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#no i'm joking obviously but the more she's gone for work the more i have to babysit her dog so i deserve a treat
ohajime · 5 months ago
So I'm reading your works and I love them !! I was thinking of requesting some kind of drabble or whatever you like, about a female reader who has thick thighs and is somewhat plump and is in love with Tsukishima but he makes a comment about the food and she feels bad and when she meets Bokuto in the boot camp Bokuto is too cute and attentive to her asking for her number and a date. If you don't feel comfortable with this, just ignore it and good luck with your blog. Sorry my english is bad<3
When they make you insecure PT 5 (tsukishima,bokuto)
Tumblr media
Part One Part Two  Part Three Part Four  Part Five Part 6
Word Count: 2.6K
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Tumblr media
You and Tsukishima have been dating in your first year (as you both went to the same middle school together.)
You were in love with Tsukishima, you always have been to be honest, but once you became officially boyfriend and girlfriend your feelings amplified.
But recently, Tsukishima hasn’t been so nice.  
“Y/N we’re going on another training camp at Nekoma” Hinata exclaimed running up to you, as you leaning against Tsukishima “and you get to come too this time!”
You recently became the new trainee manager as the third-year manager, Kikyoko, is going to graduate. Tsukishima acted as if you being around all the time in practice was the worst thing in the world, but Yamagucchi always assured you that ‘Tsukki’ was just joking.
“Oh well that’s fun...” you say entertaining Hinata’s excitement. You were kind of excited to go to the training camp too, as it was in Tokyo after all. You were always a big fan of volleyball as your dad used to play for the national team and you were planning to play on the girls team this year but you felt that you didn’t have the body for it (which was obviously not true.)
Hinata kept on rambling on before Tsukishima insulted him. “Gosh Kei, you don’t have to be so rude.” you complained, he slightly nudged you off of him and put on his headphones showing you that he was not in a good mood.
You let the rest of the practice continue, making notes of things and basically being Kiyoko’s shadow. As it ended, you waited outside for Tsukishima to walk home with you, but one of the guys told you he left 5 minutes ago. You knew there was no point of chasing after him so you just walked on your own, making you sigh in defeat.
Tsukishima was what you would describe as hot and cold. Some days he was fine a ‘perfect gentlemen’ but other days, days like this Tsukishima was just Tsukishima.  
When you got home, you decided to watch matches of all the other schools just to get some insight. You were watching a Fukarodani V Nekoma match from a few years ago and something caught your eye, well someone did to be more specific. A beefy, bicolour haired boy who was hooting like an owl was mesmerizing to watch.
You saw that his name was Bokuto Koutarou which triggered your next actions, which were to internet stalk him. You learned that he was the captain of the team and the team’s ace and the 5th ace in the country which piqued your interest in the boy even more.
‘This is going to be an exciting training camp’ you think to yourself before going to sleep.
`Kiyoko gave you an itinerary of all the things you should bring, since you weren’t going to be joining in any of the matches you were reminded to bring things that would keep entertained.  
You get to the bus at the crack of dawn, ready to be driven to Tokyo. Hinata and Kageyama were already arguing (let’s pretend that they didn’t have to do the retakes in the test) Tanaka and Nishinoya were being loud, and the rest of the members were already asleep. You wanted to sit next to Tsukishima but when you were about to sit down, he put his carryon bag in the seat next to him.
The bus ride was around 4-5 hours, and you spent your time reading and sleeping. Daichi got the loudmouths to calm down making the bus ride more tolerable. You suffered from slight motion sickness but you powered through.
When you arrived there, you saw all the other teams and their buses too. You felt a bit overwhelmed, seeing these tall boys just crowd around an entrance way. But too your surprise, noticing your slight anxiousness, Tsukishima grabbed your hand in a hand-hold.  
The Nekoma coach, explained how the day would pan out and where each team would be residing for the week. There was a lot of commotion getting everyone settled, Hinata and Nishinoya were basically bouncing off of the wall commenting on all the people and the place and how they’re going to ‘crush the competition.’  
You could tell that when the other teams were looking at Karasuno they were all staring at Kiyoko. Inquisitive about how there wasn’t only one girl manager but there was two. As you were walking your eyes locked with Bokuto Koutarou’s making yours widen, you blush and turn your head quickly.  
What you didn’t know was, after your small interaction, Bokuto elbowed Akaashi and said “Akaaashi AKKAAASHI, did ya see that? did ya?” he was flying with happiness “That girl from Karasuno smiled at me. She’s really pretty.”
“I think she’s from Karasuno” Akaashi said “So maybe you’ll see her around”
Bokuto stared off in the direction you were walking in “Yeah, hopefully.”
The first day, everyone got settled in and then the teams went straight into games. There were two different gyms and today, in gym 1, you were watching Karasuno V Nekoma. (By the way I literally don’t remember the teams at the training camp besides Nekoma, Karasuno and Fukarodani.) The game was very back a point each team making point after point, you already knew of Nekoma’s captain, Kuroo Testurou and the setter Kenma, you’ve actually played games with Kenma online before so you were fairly acquainted with him already.
The games ended and it was now dinner time, the canteen was packed with all the boys rushing to line up for the food. You waited at the back of the line, not really caring about when you got your food. Suddenly, you felt a tap on your shoulder and you looked over to see Boktuo,  
“Hi.” he said “I’m Bok-”
“Bokuto Koutarou!” You finished “I'm a big fan..” you cringed immediately at your excitement ‘pull it together Y/N’ you scold yourself.
“Oh well hi, I’m glad you know who I am” he said “and may I ask for your name?”  
“Oh I’m Y/N L/N” you say with a slight blush “I'm the trainee manager from Karasuno.”  
“Cool! Well I hope to see you aro-” he starts  
“Y/N, I’ve been looking all over for you, I already got your food for you.” Tsukishima said pulling at your arm a bit harshly, dragging you over to a table with the Karasuno team.
“Gosh Tsukki, no need to be so harsh” you say rubbing at your wrist, he didn’t apologize and just started eating his food.  
You look down at your plate and see the small portion that Tsukki got for you. The Karasuno bunch was being loud, as they usually are, so when you whisper “Tsukki what the fuck is this” whilst nudging him in the side, he didn’t hear you (or atleast he pretended he didn’t.) You tried again but a little louder saying, “Tsukishima what the fuck is this.” you realised you said it a bit too loud as the whole Karasuno table stopped their conversations to look over at the slight commontion you caused.
“What do you mean Y/N?” he said with a slight smirk on his face.
“I mean what’s with the portion size of a bird that you gave me?” you ask getting upset “Do you really think im that big?”
“Well, you could start eating less that’s for sure.” he said earning gasps from you and some of the people sitting at the table “Y/N let's face it, you eat like a pig and you look like an elephant, me making your food portion smaller is the least I could do.”  
By now you had tears in your eyes, Tsukishima was a dick. You knew this, everybody knew this to be honest, yet you still loved him. He wasn’t like this in middle school, yes he was a bit snarky and rude (but wasn’t every middle schooler?) High school Tsukishima was like a completely different person. As much as you wanted to run away and hide, you knew you couldn’t.  
So you stood up and said “Tsukishima, I’ve spent 3 years loving and pining after you, because I thought you were this great guy, but turns out you’re a huge asshole” you start making some of the people listening in smile in laughter “Tsukishima, I’ve hated this past year dating you, you’ve been such a huge dick and I’m finally stopping you. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t.” You start making your way to exit before finally saying “Oh and by the way I’m not the pig here, you are... oh and I’m breaking up with you.” You left, hearing a few laughs and some claps behind you.
You felt relieved, like the massive cloud that’s been over your head is finally gone. You went to the gym since you knew it was empty and picked up a ball to just throw it around a bit. After a while of ‘de-stressing,’ you hear someone else enter the gym.
“Oh I didn’t know you’d be here.” said Bokuto  
“Well here I am,” you say awkwardly “I can leave if you want me too, I know this is for actual volleyball players.”
“No no it’s fine you can definitely stay, in fact do you mind setting for me?” he asks  
“Sure, of course I don’t mind” you reply, excited you get to play with someone.  You haven’t played in ages, you always begged Tsukishima to just throw a ball around with you but he never did.  
You set to Boktuo a lot, with him always asking for ‘another one’ everytime he spiked the ball. Eventually, you were tired of setting and wanted to spike. You originally was a spiker to begin with taking after your dad. Thats why you took a liking to Bokuto in the first place cause he reminded you of the joys you had when watching your father play.
Bokuto set a ball to you and you spiked it with great strength and accuracy smiling at the burning feeling you felt in your palm.  
“Woahh” Bokuto shouted going towards you in amazement “Where did you learn how to spike like that?”
“From my dad, I don’t know if you heard of him before but my dad’s name is D/N L/N...?” you say
“D/N L/N, Y/N he is my idol!” he shouted again “I want to be just like him.”
“I think you can, I see a lot of similarites in the way you both play.” you say
“Really! And you’ve seen me play before..?” he asks
“Yeah, I watched some of your games before coming here... you’re really good” you shyly admit.
You and Bokuto spend the rest of your time, talking about volleyball you’re interests, things you have in common, your likes and dislikes. Talking to Bokuto was refreshing, he didn’t randomly insult you or make snide comments about your weight or your looks. He just genuinely looked happy to be there talking to you, unlike Tsukishima.  
Seeing your change in mood, Bokuto stops talking and asks “are you alright? I forgot to ask earlier, but I saw what happened in the canteen and I hope you’re okay.”  
“Yeah I’m fine, it’s just things with me and Tsukishima reached a breaking point, I guess...” you say sniffling a bit talking about it “But it’s fine now I’ve broken up with him and I feel better already.”
“So you’re saying your single...?” he asked blushing a bit
“Yeah I guess I am...” you smile blushing also.  
“Okay great...well I hope this isn’t too forward after everything happened with Tsukki and all but...” he starts “but would you like to go on a date with me?”
“Who me?” you ask as if you weren’t the only other person in the room
“No the volleyball” he responds sarcastically “Of course you Y/N.”  
“Are you sure, cause to be honest Bokuto you’re a really good-looking guy” you say making him smile widely “so I think you need someone to match your level in attractiveness” you look down and his smile drops.
“What do you mean?” he asks before realising all the stuff Tsukishima said about you “Y/N you’re beautiful, your face, your body just you.” you blush at his words “when I first saw you when you were walking past us in the entrance way the first thing I thought and said about you was “Akaashi who is that girl she’s beautiful.””  
“Really?” you ask with disbelief
“Mhm” he nods excitedly “So will you go on a date with me?”  
“I guess so...” you say a bit unsure
“HEY HEY HEY!” he exclaims “I gotta go tell akaashi!” he runs out of the gym in a hurry making you laugh, but he comes back to give you a quick unexpected kiss on the cheek making you smile.
You checked your phone for the time realising that you’ve been with Bokuto for 3 hours and you knew that everyone would be going to sleep now. As you are the manager you slept seperately from the rest of the team but before you went to your sleeping quaters you went to Karasunos.  
“Y/N where have you been? We’ve been worried about you.” asked yammagucchi  
“It’s fine yams don’t worry about it, guys” you say catching everyones attention “I just wanted to apologise to you for my outburst at dinner, it wasn’t my intention to cause a scence.”
“It’s fine Y/N” said sugawara “He definitely deserved it.”
“Yeah as your marvellous senpai we gave him a good telling off” said Tanaka and Nishinoya  making you chuckle.  
“Okay well thanks guys, I’m going to sleep goodnight.”
“Wait Y/N can I speak with you.” asked Tsukishima gesturing to outside the room
“Umm sure” you respond following him into the corridor.
“I just want to say I’m sorry for the things I’ve said and done over the past year and how I’ve been a terrible boyfriend, you don’t deserve that. So, I’m sorry.”  
“I can’t say I can forgive you yet.” you say making Tsukishima look sad “but maybe with effort from you we can become friends possibly?”  
“Just friends?” he said with hope in voice thinking that you could be something more.
“Just friends.” you repeated and confirmed “Besides I have been asked on a date”  
“With who?”  
“None of your business stingyshima” you mock the nickname that Hinata calls him making him scowl and you smile “Goodnight.”
After Bokuto’s confession and Tsukishima’s apology, the rest of the training camp went off without a hitch. In your breaks and lunchtimes, you got to know more about Bokuto and with Kuroo’s help you even got to sneak out to actually go on your date. You sometimes even went to practice with them getting to show off your skills, with Bokuto cheering you on and complimenting you every single time.  
Tsukishima kept his distance for the most part, and kept the snarky comments about you and Bokuto to himself (even though he was dying to say them.) You eventually fully forgave Tsukishima in your 3rd year but you definitely weren’t as close as you used to be. Tsukishima’s comments and actions did affect you for a while however with the help of your loving boyfriend, you were reminded how beautiful you are no matter what weight, shape or height you were.
You and Bokuto stayed together, you made sure to come to every one of his games and when you introduced him to your dad he fainted on sight. Your dad and Bokuto got along, and became very close friends, Bokuto always came to him for advice (especially volleyball advice.) You loved Bokuto and he definitely loved you too.
AN: I hope you liked it, since I didn’t want to make it too similar too the Atsumu insecure one. And I feel like it dragged out a bit but got rushed in the endd....but oh well...
Tumblr media
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jungshookz · 4 months ago
maybe, she can drive his car; mechanic!yoongi
Tumblr media
➺ pairing; mechanic!yoongi x spoiledbrat!y/n
➺ genre; mechanic!yoongiverse!! sfw!! honk honk humour!! some suggestive behaviour because this is mechanic!yoongi and his y/n we're talking about!! the green-eyed monster inside of y/n is awoken after being dormant for so long and she's ready to bite some heads off
➺ wordcount; 11.6k
➺ summary; yoongi's ex is back in town for a visit and you'd be lying if you said you weren't slightly envious of a) how knowledgeable she is about stupid cars and b) how well she gets along with literally everyone.
➺ what to expect; "right, about that- i know i was supposed to come over for dinner tonight but- listen, i don't know what lisa did but obviously she's got a lot of connections now and the shop has literally never been this busy before... you understand, don't you?"
➺ currently spinning on the record player; mustang sally (originally by wilson pickett, covered by andrew strong)
(unfortunately i wasn’t able to track down the original maker of this gif but this is where i sourced it from! all credits go to the original creator of course :-))
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
namjoon usually doesn't pay too much attention to you whenever you're hanging out at the workshop with everyone because of how often you're here, but there's something about the way you're acting today that even he has to admit is oddly very...
and it's not that you're not cute all the time (because you totally are!!) but it's just that the version of you today in particular is suddenly making him want to go off and find a y/n of his own
"whatcha doing?"
namjoon jolts in surprise when a grimy hand suddenly burrows itself into the warm bag of freshly-popped popcorn that he has cradled to his chest and he scowls before turning his body away slightly
"hey, you're contaminating the popcorn, man-" he huffs, quickly grabbing the mega-sized pack of hand wipes from the desk before plopping it down on the countertop for jungkook, "at least have the decency to wipe your hands before digging into my popcorn- also, i'm watching. duh."
"watching?" jungkook frowns as he sloppily wipes his hands on the front of his shirt, turning to look out the open door, "watching what?"
"yoongi and y/n." namjoon hums, popping a couple of kernels into his mouth with a crunch, "she's been following him around like a little duckling all day."
"mm." jungkook props an elbow up on the counter as he looks towards the two of you before clicking his tongue, "...he must've really given it to her good last night if she's acting like that-"
"okay, now you've ruined the moment-" namjoon frowns, his shoulders dropping slightly before he gestures to you guys, "it's sweet! this is obviously a wholesome thing-"
"call it what you want, but all i'm trying to say is that good sex makes you do crazy things-" jungkook snorts before aggressively shoving a handful of popcorn into his mouth, "cravy phings."
"i'd like to argue that good sex forms a strong emotional bond which explains why there are cartoon hearts currently floating around y/n's head-" namjoon perks up when he notices the way your eyes light up at something yoongi says, "look at her! look at the way she's looking at him!"
"oh, please." jungkook tuts, "that dopey look on her face is telling me that the only thing on her mind is yoongi bending her over the hood of that car and just ramming-"
"namjoon and jungkook are arguing again." you point out, turning to look towards the office just in time to see namjoon throw a handful of popcorn at jungkook only for him to open his mouth and chomp wildly at the air to get some into his mouth
"jungkook probably said something stupid, as per usual." yoongi snorts, leaning over to lock the hood of the car into place before pulling away and taking a look at the situation, "now, let's see what we have going on here..."
when namjoon told him that this was a brake master cylinder repair he immediately felt all the excitement leave his body
he hates doing brake master cylinder repairs
all the parts are so small and the handiwork is super tedious anD the last time he did one of these he took like four hours to get it done
overall it's a pretty boring repair job and as much as he wants to pass it off to one of the others to do, he knows that he's the most skilled with the internal mechanics of a car compared to everyone else which he usually likes to brag about but today he wishes that that wasn't the case
"so what do you have to do?" you frown, stepping over so that you're standing by the side of the car and you're not in yoongi's way, "all the thingies look fine to me."
"well, i actually need to replace the brake master cylinder thingy." yoongi teases, smiling lightly as he points at some kind of container, "there's a leak in the seals, which is pretty common since they wear out after a few years. it should be an easy fix! it'll just take a while, that's all."
luckily, taehyung already took care of the messy part and emptied the fluid from the reservoir for him so now it's time to start the actual repair process
"so does beeper have one of these cylinders in him?" you ask, tilting your head in curiosity
you've never actually taken a look at beeper's under the hood situation before so you wouldn't know
(it feels like he's all naked and exposed whenever yoongi lifts his hood up and you just want to give beeper some privacy, that's all.)
"if beeper didn't have one of these cylinders in him, you wouldn't be able to brake, silly." yoongi snorts, reaching down to unclip the sensor from the reservoir, "see, when you push down on the brake, it pushes a piston through the cylinder and forces hydraulic fluid through the brake lines, which goes to the slave cylinders of each wheel, and then-" he pauses when he notices you've gone all quiet and he turns to see you staring directly at him with a dopey little smile on your face "-what? what'd i say?"
"i like it when you talk shop to me." you giggle quietly, "i mean, i don't understand 98% of the words that come out of your mouth when you do, but i still like it a lot-"
"yeah?" yoongi teases, taking a hand off the edge of the car so he can gesture for you to come closer (and you do, obviously), "you like it when i talk to you about... hm, i don't know..." he feigns cluelessness as he stands up to slink an arm around your waist and bring you towards him while your arms automatically hang loosely around his neck, "how the rubbing of the brake pad against the brake disc generates friction..." he lowers his voice as he sits lightly on the edge of the car and gives your hips a squeeze
"mm, tell me more..." you play along, letting yoongi pull you closer so that you're settled nicely in between his legs
"i don't know, maybe i should save all the good stuff for the bedroom..."
you resist the urge to immediately start whining when you lean in only for yoongi to dodge your kiss, "hey, i like you in these baggy overalls, by the way." he suddenly changes the subject and you feel your cheeks flush when both his hands slide in through the gaps until he's able to grip your bum, "big, big fan of them-"
"you- namjoon and jungkook are right there-" you gawk, "at least have the decency to turn me around so they don't see you fully groping me-"
"they can always just close their eyes or something-"
"okay, you two, break it up-!" you hear namjoon's claps echoing from the office as he tries to get your attention and you immediately turn to look at him with a grin, "god, it's like you sick freaks want to rub it in our faces-"
"okay, i have to get to work so why don't you go and hang out with namjoon in the office?" yoongi stands up, being careful not to hit the top of his head on the hood, "he'll let you play chess on the computer if you ask nicely."
"i thought i was helping you out today!" you frown, grabbing onto his hand before waving it back and forth, "you said i did a good job handing you the tools and stuff. i'm getting better at not mixing all the different types of screwdrivers up!"
yoongi can't help but laugh at how needy you're being and he reaches up with his free hand to adjust his bandana
"i know you wanna help, but i promise you there's nothing exciting about repairing a master cylinder." he hums, reaching up to pinch your cheek playfully, "plus, don't you still have a huge research paper to work on?"
"yeah, but i'd much rather hang out with you..." you pout, yoongi cooing before leaning in to give your pushed-out bottom lip a little kiss
"we can hang out when we're both done with work."
"okay..." you purse your lips before letting go of his hand, "it's your loss. i'm a fantastic helper."
"mhm, you certainly are-" yoongi spins you around before pushing his palm against your lower back to get you to move, "now go and bug namjoon!"
you turn back to glance at yoongi one last time and he sweeps his hands at you to tell you to gO
it was getting hot in the garage anyway and namjoon always has the aircon blasting in the office
"sorry! only sad, single people are allowed in this area-" namjoon jokes as soon as you step in, gesturing to the office space with a grin, "leave or i'll have security escort you out."
"oh, stop it." you giggle, folding your arms up on the counter and leaning forward, "i keep telling you i'd be more than happy to set you up with one of my friends!!"
"i know, and that's very nice of you to offer, but i just want to find someone organically, you know?" namjoon sighs, leaning back against his chair before looking up at the ceiling wistfully, "being set up with someone doesn't feel like a natural process."
"namjoon thinks he's the main character of a shitty netflix romantic comedy." jungkook mutters, the two of you exchanging low giggles with each other
"well, if no one comes into your life organically you can always let me know and i'll- woah-" you jump in surprise when the sound of a roaring engine suddenly shatters the peaceful atmosphere and you turn around just in time to see a sleek car veering into the shop
you wince and raise a hand to shield your eyes from the bright headlights and you don't get a chance to make the first comment because jungkook beats you to it
(for the record, you were going to talk about how dramatic of an entrance whatever that was)
"oh my god. that is the sexiest car i've ever seen in my entire life." he breathes out, stepping away from the counter so he can stand by the door and get a closer look, "a 1965 mustang. nice."
"fun fact: i was actually thinking about getting a vintage mustang! i wanted an olive green one because i could've named her 'olive' which is super cute-" you nod enthusiastically, looking back and forth between namjoon and jungkook only for them to.,., completely ignore you and continue staring at the glossy mustang sitting out front
"okay, you guys, it's just a car-" you roll your eyes and let out a little snort of disbelief, "this isn't going to change your life or anything-"
a high-heel clad foot steps out of the car and onto the pavement and you immediately recognize the classic red-bottom louboutins
you actually own a pair of them as well but you rarely wear them out because you're always paranoid that you're going to topple over and snap an ankle and that would be completely mortifying
they're six inches tall!!!!
for the record, they look very nice sitting (collecting dust) on your shelf but now you're starting to think that it might be a good idea to wear them out again because this stranger makes it look like walking in them is easy breezy beautiful
"holy shit. is that lisa?" namjoon murmurs, reaching up to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose, "oh, wow. she..."
"i don't remember her looking like that the last time we saw her." jungkook whistles lowly, "hello, miss manoban."
"lisa- who's lisa?" you frown, tilting your head in curiosity as you watch this mysterious lisa toss her oversized sunglasses into the front seat of the car before slamming the door shut
"uh, she's just one of yoongi's exes- she actually used to work here but-" namjoon reaches over the counter so he can nudge you aside gently to get a better look, "when did she get a vintage mustang?!"
lisa leans down to look at herself in the side mirror, smearing some red lipstick over her pillowy bottom lip before rubbing her lips together and nodding satisfactorily
"guess her car-wrapping business really took off." jungkook hums, his eyes glued to the car
she seems to be moving in slow motion as she takes her hair down and shakes her head back and forth, the three of you tilting your heads at the same time as you watch her in awe
"car-wrapping?" you ask curiously, "she must spend a fortune on wrapping paper and giant bows-"
"no, obviously it's not actual wrapping- like-" jungkook huffs and you resist the urge to bop him over the head at how snappy he's being with you when he already knows you're clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff, "okay, you know how you said that if you ever got a g-wagon for yourself one day that you wanted to make it baby blue just like beeper and also matte? lisa could do that for you."
"oh! in that case, it might be nice to get a business card from her or something-" you make a mental note before shaking your head and turning back around to face namjoon, "hey, so, super casual, can we round back to the whole 'yoongi's ex' thing real quickly because i-"
"yoohoo, boys!" lisa whistles, grinning excitedly when she's suddenly joined by everyone outside one by one, "what, no one thought to roll out the red carpet for me?"
"c'mon, namjoon! let's go say hi to lisa and her vintage 'stang!!" jungkook grins, gesturing for namjoon to hurry before he's darting out the door, "lisa, hey!"
"yeah, okay!!" namjoon gets up from his seat so quickly that he sends his chair rolling back and smacking against the file cabinets, "oh, y/n-! if anyone calls, just send them straight to voicemail-"
"but i-" you don't get a chance to say anything before namjoon's brushing past you and dashing out the door as well
you don't know too much about lisa but obviously she's a pretty big deal around here
it'd probably be good for you to go and introduce yourself instead of awkwardly hanging out in the office by yourself
"hello, lisa. it's very nice to meet you. firm handshake." you mutter to yourself as you step out of the office and head towards the bustling group of boys, "hey, lisa! so great to meet you. firm handshake. hi, girlie-! nope, don't like that one-"
"-in town for business so i thought it'd be nice to swing by and visit my boys." you manage to catch the end of lisa's sentences as you join the boys, trying not to make any sudden movements to catch her attention
"you should've texted one of us or something!" namjoon pulls his phone out of his back pocket, "we could've ordered a pizza for lunch-"
you reach over to give the back of yoongi's jumpsuit a little tug just to get his attention and he glances over his shoulder at you before offering you a teasing smile and reaching back to wiggle his fingers against your stomach
you giggle lightly before swatting his hand away and he turns back to look at lisa
"well, i wanted to surprise you guys!" lisa chirps, tucking her clutch underneath her armpit before clapping her hands together, "i see nothing's changed around here... except for..." you feel your heart drop when she suddenly leans over and looks directly at you, "hello! i don't think we've ever met."
"oh, shoot- sorry, i should've introduced you sooner-" yoongi steps aside so that he isn't blocking you, "lisa, this is y/n! y/n, this is lisa." he smiles, gesturing towards lisa, "my girlfriend." he pauses and quickly shakes his head at his little flub-up, "i mean- lisa, this is y/n, my girlfriend-"
"he's definitely gonna pay for that later." jimin mutters, jungkook snickering before nudging at his side to get him to shut up
"it's super nice to meet you, y/n!" lisa doesn't acknowledge yoongi's error and she steps forward to get closer to you
she's practically towering over you but it's really just because of the stilettos
she turns her head to look at the boys and a second of silence goes by before they realize what she's asking of them and they all scatter in different directions
you give yoongi a look that basically screams S.O.S. and you resist the urge to burst into tears when he gives you a cheery thumbs up in return and trots off to go and do something else
you'll be fine
you have nothing to be nervous about!
this is just yoongi's very hot ex who looks like a million bucks while you'e currently dressed like a giant toddler
it doesn't help that you're wearing what's commonly known as a 'baby tee' under these overalls
"you- yeah, you too-" you chuckle uneasily, giving her a weak handshake before pulling away with a smile, "i'm sorry, i'm a little underdressed-" you pause to gesture to the grubby overalls you have on, "i promise i look better than this most of the time..."
"oh, don't be silly. i just grabbed the first outfit i saw out of my suitcase and threw it on-" she sighs, reaching up to pick some lint off her blazer that you're pretty sure you saw in the most recent YSL spring catalog (in fact, you're pretty sure it's on your to-buy list), "so, what do you do?"
"me? i- uh, well, nothing, at the moment- i'm still studying for my undergraduate degree, so..." you shrug sheepishly, reaching up to scratch the back of your neck
for some reason you can't seem to maintain eye contact with her for more than three seconds at a time
"oh! you're still in school?"
"yeah, i- well, i'm graduating this year, so i'm almost out of school if you think about it that way- but yes. yes, i... am currently a university student, so that's what i'm doing."
"mm, cute! what are you studying?"
"history! i'm a history major and a marine biology minor." you nod, "so... the cold war and... like, sharks. something like that."
"ah, very cool."
to be honest you're not entirely sure if lisa's being sincere or not but you'll take the compliment either way
you can tell she's trying to scope you out - which is fair, because this is the first time you two are meeting and you're currently involved with someone she used to be involved with
"i'm sorry. i'm probably, like, freaking you out right now, aren't i?" lisa snorts, reaching out and placing her hand on your forearm for a split second, "i promise i'm just genuinely curious and i'm not trying to, like, interrogate you or anything. it's super nice to meet you! and honestly- i love the overalls. the little knee patches are adorable."
"oh, thank you..." you smile nervously, reaching down to glance at the mismatched patches of fabric sewn onto the knees of your overalls, "yoongi actually sewed 'em on for me! i usually wear this whenever i'm here because i'm okay with getting it dirty- i, um, i like your blazer! and your heels. and your purse- a chanel clutch is a classic!"
"ooh, someone has an eye for fashion..." lisa winks, raising her clutch and waving it slightly, "maybe after i'm done talking business with yoongi we can talk about gucci's new multicolour line-"
"oh, i have so many thoughts on gucci's new multicolour line!" you gasp, suddenly reignited with a spurt of energy, "honestly the colour scheme is very stabilo highlighters to me but we can talk about it later- i'll just be hanging out in the office, so you can find me there whenever you're ready-"
"perfect!" lisa gives you a thumbs up before pointing over to where yoongi is, "if you'll excuse me, i have to go and talk about boring things with yoongi-"
"mhm!" you watch with a smile as lisa click-clacks off towards yoongi before you spin around on your heels, giving yourself a mental pat on the back for how well you handled that interaction
lisa's actually nicer than you thought she'd be!
obviously the saying don't judge a book by its cover is very applicable here
"so... what'd you think of lisa?" namjoon joins your side before nudging you gently, "she's nice, right?"
"i like her! she seems really cool." you nod enthusiastically, pausing to glance over your shoulder to look at her from behind, "i need to ask her for tips on walking in those louboutins and how not to fall over."
"you know, i must say i'm pleasantly surprised at how you're handling this." namjoon snorts, holding back for a second to let you into the office first before he steps in behind you, "colour me impressed!"
"thank you!" you reach over to pull the lollipop jar towards you before suddenly pausing and looking back over at namjoon with a frown, "hold on a sec, what's that supposed to mean?"
"hm? oh, it's nothing." namjoon scrunches his nose, dismissing you with a flick of his wrist as he takes his seat behind the counter, "i just know that if i was in your shoes and my significant other's very attractive and very successful ex came back i would be a little antsy about it-" namjoon glances up from the computer and his eyes widen in panic when he notices that your eyes have widened in panic, "i- i mean- not that you're not very attractive and very successful- what i'm trying to say is that you have nothing to worry- you and yoongi seem like a very stable couple so-"
"do you think maybe you could tell me a bit about yoongi and lisa?" you interrupt his spiral and you feel yourself starting to get a little fidgety, "because i- i actually don't know anything about that situation-"
namjoon has a point, now that you think about it
lisa is very successful and very attractive and can walk in high heels very elegantly
and what about you?
yesterday you submitted a paper one minute before the deadline because of how much procrastinating you had done
and you haven't worn heels in forever because they just hurt so much
but lisa wouldn't complain about her feet hurting in high heels
lisa could have a hundred blisters and still walk into the room with a beautiful, red-lipped smile
"has he never told you about her?" namjoon frowns, "i feel like every couple should at least have one conversation about their past relationships."
"i think he tried to one time, but i- i dunno, you can't blame me for not wanting to sit there and listen to yoongi talking about all the girls he's been with, so i just changed the subject..." you mutter, pushing the jar away from you after pulling a strawberry lollipop out, "kind of regretting that decision now."
it's not like you have a reason to be insecure or anything, right?
your relationship with yoongi is very solid and there are certainly no trust issues or communication issues or anything of the sort
but he is your first boyfriend...,., and this is your first serious relationship which means you've had no prior experiences to learn from which means you're just going with the flow most of the time.,., so is it possible that you're being a little naïve right now?
"still, i don't think me telling you all the details of their relationship is a good idea because i feel like this is a conversation you should be having with yoongi-" namjoon chuckles nervously, leaning back against his chair before tucking a pencil behind his ear, "sorry, kiddo. i'm not trying to stir the pot here."
"i- oh, c'mon, joon- what's it gonna take, huh?" you reach into the front pocket of your overalls before subtly flashing a folded up hundred dollar bill, pursing your lips slightly as your eyes flicker back and forth between namjoon and your chest-money, "hm??"
"first of all, it's very concerning to me that you stash loose cash in your pocket like that. second of all, are you really trying to bribe me into telling you about yoongi and lisa?" namjoon asks incredulously
"what?! no!" you scoff, tucking the bill back into your pocket before pausing and raising an eyebrow, " it working?"
"no! in fact, i find it offensive that you think i'd be so easily swayed-"
"the next time i bring sushi for lunch, i'll get you your own mango shrimp tempura roll." you offer, namjoon staring at you blankly before he suddenly springs into action
"so, they used to sleep together, obviously." he clears his throat, "when lisa started working here, i kind of expected her to get involved with one of us and unsurprisingly it was yoongi, because... well, it's yoongi- i'm pretty sure it was a friends with benefits kind of thing because i remember asking him about it and he said they didn't want to put a label on it? and then at one point jimin asked lisa about it because all of us were super curious and she called it a 'situationship'... which, personally, i think is a pretty cheesy label- i dunno, they'd go out to dinners sometimes and occasionally they'd come into work together in the morning because- well, you know- uh, they were in this 'situationship' for... maybe, like, eight months? and then lisa got an opportunity to work elsewhere and she took it and they decided to call it off and fast forward to now... here we are!" namjoon claps his hands together before pressing his palm over his heart, "and i promise you that's all the information i have- well, maybe this piece of information might be useful to you: they were, like, super horny for each other all the time. like, almost outrageously horny, which i think is one of the downfalls of the relationship because you can't base a solid relationship off of animalistic sex, right? ooh, there was one time i caught them in yoongi's office and lisa was-"
"okay, i think that's enough-!" you hold a hand out to shut namjoon up and he shrugs before leaning back against his chair, "more than enough, actually-"
you weren't expecting to learn about the raw, animalistic sex yoongi had with lisa, but then again, you weren't expecting to even meet lisa at all
oh, god
should you be nervous??
you shouldn't be nervous, right??
...yeah, you're being ridiculous!
yoongi has been with other girls before and that shouldn't bother you because you didn't exist then
this has nothing to do with you!
so what if he bent her over the office table and-
okay, maybe it's time to stop thinking about this because the point is: you're fine. don't worry. everything is normal. yoongi is your boyfriend. lisa is his ex. everything is great!
"by the way, i want you to know that you honestly have nothing to worry about." namjoon suddenly chimes in as if he can read your mind, "lisa was yoongi's past but you are his present and most likely his future as well, so- seriously, don't even worry about it."
"yeah, you're right. it'd be silly of me to be upset about yoongi being with someone else when i wasn't even in the picture yet." you snort, reaching up to smack your own forehead gently, "okay! i'm feeling a little better. it would've been nice to not be informed about how horny they were for each other, but thank you for that detail-"
"yo, where are the snap ring pliers from my toolbox?" you turn just in time to see yoongi pop his head in, "i can't find them anywhere... i swear to god, everyone keeps borrowing my tools and 'forgetting' to put them back-" he rolls his eyes before looking over at you with a smile, "hi, baby-"
"hi yoongi-" you giggle, all your doubts and insecurities immediately fluttering away
see? nothing to worry about!
it feels like a weight's been lifted off your shoulders
"i think hoseok might've been using them earlier this morning." namjoon hums, "what do you need them for?"
"oh, lisa offered to help me out with the master cylinder repair and she needs 'em." yoongi points back over his shoulder, "you know how great she is with her hands-"
"woah, i thought-" your voice cracks slightly and you clear your throat, "i thought, uh- you were working on it yourself? like, i thought you didn't need any help and that's why i'm in here-"
"oh, i don't, but- well, lisa's good with fine-tuning so i might as well take advantage of her expertise while she's here." yoongi snorts before looking back over at namjoon, "you said hoseok had them?"
you bite down on your tongue to keep yourself from commenting any further
it's fine!
as we've already established, you have nothing to worry about.
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
"and... voilà!" you smile satisfactorily to yourself after you set the scented candle down on the coffee table
the living room is going to smell like warm brown sugar and cinnamon in a few minutes and you can't wait
this is yoongi's favourite candle so you hope he'll be excited about that when he gets here :'))
you've been preparing the apartment for his arrival and lighting the candle was one of the last things on your to-do list
you still have to order dinner for tonight and you've always been awful at making decisions so you figured it'd be best to let yoongi choose instead
you haven't seen him for about a week and a half because of finals (and, being perfectly honest, you were the one who implemented this distancing rule in the first place because you know you won't be able to focus on studying when yoongi's in the apartment with you) so you're pretty pumped for tonight!!
you hum to yourself as you click on yoongi's phone number in your contacts, flopping back on the couch with a fwump! while your legs swing lazily over the arm
the phone picks up after a couple of rings and it takes you a second to realize that the voice on the other end certainly does not belong to your boyfriend
"he-" you pause, pulling your phone away from your ear and frowning at the unfamiliar voice before bringing it back, "um, hello?"
"hi! who's this?"
"who's this?" you point to yourself before scoffing lightly, "what do you mean who- who's this?"
"oh- oh, y/n! hey, it's lisa!" lisa greets enthusiastically and you relax a little knowing that it's just lisa, "sorry, i didn't look at the contact name before picking up- what's up?"
"well, i-" you pause again to recollect your thoughts, "um, sorry, i guess i was just expecting yoongi to pick up his own phone so i'm a little lost right now-"
"oh my gosh, don't even worry about it! yoongi's hands are super gross right now so i offered to take his call for him which is why i picked up the phone. is there something you wanted me to pass along to him?"
"yeah, you could pass his phone right along to him-" you joke before reminding yourself to keep the unnecessary cattiness to a minimum, "yeah, um- can you ask him what time he's coming over? so that i know what time to order our food and stuff? i want the food to still be nice and hot by the time he gets here, so i just need a time from him, that's all-"
"yeah, about that... i actually don't think yoongi's going to make it for dinner."
"i-" you frown, pushing yourself up so that you're leaning back against an elbow, "what? why not?"
"the thing is, i hooked him up with a bunch of clients so the poor thing's been working like a dog all day and it looks like he's going to be stuck here for a while... if you're worried about him skipping dinner, i can totally go and get some food for him if you want! there's this sandwich place a block away and i know what he likes-"
your eyes widen slightly at how... happy? lisa sounds about the fact that yoongi potentially won't be joining you for dinner and you nod to yourself as you clench your jaw
"that's- that's very kind of you, lisa-" your voice is a little pitchier than usual at this point and you clear your throat obnoxiously, "i'm sorry, i just really have to talk to yoongi for a second so if you could just, like, hold the phone up to his ear that would be okay too-"
"okay! gimme a sec." there's a bit of shuffling on the other end and you press your lips together as you wait (im)patiently, "yoongs! it's y/n... dinner... hot food... her place... clients... pretty busy tonight..."
and she even has a nickname for him
that's just downright adorable, isn't it?
"god, just give him the damn phone." you mutter under your breath, raising your other hand to inspect your cuticles as you lie back down on the couch
you should probably schedule another manicure soon
"-it's okay, i can hold the phone myself- y/n?" you perk up when you hear yoongi on the other end and you can't help but kick your legs in excitement
you can't help it!!!
you haven't heard his voice in a whole week and a half!!!
"greetings, yoongs." you tease, "what time are you going to be here?" you bypass lisa's whole monologue about yoongi probably not being able to come over tonight in hopes that she'll be wrong about him ditching you to continue working, "i wanna order the food so it'll get here a little before you arrive. also, i haven't chosen what we're going to eat tonight so you're going to have to choose for us-"
"right, about that-" yoongi clears his throat, "i know i was supposed to come over for dinner tonight but- listen, i don't know what lisa did but obviously she's got a lot of connections now and the shop has literally never been this busy before..." he pauses and you hear the sound of loud clanging in the background, "you understand, don't you?"
it takes you a couple of seconds to process the fact that yoongi really won't be coming over tonight and you puff your cheeks out to keep yourself from immediately whining in protest
to say the least, you are.,.,,. very disappointed,.., but!! it won't be the end of the world, right?
you hate that lisa was right, but that's a conversation you can have with yourself another time
and if yoongi won't be here, that means you can hog all the garlic cheesy bread to yourself so maybe this is a blessing in disguise >:-)
"no, yeah, i- yeah, get it!" you nod, "i love that business is booming, i just don't love that you didn't text me or call me earlier to let me know you weren't going to come over tonight," you frown, turning your head to look at the flickering candle, "a heads up would've been nice, that's all..."
"i asked lisa to text you earlier when my hands were full... sorry, she must've forgot..."
"oh. yeah, i guess it could've slipped her mind." you respond dryly, "it would've taken, like, five seconds to text me-"
"okay, i-" you hear yoongi let out a small sigh before he speaks up again, "i'm sorry, baby, i really am- do you- i can come over now if you want me t-"
"no, it's okay! i'm sorry, i'm just-" you shake your head quickly before chuckling uneasily, "i just haven't seen you in a while so i miss you, that's all- but i'll let you get back to work now and i'll see you later?"
"yes! you are the best, you really are- look, i promise i'll be all yours as soon as i-"
"yoongi! these tires aren't going to change themselves, silly-"
"oh, c'mon-" you grumble, your teeth grinding slightly at the interruption of lisa's peppy voice in the background
"uh- yeah, in a sec-! i gotta go, doll- i'll call you later-"
"okay, b-" you don't get a chance to even say goodbye before the line goes dead and the only thing you can hear is an obnoxious beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep- "-ye."
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
one of your goals for the new year was to try your best to not hold a grudge
admittedly, holding grudges is one of your specialties so it's been a little bit difficult but you think you've been doing an okay job so far!
like that time jungkook accidentally drowned you with dirty car water because he didn't see you and also he had headphones on so he couldn't hear you
you were ready to strangle him right then and there but you just took a deep breath and reminded yourself that *~deep-cleaning services exist~*
and sure, you were a little upset that yoongi couldn't make it for dinner the other night and that the two of you haven't really had a chance to have a moment alone because of how swamped he's been with work, but... well, the past is in the past and challenges like this are good for your personal growth!
plus, it's the start of a new week so you're just going to focus on the present
you try your best to keep your footsteps as quiet as possible as you approach a preoccupied yoongi from behind
he's currently sorting out all the things to do on his giant whiteboard (you bought this for the boys because you thought it'd be a good way to organize all their tasks and unsurprisingly, namjoon was the most excited about it)
"guess who?" you hold your hands over yoongi's eyes with a giddy smile and he immediately spins around to face you
"hey, what are you doing here?" yoongi asks, leaning down to give you a quick kiss before pulling away to check the time on his watch, "aren't you supposed to be in class right now?"
"my history seminar was cancelled because my professor had some kind of an emergency so i thought i'd come and have lunch with you guys!" you hum, reaching over to fix the thin silver chain hanging around yoongi's neck, "i was going to pick the food up before coming here but i didn't want to just choose for everyone so i thought it'd be better to get everyone's orders first-"
"oh, you don't have to do that, baby-" yoongi shakes his head, capping the marker and dropping it back into the wire holder, "lisa actually offered to treat us to lunch- apparently there's some bagel place that has, like, a hundred different fillings-"
"lisa's here?" you interrupt, suddenly straightening your back before looking around quickly, "i... was not aware that lisa was... still here! i thought she was only here for a little while-"
"mm, she ended up extending her stay! one of her clients pushed their appointment to thursday so she came over to help out for the day."
"oh, cool." you nod, pressing your lips together as you take a second to sort through your thoughts
your nose scrunches slightly as you weigh the pros and cons of saying what you're about to say to yoongi
it won't kill you to ask, right?
"hey, i don't wanna, um-" you pause, "you know, i don't wanna... be that girlfriend, but... do you think that there's a slight possibility that lisa might still have feelings for you?"
a moment of silence goes by before yoongi practically barks out a laugh of disbelief
"what? lisa? no, no- that- no, don't be ridiculous." he snorts, shaking his head before turning back around to face the whiteboard, "lisa most certainly does not still have feelings for me- and, by the way, she was the one who broke things off with me, so if anything, i should be the one who still has feelings for-" he stops himself midway and presses his lips together before turning to glance at you over his shoulder, "you know, i'm hearing the words coming out of my mouth and i... am going to shut up now."
"mm, good choice." you raise a brow before shrugging, "alright, well, i just- you know, it's a possibility but if you say that lisa doesn't still have feelings for you, then i believe you-"
"alright, boys! it's chow time!"
you turn your head to see lisa waltzing into the shop carrying two large paper bags and the rest of the boys immediately rush over to her like moths to a flame
she brought bagels for lunch?
you're not trying to be biased or anything sandwiches are easier to eat, in your personal opinion
you basically have to unhinge your jaw to get a good bite of a bagel
"y/n!" lisa looks more than surprised at your presence when you and yoongi walk over the join the group, "i wasn't aware you were going to be here today- yoongi told me that you had class so i-" she pauses to set the bags down on the table, "oh my goodness, i am so sorry but i really didn't know you'd be joining us for lunch... yoongi, you could've texted me or something-"
"she just got here!" yoongi shrugs as he takes a seat at the table, "don't pin this on me-"
"ah, i probably look like such a jerk right now..." lisa winces, scratching the back of her head before reaching down to grab a bagel out of one of the paper bags, "here! you can take my bagel-"
"no, no, it's alright!" you hold your hands out before shaking them, "don't be silly, you don't have to do that- it's very nice of you to offer but i- it's alright, you go ahead and enjoy yourself!"
"oh, stop- take the bagel, y/n." lisa scoffs playfully, practically shoving the bagel into your arms before rummaging through the bags again, "i'll just share a bagel with yoongi! you don't mind, right, yoongs?"
"yeah, i had a snack earlier so i'm not, like, starving or anything-" yoongi nods, "what kind of filling is it?"
"this one is..." lisa pauses to look at the sticker on the top, "smoked salmon and dill cream cheese with capers."
"yoongi doesn't like capers." you chime in, suddenly feeling the need to prove to everyone that you know your boyfriend very well, "i remember they were sprinkled in a salad one time and he said they were too salty-"
"eh, i'll survive. i can always just pick 'em out." yoongi shrugs nonchalantly and you can't help but purse your lips in mild frustration at his response
"'atta boy! luckily, they're already sliced in half otherwise we'd have to take turns taking bites which would be weird-"
"agreed." you mutter, peeling the label off your bagel and sticking it onto the side instead
"oh, lisa! i was wondering if maybe you could help me out with some custom headlights i'm working on?" hoseok perks up, "i'm having some trouble getting the halo lights to work and i need your magic hands-"
"mhm! i can definitely check them out after lunch-" lisa grins, taking a seat next to yoongi, "anyone need a napkin?"
"yes, please!"
"i need one too-"
"pass one over here-"
you know it's silly of you to be feeling jealous over this because god knows the only thing you know about cars is that key go in and car go vroom so obviously the boys would never ask you to help them out with anything like how they're asking lisa to help out
and you're trying very hard to noT throw a self-pity party but it's getting harder and harder to not to that
(and it certainly doesn't help that there aren't any more seats left at the table)
you just can't help but feel so!!!!! inferior!!!!! compared to lisa
she's so cool and pretty and witty and obviously very knowledgable about cars
and what are you bringing to the table??
ham and cheese sandwiches??? fancy sushi rolls????
obviously not anymore because they've been replaced by these stupid bagels
this is the first time you haven't been able to throw money at a problem and you're not,.., sure.,., how you feel about it,..,
"i, uh, have to work on a paper, so i think i'm going to go and eat this in the office if anyone wants to come with?" you clear your throat quietly as you start to back away from the table slowly, "...or i can just go fuck myself, which is fine too."
you're not entirely surprised when your comment isn't acknowledged by anyone and you nod to yourself before swiftly turning on your heel and trying your best not to storm towards the office
you force your fists to uncurl and your shoulders to relax slightly but you can't help but make a face when you hear the boys laughing obnoxiously at one of lisa's jokes
of course she has to be funny as well
because the woman literally has zero flaws
you've been trying to find a reason to hate her and so far you haven't found anything negative to say
hating someone for having perfectly styled hair is a little odd
the legs of the chair screech against the floor as you pull it out and plop down
you like eating alone anyway
you unwrap the parchment paper and pick up the bagel before taking an overly aggressive bite of it, your cheeks practically bursting from how much food is currently in your mouth
you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand as you chew, tossing the bagel back onto the wrapper with a thunk!
this is the best goddamn bagel you've ever had in your entire life!!
"phtupid phriggin' bavhel." you grumble, reaching up to wipe the sauce off the corner of your mouth before swallowing roughly, "even the mayo is delicious! god, what is this? some kind of garlic mayo-"
"oh my god. i think she's finally lost it." you jolt upon hearing jungkook's voice and you turn to see him and jimin standing at the door
"what's your problem?" jimin asks, the two of them walking over to join you at your sad, lonely table
"what? nothing. i don't have a problem." you shake your head stubbornly, "i just- i just wanted to be alone, that doesn't mean something's wrong-"
"is that why you're in here basically yelling at a bagel?" jungkook points out as he pulls out a chair and sits on your right
"i'm- i'm just stressed about- my paper. or whatever. it's whatever, i'm fine-"
"you can talk to us, you know." you frown when jungkook suddenly reaches over and in an uncharacteristic move, places both hands over yours
"is it about lisa?" jimin asks, crinkling his nose as he sits down as well, "it's about lisa, isn't it?"
"no, it's not-" you press your lips together before letting out a light laugh, "you know, i don't even have a reason to be upset about lisa, right? she's super cool and very nice and knows a lot about cars and is yoongi's age and namjoon blessed me with the knowledge that she, apparently, was a very passionate lover- so i have nothing to be upset about!" you snap, slapping your palm down on the table before wincing and cradling your hand to your chest, "...everything is fine."
"i have to say, i really don't think jealousy is a good look on you." jungkook clicks his tongue before glancing down at your feet, "i also don't know if those shoes are a good look on you- jeez, it's like the people at gucci are just pulling design elements out of a hat-"
"you are not making me feel any better, jungkook- these shoes are new!"
"ooh, you should make him jealous!" jungkook suddenly lights up and the fluorescent light hanging above you guys flickers for a second
"we're going to have to round back to my shoes later because i really don't think they're that bad-"
"you should make him jealous and give him a taste of his own medicine..." jungkook trails off, ignoring your previous comments once again, "it's what you deserve."
"i'm not- i'm not doing that." you chuckle uneasily, "are you serious? this isn't high school and getting him back would just be petty of me-"
"but it'd feel so nice to be petty, don't you think?" jungkook encourages, scooting a little closer to you with a devilish grin, "think about it, y/n. don't you wanna see yoongi get all hot and possessive over you-"
"i don't think it's a good idea." jimin chimes in, shaking his head quickly as he moves in closer as well, "because if yoongi finds out you orchestrated something just to get him back, that might create an issue of trust in the relationship, and that would be very, very bad-"
"oh, but it feels so good to be bad..." jungkook coos, poking your arm with his pointer finger, "so, so good..."
"uh, i don't think so! i'd like to argue that it feels bad to be bad-"
"don't listen to jimin, he's a wuss-"
"don't listen to jungkook, he's an idiot-!"
"okay, cut it out!" you snap, shoving your hands into both their chests to keep them from coming any closer, "i... must admit, i do want to do something to piss yoongi off because of how much he's pissed me off, but... i'm not like that, you know? and i don't want to come off as some crazy girlfriend because-" you pause when you notice jungkook's finger creeping closer and closer to your bagel and you immediately deflate as soon as you realize what's going on here, "oh my god. you guys only came in here because you wanted to try my bagel, didn't you?"
jungkook and jimin exchange knowing glances before looking up at you sheepishly
"yeah, that makes more sense-" you snort, rolling your eyes before pushing the bagel away from you, "have at it, you animals."
you lean back against your chair, stroking your chin in thought as the sound of jungkook and jimin bickering over who gets the bigger half of the bagel starts to fade out
to be petty or not to be petty, that is the question...
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
(spoiler alert: the answer to the previous question is to be petty. very, very petty.) »»————- 🛠️ ————-««
"namjoon! where did you put my keys??" yoongi calls out, yanking open another drawer to rifle through its contents, "i'm supposed to pick y/n up from campus and i can't find them anywhere... i don't want her to just stand there waiting for me..."
"looking for these?"
yoongi looks up to see lisa standing by the door with his keys in her hand before she tosses them to him
"yes! you're a lifesaver, thanks-" he catches them with one hand before stepping out from behind the counter, "i thought you were leaving today? we already said goodbye to you this morning-"
"yeah, i know-" lisa chuckles as she steps into the office, "it's just that... well, i was going to just leave but i actually had something i needed to talk to you about before i left. i felt it wouldn't be fair to either one of us if i didn't say anything."
"mm. what's up?" yoongi hums, sticking his hand into the lollipop jar to pull a cherry flavoured one out
he pulls another one out before tucking it into his pocket (one for you when he picks you up!)
"well, i guess i should just go ahead and say it- just gotta rip the bandaid off-" lisa straightens her blazer before clearing her throat, "yes."
"...yes?" yoongi frowns, unwrapping his lollipop before popping it into his mouth and scrunching up the wrapper, "i'm not following. yes to what?"
"oh, don't play dumb-" lisa snorts, flicking her wrist at him, "yes, as in: i would love to rekindle our friends with benefits situationship-"
"woah, what?!" yoongi immediately chokes and he yanks the lollipop out of his mouth before patting his chest roughly, "what are you- what the hell are you talking about??"
"what do you mean what the hell am i talking about??" lisa stares at him incredulously before shaking her head, "you're the one who's been giving me secret signals all week-"
"signals-" yoongi's gawks, "what signals??"
"you know, like, how you cancelled dinner plans with her so you could be with me..." lisa croons, taking a step closer towards him
"i cancelled dinner plans with y/n so i could be with twenty cars-" yoongi inches to the side so he can make a quick getaway to run behind the counter in case lisa pounces, "which, i'm realizing doesn't make me sound like the best boyfriend but- i most certainly didn't cancel just to spend private time with you, no offence-"
"what about when we shared a bagel and you didn't complain about the capers??" lisa snaps, lunging towards yoongi only for him to quickly spin out of the way and hurry to get behind the counter
"uh, we shared a bagel because i wasn't hungry for a full bagel and i thought you weren't either, and also-" yoongi grabs namjoon's wheely chair as a makeshift barrier between him and lisa, "i'm a grown man, i'm not going to throw a fit over some friggin' capers-"
"how about when i squeezed your arm and asked you if you'd been working out and you totally flexed your arm for me??" lisa grabs the arms of the chair before yanking and aggressively rolling it behind her, yoongi's eyes widening in panic at the sudden empty space in between the two of them
"i flexed it to prove to you that i have indeed been working out-!" yoongi hops up onto the counter as soon as lisa darts towards him and he hurries to jump off so he's on the other side of it, knocking the phone and namjoon's pen holder down onto the ground in the process, "friends can ask each other if they've been hitting the gym!! i squeeze namjoon's arms all the time because his biceps are literally boulders-"
"i just feel like we have unfinished business, you know?" lisa whines, pausing for a second before bringing a hand up to bite down on the tip of her pointer finger teasingly, "plus, you have to admit that our sex was super hot-"
"are you- hello, i'm dating y/n!" yoongi gasps, "our business is finished! we have no more- we're out of business, lisa!"
"oh, c'mon." lisa raises a brow, clearly unimpressed with his reaction, "it's not going to hurt anyone to keep me as your sexy little secret- it's perfect! i only come into town, like, once or twice a year, so she won't even suspect anythi-"
"what are you- are you insane?! i'm not going to cheat on y/n-" yoongi chokes before raising his hands in defence, "lisa, you're a very beautiful woman and we do have a history, but- look, i'm sorry if i sent you mixed signals this week, that was certainly not my intention- please understand that i am very much not trying to cheat on someone who i love very much and who i'm pretty sure loves me back, so-"
"then who's that person she's so obviously flirting with right now?" lisa points over his shoulder, "also, she's barely visited you this week. what kind of girlfriend doesn't want to always be with her boyfriend??"
"first of all, space can be healthy, and second of all, she- hold on, you said flirting?" yoongi turns to look over his shoulder and out the door, tilting his head slightly when he sees you standing at the front of the garage laughing with... someone he certainly doesn't recognize...
"you can leave all of this behind and come and work for me, yoongi-" yoongi jumps when he suddenly feels hands grasping at the collar of his jumpsuit and he turns back to see lisa standing right in front of him (how did she move so quickly and quietly?!), "we can be happy together, i swear-"
"yeah, cool, just give me a second-" yoongi gently yanks lisa's hands off of him before hurrying out of the office and making a beeline right for you and this mysterious stranger
"oop- okay, he's coming this way-" baekhyun mutters, glancing over your shoulder before looking back at you, "it's show time. you ready?" he hums, reaching over to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear
"what do you think? do we look convincing?" you reach down to unbutton another button on your blouse before adjusting the collar
it's taking everything within you noT to whip around to see if yoongi's just walking towards you or if he's storming towards you... because there's definitely a difference and you definitely want it to be the latter
the plan you came up with had a pretty simple formula: one handsome stranger + one flirty, oblivious y/n = one jealous yoongi
jungkook had a point about how nice it'd be to get yoongi all riled up and possessive and frankly you think you deserve it considering how dismissive he's been with you all week... which is why you were more than happy to recruit your very handsome friend baekhyun (he's very sweet / you met last semester in one of your history courses / he was more than willing to help out with your plan because he's a theatre major and this is good practice for him) to help you out with your plan!
"you're laughing like a robot." baekhyun lowers his voice, "i told you to act natural-"
"i'm being natural! ha, ha! ha! ha-ha. you're so funny, baek-" you giggle obnoxiously, reaching over to slap his chest gently, "you are absolutely the funniest person i've ever met-"
"y/n!" yoongi clears his throat loudly and you bite back a grin at the hint of annoyance you can detect in his voice, "i... thought i was picking you up from class today? i wasn't aware you hired a chauffeur!"
"oh, yoongi!" you spin around, feigning surprise as if you totally weren't expecting to see him at all, "oh, this is actually my friend- i know you've been busy so he offered to give me a ride!" you hum, stepping aside to let baekhyun step up onto the sidewalk, "baekhyun, this is yoongi-" you gesture to yoongi, "yoongi, this is baekhyun! boyfriend."
you're hoping your accidental on-purpose flub-up triggers yoongi's memory of how he accidentally introduced lisa to you as his girlfriend and you're delighted to see the way yoongi's jaw drops slightly, "oh, my bad! i'm sorry, i don't know how that happened- what i meant to say was baekhyun, this is yoongi, my boyfriend. there we go."
"baekhyun..." yoongi repeats, his eyes narrowing slightly when baekhyun suddenly wraps an arm around your shoulder and gives you a squeeze "well, that's very nice of you to drive y/n all the way here. thanks for doing that, man."
"oh, it's no problem at all!" baekhyun hums, reaching over to pinch your cheek, "y/n's the sweetest and i didn't want to abandon her on campus-"
"okay, she wasn't abandoned, i was literally about to leave to pick her up-" yoongi points out, lifting his keys with a jingle before abruptly shoving them into his back pocket, "you know, y/n's never mentioned a baekhyun before. you two seem... close!"
"oh, baek and i go way back." you snort, digging your elbow into his side with a grin, "isn't that right, baek?"
yoongi pokes his tongue against the inside of his cheek at the fact that baekhyun still has his arm wrapped around your shoulder and you haven't made a move to shoVE it off
how can you not see that his intentions with you aren't just chummy??
he wouldn't have driven you all the way here if he didn't want to get his grubby hands under your skirt-
"we most certainly do! we made some great memories in that lecture hall- i have to say, i was, uh, pretty disappointed when i found out she was already in a relationship..." baekhyun sighs dramatically, shaking his head before looking back at you, "i would treat you right and never cancel dinner plans with you-"
"okay, i think it's time for you to go, bacon-" yoongi forces a smile on his face before reaching over to gently pull you towards him, "thank you for dropping my girlfriend off. have a good one."
"oh, no problem!" baekhyun points towards you, "hey, lemme know if you need a ride to campus on monday because i'd be happy to swing by your apartment and-"
"no, i can take her!" yoongi manoeuvres you so that you're standing behind him and basically blocked from baekhyun's sight, "i've got it from here, thanks."
"bye, baek!" you wave at baekhyun as gets into his car and he salutes at you before his right eye drops in a cheeky wink and it's at that point that yoongi really thinks he's about to lose it
what the hell was that?!
he spins around to face you as soon as baekhyun zooms off and you keep yourself from asking him why his ears have suddenly turned super red
"why are you wearing lowbuttons to class?" yoongi crosses his arms over his chest, "i thought you said you were going to use them as, like, apartment decoration."
"louboutins, yoongi." you correct, looking down at your slick stilettos, "and why can't i wear louboutins to class?"
"you wore them out to dinner one time and i ended up having to carry you back to the car because your feet were aching-" yoongi reminds you with a pointed tone, "are you telling me that you walked up and down and all around campus in those things?"
"maybe i did." you shrug, turning to stick your nose up in the air a little, "i can wear stilettos to class if i so please."
"and the miniskirt?"
"what, you don't like it?" you pout, reaching down to pick a piece of fluff off the surface, "it's new!"
it's a plain black skirt but it has a little slit on the side and you purposely bought this specific piece knowing that yoongi has expressed how much he likes you in black
"of course i like it, and obviously i'm a big fan of the heels but-" yoongi huffs, "all i'm saying is that it's a little odd- the timing is weird for your miniskirts and heels to make a sudden comeback now that you're all buddy-buddy with this backyawn-"
"it's baekhyun-"
"that's what i said!"
"you know, i don't know what you're implying here but i haven't done anything wrong-" you shrug, "are you feeling okay? maybe you need to take a nap-"
"stop being stubborn, y/n. just tell me what's going on!"
"nothing's going on!" you insist, raising your hands in defense before flicking a strand of hair over your shoulder, "everything is perfectly fine and nothing is-"
"are you leaving me for baekhyun?" yoongi interrupts, his eyes suddenly softening, "because if this is how you're telling me we're over, it's a pretty shitty-"
"what- what?? no!" you shake your head quickly, "no, of course i'm not- why would you even- okay, fine! fine, i-" you let out a breath and your shoulders drop a little, "it's just that... i don't know, it kind of feels like i've been fighting to get your attention for the whole week and i... i feel like i shouldn't have to do that as your girlfriend, you know? and i'm not... i guess i just felt like i wasn't stacking up to lisa and how cool and smart she is and- this whole week it's just felt like you're in a relationship with lisa and not me, so i... wanted to make you jealous to see if you still cared. or whatever."
"are you serious?" yoongi's eyes flutter shut and he reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration, "fuck, i'm sorry, ah- i'm sorry, y/n, i really am-" his brows knit together in remorse as he looks at you, "i think i just got swept up in all the new clients she was bringing in so i was focusing more on that than on noticing what was going on with you... i'm sorry. why didn't you just come and talk to me about it?"
"i didn't know how." you mutter, reaching up to scratch the side of your head, "i've never had to deal with something like this before, so... i know it was silly of me to come up with this whole thing-"
"you are my girlfriend, y/n." yoongi reminds you, his voice softening, "not lisa. it's you." he reaches over to hook a finger under your chin so he can get you to look at him, "i promise i only have eyes for you, pretty girl. you still love me?"
"god, yoongi-" you feel your cheeks flush at the nickname and you roll your eyes playfully before turning your head, "yeah. duh."
"oh, you silly thing..." he tuts, pulling you in for a hug and propping his chin up on the top of your head, "i'm sorry, baby. i really didn't mean to make you feel like that..." he pulls away and reaches down to glide his finger down the bridge of your nose before poking the tip, "i hope you can forgive me for being a shitty boyfriend."
"i'll forgive you if you forgive me for pretending to flirt with someone else." you smile sheepishly, yoongi grinning before nodding in agreement
"deal." he wraps an arm around your shoulder as the two of you head back towards the direction of the office, "so you really went through all that trouble just to make me a little jealous?" yoongi grins, "just for a little bit of attention? as if i'm not already all over you when we're alone-"
"well, it worked, didn't it?" you take your bottom lip in between your teeth as you squish your cheek against yoongi's shoulder and look up at him, "my acting skills are not half bad, if i do say so myself-"
"oh, shit, uh-" yoongi suddenly stops in his tracks when he sees lisa step out of the office and he spins around so that his back is facing her, "not to make you worry, but you should probably know that lisa's somehow convinced that i've been secretly flirting with her all week because i want to become friends with benefits again and she almost, like, body-slammed me in the office- also, if namjoon asks, tell him a raccoon snuck in and that's why his desk is a mess and his pens are all over the floor-"
"wait, what?!" your brows knit together and you're about to lean over to look at lisa but yoongi quickly reaches out and grabs onto your shoulders to keep you in place
"-yeah, so i'm going to lay you down on the hood of that car now because doing something extreme is probably the only thing that'll prove to her that she's wrong and i am very desperate to show her that she's wrong-"
"lay me down on the- and do what?! yoongi-!" you don't get much of a chance to say anything else before yoongi's suddenly bending down to pick you up off the ground in one swift movement, his fingers digging underneath your thighs as he lays you down on the hood of the nearest car, "yoongi-! you can't just-"
"shush!" yoongi hisses, pressing his lips against yours to shut you up promptly
it doesn't take you very long to melt into the kiss once you realize you haven't kissed yoongi like this in like a week and a half and you can't help but smile at the familiar faint taste of cherry you're getting from him
yoongi's warm hand slides down from your waist so he can hitch your left leg up against his hip, one of your heels slipping from your foot and clattering onto the floor
your senses are so clouded with yoongi cherry yoongi cherry that you nearly forget the two of you aren't alone (and also, all of this is definitely being recorded on the security cameras right now)
"hey, so- i- i'm gonna get going-" lisa announces loudly as she stands at a good distance away from the two of you, her eyes looking up towards the ceiling so that she doesn't have to watch the way yoongi's kissing down your neck, "i have to check out of my hotel, so-"
"yeah, sounds good!" yoongi pulls away for a second and shoots a quick thumbs up over his shoulder, "see you later, pal!"
"bye, lisa!" you chime in, giving her a wave even though she isn't looking at you and is really trying to double-time it to her car, "it was so nice meeting you!"
the two of you watch silently as lisa practically leaps into her mustang, the sound of the engine revving before she quickly speeds off like she just remembered she left the oven on at home
you turn your head to look up at yoongi before scoffing lightly, hooking a finger against his chain to pull him back down towards you, "you're ridiculous, you know that?"
"yeah, i know-" yoongi's nose crinkles before he offers you a boyish smirk and a half-hearted shrug, "you love it, though."
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donutloverxo · 8 months ago
Good little girl
Tumblr media
*gif is not mine*
Note - Requested by @holacia2 and a part two to good little wife. And special thanks to @gotnofucks for all her help! I'm so overwhelmed with all the love that fic got I hope y'all like this little follow up as well❤❤
Dividers by @firefly-graphics.
Summary - Married life isn't always easy. Will you be able to solve your problems?
Warnings - 18+ only explicit sexual content, younger woman/older man, daddy kink, soft dark!Andy, SO MUCH MISOGYNY, housewife kink, innocence kink, (accusations of) cheating, arranged/forced marriage, spanking, possessive Andy.
Pairing - Mob!Andy Barber x reader
Word count - 4.9k
Masterlist is linked in the bio and the pinned post!
Tumblr media
You handed your mother the brownies you had baked, she thanked you, telling you how it was so unnecessary, before Andy placed the wine you had gotten on the way over on the kitchen counter.
“Why don’t you go keep your father in law company, Andrew?” your mom told him. He only nodded before making way to his boss.
“So? How are things going with him?” she asked. “You are positively glowing honey! Do you have any good news yet?”
“Mom!” you gasped.
Over the past seven months you had only seen your mother a handful of times. You were still a bit upset with her for marrying you off to an older man you barely knew, a man who you thought despised you so much he refused to even touch you.
You knew she didn’t really have a say in it. Your father never really valued her opinion, there was no way she would’ve been able to stop it but she hadn’t even so much as tried.
“No, I don’t. And I won’t any time soon,” you huffed.
While being a mother was something you’d like to experience someday, you didn’t know if you were quite ready for it yet. Which was good because Andy didn’t want kids for the next few years either, he had taken you to a doctor to get you on birth control as soon as the holidays were over.
He stated that he wasn’t ready to share you just yet. That he wasn’t sure he wants his kids to be a part of the mob, which you didn’t want either.
“Oh, but you have to, cookie. I need a distraction. Being a mom is all I’ve ever known and ever since you left the house has been so empty.”
“Well, what about daddy?” you frowned. He had never really liked spending time with your siblings or your mother, but to leave her be on her own like that.
“He’s always with Charlotte,” she rolled her eyes. “I would’ve been fine with it, he’s always been like that, can’t expect him to change now, but he brought her here, now, to a family dinner.” She sighed in resignation.
You had heard a familiar high pitched annoying laugh upon coming home, but you thought that to be one of your brothers floozies.
Charlotte, or Cherry, used to be a good friend of yours in college. Before you brought her home for the holidays of your freshman year and she decided to shack up with your married father, who was almost thrice her age. You lost touch with her after that.
“I’m telling you, honey, a kid is a good way of securing your marriage and starting a family. You are young now... but you will grow old someday. Andrew’s a good man... but he is still a man at the end of the day.”
You scoffed at that, “I won’t have you talking that way about my husband! We are already a family, we’re in love each other and he’s nothing like dad.”
She gave you a teary smile, “Young love--is just so innocent and beautiful. You always see the best in people, cookie. I hope I’m wrong about this. Any man would be an idiot to not appreciate you.”
“Andy does appreciate me. And take good care of me, ma...” you trailed off.
He did take good care of you. After the night you consummated your marriage he brought you breakfast in bed. He hadn’t kept his hands off of you for the past few weeks, doting on you any chance he could get, telling you he loved you every chance he got.
But you wondered... did he love you?
The kind of love you’d only ever read about in classical novels. The kind of love you’d dreamt of having ever since you could remember, the kind you thought you once had with someone, but didn’t. You didn’t love Alex the way you love Andy. You were in love with the idea of Alex. You knew Andy now. You knew how kind, passionate and fierce he was, your love for him consumed every single part of you. Where you would literally die for him.
But did he love you for you. Or was he just lonely because it was Christmas. You had avoided taking the tree and the decorations down, begging him, even dropping to your knees and making love to him with your mouth, you didn’t know much but Cherry had taught you that you could get men to do anything for you just by kneeling before them.
While he was very obviously pleased with your passion, returning the favor tenfold, till your thighs burned from his bread and you were shouting for him to stop, he still took the decorations down. He said he wanted to start anew this year. He made a resolution to be the best husband he could.
But you were going to protect your heart this time, hope for the best but still prepare for the worst.
Unfortunately, you had been seated next to Cherry. You found out that your father was living with her now and that while she had hoped he’d leave his wife for her there, but apparently there was no such luck.
“They never leave their wives do they,” she shook her head. “Oh I’m sorry! I shouldn’t be saying these things to you...”
“Its alright,” you shrugged. It would be hard to see your mother be unhappy but there was never any love between your parents. Your mother had learned to live without him and find happiness in other things, and other people, she was just a bit more sneaky about it.
“Well...” you hesitated “how do you keep a man?”
“What kind of question is that?” she giggled. “There are many ways to keep a man but you’ll have to be a bit more specific...”
You ended up changing the subject. The kind of questions you wanted to ask were not suitable for the dinner table, and you didn’t like the way Andy was staring daggers at the pair of you, almost displeased with the two of you chatting.
You smiled at him from the passenger seat when he put his hand on your knee, giving it a light squeeze. He had been quite the whole ride home so you decided to speak first.
“Can’t believe Cherry’s like my... step mom.” You laughed out loud at such a ridiculous notion.
“Step mom?” he furrowed his brows, turning his head to look at you.
“Oh I’m just joking,” you waved him off. “Dad would never leave my ma. He’ll move on to another one soon enough.”
He hummed, nodding, “Alright. I was just worried she was troubling you at dinner.”
“What would you have done if she was? Would you swop in like a knight in shining armor and save me from the big meanie?”
“You know I would,” he smiled.
You had asked for a piggy back ride from Andy from the garage to your home, he rolled his eyes and tried to say no but then gave in when you used your princess eyes on him.
He placed you on top of your bed, kissing the tip of your nose, he started unbuttoning his shirt to get ready for bed.
“Andy... um... Daddy?” you corrected yourself instantly.
He liked you addressing him as that whenever you both were alone, he had warned you that you would receive a punishment if you ever failed to comply.
You didn’t know what his punishment would be and you didn’t plan on finding out anytime soon. You’d withhold all affection from him if he ever dared take away the platinum card from you, or lower your allowance as your father had told him to at the dinner, ‘to tame you' supposedly.
But that wasn’t a very good plan... what if he just looked for love elsewhere.
“What is it, honey?” he asked.
“Um... do you think... you would ever take a mistress?” you gulped and prepared yourself for his answer.
“I wouldn’t...” you sighed in relief, “one woman is enough trouble.” he said flatly.
“Daddy!!” you whined, stomping your foot on the floor and folding your hands over your chest.
And he had the audacity to laugh. His laughter at your expense only fuelled your anger. “Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight?”
He finally stopped laughing, “Look at you being a big girl,” he tried to pinch your cheek but you swatted his hand away. “You don’t wanna be daddy’s little girl anymore?” he pouted.
“No... no I do!” you answered all too eager. “I’m sorry...”
“I’m sorry too, honey. I shouldn’t be making fun of you.”
“No, you shouldn’t,” you hugged his hard stomach, rubbing your cheek against his undershirt. “It’s mean, and you promised not to be mean to me.”
“I was just teasing,” he cooed, stroking your hair. And while you knew that and secretly enjoyed it even, you still wanted a serious answer out of him.
“I intend to keep my vows forever. There is just no way I could ever want anyone who’s not you.”
“Really?” you propped your chin on his abdomen, looking up at him through your lashes.
“Um... I’m here to see Andy,” you told the lady sitting outside of, what you had been told was Andy’s office, you assumed her to be his secretary Erica.
You always packed a lunchbox for Andy, always remembering to leave a sweet note for him and he would always call you to thank you for it. You also made sure to have dinner ready before he got home on the nights he wasn’t taking you out on the town. It was just your duty as a good wife.
But Andy had been working way too much the past couple of weeks. Where he would be gone before you wake up and be back when you were already in bed. You knew his job was demanding, working for your father and being a partner in a law firm, the job was like a mistress, stealing your man away...
So you simply decided to make his favorite, food pack it up and come to him to eat it together.
“Mrs Barber! It’s so nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you,” she gave you a toothy smile, shaking your hand.
You would’ve been happy, elated that Andy talks so much about you at work. If you hadn’t smelled her perfume. So familiar... you couldn’t quite place it at first but then you remembered.
The night you had slaved away, hoping to profess your love to your husband, when he had rejected you and smelled of chanel.
“That’s a nice scent...” you wondered out loud.
“Oh thank you! I love it as well,” she said, taking in a whiff of the inside of her wrist. “It’s the new chanel one!”
You almost didn’t hear Andy calling for you. “What a nice surprise.” He kissed your cheek.
You set the food before him, thinking of telling him what was on your mind.
Was he really so cliché to have an affair with his secretary?
Could you really blame him though? Although you had been married for almost seven months, you were strangers living under the same roof for the majority of them. He wasn’t really cheating... but what if he was still doing it?
“Honey,” he shook you to get your attention. “What’s up with you today? I have a meeting in a few minutes.”
“You’re always working.” You complained.
“Well...” he grinned, grabbing at your thighs and pulling you on his lap, “I have to. If I had the choice I would never come into work, I would stay home forever, between your legs, right... here,” he snaked a hand up your leg and stroked the inside of your thigh. “You would like that wouldn’t you?”
You nodded, “I’ve been so lonely without you.”
He hummed, biting the shell of your ear before speaking into it, “I know, honey. I miss you too. But you do still remember the number one rule right?”
“Yes, daddy. Never touch myself without your permission.”
“And why is that?”
You whined, to embarrassed to say the words, “Because... it’s your... pussy.” You replied in a small shy voice.
“That’s right, sweetheart. It’s mine to do whatever I want with,” he cupped your mould, just to demonstrate what he meant but then frowned when he felt your soft curls and wet slick against his palm.
“You’re not wearing any panties, sweetheart.” He noted, surprised to your boldness.
“Um... I must’ve forgot.”
So maybe you had ulterior motives behind coming here. Your body was used to be doted on everyday now, and to not have his touch for so long was agonising. You had hoped to maybe bend down to pick up a napkin that fell ever so conveniently and flash him, it would work, he would be driven mad.
“Forgot huh?” You nodded in reply as he gathered your slick in his fingers, tracing your labia with them. “That’s too bad, If you had left them on purpose I would’ve cancelled my meeting and fucked you right here. But since it was just an innocent mistake I wouldn’t do that,” he retreated his hand, placing a soft kiss on your hair. “Thanks for lunch.”
You were determined to prove your worth to Andy. If he did have a mistress, whether it be his secretary or any other woman, he would forget all about her when he saw how you could do everything for him.
You had went all out today, baking a pie and a four course meal from scratch, lighting up candles, the pink babydoll that Andy had gifted you was under your dress.
He was as always exhausted when he got home, his face visibly lighting up upon seeing you, you took his hand in yours taking him to the couch and making him a glass of whiskey, you handed it to him before kneeling on the soft rug.
“You work so hard, daddy,” you murmured as your fingers worked on unzipping his pants.
He looked at you in confusion, shaking his head, “You don’t have to do that, honey,” cupping your cheek in his plan, stroking your cheekbone with his thumb.
“But I want to make you feel good,” you blinked at him.
He groaned, unable to say no when you looked so willing to please him, but at the same time he wanted to do more with you. To cuddle and watch a movie and talk, it felt as if he hadn’t in ages.
“Very well,” he nodded.
With the green signal from him, you licked your lips, tasting some of your minty gloss, taking his length out of the confines of his underwear, you took a minute to simply marvel at the sheer size and beauty of it.
You licked a stripe up the underside of it, suckling at the crown, you remembered that he liked that the best, at least from the way he twisted his hand in your hair, pulling at it till it caused a slight burn to your scalp.
You slurped his precum up before he pushed his hips up till his tip hit the back of your throat, causing you to gag around him, didn’t take him long to come down your throat.
His neck and cheek covered in a crimson blush, his chest heaving as he threw his head back against the couch.
“You did good, honey...” he rasped. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”
He absolutely loved the dinner you had made for him. But when you subtly, because you were raised to be a good lady and wife, tried to coax him to make love to you before bed, he.... rejected you.
Sure, he was kind about it. He told you he was simply tired and would make it up to you. But it was still shocking how a man as insatiable as him would ever say no. You truly didn’t know what to make of it.
“Oh... I don’t know about this... it’s a bit too bold for me,” you bit your lip.
“Just try it on! You might end up liking it!” Cherry urged you, putting the bright red lipstick on you without waiting for an answer, “There is nothing more classic than a red lip. Or a red anything. Men go crazy for it.” She told you.
You simply hummed through closed lips as she put some finishing touches on it. “Doesn’t that look nice?” she asked, holding up a mirror before you.
You smiled, it did look different. Maybe different was what you needed. “It’s very pretty. It makes me feel... confident?” Which was strange. Because how could a simple lipstick make you feel confident?
“See! I told you. Confidence is the key to sexiness. Now, let’s talk lingerie.”
“Honey, I’ve been waiting for over fifteen minutes,” you heard Andy call out to you from the bedroom.
“Just a minute,” you said, perfecting your edges with a lip brush.
This was something you had never done before. You wore a lot of lingerie for Andy, but most of them were cute pastels or white nighties or babydolls. Nothing like what you were wearing right now...
A sheer black lacy body suit that clung to your body, leaving literally nothing to the imagination.
Top that off with your red lip... you looked like some kind of dominatrix. Cherry told you that most men secretly wish to be dominated. Although you highly doubted your daddy would want anything like that. Or would he?
“Alright, I’m coming out,” you announced, before shyly stepping out, your eyes trained on the floor as you twiddled with your fingers to maybe distract you from your nerves. “What do you think?”
He was speechless. His jaw almost dropping on the floor when he saw you like that. So far from his sweet girl. You were just as much beautiful and sexy, and while it wasn’t something he was used or prefer to he would welcome it if it was what you wanted.
He extended an arm to you, ready to tell you that you were sexy, that he wanted to spend hours worshipping every inch of your body, that he wanted his cock stained the shade of red you wore on your lips, that he was ready to make up for being away for weeks.
Until he saw... that.
He lowly growled your name, making your head snap up to look at him, “What did you do to your pussy?” Because from what he could see, through the sheer material, there was nothing where your pubic hair used to be.
“Uh... I uh... waxed it...” From the tone of his voice you could tell that he wasn’t too happy about it. “Do you not like it?”
“Like?” he scoffed, shaking his head. Taking a seat on the bedding, “C'mere, let me take a closer look.”
Hesitantly, you walked the few strides it took till you were standing before him.
He studied your mould, trying to take the fabric off so he could see it more properly and then tutting when he couldn’t even open the stupid thing.
“Wait, it um... opens here I think,” you interrupted his scrutiny, undoing the zipper that was on your side and taking the suit off of you.
He sighed in resignation when he saw what you had done, making you regret your ever spending so much money and going through all that pain.
He parted your lips apart, running his fingers along your vulva, acquainting himself with this new strange feel of you, “When did do this?” his blue eyes looked up at you.
“Just a couple of days ago. It’s just hair... it’ll grow back in like three weeks.”
“Three weeks?” he scoffed.
You could feel your eyes getting misty. You tried to go all out for him, to please him, be completely naked and vulnerable before him, only to have him get angry at you.
“You don’t like it,” you sniffled.
His furrowed brow softened when he saw you crying, pulling you down till you were straddling his lap, “The question isn’t whether I like it or not,” he explained, his thumb wiping your wet cheeks, “I could... maybe live with it. But I wouldn’t prefer it.”
“Okay,” you nodded.
“But for you to have done this,” he touched your newly waxed skin and almost winced at the smoothness, “You must’ve let someone else see you naked. See what belongs to me.”
“Bu - but they were all women...” you stammered, squirming in his lap as his fingers toyed with your clit.
“It doesn’t matter,” he tutted, pushing two fingers inside you, “Only I get to see you. This is MY pussy. Only I get to decide what to do with it. Do you understand?”
You nodded, holding onto his tshirt as he twisted his fingers inside you. “So-sorry, daddy.”
“No, honey, since you were bad you don’t get to call me daddy. For tonight you will address me as sir. And of course you’ll have to be punished.”
“Punished?” you pouted. “Can’t you just let me go since it was my first strike? I’ll be good from now on I promise!”
“No, you have to learn your lesson. Come on,” you yelped as he manhandled you so you were face down across his lap, “What is your safe word?”
“Unicorns” you giggled. You thought you were so witty for coming up with it. Since he for some reason was jealous of your unicorn stuffie.
He hummed, stroking the soft skin of your butt, “How does twenty sound?”
Your eyes went wide as you gasped, looking at him over your shoulder, “No!” you said.
He didn’t really plan on spanking you... did he? He liked swatting your ass here and there, and truth be told you liked it too. But you had never been spanked or even hit as a punishment.
“Well, if not this then maybe we can make you go a week without cumming.”
Your gasp was louder and even more incredulous this time. You could most definitely take twenty swats, but just the thought of not being able to finish, after knowing what an orgasm with Andy feels like, made you shiver.
“You will count each one, and then thank me for it. You are grateful I’m teaching you, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir,” you nodded.
“Do you know how to count to twenty? Or would I have to teach you that too?” he asked ever so condescendingly as you huffed.
“Of course I do! I was just two semesters away from graduating college!” Never mind that you learned that in kindergarten.
“That’s good. Are you ready?” he asked, cracking his knuckles as he got in position.
With a nod from you he delivered the first slap to your right buttcheek, the sound of it reverberating in the room, his palm stinging slightly as he stroked the skin he had just punished, it was already warmer.
“One, sir. Thank you, sir,” you held onto a moan, it wasn’t half as bad as you thought it would be...
You jerked forward as he unceremoniously hit your other cheek, since you were unprepared for it, and he was much more brutal.
“Tw-two, sir,” you sniffled.
You considered throwing in the towel and saying your safe word by the time fifteen rolled around. Your behind was on fire, while you couldn’t see it, you just knew it was bruised. But you wanted to be good for Andy and it was wrong of you to do something that drastic without his permission.
“Sixteen...” you hiccupped. You could feel your slick running down your thighs but at this point... you just couldn’t bring yourself to care.
“Do you want a break?” he asked, taking pity on you.
You nodded frantically, “Yes please! Can you... can you touch me? Down there?” Since the pain in your throbbing pussy was unbearable. If you didn’t receive any attention, you might actually burst.
“Down where? Here?” He had the audacity to play down, while you were suffering, and touch the back of your knee to patronise you.
“No!” you whined.
“Well then you’ll have to be a bit more specific, princess.”
“In my... between my legs... my pussy...”
“Are you sure you deserve it though?” he asked.
You thought about it for a moment, before coming to the conclusion that, “No I don’t. Not until I finish my punishment.”
“That’s a good girl,” he praised, his hand massaging your raw ass as your heart swelled in pride.
“Nineteen, sir,” your mind was hazy. It didn’t even feel as if you were in your reality anymore... it was as if you were floating, while you could still hear and feel him spanking you, for some reason it wasn’t as painful anymore.
“The last one, doll, hang in there,” he said before delivering the last swat.
You whimpered, “Twenty, thank you, sir,” willing your nose with the back of your hand.
Andy collected your weak form in his big string arms, rocking you back and forth in his lap as he kept whispering soft praises in your hair, “My sweet beautiful doll,” he pecked you on your lips.
“Sorry about your pants, daddy...” you said when you realised what a wet mess you had made on him.
He shushed you, “Don’t you worry about that right now. Do you want to take a bath?”
You pouted, your red lip jutting out, “No.”
He chuckled, kissing your forehead, “Do you want daddy to fuck you?”
“Yes,” you nodded.
“We have to be careful about your butt, baby,” he said as he gently placed you on the mattress.
Your head on your pillow, besides your two most trusted stuffies--your unicorn and teddy. Andy only allowed you two in the bed after complaining they made it hard for him to cuddle you. You demanded he buy you a shelf to display them or you would go back to your old room. Which of course made him comply instantly.
You made grabby hands at him, impatient to have him closer to you, but then were glad he took the time to take off his tshirt so you could ogle the wide expanse of his chest, the light scattering of fuzzy hair over it, his numerous tattoos along with one of your name, which marked him as yours forever.
He took a hardened nipple in his mouth while his hand tweaked the other, nudging your legs apart to make room for him, he placed his length at your entrance.
Slowly pushing into you, letting you get accustomed to the size of him. Although your pussy was always so welcoming to him, he knew you often struggled to take him.
You whimpered at him, tears rolling off of your face. “What’s wrong, honey? Does it hurt?”
“No... it’s just so good,” you sniffled.
“Okay, just hold on,” you held onto his shoulders as he slowly fucked in to you.
Your pussy clamping around his length, the soles of your feet digging into his ass, “Can I come, daddy?”
“Of course, baby. You earned it.” He groaned, his hips hammering against yours as you bit his neck, letting out a muffled scream.
You hummed against his neck when you felt his warm release fill you up, he pulled out of you, frowning when he looked at your naked and hairless pussy, dripping with his cum.
“From now on I’ll be picking out your clothes,” he stated, rolling off of you and pulling you into his arms.
“Okay, daddy,” you hummed.
“And no more surprise bikini waxes.”
“Mmm...” If that’s what you had to do to get in trouble and be punished, then so be it. “We’ll see.”
Three days later
“Lotion time, doll,” Andy said, pausing the movie you were both watching to go get said lotion.
He had rubbed your lotion on your backside when he spanked you and decided that he wanted to be the one putting your body lotion on you from now on since he had too much fun doing it. He insisted on doing it twice everyday since it was still very cold.
You followed him to the bedroom, lying face down on the bed a he squeezed some on his palms, rubbing them together to warm them up.
You winced just a little, your skin still a bit sensitive, you even had to sit on a pillow the time.
“Will you be going back to work tomorrow?” you wanted to know.
He didn’t like the sadness in your voice, “Yes,” he sighed. He hated leaving you all by yourself.
“I’ll be all alone then.”
“Didn’t you want to go back to college?” He remembered you telling him that your parents forced you to drop out so that you would marry him.
“I do actually. Hate leaving things incomplete... maybe I can even go to a law school and become a lawyer like you!” you perked up.
“You’re not working for your father though, you’re too good for that world.”
“You’re too good for him too.” You said. “Maybe I can work with you.” And you and him could be like a power couple. It would be so exciting.
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Tumblr media
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Warnings: swearing, sarcasm, mentions of assault, blood, violence
Peter doesn’t know Natasha Romanoff at all. Or so he thinks.
Peter didn't know Natasha at all. She was the most mysterious woman he'd ever met and everything he learned about her had never been directly from Natasha but through hearsay or facts from the others that had known her much longer.
He never heard her joke and she always seemed to be tense. Steve had once told him that the most expressive part of Natasha's body was her face. Which threw Peter for a loop because well duh? Obviously. Steve had only laughed and shaken his head when Peter explained as much.
"You're looking for all the wrong cues. Her eyes and her smile won't tell you anything." Her forehead, her jaw, how she holds her head were all apparently the keys to unlocking the truth that was Natasha Romanoff.
Peter presumed Steve had gotten a little silly in his old age and paid no mind to him, continuing on in life knowing that she would always be an enigma.
Finding out that Natasha had a girlfriend was so far from left field that it had blindsided him. He never would've even considered that the woman who flirted with every man who stood still for long enough wouldn't even be into them. It threw him for a loop.
Not in a bad way but in the same way, finding out that Steve and Bucky were a thing had thrown him. He had expected both of them to be straight. He had his ideas about Tony, a thought or two on Clint and he even wondered about Wanda. He never suspected that he was wrong.
But then again he knew better than that and he shouldn't have presumed anything of the sort. People just loved people in his eyes.
The thing was, Natasha had just barely reacted when she found out you had been taken. He would've been buck wild, inconsolable. She just accepted it without even checking to see if the intel was right.
"You're wrong," Wanda told him from below where he was scrabbling across the ceiling, eyes on the ground below. The glow from her hands illuminated the pathway and gave him a chance to call out anything for her to beware of. "I've felt grief. What she felt was more."
Peter went over her reaction again in his head and wondered how on earth she contained that kind of emotion. He knew her history, everyone had since she dumped it all out for everyone to see along with all of Shield's databases. He supposed it was something she learned.
"If you knew how to read her you would know different. Only Steve can see her." Wanda explained, fingers twitching as she unlocked a heavy metal door and pushed it aside letting Peter continue uninterrupted in his path.
"Big step, right over that wire there." Peter guided and she stepped over it gracefully, fingers glowing. Peter webbed two cameras in this hallway before beckoning her through.
The eyes on the inside had given them directions right to you and they followed them as silently as possible. Which wasn't hard because about ten minutes into the attack they'd been joined by the roar of The Hulk.
It was the first time Peter had seen Banner eager to join the fight. It was another clue into the depth of Natasha's relationships with the others and he wondered idly was he the only one that didn't know her.
"She thinks of you both as the Spider Twins ever since Tony referred to you as that once." Wanda offered and Peter smiled. Spider Twins. He liked that.
"Two motion sensors up ahead," Peter warned, guiding Wanda through their timed rotations and she stepped quickly and nimbly. They were almost twenty-five minutes in and as far as Peter could tell, undetected.
He thought of Natasha again, of how worried she must be about you. Peter recalled the picture Hill had shown them and laughed to himself again. He never would've picked you out of a lineup for Natasha but he liked that she had someone. He hoped dearly that she got to be herself with you. That she didn't have to control every thought.
"Approaching the holding cell now." Peter tapped his com and heard a shaky breath that could've been from anyone as he dropped to the floor and Wanda began unlocking the door. It slid open and revealed a medical bed and an unholy set up of IVs and you.
Right in the center of the bed, restrained and petrified. You attempted to shuffle away with your limited range of movement and Peter held his hands up hoping to calm you. You were whimpering behind the gag and Peter made his way closer to take it off you.
"Please, I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me." You begged. Wanda slipped her com out of her ear and pressed it into Peter's hand.
"We're with Natasha. We're here to help." Peter told you gently but you shook your head, tears running down your cheeks.
"That's what they said before. They told me she sent them to help me. She hadn't." You sobbed, inconsolable. "She'd never let anyone hurt me."
"Put the com in her ear, Peter." Natasha urged, grunting while fighting. Peter held up the small earpiece and you shuddered away from his hands.
"Please don't." You begged and Peter looked over his shoulder to Wanda.
"This is an earpiece. Natasha is here, fighting for you. You can hear her through this." Peter explained and he saw the hope twinkle in your eyes before you shut it down. It hadn't even been six hours and this was how you were. He couldn't imagine what you'd been through.
"You're lying. You're using her to hurt me." You cried so Peter apologized and caught you off guard, pushing the earpiece into your ear.
"It's me." Natasha's voice came through the com line more gentle than Peter had ever heard it. "Baby, it's me."
"You're not her. You're trying to hurt me again." You wanted to believe it, Peter could read it on your face. "Tell me something no one would know."
"There are three freckles shaped in a triangle on the inside of your left thigh." Peter couldn't help his blush until you sobbed again, shaking your head.
"They'd know that now." Peter's heart dropped and several gasps came through the com line as your words sunk in.
Wanda approached the bed undoing all the bindings while Peter began gently removing the IVs plugged into your skin.
"You once told me that if I was going to hell you'd murder God himself to come to join me because there was no afterlife for you if it wasn't with me," Natasha whispered quietly and you sobbed, pulling the last of the wires from your skin as you held your hand to your ear like you could protect the words.
"I did everything you said. They had the code word and badges and they knew our escape plan. I thought they were there for you." You explained in a rush. "I didn't forget any of the steps."
"I know, baby." She assured you. The Hulk roared loud enough to make you and Peter wince. "Trust Peter and Wanda. I do."
Peter's heart warmed at the thought of the most untrusting woman in the world letting him take care of the one she loved most.
You weren't able to wake, legs weak, and skin pale. You were sweating but your teeth chattered and Peter worried about whatever that had been giving you, casting his eyes to the half-full bags.
At his look, Wanda gathered them so that someone could analyze them later. He stood in front of you, crouching until he was at your eye level.
"I'm going to carry you. I want your permission." He explained and you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck when he lifted you effortlessly.
"Where are you, Nat?" You asked quietly as Peter carried you from the room, your hand still covering your ear protectively.
"Fighting for you, baby. No one gets to hurt you and survive." She promised and you huffed a laugh.
"That's a long list you need to get through." You mumbled and Peter held you protectively, anger pumping through his veins at the thought of someone hurting you.
"She's got a team." Multiple voices assured you including a roar from The Hulk that sounded strangely agreeable.
"Told you, baby. The second you meet my friends I'm gonna have to fight for your attention." Natasha teased and you turned red. "Don't go running off with Parker while I'm busy."
"Not my kind of spider." You assured her, patting Peter's shoulder kindly in consolation. He only smiled gently, following Wanda.
Wanda turned to smile over her shoulder muttering about spider twins and Peter saw it a split second before she stepped on the wire.
He didn't have time to say anything, only react. He turned his back, shielding you as best he could while Wanda threw up a shield. The explosion knocked Peter and he twisted and did his best to take the brunt of the fall while Wanda worked on holding up the ceiling, her knees buckling at the strength she was using.
She did her best to guide the large lumps of cement and bricks to land away from them, blocking their exits.
"We might be experiencing some issues." Peter groaned and frowned at the silence the followed. He looked to you and you tapped your ear once, twice, three times before shaking your head. "Now we definitely are."
You were shaking a little and Peter sat up and pulled his mask off now that it was no longer serving a purpose. You looked him over before hanging your head and shivering again.
"I can't hear anyone," Wanda told Peter and he sighed pushing himself off the ground and reaching for your hand. You stared up at him before taking his hands and letting him help you stand.
"You are Peter Parker." You told him and he raised his eyebrows. "Nat talks about you a lot."
Peter was oddly endeared as he lifted you into his arms and he tried to fight his blush as you settled comfortably against him. He hadn't imagined ever being more than a passing thought in his team's head.
"Well, I think gentle is gone out the window. Let's start pulling walls apart." Peter grinned at Wanda who flexed her fingers and started pulling them apart. Cracks appear in the wall and Wanda strained and groaned. The wall begins to separate quickly but Wanda paused, listening to something.
"Help is on the way." She smiled gently and the wall exploded inwards. Wanda had a shield up and ready when The Hulk skidded to a stop sporting a beastly grin.
"Little girl." He grinned and held his hands out for you. You went willingly which didn't surprise Peter as much as it should have. You were a lot more trusting than Natasha appeared to be. Or maybe you just trusted her so much that you never thought to question someone she trusted.
Peter took hold of Wanda and swung after Hulk who barrelled through the holes he'd made and through one final wall, bringing them out into the fresh air where the team was waiting.
"Not quite the first meeting I'd had in mind." You explained as The Hulk let you down gently. You shivered in the cool air and a red jacket draped over your shoulders. You thanked Wanda as Natasha held her hand out for you.
You stumbled a little but took her hand, allowing her to pull you in close. "You always loved fireworks." She told you with a smile.
Hands covered your ears and you looked up from her neck in time to watch the building erupt, the heat from the blast turning your skin red but doing little to eliminate the chattering of your teeth, drawing a concerned look from Natasha.
"We need to get back." Peter urged and Wanda pulled the two IV bags from the pocket of her jacket you were wearing, presenting them to Steve. Peter stepped up, offering his arm to you and helping Natasha guide you into the quinjet waiting on the edge of the clearing.
"We took these from her room. That's what they were pumping into her." Wanda explained. You looked away from the bags to The Hulk who was still breathing harshly, hitting the ground with his fist every so often.
"Go to him. Peter will take care of me until you bring Bruce back." You urged and she nodded, leaning more of your weight on Peter who only chuckled, sweeping you up into his arms as he carried you earlier.
"What was it you were saying about me being Natasha's favorite avenger?" He asked and you couldn't help your laugh, leaning into him for warmth.
Peter hadn't known Natasha before today. But after taking you onto the quinjet and waiting for her to show up with Bruce he definitely appreciated her a lot more. She was with you in her lap the whole way home, her forehead creasing slightly when you continued to shiver and complain of the cold despite the fact that you were wrapped in blankets.
Her jaw clenched slightly when she touched your fevered skin and Peter finally understood what Steve had meant. He knew how to read you without ever using any normal cue offered. Because Natasha wasn't normal but she was human.
She had rocked you slowly from side to side as you cried into her neck, whispering something that had tears fall from her eyes and her hands clench into the folds of the blankets.
They'd broken in during the night, luring you out with a code word you and Natasha had agreed upon during the early days of your relationship. You believed them until you arrived at the base.
They'd stripped you of your clothes and injected you over and over with who knows what concoction all the while laughing when you'd called for her, begged them to stop.
Peter hadn't meant to overhear anything you had said, either had Bucky or Steve but there was no tampering down the anger he felt.
He'd never felt anger before like it and he worried about himself a little. He barely knew you but he'd set hundred of Hydra bases on fire for what they had done to you and the people he trusted.
They'd ruined countless lives around him. They'd been doing it since 1945 when they'd taken Bucky and hadn't stopped there. They'd taken everything Natasha could give, everything Wanda had and it still wasn't enough. They'd come for you.
When they got back to the Tower you had fallen asleep and Natasha had asked Peter to take you down to the med bay and assure you if you woke that she'd be there soon. He took the job with Conor, keeping you company even when the medical team began to work on you, taking blood samples while you slept, a little too deeply, which worried the nurses but your fever had broken at least.
Natasha made her way down almost an hour later with Bruce who was going to analyze the tests taken. He had come down from his high with startling clarity for the first time, usually a confusing mess after being the Hulk.
"Her blood results are resoundingly normal," Bruce explained and Natasha nodded, taking a seat by your bedside and pushing your hair from your face. She checked your temperature with the back of her hand and seemed to calm a little, her jaw unclenching when she found out temperature nearer her own.
"Her reactions on the quinjet could've been shock." A nurse supplied, filling out a chart at the end of your bed. "She went through a lot in a very small window of time."
"She's gonna be okay. She's a fighter." Natasha promised and kissed your forehead.
Peter felt safe in the knowledge that you were okay and went in search of Tony to see if he would write Peter a letter for being absent because if he asked May once more this week she was going to kill him.
He didn't come back to see you until the following day after school and he found Natasha asleep against your bed and you sitting up, your hands in her hair and a smile on your face. Your hair had been washed and cooler had returned to your cheeks making you look much healthier than you had the day before.
"Hey, there's my hero." You smiled and Peter chuckled, taking a seat next to you.
"Gonna make my head all big, talking like that." He told you and you rolled your eyes, returning back to looking at Natasha where she was sleeping. She must've been exhausted because Tony had been telling Peter that Steve and Natasha had only just returned from a three-day mission hours before being called out to help you.
"I used to think I'd never know her. An hour watching her around you and it all changed." He told you honestly. "I thought she was straight."
You only laughed before smiling. "Don't feel bad, I did too until she kissed me the first time."
"Took a few kisses to convince you, if I remember right. Not all of them on your mouth." Natasha sat up, shaking her head to get her hair out of her face and Peter flushed bright red.
"You'll traumatize the child." You whispered conspiringly and Natasha only laughed, pulling the table with your water on it close. The jug wobbled and tipped and three hands shot out to catch it.
Yours got there first. Not that it mattered, the grip you had used to catch the glass jug had been too strong, shattering the glass and spilling the water everywhere.
"How's that for reaction time?" You asked, shakily.
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griffintail · 6 months ago
Hello! Hopefully I'm not bothering you but do you think you could write a small headcannons about the reader making them something or just showing something that the reader thinks of them? Just some fluff after the wilbur soot post that you did (Wich was amazing btw- your so amazing) agian sorry to bother you
Here have some flowers 🥺❤️💐
Never apologize about a request as long as you’re in my guidelines! Its hard to bother me :) (Thank you for the flowers *blush*)
I didn’t know who you wanted it about so I did my personal favs. Sorry about that. I hope you enjoy! ♥
For Him
Pairnings: Platonic! Tommy, Tubbo x F! Reader (Separately) 
Wilbur, Ghostbur x F! Reader (Separately)
Warnings: There’s a tiny bit of angst but it turns happy. :)
Tommy had jumped inside his base as he heard pounding on his door and the sound of one of his best friend’s, (Y/N), voice shouting.
        “Damn it, Tommy! Open the fucking door!” She demanded.
He had rushed to the door and the other teenager tumbled in and closed the door behind her, pulling him into his backroom. He opened his mouth to ask what the hell was going on but she put a finger on her lips.
Waiting, they both heard the sound of someone in armor walking by his base and then an angry huff before they left. (Y/N) grinned as she stood up.
        “Perfect execution!” She complimented herself.
        “What the hell did you do?” Tommy questioned, standing up himself.
        “Only the best thing ever.”
(Y/N) strolled out of the backroom like she owned the place, though that was normal. (Y/N) and Tommy were practically inseparable. She had known Tommy since he lived with his father and brothers. Even when their grand duo became a merry trio with Tubbo, their bond never changed.
They’d do anything for each other. There were many stories of their past.
        “That doesn’t answer anything bitch.”
        “You remember your discs?” (Y/N) asked offhandedly as she took some food from his chests.
        “Of course, I do! Tubbo and you still need to help me get them from Dream! I’ve come up with a new plan to do it too.”
        “Wat if I awead g toe.” (Y/N) said with her mouth full of bread.
        “What the fuck did you just say?” Tommy laughed, going into his chests to find his plans.
        She swallowed. “What if I already got one?”
Tommy stopped moving stuff around and looked at (Y/N) as she smirked.
Going into her bag, she indeed pulled out a disc with a purple and white middle, Tommy’s name scribbled on it in his handwriting.
Tommy’s jaw drops.
        “Dream’s not happy, that’s who that was.” She said sheepishly. “I broke into his secret base, which was not easy to find mind you--”
(Y/N) stopped speaking as Tommy hugged her furiously, startling her.
It was rare for Tommy to do something like that.
She knew that the discs were valuable to Tommy, she didn’t realize how much.
        “What the hell were you thinking!” He shouted now, surprising her further. “You could have died! You should have waited till we had a plan with Tubbo!”
        “You’re…worried?” She asked, thrown through a loop.
        “Of course, I fucking am. This disc.” He took it from her and he held it between them. “Is so not worth more than you, dumbass.”
        “I mean, we just promised we’d do anything for each other, we’re best friends.” She smiled, scratching the back of her head.
        “You’re so stupid.” He rolled his eyes. “You’re my best friend, but I don’t want you to die!”
She frowned slightly.
Did he really not like she had gotten his disc back for him?
        “Thank you though.” He sighed after a minute staring at the disc in his hands. “I really appreciate it. I’ll never know how to repay you. I don’t know what I did to get a friend like you.”
        She smiled as she put a hand around his shoulder. “You can start by playing it for me.”
There was still one disc out there, but Tommy would be forever grateful for his best friend for getting one of them on her own. He’d never forget that.
Tubbo was a bit upset he hadn’t seen (Y/N) in a few days.
(Y/N) and Tubbo had met when he had first moved to the SMP, he having almost built on her land. From there, it just kind of became history.
They became fast friends and often hung out, doing more casual things until Tommy would drag the two of them into his antics.
He hadn’t seen her recently though and it was a bit saddening as he couldn’t geek out about the things he couldn’t with Tommy. Or, he couldn’t show off something he did to her, things she’d appreciate.
Sure, he liked being able to just hang out with Tommy, who had been with him the past few days, but there were some things that (Y/N) just did better than him.
But he couldn’t be with her all the time, so he didn’t try to make it too big of a deal.
When she showed back up though, standing on his porch smiling, he couldn’t help hugging her.
        “Hey, Tubbo.” She laughed, hugging her friend back. “Sorry I’ve been gone for a while.”
        “It’s alright. You need to do your own thing.” He shrugged casually.
        “About that, I need to show you something.” She grinned widely, holding out her hand to him.
He took her hand without question and she led him to what she wanted to show him. As they walked, he let her know what he had been up to as she was very vague about what she had been doing.
Soon, they came to a little wooden building with a rounded skylight.
        “Close the door right behind you, don’t let anybody out.”
        “Let who…?” He started as she opened the door and brought them in, only for him to stand stunned.
There were so many bees.
He almost didn’t close the door but managed it before walking into the bee sanctuary.
It was filled with flowers, bees flitting from flower to flower collecting pollen and going into their hives.
        “This is amazing!” He exclaimed, grinning.
        “Welcome to the Hive!” She declared. “It took me longer to make than I thought but I wanted to make it for you.”
        “Thank you (Y/N)! This is so cool!”
Tubbo rattled off bee facts as he walked through the sanctuary, naming a few bees as he went.
(Y/N) smiled. This was exactly the reaction she wanted when she made the plan. She’d have to thank Tommy for distracting Tubbo for her.
        “Come on Wilby!” (Y/N) teased as she raced up the hill, Wilbur groaning playfully after him.
Times had been hard. Wilbur had been kicked out of his own country with his brother.
(Y/N) was deadlocked to stay in the country she had seen flip on its head.
She most certainly spoke out against Schlatt, but having been the country’s previous first lady, Schlatt made sure she was guarded to show he had the entire country under his full control now.
There were the days though, that Tubbo was her guard and she got to see her boyfriend. They could just be them; (Y/N) and Wilbur together again.
During her visits, Wilbur felt like his old self and felt his sanity return after all the bad that had happened. It gave him hope that maybe he could get his L’Manberg back.
(Y/N) had her own guitar with her, one Wilbur had made for himself before everything, the two having been friends for years, and his own was on his back as well
        “Here it is.” She smiled, standing on their hill.
The hill was covered in flowers and off to the side, there was a tree, stripped to be a place to obviously tie up horses. To get away from the stress of their duties, the pair use to come here often by horse. Now, Wilbur lived much closer to the hill and he wondered subconsciously if he went there because he knew this was a safe space originally, away from everything.
She sat down and he sat beside her.
        “Not that I mind being here love, but what are we doing?” He asked, smiling as he took her hand.
        “Since I have so much free time on my hands now.” She joked. “I’ve been working on something for you.”
        He blinked, surprised. “Really? What is it?”
        “Well, I need my hand.” She teased and he gave a pout as he let go.
She laughed as she took her guitar off and gave a small strum. Wilbur tilted his head curiously as he watched her.
After a moment, she started to play a few notes then started to sing a rather uplifting and hopeful song Wilbur had never heard before. But the tune and words made him smile as he listened to her.
After a few minutes of playing, she looked at him.
        “Beautiful love. I’ve never heard that before.”
        “I hope not, I wrote it for you.” She giggled.
He sat in shock for a moment. It should have made sense without even asking!
Once he snapped out of his shock, he hugged her tightly, kissing the top of her head with a light blush.
        “Thank you, darling. I loved it. I’m sorry I didn’t think about it.” He apologized to her as she hugged him back.
        “It’s alright. You just always use to write me songs, especially when I was sad, even if some of them were dorky. Tommy told me you were having a hard time so I really wanted to write you one.”
        “And I couldn’t be more grateful (Y/N).” He let go of her after a few moments. “When we get our home back, we should make a song together.”
        “I would really like it. We should make it a super cheesy love song to annoy Tommy.”
        Wilbur laughed as he took his own guitar to play a few other sings with her now.
When he would get back to Pogtopia, Tommy was surprised that Wilbur didn’t go back to his new personality.
Wilbur was determined to make a new song at the end of this.
It hadn’t been a good day for Ghostbur.
Fundy had yelled at him again, for things that he couldn’t remember doing when he was only trying to be nice to his son.
When he went to go see Tommy, it started to rain, so he had to retreat to his sewer.
Friend wasn’t there, he had left him with Phil as he had planned on visiting Tommy, so he was alone with only his thoughts.
He was sitting, staring at his book. Things he could remember.
Why couldn’t he remember everything?
Why did he make others so sad?
All he wanted to do was be happy and make them happy!
Why? Why? Why—?
He startled, his gaze lifting from the book as he snapped it shut. In the doorway stood (Y/N), a newcomer to the L’Manberg land. She hadn’t been around for any of the historical events. All she knew was the stories those told her.
        “Oh, hello (Y/N). How are you?” He asked her as she was taking off a wet jacket.
        “I’m ok Ghostbur. I saw it was raining and came to see if you were alright. I know you can’t go out in the rain. How are you?”
He was touched. She remembered. She knew he couldn’t go out in the rain and wanted to know how he was.
        “I’m alright. I went and saw Fundy but he was a little angry, so I let him be.”
        “I’m sorry, is Friend with Phil again?” She asked, putting the jacket down on an empty barrel.
        “Yes, he is.” Ghostbur smiled, glad she remembered his sheep and cared about his sheep too.
        “Well, then I’ll spend some time with you.” She smiled back at him. “Can’t have my ghosty friend all alone.”
She never judged him.
Maybe it was because she didn’t know about his past as Alivebur but it always brought him relief.
She never asked about his past either. Other’s told her of course, so she knew what she was getting into, but even then, she always stayed.
Even when he forgot something, maybe a time when he was supposed to meet up with her or something she said, she never got angry. She just reminded him of what she said or instead came and found him.
She even appreciated all his gifts, may it be blue or maybe even something else, she always accepted it. One of those things had been the blue sweater she was currently wearing. Sometimes she’d give him gifts too, often something that had to do with blue as it did remind her of him.
        “It looks like you’re out of invisibility potions again.” She said looking in his potion barrel. “Want to brew some together?”
        “I would love to!” He grinned, floating over to his ingredients. “Did you know L’Manberg was started because of brewing?”
        “I didn’t, why don’t you tell me?”
        “Well, it all started…”
She smiled to herself as she got the water bottles for him. She’d heard this story many times before, Ghostbur just forgot. She loved to hear him speak though.
She never minded anything about Ghostbur because to her, he was the most alive person she knew. She wouldn’t replace him for anything.
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beeeetsandskzreads · a month ago
silent bright summer night
bang chan x gn!reader, y/n works with skz and became their friend (the ultimate dream haha)
genre: tooth-rotening fluff, slight angst with a happy ending
notes/warnings: nothing intense, this is very fluffy, there's brief mentions of cheating, long distance, y/n's exes, fear of abandonment, slight insecurities, deep talks, reader and chan are slightly wine drunk, y/n and chan are whipped, y/n makes it explicit they want to date someone very warm and caring (aka chan), i don't think that's a warning tho djsjs just saying
scenario: on a balcony, at a beach apartment on a summer night of vacation, y/n opens up to chan about their past and current lovers. what y/n doesn't know is why chan is so interested listening to it.
Tumblr media
It was 1:01 am when chan and I found ourselves in the balcony that overlooked the city and it's bright lights on a summer night. Skz had gone to sleep right after all of us came back from a night out of lots of fun, buying stuff on stores by the beach, having ice cream, seeing the view of the city lights reflecting on the sea water, appreciating street artists...
The two of us had been talking the whole evening, we hung out as a group but mostly just spoke to each other and laughed at the members jokes, both of us having a sparkle in our eye every time we saw the group happy. There was this unspoken pleasantness, a bliss, calmness in the air but with a lot of excitement. Chan was so happy to be around the sea with "the kids" as he refers to them and being at the beach almost 24/7 this week, it was like his natural habitat, his home, a comfort place. It left you feeling even softer for him, and as you shared your love for the sea, your feelings were at a peak. You liked Chan, and you loved this place as much as he did.
The night was so great, everyone was out like a lightweight as soon as we arrived to the vacation apartment we're in. Chan and I were testing the theory that a glass of wine would help us get drowsy and help us fall asleep as well, since we both have trouble falling asleep and felt nothing but a remaining excitement from the night out. It came to me especially because of the enthusiasm of talking to him, we were connecting so well, I didn't want this to ever end.
And so we drank (one glass quickly becoming the whole bottle) and we talked for what felt like hours on end, that neither of us wanted to cease.
- My ex best friend, she never quite knew how to choose guys, she always went for the ones that would never turn her way, the ones who obviously wouldn't care about her, not because of her, but because they were really careless guys, walking red flags. - I told him, I couldn't remember where exactly the conversation started but we were talking about nice people picking shitty people to date.
- What about you? - he asked
- Me? I barely even like guys, I mean I do, but I'm really picky actually, I don't allow myself to fall for cold people, I wouldn't forgive myself if I took interest in someone rude, I try so hard to take care of myself so I either stay alone that way or I find someone who makes me feel better, who knows how to take care of me, after all we chase happiness, I think a caring person could do that, someone gentle who isn't scared of emotions or who at least is open to face that fear with me by their side.
- I get it, it's hard to get by if you don't have emotional support, a partner should be able to provide that support, yeah. Did you ever... find someone like that?
- Yeah, in the past I did and even now I do know someone more than ideal... I guess my ex partners when I was young were going through a soft phase tho... I guess everyone has an emotional limit they were scared to cross... once I found that barrier the relationship stoped evolving, reached a dead end and so there was nothing left for me anymore and I left, plus, you know, cheating, long distance, a bunch of stuff really... it wasn't meant to be and I'm okay with that.
- What about that someone right now?
Silence ruled for about 3 seconds before I knew what to say. That someone right now is him. Ever since I've known him feels like he's the only man ever, but I don't think I'd tell him that, not soon anyways.
- What about 'em?
- What's that person like? What makes you trust they're any different from your exes?
- Sometimes I fear they're not, but I set the bar really high and I reset it constantly, to make sure I'm seeing it right, sometimes they seem so perfect to me that I wonder what good have i done in my past life to deserve to be around such a bright person. Of course they make mistakes too, but even the way they deal with them is so... mature, it's so easy to just solve things communicating, it's insane to me. Then I remember it's probably because they're eventually gonna leave me too, or just not reciprocate my feelings and after they break my heart I'll probably loose all hope in love, be heart broken for two years until I decide I'm gonna focus on myself again... it's a cycle after heartbreak, but with this person I'm really scared, because they mean more. I'm way too deep in before I've even expressed my feelings, it's gonna be devastating. - I'm rambling, the wine made me do it.
- What makes you think they wouldn't like you back tho?
- I'm not sure I just... it would be too good to be true and it's complicated... he's amazing and I'm just not sure if he'd be into me, I mean, I think I'm lovable and I think I'd be a great lover, I just don't know if I'm his type or if he'd consider me. We have a bit of an age gap, I'm not someone who's typically pretty or specially good looking, I have my charms but I have no idea if that's enough for him to be in love. It's complicated with each others work too... - I notice chan's gaze on me, he has his head leaned on his hand on the table and he's looking at me with bright eyes, eyes that look tired and a little drunk but somehow, he manages to look at me in a way that makes me feel adored, I don't know why you have to make me feel so much love, Bang Chan - Why are you looking at me like that?
- You have no idea how other people perceive you, do you? - he ignored your question, probably because of his drunk-ish drowsy state - Everyone I know likes you, see, you're a naturally kind and caring person, you're attentive to people's needs, you make sure everyone feels comfortable around you... that's so appreciated by everyone. I think you're exceptional y/n, you have this charismatic way of existing, a refreshing and comfy presence everyone can feel, but to me... it feels like home. You feel like home y/n. So... I have no idea who that person is but I sure as hell know they'd be more than lucky to have you as a partner and they're definitely dumb if they let you go.
- Are you dumb? - my heart's pounding quicker as I'm about to do something I didn't plan on doing ever.
- Huh? No, why w-
- Because that person is you... I like you, Chan. In a more-than-friends way - I interrupt him quickly before I lose my newly found courage.
Chan could've sworn his heart stopped for a few seconds. Suddenly sobriety hit him like a truck. It was the alcohol that made you say that, he thought, but he wished it was true and you didn't drink enough to be lying about this kind of stuff, you had a full on conversation and you seemed pretty sober.
- Y-y/n are you sober? - he tries to navigate through the situation.
- Oh my... yeah I am, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything, it just rolled out of my tongue. I'm sorry... - you said as you panicked and tried to go back inside, regret filling up all your organs.
"I messed up" your brain keeps repeating as desperation starts entering your body, until Chan grabbed your hand, stopping you from leaving.
- Wait! You don't need to apologize, I'm glad you told me... You didn't think I'd say all that about you if I didn't like you as well, did you? - he asks suggestively.
- I don't know - you blush as you realize what he's getting at - You're just so nice to everyone, I didn't make a big deal out of it.
- Well, you should've made it a big deal, the biggest deal actually because I've been trying really hard to show you how I feel these past few days and you were so clueless I thought you were purposefully ignoring the signs because you didn't like me back.
- I'm sorry Channie, I just didn't want to assume stuff and get heartbroken if it wasn't true.
-Well it is true, so you don't need to worry anymore. I really like you too, y/n. And I've wanted to say it for a while too, I was just wondering if it was a good idea since you work with us, but I can't contain my feelings anyways... you always treat me so softly and you look after the kids really well... It just feels like you were made to be by my side, you're the embodiment of the person I've always dreamed to be with, and these past few days with the kids and you... it just felt like we were the perfect family you know? I don't think I could be without you by my side anymore... - he stops, he's been staring at your eyes the whole time and now they're starting to water.
How could you not cry when he's saying the things you thought you'd only ever hear in dreams?
- Why are you crying sweetheart? - he whispered, as he wipes a tear with his thumb, the other hand holding your hand as he stands closer every second.
- It's just... I'm so... happy - you smile through your tears - I'm so happy to hear that, you said it in such a beautiful way too... I feel exactly the same, it's like I've gained a family with you guys but you... I've grown really attached to you, feels like some parts of you are tangled in my heart in ways I couldn't tear apart if I wanted to... I'm drawn to you and when I'm with you it's comfortable, blissful, it's right. You're so good to me, it's unbelievable, but it's true, and it warms my heart. - you say as your foreheads touch and your smile grows, his eyes showing so much adoration for you, you could melt.
Suddenly you share your first kiss together, a soft yet passionate mix of sensations, and it felt like everything you ever felt around Chan but better.
You stare into each other's eyes, smiling like the little lovely goofballs you both were, noses touching, ocasional little pecks filled with giggles because you were whipped for each other.
- So this means we're exclusive lovers now, yeah? - he asks with a blushing face, a very silent giggle and a huge, uncontrollable smile.
- Definitely, yeah - you answer biting your lip until eventually you let out the largest smile you ever had.
Needless to say, you didn't leave that balcony to go to sleep that evening. In fact, you two watched the sunrise kissing and cuddling, talking about the feelings you had for each other, when they started, why you liked each other, covered by a blanket, not wanting to let go of each other now that you were openly romantic.
Han found you both sound asleep, you on chan's lap, head on his neck as his arms wrapped around you gently, on a chair in the middle of the morning. He obviously called all the members to watch you two as they assumed you two finally got together. All of them saw it coming, Chan wouldn't shut up about you and had written what could be an entire album about you.
They were happy at least you'd be around more often to cook your delicious food. And you both blushed really hard once you woke up to lot's of teasing from the kids, it was fine tho, you liked it just like this, it was home.
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absurdthirst · 5 months ago
I just love what you do with Requests - so here goes. I have a friend (she is fine now, all is good), who had a serious Stalker problem with a guy who was just a creep. She even got a restraining order and everything and there was a time she was constantly scared. I'm in an angsty mood, so I thought: How would either of the Marcuses (Moreno or Pike, you may choose) react when you call them at night, frightened, because you saw your Stalker lurking in front of your building?
***Stalkers are a scary thing. Restraining orders don’t work for shit (personal experience) 
Tumblr media
“Uh, ‘ello?” Marcus groggily answers the phone, not even bothering opening his eyes to see who was on the caller id. After weeks of late nights working to finish up his latest case, he had decided that the best way to spend his Friday night was reacquainting himself with his bed. You had teased him with a corny joke about giving his sheets some ass and his pillow some head. Which he had been in the middle of doing when his phone started ringing.
“Marcus?” His eyes instantly shot open at the terrified tone your voice came through the speaker pressed against his ear. “Marcus, I, uh-”
“What’s wrong?” He’s immediately sitting up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and switching the lamp on. The warm glow of the light spilling over the dark room.
“I’m sorry - I - I don’t mean to bother you. I know you are - uh, so tired but-” You’re barely making any sense, sounding like you can barely breath. “He- uh, oh god, he’s outside my building.”
“Who?” He knows that he’s been out of touch for the last few weeks because of this case, but you had sounded fine, tired yourself, but fine when he had talked to you just a few hours ago.
“This guy! He won’t - he won’t leave me alone. I tried to block him on everything. He’s the reason I changed my number but he won’t stop!” Marcus’s veins run ice cold at the words. “I got a restraining order, but he - he just is standing outside my window.”
“Listen to me.” Marcus is out of the bed, rushing over to his dresser to grab a pair of sweats to throw on. “Check your windows to make sure they are locked, close the curtains. You still have your home phone?”
“N-no, he was - he was-”
“Okay, just stay on the phone with me.” He had remembered you texting him with a new number, but he hadn’t thought anything of it. Thinking you had switched carriers or something. Now he wished he had asked. Pulling on his sweatshirt, he bends down to shove his feet into his running shoes, not even bothering to put on socks. “Double check your door too.” He hears you rushing around to check the windows and the sound of your curtains closing comes over the speaker.
“Now what?” He hates the tears in your voice, wishing that you were not in your apartment alone, dealing with this. He had thought you just missed him when you asked if he wanted to come over tonight, to hang out. He would have passed out on your couch if he had known what the real issue was. He wished you had talked to him.
“I’m on my way sweetheart.” He shoves his FBI credentials into his pocket and picks up the service weapon he had placed on his nightstand. Rushing through his own apartment to grab his keys, tucking his phone under his chin while he opens the door and twists the lock. “You are going to talk to me while I’m driving over there.”
Luckily his car was right outside his apartment, so he was turning the key in the engine in no time. “Tell me about this, sweetheart. How did this start?”
He listens to your story, trying not to react when he hears how you had started to be creeped out by this acquaintance that had continuously asked you out. How you had started receiving notes and texts that were escalating in vulgarity and menacing tones.
The police had made a report and you had been granted a restraining order, but obviously it wasn’t working. At the end of the day it was a piece of paper that could be walked through easily. He would have had you call the police, but he didn’t want you to cut the phone call. He pressed the gas pedal harder, knowing that if someone stopped him, he would probably just ask them to follow him to your apartment.
“I’m almost there, almost there.” He assures you. “Just keep talking to me. I’m going to drive around the building to see if he’s still out there.”
“I can-”
“No sweetheart, stay away from the windows.” He doesn’t know what this guy's motives are, other than scaring the shit out of you. He would never forgive himself if he were minutes away and the bastard shot you because he asked you to check to see if he’s still there. He knew that stalkers could often become violent when pushed.
“Okay.” You sound so small. Marcus wants nothing more than to pull you into his arms and comfort you. He shifts the phone to his other ear to turn onto your street and he automatically slows down, eyes scanning the sidewalks and between cars for a man.
He makes a circle around the block and doesn’t see anyone, sighing slightly. He wanted to confront this guy, put his ass in the cuffs laying in the cupholder of his car and wait for the local police to get there.
“He’s gone.” He tells you, hearing you sigh in relief.
“Marcus, I’m so-”
“You apologize to me, I’m going to get mad.” He cuts you off, pulling into a free parking spot and shutting off the engine. “I’m going to come up. I’ll tell you when I’m outside your door.” Like most buildings in D.C. there wasn’t a buzzer to let someone in, the building wasn’t the most secure place and Marcus couldn’t help but wish that it was. He would feel better if he could be reasonably sure that this asshole wasn’t lurking in your building.
It doesn’t take long, taking the stairs two at a time, he makes his way to your floor and keeps his eyes open for anyone. The hallway is deserted, making him feel a little easier. “Okay sweetheart, I’m right outside your door. Let me in.” He orders you softly. Pulling the phone away from his ear, he glances around while listening to you run for the door. The fiddling of the locks takes a moment but he doesn’t end the call, only disconnecting the moment it swings open and he sees your face.
“Hey.” He immediately steps inside, turning and throwing the locks before he gathers you in his arms. “I got you, I’m here.”
He hugs you tight, listening to you sob and twisting his body around as he rocks you slightly. You needed to let it out so he doesn’t shush you, instead just repeating that he is with you and you are safe.
It’s minutes later that you finally pull back, your eyes red bloodshot and the fear in your eyes not quite as bad as it was when he had first seen you. “Thank you.” You whisper, and he can see that you are starting to get embarrassed.
“Don’t.” He cups your face and leans in to kiss your forehead. “I’m sorry I didn’t know that this was happening.” He will ask you about it later, but it was late and now that the threat was gone, you were going to crash just as soon as the adrenaline of your terror had worn off.
“I didn’t-”
“Not now, sweetheart.” He urges you, turning back and double checking the door one last time before he looks back at you. “We can talk about this in the morning when you pack a bag.”
“Pack a bag?” You wrinkle your nose in confusion but he just nods.
“You are going to come and stay with me. Or I can stay with you, I don’t care, but I’m not leaving you alone.” He tells you, breaking into a wide yawn before you can protest.
“Oh God- I woke you up.” You sigh and look towards the window. “Go home and get some sleep.”
“Not a chance, sweetheart. I’ll sleep on the couch.” He tells you, making you frown.
“No you won’t.” Biting your lip you voice an idea. “I know you don’t have to but- I can’t- I’m not going to sleep. I couldn’t possibly. Why don’t you take my bed.”
“Yes you are.” Marcus isn’t going to argue about the bed, it would be so much better than your couch on his back. You had the most uncomfortable couch known to man and he routinely grumbled that he was going to buy you another one every time he fell asleep on it when he woke up with a crick in his neck. “You are exhausted and will crash soon.”
“No, I-”
“What if I stayed with you?” He was a good enough friend that it didn’t sound creepy. He had crashed at your house plenty of times when he had had too much to drink or it was too late for him to drive safely because of his own exhaustion. He had normally slept on the couch, but tonight he felt like you would want the extra layer of comfort of having him right there. “I’ll sleep right there and you can get some sleep without jumping at every sound.”
“Are you sure?” He could laugh at your questioning tone. Not wanting to inconvenience him and make him feel like he had to. Even thought he could hear that you wanted to accept in your voice.
“Absolutely.” He shuffles you into your bedroom and starts pulling his badge, keys, and gun from his pockets. Setting them down on your nightstand as he prods you into the bed. Climbing in behind you after he’s toed off his shoes, staying dressed in the sweats for your comfort.
You don’t hesitate to back up against him, making him smile sleepily when he tucks his arm around you and leans in to kiss the back of your head. “I’m here, sweetheart. You don’t have to worry, I’m not going anywhere.” He reminds you. “Get some sleep and we will decide who’s place we are camping out in when we wake up.”
You hum and he feels your body relax, staying awake long enough to hear your breathing change. Thankful that he had answered the phone and come over here, if nothing more than for you to calm down enough to slip off to sleep. You couldn’t prove that he had broken the restraining order, so the police wouldn’t arrest this asshole, but Marcus wasn’t going to sit by and let you live in fear. Not when he cared about you so much.
Drifting off, he snuggles in a bit closer to you with a sigh. It didn’t matter what it was, whatever you needed he would be here for you. Stalkers, bugs, broken air conditioners, it didn’t matter. He wanted to make sure you were safe.
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tomatograter · 11 months ago
New to the fandom, Could you explain June? 💯 Love and support her. But homestuck 2 doesn't have her and I'm just confused?
June Egbert precedes the concept of homestuck^2! I’ve seen a lot of people be confused about this because they weren’t active on the fandom at the time the epilogues dropped, when reading her as a trans woman got a lot of discussion going and eventually lead to multiple confirmations.
So here’s an attempt at contextualization:
Throughout Homestuck, a few key ideas about Egbert’s identity and motivation to push forward with her hero’s journey are dropped like breadcrumbs. She’s meant to play the default straight-man protagonist. Her defining traits are ridiculously… generic, when compared to how all the other kids present themselves and stick to exaggerated bits. She’s a perfectly normal, regular suburban kid with normal, suburban issues. 
She may not leave her room a whole lot. She may not have a lot of real life friends in the neighborhood. She holds a comical irritation for the concept of birthdays, even though her father is extremely supportive, and is delighted to see his son grow up nice and healthy. There’s no reason for her to be so irrationally upset at cakes and gifts, and that’s what makes the setup funny! June doesn’t even know why she’s annoyed with half of the things that annoy her, what the heck.
But under all that playing around there is a sense that her life is so normal, so blasé, so unexciting and limiting and hollow and fake that she’d give anything to not be herself, even if only for ten minutes. This goes way, way back. It’s why June needs SBURB to happen.
Tumblr media
June lives as though her life hasn’t started yet. She’s stuck in the Tutorial stage. I would argue while most kids (and trolls) play SBURB to escape a shitty environment or the end of the world as they know it, June plays for a simpler reason: She needs to escape herself, and she needs to do it before it is too late. 
Being thirteen means crossing the homeric abyss between being a child with no care for the world sporting a generic hand-me-down identity and becoming a Teen (capital T) who needs to figure out how to cope with atrocious bodily changes while building the adult they’re meant to be AND deciding what the fuck they want out of life, and how they’re going to work to get it, forever and ever.
When you’re trans, and you don’t yet know you’re trans (or that this is a thing you’re even ALLOWED to be) the above feels a lot like serving a life sentence for an intangible crime.
You know what you’re supposed to do. You’ve seen it on tv, you’ve heard it from your dad, you know what are the normal trials and tribulations. You know you'll grow a few pimples and stubble and you'll need to learn how to shave, obviously, because it's basically a tradition in your family, and no one is really happy to be a teen. You know at some point you'll find a nice girl and you'll grow a hat out of your skull and then you will have to pay taxes and maybe you will have a baby daughter? You'd like it to be a daughter for no particular reason. And when you get a daughter you're going to name her Casey and she's going to be adorable and this is something you've dedicated a lot of thought to. Maybe its because you thought Nic Cage looked really cool with those long flowing locks in con air, the movie who featured a trans woman as a minor character for a few minutes (and she gets quite a bit of compliments, regardless of how the movie has aged), and he had a really exciting life, but goddamn did he love his daughter. There is no purer love than the bond between a father and his daughter. 
This absolutely has nothing to do with your father and you, or how you hold no excitement for becoming an adult man, or how your father's excitement for you becoming an adult man in your stead feels a little stifling.
Tumblr media
But i digress.
June spends her time on SBURB mostly hassling karkat, and readily following the instructions of zany, dangerous, COOL girls that seem to know what they're doing. June lets Terezi lead her to certain death without blinking. June lets Vriska dress her up as soon as opportunity presents itself. June thinks its really funny to trick this troll Who Types Really Oddly into believing she's Rose, and also into believing that she's a very silly girl. You may even say Homestuck employs a few of jokes pertaining to how her name looks like EGG !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
June has a ball playing this game until it starts to get shitty. She's never able to mend her relationship with her dad, as he's one of the first causalities. She has to spend a lot of time waiting around with jade on a ship until things get cool and exciting again, but she never stops growing during those three years. Its fine, though, because there's always more things to be done and more people to fight.
Until there aren't, and they make a new earth, and while everyone cheers and claps for the birth of a new planet June realizes all her excuses are over. Her friends begin to grow up. Rose gets married. Jade is living her best life. Dave has a not-boyfriend glued to his hip. Jane has a job. Jake is on TV for some reason. June doesn't want to leave home. June's birthday is around the corner again. Here come all the congratulations for becoming a strong lad for yet another year! Vriska is gone. Terezi is gone. SBURB is over. Wacky hijinks have been swapped for real-ass, boring-ass Regular life. We watch her unsuccessfully chase after the glory of days gone by when Rose presents her the possibility of going back into the game, when things were cool and mattered, or her flimsy decision to settle down with a nice girl she hasn’t really made an effort to know and become a father and be absolutely miserable for four decades as she asserts nothing is real, not anymore, and this is just how it is.
Depersonalization, depression and general apathy towards the world are all pronounced aspects of dysphoria that seem like unrelated incidents for someone who hasn't came out yet. June's trainwreck of a life post-game, specially her feeling of hollowness and chasing after anything that could fill it struck a chord with trans readers who left the epilogues to read HS again and discovered this has always sort of been here. June being a trans woman who doesn't have the proper vocabulary to express she is a trans woman makes a lot of earlier bits from the comic click into place, now in a broader context. We settled in the name "June" because it's what she imagines Vriska is calling her at some point, amid laughs, but even that was discussed for a lengthy period last year. What would she want to be called, what are possible tags for this, etc. But it was mostly for fun and games, because the prospect of the protagonist of a 10 year old beloved cult series being ACTUALLY confirmed as a trans woman just wasn't something that was done.
Until word got around to Andrew Hussie and he was reportedly so pleased with this interpretation of events he’d be making references to it, and some time later, a box of toblerones was left in a cave as a gift for fans to find. The first person to find a toblerone thought it would be funny to dedicate it to June, because now she was an ongoing reference that was fun to make. Instead of it ending there, Hussie logs on twitter for the first time in a long while to say 'Oh yeah, i'll make it happen' and that's when the whole thing exploded. I have a post detailing this made a year ago (with pictures!) so i won't keep you here.
In the year since, June has been vaguely alluded to in Pesterquest (in jade's end card, she's having her nails painted by rose.) Has been widely adopted by the community, those making their own fanventures and continuations, and the team behind Homestuck^2. In every way that matters, she's already thriving within the community that brought her to light a year ago. But her coming out in canon is something that will take time and a proper narrative arc to happen, one that is still being set up. We know it'll come eventually, the only question is “how”.
Not that the wind waits for anyone.
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12raccoonsinadress · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Pictures : Tokoyami x Reader (Smut)
Word Count : 4,519
Third Person POV 
You sighed, looking over your body once more in the mirror. You usually didn't feel this bad, or at least you could typically ignore it. Today had you criticizing your body much harsher than normal, in fact the past two weeks had been that way. You couldn't properly pin what it was either, something was just wrong. You adjusted your uniform one last time, though to no avail. You picked up your bag and left your dorm room. Hopefully class would distract you enough to make the spiraling feeling in your gut go away.
Right as you were about to open the big door to leave the dorm building, you heard someone calling out for you.
"Y/n! Wait up!"
It was Mina. She ran up beside you, nearly tripping over her own feet, beaming.
"Wanna walk to class together?"
You smiled back at your friend.
"Sure. Let's go."
You both exited the building and began walking to the school. As you walked, Mina made up most of the conversation, though you couldn't really follow a lot if what she was saying. She seemed to bounce from topics at a pace that left your head spinning if you focused too hard.
You were a little over half way to the school when she suddenly stopped talking and looked at you. You looked back puzzled.
"Y/n, is everything ok?"
You tilted your head.
"Yeah, why do you ask?"
"You just look kinda... Sad."
You rubbed the back of your neck. You hadn't realized that you may have been showing more emotion on your face than you may have intended to. Mina was your friend, there really was no point in lying to her.
"I've just been feeling a little... Off about myself lately is all."
"What do you mean?"
"I don't know. I guess I just don't feel like I look all that good. You know, like my body isn't great."
You felt a slightly embarrassed heat crawl up your neck. You felt Mina couldn't possibly understand. She was attractive, her body was curvy and nice. She looked at you with a sad expression for a moment, which quickly became a smile as she had an idea.
"I have just the plan to fix that!"
You cocked your head curiously. You spoke hesitantly.
"When you get back to your dorm, take off your uniform and take some hot pictures of yourself!"
Your face went beet red immediately, eyes going wide. She continued.
"You won't send them to anyone or anything like that. It's just to make yourself feel hot! You'll delete them right after. Trust me. What could go wrong?"
You tried to calm down as you thought over her idea. Maybe she was right. You've never taken risque pictures before so it's not like you could debunk her theory. And if it didn't work, she had a point. What could go wrong?
"I'll think about it."
She giggled, giving you side hug.
"You're a good looking girl, Y/n."
She smiled more mischievously now, a sing-song lilt to her voice.
"And I'm not the only one who thinks so.~"
You didn't dwell to much on her last comment as you reached the front of the school. Together, you made your way to your homeroom class. A good lot of your classmates were already there, talking to each other. Shoji and Koda were were talking. Bakugo looked like he was about the hit Kirishima, who was trying to defuse whatever situation he had gotten himself into, and Iida was lecturing Tokoyami for sitting on a desk. You smiled, walking over to them.
Usually, you would have walked to class with Tokoyami, but you had woken up late today and told him to head over without you. You had to stifle a laugh when he saw you this morning when he came to see where you were. You were about halfway ready at the time, wearing the leggings that go under your skirt but not the skirt and your school shirt was about half buttoned. When you had opened the door he had froze for a moment, then proceeded to spend the rest of the conversation talking with his eyes closed. Tokoyami was your best friend, a friend you had deeper feelings for, but regardless, your best friend.
"Good morning, Tokoyami, Iida."
"Good morning!"
Iida's attention turned from Tokoyami, who has still not moved from on top of the desk, to you. Tokoyami gave you a small wave in response.
"What are you guys doing?"
"Explaining the importance of respecting school property. Our greatest pro heroes sat at these very desks! We should be treating them with the upmost respect!"
"I bet when they were our age, they sat on the desks too."
Iida looked at you wide eyed, seemingly unsure of how to respond. You continued.
"I mean, think about it. This entire space held the teen years of our pro heroes, right? Which includes the embarrassing, hormonal, and defiant parts of their pubescent lives. So sitting on a desk is probably par for the course."
Tokoyami and Iida both looked at you stunned. Iida cleared his throat and turned to Tokoyami once more.
"I still must urge you to sit in your chair more frequently. Have a nice day, the both of you."
With that he walked away and over to where Uraraka and Midoriya were. Tokoyami gave you a small smile.
"You made all of that up on the spot, didn't you?"
You beamed.
"I should join an improv group."
"Or a circus."
You put your hands on your hips and he laughed. You couldn't help but laugh too. You sat in his chair, looking up at him on the desk. You changed the topic of conversation.
"So I found this new horror movie. It looks pretty terrible so obviously I think we should watch it tonight."
"In my dorm or yours?"
"Hmmmm your dorm. It's best for being spooked, cause it's spooky."
"My dorm is not "spooky". It's atmospheric."
You smiled, delighted.
"Quoth the raven."
"I thought you liked you liked poetry."
"I do. When it's not being used against me."
"You're no fun."
"And you are?"
Before you could protest, the bell rang. You got up, dramatically glared at Tokoyami and walked to your desk as he chuckled quietly.
"Please never refer to me as that ever again, thank you."
You and Tokoyami were walking back to the dorms after school. Dark Shadow had decided to pop out and say hi, so you were petting his head as you walked. Tokoyami shrugged.
"You're the only one who can twist words fast enough to get him to desist. Therefore, you are infact the Iida Whisperer. "
Dark Shadow pitched in.
"That's stupid."
"Exactly. Friendship with Tokoyami over, Dark Shadow is my best friend now."
You laughed. Dark Shadow retracted back and you shrugged.
"You know I'm just joking. I couldn't replace you if I wanted to... And I don't."
Your tone had gone softer than intended on that last part. Enough so to catch Tokoyami's attention. He continued to look on at the path in front of you both.
"The feeling in mutual."
You walked in silence the rest of the way to the dorms. As you reached the door, Tokoyami turned to you.
"When do you want to do the movie?"
"After dark. Optimal time for spooks."
"Alright then. Text me when you're ready."
"Will do."
With that you parted ways. You went up to your dorm to change out of your uniform. As you were unbuttoning your top, you remembered what Mina had said earlier that morning. You looked over to your floor length mirror.
You were undressing anyways.
You double checked your door was locked. You couldn't imagine what you'd do if someone walked in on you doing this. What you'd do if Tokoyami walked in on you doing this.
Die probably.
Just as you were getting your skirt off, your phone buzzed. It was a text from Tokoyami.
"If we wait until dark, you may be caught by Iida leaving past curfew."
You texted back.
"I'm the ~Iida Whisperer~, remember?"
"I thought you hated that?"
"Eh, it's grown on me."
"Whatever you say, Iida Whisperer."
You left the text app and hesitantly opened the camera. You tried a few standing poses, all of which didn't make you feel very attractive. You kneeled on the floor, spreading your knees as far as you could and leaning back. This pose didn't feel all that bad. And in the mirror it looked almost alluring. You felt an odd feeling shoot through your body. You continued to do a few more poses. Afterwards you put on your normal clothes and looked at the pictures you took. You immediately deleted most of them, not caring much for how you looked. You lingered on the picture you took on your knees. You didn't look bad. But at the same time that annoying little voice in your head insisted that you may not look bad, but you could still be so much prettier if you weren't so... You. You groaned, shoving the phone in you pocket and flopping down onto your bed. After a moment of sulking, you got back up again and went to grab the movie, making sure you knew exactly where it was for tonight. You glanced at yourself in the mirror again, now that you were dressed. You shook your head.
As you sat down again you pulled out your phone... Which was still on. It was still open on the picture you had been looking at, but with a little bar of text at the bottom.
Picture Sent!
You nearly dropped your phone. You quickly closed the picture app and went back to see who had received it. Part of you prayed it had sent to one of your female friends. Mina or Toru or Uraraka. At least then you could explain. They've seen you in your underwear before, you've all changed in the same room. It wouldn't be as humiliating.
You're stomach twisted into a knot and you could hear your heart in your head. Apparently, Tokoyami had texted you while you were busy.
"You're sure you want to watch it in my dorm?"
The next message sent was the picture. Heart racing you went to try and delete it. Maybe he hadn't-
That one little word at the bottom of the screen filled your entire body with a sense of dread. You figured at some point you'd confess to having stronger feelings for him, but this was not how you wanted to start letting him know you liked him.
You turned off your phone and threw it across the bed. You stared at it for a long few minutes. It didn't buzz or make a noise. It didn't even light up. The silence in your room was deafening. After nearly 8 minutes had passed, your phone buzzed. It took you another full 2 minutes to work up the courage to even see what it was. Shakily, you opened the message.
"So... Your dorm then?"
You stared at the text. You felt like you were going to pass out. Or throw up. Or scream. Or all of the above.
He wasn't going to question it? He was really just going to accept that his best friend sent him a half naked picture of herself? He was just cool with that?
You didn't know how to respond. You don't think you had the ability to.
Did that mean he might feel similarly to how you felt?
So... Your dorm then?
Your heart rate picked up as the implications of the text set in. You knew your face must have gone beet red by now. You took a deep breath, trying to calm down. You were more than ok with what his response implied. That didn't mean you weren't going to be an embarrassed blushing mess when you inevitably had to face him though.
You were brought back to attention by a knock on your door.
Taking another deep breath, you opened the door. In his normal day clothes stood Tokoyami, a crimson blush on his face and his eyes averted.
"I.. wanted to speak with you in person."
"Prob- Probably for the best."
You let him in, quietly scolding yourself for stuttering. You closed the door and turned to him, but kept your gaze away from his face. He was holding his phone against his chest. He cleared his throat, a bit awkwardly.
"I... Apologize for the way I responded. I wasn't exactly sure... How one should respond upon receiving things like that."
"It's- it's alright. No worries."
You strained a smile, rubbing the back of your neck. He copied the action.
He closed his eyes, seemingly building up the confidence to go through with his next action.
"As your close... friend, it's only fair of me to ask what you would ask for in return for presenting me with... A photo of such private content."
You were barely able to process your best friend's words before you began to speak.
"Tell me what you think of me."
You felt some bold streak come out of nowhere as those words left your mouth. He looked at you, nearly as surprised as you were. He blinked rapidly, searching for words. He stuttered for a moment before pausing and stepping forward.
"I think,"
He set his phone face down on your desk as he approaching you.
"You are too beautiful for words to truly describe and no amount of writing would ever do your inner or outer beauty proper justice.”
You felt your knees go weak. Sure, the line was definitely cheesy, but to you, he could make anything sound like poetry. You swallowed hard. He took your hands in his, his eyes closed as he was unable to look at you and still have the courage to continue.
"I think, whether my receiving of the picture was mistake or intentional, there is nothing I can truly do to pay you in turn for presenting me with something so intimate. Something that truly accents the natural beauty I've known you to possess."
He opened his eyes now at the sound of your soft voice saying his first name. Though there was some surprise to hearing you speak to him so gently, his eyes were filled with something you'd never seen on his face before. He responded with as soft a tone.
"Yes, Y/n?"
Shakily, you let go of his hands and cupped his face, tilting his it so you could press a light kiss to the top tip of his beak. His eyes went wide, his blush deepening. You laughed lightly, though still shaking from nerves.
"I'm.. not really sure where to kiss you."
"I'm sorry, I am a rather.. difficult individual to kiss I suppose."
A bit of panic set in.
"No no, don't be sorry."
You pulled his face back towards yours, tilting his head so you could kiss the line of his mouth. His hands rested on your waist. You spoke barely above a whisper.
"We'll figure it out."
"This implies you'd like to make this a normal occurrence?"
Blushing hard, you nodded.
"Fumikage.. you're my best friend. You've been for over a year now. Though for only a little less than that... I've liked you as much more than a friend."
He hummed thoughtfully, pulling you closer to him.
"I originally wanted to be closer to you, even if only as your friend, because your beauty had captivated me. The more I grew to know you, the more you occupied my thoughts until you were all I thought about."
You wrapped your arms around him, pressing him closer to you. You smiled.
"We've wasted a lot of time mutually pinning for each other, haven't we?"
He looked at you face now.
"I suppose we have."
"... Do you think anyone could tell?"
"I'm sure we'll know soon enough."
You paused pursing your lips, avoiding his gaze.
"So... About the picture.."
You could feel his heart rate rise at it's mention. At this point, you didn't care to tell him it was an accident. You just didn't know what else to talk about. He glanced over momentarily at his phone on your desk.
"I would be a liar if I were to say that I don't wish to.. keep it."
You blushed deeply, but put on the smile you usually would wear when the two of you were just talking back and forth.
"You prefer the picture over the version currently in your arms?"
His breath hitched.
"I- well- I never necessarily said that."
You traced small circles on his chest with your finger.
"What are you even going to do with a picture of me like that? Dirty things?"
You didn't give him the chance to defend himself. As you've both realized over the past year, messing with each other was far too fun. And now with him as a stuttering, blushing mess, why should it be any different? Plus now you have leverage.
"How many times have you thought of me while doing dirty things? It's been a little over a year right? Maybe twice, three times a week?"
He was at a loss for words, you continued.
"Maybe that's why you don't let me look at your notebook. I bet you've written all sorts of naughty things that you've been hiding from me."
You smiled wryly. Having had enough of your onslaught, he slid his hands down to you hips, tightening his grip.
"I think someone is projecting a little bit."
He smirked, keeping one hand on your hip and bringing the other to your face to make you look him in the eye.
"Maybe I should be the one questioning you, my dear. Tell me, how many time has my name been on your lips in dead of night?"
As you had shown him no mercy, he did the same.
"Or maybe that's what you're thinking of when you day dream in class. I've seen how flustered your thoughts have made you in broad daylight. I've always wondered what could have possibly made you so red faced. I would have acted sooner if I had known it was me."
You had barely noticed him backing you into the wall until your back met the solid surface. Despite the weakness growing in your knees and the tingling sensation between your legs, you searched for a way to retort. You let your eyes scan his body for an out. That's when you saw it. You smirked up at him with a new confidence.
You raised your leg, pressing your thigh between his legs. His breath hitched.
"So I'm the one having dirty thoughts? Something is telling me that I'm not the only one, Fumi."
"W-well that doesn't seem fair. You're arousal wouldn't be so obvious."
"You may never know~"
You dropped your leg, going to replace it with your hand, but in a sudden motion your hands were pinned above your head. He looked at you with a dark triumphant smirk.
"Is that so?"
You smiled confidently, silently hoping to urge him on.
"I could be completely turned off right now and you'd never know."
"Well, let's just see about that."
Holding your wrists in place with one hand, he brought the other one down the top of your pants. He hesitated. He looked to you eyes. There was a submissive sort nature to you he'd never seen. Your eyes were lidded, your lips parted, and a beautiful hue of red was dusted across your face. Your eyes met his and you smiled at him like you always did. That was enough to urge him onward. Watching your face for any sign that he should stop, he slid his hand into the front of your pants. His fingers lightly traced over your panties. You bit your lip. He pressed up against your wetness, before pulling his hand back out and holding it up. His voice was low.
"Completely turned off, right?"
You huffed.
"Shut up."
"You're not really in a position to make demands."
"And you are?"
He leaned in close to your ear, his naturally deep voice sending goosebumps across your skin.
"I certainly would think so. If I'm allowed to continue, that is."
You swallowed hard. When you didn't respond, he brought both his hands gently to your waist. He tilted his head downward.
"Perhaps I'm.. getting ahead of myself."
"No no, this is ok!"
His eyes went wide for a moment at the slight out burst. You covered your mouth, embarrassment washing over you. He chuckled, pulling you towards him away from the wall.
"Well then. Who am I to deny your desires?"
He lead you towards your bed and made quick work of getting you on your back beneath him. He pressed his forehead to yours. You closed your eyes. You slid your hands up his chest, feeling the lean muscle beneath the T-shirt he was wearing. His hands slid up your sides beneath your shirt. You pressed a soft kiss between his eyes. They opened halfway. He glanced away and spoke softly.
"I'm sorry that I can't properly kiss you, Y/n."
You kissed the top of his beak again.
"I don't care that you can't kiss me, Fumi. Hell, I don't care if I end up laying an egg. I want you, no one else."
He laughed. You held his face in your hands.
"What's so funny?"
He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, continuing to run his hands up your bare torso.
"I can assure you, you will not be laying an egg."
He had been slowly moving your shirt up. You arched your back to assist.
"How do you know? How many best friends have you seduced, hm?"
He pulled your shirt over your head. You slid your hands under his shirt to return the favor.
"Just the one, evidently. And I certainly hope you don't, seeing as I didn't come from an egg."
He leaned back to fully pull his shirt off. You all too obviously looked over his chest. You'd seen him shirtless before, but in this situation you couldn't help but stare. He leaned forward again, hovering over you with a smirk.
You gasped, feigning disbelief.
"How dare you. If anything you're the pervert."
You hooked two fingers into the belt loop of his jeans, the other hand making a not-so-discrete attempt at unbuttoning his pants.
"I'm not the one nearly, drooling."
You tugged on his pants, he got the message. After tossing them to the side, he made quick work of getting your pants off and out of the way.
"And I'm not the one with a tent in my boxers."
"That doesn't make me a pervert. I'm sure anyone in their right mind would be aroused by a lovely minx such as yourself."
"Isn't a minx a type of cat?"
"That would be a manx, my dear."
"Well either way."
Reaching up to his waist, you pushed him over onto his back and took place straddling him. He looked up at you in awe.
"That's makes me the predator."
"Oh really?"
You moved down his body, stopping at his hips to look back up at him.
He clicked his tongue, setting a hand on top of your head and gently stroking your hair.
"Rather gentle for a predator."
You pressed a soft kiss to the bulge of his boxers, causing him to inhale sharply. You hooked a finger into his boxers and looked up at him.
"Is this ok?"
He gave a small nod. You pulled his boxers down slowly. You audibly groaned at the sight of him. You leaned up and pressed an open mouth kiss to the tip. He let his head fall back, lacing his fingers loosely in your hair. You continued to gently tease him with light kitten licks and soft kisses along his shaft. He groaned low, bucking his hips up involuntarily. His eyes went wide.
"Ah- I apologize. I didn't mean to-"
He was cut off by his own choked groan and you took the tip into your mouth and swirled your tongue around it. You looked up at him, coming off him with a small pop noise. You kicked off you panties and discarded your bra.
You leaned back on your knees. He sat up, taking in the sight of you. He took your hands in his as you half straddled him, just teasing hovering above him.
"If you would have told me a year ago I would have the opportunity to see you like... This. I would have never believed you."
You smiled, leaning in to kiss the top of his beak. He closed his eyes, grasping your hips. You tilted his face up to look at you.
"Are you really okay with this, Tokoyami?"
He cupped the back of your head, pressing your forehead to his.
"Y/n, my dearest, I would want nothing more than to be a device for your pleasure."
The words made you flush. You lowered yourself slightly, feeling him press against you. Both of you sighed as you began letting him push into you. Once you were fully lowered onto him, you both took a moment to just adjust to the feeling. His grip on your hips tightened.
You rocked your hips slowly, moaning low. He took one of your hands in his, lacing your fingers together. You moved up off him, then let yourself slide back down slowly. Gradually, you began finding a pace, bouncing yourself on his lap. Through lidded eyes, you could tell he was keeping himself from bucking up into you and throwing you off your rhythm. You arched your back, picking up your pace.
"Fumi... Fuck."
You struggled to form full words. A soft collective of both of your moans filled the room. He used the hand that wasn't currently holding yours to press his thumb to your clit. You threw your head back as he started rubbing it at a harsh pace. You felt your knees going weak, unable to keep your original pace but still so close to going over your edge. You looked at him with pleading eyes. He pushed you back and took the lead, pounding into you. You felt yourself nearing your peak. You sounded desperate.
He continued at his feverish pace, wanting nothing more than to push you over your limit. You arched your back, feeling yourself tightening around him. He worked you through your orgasm before quickly pulling out and finishing on your stomach. The room fell near silent, the only sound being your combined heavy breathing. He loosened his grip on your hips. You had a feeling you would have bruises there come tomorrow. After you both caught your breath, you smiled up at him.
"So... Are we still gonna watch the movie?"
He laughed. Smiling, he brushed some stray hair out of your face.
"For you, my dear, anything."
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toujoursmiraculous · 4 months ago
Thoughts and Reaction to Guiltrip!
Alright, so this one is a bit more of a serious one for me. But I'll be going in order of the episode so the more serious talk will be a bit further down! First thing we get is this lovely moment:
Tumblr media
I've already addressed it in a post, but I'll say it again here. Guiltrip is episode 11, several episodes take place before Guiltrip that we haven't seen yet, so this is awhile after Marinette and Luka broke up. We also know that Marinette has always had feelings for Adrien, even when she was with Luka. Luka always knew that fact too. None of this is new and is to be expected, obviously, when Love Square is endgame. But! I also want to point out here that this is just a soft look. Very gentle, very common. I see people looking at each other both in real life and in other shows all the time. A look that says "I adore you". And I think it's sweet! Very subtle, but enough. Something's wrong with Rose. We never get told (in this episode anyway) what it is, but it's a chronic illness that's a worry in Rose's life, ever since she was young. I feel really bad for Juleka, knowing that her friend's been struggling with an illness, and whenever something happens she has to worry about it alone. Also that really sucks when you try to cheer somebody up and make a joke, that because you were mislead about a situation you end up making things worse. Poor Marinette. :c Adrien when he realizes he's bumped into someone (and the pink bubbles to remind us of Marinette's feelings for him):
Tumblr media
Adrien when he realizes just who it was he bumped into!:
Tumblr media
Scroll up now and look at how Marinette was looking at Adrien earlier that day. It's the exact same look. Yet, something feels different from usual to me, idk. But continuing on. Marinette gets slightly jumbled with her words, but manages to give herself a kick and says nope not now! Good for her! You can't expect to change overnight, but she's working on it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She looks to the side, gathering her surroundings for a split second and she misses the top step. I'd like to say that this is just a joke for the show but well, this kind of thing has happened to me a lot because I'm that much of a klutz so I feel for her here. (On Halloween I forgot that there was another step as I was walking down as I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't walk on my foot for 2 weeks. It's a serious problem, guys. Really. xDD) Marinette had told Adrien she's concerned it was something she said that upset Juleka and Adrien tells her while sometimes she doesn't make sense, what she says is never mean. This scene reminds me of when Ladybug's worried about something and Chat Noir's there to keep her grounded and remind her of how things really are. I very much appreciate seeing such a scene with Adrienette! Makes the Love Square much more rounded. Also the way he stops her and says let him go talk to her to try to help the situation and any possible misunderstandings from taking place. ;-;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can I just say... oh my gosh. He went from determined, to hearing Marinette trying to comfort her, to looking with confidence "This girl is amazing." and the whole Ladynoir vibe I'm getting from this scene makes me happy. The thing that's unrealistic about this scene though is you expect to tell me that 8 kids went down those stairs and came up behind them and Marinette, Adrien, and Juleka didn't hear? XD Now here's where the serious comes in. Rose is hospitalized with an illness we don't know about, but has been a long-term thing that has Juleka really worried a lot. That must be so stressful :c I'm going to be honest and say I never really saw Julerose romantically. Like I can see how people do, but to me, I could see that their bond was really unique. It didn't really fit completely in the "BFF" category either. But if felt like there was more to them that I didn't really understand. I think the best example off the top of my head was during Zombizou, when Rose was going to help Chloe after she slid down Chat's stick and she went too fast for him to catch her. Juleka seemed especially worried and concerned for her. Rose never seemed to get concerned about Juleka in the same way Juleka was about Rose. Juleka's always been more protective and worried and it was always one of those things that made me go "hmm, interesting". Now this episode finally explains why and I'm honestly super glad for it. Because this kind of a relationship is not a common one in media, especially kids media. Partially because having such serious illnesses in young people is not particularly common, and having someone who's so caring and protective of that person is even less common. And most people probably don't realize how amazing it is to have health problems and then have someone in their life who acts like Juleka does for Rose. I had a life-threatening illness as a kid, one that still affects me greatly today. When in school, my friends knew about it without me having to say anything unfortunately, and while they didn't usually treat me differently, sometimes they were pretty ignorant and didn't understand why I wasn't "normal" like them. They asked questions that were harder ones to answer, and tended to forget my answers. I got a lot of "I know you have X problem but I still don't see why you can't..." as well as thinking I was lying if I said I wasn't well and couldn't go to a party, and that was hard to deal with, being limited in what you can do which makes you different and being judged for things out of your control. So seeing these kids who only know something's wrong with her, but are willing to do so much to make her life better and happier, not judging her at all, wanting to take care of her no questions asked was really heart-warming for me. I only had one friend during that time that was anything close to this. I never had to explain anything to him if I didn't want to. He never asked me personal questions I didn't want to answer. And he seemed to know what he could do to make things for me easier if I was having a hard time without me ever saying so. And this is another reminder to me that this show is aimed at kids. To show kids that they'll likely encounter someone around their age that's going through something serious like a health problem, and what that kid needs most is kindness and not to be made to feel like they're even more different from the other kids than they already feel. The way they handled that aspect of it for such a short, limited intro to it, I think they did good. I discussed this next bit with a friend. She mentioned it first, the trope where those with chronic or serious illnesses are usually an "inspiration". With this episode, you kind of get the feeling that because Rose's been through so much, she's therefore a really positive and bubbly person and it kind of gives off the vibe that if you don't view things the way she does, then you're not doing it right. "What matters isn't the problem, but how you handle it." While I agree with this, and that when you come out of or regularly deal with
such hard times, automatically trying to see the world better and brighter can easily happen, but it's not exactly realistic either, at least not to the extent Rose and other people the media has portrayed. For one, I think you have to have always been more of that kind of person from the start to realistically be so positive. As my friend said and I agree, positivity is just who Rose is, she's not who she is just for the sake of a trope. But honestly, when you've gone through something so difficult, and if life continues to throw you more difficulties on top of it, being positive so much can sometimes turn into a negative and be harmful too. When you've been through a lot, it's important to allow yourself to feel the negative too because it's part of dealing with such problems. And if you've been through a lot in life and you haven't come out of it being all sunshine and rainbows, always looking on the brighter side of things, that's perfectly okay. Life's hard and tends not to work out how we'd like, or even for the better sometimes. If being positive and hopeful after struggling is hard to do, you're not bad or wrong for feeling that way, everybody handles things differently. c: ANYWAY, moving on to the rest of the episode! Juleka being all irritated and worried that the class was going to expose her spilling Rose's secret xD While the situation isn't ideal, it's nice that this is the most involved she's seemed with everyone in the entire duration of the show. But Rose knows something's up, and I love that she talks to her about it and realizes that she should've told everyone herself instead of Juleka being the only one who knew. Which has been such a burden on her. (Oh no, what if this is a reflection of Alya knowing Marinette's Ladybug later on? I'm hoping not.) Ugh these children and how much they care about Rose! These kids are the absolute best. But then they kind of ruin it a little with going overboard. Which, frankly, I think is just ignorance of her situation really. I mean, we don't know what exactly is wrong with Rose. Just that she ends up in the hospital. If they knew about her condition, what causes her to get sick, what to look out for, etc, they'd be much more informed and much less likely to be frantic whenever something's not perfectly "normal" with her. All of these kids are going to be overprotective parents someday, aren't they?
Tumblr media
Okay so like... are Adrien and Marinette going to question at all how Ladybug and Chat Noir showed up immediately after Juleka was akumatized, and no damage had happened outside of the school for it to be known to the public? Literally the only ones that could've possibly known were the class to have shown up that fast. ??? I am confusion. "I can't help my best friend face his father." "No, Nino..." Two things: The fact that THIS is what he's feeling guilty about? My poor Nino! Dx I just love him, he really doesn't get enough love and appreciation imo. Also, um, isn't Ladybug like right by Chat? Didn't she hear that? What? Idk but I feel like we're really missing something here. Usually we get things that are kind of hints, that make us wonder if they know right, but this? This is a bit too blaring-in-your-face, and there's two major things so close together. Really strange. Chat about to use Cataclysm on himself. Good grief that was not expected. Chat Blanc threatened to destroy himself along with everything else. Now Chat Noir while affected with negative emotions from an akuma almost Cataclysmed himself. This show really is getting deep and dark isn't it. o.o Also is there something Adrien needs to work out with someone...? Daizzi and Rose saying the other's so cute, ugh they're both so cute! And Pigella's costume and transformation is so adorable omg. Okay so Pigella's power allows people to see their biggest wish, the thing that'd make them the most happy and feel positive emotions. I know some people probably think "That's it?" Considering that Shadow Moth preys on people's negative emotions, such a power is actually extremely useful facing Shadow Moth. (And let's not forget, that while that's her power, she has the ability to fight and make a difference just from being transformed too) BUT AWWW Juleka's wish! And her face when Pigella said it aloud. ;-; Am I the only one wondering if Pigella may someday use her power on Shadow Moth and that's how they learn his motive? I'm so impressed with how Rose knew how to handle everything. She knew she can't slip up with Juleka. She knew to sneak away to detransform and come back as Rose. She knew to subtly give the Miraculous back so nobody would ever know she had it. Even Chat Noir had no idea! I don't know why, I'm just so very proud of that. "She doesn't need a Miraculous to be a superhero." She really has the characteristics of one, and I can't wait to see more of Pigella. Also I'm really wondering. This scene here:
Tumblr media
All the kids that are part of that friend group are there...except Marinette and Adrien, of course. Alya knows why Marinette isn't there. But is she wondering about why Adrien isn't there too? LOL Marinette being like "I'm taking your pillow back, sorry! Gotta wait for it like everyone else." and the boys being like LE GASP. Marinette's right, she's not fragile! The fact Rose jokes with her and makes everyone laugh, and Chloe saying "Hey, why doesn't everyone laugh when I say something like that?!" Adrien: Because in your case, it's never a joke. Chloe: Hm, that's true. Which is super funny, especially how he just so casually says it. But also it really shows again how Chloe wants to be liked. She wishes the kids would laugh when she makes comments, but it's because they're said in a serious/obnoxious way, instead of making light of something like in Rose's case here, that they don't. I know she talked about it with Ladybug in an episode, but it again shows that that's what she'd like. All that needs to happen is someone helping her get there. Maybe Zoe and Luka will somehow help with that later on. Anyway, this was a really great episode! I feel like some things might not make quite as much sense as they should if we got it in order, but what can you do when Gloob has to air them? Even a friend of mine who's been doing what she can to avoid spoilers, still got spoiled. She's having to delete tumblr to avoid future spoilers because people can't help themselves and tag things properly. So thanks Gloob. :P All we wanted was the episodes in order. We've waited this long for S4, we can wait a bit longer. But they gotta make money I guess. I'm glad other countries are trying their best to keep it in order anyway. c: Guiltrip also has some really great Adrienette moments, and covered a more serious topic which was really interesting and shows how much the show's changing. Especially with some of the choice of camera angles and movements! Like the zoom-in on the door with Adrien and Marinette, the boys LE GASP scene. Very cool artistic choices! Looking forward to the episodes that come before this one to try to help fill in some of the gaps! And apologies to those that frequently read these posts from me, I started writing it up late and couldn't finish so you get it the day after instead. xD
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wifeyprentiss · a month ago
hey hey!
"i'm taking you to the hospital wether you like it or not with spencer x fem (or g/n) reader?
helping my sick muse prompt list! send some in besties :)
cooking gone wrong
masterlist | taglist
pairing: spencer reid x gn!reader summary: in which you and spencer are cooking but you don't cut the vegetable genre: fluff :) word count: 1.2k ish (oops) warnings: non graphic descriptions of a cut/blood, food mentions, + one murder joke a/n: did this once 💀 we had to go to the hospital and this isn't really a sick fic but i hope you still like it!! i didn't go into detail about the actual cut for my sake lol
no matter how draining working at the bau was, there was one thing that always made up for it. rossi’s dinner parties. everyone gathered at his dimly lit mansion as the clinking of wine glasses and chatter filled the room.
so after a long month of work, work, and more work, rossi had invited you all over. but rossi was slowly decaying, and even his love for pasta couldn’t get him the energy to make food for seven people plus jack, henry, michael, and emily. so as much as the italian host in him was sworn against it, he finally let the team bring food. penelope had a field day as she jumped up, almost breaking her ankle on her heels.
so the morning had rolled along, but you and spencer had completely forgot.
“oh my god, what time is it?” you woke up as you stretched your arms out. you looked across to spencer, and he rubbed his eyes as he put his glasses on.
“10:43 am, it’s saturday.”
“why did we wake up so late?” you looked around to see the blankets bunched up, and dried up popcorn on the verge of falling out of the bowl. “binging dr. who, obviously.”
“i think we pulled an all-nighter,” spencer got up and put the bowl away. “oh yeah, we have rossi’s dinner party today. or potluck, rather.” he called out from the kitchen.
well, you forgot. it was a good thing dr. eidetic memory was your boyfriend.
“wait okay spence what should we make?”
“pasta, perhaps? chocolate cake, with that buttercream you make?”
“is this just an excuse to get your favorite cake babe?”
after venturing the aisles of the grocery store, you and spencer came back with a cartload of items and an empty wallet.
“aren’t you going to help me out here?” spencer heaved, carrying $80 worth of ingredients.
“mmm, that seems like a man’s job to me, love.” you tilted your head, and raised your eyebrow.
he groaned and you reluctantly lifted a bag off of his arms. he smiled and you couldn’t help but smile back. you set everything down on the kitchen counter as you unloaded the goods.
“rossi might just kill us for making ripoff italian pasta,” you add, putting down the flour as the excess on the sides made a small cloud around the package.
“it’s fine y/n, at least you’re making me cake.” he says happily. you throw the bag of powdered sugar at him as you pout playfully, and he catches it. he points at the bag held loosely in his right hand, and you flash him a thumbs up.
an hour later, it was four o’clock and you were making good progress. the dinner party was at seven, which meant you both would have time to cool and frost the cake, all while kneading and shaping the pasta. the cake was in the oven, and you and spencer had just started the pasta.
“spencer when you’re making the flour volcano, do not spill it everywhere,”
“i make no promises,” he shrugs and pulls a smirk. 30 minutes later, the kneaded dough baby was well rested and ready to be brutally cut into pieces.
“spence, what should we name them?”
“i think they look like a joey. let’s call him joey,” spencer concludes and gives joey a little pat.
“alright joey, ready to get brutally murdered? let’s do this.” you sliced joey, and you tossed one half to spencer. you cut thick noodles carefully, and you ended up with a heaping pile of flour-tossed pasta.
“spencer, i think it’s only fair we name these guys after killing joey.” you look at spencer. he nods matter-of-factly. so that’s how you ended up spending twenty minutes profiling pasta.
“love, i think this one looks like a joan.”
“okay yeah, and this one’s name is jayden. he gives jayden vibes.” you pointed.
“phew. i present to you… lara, charlie, adam, bonnie, morgana, joan, jody, michael, ryan, jacob, jayden, mary- you know what we have to move on,” spencer sighed after listing the pasta off.
“you're right. let’s get cooking! in you go, our pasta babies. we’re sad to see you go,” you wrap your arm around spencer’s waist and he puts his hand on your head like a couple bidding farewell to their college freshman.
it was now five o’clock, and the pasta was cooked, buttered, and ready to be marinated in rich marinara sauce. spencer was stirring the pasta slowly, watching the noodles swim with their little friends. you were chopping up some vegetables, for emily’s strict pescatarian diet. but your knife was blunt and you were practically sweating to cut this one broccoli. spencer was on cake frosting duty, and he watched and winced as you pushed down with all of your might just to cut it halfway through.
“do you.. need help?” spencer turned to look at you slowly as he licked the last of the buttercream on his finger. as you waved your hand dismissively. with one last attempt, you jumped up and pushed down on the broccoli.
unfortunately taking your finger with you.
“shit,” you whispered, bending down, pressing your hand against your thigh in order to numb the pain.
“oh my god,” spencer ran over to see blood everywhere and he almost passed out. you were pressing your eyes closed as spencer ran you over to the sink. he ran cool water over your cut to hopefully stop the bleeding.
except it didn’t stop bleeding. the water, pressure from a towel, raising the wound, all just happened to agitate the wound on your finger.
“ohhh my god, you’re going to die of blood loss. you can’t die yet. oh my god, you’re going to die,” he paced the kitchen, putting pressure on your cut while doing so.
“spencer, i’ll be fine. just- use your genius brain and tell me what we have to do for this injury,” you forced out in pain.
“um, uh, that’s- i think you ruptured this artery right here. um, we’re going to have to get stitches?” he was losing his sanity by the second.
“don’t be silly, we don’t need stitches. i’ll be fine. i hope.
“you know what, i’m taking you to the hospital whether you like it or not.”
the rest of the hours was a blur, but all you remembered was spencer internally freaking out while the ER team ran you into a room. but his fears were alleviated when you emerged out of the room with a smile on your face, showing off your finger cast that the nurses put smiley faces on.
“spence! look at this cute thing.” you announced to him as if you didn’t almost bleed out before. he sighed and smiled.
“it looks adorable my dear. come on, let’s pack up the food and head to rossi’s. if you’re up for it, of course.”
“of course i’m up to it, silly. you’re going to have to pack the food though,” you laughed and he held your other hand all the way back home.
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mypoisonedvine · 9 months ago
Getting In Tune | Chris Evans x reader fluff
summary: taking house calls as a piano tuner doesn’t usually mean meeting hot guys… mostly just old ladies who offer you lemonade, which is great and all, but did not prepare you for an appointment to tune chris evans’ full grand.
word count: 3.7k
warnings: swearing, dirty jokes about pianos, allusions to nsfw things?? vaguely?, mostly just fluff and flirting and awkwardness
Tumblr media
Checking that the address on your worksheet matched the one on the door in front of you, you reviewed the nature of the appointment as your boss had written out for you: 
Customer: Christopher Evans
Appointment type: Warranty tuning and check-up
Arrival time: 10 a.m. 
You checked your watch and saw that it was 9:58, but hopefully that wouldn’t bother him too much.  Leaning forward, you knocked on the door and waited.  You could hear a dog barking inside, running up to the other side of the door as someone unlocked the bolt and cracked it open, poking his head out while he held the dog back with his leg.
He seemed a little surprised to see you standing there, made even more apparent by the fact that he was obviously wearing pajamas— specifically, a baggy tank top and gingham flannel pants.  A few tattoos were visible on his arms and collarbones, though you tried not to stare at them or anything.
“Did you not know you had an appointment today?” you asked him.  When he didn’t answer, you tried to give a bit more of a prompting.  “I’m here from Boston Steinway…?”
“Right, right,” he agreed, “uh, let me put the dog out, and… put on a shirt…”
“Good idea,” you suggested, “I’ll be here!” 
He smiled at you one more time before shutting the door again, his footsteps shuffling away as you waited for his return.  Thankfully it was a nice day out so you weren’t too cold in your work uniform (yes, you felt like a total dork having to wear a polo with a nametag on it, but such is the life of a piano tuner).  When you heard the dog run into the backyard, and the sound of Chris coming back to open the door, you took a moment to straighten yourself in hopes of looking like you’d been waiting patiently.
“Come in please,” he offered as he opened the door one more time, wearing a navy sweater and jeans now (and a NASA ball cap, for whatever reason) and stepping aside to invite you in.
“I hope I didn’t scare you too much,” you smiled as you stepped past him, letting him shut the door behind you, “a lot of people forget when I’m supposed to show up, trust me.”  You shuddered as you remembered those times you caught people in a lot worse than pajamas.
“No, I knew somebody was coming today, I just… wasn’t expecting…” he trailed off.
“A girl?” you finished for him with a smirk.
“I… yeah, I guess I wasn’t expecting a girl,” he laughed, looking a little embarrassed.
"Well, piano tuning is a real boy's club," you joked.  
"Is it?" he asked sincerely.
"Um, no, not particularly."
After an awkward moment passed while you cringed internally at your failed joke, he finally guided you across the house to where the piano was; you set your toolbag down beside it, stepping back to admire the instrument.  “It’s gorgeous,” you told him.
“Oh, thanks,” he smiled a little.  “Yeah, she’s a beaut.”
“How long have you been playing?” you asked.  “Or are you one of those people who keeps it mostly for decoration.”
“Decoration?” he repeated incredulously.  “Do people do that?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “more often than not I end up doing cosmetic repairs instead of internal ones because families are basically using this as the most expensive object possible to put framed family photos on.”
“That’s ridiculous,” he scoffed, “I mean, I’m sure I’m not using this thing the way it deserves, cause I’m still not very good at it but… yeah, at least I play it a few times a week.”
“Good, it deserves that,” you agreed.  “Mind if I…?”
“Oh, go ahead,” he prompted, stepping back and motioning for you to touch the piano.  You didn’t sit down, just leaning over to do a quick scale up and back down.  "Anyways, I think it's mostly fine but those higher notes are getting kinda squeaky…" he mumbled.
"Right,” you noted, messing around with the keys near the top to check what he’d said, “well, they do that, especially out here with these cold winters making the strings tighten up.  Should be fixable."
“Great,” he smiled.
“Alright, pretty girl, let’s take a look at your guts,” you grinned, groaning a bit as you lifted the heavy lid to see the strings inside.  "It's in great shape,” you observed aloud, “this can't be more than a few years old."
"Yeah, I got it pretty recently actually.  It's never been tuned before."
"Oh, this is its first time?" you smirked, leaning in to whisper to the strings: "don't worry, I'll be gentle."
He blushed a little as he laughed, making you pretty sure your joke hadn't gone too far.
“You, uh, don’t have to be around for this part,” you informed him.  “I mean, unless you want to, but it’ll just be me messing around in here for a few hours.
“No, I’ll give you some space,” he decided, “just let me know if you need anything.  Do you want, like, water or something?”
“I’m fine, but thanks,” you dismissed, “just continue as if I wasn’t here.”
“Oh, you don’t wanna see that,” he disagreed, looking like he regretted saying it as soon as he finished his sentence.  You felt your face warm and hoped he just meant that he’d be eating cheetos out of the bag in his underwear and not anything more… mature.  
As he awkwardly shuffled away, you opened your toolbox and got to work.  Your first task was to get a pitch reader so you could figure out how well-tuned each string was— you set that on the soundboard and got to work testing keys and reading the little digital display of your device.  Once that told you how much work each key needed, it was easy to just put your tuning hammer on one pin at a time, loosening or tightening until the pitch was just right.  You couldn’t just start at one side and tune all the way up to the other, oh no, there was a very specific ideal tuning order that you’d memorized by now: first the middle strings of the octaves from C3 to C5, then the one of each of the unison strings in the double bass section, then the middle strings from C5 to C8, then the lower single bass strings, then every left string of all the unisons from C3 to C8, then the rest of the double bass section, and finally all the right strings from C3 to C8.
Easy peasy, right?
It actually sort of would be, if you hadn’t gotten stuck on the unison bass string of E flat 3, your tuning hammer suddenly unable to turn even when you tried to brace yourself against the piano for some leverage.
"Um, Mr. Evans?" you called out.
"Yup!" he answered, swinging out from the entryway instantly— he must have been waiting just outside, which made you feel a little like you were being spied on.  
"Would you maybe come over here and use your manly-man strength on this?"
"My what now?" he laughed, walking towards you.
"You know," you explained by flexing your biceps and making a sort of serious face; your charades version of what a muscular man looked like, apparently.
"Oh, I see," he nodded, "my—" and he repeated the charade, except it made your face warm and your eyes all but bulge out of your head.  That was him jokingly flexing?!  What did he look like when he was actually trying to show his muscles?
You tore yourself from that train of thought as he leaned over the edge of the piano, gripping the tuning hammer you'd left on the pin there.
"This one?" he asked.
"Yeah, just give it a little nudge counter-clockwise, please."
He did it like it was no trouble at all.
"You could've at least pretended it was difficult," you rolled your eyes.
"No, you loosened it up for me," he winked.  WINKED.  Was he trying to kill you or something?  "Chris is fine," he said abruptly.
Chris is fine indeed, your brain supplied instantly.  "I'm sorry?" you choked out aloud instead.
"You can call me Chris, I mean," he explained.  "You called me Mr. Evans before."
"Oh, right," you nodded.  "Chris.  Thanks for your help with that, Chris."
"Sure thing," he smiled.
Just as the conversation began to lull, you could hear the dog whining and scratching at the back door, and you felt so guilty that he had been left outside.  “You can let the dog back in, you know,” you suggested, “I don’t mind.”
“I shouldn’t,” he shook his head, “he’ll jump all over you and stuff…”
“No, really, it’s fine, I love dogs,” you assured him.
“Alright, just prepare yourself,” he chuckled a little as he slipped over to the back door to let the dog in.  Running past his owner instantly and straight to you, you knelt down to let it lick your face as you laughed.
“Hi puppy!” you greeted.  “Oh, thank you for the kisses, it’s nice to meet you!”  He calmed down a bit when you scratched behind his ears, wiggling and putting his paws up on your knees.  “What’s his name?” you asked, turning your attention to Chris who had his arms crossed and a prideful smile on his face.
“Dodger,” he informed you with a nod.
“Aw, hi Dodger,” you cooed at the pup, “I’d sit here and pet you all day, but your dad’s not paying me to play with you— apparently.”
Chris laughed a bit as you stood up, and Dodger actually took it pretty well, dashing to curl up on the nearest couch as you got back to work on the piano.  
“I’m just about halfway done,” you informed him as you started to move on to the next string, occasionally plucking the string to test that the pitch was right.
“I’ve never heard a piano plucked before,” he observed, leaning in to watch you work.
“Yeah, probably better to just stick to hitting the keys,” you smirked.
“Psh, anybody can do that,” he scoffed, “you could invent a whole new genre of music!”
"I'll leave the musical experimentation to you," you decided, "and I'll stay on this side of the action board."
"See, I didn't even know that was a part of the piano," he admitted.
"And that's why you're on that side."
You two chatted while you worked— he asked some questions about you, you asked some questions about him, classic small talk sort of stuff.  He managed to keep it interesting, though, and keep you laughing throughout the whole conversation.  It was significantly more fun than you usually had during house calls like this, and instead of distracting you it actually seemed to help you keep your focus.  It was easier to talk to him when you could keep your eyes on the strings anyways: looking right at him was sort of overwhelming.
With the last string adjusted, you slipped the tuning hammer into your back pocket and dusted off your hands as you stepped back to admire your work.
"That's it?" he asked as he stood up from the couch, noticing the signs of completion.
"It is if it sounds good!" you smiled.  "Go ahead, take it for a spin," you suggested.  "Play something and tell me if it sounds how you want."
"Okay," he nodded, slipping around the bench and sliding onto it.  He took a breath before he placed his hands on the keys, but then suddenly stopped and set them back on his lap with a sigh as he turned to you.  "Um, it's a little weird with you watching me."
"Oh, are you not used to performance?"
"Not outside of my family and friends and stuff, no."
"I don't really have to be here for this part, as long as you're happy with it then that's fine," you shrugged, "but you know, I wanna be able to fix any issues while I'm still here—"
"No, it’s not a big deal," he shook his head quickly, "I should get over myself.  I guess it's just scary cause you've probably heard people a lot better than me play…"
"Don't worry about that," you laughed, "just play something, really, I won't judge."
He spun back to face the keys, placing his hands on them— for a second you wondered if he struggled to hit just one key at a time with those thick fingers, but you pushed that thought away quickly.
As he started to play, you found yourself focusing on the music more than the sound of the keys like you should've been.  He was good, actually, although you could hear the hesitance in the way he played.  He didn't rush as much as most people did, though; he was savoring the piece, one note at a time, and you let your eyes fall shut as he continued to play.
You broke from your trance when he suddenly stopped, repeating the phrase he'd just finished and stopping on the same note.
"Does this one sound kinda… off to you?" he asked.
"Um," you paused, "play it again?"
He poked the key with one finger a few times, and you frowned.  "I can't really tell." You stepped forward and leaned over his shoulder, caging his body in accidentally as your arms wrapped around his shoulders to fiddle with the keys in front of him.  You rested your knee on the bench beside his legs, not even realizing that it was a massive invasion of his personal space until you were already in it.
He moved his hands out of the way so you could repeat the phrase, and although you didn't hear anything wrong, you felt the key sticking.
"Oh," you mumbled to yourself, "it's the key, not the string."
"Can you fix it?" he asked looking up at you.
"Yeah, I—" you stopped in the middle of your word as you looked back at him because his face was really close, so close that his bright blue eyes were burning right through you; so close that you completely lost your train of thought.  "I can fix anything," you finished softly.
"Great," he whispered back, eyes seeming to glance down to your lips quickly before moving back up to meet your gaze.
You cleared your throat as you stepped back, giving him space again as you nervously crossed your arms.  "It's probably just something stuck under there or whatever, but I can order a replacement key if not."
"Right," he agreed with a nod, sliding to the side of the bench to give you room to fiddle with it.  You grabbed your smaller toolkit and sat beside him, starting with your flashlight to see if there was anything hiding underneath there.
Moving to peer behind the action frame, you realized it was a problem with the hammer hitting the string— or, more specifically, with the mechanism that kept the hammer balanced.  All you had to do was reach in with a long screwdriver and shift some parts around, and it seemed to be back in working order.
“Play it again?” you requested, and he slid back to the middle and started the piece over.  He grinned when he reached the part he’d stopped at before, flying through the phrase without stopping.
“Hey!  You fixed it!” he beamed.
“I’m a genius,” you shrugged, smirking a little.  He stopped playing and you found yourself a little disappointed by that, unexpectedly.  “Any other musical ailments I can magically cure for you today?”
“Unless you can make me a better sight reader, that’ll be all,” he smiled, standing up from the bench.
“Ah, if I could do that, I’d be using that power on myself.”
He shrugged; "Fair enough."
"Well, I'll leave you to it then," you announced as you put the last of your tools away and picked up your bag.  "Hope I didn't disrupt your day too much."
"You did, actually— in a good way," he grinned.  "I definitely learned a lot more than I was going to just watching TV and drinking beer."
You followed him back to the front door, which he opened for you.  "You can always give us a call if you need anything.  Um, anything piano-related, that is.  Tell the dog I said goodbye, okay?"
Chris smiled a little, softer than his normal expression.  "I'll be sure he gets the message."
As you got back in your car, you took a minute to just catch your breath for the first time since you'd gotten here.  Trying to be funny and cute and charming when all you wanna do is stutter and gawk and melt is exhausting!  As enjoyable as it was, in a certain sense, you were relieved at the idea of returning to your routine— which typically did not include super hot dudes chatting you up at work.
“This must be a mistake,” you shook your head as you showed the work order form to your boss, “I was at this address two weeks ago, the piano’s in perfect condition.”
“Well, he has an unlimited warranty, so either something happened since you were there last, or you fucked something up when you were there last, or he’s just determined to get his money’s worth out of us,” she explained without looking up from her computer.
You sighed and left, heading back to the same address and hoping you weren’t about to get chewed out for somehow ruining Chris’ like-new piano.
Knocking on the door, you found yourself chewing your lip as you waited for him to answer the door.  You were a little surprised when he answered in a button-up and slacks— entirely opposite to pajamas, although you sort of missed that get-up if you were being honest.
“Hey,” he greeted with a grin, stepping back to motion for you to come inside.
“Hi,” you responded awkwardly as you stepped past him.  “Is... everything alright with the piano?  I didn’t damage it, did I?”
He cleared his throat as he shut the door behind you, the size of the hallway forcing the two of you to stand slightly closer together than you would’ve personally preferred; it was hard to focus with him so close, sometimes.  “No, no, it’s not that,” he answered, “the piano’s fine, I just…” he stammered a little, starting over.  “Uh, there was something I wanted to ask you about last time, and I called the Steinway store but I couldn’t figure out how to call you specifically, so I just had to make a new tuning appointment.”
You furrowed your brow with confusion, not sure why someone else on the phone couldn’t answer whatever question he had, but decided to let him go through with his thought.  “What did you wanna ask me?”
“Uh, I just wanted to ask you… out,” he finished plainly.
You paused as you processed that.  “Out?”
“Like, I was wondering if you’d wanna… go out, with me.”
You hoped your face didn’t give away all of your shock, but at the same time, you figured it probably did.
He winced as you continued to stare at him in silence.  “I’m kind of out on a limb here,” he reminded you.
“Right, I’m sorry,” you shook your head, “um, I guess I’m just sort of surprised because you’re, like… hot, and stuff.”
“And stuff?”
“Yeah, like… nice…” you explained.
“Hot and nice?” he laughed.  “Slow down, you’ll give me an ego.”
You laughed, too, and less nervously than you expected.  Feeling the rare urge to be spontaneous, you scratched your neck as you prepared to propose an idea.  “Listen, so, this might be crazy but... I have another appointment today, at the Symphony Hall— it’s a final tune-up on the pianos and harps before this massive concerto thing and they always let me stay to watch the performance afterwards.  If you came with me, I could get you in for free.”
“Yeah, I mean, you probably have better things to do today—”
“I don’t,” he refuted.
“And if you just wanted to, like, get lunch some time then that would be great, I just thought I might as well invite you to hear the chamber orchestra from the best seat in the house,” you shrugged.
“The best seat?” he questioned incredulously.  “And where is that?”
“The rafters,” you laughed.
And that was how you and Chris ended up sitting on the steel catwalk suspended on the ceiling of the Boston Symphony Hall, dangling your feet over the edge as the sounds of the concerto echoed out from the stage, over the silent audience and, finally, up to you two.
The music was incredible, if a little quiet from where you were listening, and so soothing that you felt compelled to close your eyes and focus on the sound.  You were partial to the piano, as always, but the violins and cellos in harmony made your chest warm unexpectedly.  Or maybe that was from the feeling of Chris’ gaze on you, as you opened your eyes to find him looking at your face rather than the performance below.  
“What are you looking at me for?” you asked him with a nervous laugh.
“For fun,” he shrugged.
“Doesn’t seem very exciting,” you scoffed, looking back to the stage.
“Oh, it’s exciting,” he mumbled his reply as he returned his gaze to the performance as well.  
Your cheeks burned when you heard that, in spite of the fact that it was actually a bit drafty in the auditorium.  Even though your nerves were buzzing with anxiety, a rush of bravery struck you and suddenly you were leaning your head onto his shoulder.  Just the warmth of him through his shirt— hell, even the smell of his cologne— somehow managed to relax you and energize you simultaneously.  His hand gingerly slipping around your waist was even better.
After this many years of tuning pianos, it felt like you were getting yourself in tune for the first time.
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astrolcgia · 6 months ago
(graveyard) belladonna (Tomie!AU)
Ahahaha! I was reading @twisted-n-thirsty's and the magical, innovative anons who made the wonderful Tomie!MC AU for TWST, and I got permission (using my priv acc!) to write something horror about it! Yay! Note that this work may be disconcerting for others.
TOMIE!MC AU: featuring Dire Crowley + Grimm
🥀 For Minors, those faint of heart, or with triggers, please do not continue below the read-more tag.
TW: Horror, Gore, Mentions of Past Assault, and Violence.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For those who aren't familiar with Junji Ito's wonderfully bizarre and macabre creations: Tomie is about a girl so beautiful that she literally destroys everyone and everything around her. And because it wouldn't be Junji Ito without body horror; whenever Tomie is killed by a suitor, a bunch of other Tomies regrow out of her parts. Be it from strands of hair, or even just spilled fluids or clipped nails. It's also noted that every time Tomie dies, a part of her humanity also symbolically dies.
Now, for Tomie!MC: it's still the usual TWST MC; but with Tomie's ability to enchant everyone, minus the narcissism and extreme cruelty. Tomie!MC arrives in NRC in the same way, except instead of being frazzled (as one would usually expect), they're...eerily calm. Weight on one foot, arms crossed, and exuding an unnaturally relaxed aura. Crowley and the other professors feel a distinct chill when they stand near the newcomer--the shadows are somewhat darker, the room colder.
Grimm is less of a bratty, insufferable cat. He's more or less trying to convince themselves that Tomie!MC is the henchman and he's the Great Grimm, but it's quite obviously the other way around. (His instincts tell him to scuttle away, before he gets eaten.) He still postures and keeps the Small Name, Big Ego attitude, but deep inside, Grimm knows that Tomie!MC keeps him around because one: he amuses them, and two: he doesn't seem to be affected by that Unique Magic they possess.
Grimm jokingly calls it Aphrodite's Curse. He doesn't understand why MC laughs and says that 'Curse' was very appropriate. But at least he gets tuna cans for days and a nice bed to sleep on, so it wasn't that bad. He still wishes that MC didn't get That Look at times, as if their face was a yawning void, waiting for someone to look and get pulled in. Tomie!MC is nice but not that nice, which was a thing Grimm approved of.
Crowley, for all his goofiness, irresponsibility, and eccentricity, is also a powerful magician in his own capacity. So it intrigues and appalls him when he notices that your Unique Magic(?) was so subtly tugging at his subconscious. The old crow is no stranger to magic that bewilders, enthralls, and tugs at the senses. Crowley amuses himself by indulging in the occasional whimsy that Tomie!MC's odd Unique Magic seems to draw out from him; but Crowley draws a line in the sand: he knows that if he sticks his claws in too deep, something terrible will befall him.
The little prefect was a helpful student! Of course Crowley would be more lenient with them. Expect little pieces of cryptic advice here and there, as well as the occasional surprise visit at Ramshackle. Crows are intelligent and curious, after all. The headmaster will prod and poke Tomie!MC for answers--some of them not exactly the most pleasing to hear, or visualize.
Tumblr media
You daintily sip from the chipped teacup that you had found somewhere above the rooms of Ramshackle. Grimm sits at attention beside you, happily munching away on the contents of a tuna can.
Headmaster Crowley seems composed, but you know he isn't. People, by instinct, seemed to either fear or love you in turn. You smile, unaware that the light cast from the large windows in the lounge deepens the shadows over your face, twisting it into something sinister.
(Something closer to what you were, or was an effigy for.)
"Well then, Prefect," Headmaster Crowley begins after a moment of silence. "Would you mind telling me just why on earth some students seemed to have fallen ill after snapping your picture?"
You shrug. "I warned them, Sir." you murmur as you set down your teacup with a soft clink. "I told them that most people who saw my portraits or my pictures often went out...messily." you smile. "They didn't listen. It's their loss."
(Crowley feels his hackles rise at the implication.)
Crowley clears his throat, after a moment of silence. "Prefect, I would like you to honestly answer a few questions. Would that be alright?"
(Only fools stepped in where angels feared to tread. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.)
Crowley sees your figure seize up for a split of a second, Grimm stops in his tuna-can binge and hops beside you, blue eyes sleepy. You reach out a hand to pet his gray fur, eyes closed serenely. "Of course, Headmaster. A few questions will suffice."
"Just what on earth are you?" Crowley begins, voice not at all impishly childish, but in a menacing tenor befitting of a feared headmaster. "Although what you possess may be a form of unconscious Unique Magic, Mister Vanrouge and I have come to a consensus that you are--" he pauses-- "Not human."
You pause in petting Grimm. A smile, as fake as possible, blooms across your face. The shadows seem to writhe in the corners of the room, moving from one nook and cranny to another. "I'm me, headmaster. And hopefully not somebody else. I--"
(Crowley feels his magic cocoon him from the sudden oppressive presence--) am more than you will ever comprehend."
Crowley does not flinch, does not show an ounce of fear: otherwise, it would be the peak of humiliation. "I see. May I inquire as to what made you like that?"
The heaviness recedes back, as if it was never there in the first place. You hum. "It is not a happy story, Sir." you twiddle your thumbs. "I would not mind sharing it, but it might come off as outlandish. Disgusting, perhaps."
Crowley motions for you to continue. You sigh wearily. "It began when I was a child. I did not pay much attention to it before. A relative seemed to take particular... interest in me." You pause, and Crowley notes that your hands shook as you recalled. "It was written off as favoritism, but I--" your breath hitches as you cover your face. Your breath stops, and Grimm, in a rare show of solidarity, purrs against you comfortingly.
(Crowley personally wants to summon that relative over and dump them into the vast, labyrinthine dungeons below the college. Your Unique Magic aside, atrocities such as that was unforgiveable.)
Your fingers part to show your wide eyes: pupils constricted and irises unearthly in glow. "Nobody listened. Nobody heard, or cared, or listened. So I killed that bastard." you reply breathily, voice shaking, seeming to echo in two voices. "I didn't come out unscathed--I was--I was near-dead, and I died. That was the first time I died."
(In a rare moment of honesty, Crowley feels dread crawl up his spine. The first?)
"I broke my neck escaping down the stairs. Then everything went dark. I woke up, and everything seemed brighter. Redder." You pause. "It was that relative. Maybe it was me who did it. Maybe it was another Me. But when I came to, meaty chunks and entrails and everything inside a human body was dripping about. I don't care. That person deserved it."
Crowley tips his hat. "If you feel uncomfortable, we may cease at once, Prefect." He was still an educator with standards, after all.
You move your hands away from your face, which was an odd combination of ashen pale and somewhat distorted when you smiled. "Oh, it's okay. I'm not about to lose it. Yet. or maybe I already did."
"How do you know you lose something you already lost?" Grimm pipes up, glass-blue eyes curious. "That's weird."
"Sometimes, losing can be very confusing. Maybe it happens today, the day after, or the present moment." You tilt your head. "Sometimes, you don't even realize you've already lost having to lose something."
Crowley sips his tea, which had long gone cold. "Do you mean to imply, dear Prefect, that you have died more than once?"
"Just three times." You reply, taking Grimm and cuddling the heavy cat monster. "I don't want to die a fourth time--four is said to be quite unlucky in the east, Sir. I might lose more of Me and get more space for That."
Grimm makes a choked noise. "How'd you die the last two times, Minion?"
You sigh. "The second was a jilted lover. I didn't like him, and he did something stupid to catch my attention, and died. Someone who liked him chopped me up, and made other 'Me-s' or is it 'Us?' Huh, I dunno." you pause. "Axes and things and getting chopped up by an unexperienced hand hurts like shit. They keep missing a lot, and it hurts like hell. Passing out and waking up whole was a blessing."
"The one who killed me went insane, I guess? They saw me--um, ah. Reforming? Regenerating--from my chopped parts. Silly; we're all made of bacteria, and it would be odd if we couldn't do what they do."
"I don't think I could regenerate from being quartered, dear Prefect." Crowley deadpans dryly. "Even if I am one of the greatest magicians in Twisted Wonderland."
"Maybe your world works different." You blink innocently. "Apocalypses and eldritch stars and things like fleshy walls and spirals were common in ours. Oh, and snails with human-head shells. They're very expressive." you sip your tea. "And I do hope the beautiful boy in the black sweater wandering around the misty streets is getting on well--he seems to have quite the following."
You snicker at some private joke, and Crowley resolves to get himself a glass of good, strong, spirytus vodka in his quarters. He needed it after this talk.
"The third time was because of a stalker. She was weirdly sweet." You reply, tone as if talking of the weather. "Very obsessed with my photos and portraits. Painted my photos and portraits." You smile. "She even cried and said sorry as she put me to sleep and ground me up like meat. She ate...some? of me? and burned the rest along with her drawings and art. Shame. I liked them." your face is now completely shadowed in darkness, save for your glowing irises and Crowley wants to fly away from Ramshackle as fast as he can when he spies the sun lowering on the horizon.
"I woke up in the ruins of the burned house. Then the Mirror of Darkness happened." You looked around the pitch-black dorm. "Would you like to stay for dinner, Sir? We have curry for tonight."
Something shifts in the dark. (It isn't Grimm.) Crowley tucks away his fear and snaps his fingers, and lantern lights open along Ramshackle's lobby. There is nothing there. The old green wallpaper, stained with water in some places. A cozy chaise lounge, and a rocking chair where he was sitting on.
There's nothing there.
"Unfortunately, I cannot." Crowley replies blithely, and smiles. "I have another discussion pertaining to...ah, your return to your world." Though he has to wonder why you would want to return to such a grotesquely horrifying world. "Well then, adieu!"
(Crowley measures his pace, and it takes all of his self-control not to dash from the rocking chair to the door, and through the Ramshackle Dorm's gates. And when he looks back, Crowley sees your silhouette, illuminated by the yellow lights.
He tips his hat when he spies you wave at him, ignoring the various other silhouettes and eyes in the dark of the dorm. There was nothing there.
Or was there? )
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tempobrucera · a month ago
The sea will crowd us with lovers at night - Part 2
Summary: Thomas x Fem!Reader (Part 1) / Thomas x Fem!Reader x Victoria (Part 2) *though Part 1 is actually really written gender neutral*
Thomas wants to try something different and who could say no to that?
Prompt: No. No one requested this - no one asked for this, just escalated in my head. I just sent something to @icouldbeyourpuppet ’s inbox and decided to write this. Turned out to be much longer then I intended it to be.
Thanks to @mywritingonlyfans & @inureflower who accidentally motivated me to write.
Word Count: 4560
Warnings: 18+. Smut. Recreational Drug Use. They get there eventually, it's a ride though. Thomas is a Sub. More Praise Kink. Crying. Threesome. Exhibitionism/Voyerism, kind of. Oral sex. Spit, no actual spitting tho. Just Thomas being sloppy. Cumsharing. Still a lot of talking, but you know at least they talk. Probably forgot something, as always.
Next time i'm writing candy cotton domestic fluff, because this was a ride.
* * *
It's hot as fuck in the tiny Café you're in. You can't help the happy sigh escaping your mouth when Thomas tells the others that he is melting and just wants to fucking leave this place. His Iced Coffee apparently not able to cool him down enough to function properly.
"I also have to leave, have to pick up Chilli from the groomer." Vic tells everyone at your table.
Damiano looks somewhat unhappy about the sudden hurry to leave: "Sure, just leave me alone."
"I'm going to pay", Thomas tells you, already standing up, "I'm waiting outside for you. Cooler there than in this place."
Your plan is to just say goodbye to Vic and Damiano like a normal human being and not like something stung you as Thomas just did but the plan doesn't quite work when both of them hold you back.
"For science, we still have to know who you would be into the most, after Thomas obviously." Victoria looks at you expectingly.
It makes you a tiny bit nervous but it also amuses you that they waited for Thomas to be gone to even mention this question again.
"I didn't answer last time, you two think I'm going to answer you now?"
"Yes, Thomas isn't around, so you can spill it out." Even though Thomas isn't around to hear him, Damiano almost whispers.
"We have this really stupid bet with Ethan", Victoria explains, "and we just want it settled. We can't end it without knowing."
You remember the conversation from the evening a few weeks ago and look at Damiano: "It's not you and I'm not going to elaborate."
No one of you notices that Thomas is coming back inside, so Victoria and him are talking over eachother.
"I thought we're leaving?"
"It's me, right?", she's so excited it is quite cute you have to admit, "Please, tell me!"
Damiano stands next to the whole scene and just smirks, Thomas looks confused.
"What are you talking about?", he asks.
"Oh, you know, that bet."
Thomas flinches, looks from Victoria to Damiano back to Victoria: "I thought I told you to fucking stop it?"
Maybe to make it less uncomfortable you decide to attempt a joke. You turn to Vic: "You know, maybe you're right."
"Oh, someone has a type!" Damiano comments.
"Please!" Thomas' cheeks look heated. "Don't!"
"It was a joke, Thomas. Come on, let's go!"
* * *
About a week later Victoria and Ethan are coming to your place for dinner.
Ethan leaves early, Thomas plan (you didn't know he had in the first place) trying to kick Victoria out with him doesn't work. Victoria just stays put on your couch, not even moving an inch when he tells her to go.
"You scared that your girl has a crush on me? Or someone ...?", she teases him. It's a joke but Thomas acts so annoyed after it that even you can't find it funny this time.
He tries to ignore her, you can see that, but everytime Victoria remotely moves or says something he looks at her like she deserves to drop dead then and there.
"I'm just getting something out of the kitchen." You murmur more to yourself than saying it to any of them. Everyone would need a break from whatever they are doing at the moment, you think. Victoria clearly not ready to lose, Thomas giving everyone the silence treatment.
Thomas follows you not even a minute later.
"What are you doing out there?"
You think he's going to stand behind you, hug you, as he always does. However he decides to stand next to you, not touching at all.
He rests his hands on the kitchen worktop and takes a deep breath before he speaks: "Is it Ethan?"
Wishing you could stop yourself from doing it, you burst out laughing.
"Thomas, what the fuck? It's not!"
"But if it's not ...", he starts but seems to have an enlightenment midway through, "Oh."
Oh, indeed.
"Oh!", he repeats himself.
"You're not going to have a breakdown over this, are you?"
He hugs you sideways, laying his head on your shoulder: "No, don't worry. You want to go back, I'm there in a second."
Whatever you expected it isn't what's happening. When Thomas comes back, he has drinks and a plate of brownies with him.
"Sorry for being a dick!", he offers Vic an apology. She smiles, tousles his hair a bit when he sits down and everything seems to be okay again. Luckily.
You don't know why all of a sudden he's acting normal again, even admitting to being a dick in front of Victoria of all people, especially after that revelation in the kitchen but you decide not to question it, at least not now.
"Please tell me these brownies aren't normal ones?" Victoria questions, looking at both at you.
"What are you thinking of me, Miss de Angelis?", Thomas asks her back yet he's grinning like an idiot which answers her question.
The evening turns out to be great in the end. All three of you cuddled deeply into the couch, watching a movie, only understanding half of it because all three of you are high. By the end of the night Thomas falls asleep almost on top of you. "You two are too cute, it's almost too disgusting to see" is the last thing you hear Victoria say before she leaves.
* * *
17:45 Victoria
I feel like shit. Can I come over? Thomas isn't answering his fucking phone.
You answer that she can come over anytime, suggesting watching a movie or ordering pizza. Just something to get her mind off from whatever is bugging her.
You take your phone with you and find Thomas sitting on the floor, guitar in his lap. He doesn't seem to notice or to realise anything of his surroundings at all. Quietly you sit down next to him. A good few minutes pass before he stops.
"Vic is coming over."
Thomas squints his eyes: "Why?"
"Because she's feeling shit and you ignored her."
"She was over half the week already." He doesn't look happy, he plays nervously with his fingers.
"That's why you're a real prick at the moment?" There's no denying it, he clearly is in a pissy mood and on top of that he doesn't talk about it even when asked. Behaviour that's driving you completely insane.
He's quick to answer this time: "No, no ... That's ... it's not the problem."
"Care to share then?" You just really want to understand what is going on in his head.
Playing with his guitar pick, he just sits there, saying nothing. Not even looking at you, however there's a pretty shade of pink flushing down his neck. It isn't even that surprising that you get an idea of what is wrong from that alone.
The ijustreallywantto is so quite and so muffled that you almost can't hear it at all.
"Thomas", you leave kisses on his arm, "It's okay."
You really should have seen that one coming. Obviously you had sex in the last couple of weeks, you even spent quite a bit of time together despite your two busy work schedules. But it's a while since he gave up any control, but apparently it's more than needed.
"I ... I just don't want to be in charge of shit. Not of this", he picks up a few pieces of paper which look like Damiano wrote something on them. "Not of Vic's bullshit. Not when we .... h-have sex. I don't even want to be in charge of my fucking self at the moment."
"We can kick Vic out at ten, if you want to?" You see him nodding. "I promise, okay?"
He pulls you in closer, leaving a kiss on your temple: "Would be great!"
"Vic should be here in ...", you have a quick look on your phone, "half an hour. Let's talk about this until then."
* * *
Victoria is lying on the couch with you while Thomas is in the kitchen. She's still more sitting than anything else, you however are lying down having your head on her thigh. When he comes back he doesn't comment when he sees you both like this, just slightly raises an eyebrow but smiles. Thomas already seems so much better after just talking things out, it's a relief.
Thomas just plants himself on the floor again, leaning back against the sofa, awkwardly putting his head on your waist and you start combing your fingers through his hair.
"I have seen you doing this an awful lot during the last weeks", Victoria comments on his behaviour. With a puzzled look on his face he looks up to her. "You just doing that." Vic points at the floor, then at him.
"I like it, okay?" For a moment you're worried but then he grins. "It's also nice to see the world from your perspective from time to time, I have to know how the world looks like for you."
She slaps his shoulder: "Not my fault that you're half giant!"
All of you decide on a weird looking horror/slasher film. It seems better than all the other options and it is quite entertaining. The only thing is that this goddamn movie has so many sex scenes in the middle of a complete blood bath in the first half that you're sure it could have classified as porn. Victoria and you can't stop laughing about how absurd the whole thing is. Thomas is laughing too but you see that he's squirming on his spot a few times.
A bit after halfway through the film Vic gets up: "I just need another glass of wine and I have to piss."
"Are you ok down there?", you ask him, playing with a strand of his hair, "you want to come up to the couch?"
"No, I'm okay." He breathes in and out and in and ... he gets on his knees, looking at you. "Can I have a kiss, please."
You grab him by the collar of his shirt and give him a kiss. The thought you probably shouldn't do that right now while Victoria is still there crosses your mind.
"See, you can be really good when you want to", you tell him.
Thomas only lets out one small whimper.
"Shit!" Victoria stands in the door and she definitely saw and heard what just happened. "I should really leave you two alone."
Thomas whimpers again, shaking his head and you and Victoria both look at him: "No, p-please."
Stunned Victoria looks at him, Thomas looks embarrassed, cheeks blushing. All you want to do is kick Vic out.
"Can you look at me please, Thomas? What do you mean?" He looks at you. He doesn't answer. "Vic is just getting her shoes from over there and then she's leaving, that okay?"
Thomas is burying his face to your stomach and you can hear Victoria moving muttering yesyesyesyes. But Thomas shakes his head and chokes out another no and a few seconds later: "You don't have to."
"Fuck!" Victoria looks at Thomas first, then gives you a questioning look.
"We have to talk about this." You comb your fingers through his hair again to calm him down. "You sure that you really want this?"
"You want to."
You're just about to say that this isn't an answer to your question but Victoria is quicker to speak up: "Wait, you talked about this?"
"No, we didn't, not really. Except for your stupid bet." Which is kind of a problem, you think.
She makes an annoyed sound: "Can't believe Damiano won that fucking bet with betting against himself!"
"At least you can settle that shit now!", you turn back to Thomas. "Hey, we're not gonna do anything, you don't really want to do. You know that, right?"
"I want to", he mumbles more to himself than anything else.
"You want to come up to the couch? You can, if you want to." He stays on the floor, not moving. "Hmm, ok. You're going to be a good boy for me and Vic?"
He blushes and tries to hide his face, so Victoria can't see him but he also get's out a Sì.
"Oh fanculo! Voi due mi uccidete!" Vic breaths out "I'm going to lose a ton of money with this."
Thomas looks confused but the expression on his face changes into slightly pissed before he asks: "How many bets do you and Ethan have on me exactly and what are you even betting on?"
"You don't even want to know, caro! You wouldn't stop blushing for the next weeks." Victoria is smirking, she knows exactly what she's doing. To no ones surprise, he blushes before Victoria can even finish her sentence but he also gives her the middle finger.
You tug on his hair, so that he has to look up to you: "Don't be rude!"
"Sorry!", he breathes out, looking at Victoria.
Vic laughs: "I like this already!"
"There anything you don't want?", you ask Thomas. The last thing you want is fucking this up.
He points at Victoria, points at himself "No fucking touching!"
Vic finally comes closer and stands behind the couch. She leans forward, her breath tickling your ear, before she answers: "Fine with me! I can just watch or ...", she presses a kiss to your chin and then she looks at Thomas directly, "Or you could just watch the whole time."
Thomas' eyes widen, he chokes out a quite No!
"Ok, your boy doesn't seem to like that idea." If you have to be honest at the moment you also don't like the idea of Thomas just watching. Maybe later but nothing you would like to begin with. "I can still talk to you though?"
"Sure." He looks up all shy and Victoria nods.
"Let's go to the bedroom, I'm not doing this here!"
* * *
Thomas is the only one naked, Victoria still being in her shirt and panties while you're still in your skirt and underwear. He kneels right in front of the bed, naked and you can see that he's hard. You sit down on the bed, so he's between your legs, waiting until he looks up.
"You're doing so well, honey!" The praise makes him beam at you. "You look beautiful like this."
He struggles to keep in his moan, it sounds strangled when it actually escapes him nonetheless.
"Praise kink?" Vic looks at you questioningly, her tone is half amused, half annoyed. "Should have known better."
You decide not to answer, you have the feeling it's about one of those bets and maybe it's better not to know about it. Victoria gets on the bed behind you, kissing your shoulders, pressing herself against your back.
"Thomas?" He stops leaving wet kisses on your thighs and looks up again. "Can you tell me what your safeword is?"
"You going to use it if you have to, right?", he nods, still looking up to you, "Words, Thomas. You can talk, I know. Can you use them for me?"
You get out of your panties, Thomas is looking at you patiently. You push his fringe out of his eyes, keeping your other hand on his neck. He really does look beautiful, you think.
"Put your hands behind your back." He does like he's told without questioning. "You're not going to use your hands, okay?"
He looks perplexed but says Yes anyways. You just have to push him with your hand slightly before he gets the hint. He kisses up your inner thigh, pushes up your skirt with his nose. It tickles and you press yourself against Victoria whom is kissing down your neck, running her hands down your sides. Thomas comes up a tiny bit and leaves kisses on your stomach as well before kissing back down, biting your thighs gently. You can feel his breath against your clit before he slowly starts lapping at it with his tongue, getting a moan out of you. Even as you can't see his face, you know that he's probably smiling proudly.
Victoria is still kissing your neck and unhooking your bra, throwing it next to the bed. She kisses one of your nipples and pushes your skirt further up so you both can see Thomas between your legs.
"I've never seen someone eating someone out so messily", she tells you, still loud enough for him to hear. "He's practically drooling."
She's right. He is messy. There's no denying it. It's sloppy and there's a lot of spit. A lot. A lot of wet noises as well. He doesn't seem to swallow any of his spit at all but he has a rhythym going up and down, occasionally fucking you with his tongue which makes you moan.
He pulls off and looks at both of you: "Not good?"
You look at him a little bit lost until you realise that he's responding to what Victoria said minutes ago. As no one answers him he tries it with "I'm sorry!".
You're getting out of Victorias embrace to lean down. You can see that he even got spit on his nose.
"I love you being all messy", you tell him, "You don't have to apologise for being sloppy."
He makes a sound that seems to surprise him because he looks startled. It's half whimper and half happy sound that makes Victoria chuckle next to you and Thomas giggles. You grab him by his hair and give him a kiss on the nose first before you kiss his cheek and then go in for a kiss. Apparently Thomas wants to challenge being all messy, it's a lot of tongue but he looks so happy you just can't tell him off. When you have to withdraw due to not getting any air into your lungs anymore, there's a string of spit on his face. Before you can even think about wiping it away Thomas is already back to what he was doing and you gasp. Victoria looks on for a few more minutes, before interrupting.
"I think that's enough!", you hear Victoria say, "I also want some fun!"
The gaze Thomas gives you when you pull him up to the bed is disorientated. You also get on the bed completely, as soon as both your feet hit the mattress Victoria is all over you, only in her panties. Kissing her is absolutely wild. She's sucking your bottom lip into your mouth, biting down on it while straddling your hips. Vic is scraping her teeth down your neck, licking her way down between your boobs, licking into your navel. You grap onto one of Thomas' thighs, he's looking on mesmerized. Meanwhile Victoria gets rid of your skirt and spreads your legs a little more.
She starts licking but pulls back after a few seconds already, she looks at Thomas: "You really had fun, huh? Your spit's everywhere."
Embarrassed he tries to hide his face on your shoulder.
"I loved it, such a good boy." The praise is getting to him so much that you see his hand reaching for his cock. "Thomas, still no hands, okay?"
Obediently he puts his hands behind his back again.
Having Vic eating you out is different than Thomas. She's not sloppy, her licks are slower, a little more coordinated, she's using her fingers on your clit, slowly pushing them inside from time to time. The last part almost makes you wish you would have allowed Thomas to use his fingers earlier.
"Thomas, can you give me one of your hands?" He gives it to you without asking. You start sucking on his fingers, Thomas inhales sharply. Letting them plop out of your mouth, you grab his hand, taking it in yours, moving it down your body. Victoria stops licking your clit and moves down a little bit to make some space.
"Can I...?"
He puts one two of his fingers on your clit, moving them in slow circles. You lift your head up to kiss his neck. Victoria is alternating fucking you with her tongue and her fingers. You're sure that you could cum like this until Thomas makes a strangled noise.
"What are you doing?"
Victoria answers before Thomas has the courage to do so: "You won't like this!"
"Thomas!" You see how he guiltily sneaks his hand behind his back again. "Did you touch yourself?"
Admitting to it, he nods. "P-please. I'm so hard, it hurts."
"I know", you try to sooth him, tangling your hand in his hair again, "Calm down, ok. Let me help Vic out first!"
Thomas fucking keens at that: "No, please!"
"If you do that again, I'm gonna kick you out of the bedroom, you understand?"
"Nooo, please! I'm good now, I promise!" Mixed with all the whimpering, he starts sobbing.
Victoria kisses up your thighs, your stomach, your chest, she sucks on your nipples. She kisses up your neck and pulls you into a kiss again. It's not as wild, more sensual.
You get one of your hands in Thomas' hair again, dragging on it to get his face closer to you. You put two fingers to his lips and he opens his mouth without you having to ask. He sucks at them, in the next moment biting down. No biting, honey, you remind him. He releases your fingers, licking them sloppily.
You let your fingers wet with Thomas' spit travel down on Victoria before you start fingering her. Vic gets one of her thighs between your legs and you start rubbing yourself against her.
Out of the corner of your eye you see Thomas' hand wander again. You really don't want to kick him out of the room for real: "You really can't help it? Vic there should be a scarve at the end of the bed, could you give that to me?"
"No please", he's full on sobbing now. Vic gives you the scarve and you tie his hands together behind his back.
"This is cruel - I love it!" Victoria laughs out, pressing kisses to your collarbones.
Going back to were you left off, you start fingering Vic again. Occasionally using your thumb on her clit. She's moaning in your ear, telling you how close she is. It doesn't take her long, only a few more strokes from your thumb and she let's out so many curses in Italian that you loose track. You can feel her breath against your ear and hear her whispering how hot Thomas looks being such a mess.
"I'm going to make your girlfriend cum, Thomas! You like that?"
Thomas is too overwhelmed to answer her but you can see that he can still register what's being said. He's a whimpering mess, clutching the sheets with his fingers, desperately trying to rut against the fabric.
Victoria is slipping a finger into you, while you're still humping her thigh. She bites down on your shoulder as well and it doesn't take you more to cum.
After coming down from the high you pull Thomas into a kiss and he just melts into it, you can feel him shivering.
"Ho bisogno d'aiuto, ti prego" Not understanding what he means you turn to Vic, she's quick to tell you that he's asking for help.
"Come here!" You get him to straddle your hips, which turns out to be more complicated because his hands are still tied behind his back and Victoria isn't going to break the no touching rule Thomas asked for. But Vic is taking your hand, spitting into it whilst Thomas can't help himself and humps your hips and your stomach. He's almost immediately gone when you get your hand around his cock. He cries out when he cums. It gets on your fingers, on your stomach and even on his own.
As soon as you let go of his cock, Victoria grabs your hand and licks them clean. Only a weak whimper comes over Thomas' lips. You ask him to get off of you. You're leaning in to kiss his hips, kissing his hairline down to his navel, licking up the cum there. This time it's Victoria grabbing you by the hair, immediately pressing her lips to yours. Her blue eyes are still darker than usual, she licks into your mouth getting all the cum you didn't yet swallow.
Thomas is still watching when Vic and you separate from each other. Victoria is moving closer to him, for a second you think she is doing something she shouldn't do but she stops before she's really touching him. She's getting closer to his ear and you hear her whisper: "I left you something."
"Posso mettere la mia mano nei tuoi capelli?", you hear her asking and you hear him say sì. The only reason why you're not worried when Victoria drags him to your stomach by his hair.
He messily licks his own cum from your stomach, you hear how Vic's breath hitches next you when Thomas swallows.
He licks up some more and looks at you. You tell him to come up, this time Victoria is helping him but he still almost doubles over. The kiss is sloppy and so so slow, Thomas really is dragging it out everytime you want to pull out of it.
"Are you ok?", you ask when he finally let's you go.
"Yes." He puts his head on your shoulder. "Just ... was a lot."
"Let me get your hands free." You untie the scarve, gently massaging his wrists, "You did great."
Victoria leaves a small kiss on his temple: "Such a good boy!"
He cuddles closer to you, tilting his head up to press his nose against your chin.
"I'm going to use your bathroom", Vic tells you and you see her getting her panties and a shirt from the floor.
You're just playing with his hair, kissing his face until he completely relaxes.
"Can I have a minute for myself?" Apparently the worry on your face is visible because he adds on: "I'm good, really. I just need a second."
"Sure, let me get up." You're looking for your shirt, but you can't find it. That's why you're grabbing Thomas' shirt from the floor and pulling it over your head while leaving the room.
Victoria is sitting in the living room in your shirt, the reason why you couldn't find it.
"He ok?", she asks.
"Just needs a few minutes to himself."
You both sit there in silence, legs tangled together. It doesn't take Thomas too long to join. He lights himself a cigarette and this time you don't tell him to at least to use the balcony as you yourself do as well. At least he brought an ashtray with him out of the kitchen.
"All good?", you ask him again. "Nothing on your mind?"
"All good!", he almost assures you a little bit to fast and lays down on the couch with you.
"What is it, spit it out!" He blushes which only tells you that you're right.
"I really ... I really wanted to fuck you."
Once again Victoria beats you to it, answering before you: "Please tell me that I'm invited for that!"
Thomas just shakes his head, exhaling smoke into the air.
Without thinking about it, you tell him that it's a joke.
"Yeah, exactly. This is what started this here as well, a fucking joke."
* * *
Oh fanculo! Voi due mi uccidete! - Oh fuck you! You two are killing me!
Ho bisogno d'aiuto, ti prego. - I need help, I beg you.
Posso mettere la mia mano nei tuoi capelli?" - Can I put my hand in your hair?
Ammazza! - Would you look at that!
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jishyucks · 5 months ago
Eight Count ‣ lmh
‣ genre: fluff, enemies-to-lovers, hogwarts!au, I think it's a slow burn
‣ wc: 10.8k
‣ summary: "There's honestly no way Minho would like me. And me of all people would know that." ; in which fate decides to be an ass and make you and Minho dance partners
‣ an: I'm sosososo sorry @ whoever requested this bc of how long it took. I didn't mean for it to be so long but it kept going and uni is to blame bc all of the work :(( but anyways enjoy !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You feel the beat of your heart quicken as you maneuver through the maze of corridors that you had begun to approach. Time was ticking. The first classes of the day had already started about half an hour ago, and here you were, racing down the stone hallways, tardy and a bit dazed.
It had only been a mere five minutes since you had woken up in the dormitories in pure panic, the realization that everyone had left and you were still cuddled up against one of the pillows in your bed driving you to act quick. You could accuse your housemates of not even bothering to check if you were alive, but you soon decided to place the blame on your body's restlessness and inability to go to sleep when you wished. You wouldn't call it insomnia, but your sleeping patterns weren't normal either.
Approaching the dance room with a quiet sigh of relief, you tug at the wooden door and peek in, hoping that you weren't barging in at such a humiliating time.
Scattered around the rather room, students were paired in twos. Each couple's bodies had been facing each other, hands sitting awkwardly in the other's while their faces were turned towards the dance instructors, Professor Shin and Professor Na. By the look on Professor Shin's face, it was evident that she was about to continue speaking, but the door swinging open had caught her attention.
"Ahh Y/N, nice of you to finally join us," she clasped her hands in genuine excitement, passion towards dance obviously bubbling up inside of her.
You grinned crudely and bowed your head, "W-what should I do, Professor?" Spotting your best friend Felix within the group of students, he tried his best to send you a look of 'we were supposed to be partners'. You shot him an apologetic expression back before turning your attention back to both professors.
After a brief pause in thought, Professor Na's face lit up, "Ah yes! Lee Minho lacks a partner as of now!" Following the eyes of your teacher, they brought your line of sight to the far corner of the room where Minho had been sitting. At the mention of his name, he raised his head to see that everyone had been gaping back at him in what seemed like total silence.
A sharp intake of air through your nose had replicated a gasp, eyes growing wide, "P-pardon?" Out of all the boys in the class, an amount you couldn't keep track of with your fingers, you had to end up with Lee Minho? The human embodiment of a wet sock?
Minho was… unbearable, to say the least. It wasn't that he had done something for you to hate him, which made you seem like a bad person, but in all honesty, your guys' personalities didn't seem to match. He was too arrogant, in your opinion. He has this energy that he carries that really didn't sit well with you, and by the looks of it, the feeling was mutual. It was as if you both ended up on the opposite bc end of everything.
It really doesn't help that you're a Hufflepuff, and he's a Slytherin. For some unknown reason, they always loved teasing the people from your house, though Hufflepuffs chose not to return their actions.
"Mr. Lee is the only student remaining with no partner."
You gulped and slowly approached him, only because your professors had motioned you over to him. If you could protest, you would, but what was holding you back was the attention given by the entire class and the teacher's who seemed too excited for their own good.
Minho pressed his tongue against his inner cheek, eyes lighting up in wrongly-fueled happiness. He hopped from the upper bench and down across from you. You blinked back at him dryly, maintaining calm yet trying to speak to him with your eyes.
Crossing his arms, he leaned forward and smirked, "Why the bitter face? You should relish in your luck for ending up with me."
"Stop talking, dead cells are coming out of your mouth… Luck my as–"
"Now! That everyone has a partner, I'd like you all to stick with these individuals until these classes are finished," Professor Shin had announced. It was quickly followed by groans and whining from many of your classmates. Though you hated your partner and wished you had arrived earlier and paired with Felix, you stood quiet, isolating the anger within your chest.
"And before we begin once again," Professor Na added, "I'd like to point out that this is still a class. We will be holding a class particularly focused on evaluation and your grade will be heavily based on participation over the length of this course." Once again, a chorus of grumbles had flooded the room.
You hear Minho curse under his breath, only because he was now two steps too far into your bubble, "This is utter bullshit."
This time it was your turn to taunt, "Why? Are you scared or something? Can't dance? Can't keep up with everyone?"
Narrowing his eyes, he scoffs, "Oh, shut your mouth, bumblebee. Just wait and see."
Tumblr media
"Get up!" Felix tugged at your arm, voice sounding louder than it actually was. When you hadn't shifted at all in your bed, he sighed and tugged once more, "Y/N!"
"Wha– Felix you're not allowed in here!" You kicked at your blanket and sat up.
"We need to get to dance class," he clicked his tongue, "Let's go~"
"I really don't want to go," you whined, "I'd rather fail a class than hold hands with Lee Minho for an hour and a half." Felix dragged you out of your bed to see that you were already dressed in your robe, only your yellow and black tie had been carelessly tied.
"Wait, did you not change out your clothes from yesterday?" Felix jumped back in exaggeration, alarmed and slightly grossed out. His nose scrunched while he judged you through his eyes.
You glared at him and scoff, "Of course I did, you idiot. And don't act like you haven't done that." You take this as your victory as it was true, Felix had gone two days without changing, and it was a bit nasty considering all the places he's gone to in a day.
This time it was his turn to glare at you, "You shut your mouth! Now let's leave before Snape sees us roaming the halls once class starts."
Minho winced slightly, trying not to let your feet ruin the simple waltz routine that the class had finally run through, "If you step on my foot one more time, I'm shoving yours up your arse." His teeth were gritted in frustration, looking down at you with narrowed eyes.
"Then stop stepping on my feet," you muttered back, hoping that no one else, especially the professors, were hearing you two bicker.
It had only been about two lessons into the class and that amount of times that Minho had purposefully disrupted the routine… as if it were good, to begin with.
The two of you found it difficult to fall in sync with each other. It was always either going too fast or too slow, someone making an 'accidental' mistake, and Minho's favourite, holding your hand and hip with a tight and stubborn grip. It wasn't evident whether he was doing it on purpose, either, but you had pointed it out plenty of times, and he never seemed to loosen them.
"I'm not stepping on them," he pushed you back a little too early in the dance, causing you to stumble on your own feet. This caught the attention of those around you, though they carried on almost immediately after.
"Tell that to my bruised toe," you argued back.
As if you were being blessed, the music had finally come to an end. You promptly retracting your arms and to your body and taking a step back from Minho. He had done the same, going an extra mile to turn away from you and to the professors.
"Perfect! Perfect!" Professor Na's face lit up from excitement, "Now that we have learned this simple routine, next class we are moving on to one of the actual dances done in the Yule Ball as tradition. I hope you all are excited as I am!" Very few students had taken time to let out a "whoop" while everyone else, including you, chose to retrieve their books at the seats.
Felix approached you with a pitiful smile. He already knew what you were going to say, patting your back gently, "So how was it?"
Exhausted, you just shook your head and shrugged. Being partners with Minho honestly had been completely draining for you, mentally and physically, which was unusual as you could often live through such situations without feeling the need to scream.
"What else do you think?"
Felix nodded apologetically and puffed out his cheeks, "Is it as bad as the potions exam we had in fourth year?" He shuddered subtly and led you out of the classroom. Just thinking about that exam made Felix want to claw at his brain. If there was a way to take a particular memory and make it disappear from the chamber of long term memories, he would. Maybe then he'd be able to get a few more hours of sleep.
"Yes," you replied simply. The test was equally as horrible for you, but a test didn't force you to 'create chemistry' with a certain Slytherin.
"You're lying… can't be that bad," Felix laughed lightly.
"Easy for you to say," you sighed.
From behind, you feel someone bump your shoulder and pass by you, "Oops," he snickered, walking backwards to watch your reaction. The only thing he was missing was popcorn.
You turned to see Minho and rolled your eyes, "Ha-Ha, you're so funny, Lee Minho." Such a childish joke and you guys were almost leaving Hogwarts.
Though your reply had been dripping in sarcasm, Minho's wit had dodged it entirely, "Well thank you very much," he bowed, more like a manly curtsy, before he ran off, leaving Felix slightly puzzled at what just happened.
"Don't you see how much of a dingbat he is? He constantly chooses to pick on me just to get a reaction out of me," you utter, "He should be glad I was raised to be patient, if not I'd be hexing him like the world was near its end."
"I see a pattern," Felix hummed. The expression on his face looked as if he had come to an incredible epiphany.
Making a face, you click your tongue, "What do you even mean by that?" What pattern? Green, white, green, white? Minho and his constant need to be the crow to your crops?
Felix patted your head, "You're slow sometimes, you know that right?" He puffed his cheeks up and raised his brows as he looked down at you as if you were a kid.
"Can you just spit it out?" you narrowed your eyes at him before you physically pried his hand off your head.
"Minho does all of that just to get a reaction out of you," Felix presses his lips into a thin line, slowly forming a smile.
Finally arriving at the next classroom, you groaned, "You basically repeated what I said earlier…"
"If you didn't know this already, boys love getting attention from someone they are attracted to," Felix plopped into his seat. You followed right after, "I should know… I'm a boy."
You almost laugh at the tone of his voice. The confidence and the look he gave you to emphasize his statement; was all too funny, "So what you're saying is… Lee Minho has a – and god forbid– crush on me?" Felix nods like a young child, with eyes wide and a tight-lipped smile.
"Bollocks," You burst out laughing, "Felix, I love you, don't get me wrong, but you've never said anything more rubbish in the years I've known you."
"The chances are never zero," Felix put his index finger as if he were saying it in 'a matter of fact'.
You lean forward and sit your chin at your folded forearms. You eyed the teacher as she made her way into the room, "You're right there, Lix, but there's honestly no way Minho would like me. And me of all people would know that." You locked that statement in, feeling your words and emotions contradict.
Tumblr media
"And then Y/N had the audacity to step on my foot," Minho kicked at the bench across from him, frustration released after what seemed to Seungmin was years of ranting. He didn't mind though, in years of being in the same house as him, he learned how to block him out yet still know what was going on when Minho asked for some sort of reply.
Minho tapped the end of his pencil against his textbook, eyes drifting off elsewhere in the grand hall. Students were clumped at their respective tables, studying for whatever class they had. Minho was trying to do the same, but his state of mind was not in the mood. But he was trying, he was pushing himself, that's what mattered in his opinion.
Turning his attention to Seungmin, who was seated next to him, he jumped, seeing that Seungmin's eyes were wide and directed at him, "What the hell!?"
"What?" Seungmin shifted back forward, facing his own books. In a sense, the scene was hysterical. He acted as if he hadn't done anything wrong or out of the ordinary, but Minho still tried to push an explanation out of him through looks.
"What do you mean what? Why were you looking at me like that?" Minho put his pencil down and closed his book on it.
"I was trying to see something," the boy shrugged and got back to his own work.
Again, Minho furrowed his brows at Seungmin's lack of detail in his response. What in the world was he even trying to do? "Trying to see what? If you don't answer me properly–"
"Okay! Okay!" Seungmin exclaimed a little too loudly, earning looks from other wizards in the room, "You know that saying that if you're in love, you start to glow?"
"No? What type of nonsense are you saying?" Minho scoffed, "Love? Are you sick or something?" Roughly, Minho brought the back of his hand to Seungmin's forehead, which Seungmin had thrown off almost right away.
"You've been talking about Y/N this entire period, you haven't stopped until moments ago," wiggling his eyebrows, Seungmin whispered his reply to Minho, making sure no one would be able to hear him this time.
Minho's face had contorted into one of disgust and confusion, "And?" Where was Seungmin even going with this? He was just relieving stress. It's not that deep.
"My point is that they're the only thing you've been talking about lately," Seungmin scribbles his pen at the top of his paper to get it to work, "Even if I start the conversation, it somehow just shifts to Y/N. Normally I'd be mad, but since you're in love, I'll let it pass."
"In love?" Minho's jaw dropped, a mixture of emotions swimming around inside of him, "In love!?" Trying to find words to perfectly reflect what he was saying, he fails, shoving Seungmin off the bench. Actions spoke louder than words, right?
Seungmin smirked and chuckled, unfazed, "What? Cat got your tongue?" He gets up, dusting his robe off before sitting back down, "It's because I'm right, aren't I?"
Minho gulps, "Will you quit it? You're…"
"You're confusing me. Quit it," Minho huffs, gathering all his things as he was planning to return to the dormitories. This was a different way of playing with emotions. There was a zero per cent chance that he liked you, or worse, loved you. That word was way too strong, dangerous like amortentia.
"I take that as a yes!" Seungmin stood his ground, just letting out a genuine laugh.
Minho held a finger up at Seungmin, who still laughed, unbothered. He didn't like you. And if he did, it wasn't wrong to do so. It was an ordinary mortal thing to have feelings. But that didn't matter right now because he didn't like you, not even a tiny crush.
But that slight state of unfamiliar panic in his heart says otherwise.
Tumblr media
The muscles in your arm were aching from the horrible fact that Minho had been purposefully letting his arm go limp while he was holding your hand, which somehow led to you holding up his arm with your arm. You frowned at him, tempted to let your arm fall in the middle of the routine.
"Can you actually put in some effort?" you whispered through gritted teeth. Squeezing Minnho's hand, you directed a look of annoyance that only returned with an amused look. Underneath his robe, you could tell he had been intentionally dragging his feet, causing the both of you to slowly hold those partnerships behind you up.
"I'm not wasting energy on this," he shrugs quietly, "It's ridiculous."
"What don't you find ridiculous?" you rolled your eyes, "You Slytherins and the lack of interest in anything but yourselves. Where's the excitement in that?" No, you didn't want to generalize the entire Slytherin population, especially since you had family members from that house, but you knew exactly how to rev up Minho's engine. Just by the way his face twisted, you knew damn well you hit the right spot.
"Shut your mouth before I spin you a little too hard…" he said a little bit louder, "I don't find it ridiculous, I just find that us being partners is ridiculous… who in this entire school would want to be partners with you?" Before you could even reply, he had caught you, "That's not from your house."
"Jokes on you, I know plenty of people who would be partners with me," you scoffed, and it was true. There was Jisung who had somehow been sorted into Gryffindor, Hyunjin and their seniors, Bang Chan and Changbin. And there was Jeongin, who was a Ravenclaw. You could list a handful more, but that's beside the point.
"Silence is deadly," he stifled a laugh which had driven you to 'accidentally' stumble over your own feet. This caused him to stumble himself, only he wasn't prepared for it, "I'm blaming you for ending up being my partner. I was hoping someone else would've entered the room. But no, it had to be you."
"You're blaming me? For this?" You shake your head out of disbelief, not noticing that your voice had gone louder. You were catching the attention of those around you and the professors at the front of the room, "You could have found a partner you wanted in the first place but you probably decided to stay back and wait for someone to go up to you. No one wanted to be partners with you, which is why you ended up alone in the first place."
Minho's eyebrows furrowed, eyes almost on fire at what you had just said, "You know what?!"
Before he had been able to continue the banter, Professor Shin had cleared her throat. The glares that they both were sending your way had caused the both of you to stop with the squabbling, "Y/N, Minho, I know we've never talked to the two of you about your constant bickering, but it is simply interrupting the atmosphere of my classroom."
Taken aback, the both of you had stumbled over each other's feet, falling to the ground and causing a domino effect among the rest of the students.
Flustered, you turn to Minho, "That was all your fault, Lee Minho." You huffed and attempted to get up, failing once you noticed that Minho was practically lying on your leg.
"Oh be quiet," he rolled his eyes and dusted himself off, "That was all you! You and your two left feet." The rest of the room was silent, regardless of the incident. All ears and eyes were on the 'love birds,' not entirely sure whether or not they should blame you both on what had just happened.
Sliding out from underneath him, you scoffed, "Don't speak so highly of yourself, Minho."
Minho cackled, "Highly? Of myself?!"
"Stop this instant!" Professor Na had finally mustered up the courage to intervene, anger bubbling in his stomach, "Enough!" The two professors began helping the students up, scolding both of you as they did.
"Five points deducted from your respective houses," Professor Shin said sharply, "And you both are now in charge of polishing the floor every Friday for the following three weeks."
"But professor–"
Minho was cut off, "That, or ten points off for your houses…" And without another word, you both chose to polish the floors after all classes were done for the day.
Day one of polishing the floors was practically the most difficult. Not only did the professors restrict using magic to finish the chore, but the overall idea of doing something alongside Minho aggravated you, which was why you hated dancing with him so much. The comments he'd make, the taunting looks he'd give you, the jokes that were obviously uncalled for, they all were honestly bringing you to the point of near insanity.
At first, both of you had decided to start off on the same side, almost the same corner. But the moment you noticed Minho constantly glancing your way in the corner of your eye, you decided against it, "How about I start at that end."
"Whatever floats your boat," he mumbles, "I don't care."
The tone in his voice hadn't matched yours, which you assumed was polite enough not to spark some type of that energy in him, but it did.
"Whatever," you make your way to the other end, sliding your robe off on the way. You let it hang off one of the benches, making sure it wasn't touching the floor. You rolled up your sleeves and started polishing the further end of the room, a bit relieved that Minho wasn't hovering anywhere within your line of sight. It was better that way.
The second day, you were hoping that you could get through a period of cleaning without hearing Minho's ungodly voice. He had been moving back and forth from one corner to the other, feet squeaking seemingly endlessly against the floor. You wished that the volume of the music could be turned up louder.
"I'm doing more than you are," Minho pointed out. You turned to find that he was standing in the middle of the room, hair messy and beads of sweat lining his hairline. His collar was out of place, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows just as yours were. Did he, for some reason, look attractive, or was it the lack of light in the room? Probably the latter.
"What do you mean you're doing more than I am?" you feel your eyebrows knit together in confusion, "I'm doing the same amount of work as you." And you were, but you were working just a bit slower than he was. He had probably sped through his area with the idea that the sooner you both finished, the sooner you were able to leave.
"Just hurry up," he groaned. Minho dragged his feet over to a lone stool, pushing it against the wall before plopping into it. The music continued to play, drowning out the shuffle noises of his feet.
"No," you replied, keeping your speed consistent. It wasn't like you wanted to stay longer. It was the fact that Minho couldn't leave until you were finished that was making you act this way. Maybe if he did his job well, he wouldn't be sitting around doing nothing.
Tile by tile, you continued to carry out the chore given to you, not paying mind to the pair of eyes that were burning holes into your back. You ensured that the areas you had worked on were basically spotless, reflection or not, you assumed that shiny meant clean.
Minho had been humming along to the somewhat catchy tune, foot tapping to pass the precious time he believed you were wasting. Nonetheless, he leaned back and sighed, hoping you could finish in time, so he had time to nap before dinner.
"Why do they even need classes for dancing?" He sighed out. At first, you weren't quite sure if he was speaking to you or if he was just thinking out loud, "I feel like we'd be fine either way…" You turn to look at him, seeing that he was already staring at you down.
"I mean it's going to look nice at the Yule Ball,"
You replied.
"Yeah but not everyone's going… it's a waste of time," Minho had a point, yet you still found it somewhat amusing that the school would want to organize such things.
"I don't see why you don't just skip class if you find it a waste of time," you moved onto another spot and sighed, "No one's stopping you."
"Yeah but who'd be your partner then?"
Not knowing how to react to his question, you keep quiet. Minho decided not to follow up on the problem, thinking that he had said something out of the ordinary.
The sun had reached the horizon when you finished your portion of the room. You stood up to stretch, hearing the joints of your knees and back pop out of exhaustion. It was satisfying to see the difference between the used, scruffy floor and the clean, polished floor.
"Okay Lee Minho I'm finished," without taking a glance at the boy, you made your way over to the record player. You lifted the needle off and picked the record up, slipping it into its sleeve. It didn't occur to you that Minho hadn't shifted in the past thirty minutes, silence filling the room because you turned the music off.
"Minho?" Finally turning to him, you found him sleeping with his head sat back against the wall. His mouth was wide open, practically becoming a makeshift trap for bugs that happened to be flying around. The rest of his body was limp, legs spread out beneath him. It was surprising that he hadn't fallen off yet.
You walked up to his sleeping figure and laughed lightly, wishing you had a camera to capture this moment. It would've been great blackmail. Maybe then he'd start being nice to you. Naturally, your eyes followed the slope of his nose, then to the two front teeth that stuck out from underneath his top lip.
He had bunny-like features, and you didn't mean that in a wrong way. His face was still sculpted nonetheless. Anyone with eyes would have to admit that he was attractive.
"Done staring at me yet?"
You screamed and jumped back, pressing your hand up to your chest as if to calm you down. Looking back at Minho, you find that his eyes were still closed, yet a smirk had replaced his gaping mouth. The number of curse words that threatened to leave your mouth was countless, the embarrassment creeping up to your cheeks. He finally lifted his head to look at you, eyes still a bit droopy from his nap.
"I-I wasn't staring at you," you denied, shaking your head a bit too aggressively, "Well I was… but because I was laughing at how foolish you just looked."
An offended look surfaced Minho's face, scowling at you as he stood, "I have this feeling that you're lying, bumblebee… Anyways, this is where I leave. Finally, after years." He shook his rolled-up sleeves so that the cuffs slid back to his wrists. You let him leave without another word from the two of you, still in a bit of shock at what just happened. You knew he was never going to let you forget that.
You slumped next to Felix as dinner was being served, an expression almost as heavy as your posture. He looked down at you, debating whether or not he should interrupt the mini montage you were probably playing through your head.
"I want to ask you how the cleaning today was but I think I already know just by looking at you," he stated, sliding a piece of roasted chicken your way, "Unless you do want to speak about it. Just eat and the day's over."
You gave him a grateful smile and gestured for him to eat too, eyes lighting up slightly, "I'm actually not tired from cleaning that stupid dance room, but it's just… this thing that happened. It was beyond embarrassing."
Felix snorts and stuffs his cheeks with food. His words came out muffled as he still chose to reply with a full mouth, "What happened this time?"
You glanced towards the Slytherin table, eyes scanning it quickly to get one quick look at Minho before you whispered, "Minho fell asleep waiting for me to finish cleaning. He looked idiotic as he did so I sorta just—how do I say this— stared at him? But it wasn't like I was admiring him, it was more like I didn't want that stupid look on his face to go away. It was amusing."
"In the middle of that he went, 'are you done staring yet?' It was like he had a sixth sense or something," you muttered, "Now I feel like he's making fun of me."
"Doesn't he always make fun of you," Felix had yet again stuffed his mouth, so his words were still muffled, "Why does it matter this time?"
"It's different. It's not some useless situation… it was genuinely embarrassing," you poke the food before taking a bite of your own, "He's going to it against me, I already know."
"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he'll forget it sooner than you will."
"Hey remember when I caught you staring at me?" Minho's voice echoed faintly throughout the room. He stood up to stretch before he crouched back down.
"I never stared at you," you sneered, "And why are you talking about that as if it happened years ago. That was literally last week."
"That's long enough in my book," he retorted, "Good times." A small reminiscing type smile appearing on his lips.
"Can you not start? I sorta want today to be stress-free and you're literally ruining it," you roll your eyes and move onto the next tile on your side. Minho had decided to choose a different record to play today, one the professors had never played in class. It had been hidden behind all the other records being used, and it took Minho a good five minutes to rake through all of them just to get to it.
The songs were more upbeat than the waltz music you were forced to listen to, which was actually much more perfect for cleaning to. It made it a bit more bearable than the last two times you had to clean.
Minho didn't reply, though you didn't see how he switched glances between you and the mechanical polisher in hand. The track had shifted into a faster song, something that was easy to dance to. From where he stood, he could see your knitted eyebrows, eyes dropping from the slight fatigue blanketing over you after a long school day.
Upon awareness that his shoulders were slumped, he straightened himself and sighed. This week had indeed been a long week, and it was evident in some way in both of you. This was the last of the week's labour before he could go and relax while mindlessly saving his homework for Sunday.
The music had been tempting to let go earlier than he should for the week, the steady beat and the catchy melody filling the room.
Putting the polisher and the rag down, he took a few steps towards you, still contemplating whether he should do what he was thinking or not. He was unsure whether it was bizarre for him to pull such a thing. But you did say you wanted a stress-free day, so he thought he should switch up a bit.
He started moving his body to the rhythm of the music, head bobbing as it took over him naturally. It was easier dancing alone than with a partner, that's for sure, but he wanted to invite you.
"Y/N!" He was freestyling, arms flailing and legs bringing him across the room with a swift movement.
You sighed, "What now?" Turning to Minho, you find him in the middle of the dance room, doing what the room was made for. He had a foreign smile on his face, not the usual smirk you'd find him sporting.
"What the–"
"Join me!"
You went through several different emotions in seconds, confusion, amusement, joy, contemplation… how were you supposed to react to a goofy Minho?
"Join me!" He repeated. This time he approached you, hands out in invitation, "C'mon it's fun!"
"Minho, we have to finish this so we can leave, remember?" You tried to keep a stern look on your face, yet you couldn't hold back the smile that had been forcing itself out. Minho suited this look; It was happier and carefree. You didn't know that his eyes would light up when he smiled a somewhat gummy smile.
"I know, but let's take a break," being the impatient boy he was, he took hold of your hands and pulled you up. He led you in a dance that probably wasn't considered a partner dance. He just pushed your arms back and forth like those scenes in the movies.
"Minho!" You finally let out a laugh, feet unable to keep up with his. He was sidestepping left, then sidestepping right, then back and forth, all unplanned. You stumbled, letting out joyful laughter that was rare around Minho. He laughed along with you, eyes disappearing the bigger his smile got.
When your legs had gotten worn out from constant movement, you tripped over one of them, sending you and your dance partner to the ground. Instead of erupting anger that would have usually washed over you, fits of laughter fell in its place, echoing throughout the room.
Before you could ask if he was okay, you hear footsteps enter the room, a confused Professor Shin staring the both of you down, "What are you two doing?! This is not polishing the floors!" The exasperation changed the normal hue of her skin into a shade of crimson.
Quickly apologizing, you get up and return to your so-called 'stations,' not being able to say another word about what had just happened to each other.
You wouldn't admit it out loud, not in front of Minho at least… but that was the most fun you've had in weeks.
Little did you know, Minho felt the same way.
Tumblr media
There was a part of you who had gotten used to Minho's horrible dancing after two weeks of dancing classes. After what happened last week, there was a tiny sliver of toleration that had surfaced from both of you. It was mutual. But obviously, neither of you were going to admit it.
Though Minho was starting to get somewhat bearable, there were still days when he'd begin to act up, smirk pinned tightly on his lips while he mischievously pranced about in the dance room. Today was one of those days.
When Professor had slipped the record onto the play, dropping the needle onto the very edge and starting it, Minho had chosen to let his body go heavy, relying on you to haul him around like a giant, weighted ragdoll. You knew he wasn't tired, just judging by the look in his eyes.
"Give it up," you tugged him roughly in one direction, then again towards another, feet hardly following the steps the class was taught the past few weeks. If Minho let his body grow just a bit limper than it already was, his head would have fallen directly onto your shoulder. If you were being honest, you didn't want any attention from anyone else in the room, "Lee Minho, I'm not in the mood for this today, okay?"
Minho's ears perked at the foreign tone that had slipped from your lips, sensing that you were being serious. You would tell him to quit it most days, but never with that tone; It was no fun if you weren't fighting back. Sighing quietly, he had picked his body up and started to follow the eight-count that Professor Shin was practically yelling out.
This minor change didn't go unnoticed by you, feeling his body grow lighter just moments after you'd ask him to quit it. Did he just…?
Other students in the room were surprised that you two were going more than thirty seconds without arguing like a married couple. Many sets of eyes didn't bother leaving the both of you, watching what would happen next in the twist of events.
Minho's feet carried his body swiftly; for the first time, he was guiding you like he was supposed to, but his eyes were glued to his feet, not wanting it to become weird if he were to make accidental eye contact with you. He didn't like how quiet it was between the both of you. The music didn't even do its purpose by filling the silence.
"Are you going to the Yule Ball?" Minho asked awkwardly. He twirled you as part of the dance. He recognized that look on your face which was basically a wordless reply, "That was probably a dumb question." Shaking his head, Minho mentally slapped himself. Never in his life did he fail with words.
"Of course I'm going," you replied rather expressionless, "Why would I not?" You were almost as confused as earlier. Minho trying to make a civilized conversation. Who the fuck was this? It wasn't Minho.
He shrugs, "I don't know… I guess you have a date…?" Minho, what the fuck. He squeezed his eyes shut as if the stone floor would swallow him wholly to take him away from this situation.
As puzzled as you were, you still decided to keep the conversation as it was, "Nope… I think I'm just going with Felix for fun." You tried to keep your tone calm when really you were freaking out. The only thing was you had no idea why you were freaking out, "Y-you?" Facepalm.
"No one."
None of you chose to speak after, not knowing where the conversation was going. The song was slowly reaching the end, which you had wished came sooner. Minho's hands were growing sweaty, and you wanted nothing more than to wipe your hand off. It was getting hot in the room too. Your collar was growing tight, throat itching for water.
Minho's heart was beating a bit too fast for his liking, but it was probably because he was growing tired from the moving. He wondered if you could feel how sweaty his hands were getting. Embarrassing.
"Final counts!" Professor Na called out before the static of the record player replaced the music. The two of the professors had clapped in adoration, overlooking all the students in the room.
Professor Shin had a broad smile on her face, "Beautiful! Gorgeous! Best one so far!" She twirled in place, "Thank you everyone! The Yule ball is in two weeks so I am very pleased with the effort you all are putting into this class! Remember we still have the final class in which you are graded, which I'm sure you all will ace."
"I couldn't care less," Minho mumbled, only so you could hear.
You turn to him, squinting your eyes and tilting your head to express your slight frustration, "You know I'm your partner right?"
"Oh no~ really?," he stuffed his hands into his pockets, "And?"
"And? I don't want to fail this class, even though I'm forced to dance with you," you stated, "So don't you fucking dare fail us both." That tone in your voice was evident once again, catching Minho off guard. The only reason that it had this effect on him was that he was so used to you choosing to fight back. It was like some sort of reminder that everyone around him was getting old, and soon all those around him were expected to be serious.
Nevertheless, Minho shrugs to annoy you, "Whatever."
Instead of answering, you eyed him once more. Your dancing just a few moments ago says otherwise.
You had practically sighed out the total capacity of your lungs as you hung onto Felix's arms on the way out the door.
"What are you sighing about?" He chuckled.
"You already know," you elbowed him.
Felix rolled his eyes and sang, "I saw you guys dancing earlier~."
You pushed him away gently, shock littering your face and posture, "What the bloody hell are you on about now, Lee?"
"You guys actually look cute together when you aren't babbling and all," he grinned innocently. Your heart had the audacity to skip a beat, startling you just as much as Felix did.
"Cute?" You scoffed, "First you said you think he liked me, now this? Are you his wingman or something? Are you trying to get me to like him?"
Felix skipped in his step, "I don't even talk to Minho, Y/N, don't be ridiculous… wait… did you basically just say you're starting to like him?" He gasped, hand slapping over his mouth, which had fallen in shock.
"No," you say flatly.
"Liar," Felix poked at your rib, "Liar. At least confess that you find him less bad."
"Sure, whatever makes you happy, Felix."
When you had fallen out of Felix's line of sight, you let the corner of your mouths turn up slightly. He said we looked cute, you think, only followed by you flicking yourself in the temple.
"I thought you were staying here until it closed?" you frown at Felix, who started gathering his stuff. You both had planned on cramming everything in for a test the next day, but plans didn't go as planned when Felix was eager to go back to the dormitories to sleep until the morning.
"My eyes are going to fall out of their sockets if I don't go and sleep, Y/N," he pats your head as if he were talking to a young child, "You can stay if you want. I know how much you hate studying in the common room." He double-checks his area to ensure he hadn't forgotten any of his belongings before patting your head once more. He grins and turns towards the door of the library, leaving you sitting alone at the table.
"Felix ~" You called out quietly, only for him to wave with his back facing you. You sighed and slumped back in your chair, resting your arms on the handles. Libraries were so much better when you had company.
The words in the textbook were starting to turn into blobs of ink, and for a second, you were thinking about following in Felix's footsteps. After moments of consideration, you shook your head and sat up. You'll stay, even if it was against the will of your fatigue self that had been prompting you to leave. This was all your fault anyway. Procrastination was a cruel thing.
Hunching forward, you let your eyes trace over the words, trying to process the information. You rewrote the info you wished to remember carelessly. Your notes resembled chicken scratch, but at this point, you didn't care because it was simply supplementary to your studying. The sun was close to its horizon, and the library was close to empty. It was somewhat more motivating.
Slowly the information had started to get more interesting. It was easier to run through the key terms and ideas listed in the textbook, and you could feel the exhaustion simply leaving your body. I'll finish this one last chapter and then save the rest for lunch tomorrow.
Your focus on the book had hindered your peripheral vision that the presence of another wizard floating over your shoulder went unnoticed. It was only until they had sat down next to you when you finally noticed.
You jumped in your seat, eyes growing wide. You had luckily suppressed your scream with your hand, which you had, out of defense, swung forward, slapping the person in the chest.
"Ow! What was that for?"
"You don't sneak up on people like that, Minho," you rolled your eyes at the Slytherin, shifting away from him before turning your attention back towards the textbook. He scooches closer with intentions of irritating you, pushing his face towards your book, "What are you doing?"
You push him away and stick one of the thicker books between you both, "What does it look like?"
"You're smarter than I thought, Lee Minho," sarcasm dripped from your voice as you glared at him. Attempting to continue with the final chapter, you miserably fail when Minho interrupts your concentration by tapping his fingers loudly against the wooden table.
"Don't you have anything better to do?" you say numbly, voice muffled by your robe, "I was literally just sitting here and you decide to do this."
Minho shrugs and uses his arms as a makeshift pillow, "I was bored, saw you, here I am, I'm here to stay."
Your eyebrows furrowed at the fact that Minho decided to 'spend time with you upon seeing you. You had no idea whether to feel flattered or irritated, but you knew you were confused. He could've just gone back to the Slytherin dungeons to sit with his housemates, but he saw you and decided to sit with you.
Staring blankly at the bookshelves across from you, you huffed out the corner of your mouth, blowing a stray strand of hair by your cheek. You did say you wanted company. You just weren't sure if it was Minho's company that you wanted. Glancing down briefly at him, and looked back up to the bookshelves.
"Fine," you say after pondering about the idea.
Minho's ears perked up, raising his brows, "Fine?"
"Just don't be loud."
Minho's head tilts in confusion, though he still complies, sitting next to you patiently. You continued to read through the final chapter, which you had underestimated in length. The chapter was a good half a centimetre in thickness. Though it didn't seem as much at first glance, the pages were practically dipped in ink, words covering it from one corner to the other.
You could feel your eyes grow heavy as you delve deeper into the chapter. Your bed was calling for you, but there was no way you were going to give. Not until this chapter was finished.
The library had been silent except for the occasional click of the pen from the librarian's desk. You had been mentally counting down the number of pages left to skim over, eager to feel that feeling of satisfaction you usually get once you finish a task. It was the same feeling as crossing or checking off a chore on a to-do list.
Minho had settled his eyes on the centre of your book, keeping them steady even as you flipped the pages. He felt the lids of eyes gradually get heavier as each page went by, and by the time you shut the book in delight, he had fallen asleep.
"Again?" You furrowed your eyebrows, remembering the last time he had fallen asleep in your presence. You darted your eyes away from his dormant figure, not making that same mistake twice, "Minho, wake up."
He stirs right away, head rising from his arms. This time he says nothing, pushing himself off of the library's chair before stumbling over his own feet as he makes his way to your side. He looked like a toddler, and it was admittedly adorable.
"Why didn't you just go straight to the dorms if you were tired," you snorted at his dumbassery. Some students still littered the halls even if curfew was nearing. Instead of parting from your side at the library's entrance, Minho stuck by your side.
"I wanted to spend time with you outside of class," he grumbles. He blinks at the long corridor in front of you two, eyes barely staying open from exhaustion.
Feeling your heart skip a beat, you tried to pick out if he was joking or not, but his tone screamed, 'I'm tired.' Any other emotion was hard to comb out, so you sighed and shook your head, pressing your lips into a smile, "Sleep that cheesiness off, Lee Minho."
Minho continued to walk next to you, silent and confused about what you just had said. It wasn't like he was drunk. He was well aware of what he just said. Nonetheless, he subtly walked you to the kitchen corridor, parting ways with you with an uttered 'goodbye.'
Tumblr media
Sitting against the stone wall, you watched the rest of the class carry out the dance routine, formation changes and all. You ran through it with them, only mentally as your partner was nowhere to be found, and the class was halfway done.
There were barely any classes left before the final graded run through, and Minho really thought it'd be funny to skip? You would have let it pass if you guys weren't the worst duo in the room, but you guys are the worst duo in the room, which made the situation different.
"Professor Na," You asked quietly, "Has Lee Minho been excused from today's class. Is he ill?" You didn't want to jump to conclusions, keeping in mind that people did have their own reasons. Maybe he had caught a cold or was doing a missed exam that was far more important than dancing.
"No word from Minho, Y/N," the professor hummed back.
You frowned and thanked him, turning back to the main dance floor, students moving in sync. Where was he?
Just as you had finished your train of thought, the door had swung open just like it probably did on the first day of class. Minho stumbled in, hair a mess and a rather sheepish smile stamped on his lips.
"I apologize Professors," he bowed deeply, following the perimeter of the room. He bowed again as he reached the two instructors at the front of the room.
Professor Shin stopped her counting, "No need to apologize to us, apologize to your partner." She gestured towards you, already looking back. Minho nodded and approached you, though when he did reach you, he didn't apologize.
"And what?" Minho ridiculed.
"Aren't you going to apologize like what the Professor asked?" You tried not to laugh at how Minho had been acting.
Minho let out a cackle, “No? Why should I? Can you stand up so we can start dancing or something?" His hand was itching to reach out for yours, feeling like he should pull you towards him, but he hindered himself from doing so, stuffing his hands into his pockets.
Instead of pushing the apology out of him, you decided against it, not wanting to waste any of your time, "Why are you even late?"
The two of you followed the crowd, joining in at the perfect time. Minho smirked, "Worried about me or something? I know I'm in your head twenty-four seven, but I didn't expect you to be so obvious about it."
Tightening your grip around his hand, you gritted your teeth, "I wasn't worried about you, nitwit."
"Then why are you asking?"
"Because you made me sit, doing nothing for nearly forty-five minutes?" You reply as if you were pointing out the obvious, "So why are you late and coming to class looking like a mountain troll?"
"Wow, ouch," he sighed, "I slept in. Am I going to hell for doing so? Because I can recall you did the same the first day and got us into this mess."
"This is about you, not me," you applied pressure onto his hands, causing him to stumble back slightly, ruining the rhythm he had built up. He furrowed his brows at you and did the same, only you were somehow ready for it.
"Oh please," Minho rolls his eyes, "You've done the same so you shouldn't even be mad at me."
"I'm only frustrated, not mad, there's a difference," you point out, "And I'm frustrated because we have that graded dance next week. If we fail, it's going to be your fault."
"It takes two to tango," he quoted, "And you already know where I stand on that. I don't ca-"
"Shut up, the professors are looking," you warned, flashbacks to the three weeks you had to polish the floors.
Minho laughed slightly, letting air blow out of his nose. He let his eyes drift down at you, keeping them there for a little too long.
"Nothing," he shrugged, spinning you along with the other students, "You just looked way too terrified." The next move had the two of you closer than the initial space between you.
"I don't want to be spending an extra three hours with you after classes polishing the floor," you retort sharply. Instead of holding eye contact with him, you stared at the Slytherin crest on his uniform.
"I know you liked spending time with me, don't lie," he rolled his eyes teasingly.
"I'm not lying."
"You staring at me says otherwise."
"Oh hush about that already, I literally told you that I wasn't staring at you," Inwardly cringing, you felt relief once the music had stopped. You stepped back and eyed down the boy in front of you, "Why do keep bringing that up?"
Before Minho could give reasoning, Professor Na had spoken up from across the room, reminding everyone that the next class was the graded class. Though they wouldn't be strict with grading, he still wanted to see the students' effort 'flowing'. After a chorus of groans, class ended, allowing you to avoid Minho and find your way to Felix.
Someone tapping your shoulder had woken you up, head jolting up as if you were frightened.
"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Chaeryeong gasped sheepishly. She was hovering over you slightly, eyes wide. She was changed into her nightwear.
You sat up, only now realizing you had fallen asleep in the common room, "It's alright. What time is it?" You didn't even remember how you fell asleep, but you sure did have a good sleep.
"It's almost midnight," she replied, "I needed to grab water from the kitchen, then I saw you here and figured it'd be more comfortable for you to go to sleep in your own bed rather than this tiny couch."
You grinned, "Thanks Chae… I'll probably get something from the kitchen as well."
She nods and mumbles out a quick goodnight before disappearing to the girls' dorms. You return her farewell before standing up, eyes drawn to the wrinkles your nap had made on your robe. Attempting to straighten the robe and yourself out, you stumbled towards the Hufflepuff house entrance, exiting promptly.
The fireplace had been lit, a few house elves roaming about and carrying out their own duties. They paid no mind to you, as midnight snacks weren't out of the ordinary for Hufflepuffs.
You asked for what you needed, then was given it with no delay, "Thank you." The house elf nods before turning away with a grunt.
You sit at one of the tables, zoning out as you stared at the blazing fire across from you. School was getting a bit more stressful than it usually has, which was probably the reason why you had fallen asleep without knowing. You remember coming back from a long library visit. Maybe you collapsed on the couch once you did.
You made mental notes on the work still yet to be done before the following week, spontaneously creating a headache. Standing up, you figured it was best for you to go back to sleep. Slipping the dish into the sink, you started making your way back to the dorms.
You rubbed your temples and shook your head as you closed your eyes. It probably hadn't been a good idea to be wandering with your eyes closed as you had immediately bumped into something firm.
Looking up, you came face to face with Lee Minho, who was just as shocked as you were. He had been dressed down in a knitted Slytherin sweater and pyjama pants.
"Minho? What in the world?"
He backs up after noticing how close you were to each other, "Could say the same 'bout you."
"My dorms are right there," you point just down the corridor, "While yours is in the dungeon…"
Minho blinks before he tries to move around you, eyes avoiding yours.
"What are you doing here?" you grab his wrist, eager to find out why he was roaming the halls. It wasn't unusual for students to be breaking the rules, especially Minho, who loved living up to the stereotypes of a Slytherin. He smirks at the skinship, which prompts you to let go of him, heat rising up to your cheeks without warning. You're suddenly glad it's dim around the two of you.
"I was… taking a walk," he successfully pushes past you and into the kitchen, a glass of water already there for him. He thanks the house elf, leaving the glass, before turning back to you. By the looks of it, it seems like he's been doing this before, like a routine.
Rolling your eyes, you scoffed, "Taking a walk? You're painfully awful at lying." And the pause in his speaking gave that away. You followed behind him, expecting an honest answer as if you deserved to know.
"Weren't you just leaving?"
"But my question is unanswered," you shrugged.
"I answered you, I was taking a walk," he pushed the answer. Putting the cup down, he turned to you, "I have… sleeping problems."
"You just lied again," you nonchalantly, "Just tell me the truth. No judgment. A Hufflepuff's promise." You weren't usually one to push an answer out of someone, but this situation was different.
"You say no judgment but I already know how you're going to react to the truth," he takes another sip of water.
"So you were lying!" You raised your brows, "I knew it!"
"You don't deserve the truth," he sighs. Finishing the cup of water, he starts to make his way out, not even turning to look back.
"Lee Minho!" You groaned. Maybe it was your fatigue self or the fact this felt like some sort of game, but you weren't holding yourself back, "When I said I wouldn't judge, I won't. My mind's open to whatever you're going to say."
Minho spins around to face you, stumbling backward a few more steps before he halts, "I was practicing the dance steps."
No judgment.
The flat expression on Minho's face indicated that he had no intentions of lying this time. He had his hands hiding behind his back, eyeing you just to see if you would live up to your promise. Instead of his expected reaction, he finds you smiling, something he'd only see when you were around your friends.
"Wipe that smile off of your face, bumblebee," he mutters.
"Didn't you say you didn't care about that class?" you quoted, a smirk slowly replacing your smile, "Why are you practicing the steps?"
Minho licked his lips. He was at a loss of words, nothing but the truth occupying his mind… Why the hell not?
"Because you care."
You blinked back at him, lips parting and meeting several times as you tried to find the right words to say. The silence was deafening. "What?"
"Because you care," Minho repeated. He kept his expression still, eyeing you, trying to figure out how you were taking this in.
How would he further explain it? He didn't know. All he knew was that ever since that specific moment between the both of you the other day, he took it upon himself to better his partner dancing. He didn't want anyone else knowing, not you, and especially not his housemates, which was why he chose to stay up late to do this; it was the real reason why he had shown up late to class.
You weren't sure if it was because it was quiet, but you could easily hear your heartbeat as it quickened. You try to cover up the fact that you wanted to freak out, "I don't know whether I should laugh or–"
"Yeah, whatever, shouldn't have told you in the first place," he mumbles. For some reason, he felt his heart lub-dub in a way that it shouldn't. He frowned and sighed, "Just forget it."
"Wait, Minho," you call quietly. He stopped in his tracks and turned, partially facing the wall and facing you. He stared back at you with a vacant look, waiting for you to say something. If you weren't going to be saying something nice, he didn't want to hear it after exposing himself like that.
"'Because you care?'" you frowned, "You can't just say that and leave." You already made up a possible answer to the countless questions through your mind, but it was still unclear whether or not that was it.
"What else do you want me to say?" Minho stuffs his hands into his pockets.
"I just want you to explain it," you reply quietly.
Minho glanced out the window sitting by you both before sitting down on its pane, "Remember that other day… when I told you I didn't care?" You nod and move closer to where he sat, unsure whether or not you should sit next to him or not, "I don't know… you were really serious back then… I guess I wasn't used to that. So I figured…"
There was a quick moment of silence before he huffs, almost sounding defeated.
"Did you know that I genuinely don't dislike you as much as you think I do?" He says out of the blue, throwing you off. You wanted to tell him to sleep it off again—why did moments like this always happen at night?
"I don't either," you say back, "At first I did… but I matured."
"I only ever argued with you out of amusement. You're the only person outside of Slytherin that could out-talk me and it bothered me for some reason," he laughed as if he recalled a memory.
"Me intimidating a Slytherin? Just wait til the others hear about this," you joke. He glanced towards your direction and saw a clever glint in your eye.
"Don't you dare," he holds back a smile before standing up to face you directly, "Or…"
"Or what?" You challenged, "Imagine how Seungmin would react! Donghyuck and Renjun? What about Yeosang and Wooyoung?" You start listing the other well-known Slytherins off of the top of your head, holding back a laugh as you watch Minho's face crumble into an expression that looks far too close to fear.
Minho recollects himself and shakes some sense into himself, "Or I'll make you go to the Yule Ball with me." He hadn't planned on asking you today, but the timing was perfect. It fit with the situation. If you were to react unfavourably, then he could just joke about it.
His question shut you up. Your eyes widened at him as you processed what he had used as a threat, "What if I want to go to the Yule Ball with you?"
Minho takes a step towards you, a smirk appearing on his lips. His confidence was skyrocketing, and you can tell, "Then I guess it's a date?"
Rolling your eyes, you let a smile grace softly onto your lips, nodding, "It's a date."
Tumblr media
"I told you to wear something with gold," you whined jokingly as you were greeted with Minho, who had completely dodged your request. Instead of the black and gold look you were going for, he decided to wear a black suit that had traces of emerald. As much you wanted to match with your date, you had to admit that he still looked as handsome as ever in the attire. He looked like a prince.
"And look like a Hufflepuff? No thanks," he scoffed teasingly. He pulls out a corsage, one that matches the clothes he wore, tying it gently around your wrist, "You look very beautiful."
"Well, you look very handsome."
Minho laughed as he sticks out his forearm, a brow raised in your direction. Music being played by the live band had been spilling out of the ballroom; the voices of everyone attending gave the ball more life. It was exciting.
"Minho!" Seungmin had called. Felix, who had slipped from your side the moment Minho approached you, was standing by Seungmin, smiling brightly. He had been hyping you up the entire night, telling you that there should be nothing to worry about.
He was right.
"Shall we?" Minho asked. It was cheesy, but it worked.
"We shall."
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed it! A like would be appreciated <3
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gctaway-car · 3 months ago
Shame on Me
Pairing: Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst, slight mentions of insecurity
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary: Based of I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.
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a/n: Not really happy with the ending :/
I wrote this for @natasha-romancff 's Taylor Swift Writing Challenge.
Once upon a time, A few mistakes ago,
I was in your sights, You got me alone.
You found me, you found me, you found me.
The Common Room was filled with people. Music was blasting through the speakers, and there were tables filled with alcohol. Gryffindor had won the match against Slytherin, and were now in the lead. Obviously, this called for a party. The rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin was intense, and each House celebrated it’s victory against the other.
Y/N made her way through the sweaty bodies, trying to get to the other side of the room where all her friends were standing with glasses of alcohol. Reaching the other side, she let out a sigh, before accepting the glass Marlene thrusted in her direction. Suddenly, people started screaming, and the whole group turned to see the Quidditch Team enter the party.
Everyone was cheering for them, but Y/N had her gaze fixated on him. Sirius Black, the school's supposed playboy. He was standing next to James and the whole group was laughing at something one of them had said. Spotting Lily, James made his way to where they were standing, the rest of the Marauders following him too.
Y/N met Sirius’ eyes, and he gave her one of his signature smirks. She turned away and continued to sip on her drink, occasionally eyeing him, and she found herself blushing when she met his eyes.
Tumblr media
I guess you didn't care, And I guess I liked that,
And when I fell hard, You took a step back,
Without me, Without me, Without me
After the party, Sirius had gone after her for a few weeks. He had said it was more of a casual thing, than a serious relationship, but no one can ever control their feelings.
The relationship was fine at first. He was sweet, caring, and overall a very helpful boyfriend. But when Y/N started falling hard, it was then when it all went downhill. She knew she had to tell him before it got too late, so she decided to go out on a picnic with him, before revealing her feelings for the boy in question.
Tumblr media
She surprised Sirius with the picnic, on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Sitting near the Black Lake, Y/N and Sirius were joking around when she knew that she had to tell him. Stopping her laugh, she slightly cleared her throat before looking at him.
"Siri, I need to tell you something.", she admitted quietly.
He turned his gaze on her, and nodded his head for her to continue.
"I- I love you Siri.", she confessed, a small smile playing at the corner of her lips.
"You what-?"
Y/N thought that the slight wavering of his voice was just astonishment, but she couldn't have been further away from the truth.
"I love you.", she exclaimed happily, but the smile faltered when she looked up at Sirius.
"No-", he stood up, "You can't love me!"
"Siri-", but before she was able to finish her sentence, he had left, going back to the castle, not looking back at Y/N.
I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
So, shame on me now,
Flew me to places I'd never been,
Now I'm lyin' on the cold hard ground.
It hurt to see him around the castle. She knew deep-down that the relationship would never work out. She felt stupid for thinking that she could change his playboy behaviour. Y/N kept thinking that she should have just said no when he had started to go after her. But she didn't and now she had to pay the price.
A part of her felt angry at him for hurting her, but she knew that it was all her fault. She should never have even entertained him, when they locked eyes at the party. If she hadn't, then she wouldn't be feeling this heartache. But there was no use pointing fingers anymore. She just had to move on.
But Y/N couldn't deny the number of times she had cried herself to sleep, or the number of times she thought of him during the day, or how she had thrown every single belonging of his, out the window. And how she still felt only love for him.
Tumblr media
And I heard you moved on,
From whispers on the street,
A new notch in your belt, Is all I'll ever be
And now I see, Now I see, Now I see
Even if the castle was huge, and there were multiple ways to get to class, Y/N just so happened to bump into Sirius. He was with another girl, taller and prettier than her. Of course he had moved on. He had never felt anything for Y/N, so obviously the breakup was not hard on him.
It hurt so much, to see him prancing about with a new girl on his arm. It had been just a couple of weeks after their breakup, and he had already moved on. Y/N tried hard to not let it affect her, but it was hard. Her friends helped her, told her he wasn't worth all the nights she spent screaming and cursing his name, that she should just forget him and move on. And she had tried. But it never worked.
How would it, if all people talked about was that Sirius was seen with a new girl every other week? How could she move on, if Sirius was always there in the Common Room, sitting with them, as James and Lily were now dating? It was practically impossible to avoid Sirius, so how could she ever get over him?
When Y/N was being fed food in her bed, as she had no intention of getting out, Sirius was pulling pranks with the Marauders, acting as if nothing had ever happened and spending time with whoever he was dating that week.
Tumblr media
And the saddest fear, Comes creepin' in
That you never loved me, Or her,
Or anyone, Or anything.
Sirius could have exhausted the whole girl population in Hogwarts if he continued whatever he was doing. He never stayed with a girl for more than two days. He played with their hearts. He'd take them out, and when they showed a small inclination of developing feelings for him, he'd drop them.
Sirius was the only name she ever heard. Y/N felt as if she was drowning, and that she would never be able to resurface.
Was everything he had told her a lie? Were all the presents he had gotten her, something he had forced himself to do. All the times he had hinted towards loving her, been a ruse, so that he could just break her heart?
Y/N knew that she would never love anyone, the way she had loved Sirius. She had started to come to terms with the breakup, and how he had moved on from her, as quick as the speed of light.
She never had him, she thought, remembering all the times she had tried to get to know him. He would brush off her questions, saying the answers were never important.
She had put so much effort into their so called relationship, that she was burnt out, functioning on fumes of what was left of her.
Y/N felt as if someone had thrown ice-cold water on her. In the process of loving Sirius, and trying to get over him, Y/N had lost herself. She had never given so much though to a guy before, she had never spent so much time cursing her exes, and wishing that they were never born.
She knew that it was over. He would never come back, and she would never find someone like that. The best she could do was move on. And the day she finally did, she promised that she would find herself.
Tell me what you think?
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elyaleti · 7 months ago
I've been rewatching ATLA several times lately and this time I especially ended up wondering a lot about Iroh and Ozai's past and characters in general. I just can't help but think it weird that Ozai is the ultimate trashbag of a humanbeing while Iroh ended up preaching harmony and peace. It just doesn't make any sense. These guys are brothers. They were brought up by the same parents, in the same fascist imperialistic nation, they were taught the same values growing up. You're trying to tell me the difference is that Iroh was destined to be the person he eventually came to be, but Ozai was just born evil? No, I don't think so.
I have two hot takes that I'm gonna elaborate:
1. Iroh had a guidance Ozai lacked
2. Ozai was the less favored son
(Disclaimer: I haven't read the comics yet so I don't know how deep they've already gone into this subject at some point. I'm trying to interpret and analyze the stuff that I got from the animated series only. If anything I say contradicts what has already been confirmed in the comics, feel free to correct me.)
Hear me out. Iroh wasn't born a saint. Everyone is aware of this, especially Iroh himself. He laid siege to Ba Sing Se for 2 years, costing the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom thousands of lives. Everyone knew that if the Fire Nation took over the capital, it meant almost ultimate victory for the Fire Nation. He even went as far as making a offhand sadistic jokes about burning the city to the ground in that letter to Zuko and Azula.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Iroh acknowledges it himself; He was a different man.
So what changed?
Yes, his son died. It broke and shattered him from the inside, making him drop all efforts to continue fighting in the war. To continue what had been his lifelong ambition, what he believed to be his destiny. He had a literal vision about taking over Ba Sing Se when he was a child, and that had been what he'd been pursuing ever since. But the death of his son managed to crumble all of that into nothingness. How is that possible?
Don't get me wrong. I think it's completely valid. I just don't understand how Lu Ten and Iroh could've had such a loving and caring relationship in the first place, when that's clearly something unusual among the royal family. Ozai burned and banished Zuko without a second thought, not to mention all the other shit he did to him growing up. Ozai didn't give two shits about Azula either, he only ever intended to use her as his weapon. Doesn't seem too surprising, if you ask me. Azulon didn't hesitate to demand that Ozai kill his own son if he wanted the throne. That's the man that raised Ozai, so it's just logical that Ozai learned that behavior and those values from his own father.
Even 9 year old Azula thinks it laughable that Iroh would fall apart at the death of his son. She is a child and this is how she thinks. The reason Zuko doesn't think like this is because he's had the guidance of his mother, unlike Azula. This is the kind of mentality these kids grow up with. They grew up with war and so did Iroh and Ozai.
Tumblr media
So why was Iroh's relationship with Lu Ten so different? Where did Iroh experience the kind of compassion and love he passed on to his own son, that Ozai definitely didn't? People act on how they've come to learn, so where did Iroh learn to care about his son to a point that it made him give up on his lifelong ambition?
Let's review a very crucial information we have on Iroh and Ozai as siblings: They have a huge age gap.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Frankly, I'm guessing about 10-20 years. Looks more like 20 to me, but that could also be Iroh's greater amount of endured pain and war making him look older than he actually is. But no one can deny that an age gap is definitely there. Which can also indicate they had different upbringings, despite having grown up in the same family as brothers.
What does this mean? Well, that's just me theorizing now, but I can definitely imagine that Iroh had someone, a family member maybe, there for him who wasn't around or didn't care to be when Ozai grew up. There must've been someone there who gave Iroh emotional security and guidance throughout his upbringing. Who? That's up to imagination. A friend of the family? A friendly uncle? His own mother ((or father))? (The last two things worked out for Zuko in the end, didn't they?) Otherwise I can't really explain myself why Iroh had enough values to love the way he loved Lu Ten, while Ozai clearly didn't give two fucks about his children at any point in his life.
Iroh was the firstborn son, the one who had a vision very early in his life that his destiny was to take over Ba Sing Se. Probably the one who got to have a family member care about him enough to show him how to love.
Tumblr media
(I like to point this out a lot because I find it very interesting, and very significant. Please A:TLA give us more info on Iroh's past!!)
Which brings me to my second take: Ozai was the less favored son.
Iroh was clearly a son to be proud of. He was a master firebender, the "Dragon of the West", if you will. He apparently had a vision as a boy that he'd conquer the most "impenetrable city" in the world. He probably lived up to his parent's expectations for his whole life, especially having no sibling to be compared to for a significant part of his life. He broke through the outter wall of Ba Sing Se during his siege. Yada yada yada, you get my point. He's the best son they could've wished for.
And Ozai? As far as I know, he barely even has any military achievements. Taking over Ba Sing Se was Azula's doing. While Iroh laid siege to the capital, he was at home chilling in the palace. He's the younger brother to an established hero and was never meant to be firelord. Now, I haven't read the comics for more info on Ozai's biography, but this man barely had a chance to live up to his parent's standards with Iroh as an older brother. If my theory is correct, Ozai also didn't have any person to provide him emotional guidance throughout his life. (*cough* like Azula)
The logical outcome is: infinite jealousy.
And when Ozai suggests to Azulon that he revoke Iroh's birthright to become firelord, this is Azulon's answer:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Azulon doesn't even hesitate to call Ozai out on his bullshit. He doesn't hesitate to take offense at the suggestion of betraying Iroh, and he even seems to care about Iroh's suffering. Not to mention that Azulon is overall annoyed with Ozai's request for an audience and sends the rest of Ozai's family away as soon as he can, to get whatever it is Ozai wants over with.
I could also mention the fact that Ozai tried to impress Azulon with his daughter's skills (Azula, even named after him) and the overall strained relationship these two seem to exhibit. It's obviously very different from Azulon's relationship with Iroh, if the way he talks about said man is anything to show for.
What if Azulon treated Ozai the same way Ozai treated Zuko? (Probably without the physical abuse, but you get my point.) What if this is where Ozai learned to treat a "useless" kid like shit, maybe also in a way to cope with how he was treated himself?
Getting deeper into the fact that Ozai is rather a loser compared to Iroh, without any big military achievements and without value for anything beyond that, this also explains a lot about Ozai's constant need to establish his dominance.
First; Becoming Firelord through radical manners (you know, killing his own son or killing his own father)
Second; Publicly burning and banishing his own son whom he considers a weakling, who dared to speak up in his war room. Doing this to have everyone know that he doesn't associate himself with weakness and that he will not ever tolerate any form of disrespect.
Third; The whole Phoenix King act. No one can tell me this isn't a madman's doing. This is literally to show off that he is the most powerful person in the world.
Ozai is so obsessed with proving himself and his superiority to everyone, including himself and probably Iroh too. This makes most sense if we consider that he probably lived in his brother's shadow for his whole life, ignored by probably every guiding figure he's ever had in his life, maybe even considered a laughingstock by his own father.
Perhaps this is also the reason Ozai didn't have any problem with Iroh accompanying Zuko in banishment. His brother, the hero in whose shadow he grew up, and his son, the failure he'd wanted out of the way for a long time already. It would erase Iroh's image that made him superior to him, once and for all. For himself and the world. I believe that branding him a traitor was the biggest satisfaction Ozai had ever experienced in his life.
I absolutely despise Ozai with every fibre of my heart, but it amazes me how ATLA continues to leave so much room for interpretation and explanation for a character as despicable as him. Writing this, even had me feel sympathy for him at some point. Feel free to disagree with me or add anything, I'm eager to hear everyone's thoughts about Ozai and Iroh's backstories because I'm geniuinely very curious.
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njkbangtan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Description: You and Jungkook were best friends who were in love with each other. What would happen when Soojin, your half sister who you’re trying to impress, told you she’s in love with Jungkook too?
“Would you believe me if I said that I was scared of everything too?”
Genre: childhood best friends to lovers, family drama, angst, fluff, idiots to lovers, pining, slice of life au.
Pairing: Architect!Jungkook x Architect!Reader
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: homophobia (Tae’s family is insisting he can’t be gay)
CHAPTER’S OST: Fix You covered by BTS
Tumblr media
When you try your best, but you don't succeed
You closed your eyes the moment you heard the first line of the song.
When you get what you want but not what you need
Your heart was thumping, unable to bottle up the emotions that had been eating you for months now.
One year and seven months, to be exact.
You left Seoul, your hometown, nineteen months ago.
"Why can't we just eat at home?" Taehyung groaned, clearly not happy with how things were going right now.
You shrugged because you also didn't know why Yoongi and Jimin decided to have dinner at Per Se, a fine dining restaurant, tonight.
Did they forget that you and your brother were broke? The both of you couldn't live life like you once did in Korea.
Life in the city that never sleeps was different. You still had a job, but you were no longer an architect, deciding that it was best to pursue graphic designing instead.
You worked from eight to five pm in an office now. Gone were the days you visited construction sites. What you created at your current job were images, logos and even diagrams.
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
You loved your job, unfortunately your compensation was not enough to keep you going, making you feel like you were:
Stuck in reverse
Your salary was barely enough to cover your rent and utilities expenses. Jimin, your roommate, knew this so he lent you his car, the same car Taehyung was driving at this moment.
You didn't want to borrow your roommate's car at first, but Jimin insisted, saying that he had a new car and that he didn't know what to do with the old one.
Jimin didn't want to sell it. He was a very sentimental person and the car was actually a gift from his parents.
So he let you use it. You were special to Jimin. He wouldn't mind that you and your brother were using something that he loved.
"Fuck it. I'm going home," Taehyung announced, suddenly turning right.
Your eyes widened, ready to scold him.
But you didn't. Now when—
And the tears come streaming down your face
—he was crying.
You gasped, but you quickly pursed your lips into a thin line. You also looked outside the window of the car, refusing to look at your brother.
You didn't want him to feel like you were prying or that you felt bad for him. No. Taehyung didn't appreciate empathy. For him, it was just the kinder version of pity.
He didn't need you or anyone to feel bad for him as it would only make him feel like his decision was wrong.
When you lose something, you can't replace
When Taehyung moved back here in New York, he lost something that he could never replace: his family in Seoul.
You remembered why your brother lost contact with the Kims. It happened almost two years ago.
"I'll just change," was your excuse so that you could get out of the dining area and also because you knew Jungkook would follow you.
You had to talk to him.
You had to remind him again not to tell anyone in your family that you and him were dating.
You thought it would only be for the meantime; however, you changed your mind after your father explained why he wanted Soojin and Jungkook to get married.
It was for Castle, the company your mother, Taemin, and Jong-in all built together.
How could you let the empire fall?
Apart from this, you saw how Soojin looked at your boyfriend. She loved him. Maybe more than you could ever love Jungkook.
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
You didn't want Jungkook's love to go to waste. You didn't deserve him. He deserved Soojin, someone who could love him dearly.
"Jungkook, as we are saying—" Sin-ae tried to open the conversation again the moment you disappeared from the scene.
Your best friend cut Sin-ae off though. You were right. Jungkook was going to follow you.
"W-Wait! Jungkook! Where are you going?" Sin-ae panicked, getting up so she could follow Jungkook.
Sin-ae could tell that this situation was starting to upset her daughter. Soojin was gritting her teeth, tears filled her eyes.
"Mom. Let Jungkook be." Taehyung said, stopping Sin-ae from running after your best friend. He just knew Jungkook's going to go to you. You and him clearly needed some time alone.
"No. I still have something to say to that boy!"
"It can wait." Taehyung clenched his fist. "I have something to say to you too. It can't wait."
"What is it?"
Taehyung had the undivided attention of his mother now. Admittedly, every member of his family was focused on him, waiting.
Taehyung gulped.
It was now or never.
"I'm gay."
Could it be worse?
Was telling his family about his sexual orientation the worst thing that could happen tonight?
It was the worst because he didn't think this through. It just happened. It was the only way he could think of to stop them from meddling with your relationship with Jungkook.
"You're what?" Taemin's jaw ticked, eyes turning dark as he turned to his third born son.
Lights will guide you home
Taehyung's heart skipped a beat. He was nervous but he didn't regret anything. He was certain that the truth would guide him towards light.
And ignite your bones
He would be free after this night.
"Taehyung..." Sin-ae held onto the head of the chair, grasping for support. She felt like she was going to faint.
This night was stressing her out so much.
"A-Are you sure? I-I..." Sin-ae swallowed hard. She was shaking. Soojin caressed her mother's hand.
"What if you're just confused? Have you dated women before—"
"Yes. I dated seven women. All didn't work out."
"B-But..." Sin-ae tried speaking again, however she trailed off.
Taehyung shrugged upon seeing her mother's expression. He continued eating his food as if nothing happened.
"Sorry it came out of blue. I didn't want to shock you, but seeing how this dinner turned out, I didn't really have a choice but to tell you."
"What do you mean by that?" Namjoon creased his forehead, he obviously didn't like what his younger brother was implying.
"Well, it seems to me that you all know about the engagement party, but you still didn't budge even when it's clear that Jungkook doesn't want to marry Soojin."
Taehyung shrugged before speaking again.
"I don't want to go through the same thing, I guess? I don't want you all to suddenly force me to marry some rich girl. But! If it's a rich guy, I might just agree—"
"Kim Taehyung!" Taemin's voice was like a thunder when he cut off what his third born son was saying.
And I will try to fix you
"Stop your nonsense right now!" Taemin shouted, as if it was going to fix something, as if shouting would suddenly change Taehyung's preference.
"Ouch, dad!" Taehyung pouted, clutching his chest. "Don't be mean. This is not nonsense. This is me telling you the truth about myself..."
The third born son was trying to joke around, thinking that it would at least calm his family.
"I like boys, dad. I let them do me—"
Taemin abruptly stood up. He was holding a table knife, ready to attack Taehyung.
"I said shut up!"
"Yeobo!" Sin-ae hugged her husband.
Seokjin and Namjoon stepped up too, protecting their brother.
"Father, you are overreacting." Seokjin said, hiding Taehyung behind him.
"My son tells me he's a faggot and you're telling me to calm down, huh, Kim Seokjin!?"
"There is nothing wrong with being gay, father. What's wrong is harming people just because of their sexuality." Namjoon said this, touching the hinge of his eyeglasses to stop it from slipping down his nose.
Taehyung's brothers never defied their father, but they would never stand still if Taemin did something to hurt any member of their family, except you. Seokjin and Namjoon didn't care about you.
"It's okay, hyung. You don't have to defend me." Taehyung smiled at his brothers before switching his gaze at Taemin.
"Tell me, father. If I don't 'stop this ‘nonsense,' what would you do to me?"
"I will disown you." Taemin snarled, pushing Sin-ae away from him. "You won't receive anything from me."
"Ah, you will disinherit me. I see..." Taehyung smiled, though his heart was breaking apart. "Okay, then. I will make things easier for you."
"Yah! Kim Taehyung, what are you talking about?" Soojin glared at her brother. She wanted to slap him. He was being stubborn!
"Well, father can't disinherit me, his legitimate heir, just because he wants to. But like what I've said, I'm gonna make it easy for him." Taehyung slightly raised his shoulders. "I'm disclaiming my inheritance. I'd rather be broke than have a homophobic father."
Taemin was about to attack Taehyung, but Sin-ae hugged him once more.
The corner of Taehyung's mouth quirked up as he placed his car keys and card on the table, a proof that he would not take anything from his father anymore.
"Don't worry. I will also pay back everything you spent on me since I was a child." Taehyung bowed down. "Thank you for everything. Goodbye."
And high up above or down below
You blinked back to reality after remembering the reason why Taehyung left his family. The way he told you that story made you feel like you were there when it happened.
But you weren't.
You were busy breaking your own heart.
When you're too in love to let it go
You went straight out of the mansion after mumbling an excuse to your family.
"Hey..." Jungkook followed you, grabbing your wrist.
"I told you not to tell them." You twisted your hand, a not so subtle way of asking him to let you go. His palm was hot, but it was causing you to shiver. You didn't want to be touched by him.
"I didn't—"
"You almost did." You snarled, becoming more frustrated as time passed. "You broke your promise to me."
"Tiger..." Jungkook called softly, trying to hold your hand again.
You walked away, as if you were too scared to stand closer to him. You were. You didn't trust yourself when you were around him. It was like you wanted to just bury your face in his neck. You knew Jungkook felt that way too, but he shouldn't. You shouldn't.
You were in the territory of the Kims. All of them wanted Jungkook to marry Soojin. They would most likely scowl if they saw you being intimate with your 'best friend.'
"I'm sorry..." He said, still following you.
You were headed to the garden of the mansion. No one really went here at night. There were just too many mosquitoes here.
"I won't break my promise again." He said softly. Jungkook was trying to catch your gaze.
You avoided it.
You couldn't look at him as you said "of course it won't happen again. You can't say something that isn't true anymore."
"What do you mean?"
But if you never try, you'll never know
"I'm breaking up with you, Jungkook."
"What?" He was breathless. Your cruel words knocked out the air out of him.
"You heard me." You said simply, still avoiding his gaze. Do not look at him or you'd break, you reminded yourself.
"Y-You're kidding, right?" And he still couldn't believe what was happening.
No. This couldn't be true. He just had you. He was just starting to show you how much he loved you. Why were you pushing him away again?
This wasn't fair.
"You're engaged, Jungkook. To my sister." You gritted your teeth, looking down at your feet. You could see a mosquito sucking your blood there. It hurt.
"You know I don't joke around when my sister's happiness is at stake—"
"What about your happiness?" Jungkook cut you off. And mine?
"I'm happy when Soojin is happy, when my family is happy."
"What about me?" His voice was so small when he asked this, like he was ashamed and hurt. "Am I not your family too?"
Your stomach churned. Your tears fell, you saw your teardrop hitting the mosquito sucking at your foot.
Your foot hurt. Your foot itches.
You were focusing on the wrong things. You complained about the wrong things.
Your heart hurt. But you didn't care.
Your foot. It itched.
Just what you're worth
"You are." You blurted out after a few moments of silence. Would it feel good to scratch your foot?
"That's why I'm ending this. I don't want to hurt you any further..."
You're not hurting me Jungkook was about to say this. You didn't give him a chance to speak though.
"I can't love you, Kook..."
Lights will guide you home
They said lights would guide someone home. Lights helped people see. It helped them so that they wouldn't stumble in the darkness, into something they couldn't possibly fight.
For the longest time, Jungkook believed this. He thought you were his light, guiding him—leading him towards home.
Home was supposed to be safe and it should bring comfort—this was what Jungkook longed. A home.
And ignite your bones
A home full of love, laughter—just things that would ignite his bones, that would make him thank the Maker for giving him life.
"Why not?" Jungkook managed to ask even though he was breaking inside.
All he could think about was your cruel words.
I can't love you, Kook...
I can't love you, Kook...
I can't love you, Kook...
It meant he was hard to love, right? He was hard to love despite the fact that he was trying his best. He was good. So good—too good, but it wasn't enough.
There was no home to come to.
Your foot still itches.
"Because I'm broken." You were stupid to think that you could fill his heart with love.
Love didn't work like that.
Jungkook shook his head violently. He knew you didn't want him to touch you, but he did.
He couldn't stop himself.
He took your face into his hands, feeling your skin. He was touching you like he was making sure you were real.
"And you can't love someone when you're broken."
His response was instant.
"Then let me try to fix you." He said this as if it was easy.
You cackled. This was better than sobbing.
"Too bad..." You finally had the courage to meet his gaze. You looked at him dead in the eyes, saying this: "Because I don't want to be fixed."
Jungkook was right.
You were his light.
You were his light, but you weren't going to guide him home.
You were the light that was going to blind him.
"Goodbye, Jungkook." You smiled.
And then you walked away.
This time Jungkook didn't follow you, but aside from this nothing else changed—well except that you weren't looking down anymore.
You looked up, remembering that when you kissed Jungkook for the first time, the moon and the stars were there to witness it.
The moon and the stars were still here.
This time they witnessed how you broke Jungkook's heart.
Damn. Your foot still itches.
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whimsicallyreading · 6 months ago
Dark Roast, No Sugar
Tumblr media
“I won't let my demons win. My only rival is within-” Ruelle
CW- Mentions of gun violence, suicide, and blood
Chapter Seven
Aelin dreamed. She dreamed of lazy afternoons curled up on a plush rug. Stollen drinks, sipping at them with wine-stained lips and filling the room with laughter. Warm arms protecting her from the cold and bitterness of reality. Kisses peppering her cheeks and just feeling loved.
When dawn crept through the window and forced her to open her eyes, that happiness lingered. Aelin stretched out her legs and yawned. Her hand slid across the duvet in search of that warm, solid figure.
Her fingers clench at chilled sheets. Sam's scent that was there only a moment ago is already fleeting. Half asleep and confused as to where he'd gone, Aelin peels her eyes open.
It strikes her like an asp.
Grief seeps into her like poison curdling the blood in her heart, and that brief sensation of contentment collapses inward. Aelin clenches her eyes shut and tries to take slow, steady breaths.
She wishes she hadn't woken up.
It's cruel how somehow her happy dreams were worse than the nightmares. It was unfair how Arobynn had taken all those good memories and made it painful to recall them. It killed her so much that she never let herself relive them in the daytime.
It was so much easier to forget. For a moment, giving in to the pain sounded simpler. A bottle of booze to chase the depression. Pills to fade reality, so many ways to escape that she'd indulged in before.
Aelin rolled on her side and felt the slight protrusion of her belly.
She couldn't forget.
Get up.
Slowly, Aelin rolled herself into a sitting position. The sting of nausea bit at the back of her throat, but she swallowed it down. A glance out the window let her know it was late in the morning, yet her eyes burned from how late into the night she'd spent crying.
Lysandra fell back into old habits. She would need Aelin to be strong for her when she woke up.
Three deep breaths.
Aedion would worry himself ragged. He had so many responsibilities and did so much to shield her and Lysandra in their time of need. Aelin couldn't put her problems on his shoulders more than she already had. That wasn't fair.
Four deep breaths.
Sam is gone, Aelin reminded herself. He was gone, but she was here. His baby was here. If she lost herself, Sam's baby would die before she ever did. He had forgiven so many of her mistakes, but she couldn't imagine how he would ever forgive her for that.
Five deep breaths later, and she lurched to her feet blearily.
Aelin didn't really see potential in her future anymore. There was no yellow brick road. All of her hopes and dreams were buried with the caskets of her loved ones. She was a shell of the person her parents had wanted her to be, a broken piece of the girl Sam loved.
Maybe she was broken, but she could still use the tiny flicker of hope that she desperately nurtured in her soul to protect her loved ones. So long as they needed her, Aelin would find a way to keep getting up.
She took off the borrowed clothes and put back on her smelly work clothes from the day before. There was no ensuite bathroom, so all she could do to right her appearance was tying her hair up in a knot and rubbing the crusty mascara out from under her eyes.
Aelin squared her shoulders and placed her hands on her belly, searching for movement. Wishing for the slightest nudge to assure her of the flickering life growing inside her.
It's normal. Aelin repeated those words to herself, using them as a sword to fight the fears and doubts. Sam's baby was fine. It would be okay.
The walk from the door down the hallway felt infinite.
The thought of bumping into Rowan sickened her. Lysandra was the only person she desired to see at the moment. Maybe she could slip out the front door with the house's inhabitants none the wiser? Aelin eyed the front door and counted the steps between where she was and freedom.
Those futile hopes were quashed when she stepped into the living room.
Fenrys materialized the second her foot crossed the threshold. He was wearing a "kiss the cook" apron, and flour dotted his face.
"Rise and shine, baby mama. I made pancakes." He pressed a hot cup of coffee into her hands, and the warmth that seeped into her fingers was hugely comforting. He was seemingly unaffected by the chaos of the night before and uninclined to bring it up.
Aelin raised a curious eyebrow at him, forgetting that he wasn't aware of her strict limited caffeine diet.
Fenrys seems to comprehend the look and consoled her with a wink. "It's decaf. Heavy cream. Six packets of sugar."
"Six packets of sugar?" She raised the cup to her lips, and the sweetness hitting her senses like a hug.
Fenrys shrugs his shoulders. "You looked like you needed it."
She had.
Aelin sipped at her sickly sweet beverage, but it was the meaning behind it that warned her belly. "Thank you," her voice wavers.
He took her thanks glibly, nodding his chin and returning back to his work. Totally unaware of Aelin's curious stare. She couldn't figure out how he would benefit from helping her. Yet, here she was at his kitchen table with a plateful of pancakes and sausage.
"Today is my day off. Once you are all finished, I can drive you over to the hospital. While you are there, I will swing by your place and let you know if it's all clear for you to go home. As much as I love having a pretty woman in my bed-" he slumps into a chair with a plate of food. "It's less fun when I'm not also in that bed, and I'm sure you would be more comfortable in your own home."
"You don't have to do all of this for us, Fenrys." Aelin set her fork down, letting the sugar settle in her stomach. "I've imposed enough as is."
"Nah, you aren't a bother. I have a hero complex if you haven't noticed. You are just another means to stroke my ego." He lifts his mug and chugs the last quarter of the cup.
"Well, don't get used to rescuing me." Aelin pokes at the whipped cream smile with her fork. Even her pancakes were happier than she was. "I do just fine on my own."
She said it half jokingly, but she meant it.
Fenrys was kind. Something she wasn’t used to, Aelin was a stranger to affection. Having someone, even thoughtfully nose into her business made her itch. There was too much she needed to keep secret. Too many people she needed to keep safe.
Fenrys looks at her thoughtfully, and an awkward silence stretches between them, their banter stifled. "Jokes aside- I'm here if you need me. I can give you my number and-"
"Don't." Aelin breaths the word out. "Don't pretend like you care. Please. I don't know what you hope to gain by helping me, just quit shitting me with the games."
She isn't sure where the sudden vitriol comes from. The ache in her chest had suddenly gathered into a blade hungry for blood.
Fenrys may be nice but that didn’t mean he could be trusted. No one did things without expecting a return and there would always be that side of Aelin wondering when Fenrys would come to collect.
Aelin was tired of managing people and trying to anticipate motives. Tired of people trying to worm their way into her circle just to cut her down.
She was just tired.
Fenrys' fork stops halfway to his mouth as he gapes at her. His hand slowly lowers back to the plate as his mouth fumbles to form a reply. "I don't understand what you mean. What games are you talking about?"
Aelin's heart is beating like a hummingbird inside her. Frustrated tears burn her eyes, but she holds them back. "I don't have anything to offer you."
"I don't recall asking for anything." Fenrys lifts a bite of pancake to his mouth, but his attention never diverts from her. "I'm not going to ask if you are alright. You obviously aren't, and that's fine and dandy, but don't go lumping me in with whatever shit humans you are associating me with."
His voice takes a stern tone Aelin hadn't expected from him. Fenrys posture is no longer laid back but tensed under the weight of her accusations. He chews his food slowly and swallows. "I can tell you've had a hard life. That shit lingers, I would know. Do yourself a favor, though, and learn how to separate your enemies from your friends. Rowan is an asshole with his own demons, and I don't know what happened between you both last night, but I have only ever tried to be your friend." He leans back in his chair, his dark eyes flickered with emotion.
"I don't recall asking for your friendship," Aelin throws his own words back at him. How dare he try and guilt her for accepting his help when he practically forced in on her.
His face remains impassive, but his words prod something deep inside of her. "That's the thing about friends, you shouldn't always have to ask. I knew the minute that we met that you are my kind of company." Fenrys leans across the table to stare directly at her. "Whatever secrets you are hiding, whatever it is in your past that you are running from... don't punish yourself with isolation. I'm a good friend to have."
He stands up and picks up their plates. "We leave in five."
Aelin is left sitting at the table, a lot rattled. Aedion would laugh his ass off if he could see her right now. It wasn't often someone put the verbal smackdown on her and actually left an impression. She felt like a fool.
Fenrys comes back in a moment later and observes the fact she hasn't budged an inch. "Are you ready to go?"
"Yeah," Aelin replies, barely above a whisper.
Coughing awkwardly and rubbing the nape of his neck, Fenrys opens the door for her. "I feel like I should also add that Rowan isn't as much of a bastard as you think he is. Hard to believe, I know."
"I'll believe it when I see it," some of her bravado creeping back into her voice.
Fenrys takes her words for what they are, a half-assed apology from someone too used to being sorry and never saying it. "I wouldn't expect anything less."
He hands her a red to-go mug with "World's Greatest Twin" written across the front, a matching blue one in his hand. "It's Con's. He won't care."
She accepts the mug and gives him a genuine smile. "I can handle being your twin for the morning. Some people may not believe us, though."
He runs a dark hand through his bleached hair, "We are both beautiful. It's not that far of a stretch. As long as no one mistakes the cookie in the jar as mine or Rowan might actually murder me." Fenrys mutters the last part as the car dips under his weight.
"What?" Aelin throws a sharp look at him as she slides into the passenger seat.
"Nothing at all. To the hospital, we go." Fenrys turns the key and makes no effort to hide his snicker at Aelin's irritation.
"Lys!" Aelin shouts to the nurse's displeasure. Her feet fly across the floor to a now awake Lysandra. She crushes the girl in her arms, mindful of the wires, and presses a kiss to her cheek. Waves of pure relief wash over Aelin and her eyes get foggy as she blinks back tears.
Lysandra gently hugs her back, spitting out a mouthful of Aelin's hair. "Careful girl. I have the hangover of a century." Lys groaned but pressed a swift return kiss to Aelin's head. "If you thought your puking was terrible, you don't want to know what I put these poor nurses through."
"Why?" Aelin pulled back and gripped Lysandra's shoulders. "I mean- I understand why, but you are an absolute bitch for thinking I would just let you go that easy."
Aelin definitely didn't have a future as a therapist. She had so many emotions racing through her they were colliding in her mouth. All she could do was squeeze her sister again and curse her name over and over.
So thankful not to have another dead friend hanging from her soul.
"Slow down. I promise it wasn't on purpose." She pushes Aelin's hands off her and instead tugs her to sit on the bed. "I must have taken a couple of pills the night before to help me sleep and forgotten. I swear I wouldn't leave you on purpose." Lysandra consoles, her eyes bloodshot from the side effect of her near-death experience. "The hospital did a psych eval on me and have triple-checked my story. I took two pills before my nap, and that must have done me in. I'm free to go home this afternoon."
Aelin purses her lips. She wanted to believe Lysandra. Badly. No one knows Lysandra's history like she did, though. Arobynn had turned them both into liars, and her gut was telling her to be cautious. "Did- Have you thought of maybe speaking to someone? Even if this was just an accident..this isn't the first time this has happened." She tries to phrase her words carefully, not wanting to step out of bounds. "It has to be hard on you. You might feel better?"
"Speak to someone? Like a therapist?" Lysandra's nose wrinkles. "I swear, this was just an accident."
Aelin tugs Lysandra, so her head is lying against her lean shoulder. "Accidents still hurt. You've been through a lot of shit, and our life is bound to stay crazy. It may just help. In general."
"What about you?" Lysandra turns the question back at her.
It catches Aelin off guard, and her brow furrows. "What about me?"
"Well, a little birdy told me that someone held a gun to your head, and you and your boyish body-double shot him dead in our cafe?" Lysandra hums, looking up at Aelin accusingly.
"I can neither confirm nor deny anything, but it's not like that's new experience for me." Aelin laughs. "Some people played monopoly as children. I played shoot or be shot. That's no more traumatic for me than tying my shoes."
Lysandra giggles loudly, snorting in a very unladylike manner. "If the shrink they sent in earlier heard you say that, they would institutionalize you. You realize that, right?"
"If they knew half the things we've done, they would have us both in straight jackets." Aelin kicks her shoes off and curls her legs onto the bed. "In all seriousness, we can't go home until they clean the body off the floor. I would offer to do it myself. I'm faster, but that would raise some red flags."
"Let the suits do the work, Ae." Lysandra snuggled closer. "We've earned a day off. How is my godchild?"
"Wanting their aunty to listen to their mother's very reasonable request to speak to someone who actually knows what a healthy coping mechanism is and to stop changing the subject?" Aelin drawls.  
Lysandra rolls her eyes and sticks her tongue out. "If I say yes and agree to try one session, will you let it go?"
"Fine. If you can find someone we can afford, I will do it, but you have to make yourself an appointment as well." Lysandra pokes her thigh roughly. "You have had the same awful year I have. If we are doing this, we are doing it together."
"Deal," Aelin lies.
Fenrys pops into the room, "Good news, ladies. Your place should be clean of body matter by the end of the hour. You can sleep in your beds instead of hogging mine tonight."
Lysandra bolted upright, "You slept where?!"
"Fenrys slept on the couch, and I crashed at his place." Aelin clarifies, glaring at Fenrys.
If only he knew how many ways Aelin could murder him.
"Everything fun happens when I'm not there," Lysandra bemoans as if he isn't there. "I bet you could bounce quarters off his abs."
"You can see them if you want," Fenrys eyes light up with mischief.
"That's not necessary," Aelin sighs and pushes herself off the bed. "My stomach is already weak. Let's not test fate. Also, aren't you supposed to Orynth's finest? The peak of professionalism?"
"I'm professional on duty. Off the clock, I'm just Orynth's finest," he waggles his eyebrows.
"And his pick-up lines are why he's been single for the last year," the devil himself says as he walks into the room unannounced.
Aelin feels her happy mood plummet. His cruel words resound their chorus in her ears.
Lyria was my wife. I don't owe you anything.
She feels small. Smaller than she's felt in a long time under Rowan's gaze. Aelin had let a little of her actual self show last night. Parts of her that she keeps buried deep within her. For a single second, she'd allowed him to see her grief, but he'd kicked her while she was down.
Knowing or unknowing it doesn't matter. Aelin knew better than to expose her vulnerability to him a second time.
"What are you doing here?" Fenrys looks genuinely confused. Letting Aelin know he hadn't been expecting the drop-in anymore than she had.
Rowan turns to Aelin, and for a moment, he looks guilty. It's quickly smoothed over, and his face freezes back into the icy expression she was used to. "You don't have your phone on you. Do you?"
No. She didn't. Aelin hadn't really thought about it, but she must have left it back in the Stag when she left to ride in the ambulance with Lysandra. She shakes her head, and Fenrys hisses between his teeth. "Shit."
"What?" She looks at Fenrys, who looks scarily apologetic.
"I'm sorry, Aelin. I thought he had enough of a headstart." Fenrys pinches the bridge of his nose. "I've got friends who can help. I will get the both of you set up-"
"No need," Rowan cuts him off. "There's already a deal on the table."
"What?!" Fenrys looks at him, alarmed. "It's only been a couple hours at the most. Did he plea guilty?"
"Who?" Aelin asks again and looks at Lysandra, who looks as lost and concerned as she felt.
"We know she has to be involved. If she agrees to help us, he will walk." Rowan placates Fenrys. They both turn to look at Aelin.
"You better tell me what you are talking about. What did I miss?" Anxiety drips into the potion of stress building up inside her. A headache already forming behind her eyes.
"Aedion Ashryvver was apprehended on Havilliard Memorial bridge over the Florine." Rowan states and Aelin feels like she's been dunked underwater. She has to sit on the chair beside Lysandra's bed.
"He's being charged with possession of an illegal weapon, murder, street fighting, and organized crime. As well as a laundry list of petty offenses. We have substantial evidence against him, and he's looking at forty-to-life in the Terrasen pen." Rowan runs a hand through his hair. "You were his one call, but you didn't pick up. I figured why."
"You-" Aelin lurches to her feet. Her anger is sudden and deadly. She would peel Officer Whitethorn like an orange and feet his innards the alley cats behind The Stag. "You've gone after the wrong person. I will-"
"You- will not say anything to incriminate yourself," Rowan says, his green eyes flickering like waves of grass in a thunderstorm. "I've already made a bargain on his behalf. If you agree to it."
Never play a game you didn't create, Aelin. Arobynn's final words repeat themself to her. Play by the rules you set or none at all, or you put yourself at the mercy of the master.
"What kind of deal are we talking about?" Aelin questions lowly, the fire in her burning with fury. Rowan liked to humiliate and demean her. That's fine, but Aedion was her family. No one. No one crossed her family and survived. Not anymore.
"Aelin. Call Dorian. He can find you an attorney, don't make any kind of deals with him." Lysandra grabs her hand, but Aelin's singular focus is on Whitethorn. Two predators sizing each other up before the fight.
"I have a suspicion about you, Aelin." Rowan doesn't blink. "Or should I say- Celaena."
Dead silence.
He continues, "A dangerous drug has been slowly leaking into the city. The same drug that was in the system of the boy who tried to hold your business up. I think you know things- and if you agree to help us. We will sponge Aedion's records and he will walk free."
"If I did supposedly know something," Aelin feels out the terrain of this conversation. "How long until you let Aedion go, and will my help be used against me?"
"Is that a confession?" Rowan's smile is wicked, but something in Aelin's return grin makes his jaw twitch. He may be tough, but Aelin- she was a monster. Whitethorn didn't know who he was trying to play.
"He will walk when we have a strong lead with substantial evidence. As for you, we can discuss that at a later time. That's all I can say." Rowan steps closer to her.
Aelin had to admit, if he knew as much about her as he claimed, then his guts were impressive. Playing with fire is stupid unless you enjoyed getting burned.
Maybe she and Rowan had something in common after all.
"It's a deal."
This time, Aelin wasn't lying.
Let the games begin.
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