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#no kink
theparadoxofbastard · 21 minutes ago
Don't be aroused by my confession
Unless you don't give a good goddamn about redemption, I know
Christ is comin' and so am I
You would too if this sexy devil caught your eye
You look at the audience that’s gathered, to watch Lilith take in her newest...partner. Not quiet slave, no, you have more dignity than that. You’re here by choice. Though you’re not much more to her than the latest human to saunter into her bedroom. To her, you’re replaceable, but to you, she’s everything you dreamed of.
You give the audience a smile, almost cocky. Or it would be, if you weren’t smirking at at crowd of nosy demons curious to see what was all the fuss about Lilith’s new partner. She shuts the doors leaving the two of you in total privacy
You’re already laid down on her bed, it’s large and decadently soft. The room is lit by dim candlelight, akin to that of an old grotto. Similarly, the rest of the room reminds you of an old cathedral. Though Lilith’s cathedral is lit by hellfire and centered around a bed of black silk sheets rather than the body of Christ. No, here, it’s your body that’s being revered
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honeyy-bee-mommi · 2 hours ago
This sweet little baby has a wishlist with cute items! Would someone stop by and gift her!
@sweet-berry-pieee - Her Wishlist
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goodgirlpls · 4 hours ago
i’ve made a paypal so if anyone wants to help me buy a lush 2 so that you guys can control my orgasms then i’d be so grateful!! 
my paypal is: 
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spinnykitty · 7 hours ago
Me: *Sees someone else's kinks* You are free to (consensually) enjoy what you enjoy 🥰🥰🥰
Also me: *has my kinks* 👀 *judges me so hard*
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whumperooni · 15 hours ago
Stoned and simpin' over the thought sitting in Ushijima's lap and having Tendou spit in my mouth just to have Ushi lick away the spit that dribbles over my lips and down my chin 💕
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waka-chan-out · 19 hours ago
one of these days i’m going to start talking about kinoshita and y’all aren’t gonna be able to stop me
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katsukithme · 21 hours ago
me watching haikyuu: many cute boys, I love them all! how will I ever choose who to simp for
some tall rude mfer with glasses:
me: narrows eyes
me: that one
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adipem-caritatem · a day ago
Tumblr media
190lbs from two years ago vs 190lbs after losing and regaining 20lbs !! its so wild to see the difference even though im the same weight, my belly is so much softer than it was then and more bottom heavy 🥺
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xcorpsebunnyx · a day ago
☁️ here’s some things to know, I’m twenty one from Australia. yes, I have Snapchat but I won’t be giving it out unless we have spoken for more than two weeks: don’t try to gaslight me about that either, had enough of that ☁️
☁️ I won’t call you sir, master or anything like that, you are not my dom, you are not my daddy, nor master. I am not owned, but I am collared ☁️
☁️ I’m open to conversations about anything at anytime! ☁️
☁️ respect people’s boundaries! ☁️
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dykecharlie · a day ago
ohhh op of that post was that blog that used to be like. really big? im blanking on the name. redhead w the loki sideblog. anyways no offense to them but I dont trust them to have correct sam opinions. not enough brainworms. doesn't see sam is queering sex with women 😤
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erenpapi · a day ago
«Wings» — Hawks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prompt: "Head against the bed. I thought you were a pro; I said I wanna get a good look at the pussy I paid for."
Word count: 4.7k+
Tags: smut, sex worker f!reader, consumption of alcohol, degradation, praising, impact play, spit play, drug use (weed), fellation, mentions of tears, mentions/implications of Hawks in his rut, unprotected sex + creampie, nipple play, breed kink, biting, dirty talk, begging, slightly fluff if you squint.
Notes: I was thinking about sucking hawks' **** and this is the result of it. I really wanted to make it pretty nasty but in the end it turns out to be a little "cute" with some of fluff. Hope you like it anyway, please remember to read all the tags before continue.
bnha masterlist | navigation
Tumblr media
Were you nervous? No. Well, just a little bit if you had to be honest with yourself. It wasn't the first or the last time you did this but it was always a surprise to know who you would meet behind the door.
You did your work in the most discreet way possible. They wrote to you anonymously, you questioned them on certain topics to make sure they are not false, kids or jokers, and you offer them three types of service: company, companion lady or golden lady; once they pay you proceed to choose a place where both coincide. The client who wrote you asked for the last option, the most expensive of all which made you think that they had a lot of money. You usually work with businessmen, wealthy people, and even low-profile heroes, never a pro hero —until now.
Your footsteps rush trying to drown out the hammering in your chest and the annoying sound of your thoughts when you reach the black door, the number "305" is etched into the wood in a golden color.
You knock on the door about three times until you hear movement behind it and take the opportunity to fix the black dress that fits just above your thighs.
The door opens wide, finally showing you the person who hired your services. It was him, that boy who although you couldn't remember his name you knew was the number two hero, that one with the wings and wow, they were huge, the majestic works of art rested on his back slightly open, they had all your attention that you didn't even notice that the only thing stopping you from seeing him completely naked were those formal black pants.
"Good evening." You greeted when you found your voice. "I am here because my services were requested."
The winged hero devoured your figure from top to bottom, he liked what he saw, you were definitely the same as the photos your page showed.
"Yeah, come in." He invited you by stepping aside. It was your first time in such an expensive hotel and as it was to be expected, the room was just as luxurious as the rest of the place. The man stayed behind your back and gave you all the time you needed to devour every corner.
Hawks couldn't take his eyes off you. His fingertips ran down your bare back, stopping right above your ass, the touch interrupted your thoughts and sent a blaze to your core. "Do you want something to drink?" The strong smell of rum hits your left cheek, Hawks rattled the ice from the glass he had on the left that you barely noticed to emphasize the question.
"No thanks, I prefer not to drink when I'm working." You turned to look at him, he was so close that you could see perfectly the details that the television or makeup didn't show you, the dark circles under his eyes, the trace of the beard, a few freckles that adorned his cheeks and a few moles that couldn't be seen from a few feet away. You smiled at him pinching your skin, you had to concentrate, this was not a date, it was work, you were not here to feel those annoying tickles.
The hero pouted walking beside you, God, his wings were huge and you could only think how heavy it would feel to carry them all day —a lifetime. The bright red was calling you to touch them but you kept your composure and forced yourself not to leave your place near the door. It was to be expected that his back was marked —by the weight he was carrying—, a defined line descended until it disappeared where the dark fabric of the pants reached and you could notice some occasional scars that you imagined had been made in battle.
"Golden lady?" That was him, bringing you back to reality. You blinked a few times before purring an 'hm?', "I asked what should I call you, you haven't told me your name yet."
"I don't share private information and that includes my name, so you can call me whatever you want."
The man finished all of his remaining drink in one gulp before speaking again. "Alright then, I guess I'll call you my slut for tonight, if you're okay with that, of course." You curse yourself for the way you shamelessly clenched your thighs.
"Sounds perfect to me, sir. All my limits are set out in the confidentiality contract we already signed, so I have no problem being your slut tonight. What would you like to be called?"
Hawks turned his back on you again and you had to restrain yourself from continuing to admire his wings. "Let's go to the room." Your legs instantly came to life and you followed his trail like a minion. The main room was only a few meters from the living room and dining room, black sheets of what appeared to be silk adorned the bed, about four pillows of the same color lay in disorder accompanied by four wooden poles that reached to the ceiling in each corner.
"On the bed on fours, no panties. I wanna see that pussy." You took a breath of air before doing what was ordered, your thong fell to your heels and you took off your heels to go where you asked, the dress slid over the curve of your butt with ease. "Head against the bed. I thought you were a pro; I said I wanna get a good look at the pussy I paid for."
You tighten the sheets in your fists and laid your head against the surface until you felt your cheek slide on the soft fabric, your heartbeat was still arrhythmic and your palms were starting to sweat, you are not supposed to be enjoying this so much, cuz' yes, you usually enjoy your sexual encounters with your clients but with Hawks it was different, you really wanted to fuck with him, your cunt yearned for him.
"That's better." He murmured behind you. You felt his presence move around, heard the click of a lighter and in seconds the smell of burning weeb filled your senses. "Now..." you felt one of his hands caress your left cheek before feeling the burning of his palm hit your skin which made you stir under his touch. He repeated the same gesture with the other. His hot breath, now in the middle of your folds, caused you to clench a few times. Hawks was silent for a few seconds before speaking again.
"Such a pretty cunt. Exactly… no, better than the pics you showed me." The hero spat on your parted lips which made you gasp in surprise, two of his fingers spread the thick liquid up and down pinching your clit with his knuckles in the process. "You can call me master, sir, daddy, even your god, baby, I don't mind."
Your gaze was fixed on that point on the wall covered with wallpaper processing the reaction that your body was having thanks to that sentence and how hot you felt, a trickle of drool slid down your corners thanks to the position staining the area underneath you.
"Stand up." You were quick to do what he asked you to. "I guess you don't smoke either, huh?" The blonde inhaled from the joint letting the air out too close to you, you are quick to deny. Hawks licked his lips slowly, returning his gaze to your silhouette. "On your knees." He ordered you, walking next to you to lean back against the bed.
It took your brain a sec to process the sentence but you rushed to kneel in front of him. Hawks ditched the pants for you, leaving them at ankle length. Much to your not-so-surprise, he wasn't wearing underwear —normally your clients didn't do it anyway to rush things. It's such a really fat cock, thick and perfect size, tip angled just a little up. If you were to be honest with yourself, you weren't surprised by the size, you could already 'see' it through the pants. Being face to face with his dick you let out a long sigh that ran his length. Hawks looked at you patiently from above, with his right he was holding the joint and his left was resting against the bed, his wings were only a little more spread than when you entered the room a moment ago.
The flushed head glistening with the sticky liquid invited you to take it completely in your mouth but you controlled your carnal instincts, you were a professional after all. One of your hands caressed him from top to bottom giving long and slow caress that left him wanting more, you noticed how his thighs tightened which gave you to understand that you were doing something right. With your free hand you were in charge of massaging his balls, your eyes didn't leave him to verify that everything was fine and that he wasn't feeling uncomfortable.
Your innocent gaze made him grasp the silk and with his clenched jaw he cursed himself; with those parted lips and your long lashes dancing for him, it only made him want to ruin you, cum in your face and make a mess of you. You looked down again just to concentrate on what you had in front of you, you dedicated to stroke the tip in circular motions while leaving kisses at the base. The growl that vibrated in his throat only increased the moisture between your legs; you wanted to hear more of that so you didn't waste another second and put it in your cavity.
When the salty taste reached your palate you couldn't help purring against the shaft, Hawks did the same, your gaze sought his but the boy held the joint between his lips with his eyelids closed and his head dropped back. The effect of your reactions on your body soon began to be noticed, your thighs were rubbing against each other looking for some pressure and your tender nipples began to ache for attention imagining those soft lips closing against them, biting them, pulling, pinching them, it made you take him deeper, your palms resting on his legs, your nails digging in enough to send chills to your lover.
"Oh… yeah —fuck" his cock was touching your throat, saliva ran down your chin and fell like drops at the hero's feet, your watery eyes were still searching his when you found them. The moan that came out of your blocked throat was lewd. The hawk looked at you from above imposing, his eyebrows furrowed, his chest rose and fell and his heavy breaths together with the penetrating yellow of his eyes warmed every corner of your skin.
You had to take it out of your mouth to be able to breathe just long enough to take it back fully, you wanted to take it all the way down even though it barely fit, you were going to make it feel as good as one of his looks made you feel. Something soft caressed your chin and with some force made you raise your eyes, it was a feather, it was forcing you to hold his gaze. "Easy there. Breath." The nice feather was now sliding down your throat, tracing its way up to your breasts, how did he want you to breathe properly when he was...? "Keep going."
You did your best to relax your throat, you already had experience so it was not so difficult for you, so when the feather started to play with your nipples your nose touched the short pubic hairs, Keigo cursed immediately after a paragraph of obscenities; the thick heavy cock that rested on your mouth barely fit, you gagged a little on it before pulling it out. With one hand you cleaned the mess that was your jaw before spitting on the dick that you were now jerking of, the squelching sounds of your saliva mixed with pre-cum, the play on your nipples and the sound of your hand hitting his pelvis almost made you cum in the act.
The head was now bright red, you were sure he was gonna cum soon. Your hand continued with the raw stroke to the base while you busied yourself with sucking and swirling your tongue on the end of his cock. The tears of pleasure finally overflowed adorning your cheeks.
"Baby, I—" The sentence was left half but you knew exactly what it meant.
"Do it, sir, please cum in my mouth." You slapped the angry head against your tongue that now hung out of his comfort. His thighs were contracted, he could feel it in your free hand touching him, his constant gasps told you that he was closer than you thought, Hawks didn't want to lose you from his vision, he didn't want to even blink but the violent orgasm made him shut his eyes tight accompanied with a very audible "fuck" that broke his vocal cords by painting your tongue with the pearly liquid.
You swallowed every last drop, giving short kisses to the still erect dick, every time your lips touched him the man trembled under you, giving you to understand how sensitive he was, that made you smirk. You waited patiently on your knees for the next order, usually after that they would send you home or ask you to touch yourself for them before they got another erection but there he was still, hard as rock as if he hadn't unloaded on you seconds ago.
The blonde took one last deep breath before dropping the pot on the floor and getting out of bed. He gently helped you to get on your feet, your legs tingling from the recent position. Hawks cornered you against one of the bars of the bed, his wet cock burning against your stomach. Really how…
"How are you still hard?"
He liked that you were direct, a giggle vibrated down the line of your neck. "'m on my rut… well, not really, I'm at the beginning of it." His mouth sought your skin leaving wet kisses, one of his legs separated yours doing the same with your slit, that knee moved torturously slowly paying attention to your little clit, although it wasn't enough, you needed more.
Your eyes were pleased with both the answer and his actions. You had no idea that he... you assumed it made sense for him to go into rut, he was a bird in the end, right? Your thoughts no longer made sense when his teeth reached your lobe. "You're soaked, are you creaming just from sucking my cock?" His left gently held you by the jaw as his lips traced a path from your ear to your mouth, "You have no idea all the things I wanna do to you before my two hours are up."
"No kisses." You reminded him of the contract with weak knees by guessing his intention. You hated him for making you feel the way he did. He was not special, he was one more on your list that you would not see again tomorrow. He shouldn't make you feel like that.
"Just one, hm? I'm paying a lot for you, don't you think I deserve to taste those lips?" His nose bumped into yours, warm alcohol-flavored breath tickling your mouth and trickling between your parted lips. You couldn't accept, a kiss was something too intimate, you couldn't.
"No. No kisses —ah" The knee began to press on you, going forward, backward and upwards squeezing your button, you were literally soaking it, your hands searched for his arms to hold on to something because your legs were already beginning to fail, he absorbed each of your short gasps, his lips were inches from yours, his grip on your neck forced you to stay close to him and you hated him, you wanted to flee from his arms but his strength didn't allow it.
"Let it go, babe, you're too tense. Lemme make you feel good." The man started taping his knee against your clit, just enough, without hurting you, just adding more pleasure. "Wanna cum on my knee?" That spicy giggle made your chest vibrate. You were embarrassed that he realized the effect he was having on you.
"Hawks—" It was a warning, you were close. You couldn't realize what his name coming out of you provoked in him because you had your eyes closed, his wings had puffed up and an almost animal growl crawled from his throat to your mouth, the hero took too much self-control to not kiss you there. It didn't matter what you called him that night, hearing his own name in your broken gasps was all he needed.
Hawks pulled away from you, your nails digging into his chest and that's when you finally met his eyes. His dark pupils almost completely covered the yellow, you didn't have time to continue admiring him because two of his fingers broke into your thoughts and your tight hole, you were so wet that you could even take three. "Look at me." And you did, your face outlined with pleasure. His fingers were deep inside reaching all the places that made you feel good, carnal and soaked sounds became protagonists for that moment, Hawks took one of your legs and held you close to his hip, opening you more for him, forcing you to take them even deeper, "Cum."
Fuckfuckfuck. Your sight went blank for a moment, your sweaty forehead was level with his chest, you couldn't hold yourself anymore, you couldn't even look at him, you didn't have the strength to hold his gaze. Keigo fucked you with his digits during your orgasm, abusing you and taking every last drop. When he came out of you, your throat let out a little cry. Hawks let you recover against his chest, he gave you all the time you needed, there wasn't enough air in the room, everything spun for a moment until a sticky hand touched your jaw.
You were drunk without having had a drop of alcohol, that's how you would describe being in the presence of the number two hero. "What do you want to do now?"
"Uh?" One of your eyebrows rises up instantly.
"Do you wanna suck my cock again or do you want me to pound that pussy?" A grotesque whimper came out in the form of a sigh. You didn't know what to answer, you never had a voice in your sexual encounters although, you did know what you needed—
"I wanna ride you." You were clear of that.
Your chest was squeezing you, Hawks got dangerously close to your face, he was going to kiss you and you weren't going to stop him but instead he left a little peck on each side of your corners. "I won't kiss you. When I am deep inside you, hitting that spot that makes you roll your eyes you'll beg me to do it." That was a promise. One that had robbed you the little sanity you had left, your hands became weak fists on his torso.
When Hawks left your side you realized how cold the room was, the heat that he emanated was comparable to a campfire in the coldest of winters, a cold current ran through your back and your gaze saw his figure abandon you and climb to the bed, the hard cock gleamed under the lights, twitching under your intense gaze. Keigo patted the bed.
You crawled up to him until you came face to face with the man who made you shake like a leaf. "Where are the condoms?" He arched an eyebrow. "I ain't—"
"I thought I was paying for the Golden Lady, so no kisses and I can't fuck that sloppy cunt raw, damn." The lopsided grin lit a flame in your belly. You exchanged glances between his girth and the predator's eyes.
Your teeth caught your lip, you doubted between your carnal desires or following the rules that for the last months you had followed. Hawks was right, he had paid even more than the amount that option was worth, that would help you pay for two semesters in college and you would have money left over, you filled your lungs with new oxygen. Fuck it. You wanted to fuck Hawks and it's what you would do, not as your job, but to quench the fire that consumed you from within.
Your lover's smirk widened when he saw the change in your face, both hands resting on the sheets while he lets you do all the work. You held onto his shoulders to position yourself better, your fingers digging into the smooth, polka-dotted skin. The enraged head slid easily through your slippery folds collecting your juices, Hawks gave you a deep sigh and your lips formed a perfect oh when you felt him enter you with a hip movement, oh god.
You settled on him better, his cock sinking a little more and more into your warm pussy, your walls absorbed him completely, you were completely sitting on him, he was still watching you struggling to take him completely, wetting his lips from time to time; Hawks gave you all the time you needed to adjust to his size, you could feel it almost kissing your cervix, throbbing with rage against your suffocating walls, you were ready to move, you needed it.
Your hips went back and forth timidly making a circumference, his fingers caressing your thighs, making you understand without words that you could take the time you needed, his touch fanned the flame already lit within you. Little by little your movements became more rhythmic causing your companion to let out a few short gasps and curses between teeth, your boobs bounced every time you took it deeper something that seemed to have the birdman enthralled.
"I know you can take it harder. C'mon." That lopsided smile made you dizzy on top of him. Your fingers pressed harder on his skin, red marks began to appear due to your grip but you did what he asked, your ass crashed against his thighs every time you went up and fell on him, it did not take long for you to feel again the well-known sensation in your lower abdomen.
His arms wrapped around your waist bringing you closer. He broke the straps of the dress releasing your tits, you wanted to reproach him but everything became confusing when you felt a tongue curl around one of your nipples while the other free, was in charge of squeeze and slap the other, the new sensations made you slow down a little, your digits tangled in the golden strands making circles and pulling him what he apparently liked, his growls against your tits were proof of that. The wet muscle played with your erect button flicking on it, biting it, pulling from it, you melted in his mouth as if it were a sugar nougat, the amount of saliva that he produced soon overflowed through your belly.
Your elusive fingers could not resist the temptation and you had to touch his wings, the bright red called you, attracted you, your digits slid down the trunk touching the soft feathers. Hawks sank his teeth into your sensitive skin instantly earning a scream from you, he separated from you with a growl and a stream of drool that ran from the corner of his mouth until it reached the shadow of his beard.
"Don't fucking touch my wings." The look he had was wild, animal even. Hawks spun you around in seconds to put you underneath him, the force of his thrusts causing your eyes to fill with tears, he was forcing that spot over and over again, your poor boobs bouncing with every savage movement.
"'m so sorry, I-, I-" Your trembling voice only increased the rhythm of his thrusts. A deep voice spoke in your ear, it was as if a blaze of fire ignited your back and traveled its way to your pussy.
"Don't touch my wings unless you're ready to let me own you, don't touch them unless you're ready to let me breed you."
His lips dragged under your cheek until they reached your nose where he placed a sound kiss, from there he descended to your mouth, his lips brushed yours, his breath made you open more for him, your treacherous tongue was faster and you licked his bottom which made Keigo immediately backed away, his thrusts lowering in intensity. "What?"
"Kiss me." Your lover's smirk showed you his pearly teeth.
"Beg." His slow, deep thrusts were touching that sweet spot, his hips circling to go even deeper. "I said, fucking beg, slut."
"Please, Hawks, please kiss me." Dignity? We don't know her in this house.
"That's better." His movements almost stopped completely, Hawks wanted to stop at you and savor every inch of your mouth. His tongue played with yours in a slow rhythm that seemed like an erotic dance, your gasps were stuck in his cavity and his grunts sent vibrations inside yours, it was not a desperate kiss, it was hungry however both of you took a slow rhythm, like the first bite of a sweet strawberry when the juice touches your palate and makes your pupils dilate… but better, you tasted better than all the fruits Keigo has ever tasted. The hero moved away from you but not before sucking and biting your lower lip.
"You're so pretty and you taste so good. 'm dying to taste your juices and find out if they are as sweet as your lips. I want you to cum riding my face later."
His words were the last thing you needed to make your fingers touch the sky, you weren't sure if you could endure a third orgasm without passing out. Hawks continued to fuck you during your peak, his name was the only thing that remembered your memory, every time your weak voice called for him he seemed to go deeper, harder; your legs locked him up against you and his teeth were in charge of marking your neck, you just needed to break one last of your rules that night but it was far from you to caring right now. You only wanted one thing.
"Do it-, cum inside me, please." Your hands descended from his neck to his wings again, your fingers digging into them for the second time, "Breed me." You asked almost inaudible.
"Shit..." Hawks moved away from your neck to observe your naked image on his sheets, his wings opened majestically before your eyes, your vision could not see beyond the red, "Imma—" the sentence was left in the middle, a struky flutter filled the space causing some vases and the lamp on the bedside table to fall to the floor, you were so enthralled with the show, you swore you could come again just because of the ecstasy of the moment. "Take it—" White liquid gushed into you, if it hadn't been for his thick cock filling you it would have overflowed from your sore hole.
Now you had broken all of your rules, Hawks had marked you, you were his.
Dozens of small red feathers fell on the bed and on your belly, you could cry at the sight.
Keigo gently went out of you and you felt the warm liquid slide out of you. Your legs ache and your whole body tingled, the blond fell next to you, deep breaths that desperately searched for the air that that marathon had stolen from you both.
Your eyelids began to weigh when you remembered where you were and why you were there. You remembered who he was. You cleared your throat before speaking.
"Do you mind if I take a shower before I go?"
Hawks had his eyes closed, his long eyelashes held captive those eyes that made you feel so nervous, the wings perfectly kept on his back and his breathing had returned to his normal state.
"How about we take that shower together, huh?" He opened one of his eyes to verify your status.
You hated him. You hate the heat he awakens in you and your cheeks.
"Yeah, I guess. I think we still have a few minutes left."
"Speaking of which, wouldn't you be interested in working privately? Just for me. I need a partner to spend my rut with after all."
Tumblr media
More of Hawks? You probably like: I'll be gentle
Tumblr media
Reblogs and feedbacks are appreciated it♡
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sodadrabbles · 2 days ago
Heya! Could i request a c! Philza x reader smut with a wing kink? You dont have to but it'd be cool if the plot was that Phill never let her touch his wings and she never knew why. Also she/her pronouns plz
Ahhh, wing kink. When all the people graduated from MHA during the s5 hiatus, all the Hawks stans came to MCYT and just fell in love with Philza. Dilfza supremacy. lord help me I'm formatting this while sitting next to my mother. the RISK.
Pairing: Philza x reader
Summary: Philza would never let anyone touch his wings, and never shared why. Today, reader finds that reason.
Tumblr media
You and Phil had known each other for a while, long before he came to live in L’manburg. And for as long as you’d known him, he never allowed anyone to touch his wings. It was just so personal for him- He wouldn’t even accept help preening, despite how many times you had asked in the past. When you two start dating, it got a little better- He’d allow the occasional brush of his feathers when they got messy, or when he needed help preening a hard-to-reach spot. But even then, he was very avoidant when it came to letting you touch his wings.
Phil sat on the floor of your shared cabin, shirt and robe discarded somewhere in the room, his wings ruffled up and messy from flying through the nearby forest- Twigs were sticking out of spots and his feathers were all misplaced.  He was struggling to brush through all the mess, but he was so clearly tired from everything he had done today- From hunting with Techno to helping you smith some gold armor for a nether trip tomorrow and going for a walk with Ghostbur, the blonde was reaching a point of exhaustion.
You had been finishing up a batch of fire resistance potions when you decided enough was enough- You were going to help him preen up his wings whether he liked it or not. With new confidence, you placed your three fresh fire res potions in a chest and walked over to your lover, plopping on the floor behind him with your legs crossed.
“(Y/N), what are you-” Phil’s shoulders physically tensed when he felt your hand brush through a part of his outer feathers, gently pulling out several small twigs. He wanted to melt under your touch, a wave of comfortable pleasure washing over him. He sucked in a deep breath and shook himself a bit, his face starting to feel a bit warm. “(Y/N), mate, what’re you doing?”
You hum and gently pet your hand through the thick plumage on the outer part of his wing, straightening out his feathers. His wing twitches a bit at your touch, and Phil makes a quiet whine under his breath. You just assume it was because you accidentally tugged on a feather.
“I’m helping you with your wings, darling.” You other hand travels to the part of his wing closest to the root, straightening the fuzzy down feathers and gently tugging at the loose ones you came across. Phil squirms a bit, his hand coming up to cover his mouth. His face was flushed a deep red and his pants were starting to feel uncomfortably tight.
He broke when you massaged down the skin between the roots of his wings, pushing gently into the tense muscles. It was a simple and loving gesture, but good god did it feel good. A shudder shot through the elytrian, his voice coming out in a high-pitched moan. His dick twitched as he gently rode through the orgasm, his hands now pushing against the somewhat painful hard-on.
You stared wide-eyed at your boyfriend, your cheeks burning from embarrassment. You held your hands tight against your chest, a bit afraid to touch Phil again. When it seemed he had come down from his high, you cleared your throat to get his attention.
"Ph-Phil- Uhm, did you just…?"
The elytrian gives you the smallest nod, his expression one of shame. He refused to look you in the eyes. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, you shift to sit in front of Phil, hands gently taking his. Phil glances at you for a moment, his breath heavy, a barely noticeable shake to his form.
Truth be told, the idea that you could so easily make him cum practically untouched ignited something warm in your core. It sparked a few jittery ideas in your mind that made you a bit too excited. You smile a bit, thinking about what you could do to him now that you had this information- But first you wanted to make sure Phil was okay with this.
"Phil…" You start, wetting your lips a bit. He looks at you with fear flashing through his irises. You laugh a bit and rub your thumbs along his knuckles. "Is that why you never let me touch your wings? Because it, uhm… Feels good?"
You laugh a bit when Phil's wings puff up. He nods again and shifts, his dick still leaving an imprint on his pants. The thought of helping him out with that has you drooling a bit.
"Phil I… I want to try something. With your wings. Is that okay?"
The way he looks at you when you ask, eyes wide and shining with excitement, yet his little nod is hesitant and shy. You slide forward onto his lap, and his hips bucked up to meet yours instinctively. You push your palms against his thighs, keeping him still. 
"Sit still.." You mutter, moving your hands to wrap around his back, fingers resting just beneath the roots of his wings. The large appendages tense and the feathers puff out at the soft touch. Phil squirms under you, desperate for friction. The whines flowing from his mouth nearly make you give in.
You massage the skin between his wings, pressing softly into the muscle. You feel Phil's hands come to rest on your hips, squeezing gently with every soft press you push into the sensitive area.
He mumbles a curse under his breath when you brush your fingers into his feather, his face pushing into your shoulder. You can feel him twitching beneath you, his hard-on pushing into your inner thigh. 
You press against him, grinding that sweet spot between your thighs against the thing poking you, and Phil moans into your shoulder. "Please, fuck, l-let me put it inside you, lemme fill you up."
You laugh at the way he's begging. Who knew just petting his wings a bit could break down the stubborn immortal so easily? You take a hand from his wings to free his member from his clothes, your thumb rubbing across the tip in a subtle tease. 
Phil groans when you try to stand to remove your own clothes, his hands trying to hold you tightly against him. You give him a soft peck to his lips and a few pumps up his shaft before he lets you go. He watches you strip out of your fuzzy arctic clothes lovingly, his hands gripping the carpeted floor harshly. 
When you sit back on Phil's lap, he's quick to lift you by your thighs and push you onto your back.You squeak at his sudden enthusiasm, cut off by the feeling of something pushing at your entrance. Phil holds you tightly, looking at you expectantly. You nod, unable to help the sweet moan that slips out when he pushes all the way into you.
You can feel yourself tighten around the elytrian when he bottoms out, your arms wrapping around his back. Phil starts at a slow pace, giving you time to adjust to his size. The entire time he's moaning praise into your ear, getting louder as his pace picks up.
You yelp when he rubs against that sweet spot inside you, your fingers tangling roughly into his wings. This causes Phil to make another high-pitched noise, his words slurring together and his movements becoming sloppy as he chases his orgasm.
"R-right there, (Y/N), fuck, keep touching right there." He whines, pushing roughly into you again. You smile and pet your hands through his wings, brushing through the feathers and tugging softly. You can feel the knot in your stomach tightening as he pounds into you, your own string of praises flowing from your mouth.
"Phil, I'm close-" You whine, moaning again when you feel his tip gently kiss your cervix. He mutters a quiet 'me too against your shoulder. your fingers curl tightly into his wings as he shoves you over the edge, a wave of pleasure washing over you.
Phil cums shortly after you, the feeling of you tightening around him and the way you tug at his wings finally breaking him. He fills you up with his load, gently riding through his climax by thrusting into you. Each jerk of his hips pulls a little noise from you. He adores all of them.
After a few moments to let you both come down, you take your hands from Phil's wings and gently pet through his hair. Your hands feel clammy and the rest of you feels sticky from sweat, but still you lovingly brush your fingers through his hair as he breathes against you. You press a few soft kisses to his forehead. You'll definitely have to involve his wings more often.
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