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#no jocks allowed
maniacs-in-drayven · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
"Kurt Cobain"
No Sympathy For The Rapists. No Sympathy For The Jocks.
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the-acid-pear · 10 months ago
Okay so...
while i was playing Bugsnax i noticed a pattern in the grumpuses teeth design, so i sorted them by the position of their teeth
Tumblr media
The grumpuses with underbite are mostly male, with the exception of floofty (who could also easily be amab but that’s not important)
The grumpuses with normal positioned teeth are of any gender, having 3 female grumpuses and two male ones
And the grumpuses with overbite are all females, with the exception of Chandlo.
In other words, what im trying to say is:
Tumblr media
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el-phanator · 5 months ago
me, being held up in the hall by the jocks doing their “secret” handshake every few seconds: you construct intricate rituals-
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milliekesler · a month ago
#to those who have seen the film: i've been sitting on this for almost a year#but i really do think that something resonated with millie when she killed the butcher#he felt a bit of what he had felt his whole life since killing his mom#when she said 'i am a fucking piece' as he died she felt peace#and i do see her adopting more of the 'personality' she showed when he was in her body#because what she said she felt when in his body was similar to what he was showing in hers#anyway!! she was very empowered yes#but i also think that it's very possible that she would kill again#she's not gonna take shit anymore and allow people to hurt her#it's very interesting because millie never showed any pain or hurt for her tormentors being killed#she was more worried that the butcher was using her body#but not in who was dying or why#she knew they had made her life miserable#and what kind of trash the jocks were#like there's a reason why the butcher killed them all#and millie can see it on top of his simple need to kill#this also includes the teacher!!#so millie both finally felt at peace and snapped in the end in my opinion#and while she is NOT going to become a killer#she wouldn't doubt it anymore if it came to her or anyone else#( mom and sister and besties excluded )#anyway!! i'll also definitely have verses where she does become a killer too#because we love it#but it won't be without reason#she won't deal with bullies or abusers#i'm just going off but! i'm gonna write about it#also thinking of her in her fear street verse#her name is probably something like the blissfield ripper#because there's already a butcher#and because of his history?? she's probably more feared
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thewhizzyhead · 6 months ago
sometimes i wonder about how the homophobic conservative christian dude i debated with a lot about lgbtq+ stuff back in 10th grade will react if he found out that his debating-rival that he actually really respects apparently is actually bi. then just a while ago i also wondered on what his reaction would be like if he knew that his ex-girlfriend (who is one of my best friends) who once shared his conservative views is now very vocal about LGBTQ+ issues and also uses she/they pronouns. welll okay he would probably feel very pissed which made me feel a bit scared bUT THEN I REMEMBERED that me and his ex's friends and former classmates, heck even the dude's own friend circle would probably beat him to a pulp if he even dares to say anything bad towards our sexualities, identities and the rsst pf the LGBTQ+ community so um yea now i'm no longer scared woo
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the-ginger-magician · 8 months ago
There’s a female ref at the Super Bowl. I don’t think y’all understand how much of a big deal that is.
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maniacs-in-drayven · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Layne Staley looking dapper in concerto! 
So many men are egotistical pigs these days. Fat slobs, pedophiles, and sex fiends. Layne Staley reminds us that being humble, righteous, and #Grunge will always prevail over gluttony and vanity!
And the pigs who will never be able to understand what this all means deserve to rot in the piss that they wallow in everyday.
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leefi · a month ago
to lead kdj company you have to be a bit of a shrimp
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renemesis · 6 months ago
tired of twink toy bonnie we’re doing jock toy bonnie now
PLEAAAASE.... jock toy bonnie is canon in fnaf world he carried my ass for so long... fuck main game twink toy bonnie all my homies hate twink toy bonnie
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dromaeocore · a year ago
Am I an introvert who likes to go out and Do Stuff but Not Talk To Anyone or am I just an extrovert with one of the most severe cases of social anxiety in the goddamn fucking universe
#the mystery will never be solved#[constantly wants to go Out and Explore][stays home because the mental exhaustion from Worrying What People Are Thinking Abt Me is THAT bad#[stays home because half the things I wanna do are dangerous daredevil things that require a group of similar Dumbasses to spot you]#i think some of the best fun I ever had was when I lived with my friend's sibling#and we'd go out at night and take turns speeding down the road riding on the roof of their car#or run around in the middle of thunderstorms#I need a squad of Dumbass Adventure Bros to take me out of my shell and do stupid shit like that with#I've never had luck with anyone I know but most of my friends are/were AFAB or cis gay dudes and all ya'll have too many brain cells#I need to make friends with some dumbass jocks who'll let me tag along on Dumbass Jock Adventures#just do some absolute moron shit#yet the prospect of how people make friends elude me. when I went to rock climbing club a few years ago I wound up shutting down and sittin#in the corner and avoiding everyone and just. completely muting my personality.#Not even allowing myself to be adventurous in the gym because I was too terrified of what people would think of me :'(#I want to do so many things but all these things require like. a bro squad#and I'm an awkward tiny trans guy#...Eh there's a pandemic it's not like any of this is happening any time soon#maybe I'll get a job and meet some people at work#I just want some rock climbing and urbex bros#is that so much to ask?#Wanted: Like 3 - 6 dumbass bro friends who have exactly ZERO brain cells between all of them this is a NO THOUGHTS ALLOWED ZONE
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frumfrumfroo · a year ago
I always think it’s interesting how many people who align themselves with queerness/wokeness in fandom end up exclusively stanning the most conventional heroes. They prefer altering characters like Thor or Poe as representation, “lesbian icon Thor” or “gay Poe” when those characters are some of the most ideally masculine in their respective stories. And they shame the fans of characters who are *minimally* non-masc, usually in ways that reinforce patriarchal ideas like male emotionality=weakness
It does seem that way, doesn’t it. All the ‘why stan Kyle when P0e is right there’ type anti bullshit, and their constant bizarre insistence that he’s always been a super important lead character on par with Rey and F/nn so you’re ‘erasing’ him by not treating him that way. Which is clearly *ist.
Meanwhile, P0e was a cardboard cut out of ‘The Ace Pilot’, which is definitely one of the most cliché, most conventionally masculine hero archetypes in film history. It was a Dead Horse Trope in the eighties (Flasheart from Blackadder is a parody). In TFA he was a plot device, which is why he is an instantly recognisable stock character- that’s all that was needed.Rian did a little self-aware comment on it in TLJ, which gives him a bit of edge, but it’s not a deconstruction and he remains fairly flat. He’s now a supporting character, developed just enough for that role.
SW is super old fashioned and these old fashioned serial tropes are totally fine but he’s not a character with depth and he was never intended to carry a major plotline, so the treatment of him in the fandom (and the press) as ‘beloved leading man who could totally end up with Rey’ is pretty transparent.
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