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#no for real though
giraffesanddietpepsi · 11 days ago
Is there anything more homoerotic than drinking beer on your balcony with your best friend whilst he helps you tend to your black eye?
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meova101 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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queen-asteria04 · 25 days ago
Hey besties, if I fail all my tests this week can I come live with you?
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angryangeldreamsalad · 3 months ago
So like dino adopted ash right? But Ash's dad didn't even know that ash wasn't his son anymore... Or like my man opened his TV one day and was like 👁️👄👁️
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itstheclaud · 4 months ago
I have reached the point where Pantheon of Hallownest is actually DOABLE and that is terrifying…
I can consistently do NKG… I can consistently do PV, and as of tonight, I can do AbsRad about 60% of the time…
The thought that I might actually do this is crazy to me, and yet here we are…
Please send me your energy… I’ll need it.
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sunnydalebimbo · 4 months ago
genuinely cackling over the Killed By Death cold-open and how the Scoobies throw a fucking sack over Angelus’ head. aasfdfghjjklksj what is he? an angry cat?? then they just… kick him a bit??? and point some crosses in his general direction. and Angelus is like “oh no, this is the worst threat i’ve ever face, let me flee dramatically”. what? is he threatened by Xander’s hideous stripped jacket?? OH MY GOD, and Angelus tackling Cordy for literally no reason, and then him just kinda sitting over her. literally who wrote that scene? who? we need to have a chat and possible a fist fight.
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giantdogcloud · 7 months ago
Wow, I can't believe Dwight and Greta from Dwight in Shining Armor invented "longingly gazing at your crush while they're not looking/paying attention"
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a-bunnyboy · a month ago
if you hold a knife to my throat my depression will go away
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bright-molina · 7 months ago
Sometimes I get sad and put on my Comfort Songs playlist and when I Got The Music comes on first I consider it a sign from Julie Molina herself and I smile, pick myself up, and remember that she wouldn’t want me to be sad and she wouldn’t want you to be sad either so I’m here to relay the message that I believe in you and so does our Queen herself Julie Molina
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wilsonsalvez · 10 months ago
.....your brains are so hot. your brains are so hot. your brains are so hot. your brains are so hot. your brains are so hot. your brains are so hot. your brains are so hot.
zuckerstückchen, i love you but this is a meanie move. I told you what impact the scene had on me 🍓 (<- that's me blushing)
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vilavixg · a year ago
Screw it. I wrote something, and it’s shit. But I wasted my time on it so you’re going to waste yours too.
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sumiregusa · 2 years ago
I was just reading comments on your post about the correlation between fans’ joking and s+c’s and I’m mind blown! How do people not understand that just because they kiss in public doesn’t give them a right to make comments about their relationship? You wouldn’t comment on a stranger’s relationship if you see them kissing in public. So why is it ok to do it to S+C? I think people forget that S+C aren’t their friends. As much as they think they know them they’re still strangers.
GIRL PREACH ON IT. The toxicity in this “fandom” is troubling, I honestly haven’t seen bile like this since my Hunger Games days. I’d venture to say it’s somehow worse. People actually defending being mean to someone they claimed to care about. Stating their opinions like they’re facts. Acting like dressing up hate as an opinion makes it okay and anyone who doesn’t like it needs to get over it. This is the exact reason why the world is how it is now – intolerant, delusional, bigoted, all-around disgusting. Using free speech to treat strangers who don’t and will never know you like trash is not a personality trait, it’s deplorable. And despite all that, Shawn still chose to make light of it. He didn’t post a 10-minute rant talking about how horrible everyone has been to him (and he could have). He poked fun right back at them and the people crying loudest about it now are the ones who were the loudest about bullying before Shawn and Camila ever said a word about each other publicly. Just being seen together got them hate. All of you people seeming to celebrate and glorify your role as horrible human beings – imagine that daily scrutiny being your life. If you don’t feel like you would have the right to clap back however you thought appropriate without hurting anyone, there’s something wrong with your story. But wbk.
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lianhuawu · 2 years ago
i still read it as hob
SLHDDKJFHF this made me snort so hard thank you anon ily. I see we are of the same alignment.
True Dumbass.
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