didn’t touch her, did you? Because if you fucking did…” Bucky’s words stop as his left hand raises. His lips are turnt upwards into a near snarl-like gesture and the two alphas stumble back. “We didn’t know-.” “You don’t do any lady like that. Mated or not, dating or not. Get the fuck away from my god damn house!” His voice roars loud enough that you’re sure several neighboring houses can hear him, but Bucky doesn’t care. The two younger alphas run off in the direction they came from, and after Bucky watches them disappear, he’s slamming the door and taking the groceries from your arms.
“You okay?” He refrains himself from hugging you, holding you, comforting you. Because he’s scared that he’ll cave in if he does, and he’s still utterly confused. He’s still cold. “Yeah, thanks.” You mumble before you follow him to the kitchen to help him put the things away. “They didn’t touch you, right?” It’s not that Bucky isn’t a caring person, but knowing that he does care about you in some form, warms you up a bit. But it’s still not how things should be by now. “No, i’m okay.”
Bucky turns to you as he watches you unpack a bag of groceries, then his eyes go over to the one that is from a different store. “Uh, what did you get?” He himself then begins to unpack a grocery bag to help you. “Oh, some new sweat pants and a uh….a dress. Just incase i go out, or we might. I don’t know.” You mumble your last three words, and Bucky can sense your emotions change from one of timid-ness to something of disappointment and sadness. “Oh, that’s nice. Uh, got my card?”
You hand it over to him once you pull it out of your pocket, and he thanks you. “Yeah, no problem. Thanks for the clothes.”
You can feel it. You can feel it coming.
And oh are you fucking nervous, scared, worried, and upset. You can’t help the few tears that soak into your skin as you sniffle. You just want him to like you. Why doesn’t he like you? Why can’t he just- why is he so cold?
Your heat is coming, and it’s going to be bad. You’re going to need Bucky more than you have this entire near month and a half of living with him, and you’re worried. Will he still be cold and do just the bare minimum for me? Will he not care at all and just leave me to suffer? He wouldn’t do that, right??
A soft knock comes from your door, and your head snaps up. “Yeah?” Your voice sounds horrible where you’ve not talked in a few hours. Why would he talk to you anyways? Not like he needs- or wants- to. The door then pops open and Bucky sticks his head in. Once his eyes meet yours in the dim lit room, he feels his heart ache a little. Why?
“Hey, you okay?” His eyes soften a bit and you nod your head, “yeah, just uh tired. Haven’t been sleeping all that well.” You let out a soft chuckle and Bucky nods, diverting his eyes to the floor then back to you. “Okay, well i came to say goodnight. Try and rest some.” And with that, he closes the door and he’s gone; just as fast as he came.
As Bucky walks back to his room, which is only a couple of doors down from yours, he can’t help but feel a little upset that you lied to him. He knows you’ve been getting perfect sleep at night, he’ll often go in and check on you- his inner alpha and all making him. He’s seen you sound asleep, and he knows that you are. He can tell by your breathing. So why did you lie, and what is the truth?
The pain hits suddenly when you’re cooking dinner two nights later. The spoon falls from your hand and onto the floor along with you when a pain shoots through your lower abdomen. Bucky isn’t home right now, he’s still working, and he said he might stop by the bar to grab a drink or two before heading home. And here it starts. The lonely journey that shouldn’t be, well, lonely. You manage to pull yourself up by the stove handle, and brace yourself. It’s not even fully started yet and you’re already crippling over in pain.
Thankfully the food is done, but you suddenly don’t have an appetite anymore, and you were only making it for you since Bucky is to eat at the bar. This usually happens with you on your heat, though. Your appetite becomes little until your other needs are satisfied. Usually you don’t eat much because you never do get your needs met, but you’re used to it by now.
Another pain shoots through your abdomen and you whine while clutching the counter top. You slowly lean forward and place your head on the cool counter top. You let out a shaky breath as you try to focus on anything but the pain, but it’s hard.
After a minute or two, you manage to take the pan off of the stove and turn it off. You then sluggishly walk over to the couch and plop down onto it. You curl up, not wanting to move, and then it hits you. The thoughts of how good Bucky can take care of you, how good he’d feel on you- in you. How you wish he were here right now, you’d be pounced onto him in a heart beat, grinding your hips into his. The feeling of his cock is probably other worldly.
But would he help? You don’t care, your inner omega is needy- you’re needy- and you need Bucky. You need him now.
If I text him will he answer? It’s worth a shot.
Then you remember that your phone is charging on the other side of the room. “Fuck!” You curse loudly, your voice a bit weak and it cracks a little. You contemplate on getting up, but would it be worth the pain and effort? Would Bucky, the alpha- “your alpha”- come to your rescue in your time of need, when he’s been so cold and bitter towards you this entire time?
You make up your mind and gently roll off of the couch. You dodge the coffee table and crawl over to the small desk that sits near the hallway entrance. Once you reach it, you yank your phone cord and your phone flies into your hands. You then hurriedly, with a little struggle, open your phone up to your text messages.
You’ve not had to text Bucky much, but it’s usually been about dinner or work related things. The occasional text from him asking if you’re okay or if you need anything, but that shit is rare. You shakily type the message- you’re nervous. What if he just doesn’t care? What if he stays out longer just to make you suffer?
You soon manage to type- need you home now please, it’s urgent.
But you don’t send it. You stare at it for a minute, thinking. Your mind sends you into a frenzy, and you clear out the message. He won’t come. He won’t care.
You stuff your phone into the back pocket of your jeans, and pick yourself up the best way you can.
He won’t want to help me. It would just be a fucking chore to him. I would be a chore. I am a chore to him.
You place a hand on your tummy as you sluggishly walk to the kitchen, the cramps and pains getting even worse. You know medicine won’t help, so you don’t bother to look for any. You just get a container out and place the food in it.
After the food is in the dish, you snap the lid on and rinse out the pan. You’re not bothering with washing it. You’ll do it later, maybe…you’re not sure if you’ll even be able to get out of bed later. You then grab one of the purple sticky notes that Bucky has laying on the counter, and a pen. You write- cooked too much food, so if you’re hungry you can eat it. Then you stick the note onto the container that you’re leaving on the kitchen counter for him to find.
With the last bit of energy you have left, you walk to your room. You know it’s only around 5:30pm, and Bucky won’t be home for another hour or so. After all, he does have the day off tomorrow and he probably wants to spend it with his friends and not you. You’re not going to bother him, he wouldn’t care anyways. You just ease into your room, shut and lock the door, before collapsing onto your unmade bed. You don’t even feel like peeling out of your jeans or clothes even though you’re a bit warm, and the horniness is kicking in, you’re just so weak from not eating.
You hate your heats.
You manage to flip over and pull your phone out of your pocket. You then lay it on your beside table with a slightly loud thud. You lay still for a few minutes, only focusing on breathing and trying not to focus on the ache and burn in between your legs- the thing that won’t go away without someone else’s help.
Another sharp pain bursts through you and you whine loudly, curling up into a ball in your soft bed. The covers and sheets are too soft. You hate it. The one thing you don’t hate right now, is Bucky’s shirt that he gave you two nights ago. It still smells like him, and when you finally get your hands on it, you’re shredding your own clothes off.
Chest heaving, slightly sweaty skin, and with an ache in your core, you place his shirt over your body- not on you, just laying on top of you. It’s close enough that you can get full whiffs of his scent each time you inhale, and it brings you a bit of ease.
Your fingers wander down, down, down until they get to your soaked cunt. Maybe i can just relieve a bit of the ache like this. You hope you can anyways.
You legs spread a bit and then your fingers begin to play with your clit. Your back arches slightly and your mouth drops open as you cling on to his shirt in you hand that lays on top of your hot body. You’re so sensitive already, and you can’t help but let your mind wander to thoughts of Bucky- your alpha.
How he’d fill you full for the days during your heat, maybe even if you’re lucky he’d give you his knot. Your fingers work faster and faster, a steady pressure is then applied to your clit as you play with your swollen pearl. You can’t help the low cries that escape your lips, and a low whine of “Bucky” passes them as well.
You know this isn’t going to help all that much, but maybe you’ll be able to sleep a little after you orgasm. Your fingers aren’t as good as Bucky’s cock would be, but it’ll have to do.
Your legs begin to close as you work yourself closer to your orgasm. Your other hand is clutching your boob through the material of his shirt. You’re nearly there, nearly there. Just a little bit more and you’ll cum.
You pinch your nipple and with a cry of Bucky’s name, you cum. The pain throughout your lower abdomen and the ache in your core soothes a bit. You know it won’t last long before you’ll have to orgasm again, but you plan to sleep until that time comes.
You bring your tired hand up and rest it on your covered tummy- your juices getting on his shirt. Bucky is sure that he wouldn’t complain about it, if only he knew what you just did.
Before you know, you’re fast asleep. The hard orgasm you had moments prior to has knocked you out, and with you being weak from the lack of food already, it has caused you to drift off to sleep rather quickly.
Bucky isn’t planning to come home until around ten. He’s having a night out with his friends, but he’s not planning on getting drunk. He thinks since you’ve not messaged him that you’re fine, that if you needed him or if you wanted him back, you’d text him. He’s wrong. He- his inner alpha- only hopes that you’ll text or call him. Just his inner alpha, not him.
“You’re sure you’re not falling for this girl?” Sam inquires once more before Bucky finally glares at his friend. “I’m not.” He then takes another swig of his beer and the food is brought to their table. “There you guys go. Enjoy.” The girl sends Bucky a wink, but he can’t help but to only feel slight disgust at what she did. Why?
��Hey, look, let’s just enjoy our food and quit talking about problems.” Tony says before he starts chowing down. Bucky then lightly slams down his beer bottle, “she’s not a problem.” Sam looks at Steve and Steve looks at Natasha. Natasha tries her best to maintain her smirk. “Okay, so she’s not a problem. Let’s stop talking about….mates then.” Tony corrects himself with a smart attitude before digging back into his food.
Bucky doesn’t deny what Tony says, he doesn’t raise his voice again, he just huffs and takes another sip of his beer. “You do nice work, Natasha.” Sam says with a smile, and Bucky just glares at him again. “Stop it.” “Stop what? Just talking about the mating program, not anything in particular.” Sam quickly hides his smile before he takes a bite of his food, and Wanda light snickers. “Yeah, her work is nice isn’t it?” Steve smirks as he wraps an arm around Natasha, Bucky only rolls his eyes.
If this is how the night is going to go, then he might be leaving early.
“Y/n? I’m home.” Bucky says a little quietly when he walks through the door- seeing as it’s nearing 10:30pm and he did not come home early. He soon notices that the kitchen light is still on, that the waterfall lamp is still on, and your phone cord is plugged into the wall in the living room. He shuts the door as he takes a look around some more, then he locks it.
He shrugs off his coat and tosses it over the back of his couch, his boots come off next and he kicks them near the door. “Y/n?” Bucky hums out as he makes his way into the kitchen. He sees the container sitting on the counter and he walks over to it. He reads the note- cooked too much, so if you’re hungry you can eat it. His brows furrow as he takes off the note and rolls it up, soon tossing it into the trash. He picks the container up and looks inside of it.
He sees that you made his favorite pasta, and he smiles without really paying his action much attention. He then snaps the lid back onto the container, double checks that it’s secure, and then places the food in the fridge for tomorrow- I’ll eat it for lunch, he thinks.
He remembers that there are dishes in the sink, so he quickly walks over and heads to check the dishwasher. He knows you hardly ever use it because you rather wash things mostly by hand- as you told him weeks ago-, so he knows that it’s empty before he even opens it. When he opens it, he is indeed met with an empty dishwasher.
He takes it upon himself to then load it up, and once he’s done with that, he places in some detergent, then starts it. He begins cleaning up the sink, and suddenly finds it in himself that it’s a bit weird how you didn’t clean up the little mess you made- because you usually do-, but he’s not upset about it.
How can i ever be upset at you- that’s the alpha speaking here- he thinks.
After he cleans up the sink, he double checks the dishwasher, then he turns off the lights. He decides to leave the lamp on in the living room incase he comes back in here or you stumble into the kitchen later for a snack, and walks over to the hallway. With a small head tilt, he looks down the hall and he sees that there’s only a small light coming from within it.
His eye brows furrow, and he starts to walk towards your door. Once he gets half way down the hall, something hits him. He inhales a deep breath and his face changes into panic. You’re in pain.
Who hurt her? What happened? Is she okay? God, what if she’s dead?!
It’s all the alpha speaking.
He then paces towards the door and finds it locked. Maybe you locked it because you were home alone during the night? Bucky usually doesn’t leave you home alone at night, so maybe you were just scared? No, but you’re hurt.
“Y/n!?” Bucky’s voice is loud through the door, and you whine. You knew he had entered the house about twenty minutes ago, you just weren’t sure where he went or what he has been doing the whole time. But right now, as soon as you hear him outside of your door, it takes everything in you not to go and unlock it. “Y/n? Are you hurt?” He’s so dumb, you think. “No…” it comes out as a whine, and Bucky knows that something is wrong.
“Fuck….” he mutters under his breath. “Let me in!” He sounds panicked, why is he panicking?
“I’m okay, i’m fine.” You mumble loud enough for him to hear, but then another pain shoots through your tummy. “Fuck….” you whimper and then the door is busted down and in comes a panicked Bucky. His eyes finally find you on your bed, clad in nothing but his shirt haphazardly covering you, but you don’t even care.
You’re bare before him, your alpha, for the first time, but you don’t even care. You’re so hot, in such a fucking mess that you don’t. care.
“Oh.” His tone is now changed, but his eyes stay on your face. You watch him swallow hard, and his breathing becomes heavy. “Bucky….don’t worry ‘bout me, i’ll be okay.” You sit up a bit, and go to cover yourself up fully, but he stops you. “No, you’re not shutting yourself inside this room and hiding from me.” It’s a near growl, but you can’t help to giggle a bit through the pain. “Don’t think i can now anyways. You broke the door.” You point and he just rolls his eyes as he crawls onto your bed.
You have the instinct to back up to the headboard, but he’s quick to place a tender hand to your thigh. His left hand holds him up as he stares into your eyes, and he watches you gulp. “Let me?” The words barely pass his lips before you nod, and his lips are on yours within a second. You’ve thrown yourself at him and he catches you, your skin is so warm, and he whines at the taste of you.
You taste like wild berries. And Bucky loves it.
He loves it.
His hands are roaming all over your body and your core is already grinding over his forming bulge in his jeans, your slick coating the material as he hardens under you. “Omega, slow down.” He mumbles against your lips after the two of you pull away. You’re breathing heavily and your hands are tangled in his long hair.
She’s beautiful.
His eyes study your face for a moment before your lips are slammed back onto his. He’s never had an omega so eager before, but he loves it. His hands mold onto your body, they’re quick to find perfect placements on whatever part he can hold. “You’re so precious, omega.” Bucky mumbles as he begins to shed off his clothing. You’re quick to flip over, and he knows you don’t need any type of foreplay, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to give it to you.
“So gorgeous.” His words are airy, but all you’re focused on is the sound of his jeans being thrown across the room. “Alpha, fuck me.” You whine, your cheek then buried into the sheets as you wait- shaking your ass from side to side to try and lure him in.
A large growl is echoed through the room, then a smack is placed on your right ass cheek. “Fuck!” You whimper with a jolt, and he does it again. “Why didn’t you call me?” He asks as he runs his left hand over the spine of your back. You bury your cheek deeper into the soft sheets, but that’s soon gone once his hand wraps around the back of your neck and pulls you up. “I asked why you didn’t call? I would’ve came and fucked your pretty little brains out all you wanted. Why didn’t you call?” His breath is hot against your skin as he speaks, then his lips are all over your neck.
“B-because i didn’t want to bother you. Didn’t think you cared about me.” You mumble, and he scoffs before he shoves you back down.
Bucky isn’t going to admit it now, he’ll do that later, but he wants you to stay with him. He wants you to stay for as long as you will. He really does care about you.
He soon lays down on the bed so that his face is under your pussy. He is quick to arrange you so that you’re sitting on his face, and he wastes no time in eating you out. A squeal erupts from your throat at the shocking feeling of his tongue and lips, but you soon start to grind and hump his face. You can feel the smirk against his lips as he eats you out, and the stubble- which is nearly a beard- is rubbing across your skin. Oh how that’s going to help you remember later how good he finally treated you.
“Bucky- Alpha! Please! Oh god! It feels so fucking good!” You moan as you ride his face, his tongue lapping up all you’re giving him. He sucks and hums against your clit, and in his mind he’s thinking you’re the best damn thing he’s ever tasted. “So good, ‘mega.” He growls against your slick folds as he tongue fucks you, his nose rubbing against your swollen clit. One of your hands is tightly grabbing the sheets while the other is in his hair. “Cum for me, cum for me kitten.” He mumbles, and you can feel it.
And it’s so much better than anything you’ve ever been given- better than anything your pussy has ever been given. It’s nearly overwhelming the way he’s devouring your pussy, but you absolutely fucking love it. You love the way his mouth feels on you, and you know that you’ll become addicted over the next few days.
You can now feel the coil tightening within your tummy, the pain you were experiencing earlier is now faded, and with a loud cry and a pull of his hair, you’re cumming all over Bucky’s face. Your hips buck and your pussy walls clench around nothing- which is about to be filled with his cock- as you cum, and you can’t help the loud moan of his name that rolls off of your tongue once he licks a long, slow stripe up your pussy- from your quivering hole, up to your pearl- making sure he gets every last bit of your nectar that he can.
This makes Bucky chuckle, knowing you’re just as whipped as he is- even if it has taken him nearly a month and a half to figure it out. “My good girl.” He praises before he presses a kiss to each of your inner thighs, then he lifts you up a bit more so he can move. You nearly collapse, wobbling like Bambi, but Bucky keeps you upright so he can line his hard length up with your cunt.
“Can’t wait to make you mine, omega.” He tells you before he starts to push into you. Your pussy sucks him in instantly and he groans, he can’t help it. The feeling of you is like no other, and he knows that he doesn’t want to let you go.
He’ll tell you that later.
“Feel so good, ‘mega. Gonna make this pretty pussy cum again, this time on my cock.” His hands are then placed on your hips as he bottoms out, your pussy squeezes him tightly and he nearly has trouble pulling all the way out so he can thrust back in. “So tight, so fucking wet.” He then thrusts all the way back in with a snap of his hips and it jolts you forward. If it wasn’t for his grip on you, you’re nearly sure you would’ve hit your head on the head board and knocked yourself out. “Alpha!” You moan, your hands grabbing his that are on your hips as your cheek presses further into the mattress.
Bucky then sets a pace- his hips slamming into the back of you as he fucks you. He knows you want it hard, he can tell by how tight you’re squeezing him and your little moans- he loves those moans. “That’s it, kitty. Just like that, scream for me.” His voice is so gruff it has your pussy fluttering around him. The tone and the words and just him. Oh you love this, you love every bit of it. If only it were real.
“Alpha, oh fuck!” You moan loudly once he hits your g-spot. He does it again, and again, and again until he just loses count of how many times you squeal and make those beautiful noises for him- knowing he’s hitting that spot that is making you sing. “So pretty, omega. Kitten, you look so good like this.” He admires you from above. He can see a bit of drool slipping from your lips and he sees that your eyes are fluttering back into your head, right before they close. You look so blissed out and he’s so glad to know that he’s the one who’s doing this to you. He wants to be the only one ever again to do this for you and to you. “Bucky….harder. Alpha, please!?” You swallow hard right before his thrusts pick up, and it takes you by surprise by how much harder he fucks into you.
You know you’re going to have bruises, but you’ll have them for the next few days if the sex is like this through your whole heat. “Like that, kitty? Want it rough? Little kitten likes it rough, huh?” He’s panting a little bit now with how hard he’s giving it to you, but you don’t care. You find everything about this man absolutely hot, sexy, and you’re infatuated. You don’t care and your mind is in a haze anyways. You can barely think about what day it is.
“Yes.” It’s a strangled, pleasure filled cry, and once he grabs your wrists and pins them to your back, it’s over. His other hand grabs your neck and pulls you up off of the bed again, just a bit, and his cock rams into you from a new angle. “Oh yes yes yes yes!” You squeal, feeling your second orgasm coming. “That’s it omega, cum for me. Cream on my fucking cock!” He grunts, and his hand on your neck squeezes a little tighter. Your pussy flutters one last time around him before you cum. Your gasps and moans fill the air as you fall apart on Bucky’s thick cock. He’s never felt so good in his life, and he’s cumming right after you. “Fuuuuck.” He drawls out as he cums, and your name falls right out of his mouth too.
“Bucky, oh god i feel so full.” You whimper once you think the last spurt of his hot cum shoots inside of you. Within a few seconds, it’s trailing back out and down your thighs, quickly coating his balls as well. “Shit.” Bucky curses, pulling out his cock with a lewd pop. He then gently lays you down onto the bed, and he snuggles up beside you. He watches as you slowly ease down onto the bed, your back not arched anymore, and he then pulls you close to him. “Feel okay?” He softly rubs your upper back as he watches your eyes flutter shut, a small smile on your face. “Yeah, feel better. Thanks.” You mumble. “It’s my job.”
Yeah, it’s actually a job. It’s a job you don’t get paid for and i’ll have to leave after it’s over with. Silly me.
Little do you know, he doesn’t mean it like that. It’s not like that.
Bucky’s eyes then trail over your back, and to your ass. He catches sight of some bruises forming, but he knows that you’ll be okay. He’ll take care of you if you let him. He then notices his shirt laying above the two of you on your pillow. He lazily picks it up, but catches a whiff of your arousal on the fabric. “Did you- did you play with yourself and uh….cum on my shirt?” He asks as he looks at the material.
“I didn’t cum on it, must’ve wiped my hand on it by accident. Sorry.” He’s not upset, he finds it a bit hot if he’s being honest. He’s never had someone so hung up over him, but he loves it. He’s just as hung up over you as you are him- little to your knowledge- and even he was oblivious to his feelings until tonight. His hand continues rubbing your back, and he can tell that you’re a little spent from the round of sex prior because of how at ease you are now. He then tosses the shirt at the broken door before he’s flipping you over and onto your back- an idea popping into his head. “Why don’t i clean you up, then i can reheat that food you cooked? I know you’ve not eaten, i can tell, and you need to, omega.” A lazy smile pulls on Bucky’s lips as he gently rubs your outer thighs with his thumbs- he’s in between your legs. “Yeah, that would be nice.” You agree with him.
Bucky plans on taking care of you for the rest of your heat, and even after that. If you let him.
“You’re warm.” You mumble, burying your head further into Bucky’s chest. He chuckles and you can feel the vibrations from it in his chest. “Yeah, and you’re already horny again.” You lightly smack your lips before you roll over to straddle him, his cock hard underneath you. “Someone else is, too. Can i be on top?” You lightly run your nails over his pecs as he adjusts himself- his hands then placed on your bare hips. “Mm, do you think you have enough strength to go that long, kitty?” He smirks up at you, his eyes twinkling in the low light. “Yeah, i think i do.” “You think it’ll fit?” He grasps your hips tighter and grinds you down on top of him, a small whimper falling pass your lips. “Yeah, it has the past two days.” “But i’ve been fucking you, you’ve not been fucking me.” His left hand comes up and pinches your hardened nipple and you pout. “Alpha….don’t taunt me.” You dig your nails a bit harder into his pecs before he stops grinding you over his cock.
“Okay then, kitty. Take what’s yours and start bouncin’.”
Bucky’s fingers lightly dance over your skin as you sleep on top of him. He’s never fell in love so quick. Your scent drives him up the wall, your touch sends him into a spiral, everything about you has him wanting more. And whatever you’ll give him, he’ll take. He was dumb to not realize it before your heat started, but he’s liked you ever since he saw you- smelled you. That moment you walked into Natasha’s office, he knew that you’d be his. Well, his inner alpha did, but Bucky himself was in denial.
Now, he wants to give you the world, and he will try to as long as you let him. He just hopes that he didn’t shove you away in the process of him being a stubborn bitch. He hopes you’ll let him hold you even on the nights when your heat isn’t there. He wants to cook along beside you, watch tv cuddled up with you, go on walks while holding hands. He wants to kiss your lips, touch every inch of your skin whether it be hot or cold, soft or dry. He doesn’t care. He wasn’t every part of you, and he needs you.
He just hopes that you need and want him, too.
It’s the day after your heat. That means Bucky is going to kick you out. Funny thing is, he left for work as usual this morning. He pressed a kiss to your head and with a wave, he was out of the door.
You’re sad and hurt, but what else could you expect from this?
You have most of your stuff packed, and you called Steve- since you and him have gotten close over time and Natasha is working- to help you carry it back to your place. Since you don’t have a car, he’s going to drive you over.
It’s now nearing three, and you’re expecting Steve to arrive at any time.
As you shove the last item in your bag, you look around the room. Bucky took the door off the hinge that it was attached to after he broke it down, the room looks bare now that all of your things are gone from the dresser and vanity.
You sigh and zip the bag up. You never even got to wear the dress. You were hoping you would, but again, this was all just useless.
As you’re putting the bag onto your shoulder, you hear a car door. You hurriedly grab two more bags and rush out to the living room. Once you swing the door open, you see Steve. “Hey!” You greet him, and he instantly smiles, but it falters, “you sure you want to go?” “Yeah, just feel like it’s best.” You say with a sad chuckle. Steve nods and says no more, he only helps you tote your things out to his car.
Once you two get everything settled in the trunk, you begin to walk back into the house one last time. “Hey, i’ve got to grab something. I’ll be right back!” You shout to Steve before he hops into his drivers seat. “Take your time!”
You instantly walk back into the kitchen, and spot the purple post it notes. You grab the same pen you always use, and start to write.
Bucky, it was nice getting to know you, it’s been good. Never thought you’d warm up to me or even be willing to help, but i’m glad I got matched with you. I’m sorry things couldn’t work out, guess you just didn’t want someone like me. I really was hoping things would be different, because i really like you. Anyways, wish you the best- y/n
With a wipe of a tear from your eye, you snap the pen shut and stick the note onto his laptop that always stays on his counter. You sigh and take a look around the house before you head to the front door.
After one look back, you lock and shut the door with a thud. Steve looks up and sees you wiping your eyes, but he decides to just let it go.
Things will work out if they’re meant to be, right?
You soon open the passenger side door and hop in. “Hey, need to make a stop by Natasha’s office so i can tell her to get rid of the contract.” You tell Steve as you buckle your seatbelt. He nods, “whatever you want to do.”
So he takes you there, and it takes you only about fifteen minutes to get there, too. Steve tells you to go in, that he’ll talk to Natasha on her break which is in about an hour. “You sure?” “Yeah, i’ll drive back here. It’s no big deal!” You then head into the building.
Of course it’s the same as when you first came here, but this time you know where you’re going. So you go on up.
And once you get to her door, you knock. “Come in!” You open it and once she sees you, her face falls. “Y/n, what’re you doing here!?” She acts almost shocked to see you. Why?
“I’d like to shred the contract.” You state matter of factly. Her eyes widen a bit more, but she nods, “o-oh okay, uh yeah. Just give me a moment.” She then begins to shuffle through one of the filing cabinet drawers beside her, and once she finds yours and Bucky’s, she pulls it out. “Okay, you sure? Because once i shred this up, there’s no more rent being paid on your apartment, and you will be removed from the program and never be allowed to sign up again.” “Well, lucky for me, once i try it once and it turns out shit, i don’t want to ever try it again. Tear it up, Nat.” You reply, and you watch her.
Her fingers hesitate, but with one swift movement, they tear the several pieces of paper in half, then she places it in the shredder beside her. “It’s done.” She sighs, and she looks sad. “Thanks Nat, i’ll see ya later. Steve is dropping me off at my place.” You reply before giving her a side hug. “Okay, i’ll talk to you later.” Is all you hear right as you step out of her office.
It takes everything in you not to burst into tears when you finally walk out, but you manage to make it to the elevator with only a single tear that rolls down your cheek.
“Thanks Steve. You go see Nat, know you’ve missed her.” You mumble as you give him a quick hug. “Yeah, if you need anything, let me know. Don’t be afraid to come around.” He chuckles before he closes your apartment door, and your small smile drops. All of the emotion that you’ve been feeling since the morning is now crumbling onto you, and it hurts. You sink down to the floor and tears start to wet your cheeks. Why couldn’t it have just worked out?
You lean back against the wall nearest to you, and start to sob. You really got attached to Bucky, yet you weren’t good enough. Or maybe he just doesn’t want anything to do with an omega. Either way, it’s fucked and now you’re heartbroken.
“She WHAT?!” Bucky yells into his cell phone as he talks with Steve. “She thought you didn’t want shit to do with her, Buck. I mean, after the way you talked about her, i don’t blame her.” Steve replies and Bucky crumples the note up in his hand. “Fuck fuck fuck!” Bucky shouts as he plops down onto the couch, his phone still up to his ear. “You do know that even if the contract is split and torn, it doesn’t mean that you two are done, right? You can go to her apartment that’s on 276 Ironsdale Street on the fourth floor that’s room 409, and knock and talk to her. Right?” Natasha then speaks, and Bucky halts his panic. He hurriedly gets up and grabs a purple sticky note where you placed them at earlier in the day.
He then grabs the same pen you used and snaps it open, “what’s the address, and when will her apartment contract be renewed?”
A soft knock is placed at your door, and if you weren’t only a few feet away from it, you would probably leave it alone and let whoever is on the other side of it just go away. But since you’re on the floor and it’s nearly in reach, you scoot a little and unlock the knob. Before you can even turn the handle, the door swings open and you squeak. Bucky’s eyes meet yours and he sees the tears that stain your perfect cheeks and he sees how your pretty eyes are absolutely flooded with salty tears.
He slams the door shut before plopping to the ground and his arms are around you within seconds. “Angel, oh god, why?” He mumbles as he rocks you two back and forth. You’re a bit confused, but you don’t care. His touch is fucking heaven and you’ve missed it- even if it’s just been a few hours away from him. “Bucky….” you mumble into his jacket, but he just hugs you tighter. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m here and i’m not leaving, i’m not going anywhere.” He reassures you and you sniffle.
Your head then lifts from his chest and your eyes meet his, “really? Why?” He looks taken back, but his expression soon relaxes- remembering that you think he hates you and wants nothing to do with you. “Baby, i love you. I’m sorry i was so awful to you, and neglected you. I was such an asshole, an absolute, in denial prick. You’re the best girl i’ve ever had. I’d like to-.” He takes a deep breath before continuing, “i’d like to be your alpha, forever, and you be my omega. I’d like to take you out and get to know even more about you and you can know anything and everything you wanna know about me. Does that sound okay? You can even wear that dress you bought.” His hands gently grip your wrists and his thumbs rub soothing circles onto your skin.
Your eyes refill with tears again, but this time they’re happy ones. “Yes Bucky, i’d love that so much.” You throw your arms around his neck, and you sit in his lap. A huge smile comes across his pretty face that you’re sadly not able to see, but you’ll be seeing it in the future- many many times. “My omega, my beautiful girl. I’m so sorry.” He rubs your back through your shirt as he comforts you. “You’re here now Bucky and that’s what matters most. You came back for me, you actually care.” “Of course i do, everything i said over those days while you were in your heat weren’t lies. I was being truthful.” He presses a kiss to the side of your head as you relax into him even more.
“I also heard from a little birdie that your contract for your lease here isn’t renewed until a few days. So what do you say that me and you move you into my place? No more shitty apartment contracts, and we’ll get Steve and Sam to help, how does that sound, angel?” His words make you even more happy and you can’t help but hug him even tighter. “Yes, Bucky. I want that so much. I want you, baby.” And Bucky couldn’t be happier with his girl in his arms, finally.
And he knows that Natasha has already shredded up his papers at that lovely place she works at, because she knew that you two would work out.
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byeongsung · 5 months ago
On Show
NCT Jisung x Female reader
Genre - Smut, older reader
Warnings - Hard Dom!Jisung, use of the word 'Noona' a few times, exhibitionism, slight possessive language, choking, humiliation, hair pulling, manhandling, slight praise & slight degradation, fingering, oral (m receiving), face fucking, unprotected sex, male masturbation, a lot of dialogue, mentions of corruption
Word count - 5.6k
Summary - After seeing marks on you, Jaemin, Jeno and Haechan get curious about you and Jisung's sex life and get more than just an explanation when they're on a discord call together.
NCT Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Jisung you’re a fucking idot” Haechan cried into his mic as he got shot, the game depended on Jisung to kill the final player of the opposing team, but instead he missed and shot Haechan “Now we’ve lost, great” He took his fingers off of his keyboard.
“That’s enough of that game” Jeno sighed and exited the game, clicking on the open discord tab and allowing the four cameras to appear. The other boys did the same thing.
“I hate you” Haechan’s words were light hearted but as clear as day, the other three boys laughed.
“I’m never playing with either of you again” Jaemin leaned back in his chair. Their mindless chatter and petty spats continued until you walked into Jisung’s room, sending a smile to him. His eyes visibly lit up when he saw you.
“I’m guessing she just walked in” Haechan’s comment fell on deaf ears as Jisung watched you walk over to him.
“Hi baby” He pulled you down to sit across his lap, your arm went around his shoulders. You giggled as he wrapped his arms around you.
“Hello” You smiled against his lips when he kissed you softly, a cough in his ears made him pull away and roll his eyes.
“At least let us say hello” Jisung took his headphones off, placing them on your head and putting in earphones so he could hear them two. He moved you so you were sitting with your back against his chest, his fingers laced together when his arms went around you and held you against him.
“It’s always a pleasure” If there was one thing that made Jisung happy, it was the fact that his friend’s loved you. They were always so welcoming and kind to you and had never spoken a bad word about you to him, it was everyone’s dream to have all of their friends adore their partner and Jisung had that.
He was zoned out as he rested his head in your neck, smiling softly as his thoughts ran wild about you. Despite the earphone in his ear he didn’t pay any attention to the ongoing conversation you were having with them, he almost failed to notice the lack of clothing you had on under your, his, oversized shirt. Just a pair of underwear, coincidentally the same pair he had fucked you in around an hour early and told you to keep on so his cum wouldn’t slip out of you and so that you were ready for him to fuck you again when he was finished and he was so close to being finished, that’s why you had oh so randomly appeared in his room, he laughed into your neck.
“Give me a moment” He took the headphones off of you and placed them on his desk, muting the mic and turning your body to have you sitting across your lap and placing his finger under your chin to make you look at him.
“I know why you’re in here” You pressed your hands against his chest and laughed, moving your face closer to his.
“Why am I here then?”
“You wanted to check if I was done” You hummed and nodded, amusement in your eyes “Because you want me to fuck you again” You giggled and kissed him, gently.
“And if that is the reason?”
“Maybe you should go wait for me in the bedroom” He squeezed your thigh as he spoke, smirking as he kissed you again “Go, i’ll be in there soon” You nodded and got up, rushing out of the room to go to the bedroom, he on the other hand felt like a deer in headlights as he turned back to his computer and noticed he muted his mic, but not his camera. He rushed to put his headphones on and unmute his mic.
“Well well well”
“Shut up”
“What did you two talk about?” Haechan questioned, a mischievous smile on his face.
“It’s none of your concern”
“If you’re going to be so blatantly obvious in front of us, i believe it is” Jaemin’s voice was just as cheeky as Haechans “Besides, we could all see the marks” Jisung looked at them, eyebrow risen.
“On her neck, on her thighs, you don’t hide them do you” Despite how they expected him to react, he simply just laughed and shook his head.
“What’s the point in hiding them, everyone knows she’s mine, it’s fun to leave them behind”
“Never pinned you as someone who would act this way” The boys were quite shocked, but they wanted to see how far they could push him.
“You know” Jeno started “Isn’t she older than you, she is probably the one who throws you around in the bedroom” The other two laughed to themselves, but the laugh Jisung let out was different to theirs, they narrowed their eyes at him.
“Then I guess you would all be surprised if you saw what it was really like”
“Show us then” Haechan was quick to comment, and Jaemin was just as fast to add on.
“Yeah, prove it”
“Fine I will”
“How do you plan on doing that?” Jeno’s question rang through Jisung’s ears causing him to rack his brain.
“I’ll fuck her, right here on a call in front of you all”
“And she'll just happily agree to that?” Jisung laughed at Jeno’s question.
“You guys really don’t know her” Jisung leaned back in his chair, placing his hands on his stomach. “Believe me, she’ll agree”
“Okay then, tomorrow night, on this call, cameras and mics on. Show us”
“Deal” With that Jisung ended the call and stood up, making his way to you who was laying on your bed, his shirt had been discarded and you were laying his just your underwear. The underwear that was soaked with the mixture of your cum.
“You’re irresistible” He knelt between your legs, running his fingers over your thighs “So fuckable” You whimpered when his fingers made contact with your covered clit, he found it just delicious how wet you were. He leaned over you, lips ghosting over yours.
“I have something to ask you” He spoke, you whined when he pressed his fingers harder against you.
“What, what is it?” You were withering away under him.
“Still want me to fuck you in front of the boys” Still, you had spoke about it before, discussed the fantasy you had of letting him fuck you in front of his friends.
“Fuck” Was all you could let out “Please Sungie” He laughed at your desperation.
“Good girl, tomorrow night, over our discord call, i’ll fuck you in front of them” You nodded eagerly, thoughts running through your mind at what could happen. “But for now, let me have you”
“Are you ready?” You nodded and leaned back against him, his arms around your waist as your back touched his chest. You were both sitting in his chair in front of his desk, everything was ready, the boys were there in front of you. Jisung’s mic and camera were off, he wanted to make sure you were completely ready before turning anything on.
“Sungie, i’m ready you can turn it on” He nodded and pressed a short kiss to your cheek. He leaned forward and turned on his camera and mic. He decided to ditch the headphones for that night, leaving his computer on full volume so you could both hear the boys perfectly. He wanted to give them a clear view of you, of everything that you had to offer and good god you had so much to offer. He was addicted to you, to your body, the way you reacted to him, you were a weakness and you were all his.
“Well well well what a pretty sight” Haechan’s voice rang out as he saw you.
“And all mine” Jisung pressed a kiss to your neck and you smiled.
“We didn’t come here to see you all sappy” Unlike the words he said, there was amusement behind Jaemin’s voice.
“Get on with it” They were joking, but you weren’t.
“Sungie..” You whined as his fingers trailed along your inner thighs, he hummed in your ear “Touch me” He laughed in your ear, you were only wearing his shirt and some underwear, pretty ones too. He had previously brought you special pairs of panties, ones with such thin, flimsy straps. They were so easy to rip off of you and break and that’s what he enjoyed doing, he could never grow tired of the whiny gasp you let out every time he does it.
“Noona” He said it quite loud, almost as if he wanted to make sure they heard, you whined at the name “Have some patience” He pushed up the hem of your shirt, opening your legs wider so the boys could properly see you. The white underwear came in handy as they showed the small wet patch that was growing on them. All three of the boys who were watching couldn’t fight the way their mouths watered at the sight.
“I don’t want patience, I want you” Jisung was entertained by your words, it had seemed that within seconds you had already forgotten about the company you two had, but you hadn’t. You were more than aware of the attention you were receiving from the three boys and you loved it. You gasped when you felt one of his hands wrap around your neck.
“If you want to cum, I suggest you be the good fucking girl I know you can be” You gasped as his fingers pressed harder into the sides of his neck “Got it?” You nodded and whimpered “Now, apologise to them for being so impatient” Haechan had his mouth open in shock whilst the other two’s eyes looked as if they were bulging out of their head. “Noona, don’t leave them waiting”
“I’m” You let out a breath when Jisung’s fingers loosened on your neck “I’m sorry”
“Sorry for what” The way he spoke ‘what’ made you shiver, he said it as if he spat it out.
“Sorry for being so impatient”
“Are you going to be good for me” His fingers tightened on your neck once more, this time his other hand went between your things, pads of his fingers pressing against the wet spot on them “For them?” You could only nod, he dropped his hand from your neck but kept his fingers resting on your underwear. He slowly dragged his fingers to the side of them, gripping them in his fingers and ripping them forward causing them to tear, he was correctly about the gasp you let out and he still loved it, no matter how many times it happened.
His fingers moved up your slit, there was a smirk on his face when he made direct contact with your wetness, you were soaked. So wet, so warm and so ready for him, it was exactly how he liked it. Your legs twitched slightly when he made contact with your clit, the twitching only intensified when he pressed his fingers down against it.
“Cute” It was quiet, you weren’t even sure if the other three boys had heard him speak but you did. Jisung loved how you reacted to his fingers, when he slid them over your clit in tight, quick circles. He had a talent for sending you to places with his fingers, they were so slim and long that they always hit you hard when he had them inside of you, always reaching places you could never on your own and they always, absolutely always managed to curl up perfectly. Having his fingers inside of you was a normal occurrence, his favourite way to work you up and make you want him, so today was no different, even with his friends watching. Maybe the way you fell apart in front of them stroked his ego and he wanted more of that feeling, all whilst sending you to heaven in the simplest of ways.
You tried your hardest not to move in his lap, trying to keep still when his fingers moved down your slit and he pushed one of them into you, it was only moments later when he added another one. His movements weren’t rushed, he took things slow. Fingers thrusting in and out of you, scissoring apart inside of you in order to stretch you out move but it was when they curled inside of you that you almost lost it. Your eyes fluttered shut momentarily as your hands went to his arms, fingers pressing into his skin as he sped up his fingers. They opened when you moaned slightly, feeling his fingers move quicker against your walls. When they did open your eyes went straight to the monitor, drifting towards a certain boy who was sitting back in his chair.
“Haechan” His name came out quietly but he heard it, Jisung looked up at the boy’s camera and laughed to himself. Haechan should’ve been ashamed with the four sets of eyes he had on him, but he wasn’t, not with the way you were looking at him, especially because he was well aware that Jaemin and Jeno were in the same position as him. He was the one who was sat the furthest back from his desk and it gave you the view of all of him, including his cock that had seemed to harden drastically in his sweatpants.
“I think someone’s enjoying your little show” Jisung’s lips ghosted over the lobe of your ear, fingers not stopping as you whined “Go on noona, tell him what you want him to do, we both know what you want”
“She has something she wants to tell you” Jisung spoke, you were struggling to collect your thoughts due to the way he was touching you, the way you clenched around him gave that away “Tell him” He had a warning glaze over his eyes, you knew you had to pick yourself up and say it.
“I want-” You whined and moved your hips, Jisung thought it was the perfect time to pull his fingers out of you and rub your clit. Fast, harsh circles, he wasn’t holding back at all and it left you struggling with speaking “I want you to touch yourself” You made eye contact with Haechan through the monitor, but the words were aimed at all of them.
“Who, my love?”
“All of you” You were in absolutely no way in control of the situation, but you tried to make it seem like you were, even if you were edging close to an orgasm that you knew would leave you shaking.
“You heard her, if you want to do it then do it” All of you were shocked at Jisung, the boys had never expected him to be so lenient on what was going to happen and you were shocked that he would allow them to do such a thing over you “What she wants, she gets”
It took a few moments for them to process his words but Haechan was the first one to give in.
“Fuck it” Haechan pushed down the material of his sweatpants and sighed when his cock was free, your eyes widened at the sight of him. He was, thicker than you had expected. Rather than being jealous, Jisung was intrigued with the way you watched as Haechan wrapped his hand around his cock, he could tell you enjoyed it by the way you cried out a moan and dug your nails into his arms.
“Close” You nodded “Look at him and cum for me” It was all you needed in order to actually do it, you fell apart the second you looked back at Haechan, your eyes closed as you came over Jisung’s fingers. They didn’t move off of your clit, not even when your orgasm had passed over. He liked overstimulating you, he liked the way your moans grew higher in pitch and your thighs tensed. Your eyes didn’t open until his fingers moved off of you, you instantly caught a glimpse of him bringing them to his mouth through your camera in the monitor, you shuddered and diverted your eyes, knowing that if you saw him do it, it would only make you want it all over again. Diverting your eyes didn’t help you though, because what you saw was that the other two boys had followed Haechan’s lead, both of them with their cocks in your hand. It probably wasn’t right of you to do so, but you couldn’t help but let your eyes linger on both of them, Jeno seemed to be so thick, his cock looked heavy whilst Jaemin seemed to be longer. There was a deep need inside of you that seemed to crave all three of them, but you pushed that aside, or at least tried to.
“Something distracting you” You felt like a deer in headlights when Jisung spoke to you, it was so obvious as you had failed to hide the way your eyes flickered between the three boys who were on the monitor.
“No” Your voice was shaky and you wished you could blame it on the orgasm you were recovering from, but you both knew it wasn’t. You knew he knew it wasn’t when he pushed his chair back and turned it to the side, pushing you on to the floor causing you to fall onto your hands and knees. He didn’t give you time to process what had happened as he decided to grab you by your hair, pulling on it to turn you around to face him. There were tears clouding your vision as your hands rested on his thighs, his hand cupped your cheek after dropping your hair. Despite how it may have seemed to the other three, you loved when he was rough with you, when he manhandled you like you were nothing but a toy, a simple doll for him to use however he desired.
“You know, you should be paying more attention to the man who just made you cum rather than to his friends”
“I’m sorry” Your voice was weak and you heard faint laughs come from the speakers on the desk, they were loving everything they were seeing, and hearing.
“You’re only sorry when you get hit with consequences” You shook your head at him, he was being harsh, punishing almost.
“No, no no” It was babble, they sounded like pleads. He only laughed. Your hands moved up his thighs, one of them made contact with his cock that was only covered by the thin material of his sweatpants.
“If you’re so sorry” He pulled your face further forward, leaning down in his chair to be closer to you “Then prove it” He pushed your face back and leaned back in his chair, watching as you eagerly brought your fingers to the hem of his sweatpants and pulled them down, he lifted his hips and let you take them off of him, you threw them to the side and went to touch him but he stopped you “Shirt off” You made quick work of pulling it off and letting it join his sweatpants on the floor, he watched you in amusement, you had an audience but you didn’t seem to care. Didn’t seem to care that you were knelt down on the floor in front of him, it was almost as if you wanted them to see how desperate you always were for his cock. One thing that simultaneously got to all three of the boys that were watching was the way you sat there on your knees after taking your shirt off, looking up at Jisung with your hands on his thighs almost as if you were wordlessly asking him if you could touch him. Your eyes were wide as you looked up at him and it sent them into a frenzy, you looked so sweet on your knees ready to take him, so corruptible. From what they had seen so far, there was no doubt that Jisung would have done things to you before, things that took away every drop of innocence you had in you, yet they still saw some and they wanted to take it for themselves.
Jisung nodded at you, singling to you that you could touch him and you didn’t waste a second after he did. Your hand wrapped around his cock, he was already hard, he was when he had you on his lap too. You could feel him under you, pressing against your ass and it only made you wonder what exactly was going through his head about all of this and how badly he wanted to do it too.
But you brought yourself from your thoughts and moved your hand up his cock, dragging it back down and squeezing around the base of it before leaning forward and taking him in your mouth. Your lips wrapped around the tip of his cock, your tongue swirling around it before you lowered your mouth on him, keeping your hand wrapped around him so you didn’t have to take all of him, not yet at least. Jisung was long, relatively thick but long, it was always a struggle to take all of him and the two of you always worked you into it every time you took him into your mouth.
He watched you with intense eyes when you moved on him, your head moved in a steady rhythm, gradually picking up pace as time went on. After what happened a few minutes ago, it was not surprise to you that the three boys were stroking their cocks, all of them in a trance by how you were taking Jisung’s cock, their hands were only a mere replacement to what they could have been feeling if it was your mouth instead. Jisung was so lucky.
If they would have said it out loud, Jisung would have agreed that he was lucky. So lucky that you’d happily let him put your hair into a temporary ponytail with his hand and press your head down further on his cock. Your hand left him immediately, going to his thigh and allowing him to take control of you. He held your head down on his cock for a few moments, your mouth warming his cock, so obediently taking what he was giving you. It was when his hips bucked up into your mouth that you were surprised, the head of his cock hit the back of your throat, the tears you had in your eyes previously began to build again but stronger,you felt them on your eyelashes threatening to fall, and they did. When he pushed his hips up again he felt tears hit his thighs, he only laughed at you, there was no sympathy behind his actions at all. He wanted you to take all of him so you did.
The scene in front of the boys was lewd, if they had stumbled upon this on a dodgy website they never would have for a moment imagined it would be you and Jisung, it was possibly the furthest thing away from what they would have expected and in a way they humoured them. Jisung was naturally awkward and clumsy and you were so sweet and kind, no one would have imagined that this is what you were like when you were alone together.
Jisung didn’t want to cum from your mouth, usually he would’ve taken the opportunity to pull out and cum over your face but he didn’t want that today, he wanted to cum inside of you, to fill you up and see the boys faces when it drips out of you.
So he pulled you off of his cock, you stumbled back on your knees slightly, a string of spit that connected your mouth to his cock breaking when you got so far. You were a mess, spit around your mouth, tears falling down your face, hair all messed up due to his hand being in it. But you still wanted more, you still craved to feel him pushing his cock into you and stretching you out.
“Come here” You stood up, placing your hands on his thighs and pushing yourself up, unaware that at the angle you were at, you gave Jaemin, Jeno and Haechan a clear view of yourself, your core, soaked and swollen. It was a sight none of them were prepared to see but they didn’t complain, it only made them want you more.
Jisung turned you around and pulled you back down on his back, chest against your back as he made you place your knees either side of his thighs on the chair. You knelt up when he brought his hand down between your legs, your thighs tensed when he made contact with your clit again, still quite sensitive from how he had made you cum earlier on.
You leaned the side of your head against his, your breathing was heavily and unsteady as you looked at the monitors. You were completely bare for them at that point, nothing was covering your body and they admired every inch of you, including the bites that resided on your chest from you and Jisung’s activities the previous day.
“Look at them” Jisung’s voice was barely a whisper in your ear “Look at the attention they’re giving you” You loved the attention they were giving you. You adored the attention you got off of Jisung alone, but with the addition of three of his friends, three of his extremely hot friends, you loved it even more. Your body felt hot but with the way they were looking at you it felt like you were on fire, something had been ignited inside of you “Make them jealous of me” He bit down on the skin of your neck. He wanted them to want you, he wanted them to want to be in his place, something about his friends wanting something that belonged to him hit his ego hard. It wasn’t easy to tell he was loving every second of it.
You were shaky when you reached down to hold his cock, even more so when he moved his hand and gave you the space to rub the head of it against your clit. You couldn’t control the breathy whimpers that left you because of it. You also couldn’t control the way you ground down against his cock, you wanted him inside of you as soon as possible, so you did just that. Holding his cock up so you could sink down on him, but you were not stable enough to hold yourself up long enough to do so he wrapped his arms around your waist and held you up whilst you did so. He almost broke himself when you sighed out a moan because of him entering you. The way he stretched you out was a feeling you were addicted to and you both loved the moment he first entered you, the way your warmth enclosed around him, sometimes he found himself having to hold himself back from finishing on the spot because of it.
You didn’t sink down on all of him straight away, taking to lowering yourself down on half of him and lifting up just to go back down again, taking more of him each time you did it until he was fully seated inside of you. You rested back against him when he was, the feeling of being so full of his cock made you have to take a few deep breaths before you completely lost yourself.
Jisung’s hands moved to your hips, a tight grip holding onto you as he moved you move, letting you sink back down yourself. You knew it wouldn’t be long before your thighs began to burn, the strain of trying to take all of his cock whilst in such a position. Yet the pain hurt you in the best ways possible, the shooting pains that went through your thighs only intensified the pleasure you were getting. And that hit a high when one of his hands moved from your hips and touched your clit, his other arm snaked around your waist and held you against him.
“Such a good girl noona, I bet they’re all so proud of you” Them, you looked at them in awe, you could feel their lust from through the screen, the way their hands moved on their cocks, they all seemed to do it in their own ways. Haechan teased himself more, his hand squeezing around the base of his cock every so often to prevent himself from finishing, Jeno was more aggressive with it, seemingly being able to hold back from cumming and Jaemin, well Jaemin seemed lost. His hips bucked up every so often, his eyes were dark and clouded with pure lust. If you could bet about any of them wanting you, you would’ve put the most money on Jaemin.
Jisung’s fingers moved on your clit in a similar rhythm to how you were riding him, or trying to ride him, the longer it went on the more you struggled and the more he enjoyed it. He was in full control of you, but he wanted more, wanted to give them one last look into how easily he could make you fall apart.
You were shocked when he wrapped his other arm around you and stood up, bending you forward over his desk. His monitor was pushed all the way to the back of his desk and his keyboard was out of the way, it gave him the space to press your front against the desk and with his montoir so far back, it gave the boys a clear view of you being fucked over it.
Jisung didn’t say a thing, he held one hand on your hip and the other pressed on the back of your neck to hold your head against his desk. You cried out instantly when he began to fuck you, his hips were harsh against yours, thrusts powerful, only growing as time went by. He wanted to ruin you, unravel you on his cock and have his friends as witnesses, but neither of you were going to last much longer, neither were the boys watching you.
In fact, the first one came the second Jisung fisted your hair and lifted your head up to look at the camera. Tears covered your face, you were moaning uncontrollably and when his fingers moved from your hip to your clit you knew you were done for. What secured that was the fact you made eye contact with Jaemin through the monitor just as he came over himself, he had the bottom of his shirt between his teeth and he covered his stomach with his cum. In the heat of the moment you swore his name almost left your lips, but you stopped yourself from doing it, replacing it with Jisung’s name at the last second.
Jisung was growing closer too, his fingers moved faster on your clit, if he hadn’t had such a hold on you then you would’ve collapsed back onto the table. His name left you followed by multiple pleads, before you knew it a wave of heat washed over you and your eyes squeezed shut, you clamped around his cock but he didn’t stop fucking you. The moans you let out grew higher in pitch from the overstimulation.
“Open your eyes” Jisung had practically growled into your ear “Look at them” You tried to do as he told you to, your eyes were barely open but you could see the screen as soon as they adjusted to the light. Jeno was following Jaemin in finishing, watching you cum had got him so much that he couldn’t help but finish, his cum covered his thighs and his shirt. In a way it looked delicious.
Haechan was the only one left to finish out of the boys, he had edged himself the entire time, his shirt was lifted up, his hips moved up to meet his hand and he was close, incredibly close.
“Tell him to cum for you” Jisung was incredibly amused by the situation, it turned him on, he was so worked up but seeing how Haechan was with you made him hold himself off. He wanted to be the last one to finish.
“Haechannie” It came out as a cry, you were a complete wreck but you wanted to see him cum, it was difficult to find the right words with how Jisung was fucking you. His breathing was heavy and you knew he was close “Haechannie I wanna see you cum” Haechan’s eyes widened at your words, it threw him over the edge instantly, a fuck leaving him because of it. He came, and he came so much, all for you too, he was breathing heavily with his eyes squinted. It was impossible to deny just how hot he looked in that moment, despite the mess you were in you couldn’t help but think of licking his cum off of his stomach. Your own thoughts drove you wild and you were only pulled out of them from Jisung holding you against him, you whimpered when you felt his warm cum fill you up. You would never be over the feeling of him filling you up. You were surprised when he sat down and pulled you onto his lap, spreading your legs open in order to show them his cum dripping out of you. It was safe to say all five of you were a mess.
“So” Jisung started, pressing his fingers inside of you and pulling them out, bringing them to your lips so you could suck both of your cum off of them “Which one of you is going first?”
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Le Sserrafim Chaewon x Male Reader
5045 words
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My first ever Chaewon smut. And maybe the start of something new? We'll see. Please play your favorite eurobeat song while you indulge.
Tumblr media
"They're right behind us."
Police sirens were only an annoyance, like a dog that was all bark and no bite. They did nothing to deter you, and only served as distracting background noise, accompanying flashing red and blue lights that were just a blur in the rear-view mirror. 
The smell of burning rubber permeated the air, with the wind in your face, and beams of sunlight reflecting off the hood. Three pursuit cars chased behind, with more on the way, but there was never a need to worry. It wouldn’t be a problem, not unless you made a mistake—and you never did.  
“I need thirty seconds to disable the tracker.” 
Hands gripped the steering wheel, not even bothering to look back behind you, while a petite woman in the passenger seat fiddled with a small black device underneath the glove box. 
“Then work your magic.” Tires screeched, and the car fired off like a bolt of lightning, as the distance between struggling cops became even more embarrassing. 
“Tracker disabled. Can you lose them?” The woman in the passenger side asked, intently focused on the police scanner without any expression on her face. Police comms never sounded so desperate. 
“Of course. I can lose anyone.” 
“You better. The puppet master won’t like it if we’re late.”
“The PM can kiss my ass then.” 
Highways were a death sentence, especially when traffic was this bad, and you needed to get the hell out of there. You’d never lose cops like this. Even when speeds approached over 150 mph, wailing sirens grew louder and louder.
“They still have eyes on us. Two behind us, one charger on your right. They might pit us.” 
“They can try.” Not that you’d ever give them a chance to, and with a hand on the shifter, you floored it, weaving through traffic on the wrong side of the road. The adrenaline in your body sky-rocketed. It wasn’t anything you hadn’t done before, but it always came with risk—but with high risk came high reward. 
“Just don’t get cocky.” 
Vehicle still southbound, approaching dangerous speeds over 150 miles per hour. Be advised, now heading into opposing lanes of travel. Requesting additional units. 
The woman beside you looked nervous as she looked behind her, then focused on bright beams from the many death traps headed your way. Against her better judgment, she had confidence in your skills. 
“Chaewon, it’ll be fine. I’ve got this.” The sleek vehicle purred beautifully as you dashed in and out of traffic, loud horns blaring at you. One wrong move would send the both of you to the hospital, or worse, but you wouldn’t let that happen. 
“I sure hope so. I’d hate for this box to be my grave.” 
Your carefree words did little to put Chaewon at ease, but it wasn’t your job to keep her cool, just to arrive in one piece unscathed. When you spotted a break in the traffic, you pushed the car to its limits and drove back onto the proper side of the road, then took the exit, and rounded the corner back into the city. Sirens still roared behind, a constant reminder not to let your guard down. 
“I’ll lose them in two turns. Just watch.” 
“Bet. You owe me dinner if you don’t.” Dashing past several red lights, you took a left, went through a parking garage, out the other end, then took a right and under an overpass. Sirens were a faint murmur in the distance, and you saw flashing lights across the upcoming intersection, heading in the opposite direction. 
Vehicle currently VCB, last spotted heading northbound off exit 24
“You’re toying with them. This isn’t a game.” 
“Relax, Chae. It’s not my fault they make it too easy.”
“Wow, congrats. You out drove a bunch of cadets. Want a gold medal?” Chaewon turned her head and caught eyes with you, just to let you know it didn’t impress her. 
“Just mark the dropoff spot, sweetie. Maybe someday you’ll be able to drive this well.”
“You know cars aren’t my preference. I much prefer to have something thick between my legs.” Chaewon smirked, with her arms folded, and her cute nose twitched.
Miles of road went driven unfollowed, which gave ample time to catch your breath while you pulled into the destination—an empty, unmarked garage by the docks. 
“You’re reckless,” Chaewon scolded as she exited the car. Her round eyes widened and her gaze was intense. It was hard to tell the validity of her emotions. 
“Maybe. But did we get caught?” 
“Not yet. Day isn’t over, though.” 
A message popped up on your phone. Car has been successfully dropped off. Rank upgraded. Please leave the area.
“Another successful job. Guess I’ll see you later. Thanks for the help, Chaewon.” 
“What? You’re just going to leave a girl here alone? My bike isn’t anywhere near here,” Chaewon scoffed. 
“You can take care of yourself, can’t you? Want me to call you a cab?”
“Hell no. I’d never be caught dead in some smelly taxi. It’s just—”
“What? Spit it out.” 
“You know, it’s just—racing gets me all types of excited. I love the feeling of being a fast car, escaping from those dumb cops. It just really gets me going.” 
“Yeah, I know the feeling. My heart is still racing. I almost spun out a few times.” 
“Not that kind of excited, dumbass!” 
“Then what—”
Chaewon grabbed your shoulders, pushing you against the nearest wall, inside the garage with your back pressed up against it. She moved quicker than a cat and grasped your face, silky lips crashing against your own. The sweet, unforgettable taste of her mouth invaded yours, tongues colliding, dueling with one another, fighting back and forth to see who had the upper hand. 
“You’re so fucking oblivious,” Chaewon spat out. The only retort you had was biting on her lower lip, and swiping your tongue across her teeth, before you captured her mouth, and took your fair share of dominance. Your faces were a hair's breadth away, but the vacant stare she gave off didn’t last long, betrayed by the lust in her eyes that demanded your lips back on hers.
“Or maybe you’re just too easy to read,” you said, gazing into Chaewon’s round eyes. It was hard not to stare down at the plunging neckline of her dress and the escaping cleavage that drew your eyes to her breasts. Your hands didn’t stay idle, wandering around her creamy skin, and hooked your fingers into both straps of her dress. 
“No—just fuck me against this wall. We don’t have much time before the PM shows up to pick this up. I don’t want him to be here when you’re balls deep inside me.” 
“Fair enough. I’ll get my crew to send a car to pick us up,” you said, eyes exploring the curves of her desirable body. ”That dress looks great on you, Chaewon.” 
“Everything looks great on me. Now don’t keep a girl waiting.” 
It was unfortunate you didn't have the time to explore Chaewon’s perfect body. Her naked body had blessed your eyes many times before, but you’d have to wait for a more opportune time to give it the attention it deserved. As much as the puppet master didn’t intimidate you, that didn’t mean that you wanted to get on his bad side. 
With no hesitation, you spun Chaewon’s compact frame around, and hiked up her little black dress past her tiny waist. It was a pleasant surprise that she didn’t have panties on to get in the way, presenting her round, spankable ass that you felt inclined to do just that—and slapped one cheek hard. 
“Fuck!” Chaewon gasped, and bit her lip. She placed her palms flat on the wall in front and stuck her ass out to entice you more. “Make it hurt.” 
When your focus shifted to Chaewon’s delicious backside, you gave her plump cheeks a firm squeeze, then kneaded them with your fingertips, before you delivered another harsh spank. The smack of warm flesh was addicting, as was the jiggle that Chaewon’s cheeks made when your palm struck it. Each smack rippled the pale cheeks harder than the last, and you followed up with squeezes of the tender skin. Chaewon tried not to moan too loud, but she couldn’t hide her satisfaction. The harsh sting on her backside drove her wild. 
One more loud spank, then two fingers traced the outline of her ass and dipped lower. They moved between her legs and rubbed her bare slit. A smile formed on your face by the amount of slickness that coated your fingers with arousal. 
“You’re drenched,” you whispered, and made Chaewon blush from ear to ear. Perhaps the thrill of a chase turned her on more than she led on, but most likely Chaewon being spanked a little too much, the answer being a combination of the two. 
“And you’re fucking hard as a rock,” Chaewon said. She pressed her bare ass against your bulge and wiggled her hips. “Hurry and put it in me already.” 
With hurried movements, you unzipped your pants, dragged them down, and took your boxers off at the same time. Chaewon eyes brightened and snatched your cock up. Her slender fingers wrapped around your length, then she pumped slowly with a firm squeeze, and stroked it from base to tip. 
“It’s still as big as I remembered.” Chaewon spread her legs wide for easy access, and aimed your shaft between her legs. The delicate movements she used made you throb. 
“Fuck me here, or fuck me here. Your choice,” Chaewon said, as she lined up the swollen head of your cock against her pussy, then her little puckered hole. Both options were optimal, but the way your shaft twitched more against the rim of her ass made the choice easy for you. 
Greed filled your body—you wanted Chaewon’s pussy just as much, but you couldn’t waste a chance to stuff her shapely ass with your cock. “You know how much I love your ass.”  
Chaewon looked back, wearing lust on her immaculate features. “Then shove your big cock in it. Don’t even think about pulling out.” 
“Like I could ever pull out of such a perfect ass.” You felt a demonstration was in order, so you lowered yourself down and dug your fingertips into her buttcheeks, spreading them wide apart. 
Chaewon’s plump ass was supple enough that even when you cupped it, it didn’t fully fit in your hands. Unable to hold back, you shoved your tongue in her sweet little asshole and swirled it around. 
You could tongue Chaewon’s ass until your tongue grew numb. It was truly a taste to be savored. The cute whines she made while your tongue explored her hole were just like you remembered. But before you got lost with your face buried in between her cheeks, you didn’t let yourself get carried away. There would be a time and place to eat Chaewon’s ass like a feast. So you took one more round of teasing licks and slickened her asshole up enough to prepare it for the pounding it was about to take. 
When you stood back up, your cock twitched at the sight of her exposed ass. Chaewon’s cheeks were so perfectly sculpted, and so well defined, that you needed to slap your hard shaft on them, desperate for some relief with your cock so pumped to the brim with blood. 
“Why isn’t that inside me yet?” It was a valid question for sure, one that you didn't have an answer to. It was hard to take your eyes off her welcoming cheeks, yet you didn’t want to be caught with your pants down—quite literally when the PM arrived. So after you released a held breath, your cock slid inside Chaewon’s very tight asshole, and somehow managed just past the tip while it disappeared inside. 
“That’s fucking it,” Chaewon moaned, and tilted her head back. Her ass eased back onto your cock, as her hips moved at a sluggish pace. 
“Still so damn tight,” you hissed, and slowly stretched her little asshole out. it had been too long since you felt such a strong clench around your shaft. 
“Of course. Did you expect something else? You’ll never find an ass tighter than mine.” Chaewon wasn’t wrong—even when you started pumping in and out of her warm asshole, it strangled your cock with a tight vice grip on the few inches trapped inside, and demanded more. 
“Fucking hell, Chaewon. I’ve missed pounding this ass so much.”
“The feeling is mutual. Nobody stretches me like you do.” The whiny moans Chaewon made through pursed lips were music to your ears, as she savored the fusion of pleasure and pain coursing through her body. “You know I like it rough. What are you waiting for?” 
If there was any reason you were holding back before, you wouldn’t be anymore. You snatched her hips, forcing yourself deeper into Chaewon’s asshole, and filled her to the hilt, just to withdraw, then slammed back in. She felt so fucking tight it drove you crazy, almost painful to pump into her as you formed a rhythm in harsh, rapid thrusts. You wouldn’t let up for a moment. 
“Fuck yes, just like that! Pound that ass harder. Wanna feel every fucking inch of that big cock. I love when you’re so deep, holy shit. Stretch my tiny little asshole out as wide as you can.”
“I forgot what a dirty mouth you had. My cock still makes you this needy?” 
“Hmph. Just shut up and fuck me. Fuck me until you explode in me.” 
That was something you had no problem doing. It was more of a rush fucking Chaewon’s tight ass than any chase could ever give you, and your cock was such a perfect fit inside her. It was less of a struggle to bottom her out than expected, and the view of your shaft penetrating her inviting asshole was perfect.
“Harder, fuck me harder, “ Chaewon begged between needy moans, and pushed herself back onto your cock, which made the delicate slide in and out of her asshole feel more incredible. You were inclined to give her what she wanted, and gripped her hips harshly until the deafening slap of flesh against flesh echoed around the metal walls. 
“Oh my god, yes! Pound my asshole, I wanna be filled with your cum!” 
Desperate cries for more did not go unanswered, which unleashed the feral beast inside you. Now you moved with uncontrollable thrusts, hips in a frenzy as you rammed into Chaewon’s ass without a care, her tight hole nothing but an outlet for the built-up lust she created. 
Harsh smacks returned to her plentiful backside, and the pale cheeks took on a familiar rosy hue. Relentless spanks after each frantic thrust made in an attempt to absolutely ruin Chaewon’s small body. 
But somehow you weren’t fucking her hard enough. If Chaewon still had the ability to speak coherently, then you hadn’t done your job properly. Too focused on your own pleasure, you ignored the pool of liquid that formed underneath her thighs from an unknown number of orgasms, and your fingers pressed into her warm skin deep enough to form bruises. You held Chaewon steady against you, and moved so roughly her legs were liable to give out, but all you could hear were the needy moans and whines from her not so innocent lips. 
“Is this what you wanted? To be fucked like a whore in public? We could have waited until we were at my place, but you were so fucking desperate to get dicked down. That pussy was just too wet, wasn’t it? You couldn’t wait for me to rail your ass?”
Between the smack of your hips against her ass, Chaewon felt lost in the pleasure, and it took a second for her to respond. 
“God, you always—you always talk too fucking much. But fuck, you’re right. I can’t help that I love your fucking cock. Fuck, it just fills my asshole so well!” 
Chaewon couldn’t stop moaning. Yet you fucked her ass like you had something to prove—like she wouldn’t ever find anyone able to fuck her this rough or deep, like you had staked your claim to it. You’d never really admit it, but there was a mutual desire for each other—you lusted for Chaewon just as much as she did for you. 
You fucked Chaewon with so much strength; it was as if your cock belonged inside her welcoming, warm asshole. Chaewon took everything you gave her with gusto and still wanted more. 
“Cum inside me. Use me to drain your balls, empty your hot load into my tiny little asshole.” 
Chaewon’s dirty mouth sent tingles up your spine. Slick coated her thighs, and they only grew wetter the more you railed her, as she savored every frantic thrust that slammed her body. Time was short, and you couldn’t hold out much more if you wanted to. Chaewon felt a little greedy and took one more intense orgasm that made her thighs quiver, then scrambled to latch onto anything on the empty garage walls.
There was no doubt Chaewon could tell you were close, but the diverse stream of profanities that escaped her lips wouldn’t last much longer, and neither would you. You could probably count to ten, but there was no way you’d make it past nine before you exploded. Not when Chaewon’s asshole squeezed your cock this tight, and urged your load out at a rate faster than expected. You held her hips steady, pulling her back, then jammed your throbbing shaft up her little asshole. With such striking thrusts, you’d expected her to break, but she held on until you reached the point of no return. 
“Cum for me.” 
Chaewon looked over her shoulder, whispered those three heavenly words, and you lost it. 
Everything stood still—you held tight the bruising grip on her heavenly hips, and kept up the momentum, inching closer and closer until you couldn’t hold out. 
After you looked down at Chaewon’s parted cheeks, the orgasmic sight of your cock disappearing between them was the last thing you needed. Her name on your lips was the last syllable out of your mouth as you buried your shaft deep into her asshole, erupted violently, and pumped her incredibly tight asshole full of cum. There hadn’t been a better sense of relief as Chaewon milked your cock, her ass wringing out every little last drop out of you, with the constant pulsations and spurts filling her up to the very brim. 
You wanted to cum in her again. Even after you flooded her asshole with cum, you wanted to fill her up again, and again, and again, until there was nothing left in your balls to empty. But the thrusts in your hips involuntarily slowed down until you couldn’t move much more. It would do for now as you pulled out and watched the thick amounts of cum you blasted inside her gaped hole leak out. If you still knew Chaewon—and you’re pretty sure you did, one time wouldn’t be enough to satisfy her. 
“Holy shit, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been fucked like that? That was—”
“Amazing?” you said, and answered for her. 
“Don’t get cocky. I hate when you’re cocky. Just because you fucked me stupid doesn’t mean—”
Sounds of tires pulling up interrupted whatever thought Chaewon had. Several car doors opened. then shut, and put a panic inside Chaewon. 
“Shit! It must be the puppet master. We’re fucked!” Chaewon frantically pulled her dress down and tried fixing her messy hair. 
“Relax, it’s my crew. They brought us a car, but they know how to be discreet. They left already. It’s not the PM.” 
Chaewon wouldn’t believe it until she saw it. She began exiting out the garage, when it hit her just how difficult it was to move. 
“God, I can barely walk.”
“If I recall, you wanted it this rough. You quite literally begged for it.” 
“Shut up, I never begged. Let’s get out of here before the PM comes. You’re driving. I can barely feel my legs.”
Driving on the highway at the speed limit felt strange. No blaring sirens when you looked back, no cars trying to ram you off the road, just limitless roads, the music blasting, and Chaewon by your side. It was quite peaceful. 
“How much longer?” Chaewon asked, fidgeting in her seat, and played with the straps of the seat belt. 
“At least an hour. You know how long this drive takes.” 
Chaewon rolled her eyes. “Ugh, you’re driving so slow for a racer. I’m falling asleep.” 
“I’m driving ten over. I don’t want to get pulled over. The police probably have our descriptions.” 
She stayed silent and just listened to the sound of cars passing by. But Chaewon was never really silent for long. 
“I’ve got a better idea.” Chaewon unbuckled her seatbelt, and leaned over, then casually reached over the center console. She slid a hand over your leg, caressing dangerously close to your crotch, and gave your thigh a squeeze. 
“Eyes on the road, sweetie,” she said, before you could see the smirk that formed on her lips. 
“Chaewon, what are you—”
“Don't question it, just drive. But speed up. Go at least eighty.” 
Your foot pushed down on the pedal enough to meet Chaewon’s demands, as slim fingers teased your crotch, circling your shaft. “Just focus on the road.” 
It wasn’t that hard to keep your attention on the road, for now. Chaewon would surely change that, when her fingertips traced the fly of your pants, and made them tighter. 
“Consider this practice.” 
“Practice?” It got more difficult to keep your composure while Chaewon palmed your hardening cock through the fabric of your pants. She leaned out of her seat and kissed the side of her neck, right behind your ear.
“You’re not always 100% focused when you’re driving away from the cops, are you? You’ve got so many things to deal with: sirens, lights, trackers, other cars in the way.” 
Her fingers began unzipping your pants, and at the same she blew hot air into your ear and reduced her sweet voice to a whisper. “I’ll give you such a huge distraction, and you’ll have no choice but to keep your eyes on the road.” 
You knew what she was doing. You knew exactly what she had had planned, but there was no way in hell you’d stop her. “Assuming we don’t run off the road.” 
“Well, don’t run off the road then.”
Easier said than done. She took one lick against your neck, then moved to nibble your earlobe, fiddling with the button of your pants until she had enough space to slip a hand down your pants. It was safe to say controlling your breathing—or anything else wouldn’t be simple.
“The only thing you need to worry about is that fantastic driving of yours. I’ll do the rest.” 
It was easy for her to say, like you weren’t going crazy just with her small hand on your cock, stroking ever so slightly. You’d have to remember to buy one of those remote vibrators the next time she wanted to drive and offer some “practice” of your own. 
The next step in Chaewon’s well-calculated plan was to get rid of your pants, just enough past your knees to give unfettered access to your cock. Fingers teased around the swollen head, squeezing enough to earn a subtle groan from your lips as she stroked your length.”
“How long has it been, an hour since you destroyed my ass? And you’re this hard already? Looks like your balls have filled back up too. Fuck, I must really turn you on that much.”
It was pointless to answer her when your precum trickled down her fingers. “Such a big, juicy cock, all for my hungry little mouth to suck on.”
Several teasing licks later and Chaewon had you in the palm of her hand, figuratively and literally. So much so that your foot involuntarily slipped off the pedal, lowering the car’s speed to a more considerable limit. 
“No cheating. If you slow down, I’ll stop.” 
Chaewon couldn’t help but enjoy the situation you were in, and ran her wet tongue around the tip of your cock, smiling smugly when she licked the aching slit, lapping up the mess she had created. As if that wasn’t enough to neglect your attention towards the road, Chaewon lowered her head down and wrapped her lips around your leaking tip and brought you into her warm mouth. 
It was a natural reaction to close your eyes, but you forced them open, and just gripped the steering wheel hard enough to change the color of your knuckles. Chaewon, however, had no mercy. She sealed her lips tight, then pushed down until her mouth rested at your base, pulling back at an excruciatingly slow pace while dragging her tongue back up. 
Repetition was the name of her game. Slow bobbing of her head ensued, followed by playful licks around your leaking head that traced down the length of your shaft. Once Chaewon was done, she dipped down to coat your balls with saliva, and sucked on each one for a few seconds—not quite long enough to give actual pleasure. 
Unsafe speeds be damned, you craned your neck down enough and saw streaks of red Chaewon had left on your cock from her favorite lipstick. It was pure agony to not do anything but stare through the windshield, and you felt the compulsion to grab the back of her head for a necessary outlet. 
“No. Keep both hands on the wheel. I told you to let me do the rest.”  
Such demands weren’t something you were used to, but neither was getting blown at high speeds during the middle of a highway. Chaewon needed to shift her body around, getting in a more comfortable position with her legs stretched out, with her knees on the passenger seat. It was helpful her small frame allowed her the free rein of movement, but also gave anyone passing by a very obvious view of exactly what she was doing. Not that either of you cared. 
Chaewon paid close attention to the way your cock reacted to her touch, and with every lick and tender suck of her lips, she extended her motions, until you moaned the right way for her. She was having way too much fun with this. 
It was a bad idea to look down to your lap at Chaewon’s bobbing head. “This is one hell of a distraction.” 
Loud, hungry slurps filled your ears before Chaewon responded. “I know. But after this, we’ll be even better at escaping the cops. You’ll be able to drive with your eyes closed.” 
You wished you could close your eyes, if only for a moment, to process the warm mouth swallowing up your cock, sending shivers of electricity after every stroke. Chaewon had moved past the teasing stage. Her lips were now wet with saliva and secured around your shaft, taking it all down her throat with ease, and burying her nose down to your crotch successfully every time. 
“Fuck, Chaewon.” Words grew a little difficult to mouth out. It became more impossible to keep eyes focused on the road, when Chaewon’s talented mouth slobbered all over your cock and sucked with a renewed determination. 
Your fingers hurt from how hard you gripped the steering wheel, but there were limited options to what you could do, and regretted every time you looked down at the blur of bobbed hair that sucked with intense, sharp suction. Her tongue and lips did everything to make you mad with pleasure. And it was working.
Chaewon was driving you insane. 
Every second that went by surprised you that the car didn’t slide away from you. Chaewon hummed around on your cock, sending strong vibrations that upped the pleasure, and the intoxicating squeeze of her throat when pursed lips slid up and down. It was all too much. 
She only responded by bobbing her head frantically and slurped loudly, with her tongue flicking wildly out of control. Her hands weren’t idle either—one fondled your balls, and the other squeezed your thigh to encourage exactly what she wanted. Your stomach coiled, forming an uncontrollable blaze that couldn’t be put out, and you just held the steering wheel tight for dear life while you embraced the inevitable.
Chaewon felt the persistent throbs of your shaft, which made her plunge her lips down as far as they could go, with her cute nose flush with your stomach as you emptied down her throat. 
Somehow, you kept the car steady, with strained moans while her lips drained your balls. Constant suction demanded your load, and it was so much cum Chaewon nearly choked on it.
It wasn’t Chaewon’s favorite way to make you cum, but when she had absolute control over you, she’d take it. She waited for every drop to be milked out, and savored the weight of your thick load on her tongue before she pulled back, tilted her head back, and swallowed it down in several gulps. 
“God, how do you still cum so much? All that cum in my asshole wasn’t enough?” Chaewon asked with a satisfied smile, and licked your shaft clean, not wasting a drop, as she admired the lipstick she had smudged all over your cock. 
“This was your idea.” 
“You’re right, it was but—”
Chaewon didn’t have time to finish her sentence when the blare of sirens popped up behind you. In your orgasmic trance, you hadn’t realized you were going over one-hundred mph, thirty miles well over the speed limit. 
“Here we go again.” 
“Guess it's a good thing we practiced,” Chaewon said, returning to her seat, and buckled herself back in. “Lose them, and we can find a nice, quiet place for round three in the backseat. That is, if you still have any cum left to dump in me.” 
“Oh, I’ve got plenty, trust me. So you better head back there and get ready to take that dress off.” 
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theoptia · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Jean-Paul Sartre, from No Exit: And Three Other Plays; “No Exit”
Text ID: I prefer to choose my hell; I prefer to look you in the eyes...
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glodessa · 26 days ago
letters and secrets - theseus scamander
Tumblr media
© glodessa 2022, do not repost, modify or translate!
synopsis: When another auror wouldn’t stop hitting on you, Theseus took it upon himself to finally act on his feelings and show you who’s really meant to be with you.
a/n: based on this request, i was asked by most people to make it fluffy smut but i usually write pwp so idk if this is fluffy enough, apologies if that is the case. not my best work tbh and i was struggling quite a bit but pls lmk how you like it! much love <3
warnings: SMUT, 18+, oral (f receiving), penetration, unprotected sex (don’t do it kids, we got enough people on this planet), mentions of bodily fluids, hair pulling, does jesus exist in the wizarding world?, explicit language, jealousy, disgusting flirting, (finally acting on) mutual pining
wc: 4.3k
“Miss Y/L/N, could you please take this to Mr. Scamander’s office?” Audra Twigs, one of your superiors, appeared in front of your desk, reaching out with a sealed letter between her fingers. “It’s urgent,” she pressed. You sent her a smile which she reciprocated as you took the letter from her.
“May I ask what it’s about?” You asked sneakily, knowing it’s highly likely to be top secret if it has to be delivered personally to the Head Auror.
Mrs. Twigs only gave you a look, eyebrows raised, as she stifled an amused laugh. You, however, were never one to give up quickly.
“Is it about a certain dark wizard that’s been on the run for the past couple of months?” You asked again, but the lady in front of you wouldn’t say a word.
You knew you were right, though. With Theseus playing an important part in the prosecution of Gellert Grindelwald, it could only be about the notorious dark wizard himself.
“Well,” you said, getting up from your chair. “I suppose I better not waste any time then.”
You walked along the long, dark but still extremely well-lit corridors towards the elevators, letter in hand and heat beating continuously skipping a beat at the thought of seeing Theseus again.
Working in the Department of International Magical Co-operation, long journeys from level five, which your work space was located on, to level two, where you would find Theseus’ office, were happening on the daily.
The elevator came to a halt on level three. When the doors opened, none other than Edan Rubis walked into the small space.
“Good morning, darling,” the auror said with a smug smile on his face as he stood next to you. The admittedly quite handsome wizard did not waste a single opportunity to flirt with you, however, the interest was most definitely one-sided.
“Another trip to Scamander’s office I suppose?” He mentioned when he noticed the letter in your hands. Edan hated your frequent trips to the Head Auror’s office, always feeling that just the slightest bit of interaction between you and Theseus drifted you further and further away from him.
The way you looked at him, nervousness written all over your face whenever he talked to you. The way you laughed at all of his jokes, or the way you simply couldn’t stop yourself from completely ignoring him the moment Theseus appeared.
Edan wanted you to himself, but you only had eyes for Theseus Scamander.
“Yeah, I’m headed to Theseus’,” you replied. “Another urgent one. You can guess what it’s about,” you explained to him, reciprocating his smile with a rather reserved one. Edan nodded his head in a rather dismissive manner, frustrated that he simply didn’t have the same effect on you than a certain other wizard.
The elevator arrived on level two, both of you exiting, then walking along the corridor next to each other. “So where are you headed?” You asked, purely out of politeness, once you noticed the awkward silence between the two of you.
“Believe it or not,” he exclaimed. “It’s Scamander’s office.” A break. “You’re not the only one needing his attention.” You simply nodded, sighing once you realized there was no way for you to speak to Theseus in private today.
The two of you continued to walk along the carpeted hallway until you reached the door with the sign that read Theseus Scamander, Head of Auror Office.
“Ladies first,” Edan commented, taking a step back to let you knock on the door. You waited for Theseus’ voice to tell you to come in before you walked into the large and exceptionally tidy room.
“Y/N,” he greeted you as he lifted his head, a light blush creeping on his cheeks once he caught glance of your frame. “I haven’t seen you in a while.”
You giggled at his comment. “Actually it’s just been two days,” you told him, walking towards his desk as he got up from his seat, never forgetting his manners. Especially not when it’s you.
The two of you just looked at each other, both too nervous to say something. You already forgot why you even came here in the first place.
The silence around you got interrupted by Edan, the electric atmosphere around you disturbed as he cleared his throat, standing outside the office and observing the image in front of him.
“Y/N here told me her matter is really urgent,” he mentioned as Theseus and you directed your attention to him. When neither of you responded in any way, he spoke again.
“We had a lovely chat in the lift. Oh, and, Y/N, I’d love to continue our conversation outside of work soon.” And there was his smug smile again.
You could see Theseus moving around his desk out of the corner of your eyes until he stopped right next to you, his tall frame tense when he stood close to you. He wrapped his arm around your waist to pull your body closer to his, his entire demeanor suggesting protectiveness, maybe even hints of jealousy at Edan’s words.
“I understand that all of Miss Y/L/N’s matters are of utmost importance. If you’ll excuse us, Edan. You can come back later. I’m sure it’s not as urgent as Miss Y/L/N’s concern anyways,” Theseus said, walking slowly towards the other wizard before closing the door in front of his face.
He turned around, a sheepish grin across his face when he apologized for his ‘improper behavior’. “I hope you can forgive me, Y/N. It’s just that-“ He added, but quickly stopped himself.
“Anyways, what can I do for you today?” Theseus asked as he walked back to his desk. You followed him, then took a seat opposite him when he motioned for you to.
“I uhm… I have this… I-,” you stammered, his jealous and possessive behavior still on your mind. You’d never seen Theseus act like this before.
It almost made you feel hopeful that maybe you were lucky enough to have your feelings reciprocated…
You took a deep breath before speaking again. “Mrs. Twigs asked me to give you this letter. And yes, it is urgent, Edan was right about that.” Theseus took the letter from you with a thankful nod, the expression on his face changing, however, the moment you mentioned the other wizard’s name. You were incredibly mad at Edan for lying so blatantly about the conversation you’d had, when it was obviously anything but lovely. Or something you could actually call a conversation.
You were scared that Theseus now got the wrong impression about what you and Edan are, which was nothing more than a coworkership. But you worried that maybe it just wasn’t obvious enough to Theseus.
When the tall wizard didn’t say anything, you felt urged to keep the conversation going. “I’m sorry about Edan. I don’t know why he said that. I-“
Before you could say more, Theseus already walked around his desk again to face you. Standing right in front of the chair you were sitting in now, he seemed even taller than usual. The way he slightly bent down in order to properly look into your eyes when talking to you made the butterflies in your stomach flip upside down, and flutter from side to side.
“Don’t apologize for the ill behavior of a man who cannot control himself whenever his object of desire doesn’t show the same interest in him.”
Theseus instantly looked away in embarrassment, as if he couldn’t believe he finally uttered those words that have been stuck inside his head ever since he had first watched Edan Rubis flirt with you.
Ever since he noticed he liked you more than he probably should.
“I’m sorry, I mean you’re not an object of desire, of course. I mean, he looks at you as if you were…” He contemplated for a minute, seeming hesitant and nervous.
“What I’m trying to say is, you’re not just an object of desire to me. You are so much more than that.”
You looked up at him, observing the way his eyes danced around the room once the words left his mouth. You could feel your heart beating faster with every passing second that allowed you to process what Theseus had just said.
You didn’t know how to respond, too overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and nervousness that Theseus Scamander really saw more in you than just another auror delivering messages from a different department. A quite unimportant auror to be more specific.
Theseus’ eyes focused on your figure, however, avoiding eye contact just as you did, with your glance resting on his large hands, the way they were dangling almost right in front of your face due to his remarkably tall frame.
Before you could even try to think of something to say, Theseus groaned, fighting against his desire to always be a gentleman, but he’d been holding back for far too long when it came to you.  
“Fuck it,” he grunted as his strong hand gripped your biceps firmly, but without hurting you, as he pulled you out of your seat and flush against his broad chest. His lips hovered over yours immediately, though momentarily, as if he was expecting you to pull back.
But you didn’t. Of course you didn’t.
He closed the gap between your lips, nose brushing against yours as he devoured you with so much passion and so much intensity as if your first kiss might be his last. His tongue swiped along your bottom lip the second you slightly pulled back to catch your breath.
You didn’t refuse his request to deepen the kiss, pushing your tongue forward to meet with his as you wrapped your much smaller hands around his strong arms, then moved them up his wide shoulders to eventually bury them in his hair.
His hands wandered up your arms, too, then, until they found their place on either side of your cheeks. They fit perfectly, as if they’d been searching for the right amount of puffiness to cup, only for their tiresome journey to finally come to an end once they embraced the warm skin of your face.
Theseus deepened the kiss even more, so much that you thought you’d never been kissed properly by any man before. There was turmoil inside you as you indulged in this very moment, in this kiss, and in this man right in front of you.
He pushed you back until you bumped against the oakwood desk, his motions so forceful they knocked a small statue off the surface. You gasped at his actions, the actual reason for your nervousness now shifting from the effect he had on you to sheer fear of getting caught.
“Theseus,” you breathed out, fingers buried in the thick fabric of his suit jacket. “Theseus, wait- Wait a second.”
Instantly backing up, he looked into your eyes with a worried look on his face. “Sorry, I’m sorry. Did I-? Did you not want this?” The tall guy asked as he gently rubbed your arms, but rather subconsciously. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”
“No, oh my God, no. I… want this,” you admitted, suddenly shy to hear those words actually outside of your head. You looked up into Theseus’ face when you caught him chuckle lightly. He seemed equally as shy about this now, even though mere seconds ago he had just shown you a side of himself you didn’t even imagine to be real.
“But… what about the others? I mean, this is crazy,” you said, gaze shifting to the elegantly designed door of his office, then back up into his blue orbs. “What if someone walks in?”
Theseus didn’t respond with words, instead, he simply pulled out his wand, flicking his wrist as he pointed it towards the door to which a clicking sound emerged. When he turned back towards you, the sheepish look on his face had changed to a mischievous one.
One that could’ve seemed playfully innocent, but considering the intent behind it right now, felt considerably dirtier.
He waited for your next move, wanting to make sure you were comfortable enough, as his eyes didn’t leave your figure, running down towards your heaving chest, then back up to your eyes. You almost didn’t say those next words, feeling self-conscious to reveal something so private.
“Well, but what if they… hear?” You looked down at the floor as soon as the question broke the silence of the room, avoiding Theseus’ reaction. But the wizard didn’t tolerate your avoidant behavior, pushing your chin up with two fingers to make you were looking at him again.
“What if they hear?” He repeated, raising his eyebrows in amusement at your squirming figure when you could barely hold his gaze. Theseus leaned down, his lips dangerously close to the sweet spot behind your ear as he whispered into it.
“Well, then I guess you’re gonna have to be quiet for me.” His lips immediately connected to the soft skin underneath your ear as he pushed your hair aside. Sucking on it as, he buried his other hand in your hair, pulling it down to gain more access. The distant bustle outside his office made the things you were about to do in there so much more exciting as you imagined walking back to your desk as if nothing happened.
Your hands traveled up his back underneath his jacket, feeling the ridges of his hard muscles as he moved with each suck at your sweet spot, before they moved to his front, sliding over his waistcoat and the neatly tucked shirt underneath as they discovered the way his body was moulded there.
Wanting to give you a break, Theseus took a step back, breathing heavily as he looked down at you, his curls disheveled and lips puffy. Even in the heat of the moment, he still made sure you were comfortable with every single move of his, but you were more than okay with everything right now, taking over as you pulled on his tie, loosening it in the process.
“We don’t have all day,” you gasped against his lips, gaining confidence by the second, your foreheads touching. “You’re an important man. I know how many people are waiting for you right now."
He chuckled at your words, relishing in the sweet naughtiness of the girl he’d always imagined to be shy, and in no way capable of letting him fuck her in his office, in the middle of the British Ministry of Magic.
“My, aren’t you a pushy little girl,” he rasped, his hungry eyes scanning your frame once again, this time almost in disbelief at your actions. His hands traveled up your sides, stopping close to the hills of your tits, his gaze glued to them.
“I know what a busy man you are, Sir Head of Auror Office,” you whispered, then cupped his face to make him look right at you. “Now fuck me, Mr. Scamander.”
His lips captured yours in an instant. You pushed his hair back as you pulled him closer to your body, your legs wrapping around his middle. Feeling how hard he was already as you rubbed yourself against his crotch, a moan escaped your throats in unison.
Theseus ran his tongue over your lower lip, then pushed it forward as soon as you opened your mouth, fully claiming you. His tongue swirled around yours as his hands wandered down to your chest, his hands splayed across your tits as he groaned into your mouth.
You tugged at his waistcoat, fumbling with the buttons until each one of them was open, so you could push it down along with his suit jacket and throw it on the ground. You complained at the unnecessary amount of clothing hiding his body from your sight and touch, pulling his shirt out of his pants before you tried ripping it apart — unsuccessfully.
His hands held yours immediately, stopping you from ruining his clothes as he broke the kiss. “Easy, darling. I don’t have any spare shirts in here,” he cooed, then placed several pecks to your cheeks and down your neck as he pushed more things off his desk, pinning you down on your back in the process.
Theseus moved down your body, pushing your skirt up once he reached his final destination. He didn’t hesitate to pull your tights down alongside your underwear, staring at you in awe. “You’ve got no idea how many times I’ve thought about this. You’re even wetter than in my sweetest dreams.”
He licked up your folds with one, thick swipe of his flat tongue, sucking on your clit as soon as he was done tasting your sweet juices. Humming against your hot and aching pussy, he expertly switched between sucking on your clit and flicking it with the tip of his tongue.
The dizziness in your head got stronger with each lap of his unbelievably skilled tongue as you buried your hands in his messy curls. Soft whimpers escaped your lips, and you mentally cursed yourself for not being able to keep it together, too scared that others might hear.
But Theseus didn’t mind. His approving hums against your aching cunt made it clear he wasn’t too worried, hearing those sweet sounds being worth so much more. He set a ruthless pace with his flicking tongue, one hand wrapped around your thigh to spread you open even wider, the other pressed on your lower abdomen.
Arousal running through your veins, your chest heaved the more your clit started throbbing. Sparks jolted down your spine all the way to your core as Theseus hit a particularly sensitive spot. “Ah, fuck,” you gasped out, and Theseus remembered the angle, focusing entirely on that spot now.
“No, no, no, no,” you cried, sensing how much your body chased that high, disregarding that you weren’t anywhere near ready yet. He looked up at your already fucked out face, his eyes meeting yours through strands of his disheveled hair.
You were almost there, your breathing incredibly uneven as you begged him to keep going. “Oh, fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” you whined, voice strained from being on the highest tip of the mountain, so close to finally tippling over.
But then he stopped.
Stepping back, he swiped the back of his hand across his glistening mouth and chin, then moved to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. “I need you to cum around me. Jesus, I fucking can’t wait any longer,” he grunted and pulled out his dick, throbbing and leaking pre-cum at the tip.
He didn’t waste another second before he pushed his tip inside your dripping, wet pussy, his girth already stretching you out. He gave you a few seconds to adjust to his size before he pushed all the way in, his initial thrust unintentionally forceful and rough.
“Sorry, darling. Couldn’t keep it together. Are you alright?” He made sure, despite the unbearable lust inside of him he still wanted to know you were enjoying yourself, too. You could only nod, lungs stalled from the intensity of his thrust, a desperate cry forcing its way past your lips as your grip around his biceps tightened.
You tried to keep it together when he found his perfect steady rhythm. It was slow but intense for a few thrusts, then fast and rough, hitting the deepest spots inside of you that you didn’t even know existed.
“Please, oh God, Theseus, please, I-“, you stuttered, tears welling in your eyes, threatening to run down your hot cheeks when he wouldn’t even give you the smallest break to catch your breath. “Fuck, you’re so- ugh. Ah, Jesus, fuck, fuck, fuck.”
The lacking ability to articulate because of his unholy God-sent skills to quite literally fuck your brains out made you question if you were even educated enough to begin with, your mind hazy as you looked up into his blue eyes, so much darker than usual with his pupils dilated to the max.
Joining his rhythm as you chased your high once again, you pushed your hips up to meet his in sync with his merciless pounds. He was ruthlessly making space in your cunt, practically carving you out as more and more juice spilled out the sides of your throbbing pussy, dribbling down onto the oakwood of his desk.
Theseus bent over, his mouth mere millimeters away from yours as you inhaled each other’s breaths. His eyes were hungry, his gaze animalistic, as he watched the way your face contorted with each thrust of his.
You almost couldn’t believe what was happening, chuckling as you held his gaze, all the feelings and emotions of this very moment incredibly overwhelming. His lips curled up into a smile, too, for a second before his facial expression changed the second you clamped down on his dick, the increased tightness making it hard for him to keep his cool.
“Fuck, I’m so close, Y/N,” he groaned through his teeth, a hand snaking between your bodies. It stopped right on your clit, drawing circles that ignited sparks in your core, pushing you further back to that same edge you almost fell down from just moments ago.
“God, yes. Just like that. Keep going,” you whined, hands back in his hair and tangled in his curls as you pulled on them, eliciting deep groans from him. He was unbelievably close, his rhythm more and more unsteady with each thrust.
He has carved you out like a magical statue, just to fill you up again. His hips snapped against yours, stilling for a moment as you came around him. Clenching hard, your pulsing cunt embraced his dick, his cum almost spilling before he even pulled out again.
“Oh, fuuuck,” you cried out as Theseus coaxed you through your orgasm, fingers never leaving your clit as he helped you ride it out. The aftermath was blissful, the air sizzling around you while time seemed to stand still.
It was just you and Theseus, fixedly and disbelievingly staring into each other’s eyes. Your thoughts were written clearly and boldly across your faces. Did we really just—?
Once your breathing calmed down a little, he pulled out, his cum running out of your fucked cunt, creating a small puddle of your mixed juices on the shiny desktop.
“I’m sorry I can’t take care of you properly,” Theseus muttered as he peppered you with soft kisses along your inner thighs, then switched to caress your sweaty face. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” Then even more kisses.
Until he let out a sudden chuckle. “I think you forgot you wanted to be quiet, though,” he joked, cupping your cheeks as he looked deep into your eyes, squinting from the smile that simply wouldn’t leave his face. “But don’t worry, I’ll just use Obliviate if needed.”
You smiled back at him, feeling relieved and secure with him right by your side. A feeling you’d been searching for for so long. And finally found now.
“Miss Y/L/N?” The voice of Mrs. Twigs suddenly interrupted the moment, followed by her knocking on the door. “Are you still here?”
You jumped up from the table, hastily pulling up your tights and pushing down your skirt, your and his juices all mixed up underneath your clothes. The wet sensation was more than unpleasant, but the thought of having a little secret all the more exciting.
Theseus unlocked the door with a spell once he got dressed again, too, then cast another spell to clean up the mess he made and put all his things back on the desk, making his office look as good as new.
You turned towards the door, hiding your face when you noticed how hot your cheeks had become, the realization of what had just happened hitting you with full force. Another knock on the door pulled you back to reality, and turned your attention back to the lady waiting outside. “Yes, Mrs. Twigs, I’ll be right there. Just a second.”
You would’ve turned back around if it wasn’t for Theseus already standing right behind you, his still uneven breathing hitting your neck as he pressed his body flush to your back. His hands wrapped around your waist as he lowered his head, pressing a gentle kiss to your neck.
“Thank you for delivering that letter so quickly… and… passionately,” he whispered, then extended his left hand to open the door for you, immediately straightening his back the second Mrs. Twigs appeared in the doorway.
How easy it was for Theseus to act so completely unfazed, only a cheeky grin on his face the moment you looked at him.
“Apologies, Mrs. Twigs, I had a few questions for Ms. Y/L/N. She’s all yours now.”
Mustering a smile with the few fragments of energy Theseus somehow hasn’t fucked out of you, you approached your superior, following her down the hallway. “I hope that didn’t cause too much trouble,” you apologized. “Oh, no. Not at all, miss. I respect Mr. Scamander’s decisions. I was just getting worried, is all,” the other auror replied with a reassuring smile.
Arrived back at your desk, you tried your best to get right back to work, countless of papers still waiting to be read and analyzed. But a certain Head Auror just wouldn’t leave your mind.
The events played in your head over and over again. How gentle yet rough he was. How possessive yet respectful. How… messy despite his reputation being the orderly auror.
You turned to the next letter waiting for you on your desk, laying your notebook next to it. But even before you dipped your feather into the ink to take some notes, cursive letters appeared in a neat line, each letter perfectly placed after the other without a single error.
What a secret we have here. What was once yours and mine is now ours. I’ll hold it dear, and I’ll cherish it wherever life will take me. Are you going to follow me on that journey?
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wandasmistress · a month ago
Come Back to Me
Tumblr media
Requests (3)- Bottom!Natasha x reader where they have sex on a mission + Natasha and Reader have an argument where R is in the wrong but she’s too stubborn to apologize and she thinks the problem will resolve itself but it dosen’t and after a couple weeks she sucks it up and apologizes + “Don’t you dare speak to me like that” prompt with Natasha saying it to R
Synopsis- When the inability to talk properly to one another turns into endless fights until Y/n finally says something they can't take back, can she make it up to Natasha and have her come back to her?
Pairings- Bottom!Natasha Romanoff x Top!Reader
Warnings- 18+ Content, and Blood
Word Count- 7.6k (I tried to not make it this long but I literally couldn't!!😫🫠)
A/N- Decided to kill three birds (requests) with one stone (story)😭
Fighting was all you both did in the last month. Natasha complained about your workout clothes spread out across the bedroom floor, flinging them on you while you were laying in bed watching tv. She calls you a pig and you get upset but she tells you if you don't want to be associated with the name then you should stop acting like one. You jump up from the bed walking towards her trying to throw a good enough comeback at her about how she is a gym freak but she scoffs rolling her eyes and shoves you slightly while exiting your shared room. 
She complained about the crumbs you put in the bed from your late-night snacking, snatching the sheets off the mattress in a rare occurrence of an outburst from her, throwing the bundle of sheets towards you when you got out of the bathroom from your nightly shower. You flipped her off saying how you didn’t eat chips in bed, only soft cakes and sweets. Natasha shook her head in anger as she ushered for you to go wash them immediately, when you refused she called you a little baby who has gotten dependent on the compound maids. You exited the room after getting changed during her lecture to sleep on the common room’s couch since Wanda took your old one after you moved into Nat’s three years ago. 
Or when Natasha “accidentally” bleached all of your clothes, that argument lasted half an hour, yelling so loud that the whole floor could hear the elongated argument. She told you how your style wasn't that good anyway and how she did you a favor. You retaliated by dumping her favorite hoodies out the window watching them fall into a huge mud puddle from the rainstorm that previous night with an evil smile on your face. You held in your wicked laughter at her aggravated expression, you could almost see the steam coming from her ears. She stormed out of the room to retrieve the hoodies and take a break from your presence before she said or did something she would regret in the future. You face-palmed yourself when you realized some of the clothes you threw out the window were yours, slouching down on the bed in irritation.
One night when you were on your phone scrolling through endless pages of clothing sites trying to rebrand your style, you tried to not take Natasha's comments about your style to heart but you did. From the other side of the bed, you heard soft muffling in the quiet of the night, raising your eyebrow to assess the sound only to find it coming from the redhead beside you. Your eyes widened and your eyebrows raised quickly, you quickly switched to the camera app on your phone to record her as the snores raised in volume. 
The next morning while she was changing in front of the dresser you played her snores at full volume to get on her nerves because you were still feeling petty from the bleaching situation. At first, she didn't care because she thought it was a random person until she heard you snickering as you called her name out to her in the video. Her shoulders tensed as she was tying her hair into a ponytail, she turned around slowly with a questionable face. 
Your mouth was closed shut as you sat perched on the bed staring at her with a smirk, she thought you were playing games until another loud snore came from the phone and her eyes whipped towards it while another giggle came from your phone. She quickly looked to your face to see if you were laughing but your face remained stoic as you stared back at her with your phone dangling between your fingers. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open, eyebrows scrunching in the process as she lunged towards you, forgetting to put on her shirt leaving her only in a bra.
This one time you were too fast for her as you quickly shut yourself in the bathroom in a fit of laughter, grasping your stomach from the pain of laughing. She banged on the door yelling at you to delete the video. After a few minutes of her empty restless threats, you heard loud stomps then a loud boom as the bedroom door slammed shut enunciating her departure, you could feel the slam vibrate through the walls from the force she used causing you to laugh harder.
Another time where you said something to get under her skin was in front of the rest of the team, which would be her last straw. It was one of the monthly movie nights you would all have to attend, being bundled up in the warm common room with as many blankets you could pile on the already comfortable couches. Vision picked from a hat of everyone's favorite movies because everyone thought he was incapable of cheating so it would be fairer.
Once all the snacks from the kitchen were gathered and brought about, Vision picked Skyfall from the bunch, Clint cheering in silent victory as one of his was picked. Sam and Tony groaned audibly in annoyance at such a ‘boring’ movie in their opinion. They threw single pieces of popcorn in Clint's direction but he slapped them away as Wanda chuckled in an untamed manner beside him, her eyes squinted shut from the laughter.
Even though everyone in the room had seen this movie more than once they still sat down to watch it intently, murmuring during the action scenes and amazing angles that were shown.
Natasha was beside you, you were a bit surprised she’d want to sit next to you after your last argument but she nestled right beside you like nothing happened, happily munching on her favorite buttered popcorn. You were prepared to hear her complain about the kernels getting stuck in her teeth for the next day if it meant you could see her so peacefully for what felt like the first time in forever.
Your arm was wrapped around her shoulder as she leaned into your side with a content hum until she got up from the couch abruptly and put the now empty bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. Your eyes rose in astonishment from how fast she devoured the bowl thinking how she must have worked out extra hard today to be craving food that badly.
You heard some movement in the kitchen along with a few cabinets and drawers being open and clothes. Your back was turned towards it, more focused on the fight scene happening in front of you while Tony and Steve were judging their fighting skills, you rolled your eyes at them all while letting out chuckles from their ridiculing.
A few moments later as the fight scene got more intense you were gripping onto the seat of the couch, biting your nail as close shots were made. Then you felt a dip on the couch beside you along with the clink of a spoon against ceramic. You turned around to look and see Natasha had gotten a bowl of ice cream, your mouth hung open as she scooped some up bringing it to her face. You tried to steal it from her but she quickly moved the spoon towards your face leaving a little blob of the cold creamy dessert on your nose, wincing from the coldness you went back to your normal position attempting to lick it off as you heard her chortle next to you.
After a few more minutes passed you looked over to see Natasha finishing her bowl of ice cream, the thick liquid now turned runny as she tipped the bowl over to get it on the spoon. A quick thought came to your head for an amazing joke to say, the words slipping out of your mouth before you could stop and think about the deeper.
“Damn, you’ve got a big girl appetite,” You say tauntingly. She looks over to you with her eyebrows raised, confusion struck her face as the spoon hangs in front of her. You thought this was a giveaway to continue, “Wouldn't want to eat more of that junk, or that big belly of yours might just detonate,” You give out a quick laugh, finding your joke funny, “I’d hate for you to not fit into your Victoria's Secret lingerie anymore, that’d be a terrible shame.” You finish with a sick smile on your face.
The whole room turned silent as no one dared to move, Tony and Sam stopping their useless mutterings to each other as they froze. You continued to look at Natasha and could see that her eyes were dripping wet with betrayal, and humiliation. Your smile instantly left your face as you now realized you fucked up. You muttered a few curse words under your breath trying to think of a quick apology to make it right with her.
But before you could you heard a quiet snicker coming from Tony, his hand instantly coming up to his mouth as he avoided both of your gazes by looking down when the two of your heads snapped over at the sound. You slowly looked back at Natasha as her face was now stoic and free of any emotions.
You couldn't stand to look her in the eyes anymore as you took your arm from the back of her seat and gathered it in your lap with the other, heart beating at a fast paste. You were waiting for her to say something but she stayed silent which made your stomach churn in anxiety. 
You felt her leave the couch as it rose from her getting up, you were about to look up to her and mutter a sorry apology but before you could even look up you felt semi-cold thick liquid dribble down from the top of your head, leaking onto your face. Gasping at the feeling, mouth wide open you quickly stand up from the couch abruptly with your hands sticking out from beside you in a shocked demeanor.
Finally looking at her with your mouth still agape you could see how angry she was through her eyes, choking on your saliva as your breath faltered.
“Don’t you dare speak to me like that.” She told you eerily composed. Your ears started to burn up from all the attention you were getting, embarrassment overriding your system. Saddening inside at the way she was looking at you, disgustedly.
She shoved the empty bowl in your chest roughly, hitting your sternum which caused you to wince from the impact. She strode away swiftly without making a single noise. The room was silent in her absence, you sucked in a slow breath taking in the whole situation. You looked up to find everyone avoiding your gaze as the movie continued to stream on at normal volume. Moving your head around you saw Clint staring at you with cold eyes, you gulped from the intense glare, cowering in his gaze.
After that night you and Nat haven't been the same since, she stopped trying to even interact with you because of the level of disrespect she felt when she heard those vile words exit your mouth. You couldn't deny the fact that you were also avoiding her, you didn't know how to properly apologize to her and each time around the compound or in the briefing room you couldn't look her in the face, too ashamed. 
So this radio silence between the both of you continued for a few weeks, you gave up the room a long time ago opting out to sleep on a different floor away from everyone, a little afraid that when you woke up in the night you would find Natasha above you with a wire to strangle you.
Her emotions towards you weren't oblivious, even if her face was impassive her body would radiate the energy she failed to express. Everyone could feel her fury, irritation, and resentment seeping out of her skin. No one wanted to confront her about the incident to avoid her wrath if she snapped.
Knowing that Natasha was beyond angry and pissed off with you did something to your mind. Every night you stayed up yearning for her touch, the way her body seamlessly molded together with yours, and the way she glowed in the moonlight, looking celestial. Your stubbornness was going to be the death of you, your inability to apologize and take ownership of your wrongs was weighing down on you.
This fight was the one that changed everything between you both, after the two of you constantly nagged at each other purposefully you still made it into each other's arms in the night despite being at each other's necks hours before. You both knew the reason you were fighting so much was that you were failing to communicate with one another properly, things like open toothpaste bottles and lone socks on the floor initiating a yelling match when it shouldn't.
On the outside you tried your best to show that you were okay and didn't care about the current situation going on, the person you love the most slipping away from you quickly. But deep down you were also hurting, mentally cursing yourself each time Natasha swiftly passed you in the halls not giving you any time to stop her and apologize. This made you lose hope and give up after multiple attempts, which got you thinking about how maybe you two were never meant to be together in the first place, so you started to ignore her presence too.
In the morning after your outside workout with Sam that had you sweating uncontrollably, you two were headed to the kitchen to grab a snack and water. On the way to your destination, he had picked up an abandoned football on the field and started throwing it back and forth to each other through the long halls of the compound, your laughter echoing throughout the corridor. 
Sam chucked the ball further than you originally thought causing you to sprint down the hall before it knocked over something. Catching the ball with one arm and then rolling across the floor with the ball clutched between the palms of your hands you heard his victory shout which sounded more like a roar and you broke out in a fit of laughter. Rolling your eyes playfully as you stood up from the ground and basked in his acclaims. When he reached you he patted you on the shoulder roughly and brought his hand up to your head to mess up your hair more than it already was. You shooed him away with your hand as you stepped through the threshold of the kitchen.
“If you weren’t an avenger then you could possibly be in the NFL,” You laughed some more at his response and shook your head, “No, I’m serious with those sticky fingers you would do great. You're pretty skilled with your hands, I bet you're pretty popular with the girls, eh?”
You choked up from laughter and held onto the counter for stability as your body shook with hysteric laughs. A reply slips from your mouth as a quick response.
“Hey, I’ve had lots of practice,” You tell him smugly slapping him on the back, “The trick is to keep going after they hit their orgasm, drives them crazy.”
His eyebrows raise taking in the advice and that's when you start to look around at your surroundings and your breath hitched quietly, Natasha was seated on the other side of the kitchen munching on her granola silently while scrolling through her phone. A wave of awkwardness flooded your system, your hand coming up to scratch the back of your neck as your chuckles dimmed.
You saw that Natasha's spoon full of yogurt and flakes of granola rested in front of her face, she had heard your comment and froze, not realizing it. She sucked on her lips as her eyes stayed locked on her phone, you knew she felt your gaze on her but she paid no mind to look up.
Sam’s incoherent mumbling went on as your eyes stayed locked on her, your breathing becoming unsteady as you continued to look at her. You didn't know how she had this effect on you still, you guys hadn't come together to discuss if you were apart but it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the obvious divide between you both. The separation tugging on your heartstrings, your gaze faltered as you looked down, a glum cloud engulfing you quickly.
You were brought back to reality from Sam’s laugh, you looked over to see him sticking up his fingers and showing how he does it. You rolled your eyes shoving him and calling him a dumbass under your breath. You stalked over to the fridge and pulled out cold water, tossing one towards Sam's direction for him to catch then turning around and pulling out an orange the size of your fist.
You walk back to where he was and engage in more conversation with Sam forgetting Natasha’s presence as he tells you a story about his childhood growing up in Louisiana. You raise your eyebrows when the story gets interesting as he tells you how he almost fell from a boat from a fish tugging with lots of power. You laughed and called him a dumbass some more times as the story got more intense. 
While you were shaking your head chuckling at his jokes Natasha looked up from her phone, moving it to the side slightly so she could see your face without making it obvious. She could see your messy hair, loose hairs sticking to the back of your neck and forehead while your head was turned towards Sam. Your dominant jawline sent shivers down her spine as your jaw flexed from your smile and laugh. When you turned your head back around to unravel the orange peel she looked back down towards her phone quickly, praying that she wasn't caught.
She peered over her phone again her eyes automatically finding your fingers as they crushed into the orange. The whole scene was in slow motion for her. The way the orange juices squirted from the fruit, the way you brought your thumb up to your mouth sucking your finger. Her breath hitched as her stomach flipped and she immediately bit her lip, she was supposed to be hating you but how could she when you looked so damn hot. She crossed her legs hoping she could ease the build-up and relive it later while one of your hoodies was in her face to smell your scent. She shook her mind free of the thoughts of you and went back to mindlessly scrolling on her phone.
Sam finished his story reeling you, your movements stopping as you listened in, at the last second he snatched more than half of your orange slices and dashed out of the kitchen, you cursed under your breath when you failed to grab him. You walked over to the trashcan chucking the remaining scraps of the orange peel in the bin. Walking over to the sink to wash your sticky fingers.
While you were by the sink scrubbing your hands you heard Sam from the hallway.
“Catch!” He shouted suddenly, your head whipped over to the direction of his voice. The hairs on the back of your neck sticking up.
You were by the sink so you couldn't catch the ball and before you could blink again you saw a whizzing ball whoosh past the threshold of the kitchen where he exited heading straight for Natasha. Her head was still turned down looking at her phone and you knew that she couldn't possibly be that fast with her movements to see it coming.
In the next second, she was struck square in the forehead with the football. Her head flung back from the impact, her hand coming up to her forehead. Your breath stopped and your mouth fell open. She let out a loud croak, your heart dropping to your stomach as you rushed to dry your hands and go over to her. 
Speed walking to where she was you hadn't realized you were holding your breath until you reached her, sucking in a deep breath when she looked up at you with enraged eyes. You looked around at the scene, her bowl of yogurt and granola splattered all around the counter from the football falling, some splattered on the front of her shirt and black leggings. Your eyebrows raised as you made eye contact.
An apology already at the tip of your tongue, you reached out to her. She bit on the inside of her cheeks firmly when she met your gaze, she didn't look one bit pleased. She smacked your hand away from her abruptly getting up from her seat, she pocketed her phone quickly and grabbed the football shoving it in your chest.
“Wouldn’t want to forget this, wide receiver.” She said snidely, turning away.
“I-I’m sorry, Sam threw the ball and I was by the sink,” You say following her as she exited the kitchen.
She was still walking with her back turned to you replying coldly, “I don't give a fuck, Y/n. And stop following me.”
You were hot on her trail, your hands shaking with anxiety at the way she said your name, “Can you please stop walking and talk to me, please.” You plead.
She abruptly stops causing you to run into her, you take a few steps back and run your hand through your hair, your eyes staying trained on her form. She slowly turns around and when you see her face your heart almost breaks. Her eyes were teary and you could tell she was holding back to the best of her extent.
Your automatic response was to cup her cheek and your arm flinched at the reflex but you stopped yourself before you could make the situation first.
“You don’t fucking understand, Y/n. If you had the littlest bit of respect for me you wouldn’t have said what you said, but you don’t. And I won’t take your half-ass apology because it doesn't mean shit to me.” She scolds you, sniffling slightly.
Your mouth opened and closed as you tried to think of something to say but nothing in your mind seemed good enough. She scoffed at your silence and rolled her eyes as she turned back around.
“I didn’t mean it, I was joking! I do respect you Nat, and I’m sorry for embarrassing and making you feel bad. Please forgive me.” 
She stopped in her footsteps and turned back around in an instant, “I don’t forgive you, go fuck yourself.” She snapped back, finally walking off and this time you didn’t follow after her. Your arms flopped down to your sides as you released a sigh, your hands coming up to your face as you dragged them down your tired face.
It has been half a month since you and Natasha last talked and you weren't doing any better than you were weeks ago. Dark circles were starting to form under your eyes from losing alarming amounts of sleep, everyone on the team was also starting to notice the decrease in your mood, everyone except Natasha.
You were sulking around the compound mindlessly just feeling the need to get up and move after staring out the window for half the day. Sam passed you while you were perched by the window and commented how depressed you looked but you didn’t have any energy in you to fire back so you continued looking out the window ignoring his presence which made him confused as he stood behind you for a minute in silence until he walked away, walking at a slow pace.
You felt bad for ignoring him like that but you couldn't bring yourself to turn towards him and have him comment on the way you look which would make you cry on the spot.
As you were walking glumly down the long corridor you heard Jarvis over the intercom above you beckoning you to come to debriefing room two immediately. You were at first hesitant to go in case it would be some sort of intervention from the team but when you asked what it was about and he notified you about an upcoming mission your eyebrows raised and you rushed over to the elevator hoping to make it there quickly since you were three floors above the debriefing floor.
You approached the room, your paste lessening as you got closer to the open door, you could hear Steve’s voice coming through the open door. As you got closer you tried to peep in through the glass walls but the whiteboard obstructed your view of the table to see who exactly was going to be attending.
When you walked into the room your eyes immediately fell onto Natasha, you started to bite the inside of your cheek when you noticed no one else sitting at the table. You were standing by the door like a weirdo, shifting on your feet awkwardly as your hands were interlocked behind your back.
Steve let out a loud cough and your head snapped towards him only to see his hand pointing towards an empty seat at the head of the table. You shook your head and walked over quickly, trying to keep your breath under control when you felt Natasha’s eyes on you.
You didn't know but she found you absolutely adorable the way you stood in the doorway, you barely showed the shy side of you because you were often an outgoing person. Nat finds you adorable standing like that in the doorway but the thought drifts away when the words you said to her creep up in her mind, her eyes cast downwards staring at the pristine tiled floor.
Steve continues to talk when you sit down, explaining the mission you and Nat will be going on in Siberia. How all you have to do is retrieve stolen tech from a warehouse and how it shouldn't be a big deal because the both of you could definitely handle it. You knew that this was an easy mission and so did Natasha, and you two also knew this was Steves's attempt to reconcile your romance.
You slouched back in your chair, crossing your arms over your torso as you listened to what Steve was saying to ensure you didn't mess up this mission and cause even more of a divide between yourself and the redhead. But you couldn't help sneaking a few glances towards Natasha, her defined jaw causing you to stare longer than you should’ve. The way her hair fell over her shoulders had your fingers squeezing against your arms.
Suddenly Natasha looked over her shoulder, eyes gaping into the side of your face when you whipped your head back towards Steve’s direction. You stifled a cough as you felt her eyes on you, feigning interest in the words on the whiteboard.
Once the debriefing was over you hopped out of your seat at a record speed to the door, if you wanted to make sure you were in the best quality for this mission you had to get sleep and make sure you were charged up. Ignoring Steve’s worried glance as you exited with a straight face, he wondered if he was doing the right thing.
When you were no longer in the room Natasha got up from her seat slowly, trailing over to Steve with her arms crossed. “I hope you aren't trying to help Y/n.”
He watched her walk away with a sway in her hips and a determined look on her face, maybe this wasn't enough to fix the divide between you both but he hoped it would because he hated seeing both of you act so standoffish to one another.
You were currently inside the warehouse, crouching down with a loaded pistol wrapped in your hands. You were holding your breath to hear any footsteps of people trying to be secretive. Natasha had cleared the place of security guards lurking in the front, basically doing all the work so you could go in and safely secure the tech.
When she took out the last guard you had expected her to go in with you as you walked through the door but she opted out to stay outside in case one of the guards called for backup. But you knew it was just an excuse to not have to be near you and you turned back around, a pained expression on your face as your head hung slightly.
When you knew for sure the inside was empty you started to head towards the large beige crates, scratching your head wondering how you were going to get all of these to the safe house securely. You latched onto the one nearest to you crouching down in the process to pick it up and headed back towards the door. You left the first one at Natasha’s feet and stood back up. She looked at you in slight disbelief, your eyebrow raised and you froze in your spot.
“If you want to start healing our relationship I recommend you walk those a few feet over and place the crates in the van yourself,” Your mouth hung open in shock, “I’ll be waiting in the driver's seat.” She ended, sidestepping you and the crate and walking towards the van parked away in the distance. Your eyes trailed up and down her body, even the way she walked sent tingles down your spine, how am I even going to win her over at this rate.
You let out a quick breath recollecting yourself, crouching back down to pick up the fifteen-pound crate, waddling over to the van, trying not to trip over your feet in the darkness.
It took you surprisingly half an hour to load all the crates into the back of the van since you have been lacking on working out so you were as proficient. The van was packed and you ran out of space with the last one, letting out a loud huff of anger. You took a break sitting down on the crate, resting your elbows on your knees as you took a breather. While you were resting you felt something vibrate below your butt, shifting your gaze to the crate with a quirked brow.
You slowly got off the crate and crouched down in front of it, squinting your eyes while your hands moved to pry the top off. You peeked over the edge of the crater to see inside only to see a shining white light and the next moment you were splayed on the ground a few feet away from the opened box, groaning as you felt a surge of pain in your head.
Natasha heard the commotion and leaped out of the van, thinking there was a guard who got the jump on you, her heart racing at the possibility of finding you severely injured or worse. When she came around the corner of the van she saw you propped up on one of your elbows as your free hand was rubbing at your bleeding forehead, she let out a scoff and rolled her eyes finding no danger, but only a dumbass. She looked over to find the open crate and her expression fully dropped.
“Didn’t you hear Steve say to not open them, or were you not listening? Typical,” She sneered. You couldn't help but feel embarrassed under her gaze, looking towards the ground in shame.
When your hand moved from your forehead and she saw the deep gash and her heartbeat spiked, although she is still mad at you she can't help but feel anxiety at seeing you physically hurt in any way.
Before she can turn away you tell her, “There is no more room in the back of the van, how are we gonna transport it to the safe house?”
She licks her lip, the action drawing in your attention. “Don't worry. I’ll put it up front and you can walk, the way back isn't that far. You can handle it, right?” She demanded more than asked, you didn't get a chance to respond before she shut the back doors of the van and closed the crate, picking it up and walking to the front of the van. 
You were left there on the ground in disbelief as she started up the van and skirted off, your mouth hung open in bewilderment. The last few moments have not caught up to you yet. You sat up and rested your elbows on your spread knees as you stared head-on in the empty parking lot.
You made it back to the safe house an hour later, exhaustion filling up your body. Carrying the crates and walking three miles while feeling lightheaded from the gash on your head made you stumble through the front door when you unlocked it.
Slowly walking over to the couch with dropping eyes, all you wanted was to pass out so badly but you knew if you didn't take care of the gash it would get infected and scar, and that's something you didn't want, but surely five minutes of sleep wouldn't hurt. You felt like you sunk into the couch as you let out a content sigh, welcoming the oncoming wave of sleep.
As your mind started to fog entering the sleep state. You felt a dip in the couch beside you, your eyes fluttering open slowly as you turned to see what it was. You turned to see Natasha staring at you intently, a small dopey smile finding its way onto your face.
“Am I dreaming?” You ask her softly, still disoriented from the fatigue.
A small smirk inches its way up her face while looking at you adoringly. She can't help but find your dazed state cute. Her hand comes up to your face and brushes away the loose hairs from your forehead.
Out of nowhere, you start talking mumbling incoherent words. She looks at you deeply to figure out what you're saying but she can't, your eyes opening and closing slowly.
“I'm sorry,” You mutter out slowly. “I know you won't accept it but I am,” You continue letting out a long yawn. “I’m stupid, an asshole, an idiot, a fool, a shithead, a dumbass, a turd, a-” But she chuckles softly as she cuts you off by putting her finger onto your lips shushing you effectively. You stop talking and lazily kiss her finger while a stupid smile was plastered on your face.
Your eyes shut again and you can hear she is messing around with something next to her, her cool hands coming up to your face gently. You lean into her touch as she starts pressing against your gash with what you assume to be gauze. A small stinging sensation comes and you slightly wince squeezing your eyes shut, you feel her move on the couch and the next moment you feel her soft lips connect to your forehead. You are at true peace.
You forget the next moments as they blend together in a blur, you can only remember that you felt her get up from the couch causing your eyes to snap open. You took in her attire seeing that she had changed out of her suit and into some black shorts and long sleeve grey fleece shirt. Your hands found her hips instantly as she was not that far away from you, pulling her down onto your lap. She let out a small huff but couldn't help the smile that came to her face as seeing you completely mesmerized by her.
She repositioned herself on your lap and was now facing you, her hands resting on your shoulders. You leaned in leisurely to connect your lips and she met you halfway. Feeling her lips on yours for the first time in what seemed like forever gave you a boost of energy. Your hands that lay limp by your sides came up to the small of her back, pushing her towards you to lessen the gap. You both took your time with the kiss, taking the time to remember every bit of each other's lips again.
Heads moving every which way as your lips grappled to one another, soft mewls being put out from both of your mouths. Her hands came up to cup your cheeks as the kiss deepened. You let out a content hum from being in her hold again.
Her hips started to buck against you subtly, you knew what she was asking for and it was a request that you would not deny her. Your hands trailed to the end of her shirt as you stayed in the kiss, slowly taking the end of the shirt and pulling it up her torso. She broke the kiss quickly to take her shirt off faster getting impatient at the speed you were doing it.
She flung the clothing item in a random direction of the room as she started to work on unclipping the top piece of your suit, needy to get her hands on you and have yours all over her. In no time you were stripped of your top and your lips locked onto each other again, the feeling she gave you made you ecstatic. 
You bit her lower lip harshly and she gasped, your tongue instantly finding its way into her open mouth. Seeking out her tongue like a predator and wrapping onto it, sucking and writhing. She moaned into your mouth making your stomach do flips, you missed hearing that sound come from her. 
You quickly slid your hands up her back and unclipped her bra at an ungodly paste, the black lace slipping down her now bare front and pooling at the base of your stomach. You couldn't wait any longer as your hand traveled to the front of her body, rubbing up and down her stomach sending chills down her spine as she reveled in your touch. Your hands came up to her perky breast, wrapping them in your palm and kneading them with pressure.
She moans into your mouth again before she kisses you strongly one last time before parting your lips, she leans her head back giving your more room to play with her breast. Your fingers pinch her nipples releasing a whine from the woman, she squirms in your lap. Shaking her head as she bites her lip staring you directly in the eyes, her vibrant red hair swinging side to side from her quick movements.
You give one last squeeze to her nipples before you bring your head forward to her neck, you attach your lips to her neck and suck hard. She lets out a growl and wraps her hand around your neck, pulling you in with her tight hold. Your hands come to wrap around the back of her waist again to keep her in place as she scoots closer to you in your lap. Your hands dip down lower and grab handfuls of her ass as you mark her neck, her breathing becoming irregular.
Your sloppy kisses and sucks trail all the way up to her jawline, lining her jaw with dark marks. She tilts her head down and traps your lips in another breathless kiss, sucking the soul from your body as she licks your lips.
You can't take it anymore, flipping her onto her backside and towering over her on the couch. Coming down on top of her briskly, her bare chest sticking up as she looks at you charmingly. Her teeth capture her bottom lip in a seal as she stares up at you. Your hand comes down to trace her taut stomach, her stomach tensing from your cold fingertips. 
You trap her lips in another kiss as your hand slowly trails down her stomach to the spot she has been anticipating for you to touch for weeks now. When your hand passes through her shorts and to her clothed cunt she sucks in a deep breath. You press down hard on her covered clit and her body jolts up, that brings a smile to your face, the fact that she has so much built-up tension for you to alleviate.
You press down on her clothed clit one more time before you slide your fingers past her panties. Trapping her clit with your pointer finger, she is thrashing beneath you as you tamper with her clit. She moans into your ear, eyes pressing shut from the fulfillment, mouth hanging open.
Your middle finger starts running circles around her clit, fastening the paste every few seconds. Throaty satisfied long moans being released from her. A satisfied grin appears on your face at the sounds you are getting from her, you can't deny that you’ve missed this dearly.
You can’t wait any longer as your fingers slide down to her soaking entrance, your middle finger dips into the ocean of her arousal. Her breath hitching as she stops breathing, her hips bucking up towards your hand in automatic response. 
You enter her completely and she lets out a content hum, licking her lips. You start at a steady pace before picking it up and going faster. Her moans fuel the speed of your fingers, you want to hear what more sounds you can get out of her. 
Your hands work magic as muffled clapping sounds fill the room along with her whimpers. Looking down you can see her angelic face, the way her plump lips shine in the light, the small brown freckles scattered across her face, and red splotched cheeks.
You kiss her roughly and hammer into her faster, her eyes squeeze shut as she kisses you back harder. Her hands running up your back and coming to rest on the sides of your torso, you can feel her squeeze every now and then when the pressure starts to get relieved quickly.
In the next moment, you can feel her walls start to clench around your tense fingers. You pull them back making her whine then shove them back in with much more force causing her eyes to roll to the back of her head. Her hips grind into your hand once more before she is falling undone underneath you.
She lets out what almost sounds like a war cry, you think this is one of the best orgasms you’ve gotten from her which makes you grin proudly. You continue to stroke your fingers in and out of her the best you can since her clenched walls don’t allow you to move, which sends her to heaven.
She is feeling pure bliss for the first time in weeks, she knows that only you can ever make her feel this way, and that's why she never took your absurd comment to heart that much. 
Slowly you take your fingers from her, sending multiple kisses down her jaw and neck, coming back up to deliver a sloppy kiss to the corner of her mouth. You plop down beside her slightly out of breath from all the work and exhaustion from earlier hitting you like a brick.
She lets out a sigh as she turns over to face you, placing her hand below your breast, rubbing your skin soothingly. You turn to look at her with dazed eyes only to find her eyes filled purely with lust. You lean in to deliver one last kiss to her, tongues running over each other.
You pull back and take in a quick breath staring up at the ceiling in satisfaction.
“I forgive you,” She says out of the blue.
You look back at her. “If that was all it took you could have said so sooner.” You joke, a smirk pulling at your lips.
She slaps your chest holding in a chuckle, trying to not show her laughter. “I’m serious, and I’m sorry for what I did to your clothes and more,” You wave her off telling her how your style was way better now, thanking her, which made her laugh sincerely. “I do forgive you, but-” She says in a serious tone. You quirk an eyebrow at her, “For me to fully forgive you you need to delete that video of me snoring when we get back.”
You let out a soft laugh, looking at her affectionately. “You should have said that before you made me walk all those miles out in the dark, alone.”
She looks back at you with guilty eyes, she knew she was being a little too harsh on you. “Uh uh, you did deserve a little of that.”
You agree with her silently, rolling your eyes as you shook your head. “I guess I was a little of an ass, I’m sorry, love.” You say apologetically. A bright smile breaks through her face at the name she hasn't heard you call her that in months.
“A little?” She adds in sarcastically.
You jeer at her, a faux offended expression coming onto your face. “Well, then I’m your ass and you can never leave me again.” You tell her endearingly.
“Fine then, you're my ass, and my ass only.” She ends by leaning in and sealing your lips in a final searing kiss that makes your chest flutter.
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maxamillionbillion · a year ago
It would be our last conversation, before he moved to London and I moved to Las Vegas. Both cities seemed unfathomably far away from the little second hand book shop we were standing in, just across the street from the only point of interest on the corner of the map we currently occupied, the local mall.
He laid a book down on the counter, and I took it and began to ring him out.
"Have you read it?", he asked me as I angled the worn out barcode to scan it on my outdated register.
"No", I replied simply, "but I've seen it performed once at the college."
We chatted a little more, mostly small talk about the book and about the performance I'd seen. We talked a little bit about how this was the last time he'd come in before he moved to his girlfriend's house all the way across the sea. We were almost friends, and maybe we might've been if we weren't both about to disappear from this place.
After a bit, after he'd talked about his new flat and I had revealed I was headed out too. He ask me, " You've really never read it? You're into existentialism?"
"In a Nine Inch Nails and Nihilism sort of way, but yeah", I said trying to politely get the point across that I'm just trying to kick the bucket as fast and passively as possible. He looked at me though, in a real serious way that someone who is mostly just a stranger whose name I know and who would disappear from my timeline as soon as he left the store should never look at me.
"I want you to have this", he pushed the book back at me as he spoke, his eyes still serious, "besides," and at this word a smirk pulled at the corners of his mouth, "I've already got one".
He looked at me almost like he was going to wink, but he didn't. He just said his goodbye in the sort of small talk way that we usually spoke, and then he walked out of the book store for the last time.
I turned my new-used copy of No Exit over in my hands, wondering...
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paracsms · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: sirius black x fem!reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: when sirius finds himself with girl troubles, he enlists your help
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff, bit of angst
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 2.8k
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: not really fond of this one but anyway enjoyy
Tumblr media
you were laughing as lily explained james potter’s latest attempt at wooing her. “i seriously don't know how he comes up with these ridiculous nicknames.” she exclaimed. “i don't think we want to know.” you countered, shuddering at the thought of seeing inside james potter’s mind. or any of the marauders’ minds. “you are absolutely right. ignorance is bliss.” lily agreed. “that it is, my friend.”
“i just don't get it. girls throw themselves at him all the time, yet he continues to pester me.” the red head sighs before taking a sip of her butterbeer. “have you ever thought that he might genuinely have feelings for you? so other girls simply don't interest him?” you narrowed your eyes at her and she averted your gaze. “still. you'd think by now he'd take a hint or at least give one of them a chance. i mean look at sirius.”
“what about me?”
your conversation is interrupted, said interruption sliding in the chair next to you. you and lily share a similar look of confusion as sirius black is now seated at your table. “so? what about me?” he speaks up again after a moment of silence. you shrug, “nothing. what do you want, 
you and sirius were.. friends. you got along well, much to your surprise and despite what lily insists, you do not have crush on him. 
“now, why would you assume i want something? it's hogsmeade weekend, can’t i sit with you girls and enjoy this fine day?” sirius exclaims, leaning back in the chair. you almost roll your eyes, “you can, but you haven't done so since just this moment so i ask again, what do you want, sirius?” he looks at you for a moment before conceding,
 “fine, so there’s this ravenclaw girl-”
he's cut off by unison groans from you and lily. “we are not gonna help you with your girl problems, black. go ask potter or remus.” lily’s voice is stern as she crosses her arms over her chest. “they can't help with this.” he whines, looking between the two of you. “why not?” 
“this girl is… persistent. she’s not taking no for an answer and i need to get her off my back.” he explains, his voice is frantic, the desperation sinking through. you sighed, “and how are we supposed to help with that?” 
“well not so much you and lily as much as just you.” he says hesitantly, looking at you with pleading eyes. your head tilts in confusion, “why just me?”
“because james likes lily.”
“what does that have to do with anything?”
before he could answer you, a figure enters the three broomsticks and sirius softly gaps, eyes widening in panic. “oh no, oh no.” sirius mutters, you and lily are now even more confused than before. you turn to him, “sirius what are you on-” the hand around your shoulder shuts you up. “i'm sorry, please just play along for a minute.” he whispers to you as he pulls you closer. “what-”
“sirius!” you see a girl approaching your table, her smile gradually fading as she gets closer, noticing sirius’ arm around you. “sirius, hey. i've been looking for you.” she greets him, ignoring both you and lily. “well, you found me. though, i am a bit busy. my girl can't get enough of me. not that i'm complaining.” sirius smirks and gestures to you, placing a kiss on your cheek. you freeze, too stunned to speak. you see lily fighting off a laugh, hand coming up to cover her mouth, hiding her smile.
the girl’s face drops, shoulders sagging as she looks between you and sirius. “oh. well, whenever you're free, let me know. i’d love to get to know you better.” her voice falters, doing her best to put on a smile. she straightens her shoulders and promptly exits the pub. once she's out of sight, you slap sirius’ hand off your shoulder, “what in merlin’s name was that?” you raise your voice at him, lily finally letting out the laugh she’d been holding in.
“i’m sorry, i’m sorry. i panicked.” sirius puts his hands up in surrender, an apologetic look in his eyes. “that was you panicking?”
“that was i wanted to ask you before. i wanted to know if you were willing to pretend to date me, just until she's out of my hair.”
your mouth hangs open at his request, you start shaking your head no. sirius takes a deep breath, closing his eyes almost as in preparation for what he's about to say. “i didn't want it to come to this but… you owe me.” 
“i owe you?” you questioned and he nods. you're about to ask him what he's on about but he beats you to it. “transfiguration, fifth year.” your eyes widen as you gasp. 
you were absolute shite at transfiguration and with owls coming up, you were getting nervous. it wasn't your proudest moment, but you had practically begged sirius to help you. he agreed, thankfully. the two of you spent many late nights in the library, going over the material and eventually you got the hang of it, passing your exams with flying colors. you were extremely grateful for sirius’ help but you had felt bad about taking up so much of his time. he told you it was okay but you insisted that you ‘owe him one’. 
you let out sigh, “fine.” you agree half heartedly.
“thank you! you are heaven sent, did you know?”
 “what happened with transfiguration fifth year?” lily inquired, her interest now piqued. “he helped me with something so now i owe him a a favor.” your explanation was vague so lily made a mental note to interrogate you about it later.
“don't you think that the little stunt you pulled earlier was enough to send her packing?”
sirius starts shaking his head no, “absolutely not. you heard her “whenever you're free”. i called you my girl and she still persisted.”
“so what now?”
“nothing too extreme. we just have to be more affectionate from now on, at least when she’s around.”
“you mean like kiss?” sirius smiles at your question. “if it comes to that. but we don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with.” 
you sigh as you face away from him, meeting lily’s eyes. a huge grin graces her face as she takes a sip from her butterbeer. “i think it's a great plan.” she says and your eyes narrow at her. “oh, i'm sure you do. how long do we have to keep it up?” you ask sirius, eyes still glaring at lily. he shrugs, “a week, maybe a couple. if she doesn't get the hint by then-”
“a couple of weeks?” you turn to look at a grinning sirius. this was going to be… interesting.
in the following weeks you and sirius fell into a routine of hand holding and lingering touches.  the girl, who you'd come to know as vivian morgan, was a year below you and sirius. meaning no classes together where you'd inevitably have to sit next to sirius. (and risk him distracting you. he's proved to be very skilled at that.) your charade would only have to be kept up in the great hall and occasionally throughout the castle if she was nearby.
you'd found it rather peculiar how effortless it was for sirius to pretend the two of you were a couple. although it didn't take long for you to get used to it as well. it felt natural and easy, a little too much. the way his hand found yours, the way he put his arm on your lower back as he guided you to your desired destination, the way the conversation between the two of you flowed so casually. it felt too natural, it felt real. 
you made a habit out of reading in the courtyard during your free period, today was no different. too engrossed in your book, you don’t notice when sirius sits down next to you. a hand around your shoulder startles you out of your trance. “sirius.” 
“hello, love.”
you ignore him and the tingling sensation from where his hand rests over your clothes, continuing with your reading. you feel sirius shuffle closer to you and rest his head on your shoulder to peer into the book in your hands. “oh, you're studying.” he notes when he sees that you're holding a potions textbook. suddenly his head shoots up from your shoulder, you turn to him in surprise. sirius digs into his pocket and pulls out a packet. “then you need this.” he holds up a packet of chewing gum. your eyebrows raise in question. sirius chuckles at your confusion, “doesn’t gum help you focus when you're studying?”
“how did you know that?”
“well, i was your tutor all throughout last year. bound to pick up some things.” you nod at him, bottom lip tucked between your teeth.not knowing what to say, you turn back to your textbook.
it was unsettling how well he knew you, noticing your little habits, some of which you weren't even aware of. 
“something wrong?” sirius asks suddenly. you look back to him, “why would you ask that?”
“you're doing that thing where you bite your lower lip when something’s wrong or something’s bothering you.”
your eyes slightly widen at his assessment, unable to find the words to respond. “you do it quite often actually, makes me worry.” he adds. “you're… observant.” you finally manage. “when i want to be. so what’s on your mind?”
you shake your head, “nothing.” sirius doesn't buy it. “come on, tell me!” he nudges you with his elbow. “really, it’s nothing-” he suddenly moves closer, hand coming up to rest on your cheek as he slowly turns your face, making you meet his eyes. his fingers move to tuck your hair behind your ear. your faces are inches away from each other. your breath hitches as he stares deeply into your eyes. “what are you doing?” you whisper.
his eyes flicker down to your lips before moving back up to your eyes. he leans in, but you freeze, unsure of his intentions. is he gonna kiss you? you hadn't done that before. there's a part of you that’s scared. but you're not sure if it’s fear of the kiss itself or fear that maybe you might enjoy it. before you can decide, sirius mutters something. 
“vivian’s heading this way.”
your mood instantly deflates and you break eye contact, which seemed a lot more difficult earlier. “okay, she's gone. that was close.” he breathed, letting go of your face as he moved back, putting some space between the two of you. 
you try to fight it, desperately pushing away that feeling of disappointment, but it makes its way through, filling you with frustration. none of this is real. you have to remind yourself of that quite often as of late. 
you're not sure how much longer you can take this. this ruse of yours seemed to be taking an emotional toll on you. you find yourself wanting to be closer to sirius, but then you're reminded of the real reason any of this is happening. and that's the only reason he’s being so affectionate, the only reason he touches you. and why that upset you had been bugging you for a while, until recently. you denied it as much as you could, it was just the circumstance, is what you told yourself. but as the days went by it was much harder to convince yourself of that. so much to your dismay, you finally accepted it. 
you had feelings for sirius black. 
but now it's all too complicated. you fear that any more of sirius’ fake affections would cause you to expose your true feelings. feelings which you were sure sirius did not reciprocate, he's just a really good actor. for the sake of your heart, you decide to put an end to this charade. it had been long enough. if vivian morgan hasn't come to her senses then that’s not your problem.
you find him in the great hall. taking a deep breath, remembering this is for the best. as you walk closer you notice sirius making his way over to the ravenclaw table. you raise your eyebrows in question when you see him taking a seat next to vivian. your heart drops as you see him lean closer to her. you force yourself to look away, storming out of the great hall as fast as your feet could carry you.
sirius finds you in the common room. you had a book in your hand, biting your lip, but it didn't seem like you were reading. “hey, the others said they saw you, but you left rather quickly.” you barely reacted to his voice. when you didn't answer, sirius walks over to you, sitting in front of you. “are you feeling alright?” still no answer. “y/n-”
“i saw you with her.” you cut him off, not meeting his eyes.
 “who? vivian? i was-” 
you interrupt him again, “what was the point of all this, sirius?” 
sirius is confused. “the point of what?” he asks. “this.” you gesture between the two of you. “you ask me to help get vivian off your back and after weeks of pretending, you decide to pursue her anyway. then why have we been doing what we've been doing?” you exasperate, finally looking up at him. “pursue? what are you on about, love.” he’s truly at a loss, wondering what caused your mood to change so suddenly. “sirius-”
“if you had a problem with this, you should've told me. i never wanted you to be uncomfortable.”
“i wasn't uncomfortable. that's the problem.” you mutter the last part, hoping he hadn't heard it. “what does that mean?” sirius tilts his head in question. “nothing.” you quickly say, moving to stand up from the couch. 
“no, stop saying it's nothing and actually talk to me!” sirius exclaims, making you jump. when he sees your wide eyes, he offers you an apologetic look. you stare at him for a moment before shaking your head. as you walk past him you hear him sigh, you don't make it very far when you feel a hand curl around your arm and pull you back. you gasp as sirius’ hands reach up to cup your face. before you can say anything, sirius crashes his lips into yours. 
it's alarming how easily you fall into it, deepening the kiss as your arms go around his neck, pulling him closer. his lips are soft, inviting and feel so good against yours. it takes everything in you to pull away from him. you let out a breath and sirius rests his forehead against yours. “sirius-”
“i wasn't flirting with her. or pursuing her.” you're both still trying to catch your breath. “then what-”
“i was telling her off. once and for all.” a smirk graces his face. “why?” you can still feel him on your lips, like he’s stained you. “so we could stop pretending,” he leans down, lips ghosting over your mouth. “and we could do this for real.”
your breath hitches, “do what?”
 a wide grin stretches across his face as he pulls you in once more. “this.” he whispers huskily and kisses you. you're thankful he’s holding you or you surely would be falling to your knees. it feels as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you can't help but smile against him.
he breaks the kiss after a few moments. “you do feel the same, right? i mean, lily told me you might but-”
you cut him off with a laugh. “what are you laughing for?” he asks incredulously. “sirius, i am crazy about you. i thought it was you who didn't reciprocate.”
“why didn't you say anything before?”
“why didn't you?
“i tried!”
sirius thinks for a moment, “remember that day in the courtyard?” you nod. “well, vivian wasn't actually heading our way. I couldn't help myself! i wanted to kiss you but chickened out at the last moment.” 
you gasp, “sirius!” he chuckles at you, “and there may have also been a few times where she wasn't even around but i wanted to hold your hand so i told you she was.”
when you’re silent, sirius fears he might’ve upset you. an apology sits on the tip of his tongue when he hears you giggle. “you are unbelievable. all this time. is that why asked me to be your pretend girlfriend?”
he nods shyly, “partially. it started off as just pretend, should've known i’d fall for you. but i really did want vivian to leave me alone, though.” 
“so what'd you tell her earlier then?”
“i told her that my heart belongs to you. and only you.”
“oh really?” you muse, arms going back around his neck, hands interlocked behind his head. he smirks, “yours to do with as you please.”  he hums.
“then i guess it's only fair that mine is yours as well.” you touch your forehead to his. “what a high honor you've bestowed upon me, my darling.” 
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · a year ago
Three Whole Days
Summary: You should have known better than to leave  Bucky alone. He’s had three whole days to think of what he’s going to do when you get back. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy!Biker Bucky x Reader
Warning: Smut, Minors DNI, Oral (M and F receiving), slight exhibition kink, public sex, vibe, handcuffs, orgasm denial, praise kink,, dom/sub, overstimulation, grumpy Bucky. 
A/N: fair warning its a little tame. Not Requested. Beta’d by the wonderful @sweeterthanthis, @whisperlullaby and @navybrat817 but all mistakes are my own. 
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.  Comments, likes and reblogs are wonderful. 
Check out my Masterlist and Taglist! Requests are closed 
Tumblr media
“Alright ladies, let’s gather around and have a moment of silence.” 
You groan, more of whine really, embarrassment seeping through your pores, your cheeks heated when your best friend motions for the group to surround you. “Will you shut the fuck up?” you hiss, hiding your face from the onlookers in the too crowded airport. 
Marcie takes a deep, overly dramatic breath in and exhales, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to celebrate the memory of a tight, wet ass pussy that is going to be taken from the world too damn soon-ow,” her speech cut off when you jab her in her stomach. 
“Quit it and get away from me,” you huff with a tinge of concealed laughter, not wanting to encourage them more. Adjusting your heavy bag over your shoulder, you embrace Marcie with one arm, giving her a squeeze, smiling when you feel your friends envelop you in a group hug. “This was fun and I can’t wait to do it again.” 
As you walk through the gates, your friends break away from the small group with goodbyes, selfies, and more hugs. The impromptu girls’ trip was an incredible experience and you loved every moment. 
Bucky on the other hand. 
Yeah, he was not happy. Not happy with you at all. He made it very clear the night you left for the airport. You hope that he used the past three days to calm down. 
Taking your phone out of your back pocket, you turn it on for the first time in three days. The rapid-fire notifications fill the screen, the continuous pings drawing Marcie’s attention. “God damn, your pussy really is going to die,” she laughs, looking at the flood of messages. 
You shrug, keeping a grip on your bag, “Bucky just likes to talk,” you retort defensively. “He’s chatty.”
“I’ve never heard him say more than five words at time,” Marcie gives you a disbelieving look out of the side of her eye, “I hope you stretched.” 
Snorting, you nudge her with your hip, rolling your eyes as you navigate your way to the entrance. Now you’ll never admit it but she’s right, and you really wished you had thought to limber up before you got off the plane.  Your phone continues to light up with message after message. Scrolling through your screen, you can pinpoint the exact moment he began to lose his shit. 
Five hours into your trip.
“Be safe” turned to “I miss you” to “when the fuck are you getting back” to “I’m horny.” 
Sweet messages of “I love you” and “have fun” mixed in with “I’m going to fuck your brains out” and “tell my pussy I miss her.” 
You’re staring at the dick pic he sent six hours into your trip, your panties dampening when you see the next message is a video and you want to play it so bad, part of you not even caring that you’re in public. Damn, he’s rubbing off you; at this rate, you’re going to be worse than he is. You're almost at the exit when you notice a crowd of employees huddled together whispering loudly. 
“You need to ask him to leave.” 
“I’m not going anywhere near him. I’m not trying to die today, I have stuff to do tomorrow, you go ask him to leave.” 
“How long is he going to just stand there?” 
“I tried to ask but he glared at me.” A slight pause. “It was sexy.” 
“Really, Jennifer?” 
“What! He’s hot. I want him to glare at me like that while he makes me-” 
You and Marcie exchange glances, her shoulders shaking as she covers her mouth with her hand. Sighing, you walk around the group and your steps falter, your pulse kicking up. 
Bucky is frowning at his gloved hands, the black leather crunching with each clench of his fist. Your heart thumps in your chest. While you had fun, you really missed him.  You swallow thickly, clearing your throat. He slowly lifts his head, tilting it to the side. 
He’s jaw dropping gorgeous and your knees nearly buckle. You missed him more than you ever imagined. 
His chestnut hair is hidden beneath his navy baseball hat. A hint of charcoal grey peeks out from his partially unzipped black leather jacket. Bucky wordlessly glares at you. He is livid, you can feel it rolling off of him in hazy waves. 
 He gestures for you to come towards him with his long index finger, his other hand shoved into his front pocket, one long leg crossed in front of the other, an untied boot tapping on the stained carpet. Oh, he’s very angry. 
You freeze, drowning in the furious glint of his blue eyes. When you hesitate, taking a step back, he grins. You feel your clit twitch, your already damp panties soaked when he runs his tongue across his pearly white teeth. His eyes caress your face moving slowly all the way down to your feet, undressing you, stripping you bare in the middle of the airport. The heat of his piercing gaze searing you when his eyes snap back up to your face, his grin widening. Predatory, dark, and aimed directly at you. 
Marcie whistles, “You are in trouble,” she leans over, putting her head on your shoulder, “Welp, I’m going to miss you, and, if you somehow survive, call me.” 
She’s gone, saying hi to Bucky on her way out of the revolving doors. He doesn’t respond, perfectly still, except for his combat boot, the slow measured taps making you nervous the closer you get to him. He pushes away from the desk, much to the relief of the employee’s huddled several feet away. 
He saunters over to you, leaning down until the rim of his hat touches your forehead. Walking you back into something hard, a counter judging by the sharp edge pressing into the middle of your back.  Oceanic blue eyes capture your own wide ones and your breath stalls. Thoughts empty out of your head when his grin morphs into a smirk, slow and devious. Retribution.  Reckoning. Punishment. 
“Hi baby,” The words squeaked out, high pitched and wobbly. You place your hands on his chest, meekly glancing up at him through your eyelashes. 
Good, he thinks, you should be worried.
 “I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I was going to do to you when you got back,” He brings his mouth over yours, the brim of his cap moving softly over your skin. 
“I hope it was worth it,” His pink lips slotting over yours with each word, his deep timbre rumbling through you. 
“Bucky, baby, it was only three days,” you protest, unable to stop your hands from sliding under his jacket and around his broad back. He’s so warm under there, his cologne, light cedar drifting off of him and sinking onto your skin, it's so hard to breathe with him so close. 
Bucky’s brow quirks, those blue eyes widen just a little. Bucky mouths “three days” and you know you fucked up even more. Now Bucky is angry and offended. 
“Only three days,” he hums, plucking your bag off your shoulder and onto his own. Bucky reaches into his pocket, digging around for something. The look in his eyes becomes more deviant by the second. 
You can tell the second he finds it because those blues darken, he leans a little closer, his elbow resting on the counter, his other hand dipping to your waist, his fingers trailing under the waistband of your skirt. 
You hiss out his name, a warning that makes his grin widen. You look around, the crowds of people milling around you, no one noticing the oh so casual scene of a man talking to his woman. To anyone else, it looks sweet, maybe two lovers saying goodbye. Anything but Bucky subtly shifting his large body so that he can slip his hand down your skirt, something cold and firm placed between your folds, nestled right along your clit.
He takes a step back, straightening to his full height, “You better remember those words later gorgeous.”  
It’s a threat and a promise all rolled into one, sealed with a light kiss on your lips. 
Wrapping his arm around your waist, he leads you out into the bright sunny day. Straight to his bike parked illegally in the loading zone. An officer is standing to the side, writing on a little yellow pad when Bucky pushes past him to grab your helmet. He looks at your burly man and back at his pad, ripping up the half-written ticket with a mumbled apology. 
Bucky places it on your head, tightening the strap below your chin, using it to tug you flush against his body. Even through the layers between your bodies, you can feel how hard he is, how big. He palms your ass, bringing you even closer. Your mind racing with the possibilities, images of him fucking you over the kitchen counter, against the shower wall, on the front porch swing. 
“Three days,” he sighs, bringing your face up, his lips slotting over yours, unhurried, tasting you, inhaling you, his wet tongue dipping into your open mouth with a low groan that you feel more than hear. “I love you.” 
He breaks away when you start to wrap your arms around his neck. His thumb swipes over your swollen bottom lip, “Three fucking days without you. Do you have any idea of the power you have over me, gorgeous?” 
He turns, straddling his bike in one smooth motion, revving the engine. You jump on behind him, wrapping your arms around his firm stomach, resting your head on his back. “You’re about to learn, gorgeous,” The words barely leave his lips before you feel the vibrations on your clit, he shakes his left hand, a flash of little black remote. Oh fuck, fuck me. 
The ride home is a blur, he keeps bringing you to the edge, only to take your impending orgasm away over and over. Fuck, he knows your body too well, even with his focus on the road he can tell when your close, paying attention to your needy gasps swept into his ear by the wind, your body rigid around him. 
By the time he pulls into the garage and turns off the engine, you have tears pricking at your eyes and you need to cum, your clit throbbing and aching for release.  You hobble off and take a step back. “I love you so much and I missed you Bucky,” you exclaim, ready to beg him. 
He grunts in response, tossing his helmet onto the floor with a loud clatter.  You take a step back, clasping your hands behind your back. “Bucky, remember you told me to turn off my-.” Your words taper off in a squeal when he stomps towards you. He glowers at you, a slight pout forming on his pink lips. 
He lifts you on the shiny, cold trunk of his classic car, bending your knees, his large hands moving down the insides of your thighs. Biting your bottom lip, you hold your breath when he taps his index finger over your damp panties, pushing the little bullet right over your clit. “You know I had a lot of time to think when you up and left me alone in our house.” 
“I didn’t leav-ah, fuck,” Bucky turns the vibrator on effectively cutting you off with a flick of his thumb. Your moans, needy and dragged out with each turn of the dial until you’re writhing on the back of his car, your slick dripping on the painted exterior. 
He leaves you like that, helpless and shamelessly pleading for more, legs splayed open, hips rolling, both hands clutching your breasts as you crest higher and higher. 
Bucky smiles in your direction, unzipping his jacket, he lays it across the seat of his bike. He toes his boots off, placing them by the door. The sultry sounds coming from you are what his dreams are made of.  Bucky was restless when you were gone and now that you’re back where you belong, with him, he can finally breathe again. 
He stretches his arms over his head, twisting his back. He pads back to you, standing between your legs. Gazing down at your glassy eyes, the corner of his mouth lifts. He missed you, missed how you look when you cum for him. He turns it up one more notch and groans through your release, entranced as you gush over his car. His stiff cock leaking in his jeans, he pulls you up for a wet, sloppy kiss. 
Breaking away,  he pants in your mouth. “Gorgeous, get inside. Now.” 
You slide off the trunk, almost falling to your knees, the aftershocks of your orgasm sparking with each rub of your thighs. “Bucky, please-,” 
He crosses his arms and exhales. “Here or inside, your pick.” 
It takes everything you have, but you manage to jog inside. Passing the kitchen, you skid to a stop when you see a platter of snacks along with a few bottles of water. Hearing a low whistle, you look over your shoulder and back to the table.  Looking at the vast array on your table, you know you’re in for a long night. You take off again, wishing you had stretched now. 
Bucky waits until he hears your footsteps, he looks around the garage waiting until the door closes. Stepping over to his prized toolbox, he checks the underside where he taped the ring. Tracing the outline with his finger, he puts the box back down and turns to the house. 
Bucky sings your name, listening carefully as he moves through the house. He pauses on the bottom step when he hears a creak in the floorboard above his head. Bedroom. "That’s my girl," he thinks.  
His shirt tossed over the railing, pants on the top stair. By the time he reaches the second floor, his cock is fisted in his hand. 
Pushing open the door, he grins when he sees you. Naked and ready for him on the bed. He paces back and forth in front of you, his hand twisting around his thick shaft, “You left me ,”  he accuses. 
“Bucky you paid for my tick-” 
Your protests cut off with a pointed looked. “Abandoned me,” he finishes, his slight pout making you smile, your eyes focused on his cock, you want it so bad, you’re not even pretending to listen anymore. 
Bucky moves his cock to the left, laughing when your gaze follows it back and forth. “Now you’re going to make it up to me,” 
You crawl over the bed, opening your mouth, “Yes, Bucky, let me show you how sorry I am.”  
“No, I need to taste your sweet little pussy,” he pushes you back on the bed, taking advantage of your body bouncing back, he  slides his hands under your hips and brings you to his face with a growl. 
And his tongue attacks your clit. It's the only way you can describe what his tongue is doing to you; rough long licks through your folds, followed by light circles that make you arch into his mouth. 
It’s vulgar, sloppy, and all he's been thinking about since you left him. He dips down to your entrance and his thick tongue glides against your walls, fucking you while his finger presses down on your bud, pushing back and forth, rolling it under his calloused pad. 
“God, Bucky ple-oh shit, oh fuck,” you twist, pulling the sheets in a desperate attempt to get away. 
Bucky feels you trying to run from him and he lets you go. Gasping, you stare down at him, backing up on the bed, you lean on your elbow, covering your mound with your other hand. “I need a minute,” you rasp out, your cunt pulsating, matching your racing heart.. 
Bucky cocks his head back, his pink tongue dragging across his bottom lip. A relaxed smirk creeps on his face and your stomach drops. He’s never let you go before, always insisting you can take it. You fucked up again and he confirms it,  the smug bastard. 
“So you deny me my pussy for three days, deny me your presence and love,” he says, voice deepening to a low growl, “and now you’re not letting me enjoy my desert.”
“I- no, “ you exclaim, “wait, I’m sorry,” you remove your hand, spreading your thighs. 
He barks out a short laugh, his smile dropping and you wonder if you should try to suck his cock again. Bucky pushes himself up and walks over to the dresser. He opens the first draw, pulling out a small black box.  He opens it, shuffling through the various new toys he bought you, pulling out a set of pink fur-lined handcuffs. 
“Where did you get those?” you question, scooting back towards the headboard. 
Bucky ignores your question, “Good girl,” he grins as you unknowingly move into place, “too bad it’s too late for that.”
You furrow your brows, helplessly watching Bucky stalk over to the bed. You continue to move back until you can’t go any further. He crawls over the rumpled sheets, his large body getting closer until his lips are touching yours, “I’m going to enjoy this, gorgeous.” 
He straddles you, his weight pinning you down while his thick, long cock rests on your belly, your mouth watering at the sight of his swollen, red tip. He takes advantage of the distraction to grab your wrist, cuffing it to the headboard. You look up, seconds before he takes your other wrist, the soft clanking echoes in your ears as he secured it around your wrist. 
“Safe word?”
You glance between your handcuffed wrists and his deep blue eyes, you can see how badly he wants you, his desire making your pussy impossibly wetter. 
He drops his head, his lips grazing your jaw, “good girl,” he says, “ I missed you”, he kisses down your neck, nipping the skin below your ear, “ thought about you every single day.” 
He moves up on his knees, his cock bobbing in your face. Before he can speak again, your lips are wrapped around his tip, a hot salty bead of precum melting over your tongue as you slide down his shaft. “Fuck me,” he groans. He grabs the back of your head, pushing you down even more until your nose touches his pelvis, “that’s it, gorgeous, you can take it.” 
Inhaling through your nose, you let him fuck your face, drool leaking out the sides of your mouth, his heavy weight filling your mouth. His groans shooting straight to your heart, you love that you can bring your big muscular man to his knees. He tastes so good, you could hold him in your mouth for hours. Bucky listens to you gag, telling you how good you’re doing, and you suck harder, wanting to please him. 
And you are, a little too well, Bucky’s eyes fly open when he feels his balls tighten. “No, fuck, too good, gorgeous, ah no stop, stop” he grunts, pulling out of your mouth with a wet plop, chuckling at your whine, “Sorry, doll, but I’m only cumming in your pussy tonight.”
He wipes the drool off your chin, placing a deep kiss on your lips, “But I’m not coming until you cum first. In fact, I want three from you, ” he mutters glancing down your body. 
“Wait, I don’t think I can-” you blurt out, yanking your hands down. 
Bucky rolls his eyes at you, a playful smirk on his features, “I wasn't talking to you, gorgeous, I was talking to her.” 
He drops between your thighs, pushing them apart with his broad shoulders, spreading your folds, “I know you didn’t want to leave me, huh pretty girl?” He lovingly breathes into your glistening cunt, watching you clench down, “I know, you’re going to come all over my tongue aren't you? ” he coos. 
He locks eyes with you, flattening his tongue, and he drags it through up from your slit to your aching bud, his eyes daring you to look away. The tip of tongue flickering over your clit slowly, so slow you could cry, the short waves of warm sensations making you throb and ache, his heavy arm keeping you in place. 
He dives back in, his nose bumping your clit when his tongue curls along your walls - hot wet, his muffled groans louder than your own sobs. He's utterly ruthless, sending shocks of pleasure through you, his ego growing with each mewl and cry.
“Look at me,” he demands when he feels your orgasm approaching, waiting until you meet his  dazed blue eyes, “cum now”. He pulls your bud into his mouth, and fuck, you don’t even recognize the sound that leaves your mouth. Pleasure burns through you, the coil so tight it bursts into a million pieces, leaving you wrecked and quivering under him.  
You’re still high on your first climax when he pushes your hips up. Folding your body in half, his hand enclosing over your throat, he squeezes with every suck on your tender bud. It hits you hard, pushing you higher and higher until you can only whimper his name. Every last nerve burning as you cum again, sharp and fierce, your breath hissing though your gritted teeth as your orgasm wraps around you. 
“Two.” He’s arrogant, reveling in your pleasure, not that you can hear over the roaring in your ears. 
He leans back on his haunches, pulling your hips, your back floating off the bed, his strong hands holding you as if you weighed nothing. His cock, hot and thick, sits at your entrance. You both watch as he sinks into your cunt, the thick vein on the underside of his cock rubbing against your velvety walls, “Oh god,” you cry out, eyes rolling back. 
“Oh no, it's only me here gorgeous, “ he remarks proudly, “Who's making you feel this good?” 
“You, Bucky, only you,” your hoarse cries echoing across the room. 
Bucky is mesmerized by your cunt swallowing him, your cream coating his cock with each stroke. He controls the pace, but fuck you’re controlling him. You’re so tight around his length, exhilarating pleasure taking over. He hates pulling out of your perfect pussy, but loves how you clench down when he thrusts back in. 
Your moans make him want more, he wants you to shatter one more time, he won't stop until you cum for him again. His fingers swipe over your clit, “C’mon, gorgeous, cum for me. Please, doll, cum for me.” 
Fuck, you clench down so hard, your walls fluttering over his cock, he could cry from how good you feel. Instead he drives into you faster, deeper and harder,  fucking you senseless,  your cunt sensitive, raw and his. Bound to the headboard, unable to do anything but let him own you. Bucky lives for this, making you take it, take him until you cum for him like a good fucking girl. 
“Three.” Bucky chokes out when you’re frantic thrashing stops, your body absolutely rigid around him with a silent wail, head dropping back as your walls flutter around him, milking him dry. “Fucking beautiful, that's my good girl. ”  
Only when your limbs loosen around his waist, chest heaving with each harsh breath does he let himself chase his own release, savoring your tight, hot pussy, his strokes erratic and sloppy until he fills you to the brim, his white hot cum leaking around him. 
He stays inside you for a second, listening to your stuttering breath as his cock softens, his own breathing evening out after a few minutes. “You did so good for me, gorgeous,” he says with a cunning grin. 
“Never letting you leave this bed,” he grunts, pulling out of your swollen cunt with a soft wet plop. 
He grabs the key from the nightstand and brings your hands down, checking your wrists. You forget the ache in your arms as he rubs your back, murmuring sweet praises in your ear. 
“Hold on,“ he says, leaving the warmth of your body to walk to the bathroom. You’re exhausted, on the verge of sleep as you lounge on the bed. The small ping near your head gets your attention, grabbing your phone, you giggle at the message on your lock screen before tossing it down. Bucky pokes out his head curiously, the sound of water running coming from the open door. 
You shake your head, “That was Marcie asking if I’m alive. She thought you were going to kill me with your cock.”  You yawn, curling up on your side, moving your sticky thighs apart, “Hurry and get back so we can sleep.” 
“Gorgeous, that was the warm up, you have three days to make up for.” Bucky gives you a curious look as if you missed something quite obvious, his brow raised. 
“Warm-warm up?” 
Bucky whistles, walking out with a warm washcloth, gently cleaning you up. 
“What do you mean by warm up, Bucky?” You repeat, his whistling making you nervous. 
“I’m going to grab your snacks.”
You stare at his back when he walks away, his tune getting louder. “Bucky, come back here!”
Bucky pauses in the doorway, glancing over his shoulder, “Trust me, you’re going to want to eat the snack.” 
Tumblr media
Day 4
Sunlight beams through the open window, the occasional chirp breaks the silence. Taking a deep breath, you sigh, happy and sated, resting for the first time since you got home. Bucky snoring lightly beside you, his thick fingers still in your cunt. His other arm under your head, you would move but he has a smile on his face. You trace it with your fingertips.   
You’re glad you waited to tell him your little secret, you know how he gets when he thinks you’re keeping something from him.  Maybe you should tell him in public, at his shop or around friends- no, no that’s not going to stop him from losing it, you also know he doesn't know how to behave when he’s excited.
 You’re going to need to plan this, make this surprise perfect for him. 
Tumblr media
Across the street. 
Mrs Smith has decided she has enough of bikers ruining her neighborhood.
She leans out her window, glaring across at your home. She lets the curtain go, holding her phone to her ear, “Hello, Michelle, dearie, I need you to do me a favor. There’s a man I want you to meet. His name is James.”  
"I want you to break up his happy little home."
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maitaro · a month ago
Sinful lust.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing : Demon of lust! Suna Rintarō x human fem!reader.
Genres : AU. Nsfw.
Warnings : Vaginal penetration. Blowjob. Cunnilingus. Aggressive sex (?). Squirting. Bulge kink. Dark content (?).
A/N : This is my piece for my precious @semisgroupie 's collab Heaven and Hell ! Suna is actually Asmodeus here - one of the seven sins, the demon of lust. The first part - the legend thing- is actually a legend that people kept telling in my Uni in UK for Halloween! I hope you'll enjoy it, I had fun writing it. I don't know if this is dark content though, so?
As always - English isn't my first language. Proofread but not really lmao, only halfway.
wc : 2,900.
Tumblr media
It started off with a stupid bet. While you weren't a believer, you could call yourself suspicious of faith and entities. Being surrounded by religion since childhood, you knew a bit of it, despite not sharing the same opinion as your parents did.
You were drunk, and your friends insisted on going outside tonight, as it was Halloween. You've heard about the legend of your university 's hidden underground tunnel. One which apparently linked the main building to the secondary one, which was a bit far away, the oldest graveyard of the town being between the two.
"How did we…"
It was a myth, really. For two centuries already people from your university tried to find it, to no avail. Plus, you were tipsy, something that didn't help your confused mind. It was dark and you didn't know how you got here, but you were now in the old graveyard - which has been closed from the public since 1900, as it has been used during great pandemics to throw bodies there.
Tumblr media
"Don't, Y/N. Now that we're inside, let's search for the tunnel yeah? Since the beginning people kept looking at underground entrances near both of the exits, but no one checked the graveyard. Let's search for a hidden path." Your friend's voice echoed into the night, but you were nowhere near reassured, as the place freaked you out. You never liked ghost stories, Halloween, or the night in general. 
You were easily scared, and the eerie atmosphere gave you chills.
"Look guys, I don't think that's a good idea, this cemetery is closed, and I'm sure it's dangerous. The ground must be weak. We should-"
"C'mon. You're boring. If you don't want to come with us, just stay here. But if we find the entrance, we won't come back to find you Y/N." Her words forced you to follow them deeper between the graves, and you swore you saw something move in the distance. 
But you kept quiet, only because it was dark and you could have imagined it. 
"If there is anything, it must be near the rich families' tombs. It must be there."
You followed without a word, still extremely cautious. You could hear some strange noise in the distance but kept going. And as your two friends stopped right in front of a huge tomb, you frowned a bit, trying to decipher the writing on the stone.
'One way it is, is it farewell ?'
"That must be it. This is the biggest one. Let's go inside." You didn't want to follow them, you really didn't. Moreover, you found it quite blasphemous to violate this place, as it was where the dead rested. But you kept silent nonetheless, rubbing your arms in search of warmth, opening the grid door wide.
"Fuck. That's gross. Spider webs are everywhere here!" The whisper of your friend broke the dead silence as the other expressed a disgusted noise. Soon enough and as you circled the grave, one of your friends yelped as she found a small door.
"Here here!! Found it!" It wasn't bigger than a small window, but luckily for you three, there was enough space to go on. Clicking your tongue in disapproval, you threw a glance behind you.
Since when did the grid door get closed?
It was in your mind. You were hallucinating, and your friends maybe played a little trick as well.
"Y/N stop dreaming and come!" Behind the small door was a small corridor, forcing you to crawl your way. But it led to a bigger one, where you could stand up. It looked abandoned, and it smelled odd. Not bad, but more like… an old cave.
"Fuck… we found it! It's super dark though." They both looked excited, and before you could even ask anything, they took both of your hands in theirs and started to walk ahead. 
Your worry made him smirk. Of course he was observing you. How could he not? Someone like you, looking innocent yet sinning openly. He spotted the way you walked, you were drunk. 
"Girls. I want to leave. This isn't right. I feel like someone is observing us!" None of your friends answered, but the hold on your hands tightened, leaving you confused.
Tumblr media
Easier that way, then. 
His tongue teased his sharp canines and not waiting more, he followed you into the dark, making sure not to alert you with his footsteps.
"Could you stop touching my thumb like that? It's disturbing me." You sighed with relief when your friend let go of your thumb. You could see the dim light of the moon as you were almost at the end of the tunnel - which meant you reached the other side.
Smiling to yourself, you turned around when you lost the feeling of your friend's touch.
"What the-"
"Humans are so naive…" His voice was deep, but it wasn't the first thing you noticed. He was gorgeous. A lean figure with piercing green eyes, an angelic smile which was sure to hide sinful desires. "But I don't mind a bit of fun."
You couldn't see your friends, and the man standing in front of you was distracting you enough. The alcohol running through your veins distorted your senses, and you knew you should have screamed for help, you knew you should have tried to find your friends. But something in the way this man acted kept you hypnotised. Maybe it was his enchanting voice, or maybe it was his burning touch on your skin. 
"Hmm. I bet you taste delicious."
Maybe you should have done a bit more research before stepping straight into the lion's den. Because a few centuries ago, beliefs said that this tunnel actually linked the living and the dead, and with them, entities. If a beating heart would cross the path of one of those, no one would ever see them again.
"People used to call me Asmodeus, but I prefer a more modern name. So call me Suna."
"The demon of lust…?"
"Luckily for you, it wasn't one of my brothers who found you, sweetheart." His thumb brushed your bottom lip as you shuddered, a sudden urge to kiss him appearing in your guts. 
You didn't know what was going on, and maybe it was in your head, or maybe it was the beverage you had before. Maybe you were insane, but you could feel your panties getting wet by the seconds as his eyes were observing you. 
"My, my, my. What could I do with you ?" 
You backed away, your back hitting the cold, humid stone as he hummed. Maybe the last bit of sanity left in your mind finally hit you, but it was quick to vanish as his tongue licked his lip. Your mind was getting mushy, and it felt as if the dirty tunnel you were in wasn't as scary as it was before. 
You didn't think about what happened to your friends. You didn't think that the situation you were in seemed extremely suspicious. You could only focus on the way his predatory eyes were on you.
"Give yourself to me."
One second he was a few meters away from you, the moment after he was on his knees, one of your legs on his shoulder.
His teeth found your inner thigh as he pushed the material of your skirt up. His lips teased your skin as you let out a ragged breath. 
"Smells so good." Suna left a small trail of kisses all the way up to your panties, and nibbling the flesh of your hip, he started massaging your ass cheeks, loving your little sounds. 
Suna couldn't remember the last time he got the opportunity to have fun with a human. Decades, probably centuries ago. His brother locked him up here for a reason after all. 
The demon was insatiable, and too many women got impregnated, which resulted in God's anger. And so, in order to ease him, the others sent him here. 
But now that you were here… Suna wouldn't worry anymore. 
You couldn't speak, too engrossed in the way his nose kept teasing your covered clit. It was burning you, but you wanted more. 
"Please… Make me feel good!"
"Sure will, doll." Tearing your panties off your body, Suna didn't hesitate and attached his mouth to your pussy, your wetness filling his throat. He was thirsty, so fucking greedy for your juices.
It was bliss. The way his tongue fucked your entrance, the way his teeth caressed your folds. Your hand found his silk hair as you pressed yourself harder on his face. 
Palming his hard on, Suna looked at your face. You looked so hot. The demon wanted to make you his, but he wanted to take his time as well. 
The lewd noises of his mouth on your pussy filled the dark tunnel, and judging by the way your stomach tensed, you knew you were close. It was a matter of seconds now, and Suna was too greedy to let it pass. And so, your first orgasm hit you like a truck as you moaned loudly, your juices filling his mouth up as he swallowed everything. 
Standing up after cleaning himself up, Suna brought his hand to your neck, caressing it softly before applying some pressure, making you moan, your legs opening wide for him to settle between them.
Your hands shot to his wrists in a silent demand as you rubbed yourself on his knee.
"Such a slut for me. Gonna fuck you so well, Y/N." 
"Yes please-" a breathy moan left your mouth before he attacked it, kissing you deeply as his arm snaked around your waist, pressing his hard body on yours. His lips were so soft yet so rough, and the way his tongue dominated yours sent butterflies to your stomach. You circled his neck as his hand freed your breasts from your shirt, and his fingers were quick to find your nipple, pinching it. 
"Mmh. Fuck me Suna I'm begging."
"On your knees…?"  
"If you let me." His chuckle erupted as he broke the kiss, forcing you to kneel down. You could feel small stones hurting your knees, but you didn't care. Observing the hard on in his pants, you kissed it a few times, purposely rubbing your cheek on it after, eliciting a growl from him.
"Don't play." Innocent eyes met his as you pulled his pants off, his hard length slapping on his stomach. Pre-cum was leaking from the head as you licked his cock all the way up before taking the tip in your mouth, sucking it softly, loving the way his hand was on your head.
It was so dirty, but the simple thought of getting fucked by a demon in a nasty place made you rub your thighs together in anticipation.
One hand settled on his thigh as the other went straight to his balls, massaging it while you hollowed your cheeks, taking his cock deeper. The view you had was delicious. His head was thrown back in pleasure as his thighs tensed under your touch. 
"So fucking good. You're so warm - fuck." 
As you started moving your head, Suna slowly began thrusting his hips to fuck your mouth, his orgasm building up fast.
"Just like that baby." You moaned as he tapped your cheek lightly but soon enough the demon gripped your hair tightly before slamming his length inside your throat, abusing it and making you cry out of reflex.
"Tears look good on you. But I bet you'll look better with my cock in your cunt."
You nodded frantically as the sounds got louder. Your jaw started aching at the feeling of his fat length but you kept going, your tongue flat to please him more.
His balls kept slapping your chin - now all wet, a mix of your saliva and his pre-cum.
"Gonna cum doll." Suna didn't wait for your approval, and the thought of tainting you with his seed was too good not to do it. And so, freeing your mouth and pumping his cock a few times, he watched how your pretty face got covered with his sticky juices, grinning when you whimpered a bit.
"Now you look sexier." Crouching down, his hand reaching for your face, the demon smeared his cum all over your features before gathering some of it and pushing his thumb past your lips.
"Suck. Do not waste anything." His eyes were attentively focused on you, and you didn't disappoint. "Such a good, good girl for me." 
Holding your nape and forcing you to stand up, Suna slammed his mouth on yours again, his fingers reaching for your clit and rubbing circles on it. 
He was a sucker for your moans, really.
Turning your body around, he whistled when you purposely showed your ass to him. You hid your face in your arm from embarrassment but pressed yourself against him nonetheless. You lost all notion of the wrong and the right a long time ago, and maybe if you were a bit more lucid you would have realised it was all due to Suna's power. He was the demon of lust, after all.
Biting your lip when he slapped his length on your ass cheeks a few times, you begged him again and again, desperate to feel him stretching you out. 
But you were getting impatient, and you felt like teasing him a bit, completely forgetting who Suna was.
"Show me how good a demon can make me feel, Suna. Or was it all a show…?" Your grin worked like magic, and seconds after you could feel the tip poking at your entrance.
"'Am not gonna be soft, d'you hear me?"
"Just, just fuck m- ah!" He made his way inside your tight cunt, and Suna didn't even give you the time to adjust - pulling almost all the way out before slamming back inside. You were warm, you were wet, and fuck, you swallowed him so well. 
His eyes were glued on the way your ass kept meeting his pelvic and the way his cock disappeared between your cheeks, and it was a delicious feeling.
"Fuck…" His eyes now closed, his hands holding your hips firmly to fuck you hard, Suna was completely lost in your pussy.
But you weren't better. You never had a cock as big as his before, and it seemed as if he was tearing you open. The tip kept bruising your cervix as his nails cut your skin, but you didn't care. It was all so lewd, the noises you two made, the way his heavy balls slapped against your ass each time, or even the way juices ran down your thighs. 
The cold wall couldn't even bring any freshness to your forehead anymore. It was so hot and steamy, and throwing a quick glance behind you, you wondered why demons had always been depicted as ugly and monstrous creatures. 
Because the one behind you looked like an angel, if not God himself.
"Oh my- Suna! So good! Harde-" Struggling to break when the demon pulled you to him by your necklace, you choked on your saliva, your back meeting his front. He kept fucking you aggressively as he sunk his teeth in the shell of your neck, sucking and biting hard, all the while choking you with the jewellery. 
The sounds he let out were now more animalistic than human, but you shouldn't be surprised. Looking down, a strangled gasp escaped your mouth - seeing the bulge in your stomach. "So - so big.." 
"Demon's cock. Feel that huh?" His hand tapped the exact location where the bulge appeared, and brushing his lips on your shoulder, he smirked hearing your cry.
"Oh my god!" 
"God hm…? Not the name I would have expected. Lemme fuck you in the name of the devil." 
Flipping you around once again, he picked you up, forcing his length back in your pussy while your legs circled around his waist, and wrapping his big hand around your neck, he slammed your whole body against the wall.
"Such a pretty necklace. Open your mouth for me." Suna slowed down, deciding on a slow and steady pace, fucking you sensually. 
Your walls tightened around him and you knew you were close. But you were aware you would make a mess. You were sure of it, judging by the way he kept one hand on your lower stomach, applying pressure on it while the other was choking you. 
You lost consciousness a few times, and you swore it was the most intense and aggressive sex you ever had, but you were addicted to it. And as he hit the same spot all over again, you could feel yourself crumble underneath his touch. Back arched, a loud scream exiting your pretty mouth, you came undone, squirting all over his stomach and thighs, definitely making a mess.
"Beautiful…" Suna was thrilled, to say the least. And so, with a few more sloppy thrusts, the demon of lust also came, filling you with his thick demonic seed, making sure to fuck your brains out once again. 
Because for someone like him, one session wasn't enough, and Suna Rintarō was still hard, so hard.
And you wouldn't find your way out of this maze until you would be his very own cum slut. 
Before anything, you came to him, and he would make sure he would come to you next time, because now that he marked you, he knew what you were, a greedy slut asking for services from the demon of lust.
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alyswritings · a month ago
Youngest Bridgerton
Request: Hii! 🙌🏻 Can I request a Bridgerton fanfic that reader is the youngest sibling (younger than Hyancith, maybe a twin) and how Anthony take care of her since she was a baby, he is her daughter by all means, cute moments maybe even one when she gets very sick when she was a toddler. thank you so much! ❤️
Anthony Bridgerton x sister!reader
Summary: Anthony raising Y/N.
Warnings: none
a/n: I'm not the greatest at the vocabulary back then, but I tried. Thank you for the request! Hope you all enjoy!
(gif not mine)
Tumblr media
Anthony walks into the nursery, going over to his crying baby sister.
"It's quite all right, dear Y/N." Anthony says, picking her up out of the rocker, holding her to him. "No need to cry." Anthony bounces her, rubbing her back as he attempts to quiet her cries.
Y/N is a mere 14 months younger than Hyacinth. Edmund died while Violet was pregnant with the youngest, leaving Anthony to quickly take over everything. Due to Violet's depression following her husband's death, Anthony has also been tasked with caring for all of his siblings, including the newborn.
Anthony continues to rock the baby back and forth until eventually her cries come to a stop.
"There you are." Anthony says quietly.
- - -
Anthony is sitting in the drawing room, reading the paper, Y/N, Hyacinth, and Gregory sitting on the floor and playing. Benedict sits on the sofa, drawing in his sketchbook.
Y/N is now 16 months and is able to sit up, stand up, and speak a few select words. She has yet to walk on her own despite her siblings' constant encouragements to try.
Gregory throws the doll that Hyacinth attempts to give him, it landing out of their reach. Y/N sees it as Hyacinth whines at her older brother the best she can for a two year old.
Y/N starts to crawl towards the doll, but stops and pushes herself onto her feet. Benedict, seeing movement in the corner of his eye, looks up to see Y/N put one of her feet forward.
Benedict watches in shock as Y/N continues to walk to the doll.
"Anthony." Benedict calls. The oldest simply hums, not looking away from the paper. "Anthony, the baby."
"What?" Anthony shoots up, worried something happened, looking around until he spots Y/N taking her final steps to the doll. Y/N bends down and picks the doll up, turning back around. She sees Anthony staring at her, her two siblings close in age back to peacefully playing after their little dispute.
"She walked." Anthony states.
"Yes indeed." Benedict smiles proudly at his youngest sister.
Y/N dismisses their conversation and starts carefully walking back to her siblings she was previously with. The oldest two watch her waddle to the other two toddlers.
"Well done, Y/N." Anthony compliments. Y/N looks at him with confusion for a few moments, not understanding what was so amazing. Nevertheless, the confusion fades and a grin graces her face, understanding she did well.
- - -
Y/N wakes with a violent cough. She continues to cough and sneeze a few times, letting a small whine of discomfort out. She played out in the rain yesterday, not staying out as long as possible due to Anthony forcing her inside. He did so to prevent any sort of cold, but it doesn't seem to have stopped it.
Three year old Y/N gets out of bed. She exits her room, on the search for one of her elder three brothers. Y/N makes her way down the stairs, seeing light shining from Anthony's office, the door slightly ajar.
Y/N lets out a small yelp as she falls on her butt unexpectedly. She looks up, finding Anthony looking at her, a regretful look on his face, a book in one hand.
"Y/N? I apologize, I didn't see you there." Anthony says, realizing he had just walked right into his youngest sister. "What are you doing up? Should you not be in bed?"
Before Y/N can tell him how she feels, she sneezes.
"I feel not well." Y/N says.
"It's unwell." Anthony corrects, crouching to be more level with her. He reaches his free hand out, feeling her face, frowning at the warmth. "It appears you seem to be ill. Let us get you to bed."
Anthony picks her up and Y/N rests her head on his shoulder as he beings up the stairs.
Anthony instructed some of the workers to do stuff that should help Y/N, instructing one person to make tea, another to get a few more blankets.
Anthony gently lays Y/N in her bed, pulling the blanket over her until it reaches her shoulders.
After the maids had gotten everything for Y/N and she was left to fall asleep again, Anthony was the last to leave.
"Get some rest." Anthony tells her, beginning to walk out.
"An." Y/N calls, that being as well as she can pronounce his name.
"Yes, Y/N?" Anthony turns back to her.
"Will you stay?" Y/N asks. "'Til I sleep."
"Of course, darling." Anthony agrees. He sits on the edge of her bed and gently runs his fingers through her hair, lulling the young girl to sleep.
- - -
What started as a mere cold turned into a great sickness. Y/N has been bedridden for the past three weeks, feeling absolutely awful.
The four oldest Bridgerton siblings all take turns in caring for her, along with the servants doing what they can. Eloise and Francesca stay with her sometimes to provide company and Eloise will read to them. Gregory and Hyacinth visit occasionally, but they have too much energy that Y/N is not currently able to keep up with.
The doctor has paid multiple visits to keep track of the young girl's health.
Y/N is currently asleep, the girl letting out shallow breaths through her mouth. Anthony quietly enters the room, observing the toddler. He goes to the table by the bed and grabs the washcloth, dipping it into the bowl of water. Anthony wrings the cloth out, folding it a few times, before gently placing it on top of Y/N's forehead to help with her fever. He notices her shiver and pulls the blanket up higher, tucking her in.
Anthony sits on the chair that's next to her bed, letting out a deep sigh. He pinches the bridge of his nose as he thinks of all the responsibilities and his immense worry that Y/N may not get better.
He isn't sure what any of them would do if Y/N were to die of this illness. He's also not sure how much longer it will last if she does get better.
"An?" The oldest is broken away from his concerns at the small voice, looking up to see Y/N partly awake.
"Hello, sister." Anthony quietly greets.
"I'm thirsty." Y/N tells him.
"Of course. One moment." Anthony says, standing up and going to the table by the bed. He grabs the pitcher of water and the glass, filling it up halfway.
Anthony stands next to the bed and cups the back of Y/N's head with one hand. He gently lifts her head, putting the glass to her mouth and letting her drink some water. She pushes his wrist away and Anthony takes the glass away. He carefully rests her head back on the pillow, moving his hand away.
"Are you feeling any better?" Anthony asks.
"No." Y/N answers.
Anthony takes the washcloth off her forehead and gently runs it over her face, running it down her arm a few times as well.
"You'll get better soon, sister. You must simply continue to rest." Anthony says.
"Can you open the window? For air?" Y/N asks.
"Maybe in the morning. It's too cold for it to be open now." Anthony tells her and Y/N lets out a sad sigh, wishing for some fresh air.
"Try to get some more sleep, will you?" Anthony says, putting the washcloth on the table again.
"Ellie read?" Y/N asks.
"Eloise is asleep." Anthony informs.
"You read?" Y/N asks.
Anthony goes to deny, knowing he has work to do, but one look at Y/N's sad and hopeful eyes, he simply can't say no.
"One story." Anthony relents and Y/N tiredly smiles.
- - -
Y/N is finally feeling better and although she isn't back to her hyperactive self just yet, she's getting back to that day by day.
Y/N holds Benedict's hand as they head for outside, being stopped by Anthony at the bottom of the stairs.
"Where are you two going?" Anthony inquires, blocking their path.
"Y/N has requested to go on the swings for a bit." Benedict informs. "Problem, brother?"
"She's still recovering from her illness. She shouldn't be up and about so quickly. She should be rest more." Anthony states.
"Anthony, children need to run about. A little swinging will not kill her." Benedict assures.
"It could worsen her condition." Anthony argues.
"It won't." Benedict promises.
"Pwease, An. For a tiny bit." Y/N begs, putting on a puppy dog face. Anthony stares at her, trying not to cave, but failing.
"Only for a little bit." Anthony says.
"Tank you." Y/N grins, dragging Benedict outside.
"If she gets cold--"
"I know how to take care of her, brother." Benedict tells him.
- - -
Five year old Y/N sits on Anthony's lap, the two across from Benedict as they play chess. The two brothers were starting a game when Y/N came up and requested to learn how to play, which Anthony gladly accepted.
"Move that one there." Anthony whispers to Y/N, pointing to one of the chess pieces and then to a spot on the board. Benedict frowns, knowing if Y/N moves that piece he'll lose the game.
Y/N does as Anthony said, the oldest triumphantly grinning at his younger brother.
"We beat you." Anthony states. "Well done, Y/N." He tells the girl who giggles at Benedict's sour expression.
"Two against one is simply not fair." Benedict declares.
"Ah, perhaps, but you would've lost either way, brother." Anthony says, still a smug smile on his face.
- - -
Seven year old Y/N wakes up with a gasp, panting as she remembers the nightmare. She looks around, reassuring herself that she's in her room.
Y/N climbs out of bed, quietly racing to her door and opening it. She makes her way through the Bridgerton home, soon enough finding Anthony's room. She knocks on the door, but doesn't get an answer.
Y/N quietly opens the door, peering in to find her oldest brother asleep in his bed. Y/N tiptoes over to his bed, stopping when she reaches the side of it.
"Anthony." Y/N whispers. "Anthony." She repeats, shaking his arm. "Anthony." She repeats a little louder, still shaking his arm. The man jolts awake, looking around groggily.
"What? What has happened?" Anthony asks. "Y/N? What are you doing up?"
"I... I had a nightmare." Y/N tells him.
"Oh." Anthony mumbles. "Would you like some warm milk?"
Y/N nods and Anthony slowly sits up. He rubs his face a bit, trying to wake up more. He stands up, taking Y/N's hand in his and leading her to the kitchen.
Anthony lets Y/N sit on the counter before retrieving the jug of milk and turning to the oven. Anthony looks at the appliance in confusion, realizing he's not sure how to use it.
"You wouldn't happen to know how to work this, would you?" Anthony asks the seven year old. Y/N shakes her head. "Right. Of course not." He mutters. "Cold milk then?"
"Okay." Y/N says.
Anthony grabs two glasses and fills them both up with milk.
"Would you like to discuss it?" Anthony asks, handing Y/N one of the glasses. "The dream?" He clarifies after noticing her confused face.
"Not really." Y/N says, looking down at her drink.
"Okay then." Anthony says, taking a sip of his milk. "Would you like to discuss anything else?"
"Gregory won our marbles game earlier." Y/N remembers.
"Did he now?" Anthony asks and Y/N nods as she takes a drink of milk. She pulls the glass away to reveal a milk mustache and Anthony purses his lips to refrain from laughing. He decides to wipe it off later knowing she'd just get more milk the next time she takes a drink.
"Then him and Hyacinth started fighting since she was mad she lost. It ended up in a game of tag. I won that." Y/N informs.
"Wonderful." Anthony compliments, clinking his glass with hers.
Soon enough, both siblings finish their glasses of milk. Anthony grabs a rag and wipes Y/N's milk mustache off.
"You think you can sleep again?" Anthony asks.
"Could I stay in your room?" Y/N asks.
Anthony looks at her puppy dog eyes and sighs.
"I suppose so." Anthony agrees making the girl smile. Anthony turns so his back is to her. "Hope on."
Y/N wraps her arms around his neck and Anthony hooks his hands under her legs to keep her up. Y/N rests her chin on his shoulder as he makes his way back upstairs.
When Anthony returns to his room, he gently drops Y/N onto the bed, helping to tuck her in. He lays down next to her and she hugs his arm.
"Thank you, Anthony." Y/N tells him.
"Anytime, dearest." Anthony quietly says and he places a gentle kiss to her head before both soon fall back asleep.
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sanjiros · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: service dom!akaza x f!reader
cw: full nelson, mating press, so much cum (like lots of it) akaza caring so deeply for his partner's pleasure it nearly radiates off of this post, unprotected vaginal sex, bath sex, clit play, clit slapping, fingering, bdsm themes!!!
note: wanna lick his fuchsia pubes so bad :/ spoiler alert this kinda sux <3 (it's 3am liheia)
service dom!akaza, who punishes your sensitive bundle of nerves with all intention in the world to pepper you with lovebites after you're done. his palm stings, your pussy a sopping mess as he, time and time again, brings sudden and hideously fast hits upon your clit.
service dom!akaza, whose cock twitches at the moans that exit your lips once you're dissolving into blissed out euphoria. your orgasm causing the poor thing to harden even more so, cock twitching in his trousers just after he's tied 'em back up!
service dom!akaza, who will go down on you immediately after you're all sensitive from your first orgasm. not caring whether or not his semen is spilling out of your hole. he's more concerned about pressing that specific external button. vocal chords strained and lips parted, you stare in awe as your gorgeous dom inserts his fingers inside of you once more, fingerfucking every last drop of his seed out of your pussy for once, only to bring those same digits to the apex of your lips for you to clean off.
service dom!akaza, who pleasures you with his fingers and tongue as part of your nightly routine, your face sporting a feral blush as your throat elicits a series of hoarse cries. neither of you wanting to stop, you take hold of his wrist, working yourself onto his fingers, hips swaying to the beat of his rhythm.
service dom!akaza, who finds it immensely rewarding being able to pleasure his babygirl. he'll eat your pussy with delight, slowly spreading your pussy lips to his liking, until your tiny clit is exposed for his tongue to devour. one, no two... no three of his fingers are budged up against one another inside of you due to how wet you've gotten. clenching impossibly hard, the demon hoists your legs up, ankles joined. with your pussy even tighter at this angle, he'd figured he'd stretched you enough already.
service dom!akaza, whose voice transcends into a low growl the moment he's nudged his cock deep enough inside of you to jut against your most sensitive parts. cooing you into submission, you writhe beneath him as he's thrusting his hips. failing to recognize the ring of cream that's forged its way around the base of akaza's huge cock.
service dom!akaza, who never wears condoms cause he knows his baby doesn't want nor need them. your bodies collide as you fulfill each other's raging, despicable breeding kinks. spilling each and every load into that greedy cunt of yours that can't seem to stop cumming every time akaza settles and stills, rubbing your clit with gentle strokes.
service dom! akaza, who folds you into a mating press, extracting cries of pleasure and colorful language. the searing pain in your legs and thighs seems to increase due to akaza's hyperfixation on forcing them apart. adjusting to the width of his torso, your hands clasp around his shoulders. whatever part of his body you could grab onto, you did so for dear life.
service dom! akaza, who pampers and preens you with the loveliest of lingerie. he adores the way corsets highlight the bulge of your breasts. his foul mood is sure to vanish once he's acknowledged the way your garter belt hugs your thighs. and he's surely going to resists creaming in his pants the moment he notices how your panties barely hold the lips of your pussy.
service dom! akaza, who thrives off of studying your sweet, sultry body. he'll dedicate all of the time in the world to the wonders of your pussy and the busty flesh upon your chest. he's gracious in the way his tongue hits your clit and flicks away. he's studious in the manner in which his cock drives into you, ensuring he's hitting your erogenous zones buried inside of you.
service dom! akaza, who, after a rough session, participates in brilliant aftercare. a clean towel, a packet of crackers and the subtle glow of the television allow the two of you to safely rest your bodies. especially yours, as akaza's a demon with endless stamina.
service dom! akaza, who will fuck every last load of cum out of you per creampie. his stamina allows for it, cock hardening and hips tightening as he feels another orgasm approaching. reluctantly holding back, he would love nothing more than to slam his cock right back into you, although he's aware you are in need of recovery.
service dom! akaza, who always makes sure you cum. whether it's before or after him, the tremors that run throughout your body prove akaza's a force to be reckoned with in terms of sexual prowess. his dedication and lack of abandonment to your needs is what makes his lovemaking so spectacular.
service dom! akaza, who still manages to make you orgasm, even during a quickie in the bathroom stall. he'll bring you up from your kneeling position, and instead of slamming his cock right inside of you... he'll pull up his trousers and encourage you to enjoy yourself before time's up, as he devours your soft cunt in his mouth.
service dom! akaza, whose breath hitches the moment he feels you cum around his tongue, fingers and cock. he firmly believed that the parts he used to pleasure you were sacred. and you were undeniably grateful that you were the only woman who had the opportunity to share such experiences with.
service dom! akaza, who contorts your poor, ravaged body into a full nelson. strong arms holding back your thighs and chin the the crook of your neck, akaza points to where his cock slips in and out of your pussy. you'll clench around the head of his cock to keep him from slipping out until he slams back in with a jolt.
service dom! akaza, who will fuck you hard and deep while you two are taking a bath. his erection showing no mercy before taking the risk-filled plunge that came with unprotected sex. enjoying the feeling of your soft walls and the warmth of the surrounding water, akaza leans back only to proceed with consecutive and timid thrusts.
service dom! akaza, who catches you playing with yourself and purses his lips together. your legs spread, pussy on full display, akaza orders you to strip the rest of your undergarments off, including your panties, which you've been rubbing your clit through all along.
service dom! akaza, who always ties you up with the lightest yet heftiest of silk. sure to keep you bound and quiet, although not as harsh and binding as rope. bdsm had become quite popular between you two in the bedroom, resulting in numerous sessions of tying your limbs together or apart.
service dom! akaza, who doesn't let you own one single toy. you don't need them, regardless. he'll allow you to experiement, of course. but your disposable vibrators and dildos do nothing for you in comparison to akaza's thick girth and the violent, pleasurable impact of his tip against your cervix.
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luvbub · 6 months ago
Hey, bub! I saw you take requests and I thought about the haikyuu boys playing some sport they’re not good at (like basketball or whatever) and pointing at the reader and saying “this one is for you” or something like that, but they completely completely embarrass themselves and miss the shoot. Could you maybe write it with kuroo, atsumu and mattsun or whoever you want?? Hope you’re doing great and thank you so much!! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
“this one’s for you!”
feat. Kuroo, Atsumu, Matsukawa
Tumblr media
“you know... I bet I could have been a professional basketball player” Kuroo muses as the two of you stand on the empty court at the park
“I think you’re shorter than the average player though??” you mention, and Kuroo’s smile quickly devolves into a frown
“Y/n why would you say that to me” he sighs, shaking his head
you’re not sure where his sudden interest in basketball came from, but in the evening the two of you would head to the park and you would watch as Kuroo would practice his shooting
he wasn’t good... but you could see his steady improvement
“babe babe babe babe” Kuroo calls out, making his way to the three-point line
“watch me make this shot. This one’s for you!” Kuroo says before shooting the ball
the ball hits the rim of the basket and bounces back to his hands
Kuroo stares at the basketball in his hands, completely silent
“okay let’s go home now” Kuroo says, holding the basketball under his arm as he walks towards the exit
you quickly trod after him, chuckling to yourself
but Kuroo speaks again before you can say anything
“please don’t” he sighs defeatedly
but when you catch up to his stride and wrap your arms around him, you can see his frown turn into a small smile
he was still your favorite basketball player, even if he was the absolute worst
you and Sakusa stood by the court as you watched Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata practice their shooting
“..so is there a reason why four- er three volleyball players would want to practice a sport that’s not you know.. integral to their career?” you ask
“well have you seen that interview with that one basketball player?” Sakusa asks back and you instantly knew what he was talking about
not too long ago, a professional basketball player went viral for slandering volleyball- saying how he could be a great volleyball player but no volleyball player can be a great basketball player
and of course this offended (most of) the MSBY players
although if you were being honest... the basketball player had a point. at least for the MSBY team
you and Sakusa watched as the three others practiced their basketball skills
Hinata was struggling with dribbling while Bokuto was just trying to get the ball to spin on one finger
Atsumu, however, made his way to the 3 point line before turning to you
“THIS ONE’S FOR YOU BABE” he shouts as he shoots the ball
the ball didn’t even hit the basket
“GOOD TRY ATSUMU YOU GOT IT NEXT TIME” Bokuto reassured your boyfriend, with Hinata frantically nodding
“yeah definitely. You know, it was just the wind that affected my shot” Atsumu reasons out
you all were inside a building of course, but yeah, you decided to go along with it
he was honestly trying his best
instead of playing 2 on 2 volleyball, a sport that your boyfriend and his three best friends were good at, they decided that 2 on 2 basketball would be the better option
it’s not like they were bad, they were all pretty decent at the sport
but they also weren’t good enough to act so cocky while playing
when Iwaizumi shot the ball and it bounced off the rim, he was laughed at by Oikawa, even though earlier Oikawa had yet to make a single shot himself
but they seemed to be having fun, so how could you impede on that?
at one point, Hanamaki had passed Matsukawa the ball, and your boyfriend was free to shoot
Matsukawa gave you a quick wink before shooting
“This one’s for you Y/n!” he exclaimed, a declaration that made your heart flutter
it was cheesy, but still cute that he would say something like that and-
your train of thoughts come to a halt when you see that the ball bounced off the backboard
Hanamaki drops to his feet in a fit of laughter, crying out how embarrassing that must have been for his best friend
your boyfriend awkwardly chuckles and rubs the back of his neck, a bit embarrassed by his flounder
so naturally you decide to cheer him up
“IT’S OKAY ISSEI. IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, YOU’RE DOING WAY BETTER THAN OIKAWA WHO KEEPS SHOOTING AIR BALLS” you yell out, earning chuckles from your boyfriend, Hanamaki, and Iwaizumi
the only person who isn’t laughing is Oikawa
no he’s just throwing insults back at you- don’t mind him
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