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#no i'm fine why do you ask?

ok it’s officially winter now (by my mental and emotional standards) which means it is time for me to listen to depression cherry by beach house at least four times a week for the next three months

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as a hidden weapons user it’s no surprise that fushimi is proficient at handling and using them, but the little tricks he’s able to perform with them are more the outcome of hours spent fiddling with them out of idle anxiety. in order to become as skilled  /  as precise as he is, fushimi has spent a lot of time practicing on make-shift targets  &  the like.  in social situations where he’s uncomfortable,  he’ll sometimes twirl it about his fingers and focus on trying to avoid causing harm to himself. others,  more-so, when he is alone  he’ll do stupid, dangerous things like that one knife game  /  five-finger fillet. although it would be anxiety-inducing to most people, he’s so accustomed to those sorts of things that it acts as stress relief of sorts.

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Just a quick update; I’ll start to work again tomorrow, so everything is gonna slow down a bit (that was a lot of content in the last few weeks; no way I could stay with that pace).

I still have a lot of WIPs (there will be a part 3 for prophetic!jaskier (maybe even a part 4…), more fem!jaskier, and I think one or two bear!jaskier doodles? Also there are some undercover-at-lettenhove things that are finished and that I never uploaded; same as some baby!ciri doodles. And yes! Also a small happy end for the atonement au*)
*remember how I said there in the tags that I would never kill Jaskier? Good times.

Some of the postcards are already on the way, but I need to get some different paper for the rest before I can continue - but then they’re on their way :)

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I just remembered that when I was 11 or 12 I was terrified while walkig on the sidewalk next to the street

I was thinking that someone could shoot me and my grandma through their car window

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Me: I really like the Smashing Pumpkins

My mom, who has played Smashing Pumpkins around the house my whole life: you don’t say

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lauren’s nye activities, in chronological order:

- drink an entire bottle of champagne

- eat leftovers

- chug a coffee at 10:30pm bc you yawned once

- make yourself cum like 5 times

- chug another coffee, this time for the taste. why you still chug it is beyond me

- cry a little, inexplicably

- smoke a joint

- text your partner a continuation of your cowboy outlaw roleplay

- eat some ice cream

- oh shit its midnight

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Currently having a meltdown because my partner and I had a fight this morning and he fucked off to go to work despite that I thought we were actually getting somewhere with working through things and now I feel like I can’t do any schoolwork, but I’m SO behind already because I’ve had such a hard time focusing and getting things done so NOW I’m upset because I’m afraid I’m going to fail all my courses and next semester is going to be even harder than this one has been. Everything is just too much. I’m so frustrated. I need help.

My counselor I used to see was really not great tbh, but at least she was someone I could talk to. Now I don’t have anyone and it’s just so hard. I can’t do this. I feel like I’m drowning.

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Some MCYT Fans
SHippign people IRL is WRONG! DOn't do it, yoU'rE RuinIng the Fand0m D:<
Me who's been in too many fandoms
If I got mad every time I saw someone ship something I don't agree with, I'd have permanent high blood pressure. Calm down, it really doesn't concern you.
Those MCYT Fans
But they're ruining-
Shhhh, the fandom already has a bad rep, people shipping things isn't going to change that. It's already ruined, and that's ok. Now go do your homework.
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